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Dark Crevices

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It could only be described as a high pitched scream that cut off almost immediately. The echo that followed was unsettling. These kinda of moments were the ones that made your heart skip a beat and restart even faster. That’s the first thing that happens and the second is what you do afterwards. It’s the fight or flight response. Wendy chose to fight.

Dashing from her bed, Wendy couldn’t even remember her mad run down the stairs and into the foyer. The sound definitely came from the back of the house. “Mother? Mother what’s wrong?” Wendy hastily gasped out of breath. The scream she had heard was not out of fright but of joy. There stood her mother in a death hug with John. 

“Oh my baby! You came to visit! Mwah!” Mother Darling kissed his cheeks a thousand times more. Wendy’s previous night came rushing back as she remembered John had come back home. “And good morning to you to Mother! You almost gave me a heart attack when you screamed!”.

”Oh my boy, when did you get in?” Mother finally released John from her death hug. “Late last night. When I arrived I checked on all of you sleeping as if the sandman slept over you all!” John gave Wendy an undetected wink when mother wasn’t lookning. Wendy rolled her eyes. “My sweet baby I must make breakfast, eggs, pancakes, scones- “Mother I don’t mean to be rude and we wI’ll spend our time together, but I promised Belle aalready that I come to the cafe immediately for my first breakfast home”.

”Belle Beaumont if I’m not mistaking? Lovely girl my son, smart just like you, well mannered and always helping her father... speaking of fathers, have you talked to him since you’ve been home John?” Mother caressed his face. “No, not yet” John briskly stepped back. Wendy stood off to the side, quiet like a mouse. “I wish you would tell me what strains you and your fathers bond, John dear”.

”I have to set off now, it’s nearly 10:00am Mother, I love you!” He kissed Mother Darling on the cheek and grabbed his jacket. “John Darling! Just be safe out there and ask for a blessing already!” She elected to ignore John’s silence about his father. “Mother! I’m 19! Belle’s 17! Much too young to get married!” John yelled while putting on his shoes. “And? Your father was 25 and I, 18, when we were married. We were much too old for marriage, best get a move on son!”.

John rolled his eyes and Wendy stood by amused by her mother. “I’ll be back by 1:00pm, don’t tell Micheal I was home. That lump is still sleeping like a rock upstairs, I wanna surprise him with a late 14th birthday gift, love you Wendy, love you mother! Bye!” John finally made out the door and down the steps.