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Earth To Sollux

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            It’s the next day. Yesterday, Karkat made you give him a scene by scene of your first kiss with Eridan like you were some kind of gossip monkey. Well, it made him happy. So you didn’t mind that much. Currently, you’re sitting in the library, minding your own business when some fucking asshole with terrible pants decides to come up and sit next to you.

            “I’m going to be honest here, Sol, I didn’t prepare any witty statements for when I sat down and I have no plan.” he admits.

            “Well, at least I don’t have to play another mental chess game with you.” you say.

            “Is that what we usually do?”

            “Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed. Every time I laugh, I lose a pawn. And every time I tell you something personal or you guess something correctly, I lose a knight, bishop, or a rook.”

            “What did you lose last night?” he asks.

            “Well, I was already queenless after you saw me crying about plants, so I guess you’re at checkmate.” you answer.

            “So are you.” he says.

            “What should we do now?” you ask, nervous that he was going to hit it and quit it.

            He smirks. “Kinda want to kiss you.”

            “And we’re kinda in the library.”

            “Then do you want to get coffee?”

            Now it’s your turn to smirk.

            “As long as you’re paying.” you say.

            “What am I to you, your sugardaddy?” he asks.

            “Let’s not get too liberal with labels.” you say.

            “Fair enough.” he answers and you smile.

            For once, you have a good feeling about this.