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the incredible flexible you

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It's not typical for Jimin to be the one to help Jin practice dancing. Usually, Hobi takes up the mantle and Jimin helps Namjoon, but they're both in the studio working and Jin wouldn't relent. He just couldn't get a quick foot change, and like always he wouldn't let it go until he got it.


It's one of the many things that he respected about Jin, but even now Jimin is exhausted after practicing all day himself, and his patience is wearing a little thin.


“Hyung, I’m tired,” Jimin whines.


“Oh, you’re never tired when you’re practicing by yourself until three in the morning but suddenly hyung needs your help and you’re tired?”


“Well yeah, since I have to deal with you the whole time.”


Jin playfully glares at Jimin before sighing. “I guess you're right. We've been at it all day, and it's not getting any cleaner.”


“Ah, hyung, don't be like that. You won't get fake compliments from me, you know damn well it's gotten better with every run through. We’ll do one more then cool down, okay?”


The corner of Jin's mouth lifted at the praise, and he nodded, getting back into starting position.


“1, and 2, and too fast and 4, and Jin hyung now I know you're just fucking with me.”


“Can you just do it the way Hobi does it? It's so much easier to follow now.” Jin complains, then assumes an intense face as he hits his moves. “BAH - BAH - BAH -”


Jimin can't help but laugh. No matter how hard he tries not to sometimes, Jin’s face always does him in in the end. He still takes Jin’s directions, replacing the beat count with Hobi’s trademark sound effect, and Jimin watches Jin’s occasionally dopey face contort into pure focus as he follows his own movements in the mirror.


He finishes strong, going straight from his ending pose to crumpling on the ground, screaming at the top of his lungs.


“See, now was that so hard?” Jimin joins him on the ground.


“I'm quitting.”


He says it every time they learn a new choreo, jokes every time his legs ache with it, but Jimin’s heart clutches each and every time with fear. He tries to cover it with a laugh. “Don't say that, hyung, who else would put Jungkook in his place?”


“Well definitely not you,” Jin mumbles but turns to Jimin with a teasing smile.


It's moments like this, face to face alone in the dance studio, chests moving in tandem with ragged breath, that Jimin thinks that maybe Jin could see him any differently. It always has a confession stuck in his throat just one final push from spilling out.




“Help me cool down, Jiminie?”


Honestly, Jimin would prefer just to spew his feelings everywhere than to help Jin cool down. It was torture every time he helped Jin calm his breathing, helped him stretch out slow and long until a moan pushed its way out of Jin's mouth. But god, he would never say no to it. Usually, though, the other members were present and it was easier for Jimin to control himself.


“What were you gonna say?”


“Nothing, hyung, breathe in,” Jimin inhales deep with his nose and Jin does the same. They exhale at the same time and lean forward to curl their hands around the bottoms of their feet.


Jimin is always blown away by how far Jin could bend. How close his body could get to itself to the point that it seemed unnatural.


“You're staring, Jimin-ah,” Jin smirks.


Jimin turns away with a blush, reaching out to playfully smack Jin’s shoulder. “On your back, please.”


Jin goes easily, letting his head hit the dance room floor with a soft groan.


This is both Jimin’s favorite and least favorite part. He places himself in front of Jin, lifting Jin’s knee and pushing it forward until it hits Jin's chest. He holds it there for ten seconds before slowly lowering it back to the ground. He repeats the action for Jin’s other leg as heat rises in his face at the sight of Jin, head thrown back, breath coming out just this side of audible with his eyes closed.


“Ah, ah, ah! Cramp! Jimin, stretch it up, stretch it up!” Jin pushes his leg quickly up and over Jimin’s shoulder to try and find some relief, but all it does is knock Jimin’s weight off balance as he falls forward, landing with his hands on either side of Jin’s head.


They're so close, and it takes Jimin a second to realize the weight between Jin’s body and his is Jin’s currently trapped leg as his knee hits his shoulder and is hooked over Jimin’s back. Jimin should move. He should really move. He can feel the blood pumping to an erection he's trying so hard to fight but, god…


“Jimin-ah…?” It's soft, directly to him, so close he can feel Jin’s breath on his face.


“Yeah -” he manages in a broken acknowledgment.


“You okay?”


Jimin nods slowly. “Yeah, hyung. You're - you’re really flexible.”


Jin’s still confused, but responds as if Jimin wasn't directly on top of him. “Yeah, it's a side effect of my joint condition. Sometimes it hurts.”


“Oh shit, I’m sorry - are you hurting? Are you okay?”


“No, I’m fine right now but I’m - Jimin, what's going on right now?” Jin’s eyebrows are pulled together in confusion and his cheeks are flushed and Jimin just can't fucking help himself as he bites his lip and runs a hand up the back of the thick thigh currently pressed to his chest.


“God, hyung, you're so flexible,” and Jimin thinks Jin’s starting to get the idea now as his cheeks turn dark red. Jimin sits back on his heels just a little bit and lifts Jin’s other leg to match, grabbing him by the back of the thighs and pushing them down until Jimin can grind his erection against the wide open space between Jin’s legs.


Fuck, Jimin,” Jin’s hands are trapped between their bodies but he's grabbing at the front of Jimin’s loose tank top, pulling him tighter against him, and Jimin can feel the soft give of Jin’s perineum as he pushes forward, dragging his cock along the middle seam of Jin’s pants.


Jimin drops just a little more, lowering himself to his forearms and Jin is spread wide open for him, his legs pushed so far back Jimin wonders if it's starting to get painful for him, but he hasn't said anything but gasping Jimin’s name so far. It may have something to do with the rhythmic thrusting Jimin’s set up now against Jin’s own growing erection. He wants to kiss him, he wants to drop just those few last inches and taste the sweat that sits at the top of Jin’s lip. He wants to do a lot more than that to Jin’s mouth, but it's a good place to start.


It's barely audible but they're so close it doesn't matter. “Hyung -”


A door shuts in the hallway and they hear footsteps approaching. Jimin stares at Jin in fear for only a moment before he's jumping up and off, pretending to be stuffing his towel and phone into his bag and facing the corner of the room as Yoongi walks in, phone in hand.


“Come on, car’s here. Time to go.”


Jin just nods, and Yoongi walks away, never once looking up from his screen.


Jimin refuses to look at Jin as he lifts the duffel bag strap to his shoulder and uses the bag to hide his erection. He can’t believe that he really did that, can’t wrap his head around the feel of Jin’s body giving way beneath him. Can’t believe how easily Jin let him do it, either. He could just imagine pushing deep inside him right there on the practice room floor -


Okay, that’s definitely not helping him get rid of his erection. He tries to think about anything else as he climbs into the van, placing the duffel bag over his lap and looking out the window, pointedly ignoring how Jin looks at the empty seat next to Jimin and chooses to sit somewhere else.


Awkward embarrassment spirals into shame spirals into avoidance.


Jimin can’t help but think about it any time he has a spare moment on his own, finds himself cumming to the memory 4, 5 times over the next few days. Thinks about how if Yoongi hadn’t walked in, he would’ve worked Jin open until he was begging Jimin for relief.


He doesn’t look at Jin when he exits the bathroom and passes him in the hall, towel tugged tightly around his waist and eyes to the ground.


He mumbles thanks as Jin places dinner in front of him, trying not to think about Jin’s fingers light against the back of his neck.


He watches Jungkook and Jin rile each other up and tries not to break, but by the time Yoongi is telling them to stop yelling, Jimin’s already bent over, struggling to breathe through his laughter. He stops short when he sees Jin looking him over, and Jimin can’t tell if he’s suddenly not wanted or…


It’s four days after the original incident, four days since Jimin thinks he basically ruined everything, and they're all in various states of chill, a deserved day off, when Jimin notices Jin absentmindedly rubbing the back of his calf while wincing as a few of them sit in the main room watching tv.


Jin sits tucked into the corner of the couch, knees pulled up to his chest, his thumb intermittently pressing into the meat of his legs to work out a knot. Jimin looks away before Jin can notice him staring. He bites the inside of his cheek, trying hard not to ask if Jin’s okay - they all get sore all the time, it happens.


Jimin works to suppress his breathing as he turns back to watch Jin’s hand mindlessly trailing up and down his leg now, not even applying pressure, just grazing fingertips against soft skin. His other hand is cradled in his lap where a splint holds tight to his middle finger. Jimin frowns and wonders if Jin’s sore from a flare up. It makes him want to ask if he's okay even more.


“Jin hyung -”


Jin turns to him quickly with an expectant look, but Namjoon walks in from the kitchen with his jacket in hand. “I'm going out, anyone wanna come?”


A few enthusiastic yes’s, and few noncommittal ok’s, but it's Jin’s answer that has Jimin clamping his mouth shut before he has the opportunity to go.


“I have a really bad leg cramp, Jimin, will you stay and help me out?”


He’s walking to his room and Jimin realizes he’s supposed to follow. No one even seems fazed by Jin’s request, all of them putting on shoes and coats and giving him a wave goodbye, because how could they possibly know. Shit, Jimin doesn't even know what's happening right now. He just follows his feet until he's walking through Jin’s door.


Jin’s on the floor, legs stretched out in front of him as he bends over and clutches his hands just past his feet.


Jimin closes and locks the door behind him. Just in case, he reasons.


“Jiminie, can you help hyung?”


“Yeah. Are you okay? You were -” Jimin chokes as Jin stands and bends backwards in a stretch that has his now very obvious half-hard cock pushing out against the front of his shorts.


“I’m a good actor right? You seemed very worried about me,” Jin smiles as he sits on the bed. Jimin can’t help but roll his eyes. Of course Jin would still be smug about this.


“Well, what about your hand, is that just acting too?”


“Oh this?” He holds up his splint and looks at it. “Just some mild pain, it's more preventative than anything. Don't worry, you won't fuck me so hard you dislocate a hip, and if you did I'd honestly just be in awe. If anything, I'd like to see you try.”


Jimin doesn't understand how Jin can look up at him so happily from the bed, reaching his hand under his shorts to jerk himself while Jimin watches. He doesn't understand but he thinks he doesn't really need to right now. Instead, he pulls his shirt over his head and dives in mouth first, kissing Jin like he’d wanted to since he was 18, and it pulls the sweetest laugh over Jin’s lips, muffled against Jimin’s, and he could never get used to the sound of it.


“So eager. Been thinking about me for days, I bet.”


Jimin glares at Jin, half-tempted to sit back and cancel the whole thing. He hates letting Jin win, tells himself he hates the way Jin’s eyes crinkle in the corners and the way he throws his head back to laugh.


Instead he grabs the bottom hem of Jin’s shirt and pulls it off as well, silencing him mid-laugh.


“You ever think about just being quiet, hyung?”


“Why, you want me to be quiet, Jimin-ah?”


“God, no.” Jimin finds his hand on the back of Jin’s thigh again as they kiss and it feels just as good as he remembers, pushing Jin’s thigh up. He takes his time though, now that they're alone, and slowly pulls Jin’s shorts off, then underwear, one leg at a time.


Jin ends up with both legs on Jimin’s shoulders, and he's looking up at him expectantly. “What about you?”


“Not yet, hyung. Let me do this.” Jimin takes a deep breath to calm himself as he runs his hands up from the small curve of Jin’s ass, over his wide hips, up and up until Jimin’s hands curl around the outsides of his ankles and he brings one closer to his lips.


He can hear Jin’s breath getting more and more strained as Jimin made his way down now, kissing the insides of Jin’s legs until Jimin gets lightheaded knowing he's so close.


“Got a - god - got a thing for my legs Jiminie? They're nothing like yours,” Jin’s hand comes up to dig itself into Jimin’s hair as he cries out when Jimin sucks a particularly deep hickey into the fat of his thigh.


“Mm, always loved your thighs hyung. So pretty, wanna bury my face here for days,” he moves to mouth at the underside of Jin’s cock and raises an eyebrow when Jin attempts a laugh.


“Prove it.”


Jimin rolls his eyes at the challenge. “Was that supposed to be sexy, hyung?”


“Wasn't supposed to be sexy, just want you to put your money where your mouth is.” A lightbulb seems to go off in Jin’s mind as he says, “Or - put your mouth where my - ah!”


Jimin doesn't let him finish whatever joke will ruin the mood, instead pinning his knees to his shoulders and licking a fat stripe from his asshole all the way to his balls, sucking them in softly as Jin bucks underneath him. Jin’s bigger, taller, broader, but Jimin has an upper hand and a singular intent on his mind.


He digs his perfectly trimmed nails into Jin’s hips and returns his tongue to fuck into him until spit is rolling down Jimin’s chin and he has to suck it back up. The sounds Jin's making and the way he's tugging Jimin’s hair hard have Jimin rutting against the bed, and he wants to be inside Jin, but he wasn't lying. He's imagined being between Jin’s legs more times than he can count, has cleaned cum off the shower walls too many times thinking about Jin riding his face until his legs gave out. For now, he’ll take Jin on his back nearly bent in half and on display for him.


“God, Jimin, your tongue -” He grinds against Jimin’s tongue at the same time as he pushes him further in.


Jimin can't take those sounds, those whines and sobs so much that it sounds like he's crying, and he pulls away only to suck a deep purple bruise on the highest, innermost part of Jin’s thigh.


“Hurts, Jimin-ah,” Jin complains, eyes still closed and making no effort to stop him.


Jimin just hums. Doesn't tell him that if they only get to do this once, he wants Jin to feel him between his legs for as long as possible. He gives Jin’s muscles a momentary break, laying fully on his stomach and letting Jin’s legs rest against his back. He can't help but smile at the feeling of Jin prodding him further by digging his heels in before he seems to remember that might hurt Jimin and letting up, just to repeat the process after a few moments.


Jimin adds a finger next to his tongue in the sloppy wetness he's created, and Jin keens at the feeling.


“Come on, Jiminie, you gonna fuck me?”


God, hyung, Jimin’s brain short circuits for a second and he rests his head against Jin’s thigh. He really fucking wants to, but he feels like he's barely started. His only answer is to sit up on his elbows, moving Jin’s legs to the side so he can rest between them while he takes Jin’s cock in his mouth, sucking down to the base with too much sound, too much spit, too much eager energy to taste him and feel him.


Jin’s hand is a little stronger in his hair now, and Jimin can feel him guiding him faster and deeper and he doesn't mind. He wants to be used exactly how Jin wants him. He looks up through his bangs with a blush and slackens his jaw until he can swallow around the head of his cock, causing Jin to buck up too fast and hard, and Jimin pulls away coughing.


“Fuck, sorry, that was just. Really embarrassing,” Jimin apologizes, his cheeks beet red. Choking to death is probably not the sexiest thing he could've done. Jin doesn't seem to mind as he pulls Jimin down by the shoulders until they're making out again and Jin’s trying to gain any friction against Jimin’s leg.


“Take your fucking clothes off, Jimin,”


Jimin smirks, smug finally. “Eager, hyung?”


“Fuck you, you have no idea. God, you should've fucked me right there in the studio, I wanted it so bad. Yoongi probably wouldn't even have noticed. You don't even know…” Jin growls in frustration as he tries to shove Jimin’s shorts off. “Don't even know how long I've wanted this, Jimin. I usually picture it other way around but I'm -” he laughs, “I guess you could say I’m flexible.”


Jimin pauses as Jin puts the lube in his hand and sits back propped up on his elbows. “You… wanted this?”


Jin looks at him, now a little confused. “Yeah? If I didn't we wouldn't be here.”


“No I meant… you thought about me, hyung?”


Recognition flashes across Jin’s eyes and a smile spreads slowly across his face. He takes his fat bottom lip between his teeth and nods. “A lot, Jiminie. Just like this.” He starts to stroke himself for Jimin’s view.


Jimin’s throat is so tight he can barely ask. “What'd you think about?” He opens the cap and pours lube on two fingers as Jin begins speaking.


“Ah -” Jin moans as his hand speeds up slightly and Jimin works two fingers in. “Thought about you riding me. Your thighs caging me in. Don't know - fuck - don't know why you love my legs when yours look like that. You could ride -” Jin’s head tilts back as his hips lift off the mattress, a combination of Jimin’s three fingers and a quicker pace as he jerks himself off, faster and faster as he chases his orgasm. “You could ride me all night I bet.”


Jimin grabs his wrist and throws it to the side so he can't touch himself.


“Next time, hyung, I promise.” It's all the warning Jin gets before Jimin is pushing his legs back up and using them as an anchor while he pushes in just a little too quickly and all the way to the hilt. He's glad no one’s home to hear the sound Jin makes. He's pissed he didn't record it. It's so needy and high, and Jin’s hands are on his own thighs, nearly interlocked with Jimin’s.




“Fuck yes, god, come on Jiminie, fuck me, fuck me, go, god please just -” He’s rambling, sweat slicking his hair to his forehead and eyes barely closed, and Jimin gives him what he wants.


He slams into him over and over, his body curled just right to be so fucking tight when he's pushed all the way in, letting him get as deep as he can get, and he's moving as fast as his hips will physically let him.


“You sound like a porn star, hyung,” Jimin manages with great effort.


“Shut the fuck - oh, fuck, there, there, Jimin-ah!” Jin’s hands fall from his legs to grasp at the sheets instead as his body tries to evade an orgasm, twisting with too much pleasure.


“Hyung, floor.” Jimin’s sitting up too fast for Jin to comprehend.




Jimin pulls him down to the hard floor, putting a pillow under his head. “Couldn't move fast enough, your bed is too soft.”


“That wasn't fast enough for you?”


Jimin answers by sliding right back in, and Jin realizes he wasn't kidding. Jimin can tell his knees are gonna hurt badly tomorrow but it's worth it with the way Jin’s whole body slides against the floor with the force of Jimin’s thrusts.


“So - So pretty, hyung, come on would you cum for me? Cum for me, Jin, I wanna see it.”


Jin nods eagerly because god, he wants to cum so bad. He pulls Jimin down until Jimin’s resting on his forearms above Jin, his hips still moving too fast for Jin to comprehend, and they attempt to kiss for as long as they can before Jin is crying into Jimin’s mouth and cumming all over both their chests.


“Can I cum in you, hyung?”


“Yes, please, please,” Jin nods again, but it's slower this time as he comes down from his orgasm.


It's the fact that Jin’s asking for it, saying please like he's never wanted anything more than to be filled with Jimin’s cum, that has Jimin closing his eyes and pushing in one last time to cum deep inside him.


It takes a few minutes for them to come back to themselves and Jimin falls to the side with an unceremonious thud. He looks over at Jin, who's already looking back, their chests moving up and down in ragged synched-up breaths. It's familiar.


“I feel like maybe we should talk now,” Jimin says, trying to come back to reality.


Jin checks his phone, giving a small smile before throwing it back on his bedside table. “Namjoon said they're going to a movie. How about we talk later? I have so many things I'd rather do first. If you're up for it, obviously.”

Jimin’s legs feel like jello and he can barely see straight he came so hard, but he's never agreed to something faster in his life.