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taste of your lips on me, i can't forget

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Jeongguk shoves his hands beneath the soft dress shirt, fingers grabbing desperately at the scorching hot skin beneath. "Wanna fuck you so bad. Wanna fuck that tight little ass until you can taste me," he growls into Taehyung's mouth, pressing him back harder against the wooden wall, thigh wedged between the pair pressed against him.

"Yeah? Wanna give me that dick right here, baby?" Taehyung pants into his mouth, yanking the back of Jeongguk's shirt out of his pants, reaching around to yank his belt open. "Want me to tell you how much I've been aching for it? How it's all I've been thinking about?"

Jeongguk grunts as he pulls back enough to mouth at Taehyung's jaw, dick aching with every brush of fingers so close to where he needs them. "Tell me," he breaths, one third demanding and two thirds pleading. He yanks Taehyung's tie over his neck, fingers immediately going for the buttons of the pristine shirt that Jeongguk's wrinkled with his desperate fingers. 

Taehyung drags him closer once he's finished getting his belt off and pushed his slacks down to his ankles, hands sliding around to his ass. "Woke up so wet this morning, dreaming about your dick in my mouth. I almost cried when I realised it was a dream, wanted nothing more than to feel you fuck my mouth." When Jeongguk whines, Taehyung keeps going, nipping at his neck. "Kept fantasising about it at prayer group. Kept imagining everyone's faces if you were there and fucking me over the table."

Fuck. Jeongguk thinks about that a lot. Thinks about what would happen if one of the nuns found them fucking in the boys toilets in their very catholic school. Thinks about what would happen if one of their very catholic parents found Taehyung bent over the couch with Jeongguk eating his ass like a man starved while they're supposed to be doing bible study. Thinks about what would happen if one of their very catholic friends saw Taehyung riding Jeongguk to an inch of his life in the back of one of the cars they're meant to be washing for the charity fundraiser.

"Want you to fuck me so hard that it's all I can feel when I'm on my knees, praying," Taehyung whispers into his ear as he yanks Jeongguk's boxers down over his thighs, fingers sliding around to wrap around his cock. "Fuck me full of your come, Guk."

Jeongguk sends a silent apology to the man upstairs because Jesus fucking Christ

He shoves Taehyung's slacks down, taking his boxers with them, waiting until his boyfriend's kicked out of them completely before he's grabbing him by the back of the thighs and hauling him up, sticky, trembling legs wrapping around his waist. The confessional booth is only small, cramped and suffocating, but there's enough room for Jeongguk to press Taehyung back into the divider, also thinking about what would happen if one of the priests came in to hear them fucking like animals in heat.

"Get me wet, baby," Jeongguk husks into Taehyung's mouth, sucking at his tongue until he gives that little whine that shoots straight down to the flourishing heat in his abdomen. 

Taehyung pulls back enough to lick at his palm, keeping his eyes on Jeongguk the whole time. His neck is bent a little awkwardly, hunched over from where his head is pressed against the top of the booth, almost curled over Jeongguk's body. The tight space has this whole thing a little more difficult, but no less exciting, a fucking challenge that they'll always accept. Taehyung goes the extra mile of sucking at his fingers, all just for Jeongguk's benefit before he reaches between them and gets his hand back around him, spit and precome making the slide easy.

"Want you inside me so bad. Want it all the time," Taehyung whispers, nipping at Jeongguk's bottom lip as he keeps sliding his fist over his cock. 

Jeongguk bows his head forward, his neatly combed hair falling in sharp spikes over his forehead. He presses his face into Taehyung's chest, hips fucking into the hand curled tight around him. "Me too, God. Want you all the fucking time, Tae. You're all I want."

Taehyung's hand tightens a fraction as he presses frantic kisses into his hair, only letting go when he feels Jeongguk's dick twitch in his hand. "Show me. Show me I'm all you want," he demands, lifting his hand to his mouth to lick the precome off the sides of his fingers. 

He definitely doesn't need to be told twice. With a grunt, Jeongguk hitches Taehyung up a little higher, the sweat on his waist and his boyfriend's thighs having them slipping a little. Taehyung helps balance himself as Jeongguk reaches down between them to press his dick against his boy's ass, rubbing back and forth for a few seconds and stuttering a breath every time Taehyung tries to push down on him. Jeongguk loves to tease, loves to have Taehyung close to tears and begging for his cock. But his self restraint vanished the minute Jeongguk broke his vow to God, broke his vow to save himself for marriage and instead vowed to always make Taehyung come so hard that he forgets every verse in the bible.

Jeongguk presses in slowly, loosens his grip on his boyfriend just enough that he can sink down onto him, swallowing his cock in one slide. "Oh fuck," he hisses, teeth sinking into the soft, exposed skin of Taehyung's shoulder. 

Taehyung whines above him, his hands curling tight on Jeongguk's shoulders, his thighs squeezing around his waist. "Give it to me," he pants against Jeongguk's temple, lips parting to demand it again, but it turns into a moan when Jeongguk lowers him down another impossible inch. "Shit, shit, shit."

This whole thing. This whole thing that they've been doing for just over six months now, revolting from the good boys their momma's taught them to be. The gentleman that they're supposed to be; never cursing, never using the Lord's name in vain, never thinking of impure thoughts, never thinking impure thoughts about another man. Every rule in the book, they've broken it countless times. 

It started one night when they were staying behind to tidy up the wreck room after a meeting about donating cans for the food drive, the pair of them having volunteered to help. They hadn't been the closest of friends before then, more so acquaintances. Go to the same school, attend the same church, pray to the same God. And somehow, after a lot of little touches and nervous laughs, it ended up with Taehyung leaning over and sucking him close to dry.

It started off something hot and dangerous, and the fire has yet to burn out. Jeongguk hopes it never fucking burns out. He's not just in it for the rebellion, that actually doesn't have a lot to do with this, and a lot to do with the beautiful boy that never strays far from Jeongguk's mind. 

Said boy gives a roll of his hips, slick cock sliding up against Jeongguk's bare stomach, one hand sliding up from his shoulder to fist in his hair, only to pull it away a second later to bite at his knuckles. They can't be too loud, the distant sound of the organ reminding them that there is indeed a service still going on. They only have a short window to do this before it becomes suspicious. 

Jeongguk starts fucking up into Taehyung with unwavering desperation, lips parted and pressed against his boyfriend's throat, revelling in the Adam's apple scrapping against his teeth. There's something particularly masculine, something particularly sexy that Jeongguk loves about that. Loves the feeling of strong thighs wrapped around him. Of large hands grabbing at him. Of a deep voice bouncing off the walls. Of the dick pressed against his abdomen. 

Taehyung's hand drops to grip at Jeongguk's side, nails scraping along his ribs, leaving angry, red lines in their wake, ones that he'll treasure later when he steps out of the shower. Jeongguk grips tight at Taehyung's thighs, fingers slippery on equally as slippery skin beneath them, making this whole thing that much messier and perfect

"Fuck it. Fuck my ass," Taehyung whispers against the bridge of Jeongguk's nose as Jeongguk's hips find a rhythm, nothing but skin between them. 

Jeongguk shudders at that, pressing his boyfriend more firmly against the booth wall, growl rumbling low in his chest. He fucks the breath and groans out of Taehyung's lungs, tilting his chin up to capture them all himself, not wanting to let one single one go to waste, locking them away in the spaces between his ribs. Their kissing is more panting into each others mouths, all tongues and shared whines. 

Young boys who have withheld having sex for eighteen years means that they don't know when to stop. They don't know when it's too much, when they should ease back. They have to make up for lost time in their eyes. Jeongguk still remembers one of those first nights when they'd gotten off so many times that their chests physically ached and the last three orgasms were completely dry and painful. It didn't stop them from going again a couple of hours later after a sex induced nap.

They've gotten better with practice, playing with each other and testing their limits, knowing their bodies' limitations. The sex is fucking mind blowing, but Jeongguk also finds that he likes when they just make out, when they hold hands beneath the desk in school. Jeongguk loves nothing more than kissing the laughter out of Taehyung's mouth.

"Fuck, Tae," he whines into his boyfriend's throat, forehead sticking to Taehyung's jugular, jostling with every fuck of his hips. It's all so wet, come smearing over his stomach and palms slippy with sweat.

When the sound of voices picks up from down the hall, they know they don't have much time left before the hymns start. And if they miss the hymns, their momma's are not going to be happy. Jeongguk picks up speed as Taehyung squeezes his entire body tighter around him, pulling a whimper from his throat. His movements become more reckless, faster, more desperate. He bends Taehyung's body further, mouths at his neck and is careful not to leave any visible marks. His stomach jumps with heat, knowing he's close, knowing he's about to come and it's going to be fucking incredible.

Taehyung slides a wet palm up from Jeongguk's ribs to wrap it around himself, jerking himself off with each of Jeongguk's thrusts, thighs shaking in a way that tells him everything he needs to know. "Come in me. Fill me up. Make me so wet, baby," he rasps into his ear, the whole booth shaking with the sudden up-peak of speed, the restraint on trying to keep quiet slipping.

Jeongguk groans, bowing his head to watch Taehyung's fist on his own dick, licking his lips and feeling another sharp pang of need hit him like a ton of bricks. His lips part and tongue snakes out to get a hopeful taste, swearing nothing tastes as good as his boyfriend's come. It rivals his ass. But doesn't come close to his tongue. 

Taehyung's the first to come with a broken moan, clenching down on Jeongguk's cock as he comes hard, ribbons of come hitting him straight in the face. Jeongguk groans at the hot taste on his tongue, swallowing it down and licking eagerly over his bottom lip as he gives a couple more sharp ruts of his hips, just enough to have him coming a second later with a string of profanities that would make a nun blush.

"Fuck it into me. Fuck it deep into me," Taehyung orders, and Jeongguk does, fucks them both through their orgasms and well into oversensitivity, until they're both raw and sore and into painful territory. Once they're both done, just standing there slumped over each other, Taehyung tilts his chin up and Jeongguk feels his boyfriend's dick twitch against his belly as he groans. "Look at you. So fucking pretty." He kisses the come off his face, licks it off the side of Jeongguk's nose and feeds it back to him, which Jeongguk takes with a rough keen.

Getting out of this position is proved more difficult as it was getting into it, their limbs uncoordinated and heavily sated after a mind blowing fuck. But they get there in the end, the entire booth smelling like boy and filthy, sinful sex. Jeongguk watches in amazement as Taehyung doesn't even bother to clean his ass up, come sliding wet down the insides of his thighs, and it makes Jeongguk's sore stomach jump.

They help dress each other, pulling up each others boxers and slacks, tucking their shirts in and Jeongguk reties Taehyung's tie for him while Taehyung smooths out the wrinkles in his shirt and makes sure there's no come in his hair. They do look fucked out, but hopefully the summer heat will disguise their flushed cheeks and sweat stained hairlines.

Once Jeongguk's smoothed down Taehyung's bangs and Taehyung's slicked Jeongguk's hair back neatly, they don't retreat straight away, but spend a moment just standing there, kissing and touching each other.

"My parents are going to book club tonight," Taehyung whispers into his mouth, the taste of him heavy on Jeongguk's tongue. "And I want you to fuck me on the prayer table."

Jeongguk groans, his dick threatening to fill out all over again, giving a valiant twitch in attempt. "I would love to."

After a few more kisses, they finally slip out, dressed like the sweet gentleman they are. Taehyung walks out first and Jeongguk watches him go, biting his lip at the faint limp his boyfriend is sporting as he heads back into the hall. Jeongguk counts to three, shoots a wink to the statue of their saviour staring down at him before following Taehyung out.

His mother gives him a smile and squeezes his arm when he returns to his spot next to her. Once her attention is back on Father Cho, Jeongguk's eyes slide over to Taehyung a few rows ahead, noticing the way he's shifting on the pew, clearly uncomfortable and sore. Jeongguk preens to the highest of fucking heavens.

When they stand a few minutes later to start the hymns, Jeongguk falls into the routine naturally, all the while he's got the taste of Taehyung's come on his tongue.