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Various NALU One-Shots (Rated E)

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toss up

Toss up

Natsu peeked around the corner, snickering to himself as he jerked back. He caught a glimpse of Lucy sitting in front of her mirror, his girlfriend busy fixing her makeup. She hadn't put her bridesmaid dress on yet, but she had finished her hair, golden locks curled while some braids went around the back.

A smile tugged on Natsu's lips, seeing she had managed to do her own hair without anyone's help. He had offered, but she made it clear she could handle it herself, and she was right. Natsu remembered the strain in her voice when she said it, the stress of the wedding getting to her. He knew she wanted everything perfect for her best friend's big day, but that didn't mean Lucy couldn't have any fun... right?

Natsu clutched the blonde extensions in his left hand while his right one tested the scissors, happy they made a distinct sound when he opened and closed them. He needed them to be noisy for the prank, otherwise Lucy wouldn't get it.

She was too busy applying makeup to notice the sound, but she did jolt a bit when he rounded the corner, his items behind his back as he approached her. "Hey," Lucy said, eyes going back to her reflection. "Why aren't you dressed?"

Natsu ignored the slight irritation in her tone, hoping he could lighten the mood soon enough. "Gonna get dressed in a minute," he lied, planning on doing that after he finished his prank. He had plenty of time to get dressed considering he was just throwing on a tux. He didn't have to do as much prep work as she did.

Natsu stopped when he was behind her, keeping her gaze through the mirror, hoping his mischievous smile wouldn't give him away. He looked down at her hair, his shoulders shaking as he suppressed his laughter. "Huh, you got a split end right here."

"What?" Lucy's eyes widened in panic, but Natsu didn't give her a chance to move.

"Here," he said, flashing the scissors while putting the extensions on her hair. Her eyes were focused on the scissors as he moved them behind her, making sure the cutting sound was audible as he sliced through the air. "All better now!"

He lifted the extensions, watching as Lucy's expression morphed from panicked to enraged. She whirled around in her chair, hand clutching the back of her head to try to find where he cut her hair. "What the hell?!" she screamed, her face scrunching up in anger.

Natsu thought she looked cute, already imagining the laugh they would have when he told her it was all a joke. "I fixed your hair," he said, seeing it rile her up more. He thought it was all fun and games, but the scorned look that crossed Lucy's face made him flinch, making him wonder if he crossed a line.

"No!" she yelled, shaking her head as she fisted her hair, unable to find the uneven spot. "You didn't! What the hell did you do?!" Lucy grabbed her handheld mirror, trying to locate the spot through the larger mirror. She furrowed her brows as she looked, her eyes narrowed as she continued to berate him. "Why would you do that?!"

"Chill out—" Natsu started, jolting back when Lucy slammed the mirror down, her glare settling on him.

"I'm not going to chill out! What the fuck?!" She stood, her hands coiling into fists that shook by her sides. "Who does something like that?!"

"Lucy," Natsu said, keeping his voice firm. His laughter had since died down, realizing maybe he shouldn't have pulled that prank. "Calm down. It was just a joke. See?"

He lifted the extensions, turning them around in his hand. "It was fake hair. It's not even the same shade as yours." He dropped the extensions, letting the strands fall apart, littering the ground. He saw the recognition slowly coming to Lucy's eyes, making him relax. "I didn't cut your hair." He thought that would be the part where they started laughing, but he was wrong.

Natsu tensed when Lucy's glare returned, her voice colored with anger as she asked, "Why can't you just be serious for once in your life!"

Natsu blinked twice before a fire started burning in his chest, frustrated at her attitude. He narrowed his eyes, throwing up a shield to protect himself from the hurt he felt. His heart stung from her insensitive comment. He was just trying to have some harmless fun. She didn't have to yell at him. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, teeth clenching when she didn't hesitate to answer.

"You always do this!" She threw her hands up, exasperated by the prank. "You always have to joke around! Why do you always have to be the funny guy?!"

Part of Natsu knew she wasn't really mad about the prank, but that didn't excuse her outburst. Her words hurt, especially when she added, "Why can't you just be serious?!"

"Excuse me for trying to have a little fun," Natsu grunted, crossing his arms over his chest, careful to make sure the scissors didn't poke him. He curled up on himself a bit, taking a defensive stance, trying not to let her words bother him.

"Fun?" Lucy gave him a pointed look, her voice lowering, but it didn't stay that way for long. "You think this is fun? Do you realize how stressful that was? I thought you really cut my hair!"

Lucy looked down, throwing her hands out to point at the scattered hair. "And now there's a mess everywhere!"

"I was already planning on cleaning it up," Natsu said, but it didn't seem to calm her down.

She shook her head as she huffed. "It doesn't matter who cleans it up. The point is you did it and it's just—" Lucy cut herself off, making a sound of frustration. She took a deep breath, swallowing thickly as she struggled to gain control. "The point is there's now a mess that needs to get taken care of and I'm busy getting ready, you should have been ready by now, but you clearly aren't. It's just... Today is a big day."

A pleading look flashed through her brown eyes, tugging at Natsu's heartstrings. He was just about to give in an apologize, but her next sentence killed that plan. "I don't see why you can't just get your act together for one day."

Natsu barely held back a snarl, wondering where all this was coming from. "Are you really this pissed about a little prank?"

Lucy shook her head, her voice sharp and cold. "No, I'm not pissed because of a little prank. I'm pissed because I told you how important this day was. I've been telling you how important it is. I asked you to do three things this morning."

She held up her fist, counting as if he didn't know what three was. "I told you to go get gas in the car to make sure we don't have to stop on the way. I told you to get dressed. And I told you to let Plue out before it was time to go. Have you done any of those things?"

Natsu bit his inner cheek, hating the way she was talking down to him. Despite that, he couldn't help but admit the truth, angry at himself because he realized she had only asked him to do three simple things, and he had done none of them. Instead he spent his morning trying to think of a way to make Lucy smile, but his actions only made her mad at him. "Well... No..."

"Exactly!" Lucy almost ran her hands through her hair, stopping so she couldn't mess it up. "I just... I need you to help me Natsu, not work against me."

"I wasn't tryin' to work against you." He tried defending himself, but his words fell on deaf ears.

"Just help me out and take some responsibility," Lucy pleaded, sparking another bolt of anger through him.

His brows furrowed as he snapped back, "I am responsible!"

"Are you sure?" she asked, tone bordering on condescending. "Because I'm not seeing it."

Natsu opened his mouth to fire something back, but his voice cut out when he heard Lucy's phone alarm, the device buzzing on the vanity where her makeup was laid out. He lowered his voice, keeping himself guarded as he asked, "What's that for?"

Lucy let out a deep sigh, turning towards the vanity to stop the alarm. She groaned when she checked the time, sounding frustrated with herself. "That's to let me know we need to leave now." She set her phone down, her eyes sliding shut. "And now we're going to be late."

Guilt struck Natsu when he realized he was the reason they would be late. If he had just done what she asked him to do, they would've been heading out the door now to go to Levy and Gajeel's wedding. Instead they had to play catch up to make up for lost time. He wanted to apologize, but it was caught in his throat, his stubbornness refusing to give in.

He was still upset she yelled at him and said those hurtful things. They both knew he was responsible, but he also liked playing around. Sometimes it was hard for him to know when he needed to be all serious, and apparently he misjudged this time as well.

His shoulders fell when she spoke again, her tone exhausted, laced with her irritation for him. "Just, go get dressed. Please. I'll take Plue out and finish my makeup and get dressed and—"

"I get it," Natsu snapped, not wanting to hear anymore. "I fucked up and now you're angry at me." He didn't bother hiding his own frustration at the situation. "I don't need you naming off all the things I screwed up. Thanks." There was no gratitude in his voice, not that he tried to put any there.

Lucy took a deep breath, refusing to look at him as she turned to her mirror, taking her seat. She grabbed a makeup brush, her voice distant and cold. "Can you just go get ready? Please? I can't deal with this right now."

'You mean you can't deal with me right now.' Natsu swallowed past the lump forming in his throat, turning without saying a word. He left the room, his anger simmering below the surface. They didn't resolve their conflict, and that didn't sit well with him. Still, he was smart enough to know it couldn't be solved by continuing to talk about it. They both needed some space and they needed to get ready for the wedding.

They were both playing big parts in the ceremony, Lucy as the maid of honor and Natsu as the best man. They needed to put their fight on hold for the sake of their friends, even if the thought of Lucy and him fighting made Natsu sick to his stomach, his heart clenching in pain.

Aside from Natsu and Lucy being about fifteen minutes late, the wedding went off without a hitch. Levy looked stunning in her dress, and Gajeel managed to look less rough around the edges than usual, even if he was sporting a bright white tux that threatened to blind his groomsmen.

Natsu had to keep a smile on his face despite the turmoil raging inside his mind. He wanted to talk with Lucy and clear things up, but the ceremony left him unable to do so. Immediately after Levy and Gajeel were pronounced husband and wife, the wedding party was rushed outside to get pictures taken, leaving Natsu with no time to talk to Lucy.

Judging by the way she didn't acknowledge him when they headed to her afterwards, Natsu figured she wasn't ready to talk. He didn't force it, slipping into the car without making a peep. They needed to go to the place the newlyweds were hosting their reception, separate from the cathedral they got married in.

The tension from earlier came back when Natsu and Lucy were alone again, neither saying a word to each other. He normally never felt good in a vehicle due to his motion sickness, but that was nothing compared to the awkward silence between them, Lucy letting out a frustrated sigh when the gas light came on.

She broke away from the line of cars to get to the nearest gas station, her irritation palpable. Natsu remained quiet when he got out of the car once she parked at a pump, not bothering to ask if she wanted him to get it. He would rather get the gas than have her do it, knowing it would make her more upset.

'She probably already added this to the list of things I did wrong. Wonder if I should just suck it up and apologize?' Natsu shook his head, his brows pinching together as he thought it over. Sure, he shouldn't have pulled that prank. In hindsight, he could see why it made Lucy mad, but that didn't give her a right to berate him over it.

'Then again, I didn't do any of the things she wanted me to do... They weren't even that hard...' Natsu groaned, dragging a hand over his face. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. They didn't have a lot of fights, and even when they did, they processed right after and resolved the conflict then and there. They never let it drag on this long, and the more they put off their inevitable talk, the more uneasy Natsu felt.

He didn't like fighting with Lucy. She was his best friend and the love of his life. Hell, he planned on spending his life with her -as long as she was okay with that too. He hadn't asked her to marry him because they had been dating for two years so far. He wanted to wait a while longer before popping the question, even if he already fantasized a few times how he would do it.

Natsu flushed as he imagined himself getting down on one knee, asking her to make him the luckiest man in the world. He didn't know where or when he would do it, but he knew he wanted her by his side for all eternity, even if sometimes they butted heads.

To be fair, they were both strong-minded people, full of passion and feelings. Sometimes it was hard to keep themselves grounded, but so far they had managed well. Natsu was sure if they didn't have to leave for the wedding, they would've had the chance to talk this out, but time was an issue and now he had thought about the situation too long.

Natsu sighed as he put away the gas pump, making sure to close the cap on Lucy's car before climbing back in. She didn't say anything to him, further making his stomach twist in regret. He wished he never played that stupid prank on Lucy. He should've known better. She had been stressed for months trying to get Levy's dream wedding together, and what she needed from Natsu wasn't some silly joke.

Lucy needed his support, and he didn't give that to her.

They drove to the reception in silence, Natsu's chest constricting as anxiety took over. Every time he tried opening his mouth to say something, he ended up changing his mind, thinking whatever he was going to say would make it worse. 'I don't know what to do. I wanna fix it, but I also don't wanna take all the blame.'

He could admit to himself he shouldn't have pulled the prank, but he was worried once he apologized, that would be it. He didn't know if Lucy would apologize for going off on him, that fear keeping his mouth shut.

"We're here," Lucy mumbled when she pulled into the parking lot, causing Natsu's eyes to flit up, just in time to see Gajeel and Levy walking past them to the building.

Well, Gajeel was walking. Levy was being held up bridal style. Natsu couldn't make out too many details from how far away they were, but he knew Levy was sporting a blush.

Natsu found himself smiling at the thought of Levy and Gajeel finally tying the knot. For the longest time he thought they would never get together, what with the horrible first impression Gajeel made on her. It took years before they finally started dating, and that was only after Levy decided to ask him out, saying to hell with waiting on him to make the first move.

Their love story wasn't the most romantic or traditional, but it was special in its own way, and Natsu knew they cared about each other deeply. He couldn't imagine them with anyone else.

Natsu's stomach jerked when the car was put in park. He bit his inner cheek, wondering what he was supposed to say or do. When they were in the ceremony, their roles were very clear and rehearsed, but now they would have more freedom to move around.

Natsu's hand shook a bit as he grabbed the handle, opening his door. He hated the way he felt, wanting to cast it away with no such luck. Every minute they didn't talk about what was going on was another minute they were upset at each other, and Natsu feared Lucy would take the chance to get away from him tonight with that newfound freedom.

While he knew they would eventually talk and sort everything out, he didn't like leaving it alone. However, he couldn't bring himself to say anything when he stepped out of the car, and with Lucy remaining silent, he had little options on what to do.

Natsu swallowed, closing the door before he walked to her side. He opened his mouth, but when it came time to say something, he lost his voice.

"Ready to go?" Lucy asked, a smile sliding over her lips, but it only made Natsu's heart drop.

He recognized that smile. It was the one she used when she was upset but didn't want to show it. The expression didn't meet her eyes, the brown soft and dull, revealing her true feelings.

"Lucy," he breathed, his resolve crumbling. To hell with it. He would rather swallow his pride than let her walk in there wearing a fake smile. "I'm so sorry about earlier."

She blinked, clearly not expecting the sudden apology. "What?"

"With the prank," he started, suppressing a cringe when he remembered how upset she had been when he did it. He would never cut her hair or do anything else permanent or semi-permanent to her. The worst he ever did to her was maybe draw on her when she was asleep, but that was it. He wouldn't do anything that couldn't be wiped or washed off within a few minutes.

"I honestly didn't meant to make you mad. I... I just wanted to get you to smile." Natsu lifted a hand to her face, hesitating before cupping her cheek. His heart warmed when she leaned into his touch, his thumb smoothing against her cheekbone. The tension in his chest loosened a bit, but not enough to make him feel better. "I should've listened to you instead of trying to make you laugh. I'm sorry I made things worse."

Lucy shook her head, making his stomach twist when she pulled back. He thought she was going to reject his apology, but instead of her walking away or saying something mean, she looked around, making sure no one could overhear them.

Her eyes found his, soft brown locking with dark emerald. "You didn't make things worse," she said, nose scrunching up a bit before she sighed. "Well, I mean... I guess you did, but I didn't react how I should've. You were only trying to help in your own way, and I didn't see that until it was too late. I'm sorry I said you weren't responsible."

Lucy's hands settled on his hips before wrapping around him, Natsu willingly stepping closer when she gave him a soft tug. "You're very responsible, and sweet, and caring. I can see how you thought it would be funny, but next time when I'm that stressed I'd rather you talk to me instead of prank me."

She gave him a squeeze, his heart flipping when her lips quirked up a bit, a tiny flicker of light shining behind her eyes. It was small, but it was real, and that was enough to give Natsu a sense of relief. They weren't over it, but they would be okay. "You know I think you're funny. It's one of the reasons I love you, but there's a time and a place."

Natsu nodded, understanding where he went wrong. "I won't pull pranks when you're busy or stressed and stuff."

Lucy's smile widened just a bit as her fingers curled against Natsu's tux. "And I'll think before I speak. I never should've said those rude things to you. I'm really sorry."

"Apology accepted," Natsu said, arms coiling around her frame. He swore his heartbeat doubled when she hugged him, a show of good faith that they were going to be fine. His feelings were still hurt from what she said earlier, but he had forgiven her for saying them and wouldn't hold that against her, just like she was forgiving him for pulling a prank at the wrong time.

"Are we okay?" Lucy asked, her voice muffled by Natsu's chest.

He squeezed her tighter, drawing comfort from the woman he loved. "Yeah," he whispered, rubbing her back as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, taking a deep inhale. Her scent made his heart calm, something he desperately needed. "I love you."

She pulled back, a soft, genuine smile resting on her face. "I love you too, Natsu."

He leaned in to give her a kiss, seeing her tilt her head to allow it. However, right before their lips could touch, a rough voice sounded, startling them apart.

"Yo! Lucy! Levy's callin' ya!"

The two looked over to see Gray on the sidewalk, his girlfriend on his arm. He nodded towards the building before walking away, a sly smile on his lips.

Natsu huffed, knowing the bastard probably ruined their moment on purpose. Gray may have been one of his best friends, but the guy could be a dick when he wanted, usually taking any opportunity he saw to mess with Natsu.

"Let's go," Lucy said, sounding rushed. "I need to see what Levy needs."

She took off before Natsu had a chance to say anything else, a sigh slipping past his lips as he trailed after her. He wasn't in a hurry, knowing he would get to see Lucy soon enough, hopefully after she dealt with whatever Levy needed.

Natsu took a deep breath, preparing himself for the rest of the evening. Despite knowing him and Lucy would be fine, he still had some leftover frustration and anxiety lingering in his chest. He hoped it would fade soon, otherwise he was going to be uncomfortable when he was supposed to be celebrating.

Natsu groaned when he was pulled away from his plate. He was mid-bite when he heard the announcement, but he didn't think it pertained to him, so he kept eating. However, Gray thought Natsu had to be present to watch Levy throw her bouquet, even if Natsu wouldn't be participating in the event.

He grumbled as women gathered in the center of the room, Lucy included. He wanted to tell her catching a bouquet wouldn't increase her chances of getting married, but he kept quiet. She didn't need to know he was planning on asking her eventually, when the timing felt right. Hell, Igneel already said he could have his grandmother's ring when he was ready to pop the question.

Igneel had been pushing for Natsu to be with Lucy since they were still friends, giving not-so-subtle hints over the years. A small smile surfaced on Natsu's face when he remembered how happy his dad had been when he told him Lucy said yes to being his girlfriend. Natsu swore he saw his dad's eyes light up. Lucy was a special girl, and Igneel reminded him to cherish her.

That ball of anxiety came back when he remembered the fight they had earlier. While he knew they were trying to smooth over what happened, he still felt bad about it. If he could take it back, he would, but that wasn't how life worked. He had to deal with the consequences of his actions, and they had to talk it out like adults instead of bicker at each other.

Or worse, ignore each other.

Natsu loved everything about Lucy, from her fiery attitude to her angelic laugh. He hated when she ignored him, but he didn't plan on making the same mistake he made earlier. He would think twice, maybe even three times before playing a prank on her, and only after he made sure she was in a good mood first.

Natsu blinked when he heard screaming, the sound snapping him out of his thoughts. His eyes widened when he saw the bouquet raised in the air, but it wasn't Levy who was holding it.

His body felt numb for a moment as his eyes flitted down, then back up, connecting the dots slower than usual, surprised by the turn of events.

Lucy grinned as she held the bouquet of flowers high for everyone to see. A few girls were frowning since they didn't catch it, but no one tried stealing the bouquet away from her. It was rightly Lucy's, even if that gave Natsu more stress.

While he loved that beautiful smile on her, he was worried people were going to start joking about him asking her to marry him. He loved her. He loved her with every fiber of his being and then some, but he wasn't ready for marriage yet. He wanted to take things slow.

They had only been living together for a few months, and even moving in was a huge step for them. He also didn't want Lucy thinking he was only asking her to marry him because he was pressured into it, which certainly wasn't the case. He would ask her when he was good and ready, and now wasn't that time. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but there were still things they needed to do before settling down.

Natsu watched as Levy and Lucy took pictures, his mind muddled with scenarios that probably weren't going to happen, or even if they did, wouldn't be as bad as he thought they would be. He wanted Lucy surprised and happy when he eventually proposed, but most importantly, he wanted Lucy to be ready too. It wasn't something that needed to be rushed.

Before the party could go on like before, the DJ spoke over the music, telling all the unmarried men to gather in the same spot the women had been moments before. Natsu didn't get a chance to protest, Gray and Jellal pulling him with them to the dance floor. The only male member of their group not to join was Gajeel, and that was because he was a few feet away from them, looming over his blushing wife.

Natsu had to admit, it was funny seeing Levy get embarrassed when Gajeel started dancing around her, clearly not ashamed of his rambunctious behavior. Levy gasped when he got down on his knees, but that was nothing compared to the yelp she let out when he dived under her dress. Her husband's hips swayed with the beat of the music as he went to work, everyone laughing and cheering as he pulled her garter off with just his teeth.

The only time Gajeel had to use his hands was to get the garter over her heel, but then he let it go, letting it dangle in his teeth. Levy covered her face, unable to stop herself from laughing. Natsu didn't know if it was from finding the sight funny or if she was laughing hysterically, but either way he hoped she was having a good time.

Gajeel stood, plucking the garter from his mouth before the music changed. The announcer said something, but Natsu was too busy wincing when the guys started yelling around him. Sometimes having sharp hearing was more of a curse than a blessing.

Natsu's eyes widened when he saw Gajeel turning his back on the men before holding out the garter. He realized it was time for the garter toss. Arms started shooting up, the men waving their hands as they prepared to catch it. Natsu reluctantly held up his hand, deciding it was the least he could do to show he had some spirit.

Natsu should've been looking at Gajeel, but his eyes started roaming when he heard a familiar voice, his face flushing when he realized it was Lucy screaming his name. He blinked, wishing he could understand what she was saying, but everyone's yelling made her words distorted. It sounded like she was wishing him luck, but there was no way to be sure without breaking away from the guys to go ask her.

Just as Natsu turned back towards Gajeel, everyone around him started yelling louder, causing him to jolt from the noise. He turned his head just in time to get hit in the face by something. Not thinking, Natsu went to grab it, his pinkie curling around something soft and silky.

Natsu pulled his hand out, looking down at the foreign object, his eyes widening when he saw it was the garter. He gripped it in his hands when he saw someone trying to grab it from him, instinctively wanting to keep what he had. He wasn't thinking about the next part of the ceremony, but looking back, Natsu was glad it was him who caught it and not someone else.

He wasn't the most insecure person, but he did get jealous when he saw guys hitting on Lucy. So if any other guy had caught the garter and did what he was about to do, he would've been upset.

"Congrats man!" Gray said, slapping Natsu on the back.

Natsu was met with more cheers and pats to the shoulder, but Gajeel's reaction was the most memorable, the man tucking Natsu under his arm before giving his stomach a punch. It wasn't hard enough to steal the air from his lungs, but it wasn't soft either.

"This is gonna be fun to watch," Gajeel snickered, a mischievous glint flashing in his red eyes.

"Wh—" Natsu was cut off when he saw the cameraman stop in front of them.


Their picture was taken a few times, Natsu's mind a little dazed after all the camera flashes. He thought it was over, but he was wrong. He should've listened to Lucy more closely when she was talking about what would be happening at the wedding. He had been more concerned with what he would be eating, not realizing what the bouquet and garter catchers would have to do next.

Natsu's eyes widened when he saw Levy pushing Lucy to the floor. His girlfriend was put in the seat Levy had been in before while Gajeel ushered Natsu towards them. He didn't have to ask, the announcer explaining what was going on.

"Now our honorable groomsmen will get the privilege of putting the garter on our honorable bridesmaid!"

The music changed to a cheesy song while the guests cheered and laughed, all while Natsu's stomach knotted a bit. While he wasn't one to shy away from the spotlight, he didn't know if Lucy was going to be up for something like that so close after ending their fight. He didn't want to make her upset, but he didn't want to be a buzzkill either.

As he approached Lucy, he noted she didn't look mad at him. She was blushing, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she looked up at him. Natsu let some of his tension melt away as he took a knee in front of her, fairly aware they were being watched, but he didn't care. She was smiling at him, and that was enough to make his heart beat faster in his chest.

Natsu swallowed thickly before pressing forward, feeling a surge of pride when her breath hitched, his girlfriend suppressing a shudder as he lifted her foot with one hand while preparing the garter with the other. His fingers burned into her skin as he dragged the material up her calf, liking the reactions he pulled from her.

He upped the ante, smoothing his hands against her leg as he slowly pushed the garter up. Natsu had to stop himself when he reached her thigh, knowing they couldn't do anything with so many witnesses. However, he knew Lucy wanted him to push further, her legs spreading a bit as she looked down at him, hunger burning in her eyes. Their chemistry had always been wild and passionate, so when she gave him that look, he knew she wanted more.

Natsu held back, albeit reluctantly. He made sure the garter was secure on her lower thigh before pulling his hands away, dragging them against her gorgeous legs as he retreated. He hoped he could have her later, but judging by the way she clenched that bouquet in her hands, she was feeling the heat too.

The corners of his lips quirked up, a grin sliding on his face. He could feel the energy flowing between them, his gaze set on her as he pulled back, ignoring the cheers around them. He stood, heart pounding as he held out a hand.

Fire licked up his arm when she slid her hand into his, the two distracted by each other, holding a silent conversation between them. It wasn't until Natsu felt a slap on his back that he was interrupted from their moment, the man turning around to find Gajeel snickering at him.

"Gotta take some pics," he said, Levy stepping beside.

Natsu nodded, moving to stand next to Lucy. He didn't hesitate to wrap his arm around her waist, feeling her leaning into his body. He stood still while pictures were being taken, not wanting to ruin Gajeel and Levy's memories. However, once the camera was lowered and the newly weds began walking off, Natsu went to make his move, only to be startled when Lucy was the one to giving him a hug.

He thought for a second he had misjudged her behavior, but he was right all along, hearing Lucy's shaky voice when she brushed her lips against his ear.

"Meet me outside in two minutes."

Before Natsu could say a word, Lucy was pulling away, a soft blush gracing her features. She acted normal as she made her way to the exit, taking that bouquet of flowers with her.

Natsu swallowed hard before going to his table, grabbing his drink to down it in one go. His body felt hot, even after he removed his jacket earlier. He couldn't very well take off his vest and shirt. He would let Gray be the only stripper at the party.

With a deep breath, Natsu started walking towards the exit, wondering what Lucy had in mind.

"Oooooooh fuck!"

Lucy tossed her head back, her fingers tugging at Natsu's hair to pull him closer to her needy body. He used one hand to push her dress up while the other palmed her ass, nails biting into her skin as he buried his tongue into her wet heat.

They had found an empty room to use, but they had to act fast. The door didn't lock and any minute someone could come try to find them. With little time to spare, Natsu had dropped to his knees to drive Lucy wild, feeding off her delicious flavor and cries of pleasure.

"Y-yess! Oh god yes!"

Natsu didn't relent, tongue and lips moving against her core. He wanted her to finish at least once before he had her, but apparently Lucy wasn't willing to wait, her voice strained as she whimpered.

"Please! Just fuck me!"

Natsu sucked roughly on her clit, dragging a throaty moan from his flushed girlfriend. He looked up, his eyes filled with a possessiveness over her. He wanted every inch of her, no matter how many times they had been together before. She would always be the one he wanted, his voice low as he smirked. "I'm sure you can wait a few minutes."

Lucy shook her head, gripping his hair tight enough to make him wince, but he couldn't deny he liked the pain. "Natsuuuu!" She loosened her hand, fingers carding through his pink locks. "Please? I need you inside me." Her voice was nothing more than a breathless moan.

"Shit," he murmured, cock throbbing as he squeezed her ass, loving when she begged him.

"Now," she moaned, body jerking when Natsu dragged his tongue against her clit. "Please!"

Natsu couldn't bare to deny her another second, a low growl rumbling in his chest as he pulled away from her soaked pussy. He rose, lips seeking hers out while his hands went to his crotch, only to be blocked by Lucy's eager hands.

He groaned when he felt her rubbing against his hidden length, every inch of him hard and throbbing for her touch. He nearly gasped when she started removing his belt, wishing he could burn the clothes off to get to her faster.

Once his pants were loose enough, Natsu pushed them down, along with his boxers. She swallowed his moans when her hand wrapped around his cock, giving him a stroke that was far too delicate for what he needed.

Luckily, he didn't have to say anything, Lucy's grip tightening when she collected the pre-cum leaking from his head, coating his member to make her pumps effortless but firm.

She only separated from his body when he went to remove her dress and bra, needing to see every inch of her. She was stunning, every curve memorized by his hands and eyes, but that didn't stop him from soaking her in, loving the sight.

Natsu gripped her ass before looking around, realizing there wasn't anything he could set Lucy on to fuck her. Deciding that didn't matter, Natsu dropped to his knees again, this time tugging on Lucy's body so she would join him.

She must have known what he was thinking, straddling his waist after he took a seat on the ground. He should have removed his clothes before starting, unable to move around much, but it didn't matter. Lucy was determined to start things off, her hand ducking between her legs to grab his cock, guiding him to her waiting lips.

"God damn!" Natsu groaned, head tipping back as she sank onto his member, her warmth engulfing every inch of him. She pushed on his chest, holding onto him to stabilize herself before she started moving, not needing too long to get adjusted since she was dripping with arousal, thanks to Natsu's ministrations.

"Aaaah," Lucy cried, hips rocking against him, increasing her speed with every downward thrust. "You feel so good inside me!"

Natsu bit his lower lip, his fingers searing against her thighs, feeling the garter she caught wrapped around her creamy skin. He could already feel himself getting overwhelmed. Her walls squeezing around him felt incredible, but that was only part of the reason he was nearing his end. The main thing that drove him wild was watching her, loving the way she rode his cock. He didn't know if Lucy was okay with him finishing fast, every fiber in his being trying to hold out, not wanting to give in too soon.

Lucy's lustful gaze laid on him, her fingers curling against his chest as she slowed down. She must have taken pity on him, realizing he didn't want it to end that quickly. While Natsu knew they needed to get back to the party, he wanted to be with Lucy more, her tight walls and flushed face taking priority in his mind.

"Damn!" Natsu panted, already feeling sweat beading on his forehead as he watched Lucy move up and down on his cock, transfixed by the way it disappeared into her body before appearing again, glistening with her arousal. "Feels... amazing!"

Lucy nodded, leaning down to capture his parted lips in a hungry kiss. Natsu didn't hesitate to return it, eyes sliding shut as his tongue slipped into her mouth, swallowing her moans when he bucked his hips to give her a rough thrust.

"Oh god! Fuck yesss!"

Lucy repositioned her hands so they were on the ground on either side of Natsu's head. She lifted her body until his cock was barely inside her, but instead of coming down like before, she held still, silently letting Natsu know what she wanted him to do to her.

He happily obliged, bending his knees a bit as he placed his feet against the ground. One hand grabbed her ass while the other rested on her waist, his lips sealing over hers again as he thrust upwards, fucking her while she was on top of him. He gave her long and slow pumps, drawing moan after moan from the beautiful goddess.

Natsu fucked her for a few minutes before his legs started getting tired, but luckily for him, Lucy wasn't ready to end what they had. She pulled away from his lips, a trail of saliva stretching until it broke as she leaned back.

"So fucking beautiful!"

Natsu groaned when she placed her hands next to his shins, every inch of her front exposed to his greedy eyes. He was hypnotized when she started to move, his hands seeking out her body without him realizing it. One hand gripped her thigh while the other trailed up her stomach, fingers ghosting over her breast before he gave her a squeeze, feeling her walls clamping around his cock in response.

That was enough to snap Natsu out of his trance, determined to please Lucy before he met his end. He brushed his fingers against her nipple, the small bud hard and yearning for his touch. His other hand went to where their bodies were adjoined, his thumb finding her bundle of nerves before he began rubbing her, feeling Lucy's muscles fluttering around his length, her voice music to his ears as she whimpered.

"Yes! Oh f-fuck yes!"

Natsu couldn't help himself, ignoring the ache in his legs so he could buck his hips, thrusting into her to go deeper. Their moans mixed as the two worked together, Lucy riding him while he met her thrusts.

"Right there! Yeah! Aaaahhh!"

Natsu puffed out hot breaths as he aimed to please, filling Lucy again and again until it was too much. Just as he felt his endurance snap, Lucy's walls tightened around him, her legs shaking as she let out a throaty moan. By the skin of his teeth, Natsu was able to get Lucy to reach her climax before he found his release, the two tensing as his cock twitched inside her, emptying himself into her body.

"Fuck," Lucy panted, looking as if she was ready to fall off him, her arms shaking as she pushed herself forward.

"Here," Natsu murmured, grabbing her waist to help steady her as she climbed off him. He wasn't too far off with his assumption earlier, Lucy laying down on the floor as soon as she was clear. Her chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath, the flush from before staying just as dark as it had been when she was riding his cock.

Speaking of his cock, Natsu looked down, seeing him softening now that he was satisfied. He grunted in exhaustion as he sat up, hoisting his boxers and pants up until they were high enough to button and zip.

Natsu looked over, seeing Lucy was slowly putting her bra back on. He chuckled, shifting closer before helping her, knowing the one she was wearing was a pain in the ass to get on. He had asked her countless times why she still kept the thing despite it being difficult, but Lucy always answered the same, saying he wouldn't understand. He suspected she kept it because it looked amazing on her, but he didn't call her out on it, letting her get away with her vague reasoning.

Natsu grabbed her dress when they were done, hoping it hadn't wrinkled from laying on the floor for... Well, he didn't know how long they had gone at it, but he guessed it was for a while. He doubted anyone was really looking for them, all the attention on the newly weds.

Thinking about Gajeel and Levy made Natsu remember the events leading up to that moment, his heart stinging when he thought about how upset he had made Lucy before they left the house that morning. He parted his lips, hesitating because he didn't know if bringing it up again was a bad idea, but he needed to relieve the guilt building up in his chest.

"Hey, about earlier..." Natsu waited until Lucy was looking at him, his voice strained as he said, "I'm sorry for pullin' that prank on you... And for not doing the stuff you asked me to."

Lucy's eyes widened for a second before she shook her head, a soft smile gracing her lips. "I'm not mad at you," she whispered, her words helping soothe the ache in his heart. "It was actually pretty funny, just the wrong day to do it."

She slipped her dress on, leaving the back unzipped for the time being since she couldn't fix it while sitting. "I shouldn't have snapped at you though. I was stressed and looking to take it out on someone. You didn't deserve that." She sighed, brushing the bangs out of her face. "I really am sorry."

"How about we just share the blame?" Natsu asked, earning a chuckle from his girlfriend. He smiled in return, enjoying the sound of her laugh. It was a toss up on whose fault their fight was, both parties responsible for pushing each other. Natsu would be more careful when he pulled pranks on Lucy, and he knew she would try to be more patient with him when he messed up.

"I think that's fair," Lucy said, nodding before she scooted closer to him, hand resting on his cheek before pulling him in.

The kiss was different from before, neither rushing as their lips slid against each other. Natsu's heart started beating faster again, but nothing more came of the kiss, Lucy gently ending it before giving him a smile. "Should we go back to the party?"

Natsu reluctantly nodded, wishing they could just go home and relax instead. He loved cuddling with Lucy after sex, but that would have to wait, the two needing to make their presence known so no one suspected they were up to something naughty.

Though, it wouldn't be the first time one of their friends suspected them of running off to fool around, and he doubted it would be the last.

Natsu stood, offering her a helping hand. "Come on," he said, wearing a smile of his own. "Let's go."

Lucy slid her hand into his, letting him pull her up before she turned around. Natsu zipped her dress, then smoothed her hair so there was less evidence of what they did.

The two walked back to the others, hand-in-hand with warmth in their hearts. It wasn't often that they fought, the two clicking most of the time. However, no relationship was perfect, just like no person was perfect. Everyone made mistakes and did things they regretted. As long as they worked through it and learned from their mistakes, they would get better.

Natsu loved Lucy with every beat of his heart, and nothing would change that.