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If my heart were a house

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”Cosima, isn’t this a little... excessive?”

Delphine was nearly whispering, as if she were afraid the people downstairs might, somehow, hear her voice her concerns through the thick ceiling. Cosima, standing on the opposite side of the room with her nose pointed out the window, looked back at the other woman. Her slender body was leaned against the doorframe, her arms crossed over her chest and her bottom lip sucked into her mouth. Her feet were firmly parked on the doorstep as though she would be breaking some sort of invisible boundaries, if she were to actually enter the room. And although she met Cosima’s gaze with full confidence, that little wrinkle between her eyebrows made her look completely harmless. Utterly adorable

How the same woman had once killed a man was a complete mystery.

“Well…” Cosima answered, coolly, shrugging as she slanted across the floorboards. She grabbed Delphine’s hand, prompted her hesitant feet to follow her to the window. Delphine obeyed with a sigh, though her expression seemed slightly more cooperative now that their fingers were entwined. Cosima slipped her arm around her slim waist as they both examined the world on the other side of the window. Delphine put her forehead against the glass. A cloud of condensation formed by her lips.

Cosima didn’t have to say anything to sell the garden to Delphine. It spoke for itself. Trees towered around the perimeters, blocking noise and protecting from curious onlookers, while still letting plenty of sunlight pass through. Bushes and flower beds had been well taken care of by the rather meticulous previous owners, something which more than made up for the size of the garden – which admittedly was not that impressive. Everything had clearly been planned thoroughly, with reasonable portions of grass left empty for garden furniture, swing sets, or whatever one might desire to put there. It was green and lively and absolutely gorgeous.

This was the third house they had seen and their second time viewing it. Although, Cosima had already made up her mind the first time they had been there. She loved it. The other two houses had been smaller, more central. No gardens. Too modern, not spacious enough. She loved the more rustic feel of the wooden floorboards under her feet, the big windows, the broad staircase, the light and the air. It could use some renovating, sure. For one she knew Delphine would not be able to live with the kitchen at its current state, and no amount of realtor staging with fake flowers and decorations placed in odd locations could hide the fact that the walls would need a fresh coat of paint. But in a way that was exactly why Cosima liked it. It felt like an honest house. It felt right and it had felt right, instantly.

She glanced curiously at Delphine as they stood there, in silence. She could almost see the gears turning inside her much more indecisive mind.

“Pretty nice, yeah?”

“Yes, of course, I just-” Delphine exhaled deeply, drew her hand through her blonde curls in a frustrated motion. “I don’t know, Cosima. I know we have the money and yes it’s a lovely garden but… It’s too big, non? Do we really need three bedrooms?”

“Oh come on, they don’t have to be bedrooms. We could make like a study, or… replace the door with a bookcase, build a secret lab.”

Cosima slid her other arm around Delphine while she talked, pulled her towards herself, positioned her so that they were stomach to stomach. She kept her arms loosely tied around Delphine’s waist and Delphine put her hands on Cosima’s shoulders. Her fingertips traced the neckline of Cosima’s shirt. A small smile was playing on her lips. Clearly, she was close to giving in. Cosima smiled broadly before she leaned in and kissed her, knowing it would make her arguments much more compelling.

“I’ve always wanted a big house Delphine, I really think it would be perfect” she kissed Delphine’s now visible dimple, embraced her tighter. “I could totally see us having a bottle of wine on the porch, or like, cooking up some wacky experiment in the basement. We could have everyone over for dinner, it’s close to work… and you know what the best part is?”

Delphine shook her head. Cosima put her lips against her ear, conjured the huskiest, most seductive tone possible from the depths of her stomach and whispered: “Throw a rug in front of that fireplace downstairs and it’s the perfect place for me to go down on you until you-”


Just barely escaping a light slap aimed at her upper arm, Cosima jumped back from the window and caught Delphine’s hand mid-air. They both laughed.

“Come on, let’s check out the kitchen again. I know I’m winning this,” Cosima grinned. She grabbed Delphine’s other hand as she took another few steps back, stopping only to steal a kiss off Delphine's still chuckling lips. She paused briefly before she continued, gave Delphine a long look and swept a strand of blonde her behind her ear. Examined every detail of her beautiful face and pondered whether this was the right time to speak her mind. She quickly decided that it was. At least partially. After all, she wasn’t one to pass on an opportunity to tease.

She tugged Delphine along with her towards the door, unable to wipe the playful smile off her face. “Besides, I mean… who knows, maybe we do actually need three bedrooms.”