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Dark Crevices

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On the outskirts of town in a shitty run down building, too many teens and adults raved like their was no tomorrow. Peter frowned at the sight. Things used to be so much more classy. Some girl was overdosing in the corner, the party went on without noticing. The frame of the building vibrated from the music and the overcrowd. Peter worried the whole thing would collapse. He shoved his way through the sticky over hormonal crowd. At his intended destination, a hulk of a man stood at the door. "No one's allowed in" he barked. Peter didn't have time for this. He was irritated with the music, the crowd, the whole fucking night even. It was not his week and this man wants to tell him no one's allowed in. 

So Peter took out his switchblade and stabbed the man in the leg. He proceeded to kick the blade further into the wound. The man's screams were swallowed up by the party. Peter rolled his eyes and kicked him backwards. The injured man, as big as he was and as strong as he looked, fell backwards like nothing, opening the door. Peter stepped over him. "Here. Clean yourself up" Peter threw him a handkerchief. He saw the lights coming up ahead as he roamed the new hall away from the party. He approached the next door and shoved it open.

"Peter Pan! Darling when did you get here!?" a disheveled Tink called out to him. She sat or was kind of sitting, slumped against her emerald green chaise lounge couch surrounded by crumbling white walls. The couch looked too out of place in an environment like this one. The floorboards were stained with who knows what. Peter thought he saw a rat run by. "My how the mighty have fallen" Peter whistled. "Can it Pan. Your not doing so good yourself as I hear it" Tink snapped back. Tink wasn't alone. Six of her gang lounged around the room staring at Peter. It was kind of dim in the room so it took Peter a little longer to analyze everything. "Your all fucking high aren't you!?".

Tink giggled. "I made a batch of Pixie Dust, so what?". "Let me guess. Let me fucking guess" Peter paced the room and picked up an empty beer bottle. He played with it in his hands. "What? You guess what!?" Tink croaked out. "Well-" Peter cracked the glass bottle against one of Tink's members. The five others reacted too slow, too high. In seconds Peter had Tink by her throat with what remained of the broken bottle against her skin. "Let me guess. That batch I ordered, you used. Didn't you? Shhh don't try to talk Tink. Nod your head for yes or no". Tink nodded her head yes. Peter sighed. He dug the bottle into her leg. Tink screamed. "Do you think I'm scared that you got your little boys aiming at me?". Tink nodded her head no.

"Your going to listen to me Tink because my patience is getting real thin. Ever since this new mayor jumped on this town, he's realy cracked down on our business. My business. Look at where your at Tink. Some god awful building in the shittiest part of town. You used to be one of the top providers. One of the only providers, now we got the Pirates running everything from the inside. Hook had the hook up. No fucking pun intended. I'm planning on a return Tink. A big one that not even James Hook will see coming. So I need you to get your shit together" Peter twisted the bottle. Ignoring her screams he continued. "Do I make myself clear?" Tink nodded yes. "Good. That wasn't so hard".

He kissed Tink on the head. "Were gonna get back on top you old hag". With that he walked away. Her gang only stood motionless as he walked. "You stained my couch with my blood you bastard!" Tink yelled after him. Peter smirked and waved his hand. "You'll get a new one when I'm back!". "You crazy bastard! No one's ever knocked James Hook down!". Peter didn't bother to reply as he got back to the overcrowded room. The guy he had stabbed was no where to be seen. He lit a cigarette. 'No one's ever tried Tink" he inhaled deeply. He was about to take another drag when someone knocked into him. He didn't get a chance to say anything as he analyzed the scene before him.

A young girl. maybe 16 or 17 stood before him. She had light chestnut curls that cascaded over her olive tanned skin. She didn't know she had knocked into Peter, too preoccupied with the guy before her. "Come on Wendy! You have to try it! You can't even get addicted to pixie dust! I've tried it a couple of times. It's all for good fun". Peter could recognize an insider a mile away. Insiders were the rich folk. The one's who lived in the center of the city and had it all. They all had the same look. Combed back gelled hair, a slight pinched point to the ear and skin softer then a baby's bottom.

Peter wondered why this guy was even out here. The best stuff and the best parties took place in the very center of the city as much as they thought it was clean, below the surface someone always missed a spot. At least he made the effort to fit in. Ripped clothes and a bit of dirt on his face oh my. This insider was probably out here for a good story. So he could tell his friends he had partied with society's unwanted. Peter chuckled. He knew what Pixie Dust was and what it could do. After all he and Tink were the one's to invent it back in the good old days. This guy had no idea. Peter up to this point would have ignored these two and left. But he didn't. He looked at the girl. Wendy as he had heard her name looked terrified.

Her iridescent blue eyes caught his and Peter could not look away. Her eyes erratically looked around for an opening. An escape. "Wendy. Take the fucking Pixie Dust!" the guy threw his hand out to grab Wendy. Peter knocked his arm away, stepping in front of her. "Girl says she don't want none". "You asshole! Mind your own business!" the guy took a swing at Peter and Peter easily deflected it. By inhuman speed, Peter had the guy against the wall. The party partied on. So completely oblivious in their drugged state. "Why would I mind my business when this is my business" Peter hissed in his ear. "Do you have any idea who I am- Peter gave him a blow to the stomach. 

"Out here, your nothing. Out here your an unwanted. You become touchable in this territory. I've already had to stab two people tonight. I'm not trying to stab a third. Get your ass out of here. If I see you again out here, I won't be so forgiving" with that Peter let the guy go and he ran into the crowd, quickly being swallowed by it. After all that, Peter had completely forgotten about the girl. He felt a soft tap on his back. Startled he found the young girl peering up at him. "Thank you sir!" She piped up. "Wendy right?  You don't seem like the type to be into this sort of stuff. Go home kid" Peter yawned. "I would... but I'm scared. I'm not from around here" Wendy sighed desperately. 

"Where then?" Peter mumbled. "Second Star". Of course she was from the center of the city. She probably came with that douche. Peter rubbed his neck, stressed beyond his limit. He wanted nothing more then to get back to his Lost Boys and rest for the new day. He had come up with his crazy plan to come back to the top earlier this day. All his boys called him mad for wanting to do so but once he got his mind on something there was never going back. Even if it killed him. "Wendy. Kid. Just because I saved you from your little douche boyfriend doesn't mean you can trust me. Don't be naive, especially out here. You get killed that way Wendy". 

"Are you going to kill me?" Wendy asked. "What no- "Then please sir... please help me get back to Second Star. I'll get lost, most definitely I will!". Peter sighed. He couldn't believe his own answer. "Sure". "Oh thank you thank you- uh?" Wendy tilted her head staring intently at him. Suddenly Peter came consciously aware of what he looked like to her. His dark auburn hair was a little past its due date for a hair cut, too shaggy for his liking. His skinny jeans were in tatters and the oversized green v neck didn't help it any better. God when was the last time he took a shower? Meanwhile he had noticed how shiny Wendy's hair was, how smooth her skin was compared his rough overworked pale skin.

Coughing he answered Wendy's question. "Peter. Peter Pan and you are Wendy what?". "Wendy Darling!" she answered cheerfully. Her lips curved up softly. Peter couldn't help but stare at them. Pushing whatever feeling he had before he could identify it, he swiftly walked out of the building. "Hey wait Peter!" Wendy yelled pushing threw the crowd. God how can a human move so fast and graceful in a place like this Wendy pondered. He waited for her outside. "Come on, we don't have all night Wendy" Peter walked along the broken streets looking up at the stars. "Cigarette?" Peter offered her as he walked along. "Uh no thanks. Those things are terrible for your health!" Wendy cringed. Peter shrugged and inhaled. 

The streets were dark on the account that most of the electricity went to the center. Why waste energy on the unwanted? It was bad enough they had to look at them in the day. Peter laughed. "What!?". "Your so naive. I have no fucking idea why your even out here for a party like that one when you don't even smoke and your out here with a complete stranger".

"But your not. Your name is Peter Pan. You saved me from that jerk who convinced me to go on a date with him! Said it would be a surprise. Well what a rotten surprise and you said you'd take me home AND not kill me duh".

Peter almost died laughing. Wendy pouted and crossed her arms. She looked like a little child. "So innocent. Even your name sounds innocent. Wendy Darling. Ha!" Peter suddenly pushed Wendy against a very dim lamp post. He had her arms up in no time, pinned above her. Peter's body curved into hers. He could feel her tremble against him. "Tell me Wendy Darling, do you think I'm so innocent?". He looked at her as she trembled but what unsettled him the most was the way she looked him right in his eyes. Those iridescent blue eyes were driving him mad. 

Peter breathed against her neck as he smelled a hint of honey and fresh almond on her. Definitely from Second Star. His lips traced along her jaw bone and down her neck. He felt her body slightly open up to his or maybe she was just shifting to try and get away. Peter can't tell. "Peter... Please I'm only 16" her breath hitched. He let go of her then chuckling. "I knew you were young Silly. Wendy you can't fucking trust no one, not even your own". "Remember that Wendy, not even me" Peter looked up at the stars. "Go home kid. Keep going straight and you'll be home in no time" Peter pointed down the street. 

"Don't worry, I'll be able to see you until you reach a certain point then it's all your people kiddo". Wendy scurried away in her light blue skater dress but abruptly turned back to Peter. "There's good in you Peter Pan! Otherwise you wouldn't have done what you did at that party!" with that, Wendy Darling fled down the dark street. Peter watched her until he knew she was safe and her words echoed throughout his mind. His lit another cigarette. 'Those things are terrible for your health!' Wendy voiced in Peter's head. "Damn you, Wendy Darling, just who the hell do you think you are" he whispered. 

He could still smell her. Feel her. A part of him wish he had taken her right then and there. It wasn't like he had problems with doing things like that in the past. But damn was she so innocent and young. Peter's cell rang. 

"Boss we got a problem!" one his boys yelled.