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Give Me Back My Smile (Caught In A Lie)

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The thing is… Jimin wasn’t dumb. He was just gullible.

He was kind, a little too kind.

So kind that if a strange man smiled at him, he would smile back.

He was so gullible that if a stranger came up to him and told him he had candy in his car, Jimin would actually believe him.

He was only 12 anyways, so what would he know about strange men?

Taehyung, on the other hand, was actually pretty dumb when it came to his schoolwork, but when it came to the streets, Taehyung knew who to trust and who not to trust. Taehyung had to raise himself… almost.

His grandparents took him in after his parents had died in a fire when he was only 3 years old. To be honest, his grandparents never really taught him anything about the streets.

Taehyung had to learn that on his own.



┌──────── ∘°❉°∘ ────────┐


2 years ago

└──────── °∘❉∘° ────────┘


“Hey kid… you live around here?” The strange tall man asked Taehyung as he was leaving school one day.

Taehyung started to walk a little faster, ignoring the man.

“Kid… I asked you a question.” The man leaned off of the wall, and dropped his cigarette to follow Taehyung.

Should I run? Taehyung thought. No don’t run, because then he might start chasing you instead of just walking behind you.

Taehyung started to speed walk as he ignored the man again.

“Yah!” The man called out to Taehyung. “Don’t be rude.” He said as he walked faster behind Taehyung.

In Korea, respecting your elders was a very big deal…

Unless they were a creep.

Taehyung’s breathing started to speed up as he became nervous. Calm down, you’re almost home. He thought.

Taehyung wasn't sure if this was a bad thing or a good thing. He didn’t want the man to know where he lived.

Maybe I should take another route. Taehyung thought. Are you asking to be dead? You need to get home now.

Taehyung’s right side of his brain continued to argue with the left side. He didn’t know what to do. He was only 10, he couldn’t fight the man if he wanted to.

“Kid, I’m not going to hurt you, just slow down.” The man said. Taehyung hadn’t noticed that the man was almost right behind him.

“Tag, you’re it!”

Taehyung quickly looked towards the playground that was one block away from his house. The 2 little girls giggled as they played tag.

“Leave me alone!” A kid yelled on the other side of the park as he was fighting with another child.

This seemed to have caught the man’s attention. Taehyung realized that the man had stopped following him, now just standing in one spot, staring intensely at the kids in the playground. By the way he was staring at the children, Taehyung could tell that this dude was a pedophile.

Taehyung took this as a chance to keep walking. He speed walked to his house, and arrived there in 2 minutes.

“Hey Taehyungie, you got here pretty fast. How was your day at school?” His grandma called out to him from the kitchen.

“Um… it was okay.” Taehyung said dully, as he tried to quickly walk upstairs to his bedroom.

“Are you sure? Everything was okay?” His grandma called out again.

“Yes, everything was fine, grandma.” Taehyung said quickly as he run up the stairs and into his bedroom.



Later that night, his grandma was watching the news in the living room.

“According to witnesses, the man came up to the two 6 year old girls, telling them that he knew their mother and it was okay if he’d talk to them. After talking to them for about an hour, the little girls were seen following the man out of the playground. The girls have not been seen for the last 8 hours…”

Taehyung listened to the television as he walked into the kitchen.

“The man was last seen wearing a dark blue shirt, a white hat, black jeans, and black sneakers. If you see this man, please call the number at the bottom of the screen.” Taehyung looked into the living-room to look at the screen.

It was the same guy that followed him home earlier.

Taehyung decided that there was no reason to tell his grandmother, because he was fine. He wasn't hurt or dead right?



┌──────── ∘°❉°∘ ────────┐


2 Years Later

└──────── °∘❉∘° ────────┘


October 12th, 2013


“Yah, Jungkookie. Come with me after school to get ice cream please?” Taehyung asked cutely as he held onto Jungkook’s arm.

“Mm I don’t know, hyung. I have to study for 4 tests when I get home.” Jungkook said, slightly pulling away from Taehyung.

“Come on, it won’t take long.” Taehyung whined, bouncing up and down in a bratty manner.

Jungkook thought for a few seconds before he spoke. “I... I don’t know, hyung. We’ll see.” The younger said, earning a pout from Taehyung.

“What? I said we’ll see.” Jungkook said with a soft giggle.

“That means no.” Taehyung said with a pout still on his lips.

“Yah! Taehyungie, Jungkookie!”, the boys turned around as they saw Jimin running up to them. Jimin was a little older than them but he still hung out them, and they didn’t really know why.

Jungkook usually got bullied for being the teacher’s pet and way more intelligent than an average child.

And Taehyung got teased for being a little slower when it came to math... and reading... and science… and English...

And every other subject.

But for some reason, Jimin always stood up for them and protected them.

“Can you guys come with me somewhere after school?” Jimin asked as he caught up to them.

“Sure.” Taehyung responded quickly while Jungkook hesitated.

“I have-” Jungkook started hesitantly.

“Let me guess, you have to study?” Jimin asked, cutting off Jungkook’s sentence.

“Yeah… 2 tests.” Jungkook said with a soft sigh.

“Hey, you told me 4.” Taehyung said in confusion, looking at Jungkook with furrowed eyebrows.

“I just exaggerated so that I don't have to hang out with you.” Jungkook said playfully, before Taehyung pouted. Jungkook and Jimin giggled at the boy as they made their way to class.



“Hey nerd, don’t try me again.” The bully threatened Jungkook, shoving him against the locker. Jungkook wasn’t really sure what he did to piss him off but he just went along with it.

“O-okay.” Jungkook said with his head hanging low, avoiding eye contact with the bully.

“You think you’re better than me because you're smart?” The bully asked, grabbing Jungkook's collar.

“No, I-” Jungkook spoke timidly.

“Just because you skipped a grade or two, that doesn’t mean shit. Do you hear me?” The bully said, his face close to Jungkook’s.

Jungkook nodded and took a deep breath.

“Yah! What the hell are you doing?” Taehyung yelled, making his way over to the bully. There were only a few people in the hallway, since most kids went home around that time. The other kids that were in the hallway looked towards Taehyung as he walked towards the bully.

“Leave him the fuck alone.” Taehyung cursed to make himself seem more scary. But the bully didn’t really budge, he kept standing close to Jungkook.

“What’re you gonna do about it?” The bully tested Taehyung.

Taehyung tried to contain his anger. He didn’t really know what to say, so he stayed silent.

“Huh? Dumbass.” They bully said, getting in Taehyung’s face. Taehyung hated being called dumb. Before he could do anything, he heard someone say something from behind them.

“Yah, Minwoo-ah. Why do you always target the people who’re better than you?” Jimin said, standing with his arms crossed.

The bully turned around, facing Jimin, but not getting any closer to him.

“Excuse me?” He said, trying to intimidate Jimin. But it obviously wasn’t working as Jimin only stepped closer to the bully.

“You heard me.“ Jimin said calmly. The bully fell silent, glaring at Jimin.

“Why do you always bully the smart or good looking people?” Jimin said, looking directly into the bully’s eyes. The bully didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth, then shut it again, looking away from Jimin’s eyes.

“It’s probably because you know that you’re neither smart nor good looking.” Jimin said savagely.

The bully looked at Jimin with anger in his eyes, obviously offended, but for some reason he wouldn’t touch Jimin.

Was he scared of Jimin?

There was no way that anyone could be scared of Jimin. He had cute, chubby cheeks, and the cutest, most innocent eye smile ever. Plus, he was short.

There was a long silence, as Jungkook and Taehyung both watched the scene unfold in front of them.

“Just… Shut up.” The bully said finally, not looking Jimin in the eyes and quickly walking away without looking back.

“Well that was a lame comeback.” One of students that were watching said. Jungkook started to laugh at the comment, but Taehyung and Jimin both still had serious looks on their faces.

Jimin sighed before speaking. “Jungkook, don’t let him do those things to you. You too, Taehyung. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourselves.” Jimin said encouragingly.

“I tried, it's just… he called me dumb.” Taehyung said, slightly putting his head down. Jimin was quick to put his hand on Taehyung’s chin, lifting his head up.

“Look at me, You’re not dumb. Don’t listen to him. He’s just insecure so the only way he feels better about himself is by making fun of other people.” Jimin said while looking into Taehyung’s eyes.

“Yeah, I guess.” Taehyung sighed as Jimin gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

“Come on, guys. Let’s go get some ice cream.” Jimin said with smile on his face. He didn’t want the boys to remember 

“Yay!” Taehyung cheered excitedly, jumping up and down while holding onto to Jimin’s arm. He forgot all about what the bully had said already.

Jungkook smiled at Taehyung’s childishness, as he let Jimin lead them out of the school.



“Hey, can you guys come with me somewhere?” Jimin looked at his friends as they made their way to the ice cream shop.

“Where?” Taehyung asked curiously.

“Um… I have to meet a friend.” Jimin said, turning his head away from his friends.

“Why?” Taehyung questioned again.

Jimin laughed. “Why’re you questioning me like this? I just need to get something from him, that’s all.” Jimin said, looking away once again.

Taehyung eyed Jimin suspiciously. “What do you need to get from him?” He asked.

Jimin laughed again. ”Something, that’s all you need to know. Gosh, Taehyung you’re really strange sometimes. Now are you coming with me or not?”

“Mmm… where are you meeting him?” Jungkook asked.

“Uh I don’t know, let me call him.” Jimin said, pulling his phone out his jacket. He dialed the number, after about 10 silent seconds Jimin started to speak.

“Hello?... Yeah, I just got out of school. Where are you?” Jimin said, pausing.

Taehyung tried to listen to Jimin’s conversation, but Jungkook kept distracting him. “Hyung, look at that dog’s tail.” Jungkook giggled.

Taehyung quickly shushed him, Jungkook looked at him with a confused look, but he shut up anyways.

“No, I already told you I can’t tomorrow. Hyung- I…. okay hyung.” Jimin spoke lowly into the phone.

Hyung? So he’s older than Jimin. Taehyung thought.

“Okay, are you close by?” Jimin asked the boy on the phone. “Okay, I’m almost near the ice cream shop, can you wait for me there?” Jimin asked.

The boy on the phone seemed to have said yes. “Okay. Bye, hyung.” Jimin hung up the phone.

Jimin smiled as he started walk a little faster.

“Why’re you smiling? And why’re you suddenly walking so fast?” Jungkook asked.

“Because I’m so excited to see my friend. I haven’t seen him in a while. You guys are going to like him, trust me. He’s really nice and funny. Just like me.” Jimin said, with a huge smile on his face.

“Is he your best friend?” Taehyung said, trying hard not to roll his eyes.

“Maybe…” Jimin said, sensing Taehyung’s jealousy. Jungkook scoffed in annoyance.

“Come on, are you guys seriously jealous?” Jimin asked, finding his best friends’ jealousy amusing.

The boys didn’t answer. “Jungkook, did you hear something?” Taehyung said.

Great… they were ignoring him now.

“No, actually I didn’t.” Jungkook went along with pretending Jimin didn't exist.

Jimin whined. “Come on guys, you know I was joking. You’re my only best friends, I love you guys.” Jimin said, clinging to Taehyung’s arm.

“Oh my god, Jungkook… I think there’s a ghost touching me.” Taehyung said, being over-dramatic. 

“No way, there couldn’t possibly be anyone next to you,” Jungkook said, being overly dramatic as well.

“Guys, stop ignoring me please.” Jimin whined and giggled at the same time.

“Show us your aegyo and we’ll forgive you.” Taehyung suggested.

“Ugh.” Jimin groaned in annoyance.

He hated doing aegyo. (Even though Jimin didn't know he had natural aegyo.)



“Let's go meet my friend really quick before we go get ice cream, okay?” Jimin asked as they got closer to the ice cream shop.

“Okay.” Taehyung and Jungkook said simultaneously.

As they were walking, Jimin stopped and looked around for his friend. “Where is he?” Taehyung asked.

“I don’t know. He said he’d be near the ice cream shop but I-” Jimin said before getting cut off by someone yelling his name.


Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung turned around at the same time to see the boy standing against a wall.

The only problem was, it wasn’t a boy that called Jimin’s name…


It was a man.

Chapter Text

“Oh there he is!” Jimin said excitedly. Jungkook and Taehyung both looked at each other, confused.

Was he talking about the man that just called his name?

“That’s your friend?” Taehyung asked, looking at Jimin confusingly.

“Yep.” Jimin said smiling, running over to his friend.

Jungkook was quick to follow Jimin, while Taehyung hesitated.

Jimin ran up to the man and hugged him. “I missed you.” Jimin said with a big smile on his face.

“I missed you more.” The man said. His voice was really deep. He had really dark hair, and dark eyes. He wasn’t very tall, but compared to the kids he was huge. He wore a plain white tee shirt, with a black jacket, blue jeans, and clean white shoes. His face was clean, he looked like he was somewhere in his 20s.

He didn’t look very suspicious, so Taehyung decided to walk up behind them.

Jimin and the man hugged for a long 5 seconds. “How’ve you been?” The man asked, letting go of Jimin.

“A little stressed with school, but everything is good.” Jimin said, smiling. Jungkook noticed how the smile never left Jimin’s face from the moment he started talking about the man.

“That’s good.” The man smiled. “And who is this?” He asked about Jungkook and Taehyung.

“These are my friends, Jungkook and Taehyung.” Jimin said, pointing to them as Taehyung stood there awkwardly.

“Say hi, Kookie.” Jimin said to Jungkook. Jungkook was really shy, even with people he knew. So of course he would be shy around a stranger.

Jungkook waved and gave the man a tiny smile as the man smiled back.

Jimin looked at Taehyung, waiting for him to do or say something... but Taehyung didn’t say anything.

Jimin then cleared his throat. “Um guys, this is my friend, Jungwoo.”

Jungwoo waved at the boys, with a small smile on his face. “So where are you guys headed to?” Jungwoo spoke.

“We’re going to buy ice cream.” Jimin said excitedly.

“Do you guys want me to pay for you?” Jungwoo asked.

Jimin looked at Taehyung for an answer, but Taehyung just shrugged.

“That’ll be fine.” Jimin agreed, smiling once again.

“Come on.” Jungwoo smiled, leading them into the ice cream shop.

Taehyung looked really awkward. Jimin wasn’t really sure why. Jungkook just continued to follow silently.

“What flavor do you want?” Jungwoo asked Jimin.

“Um…” Jimin started walking around, looking at all of the various ice cream flavors. It took him about 3 minutes to choose, he was very indecisive.

“This.” Jimin finally made his decision, pointing at the strawberry ice cream.

“Okay, what about you?” Jungwoo asked, turning to Jungkook.

“Um… can I just have cookies and cream?” Jungkook said shyly. His voice had gotten very soft all of a sudden.

Jungwoo smiled at him and nodded. “And you?” Jungwoo turned to Taehyung, who wasn’t looking around the ice cream shop.

“I don’t want any ice cream.” Taehyung said coldly.

Jungwoo gave him a confused look. “Why? You don’t like ice cream?”

Taehyung didn’t answer, and just simply walked away.

“Taehyung, you love ice cream. I thought you wanted some earlier. Isn’t that why we came here?” Jimin asked Taehyung, confused.

“I just don’t want it anymore.” Taehyung said, walking away from Jimin and Jungwoo. He made his way over to Jungkook. “Jungkookie, I think I’m going to go home now.”

Jungkook looked at him with a sad face. “Why? I thought you wanted ice cream.” Jungkook said.

“Not anymore.” Taehyung said dully.

“Can you just stay for a while, please hyung?” Jungkook begged.

“I don’t know, Kookie… I have to be home soon anyways. You do too. We should go.” Taehyung suggested.

“But I want to stay with Jimin.” Jungkook said.

Taehyung pressed his lips into a thin line, staying silent.


“Fine then, I’ll just go.” Taehyung said after a long pause.

“No, please stay.” Jungkook whined, clinging onto Taehyung's arm.

Taehyung didn’t really understand why he wanted to stay with Jimin and this guy that was probably twice their age.

“Please, hyung.” Jungkook begged again. “Look… I know it’s probably weird for us to be hanging out with this older guy, but he’s just buying us ice cream, maybe he’ll leave after. Besides, he seems nice.” Jungkook whispered, looking over to where Jimin and Jungwoo were.

Taehyung didn’t understand how Jungkook could trust people so easily. He was a smart boy, just way too nice.

Taehyung thought. Maybe this guy was going to leave. Jimin did say he was only getting something from him, and that’s it...right?

“Fine, I’ll stay for a little while.” Taehyung said with a sigh.

“Thank you, hyung.” Jungkook cheered. They walked back over to where Jimin and Jungwoo were ordering the ice cream.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything, Taehyungie?” Jimin asked.

“I’m sure.” Taehyung mumbled. 

 “Guys, can we go to the park?” Jimin asked, skipping while eating his ice cream.

Jungkook nodded. Taehyung hesitated once again. The man, Jungwoo was still with them... And Taehyung wasn't sure why.

Jimin looked at Taehyung and waited for his answer. “Sure.” Taehyung mumbled.

Jimin skipped excitedly, while Jungwoo smiled at him.

When they made it to the park, they sat down on the benches.

“So…” Jungwoo started to speak. “How old are you guys? The same age as Jimin?” He asked.

“Yeah… Well my birthday is tomorrow so I’ll be 13.” Jimin said excitedly. “Kookie is 11, he skipped 2 grades so he’s in the same class as me and Taehyung. And Taehyung is 12. He has a late birthday.” Jimin answered for them, with a smile on his face.

“Ah…” Jungwoo nodded.


All of a sudden there was a silence, and it wasn’t a very comfortable silence.


The only thing you could hear was the sound of Jimin and Jungkook licking their ice creams.

“Mmm, this is really good.” Jimin said, licking intensely at his ice cream. “Is yours good, Kookie?”

Jungkook nodded and continued to eat his ice cream.

“Can I try some?” Jimin asked. Jungkook mumbled a yes as Jimin leaned over to take a lick of his ice cream.

“Mmm.” Jimin moaned. “Do you want some of mine?” He asked. Jungkook nodded.

Jungkook took his time, as he licked slowly at Jimin’s ice cream.

Taehyung noticed how silent everything was. He looked at Jungwoo…


Only to see him staring intensely at Jungkook, licking Jimin’s ice cream.


“Mmm.” Jungkook moaned. “Can we switch?” He asked.

“Nope.” Jimin said, as he started to lick at his strawberry ice cream again.

Taehyung looked at Jungwoo again. He couldn’t help but notice how he was staring directly at Jimin’s mouth while he licked his ice cream.

“Mmm.” Jimin moaned once again.

Taehyung kept his eyes on Jungwoo, to watch his reaction to everything Jimin did.

“So good.” Jimin mumbled. Jungwoo kept his eyes on Jimin the whole time. It was really weird and Taehyung was starting to feel uncomfortable. Should he say something?

“Oops.” Jimin giggled as strawberry ice cream dripped down his mouth. Jungkook quickly wiped off Jimin’s mouth with his finger.

Jungwoo stared intensely at the scene in front of him. Taehyung knew that this was not a regular stare that Jungwoo was giving them…



This was the look of a pedophile.

Chapter Text

“So Jiminie, you’re finally turning 13 tomorrow. What do you want for your birthday?” Jungwoo finally spoke as Jimin and Jungkook finished their ice cream cones.

Jimin licked his lips. “Um… I don’t know. Whatever you want to give me is fine.” Jimin said, smiling.

“Really? So I can give you a rock and you’d be happy with it?” Jungwoo said while smiling at Jimin.

“Yep.” Jimin said while giggling.

Jungwoo placed his hand on Jimin’s thigh while they both laughed. “You’re so cute.” Jungwoo mumbled while looking at Jimin. Jimin put his head down to hide his blush.

This made Taehyung curious about what was actually going on. How old was Jungwoo? How long has Jimin been seeing him? Does Jimin’s parents know about him? What do Jimin and Jungwoo do when other people aren’t around? Is Jungwoo even aware that Jimin is a child? How old is this pervert?

Taehyung’s mind was filled with questions about this man.

He looked down to where Jungwoo’s big hand was placed on Jimin’s thigh. Jimin put his tiny hand on top of Jungwoo’s and slowly slid it off of his thigh.

Does Jungwoo make Jimin feel uncomfortable? Taehyung thought. He needed more information about this man, and his relationship with Jimin.

Taehyung looked over to Jungkook to see if he noticed anything weird about this man. But Jungkook seemed to be oblivious, as he was silently swinging his legs back and forth while sitting on the bench.

Taehyung sighed. “Uh, I think I have to go home now.” He said to Jimin.

“Me too.” Jungkook quickly said after him. Thank God Jungkook was finally following him.

“Aw really?” Jimin said with a pout. Jungwoo was just looking silently into the distance.

“Yeah, sorry. Maybe we can hang out after school tomorrow.” Jungkook said.

“Okay.” Jimin said with a sad smile. He looked like he didn’t want them to leave.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, Jimin.” Taehyung said. He wasn’t really sure if he should leave him with the man, but Jimin was clinging to the man’s side so Taehyung guessed it was okay.
Jungkook waved goodbye as him and Taehyung started to walk away from Jimin and Jungwoo.

Once him and Taehyung were far enough, Taehyung spoke. “How old do you think he is?”

“I don’t know but… he was kind of creepy.” Jungkook said, biting his lip nervously.

“Yeah, no shit. He literally watched you and Jimin until you finished your ice cream. He even licked his lips. Fucking creep.” Taehyung said, in disgust.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have left Jimin with him.” Jungkook said nervously.

“I’m pretty sure Jimin knows who he’s dealing with. He seems pretty happy to be around him.” Taehyung said.

“Yeah… I guess.” Jungkook said, sounding unsure.

“I’ll text you when I get home, okay?” Taehyung said.

“Okay.” Jungkook said with a nervous look still on his face.

The boys went their separate ways. When Taehyung got home, he couldn’t wait to see his bed.

His safe bed.


 1:27 AM

It was midnight when Taehyung’s sleep was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He quickly picked it up so that it doesn’t wake up his grandparents. His grandmother usually took away his phone on school nights, but tonight she probably forgot.

Taehyung answered the phone. “Hello?” Jungkook spoke frantically through the phone.

“Kookie, what do you want?” Taehyung asked, annoyed that he was calling this late.

“It’s Jimin…” Jungkook said, Taehyung heard the worry in his voice.

“W-What about him?” Taehyung answered back, sitting up in his bed.

“He won’t answer his phone. I texted him 23 times, and called him 16 times. He won’t answer, hyung what happened to him?” Jungkook answered frantically.

“I-I don’t know, should we go to his house and check on him?” Taehyung answered back, now getting nervous.

“I can’t leave my house at this time, should I tell my mom?” Jungkook asked, his worry sounding evident in his voice.

“No, you know she won’t let you go.” Taehyung answered. Jungkook’s mother was very overprotective. “Just sneak out.” Taehyung said convincingly.

Jungkook took a long pause.”I-I..…I don’t know if we should sneak out. We’ll get in trouble.” 

Gosh, Jungkook was such a goody two shoes.

Taehyung groaned. “Look, do you want to find Jimin or not?”

Jungkook got quiet again before speaking lowly. “This isn’t safe, hyung. What if...what if we don’t come back home?”

Jungkook had a point. Taehyung knew that this wasn’t safe, but this was for Jimin. Jimin had always protected them, so why can’t they protect him?

Taehyung sighed. “Don’t think like that, Kookie. We’ll be fine. Now meet me outside of my house in 5 minutes.”

“Okay, hyung.” Jungkook said with a sigh.


Taehyung shut his front door as silently as he could. It was freezing outside and it was only Fall. Taehyung shivered as he saw Jungkook standing across the street from his house. “Let’s go.” Taehyung said as he ran up to Jungkook.

“Go where?” Jungkook said. He had a point once again. They didn’t know where they were going. They didn’t even know where to start looking. Taehyung bit his lip as he thought.

“What’s Jimin’s favorite place to go?” Taehyung asked.

“What if Jimin’s dead, hyung?” Jungkook blurted out suddenly.

That question caught Taehyung off guard. He hated how Jungkook was so always quick to assume the worst. Jungkook had the scariest thoughts, and that angered Taehyung.

Taehyung looked at him with anger in his eyes. “Why the hell would you say something like that?”

“I’m sorry but… that guy… what if he did something to him? I knew we shouldn’t have left him alone with him.” Jungkook said with fear in his eyes.

Taehyung really did not want to have these negative thoughts. “Just shut up, Jungkook. Jimin is fine, okay?” Taehyung said, trying to convince himself that Jimin was safe.

Jungkook sighed. “Where should we look?” He asked.

“First, let’s get away from my house so I don’t get caught.” Taehyung said as he dragged Jungkook away from his house. 


2:33 AM

Jungkook and Taehyung had looked everywhere. The playground, Jimin's favorite 24-hour stores, their school. They didn't know where else to look.

They called Jimin again about 6 times, but he still wouldn’t answer. Taehyung decided that they should just give up and call the police if Jimin didn’t show up by tomorrow.

Did Jimin’s parents even realize that Jimin was missing? Or was Jimin actually missing in the first place?

“We didn’t check his house right? So what if he’s just home?” Taehyung said with a shrug. Jungkook bit his lip, deep in thought.

“He could be, but don’t you think he would’ve answered his phone by now? He always texts us when he gets home.” Jungkook said.

“Yeah but…” Taehyung tried to look for a reason that Jimin would not answer his phone. “Maybe he just fell asleep as soon as he got home. Or maybe his phone just died.” Taehyung said, even though he wasn't convincing himself.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously again. “I don’t know, hyung.” 

As they started to walk back home, Taehyung’s phone rang. He quickly pulled it out of his jeans and answered the call without checking who it was.

“Hello?” The voice on the other line said.

“Who is it?” Jungkook asked.

“Jimin?” Taehyung asked.

“Yeah, it’s me. What do you want?” Jimin said. His voice sounded different.

“Where are you? Are you okay?” Taehyung almost screamed into the phone.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Calm down.” Jimin said in a suspiciously calm voice.

“Put him on speaker.” Jungkook said. When Taehyung put Jimin on speaker, Jungkook started to speak into the phone. “Hyung, where are you? I called you almost 30 times.”

Jimin laughed a little. “I know, I turned off my phone after you called me the second time.” Jimin said rudely.


Taehyung and Jungkook looked at each other in confusion. “Why?” Taehyung asked slowly.

“I was busy.” Jimin answered in a serious and monotonous voice.

There was a long pause.

“Oh…” Jungkook said after a while.

“Well… where are you?” Taehyung asked after realizing that Jimin hadn't answered that question yet.

Jimin giggled. “Stop.” He whispered to someone.

“Jimin, where-” Taehyung started only to get cut off.

“Hold on.” Jimin said to Taehyung. Then the line went silent for about 20 seconds.

“What the hell is he up to?” Taehyung said to Jungkook. “Shh…” Jungkook said. Taehyung looked at the phone and tried to listen to Jimin. He was talking to someone but they couldn’t make out what he was saying. The person Jimin was talking to had a deep voice, and it sounded a lot like the guy that they met earlier.

“Is that-” Jungkook started.

“Um guys, so… I know it’s late but I was wondering if you could come meet me. I’m somewhere that… no one knows.” Jimin said all of a sudden.

“Uh… where are you?” Taehyung asked for the third time.

“Just… can you come meet me? I’m scared.” Jimin said with fear in his voice.

“Jimin-hyung, we can’t meet you if you don’t tell us where you are.” Jungkook spoke.

There was a long silence. Jimin whispered to the guy, Jungwoo, again.

“Um… I’m by Namsan Park.” Jimin said, he sounded unsure.

“Namsan Park? Jimin, that’s… that’s pretty far.” Jungkook said.

“Please.” Jimin begged. “I’m scared.”

“Okay, Jimin. Do you need help? Should we bring anyone?” Taehyung asked, even though he knew that Jungwoo was with him.

“No, come alone.” Jimin said quickly, before hanging up the phone.

He was being so suspicious.

“Should we call the police?” Jungkook asked Taehyung, his eyes filled with worry.

“No, no. We’ll be fine. Let’s just go meet him and see what’s going on. If anything goes wrong, we have 911 on speed dial.” Taehyung said in a serious tone.

Jungkook sighed. “Okay, hyung.” He really didn’t have a good feeling about this.


3:12 AM

When the boys arrived at Namsan Park, the first thing they saw was a huge black car. Jungkook looked at Taehyung with a fearful look on his face.

“Do you think he’s in there?” Jungkook asked in a worried voice.

“Let’s go see.” Taehyung said bravely as he started to walk up to the car.

“No!” Jungkook almost screamed, startling Taehyung. “It’s dangerous.” Jungkook mumbled while holding onto Taehyung’s arm.

Taehyung sighed. “I’ll call him.” Taehyung said, pulling out his phone. He dialed Jimin’s number. Jimin answered in literally 2 seconds.

“Hello?” Jimin giggled into the phone.

“Um yeah where are you?” Taehyung asked, looking around the park that was filled with lights but still yet very dark.

“I’m right here. You don’t see me?” Jimin giggled again.

Taehyung’s eyes scanned the park again, he couldn’t find Jimin anywhere. Jungkook kept his eyes on the black car that was a few feet away from them.

“Are you in that black car?” Taehyung asked with his eyebrow raised.
“Ding ding, you guessed correct!” Jimin said, laughing into the phone for a good 15 seconds. “Come.” Jimin said after he stopped laughing.

“Um…” Taehyung hesitated, looking at the suspicious car. “Jungkookie looks so scared.” Jimin said, laughing again.

The next thing they saw was Jimin opening the door and poking his head out of the black car. “Come in, guys!” He yelled with a smile on his face.

The boys slowly walked up to the car, Jimin kept the door open wide for them. They were really scared about what was in that car. “Don’t be scared.” Jimin said with a smile.

When they finally made it up to the car, Jungkook gave one last look at Taehyung. It was a look of uncertainty, worry, fear, and every negative feeling Jungkook has felt in his entire 11 years of life.

Then Jungkook stepped into the car, Taehyung following close behind him.

The car was dark, with a little light from the car ceiling. The radio was softly playing a song by the Wonder Girls.

“Close the door.” Jimin told Taehyung. Taehyung complied.

When Taehyung turned back around to look at Jimin, he looked… different. He had only saw him a few hours ago. But everything seemed different about him. Taehyung just wasn’t sure why.

“Hey guys.” Jimin said, smiling. “Look who’s here.” He said as he pointed to the back seat.

Jungkook and Taehyung turned around to see Jungwoo. “Hey.” Jungwoo said in a low voice. The car looked foggy for some reason, so the boys couldn’t see Jungwoo’s face very well. But he had a black hat on and his clothes were different from when they saw him earlier.

Jungkook waved, even though he looked scared as shit. Taehyung just stayed silent. He turned back around to study Jimin’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked, realizing that Taehyung was giving him a weird look.

“Nothing.” Taehyung muttered. “Why’re we here?” He added.

“I wanted to see you guys.” Jimin said cheerfully, showing off his eye smile.

Taehyung looked at him, confused. Was that really why he called them all the way over there? Because he wanted to see them? This wasn’t making sense.

“Huh?” Taehyung had to make sure he heard right.

“I said I want-” Jimin started. “Yeah, I heard you.” Taehyung cut him off.

There as an awkward silence before Taehyung continued. “Are you kidding me? You have us awake at 3 o'clock in the morning, on a school night, to come look for you? You had us worried sick, and you're perfectly fine? You just wanted to see us? What is wrong with you?” Taehyung yelled at Jimin.

There was another silence as Jimin looked Taehyung in the eyes. For some reason Taehyung felt like Jimin wasn’t taking him seriously.

“I… I’m sorry.” Jimin finally answered, trying his best to hide his grin.

“You’re sorry?” Taehyung scoffed. He shook his head as he reached for the door handle to leave.

“Wait, Taehyungie.” Jimin said, grabbing onto Taehyung’s arm. Taehyung quickly shook him off and looked at him with an annoyed face.

Jimin giggled.

He fucking giggled…

“Are you laughing? Look Jimin, I'm not playing any fucking games with you.” Taehyung said, obviously angered by Jimin.

“Hey, the language, buddy.” Jungwoo spoke from the backseat. But Taehyung ignored him for the 5,732th time. He reached for the door handle, only to realize that the door was locked.

Taehyung looked over to Jungwoo. “Could you please unlock the door?” He asked in a cold voice.

“No can do, buddy.” Jungwoo said as he pulled out a cigarette and lighter.

“Hyung, Jungkookie….. He gets asthma attacks.” Jimin spoke to Jungwoo.

Jungkook looked at Jungwoo with a worried face, hoping that he won't smoke in front of him.

Jungwoo looked at Jungkook, then back at Jimin. When Taehyung thought that he was going to put the cigarette and lighter away, he brought the cigarette to his mouth and lit it up.

“Hyung…” Jimin started. “Shut it.” Jungwoo said. Jimin looked at Jungkook with sad eyes, as Jungkook bit his lip nervously and tried his best not to breathe in too much of the smoke.

Taehyung watched the man smoke his cigarette in silence. Jungkook covered to face with his jacket to avoid breathing in the smoke.

After about 3 minutes of the boys just watching Jungwoo smoke, he rolled down the window next to him.

“Jiminie.” Jungwoo called Jimin. “Hm?” Jimin answered.
“Come here.” Jungwoo said in a deep, husky, creepy voice.

Jimin moved to the backseat, sitting across from Jungwoo.
“Sit on my lap, baby.” Jungwoo said in a clear, deep voice.

Taehyung and Jungkook didn’t know what they were about to see.

Taehyung was creeped out that he had called Jimin 'baby'.

Jimin didn’t hesitate to climb onto Jungwoo’s lap. Jungwoo took a puff of his cigarette before leaning close to Jimin’s mouth, Jimin held his mouth open as Jungwoo released all of the smoke into his mouth.

Taehyung and Jungkook couldn't believe what they just saw.

“You’re a pro now.” Jungwoo said to Jimin in amazement.

“I'm finally 13.” Jimin said happily.

“Yes, you are.” Jungwoo looked into Jimin’s eyes as he slid his hands down Jimin’s small waist.

“What did you say you wanted for your birthday again?” Jungwoo asked, smirking at Jimin.


Anything.” Jimin whispered.

Chapter Text

Jungwoo pulled out a brand new pack of cigarettes, with Jimin still on his lap.
“You think you can try one on your own?” Jungwoo asked Jimin.

“Yeah, I'm a big boy now.” Jimin said while giggling. Jungwoo nodded before pulling out a single cigarette.

Jimin parted his lips and took the cigarette between them. Jungwoo then pulled out his lighter again, and lit the cigarette for Jimin.

Taehyung didn't know what to say, or do. The door was locked. The only thing that he could possibly do was call the police. He sneakily pulled out his phone and looked at his battery percentage.


How? Taehyung thought, it was on 50% about an hour ago. Well 18% was enough to call the police.

“Hey kid. What’s your name again?” Jungwoo asked all of a sudden, startling Taehyung.

Taehyung hid his phone underneath his leg. “Um...Taehyung.” Taehyung decided to tell his real name.

Jungwoo didn’t say anything, he just nodded and looked back at Jimin.

Jimin held the cigarette between his lips and took a deep puff, only to start coughing immediately after.

Jungwoo laughed. “You told me you could do it.” He said.
Jimin kept coughing violently while covering his mouth.

Jungwoo laughed again and snatched the cigarette away from Jimin’s hands. “I guess you're not ready.” Jungwoo said while still laughing.

Taehyung looked over at Jungkook to see if he was doing okay. Jungkook’s eyes were wide open, staring at Jimin. It looked like he was concentrating on something.

Once Jimin stopped coughing, Jungwoo patted his back before taking a look over at Jungkook.

“And what’s your name again? Jungkook?” Jungwoo asked Jungkook.

Jungkook jumped for some reason, like he was shocked that Jungwoo was talking to him. It was a long pause before Jungkook started to speak.

“Um… Yeah, Jungkook.” Jungkook spoke softly, not looking Jungwoo in the eyes.

“You can call him Kookie.” Jimin said while smiling. Only people close to Jungkook called him Kookie, so Taehyung was confused why Jimin told a complete stranger Jungkook’s nickname.

Jungwoo nodded. “Mmm, Jungkook…. Kookie.” Jungwoo said creepily. Jungkook bit his lip nervously.

“What a cute name for such a cute boy.” Jungwoo said.

Jimin wasn’t sure if he should laugh or not.

Jimin bit his lip. “Um hyung, we should go.” He said.

“Yeah, we should.” Jungwoo said while getting up.

Jungkook and Taehyung looked at each other, confused. Go where? They thought.

Taehyung thought that this was the perfect time to talk. “Uh, could… Could you please let us out? W-we have to go home.” Taehyung spoke in a softer voice now.

Jungwoo just laughed. “You're a funny kid. Do you know that, Taehyungie?” Jungwoo said, moving to the front seat.

Taehyung froze. He's never had a stranger call him ‘Taehyungie’ before.

“Uh… Uhm.” Taehyung didn’t what to say. Should he call the police now? He stayed silent when he realized that he wasn't getting out of the car anytime soon.

Jungwoo started the car, that's when Taehyung and Jungkook’s hearts dropped. They realized that they were trapped now. There was no getting out. The only way that they could get out was by calling the police.

“Oh and by the way, I need your phones.” Jungwoo said all of a sudden.

Taehyung froze. “I… I don't have a phone.” He lied.

“There's no point in lying, I saw you on your phone just a few minutes ago.” Jungwoo said, looking at Taehyung.

Taehyung didn't know what to do. He swallowed thickly before looking at Jimin.

“Just give him the phone, he’ll give it back.” Jimin said from the back seat.

Taehyung looked at Jungkook, who looked like he was going to cry.

“You too, Kookie.” Jungwoo said before holding out his hand.

Taehyung huffed before giving up his phone, Jungkook followed after.

After taking the phones, Jungwoo turned back around and hid them somewhere. Taehyung couldn't see where he put them.

As Jungwoo started to drive out of the park, Taehyung put his hand on Jungkook’s leg to calm him.

As Jungwoo drove, the car stayed silent for 5 minutes before Jimin spoke. “Hyung, where are taking us?” He said from the back seat.

“It's a surprise.” Jungwoo said while looking at Jimin through the car mirror.

“Really? I love surprises!” Jimin jumped excitedly in the back seat.

Taehyung never really noticed how dumb Jimin was until this very moment.
Taehyung sighed in anxiety, and squeezed onto Jungkook’s leg to calm himself.

Jungwoo laughed.

“Hyung, are you taking us somewhere special?” Jimin asked innocently.

Jungwoo laughed again. “Yeah… Very special.” He muttered.

Jungkook took a deep breathe. Taehyung looked at him and saw that he looked like he was having a panic attack.

“Calm down, Kookie.” Taehyung whispered and squeezed onto his leg a little tighter.

This was meant to help Jungkook, but it was actually helping Taehyung calm down.

Jimin seemed to have heard Taehyung. “What's wrong, Kookie?” Jimin asked from the back seat.

“Nothing, he's fine.” Taehyung answered quickly to avoid any attention from Jungwoo.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” Jungwoo asked.

“N-nothing.” Taehyung answered.

“Let Jungkook answer for himself.” Jungwoo said sternly.

Jungwoo stopped the car, and then all of the attention was on Jungkook.

“Are you okay?” Jungwoo asked Jungkook.

Jungkook nodded silently. But Jungwoo wasn't having that.

“Use your words, Kookie.” Jungwoo said, his voice sounding louder and annoyed.

There was a silence as everyone stared at Jungkook.

“Y-yes…. I'm fine.” Jungkook almost whispered, avoiding eye contact with Jungwoo.

Jungwoo stared at him for a silent 10 seconds before turning back around. He sighed.

“Do you want a lollipop? It'll make you feel better.” Jungwoo asked all of a sudden.

“No thanks.” Jungkook denied.

“I have a coloring book, do you want to color?” Jungwoo asked nicely, before pulling out the book.

Jungkook looked at the book, unsure. “Umm…” He mumbled.

It was a Pororo coloring book, his favorite cartoon to watch a few years ago.

“Do you like colored pencils, or crayons?” Jungwoo asked.

“Um… Pencils.” Jungkook said finally.

Jungwoo handed Jungkook the coloring book and the colored pencils. Jungkook hesitated but took it anyways.

“Taehyungie, do you want anything?” Jungwoo asked, smiling at Taehyung.

“No.” Taehyung said coldly, not sparing Jungwoo a single glance.

“Okay.” Jungwoo said simply. “Jiminie, what about you, baby?” Jungwoo asked to Jimin.

Jimin already knew what he wanted. “The lollipop, please.” Jimin said while smiling.

Jungwoo seemed to already know that Jimin was going to ask for the candy. “Actually, I have a whole bag full of candy just for you.” Jungwoo said before pulling out a big black bag from the side of his seat.

“Really? All for me?” Jimin’s face lit up in excitement. Taehyung was really starting to think that Jimin was a complete idiot.

“Yup, all for you baby. I know how much you love chocolate.” Jungwoo said, handing the full bag of candy to Jimin.

“Thank you so much, hyung. I love you.” Jimin said before jumping up and giving the man a kiss on the cheek.

Jungwoo laughed. “Check what I got you.”

Jimin sat down, opening the bag. He gasped. “No way.” Jimin said excitedly. “Thank you, hyung. You know me so well.” He said with a smile on his face.

This was really creeping Taehyung out. It seemed like Jimin knew this man so well, and Jungwoo seemed to know him so well. How long has Jimin known him? It’s strange how Jimin has never mentioned this man before. Jungkook and Taehyung are only just finding out about him.

Jimin pulled his favorite chocolate out of the bag. Taehyung couldn’t remember the name of it, but everyone knew that it was Jimin’s favorite.

Jungwoo started the car again, continuing to drive. He turned up the radio a little. It was a really old song that none of the boys knew.

Taehyung sat there awkwardly, he looked over to see Jungkook silently coloring a picture of Pororo, then he looked to the back seat to see Jimin eating his chocolate happily.

Taehyung sighed in annoyance, before laying his head on the window beside him. He wanted to cry, he didn’t know what to do about this situation. Yeah, the man wasn’t hurting them. But everything was just … creepy, and confusing. Taehyung felt like he was the only one trying to get out of this situation. Jimin and Jungkook were just too oblivious to realize what was wrong with everything.

Actually, Jimin was just dumb, Taehyung thought. And Jungkook just didn’t want to cause any trouble so he stayed silent.

Taehyung looked back at Jimin again in the back seat to see him swinging his legs happily while eating his chocolate.

Yeah… Jimin's just very dumb, Taehyung thought.


After 10 minutes passed, with the old music playing on the radio, Jungwoo turned it down.

“Yah, Jiminie.” Jungwoo called Jimin, looking into the mirror to see him.

“Yes, hyung?” Jimin asked, almost finishing his second bar of chocolate.

“Come sit up here with me.” Jungwoo said, patting the passenger seat next to him.

Jimin didn’t respond, he just simply made his way to the passenger seat, still holding his bag of candy.

Jungkook slid over so that Jimin could get to the front seat. Once Jimin got to the front, he plopped down onto the passenger seat, taking a bite out of his chocolate.

“Put on your seatbelt.” Jungwoo said. At least he wasn’t planning on crashing us, Taehyung thought.

Jimin put down his chocolate to put his seatbelt on, but he had a hard time putting it on. Jimin grunted. “Hyung… help me.” Jimin whined.

Jungwoo sighed, but guided his hand over to help Jimin snap his seatbelt on. Once it snapped into place, Jungwoo put his hand back onto the steering wheel.

Taehyung looked out the window to see where they were. And to say the least… he had no idea where they were. Taehyung turned around to see Jungkook looking out of the window too.

Taehyung wondered what he was thinking.

“Kookie… can I see that coloring book?” He asked Jungkook. Jungkook gave it to him and turned back around to look at the window.

When Taehyung opened the coloring book, he saw a name on it.

Min Yoongi, it read.

Was that another child? Taehyung thought. Where was Jungwoo taking them? Taehyung’s mind filled with questions. He skimmed through the book to see that half of the pages were already colored. He was pretty sure that Jungkook only colored two pages out of 100.

Taehyung turned back to the front page to look at the name again.

Min Yoongi.

He told himself to remember that name in the future.

It’s been almost an hour, and Jimin has been talking Jungwoo’s ear off for about 30 minutes straight. But for some reason, Jungwoo didn’t seem to mind.

“My mom wanted to put me in contemporary dance classes, but I’m still thinking about it.” Jimin said, finally ending his long ass speech.

“I think you should do it, Jiminie. Maybe you’ll get really big and famous in the future.” Jungwoo said encouragingly.

“Really, hyung? Okay, I’ll do it.” Jimin said, smiling from ear to ear.

Jungkook had told him 12 times that he should take the dance classes, but Jimin had always said no because he was “shy”. But now that Jungwoo says he should take them, Jimin automatically says he’ll do it.

Taehyung heard Jungkook sigh from the other side of the car.

There was long silence, that lasted for about 2 minutes.

The silence was broken when Jimin decided to pull out a lollipop from his bag.

Jimin took his sweet time unwrapping the lollipop, and for some reason this seemed to bother Jungwoo.

Jungwoo huffed, Taehyung looked at him suspiciously. Why did he want Jimin to open the lollipop so bad? Taehyung thought.

After only 30 seconds of Jimin struggling to open the lollipop, Jungwoo seemed to be really annoyed. “Do you need help?” He asked nicely.

“No, I almost got it. I can do it, I’m a big boy.” Jimin giggled, still struggling to open the lollipop.

Jungwoo awkwardly laughed with him, then took a gulp.

He let Jimin struggle with the lollipop for about 2 minutes before snatching it away from Jimin’s hands.”I got it.” He said, before literally ripping the lollipop wrapper off.

Jimin was startled, but he laughed after. Why did Jimin think everything was so funny? Taehyung thought.

Jungwoo smiled and handed the lollipop back to Jimin, throwing the wrapper out of the window. “There you go.” He said, smiling at Jimin.

“Thank you.” Jimin said while giggling.

Taehyung watched Jungwoo closely, waiting to see what he would do when Jimin put the lollipop in his mouth.

As soon as Jimin put the lollipop in his mouth, Jungwoo’s eyes were on him.

Jimin pulled his mouth off with a loud pop. “Mmm.” He moaned. “Apple.” He giggled.

Jungwoo laughed with him. “Do you like it?” He asked, looking away from Jimin for a second.

“I love it.” Jimin smiled before putting the lollipop back into his mouth.

Jungwoo looked at Jimin again, waiting…

When Jimin pulled his mouth off again, it made another loud sound.

Jungwoo licked his lips.

Taehyung was disgusted. How could Jimin not notice this?

Jimin took the lollipop back into his mouth, before looking at Jungwoo. Jungwoo had his mouth slightly open, staring at Jimin like his life depended on him.

Jimin noticed this.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” Jimin asked before pulling the lollipop back out of his mouth.

Taehyung and Jungkook looked at Jungwoo to see his answer. He stayed silent for a while, focusing his eyes back onto the road.

Then he swallowed thickly.

“Nothing, it’s just…” Jungwoo started.

“Just what, hyung?” Jimin asked with innocent eyes, licking at his lollipop.

“It’s just… you…”. Jungwoo spoke slowly.

Jimin looked at him silently, slowly licking his lollipop again. For some reason, Taehyung felt like Jimin was doing some things on purpose.

Taehyung looked at Jungwoo, waiting for his answer.


“You… look so good doing that.” Jungwoo finally said, in a low voice.

There was a long awkward silence.

Taehyung and Jungkook couldn't believe what they just heard.

Jimin spoke after 30 long seconds.

“Doing what, hyung?” Jimin asked, confused. He licked at his lollipop again.

Taehyung looked at Jimin…

Was he doing this on purpose?

All of a sudden Jungwoo seemed angry. He almost growled as he turned his head to focus back on the road.

“You…” Jungwoo said, his voice sounding different.

“You know exactly what the fuck you’re doing.” He almost growled, obviously angry for some reason.

“Hyung, I don’t know what-” Jimin started. Jungwoo snatched his lollipop away and threw it out of the window.

“Hyung...what's wrong with you. What did I do?” Jimin whined in confusion.

“Shut the fuck up.” Jungwoo cursed as he started to drive faster.

Jungkook whimpered as the car sped up. Jungwoo was going way too fast, and Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t have their seat belts on.

“Hyung, slow down.” Jimin screamed.

“You shut the hell up. Oh I can’t wait until we get there. I’m going to have so much fun with you, baby.” Jungwoo said creepily.

“W-what?” Jimin said, with fear in his voice.

Taehyung closed his eyes and covered his ears. The wind blowing into the car was so loud and strong. He grabbed onto Jungkook and held him tight, while still listening to the things Jungwoo was saying.

“Can’t wait to have you, baby. Do you know how long I’ve waited? Huh? Do you know how long you’ve kept me fucking waiting? I really tried with you, Jimin. I tried to hold back, but you just keep ...fucking… testing me.” Jungwoo said angrily, grabbing onto Jimin’s thigh.

“Hyung…” Jimin whimpered.

The car sped up even more.

“And don’t worry, I won’t leave out your little friends back there. One of them has a little attitude problem, but don’t worry. I’ll handle him.” Jungwoo said while laughing.

Is he talking about me? Taehyung thought. Taehyung whimpered after hearing that last sentence. He was very scared now, he felt tears coming to his eyes already, and he wasn't a big crier.

Jungkook was already crying. “Hyung…” He cried, while clinging onto Taehyung. “I’m scared.” He whimpered.

“And that other one...Kookie. Yeah… he’s a cutie. I can’t wait to have him too.” Jungwoo said creepily.

Jungkook cried even harder at this.

“Don’t listen to him.” Taehyung whispered to Jungkook.

Jimin didn’t know what to say anymore. He just cried. “Hyung… please-”

“No no, Jimin. You asked for it.” Jungwoo said while focusing his eyes on the road, gripping onto to Jimin's thigh very tightly.

Jimin shook his head no.

“Oh yes you did, baby. But don’t worry…” Jungwoo said.


“You’re gonna pay.”

Chapter Text

“You’re gonna pay.” Jungwoo said, keeping a strong grip on Jimin’s thigh.

Jimin whimpered. “You’re… you’re hurting me.” His voice wavered, with tears in his eyes.

Jungwoo was now passing the speed limit, he didn’t seem to care about Jimin’s pain so he ignored him.

Jungkook held onto Taehyung tighter. It was really hard for Taehyung to comfort him when he was scared too.

“Why’re you doing this?” Jimin started to cry. Jungwoo kept his eyes on the road.

“Because you tried me.” Jungwoo said. “And I’m tired of it. Do you hear me? I’m fucking tired of it!” He yelled, his voice sounding loud and scary to Jimin.

Jimin cried, looking at Jungwoo in shock. “Why-why are you acting like this all of a sudden?” Jimin asked softly.

Jungwoo squeezed onto Jimin’s leg even tighter and looked him directly in the eyes. “You made me this way.” He said, his voice low and husky.

At this moment, Jimin grabbed onto Jungwoo’s hand and tried to remove it from his thigh. “Get off of me.” Jimin whined.

When Jungwoo didn’t remove his hand, Jimin decided to throw a fit. “Let me go!” Jimin screamed before biting Jungwoo’s bare arm.

“Ah! Fuck!” Jungwoo yelled. “You motherfu-”

All of a sudden, the car started to swerve.

Jungkook screamed as Taehyung whimpered and held him tighter.

The car swerved from lane to lane, still going at a very fast pace.

“Did you fucking bite me!? How dare you, you stupid little piece of shit.” Jungwoo cursed at Jimin, still trying to keep the car in control.

Jimin backed up and looked at him in fear, he had never seen him this angry.

Jungwoo laughed after finally getting the car in control. “Oh Jiminie, very big mistake.” He laughed for 3 seconds, but then his face got serious.

“You almost got all of us killed. Are you fucking kidding me?!” Jungwoo yelled again.

“I-I’m sorry.” Jimin said softly, with tears in his eyes again.

Jungwoo didn’t answer, he only drove faster. And faster. And faster.

There was a long silence. Then Jungwoo laughed again.

Taehyung didn’t understand what was so funny. But it only scared him more.

“We’re almost there.” Jungwoo muttered.



Jungkook and Taehyung held hands tightly the rest of the car ride. Taehyung felt so nervous, like he was going to throw up any minute now.

Jimin sat quietly, making his body into a ball and hiding his face. Jungkook heard his little sniffles once in awhile

Jungwoo was also quiet, as he speeded, crossing many red lights in the process. Taehyung looked out of the window again, only to see a very unfamiliar setting.

As Jungwoo started to slow down, all of the boys looked up to look outside. It was still really dark outside, maybe it was 4 or almost 5 in the morning. Taehyung thought. If only he had his phone he would've know the time.

Jungwoo slowed down and pulled up in front a big house. It was too big for only one person to live in….. that’s what scared the boys.

As the car stopped completely, Jungwoo took his seat belt off before aggressively taking off Jimin’s seat belt.

Jimin’s face was filled with fear as he tried to read Jungwoo’s facial expressions.

“Stay.” Jungwoo said sternly before getting out of the car.

As Jungwoo walked up to the house, Taehyung thought of ways that they could get out of this situation.

If they ran out of the car right now, they would not know where to go. They didn’t even know where they were at this moment.

“Guys.” Jungkook spoke. “Should we get out and make a run for it?” He asked.

“No, that would be dumb.” Jimin quickly protested.

“Dumb? I don’t know if you should be the one talking. You’re too dumb to even know what’s dumb and what’s not.” Taehyung fired at Jimin.

Jimin turned around and looked at Taehyung with a blank face. “Oh really? Because the last time I checked, I get above 90s in all of my classes.” Jimin said bitterly.

Taehyung felt his blood boiling. Was he really bringing up his school grades at a time like this?

“Well if it wasn’t for your stupid ass, maybe we would get to see our classes again.” Taehyung said in anger.

“Guys, please we don’t have time for this. You’re always fighting.” Jungkook said from the corner of the car.

“And HE’s the reason that we always fight. He’s so fucking dumb, and selfish, and careless, and…” Taehyung took a pause.

“He’s only cares about himself. He wouldn't even care if anything bad happened to us.” Taehyung went on.

“Hyung, just … calm down.” Jungkook tried to calm down Taehyung.

“We came all the way out here at 3 in the morning, risking our lives, looking for him, just to get kidnapped by some fucking rapist!” Taehyung screamed at the top of his lungs.

Jimin looked Taehyung in the eyes, he didn’t know what to say at this moment.

“We would not be in this mess if you weren’t such a fucking slut.” Taehyung said angrily, looking Jimin in the eyes.


Jimin looked at Taehyung, shocked by what he just said. He knew that he would remember those words forever. If they even survived tonight.


There was a silence. No one knew what to say.



“Fine.” Jimin said, after 1 minute passed, before turning away and ignoring Taehyung.

“Guys, just… please. Stop fighting, We’re best friends. We need to work together.” Jungkook said, his voice shaking and tears coming to his eyes for the 5th time that night.

“He’s not my best friend. Not anymore.” Taehyung said, folding his arms and staring out of the window.

Jungkook looked at him with sad eyes before a single tear slipped down his cheek.

“I don’t know him anymore.” Taehyung said coldly.

“Hyung... “ Jungkook whined as his second tear fell. “Please don’t. Don’t do this. Stop acting like this.” Jungkook cried.

“Jungkook, you’re begging me like I’ve done something wrong?! He’s the one who's changed. He’s the one who’s acting different. We’ve watched him change in front of our eyes.” Taehyung said to Jungkook.

Jimin scoffed from the front of the car.

“After all I’ve done for you.” Jimin whispered, holding his head down.

Jungkook looked at him, but Taehyung continued to look out of the window with his arms crossed.

“After I stood up for you, since we were 4 years old? I stood up for you this whole time. I care about you guys so much. Never have I once ignored a bully that put his hands on you, or said anything mean to you. I stood up for you. I protected you.” Jimin said with a shaky voice.

“Then why can’t you protect us now, Jimin? You were always the one to lead us away from the danger. But now you've brought us to it. How do you feel? Are you fucking happy?!” Taehyung screamed suddenly.

“I fucked up, okay?! I made a mistake, I get it. I’m a terrible person. I’m a disgusting, selfish, slut, okay? Is that what you want to hear?!” Jimin screamed.

Taehyung stayed silent.

Jungkook stood up silently and moved to the front seat. All off a sudden he started to search the whole area. He searched the ashtray, just to see a pile of black ashes there. He searched the glove box and saw nothing important. Then he searched underneath the driver's seat.

And there it was.


Their phones.



Jungwoo came out of the house after 15 minutes. Taehyung looked into the house and saw that all of the lights were on.

Jungwoo walked up to the car, opening Jimin’s car door.

“Get out.” Jungwoo said, before grabbing Jimin’s arm roughly and dragging him out of the car. Jimin winced in pain.

Once they got to the doorsteps, Jungwoo dragged Jimin up the stairs and pulled him into the house. Then Jimin was out of sight.

Jungkook and Taehyung’s hearts dropped.

What was happening?

After only 10 seconds, Jungwoo came back out of the house. Jungkook started to breathe heavily. Who was he going to grab next? Was Jungwoo even mad at them? The only reason he dragged Jimin out of the car was because he bit him.

Jungwoo walked up to Taehyung’s side of the car, opening the door and pulling Taehyung out before he could even process what was happening.

“You little bitch.” Jungwoo growled. Taehyung wasn’t sure what he did wrong.

Jungwoo grabbed onto Taehyung’s hair, tugging hard. “Ah, ow. Please- I’m sorry.” Taehyung cried, although he wasn't sure what he was apologizing for.

Jungkook’s heart was pounding, he knew that he was next.

Jungwoo dragged Taehyung into the house by his hair, then Taehyung was out of sight.

Why did he save me for last? Jungkook thought.

Jungkook gulped, watching in silence, waiting for Jungwoo to come back out.


Jungwoo seemed to come out of the house faster this time.

Jungkook started to panic. “Calm down.” He whispered to himself.

Jungwoo walked up slowly this time, walking around the car to get to Jungkook’s car door.

Jungkook decided that he should just open the door himself to avoid being dragged. So he opened the door.

When Jungwoo got to the door, he stopped in place. “Oh.” Jungwoo said.

“I see you’re a good boy.” Jungwoo said while smiling at Jungkook.

Jungkook stared up at him, nervously.

“I like good boys…. do you know why?” Jungwoo asked, still smiling at Jungkook.

To be honest, Jungkook didn't really want to know why, so he didn’t respond.

“Hm? You don’t wanna know?” Jungwoo asked, his smile slowly fading.

Jungkook swallowed hard and shook his head.

“What did I tell you about using your words, Kookie?” Jungwoo said, his smile completely gone now.

For some reason, no words came out of Jungkook’s mouth. All he could do was stare.

Jungwoo stared at Jungkook in silence for 5 seconds.

Then he laughed.

“You’re cute, Kookie. Really cute… I think I might make you my new baby.” Jungwoo said, looking Jungkook dead in the eyes.

Jungkook gulped again.

“Don’t be nervous, baby. I like you. I like you a lot. So I’m not going to be mean, okay?” Jungwoo said, kneeling down to Jungkook’s level.

Jungkook stayed silent again, breathing heavily.

“At least nod for me, baby.” Jungwoo said, putting his hand on Jungkook’s thigh.

Jungkook quickly nodded.

Please… just leave me alone. Jungkook thought.

Jungwoo sighed. “Actually… I know we’ve only just met today, but I’ve been thinking about making you my new baby from the moment I saw you.” Jungwoo said, laughing a little.

He tighten his grip on Jungkook’s thigh.

“Kookie, when I first saw you… I thought you were so adorable. But then, when I saw you eating that ice cream…” Jungwoo said before licking his lips slowly.

Jungkook wanted to punch him, but he was scared. It was only them two, outside, alone, on a dark night. If Jungwoo wanted, he could just get into the car and drive away with Jungkook. That thought terrified Jungkook.

“Do you know the things I wanted to do to you, Kookie?” Jungwoo got close to Jungkook’s face.

“Do you know what I would do with you?” Jungwoo whispered, getting close to Jungkook’s mouth. Jungkook closed his eyes and wished that this moment would be over.

“Those beautiful…. plumped lips.” Jungwoo was literally an inch away from Jungkook’s face now.

Jungkook finally found the courage to back up. “Please...S-stop.” Jungkook wanted to scream, but it only came out as a whisper.

Jungwoo backed up a little, and looked surprised that Jungkook actually told him to stop.

He snickered. And got close to Jungkook’s ear.


“I guess we’ll save that for later…....




Chapter Text

“Come out of the car.” Jungwoo spoke softly to Jungkook. “You can bring the coloring book if you want.” He added on.

Jungkook grabbed the coloring book before getting out the car. He was starting to have a strange attachment to it.

Jungwoo held the door open for Jungkook, closing it when he stepped out.

Jungwoo started to walk up to the house, with Jungkook following behind him.

Jungkook looked up to see all of the bright windows. When he looked back down, Jungwoo was holding the front door open for him. “Come on in.” He said while smiling.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously, while Jungwoo waited for him to take his first steps into the house.

Finally, Jungkook took a deep breath before stepping into the house.



When Jungkook walked in, there was a living room, but it was pretty dark, having only one small lamp. The living room was a nice size though.

Jungkook looked over to see Taehyung and Jimin sitting on the couch quietly.

Jungwoo closed the front door before sighing and dropping the keys on the table in front of them.

“Sit, Kookie.”Jungwoo said, Jungkook obeyed before he even finished the sentence.

After Jungkook sat down on the couch next to Taehyung, Jungwoo just stared them in silence for about 15 seconds. It was really awkward, so the boys just held their heads down, avoiding eye contact with Jungwoo.

Jungwoo sighed again. “I’ll be back, don’t move.” Jungwoo demanded, before walking up the stairs.

Jungkook took another deep breathe to calm himself. Jimin’s eyes scanned the place. And Taehyung just sat there like a statue.

They heard a lot of people talking upstairs. Taehyung felt his heart sink to his stomach.

After a few minutes passed, Jungwoo came back down the stairs.

“Okay…” He said with a smile on his face. “It’s time to meet my friends.”

Friends? Jungkook felt tears coming back to his eyes already.

This was not going to end good, Taehyung thought.

“Follow me.” Jungwoo said, waiting for the boys to stand up. Jimin stood up first, and then Jungkook.

Jungwoo held out his hand to Jimin, who didn’t hesitate to take it.

Taehyung stayed sitting on the couch, he wasn’t going upstairs no matter what Jungwoo told him.

Jungwoo looked at Taehyung. “Stand up. Taehyungie. We’re going upstairs.” He said. Taehyung did not look at him or stand up.

Jungwoo stuck out his hand to Taehyung, but Taehyung ignored it.

“Fine.” Jungwoo said after a couple seconds of silence.

“C’mon, Jungkookie.” Jungwoo said before grabbing Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook didn’t pull away.

He walked up the stairs, almost dragging Jungkook and Jimin.

Taehyung continued to sit on the couch quietly. If he wanted to, he could’ve just ran out of the front door right now, but he would never leave Jungkook like that.

Now Jimin...maybe.

Taehyung could hear many voices from upstairs, he was really scared.

He pulled out his phone to check his percentage.


Call the police now, Taehyung thought.

Just when he was about to open his dialer, Jungwoo was on his way back down the stairs, by himself now.

Taehyung literally had one second to put his phone away.

“Give it to me.” Jungwoo caught him.


Fuck, he was screwed.

Taehyung sat there, looking at Jungwoo blankly.

“Now.” Jungwoo demanded.

Taehyung looked at the time before handing Jungwoo the phone.

4:24 AM.

Jungwoo snatched the phone away before doing something that Taehyung least expected in the moment.

Jungwoo walked to the front door, opening it and throwing Taehyung’s phone out. Taehyung heard it break.

Junngwoo came back in with a stone cold face. “I’m so… fucking tired of you.” He growled.

Before Taehyung knew it, he was being picked up off of the couch and thrown over Jungwoo’s shoulder.

“Put me down.” Taehyung said, trying to wiggle his way out.

Jungwoo started to walk up the stairs with Taehyung.

“I really tried to be nice to you, Taehyungie.” Jungwoo said, walking further up the stairs.

“But I guess you don’t want that.” Jungwoo said, before busting into a room.

Taehyung heard the loud men speaking all at once.

“Is this the last one?”
“Is this the little stubborn one?”
“What’s this one’s name?”

When Jungwoo finally put Taehyung down, he looked around the room.

He couldn’t believe it.


There wasn’t 5 men.

Or 10.

Or 25.


There were about 50 men in that room.

They were everywhere. The room was huge. The men were sitting on 2 huge couches, many chairs, and one king sized bed.


Taehyung whimpered in fear, backing up into Jungwoo for comfort that wasn’t there.

Jungwoo laughed. “Yeah, this is the last one. Taehyungie…” He said, putting his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Cute boy.” One of the men said from the couch.

Taehyung didn’t look at anyone, he kept his head down.

“I want that one, I think he’s the cutest. You said he’s stubborn?” One of the men said from the bed.

“Yup.” Jungwoo said, looking at Taehyung.

“Haha, he doesn’t look stubborn anymore. Look at him, he’s crying.” One of the men said while laughing hysterically.

Taehyung pouted before bursting into tears.

All of the men started to laugh.

Jungwoo chuckled lightly, tightening his grip on Taehyung’s shoulders from behind him.

Taehyung continued to cry while the men laughed loudly.

Taehyung felt the pain already. The emotional pain.

Taehyung tried to hide his face while he cried. He missed home, He missed his grandparents, He missed school.

He missed being safe.


The laughter died down after about 2 whole minutes, but Taehyung was still crying.

Jungwoo finished his laugher before he sighed. “Alright… well… I’ll leave you guys to it. Have fun.” Jungwoo said, before Taehyung felt his hands leave his shoulders.

Wait...what’s happening? Taehyung’s heart sunk.

“We'll do that.” One of the men said.

It took Taehyung a while to process everything, but Jungwoo was leaving him in that room with the 50 men.

“N-No. Wait!” Taehyung said, running after Jungwoo. “Please, I’m sorry!” He cried, clinging onto Jungwoo’s arm.

“Please, don’t leave me in here with them, please!” Taehyung cried.

Jungwoo tried to shake him off and push him away, but Taehyung only held on tighter.

“Please! I’m so sorry, I’ll do whatever you want, just please!” Taehyung screamed, holding onto Jungwoo.

Jungwoo sighed. “Someone get him off of me.” he said coldly.

“Please, don’t-” Taehyung cried hard. Jungwoo started to reach for the door handle as one of the men grabbed onto Taehyung’s arm.

“Come on, let go.” The man said, pulling Taehyung away from Jungwoo.

“Please!” Taehyung begged, his hand almost slipping from Jungwoo’s shirt.

“Oh God, please!” Taehyung begged again. Another man came behind Taehyung and tried to pull him away too, but Taehyung was still holding onto a little part of Jungwoo’s shirt.

“He really is stubborn.” One of the men laughed.
Jungwoo sighed again, ripping Taehyung’s hand from his shirt completely.

“No! Please!” Taehyung screamed as Jungwoo closed the door in his face.

“Please!” Taehyung yelled one last time, before a man picked him up from behind.


The man threw Taehyung down onto the king sized bed before sighing. “You’re a handful.” The man said.

Taehyung cried as he looked around, to see all 50 men... surrounding him, saying things that he did not want to hear.



Jungwoo walked to the next room, sighing.

He opened the room door, to see 10 men in there, Jimin on one of their laps.

Jimin was terrified, he tried to hide his tears but it was pretty obvious that he would break any second.

Jungwoo closed the door behind him, walking up to the bed before sitting on it.

“Jiminie…” He started. “I really don’t like what you did in the car.” He said with a serious face.

Jimin gulped. He was on a chair, sitting on a stranger’s lap. The man had forced him to sit on his lap as soon as he walked in. The man gripped tightly onto Jimin’s waist.

“I know, Hyung. And I’m sorry.” Jimin apologized.

“Sorry isn’t enough, Jimin.” Jungwoo spoke from the bed.

Jimin gulped again.

“Why don’t you give us a show?” Jungwoo said, pulling out a cigarette and lighter.

“I…” Jimin started.

“That wasn’t meant to be a question. Get up and take off your clothes.” Jungwoo spoke to Jimin harshly.

Jimin felt tears come to his eyes. “But-” He started again.

“And do it slowly.” Jungwoo said, lighting his cigarette.

Jimin got up slowly and only stood in front of Jungwoo.

“No, go where we all can see you.” Jungwoo said, pushing Jimin to the middle of the room.

Now all of the men had their eyes on Jimin.

“Um…” Jimin didn’t know where to begin, his tears was almost falling now.

“No talking. Just… start already.” Jungwoo demanded Jimin, inhaling a lot of smoke before exhaling it.

Slowly, Jimin lifted his shirt. But only getting up until the top of his stomach, before pulling his shirt back down.

“H-hyung… I don’t wanna do this.” Jimin started to cry.

“Then fine, just start with your pants.” Jungwoo said, exhaling smoke.

“B-but….” Jimin cried.

“But what?” Jungwoo said, getting frustrated now.


“I can’t.” Jimin whispered, putting his head down.

“You can’t? Then fine, I’ll do it for you.” Jungwoo said frustrated, before getting up off of the bed and quickly walking over to Jimin.

“Hyung-” Jimin looked up at Jungwoo nervously.

Jungwoo grabbed Jimin and threw him onto the bed, immediately pulling off his pants roughly.

“Wait, hyung please-” Jimin said in fear, trying to cover himself.

Jungwoo then quickly ripped Jimin’s tee shirt open with his bare hands.

“Hyung!” Jimin screamed in panic.

“Shut up.” Jungwoo said before ripping off Jimin’s underwear.



Jungkook sat quietly in another room. The room was big, with a queen sized bed that had white sheets and pillows. The room also had a bathroom in it.

But Jungkook doesn’t understand why he was alone. Taehyung and Jimin seemed to have a room filled with men. Did Jungwoo really like him that much?

Jungkook colored in his Pororo book silently, painting the penguin pink.

All of a sudden he heard a mixture of screams, crying, and laughter.

He listened closely and realized that the screaming he heard was coming from Jimin in the room next to his.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whispered and immediately burst into tears.

He didn’t want to hear this.

He covered his ears and cried.

How did this all happen? He thought.

Jungkook tried to cover his ears but all he heard was loud laughter and some cheering coming from maybe the room Taehyung was in.

Jungkook screamed, just wanting the noises to stop.

He felt like he was going crazy, as he tried to block out the noises.

He cried harder, and harder, and prayed to God.

He pulled out his phone and went to his contacts.

Mommy. He clicked…



No reception.

Jungkook dropped his phone and cried, louder and louder.

At this moment…


He knew that things would never be the same again.

Chapter Text

“Stay still.” One of the men said, turning Taehyung onto his stomach. The man was very tall, with huge muscles. He was 1000 times stronger than Taehyung.

The man pressed Taehyung’s head into the mattress, pinning him to the bed. Taehyung closed his eyes, crying loudly.

The tall man pressed his hand into the middle of Taehyung’s back, so that Taehyung couldn’t move.

Taehyung felt so powerless.

So hopeless.

The men around were speaking so loud. Taehyung tried to ignore the things they were saying, but his mind wouldn’t let him.

“I can’t wait to get in there, boy.”
“I’ll go next.”
“Mmm, he looks so good.”
“Can’t wait to get a taste of that.”
“Move over, I can’t see him.”
“Make sure he can’t move.”
“I want him.”

The men all spoke at once.

The comments made Taehyung cry even more.

The tall man, that was almost on top of him now, started to pull down Taehyung’s pants slowly.

“No.” Taehyung whimpered.

The man on top of him laughed, as the other men around him continued to talk loudly.

The man on top of him threw Taehyung’s pants across the room once they were completely off. He then went pulled Taehyung’s body up closer to his, so that he could reach underneath his shirt and feel his body.

The man rubbed all over Taehyung’s body. Taehyung closed his eyes and wish he would just die already.

The man rubbed Taehyung’s chest, stomach, nipples, and in between his thighs. Taehyung tried to hold his legs close together, but the man just got more aggressive.

The man kissed on Taehyung’s neck while he rubbed him.

Taehyung felt so dirty.

So ashamed that all of these men were watching him.

So hopeless that he couldn’t stop it.

Then the man took off Taehyung’s shirt forcefully, throwing it across the room.

The men cheered loudly.

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

Taehyung kept his eyes shut tight the whole time, while he cried, trying to catch his breathe.

“Let me touch him.” Another man said from the other side of the room, walking over to the bed, pushing past the crowd of men.

The man grabbed Taehyung and pinned him to the bed, roughly pulling off his underwear.

Taehyung cried harder.

“Yeah!” The men cheered again. “Woo! Look at that.” One of the men said before another man whistled.

“I want him first.” Another man said.

“I thought you and I made a deal.” Another one of them said.

“Guys we can all have him.” A younger man said before one of the men slapped Taehyung on his bare butt, making him whimper loudly.

“Come here, baby.” The man said.




Jungwoo quickly ripped Jimin’s tee shirt open with his bare hands.

“Hyung!” Jimin screamed in panic.

“Shut up.” Jungwoo said before ripping off Jimin’s underwear in one swift motion.

Jimin whimpered and tried to cover his private parts, but Jungwoo quickly pinned his hands above his head.

Jungwoo bit his lip, looking at Jimin in pure lust.

Jimin looked up at him in fear, breathing heavily.

That was when Jimin heard Jungwoo start to unbutton his pants with one hand.

Jimin breathing sped up. He looked down nervously, to see what Jungwoo was doing.

Jungwoo pulled out his cock and started stroking it furiously.

Jimin breath stopped for a bit.

Jimin gulped hard. “N-no.” He tried to say, tears spilling from his eyes.

Jungwoo seemed really angry at Jimin. He forcefully spread Jimin’s legs wide, staring him straight in the eyes.

Jungwoo held Jimin’s legs open, and looked back at his friends.

“Boys, what do you think?” Jungwoo asked in a deep, raspy voice.

The 10 men stared at Jimin intensely from different directions of the room.

“You’re not gonna prep him?” One of the men asked, drinking a beer.

Jungwoo looked at Jimin. “He doesn’t deserve it.” He said harshly, looking into Jimin’s eyes.

Jimin whimpered again. Jungwoo was making bruises into his thighs.

“What about a condom?” One of the other men asked. There was a short silence as Jungwoo thought.

“No. I want him to feel me deep inside of him.” Jungwoo said, staring Jimin in the eyes intensely, holding his legs open wider.

Jimin’s tears spilled from his eyes. He didn’t know what to do or say at this moment. He gave up before it even started.

He knew that there was no way of getting out of this.

He knew that he couldn’t fight. He knew that he couldn't win.

He knew that he had fucked up his friendship with Taehyung and Jungkook.

He knew that he had ruined his own life.

He knew that he had ruined his friends lives.

He knew that if he got out alive, he would never be the same again.

He knew that nothing...would ever be the same again.


Jimin tried to prepare himself for something that he couldn't actually prepare himself for.

Before Jimin could even take a breathe, Jungwoo was pushing in roughly and all at once. Having no mercy on Jimin’s small body.

It hit Jimin hard, he didn’t expect it.

Jimin screamed like he’s never screamed before in his entire life.

At one point, he tried to scream but nothing came out of his mouth.

Jimin literally felt his entire life being torn apart.

So this is what real pain feels like?


That was Jimin’s last thought before everything went black.



When Jungkook finally heard silence, he removed his hands from his ears.

He continued to cry, picking up his phone again to try to call 911.


No reception.


Jungkook growled in anger, he wanted to punch something but he just threw his phone instead.

After 3 minutes of just sitting in the corner angrily, Jungkook walked across the room to pick up his phone. He dialed 911 again.


No reception.

He dialed his mom again.

No reception.

He dialed his dad’s number.

No reception.

Jungkook huffed and burst into tears again, covering his face with his hands.

At that exact moment, Jungwoo walked into the room.

“Hey, Kookie. What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Jungwoo asked, closing the door and walking over to Jungkook who was sitting in the floor.

What’s wrong? Everything is fucking wrong, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook continued to cover his face as he cried.

Jungwoo stooped down to Jungkook. “Aww, baby. Come here, don’t cry.” Jungwoo cooed, trying to pick up Jungkook in his arms, but Jungkook backed away.

“What’s wrong, baby? Please don’t move away from me. I want to help you.” Jungwoo said nicely.

Jungkook removed his hands from his face before glaring at Jungwoo, and sniffling.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” Jungwoo said, sitting on the floor across from Jungkook.”Use your words.” He reminded Jungkook.

“You hurt my friends.” Jungkook said, looking Jungwoo in the eyes.

Jungwoo looked offended. “What? Jungkookie, no. I would never. I love Jimin, and Taehyungie is a sweet boy. Why would I hurt them?” Jungwoo lied to Jungkook.

“Be-Because…… you hurt children.” Jungkook said before sniffling.


Jungwoo froze, before answering.

“No way, Jungkook. I mean… I know you heard Jimin screaming in there. But what I gave him, he asked for it. You’re misunderstanding, baby.” Jungwoo said to Jungkook, reaching over to touch his thigh.

Jungkook shook his head. “You hurt him.” He whispered.

Jungwoo’s facial expressions changed, he was not being nice anymore.

“Look, your friend…. Jimin, he’s a little whore. Do you know that? And Taehyung, he’s a rude little bitch. I hope he learned his lesson.” Jungwoo said, staring Jungkook in the eyes with a cold face.

Jungkook shook his head.

“Jimin…” Jungwoo laughed bitterly. “When I first met him… I thought he was an innocent little boy. Honestly. But you know what? I found out that he wasn’t.”

Jungkook was confused now.

“He’s a little slut and he knows it. He’s fucking dumb too. He’s gonna grow up a whore because that's all he knows. Whatever I did to him, he deserved it. And you know it too.”


Maybe this is a good time to ask questions, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook sniffled and wiped his face quickly. “How...How did you guys meet?” He asked in a soft voice.

“Me and Jimin? Well… it’s a long story.” Jungwoo said, looking away from Jungkook’s eyes.

“I wanna hear it.” Jungkook said right away.

Jungwoo looked at him and sighed.

“Well… one day, I was just driving around the city. I always drove around the city when I was stressed. I would drive and smoke. Sometimes I would go to a river. I never knew the name of it, but … it was a nice river. It was relaxing, it had nice benches next to it. So I used to go there, sit on the middle bench, and smoke. It helped me clear my head, and besides, no one ever was ever near the river. So I used to just call it ‘My place.’” Jungwoo said, looking at Jungkook.

Jungkook waited for him to continue.

Jungwoo sighed again. “So, one night. Well, it was the evening. About 7 or 8 o'clock. But… one evening, I went to the river. And… I saw a boy there, sitting on the middle bench. At first, I was going to just ignore him but… he was crying.” Jungwoo said, looking at the floor.

“And I mean, it was late. So of course I didn’t want a kid out at night, it’s dangerous.” Jungwoo said.

Jungkook scoffed. Jungwoo glared.

“Look, Jungkook… what happened tonight was a misunderstanding. Things weren't supposed to be like this.” Jungwoo said.

Jungkook could tell that he was trying to manipulate him, and get Jungkook to believe that he raped a child ‘by an accident’. But Jungkook wasn’t dumb enough to believe that.

“Please...just. I wanna go home. Please let us go. We won’t tell, I promise.” Now it was Jungkook’s turn to manipulate.

Jungwoo shook his head. “No, that’s not happening.” He said quickly.

“Please,” Jungkook said, tears reforming in his eyes. “Please, I’ll do anything. As long as you let us go after.” Jungkook begged.

Jungwoo looked at Jungkook, actually thinking about it.
“N-no, Jungkook. I can’t.” Jungwoo said, turning his head away from Jungkook.

“Why not?” Jungkook asked softly.

Jungwoo didn’t answer.

“Please, I promise I’ll do whatever you want. If you let us go, we won’t tell...please.” Jungkook said.

Jungkook noticed how Jungwoo was actually considering this. Jungkook hasn't actually thought this out yet...but he decided that he would do whatever it takes to get him and his friends out of this. He knew that he was Jungwoo’s favorite. Maybe if he kept pushing, Jungwoo will do whatever he says.

Jungkook crawled closer to Jungwoo. “Please… no one has to know. It can be our little secret.” Jungkook whispered in Jungwoo’s ear.

Jungwoo bit his lip as he listened to what Jungkook was saying.

“Please… I can handle it, I swear. I’ll be a good boy. I’ll listen. I’ll do whatever you say, hyung.”

Jungwoo looked at Jungkook, licking his lips.


“All you have to do is let us go.” Jungkook whispered.



Chapter Text


Jungwoo picked up Jungkook’s phone off of the floor. “How’d you get this?” He asked.


Jungkook bit his lip nervously.

“Did you search through my car?” Jungwoo asked, but not in an intimidating voice.

Jungkook nodded hesitantly.

Jungwoo just sighed, but he didn't seem mad.

If it was Jimin or Taehyung, he probably would've snapped, Jungkook thought.

Jungwoo stood up and put Jungkook’s phone into a drawer, without turning it off.

Jungkook looked up at Jungwoo, to see what he would do next. Jungwoo walked over and sat on the queen sized bed before sighing.

Jungkook continued to sit on the floor, looking at his hands nervously. He looked up to see Jungwoo now laying down.

“You, um - You didn't answer my question.” Jungkook spoke softly.

Jungwoo sat back up and stared at Jungkook for a few seconds.

Jungkook looked back down at his hands, waiting for Jungwoo to answer.

“Come here.” Jungwoo spoke all of a sudden.

Jungkook jumped, even though he didn't mean to. He took a deep breath before standing up hesitantly.

He slowly walked over to Jungwoo. Jungwoo held out his arms.
When Jungkook was close enough, Jungwoo put his hands around Jungkook’s tiny waist.

Jungkook’s breath hitched, he was so nervous.

“So… You’ll do anything for me? As long as I let you go?” Jungwoo asked, looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook nodded quickly.

“And you promise you won’t tell?” Jungwoo asked.
Jungkook nodded again.

“You promise you won't cry?” Jungwoo asked.

Jungkook wasn't so sure about this now, but he nodded hesitantly.


As soon as Jungkook thought that they were going to make a deal, Jungwoo started to laugh.


“Do you really think I'm an idiot?” Jungwoo asked.

Jungkook gulped nervously.

“Hm? Do you think I’m that stupid, Kookie?” Jungwoo asked, making his grip on Jungkook’s waist even tighter.

Jungkook didn’t know what to say.

Jungwoo laughed again. “Nice try… But baby…” Jungwoo lifted his arm, running his thumb over Jungkook’s bottom lip.


“I'm gonna do what I want with you, regardless if I let you out or not.” Jungwoo whispered.


Jungkook pouted before crying again. He wasn't really sure what the word “regardless” meant. But he was still pretty sure that he understood what Jungwoo was saying.

“Shh, baby.” Jungwoo whispered, starting to kiss Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook whimpered in fear.

“So pretty.” Jungwoo said, sucking hard on Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook started to winced and whine in pain.

Jungwoo stopped to take off Jungkook’s shirt, forcing his arms up. Jungkook’s breathing sped up as Jungwoo threw his shirt across the room.

Jungwoo started to make marks all over Jungkook’s neck, chest, and stomach. Tiny whimpers fell from Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook didn’t feel pure anymore.

He knew that he couldn't stop what Jungwoo was doing. Tears fell from his eyes.


Jungwoo reached for Jungkook’s pants. “P-Please.” Jungkook cried.


Jungwoo ignored Jungkook’s pleds and pulled his pants down his legs quickly.

Jungkook felt so exposed.

Jungwoo smirked at Jungkook, before starting to run his hands all over his body.

Jungkook whimpered again and closed his eyes.

Jungwoo ran his hands down Jungkook’s chest, until it reached his private parts.

Jungkook whimpered softly.

“Shh.” Jungwoo whispered.

Jungkook couldn't do anything but let Jungwoo touch him.

Jungwoo gripped roughly on Jungkook’s privates through his underwear.

“Ah.” Jungkook winced.

Jungwoo continued to let his hands wander, snaking his hands behind Jungkook’s back. Then before Jungkook knew it, Jungwoo was sliding his right hand down his underwear.

Jungwoo’s rubbed his hands over Jungkook’s small butt, staring directly at Jungkook’s face.


Jungkook whimpered and shut his eyes tighter as he felt Jungwoo’s large finger prod at his entrance.

“Open your eyes, baby.” Jungwoo whispered.

Jungkook shook his head as a tear slipped down his cheek. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

Slowly, Jungwoo slipped his first finger into Jungkook.

Jungkook whined. “Shh.” Jungwoo said, sliding his finger deeper into Jungkook.

“Ow.” Jungkook gasped and whimpered.

Jungwoo ignored his whining as he push his finger in deeper.

“You like that, baby?” Jungwoo whispered. Jungkook shook his head as more tears fell.

Jungwoo kissed Jungkook on the neck, trying to push in his second finger.

“Ah! N-no. It hurts.” Jungkook cried.

Jungwoo was starting to get impatient.

“You’re making me so impatient, baby. I want you now.” Jungwoo whispered.

Jungkook still hasn’t opened his eyes.

“Jungkookie…” Jungwoo said, trying to get Jungkook to open his eyes. But Jungkook refused.

“Kookie, If you don’t look at me, I’m gonna get upset.” Jungwoo said, his voice sounding a little angrier.

“Please, just...just stop.” Jungkook whimpered softly.

“I can’t, baby. I want you.” Jungwoo whispered.

Jungkook kept his eyes closed, but more tears fell.

“Give me a kiss.” Jungwoo said, leaning in. Jungkook quickly turned his head, rejecting Jungwoo’s kiss.

“Come on, Kookie.” Jungwoo said, removing his hand from Jungkook’s underwear.

Jungkook turned his head away as Jungwoo tried to kiss his lips again.

“Kookie…” Jungwoo warned. Jungkook kept his head turned away and his eyes closed.

“I’ll give you one more chance…” Jungwoo said.

“Can I have a kiss, please?” Jungwoo asked nicely.

Jungkook kept his eyes closed and shook his head no.


He didn’t know why he did it…

And he knew it was a bad idea.

He thought Jungwoo would go on easy on him.

But no…


Nothing was different.


The next thing Jungkook knew… he was quickly being picked up and thrown in the middle of the queen sized bed.

Jungkook’s eyes were finally open, as he saw Jungwoo crawling on the bed to him.

“I really wanted you to listen, Jungkook.” Jungwoo said, calling him by his regular name now.

Jungkook looked at him in fear, backing up on the bed.

Jungwoo pulled Jungkook down to the end of the bed. Jungkook’s breathing sped up nervously. He thought that he was going to have a panic attack.

“But you didn’t.” Jungwoo finished his sentence, pulling down Jungkook’s underwear quickly and throwing it.

Jungkook whimpered, trying to cover himself. “You can’t run, baby.” Jungwoo said. “Now I have to be this way with you.” He said.

At that moment, Jungkook was being flipped over, onto his stomach.

Jungwoo held him down tightly, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out before lining himself up with Jungkook’s entrance, slicking himself with his saliva.

Jungkook cried loudly. “No, please! I’m sorry.” His voice wavered as he begged for his life.

He begged for his childhood.

He begged for his innocence.


Jungwoo then pushed in roughly, ripping Jungkook apart in every way.

Jungkook’s body trembled in shock. He gasped.

He screamed once...


And then passed out.



“You’re being such a good boy. Do you know that?” One of the men whispered. They had Taehyung on his back, as the man thrusted into him roughly.

Taehyung had passed out 6 times, coming back to reality once in awhile.

Whenever he came back to reality... He’d have these thoughts…

Why am I still here?

Why am I not dead yet?

God, please just take me already.

Kill me.

I need to die.

Please, Lord. Just let me die so that I don’t have to deal with this.

Please, God.

Please just let me die so I can stop feeling this pain.

This terrible pain.

God, kill me.

Taehyung let these thoughts distract him. He let these thoughts consume him.

He told himself that he needed to die in order to feel better.

Taehyung kept his eyes closed, not wishing he wasn’t dead even for a second.

The man thrusting into him was about the 9th man that’s done something to him in the past 45 minutes.

He felt himself bleeding. But he couldn’t do anything about it. He just laid there and let it all happen.

He could’ve prevented this. He could’ve stayed home and told Jungkook that they should call the police to look for Jimin.

But no, he wanted to be a good friend and look for Jimin himself.

You’re a fucking idiot, Taehyung thought.

You deserve to die, you asked for it.

Taehyung tried to find the tears for these thoughts, but he couldn't. He had ran out of tears.

Now all he had was the inside of his body. His heart, his soul... crying for freedom.

God. Please let me die.



“Fuck.” One of the men moaned, thrusting into Jimin from behind.

Jimin didn’t have enough energy to do anything, not even breathe.

The man had reached his orgasm, releasing into Jimin. Jimin whimpered softly and tried to clench himself.

“My turn.” Another man said, coming behind him as the other man pulled out, not even giving Jimin a break for a second.

“Please-” Jimin tried to whisper but his voice was gone. He was bleeding… a lot. Even though he couldn’t see it, and his body felt numb.

“Stand up.” The man said, dragging Jimin off of the bed.

Jimin’s body was weak and trembling, the man held him up. “Stand.” He repeated.

“I-” Jimin tried to speak, before his body gave up on him. He passed out again for the 4th time.



One of the men picked Taehyung up, forcing him to sit on top of another man. “Ride him.” The man said.

Taehyung honestly didn’t understand what was going on anymore. He closed his eyes and tried to keep his body together, feeling the blood drip between his thighs.

“Hurry up!” One of the men screamed.

Taehyung opened his eyes before collapsing on top of the man he was sitting on.

“I said ride him.” The man repeated as the other men around him laughed at Taehyung.

What the hell was so funny about this? Taehyung thought.

Taehyung tried to lift himself, but his body wouldn’t let him. The man that he was laying on top of started to laugh. Then he sighed, tapping Taehyung’s butt, and lifting him a little so that he can enter him.

The man pushed in easily, then he started to thrust really fast, moaning loudly.

Taehyung felt a single tear slide down his cheek.



The men in Jimin’s room did all types of positions with him.

His small body couldn’t take any of it anymore.

“Good boy. He’s taking us so good.” A man grunted, pulling out of Jimin and cumming on his back.

Jimin showed no reaction to anything that the men did to him anymore.

The man sighed. “We’re all done?”

“Yeah, let’s call Jungwoo. Where is he?” Another man said from the couch.

“I don’t know. I think he went into the other kid’s room.” One of the other men said.

Jungkook doesn’t deserve this.

Taehyung doesn’t deserve this.

This is all my fault, Jimin thought.

I need to die.



Jungwoo sighed, pulling out of Jungkook’s limp body.

“Well, that was fun.” Jungwoo said.

Jungkook laid there, passed out from the moment that Jungwoo started.

“Get up.” Jungwoo said. But Jungkook didn’t move or respond.

Jungwoo sighed, zipping up his pants before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.

He walked into the room that Taehyung was in, the men were so loud.

“What’s going on guys?” Jungwoo asked, walking over to see what they were doing.

“This boy won’t do shit anymore, I’m bored of him.” One of the men said.

“Yeah, give us the other boy.” Another man said.

“Which one?” Jungwoo asked, looking over to see Taehyung passed out on the bed.

“The one with the nice ass.” One of the men said.
“Yeah that one.” The other men agreed.

“Jimin?” Jungwoo asked.

“I guess. The one with the cheeks.” A blonde man said.

“Umm…” Jungwoo thought.


Jungwoo’s thinking was interrupted by loud sirens.


Police car sirens.

Chapter Text



3 hours ago 


2:46 AM


Jungkook’s mom got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She had a pounding headache.

She massaged her temples, trying to adjust her eyes to the bathroom light.

She opened the medicine cabinet to look for her aspirin, only to see an empty bottle.

She looked at the empty container, confused. She swore she had a few more pills left just a few days ago.

She sighed, walking back to the bedroom.

“Honey...Honey, wake up.” Jungkook’s mom said, shaking her husband’s shoulder to wake him up.

Her husband woke up pretty quick. “Hm?” He asked, with his eyes still closed.

“Is there more aspirin?” She asked.

“Um… I don’t know.” Her husband mumbled, before falling back to sleep. Not opening his eyes once.

She sighed in frustration before laying back down and trying to go back to sleep.

Her headache went away after about 10 minutes…

But then she couldn’t sleep. She felt like something was wrong.

She laid in bed, for almost 30 minutes now, thinking about nonsense. She was always an over-thinker. Some people told her that she could just have insomnia.

She sighed as she gave up on trying to go to sleep, she had to get ready for work in a few hours anyways.

She decided to look for her laptop to type an important paper for work.

Maybe this will get me my promotion, she thought.


After searching all around the house for the laptop for about 10 minutes, she gave up and just decided to use Jungkook’s laptop. He always kept in the drawer by his bed.


Walking into Jungkook’s room, something about it felt weird. It was really dark.

Jungkook’s mom walked around the bed to get to his drawer. She opened the draw silently and carefully so that she wouldn’t wake Jungkook. He was a light sleeper, and could wake up just from hearing a pin drop.

She peeked over to see if Jungkook would shift or move….


But he didn’t.

That’s strange, she thought.

She looked back over to Jungkook’s drawer, only to see that his phone wasn’t on the charger. In fact, it wasn’t there at all.

Jungkook had always charged his phone at night.

She looked back over to Jungkook’s bed, staring at the suspicious spot. She realized that she couldn’t see Jungkook’s face at all. Jungkook never actually slept with the blankets over him anyways.


That was when she pulled the blankets off of Jungkook’s bed. To see him not there.

It was just a bunch of pillows and his animal plushies.

Her heart stopped beating for a few seconds.

“Jungkook?” She called out.

She walked out of the room. “Jungkook?” She called out again.

“Jungkook?!” She screamed through the entire house.

Her heart started to pound.

Did someone kidnap my son? She thought.

Jungkook is a good boy, he would never sneak out.

Unless someone convinced him. She thought.

She ran back into the room where her husband was sleeping. “Dong Goo!” She screamed her husband’s name, startling him out of his sleep.

She turned on the light.

“What? What happened?” Her husband sat up in the bed, rubbing his eyes.

“Jungkook is gone.” She panicked.



Jungkook’s mom had called his phone about 17 times. Texting him 33 times. Jungkook didn’t answer anything.

Jungkook’s mom and dad sat on the couch, thinking of places that Jungkook could be.

They didn’t want to call the police yet because they didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

Maybe Jungkook just snuck out with a friend, they thought.

They knew that Taehyung was his best friend, but Taehyung wasn’t a bad kid. He wouldn’t really sneak out of his house either unless it was for a good reason.

They tried to think about other kids that Jungkook hung out with a lot.

“Hasn’t he been hanging out with Jimin a lot recently?” Jungkook’s mother asked.

“Park Jimin? That kid is trouble.” Jungkook’s dad said.

“Why do you say that?” His mother asked, confused and nervous all of a sudden.

“Isn’t he… a gay?” Jungkook’s father said in disgust.

“What? Why do you say that?” Jungkook’s mom asked again.

“One time when I was picking Jungkook up from school, I heard that kid talking about….. some things.” Jungkook’s dad said, with a disgusted look on his face.

“What type of things?” Jungkook’s mom asked in confusion.

Their conversation was interrupted when Jungkook’s mom’s phone rang loudly.
She picked it up quickly, thinking it would be Jungkook. “Hello?” she asked into the phone.

“Hello? Eun Bin? Oh my god, Taehyung is missing. I can’t find him anywhere. He won’t answer his phone. I don’t know what to do.” Taehyung’s grandmother spoke frantically into the phone.


After almost an hour, Taehyung’s grandparents and Jungkook’s parents gathered together at Taehyung’s house. They decided to call the police.

Jungkook’s mom was now sitting on the couch, crying her eyes out as they waited for the police to come.

When the police arrived they started to question them.

“What’s their ages?”
“Dark hair?”

Soon, they had every little detail about Jungkook and Taehyung written down.



BREAKING NEWS: “12 year old, Kim Taehyung. 11 year old, Jeon Jungkook have gone missing.”

In under 30 minutes, the kids faces were on the news.

The parents watched the news in fear. How are they going to find them? They thought. Are they safe?

Now they couldn’t do anything else but wait.

The house was full of police officers. One of them walked over to Jungkook’s mother.

“Miss Jeon, we should’ve asked this earlier but does your son have anything, any device that we can track down?” The officer asked.

“Yes! Yes, his phone.” His mom almost screamed, sniffling.
“We always tell him to keep his location on.” Jungkook’s dad said.


FLASHBACK: 2 Hours Ago.


“Then why can’t you protect us now, Jimin? You were always the one to lead us away from the danger. But now you've brought us to it. How do you feel? Are you fucking happy?!” Taehyung screamed suddenly.

“I fucked up, okay?! I made a mistake, I get it. I’m a terrible person. I’m a disgusting, selfish, slut, okay? Is that what you want to hear?!” Jimin screamed.

Taehyung stayed silent.

Jungkook stood up silently and moved to the front seat. All of a sudden he started to search the whole area. He searched the ashtray, just to see a pile of black ashes there. He searched the glove box and saw nothing important. Then he searched underneath the driver's seat.

And there it was.


Their phones.


“Guys!” Jungkook said, showing them their phones. Jimin’s phone was there too.

Jungkook handed Taehyung his phone. It was off. Taehyung groaned before pressing the start button, his phone always took a long time to turn on.

Jungkook then handed Jimin his phone. “When did he take your phone?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin thought. “Mmm…. actually a very long time ago. After you guys left the park earlier. He asked if he could see my phone but he never gave it back. Then I asked him about it and he told me that he was going to give it back later.” Jimin said, trying to turn his phone on… only to find out that it’s dead.

Taehyung scoffed. “Dumbass. Like he’d actually give it back.” Taehyung said, rolling his eyes a bit.

Jimin sighed in annoyance. “Taehyung, would you just shut the fuck up for once?” He said, sounding very irritated.

“Make me... Slut.” Taehyung said before Jimin attacked him from the front seat, punching him in his eye.

Taehyung punched Jimin back in his jaw.

“Guys, stop!” Jungkook said, trying to hold Jimin back.

“Let me go!” Jimin screamed in rage.

“Calm down, hyung.” Jungkook said, holding onto to Jimin’s arms so that he wouldn't punch Taehyung.

This only gave Taehyung a chance to punch Jimin again.

Taehyung punched Jimin directly in his eye.

Jimin shook Jungkook off of him before pouncing onto Taehyung, punching him directly in the face without stopping. Taehyung reached for Jimin’s neck to choke him.

“Guys, are you fucking kidding me?!” Jungkook screamed in anger and frustration. They had never heard the maknae curse before.

Jimin tried to remove Taehyung’s hands from around his neck. But Taehyung was choking him really tight. Jimin and Taehyung always had arguments about who was the strongest...but now it seemed like Taehyung was winning.

“Taehyung!” Jungkook screamed.

Taehyung kept choking Jimin. Jungkook could see the wrath in Taehyung’s eyes. He didn’t look like himself. He had never seen him so angry before.

Jungkook was shocked and didn’t know what to do for a second.

He’d never thought that he would see the day where his best friends fought, physically. Sure, they’d argue over legos, video games, what food to eat, etc. But Jungkook had never imagine this moment. He didn’t know what to do.

He heard Jimin choking, struggling to breath, trying to pry Taehyung’s fingers from his neck. But Taehyung was really strong… and angry.

“Taehyung, stop it!” Jungkook screamed. “You’re gonna kill him!”

How did this happen? Jungkook thought. We were all so happy just a few days ago. Hours ago.

Taehyung squeezed onto Jimin’s neck tighter.

Jungkook was fed up, so he punched Taehyung right in his nose.

Taehyung winced, letting go of Jimin’s throat.

Jimin coughed violently, trying to catch his breath.

“I hate you.” Taehyung whispered to Jimin, staring at him with anger still in his eyes.

Jungkook’s heart hurt from those words. He felt tears come to his eyes.

He then reached for his phone quickly.


“He’s coming.” Jimin said, his voice hoarse and strained.


Jungkook’s head snapped up to look out of the window.

Fuck, Jungwoo was only a few feet away from the car.

Jungkook quickly went to his settings on his phone, turning on his location. “Please.” Jungkook gave himself a little hope.

As soon as Jungkook slid his phone into his pants pocket, Jungwoo was opening the car door, dragging Jimin out.



“We’ve got a location!” A police officer said.

“Where?! Where are they?” Taehyung’s grandma and Jungkook’s parents asked anxiously.

“They could possibly be somewhere near Bucheon.” The officer said.

Bucheon? How did the boys go from Seoul, and end up in Bucheon?

“We have some other news.” Another police officer said. He sighed.

“We’re afraid they’ve been kidnapped.” The officer said.
Everyone started to freak out.

“Please, Please stay calm. We already have people on their way to Bucheon right now. We’re on the look out, okay?” The officer said.

Jungkook’s mother tried her best to stay relaxed, but it was really hard to know that your 11 year old has been kidnapped, and you don’t know by who.

It could be anyone.

A psychopath.

A pedophile.

A rapist.

A serial killer.

Jungkook’s mom broke down into tears, fearing the worst for her son. Her negative thoughts were taking over her mind and body.

She couldn't believe that this was happening. It was like a never-ending nightmare.

My baby is fine. She thought.

He’s safe, they’re going to be okay. She thought.



The location on the phone never exactly told the police exactly where the kids were. They only knew that the boys were in Bucheon. So they needed someone to track down Jungkook’s phone.

News reporters started to question Taehyung’s grandparents, as well as Jungkook’s parents.

“How do you feel?”
“How did you find out that your son was kidnapped?”

The questions were overwhelming, and they didn’t want to be recorded at all.

The news had spread fast, before the morning the whole neighborhood knew the news.




It was 5:48 AM when they got the news.


“The boys were found.” A woman’s voice came through on a walkie-talkie.

Jungkook’s parents stood up from the couch, ready to ask questions.

“Are they alright?” The officer asked, looking at Jungkook’s parents. He knew that was what they wanted to know.

“Umm…” The lady officer hesitated.

Jungkook’s parents listened nervously, waiting for the lady to finish her sentence.

There was a long pause.


“Uh...yeah, they’re alright. But we need you to head over here now. There’s…. There’s been an incident.” The lady said hesitantly.

“An incident? What is that supposed to mean?” Jungkook’s dad started to flip out.

“Please, relax sir. We’re going to do our best to get your son-” An officer tried to calm him down. But it only made him more nervous.

Then they heard the sirens through the walkie-talkie.

“What the hell happened?” Taehyung’s grandfather spoke

“Oh my god.” Jungkook’s mother look like she was going to pass out.

“Okay, I’m on my way now.” The officer said.

“No, we’re coming with you.” They all started to argue with the policemen.

The officers tried to calm everyone down, but it only made things worse.

“Please, I just need to see my son.” Jungkook’s mother cried.




When they all arrived to the scene, there was caution tape everywhere. Jungkook’s mother felt her heart drop.

“Please stay in the car for now, we need to see what’s going on first.” The officer said before getting out of the car.

There were 13 ambulance trucks, a bunch of news reporters, and about 60 police cars surrounding the whole area.

The place looked like a crime scene.

Who would’ve believed that an 11 year old was involved in this.


“We found 4 children. All boys.”

They eavesdropped on the cops’ conversation from inside of the car.

“Four?” Taehyung’s grandmother asked.

“We still haven’t found out the other boys’ names yet.” A woman police officer said.

“The children won’t even speak to us.” A police officer whispered.


Jungkook’s mother needed to know what was going on, now.

They looked out of the car window, staring at the huge house they were in front of. It looked very suspicious.


All of a sudden, there was 3 men holding a body bag...with someone in it.

But it didn’t stop there…

There were more bodies.


Many more.

Chapter Text


“This boy won’t do shit anymore, I’m bored of him.” One of the men said.

“Yeah, give us the other boy.” Another man said.

“Which one?” Jungwoo asked, looking over to see Taehyung passed out on the bed.

“The one with the nice ass.” One of the men said.
“Yeah that one.” The men agreed.

“Jimin?” Jungwoo asked.

“I guess. The one with the cheeks.” A blonde man said.

“Um…” Jungwoo thought.

Jungwoo’s thinking was interrupted by sirens in the distance.


Police car sirens.


“Shit.” Jungwoo said before running out of the room.

“The police!” One of the men screamed. The men didn't know what to do, there were way too many of them to hide.

Should they hide the kids?

“Hide the kid!” One of the men yelled frantically.

Even if the men tried to hide Taehyung, there were still drops of blood on the bed. And although the sheets were white, anyone could still see the semen that was smeared on it.

One of the men picked up Taehyung’s small, almost lifeless body and ran out the room. He made his way downstairs, running into the basement.

They figured that the basement wasn’t a very easy place to find in the house.

The sirens got closer as the men started to panic and walk around frantically.

Jungwoo ran into the room that was Jimin was in. “Basement.” He said one word to the men that was in the room.

A man picked up Jimin’s limp body before running downstairs to the basement.

Jungwoo then ran into the room that Jungkook was in, running over to the bed frantically. Jungkook seemed to be awake now and somewhat aware of what was going on.

Jungwoo picked up Jungkook’s weak body and ran out of the room. Jungkook whimpered in pain, blinking slowly as he came back to reality.

Jungwoo quickly ran down the stairs with Jungkook, running into the basement.

He set Jungkook down onto the cold floor, before running back up the basement stairs.

Jungwoo ran into the living room, opening the safe that sat on the bookshelf. He quickly put in the combination, opening the safe and pulling out a loaded gun.

“W-What do we do?!” A man said, running up to Jungwoo frantically.

“I-I don’t fucking know!” Jungwoo screamed before pushing past the man and running back into the basement.

“Get out.” Jungwoo said to the 4 men who were in the basement.

“What? Where do we go?!” The men screamed.

“I don’t know, just get the fuck out. I have no time for this.” Jungwoo said.

“Do you want us to get caught?!” A man asked angrily.

“I don’t fucking care! Now get the fuck out!” Jungwoo screamed at the men.

Jungwoo obviously didn’t give two shits if all of the other men got caught and arrested. He only cared about himself at this moment.

The men huffed and groaned angrily before running out of the basement. They didn’t expect Jungwoo to throw them under the bus like this.

Jungwoo shut the basement door behind them and locked it tight.

The basement was very hard to find in the house, so maybe he could last without the police finding him and the kids… right?



“Shit dude… what the fuck do we do?” One man asked, sounding nervous and stressed.

A man walked into the room holding a gun… He started to pace back and forth, he looked like he was going to cry. “I-I can’t go to jail.” The man said, he looked about 26 years old.

“Calm down, man.” Another man said to him, walking closer to the younger man.

Next thing they heard was a loud gunshot. They closed their eyes because it had startled them, but when they opened their eyes… the man had shot himself in the head.

“Shit…” A blonde man said, he started to cry before picking up the gun without hesitation.

“No!” The men screamed, trying to stop the man from shooting himself, but it was too late.

The man quickly shot himself in the throat, dropping to the floor as his blood splattered through the room, staining the white walls.

After that, about 11 other men had kill themselves as well, making excuses and saying things like they “can’t go to jail”, or “have a wife and kids”, or their “career is ruined.”


The men knew that their lives were ruined either way.




The police busted the front door down, holding their guns out before running up the stairs. The ran to the first room, busting the door open.

“Everybody on the ground!” The police screamed to the 49 men.

They didn't expect this much men to be in one house.

The men quickly got onto the ground, holding their hands up.

Soon they were a bunch of policemen coming into the room to arrest the men.

They found 13 dead men lying on the floor, lifeless. The policemen sighed before calling people in to bring in the body bags.


After all of the men were gone, the police started to search the rooms.


They searched the room that Taehyung and the 50 men were in.

There were many clothes thrown all over the place. The white sheets on the bed were stained with a lot of blood and semen. They could already tell that a rape had took place. An officer sighed sadly, shaking her head.

Other policemen search the room that Jimin was in, finding an enormous amount of blood on the sheets, as well as semen. They saw children’s clothes thrown around.

2 police searched the room that Jungkook was in, finding a child’s shirt, pants, and underwear thrown on the floor. With a coloring book laying on the floor as well. They looked at the queen sized bed, to see tiny drops of blood on the light blue sheets.

“There's some blood on these sheets as well.” The lady officer said.

The other officer searched through the drawers, finding Jungkook’s phone in the process. “We’ve got a phone.” He said.


The police continued to search the house, getting worried when they didn't see any children in sight.

“I don't see any children.” One of the police said.

“Keep looking.” A women officer said loud and clear.



The basement was a little hard to find, it took them about 35 minutes but sooner or later they found it, with just a little more wandering.

A policeman tried to bust the door down, only to find that it was really hard to break.

A stronger policeman tried to break it down, but the door still wouldn't budge. He pulled out his gun before shooting at the door knob. He shot at it 4 times before the knob was damaged. He pushed the door open and slowly walked down the stairs, holding his gun up as well as his guard.

And there they were…

The children.

And Jungwoo.

Jungwoo had Jungkook in front of him, holding a gun to Jungkook’s head.

“Drop your weapon.” The policeman said in a strong, clear, loud voice while holding his gun up to Jungwoo.

“Stay back, or I’ll blow his head off. I’m not afraid to do it.” Jungwoo said, pressing the huge gun close to Jungkook’s temple.

There was a small pale boy sitting in the corner of the room, hugging his legs close to chest. He looked like he hadn’t slept or showered for days.

There was another little boy with chubby cheeks who was sitting in another corner, crying softly.

And there was another little boy was passed out on the floor.

“Let the boy go, and drop your weapon now.” The policeman demanded.

Jungwoo didn’t answer. He just chuckled, pressing the gun closer to Jungkook's head while Jungkook cried.

“Lower your weapon, now!” The policeman screamed in frustration.

Jungwoo sniffed Jungkook’s hair like a creep. “Mmm.” He said.

“Let me go and I won’t kill the boy.” Jungwoo tried to negotiate.

“Not gonna happen, just let the boy go and we can talk about this.” The officer said.

Jungwoo only pressed the gun closer to Jungkook’s temple.


This is it, Jungkook thought. I’m gonna die.


At this moment, Jungkook went into complete panic mode. He started to breathe heavier than he was already breathing.

“Let the boy go now! Don’t make me do this!” The police officer threatened Jungwoo.

“Do you really want to spend your life in jail for killing an innocent boy? You’re only making this so much worse on yourself!” A lady officer spoke up.

At this moment, Jungwoo started to think really hard about this.

What am I doing? He thought. Do you really want to go to jail for murdering a child after raping them? He asked himself. You’re only adding on more years. He thought.

He looked at Jungkook. I really don’t want to hurt him, Jungwoo thought.

“Put down the gun, now!” The officer screamed.

I’m about to die, Jungkook thought again, his breathing speeding up. The next thing he knew…


He was having an asthma attack.


“Look at what you’re doing! Look at what you’re doing to these children!” The lady officer screamed.

Jungkook started to wheeze, trying to catch his breathe.

If I don’t die by getting shot in the head, then I’ll die from losing my breathe. Jungkook thought he was going to die either way.

Jungwoo looked around himself.

He saw Taehyung passed out on the floor, possibly dead.

He looked in the corner of the room to see a terrified Yoongi.

He listened to Jungkook lose his breathe.

He looked at Jimin, the boy he used to protect. The boy he kept safe when his father was abusing him.

Jimin looked at him like he was a monster now.


You hurt him, Jungwoo thought.


“I’m a monster.”


Jungwoo whispered before moving the gun from Jungkook’s head…


And shooting himself in the head instead.

The gunshot rang loudly throughout the small room.

“Don’t!” The police screamed a little too late.

“No…” Jimin whimpered, covering his ears and closing his eyes.

Jungwoo’s blood splattered everywhere, his body falling to the floor as well as the gun.

Jungkook froze in place, his ears were ringing. But he was still losing his breathe, he tried to cry but he couldn’t because he was losing too much air.

A lady officer ran over to Jungkook. “Come on, sweetheart.” Jungkook read her lips, trying to ignore the ringing in his ears.

Jungkook started to cough, feeling himself losing his last breath.

The lady officer quickly picked up Jungkook’s still naked body, running up the basement stairs and making her way out of the house.

“We need an ambulance!” The officer screamed running out of the house, with Jungkook in her arms, losing his final breath.

At that moment, Jungkook’s mother ran out of the car. “Jungkook!” She started to cry. “That’s my son, move of the way!” She screamed, trying push her way past the police.

“Miss, you can’t go this way-” The police said, holding her back.

“Let me go! That’s my son!” Jungkook’s mother cried, trying to fight the police.


The ambulance came over to Jungkook with a stretcher. They laid him down onto the stretcher, immediately putting an oxygen mask over his mouth.

“Breathe, sweetie. In, out… Come on. In and out. Breathe.” The officer helped Jungkook steady his breathing.


His breathing took about a long 30 seconds to get back to regular.

“My son! Get off of me!” Jungkook’s mother screamed.

“Miss, your son needs to be taken to a hospital. We’ll take you there. But you need to calm down. I know it’s hard but please stay calm.” A police officer tried to speak to her.

“How the fuck do you want me to calm down? I need to see my son!” She screamed.

The police continued to speak to her softly, trying to calm her down.

The ambulance then went inside of the house, coming back out with Taehyung laying on the stretcher.

“Is that Taehyung?!” Taehyung’s grandmother screamed.

Then the police had to calm her down as well.



3 hours later


9:14 AM


“It’s um...It’s really severe. He going to need a few stitches.” The doctor spoke to Jimin’s parents in the waiting room.

Jimin’s mother cried. She felt like she had failed Jimin. She didn’t even realize that he was missing until 6 in the morning, after it was all over.

She couldn’t believe the things she was hearing.

Her and Jimin didn’t really have a good relationship. They always fought because Jimin always wanted to hang out with his friends. He never focused on his grades.

Sometimes he’d sneak out of the house.

These were the times where his dad would beat him.

His dad would beat him with anything that he could find. A belt, a broomstick… he even cut Jimin with a beer bottle once.

Jimin’s mom could never do much but watch.

Jimin used to run away a lot.

Or sometimes he'd say "Eomma, I'm staying at a friend's house tonight."

I guess I got a little too used to it, Jimin’s mother thought.



Taehyung’s aunt ran over to his grandmother, hugging her really tight, with tears in her eyes.

“I can’t believe this…” Taehyung’s aunt said, crying.

“How bad is it?” She asked, pulling away from the hug.


There was a silence.


No one knew how to answer that question.

Taehyung’s grandfather sighed, shaking his head. “I wanna kill all of those bastards.” He said angrily.


Taehyung needed the most stitches.

When he woke up in the hospital bed, he didn’t know what to feel.

He didn’t know what to think.


All he knew was…


He wasn’t himself anymore.

Chapter Text



After the events that changed Jungkook’s life…

Jungkook’s mother pulled him out of school, deciding to homeschool him. They moved out of Seoul, into a new city that was only a few miles away.

Jungkook’s dad was so furious finding out that Jimin was the reason for everything. He had called Jimin all types of names.

“That fucking slutty fag!”
“That fucking bastard ruined my son.” His dad would say.

Jungkook didn’t really like the way that his father spoke about Jimin.

To be honest, Jungkook hasn’t spoken to Jimin or Taehyung since that night.

That night that changed his life forever.

Jungkook hated speaking of that night, he hated thinking about it.

He definitely had moments where he would think about Taehyung, and Jimin… wondering if they were okay.

The last time that he saw them was in the basement, where Jungwoo shot himself.

Jungkook remembers being taken to the hospital. He had to get stitches in places that he didn’t want to be stitched. The pain continued for months. And months.

But his emotional pain was never ending.


Jungkook immediately stopped speaking to his parents. He stopped speaking to everyone.

“He needs therapy. He isn’t speaking at all. I’m worried.” He heard his mom cry to his dad about him.

His parents got him therapy, but that didn’t really help.

Jungkook soon fell into depression, making things worse than it already was. His parents tried to get him stronger therapy, having Jungkook meet with several therapists for more help but it didn’t help at all. It only made Jungkook more closed off.

For a while, Jungkook had no friends. He was lonely at home.

He was so lonely.




Jungkook was 13 when his parents put him back into school.

They thought that he was ready to make friends again.

“Start fresh, okay? Choose your friends wisely.” His mother told him on his first day of high school. (She probably was hinting at Jimin.)

Jungkook was in the 9th grade, since he was always two grades ahead. It was a strange feeling to be back into school.

Jungkook didn't really like the feeling. He felt uncomfortable. He felt like everyone knew his secret.

So he didn’t talk to anyone for months.

And months.

And months.

This is why people started to call him “weird”, “antisocial”. People started to tease him in school.

Jungkook used to go into the school bathroom everyday and cry. Sometimes he’d skip school just to avoid getting bullied.

He sat alone in the cafeteria everyday. Or sometimes he’d go eat in the library just to get kicked out. Other times he’d just skip lunch.

Jungkook decided that he hated high school.



One day, there was an assembly in his school.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have some our previous graduates here today to tell us about their college experiences. We have some who just graduated from this school last year.” The school principal spoke into the microphone.

Jungkook looked at all of the graduates standing on the stage. They all looked about 19 to 27 years old.

“Please tell us your names and what year you graduated this school from.” The principal said, handing a female student the microphone.

The student said her name, “Um hello, my name is Jisoo, I’m 24 years old, and I graduated from this school almost 5 years ago.” The student said smiling.

The girl then handed the microphone to the student who was standing next to her.

It was a boy, who was really tall, and had very broad shoulders. He had blonde hair and a gorgeous smile.

He's very handsome, Jungkook thought.

“Hello, my name is Seokjin. I graduated from this school a few months ago actually." The blonde boy said before laughing. The female students giggled with him.

"And I am 18 years old.” The blonde boy introduced himself, ending his sentence while blowing a hand kiss to the audience. The girl students immediately started to fangirl. They seemed to be pleased with the blonde boy's young age for a college student. He must've been really smart, and graduated early.

“Oh my god.”
“Wow, so handsome.”

"He's only 18, do you think I have a chance with him?"
The girls fangirled over Seokjin.

Jungkook thought that he was really cute, but he knew that he’d never have a chance with him.

He’s most likely straight, Jungkook thought.


And I’m way too young for him, Jungkook thought.




“The college students will still be around after school just in case you have any questions for them.” The principal said before the assembly ended.


When Jungkook was leaving the school to go home, he heard a bunch of students walking behind him.

“Yeah, he doesn’t even talk.” A female student said, laughing a little.

“If he was getting murdered, would he even scream?” One of the boys said, laughing.

The students laughed loudly.

“He’s such a fucking weirdo.” One of the male students said while laughing.

Then Jungkook felt someone push him on the ground from behind.

Jungkook gasped, dropping his books and hurting his hand.

The students laughed hysterically. “Bro, why’d you do that?” A boy said while still laughing.

“Because he’s so fucking weird. He didn’t even make a sound even though I pushed him.” The other boy said.

The other students kept laughing.

Jungkook tried to stand up but the boy pushed him down again.

The students laughed harder.

“You’re so mean!” A female student said, but she was laughing her ass off.

This is so humiliating, what do I do? Jungkook thought.

“Stand up, you freak.” The boy said.

Jungkook tried to stand up slowly, but this time the boy kicked him onto the ground.

Jungkook winced as the students laughed even harder.


“Ya! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Jungkook heard a voice from behind him.

The students stopped laughing.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Jungkook looked up to see who was yelling…


It was Seokjin.

The tall, blonde, college student.

“What the hell are you doing to him?!” Seokjin yelled.

“He’s a fucking freak, he doesn’t speak or-” The bully started.

“What the fuck does that have to deal with you?!” Seokjin screamed.

There was a silence as Seokjin stared at the students with anger in his eyes.

“I...I-I” The bully tried to speak.

“Shut the fuck up and get out of my face. I’m telling the principal and you’re all getting expelled.” Seokjin said.

“What? No… please, you can’t do that. My dad is going to kill me.” A female student spoke.

“I don’t give a fuck.” Seokjin said, looking the girl straight in the eyes.

The girl looked like she was going to cry, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Now get the fuck out of here!” Seokjin screamed, startling the teenagers. The students quickly walked away, not turning back.


Jungkook didn’t realize that he was still on the ground until Seokjin bent down and started to pick up his books for him. “Oh… uh.” Jungkook mumbled nervously, trying to pick up his books.

“I got it.” Seokjin said, picking up the rest of Jungkook’s books. Jungkook didn’t know what to do so he just let him pick the rest up.

Seokjin held his hand out.

“Sorry... I’m not usually that scary.” Seokjin said with a small smile on his face.

Jungkook looked at Seok Jin’s hand before hesitantly taking it and standing up.

“Are you okay?” Seokjin asked once Jungkook was on his feet.

Jungkook avoided eye contact. “Um… yes, I’m fine.” Jungkook said at almost a whisper.

This was the first time that Jungkook was speaking in a long while.

“Are you sure? It looks like you hurt your hand.” Seokjin said, looking at Jungkook’s hand.

Jungkook hadn’t realize that his hand was scraped and bleeding.

“Oh...I’m fine.” Jungkook said nervously, putting his head down.

“Hold on.” Seokjin said before, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a band-aid.

“Always gotta be prepared.” Seokjin said, handing Jungkook the band-aid.

“T-Thank you.” Jungkook stuttered, still not looking up at the boy.

There was a silence.

Seokjin started to laugh all of a sudden. “I’m sorry, I almost forgot. Here you go.” Seokjin said, handing Jungkook his books.

“Oh...thank you.” Jungkook said, with a tiny smile, taking his books.

Seokjin smiled as there was another silence.

All of a sudden, there were more students coming behind them. Jungkook got nervous. They’re gonna tease me too. Jungkook thought.

Seokjin looked back to see the students coming, he didn’t want to leave Jungkook alone after he saw what just happened.

“Um, I know this is kind of weird. But do you… do you -” Seokjin stopped mid sentence.

Jungkook tried to avoid eye contact as he waited for Seokjin to finish his sentence.

The students started to walk closer.

“Just - pretend you’re with me, okay?” Seokjin said.

This was kind of strange, but Jungkook nodded anyways.


Him and Seokjin started to walk. Jungkook wasn’t really sure what to say.

“So uh… what’s your name?” Seokjin asked with a polite smile on his face.

Jungkook jumped nervously. Seokjin gave him a strange look but continued to smile anyways.

“Um…” Jungkook took a deep breathe. Seokjin waited, looking at Jungkook.

“Uh - Jungkook.” Jungkook said, still not looking at Seokjin once.

“Oh, I’m Seokjin.” The blonde boy said, with a sweet smile on his face.

If only Jungkook knew how much that smile would change his life.





Jungkook is 14 years old now.

He didn’t mean to get so close with Seokjin. But it slowly started to happen when Seokjin would visit Jungkook's school once in a while. Seokjin had lied, saying that he only visited the school most of the time to say hello to his old teachers... but the truth was, he visited the school to see if those kids were bullying Jungkook again.

When Jungkook noticed Seokjin around the school a few times a week, he started to get comfortable seeing the boy there, protecting him and making sure that no one bothered him.

Sometimes, Seokjin and Jungkook would walk together, pretending that they knew each other in order to avoid Jungkook being bullied again. After doing this a few times a week, the bullies started to bother Jungkook less, and he also started to talk to Seokjin more.

Jungkook barely talked to his own parents. But Seokjin didn't know that, he had helped Jungkook with talking more.

Getting close to Seokjin was scary for a while. Jungkook was shy and scared, but Seokjin gave him time. Jungkook was already scared enough that Seokjin was a few years older than him. But for some reason, Seokjin just made him feel so comfortable… and safe.


FLASHBACK: September 1st, 2016

On Jungkook’s 14th birthday, Seokjin asked him if he wanted to go see a movie with him. Jungkook thought that they were just going as friends.

The movie they went to go see was “Train To Busan”. Jungkook didn’t know that it was going to be about zombies.

He almost shit bricks about 53 times.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whined, hiding his face in Seokjin’s shoulder.

“Don’t be scared, Jungkook. It’’s not real.” Seokjin said, trying his best not to laugh.

“It looks too real. I’m scared.” Jungkook whined.

Jin started to laugh at Jungkook’s childlike behavior. His laugh was very unique, Jungkook thought.

“Hyung, don’t laugh.” Jungkook whined, Seokjin only laughed more.

Jungkook couldn’t help but giggle too. “Hyung, would you sacrifice yourself for me if a zombie apocalypse ever happened?” Jungkook asked, still giggling.


“I’d sacrifice myself for you anytime.” Seokjin said seriously.


Jungkook stopped laughing.


“Oh…” Jungkook said, looking back at the big screen.

They continued to watch the movie silently for about 30 minutes.

“Woah!” Jungkook said in fascination, seeing how fast the zombies were running.

“They’re so fast.” Jungkook said, before picking up his drink and taking a sip of his sprite.

“Yeah.” Seokjin said simply. Jungkook found it weird how he was not commenting much on the movie anymore.

Should I ask if he’s okay? Jungkook thought.

After another 5 silent minutes, Jungkook decided to ask his hyung if he was feeling okay.

He turned around to Seokjin.

“Hyung -” Jungkook started.

But Seokjin was already staring at him.

There was a silence as they stared at each other.

“Hmm?” Seokjin asked after a while.

Jungkook froze up. “” He said nervously.

Seokjin was looking at him with the sweetest eyes he’s ever seen.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked.

“Can I...Can I kiss you?” Seokjin asked, looking into Jungkook’s eyes. He knew that this was wrong, Jungkook was only 14 years old while Seokjin was 18.

This sentence reminded Jungkook of something, he tried his best not to think about it at the moment.

“Um…” Jungkook thought.

Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it. Jungkook thought to himself.

Jungkook did like Seokjin a lot...but he was afraid.


He's only asking for a kiss, Jungkook told himself.


Before Jungkook knew it, he was leaning in and pecking Seokjin on the lips. It was really fast, too fast for Seokjin to feel it.

After Jungkook pecked him on the lips, he turned away to look back towards the big screen, continuing to watch the movie.

Seokjin seemed a bit disappointed. He sighed softly.

Jungkook looked at him nervously. He really wanted to kiss him some more, but he was way too shy. Jungkook tried to avoid eye contact, keeping his eyes focused on the movie. But he couldn't focus anymore. He felt so bad about giving Seokjin that weak kiss.

In the past year, Seokjin has done so much for him.

He protected Jungkook, he made him laugh when times were rough, he made him happy, he made him feel special, he made him feel safe.

Seokjin changed Jungkook a lot. In a good way. Whenever Jungkook was with him, he forgot about his past for a while. And no one else could do that for Jungkook.

Kiss him. Just kiss him, Jungkook told himself.

Jungkook looked at Seokjin nervously again.

“What’s wrong?” Seokjin asked, sitting back in his chair.

At this moment, Jungkook had finally built up the courage to kiss him. He quickly leaned over and pressed his lips against Seokjin’s.

It was a sweet, gentle kiss but it meant a lot.

Seokjin moved his lips against Jungkook’s smoothly.

Jungkook placed his hand behind Seokjin’s neck, pulling him closer.

Their lips moved in a nice rhythm. They continued to kiss softly for a while, ignoring the movie for a few seconds.

It really sucked that Seokjin couldn’t be Jungkook’s first kiss, even though he was really young.



It was a Saturday night when Jimin had told Jungkook to meet him at the playground at 11:00 PM.

That was the first time that Jungkook had snuck out of his house. Jungkook remembers it like it was yesterday.

“Should I call Taehyung to come too?” Jungkook had asked Jimin.

“No, I want it to be just the two of us.” Jimin said, catching Jungkook off guard with his answer. Jungkook was surprised because they had never hung out without Taehyung.

When he met Jimin at the park, Jimin was sitting on the swings, swinging lightly.


That was when Jimin had told him that he had a crush on him.

“Look, Jungkookie… I - um… I like you….a lot.” Jimin said honestly. Jungkook wasn’t surprised, he had a feeling that Jimin had liked him for a while.

“Hyung - I…” Jungkook said hesitantly.

“You know what… you don’t have to answer. I get it, okay?” Jimin said, starting to stand up from the swing.

“N-no, hyung. Wait. It’s just…” Jungkook said before pausing.

“It’s just what? You like Taehyung, don’t you?” Jimin said, huffing.

Jungkook froze. He couldn’t deny it.

“Maybe… maybe a little. But I like you too, hyung.” Jungkook said, pulling Jimin to sit back onto the swing.

“Then kiss me.” Jimin said, catching Jungkook by surprise.

“I...I don’t know…h-how.” Jungkook said nervously.

“I’ll teach you.” Jimin whispered.

Jimin grabbed onto Jungkook’s chin, but Jungkook leaned in first. Pressing his lips softly against Jimin’s.

“Move your lips with mine.” Jimin said after pulling away from Jungkook’s lips. Jungkook nodded.

Jimin leaned back in, pressing his lips against Jungkook’s again. Their lips fit perfectly together, moving in sync.

The kiss had started out innocent…

But then Jungkook felt Jimin move his tongue around into Jungkook’s mouth. Jungkook pulled away in shock. “Hyung! Where’d you learn how to do that?” Jungkook asked, with his eyes wide.

“It’s a secret.” Jimin whispered.




“Give me a kiss.” Jungwoo said, leaning in. Jungkook quickly turned his head, rejecting Jungwoo’s kiss.

“Come on, Kookie.” Jungwoo said, removing his hand from Jungkook’s underwear.

Jungkook turned his head away as Jungwoo tried to kiss his lips again.

“Kookie…” Jungwoo warned. Jungkook kept his head turned away and his eyes closed.

“I’ll give you one more chance…” Jungwoo said.

“Can I have a kiss, please?” Jungwoo asked nicely.

Jungkook kept his eyes closed and shook his head no.



Jungkook pulled away from Seokjin, breaking the kiss abruptly.

“Hyung, I…. I should go.” Jungkook said before starting to pick up his jacket and soda.

“W-what? What happened?” Seokjin said in confusion.

“Um, my parents are really strict. I’m sorry. I have to go.” Jungkook said quickly, his breathing speeding up.


Jungkook quickly left the movie theater without looking back at Seokjin.

Chapter Text



“Ah, baby you feel so good. “ The man said, thrusting hard into Taehyung. 

Taehyung whimpered and closed his eyes, there was nothing that he could do about this. The other men stood around him, stroking their cocks rapidly.

“I want a turn.” One of the men said, walking around the bed to get to Taehyung.

“Just...Hold on.” The other man said, still thrusting into him roughly.

Taehyung felt himself ripping apart, he felt the blood. He felt like it was hard for him to breathe. The pain was just too strong.

I’d rather be dead than to let this happen to me. Taehyung thought. 

“Shit…” The man cursed as he started to speed up. 

Taehyung felt like he was going to pass out again, as the pain got worse and worse.

The man held Taehyung down as he reached his orgasm.

Taehyung felt all of men’s eyes on him, as he shut his eyes tighter and sobbed loudly.

“Shh, you’re doing a good job baby.” The man whispered in Taehyung’s ear before pulling out.


Taehyung sat up his bed, breathing heavily with tears pouring out of his eyes. “Stop!” He screamed, before looking around his bedroom.

It was just another dream.


This was about the 17th time that Taehyung has had a nightmare in the past (almost) 4 years.

Some nightmares were different…

But some just repeated over…

And over…

And over again.


Taehyung heard his alarm clock buzzing. He wiped his eyes before trying to calm himself down.

He sighed before looking at his alarm clock and turning it off.

7:28 AM.

Great. He was going to be late to school for the 4th time that week. It was starting to become a problem. His guidance counselor had told him many times to try to avoid being absent and late so much.

They were only a few months into the school year, and Taehyung already had 19 absences and 26 latenesses.

Taehyung was failing almost every class. His guidance counselor had told his aunt that if he doesn’t bring up his grades, then they’ll have to kick Taehyung out of the school.

His aunt was very understanding. After the incident, she had told Taehyung's grandparents that he could move into her house. She had 2 bedrooms that she never used.

Taehyung’s grandparents couldn’t handle him after the rape. They didn’t know what to do.

Taehyung had stopped eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He wasn’t ready to go back to school, so they kept him out of school for 2 months. He usually just stayed in his bedroom, sleeping or crying. 

If he wasn’t crying, then he was sleeping. And if he wasn’t sleeping, then he was crying. 

He was having nightmares, night after night.


One time, it all became too much for Taehyung. He had found one of his grandfather’s box cutters.

Perfect, Taehyung thought.

Taehyung went into his bedroom, locked his door, and cut himself while crying. He almost cut too deep.

His grandmother went to his room to talk to him but he wouldn’t answer. She called his name 7 times, but got no answer. She was terrified, she knew that Taehyung could’ve been depressed but she never thought that he would actually hurt himself.

His grandfather got his room key, opening the door. When they opened the door, they saw Taehyung, laying on the bed with blood spilling from his wrist.

Taehyung survived. He didn’t know why. But he hated himself for not actually killing himself.

After getting out of the hospital, his grandparents didn’t know what to do about him. They decided to take Taehyung to a psychiatric hospital.

Taehyung didn’t know what the place was at first, he thought it was just a regular hospital.

After the doctors gave Taehyung tests, it took a few weeks for him to get the results back. Taehyung’s grandparents had found about that he had bipolar disorder as well as depression, and PTSD.

But they didn’t tell Taehyung anything.

Taehyung didn’t even know that he was going to a mental hospital until that day. His grandparents had hugged him really tight. 

Taehyung was scared, he thought they were leaving him there forever.

“It’s only for a little while, Taehyung. We just - we want you to get better. They’re going to help you here.” His grandmother had said, holding back tears. 

Taehyung cried in fear. “Please, don’t leave me here. I- I’m fine. I can get better.” Taehyung tried to convince his grandmother.

“We know you can, Taehyung. That’s why we’re getting people to help you. Don’t be scared here, It’s a safe place.” Taehyung’s grandmother said.

Taehyung cried more. “But… this place is for crazy people.”

“That’s not true. This place is… for people like you. They just need help to get better.” His grandmother tried to convince him.

All of a sudden, Taehyung felt angry at his grandmother. Was she calling him crazy?

Taehyung wasn’t going to argue with his grandmother. 


He had just decided to be mad at her forever.



Taehyung stayed in the mental hospital for almost 2 years.

But even 2 whole years couldn’t heal him.

After those 2 long years, his grandparents did not want to take him back in, so instead his aunt had took him in. Taehyung honestly had no problem with that. He was still upset with his grandparents for sending him to the hospital in the first place.

Taehyung was 15 when he came back home. Him and his aunt had gotten really close since then.

He was really grateful for her.



Taehyung got to school at 8:34. He might’ve procrastinated a bit.

He walked into his first period class, with everyone looking his way. Taehyung tried his best to ignore the stares as he walked to his seat.

He sat down next to his classmate, Baekhyun… who was honestly a little annoying. He always seemed happy… and talkative.

What is there to be so happy about? Taehyung thought.

Taehyung sat down, immediately taking out his earphones and putting them into his ears before turning on some Gallant.

Taehyung lifted his black hoodie onto his head before laying his head down onto the desk, shutting out the world.


After 10 minutes, Taehyung was starting to feel tired. And the songs that kept playing were making him sad.

All of a sudden, he felt someone tap his shoulder. 

He pulled his earphone out of one ear, lifting his head off of the desk to see his teacher standing there, with a worried look on her face.

“Yes?” Taehyung asked.

“Are you feeling okay?” The teacher asked. She looked genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Taehyung said quickly before putting his earphone back into his ear. 

He was going to put his head back onto the desk… but his teacher was still standing there. He pulled his earphone out again.

“Can I help you?” Taehyung said rudely.

“We’re doing group work now. You need to find a partner.” The teacher said coldly before walking away, obviously losing her patience for the boy.

Taehyung sighed in annoyance. He hated this class so he didn’t want to find a damn partner.

He rolled his eyes before putting his earphone back into his ear and ignoring the world, once again.


At lunch, Taehyung sat alone most of the time, but sometimes Baekhyun would sit with him. 

Taehyung appreciated Baekhyun’s company, but honestly he would rather be alone.

Baekhyun walked over to Taehyung and sat down at the table, holding a large tray of food. Baekhyun really did eat a lot. Taehyung ate almost nothing most of the time.

“Did you hear about the new kid?” Baekhyun asked while eating a large spoon of rice.

Taehyung shook his head no, picking at his food.

“He’s really cute.” Baekhyun said with his mouth full.

“Really? What’s his name?” Taehyung asked dully, trying to seem interested, but he really didn’t care.

“Um-” Baekhyun said, thinking hard. “I can’t really remember, but I think it was something with a J… maybe, I don’t know.” Baekhyun said, shoving rice in his mouth once again.

“Ah…” Taehyung said, sounding really uninterested.

“Fine, you seem uninterested now. But just wait until you see him.” Baekhyun said, taking a sip of his drink.

“How does he look?” Taehyung asked, finally eating a small spoon of rice.

“Um… blonde hair. He’s a little short. He has some ear piercings.” Baekhyun said., gulping down his food.

“Ah…” Taehyung said, sounding uninterested again.

“He asked me to help him find his classes after lunch.” Baekhyun said with a smile on his face.

Baekhyun wasn’t much of a player, but he has dated a few people in the past few months. He seemed really happy to be talking about this new kid.

Taehyung nodded as he continued to pick his food.


Taehyung and Baekhyun turned around to see who was yelling.

“My boys!” Hoseok said in English, sitting across from them. 

Hoseok was… different. In a good way.

He was very energetic. He went to almost every party. He had all of the gossip. He had a lot of friends but he only hung out with one person. Taehyung couldn't remember that person’s name. But every time that Taehyung asked if they were dating, Hoseok wouldn’t answer. He’d just say “It’s complicated.”

“Did you guys hear about the new boy? He’s cute as fuck.” Hoseok said, stealing Taehyung’s apple that was sitting on his tray.

“I know right. He asked me to help him with his classes later.” Baekhyun said, stealing the apple out of Hoseok’s hand before taking a big bite out of it.

“Can I come?” Hoseok asked excitedly.

Baekhyun was too busy looking at someone on the other side of the cafeteria to answer Hoseok.

“Who are you looking at? Your boyfriend?” Taehyung teased Baekhyun.

“No, shut up. He’s not my boyfriend.” Baekhyun whined.

“Chanyeol!” Hoseok called the boy over.

“No!” Baekhyun whisper-yelled.

Chanyeol turned around and smiled before making his way over to the table.

Chanyeol put his arm around Baekhyun. “Hey.” He said in Baekhyun’s ear.

Baekhyun pushed him off. “Get off of me.” He said, trying to hide his blush.

“Stop playing hard to get. I can see you blushing.” Hoseok said while laughing, Taehyung laughed too and poked Baekhyun’s cheek.

Baekhyun covered his face and laughed, trying to hide his embarrassment. 

“Hey, did you see the new kid?” Baekhyun asked Chanyeol suddenly, trying to change the subject.

“Oh um… yeah.” Chanyeol said awkwardly.

The boys all looked at him suspiciously.

“What’s wrong?” Baekhyun asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…… I know him.” Chanyeol said, sitting down at the table.

“Really? How?” Taehyung asked, putting down his spoon.

“Uh...we used to go to school together. My last school before I came here… It was a boarding school.” Chanyeol said, not looking at the boys anymore.

“Oh…” Baekhyun said, before eating his rice again. He seemed a little jealous.


“Well…..what’s his name?” Hoseok asked, biting the apple that Baekhyun already bit.

Chanyeol got silent, as he looked around the cafeteria.

The boys looked at him, waiting for an answer.

“Um…” Chanyeol started.


“His name is Jimin.”

Chapter Text


After the events…

Jimin’s parents put him back into school after only a week out of the hospital.

His classmates questioned him.

“Jimin, where have you been?”
“Jimin, I missed you!”
“Jimin, where were you? You left me alone.”
“Jimin, are you okay? I heard you were sick.”
“Jimin, where’s Taehyung & Jungkook?”
“Jimin, I got you a present for your birthday but you didn’t come to school that day.”


Jimin definitely wasn’t ready for this. On his first day back at school, he stayed crying in the bathroom. One of the teachers found him, and his mother picked him up from school early that day.

Jimin cried a lot. He cried so much that his parents got annoyed.


“Would you just stop it with the fucking crying?! I’m so fucking tired of your shit. Boo-hoo, you got raped. Is that our fault? It’s your fault for hanging out with a man, and deciding to keep that from us?! You deserved it, you fucking faggot!” His dad screamed as he beat Jimin with a belt.

“Appa...please!” Jimin screamed in pain as his father beat him.

His father hit him everywhere, his face, his legs, his arms, his thighs, his feet, his back.

Jimin flinched as he tried to block himself, and the words that his dad were saying.

“You fucking slut, what were you doing with him this whole time?! Huh?! Were you letting him do things to you?!” His dad screamed, pulling onto Jimin’s hair.

Jimin shook his head. “No, dad…I wasn’t. I’m sorry!” Jimin whimpered, feeling his scalp bleed.

“Fucking liar, I should kick you out of this damn house right now.” His father said, dragging Jimin to the front door by his hair.

“Daddy...please!” Jimin cried. He couldn’t be kicked out of the house, he only just turned 13.

Jimin’s dad let go of Jimin’s hair. “I’m fucking tired of him.” He said walking up the stairs to Jimin’s bedroom. He went into Jimin’s closet, and got a suitcase. He started to throw Jimin’s clothes into the suitcase.

Jimin’s mother ran up to Jimin’s room. “Wait, Min Soo. What’re you doing, we can’t kick out our son!” She screamed, finally standing up for her son.

“I don’t give a fuck.” Jimin’s father said, still packing Jimin’s clothes.

“He’s only 13!” Jimin’s mother screamed at her husband.

“Good. That’ll give him time to get used to the streets. I’m sure he’ll have no fucking problem with it.” Jimin’s father said angrily, still packing Jimin’s clothes,

“What the hell are you saying?! Are you really gonna kick out our son? He’s been through enough, why’re you doing this?!” She screamed.

“Because I’m fucking tired of him!” Jimin’s father screamed in wrath. “I want him the fuck out of my house!” He screamed.

“He’s disgusting and he’s stressing us the fuck out!” He screamed in his wife’s face.

Jimin’s mother looked at her husband, with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe he was saying these things. Yes, he’s hit Jimin before and said a couple of bad things about him… But it’s never been this bad.

Jimin’s mother walked out the room, she couldn’t stand being in the room with her husband while he was like this. She walked back downstairs to talk to Jimin.


Only to see that Jimin wasn’t there.



Jimin had ran away for one day. He couldn’t go to Taehyung or Jungkook’s house.

Times like these, he would usually go to Jungwoo. Jimin felt ashamed for admitting this… but he missed Jungwoo a lot. Everything was so bittersweet.

Yeah, Jimin was hurt by what Jungwoo did to him and his friends. He trusted Jungwoo a lot. He trusted Jungwoo to protect him and give him the love that his parents didn’t.

Jungwoo had saw him in his worse times. He saw that Jimin needed help and he helped him when no one else did. Jimin didn’t know who else to go to.

When Jimin’s father had first expressed his hate for him, he realized how much it meant to be accepted by him.

He just wanted his father to accept him.


When Jimin ran away, he slept by the river that him and Jungwoo always met every friday.

He slept on the middle bench….

His mother had called him about 19 times. Jimin kept declining the calls. On the 20th call, he finally decided to answer the phone.

“Jimin! Oh my god.” His mother said sobbing. “You had me so worried. Where are you, honey? Please come home, I need to talk to you.” She begged while crying.

“Eomma…” Jimin sniffled. “You can talk to me on the phone.” He said.

“No, I can’t. Jimin, I need to see you. Please come home, sweetie. Please.” His mom begged.

“Eomma….I can’t.” Jimin started to cry.

“Sweetie, please come home. We can talk.” His mother cried.

“I’m scared, mommy…….dad hates me.” Jimin cried, whispering into the phone.

His mom felt her heart break.

“No, honey. Don’t say that, he could never hate you.” She said, sniffling.

Jimin started to sob all of a sudden.

“Please don’t cry, Jiminie. Tell me where you are, I’ll come get you.”

Jimin kept crying. “Eomma…” He said, his voice breaking.

She’s never heard her son sound so broken.



Jimin went home eventually, but his mother made sure that his dad wasn’t at home first. It was terrible how scared Jimin was to see his own father.

She hugged Jimin before sitting him down on the couch. She noticed the welts and bruises on his body. She sighed, this was nothing new.

“So…” His mom said, sitting down. “Your father and I…. we had a talk.” She said before sniffling.

Jimin nodded silently.

“We’re not really sure what else to do.. And… I just- I want you to be… okay. I think… I think you need a break.” She said, looking Jimin in the eyes.

What does she mean? Jimin thought.

“This was not an easy decision to make, honey.” She said, sighing.

Jimin waited for her to talk, she seemed really nervous.

“Basically…” His mother said before taking a deep breathe.

“Your dad and I… have decided…. to send you off to a boarding school.” His mom spoke slowly, looking Jimin in the eyes.

Jimin froze. He didn’t expect this. He expected therapy, he expected help.

“W-why?” Jimin asked.

“I… I feel like it’ll give you time to clear your head, to get away from things, to get away from your father for a while. I want you to be happy, Jimin.”

I will never be happy, Jimin thought.

Jimin knew that his mother was lying to him. They really were sending him to a boarding school because his dad didn’t want him in the house anymore.


Boarding school was just an easier way of kicking him out of the house.


Jimin's parents sent him to boarding school for 3 years, starting when was he was still 13 years old. He didn’t get many breaks, but when he did get a break… he never went home. He just stayed at the school, since it was optional to go home or not for vacations.

He knew that his parents didn’t want to see him.


The school was pretty far away from his home. It was a really nice school though. It was pretty large. It had super long hallways with high ceilings. And the dorms were big as well.

Jimin’s roommate for those 3 years was a boy named Chanyeol…

Park Chanyeol.


Chanyeol was really tall, with dark hair, the cutest eyes, and a deep voice.

Chanyeol was really nice to Jimin. He’d ask him if he wanted anything from the vending machine in the lobby. He’d ask him if he needed help with his homework. He’d even ask Jimin if he wanted to hang out with him and his friends sometimes. But Jimin always declined the offers.

At first, things were really awkward for Jimin. He didn’t want to talk much, even though Chanyeol tried to talk to him sometimes.

They’d talk once in awhile in the dorm. But usually Jimin would just wake up, go to his classes, go back to the dorm, do homework, and go to sleep.

Sometimes Jimin would cry. He would just curl up in his bed, and cry silently so that Chanyeol couldn’t hear.

Jimin cried for multiple reasons. He cried because he didn’t want to be in that school. He cried because his father hated him. He cried because his mother agreed with sending him away. He cried because he missed Jungwoo and wished that he didn’t hurt him. He cried because he missed his best friends. He cried because he got his best friends hurt. He cried because the memories from that night were stuck with him. He cried because he didn’t want to feel pain anymore.

He cried because he wished that he had a regular life.




December 18th, 2015


12:43 AM

It was a cold one winter night when Chanyeol got to the dorm late. He had heard Jimin’s tiny sniffles, but he thought that he should ignore it. So he got into his bed, listening to Jimin cry.

Should I talk to him? Chanyeol thought.

“Jimin?” Chanyeol asked softly, in the dark room.

Jimin stayed silent, as he continued to sniffle.

“Jimin, are you okay?” Chanyeol asked.

There was a silence as Jimin sniffled again. “Yes, I’m fine.” Jimin said lowly, before sniffling again.

“You don’t sound fine.” Chanyeol said, looking in Jimin's direction even though the room was dark.

Jimin sniffled again. “Really, I’m okay. Thanks.” He said.

There was another silence before Chanyeol started to speak again.

“Do you… want to talk about it? Maybe?” Chanyeol asked.

Jimin thought hard about this. Maybe this was what he needed. A talk. He’s never had anyone to talk to about his problems. He never talked to Jungkook and Taehyung about his problems because he thought they wouldn't understand. They had normal lives. So most of the times he would talk to Jungwoo.

Jimin sat up in his bed. “Okay.” He said before wiping his face.

Chanyeol sat up before turning on the light next to his bed. He saw Jimin sitting up, hugging his blankets and sniffling. His eyes were really red, like he’d been crying all night.

“What’s wrong?” Chanyeol asked, comfortingly.

“Can I talk to you about something serious?” Jimin asked, a tear falling from his eye again.

“Of course, Jimin. I'm here, you can talk to me anytime about anything.” Chanyeol said seriously.

“You promise you won't tell anyone?” Jimin asked, wiping his face.

“Yes, Jimin. I promise. This is between us.” Chanyeol said, waiting for Jimin to just say what he wanted to tell him.

Jimin hesitated. “Okay.” He finally said.


“So, I’m…. I'm gay.” Jimin said slowly.

Chanyeol nodded, it didn't really seem to affect him, which was a good sign for Jimin to continue.

“And… I was 11 when I came out to my parents. My dad….” Jimin said before pausing.

Chanyeol waited for him to continue. Jimin looked at the blankets in front of him before continuing.

“My dad beat me…. Really bad. Because he didn't support gays.” Jimin said with his head down.

Chanyeol sat there silently, listening to Jimin.

“I mean… of course he hit me a few times when I was younger, but it was nothing serious…. He’d never actually call me names.”

Chanyeol could tell that the name-calling really hurt Jimin.

“He’d never actually … beat me until it was hard for me to walk. He’d hit me on my legs, so hard. And my back.. And-” Jimin stopped, tears starting to fall from his eyes again.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure what to say. He’d never had a friend who was abused.

“I...I’m sorry that happened to you, Jimin.” Chanyeol decided to say.

Jimin laughed bitterly. “Yeah… I guess I’m pretty used to it now. Sometimes he’d even hit me for no reason. I could literally be just standing there, and he’ll hit me and tell me to stop being gay.” Jimin said, laughing again.

But Chanyeol wasn’t laughing. How could someone laugh at this?

“Um…” Jimin started again, changing the subject.

“I had 2 best friends in middle school.” Jimin smiled for a second but then stopped. “They meant so much to me.” Jimin said, looking down at his blankets again.

“I wish I had told them that earlier.” Jimin said as another tear slipped down his cheek.

“W-what were their names?” Chanyeol asked curiously.

Jimin smiled again before stopping again. “Taehyung…. And Jungkook.” Jimin said slowly. It felt weird saying their names after all of these years.

“What were they like?” Chanyeol asked. He asked Jimin these questions because he wanted Jimin to get everything off of his mind. Now that Chanyeol thought about it, he didn’t really know much about Jimin.

“Um….Taehyung was… well, when you first meet him… you’d probably think he was mean or rude.” Jimin said, still looking at his blankets.

“But he was actually really sweet… People would call him names and try to bully him. But… I was always there, protecting him.” Jimin said before swallowing hard. He seemed to be swallowing down his tears.

“I wish I could’ve protected my dongsaeng better.” Jimin said, wiping his tears.

“And Jungkook…” Jimin said, smiling sadly. “Jungkook was…a little mischievous, even though everyone thought that he was innocent and shy.” Jimin said, laughing a little.

“I knew the real him.” Jimin said.

“Well was the real him like?” Chanyeol asked, laughing slightly.

“Well…. Sometimes, we would secretly meet in the park at night, and…” Jimin stopped mid-sentence.

“He was my first real crush.” Jimin changed his sentence.

“That’s sweet.” Chanyeol said while smiling, he noticed that Jimin had changed his sentence.

But what Chanyeol didn’t understand was why Jimin was crying.

Jimin sniffled. “But I could never really talk to them about the problems with my dad…. Because what can they do about it? Besides, I wanted them to think that I was happy.” Jimin said.

“But I was never happy.” Jimin said, getting sad again.

“I mean… the only times that I was happy was when I was with them… and…” Jimin stopped.

Chanyeol waited for him to talk again.

“Jungwoo.” Jimin said before swallowing the lump in his throat. He hasn’t said his name in years.

“Jungwoo….. was a man.” Jimin said, but he didn’t sound ashamed

Chanyeol wasn’t sure where this story was going. But it honestly didn’t sound very good.
“I...I met him by an accident. After I ran away when my dad beat me one day.” Jimin said.

Chanyeol nodded, listening closely.

“Um… Jungwoo helped me that day. I knew I probably shouldn’t have went with a man. But he was just so nice… not in a creepy way. He actually wanted to help me, he - he bought me a huge first aid kit. And he told me to keep it for when my dad beats me again.” Jimin said, sniffling.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure how he felt about this Jungwoo guy, but he did seem nice.

“I know it sounds weird, and crazy. But… he was just so kind to me. I’ve never had anyone treat me the way that he treated me. He was almost….. He was almost like a father.” Jimin said, wiping his new tears.

“He bought me new clothes since my parents never bought me any. He gave me lunch money because I was starving everyday. He….” Jimin started to cry.

“He bought me presents on Christmas….. Because my parents didn’t buy me shit.” Jimin cried hard.

“They didn’t care about me.” Jimin cried.

Chanyeol felt himself tearing up. He stood up and walked over to Jimin’s bed before sitting down next to him.

He put his hand on Jimin’s back as a way of comforting him. Chanyeol wasn’t really good at comforting people.

“He- he told me that… he loved me. He t-told me that I was worth it. I- I almost killed myself and he s-saved me.” Jimin stuttered as he cried harder.

Chanyeol pulled Jimin into his arms, hugging him tight. He wasn’t sure what happened to this Jungwoo guy and why Jimin was crying like this.

“I trusted him.” Jimin whispered. “I loved him.” Jimin whispered.

Jimin pulled away from Chanyeol’s hug in order to finish his story.

“W-what happened?” Chanyeol asked hesitantly.

Jimin took a deep breathe. This was his first time telling someone this.


“Um… it was a few hours before my 13th birthday.” Jimin started.

“I just… I just wanted my best friends to meet Jungwoo. I thought they would like him.” Jimin said.

“That was all I wanted for my birthday.” Jimin said, a lump forming in his throat.

Chanyeol looked Jimin in the eyes, seeing his pain in them.

“And Taehyung… didn’t like Jungwoo at all. I wasn’t really sure why. And Jungkook… I can tell that he was a little scared when they first met him. I knew that it wasn’t usual for a man to hang out with kids. But Jungwoo was really different. It’s just- ” Jimin paused.

“I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what went wrong. Jungwoo… he just changed, in a matter of hours.” Jimin said, confused.

Chanyeol could sort of see where this story was going now.

“Basically….” Jimin got straight to the point. He took a deep breath.


“He... he raped us.”


There was a silence as Jimin sniffled. Chanyeol didn’t know what to say at this point, he’s never had anyone tell him something like this before.

Chanyeol sat in silence, unsure of what to say next.

“He… he let a bunch of men…” Jimin started to cry again.

“He let a bunch of men rape us too.” Jimin said, his voice cracking.

Chanyeol thought of something to say, but nothing came to his mind. He just sat there, staring at Jimin.

“It...It ruined me.” Jimin put his head down as he cried.

“Jimin, I…” Chanyeol started, only to stop his sentence.

“You don’t have to say anything…” Jimin whispered, still crying.

“I...I hurt my friends, so bad. I-I trusted Jungwoo so much. He wasn’t himself that night….” Jimin cried.

“When the police found us…. Jungwoo…” Jimin sniffled.

“Jungwoo killed himself.” Jimin cried harder.

Chanyeol was confused. He realized that Jimin cried more when he talked about Jungwoo’s death than Jungwoo & the men raping him and his friends.

Does Jimin care about Jungwoo more than his friends? Chanyeol thought.

“I hurt my friends, I ruined their life…They didn’t deserve to be dragged into that. I - I’m an idiot. It should’ve been just me.” Jimin started to cry harder.

“No, Jimin. Don’t - don’t say that. You didn’t deserve anything. No one deserves to be raped.” Chanyeol spoke up.

“Taehyung…” Jimin spoke loud and clear. “Taehyung hates me, he’s never going to talk to me again. We - we had a fight right before we were raped, and the last thing he told me… was he hated me.” Jimin said.

“I miss them so much.” Jimin whispered.

There was a long silence as the only thing heard in the room was Jimin’s sniffing. Chanyeol was quiet.

I know what he’s thinking, Jimin thought.

“Look… I know you probably think that I’m a disgusting, terrible person now, and you’re never going to talk to me-” Jimin started.

“No! No way, Jimin. Don’t say that. I would never think that about you. What happened was out of your control.” Chanyeol said, holding onto Jimin’s arms.

“But… my dad-” Jimin started, before stopping with a sigh.

“And Taehyung and Jungkook will never forgive me. I- I should’ve killed myself a long time ago.” He said.

“No, Jimin. Stop.” Chanyeol started softly.

“It’s true! I’m a fucking disgrace to this entire earth.” Jimin cried in frustration, before standing up.

Chanyeol grabbed Jimin’s arm and tried to hug him.

“No, get off of me.” Jimin pushed Chanyeol away, rejecting his hug.

“Jimin, please. Calm down. It’s okay.” Chanyeol said comfortingly, standing up with Jimin.

“Nothing is okay!” Jimin screamed, his voice shaking.


“Jimin… things will get better.” Chanyeol tried to help.

Jimin shook his head and broke down into tears again, walking into Chanyeol’s arms.

“Shh.” Chanyeol said, rubbing Jimin’s back comfortingly.

“I wanna forget this pain.” Jimin mumbled into Chanyeol’s chest.


Chanyeol felt terrible. He knew that Jimin was hurting really bad. He knew that Jimin had no one by his side.

“Jiminie…” Chanyeol said, lifting Jimin’s chin so that he could look up at him.

Jimin closed his eyes. “Open your eyes, beautiful.” Chanyeol said softly.

Jimin’s puffy, tearful, red eyes slowly opened to look at Chanyeol.

All of a sudden, Chanyeol felt different about Jimin. He saw the brokenness in Jimin’s eyes but he also saw the beauty.

They stared into each other’s eyes for a few long seconds before Jimin spoke.

“Hyung…” Jimin whispered. “Please… take the pain away.” He whispered.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure what Jimin meant by this. But he did want to kiss Jimin right now.

A kiss would help him right now, Chanyeol thought.

Slowly, Chanyeol leaned down to press a gentle kiss to Jimin’s lips.

Jimin didn’t kiss him back.

When Chanyeol pulled away after a few seconds, Jimin was looking up at him with wide eyes. He seemed to be in shock.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, Chanyeol thought.

"You…” Jimin started to speak.

“You like me?” Jimin asked in shock.

“Of course.” Chanyeol said. “I want to help you.” Chanyeol said, pressing his forehead against Jimin’s.

“You deserve better, Jimin.” Chanyeol said sweetly.

Jimin wanted to cry again, he’s never had anyone say this to him before. All along, he thought that he was worthless. He thought that he deserved everything that happened to him. He thought that he deserved to be dead.

He thought that no one liked him anymore. He thought no one wanted him. Not even his own parents.

He just wanted to someone to accept him. He wanted someone to want him.

“Do- Do you want me?” Jimin asked timidly.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure what Jimin meant by “want”.


“Yeah, Jimin… I want you.” Chanyeol whispered.

Chapter Text



After that night that Jimin had a deep talk with Chanyeol, opening up about his past, Chanyeol started to hang out with Jimin more often.

He realized how lonely Jimin was, how sad he was, how lost he was.

Jimin didn’t even have many friends in the school and he’s been in the school for 2 years already.

Chanyeol felt bad about not talking to him much before, he always thought that Jimin was just shy… but it turns out that Jimin was just struggling with his dark past so he isolated himself.

Chanyeol started to realize small things about Jimin. His eye smile, his cute crooked tooth, his chubby cheeks, his plump lips...

Chanyeol couldn’t help but smile every time Jimin giggled.

As him and Jimin got closer, Chanyeol only noticed more of Jimin’s beauty.

Chanyeol started to hang out with his friends less, and started to hang out with Jimin more.

At first, his friends didn’t mind, Jimin was his roommate after all. But when Chanyeol started to put Jimin before everything, that’s when things started to get out of hand.

Chanyeol started to put Jimin before his friends, and his schoolwork. And no one knew why. Because of this, his friends started to get annoyed and maybe jealous.

“What the hell is so good about that Jimin kid?” Sehun said, leaning against the wall in the locker room. Sehun was Chanyeol’s best friend since kindergarten, they told each other everything, but lately Chanyeol hasn’t been speaking to him much. He stopped telling Sehun his secrets, and that bothered Sehun. They never kept anything from each other.

“Maybe… maybe they’re sleeping around together?” Jongin said, taking off his sweaty shirt and throwing it on the floor.

“I don’t know. You know that Chanyeol isn’t like that. He doesn’t fuck people for fun, he likes relationships.” Sehun said, taking a sip of his Gatorade.

“Then I guess they’re dating.” Jongin said, starting to search his locker.

“But what’s so special about him? I mean, he isn’t really that good-looking, he’s dumb, and he’s fat. So he has to fuck good.” Suho said suddenly, insulting Jimin and laughing. Sehun laughed with him.

Jongin didn’t really laugh, he just stayed silent and continued to look for a new shirt in his locker. The other 2 boys noticed his silence.

“What? Do you like him?” Sehun asked, folding his arms in front of him.

Jongin shrugged. “No, not really. But I don’t think you should insult him.” Jongin said, finally finding his shirt.

Sehun and Suho both rolled their eyes. “I just don’t understand. Why does Chanyeol not want us to know about them?” Sehun asked.

“How about we just ask him if they’re dating or not?” Jongin said with a sigh, he was actually getting annoyed of this conversation. His friends were making such a big deal about Chanyeol & Jimin.

“Fine, let’s talk to him tonight.” Suho said, before the other two boys nodded.



7:53 PM

Chanyeol & Jimin had just got back from the library.

Chanyeol was acting very energetic, while Jimin… was acting different.

“The book is very different from the movie. In the movie, Eun Ha doesn’t actually die, that’s why she-” Chanyeol was rambling until he noticed Jimin sitting quietly on his bed, looking out of the window.

“Jimin? Did you hear me?” Chanyeol asked, taking off his jacket and hanging it up.

Jimin turned away from the window before sighing. “Hyung…” Jimin said, he looked nervous.

“Yeah?” Chanyeol said, noticing the look on Jimin’s face.

“You like me, right?” Jimin asked suddenly, playing with his fingers.

“Of course I do, Minie.” Chanyeol said, using his nickname that he made for Jimin since he was so tinier than him.

Jimin bit his lip nervously. “Do you like me… a lot?” Jimin asked, playing with the ring on his finger.

Chanyeol walked closer to Jimin on the bed. “Yes, Jimin. I do.” Chanyeol said, grabbing Jimin’s face and holding it in his hands.

Jimin looked into Chanyeol’s eyes, before removing Chanyeol’s hands from his face. Jimin held Chanyeol’s hands in his.

“Hyung… Will you have sex with me?” Jimin asked suddenly.

Chanyeol didn’t expect this. Why was Jimin asking him this?

“J-Jimin...I- why?” Chanyeol asked, confused.

“Because…” Jimin whispered. “It hurts…” Jimin said, tears building up in his eyes suddenly.

“What’s hurting, Jimin?” Chanyeol asked, staring deeply into Jimin’s eyes.

Jimin sniffled. “Everything…” He whispered.

“I...I wish I was a regular teen.” Jimin said, tears starting to fall from his eyes.

“Jimin, you are regular.” Chanyeol said, wiping away Jimin’s tears with his thumbs.

“No, I’m not.” Jimin said, more tears falling from his eyes.

“The last thing that I remember is… that moment, the rape. And I… I just want it get off of my mind. It’s all I think about.” Jimin cried.

Chanyeol didn’t really want to tell Jimin no. “Jimin, I… I don’t know-”

“Hyung, please… take the pain away.” Jimin cried, looking up at Chanyeol.

Jimin felt like sex would wash away his pain.


Chanyeol wasn’t sure about this.

“Please, hyung. Please.” Jimin begged. Jimin was literally begging Chanyeol to have sex with him.

Chanyeol didn’t understand why Jimin wanted this so bad.

“Jimin… but why?” Chanyeol asked again.

There was a long silence, before Jimin sighed deeply.

“I want to know… what it’s like when it feels good.” Jimin said honestly, he seemed a little ashamed to be admitting this.


At that moment, Chanyeol understood him. The last thing that Jimin remembers is the pain, he wanted to know what the pleasure feels like.




8:37 PM

“So who’s gonna ask him?” Sehun asked, walking into the elevator first and pressing the 4th floor button.

Suho followed behind him, stepping to the side of the elevator. Jongin decided not to go with them, he told the boys that he had a lot of homework to do, but the real reason that he didn’t come was because he actually had no problems with Chanyeol hanging out with Jimin.

“How about you ask him, since you’re the one who’s jealous.” Suho said, pressing the 4th floor button after Sehun had already pressed it.

“I pressed it already.” Sehun said, rolling his eyes, Suho snickered.

“And no, I’m not jealous. I just wanna know what’s so special about Jimin. If they are dating, I don’t care.” Sehun said, not looking at Suho. Suho scoffed and Sehun rolled his eyes again.

When the elevator got down to the 4th floor, Sehun looked at Suho. “What’s his room number again?” Sehun asked.

Suho got off the elevator first. “413. How do you not know this? He’s been in the same room for almost three years.” Suho said, looking at his dongsaeng like he was a fool.

“I forgot.” Sehun said simply, walking out behind Suho.

The hallway wasn’t very bright, since it was nighttime which meant that the lights will dim down lower.

Sehun and Suho walked down the hallway, looking at the dorm room numbers.

403. 404. 405. 406. 407. 408. 409.

“410. 411. 412… 413.” Sehun mumbled to himself.

Suho was just about to knock on the door when Sehun stopped him. “Wait…” Sehun whispered, grabbing Suho’s arm to stop him.

Suho looked at him, confused, before he started to listen to the door.

“You hear that?” Sehun whispered as low as he can. Suho nodded and shushed him to listen to the door closely.


“Go deeper.” Jimin moaned softly. They could hear the bed creaking slightly.

Sehun and Suho looked at each other with shocked looks on their faces.



Chanyeol grunted as he thrusted into Jimin beneath him. He wasn’t going too fast or too slow, but Jimin wanted more.

Jimin let out high pitched, sexy moans. “Fuck.” He cursed, spreading his legs wider for Chanyeol.

Chanyeol looked down at where their bodies met. He couldn’t help but pound faster into Jimin’s petite body.

Jimin’s moans got louder as Chanyeol went deeper, changing his angle a bit.

Jimin didn’t expect it to feel this good. Jimin looked down at where Chanyeol’s big cock was entering him. He bit his lip and moaned at the sight. It was so fascinating to him. He never knew that something could make him feel this good.

“God, it’s so good.” Jimin panted out, thrusting his hips up.

“Shit.” Chanyeol cursed at Jimin’s words and thrusted harder.

Jimin whined as he spread his legs even wider. No matter what, he wanted more. It only got better and better.

Chanyeol leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to Jimin’s lips, before getting even closer to Jimin’s body, pushing deeper into him.

Jimin gasped, he was in pure ecstasy. “It’s so deep.” Jimin whispered, he might’ve been thinking out loud.

Chanyeol moaned loudly, Jimin’s walls were just too much, he felt himself getting closer to orgasm each second.

“S-so tight, Minie.” Chanyeol said in a low, deep voice.

“Hm? It’s tight?” Jimin asked, looking into Chanyeol’s eyes.

Fuck, Jimin was acting so innocent.

“Fuck, ah, Jiminie.” Chanyeol said, starting to lose control of his body. He tried to calm down but his body wouldn’t let him stop pounding into Jimin.

Chanyeol let out a shaky breath, before lifting Jimin’s leg and pinning him down.

Jimin’s moans were so cute, Chanyeol thought, he just wanted to screw the shit out of him… (but not literally.)

Chanyeol couldn’t stop himself, he just held Jimin down and fucked him like crazy.

“Ah, hyung!” Jimin screamed. Chanyeol wasn’t hurting him, it just felt too good.

Chanyeol’s breath sped up as he fucked relentlessly into Jimin. He felt himself getting closer.

Jimin gasped suddenly, grabbing onto Chanyeol’s arm. “Oh God, do that again.” He said breathlessly. Chanyeol must’ve hit a certain spot in him.

Chanyeol continued to pound deeper and faster into Jimin, hitting his sweet spot over and over again.

“Yes, yes, yes fuck.” Jimin whispered out, his breath shaky.

“You like that, baby?” Chanyeol asked in a sexy deep voice, looking into Jimin’s eyes while he pounded deep into him.

Jimin nodded and whined, he couldn’t talk anymore. He felt something building up in his stomach.

Jimin looked back down at where their bodies met, seeing Chanyeol’s cock go in and out of him. It looked and sounded so good, making a wet sound every time Chanyeol pushed in and pulled out.

Jimin couldn’t stop looking as he felt his orgasm coming.

“Oh my God.” Jimin said with a shaky voice, looking up to see Chanyeol staring directly at his face, with sweat glistening over him.

At this moment, Jimin knew that he was going to cum untouched.

He felt his hole clench uncontrollably as his body shuddered hard. “Oh fuck, Chan-.” Jimin cursed and Chanyeol reached down to touch his hard member.

Jimin gasped as he came before Chanyeol could fully touch his cock. He arched his back, gripping onto Chanyeol’s arm as he threw his head back. His hips shook uncontrollably as his moans echoed throughout the room. He didn’t mean to be so loud.

Chanyeol moaned, feeling Jimin’s walls clench around his cock. “Minie-” Chanyeol started before his orgasm took over his body. His hips stuttered as he came deep into Jimin, moaning loudly. He held Jimin down as he came into him. “Fuck.” Chanyeol groaned as he breathe heavily.

Chanyeol hissed as he thrusted into Jimin one last time before collapsing on top of him with his cock still deep inside of him.

Jimin’s vision was fuzzy as he tried to catch his breath.


This is the best feeling in the world, Jimin thought.



2 months later


After Jimin had sex with Chanyeol, he seemed to be a whole new person.

Chanyeol knew that sex could change some people, but it affected Jimin drastically.

He seemed a little… happier, which was always a good thing. But Jimin started to skip his classes most of the time. He stopped caring for his homework and schoolwork. If he did go to class, he wouldn’t do anything except text Chanyeol and sleep on the desk.

His teachers would try to talk to him but he would just get a little rude. Jimin was still a sweet boy, just more sarcastic. He didn’t seem so shy anymore. All of his classmates noticed, and started to talk shit about him.

“What the hell is wrong with him lately?”
“I thought he was a goody two shoes.”
“He’s changed.”
“Wow, he’s gotten rude.”

They talked shit about Jimin like they knew him well.


Chanyeol’s friends didn’t speak to him much anymore, they seemed to be avoiding him. Whenever Chanyeol tried to speak with them and hang out with them more, they would make up some lame excuse.

“I have tests to study for.” Suho said one day. Chanyeol knew that was a lie, because Suho never studied.

“Okay, then I’ll come study with you.” Chanyeol said, following his friend to his dorm.

“No, I - I focus better when I’m alone. Maybe we can hang out next time.” Suho said quickly, trying to get Chanyeol to go away.

“O- oh… well, okay then.” Chanyeol said, taking the hint. “See you tomorrow.” Chanyeol said, stopping in his tracks and waving goodbye to Suho.

Suho didn’t even look back at him.

Why are my friends acting like this towards me? Chanyeol thought.



Later that night, Chanyeol decided to go talk to his friends at their dorm.

302. Chanyeol looked at the room number before knocking on the door 4 times. He could hear the loud laughter.

A few seconds later, Suho was calling out. “Who is it?” He yelled.

“It’s Chanyeol.” Chanyeol said, waiting for a response.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped and everything went silent for a while.
Chanyeol stood for about a whole minute, awkward and confused.

Soon, Jongin was opening the door, peeking his head out. “Uh, hey hyung.” Jongin said, smiling a bit. Chanyeol could tell that it was a fake smile.

“Can I talk to you guys?” Chanyeol asked with a worried look on his face.

“Um…” Jongin said before turning around to look back at Suho and Sehun. They must’ve said yes.

“Yeah, sure.” Jongin said, fully opening the door for Chanyeol.

Chanyeol walked into the room, seeing Sehun and Suho sitting on the bed, staring at him with unreadable looks on their faces. They didn’t really look pleased to see Chanyeol.

Jongin closed the door before Chanyeol sighed.

Just get to the point, Chanyeol thought.

“So… what’s up with you guys?” Chanyeol asked boldly and bluntly.

“I don’t know… isn’t that something that we should be asking you?” Suho said.

“What’re you talking about? You guys have been acting so weird towards me lately. Did I do something wrong?” Chanyeol asked, already feeling himself getting a little angry.

The boys didn’t answer.

“What the hell did I do?” Chanyeol asked, he was so confused.

Sehun sighed. “Look, if you were dating that Jimin boy, you could’ve just told us that you wanted to spend more time with him instead of us.” Sehun finally spoke up, getting everything out at once.

“What? Jimin? Jimin and I…-” Chanyeol stopped his sentence. He wasn’t sure what to say. To be honest, he wasn’t even sure if he was dating Jimin or not.

The boys waited for him to finish his sentence.

“Is that what this is about? Are you jealous that I’ve been hanging out with Jimin more?” Chanyeol asked.

Suho sighed. “Are you even dating him, or not?” Suho asked.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure how to answer that. Yes, he did really like Jimin. But he had never thought about actually asking him out.

He thought that him and Jimin were already a thing without them actually making it official.

Chanyeol stood in silence.

“So are you gonna answer… or?” Sehun asked. All eyes were on Chanyeol.

“I-I really like him, okay?” Chanyeol said finally.

The boys looked confused. “Chanyeol, are you guys dating or’re just fucking?” Sehun asked.

Chanyeol felt his anger start to build up. He didn’t want them to talk about Jimin like that.

“No, it’s not like that.” Chanyeol said quickly. But now that he thought about it… it was like that.

Honestly, after he had sex with Jimin the first time… they did it again a second time.

And a third.

And a fourth time.

And maybe a fifth.

Every time Jimin had cried and thought about his past, Chanyeol would help him.

Chanyeol would help Jimin forget about the past through sex.

Chanyeol didn’t mean for it to keep happening. But Jimin had begged him 3 times.

He really hoped that Jimin wasn’t getting addicted to the sex.

Many people after experiencing sexual abuse may be afraid of having sex, but it seems like Jimin wasn’t one of those people.

Jimin was one of the people who got a bit sexual and addicted.

These thoughts hit Chanyeol like a truck, he realized that he shouldn't have gave Jimin what he wanted. He realized that he should’ve actually tried to help Jimin with his pain.

Chanyeol stood in silence as he thought about Jimin.

“We heard you guys.” Suho said suddenly. Chanyeol looked at him, confused.

“Heard what?” Chanyeol asked, getting a little worried now.

Suho then stood up from the bed, picking up his phone from the nightstand next to his bed.

Suho went through his phone as he looked for something.

Chanyeol bit his lip nervously.

Once Suho found what he was looking for, he turned up the volume on his phone.

Chanyeol listened closely, soon he was hearing Jimin’s voice come out of the phone.

“Go deeper.”
“God, it’s so good.” Jimin moaned.

Chanyeol could hear the bed creaking loudly through the phone. Chanyeol was suddenly so furious.

How did he get this audio? Chanyeol thought.

“How the fuck did you get this?! Why the hell were you sneaking by our room?!” Chanyeol screamed, grabbing Suho by his shirt.

Suho’s phone fell out his hand as the video continued to play.

“Calm down, I’m not gonna do anything with it.” Suho said, raising his voice, trying to shake Chanyeol off of him.

“Delete it, now!” Chanyeol said angrily, his face was so red. His friends had never seen him this angry. It was scary, especially because of Chanyeol’s height.

“Alright, I will. Damn, would you calm down?” Suho said lowly now, obviously feeling threatened by Chanyeol.

Chanyeol let go of Suho’s shirt, before Suho sighed and picked up his phone from the floor.

Suho stopped the audio of Jimin’s moaning, before deleting the video.

“Happy?” Suho asked sarcastically, once the video was deleted. Sehun scoffed, Jongin sat quietly in the corner, not wanting to be in this situation.

Chanyeol huffed, his face still red with anger.

“Look, just stay the fuck out of me and Jimin’s business.” Chanyeol said lastly, before turning around and opening the door.

Chanyeol left the room without looking back at his friends.



When Chanyeol got back to his dorm that night, the room was dark.

Jimin must be asleep, Chanyeol thought.

He was wrong.

“Chanyeol hyung?” Jimin called out in the dark. Chanyeol sighed, he didn’t know if he should talk to Jimin about the sex yet.

Chanyeol decided to just take off his shoes and get into bed. “Yeah.” Chanyeol said once he was in bed.

Chanyeol heard Jimin move around in his bed. Then Jimin got up and walked over to Chanyeol’s bed, before sliding in next to Chanyeol.

Chanyeol didn’t want to tell him to leave, so he just cuddled Jimin in his arms, holding him tight.

Jimin buried his face into Chanyeol’s chest, breathing in his scent.

They cuddled together for about 3 minutes, before Chanyeol laced his fingers between Jimin’s small fingers. As Chanyeol played with Jimin’s fingers, he felt himself slowly drifting off to sleep.

It’s been a long day, Chanyeol thought.

Suddenly, Chanyeol felt Jimin’s small lips kissing his face. “Wake up.” Jimin whined.

Chanyeol sighed, he was really tired. “What do you want?” Chanyeol mumbled, his eyes still closed.

Jimin kissed Chanyeol’s lips softly. “Hyung, I wanna play.” Jimin whispered.

Chanyeol knew what Jimin wanted, but he was not going to give it to him this time.

Chanyeol pretended that he didn’t hear what Jimin said, keeping his eyes closed.

When Jimin got no response, he whined like a spoiled brat. “Hyuungg…. Wake up.” Jimin whined.

Chanyeol ignored Jimin again. Jimin giggled before getting serious. “I know you heard me, Chanyeol.” Jimin said seriously.

Chanyeol opened his eyes this time, sighing. “Jimin, I’m tired.” Chanyeol said in all seriousness.

“But hyung… I want you.” Jimin whispered seductively, sliding his hand down Chanyeol’s chest.

“Jiminie… no, stop.” Chanyeol said seriously, removing Jimin’s hand from chest.

Jimin started to giggle. “But hyung, please…” He whined, laughing.

“Jimin, not now. Okay?” Chanyeol said, starting to push Jimin away from him.

Jimin started to get offended. “Why not? Come on, please?” Jimin begged, quickly sliding his hand down to Chanyeol’s crotch.

Chanyeol was starting to get frustrated, he moved Jimin’s hands off of him again. “I said stop, Jimin.” Chanyeol said, groaning in frustration.

Jimin climbed on top of Chanyeol. “Chanyeol…” Jimin whined as he bounced on top of Chanyeol.

Chanyeol sighed for the 178th time. “Jimin, I’m serious.” He said in a serious tone, but Jimin only started to giggle. He wasn’t understanding how serious Chanyeol was being right now.

“Hyung, please... I want your dick so bad.” Jimin whispered, rubbing on Chanyeol’s crotch.

At the moment, Chanyeol was fed up. “Jimin, would you fucking stop?!” Chanyeol yelled. He threw Jimin off of him, sending him onto the floor. Jimin fell to the floor hard, making a loud thump noise.

Jimin gasped as he hit the floor. He didn’t expect Chanyeol to do that to him.

Chanyeol sat up before turning on the light next to his bed. He saw Jimin’s face, filled with shock and confusion.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Chanyeol raised his voice at Jimin.

Jimin sat on the floor, with tears coming to his eyes. “I- I’m sorry.” Jimin pouted before bursting into tears, covering his face.

He didn’t know why he was like this.

Chanyeol didn’t mean to throw Jimin onto the floor, but he was just frustrating him. Chanyeol felt bad about 10 seconds of Jimin crying silently.

Chanyeol sighed. “Jimin… Minie, I’m sorry. I didn’t -” Chanyeol started to apologize

“N-no.” Jimin said through his tears. “I’m- I’m s-sorry. I - I’m ridiculous.” Jimin hiccuped, still covering his face..

“No, you’re not. I’m sorry.” Chanyeol apologized again, getting up out of his bed to help Jimin stand up.

“I-I-I don’t know w-why I’m like t-this.” Jimin cried harder. Chanyeol sat on the floor with Jimin.

Chanyeol wasn’t sure what to say to that, so instead he just hugged Jimin and let him cry into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Minie. Shh, don’t cry.” Chanyeol rubbed Jimin’s back comfortingly.

“Hyung, d-do you… you don’t want me anymore?” Jimin asked, still hiccuping.

“Jimin, I do want you…” Chanyeol said, before pulling away and holding Jimin’s face. “But I don’t want you for your body. I want you for you.” Chanyeol said, looking Jimin in the eyes.

Jimin listened closely to the words that Chanyeol were saying.

“Okay? Do you hear me? Don’t just give your body to anyone. Not everyone deserves you. Your body is precious, Jimin. You’re precious. Do you know that?” Chanyeol said, staring into Jimin's eyes to make sure that he was understanding him.

Jimin sniffled as he continued to listen to Chanyeol.

“Your body is a gift, Jimin. Don’t just let anyone have it.” Chanyeol said.

“B-but, I want hyung to have my body.” Jimin said, sniffling.

“But Minie, that’s not all I want from you…” Chanyeol said, he felt like Jimin wasn’t understanding him well.

“Then...w-what do you want from me?” Jimin cried, never losing eye contact with Chanyeol.

Chanyeol wiped Jimin’s tears.


“I only want your heart.” Chanyeol whispered.

Chapter Text

8 Months Later


October 13th, 2016


Jimin was sitting inside of a cafe, waiting for Chanyeol.

They had a date scheduled for 7:00 PM, but Chanyeol hasn’t showed up yet.

Jimin had asked Chanyeol if the time was too early, but Chanyeol said that 7:00 was fine.  He said that he promised his friends that he would hang out with them that day. Jimin knew that Chanyeol’s friends were jealous, and always talked shit about Jimin… which is why he always tried to avoid them.

Chanyeol promised that he would be at the cafe by 7:00.

At first, Jimin sat there patiently, playing games on his phone for about 20 minutes. Then he decided to text Chanyeol at 7:30.


Chanyeol ♡

Hyung, where are you?

Delivered 7:30 PM


Jimin sent the message before turning off his phone screen. He sighed before looking around the cafe.

He noticed that many students were there, probably because it was Friday.

Jimin sat there, bored, for about 20 more minutes. He was starting to get hungry.

He stood up from his seat and walked up to the counter to order something. He wasn’t sure what he wanted, but he was craving something sweet.

He looked at the menu above the counter and decided that he should buy him and Chanyeol some cookies.

“Good evening, how may I help you?” The girl behind the counter asked. She had short blonde hair, and she was kind of taller than Jimin. Jimin hated when girls were taller than him, it made him feel embarrassed and smaller than he already was.

“Um, can I just have 4 chocolate chip cookies please?” Jimin said as loud as he can, the music in the cafe was playing really loud.

The girl nodded before getting a small plate to put the cookies onto. The cookies were pretty large. The girl put the 4 cookies onto the plate before telling Jimin the price.

“5,000 won.” The girl said, before handing Jimin the plate.

Jimin thought that 5,000 won ($5) was really cheap for 4 cookies. He pulled out his wallet, paying her before giving her a smile. The girl smiled back. “Next!” She then said loudly.

Jimin walked back to his seat, ignoring the crowd that stared at him.

At 8:30, 2 cookies were gone and Chanyeol still hasn’t showed up. He hasn’t even answered Jimin’s text.


Chanyeol ♡

Hyung, if you couldn’t make it all you had to do was tell me. You didn’t have to make me sit here and look like an idiot.

Delivered 8:31 PM


Jimin sent the message, hoping that he would get an answer back.

He sat there for 20 more minutes… and he wasn’t sure why.

Just face it, Jimin. You got stood up by your own roommate. Your own boyfriend. Jimin thought to himself.


Chanyeol ♡

I’m leaving

Delivered 8:50 PM


Jimin sent the message, but he didn’t leave until it was 9:00, when the cafe was almost empty.

Jimin left the cafe with his head down, he was so embarrassed.

Why would his own boyfriend do that to him? Jimin tried to hold back his tears and just decided that he would ignore Chanyeol when he got back to his room.

Jimin decided to take a walk in the park that was across the street from his school.

He walked slowly, breathing in the air. He hasn’t had some time to himself in a while. He needed some time to clear his head.

The park was really dark. It was filled with green trees, flowers, benches, lakes…

It reminded him of the place that him and Jungwoo used to meet…

Jimin sat down on the bench, sighing.

All of a sudden he felt sadness and pain take over his body.

He sniffled and looked at the lake in front of him. It reminded him so much of Jungwoo.

Jimin burst into tears, thinking of Jungwoo. He wished that he was still around. If he was still around, he would’ve prevented this pain.

But what Jimin didn’t realize is that Jungwoo is one of the reasons that he was feeling this pain.

Jimin covered his face, crying softly.

“Jimin, are you crying?” Jimin heard a voice next to him. The voice sounded very familiar. Jimin kept his face covered as he cried.

The person sat next to Jimin, putting a comforting arm round around him.

“G-go away, Chanyeol.” Jimin said, moving away from the person.

When Jimin removed his hands from his face, he realize that it wasn’t Chanyeol who was sitting next to him…

It was Jungwoo.

Jimin looked at Jungwoo in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“J-Jungwoo hyung?” Jimin sniffled. Jungwoo didn’t look much different from the last time he saw him.

Jimin thought he was still as handsome as ever.

“Hyung, what’re you doing here?” Jimin asked, wiping his face. Jungwoo smiled at him, making Jimin realize how much he missed that smile.

“Surprise.” Jungwoo said with a smile.

Jimin attacked Jungwoo into a hug, hugging him tightly. Jungwoo hugged him back tighter.

“H-hyung, I missed you so much.” Jimin cried into Jungwoo’s shoulder.

“I missed you more, baby.” Jungwoo said, squeezing Jimin tight.

“Why’re you sitting here, all alone?” Jungwoo asked, pulling away from Jimin’s hug to look him in the eyes.

“I- I got stood up.” Jimin said, sniffling. He grabbed onto Jungwoo’s hand to make sure that he was really there with him. He couldn’t believe it.

“By Chanyeol?” Jungwoo asked, catching Jimin off guard. How does he know about Chanyeol? Jimin thought.

“Yeah…” Jimin said, holding Jungwoo’s hand tight.

There was a silence as Jungwoo looked at the lake in front of them, Jimin continued to observe Jungwoo, he wasn’t sure if he was real or not.

“So he’s your boyfriend?” Jungwoo asked suddenly, his voice changing into a deeper tone.

Jimin jumped a little. He knew that Jungwoo would get upset about who he dated.

“Um… I guess, yeah.” Jimin said, avoiding eye contact with Jungwoo.

“Don’t worry, I’m not mad. It’s just-” Jungwoo said, sliding his hand onto Jimin’s thigh.

“I don’t want him to break your heart.” Jungwoo said, looking Jimin in the eyes.

“No, Chanyeol isn’t like that. Really, he’s sweet. It’s just tonight...I guess he got busy.” Jimin said, rubbing his thumb over Jungwoo’s hand.

Jungwoo nodded silently, and looked back at the lake.

There was another long silence that lasted for about 2 minutes, Jimin continued to hold Jungwoo’s hand.

He really missed just sitting there with Jungwoo, and forgetting about all of his problems for a while.

“But he’ll never love you like I did.” Jungwoo spoke suddenly, breaking the silence.

Jimin nodded because that was true, no one will ever show him the love that Jungwoo did.

They sat in silence again for a while, before Jimin spoke.

“If you loved me so much, then why did you hurt me?” Jimin asked the question that he’s been waiting to ask for a long time.

Jungwoo looked at Jimin, he seemed to be caught off guard by this question.

“I…” Jungwoo started before looking back at the lake.

Jimin looked at Jungwoo, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Jungwoo stayed silent for a while… but then he looked back at Jimin with tears in his eyes.

“I didn’t mean to...” Jungwoo said, his voice shaking, as a tear fell down his cheek.

Jimin had never seen his hyung cry before.

“I’m so sorry.” Jungwoo cried, as Jimin pulled him into a hug.

A tear fell down Jimin’s cheek. He knew that Jungwoo didn’t mean to hurt him and his friends. He knew that Jungwoo was a good person. He hugged Jungwoo tighter, letting him cry.

“I hate myself for hurting you.” Jungwoo cried into Jimin’s shoulder.

“It’s okay.” Jimin whispered. He wasn’t sure if he just forgave Jungwoo or not.

“It’s not okay.” Jungwoo cried harder.

Jimin pulled away from Jungwoo’s hug to look him in the eyes. “Hyung, it’s okay. I still love you.” Jimin whispered, putting his small hand on Jungwoo’s face.

Jungwoo shook his head, he was pretty sure that Jimin didn’t know what he was saying. Jimin didn’t know that what Jungwoo did was terrible. More than terrible.

Jimin looked him in the eyes before doing something that he least expected.

Jimin kissed Jungwoo on the lips for a few seconds, Jungwoo didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.

When Jimin tried to pull away from the kiss, Jungwoo held him close, kissing him harder.

They kissed for a few minutes. Jungwoo held Jimin close, making sure that he didn’t break the kiss.

When Jimin finally pulled away, he was breathing heavily.

“Hyung, I miss you…”


“Hyung, I miss you.” Jimin mumbled in his sleep, hugging his pillow close to his body.

“Jimin, wake up.” Chanyeol shook Jimin’s shoulder for the 5th time, finally waking him up.

Jimin sat up abruptly, realizing that he was crying. He opened his eyes and immediately started to wipe his tears. This was the 8th time that he’s had a dream about Jungwoo in the past few months.

He was upset that they were just dreams.

When Jimin looked up to see Chanyeol…

Chanyeol wasn’t alone.

It was Chanyeol, his friends, the school principal, a police officer….

And Jimin’s parents.

Jimin’s heart stopped as he looked at the people who were standing in the doorway.

“W-what’s going on?” Jimin asked nervously, his voice hoarse.

“Jimin, I heard about what happened yesterday.” The principal said, walking further into the room.

How the hell does she know what happened? Jimin thought.

“So, we’ve decided to call your parents.” The principal said, she looked really nervous to be talking to Jimin.

“Why? What happened yesterday was a misunderstanding. I’m fine, really.” Jimin said, looking at his parents nervously.

He hasn’t seen his parents in three whole years. He hasn’t even spoken to them.

They never called to ask Jimin if he was okay. They never called to see if he was coming home for Christmas.

They never even called to tell him happy birthday.

But Jimin didn’t mind… he didn’t celebrate his birthday anyways.

“Jimin… you do understand that what you did was... unacceptable?” His principal spoke to him really slowly, like he was stupid…

Or crazy.

Jimin nodded. “Yes, I- I know but -” Jimin stuttered, trying to find an excuse for what happened yesterday.

All eyes were on him and he felt like was going to go crazy… again.

“Jimin, I’m sorry. But I’m afraid that you’re going to have to leave.” The principal spoke slowly again, looking Jimin in the eyes.

Leave? Leave the school? Jimin didn’t want to go home, not with his parents.

“B-but why? I don’t understand, I- please. I’m okay, I swear.” Jimin said. He looked at Chanyeol who was staring at him sadly.

Chanyeol’s friends were staring at Jimin like he was crazy. So were Jimin’s parents.

The principal sighed. “I’m sorry, but you have to go.” She said before walking over to Jimin’s parents.

Jimin’s mother looked scared and worried, while Jimin’s father looked pissed… but also a little worried too.

Jimin sat on his bed, hopelessly. He didn’t know what to do.

How could Chanyeol throw him under the bus like this?

Jimin looked over to Chanyeol, before standing up angrily. “How could you do this to me?” Jimin said to Chanyeol, looking him in the eyes.

Everyone in the room backed away from Jimin, moving towards the door.

Jimin saw fear in Chanyeol’s eyes. “J-Jimin, I…” Chanyeol tried to find words that didn’t sound rude.

“ need help.” Chanyeol spoke lowly to Jimin.

Jimin scoffed. “What help do I need? I’m fucking fine, how many times do I have to tell you that?” Jimin started to raise his voice.

“Okay, Jimin. It’s time to go. Pack your things-” The principal said, grabbing onto Jimin’s arm.

Jimin shook her off roughly, he wasn’t done speaking to Chanyeol.

“Really, Chanyeol? You called the fucking police on me? And my parents? Are you fucking kidding me!?” Jimin started to scream at Chanyeol.

Jimin’s mother jumped at his swearing. She had never seen her son like this, ever. He seemed to be a whole new person.

Chanyeol looked at Jimin nervously, before grabbing his wrists to calm him down. But Jimin didn’t calm down.

“Get off of me.” Jimin said angrily, making Chanyeol let go of his wrists.

“Jimin, I’m sorry.” Chanyeol apologized for everything that happened yesterday.

“I knew you never loved me.” Jimin whispered, with tears coming to his eyes.

“Jimin, what’re you talking about? You know how much-” Chanyeol tried to speak, before he was getting cut off by Jimin slapping him straight across his face.

“Shut up.” Jimin said as he slapped Chanyeol across his right cheek.

“Jimin, that’s enough!” The principal yelled before grabbing Jimin’s arm.

“Get the fuck off of me!” Jimin screamed, as the police officer grabbed him and tried to calm him down.

Chanyeol watched Jimin, in shock.

Suho, Jongin, and Sehun watched the scene silently. They weren’t surprised with Jimin’s behavior after seeing what happened yesterday. His behavior had been out of control for months actually.

“Please, calm down.” The police officer said as calmly as he could, trying to calm Jimin down.

“Jimin, we have to go.” His mother finally spoke, she looked at her son with fear.

Many students started to come out of their rooms to see what was going on.

“Jimin!” His mother screamed, walking over to her son.

“Let me go!” Jimin screamed, he was trying to fight the police officer.

The police officer had to carry Jimin out of the room because he refused to leave.


7 Hours Later 

6:53 PM

Most of the car ride back home was silent, but only because Jimin had fell asleep as soon he got into the car.

“What should we do?” Jimin’s mother asked with a sigh, lifting her head from the window.

Her husband sighed. “I don’t know.” He said, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I told you that we should’ve gotten him therapy. But you didn’t listen to me.” His mother said, sighing deeply.

“Look, I didn’t think it would be that bad.” Jimin father said, shrugging a little.

“You didn’t think it would be that bad? Our son was raped and you didn’t think it would be that bad? You didn’t think that he would need a little help dealing with that?” Jimin’s mother spoke louder now, she was getting angry at her husband’s ignorance.

“It was his fault for talking to that man. How the hell do we know what happened between them? Maybe Jimin was already letting the man do those things to him.” Jimin’s father said, driving a little faster now.

“You know that our son was not like that, he- he was a good boy and-” His wife spoke, with tears coming to her eyes.

“He’s a fag.” Jimin’s father said coldly.

Jimin’s mother felt her blood boiling, but she couldn’t find anything to say.

She turned her head away from her husband in anger, staying silent for about 5 minutes before speaking again.

“Well if he was seeing that man often… why do you think he kept going to him?” Jimin’s mother asked her husband, curious about what he would say as an excuse for his abuse.

Jimin’s dad sat silently for a while, trying to find the words to say.

“I don’t know…how about you ask your son.” His father said coldly. He knew the real reason why Jimin would go to another man.

It was because Jimin couldn’t go to his own father.

“He’s your son, too. He’s our son. We’re - we’re his parents and we didn’t even know that he went missing that night.” Jimin’s mother said, with her voice shaking.

“He always snuck out of the house, how the hell were we supposed to know that he was missing?" His father said before scoffing. "Actually, he wasn’t missing. He went with the man, and he brung his friends with him. His friends were just as stupid as him.” Jimin’s dad said, raising his voice in anger.

His wife looked at him in shock. “They were children!” She raised her voice.

“That’s not an excuse! They should’ve known better. They could’ve fought back!” Her husband screamed.

At this moment, Jimin had woke up from his sleep in the backseat. He had pretended that he was still asleep to listen to his parents’ argument.

“They could not fight back, there were men there! Over 50 men, are you kidding me? Our child could have died!” Jimin’s mother screamed at her husband in anger.

“Well, at least he’s still alive!” His father screamed, taking his eyes off of the road to look at his wife.


There was a long silence that filled the car.


Jimin’s mother sighed and took her eyes off her husband, as her husband looked back at the road in front of them.

“Even if he died, I wouldn’t have gave a shit.” Jimin’s dad mumbled under his breath.


Jimin shut his eyes tighter, taking in everything that his dad was saying.

Jimin’s mother looked at her husband in anger and shock. How could he say that about his own son?

“What? What the fuck are you saying?” Jimin’s mother said in anger.

“I’m saying that we wouldn’t have to deal with him if he was dead! He’s broken. He asked for it! He asked to get raped. He asked for his friends to get raped-” Jimin’s father screamed, his loud voice filling the car as he drove faster.

“Stop the car!” Jimin’s mother screamed.


Jimin's dad stopped the car as Jimin decided to open his eyes.



2 Months Later


After Jimin’s parents had the fight in the car…

Jimin’s dad stopped being home as much.

Which was a good thing for Jimin, even though he wanted his mother to divorce him.

Jimin’s dad would go to work most of the time since he had got a new job. Jimin’s mom would work a lot too, sometimes leaving Jimin home alone.

But when his dad came home, he would ignore Jimin because didn’t want to see his face.


A few weeks after Jimin had kicked out of his boarding school, Jimin’s parents had finally decided to get him therapy.

When they got him tested, they found out that he had been diagnosed with more than one mental illness. 

Jimin’s mother felt ashamed that it took them so long to get him help, but they couldn’t handle him anymore.

Jimin often had mental breakdowns. The breakdowns were extreme, sometimes he would grab a knife and threaten to kill himself.

But after that… he would go back to his regular self, and pretend that he was happy.

He would sometimes whisper to himself, he would smile for no apparent reason. At first, his mother thought that maybe he was just thinking about something funny, but it was happening too often. Sometimes he would cry and laugh at the same time. He would curse recklessly at his mom, he would leave the house randomly without telling them where he’s going.

Whenever his dad threatened to hit him, Jimin wouldn’t care. He would just giggle.

He never took anything seriously anymore.

She begged her husband not to hit him anymore, she knew that it would only make him worse.

The doctors had explained that causes of some of Jimin's illnesses included physical abuse, sexual abuse, and family problems.


Jimin’s mother knew that in order to fix Jimin… they needed to start by fixing their family.



One day, Jimin had left the house in the afternoon, without telling his mom.

His mother hated whenever he left randomly. He wouldn’t call her at all. It scared the crap out of her, and Jimin knew that..... so he kept doing it.

When Jimin came home that day, his hair was a different color and he had 4 ear piercings.

“Jimin, what the hell?!” His mother screamed.

“What? It’s just hair dye, it won’t kill you.” Jimin said, running his fingers through his newly blonde hair.

“Your ears…” His mother said, looking at his red, pierced ears.

She realized that Jimin always went out and came back home with new things, but he didn’t have any money to afford these things…

So where was he getting the money from?

“It’s only 4, mom. It’s no big deal. It didn’t even hurt.” Jimin said, smiling a little. “Do you like it?” Jimin asked, touching his left ear before stopping because he realized that it did hurt.

“No, I don’t.” His mother said with a sigh. “Now, where are you getting this money from?” She added.

Jimin froze, and kept his mouth opened but no words came out. “U-uh…” Jimin stuttered, looking around the living room.

His mother raised her eyebrow, waiting for him to answer.

Suddenly, Jimin started to laugh, confusing his mother.

“Jimin, where the hell did you get the money?” She asked again, folding her arms.

Jimin giggled again before stopping. “Okay, okay...but you can’t tell dad.” He said.

Jimin bit his lip nervously. “Um, I might’ve borrowed some from him…” Jimin said, hiding his smile.


“Jimin, are you stealing from us?” His mother asked in shocked.

Jimin started to laugh hysterically. “No, mom. I’m not stealing from you….. Just dad.” Jimin laughed.

His mother facepalmed before walking out of the living room. She didn’t even have any words to say to Jimin. She knew that he wouldn’t listen.

She was fed up with his behavior. She knew that his mental illnesses always caused him to act this way, but sometimes she felt like Jimin wasn’t taking the medication that he was given.


The truth is… Jimin wasn’t.



It took a few long months for Jimin’s parents to find a new school for him. Jimin’s father had immediately suggested putting him into another boarding school.

“No, no way. Are you crazy? He needs to be home, where we can see him and make sure that he’s okay. He needs to go to his therapy daily, and we need to make sure that he’s taking his medication.” Jimin’s mother said sternly to her husband.

She knew that she needed to start treating Jimin differently.

“Fine, then. How about we put him into that school that’s a few blocks away from here?” Her husband said, sounding careless about where they put Jimin.

“Which one? The high school that you always drive past on your way to work?” Jimin’s mother asked her husband, opening her laptop to search the school.

“Yeah, that one. It seems nice... I guess.” Jimin’s father replied carelessly, drinking an iced Americano.

His mother searched up the school, Joongdong High School.

It did seem like a nice school… so she figured, why not?



MAY 12th, 2017


“I don’t wanna wear this shitty uniform.” Jimin whined, pouting angrily.

Jimin’s mother fixed the collar on his shirt. “Jimin, language.” She warned.

“But mom…” Jimin whined like a toddler. “I don’t wanna wear this.” Jimin said, pushing his mother’s hands off of his collar.

“You have to.” His mother said with a sigh.

Jimin huffed while rolling his eyes. “Can I leave now?” He asked in annoyance.

“Your dad is driving you to school.” Jimin’s mother said with a worried look on her face, she didn’t know how Jimin was going to react to this.

Fuck, Jimin thought. “Is he gonna drive me everyday?” Jimin asked with a worried voice.

“Maybe for the first few days.” Jimin’s mother said, still trying to fix the collar on his shirt.

Jimin groaned in annoyance. He really didn’t want to talk to his dad, or even look at him.

He hates me, Jimin thought.

“Just - Just try not to do anything that will upset him.” Jimin’s mother said before fixing his sweater.

“Like what? Exist?” Jimin mumbled, looking at the floor.

Jimin’s mom looked at him quickly, before sighing. She didn’t want Jimin to think like that. She didn’t want him to be afraid to talk to his father. She didn’t want him to think that his dad wanted him gone.

“Don’t say that, honey.” Jimin’s mother said, still fixing his sweater.

Jimin pushed her hands off of him with a sigh, before silently walking away.

He picked up his book bag off of the floor before walking out of the front door.

“Have a good day at school! Try to make friends!” Jimin’s mother yelled as Jimin had already walked out of the door, and made his way to the car.

She sighed to herself and suddenly felt emotional.

He’s going to be fine, she thought.

He’s going to be okay.


Chapter Text

“Hey, did you see the new kid?” Baekhyun asked Chanyeol suddenly, trying to change the subject.

“Oh um… yeah.” Chanyeol said awkwardly.

The boys all looked at him suspiciously.

“What’s wrong?” Baekhyun asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…… I know him.” Chanyeol said, sitting down at the table.

“Really? How?” Taehyung asked, putting down his spoon.

“Uh...we used to go to school together. My last school before I came here… It was a boarding school.” Chanyeol said, not looking at the boys anymore.

“Oh…” Baekhyun said, before eating his rice again. He seemed a little jealous.

“Well…..what’s his name?” Hoseok asked, biting the apple that Baekhyun already bit.

Chanyeol got silent, as he looked around the cafeteria.

The boys looked at him, waiting for an answer.

“Um…” Chanyeol started.

“His name is Jimin.” Chanyeol said quickly, tapping the table with his finger tips.

Hoseok knew that whenever Chanyeol did awkward gestures, it usually meant that he was awkward for some reason.

“Hm?” Baekhyun asked, shoving a spoon of rice in his mouth. Chanyeol spoke way too fast for any of them to hear the name.

“Jimin, his name is Park Jimin.” Chanyeol repeated, looking at Baekhyun this time.

“Ah, right. That’s his name.” Baekhyun said, swallowing his food.


Hoseok told himself to keep that name in mind for whenever he wanted to talk to the new kid. Sometimes he couldn’t remember names well.

Hoseok had completely lost interest in this conversation in just a few seconds. He had a short attention span.

But the table had gotten very silent after Chanyeol had told the new kid’s name. Baekhyun just nodded and continued to eat his food silently. Chanyeol was still awkwardly tapping the table while looking around the cafeteria, he looked very nervous.

Hoseok took another bite out of his apple before looking at Taehyung.

Taehyung was just sitting there… like a statue.

He looked like he wasn’t even breathing.

Hoseok wondered what he was thinking. Taehyung had done that often, he’d often just sit there and think.

But this time, it looked like something terrible was going on in his head.

“Taehyung-ah…” Hoseok said right in front of Taehyung’s face, but Taehyung didn’t answer. He didn’t snap out of his thoughts.

“Are you alright?” Hoseok asked Taehyung with a confused look on his face.

Hoseok tried his best to read Taehyung’s face… but he couldn’t. Taehyung’s face was blank, as he stared at the table in front of him.

“Taehy-” Hoseok said again, before Taehyung finally snapped out of his thoughts.

Taehyung stood up abruptly, picking up his backpack off of the floor.

The boys looked at him to see what he was doing, when they realized that Taehyung was leaving they gave him confused looks.

“Where are you going?” Baekhyun asked Taehyung.

Taehyung didn’t look at his friends at all, he just turned around and quickly started to walk away.

“Taehyung, where are you going?” Baekhyun asked again, as Taehyung started to leave.

“Can I have your food!?” Baekhyun yelled, before looking at Taehyung’s abandoned lunch on the table.

Hoseok and Chanyeol started to laugh hysterically.

Baekhyun shrugged before taking Taehyung’s rice that he barely touched.

“I want the gimbap.” Hoseok said while still laughing, reaching over the table to take Taehyung’s abandoned gimbap.

“No, it’s mine.” Baekhyun said, moving the tray away from Hoseok’s hand.

“Come on.” Hoseok whined. “Please?” He said while doing a cute aegyo voice.

“Don’t do that, it’s cringey.” Chanyeol said, while moving closer to Baekhyun.

Hoseok rolled his eyes. He thought his aegyo was cute.

Baekhyun laughed before Chanyeol was opening his mouth as a way of asking for rice.

Baekhyun didn’t hesitate to give Chanyeol some of his rice. He lifted the spoon to Chanyeol lips, feeding him.

After Baekhyun had fed him, Chanyeol smiled cutely. Baekhyun smirked before looking away from Chanyeol, trying to hide his blush once again.

“Ugh, this is disgusting. I guess I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” Hoseok said in annoyance, breaking their cute moment.

Hoseok started to pick up his backpack before standing up.

“Wait, where are you going? Come on, you don’t have to leave.” Baekhyun said, pulling Hoseok’s arm for him to sit back down.

“No, I’ll go. It’s okay, I understand that you guys want to be alone.” Hoseok joked, pulling away from Baekhyun’s grip.

Chanyeol started to laugh, but he didn’t tell Hoseok to sit back down. He honestly wanted him to leave so that he could be alone with Baekhyun.

“Come on, stay.” Baekhyun whined.

Hoseok eyes scanned the cafeteria, searching for someone.

“Uh, no it’s fine. I have to go talk to someone anyways.” Hoseok said, finding the person that he was looking for.

Baekhyun understood what this meant. “Okay.” Baekhyun said with a nod.

Hoseok waved goodbye to Chanyeol and Baekhyun as they waved back.

As soon as Hoseok started to walk away, Chanyeol’s arm was around Baekhyun. Hoseok rolled his eyes again.

They need to just date already, Hoseok thought.


Hoseok walked outside, where the other lunch tables were. Some students ate outside, while most students ate inside.

But it was almost summer, so many students ate outside around this time. The only reason that Hoseok didn’t like to eat outside was because of the bugs.

He hated insects.

Hoseok looked around at the tables, many students were standing and being unnecessarily loud.

Where the hell did he go? I just saw him. Hoseok thought in confusion.

Hoseok looked at one of the tables in the corner.

There he is. Hoseok thought in relief.

He pushed past the annoying people, walking up to the table.

The raven-haired boy at the table was silently writing in a book. He always carried that book around with him everywhere he goes, even to the bathroom.

Hoseok sat down at the table, smiling cutely. “Hey.” Hoseok said softly, sitting across from the boy.

The raven-haired boy looked up at Hoseok calmly, beforing silently continuing to write in his book.

“I said hey.” Hoseok repeated softly. He knew that the boy wasn’t going to answer him for a while. For some reason, the raven-haired boy liked to ignore him.

The boy looked back up at Hoseok. “Hey.” The raven-haired boy said dully, before writing in his book.

Hoseok was surprised that the boy had answered him so quickly.

Hoseok smiled to himself, before looking around. The students around them were being so loud and annoying.

“Why’re you out here? It’s so loud. I can’t even hear myself think.” Hoseok said in annoyance.

“Well, maybe I like loud noises.” The raven-haired boy replied, still writing in his book.

Hoseok sighed. There was a long silence, neither of them spoke for 3 minutes.

Hoseok just continued to look around as the raven-haired boy wrote in his book. He never knew what the boy wrote in the book, but he didn’t want to ask. That would make him seem nosey.

“Yoongi…” Hoseok called the raven-haired boy suddenly, making the boy look up at him.

“I missed you yesterday, why’d you leave me?” Hoseok asked with a pout.

Yoongi closed the book that he was writing in. “I wasn’t feeling well.” Yoongi replied, not looking at Hoseok.

“Well, you could’ve called me over to your house. I would’ve made you feel better.” Hoseok said with a small smile.

Yoongi froze awkwardly, looking at Hoseok with a weird expression on his face.

Did that sound weird? Hoseok thought.

Hoseok cleared his throat. “If you told me, I would’ve came to your house and brought you some soup… and hot tea… and medicine-” Hoseok tried to clarify what he meant.

“I didn’t have a sore throat.” Yoongi said suddenly, cutting Hoseok off.

“I just wasn’t feeling well.” Yoongi said, looking away from Hoseok again.

“Oh…” Hoseok said awkwardly, looking around again.

There was a long silence, before Yoongi started to put his book into his backpack.

At that moment, the bell rang for their next class.

“Oh, hey - Yoongi… do you want me to walk you to class?” Hoseok asked, standing up with Yoongi.

“Um, yeah...I guess, that’s fine.” Yoongi mumbled, picking up his backpack.

It was silent as they started to make their way to their next class.

“I need to get something from my locker.” Yoongi said as they walked up the stairs.

“Okay.” Hoseok answered quickly, following Yoongi like he was his guardian angel.

No one understood why Hoseok followed Yoongi so much. No one understood their relationship. People would always ask if they were dating, or friends.

Many people believed that Hoseok was kind of a player. He was sweet though, and really popular. Yoongi was just… a wallflower. Many people didn’t understand why they even talk to each other.

People would asked “Does Yoongi even talk?” Yoongi didn’t talk to anyone but Hoseok, and that frustrated people for some reason. Yoongi didn’t even talk to his teachers much.

To be honest, everybody thought Yoongi was mean.

When they got to Yoongi’s locker, he opened it quickly before pulling out a math textbook.

“Do you have a math test tomorrow?” Hoseok asked, standing next to Yoongi’s locker.

“Yeah.” Yoongi replied, closing his locker.

“So do I, maybe… we can study together?” Hoseok asked slyly.

Yoongi knew what he was trying to do. “No thanks.” Yoongi replied quickly, starting to walk away from Hoseok.

“Come on, Yoongi. Just studying, nothing else. I promise.” Hoseok said, following Yoongi.

“I said no.” Yoongi said, getting closer to his classroom.

Hoseok grabbed Yoongi’s arm to stop him. Yoongi turned around with a frustrated sigh.

“Yoongi… you know I’m not like that. I - I just want to talk to you. I… I miss you.” Hoseok whispered so that no one could hear him but Yoongi.

A few weeks ago, Hoseok and Yoongi had stopped talking for a while. Hoseok had took Yoongi to a party just to abandoned him. Yoongi was mad at him for 3 weeks.

Hoseok felt terrible… he didn’t want to break Yoongi’s trust. He hated when Yoongi was mad at him, it was the worst feeling in the world.

He didn’t want to drift away from Yoongi.

“I just miss talking to you…” Hoseok said lowly, looking around the hallway to see if anyone was staring at them.

Many people were staring at them actually.

Yoongi sighed, not looking at Hoseok. “I need to get to class.” Yoongi said.

“Please look at me.” Hoseok pleaded, moving to stand in front of Yoongi just so he would look at him. He noticed that Yoongi actually hasn’t looked at him for longer than 3 seconds since the moment he started talking to him at lunch earlier.

“Hoseok, move. I have to go to class.” Yoongi said, starting to push past Hoseok.

“Yoongi…” Hoseok said, grabbing Yoongi’s hand.

Yoongi quickly pulled away from him. “Hoseok, just - leave me alone.” Yoongi said in frustration.

“Please, Yoongi… just - can we talk after school?” Hoseok asked desperately.

“Hoseok, I said leave me alone.” Yoongi raised his voice, finally looking at Hoseok.

“Fine, Yoongi.” Hoseok said in frustration, before walking away, not looking back at Yoongi.

All eyes were on Yoongi as the students in the hallways started to whisper. He sighed before walking into his classroom.

Yoongi sat down at his seat, putting his head down onto the desk.

Great. You made Hoseok mad at you. He only wanted to talk. You’re so stupid, Yoongi. Why do you have to be so complicated?

Yoongi thought to himself, before sitting up and pulling out his notebook from his bag.

You’re so complicated. All you had to do was listen to him. Now the only person who cares about you is mad at you. Yoongi’s thoughts started to fill his head, he needed to get it all out.

Yoongi opened his book to a clean page before pulling out his favorite pen, starting to write down all of his thoughts.

He’s tired of you. He doesn’t like you anymore.

Yoongi started to write faster as more thoughts filled his head.


Yoongi put his notebook away, laying his head down onto the desk. He was so tired… of everything.

Class had started 15 minutes ago, but he hasn’t done any work.

Everyone in the class was working silently, but the teacher noticed that Yoongi wasn’t doing his work.

This was nothing new to her. She knew that Yoongi always had his “days”.

She slowly walked up to Yoongi’s desk. “Yoongi…” The teacher called him, shaking him a little.

Yoongi lifted his head, looking up at his teacher. He looked very stressed.

“If you need to go see the guidance counselor, you can do that, okay?” The teacher said softly.

Yoongi nodded silently before standing up from his seat, making the students look his way.

Yoongi picked up his backpack, ignoring the stares. He quickly made his way out of the classroom.

He sighed as he started to slowly walk down the hallway. He actually didn’t like speaking to the guidance counselor but it did help sometimes.

The guidance counselor knew all about Yoongi’s past, but only because his mother had told her.

His mother told the guidance counselor because she didn’t want Yoongi to feel alone. She wanted Yoongi to have someone to talk to in school, if he was struggling.

Yoongi didn’t want anyone to know about his past, he felt people didn’t need to know.

But if it was the guidance counselor’s job not to tell anyone about the students’ problems, then Yoongi had to force himself to get comfortable with the counselor.


When Yoongi made it to guidance counselor's office, there was a student already there.

Yoongi didn’t mean to be nosy, but he couldn’t help but notice that the student was crying really hard.

The student had blonde hair, his face was red as he cried in the chair across from the counselor’s desk.

Yoongi had never seen him before, so he assumed that the student must’ve been new to the school.

Yoongi backed away from the door to give them privacy, but his ears couldn’t stop listening to their conversation. He wanted to know why the boy was crying so much.

Yoongi stood far away from the door, while still listening.

“I - I can’t be here with him. You don’t understand.” The blonde boy cried.
“Look, Jimin. How about I call your parents and we -” The guidance counselor spoke softly.
“No, you can’t. You can’t call them. My parents don’t know about what happened between us.” The blonde boy cut off the counselor.
“Well, then Jimin … I - there’s not much that I can do.” The counselor spoke softly.

The blonde boy cried harder. He seemed to be panicking, his breathing was erratic.

The counselor set her hand on top of the blonde boy’s hand to calm him.

“Do you want to tell me what happened between you guys? So that I can understand -” The counselor spoke before Yoongi dropped something, startling himself, the blonde boy, and the counselor.

When Yoongi looked down to see what he had dropped, it was his anti-depressants.

He quickly bent down to pick up the medicine, shoving it into his backpack. He doesn’t even know how it fell out in the first place.

“Oh, Yoongi. I didn’t see you there. I’m sorry, can you go sit in one of those chairs and wait for me to be done with this student?” The guidance counselor spoke nicely.
The blonde boy was looking at Yoongi with wide, red eyes.

“Uh - yeah, sorry.” Yoongi said shyly, turning away.

“Wait, Yoongi. One more thing…” The guidance counselor called Yoongi.

When Yoongi turned back around, the counselor was pointing at the door.

“Could you close the door for me, please? Thank you, Yoongi.” She said with a small smile.

Yoongi nodded before grabbing the doorknob to shut the door. The blonde boy was still staring at him with a startled yet sad look in his eyes.

Yoongi avoided eye contact, shutting the door to the guidance counselor's office.

Yoongi sat down in a chair outside of the office, waiting for the counselor to be done with the blonde student.

Yoongi sighed to himself, and lowered his head as he started to think about Hoseok again.


The blonde boy walked out of the office almost 2 hours later.

Yoongi has been waiting for 2 hours to talk to the guidance counselor. He couldn’t even remember what he came there for.

The blonde boy came out of the office with a smile on his face, the counselor following behind him.

“And try to make some friends, okay?” The guidance counselor said, rubbing the blonde’s back comfortingly.

“Okay.” The blonde boy said, smiling widely. “Thank you.” The boy thanked the counselor.

“I’m here anytime you need me, okay?” The counselor said softly, with a smile on her face.

The blonde nodded, before bowing politely and thanking her again.

The blonde then started to walk away, but he stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Yoongi. “Uh - hey, I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” The blonde said to Yoongi with a small smile on his face.
Yoongi didn’t answer. He just nodded coldly and waited for the boy to walk away.

The boy stood there for a while, smiling at Yoongi. Before he finally walked away after a few seconds.

When the blonde finally left the office for sure, the guidance counselor sighed. She seemed stressed.

Is she stressed because of the blonde boy? Yoongi thought.

“Okay, Yoongi. I’m sorry that you had to wait for so long. But thank you for being patient. You can come talk to me now.” The counselor said, walking into her office.


She didn’t sound so cheery anymore.



Chapter Text


May 13th, 2017


2:41 PM

Yoongi walked out of the school quickly, holding his head down. He didn’t really want to see Hoseok right now.

But his guidance counselor had suggested that Yoongi talked to Hoseok after school.

Yoongi told his guidance counselor about what happened at the party, but she didn’t really understand why Yoongi was so upset about it.

The truth is, Yoongi didn’t tell her everything at the party.



March 24th, 2017


Tonight... Jackson Wang, a popular chinese senior, was throwing a party at his house.

He wanted to welcome all returning students and new students into the school year with a fun party that brought everybody together.

Jackson was a cool kid. He was an athlete. He was always kind to others no matter who they were, he never tolerated bullying. He had good grades, but he still knew how to have fun.

He was known for throwing 2 huge parties every year. A “beginning of the year party”, and a “end of the year” party.

He always made sure to throw the first party at the beginning of the year, and somewhere around his birthday, which was March 28th. (And the beginning of a korean school year starts in March.)

So Jackson usually called it his “Birthday / Beginning of The Year” party.

He invited everyone, no matter if they were in their first year (10th grade) or third year (12th grade). He usually got upset when people said they weren’t coming to his party. He really wanted everyone to come and enjoy themselves.

“Yoongi-ah.” Hoseok said, sitting down at Yoongi’s lunch table. Yoongi looked up from writing in his book.

“Hm?” Yoongi asked, looking back down to write in his book again.

“Are you going to Jackson’s party tonight?” Hoseok asked, starting to eat his lunch.

“No.” Yoongi replied quickly, like he had already made up his mind about the party.

Hoseok dropped his chopsticks onto his tray and looked at Yoongi with a surprised look on his face.

Yoongi wasn’t sure why Hoseok was so surprised, he should know that Yoongi hates parties by now.

“Why not?” Hoseok asked with wide eyes. He was looking at Yoongi like he had committed a crime.

Yoongi looked at Hoseok, shrugging. “I don’t like parties.” Yoongi said in a dull tone.

“Why not?” Hoseok asked again, looking at Yoongi with a confused face.

“Because… I don’t know… it’s not my type of thing.” Yoongi said, shrugging again and starting to write in his notebook again.

“Come on, Yoongi. You have to go. Parties are fun.” Hoseok tried to convince Yoongi.

Yoongi didn’t answer, he just shrugged again and continued to write in his book.

Hoseok sighed. “Yoongi, please go. For me?” Hoseok asked in his cute aegyo voice.

Yoongi looked at him with a disgusted face. “Please don’t do that.” Yoongi said in disgust, while trying to hide his smile.

“Please.” Hoseok begged in an aegyo voice again. “Please, please. Pretty please.” Hoseok begged cutely with a pout.

Yoongi sighed, trying his best to laugh at Hoseok. “Why should I go? No one is gonna talk to me.” Yoongi said, playing with his pen.

“I’ll talk to you.” Hoseok said with a small smile, staring into Yoongi’s eyes.

“Hmm.” Yoongi said while thinking. He wasn’t sure if Hoseok was the type to abandon people at parties.

“I’ll stay with you the whole time. It’ll be fun. We can dance, laugh, drink-” Hoseok said persuasively.

“Uh, I don’t drink. Or dance.” Yoongi cut off Hoseok, still writing in his notebook.

“Or do you?” Hoseok said while smirking.

“Ugh.” Yoongi groaned, lifting his head to look at Hoseok with an annoyed face. “No, Hoseok. I’m not going.” Yoongi said, making his decision final.

“Please, Yoongi. I swear, I’ll stay with you. I won’t leave your side. It’ll be just us two, and we can have fun.” Hoseok said convincingly again.

Yoongi sighed while thinking. He knew that Hoseok was very persistent, he wasn't going to give up until Yoongi agreed to go to the party.

“You promise me you won’t abandon me?” Yoongi asked nervously.

“I promise, Yoongi.” Hoseok said with a nod, staring deeply into Yoongi’s eyes to show that he was serious.



While Yoongi was leaving from school, he lifted his head. spotting the new student getting into a silver car.

Yoongi wondered why the new boy was crying at the guidance counselor’s office earlier, he remembers the blonde boy mentioning a boy that he didn’t want to see.

Yoongi quickly dropped his thoughts about the blonde boy, focusing back on Hoseok. He looked around the front of the school nervously…

And there was Hoseok…

He was talking to that kid, Baekhyun.

Whenever Hoseok had asked Yoongi if he wanted to sit with Baekhyun and Taehyung at lunch, Yoongi always said no.

Sometimes Yoongi felt like Baekhyun was lying about who he was. He felt like Baekhyun only pretended to be nice.

And Taehyung… Yoongi felt like he was really cold and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Yoongi actually found a lot of similarities between him and Taehyung. But if two cold people tried to talk to each other, that most likely wouldn’t work out.
Actually, Yoongi thought that Taehyung had anger issues.

Taehyung usually got into arguments with his teachers, and sometimes the students. He almost knocked out a student once.

Everyone is surprised that Taehyung hasn’t been suspended or expelled yet. Taehyung usually wasn’t even in school to deal with the consequences. If he did get suspended, no one would notice because he’s barely in school.

Yoongi started to walk towards the direction that Hoseok was in. Should I talk to him or just ignore him? Yoongi thought.

Yoongi quickly walked towards Hoseok, planning to just walk past and ignore him.

“I don’t know, he just ran off and-” Baekhyun said to Hoseok with a confused face.

“Wait, hold on. Yoongi!” Hoseok cut off Baekhyun, calling Yoongi’s name.

Yoongi stopped in place. He didn’t think that Hoseok would still want to talk to him after what happened earlier.

Yoongi turned around slowly, to see Hoseok walking up to him.

“Hey, um - can we talk? Do you have time?” Hoseok asked respectfully, staring at Yoongi with worry in his eyes. He really prayed that Yoongi would say yes.

Yoongi looked around, seeing some students staring at them once again.

Yoongi nodded, avoiding eye contact with Hoseok again.

“Can I walk you home?” Hoseok asked softly.

Yoongi nodded silently again.

Hoseok turned around to Baekhyun. “I’ll see you tomorrow, bro.” Hoseok said to Baekhyun, waving goodbye to him.

“Alright, I’ll text you.” Baekhyun said, waving back with a small smile on his face, he looked a little worried about something though.

Hoseok turned around, starting to walk away with Yoongi.

It was an awkward silence for about 3 whole minutes as they walked. Hoseok wasn’t sure what to say even though he asked Yoongi if he could talk to him.

“So…” Hoseok started finally. “I - I’m sorry.” Hoseok said, looking at Yoongi. Yoongi wasn’t sure why he was apologizing.

“For what?” Yoongi asked, not looking at Hoseok.

“For...abandoning you at the party.” Hoseok said.

“That was almost 2 months ago. I forgave you for that already.” Yoongi said, kicking rocks that were on the ground.

“Yeah but… I feel like you’re not telling me everything that happened at the party.” Hoseok said, looking at Yoongi to see his reaction. Hoseok knew that if Yoongi shrugged then it usually meant that he was hiding something that he didn’t want to talk about.

Yoongi became tense, before shrugging. He looked everywhere except for Hoseok eyes.

“Nothing happened.” Yoongi mumbled, looking at the buses that were passing by them.

“Yoongi, you’re not even looking at me. How am I supposed to know if you’re keeping something from me or not?” Hoseok asked, he tried his best to hide his frustration.

“Look, nothing happened. You just abandoned me, that’s all.” Yoongi said dully, still not sparing Hoseok a glance.

“Okay, but I apologized and you forgave me. Are you still upset about that? What else do you want me to do?” Hoseok asked, raising his voice in frustration.

Yoongi looked at Hoseok finally, with an unreadable face. Yoongi sighed and looked away, shaking his head before starting to walk faster. He didn’t really want to talk to Hoseok anymore if he was going to get frustrated with him.

“Yoongi, slow down.” Hoseok called Yoongi, he was really getting upset that Yoongi was acting like this. He didn’t understand why Yoongi was so upset about that party.

Hoseok started to walk faster, catching up to Yoongi. “Yoongi…” Hoseok said with a sigh.

“I don’t wanna talk to you anymore.” Yoongi said suddenly.

“Please, Yoongi. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you.” Hoseok apologized immediately. He knew that Yoongi was pretty sensitive.
All of a sudden, Yoongi stopped walking, making Hoseok stop too. “Please tell me what’s wrong.” Hoseok begged.

“I-” Yoongi started before taking a deep breath. He looked at Hoseok before taking a gulp. Hoseok thought he saw tears forming in Yoongi’s eyes.

Yoongi never cried, and if he did then it had to be something serious.

Yoongi tried to walk away, but Hoseok quickly grabbed his arm. Hoseok looked him in his eyes, to make sure that what he was seeing was tears.

Yoongi let out a small whimper, which usually meant that he was about to cry.

Yoongi put his head down to hide his face, that was when Hoseok saw one tear slip down Yoongi’s cheek.

“Do you want to come to my house so we can talk about it?” Hoseok asked softly, holding onto Yoongi’s arm comfortingly.

Yoongi sniffled and nodded his head, looking into Hoseok’s eyes.


2:40 PM


Jimin walked out of the school quickly, he just wanted to leave. He honestly just wanted to transfer already. This was his worst first day of school ever.

Jimin looked around at the cars that were park in front of the school, spotting the silver one.

As he started to walk to the car, he saw that boy, Baekhyun. Jimin accidentally made eye contact with him, before quickly looking away.

Baekhyun was supposed to help him find his classes earlier, but after what happened earlier… he’ll probably never talk to Baekhyun again.

Jimin walked faster, finally getting to the silver car. Jimin opened the car door, getting into the back seat and shutting the door behind him.

Jimin sighed before taking off his backpack and sitting it next to him.

He nervously looked at the front seat, to see his dad starting the car with a serious face.

There was a silence in the car for 5 minutes, Jimin knew that his dad wouldn’t talk to him so he pulled out his phone to play a few games.

Jimin’s dad drove silently, ignoring Jimin’s whole existence. He didn’t ask how was Jimin’s first day at school. He hasn’t even looked at Jimin since he got in the car.

Playing games on his phone for 15 minutes made Jimin realize that he had nothing else to do on his phone. He didn’t have anyone to text because he had no friends.

Jimin sighed as he started to think about how his day went. His day went terrible, more than terrible.

Jimin tried his best not to think about it, pulling out his earphones and deciding to just listen to music to drown out his thoughts.


Jimin didn’t mean to fall asleep, but when he woke up it was 3:20 and his dad was stopping the car in front of a big building.

Great...Therapy, Jimin thought before internally groaning. He forgot that he had therapy today… and almost everyday.

Jimin sighed in annoyance, before stretching and rubbing his eyes. When he opened the car door to get out, his dad didn’t say a word to him or even look at him.

Jimin grabbed his backpack, putting it on his back and shutting the car door. Jimin’s dad drove away immediately.

His dad didn’t even wait to see if Jimin would actually go inside of the building.

Jimin really didn’t want to go to therapy. His therapist always talked to him like he was a three-year old.

After standing outside of the building, and contemplating if he should go in for 2 minutes, Jimin decided that he wasn’t going to go inside.

He would just let his parents think that he went to therapy.

Jimin thought about how his dad drove away so quickly, not even making sure that Jimin went into the building. Dumbass, Jimin thought. Jimin didn't mean to but he started to laugh out loud at his dad’s stupidity.

A lady that was walking past looked at him like in confusion, wondering why Jimin was laughing to himself.

Jimin looked at the lady’s expression before starting to laugh more hysterically, he doesn’t know why he found that so funny.

What an idiot, Jimin thought about his dad.

Once Jimin stopped laughing, he sighed while looking at the building in front of him. He started to walk away from the building, deciding that he would just wander around the city for a while.


After walking around the city for an hour, Jimin’s mother or dad didn’t call him to see if he was done with his therapy.

So Jimin decided to just wander around the city some more since he didn’t really want to go home yet, and he was bored.

Jimin went to the park, he talked to the ducks and fed them. People looked at him like he was weird.

One of the ducks reminded Jimin of himself. It was small, and it seemed… lonely.

Jimin made sure to feed that one a lot. He showed the duck love and attention.

Attention that Jimin wished that he got from his parents.

Then Jimin went to a playground. He swung on the swings happily like a kid for about 15 minutes, then he played on the slide for a while before he stopped because he started to think about Jungkook…




“Hyung…” Jungkook whispered even though him and Jimin were alone in the playground.

“Hm?” Jimin said, moving his lips down to kiss Jungkook’s neck.

“Ah, hyung. Don’t do that.” Jungkook whined, pushing Jimin off of his neck.

“Why not?” Jimin asked while giggling.

“It’s weird, where do learn how to do these things?” Jungkook asked, rubbing his neck.

Jimin started to laugh hysterically. “You’re funny, Kookie.” Jimin said before sliding down the slide that they were sitting at the top of.

Jungkook looked at Jimin with confusion. He noticed how Jimin never answers that question whenever he asks him.

“Come on, let’s play for a while.” Jimin said once he was down the slide, smiling up at Jungkook.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously, he should really be home right now. It was currently 12:00 midnight, and Jimin had pressured him to sneak out of his house so that they could make out again.

They’ve met in the park at midnight about 6 times already.

I should really stop doing this, or I’m going to get in trouble one day. Jungkook thought.

Whenever he met up with Jimin, Jimin would always do something new when they kissed.

It started with tongue, then it was neck-holding, then it was thigh-grabbing… and now it was neck-kissing...

Honestly, Jungkook didn’t like it. He didn’t like this side of Jimin, and he didn’t know where this side came from.

Maybe we should stop doing this, Jungkook thought. He was a little nervous to tell Jimin that he wanted to stop secretly meeting with him, because he didn’t know how Jimin would react.

Would Jimin get upset and stop talking to him? Jungkook didn’t want that.

“Hyung, maybe we should go home. It’s pretty late.” Jungkook said, sliding down the slide and walking up to Jimin.

“Why? I wanna play.” Jimin whined, before started to crawl back to the top of the slide.

“We can play on the slide tomorrow. Let’s go home now.” Jungkook said, before Jimin was sliding down the slide again.

“But…” Jimin said seriously, walking closer to Jungkook.

“I wanna play with you.” Jimin whispered close to Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook’s eyes widened as he stared closely at Jimin’s face, observing his expression.

“W-we can play tomorrow, Jimin hyung.” Jungkook stuttered, finally backing away from Jimin’s face. He honestly didn’t understand what Jimin meant.

Jimin stared at Jungkook for a while, but Jungkook couldn’t read his face. Jimin looked a little… disappointed.

Jimin sighed. “Fine then, let’s just go.” Jimin said, not looking at Jungkook.

He turned away before starting to walk to the exit of the dark playground, leaving Jungkook still standing there.

“Hyung -” Jungkook called Jimin while starting to follow him out of the playground, he could tell that he was upset.

Jimin turned around quickly, startling Jungkook. “But if it was Taehyung, you’d be here all night with him, wouldn’t you?” Jimin asked jealously.

Jungkook was so tired of this. “What? No, why do always have to mention Taehyung -” Jungkook started.

“Because he’s obviously all you care about. If you like him more than me, then why don’t you just go kiss him instead.” Jimin said coldly but he was obviously hurt.

“H-hyung, I -” Jungkook tried, but Jimin was walking out of the park quickly, leaving him behind to walk home alone.

Jungkook could’ve gotten kidnapped that night, now that Jimin thinks about it.




Around 5:00, Jimin started to get hungry as he wandered through the city. He didn’t eat lunch earlier because of what happened.

Jimin sighed, shaking off his hunger. Just ignore it, he thought.

As it was starting to get darker outside, Jimin started to get cold, so he decided to go buy a sweater from H&M.

He checked how much money was in his wallet, finding $72 dollars. He forgot that he stole $80 from his dad’s wallet a few days ago.

Jimin found it funny that his dad never notice how his money went missing. Jimin laughed out loud again. He really is an idiot, he thought.

Jimin bought a black hoodie, slipping it over his body. The size of the sweater was a medium, but Jimin wished that he was a small.

Or an extra small.

Jimin’s size used to be a small a few months ago but he had gained a lot of weight since… he started dating Chanyeol.

I need to stop eating so much. Jimin thought, sighing.

Maybe I can get a boyfriend if I’m skinner. Jimin grabbed his stomach that wasn’t even chubby.

Chanyeol was right, I do need to lose some weight.


At 7:00, Jimin decided to take the bus home. He was really far from his home since he started to wander around the city. He almost thought he was lost.

Jimin laughed out loud when he thought that he was lost. He honestly didn’t mind being lost.

He actually... liked being lost.

Jimin got on the bus at 7:12 PM, paying the bus driver since he didn’t have a student metrocard.

There weren’t many people on the bus, only 6 people. Jimin walked all the way to the back of the bus, sitting at a two-seat by the window.

He sighed as he sat down, laying his head on the window next to him.

As his thoughts started to fill his mind, he thought about Chanyeol.

He couldn’t believe that one of the people whose changed him terribly, is in the same school as him.

After leaving the boarding school, Jimin really hoped that getting away from Chanyeol would help him, but it’s probably made him worse.

The thing is…
Jimin thought that Chanyeol loved him.

He thought that Chanyeol would trust him, protect him, and show him that he’s worth it.

But Chanyeol didn’t do any of that.

Jimin felt a lump in his throat as he thought about the things that Chanyeol did to him.

Jimin lifted his black hood over his head to cover his face.


Why did you have to hurt me like that?

Everyone that I know hurts me. Jimin thought.

My dad.

My mom.


Jimin swallowed the lump in his throat, but it only made tears form into his eyes.

Does everyone hate me?

Jimin thought about how his dad ignores him.

Jimin acts like it doesn’t affect him… but it actually does.

A lot.

Everyone hates me… what’s the point of living anymore? Jimin thought.

You have nothing to live for.
Your family hates you.
Your therapist and guidance counselor pretend they care but they really think you’re crazy.
You have no friends.

No one loves you.

No one needs you.

Oh God, I miss my friends.

Suddenly, Jimin was silently bursting into tears. He covered his face with his sleeves and cried hard.

He was pretty sure that everyone on the bus could hear him crying.

Fuck, I hate my life. Jimin cried harder, making little noises and hiccups.

I just wanna die to make this easier. Jimin started to cough and sniffle loudly, making people stare at him.

The people stared at him for a while, then 2 of the 6 people were standing up and getting off the bus, leaving 4 people on the bus.

I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of hurting.

I’m tired of being such a pain to others.

That's it. Jimin thought.

I’m gonna kill myself.


Jimin started to plan his suicide on the spot.

Maybe I could just take this bus to the bridge, and jump off of that. Jimin thought as he continued to cry.

Or I could just go home and stab myself in the throat. It’s not like my parents would care.

“…” Someone was speaking to Jimin suddenly.

Jimin wasn’t sure if the person was talking to him or not, so he ignored as he kept his face covered with his sleeves.

“Excuse me…” The stranger spoke softly to Jimin again.

Jimin sniffled and wiped his face before looking at the stranger who was sitting a few seats across from him.

Jimin looked at the stranger, confused.

The stranger was wearing a yellow hoodie. He was tanned, and had blonde hair that was a little darker than Jimin’s. Jimin thought he looked young, maybe his age.

“Are you okay?” The stranger asked with a concerned look on his face.

Jimin thought this was weird. Why would a complete stranger ask him if he was okay? Jimin only saw that in movies.

Jimin sniffled. “Um...yeah, I’m okay. Thank you.” Jimin’s voice was trembling, it was hard for him to speak.

“Are you sure? Do you need a tissue?” The blonde stranger asked, already digging into his backpack.

“Um, no. It’s - I’m fine, t-thank y-” Jimin voice shook again as he hiccuped.

“Here you go.” The blonde stranger said, handing Jimin a mini pack of tissues.

Jimin sniffled, looking at the stranger's hand before taking the pack of tissues from his hand.

Once Jimin took the tissues, the blonde stranger was leaning back into his seat and giving Jimin a friendly smile.

“T-thank you.” Jimin hiccuped, opening the pack of tissues and pulling one out to wipe his eyes.

“No problem.” The stranger said kindly, before looking out of the window that was next to him.

Why is this stranger being so nice to me? Jimin thought.

Jimin wiped his tears, even though he was still kind of crying on the inside.

Jimin looked out of the window next to him, and continued to sniffle for 10 minutes.

As Jimin silently looked out of the window, he continued thinking of different ways to kill himself.

He didn’t want to die quickly and easily.

He wanted to suffer.

He wanted to feel the pain.

He wanted to feel the pain that he’s caused Taehyung and Jungkook.

Jimin wanted to feel every little thing.

He wanted to feel what he deserved.

Where do we go when we die? Jimin started to question the afterlife.

Suddenly, the blonde stranger was staring back Jimin’s way.

“I’m sorry but… do you mind if I ask you what’s wrong?” The stranger asked.

The bus stopped to let 2 people off.

Jimin looked at the stranger in confusion. He thought he was a little nosey.

“Um…” Jimin sniffled.

“I’m sorry if I seem nosey, but I mean… I don’t understand why a cutie like you would be crying here all alone.” The blonde stranger said with a friendly smile on his face.

Did he just call me cute?

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh a little.

I’m not cute at all. Jimin thought.

Jimin sniffled before looking at the blonde boy with a small smile on his face.

“Well, um...basically…” Jimin started, pulling down his hoodie from his head and running his fingers through his blonde hair.

“My life is shit.” Jimin said while laughing a little, even though nothing was funny about his life.

“Same here.” The blonde stranger said with a nod, before he sighed.

Jimin sniffled before tears started to come to his eyes again.

“I know I don’t know you but... how was your day?” The stranger spoke to Jimin casually, like he’s known him for years.

Jimin looked at the stranger, laughing for 3 seconds before starting to cry.

“O-oh, are you crying again? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to -” The blonde stranger tried say anything so that Jimin wouldn’t cry.

Jimin shook his head and continued to cry. His day was fucking terrible and he didn’t want to talk about it to anyone.

“I’m sorry, please don’t cry.” The stranger tried to calm Jimin down.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel awkward like this.” Jimin said while crying and laughing a little.

“No no, it’s not awkward. I understand… we all go through things, okay?” The stranger said kindly.

“We all have bad days, but I think the best way to forget about it… is to talk about it.” The stranger said wisely.

Jimin sniffled, listening closely to the stranger’s words.

“It’s really bad to keep things to yourself, don’t just bottle up your feelings inside. Let it out.” The blonde stranger said.

“But … but how?” Jimin asked, his voice still shaking.

“You can always talk to someone-” The stranger said.

“But what if you don’t have anyone to talk to?” Jimin asked while crying.

The stranger sighed and looked at the floor. “There’s always someone there. Even if you may not see it now…. There’s always someone that you can talk to.” The stranger said softly, he could see Jimin’s pain through his eyes even if he didn’t know him.

Jimin started to think about the people who try to help him.

His therapist… his guidance counselor… and somewhat, his mother.

“There’s always someone who’s there to help you.” The stranger said while nodding.

“But what if you can’t be helped? What if ...what if you’re too fucked up? Wouldn’t everyone that tried to help just give up on you?” Jimin said, sniffling.

“What really matters is if you give up on yourself.” The stranger said in a strong voice, Jimin’s felt those words go through his heart.

Do I give up on myself? Jimin thought.

“But… what if you can’t change?” Jimin asked the stranger.

“If you have hope, and can always change.” The blonde stranger said, staring into Jimin’s eyes.

“But what if you have no strength?” Jimin asked softly.

“Then you need to have hope.” The stranger said.

“But what if there is no hope?” Jimin questioned again.

The stranger looked at Jimin with a strange face, like he was shocked that someone could be broken enough to ask these sad questions.

“There is always hope. The tiniest spark of hope can make a change.” The stranger said wisely.

“But what happens when that tiny spark of hope is gone?” Jimin asked with wide, watery eyes.

“Then you find that spark again, and you never give up. You don’t ever give up. That would make you a loser...and no one wants to be a loser, right?” The blonde stranger answered quickly, like he knew that Jimin was going to ask that question.

Jimin looked down at his sleeves before nodding slowly, like he was finally understanding what the stranger was saying.

There was a long silence before Jimin spoke again.

“It’s really hard not to give up.” Jimin whispered and closed his eyes for some reason.

“I know, trust me...I know. But...whenever you feel like you want to give up, tell yourself that you can always make tomorrow better. There is always hope for tomorrow...Tell yourself that every single day, and don’t stop.” The stranger said powerfully.

Ever.” The stranger said, looking Jimin in the eyes.
Jimin felt himself getting choked up again.

“Okay?” The blonde stranger asked.

“Okay.” Jimin said before a tear slipped down his cheek once again.

“Hey, stop. You’re too cute to be crying.” The stranger said with a wide smile. Jimin noticed that the stranger had 2 deep dimples in his cheeks.

Jimin chuckled before wiping his tears.

Suddenly, the blonde stranger was standing up and putting his backpack onto his back.

It took Jimin a while to realize that he was getting off of the bus.

Jimin only literally just met this guy, but for some reason he didn’t want him to leave.

“Remember what I told you.” The blonde stranger said.

Jimin nodded with a sad smile.

The stranger started to wave goodbye to Jimin before walking to the bus door.

Jimin didn’t realize that they were the last two people on the bus.

As the bus started to slow down, Jimin bit his lip in thought.

I need to know who he is.

“Hey!” Jimin called the stranger suddenly, making the stranger look back at him.

Jimin got shy when the stranger looked at him.

“What’s your name?” Jimin asked softly.

The bus stopped before the door was opening.

The blonde stranger smiled at Jimin with his deep dimples.


Kim Namjoon.” The stranger said with a smile, before getting off of the bus.


Chapter Text




October 13th, 2013


“There seems to be some rectal bleeding, due to an anal fissure. There’s swollen veins in the rectum, which causes him severe pain.” The female doctor informed Jungkook’s parents, while holding a clipboard in her hands.

“Oh my God.” Jungkook’s mother whispered, holding her head in her hands. She felt she was going to pass out as her knees got weak. She needed to sit down.

She didn’t want to believe what she was hearing. She felt like she was dreaming. This felt like a nightmare.

“Due to the fissure, he’s going to need stitches. The swelling of his rectum will take about one week or two to heal.” The doctor continued to talk to Jungkook’s father, looking at him with worry look in her eyes.

It was difficult for the doctor to have to tell these details to a child’s parent. She had never dealt with a child patient who was raped.

“His genitals were also slightly swollen.” The doctor added on.

Jungkook’s father let out a sigh of frustration. He felt like he wanted to pull his hair out. He has never felt so angry in his entire life.

He was angry at himself for not noticing that his child had left the house.

He was angry at the police for not finding the children earlier.

He was wrathful.

He was wrathful because he wanted to kill all of those men that laid their fingers on his child and the other children. He wanted to watch all of the disgusting men burn in hell.

“Is he awake right now?” Jungkook’s father asked, holding back his tears as he breathed heavily in anger.

“Yes, but we need do another test on him.” The doctor said with worried eyes.

“H-how many tests does he need?” Jungkook’s father asked, but not in an angry way.

“I know it’s a lot, but we need to make sure that your son doesn’t have any sexually transmitted diseases.” The doctor said.

Hearing this, Jungkook’s mother started to cry more than she already was.


2:14 PM

Jungkook was laying in the hospital bed, trying his best not to cry anymore, but it was impossible. His body was sore, and he didn't want to move a muscle. Whenever he moved, he felt a extremely sharp pain his lower region.

The doctors had just stitched him 2 hours ago.

Jungkook was so afraid. He cried because he didn’t want anyone to touch him, especially in his lower areas.

The doctors had promised Jungkook that his pain would feel somewhat better after they stitched him. They numbed Jungkook with an anesthetic injection, but Jungkook could swear that he felt most of it.


Jungkook couldn’t stop thinking. Only a few hours had past since he was raped, so the memories were fresh in his mind.

Jungkook wasn’t awake while he was being raped because he had passed out.

But he remembers the pain...

That terrible pain that he felt before he passed out.

It was nothing like he’s ever felt before.

Jungkook remembers trying to make a deal with Jungwoo, that disgusting man.

Jungkook remembers Jungwoo groping him, touching him in places that he didn’t want to be touched by any man.

Jungkook remembers Jungwoo trying to kiss him. Jungkook remembers when he refused to kiss him three times.

That was a mistake, Jungkook thought. But he would’ve hurt me either way.

Tears started to fall from Jungkook’s eyes again, as he remembered Jungwoo throwing him onto the bed.

Jungkook remembers his underwear being pulled down roughly, and thrown across the room.

Jungkook remembers feeling like he was going into a panic attack. He remembers the man being way stronger than him.

He remembers trying to fight as he was running out of time.

Jungkook remembers begging the man to let him keep his innocence.

Please, please, please. No, please. Jungkook remembered begging, praying to God, even when he had no time.

Jungkook remembered everything happening so fast.

He remembered Jungwoo forcing his way into his tiny entrance.

Jungkook remembered feeling like he was dreaming.

He really hoped that he was dreaming.

Jungkook remembers screaming and trembling as the pain washed over his body in just a second.

Jungkook remembers losing his breath once Jungwoo was barely halfway inside of him.

Jungkook remembers feeling himself rip apart.

Jungkook remembers passing out before he could feel anything else.


“Hello, Jungkook.” A new doctor said softly as she came into the room with a friendly smile on her face.

“I’m Doctor Wang-” The doctor said before stopping in her tracks, noticing how hard Jungkook was crying.

Jungkook was coughing and hiccuping, as he covered his face with hands.

“Oh, sweetie…” The doctor said in a sad voice, she wasn’t sure to do. She knew that nothing would make the child cheer up right now.

The doctor walked over to Jungkook, standing by the bed. She put a comforting hand on Jungkook’s back, opening her mouth to say something, but she wasn’t sure what.

Literally nothing could cheer him up.

How can a child cheer up from something like this? The doctor thought.




Jungkook didn’t hear the teacher call his name because he was spaced out while looking out of the window that he was sitting next to.

“Jungkook-ah.” The teacher called Jungkook’s name louder, making the entire class look at him.

Jungkook snapped out of his thoughts before looking at the teacher who was standing in the front of the room.

“Do you know the answer to this question?” The teacher asked, looking at Jungkook with her arms crossed.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously as he started to look at the students that were staring at him.

The students knew that Jungkook usually didn’t talk. Even the teacher knew that Jungkook didn’t talk.

So why would she call him out like that?

Jungkook looked back at the teacher, breathing heavily. He didn’t like the amount of eyes that were on him.

“I’m waiting.” The teacher said, fixing her glasses onto her face.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be answering, he usually didn’t know what they were learning in class.

“U-um…” Jungkook mumbled timidly.

There was a long, awkward silence because Jungkook wouldn’t answer the math problem that was on the board.

The students then started to snicker and snort with laughter.

The teacher let out a sigh. “Pay attention, okay?” The teacher said to Jungkook.

Jungkook nodded, taking a deep breathe.

The students then turned back around to continue their work, but they were still laughing and mumbling about Jungkook.

Jungkook lowered his head in humiliation. He hated this school so much, he kind of missed when he was homeschooled.

Jungkook started to think about when he was home-schooled. He was pretty lonely, but he'd rather be alone than be at this school with bullies.

But if he was still home-schooled now…

He would’ve never met Seokjin.



Every few days, Seokjin would pick Jungkook up from school. Jungkook had to lie to his parents most of the time to hang out with Seokjin.

He told his parents that he had joined an after-school club, that lasted until 7:00 PM. His parents believed him, they were happy that Jungkook was joining clubs and doing new things that average teens would do.

His parents thought that he had made friends, but Jungkook actually didn't have any friends.

He only had Seokjin.

Because of this “club” that Jungkook had made up, he usually had about 5 hours to hang out with Seokjin.

Seokjin had school as well. He was a little busier than Jungkook, being a college student.

So sometimes…

If Jungkook and Seokjin felt like 5 hours wasn’t enough time to see each other…

They would just skip school together.

They would hang out from 8 AM to 7 PM, almost 12 whole hours.

Seokjin would take Jungkook out for breakfast and lunch, paying for everything that Jungkook wanted.

They would take long walks in the park.

They would visit puppy cafes.

They would have picnics.

Seokjin would take Jungkook anywhere that he wanted to go.

Jungkook found out that just being with Seokjin was enough for him. It doesn’t matter where they went.

They could hang out by a smelly dumpster, and Jungkook would still smile.

Because he was with Seokjin.


But of course, not all good things last for long.


There were some bad sides to Jungkook and Seokjin’s relationship.


One of them being that Jungkook had to hide Seokjin away from his parents at all times.

Jungkook’s parents didn’t even know that he was gay. His dad would probably be so disgusted by him.

Even if Jungkook’s parents did accept him being gay…. Seokjin was still 5 years older than Jungkook.

His parents would freak out. They would call Seokjin a pervert. They would never let Jungkook see him again.

Another bad side of their relationship…

Was that Jungkook would often get triggered by things that reminded him of that night.



December 4th, 2016


Jungkook was ecstatic when him and Seokjin got to the amusement park, they had been planning this date for a while. They even skipped school for this.

“Wow.” Jungkook said in amazement, looking at the huge ferris wheel that seemed to be right in front of them even though it wasn’t.

“Hyung, can we please get on that first?” Jungkook asked Seokjin with cute, innocent eyes.

“Wouldn’t it be better at night? We should save that for last.” Seokjin said, smiling at Jungkook’s cuteness.

Night? How long are we going to be here?  Jungkook thought. He didn’t want to stay at the amusement park for too long because after all, he did have a curfew. If his parents weren’t so overprotective, he would hang out with Seokjin after 7:00.

“O-oh… yeah.” Jungkook said nervously, deciding not to mention the curfew.

“Come on, let’s try to win some prizes first.” Seokjin said, grabbing Jungkook’s hand and leading him further into the park.



Every prize that Seokjin won from the games, he gave them all to Jungkook. Jungkook insisted that Seokjin should keep all of his prizes but Seokjin wouldn’t listen. He wanted to give Jungkook everything he had.

Seokjin had won 5 prizes. A mini stuffed monkey, a pink stuffed unicorn (that Jungkook was embarrassed by), a mini teddy bear, a purple puppy, and lastly….


A Pororo plushie.


“Here you go.” Seokjin with a smile, trying to hand the mini Pororo plushie to Jungkook.

Jungkook froze and shook his head quickly. “N-no, I don’t want that one. You should keep it.” Jungkook said quickly, looking at the stuffed penguin with wide eyes.

“Come on, you know you want it. It’s so cute, look at it.” Seokjin cooed, holding up the plushie to Jungkook’s face.

“Hyung, I’m serious this time. You should keep it. I really don’t want it.” Jungkook said, backing away from the plushie.

“Why not?” Seokjin asked with a pout. “Everyone loves Pororo.” Seokjin said.

Jungkook continued to look at the penguin with wide eyes. “U-uh.” Jungkook’s breath was starting to speed up.



Jungkook sat quietly in another room. The room was big, with a queen sized bed that had white sheets and pillows. The room also had a bathroom in it.

But Jungkook doesn’t understand why he was alone. Taehyung and Jimin seemed to have a room filled with men. Did Jungwoo really like him that much?

Jungkook colored in his Pororo book silently, coloring the penguin pink.

All of a sudden he heard a mixture of screams, crying, and laughter.

He listened closely and realized that the screaming he heard was coming from Jimin in the room next to his.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whispered and immediately burst into tears.

He didn’t want to hear this.

He covered his ears and cried harder.

How did all of this happen? He thought.


“You don’t like me, Jungkook?” Seokjin pretended to be Pororo’s voice, as he made the penguin do funny gestures.

Seokjin started to laugh hysterically as he made the penguin do funny dances. He didn’t realize that Jungkook was almost close to tears.

“Come on, Jungkookie. Don’t you want me?” Seokjin said innocuously and innocently, pretending to be the penguin’s voice again. Seokjin started to laugh at himself again.

“Just stop, it’s not funny!” Jungkook screamed suddenly, startling Seokjin.

When Seokjin looked finally looked at Jungkook’s face, he saw that Jungkook’s eyes were red.

Seokjin immediately stopped laughing, realizing the pain on Jungkook’s face as a tear slipped down his cheek.

Seokjin never heard Jungkook raise his voice before, ever. He usually spoke in a soft, shy voice.

Seokjin was speechless for some reason. He didn’t understand why Jungkook was so upset all of a sudden.

“Kookie...what’s wrong?” Seokjin asked with worried eyes, finally lowering the plushie.


Jungkook hated that nickname.

Suddenly, Jungkook was dropping all of the prizes that Seokjin had given him on the ground. Seokjin could hear Jungkook’s breath speeding up.

People started to look their way after Jungkook had dropped the plushies.

Seokjin was very confused and worried. Jungkook had a very strange look on his face, it was a look that Seokjin had never seen before.

“Jungko-” Seokjin started, before Jungkook was quickly running away.

“Jungkook-ah!” Seokjin yelled, starting to chase after Jungkook.

Jungkook was running really fast, and it seemed like he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

After only a few seconds, Seokjin decided to give up on chasing Jungkook. Jungkook was too far away by now, Seokjin had lost him already.

When Seokjin stopped running, he was breathing heavily as he looked around the amusement park.

What just happened? Seokjin thought. He didn’t understand what he did wrong, all he knew was that it upset Jungkook a lot for him to run away.

Seokjin sighed in distress, before looking down at his hands…

Realizing that he was still holding the Pororo plushie.


Run. Run. Just run. Jungkook told himself as he ran further away his boyfriend who kept calling his name.

The thoughts…

The flashbacks…

All of the terrible memories came flooding back all at once.

Jungkook remembered when he was 11, coloring in that Pororo book before he heard his best friends getting raped, abused…


Jungkook’s breathing sped up even more as he ran faster. He felt his eyes burning as tears started to spill.

Jungkook tried to stop running, but his feet wouldn’t let him.


His mind wouldn’t let him stop.







Chapter Text



There were many times where Jungkook had thought about telling Seokjin about his past.

Those silent moments whenever they had long talks about their lives. Seokjin would talk about his older brother all the time. He would talk about how much he’s going to miss his brother once he gets enlisted.

Jungkook would usually stay silent, or talk about the times when he was 5 to 10 years old.

It was too hard for Jungkook to tell Seokjin about how his childhood was snatched away from him in just one night. Jungkook didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want Seokjin to see him differently.

But as time went on, Seokjin slowly started to notice things about Jungkook.

He noticed how Jungkook would become tense whenever Seokjin kissed him for more than 2 seconds. Jungkook would even turn his head away after those 2 seconds.

At first, Seokjin had to smell his own breath to make sure that his breath wasn’t smelling bad.

But he started to notice more about Jungkook.

He noticed how uncomfortable Jungkook would get whenever he mentioned certain things like lollipops, black cars, or coloring books.

After the Pororo incident, Seokjin made sure to throw the plushie away and never mention penguins again. When he found Jungkook at the amusement park after he ran off, Jungkook was crying and panicking as he mentioned some pills that Seokjin didn’t know of.


Jungkook searched through his backpack frantically as Seokjin tried to calm him down.

“J-Jungkook, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you, I -” Seokjin tried to apologize but Jungkook wasn't listening, he was too busy looking for his pills.

“I … I- I need it.” Jungkook cried as he continued to search his backpack, throwing all of his books on the ground.

“Jungkook, hey. Breathe, relax.” Seokjin spoke softly as he sat on the bench next to Jungkook.

“I - I can’t...I - I need my pills.” Jungkook stuttered as he panicked more. He could’ve swore that he put his medication in his backpack that morning.

Seokjin wasn’t sure what type of pills Jungkook were talking about, but he had never mentioned it before.

Seokjin bit his lip nervously. He had never seen Jungkook panic before and it made him nervous.

What could I have done to make him panic this much?  Seokjin thought.

Soon, Jungkook was taking out 2 containers of pills from the side-pocket of his backpack.

Jungkook popped of the top of one container, taking out one pill. Then he took another pill from the other container.

Seokjin assumed that they were two different pills.

“Are you allowed to take two different pills at once? What about the side effects?” Seokjin asked in concern for his boyfriend.

Jungkook sniffled and wiped his tears. “It’s fine.” Jungkook said softly, before taking out a bottle of water to take his pills.

Seokjin didn’t want to seem nosy, he knew that some people didn’t like to be asked about their mental illnesses. Some people felt insecure about their mental illnesses so they don’t like to talk about it.

Seokjin decided that he would wait a few months until he asked Jungkook about it.

He didn’t ask Jungkook about why he ran off. He didn’t ask Jungkook anything.

After that day, there was a slight awkwardness between Seokjin and Jungkook for a while, but they got over it with Seokjin’s jokes and playful behavior.


Seokjin also started to notice small things about Jungkook’s behavior that he’s never noticed before.

For example, whenever Seokjin placed his hand on Jungkook’s thigh for a second, Jungkook would often jump or get tense.

Seokjin knew that Jungkook was shy and timid, but he didn’t want Jungkook to see him as a stranger. He wanted him to be comfortable with him.

He needed Jungkook to open up to him more.


January 16th, 2017

7:32 PM


Tonight, Jungkook’s parents were going out on a date for the first time in almost 4 years.

Jungkook can’t help but feel like he’s the reason that his parents haven’t been out on any dates. After the incident, they’ve been too busy focusing on taking care of him. Jungkook appreciates his parents for not letting him down.

“Jungkook-ah, I left money on the kitchen table for you just in case you want to order some food, okay?” Jungkook’s mother said. She was dressed really pretty, and she looked so happy. Jungkook hasn’t seen her this happy in a while. She looked like another person.

Jungkook nodded silently, with a small smile on his face.

Jungkook’s dad was dressed nice as well, he also looked just as happy as his mother was.

“Okay, we’ll be back soon. Love you, sweetie.” Jungkook’s mother said before kissing Jungkook on his cheek, and walking to the front door where Jungkook’s dad was waiting.

Jungkook waved at them silently, as they smiled and waved back before finally walking out of the front door and locking it.

Jungkook walked over to the window, waiting to see when his parents’ car would drive away.

Once the car was finally gone, Jungkook quickly ran up to his room excitedly.

Jungkook plopped down onto his bed, picking up his phone to call Seokjin.


8:47 PM

Seokjin was sitting on Jungkook’s bedroom floor as they played Overwatch on Jungkook’s playstation.

At first, Seokjin thought the game was stupid so he didn’t really want to play. But Jungkook had begged him, so Seokjin couldn’t resist his adorable voice and eyes.

Even though Jungkook was the one who wanted to play the game, it seems like Seokjin was playing by himself now.

“Wow! Did you see that? I’m great.” Seokjin said before starting to laugh. He seemed really into the game, while Jungkook was bored suddenly.

“I’m better.” Jungkook answered from his bed before taking a bite of his pizza.

“You’re only on level 4. I’m almost on level 6 now.” Seokjin replied. Jungkook giggled at Seokjin’s childishness and competitiveness.

“Hyung, I’m bored.” Jungkook said suddenly, biting his pizza again.

“Am I boring you? How could I ever be boring? I’m amazing.” Seokjin said in surprise.

Jungkook groaned. “Hyung, seriously. Can we watch a movie?” Jungkook asked.

“Fine.” Seokjin sighed, before saving his game data and shutting off the game at last.


9:37 PM

The room was really dark, as Seokjin and Jungkook were lying comfortably next to each other on the bed.

They were almost halfway into the movie, The Wailing.

Why does Seokjin always want to watch scary movies? Jungkook thought. Seokjin always pretended that he wasn’t scared, but he usually was.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whined suddenly. “This is kind of scary.” Jungkook said, starting to cover his face with the blankets.

“No, it’s not. Look.” Seokjin said, before trying to pull down the blankets from Jungkook’s face.

“No, I’m scared.” Jungkook whined, covering his face with the blankets again.

Seokjin picked up the tv remote before turning up the volume, making the screams on the tv louder.

“Stop, hyung. You’re so mean to me.” Jungkook whined louder.

Seokjin started to laugh at Jungkook’s cuteness before turning down the tv.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Seokjin apologized while still laughing, before reaching over to pull Jungkook into a hug.

“No…” Jungkook whined jokingly, while softly pushing Seokjin away from him.

“I’m sorry, come here.” Seokjin said softly, grabbing Jungkook again and holding him tight.

“Let’s cuddle.” Seokjin said suddenly, still holding Jungkook tight.

All of a sudden, Jungkook felt nervous. Him and Seokjin had never even hugged longer than just a few seconds.

Jungkook gulped silently, not answering Seokjin.

Seokjin let go of Jungkook before sitting back comfortably on the bed.

Jungkook looked at Seokjin nervously, but Seokjin couldn’t read his face because of how dark the room was. He could only see the flashes of color from the tv shining around the room once in awhile.

“Jungkook-ah…stop staring at me and come here.” Seokjin said with a small laugh.

He opened his arms for Jungkook to crawl to him.

Jungkook let out a nervous laugh, before gulping again. He slowly started to crawl to Seokjin.

Once he crawled to Seokjin, Seokjin hugged Jungkook’s body close to his.

Jungkook took a deep breath nervously, as Seokjin tangled their legs together.

Seokjin felt that Jungkook was nervous for some reason, so he gently rubbed Jungkook’s head to soothe him.

After Seokjin did this repeatedly, Jungkook felt his body becoming less tense as he started to get more comfortable.

Seokjin was petting his head so soothingly, that Jungkook felt himself starting to get sleepy.

Just as Jungkook started to close his eyes, he felt Seokjin stop petting his head.

Jungkook quickly opened his eyes, whining immediately. “Hyung, don’t stop.” Jungkook mumbled, burying his face into Seokjin’s shirt.

“Sorry, the movie got interesting…. But you’re not watching it.” Seokjin said, continuing to pet Jungkook’s head.

Jungkook stayed silent as he hugged Seokjin’s body closer to his. He was really getting comfortable with this.

When he first started to date Seokjin, he thought that Seokjin would find him weird because he didn’t really talk… and he didn’t even like people touching him.

He thought Seokjin was going to quickly abandon him for that.

Jungkook thought that he would never be back to his regular self. He thought he would never smile or laugh again. He thought he would never be able to make friends again.

But Seokjin came around, and changed all of that for him.

Jungkook didn’t know what he felt for Seokjin…

But maybe it was love.

And that scared Jungkook.

It scared him because he felt like if he tells Seokjin about what happened to him when he was a child, Seokjin would leave and never come back.

“Jungkook-ah…” Seokjin spoke suddenly, breaking Jungkook’s out of his thoughts.

“Hm?” Jungkook mumbled, with his eyes closed.

 “Look at me.” Seokjin said seriously and a little harshly, startling Jungkook.

Jungkook quickly opened his eyes, lifting his head from Seokjin’s chest to look up at him in the dark.

Jungkook couldn’t see Seokjin’s face clearly, but from the light that the tv was flashing, Jungkook could see Seokjin giving him a weird look.

It was a look that Jungkook has never seen before.

It was a look of fondness…

A look of love.

“I love you.” Seokjin said softly, staring deeply into Jungkook’s eyes. This was the first time that Seokjin had said it.

Jungkook looked up at Seokjin with wide eyes. He didn’t know to respond. He did love Seokjin too… but he was scared to love him.

Jungkook opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

Seokjin laughed a little. “It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything now. Maybe I am moving a little too fast for you. But I just want you to know … that I do love you… a lot.” Seokjin said softly, stroking Jungkook’s head.

Jungkook stayed silent for a long while, staring at Seokjin blankly.

Seokjin was suddenly starting to feel uncomfortable because of Jungkook’s silence. He figured that maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

Seokjin decided to laugh uncomfortably.

“Haha, sorry.” Seokjin laughed hysterically to hide the awkwardness (like he always does).

“S-sorry for what?” Jungkook spoke finally, still looking at Seokjin with wide eyes.

“Um...Nothing, sorry. Let’s - uh… let’s just watch the movie. By the way, what time are your parents going to be back? Don’t you think it’s getting kind of late? I should probably go before -” Seokjin started to ramble nervously, before Jungkook cut him off with his soft voice.

“Seokjin-hyung, I… I love you too.” Jungkook said timidly.

Seokjin looked at Jungkook with wide eyes. “Jungkook, I - I don’t want you to feel pressured, like you have to say it -” Seokjin started.

“No, hyung… I mean it.” Jungkook whispered, getting closer to Seokjin’s face.

Jungkook took a breath nervously before saying it again. “I love you.” Jungkook repeated, it took him a lot to say this but he did mean it.

“So much.” Jungkook breathe out, looking into Seokjin’s eyes.

Jungkook didn’t know where he got this sudden burst of confidence from, but before he knew it he was leaning up to kiss Seokjin just to prove how much he loved him.

Jungkook pressed his lips against Seokjin’s softly. Seokjin kissed his boyfriend back immediately.

Their lips moved slowly in sync. It was a sweet, gentle kiss as always. Seokjin was never anything but gentle with Jungkook.

Jungkook pulled away after a few seconds to rest his forehead against Seokjin’s, breathing against Seokjin’s face.

The moment was sweet for a while… until Seokjin had ruined it with a comment.

“Your breath smells like pizza.” Seokjin whispered.

Jungkook quickly backed away in embarrassment. “Hyung…” Jungkook whined, covering his mouth to hide the smell of pizza in his breath.

Seokjin started to laugh hysterically with his unique laugh.

Jungkook sighed before standing up from the bed, he was upset that Seokjin had ruined the moment.

Jungkook turned on the light that was next to his bed, lighting up the room. Jungkook and Seokjin squinted as they tried to get their eyes to adjust to the sudden bright light.

“Do you know how to spell pizza in english?” Seokjin asked suddenly.

Jungkook sighed and shook his head no, sitting back down on the bed next to Seokjin.

“It’s P-I-J-J-A.” Seokjin said before laughing hysterically again.

When Seokjin saw how upset Jungkook seemed, he stopped laughing.

Seokjin sighed. “I’m sorry.” He apologized softly, before leaning over to kiss Jungkook on the cheek.

Seokjin put his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, turning his head so that he could kiss him on the lips. Jungkook kissed him back softly.

“I love you.” Seokjin whispered, looking into Jungkook’s eyes before kissing him again.

Seokjin pulled Jungkook closer, quickly deepening the kiss.

It was innocent kisses, until Seokjin started to lay Jungkook down onto the bed.

Jungkook breath nervously, as Seokjin started to deepen the kiss even more.

I can’t do it anymore, Jungkook thought before pulling away from the kiss to turn his head, avoiding Seokjin’s lips.

Seokjin immediately chased Jungkook’s lips to kiss him again, Jungkook decided to just go along with it this time because he didn’t want to upset Seokjin.

Jungkook started to kiss Seokjin again more hesitantly now.

Seokjin felt how tense and hesitant Jungkook was. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Seokjin asked softly once he pulled away from the kiss.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously before sighing deeply. “Um… nothing.” Jungkook said softly, before Seokjin was immediately kissing Jungkook’s lips again.

Jungkook didn’t kiss Seokjin back this time, he turned his head away to avoid his kiss again.

Seokjin ignored Jungkook’s gesture, deciding that maybe Jungkook wanted more than just kisses. Seokjin slowly moved to hover over Jungkook’s body.

Now that Seokjin was over him, Jungkook felt way more nervous than he already was.

Jungkook took a deep breath, before Seokjin was kissing his cheek to calm him.

Seokjin kissed Jungkook’s cheek twice more before moving his lips down to kiss his jawline gently.

Jungkook placed his hands on Seokjin’s back, trying to calm himself.

Seokjin’s lips quickly traveled down to Jungkook’s neck, kissing him in one spot gently.

Jungkook’s breath hitched nervously as Seokjin kissed harder on Jungkook’s neck, slowly making marks.

Seokjin moved his lips to the other side of Jungkook’s neck, sucking harder on his skin.

Jungkook winced softly, as he breath started to speed up.

Then suddenly, Seokjin was moving his thigh in between Jungkook’s, making Jungkook gasp nervously.

Tell him to stop, Jungkook told himself.

Before Jungkook could do anything, Seokjin was grinding his crotch against Jungkook’s.

Seokjin let out a small moan as he grinded their groins together, sucking harder on Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook’s breath hitched again. This was giving him a weird feeling. He felt like he was panicking on the inside.

Seokjin pulled his lips away from Jungkook’s neck to whisper in his ear.

“So pretty, baby.” Seokjin whispered as he breath heavily.

So pretty…




“Shh, baby.” Jungwoo whispered, starting to kiss Jungkook’s neck. Jungkook whimpered in fear.

“So pretty.” Jungwoo said, sucking hard on Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook started to winced and whine in pain.

Jungwoo stopped to take off Jungkook’s shirt, forcing his arms up. Jungkook’s breathing sped up as Jungwoo threw his shirt across the room.

Jungwoo started to make marks all over Jungkook’s neck, chest, and stomach. Tiny whimpers fell from Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook didn’t feel pure anymore.

He knew that he couldn't stop what Jungwoo was doing. Tears fell from his eyes.

Jungwoo reached for Jungkook’s pants. “P-Please.” Jungkook cried.


Seokjin started to snake his hands underneath Jungkook’s shirt, kissing his neck again.

Jungkook whimpered. “S-stop…” Jungkook whispered so low that Seokjin couldn't hear him.

He’s not going to stop. Oh God, he’s not going to stop, Jungkook thought in panic as tears started to fill his eyes and he started to tremble in fear.

Seokjin continued to grind his crotch against Jungkook’s, before he grabbed Jungkook’s arms, pinning them above his head.

Suddenly, Seokjin could feel Jungkook trembling. He was startled by the look he saw on Jungkook’s face.

It was the same look that Jungkook had gave him at the amusement park before he ran off.

Jungkook looked up at Seokjin with tearful, fearful, wide eyes. He was breathing heavily as he looked like he was panicking.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Seokjin asked with worry in his eyes, letting go of Jungkook’s wrist.


“N-no, stop. Don’t, don’t call me that.” Jungkook started to cry and close his eyes in fear.

“Jungkook, I -” Seokjin started, grabbing onto Jungkook’s wrist again.

“No, Stop! Get off of me!” Jungkook started to scream suddenly, startling Seokjin.

Seokjin immediately got off of Jungkook, standing on the floor. “J-Jungkook, what’s wrong?” Seokjin asked in concern.

“Get out! Leave me alone, just get the fuck out!” Jungkook screamed, before getting off the bed and slowly backing up into the corner of his room.

“Jungkook, I don’t understand-” Seokjin said in confusion and worry, trying to walk over to Jungkook.

Jungkook backed up further into the corner of the room, staying as far away from Seokjin as he can.

Seokjin walked closer to Jungkook, before Jungkook was on the floor, holding his knees close to his chest.

“Please, don't. Please.” Jungkook begged as he held his knees closer, feeling his heart pound out of his chest.

Seokjin had never seen Jungkook look at him like this before…. Like he was a monster.

“Jungkook, I’m not going to hurt you. I love you so much, I would never hurt you-” Seokjin said softly, before he heard someone bursting into the room.

When Seokjin looked at the doorway…

It was Jungkook’s parents.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Jungkook’s father screamed.

“Why’re you in my son’s room?” Jungkook mother screamed before Jungkook’s father was walking over to Seokjin and roughly grabbing him by the collar.

Seokjin was tall… but Jungkook’s father was way taller than him. Seokjin looked at the man with wide eyes.

“Who are you, and why the fuck are you in my house?” Jungkook’s dad said harshly, tugging on Seokjin’s collar.

“U-uh, I’m Jungkook’s friend. He… he invited me over because he was lonely-” Seokjin tried to speak but he was nervous. Jungkook’s dad was scary.

“Then why the hell is he crying?” Jungkook’s mother asked, looking at Jungkook who was still sitting in the corner of the room with tears streaming down his face.

“I ...I-” Seokjin tried to find a good excuse… but he couldn’t.

Jungkook’s father pinned Seokjin against the wall angrily. “What the fuck did you do to my son?” Jungkook’s dad asked angrily.

“U-uh…” Seokjin looked at Jungkook across the room.

“Answer me!” Jungkook’s dad screamed in Seokjin’s face, tightened his grip on his collar.

Seokjin jumped nervously. “I - I didn’t do anything to him. I swear.” Seokjin said quickly with fear in his eyes.

Jungkook’s dad looked back at Jungkook on the other side of the room, observing his facial expressions. Jungkook looked really scared.

He was scared for Seokjin.

Jungkook’s dad turned back around to look at Seokjin one more time, before finally letting go of his collar.

“Get the fuck out of my house.” Jungkook’s father said harshly, pushing Seokjin out of Jungkook’s room.

Seokjin didn’t have time to get his phone and jacket that was on Jungkook’s bed.

Jungkook mother ran over to Jungkook who was sitting on the floor, in a ball.

“Sweetie, are you okay? Look at me.” His mother said, stooping down to his level.

Jungkook cried harder, trying to catch his breath as he felt himself still panicking.

“Jungkook, breathe. Look at me.” His mother said, but Jungkook wouldn't look at her. He was staring at a blank spot on the floor.

Jungkook started to wheeze and clutch his chest. The last time he's panicked this much was the night that he was raped and almost killed.

Jungkook’s mother then stood up and quickly ran out of the room.

She came back into the room 15 seconds later, with a bottle of water and Jungkook’s benzodiazepines (medication for panic disorder).

Jungkook coughed with tears continuing to stream down his face, as his body continued to tremble uncontrollably.

“Open your mouth.” His mother said loudly, stooping down to Jungkook’s level once again. Jungkook opened his mouth for one second, and his mother was quickly putting a pill into his mouth.

She lifted the bottle of water to Jungkook’s mouth for him to take a drink out of it.

Once Jungkook gulped down the pill, he continued to cough and cry.

His mother rubbed his back before pulling her son into a hug, she had never seen him panic this much.

“It’s okay.” His mother said comfortingly as Jungkook continued to tremble in her arms.

“What happened, sweetie?” His mother asked in a soft voice, pulling away from the hug to look at Jungkook’s still panicked face.

Jungkook hiccuped and shook his head, not wanting to answer. He pulled his mother into another hug, holding her tight.

“It’s okay, sweetie.” His mother said softly in his ear, holding him tight.

“It’s okay.” She repeated, gently rubbing her son’s back.


“I’m here.”

Chapter Text

“His name is Jimin.” Chanyeol said quickly, awkwardly tapping the table with his finger tips.


Taehyung immediately froze, feeling his breath stop a little.

He didn’t want to jump to conclusions. There were many other Jimin's in Korea…


“Hm?” Baekhyun asked, shoving a spoon of rice in his mouth. Chanyeol spoke way too fast for Hoseok and Baekhyun to hear the name, but Taehyung definitely heard it.

Taehyung sat there silently, unable to move a muscle, as he waited for Chanyeol to say the name again to make sure that he heard right.

“Jimin, his name is Park Jimin.” Chanyeol repeated, looking at Baekhyun this time.



No. No. No.

“Ah, right. That’s his name.” Baekhyun said, swallowing his food.

I’m dreaming, I have to be dreaming. This can’t be happening. Taehyung could swear that he felt his heart stop, as he felt like the room was spinning.

“Taehyung-ah…” Hoseok said right in front of Taehyung’s face, but Taehyung didn’t answer. He didn’t snap out of his thoughts.

No, no. No way . Taehyung thought.

“Are you alright?” Hoseok asked Taehyung with a confused look on his face.

Taehyung’s face was blank as he stared, motionless, at the table in front of him.

“Taehy-” Hoseok said again, before Taehyung finally snapped out of his thoughts.

I need to get out of here. I need to leave. I can’t see him.

Or I’m literally going to kill him.


Taehyung stood up abruptly, picking up his backpack off of the floor.

The boys looked at him to see what he was doing, when they realized that Taehyung was leaving they gave him confused looks.

“Where are you going?” Baekhyun asked Taehyung.

Taehyung couldn’t hear anything but his blood pressure rising.

Taehyung didn’t look at his friends at all, he just turned around and quickly started to walk away.

“Taehyung, where are you going?” Baekhyun asked again, as Taehyung started to leave.

“Can I have your food!?” Baekhyun yelled, before looking at Taehyung’s abandoned lunch on the table.

Hoseok and Chanyeol started to laugh hysterically, as Taehyung finally exited the cafeteria



Taehyung started to breathe heavily as he made his way to his locker. He didn’t know what he was feeling.

It was almost like a mixture of wrath… and pain.

Taehyung dropped his backpack onto the floor by his locker, before tangling his fingers into his own hair.

He breath heavily as the anger started to grow even more in him. He gripped onto his hair, not even caring if he pulled out some strands.

Suddenly, Taehyung couldn’t take it anymore. He growled loudly in anger, his growl echoing throughout the empty hallway.

“Fuck!” Taehyung screamed loudly before punching a one of the blue lockers with his bare fist.

Taehyung’s hand might’ve been hurt if he wasn’t so angry, but he actually couldn’t feel the pain at the moment. He punched the locker so hard, but he still felt like it wasn’t enough to relieve his wrath.

“Shit.” Taehyung gripped roughly at his hair again. He suddenly wanted to bang his head against the locker.

He probably would’ve did it… if a teacher didn’t walk out of her classroom at that moment.

The teacher looked at Taehyung in shock, she was startled by how much anger the student had.

The teacher stayed far away from Taehyung, as she looked at him from all the way down the other side of the hallway.

The teacher had heard about Taehyung’s anger issues, but she had never actually seen it.

“Um...Are you okay?” The teacher asked nervously from the other side of the hallway.

When Taehyung turned around, it was his english teacher… the teacher that he hated the most, even though he hated almost everyone.

Taehyung bit his lip in anger, before picking up his backpack. He decided not to get anything from his locker.

He ignored his teacher as he put his backpack onto his back, starting walk towards the exit of the school.

“Taehyung! Taehyung-ah, you’re not allowed to leave the school without your parent letting us know first. And you also -” The teacher started to yell from down the hallway, but Taehyung wasn’t listening.

He ignored her, walking straight out of the school without looking back.



Taehyung walked into his house quickly, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Taehyung-ah? What’re you doing home so early?” Taehyung’s aunt asked from the kitchen where she was cooking.

Taehyung ignored his aunt, quickly running up the stairs to go to his room.

“Taehyung?” His aunt said loudly, before turning off the stove.

“Taehyung!” His aunt yelled in panic, stopping everything that she was doing. When Taehyung ignored her, it meant usually meant that something was wrong.

Taehyung’s aunt started to run up the stairs to Taehyung room, but his door was already slamming shut.

“Taehyung, are you okay? What’s wrong?” Taehyung’s aunt spoke through the door.

Taehyung dropped his backpack onto the floor as started to pace around his room, breathing heavily. He felt tears coming to his eyes as gripped at his hair again.

“Taehyung, please open the door.” His aunt begged in concern. She knew that whatever he was going through right now, he couldn’t handle it alone.

She knew that Taehyung was very suicidal. He had recently told his aunt that he felt like he was going to give up any moment now.

“Taehyung, please.” His aunt begged again, her voice shaking.

After a few seconds, Taehyung was opening his room door as he saw his aunt standing there with a worried look on her face. She looked like she was close to tears.

“What’s wrong, honey?” His aunt asked as she tried to pull Taehyung into a hug, but he backed away.

“I want to transfer.” Taehyung whispered as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Taehyung’s aunt looked him in the eyes. “You - you want to transfer to a new school?” His aunt asked, seeing the distress in Taehyung’s face.

Taehyung nodded as a tear slipped down his cheek. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling at this moment.

“Why? What happened, Taehyung. I need to know.” His aunt pushed even though she knew that Taehyung hated to be questioned like this.

“I - I just…… it’s him.” Taehyung sniffled. He didn’t even want to say his name.

After what had happened to Taehyung, he never saw Jungkook and Jimin again. He didn’t even know how they were saved that night. He didn’t know how things ended, but he really prayed to God that Jimin was dead.

“Who? Who is it, Taehyung?” His aunt spoke softly, wiping Taehyung’s tears with her thumbs.

Him .” Taehyung repeated, as more tears came to his eyes.

Taehyung’s aunt was confused. She did know that Taehyung’s friends had been there with him that night. But she didn’t know who Taehyung was talking about, and she wasn’t understanding why he wanted to transfer because of that person.

Taehyung had never told his grandparents, his aunt, or anyone that everything was Jimin’s fault. He didn’t want to mention Jimin or even think of him after that night.

“It’s him, auntie… If I see him, I don’t know what I’m going to do to him.” Taehyung said as he tried to take a deep breath.

His aunt still wasn’t understanding well, she looked at him in confusion. “Taehyung, who-”

“Auntie, he ruined my life. H-he’s the reason I’m like this.” Taehyung said, starting to feel angry again.

“I can’t...I can’t do it. I just can’t. I need to transfer.” Taehyung said, slowly starting to panic.

“Um...okay, honey. I’ll - I’ll try to do something about it.” His aunt said, trying to calm Taehyung down. She knew that he got easily frustrated when people tell him no.

“You’ll try? Or you will?” Taehyung started to speak with hostility towards his aunt.

“I - I will, Taehyung.” His aunt spoke carefully so that she wouldn't upset him.

“You promise?” Taehyung sniffled, as he put all of his hope and trust into his aunt.

“Yes, I promise.” His aunt said, even though she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to transfer Taehyung.

She could… but it would be difficult to find a new school for him since there weren’t many schools close to home.

She was afraid to tell that to Taehyung because he would be upset and most likely get angry at her, and she didn’t want that at the moment.

So she promised.

She promised to find a new school for Taehyung.



4:16 AM


Taehyung couldn’t sleep.

He had fell asleep at 10:00 but he had a nightmare. The exact same nightmare that he had that morning.

But it was worse, just like every nightmare. It just got worse and worse every time.

So Taehyung decided to do what he always did…

Stay awake, and uncontrollably think.

He hated thinking.

Thinking is what killed him the most.

He thought about how the men touched every part of his body. He thought about how the men treated him like he was an object. Like he wasn’t a child…

Like he wasn’t a human.

Taehyung thought about how the men laughed at him.

They laughed at his pain.

Taehyung could always hear the laughter in his dreams… and when he was awake.

Taehyung thought about how much he had to fake his smiles. He had to make people think he was normal. He had to make people think he was okay.

But Taehyung hasn’t been okay since that night everything was taken away from him.

His smile, his laughter, his innocence...

His happiness

All of that was gone, and he would never get it back.

Taehyung thought about how Jimin was the reason for it all. He thought about how different things would be if he had never met Jimin. He thought about how different things would be if he didn’t go look for Jimin that night.

Taehyung thought about how he could’ve saved himself, how he could’ve saved Jungkook.

They wouldn’t be hurting right now if it wasn’t for Jimin.

There were times when Taehyung thought that he couldn’t completely hate Jimin. Taehyung knew that Jimin wasn’t any of the people that had raped him that night.

But Taehyung still hated him.

He hated Jimin for being the reason that he had left his house that night. He hated Jimin for acting ridiculously stupid that night. He hated Jimin for getting his friends raped.

Taehyung sighed in frustration, starting to cry as he tried to stopped thinking.

Why me, God? Taehyung thought. Why?

“Why am I still alive?” Taehyung whispered to himself, looking up at the ceiling in the dark.

It hurt Taehyung every morning to wake up, and have to walk outside, pretending he was regular.

It hurt him to live .


Taehyung reached underneath his bed, pulling out the familiar puma shoebox.

Taehyung sat it on his bed in front of him, before looking around the dark room.

He decided to go into the bathroom that was in his bedroom, picking up the shoebox and walking into the bathroom.

He turned on his bathroom light, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light.

Taehyung shut the door behind him, before sitting the shoebox on the floor.

He turned around to the mirror, looking at his reflection.

He looked pale, skinny, drained, tired…

He was tired. He was tired of living.

Taehyung rubbed at his puffy, red, tearful eyes before sighing deeply.

He turned his head away from the mirror to look at the shoebox that was sitting on the floor.

Should I do this? Taehyung contemplated.

He hasn’t done it in a while. He was trying to stop doing it, but he couldn’t.

It hurt so bad but it felt too good.

Taehyung sat down on the floor, in front of the shoebox, before opening the lid.

He examined the small knives, trying to find one that he hasn’t used yet.

He picked up the knives, counting all 6 of them. The knives were all different shapes, but most of them were small, except for the big one that Taehyung always kept… just in case.

Taehyung put the knives back inside of the shoebox, keeping the smallest one in his hand.

Taehyung closed the box before sliding over to sit next to the bathtub.

He slowly lifted his sleeves, seeing the barely faded scars across his wrists.

The last time he cut himself was almost 2 months ago, but he had stopped when he started to hang out with Hoseok and Baekhyun more.

His friends could temporarily make him happy, but Taehyung knew that he would always go back to cutting himself again, no matter what.

It was an addiction.

Taehyung slowly lifted the small knife to his skinny wrist, slowing sliding the blade across it.

Taehyung winced at the familiar pain as he watched the blood start to fall down his wrist.

He bit his lip, trying to silence himself as he continued to watch the blood fall.

He took a deep breath before pressing the blade to his same wrist again, slicing his skin right underneath his other fresh scar.

“Ah.” Taehyung winced again, louder this time. He stretched the scar all the way around his wrist, watching closely as more blood started to emerge.

The blood slowly started to drip onto the white bathroom floor, making Taehyung realize that he forgot to place a towel there.

Taehyung breath heavily in pain. He forced himself to continue his work, pressing the blade against his same wrist again. This time it hurt even more. The blade cut into his skin once again, right underneath his new scars.

Taehyung trembled in pain as he started to cry harder, his small cries echoing throughout the bathroom.



5:08 AM


After Taehyung successfully made 4 scars on his right wrist and 4 on his left wrist, he stood up and walked over to the sink.

He breath heavily as he looked at himself in the mirror again. He looked even more terrible.

Taehyung sniffled before turning on the water to wash off his bloody wrists.

The cold water stung his wrists terribly. It hurt like hell, but Taehyung was used to it. He hissed as he watched the water turn different shades of pink.

He continued to wash his wrists until he was sure that the blood stopped spilling.

He turned off the water 5 minutes later, grabbing a towel to dry off his now clean wrists.

He removed the towel from his wrists, looking at the fresh scars. Taehyung enjoyed looking at them. The scars made him feel… relieved. Even if it didn’t make him feel completely satisfied, it made him feel temporarily satisfied.

Although for some reason, he always felt like the scars weren't enough.





Taehyung hasn’t gone to school for a whole week. He only had to go to therapy twice a week.

Earlier in the month, his guidance counselor had warned him that he could get kicked out of the school if he kept being absent, but Taehyung didn’t care.

He didn’t want to see Jimin, at all or ever again in his entire life.

He promised himself that if he ever saw him, he would literally murder the boy for ruining his life.

Taehyung asked his aunt about 10 times if she has found a new school for him yet.

His aunt always replied with “No, not yet. I’m still searching.”

The truth is, his aunt only searched about twice. She hasn’t found any high schools near where they live.

Her and Taehyung couldn’t move to a new city because she had a very good job, and she didn’t want to give that up.

She thought about homeschooling Taehyung, but that was a little too expensive for her.

She didn’t know what else to do.

She decided to try to talk to Taehyung about just staying in the school that he was in at the moment.

It was risky, she would have to deal with Taehyung’s anger… but she figured that she should try to talk to him.



May 21st, 2017

5:54 PM


“Taehyung-ah, can I talk to you?” Taehyung’s aunt asked as she knocked on his bedroom door.

She stayed silent for a while, waiting for Taehyung to answer, but he didn’t. She knocked on the door again.

“Taehyung-ah, can I come in?” His aunt asked louder.

When she heard another long silence, she decided to silently peek her head into the room.

She saw all of the lights off, as the sunset shined throughout of all the whole room. She looked at Taehyung’s bed, seeing Taehyung lying in a ball in the middle of his bed with the blankets over himself.

She figured he was sleeping.

“Taehyung-ah?” His aunt called out softly. Taehyung continued to lay there silently, as his aunt started to walk into the room.

She slowly walked up to the bed, lightly tapping Taehyung’s leg. “Taehyung-ah.” She called his name again.

Taehyung then removed the blankets off of his head, looking up at his aunt with dull eyes.

“What do you want, auntie?” Taehyung asked with a sigh. His aunt noticed how tired and stressed he looked. But then again, that was how Taehyung looked most of the time.

“I’m sorry, were you sleeping?” His aunt asked, starting to slowly back away from the bed. She didn’t want to interrupt his sleep.

“No, I wasn’t. I was just… w-what do you want?” Taehyung asked in annoyance, slowly starting to sit up in his bed.

“Um...I just wanted to talk to you about something.” His aunt said nervously, before sitting down on Taehyung’s bed.

“About what?” Taehyung asked, noticing how nervous his aunt seemed.

“About… the school thing.” His aunt said slowly.

“What about it? Did you find any schools yet?” Taehyung asked desperately.

“Um...not really.” Taehyung’s aunt said as she started to look around the room nervously. She really wasn’t sure how Taehyung was going to react. He could possibly react any way due to his bipolar.

Taehyung looked at his aunt, confused.

“Actually, I haven’t been able to find any schools nearby.” His aunt said carefully.

“So...what’re you saying?” Taehyung asked nervously. This was his only chance at getting away from Jimin.

“I-I looked up some homeschooling prices, and it’s really expensive. Taehyung… I can’t give up my job to get you into a new school someplace else. Things...things are going to be hard and-” His aunt decided to just tell him everything at once.

“So what’re you saying, auntie?” Taehyung asked, raising his voice in frustration. There was no way that Taehyung’s school was the only high school close to home.

“I…” Taehyung’s aunt didn’t want to say it like this. “I’m sorry, but… I can’t. I can’t get you into another school.” She said finally.

Taehyung stared silently at a blank spot on his bed. His aunt could already tell that he was upset and probably going to snap soon.

“I’m so sorry, Taehyung. But there’s really nothing else that I can do.” His aunt said sadly, putting a comforting hand on Taehyung’s thigh.

Taehyung hated to be touched, his aunt knew that but yet she still did it as a way to comfort him.

“Get off of me.” Taehyung said harshly, pushing his aunt’s hand off of his thigh.

His aunt sighed. “Taehyung, please don’t be upset. I really wish that there were more schools around but there really isn’t. Sweetie, I’m sorry.” His aunt spoke softly, careful not to upset him any more.

“You - You don’t understand. You don’t understand how it feels to even hear his name, and you want me to be in the same school as him? Seeing him everyday? I can't do it. You don’t understand-” Taehyung spoke louder, starting to stand up from his bed.

“Taehyung, I know. It’s going to be difficult, but-” His aunt continued to speak softly from the bed,

Difficult?”  Taehyung scoffed. He couldn’t believe that his aunt was even arguing with him on this. It was going to be way more than difficult.

“Sweetie… I -” His aunt said before taking a deep breath, she wasn’t sure what to say anymore. All she knew was, Taehyung had to stay in that school.

“How do you know if he’s the exact boy? Did you see him?” His aunt asked suddenly.

Taehyung thought about it. No, he didn’t actually see Jimin. But it was a 90 percent chance that it was actually Jimin that Chanyeol was talking about.

“No… but-” Taehyung mumbled.

“Then, it might not actually be him.” His aunt said with a shrug, as if it was so simple.

“But what if it is him?” Taehyung asked, he was pretty sure that it actually was Jimin.

“Then, just - you can try to ignore him. I -” His aunt said, getting a little frustrated and stressed. She wasn’t understanding why Taehyung couldn’t see this boy.

She didn't know the full story.

Ignore him?  You think I can ignore him? You want me to ignore someone who dragged me into something that I didn’t need to be dragged into? You want me to ignore someone who let my happiness be taken away from me? You want me to ignore someone who’s ruined my entire life?!” Taehyung started to scream, as tears filled his eyes.

“Do you really think it’s that easy?! Fuck, you just don’t understand. No one understands and I’m fucking tired of it, I’m so fucking tired!” Taehyung screamed as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

Taehyung’s aunt stood up from the bed, walking over to him. “Sweetie…-” She said, trying to pull Taehyung into a hug.

Taehyung shook her off. “No, just get out! I’m tired of you pretending like you know my life, like you know what I’ve been through. You don’t know anything so just get the fuck out!” Taehyung yelled at his aunt in anger.

He was tired of his aunt acting like his problems were simple and could easily be solved. She might’ve been supportive but she didn’t understand what Taehyung was feeling on the inside. No one could.

No one was there to understand how he felt when he was getting sexually abused by a bunch of men. No one understands that he almost died from it. No one understands how close he is to killing himself.

No understands how much he wants to die everyday.

And it was all because of that one person…

Park Jimin.

Taehyung’s aunt looked at him in shock, he had always got angry with her but he had never cursed at her. She understood that what she said was wrong, and that she upset Taehyung a lot. She wanted to know more about why Taehyung didn’t want to see the boy.

She wanted to know the full story.

“Taehyung, please...can we-” His aunt started again.

“Get out.” Taehyung said harshly, opening his room door for his aunt to leave.

His aunt looked at the door before sighing deeply. She decided that she would just talk to Taehyung once he’s calmed down.

She slowly started to walk out of the door, as Taehyung angrily looked at the ground, waiting for her to leave.

Once his aunt was out of the door, she turned around to face Taehyung.

“Sweetie, I’ll-” His aunt started, before Taehyung was slamming the door in her face with no remorse.

His aunt jumped at the loud sound, she should’ve expected Taehyung to do that.

She took a deep breath as she felt a lump form in her throat. She was upset with herself for upsetting Taehyung. She regretted what she had said about ignoring the boy in his school.

She knew that she couldn’t compare any feeling that she’s had in her life to how Taehyung feels.



Taehyung crawled into his bed, cuddling his blankets as he made himself into a ball and cried.

He couldn’t believe that his aunt was still making him go to that school, knowing that the boy who's fucked up his life in every way is there with him.

Taehyung felt that if he killed himself now, he wouldn’t even have to face Jimin at all.

Taehyung stood up from his bed, wiping his tears. He looked for a song to play on his stereo, choosing a song by Gallant, his favorite artist that he listened to everyday to get him through the day.

Once Taehyung chose the song, he turned up the stereo to 100, the highest volume.

Taehyung sat down on his bed with a sigh, as the soulful song filled the room.

He felt the music go through his body, through his heart. He wiped his new tears and tried to ignore his feelings of pain, but he couldn't.

Taehyung didn’t care if the music was too loud, he just needed a distraction.

He needed his aunt to think that he was just listening to music.

After a while, Taehyung reached underneath his bed as he searched for the puma shoebox.

When he didn’t feel the box, he got down onto the floor to look underneath the bed.

He struggled as he tried to reach the box. Once his finger tips finally touched the shoebox, he dragged the box from underneath the bed.

Taehyung sighed, sitting the box onto his bed as the song was starting to go off.

Once the next song started to play...


Taehyung picked up the shoebox as he started to make his way towards his bathroom.

Chapter Text


May 13th, 2017


“Wait, where are you going? Come on, you don’t have to leave.” Baekhyun said, pulling Hoseok’s arm for him to sit back down.

“No, I’ll go. It’s okay, I understand that you guys want to be alone.” Hoseok joked, pulling away from Baekhyun’s grip.

Chanyeol started to laugh, but he didn’t tell Hoseok to sit back down. He honestly wanted him to leave so that he could be alone with Baekhyun.

“Come on, stay.” Baekhyun whined.

Hoseok eyes scanned the cafeteria, searching for someone.

“Uh, no it’s fine. I have to go talk to someone anyways.” Hoseok said, finding the person that he was looking for.

Baekhyun understood what this meant. “Okay.” Baekhyun said with a nod.

Hoseok waved goodbye to Chanyeol and Baekhyun as they waved back.

As soon as Hoseok started to walk away, Chanyeol’s arm was around Baekhyun.

“So…” Chanyeol said into Baekhyun’s ear. Baekhyun blushed as he felt Chanyeol’s hot breath on his ear.

So what?” Baekhyun asked, rolling his eyes a little.

“When am I getting that date that you promised me?” Chanyeol asked, pulling Baekhyun closer.

Baekhyun shoved him off, elbowing Chanyeol in the stomach. “I didn’t promise you anything.” Baekhyun said, starting to eat his food again.

“Ah-” Chanyeol winced in pain, clutching his gut. “ did, remember?” Chanyeol nearly whined.

“Nope, I don’t remember anything.” Baekhyun said with a smirk, knowing that it bothered Chanyeol when he played hard to get.

Chanyeol groaned in annoyance. “Ugh, come on. date.” Chanyeol started pester Baekhyun.

Baekhyun ignored Chanyeol, continuing to eat his rice. “Please…” Chanyeol begged.

Baekhyun put down his spoon. “Give me one reason why I should date you.” Baekhyun said. He really liked Chanyeol a lot. But he didn’t want him to think that he had him wrapped around his finger.

“Well...I’m handsome.” Chanyeol said with a smirk, making Baekhyun roll his eyes.

“Give me one reason why you want to date me .” Baekhyun said, starting to eat his food once again. He was curious why Chanyeol liked him so much. He didn’t know much about Chanyeol, so what if he was a player?

“Well, that’s easy…” Chanyeol started. “You’re cute, funny…” Chanyeol said lowly, placing his hand onto Baekhyun’s thigh. “You’re smart…” Chanyeol continued.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes again. He definitely wasn’t that smart. “Oh, please.” Baekhyun said sarcastically, trying to hide his blush.

“I’m serious.” Chanyeol said, starting to laugh. “Look, just - give me a chance, please?” Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun with cute, begging eyes.

This was nothing new to Baekhyun. He had boys asking him out all the time… but they all wanted Baekhyun for one thing.

“Um…” Baekhyun started to think. What if Chanyeol was just another boy who wanted to have sex with him?

He looked at Chanyeol, who was looking at him with desperate eyes. It seemed like Chanyeol really did like him, and Hoseok didn’t mention anything about Chanyeol being a player before he introduced them to each other.

Baekhyun sighed in defeat, he couldn’t turn down Chanyeol when he was really sweet to him from the moment they met.

“Fine.” Baekhyun said finally, watching Chanyeol’s face light up in excitement.

“Really?” Chanyeol asked with a big smile on his face. Baekhyun nodded and started to laugh at Chanyeol’s adorableness.

“Yes!” Chanyeol whispered to himself. He was really happy that Baekhyun was giving him a chance.

It hasn’t been that long since Chanyeol and Jimin had sort of broken up.

Chanyeol loved Jimin so much, even though he didn’t show it in the right way.

He went through a lot with Jimin, but maybe Baekhyun could be the one to help Chanyeol forget about his past relationship.


But what Chanyeol wasn’t prepared for... was when he would see Jimin.


“I’ll be back, I’m going to go get some chopsticks.” Baekhyun said, as stood up from the table.

“Hurry back, I miss you already.” Chanyeol said with a pout, making Baekhyun roll his eyes once again.

Baekhyun walked away from the table, walking up to the stand to get metal chopsticks. He prefered those over the wooden ones.

While he was walking back to his table, he saw the blonde student…


He was sitting alone, and barely eating his food while he played a game on his phone.

He looked lonely, so Baekhyun figured why not invite him to sit with him and Chanyeol.


Chanyeol knows Jimin anyways, right?




“Chanyeol, look who I've brought.” Baekhyun said excitedly, as him and Jimin made their way to the table.


Chanyeol looked up, catching Jimin’s eyes. Fuck, Chanyeol thought.

Jimin froze in his spot, looking at Chanyeol with wide eyes. He didn’t expect this.

When Baekhyun asked him to sit with him and his friend, Jimin didn't expect this “friend” to be Chanyeol.


Park Chanyeol.


The Chanyeol that fucked up his life even more than it already was.


How could this be? Jimin thought. It’s only been a few months since Jimin left the boarding school. Did Chanyeol really transfer at the same time that Jimin did?

And why?

Jimin felt his heart speed up, as something in his head was telling him to run away.

Baekhyun smiled, thinking that he had done Jimin and Chanyeol a favor by reuniting them.

But no...this was terrible.


Chanyeol looked at Jimin with wide eyes, he wasn’t sure what to do or say. Jimin looked completely different from the last time he saw him.

Chanyeol looked away from Jimin’s eyes, averting them to the table in front of him.

Baekhyun’s smile slowly faded as he felt the awkward atmosphere. Did I do something wrong? Baekhyun thought.

Neither of the boys said hello to each other.

Baekhyun laughed awkwardly, realizing that Jimin hasn’t sat down yet. He looked at Jimin, trying to read his facial expression.

At first, Jimin looked shocked but then he started to look somewhat angry. His eyes seemed to be on fire as he glared at Chanyeol, who wasn’t even looking at him anymore.

Baekhyun started to think that maybe Jimin and Chanyeol didn’t like each other.

“Uh…” Baekhyun said awkwardly, he sort of wanted to laugh now. He was the type to laugh during awkward moments.

“I...I have to go.” Jimin spoke finally, in a slightly irritated voice.

Baekhyun was going to say something, but he couldn’t because Jimin was already quickly walking away.

“Oh - Jimin, do you still want me to help you-” Baekhyun tried to remind Jimin about his classes.

Jimin ignored Baekhyun, throwing all of his perfectly good food away, and practically running out of the cafeteria as he pushed past some students.





“ think I’m lying? Why would I lie about something like this?” Jimin’s voice wavered as his tried to hold back his tears. Chanyeol wasn’t taking him seriously.

“I don’t think you’re lying. It’s just - Jimin… you’re drunk, and you don’t know what you’re saying.” Chanyeol argued back. He actually did think Jimin was lying.

Jimin is a little crazy after all, Chanyeol thought.

“No, I’m not drunk. I-” Jimin said with a slight slur. He did sound a little drunk, but he wasn’t too drunk to the point where he didn’t know what he was talking about. He knew exactly what he was talking about, but Chanyeol just wouldn’t believe him.

“I have evidence.” Jimin said confidently. He was pretty sure that he had evidence somewhere or somehow.

Chanyeol shook his head and started to laugh at Jimin’s drunkenness.

Jimin walked over to the hamper, where he kept his dirty clothes and forgot to wash them.

Jimin started to rummage through the hamper, looking for the dirty burgundy shirt.

“Jimin, what are you doing?” Chanyeol asked with a sigh. He was waiting for this “evidence ” that Jimin was going to show him.

“Look.” Jimin said, once he found the burgundy shirt.

He walked up to Chanyeol, searching for the stain on his shirt. “See!” Jimin yelled, showing Chanyeol the spot on his shirt.

“I don’t see anything.” Chanyeol said after looking for the stain for a few seconds.

Jimin huffed in frustration. “It’s right there! How could you not see that?” Jimin said, feeling himself getting choked up.

“Jimin…” Chanyeol sighed before searching for the spot on the shirt again.

“I- I really don’t see any stain.” Chanyeol said as he gave up looking for the spot.

Jimin lowered the shirt, looking at Chanyeol with a hurt look on his face. He couldn’t believe that his own boyfriend wasn’t believing him.

Jimin uncontrollably whined as tears finally started to fall from his eyes.

“Chanyeol...please.” Jimin cried, falling onto his knees in front of Chanyeol.

“I...I don’t know, Jimin. It’s - nothing is making sense.” Chanyeol said, trying to feel bad for his boyfriend. But he wasn’t understanding Jimin’s story well. He thought Jimin was just being crazy and delusional, once again.

Jimin pouted as he started to cry harder, he was pretty sure that all of his story made sense.


Just face it, Jimin. Jimin thought.


He chose them over you.



Jimin decided to go to his guidance counselor, Ms. Hong’s office. In the morning, she had told him that if he had any problems with anything, he could come to her.

When Jimin got to her office, she was talking on the phone. Jimin stood by the door as he waited for her to be done.

“Okay, so just call me back or email me if you can’t figure it out. Okay? Okay, bye.” Ms. Hong said before hanging up the phone.

“Hello, Jimin. Have you found all of your classes so far?” She asked with a smile, once she looked up to see the blonde boy.

“Um, yes.” Jimin said softly, before walking a little further into the office.

“That’s good, so how is your day going?” Ms. Hong said nicely. She slowly started to notice that Jimin looked a little upset.

“Uh...not so good, honestly.” Jimin said, his voice slightly breaking as he looked down at the floor.

“Oh, is - is there something wrong?” Ms. Hong asked, before moving the tissue box to the edge of her desk. She could tell that Jimin was probably going to cry soon.

Jimin took a deep breath as he tried to hold back his tears. “’s just-” Jimin started before giving up on trying to speak.

“Come in, sweetie. Come sit down.” The counselor said in a soft voice. She didn’t want a student to be upset on their first day of school.

Jimin fully walked into the office, taking off his backpack and sitting in the seat across from the counselor’s desk.

“What’s wrong?” Ms. Hong asked in a soft tone, she knew that question usually made people cry.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to fight his tears, but he couldn’t. Soon, the tears started to roll down his rosy-red cheeks.

“Sweetie, don’t cry. Talk to me.” The counselor said, pushing the box of tissues closer to Jimin.

Jimin pulled out a tissue from the box, wiping his tears gently. “I…” Jimin started before starting to cry harder.

“There’s...there’s this boy…” Jimin cried, as Ms. Hong  waited for him to finish his sentence.

“And we - we don’t h-have very good history.” Jimin stuttered out before sniffling.

The guidance counselor nodded, trying to understand why Jimin was crying because of this boy.

“Oh...well, who is this boy to you? What’s your history with him? -” The counselor asked softly.

“He’s my… my ex.” Jimin said lowly, he was afraid of how the counselor would react. He didn’t know if she supported homosexuals or not.

Ms. Hong nodded slowly, she didn’t seem disgusted by Jimin. She actually knew a lot of students who were gay or lesbian.

“Well...sort of, I - I don’t know.” Jimin cried and wiped his eyes again. He honestly didn’t want to talk about Chanyeol.

Chanyeol was the last person that he wanted to see right now in his life.

With Chanyeol, things had started out well.

He gave Jimin hope.

All of the hope that was taken away from him after what happened when he was 13, Chanyeol gave that back to Jimin.

Jimin had hope that he was going to get better with Chanyeol’s help.

But Chanyeol only made him worse.


He took the last bit of Jimin’s hope, and stomped on it.


“Well, what’s the problem, sweetie? I-” The counselor said. She wanted Jimin to explain his history with his ex. If Jimin didn’t tell her everything, then she couldn’t help him with his problem.

“We...ran into each other, and it’s just - whenever I see him, I-” Jimin said before sighing. “You don’t understand.” Jimin mumbled. He didn’t really want to tell his counselor everything about him and Chanyeol. It was hard to talk about.

Jimin sighed. “What if I have the same class as him?” Jimin said as more tears came to his eyes. He was slowly starting to panic. He couldn’t get used to seeing Chanyeol every single day.

“Then sweetie, maybe you can work things out between him and-” Ms. Hong tried to say before Jimin cut her off.

“I - I can’t be here with him. You don’t understand.” Jimin cried. There was no “working things out” between him and Chanyeol.

“Look, Jimin. How about I call your parents and we -” Ms. Hong spoke softly. She figured that calling Jimin’s parents would help.

“No, you can’t. You can’t call them. My parents don’t know about what happened between us.” Jimin cut off the counselor once again.

“Well, then Jimin … I - there’s not much that I can do.” The counselor spoke softly. She really wanted to help Jimin, but he wasn’t giving her enough information about the situation.

Jimin started to cry harder in frustration. He seemed to be panicking as his breathing became erratic. There was really nothing that he could do about this situation. He couldn’t tell his parents.

Ms. Hong set her hand on top of Jimin’s hand to calm him. The only way that she could help was by getting more information from Jimin.

“Do you want to tell me what happened between you guys? So that I can understand -” Ms. Hong spoke before she was startled by something dropping outside of the office door.

Jimin jumped before looking at the door. It was a raven-haired student, quickly picking up what he had dropped. Jimin didn’t see what the student had dropped.

“Oh, Yoongi. I didn’t see you there. I’m sorry, can you go sit in one of those chairs and wait for me to be done with this student?” The guidance counselor spoke nicely to the student outside of the door.

Jimin hoped that the student wasn’t eavesdropping.

“Uh - yeah, sorry.” The raven-haired student said shyly, starting to walk away from the door.

“Wait, Yoongi. One more thing…” Ms. Hong called the raven-haired boy, making him turn back around.

“Could you close the door for me, please? Thank you, Yoongi.” She said with a small smile.

The raven-haired boy nodded before grabbing the doorknob to shut the door. Jimin observed the student the whole time. Something about his face looked familiar, even though Jimin was pretty sure that he’s never seen him in his entire life.

The raven-haired student avoided eye contact with Jimin, shutting the door to the guidance counselor's office.

“Okay, so like I was saying...I think it would be best if you told me what happened between you and this boy.” The counselor said, she didn’t want Jimin to feel pressured but she needed this information to help him.

“Um…” Jimin started nervously. “His name is Chanyeol.” Jimin said, while playing his fingers. He hasn’t said Chanyeol’s name since the last time he saw him at the boarding school.

“Chanyeol? Park Chanyeol? The new student?” Ms. Hong questioned, as she reached into her desk to pull out a huge notebook.

Jimin was confused on what she was doing. “Yeah.” Jimin said nervously. He was nervous because he felt like she was going to judge him once he was done telling this story.

“ and him used to go to the same boarding school.” Jimin spoke slowly, as Ms. Hong opened her notebook to a clean page.

“At first, we barely talked to each other…” Jimin said, before sniffling. “But when I told him….one of my darkest secrets… he - he promised that he would take good care of me.” Jimin spoke slowly, careful not to spill too much.

Ms. Hong nodded before writing something down in her notebook. She honestly wanted to know what was this “darkest secret’.

“How dark is this secret?” Ms. Hong decided to ask, putting her pen down. She usually wasn’t the type to pressure students about telling her their secrets, but she knew almost nothing about Jimin.

Jimin became tense, he didn’t want to tell a stranger his secret. “’s something that’s … ruined my life.” Jimin said slowly, before taking a gulp.

Ms. Hong stayed silent, waiting for Jimin to continue.

Jimin took a deep breath, he couldn’t believe that he was going to tell this to someone else.


“I….I was raped.”


Ms. Hong opened her mouth to say something, slightly adjusting her chair. She’s had a couple of students who had went through the same thing as Jimin.

But what she didn’t know was that Jimin’s story was very different.

Jimin took a deep breath. That sentence was really hard for him to say.

He gulped as more tears came to his eyes. “About 4 years ago, on my birthday.” Jimin’s voice broke.

Ms. Hong didn’t want to say something like ‘I’m sorry that happened to you.’, so she just handed Jimin some more tissues and let him cry for a while.

In her notebook, she wrote down that Jimin was raped on his birthday. She understood how traumatic that must be.

Jimin took another deep breath, wiping his tears as he got ready to speak again.

“I...told Chanyeol, and he - he was there for me.” Jimin spoke softly.

“I don’t know why I’m like this but…” Jimin took a pause, he was nervous to tell this to an adult.

Ms. Hong looked at Jimin, waiting for him to continue.

“I asked have sex with me.” Jimin said finally, playing with his fingers nervously. He felt like his counselor was already judging him.

“I kind of took advantage of his kindness.” Jimin said, looking up to see Ms. Hong’s reaction.

She just slowly nodded, like she was trying to understand why Jimin would do something like that.

“How long was this...after the rape?” Ms. Hong asked cautiously.

Jimin bit his lip. “Um...only about 2 years. I think.” Jimin said uncertainly.

2 years? 2 years was not enough time to heal. Ms. Hong wondered how Jimin would feel if she told him that.

“2 years?” Ms. Hong asked, raising her eyebrow. “Do you think that’s enough time to heal? I mean… were you affected by any chance?” She asked, curious about what Jimin would say.

Jimin shrugged. “Uh, yeah. Of course I was affected by everything, but -” Jimin paused.

There was a but?

“Jimin…” Ms. Hong sat up straighter in her chair. “Sweetie, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to… but-” Ms. Hong said, she was going to get a little personal.

“Did you...did you enjoy the sex? Without having any- you know...flashbacks or memories?” The counselor asked curiously, picking up her pen to write down what Jimin was about to say.

“Um…” Jimin mumbled before laughing a little. Ms. Hong looked up at him, confused by why he was laughing.

“Uh...yeah, I guess I did enjoy it.” Jimin said with a shrug. Ms. Hong quickly wrote down Jimin’s statement.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve never really had any flashbacks.” Jimin said, a little confused of himself. During sex, he barely had any flashback of the rape, and he didn’t know why.

Ms. Hong wrote that down, before putting down her pen. “So, how many times have you and Chanyeol had...sexual intercourse. How often did you guys do it?” She asked suddenly.

Jimin started to think, and to be honest, he couldn’t even count the number of times on his ten fingers.

“Um...I don’t know, honestly.” Jimin said pretty quickly, he kind of didn't want to talk about this anymore.

“Did Chanyeol influence you to engage in these sexual activities?” Ms. Hong decided to ask, picking up her pen again.

“No, not really. Well, sometimes. But most of the time, I asked him...if we could do it.” Jimin said honestly.

Ms. Hong wrote something down in her notebook. By the way that Jimin was honestly speaking about himself, she could tell that he was one of those rare victims that got an addiction to sexual activities after being raped or sexually abused.

“So, do you enjoy...having sex? Even after what happened to you?” The counselor asked curiously.

Jimin stayed silent for a while, looking at a blank spot on the desk in front of him.

“Yeah, unfortunately.” Jimin laughed a little. “I do enjoy it.” He said with no sign of shame.



Jimin told Ms. Hong everything about Chanyeol.

He told her about how Chanyeol would treat him at times. He told her about how Chanyeol let other people treat him. He told her about how Chanyeol belittled him. He told her about how Chanyeol thought he was crazy.

Jimin felt like everyone thought he was crazy for doing what he did.

Jimin didn’t tell Ms. Hong everything about his life, but he did feel a weight lift off of his shoulders once he told her about Chanyeol.

Ms. Hong said that she would try her best to make sure that Jimin and Chanyeol didn't have any classes together.

Ms. Hong felt really bad for Jimin, she could see that he held back from telling her some things.

She could tell that Jimin held a lot of secrets within him.

She could see that he had some type of mental illness, just by the way he talks, the things he says.

And she was worried for the boy.


“I’m here anytime you need me, okay?” The counselor said softly, with a smile on her face.

Jimin nodded, before bowing politely and thanking Ms. Hong again. He felt somewhat relieved that he could talk to someone about his problems.

Jimin then started to walk away, but he stopped in his tracks.

He saw the raven-haired student sitting in one of the chairs outside of the office. Jimin felt bad for making the student wait for so long. “Uh - hey, I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” Jimin said to the raven-haired boy with a small smile on his face.

The raven-haired boy didn’t answer. He just nodded coldly, obviously waiting for Jimin to walk away.

But for some reason, Jimin stood there for a while, smiling at the student. The raven-haired boy looked so familiar to Jimin.

Jimin gave up on trying to remember the student’s face, finally walking away after a few silent seconds.

When Jimin finally left the office for sure, the guidance counselor sighed. She was so worried for Jimin. She couldn’t get the things that he had told her out of her head.

“Okay, Yoongi. I’m sorry that you had to wait for so long. But thank you for being patient. You can come talk to me now.” Ms. Hong said, walking into her office as Yoongi stood up to follow her.



“Jackson...and Namjoon walked into the room, and they - they saw.” Yoongi said, shifting in his seat uncomfortably.

“And what did they do?” Ms. Hong asked softly, she knew it was uncomfortable for anyone to talk about this.

“Jackson kicked them out of his house, and everyone was screaming and-” Yoongi paused to take a deep breath. “I just left the house before things got out of hand.” Yoongi said.

He decided that he wasn’t going to tell Ms. Hong everything that happened at the party.

“You’re okay? You’re not hurt or anything?” Ms. Hong asked in concern. Sometimes she cared for Yoongi like he was her son.

Yoongi nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. It’s just-” Yoongi cleared his throat, trying to hide that he was close to tears.

“I want to tell Hoseok but...he doesn’t know about - you know.” Yoongi said nervously, swallowing hard.

“Yoongi, you and Hoseok have been friends for a long time now. He should understand-” Ms. Hong started before Yoongi cut off her sentence.

“But he doesn’t know about... that .” Yoongi said, trying to get his counselor to understand what “ that ” means.

Not much people knew about that . Most of Yoongi’s family knew about his past, but they didn’t know about what came after.

“O-oh…” Ms. Hong said once she realized what Yoongi meant. She didn't know that Hoseok didn’t know the complete story.

“Well then, don’t you think this would be a good time to tell him? I think he deserves to know.” Ms. Hong said.


Yoongi knew that she was right. Hoseok did deserve to know about it. He flirts with Yoongi almost on a daily basis anyways.

Hoseok doesn’t use his player ways when it comes to Yoongi anymore, but he did a few times in the past.

“But...what if he tells someone? He’s gossips a lot, even though he doesn’t realize it.” Yoongi said matter-of-factly.

“ should trust him.” Ms. Hong said. Yoongi and Hoseok were very close. So even though Hoseok did gossip regularly, he would never do it when it comes to Yoongi.

“I - I don’t know.” Yoongi said nervously, fighting back his tears. This was a very big deal for him.

“You can do it, Yoongi…” Ms. Hong said, resting her hand on Yoongi’s for comfort.

Yoongi swallowed hard before taking a deep breath.



“Do it for Hoseok.” Ms. Hong said encouragingly.




Chapter Text


March 24th, 2017


6:51 PM


It was getting dark outside, as Yoongi was sitting on his front porch stairs, still waiting for Hoseok to arrive.

This was Yoongi’s first time going to a high school party.

He had never imagined himself to be going to a popular senior’s house. Parties definitely weren’t Yoongi’s thing.

He didn’t like anything about parties. The music, dancing, drinking. Yoongi especially hated socializing… and people, in general.

He honestly couldn’t even remember why he agreed to go to this party.

Yoongi sighed, growing impatient as he started to fiddle his sleeves. Hoseok had texted him almost 45 minutes ago, saying that he was on his way to pick him up from his house.

Yoongi wondered what was taking Hoseok so long. It wasn’t like he lived too far from Yoongi.

Does he have a car? Yoongi thought suddenly.

Hoseok only just turned 17, so there was no way that he could have a car, Yoongi figured.

Yoongi pulled out his phone from his pocket, checking the time and the last text that Hoseok had sent him.

Hoseok had last texted him at 6:12 PM. Yoongi couldn’t help but feel worried all of a sudden.

Is he okay? If he does have a car, did he get into an accident? Yoongi started to fiddle his sleeves again, biting his lip nervously.

Just as Yoongi was about to call Hoseok’s phone in anxiety, there was the loud sound of a car pulling up in front of Yoongi’s house.

Yoongi’s head shot up from his phone as the car fully stopped in front of his house. He quickly stood up in anticipation, putting his phone into his back pocket.

After a few seconds, a car door was opening as Hoseok stepped out. He came out of the passenger side, which meant that Hoseok wasn’t the one driving.

Hoseok quickly walked up to the porch steps, taking off his black sunglasses. (He knew that Yoongi didn’t like when he had this “bad boy” or “player” look.)

“What took you so long?” Yoongi immediately questioned once Hoseok was standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that - Baekhyun wanted to stop for food.” Hoseok answered with a slight smile.

Why is he smiling? And… Baekhyun? Yoongi thought in annoyance. He didn’t have anything against Baekhyun. He just didn’t trust him very well. He’s also heard a lot of bad things about him.

Yoongi tried his best not to roll his eyes, as Hoseok’s smile got bigger.

Why the hell is he smiling? Yoongi thought again. Hoseok smiled almost 98% of the time, but his smile was… different this time.

“W-what?” Yoongi didn’t mean to stutter, but the look Hoseok was giving was weird.

Hoseok then started to laugh suddenly, confusing Yoongi even more.

“Nothing, it’s just… you...your outfit….” Hoseok said with a small smile, before stopping.

Hoseok slowly looked down at Yoongi’s shoes...and then his legs.

Is he checking me out? Yoongi thought, starting to play with his sleeves once again.

“W-what about my outfit?” Yoongi mumbled, looking down at his outfit. He forgot that he was wearing a bright yellow shirt, with tight black jeans, and a pair of black vans.

“I’ve never seen you wear such bright clothes.” Hoseok said while chuckling. He’s only ever seen Yoongi wear black most of the time (outside of school, since they wore uniform).

Yoongi was still wearing black bottoms at the moment, but yellow? Yellow was so … not Yoongi. Which made Hoseok laugh a little.

“Oh…” Yoongi said softly, looking down at his bright yellow shirt. He kind of regrets wearing it. He can’t remember why he chose yellow, but he wanted to change his shirt now that Hoseok was laughing at him.

“Should I go change? Do you like it?” Yoongi’s words slipped out of his mouth too quickly. He didn’t mean to sound so needy of others’ opinions.

Hoseok immediately stopped laughing, with a small smile still on his face.

Yoongi froze, looking up at Hoseok’s unreadable face. Why was Hoseok still smiling at him?
“U-uh...I mean - It’s not like I care about what you think or anything. I don’t care what anyone thinks-” Yoongi tried to cover up what he said with his ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

“No, Yoongi…” Hoseok spoke loudly, cutting off Yoongi’s sentence.

Yoongi looked into Hoseok’s eyes, before quickly averting his gaze to the ground.

“Don’t change the shirt. I like it.” Hoseok finished his sentence.

Sure, yellow was the color that Hoseok had least expected Yoongi to ever wear…

But Yoongi did look good in yellow.

“You look good in yellow.” Hoseok said his thoughts out loud, even though he didn’t mean to.

Yoongi lifted his head, looking up at Hoseok in confusion.

“I mean… you look cute.” Hoseok changed his sentence, even though it kind of meant the same thing.

Cute? Yoongi thought. He rolled his eyes at Hoseok’s statement before sighing in annoyance.

Was there ever a day when Hoseok didn’t call Yoongi cute?



“Hey, Yoongi.” Baekhyun greeted Yoongi with a smile once he got into the car.

Yoongi sat into the backseat by himself, staying silent as he ignored Baekhyun.

After a long silence, Baekhyun chuckled awkwardly. “Uh...I said hey.” Baekhyun said awkwardly. He wasn’t sure what Yoongi had against him, but he was pretty sure that Yoongi wasn’t too fond of him.

Yoongi doesn’t like almost anyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to say hello, Baekhyun thought.

Yoongi ignored Baekhyun once again, silently starting to put on his seatbelt.

Hoseok shut the door once he sat into the passenger seat. He looked over at Baekhyun to see him almost glaring at Yoongi.

“What happened?” Hoseok spoke, getting a little angry seeing the way Baekhyun was just staring at Yoongi with a dirty look on his face.

Hoseok has known Baekhyun since middle school. He knows that Baekhyun is sweet, but once he glares at someone, it means that he’s so close to hating them.

“Hm? Oh, nothing.” Baekhyun said with a small smile, turning around to start the car.

Hoseok eyed Baekhyun suspiciously, before starting to fix his seatbelt.

“The party should be starting soon, so let’s get going. Oh, and Yoongi… I bought you some McDonald’s...If you want.” Baekhyun said quickly, before starting to hand Yoongi a McDonald’s bag that held a burger and fries.

“ thanks.” Yoongi said simply, before looking out of the window.

“O-oh, okay.” Baekhyun said softly, lowering the bag and deciding to just keep the food for himself for later.

Hoseok looked at Yoongi to see him silently staring out of the window. He wasn’t sure why Yoongi disliked Baekhyun, but at the same time, Yoongi disliked everyone, so this wasn’t new.

“I forgot to tell you that Yoongi doesn’t eat much.” Hoseok said to Baekhyun with a nervous laugh. He didn’t want Baekhyun to think that Yoongi disliked him, even though he did.

“Haha, it’s fine. I actually don’t eat much either.” Baekhyun said with a chuckle, trying to lighten things up.

“You fucking liar. You ate your lunch, my lunch, and my sister’s lunch yesterday.” Hoseok argued as Baekhyun started to drive away from Yoongi’s house.

“Well, I was hungry. What did you expect?” Baekhyun said while laughing.

“You’re always hungry.” Hoseok said, as they started to drive to Jackson’s house.



By the time Hoseok and Yoongi had arrived at Hoseok’s house, Yoongi was already sniffling as he tried to stop the tears that were uncontrollably streaming down his face.

Yoongi hated crying. Of course everyone hates crying, but when Yoongi cried, he felt weak. He felt vulnerable, full of unwanted emotions.

Hoseok held Yoongi’s hand all the way up the stairs until they got into his room.

Yoongi wiped his face, sniffling as Hoseok sat him down onto his bed.

“Don’t cry.” Hoseok spoke softly, trying to comfort Yoongi as he wiped away his tears with his thumbs.

Yoongi only cried harder, making things more complicated for Hoseok. “Yoongi, please talk to me. I need to know what happened.” Hoseok said, rubbing a comfortingly hand on Yoongi’s arm.

Yoongi shook his head. “No, don’t - don’t touch me.” Yoongi sniffled, shaking Hoseok’s hand off of his arm.

He hated when Hoseok put on this ‘What did I do wrong?’ act. This was all Hoseok’s fault anyways.

“It’s your fault that this happened to me.” Yoongi said, his voice wavering with every word.

“Yoongi, what - what’re you talking about? You’re scaring me. Tell me what happened at the party.” Hoseok said with deep concern in his voice. He had a feeling about what happened to Yoongi at the party.

It was what usually happened at parties.

“You - you know what happened. Hasn’t everyone been talking about it anyways?” Yoongi cried, covering his face in embarrassment.

He knew that Hoseok should’ve known what happened to him by now. He’s the king of gossip, how can he not know? Was he just pretending not to know to make Yoongi feel better?

Well it was making him feel worse.

“No, Yoongi. I don’t know anything. Please tell me. Who? Who was it?” Hoseok begged Yoongi to tell him something… anything.

Yoongi honestly didn’t want to talk about this anymore. Those memories were bringing back even more memories from his past.

Yoongi shook his head, contemplating if he should just leave Hoseok’s house at this moment, and never talk to him again. He was tired of Hoseok acting all confused about what happened that night, when he most likely knew exactly what happened.

“Yoongi, who was it? I’ll fucking kill them.” Hoseok said louder, feeling his anger and frustration start to build up.

“I-I…” Yoongi sniffled, still trying to hide his face. It was so embarrassing to be crying in front of Hoseok, even if this wasn't the first time.

“Look at me.” Hoseok said sternly, removing Yoongi’s hands from his face to look him in the eyes. “Who was it?” Hoseok asked again, with anger in his eyes.

Something in Hoseok’s eyes demanded Yoongi to tell him everything.

Yoongi sniffled a few times before speaking softly. ”I...I can’t remember both of their names but-” Yoongi started before stopping nervously.

Both? There were two people? Hoseok thought, feeling his anger rise even more.

“One of them was...that senior-” Yoongi spoke again, putting his head down.

“Sungmin.” Yoongi said softly, fiddling his fingers. Yoongi looked into Hoseok’s eyes, seeing a completely different person.

This person looked like they were literally going to murder someone.



“I’ll be right back. I’m going to go dance with Wendy.” Hoseok slurred into Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi knew that Hoseok had been trying to talk to Wendy from the moment they had walked into the house.

Hoseok had been staring at the girl for almost an hour now.

Yoongi had no problem with Hoseok wanting to dance with someone. It wasn’t like him and Hoseok were dating or anything.

“Okay.” Yoongi said simply. Hoseok was walking off into the crowd before Yoongi could even answer.

It was currently 9:16 PM, and the party had started at 7:00. Yoongi hasn’t done anything besides drink soda, stand close to the wall, judge people, play games on his phone, and sit down on the chairs in the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, Jackson had a very nice house.

Yoongi never knew that there were such houses in Korea. The house was almost like a mansion, but with a lot more glass.

This made Yoongi wonder how did Jackson get so rich.

Yoongi remembered Jackson’s parents not having the perfect jobs when Jackson was young. He’s known Jackson almost his entire life, but he doesn’t remember how Jackson got so rich.

Yoongi started to think about the times when him and Jackson were best friends.

Those great times when it was him, Jackson, and Namjoon.

Yoongi remembers his best friends being by his side at all times. He remembers being happy whenever he was with them. He remembers when hanging with his best friends was an escape from reality.

Yoongi remembered those days...those nights when he wanted Namjoon and Jackson to stay with him forever.

To keep him protected.

Now everything was different. Jackson was different. Namjoon was different.

And Yoongi was different.



10:12 PM

Yoongi has been on his phone for a while now. Hoseok had left him alone almost an hour ago to dance with Wendy.

Yoongi couldn’t help but feel like he was not as good enough as Wendy.

She’s Hoseok’s type, Yoongi thought.

Hoseok was bisexual, a party animal, and sort of a player, so of course he could get anyone he wanted.

Yoongi sighed, starting to feel a little… worthless.

Why would Hoseok bring me here if he was going to abandon me like this? Yoongi thought. Everyone always abandons me, he thought.

Hoseok knew how uncomfortable parties made Yoongi feel, and yet he still brought him here.

Is he trying to humiliate me? Yoongi thought.

Yoongi looked around the kitchen, seeing that it was almost empty. Maybe people are starting to go home, he thought.

Yoongi stood up from the chair that he’s been sitting in for about 2 hours, feeling his legs ache a little.

He walked into the living room, seeing a lot of people still dancing and drinking. How can they still have so much energy? And how are they not passed out from the alcohol yet? Yoongi thought.

How did Jackson even get this much alcohol? Most of the teens here are underage. Yoongi thought as his eyes started to scan the room in search for Hoseok.

Yoongi stood up on his tippy toes to see past all of the tall people. He hated being short.

He couldn’t see Hoseok anywhere, but he did see Baekhyun standing in the corner of the room with four guys.

Maybe I can ask Baekhyun if he’s seen Hoseok, Yoongi thought.

Yoongi really didn’t want to talk to Baekhyun, or ask him for anything. But he needed to find Hoseok so that he could get out of here. Jackson’s house was too far away from his home, and Yoongi really didn’t want to go home alone.

He didn’t want Hoseok to go home alone either, after seeing how drunk he was before he left him to go dance.

Yoongi had no choice but to ask Baekhyun. He started to walk further into the living room, pushing past many people in order to get to Baekhyun, who was still drinking in the corner of the room with his friends.

Once Yoongi was in front of Baekhyun, he called his name. “Uh, Baekhyun…” Yoongi said a little too low, but somehow Baekhyun still heard him over the loud music that was playing.

Baekhyun turned his head away from his friends, looking at Yoongi. He looked confused as to why Yoongi was talking to him after he was rude to him in the car.

“Yeah?” Baekhyun asked in a kind yet pretty sarcastic tone, looking at Yoongi with an unreadable expression.

“Um…” Yoongi mumbled as he fiddled his sleeves. “Have you seen Hoseok anywhere?” He asked as loud as he could.

Baekhyun glanced at one of his friends for a quick second. “Um, yeah. I think I saw him go upstairs with Wendy. He looked like he was going to puke. You should probably go check on him to see if he drank too much.” Baekhyun said.

Yeah, obviously, that’s what happens when you drink too much dumba- “Okay, thanks.” Yoongi said dully, not even thanking Baekhyun properly.

Yoongi quickly turned around, starting to make his way upstairs. The stairway seemed really long, it made Yoongi externally sigh.

Yoongi slowly tried to make his way past the loud, drunk people who were sitting on the white-carpeted stairs. It took him about a long 30 seconds just to get to the middle of the stairs.

“Excuse me.” Yoongi said softly but impolitely to the people who were standing in the middle of the stairs. The rowdy teens obviously didn’t hear him because only a few seconds later, a brown-haired boy was bumping into Yoongi as he tried to turn around, accidentally spilling his drink on Yoongi.

“Woah, sorry little one. You should’ve spoken louder.” The tall, brown-haired boy said once he was facing Yoongi.

Yoongi sighed in annoyance, wiping off his shirt with his sleeve, which only made the stain worse.

“Come on bro, you know he doesn’t talk.” One boy of the rowdy teens said, which made the other teens laugh loudly.

The teens continued to block Yoongi’s way as they laughed at him.

Yoongi put his head down, avoiding eye contact with the teens. “Excuse m-” Yoongi repeated louder this time, before someone was cutting him off.

“I wonder why is he even here if he has no friends.” A short haired girl with glasses said, making the group of teens laugh once again.

Yoongi gulped, feeling humiliated. I knew I should’ve never came to this stupid party, he thought.

“Guys, just...leave him alone. Get out of his way.” Someone spoke from behind Yoongi, the voice booming in his ear, making Yoongi jump. The voice was so familiar.

Yoongi turned around to see who it was, as the teens immediately stopped laughing.

When Yoongi turned around…

It was Kim Namjoon.

The person he hasn’t spoken to in years.

The person he thought that changed.

“Why do you have to be so mean all the time? What do you get out of bullying?” Namjoon said with a slight hint of anger in his voice.

The teens looked at Namjoon blankly, speechless. When it came to Namjoon, he made every bully speechless.

He made everyone speechless by the things he said. The way he spoke. The tone he used.

He was always so passionate. Now that Yoongi thinks of it, Namjoon has always been that way.

Yoongi looked into Namjoon’s eyes, awkwardly making eye contact, before quickly averting his eyes back to the floor.

The (now quiet) group of teens awkwardly started to spread out in silence, making way for Yoongi to walk up the stairs.

Yoongi didn’t look back at Namjoon as he finally started to continue his way up the long flight of stairs.



10:27 PM

To say the least, Hoseok wasn't throwing his guts up in the bathroom. He actually wasn’t in the bathroom at all. Yoongi didn’t even see him anywhere in the hallway (which was a little too long).
Soon, Yoongi found himself walking into a large bedroom. It didn’t look like it could be Jackson’s room. It looked like a master bedroom… so maybe it was Jackson’s parents’ room.

Yoongi closed the door behind him, deciding that the room was the most quiet place in the house at the moment.

Yoongi looked around the room, seeing a queen-sized bed, large windows that showed a great view of the city, a black-carpeted floor, a vanity set…

Yeah, this definitely has to be his parents’ room if there's a vanity set in here, Yoongi thought.

Yoongi sat down on the queen-sized bed, deciding that he should call Hoseok to see where he was, and make sure he was okay.

Yoongi sighed deeply, before pulling out his phone from his pocket. Hoseok didn’t call him or even text him.

How thoughtful of him, Yoongi thought sarcastically before scoffing.

He opened his text messages, deciding to ask Hoseok where he was.


Yoongi: Where are you?

Yoongi: I’ve been looking for you everywhere

Yoongi: You told me you weren’t going to leave me

Yoongi sent Hoseok three text messages, before shutting off his screen. He swung his legs lightly, as he waited for Hoseok to answer him.


10:34 PM


Yoongi heard rowdy people outside of the room, making him sigh in annoyance.

He wanted to leave this party so bad. Why was Hoseok not answering him?

Yoongi picked up his phone, opening up his messages again.


Yoongi: Where are you?
Yoongi: I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Yoongi: You told me you weren’t going to leave me

Seen 10:32 PM

Seen? Yoongi laughed bitterly, shaking his head in disbelief. What a jerk, he thought.

He knew he should've never came to this party with Hoseok in the first place.

Yoongi sighed sadly, standing up from the queen-sized bed. He was so done with this party, and Hoseok. He just wanted to leave now.

Once Yoongi got to the bedroom door, he turned the knob...only to feel someone else turning the knob from the other side.

Yoongi backed away from the door, startled when someone was opening the door from the outside.

“Ah, look what we have here…” The stranger said in a low voice.

Yoongi looked up at the stranger. It was a really tall boy, with dark red hair, and black sunglasses.

Oh gosh… Yoongi could recognize the boy’s face from behind the sunglasses.

It was Ko Sungmin.

He was the school’s #1 player, a 19-year-old senior that hit on everyone that came his way. He didn’t care if they were a girl or a boy. He didn’t care if they were a freshmen or a senior, which was a bad thing.

At Joongdong high school, if a senior were to assault (in any way) or have sex with an underclassmen, they would automatically be expelled from the school.

Yoongi was pretty sure that Sungmin has had sex with many underclassmen, and probably assaulted some as well.

“U-uh, excuse me.” Yoongi mumbled nervously, staring up at Sungmin with wide eyes. He tried to push his way past the senior, but the tall boy only blocked Yoongi from leaving the room.

“Woah, woah. You’re in a rush. Can I at least know your name?” Sungmin said with a little-too-friendly grin, getting a little closer to Yoongi, which resulted in Yoongi backing up into the room.

Yoongi’s breath started to speed up as he looked up at the tall boy in fear, gulping hard.

The tall, red-headed boy laughed a little. “Well, I’m guessing you don’t speak much.” Sungmin said with a chuckle, as he started to walk further into the room.

Yoongi couldn’t find any words to say, as he started to nervously fiddle his yellow sleeves, backing up even more.

The tall boy laughed again. “Then that should make this easier.” Sungmin said in a low voice.

Yoongi looked towards the door, trying to see if he would make it if he ran. The tall boy was already fully in the room with Yoongi now, and standing right in front of him.

At this moment, Yoongi decided that he should knee the boy in the balls if he wanted to get out of this situation.

Yoongi quickly lifted his knee, unexpectedly kneeing the tall boy directly in the balls as hard as he could.

“Ah!” Sungmin screamed in agony, clutching his balls. He was in so much pain, but not enough pain. Not enough pain to stop him from letting Yoongi leave the room.

As Yoongi started to make a run towards the bedroom door, Sungmin was hissing in pain as he quickly grabbed onto Yoongi’s waist with a tight grip.

“Chansung!” Sungmin called out for someone who was outside of the room.

“Let me go!” Yoongi screamed as Sungmin threw him down onto the bed, immediately crawling on top of him.

“Stop!” Yoongi screamed, pushing Sungmin’s chest as he tried to get the boy off of him.

Soon, a tall, slender, dark-haired boy was busting into the room. The boy didn’t look surprised when he saw Sungmin on the bed, pinning Yoongi down.

The slender boy, Chansung, locked the door behind him. He quickly walked over to the bed as Yoongi tried to kick his legs.

Yoongi didn’t want this to happen to him again.

“Get off of me!” Yoongi screamed in frustration when the Sungmin pinned his wrists above his head, and started to kiss his neck.

“Come hold him down, I’ll take off his pants.” Sungmin mumbled to Chansung, sliding his right hand down towards Yoongi's crotch.

The dark-haired boy, Chansung, climb onto the bed next to Yoongi, getting ready to hold him down.

“Please, stop. Please!” Yoongi started to beg, trying to kick his legs as he felt tears forming in his eyes.

Once Sungmin was off of the bed, he was quickly unbuttoning Yoongi’s pants and trying to pull them down his legs. Yoongi immediately started to kick his legs even more, trying to squirm around on the bed

“Please, no. D-don’t do this. You can’t-” Yoongi started to cry, as Chansung held his wrist down tighter. 

“Shut up.” Chansung said lowly, covering Yoongi’s mouth with his sweaty hand.

“No, stop. I wanna hear him scream.” Sungmin said to Chansung with a smirk once he had finally succeeded in removing Yoongi’s pants.

Chansung snickered, removing his hand from Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi took a deep breath, tears spilling from his eyes as he panicked.

“Stop, you- you don’t want me.” Yoongi said, trying to convince them to let him go. Yoongi wasn't understanding why they wanted him out of all of the good-looking students.

“But I do want’re a hottie.” Sungmin said with a smirk, starting to unzip his pants. Chansung started to laugh at Sungmin’s comment. Did that mean that Chansung agreed with him or disagreed?

Why me? Yoongi thought.

“No, you don’t want me. I-I’m not worth it. And you’ll get expelled when I tell-” Yoongi cried, trying to make them see how wrong this is.

“Haha, you think people will believe you if you tell?” Chansung asked into Yoongi’s ear. “No one is going to believe you.” The dark-haired boy whispered harshly.

Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut, letting out a tiny whimper in fear as he heard Chansung start to unbuckle his belt. Sungmin already had his cock out, ready to take advantage of Yoongi’s small body.

No, Yoongi thought. I can’t let this happen…

I need to say something.



“And then what? What made them stop? You convinced them?” Hoseok asked, looking into Yoongi’s eyes with concern. He doesn’t understand why Yoongi kept this away from him for such a long time.

Yoongi slowly nodded, sniffling and avoiding eye contact with Hoseok. He couldn’t tell him what actually happened.

Maybe I should skip into the story, Yoongi thought nervously.

“Um...yeah, I - I told them…” Yoongi stuttered. Just tell Hoseok what Ms. Hong wanted you to tell him, Yoongi thought.

“Uh…” Yoongi mumbled, wiping his tears as he contemplating on what he should tell Hoseok and what he shouldn't tell him.

I can’t… I can’t do it. I can’t tell him, Yoongi made his final decision.

“I told them that they would get expelled…” Yoongi said finally, fiddling his sleeves as he looked away from Hoseok.

“And they stopped? Just like that?” Hoseok asked with worry in his eyes.

“Yeah...that’s all.” Yoongi mumbled as more tears started to come to his eyes. He didn’t realize that he was full-on crying again, until Hoseok wiped his tears.

The reason that Yoongi was crying again was because he couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t tell Hoseok.

He had failed Ms. Hong, and himself.

“They didn’t hurt you? You’re okay?” Hoseok asked softly, trying to get Yoongi to look at him but he wouldn't.

Yoongi nodded, removing Hoseok’s hands from his face. “I’m sorry.” Yoongi apologized, looking into Hoseok’s brown eyes.

“Yoongi, you have nothing to be sorry for.” Hoseok said. He felt like shit. He should’ve never left Yoongi alone at the party.

It’s all my fault, Hoseok thought.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier.” Yoongi sniffled.

“No, it’s not your fault. I’m an asshole for leaving you that night. I’m an asshole for even forcing you to come to the party.” Hoseok said with a sigh.

“Y-you didn’t force me. I actually wanted to go because… I wanted to - impress you, I guess.” Yoongi said softly, immediately feeling embarrassed after he said it.

Hoseok slightly backed up, looking at Yoongi with a shocked looked on his face.

Did Min Yoongi just say that he wanted to impress me? Hoseok thought.

Yoongi let out a tiny, embarrassed laugh. “That’s not what I meant. I mean, I wanted to…-” Yoongi trailed off, trying to find the right words.

“Spend time with me?” Hoseok said slyly, finishing Yoongi’s sentence with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, yeah actually.” Yoongi said with a small laugh, catching Hoseok off guard.

He...wants to spend time with me? Hoseok thought. He thought Yoongi would never admit it.

“O-oh…” Hoseok stuttered, laughing awkwardly. “Well, I always want to spend time with you.” Hoseok said softly.

Yoongi laughed shyly again, looking down at the Hoseok’s bed sheets.

There was a long, awkward silence as Hoseok and Yoongi both tried to hide their smiles.

Then Hoseok was speaking again. “Yoongi…” Hoseok called his name, making him look into his eyes.

“Don’t ever try to impress me again, okay?” Hoseok said, making Yoongi nod silently.

“And don’t ever hide anything like that from me...You know I only want to protect you.” Hoseok whispered even though it was just the two of them in the entire house.

Yoongi nodded again, actually feeling his heart skip a beat or two.



10:37 PM

Jackson could hear Yoongi’s screaming loud and clear from outside of the door, thanks to the music which had stopped playing about a minute ago.

“Hey! What the hell is going on in there?!” Jackson yelled, trying to bust open the door of his mother’s bedroom.

“What’s happening?” Namjoon asked in concern, walking up to Jackson who was obviously trying to break down a door in his own house.

“I don’t know, someone is screaming in there. Help me open this.” Jackson said frantically to Namjoon.

Namjoon nodded, immediately trying to help Jackson break the door open. Fortunately, the door opened in only 2 tries with Namjoon, since he was the king of breaking things.

The door busted open, as Jackson and Namjoon was quickly taking in the scene in front of them.

They saw 2 popular seniors, Hwang Chansung and Ko Sungmin, struggling to get their clothes on. They saw an underclassmen sitting up on the bed with fear written on his face and tears in his eyes.

That underclassmen being Min Yoongi, their ex-best friend.

“Yah! What the hell were you doing to him?” Jackson screamed at the startled seniors who were fixing their pants.

“N-nothing. Just - mind your fucking business.” Sungmin said rudely, walking up to Jackson like he was ready to fight him.

“You’re in MY fucking house, you fucking pervert.” Jackson said in anger, getting into Sungmin’s face threateningly.

As everyone was distracted, Yoongi picked up his black jeans that were thrown on the floorby the bed, quickly sliding them onto his pale legs. He felt lucky to still have his underwear on.

“Oh, so I’M the pervert now?” Sungmin scoffed, as Chansung started to walk over to the pair that were ready to fight any second now.

“Look, bro. This is just a misunderstanding. The boy wanted some dick-” Chansung started, before Jackson was cutting him off in anger.

“One, I’m not your fucking bro. Two, he doesn’t look like he wanted your disgusting dick.” Jackson said in a nasty, cold tone.

Yoongi looked around the room nervously, seeing Namjoon staring at him from the door frame.

Namjoon’s eyes were full of curiosity and concern, like they always were.

“Get the fuck out of my house.” Jackson said finally, he was so fed up with things like this happening in his house, and at all. 

“Make me, you fucking-” Sungmin started before Jackson was punching him square in the jaw before he could finish his sentence.

“Jackson-” Namjoon said, trying to hold Jackson back as he was ready to hit Sungmin again.

“The dirty whore wanted it.” Sungmin growled in anger, blood spilling from his bottom lip as Chansung held him back, preventing him from hitting Jackson.

Yoongi breath nervously as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. He gulped before quickly standing up and making his way out of the room, pushing past the people who were watching the entire scene. Some of the teens even had their phones out, ready to record videos if the boys had a fist-fight.

Yoongi felt his heart racing, he felt like everyone was staring at him. He felt like everyone knew. 

Even if they didn't know now...

They would find out soon.



10:48 PM

Yoongi was already 3 blocks away from Jackson’s house as he tried to run as far as he could.

It was freezing outside, and Yoongi had no one to take him home. He didn’t see Baekhyun’s car, which meant that he might’ve already left the party.

Did he take Hoseok home? Yoongi thought.

Stop, Yoongi thought. Just stop.

Stop thinking about Hoseok when he doesn’t give a shit about you.

He hasn’t thought about you from the moment he brought you to this dumb party.

Yoongi stopped running, feeling his eyes sting with tears. Yoongi breath heavily, resting his hands on his knees in exhaustion, as he tried to catch his breath.
For some reason, Yoongi couldn’t help but take out his phone to check his messages one more time.



Yoongi: Where are you?
Yoongi: I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Yoongi: You told me you weren’t going to leave me


Seen 10:32 PM


Chapter Text

January 17th, 2017


6:29 AM

Jungkook silently sat down at the table, waiting for his mother to finish cooking their breakfast. He usually didn’t eat breakfast at this time, because he would always meet with Seokjin so they could buy breakfast together.

But today was different.

Today was the first time that Jungkook couldn’t talk to Seokjin.

Jungkook’s mother walked over to the table, holding two bowls in her hands. She had cooked a traditional korean breakfast, which involved a lot of dishes. She sat the two bowls onto the table, before gently petting Jungkook’s head.

“Goodmorning, sweetie.” His mother said softly with a small smile on her face, before walking away from the table to grab a bowl of rice.

Jungkook looked up at his mother nervously. “G-good morning, mom.” He stuttered. He usually never spoke to his mother early in the morning. Whenever his mother would say “Good morning”, Jungkook would usually smile awkwardly, but never answer back.

Jungkook’s mother let out a small gasp as she froze with the bowl in her hand. “Oh - You answered me.” She said before slightly laughing. It may have looked like she was calm and composed on the inside, but she was actually really happy that Jungkook had been speaking more lately. She wondered what or who encouraged him to speak. Could it be his teachers? She thought.

“Can you please help me get the rest of these dishes on the table? Thank you, sweetie.” She said with a small smile as Jungkook nodded, standing up to help his mother set the table.

After 3 minutes of helping his mom set the food dishes onto the table, Jungkook sat back down at the table, patiently and nervously waiting for both of his parents.

After a few seconds, Jungkook’s dad walked into the kitchen, sitting down right next to Jungkook, which made him more nervous. His dad didn’t say good morning, he just sighed deeply.

Jungkook immediately started to fidget and bite his nails nervously. He knew that his parents were soon going to ask him about what happened last night. He wasn’t ready to tell them anything about Seokjin yet.

Jungkook’s mother walked back to the table, setting one more food dish onto the table with a small sigh. “Thanks, darling. This looks delicious.” Her husband said with a small smile, as his wife smiled back.

Jungkook’s mom finally sat down at the table, across from Jungkook and his dad. She cleared her throat before quickly starting to gather rice onto her plate.

Jungkook looked at his dad, patiently waiting for him to start eating so that he can be able to eat. It was only the right manners. His dad let out another small sigh before slowly picking up his chopsticks and starting to gather rice onto his plate as well.

Once his father took his first bite, Jungkook picked up his chopsticks and slowly started to place rice, eggs, and tofu onto his plate.

It stayed awkwardly silent for about 5 minutes. The silence was killing Jungkook, but it gave him more time to think of what he was going to say to his parents about Seokjin.

“So…” Jungkook’s mother finally spoke, setting her chopsticks down onto the table. Jungkook’s heart jumped as he tried to prepare himself for this conversation.

“Are you ready to talk about what happened last night?” His mom asked softly. She figured that she had gave Jungkook enough time. She needed to know what went down last night. She needed to know why was a stranger in Jungkook’s room. She needed to know why he was crying and panicking with this stranger in the house. She needed to know who that stranger was.

Jungkook nodded hesitantly, slowly putting down his chopsticks as he tried his best not to start fidgeting. His dad silently continued to eat his food, waiting for any questions to be answered.

Jungkook took a deep breath, he was ready to tell his lies to his parents. “I’m...I’m sorry.” Jungkook said softly, avoiding eye contact with his mother.

“For what, sweetie?” His mother asked, she was careful not to make Jungkook nervous. She wanted him to be completely honest with her at all times. She knew that he might avoid telling her things if she was too strict.

“For...inviting someone to the house... without your permission.” Jungkook said, looking down at his fingers to avoid his parents’ eyes.

“Well, Jungkook...I don’t mind if you want to have a friend over. That’s okay. It’s just - we didn’t know who that boy was…” His mother said, trying to get Jungkook to spill on who the stranger was.

“Um…” Jungkook started, still not looking at his mother. “Jungkook-ah, look at me…” His mother finally said. She wasn’t sure why Jungkook was acting so nervous because of this stranger. It seemed so hard for Jungkook to tell her his name.

Jungkook nervously looked up at his mom. “Uh ...his name is Seokjin. He’s my friend. We’re in the same class. I-I met him in my after-school club.” Jungkook said slowly, trying his best not to stutter out of nervousness.

“Oh, that’s great, sweetie. How come you’ve never told me about this friend?” His mother asked in curiousity. She was confused as to why Jungkook has never mentioned any of his new friends. She also didn’t understand why Jungkook had to be so secretive about this Seokjin boy.

“Um...I mean, we’ve only just met a few weeks ago. I didn’t really consider him a friend at first.” Jungkook lied as best as he could. He found it funny how his parents didn’t know that him and Seokjin had been hanging out for almost an entire year now.

Jungkook’s mother nodded, but she was still confused why they had found Jungkook panicking in the corner of his room last night. She was confused why she heard the stranger, Seokjin, saying “I would never hurt you.”

“But what did he do to you last night?” Jungkook’s father spoke all of a sudden, making Jungkook slightly jump out of nervousness.

Jungkook froze, but he was ready to tell another lie again. “N-nothing. It’s just…” Jungkook started before taking a deep breath. “Um, we were watching a movie… and the movie had a … a rape scene in it.” Jungkook said softly, struggling to say the word “rape”.

“I-I started to panic, and Seokjin was confused because… I didn’t tell him anything about what happened to me.” Jungkook finally told something that was true about what happened last night.

Jungkook’s parents looked at him in silence, like they were waiting for him to finish the story. But Jungkook didn’t know what to else say.

“He - he was just trying to help, and I ran away from him.” Jungkook said softly, looking down to avoid his parents’ unreadable eyes.

There was a long silence before Jungkook’s father was putting down his chopsticks. “That’s all?” His father asked, looking at Jungkook with fiery eyes. Jungkook wasn’t sure why his dad still had fire in his eyes if he just told him that Seokjin was innocent.

Jungkook nodded nervously before looking at his mother to see if she was going to say anything. She let out a small sigh before speaking. “Jungkook…” She said before pausing.

“Answer this honestly…” His mother said in a calm tone.

Shit, what is she going to ask me? Jungkook thought nervously, trying to prepare himself for any question.

She cleared her throat. “Do you...think that you’re better?” His mother asked.

Jungkook shifted in his seat nervously, he wasn’t sure what his mother meant by “better”.

“Or do you feel need to start seeing your therapist again?” His mother finished her question.

A few months ago, Jungkook had told his mother that he felt like he was getting better. He wasn’t having panic attacks or flashbacks often, which were due to his PTSD.

He used to often wake up in the middle of the night, clutching his chest while he panicked. But a while back, Jungkook had stopped having those nightmares and flashbacks. So he stopped going to his therapy sessions. He thought all he needed was the pills.

He thought he was getting better.

“Um…” Jungkook mumbled as he started to think. Ever since he got into this relationship with Seokjin, he’s been having more flashbacks than he usually does.

He didn’t want his PTSD, panic disorder, anxiety, and depression to get in the way of him and Seokjin’s relationship.

He wanted to get better…

For Seokjin.

“Sometimes...I do feel like I need to start seeing my therapist again.” Jungkook spoke softly. He felt a little ashamed to be admitting that he needed more help.

“Do you want to see your therapist again? Do you feel like that would help you, sweetie?” His mother asked. She wanted to know how Jungkook felt about therapy. Did he feel like it actually helped him?

Jungkook nodded before taking a deep breath. He actually did like therapy a lot. It didn’t help him much with his talking, but it did help him with his anxiety and PTSD. Even though they still kick in once in awhile, it was way worse before.

“Okay, so I’ll call your therapist later today to see if we can set you up an appointment. I’m sure she misses you.” Jungkook’s mother said, picking up her chopsticks to eat her breakfast again.

Jungkook looked at his father, to see him silently eating his food. Jungkook wondered why he was so quiet, and what he was thinking.

Just as Jungkook was looking at him, his father started to speak. “Ah, I just remembered… Tonight is parent / teacher conference at your school.” His dad said, shoving rice into his mouth.

“O-oh, yeah...” Jungkook mumbled nervously. He had forgotten all about report card day.

Shit, I probably failed all of my classes. Jungkook thought as he continued eating his breakfast.

This was Jungkook’s last report card of the school year. He hasn’t been paying attention in most of his classes, so he’s failed most of his tests.

He also hasn’t been going to school much. Him and Seokjin were skipping school about twice a week.

Jungkook was always a smart student, he even skipped the 3rd and 4th grade due to his unusual intelligence.

But after he was raped and then put back into school almost 2 years later, everything set him off-track. He didn’t know how to get used to being in a school environment anymore. The bullying only made everything worse for Jungkook.

Seokjin only encouraged Jungkook to skip class because of the bullies. Whenever Jungkook spent time with Seokjin, he forgot all about the problems that he faced everyday.

Seokjin-hyung… Jungkook started to think about Seokjin as he tried to finish his breakfast.

How am I going to explain everything to him? Jungkook thought.



6:22 PM


“Hello, I’m the Chemistry teacher.” Mrs. Song said with a smile, shaking Jungkook’s dad’s hand while slightly bowing. “I’m Jungkook’s father.” His dad said, smiling politely while shaking the teacher’s hand.

Obviously, Jungkook thought.

“Please have a seat.” Mrs. Song said before sitting down at her desk chair. Jungkook and his dad both silently sat down in the chairs that were across from the teacher’s desk.

Jungkook took a deep breath, preparing himself for all of the bad things that his teacher was about to tell his dad.

Mrs. Song took out a folder from her desk drawer that had Jungkook’s name on it.

She sighed deeply before speaking, making Jungkook awkwardly shift in his seat.

“So, first I’m going to show you some of Jungkook’s recent tests.” Mrs. Song said, with a look of disappointment on her face.

She pulled out 3 tests from the folder, showing one of them to Jungkook’s dad.

“This one is from last week, he got an 82 on that one.” Mrs. Song said, showing his dad the first test.

82? That’s not as bad as I expected, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook’s father nodded slowly, with a look of confusion on his face. It wasn’t usual for Jungkook to receive a grade under 90, or even 95. This was (kind of) the first time in Jungkook’s life that he’s received something under 90%.

“Um...believe it or not, this is his highest grade in a while.” Mrs. Song said, sounding impressed.

What? An 82 is my highest grade? Jungkook thought in disbelief, feeling himself start to sweat a little.

“W-what? What do you mean?” Jungkook’s father asked, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Well…” Mrs. Song said with a sigh, before showing Jungkook’s dad his other tests. She opened the folder and started to pull out all of his older tests.

Jungkook’s dad picked up 3 tests, his eyes scanning them quickly.

77%, one of the tests said.

Another was 68%.
Others were 50s.

But Jungkook’s lowest grade…

Was a 43%.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously, looking at his dad while waiting for his reaction. His dad held his mouth open in disbelief as he looked at the test that said 43%.

“Jungkook, what the hell is this?” His dad finally spoke, trying his best not to lose his temper in front of the teacher.

Something similar to this had happened in the beginning of Jungkook’s last school year, but that was only because it was his first time being back in school after the rape.

Even then, Jungkook still didn’t receive a grade underneath a 70%, which was considered a passing grade.

Jungkook’s dad would’ve understood if Jungkook had some 80s, or even 70s. He understood that Jungkook might’ve still been struggling in school because of the rape, his PTSD, his depression, etc. He understood that Jungkook was still trying to recover.

But he had never expected Jungkook to actually get a grade underneath a 50%.

“A 43%? Are you kidding me?” Jungkook’s dad said to Jungkook with fire in his eyes.

Jungkook took a gulp, feeling a sudden lump in his throat like he was going to cry. He didn’t know his grades were going to be that bad. He didn’t mean to upset his dad this much.

Jungkook turned away from his dad, avoiding eye contact with him. Jungkook took a deep breath as his eyes started to water.

The chemistry teacher, Mrs. Song, stared at the pair awkwardly. “Um -” She started to speak, breaking the awkward silence.

Jungkook’s dad turned his head away from Jungkook, letting out a deep sigh as he waited for the teacher to continue talking.

“I think the main reason that Jungkook’s grades are this low is because - you know, the absences. He hasn’t been in school a lot lately so it’s hard for him to keep up, and - ” Mrs. Song spoke quickly before Jungkook’s dad was cutting her off.

“Wait, excuse me? Absences? He goes to school everyday.” Jungkook’s father said in confusion.

Shit, Jungkook had forgotten about this part.

His parents didn’t know that he’s been skipping school with Seokjin.

Mrs. Song froze awkwardly when she realized that Jungkook has been skipping. “O-oh…” She said.

Jungkook’s father turned to him. “You have been going to school everyday, right?” His dad asked, waiting for Jungkook to say yes.

Jungkook kept his head down in silence, not answering his father. He couldn’t lie, he knew his parents were going to find out sooner or later.

He knew he was going to be in big trouble after this.



8:12 PM


Jungkook silently trailed behind his father, holding his head down in shame as they walked out of the school.

Jungkook’s dad has been silent ever since they talked to his last teacher, which was the math teacher. Jungkook had failed some of his classes, but luckily passed some as well.

His math average was a 79%.
His english average was a 55%.
His chemistry was a 49%.
His history average was an 84%.

Jungkook sighed deeply, trying to hold back his sniffles.

Once they got into the car, Jungkook’s dad was starting the car in silence. Jungkook could tell that he was disappointed by his red face, cold eyes, and clenched jaw.

The entire car ride was silent, which Jungkook didn’t expect. He expected his dad to yell at him, he knew how much of a temper his father had. Although, he did do a good job at controlling his temper most of the time.

Jungkook sat in the backseat, resting his head on the window as he tried to hide his sniffles until they got home.

I’m such a disappointment, Jungkook thought.

When they arrived home, Jungkook quickly went up to his bedroom, locked his door, and cried into his pillows before his dad could even say anything to him.

He felt like one of those spoiled, annoying nerds who cried over getting an 85% on their test.

But this time, it wasn’t anywhere near an 85%.

Jungkook sat up on his bed, wiping his tears with his sleeve, before taking out his phone to call Seokjin.

He missed him already, and it’s barely been a day.

Jungkook clicked on Seokjin’s number before lifting the phone to his ear. Jungkook waited for Seokjin to pick up, but after 10 seconds Jungkook realized that Seokjin wasn’t going to pick up.

Does he hate me because of what happened yesterday? Jungkook thought as more tears came to his eyes.

I’m so sorry, Seokjin-hyung. Jungkook started to blame himself for everything that happened. He blamed himself for panicking, he blamed himself for acting weird whenever Seokjin would even lay a finger on him. He blamed himself for pushing Seokjin away when all he wanted to do was help. He pushed Seokjin away when he knew nothing about Jungkook’s past.

You pushed him away, and now he’s gone.

You made him leave you, Jungkook thought. It’s all your fault.

Jungkook’s lip started to quiver, before he was bursting into more tears, burying his face into his pillow once again.

He didn’t actually realize that Seokjin was gone... until now.



11:18 PM


Jungkook reached underneath his pillow, feeling an unknown object there. He’s been crying and laying on that pillow for a few hours now, but he’s only just noticing this suspicious object.

Jungkook pulled the object from underneath his pillow. It felt like a phone. He turned on the lamp that sat on his nightstand next to bed, before squinting his eyes.

Jungkook observed the object for only a few seconds until he realized that he was holding Seokjin’s phone.

So that’s why he hasn’t been answering my calls, he forgot his phone here. Jungkook thought in relief.

But he probably still doesn’t want to talk to me, Jungkook thought before he heard the front door slam downstairs.

That meant his mother was home from work. She always slammed the door without realizing.

Jungkook felt his heart drop when he realized that his dad was probably about to tell his mom about his grades, and that he’s been skipping school.

Jungkook bit his lip nervously, starting to think of good excuses why he would skip school.

Maybe I can tell them about the bullying, Jungkook thought. That was actually the main reason why he skipped school, besides Seokjin encouraging him to do it so that they could spend more time together.

Jungkook’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard his mother call his name from downstairs. “Jungkook-ah!” His mother called, making Jungkook start to panic.

What do I do? What am I going to say? Jungkook thought nervously, before starting to stand up from his bed.

“Jungkook, get down here, please!” His mother called again in a calm tone, before Jungkook was opening his bedroom door and slowly making his way down the stairs.

He walked as slow as he could to give himself more time on what to say. When he got into the living room, his mother was sitting on the couch with his dad, waiting for him. She had a very calm look on her face, like she always did.

Jungkook hoped that his mother would be as lenient as she always is.



January 21st, 2017

11:03 PM


Seokjin made his final decision.

After thinking about nothing but Jungkook for the almost a week, Seokjin had finally decided what he was going to do about this situation.

So this is the end, Seokjin thought. I’m going to break up with Jungkook.

Seokjin felt like this was his only option at the moment. He felt too guilty about what happened the other night. He felt terrible.

I don’t deserve you, Jungkook. I’m tired of hurting you, Seokjin thought.

Seokjin knew that Jungkook had a couple of mental disorders. He saw how many pills a day Jungkook would take. He never built up the courage to ask him what the pills were for, and he didn't want to be nosy.

But Seokjin knew that he had made Jungkook worse, and he didn’t want to be around Jungkook if he was only going to make his mental illnesses worse.

After doing some thinking and research, Seokjin figured that maybe one of Jungkook’s illnesses is panic disorder…

And / Or PTSD, Seokjin thought.

Now that Seokjin thinks about it, he realizes that Jungkook has barely spoke to him about his past.

He does get tense when we kiss for too long, and he did freak out when I went a little far. Maybe Jungkook was taken advantage of sometime in his past, Seokjin concluded.

Seokjin gulped as all of his thoughts came to him at once. And that’s why he would have to PTSD.

He’s traumatized because he was raped / molested...

Right? Seokjin thought. If so, then I’m a terrible person.

Seokjin tried to think of a way to ask of all this to Jungkook, but he didn’t want bring up that uncomfortable, touchy subject if Jungkook was raped.

But Seokjin figured that he wouldn’t have to ask Jungkook anything, since they haven’t spoken for almost a whole week after what happened.

Are we already broken up? Seokjin thought nervously as he lied in his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Seokjin sighed deeply, he started to think about what would his life be without Jungkook. There were some things that he had never told Jungkook.

He’s never told Jungkook his struggles, because he was too worried that Jungkook would worry about him, and he didn’t want that.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook about how his father left his wife & his children when Seokjin was 12 years old.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook that the reason he skipped a grade was because his mother pushed him and his brother to work harder in school, because she wanted them to be successful.

She wanted them to do well on their own.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook that his mother had a brain tumor and was currently in the hospital, only an inch away from dying.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook that the reason he’s so worried about his older brother enlisting, is because his brother might be the only person that he has left.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook that he suffers from major depression.

Seokjin has never told Jungkook that he made him happy. He made him happy just by seeing his beautiful smile that resembled a bunny. He made Seokjin happy with his contagious laugh, and crescent moon eyes that sometimes got a little too wide when he was thinking about something.

When Seokjin first saw Jungkook getting bullied, he could relate to him. Seokjin remembered when he got bullied for being a little too young, a little too smart, and a little too quiet in his class.

When Seokjin found out that Jungkook had skipped not one, but two grades, it made Seokjin want to protect him.

Seokjin didn’t mean to fall in love with the boy, but it was impossible.

Seokjin wanted to be able to love and protect Jungkook at the same time.

You couldn’t protect him, Seokjin told himself.

Jungkook made Seokjin forget that he had to be perfect for his sick mother. Jungkook made Seokjin forget about all of his complicated school work and grades. Jungkook made Seokjin forget how upset he is about his brother enlisting.

When Seokjin was with Jungkook, he forgot about how sick his mother was.

Now that Seokjin has Jungkook, he doesn’t have to worry about his older brother being the only person that he has left on this earth.

He has Jungkook.

I can’t let him go, Seokjin thought as he was now on the verge of tears.

He’s all I have.



11:39 PM


Seokjin wiped away the last of his tears, sniffling softly before starting to get up from his bed. He had forgotten to eat dinner. He usually didn’t like eating after a certain time, because he didn’t want to gain weight. But he hasn’t eaten all day and his stomach was starting to growl.

Hopefully Seokjoon will bring some food, Seokjin thought. His brother has been busy all week, working and hanging out with his girlfriend. Seokjin and Seokjoon haven’t been able to hang out and talk as much, even though they live together. Seokjin wants to spend as much time as he can with Seokjoon before his enlistment.

Seokjin wiped his eyes again, making his way down the stairs to go to the kitchen.

As soon as Seokjin was making his way into the kitchen, the doorbell rang loudly, startling him.

Who is that? Seokjoon never rings the doorbell since he has a key, Seokjin thought in confusion. Who would be visiting this late? He thought, wiping his eyes once again.

The doorbell rang again before Seokjin was hesitantly opening it, peeking his head out.

“Jungkook-ah?” Seokjin said in shock, before fully opening the door. Seokjin didn’t expect to see Jungkook at his front door, crying at almost 12 midnight. He didn’t expect Jungkook to come see him at all after what happened.

“H-hyung…” Jungkook said as his lip quivered. Seokjin noticed that he was shivering, and only wearing his pajamas.

“Jungkook, w-what are you doing here?” Seokjin asked with concern in his voice. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to see Jungkook. It was more like he didn’t expect Jungkook to want to see him.

Does Jungkook’s parents know that he’s here? Why is he crying? Is he here to break up with me? Seokjin thought as he started to worry.

“I-I needed to see you, hyung. We - we need to talk.” Jungkook hiccupped and sniffled, hugging himself as he continued to shiver.

“And I miss you, hyung.” Jungkook cried before throwing himself at Seokjin, hugging him tight as he started to cry harder.

Seokjin was startled by the hug, but he immediately hugged Jungkook back, tightening his arms around his small body.

Seokjin buried his face into the Jungkook’s neck, breathing in his scent. He missed it so much even though it’s only been a few days. He silently listened to Jungkook’s muffled sobs as he let the boy cry into his shoulder. He wondered why Jungkook was crying this hard.

“I’m sorry.” Seokjin whispered, taking this as an opportunity to finally apologize to his love. “I’m so sorry.” He apologized again, his voice wavering as he felt tears start to prick his eyes.

Jungkook shook his head, starting to cry harder into Seokjin’s shirt. “If you want to leave me… I understand.” Seokjin whispered, starting to loosen his grip on Jungkook as he tried to pull away from the hug.

“No, no, no…no.” Jungkook sobbed loudly, shaking his head as he pulled Seokjin closer. He didn’t want to let go. He also didn’t want to break up with Seokjin.

Seokjin hugged Jungkook again, caressing his head gently. “Hyung…” Jungkook cried into Seokjin’s shirt, before pulling away from the hug.

“My - my parents… they want to take me away from you.” Jungkook cried, looking into Seokjin’s eyes as Seokjin continued to stroke his head.

“What? What do you mean?” Seokjin asked nervously. Did Jungkook tell his parents everything that happened between me and him? Did Jungkook come out to his parents? Seokjin thought.

“Hyung, I tried...I tried so hard to make them understand, but they -” Jungkook started before bursting into tears again.

Seokjin gulped before grabbing Jungkook’s cold hand to bring him into the house.



12:58 AM


Jungkook pulled Seokjin closer as he laid his head down on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

The only light in the room at the moment was the moonlight that peeked between the curtains.

Jungkook sighed softly, before lifting his head from Seokjin’s chest to see if he was sleeping. When he looked at Seokjin’s face, Seokjin’s eyes were closed as his lips were slightly pressed together. He slept very peacefully. Like a prince, Jungkook thought before leaving a small kiss on Seokjin’s neck.

Jungkook felt bad. He knew how hard it must’ve been for Seokjin to hear the things he’s heard in the past hour. Jungkook wished that he could lie to Seokjin.

He wished that he could tell Seokjin that everything would be okay between them.

But Jungkook couldn't promise that.

He couldn’t promise anything to Seokjin, because of his parents. Jungkook wasn’t sure what his parents were going to do in the next few weeks, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be good.

Jungkook has noticed how different his parents have been treating him ever since they found out he’s been skipping school.

Jungkook figured that maybe he told them a little too much in the past few days.



Jungkook had finally built up the courage to tell his parents about the bullying. He told his parents that Seokjin protected him from the bullies.

He tried to focus on giving Seokjin a good image, but his parents weren’t seeing the point. They weren’t understanding why Jungkook would keep something as serious as bullying away from them.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jungkook’s mother complained. “We would’ve gotten you transferred to a new school by now.” His mother said.

Jungkook sighed in relief before his father said something that turned things around. “Yeah, your mother and I have been thinking about moving back to Seoul anyways. We actually just made an appointment to go check out a house on Friday.” Jungkook’s father said. That was when Jungkook started to panic.

No...I can’t leave Seokjin. Jungkook tried to fix things by saying “No, it’s okay. The bullying isn’t that bad anymore. I think I’d rather stay here than have to restart my entire high school life over.” Jungkook tried to convince his parents, before his mother was speaking again.

“Jungkook, no. I don’t want you to have to deal with anything like that anymore. I actually know a school in Seoul that’s so much better than your school. I was just on the website today, and I was actually thinking about filling out an application for you.” Jungkook’s mother said.

No, no, no. Jungkook started to panic inside. “No, mom. Really, it’s okay-” Jungkook started again, before his mother was looking at him in confusion.

“Why don’t you want to transfer?” His mother asked, she wasn’t understanding why Jungkook wanted to stay somewhere where he was getting bullied.

“Because Seokjin-” Jungkook blurted out without thinking first.

Jungkook’s parents silently looked at him with confused looks on his faces, before Jungkook was finishing his sentence. “Seokjin’s my best friend, and I ...I don’t want to leave him.” Jungkook said, avoiding eye contact with his parents. His parents weren’t understanding why Jungkook was willing to stay in a school where he’s getting bullied, all for a person he’s just met "a few weeks ago".

“Well, Jungkook… You’ll make other friends.” Jungkook’s father said with a shrug.

But Seokjin isn’t just a friend, Jungkook wanted to say.

“Well, maybe I don’t want other friends.” Jungkook raised his voice at his parents for the first time in his entire life. “Maybe I just want Seokjin.” Jungkook said before standing up from the couch and going up to his bedroom without another word, leaving his parents in confusion and shock as they sat on the couch.


Long story short, Jungkook had admitted to skipping school with Seokjin, but only because his mother started to question him more which triggered Jungkook’s anxiety. Now that his parents knew that Seokjin was the reason for his grades dropping, they decided that Seokjin wasn’t a very good influence on Jungkook.

For the next 2 nights, Jungkook had secretly listened to his parents’ conversations in the kitchen, where they would talk about Seokjin, finding a new school for Jungkook, and possibly moving away to give Jungkook another fresh start.

Jungkook had also heard his mother say something about his therapist, but he couldn’t hear that part of the conversation very well.

Jungkook had laid in his bed, thinking about nothing but Seokjin for 3 nights in a row. He thought about how much would change if he moved away.

He thought about how he would’ve never changed if he had never met Seokjin.

Seokjin changed me. He’s made me happy, Jungkook thought.

He saved me.

I won’t let my parents take me away from you, Seokjin-hyung.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make them understand that I love you, without me actually coming out to them.

I’ll do whatever it takes, Jungkook thought.





1:08 AM


“Jungkook-ah…” Seokjin whispered suddenly, just as Jungkook was about to fall asleep. Jungkook quickly opened his eyes, lifting his head off Seokjin’s chest to look at his face. He could've sworn that Seokjin was asleep just a few minutes ago, but now Seokjin was wide awake, staring at the ceiling in the dark.

“Yes, hyung?” Jungkook replied softly, cuddling his boyfriend even closer to his body.

Seokjin stayed silent for a while, before sighing deeply. Jungkook could tell that Seokjin was worried about something just from a sigh.

“I...I want you to meet my mother.” Seokjin said all of a sudden. Jungkook immediately sat up, looking at Seokjin with a startled look on his face.

Jungkook had never thought about meeting Seokjin’s mom. He didn't know that they were in that point in their relationship to meet each other's parents. Jungkook doesn’t even remember Seokjin mentioning his mother before, or his father. He’s only talked about his brother this whole time. 

“Before it’s too late.” Seokjin added, still looking up at the ceiling.

Too late? Jungkook thought.

“H-hyung, I’m not going anywhere. Trust me, I’m not moving before I meet your mom-” Jungkook started before Seokjin was cutting him off.

“No, Jungkook.” Seokjin said. Jungkook didn’t understand that he wasn’t the one being timed.

It all depended on how much time Seokjin’s mother had.

Seokjin let out a light chuckle before resting his arm over his face. “It’s my mother...She doesn’t have much time...And I want you to meet her before - “ Seokjin stopped speaking before sighing.

Jungkook immediately understood that Seokjin’s mother was sick. He moved closer to Seokjin, removing his arm from his face to see if he was crying or not.

“She’s really sick, Jungkook.” Seokjin said, removing his arm from his face. He wasn’t crying yet, but he felt like he was close to tears.

“Oh…” Jungkook mumbled, running his fingers across Seokjin's arm. “Well...I’ll meet her.” Jungkook said softly before laying down to cuddle Seokjin again.

“I - uh… I’m going to see her next week.” Seokjin said before clearing his throat and swallowing down the lump in his throat, which only made his eyes water even more.

“Then I’ll come with you, hyung.” Jungkook said, before placing a soft kiss on Seokjin’s collarbone.

Jungkook had never seen Seokjin so down before. He’s only seen Seokjin play around, or laugh during most of their conversations. But this was one of the most serious conversations that they’ve ever had.

Jungkook felt like he got stabbed in the heart just by seeing Seokjin’s depressed look on his face, and distressed tone in his voice.

Jungkook wished that he had known about Seokjin’s mother before. He hoped that Seokjin wasn’t keeping all of his worries to himself, and dealing with his struggles on his own.

Jungkook couldn’t help but start to feel like a selfish coward.

Seokjin just told me one of his biggest worries, and yet I can’t tell him about why I acted the way I did the other night? I can’t tell him why I pushed him away? I can’t tell him that I was raped? Jungkook thought as he caressed Seokjin’s arm comfortingly.

Jungkook did apologize for reacting the way that he did the other night, but he never told Seokjin why he reacted that way.

Seokjin didn’t ask why. He’s so respectful, Jungkook thought. He felt like he didn’t deserve Seokjin.

All I do is keep secrets from him, Jungkook thought as he let out a small sigh.

He wants to help me, but I’m not letting him help.

Why? Why won’t I let him help me?


“Jungkook-ah…” Seokjin spoke suddenly, breaking Jungkook out of his thoughts.

“Yes, hyung…” Jungkook whispered, as he felt a cool breeze start to pour in through the window.

“Do you - …” Seokjin started before taking a long pause. Jungkook looked up at Seokjin in curiousity, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“Nevermind…. Forget it.” Seokjin finished, slightly shaking his head. He felt like the question was kind of stupid.

“What is it?” Jungkook asked nervously, furrowing his eyebrows. “Hyung, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked after another silence.

“Uh…” Seokjin started again before sighing deeply. He grabbed Jungkook’s hand, waiting to see if he would pull away. But Jungkook only laced his fingers between Seokjin’s.

“Do you still love me?” Seokjin asked, his voice wavering a little as his hands started to slightly tremble in Jungkook’s hand.

Why is he shaking? Jungkook thought. Does he think I’m not in love with him anymore?

Jungkook sat up on the bed, looking at Seokjin in confusion. Why would he ask such a thing?

“W-what are you saying, hyung? Of course I love you.” Jungkook said. He understood why Seokjin would’ve doubted his love for him after what happened.

“Sorry, I’m stupid… It’s just - I…” Seokjin said, covering his face with his arm once again.

“No, look at me.” Jungkook said sternly, removing Seokjin’s arm from his face. “Don’t, just don’t - Don’t you ever ask me that again.” Jungkook said, shaking his head as tears suddenly started to form in his eyes.

“I love much, Seokjin. You don’t understand. I would do anything for you, I would do anything just to be with you.” Jungkook said, tears starting to fall down his rosy cheeks.

Jungkook wasn’t the very emotional type. He’s never expressed himself well. He wasn’t very affectionate, and it wasn’t easy for him to say “I love you” to someone.

This was the first time that he’s actually loved someone so hard.

“Hyung…” Jungkook said as Seokjin looked at him while biting his lip nervously. Jungkook suddenly leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to Seokjin’s lips.

Jungkook pulled away, resting his head on Seokjin’s before sniffling softly. “I love you, and no one is ever going to change that.” Jungkook whispered before sniffling again.

Seokjin placed a kiss to Jungkook’s forehead, before cuddling him into his chest. He doesn't know why he doubted Jungkook’s love in the first place.

If he didn't love you, he wouldn't be here right now, idiot. Seokjin told himself.

“No one is going to take me away from you.” Jungkook whispered, resting his head on Seokjin’s clothed chest.

“No one.” Jungkook whispered.


Seokjin and Jungkook feel asleep together peacefully, while looking at the bright moon that lit up the night sky.

The moon that told them that everything was going to be okay for tonight.


The same moon that told them that tomorrow is always a mystery.

Chapter Text


February 12th, 2017


2:21 PM

Jungkook and Seokjin sat patiently and quietly in the waiting room chairs, as they waited to be called into Seokjin’s mother’s room.

Jungkook nervously took a deep breath. This was his first time meeting Seokjin’s mother.

What if she doesn't like me? What if she thinks I'm too young for Seokjin? What if she thinks I'm not good enough? All of these questions raced through Jungkook’s mind as he bit his lip nervously in thought.

Jungkook looked over to Seokjin, who was staring blankly at the floor with an expressionless face. He must be thinking really hard about something, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook gulped anxiously, looking around the waiting room. This was his first time being in a hospital after almost 4 years.

Jungkook didn't like the feeling that the hospital gave him. Jungkook closed his eyes, trying to push those thoughts to the back of his head; but being in a hospital only reminded him of when he was 11 years old…

And in pain.


October 13th, 2013


7:43 PM

“I know it's hard, Jungkook, but could you please sit up for me? I need to do another examination.” Dr. Wang said softly to Jungkook, who hasn't tried to move a muscle in the past few hours because of the pain he was in.

Jungkook immediately started to shake his head in protest. “N-no, no -” He whimpered as tears immediately came to his eyes. He didn't want any more body examinations.

The doctors had already did about 5 tests on Jungkook; one of them was an RSID confirmatory test, which confirmed Jungkook’s rape. After that test, the doctors used a DNA rape test kit, which Jungkook hated the most.

After finding all of the evidence they needed, Jungkook was finally able to take a long, awaited shower, which wasn't very relaxing to him because his mind was racing and he was in excruciating pain. He scrubbed his skin until it was red, burning, and numb. All he could think of was getting that disgusting man, that disgusting feeling off of his body.

When he got out of the shower 2 hours later, his skin was pruned and red. Jungkook wasn't ready to look at himself in the mirror.

He wasn't sure if he was ever going to look at himself again.


“Sweetie, please? This is the very last test, I promise it won't hurt. I'm just doing another quick examination, mainly of your appearance.” Dr. Wang tried to persuade Jungkook to stand up from the bed, so that she could examine him one last time.

Jungkook shook his head again and closed his eyes. “No, no. It's going to hurt.” Jungkook whimpered as tears fell down his rosy cheeks.

“No, it's not going to hurt, sweetie. I promise this time -” Dr. Wang said, walking closer to the hospital bed. Jungkook backed himself further up on the bed, shaking his head again. “You s-said that the last time, and it h-hurt.” Jungkook started to cry more, before Dr. Wang was walking closer toward him.

“This time, I'm just doing an outer appearance examination, okay?” Dr. Wang said softly. She was telling the truth, but she understood why Jungkook would be afraid.

Jungkook wiped his tears before sniffling. “O-Outer…. appearance?” Jungkook asked nervously.

The doctor nodded before making her way next in front of Jungkook. “Like this…” Dr. Wang said, before reaching her hand out for Jungkook to grab. Jungkook looked at her hand before hesitantly placing his small hand in hers.

Dr. Wang flipped Jungkook’s hand around, observing his clean palms. “You see, your palms are clean. Do you know what I can infer from that observation?” Dr. Wang asked.

“Um… that I- I recently washed my hands?” Jungkook said questioningly, looking up at Dr. Wang.

“Yes, good job.” Dr. Wang exclaimed with a small smile. “Now please stand up, Jungkook.” She asked, while tugging on Jungkook’s hand for him to stand.

Jungkook seemed to finally give in as he let Dr. Wang help him stand up from the bed.




Jungkook had snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Seokjin gently grab his hand to hold in his.

Seokjin sat back comfortably into his chair while sighing deeply. Jungkook entwined his fingers with Seokjin’s, before Seokjin was running his thumb across Jungkook’s hand.

Jungkook looked at Seokjin’s face in concentration. trying to read his expression.

Seokjin opened his mouth to say something, before quickly closing it a second after. He sighed again before abruptly untwining his fingers from Jungkook’s.

What's wrong? Jungkook wanted to ask. But Jungkook knew exactly what was wrong.

Everything was wrong.

Jungkook knew that him and Seokjin’s relationship was at risk, especially after all that's happen with Jungkook and his parents.

Jungkook's parents weren't fond of Seokjin at all. Jungkook even had to sneak out of the house a few times, just to see Seokjin.

In the past 3 weeks, Jungkook had gotten into multiple arguments with his parents; whether it was about him being grounded, them moving to Seoul, him meeting with Seokjin, or sneaking out of the house. Jungkook’s parents were getting tired of it.

Three weeks ago, Jungkook had gotten grounded after being caught by his father when he snuck out of the house to see Seokjin that night.

That day had changed how his father viewed him.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK: January 22nd (Three Weeks Ago) ~~~~~~

6:22 AM

Once Jungkook arrived at his house, he slowly walked onto his doorstep, trying to be as silent as possible.

Luckily, Jungkook had a key to his front door. Maybe he could find a way to silently slip into his house without his dad hearing or seeing him.

Jungkook hoped that his dad was in the bathroom at the moment, preferably showering. That would be the perfect opportunity for Jungkook to sneak into his bedroom.

And it’ll be like I never left the house, right? Jungkook tried to convince himself that this would be easy.

But of course… things never go his way.

“Jungkook?” His father called as soon as Jungkook set foot into the house. Shit, my life is over, Jungkook thought in panic as his heart almost leaped out of his throat.

Jungkook shut the front door behind him, before freezing in his spot. His father was looking at him from the kitchen table, holding a coffee mug in his hand.

“Where were you?” His father asked with confusion written all over his face. He had never expected Jungkook to sneak out the house. But then again…

Jungkook did sneak out of the house that one time when he was younger, his father thought. And that was the last time Jungkook has ever done it.

“Uh…” Jungkook said nervously, still frozen in his spot by the front door. He didn’t prepare any explanations, or lies to tell his dad.

His father placed his mug onto the table. “Get over here.” He said sternly.

Jungkook gulped nervously, before ever so slowly starting to walk over to his dad. His dad immediately started to get frustrated by his small footsteps. “Now.” His father said louder and more stern, making Jungkook slightly jump.

Jungkook sped up his footsteps, biting his lip nervously. Once he got in front of his dad, who was sitting at the table, he stood a few feet away.

“Where were you?” His father asked again, in a sterner tone, looking at Jungkook with intimidating eyes.

Jungkook avoided his dad’s eyes, looking down at his own feet as he started to play with the hem on his white pajama shirt out of nervousness. “Um…” Jungkook mumbled, racking his brain for an excuse.

He couldn’t think with the heat that was coming from his father’s eyes. “Uh, I …” Jungkook said, before gulping.

His father let out a small huff, which usually meant that he was trying to contain his anger.

“First, you skip school. Then, your grades drop. And now, you’re sneaking out of the house? What the hell is up with you lately?” His father raised his voice as he scolded him.

“I’m sorry -” Jungkook started in a soft tone. “Well ‘sorry’ isn’t going to solve things, Jungkook.” His father raised his voice louder.

Jungkook tried his best to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat. He didn’t know what to say or do, he’s never been scolded like this before.

His father let out a loud sigh, rubbing his left temple in stress. He wasn’t sure why Jungkook was acting like this all of a sudden. Skipping school, sneaking out… that wasn’t like Jungkook, and his father knew that.

Maybe it’s the bullying that’s making him act this way, his dad thought. Or maybe it’s his disorders. Or maybe it’s the pills. Maybe everything is taking a toll on him.

Or maybe it’s his friends. Maybe it’s that “Seokjin” boy, his father thought.

Jungkook’s father knew that he needed to handle this the right way.

“Give me your phone.” Jungkook’s father said with a sigh, reaching his hand out.

My phone? Jungkook thought in anxiety.

His dad raised his eyebrow, waiting for Jungkook to hand his phone over. Jungkook let out a small sigh before reaching into his pajama pocket, pulling out his cell phone.

Jungkook hesitantly placed his phone into his father’s palm, feeling his nerves start go crazy.

His father took his phone and put it into his pants pocket. “You’re grounded.” His father said finally.

Grounded? Jungkook tried to hide his shock, but he has never been grounded before. His eyes widened before he gulped.

“For 2 weeks.” His father continued. “You’re not getting your phone back until then.” He said, looking into Jungkook’s eyes to prove to him how serious he was about this.

2 whole weeks without my phone? How am I going to text and call Seokjin? Jungkook thought.

“Do you understand me?” His father asked sternly. Jungkook couldn’t hide his bratty pout, but he nodded nonetheless.

“No phone, no hanging out after school, no clubs after school, no video games -“ His father named all of the stuff that he couldn’t do while he was grounded, making Jungkook pout even more.

“But - “ Jungkook started, but his dad wasn’t having any of it. “No, no buts. You’re grounded and that’s final.” His dad said.

“But dad…” Jungkook started again. “I don’t want to hear it, Jungkook.” His father said in frustration.

Jungkook couldn’t control the small, bratty whine that slipped out of his mouth, and the bratty stomp of his foot.

“What was that?” His father questioned in an intimidating tone, silencing Jungkook.

Jungkook quietly looked down at his feet, crossing his arms in front of him, and biting his lip to hide his pout.

“Wipe that look off of your face.” His father started once again. He didn’t know why Jungkook was acting like a brat all of a sudden. He had never seen this side of Jungkook. Maybe a few times when he was younger, but Jungkook was acting so childish for not accepting his punishment.

Jungkook sighed deeply, with a slight pout still on his face.

“Go to your room. Don’t come out unless you have to eat or use the bathroom.” His father said finally. Jungkook quickly walked away before his dad could finish his sentence, letting out a small huff as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what these next two weeks were going to be like for him. He wasn’t sure how he was going to contact Seokjin without his phone.

My precious phone, Jungkook thought.

He felt on edge about his father having his phone in his hands for the next two weeks. Sure, he had a password lock on his phone.

But his phone held every single piece of evidence of him and Seokjin’s relationship. Their text messages, their cute photos and videos…

If his parents were to find out that he was gay, all through his phone…

That would be terrible, Jungkook thought.

~~~~~~ FLASHBACK OVER ~~~~~~

“Kim Seokjin?” A female doctor called, poking her head from behind the waiting room door.

Seokjin looked at the doctor anxiously before quickly standing up, as Jungkook stood up to follow him.

“She's awake.” The doctor said before the two boys were following her out of the waiting room. “Right this way.” The doctor said as the boys followed her down the hallway. Jungkook felt his anxiety start to take a toll on his body, as he started to wonder what Seokjin’s mother would think of him.

Soon, the doctor was leading Jungkook and Seokjin into a small, bright room. Seokjin walked in first, as Jungkook nervously stood behind him.

Once Seokjin was fully in the room, he bowed down to his mother respectfully, before signaling for Jungkook to stay out of the room for a while. Jungkook nodded nervously, backing out of the room. He understood that Seokjin might've wanted to have some private time with his mother.

Seokjin walked closer to his mother’s bed, taking a good look at her face. She looked almost the same as she did a few weeks ago, but this time her skin looked paler, and she looked even more tired.

Seokjin felt like every time he saw his mother, she was a different person. She only got weaker and weaker as time went on.

His mother looked up at him with a small smile on her face before reaching out her hand. Seokjin gently took his mother’s hand into his, before placing a soft kiss onto her fingers.

“Seokjin-ah…” His mother tried to speak before Seokjin was stopping her. He didn't want her to put anymore pressure on herself. He knew how hard it was for her to speak.

“Shh… eomma…” Seokjin tried to silence his mother respectfully. His mother closed her mouth before letting out a small sigh. She blinked up slowly at her son, tightening her grip on his hand.

Seokjin swallowed the lump in his throat, before looking towards the door to meet Jungkook’s curious eyes.

Seokjin looked back at his mother, before speaking softly. “Mom, I brought … my friend.” Seokjin said softly, before looking back over to Jungkook and gesturing for him to come into the room.

Jungkook slowly stepped his foot into the room, taking small steps toward Seokjin’s mother bed.

Seokjin gave Jungkook a small, encouraging smile. “Mommy, this is Jungkook.” Seokjin said as Jungkook stood next to his mother’s bed while fidgeting with his fingers.

For some reason, Jungkook couldn't bring himself to look into her eyes or even look at her face properly. He was worried about what he would see, how sick she would look.

“Jungkook, this is my mother.” Seokjin introduced the two with a small smile. Jungkook bowed politely next to the bed, still avoiding eye contact with Seokjin’s mother.

“H-hello, Mrs. Kim. It's nice to meet you.” Jungkook said with a wavering voice. Seokjin could hear his nervousness.

There was an elongated silence when Seokjin’s mother didn't reply to Jungkook. Jungkook hesitantly averted his gaze from the floor, to meet Seokjin’s mother’s eyes, finally making eye contact with her.

When Jungkook looked into her eyes, he immediately felt pity and sympathy. Her eyes were dull, it wasn't a normal type of brown. She didn't look lively. Her hair had a mixture of deep brown and silvery strands, though her wrinkles were almost non-existent.

Jungkook made eye contact with her for about 5 silent seconds as he felt her pain & weakness, even though her eyes couldn't literally speak.

But behind all of the pain, Jungkook could see a small form on her lips.

“And it is nice to finally meet you, Jungkook.” Seokjin’s mother said in a exhausted tone, with a small smile still on her lips.

At this, Jungkook widely smiled with his teeth, which he never does for anyone but Seokjin.

“What a handsome boy you are. Seokjin has told me all about you.” Mrs. Kim said with droopy eyes.

“Really?” Jungkook said shyly, before glancing over at Seokjin. Has Seokjin told her that we're dating? And my age? Jungkook thought nervously.

“Yeah, he could talk about you for hours.” Mrs. Kim said before emitting a small laugh.

Jungkook and Seokjin simultaneously chuckled before a long silence occurred once again.

After a while, the doctor was leaving the room and closing the door behind her for the boys to be alone with the patient.

Once the door closed, Seokjin’s mother was lifting her body up as she tried to sit up in the hospital bed comfortably. Seokjin immediately ran to her side to help her sit up.

Seokjin preferred that his mother lay down instead of sitting up, but every time that Seokjin visited her, she would say “I don't like to seem weaker than I am.”, which was why she preferred to sit up most of the time.

“Jungkook, take a seat, sweetheart.” Mrs. Kim said once she was fully sitting up. Jungkook nodded before walking over to sit in one of the chairs that was beside her hospital bed.

After a while, Seokjin was sitting down in one of the chairs next to Jungkook.

Mrs. Kim then let out a small sigh as her back hit the pillows behind her. Jungkook wondered what type of sigh it was. Was it a sigh of relief or stress? Jungkook wondered.

“So, tell me about yourself, Jungkook.” Mrs. Kim said curiously. She did know a lot about him because of Seokjin, but she wanted to get to know Jungkook for herself.

Jungkook froze nervously, fidgeting his fingers. “Well, I…. I’m 18 years old-” Jungkook immediately lied, before Seokjin’s mom was cutting him off.

“I know that's not true, sweetie. You don't have to lie for me.” Mrs. Kim before emitting a small chuckle.

Jungkook awkwardly froze again. How much does she know about me? Is she okay with me and Seokjin’s relationship? Jungkook thought nervously, taking a big gulp.

“H-How do you know?” Jungkook questioned softly.

“Well, you look very young, in my opinion.” Mrs. Kim said, laughing again.

Jungkook bit his lip, looking at Seokjin in anxiety. Seokjin only shrugged, but Jungkook wasn't sure what that meant.

Jungkook swallowed thickly, looking back at Seokjin’s mom. “How old do I look to you?” Jungkook asked curiously. Maybe Seokjin didn't tell his mother Jungkook’s age.

So Jungkook was going to test a few things. He wanted to know how old he could pass for.

Seokjin’s mother let out a sound of thought. “Hmm… maybe 16?” She guessed.

Jungkook laughed nervously, immediately deciding that he should just agree that was his age. 16 was actually close to Jungkook’s Korean age, even though his American age was still young.

16 years old is close enough to 14, right? Jungkook figured it wouldn't make much of a difference if he lied.

“Yes, I'm 16 years old.” Jungkook said with a nod.

Seokjin looked at Jungkook with an apprehensive expression, as Jungkook gave him a look that said “don't worry”.



5:03 PM

Jungkook was sitting at the foot of Seokjin’s mother’s hospital bed, as him and her had a deep conversation about life.

Jungkook had learned a lot about Seokjin’s mother in the past 3 hours. She had told him cute stories about when Seokjin was younger. She had told him about her shy, teenage self; and the crazy, stupid things that she used to do.

At some point, she started to talk about her first love, and all of the crazy things that she did for that person.

Some of her stories reminded Jungkook of himself.

After a while, Seokjin had left the room to use the bathroom, which pleased his mother, because she wanted to speak to Jungkook alone.

Once the door shut behind Seokjin, Mrs. Kim let out a sigh that seemed to say “finally”, which confused Jungkook.

“Jungkook… I have a question for you.” She said, adjusting her position in the bed.

Jungkook’s heart jumped a little. “Y-yes?” He stuttered out of nervousness.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care for Seokjin?” Mrs. Kim asked innocuously.

What? Is she testing me? Jungkook thought nervously.

“Ten.” Jungkook replied in a strong, positive tone.

Mrs. Kim nodded, staring at a blank spot on the bed sheets.

“A ten? So would you say that you love Seokjin?” Mrs. Kim asked in a tenuous tone.

She's definitely testing me, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook froze, he wasn't sure what type of love she meant.

“Y-yes… I really care for Seokjin -” Jungkook tried to avoid saying the word love.

“How much do you care for him?” Mrs. Kim asked. She honestly just wanted him to say the word love. Jungkook started to fidget at the question.

“I- I care for him so much that I would do anything for him to be happy.” Jungkook impulsively blurted out, his eyes nervously meeting Mrs. Kim’s.

Mrs. Kim gave Jungkook a small smile, to show that was the answer that she wanted from Jungkook.

“I just want him to be happy…” Jungkook whispered as his voice started to uncontrollably waver.

“Jungkook…” Mrs. Kim said, placing her hand on top of Jungkook’s. “You're the one that makes him happy.” She said, while looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

“I know all about your relationship with him, so don't worry about that.” Mrs. Kim said suddenly.

She knows? Jungkook thought as his eyes widened.

“I hear the way that Seokjin talks about you. He's never talked about anyone like the way he talks about you. And it makes me happy, Jungkook. It makes me happy to see my son in love, especially with such an amazing person.”

Jungkook looked at Mrs. Kim in shock, he didn't really consider himself an amazing person. He also wasn't expecting Seokjin’s mother to approve of their relationship.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Mrs. Kim said as her voice started to quiver.

“F-for what, Mrs. Kim?” Jungkook asked before swallowing the lump in his throat.

At that moment, a tear slipped down Mrs. Kim’s right cheek. “For loving my son, and teaching him how to love.” She said before tears started to rapidly stream down her cheeks.

Jungkook was startled by this whole conversation, because he had never expected Seokjin’s mother to actually thank him.

He thought he wasn't even good enough for Seokjin.

“And thank you, Mrs. Kim…” Jungkook whispered, swallowing the lump in his throat once again.

Seokjin’s mother wiped her tears, before startling Jungkook with an unexpected hug. Jungkook immediately hugged her back, feeling comforted by her warmth.


“For letting me love your son.” Jungkook whispered, as a tear finally streamed down his face.




6:46 PM


“Where have you been, Jungkook? I've been calling your phone since 12 in the fucking afternoon. Are you kidding me?!” Jungkook's mother yelled as soon as Jungkook set his foot into the house.

He had never told his parents that he was going to the hospital earlier to meet Seokjin’s mother. He just unexpectedly left the house, without their permission.

Although he wasn't grounded anymore, Jungkook knew that he would still get into trouble for leaving the house without his parents’ permission, especially to go see Seokjin.

He wasn't allowed to hang out with Seokjin at all, but Jungkook’s parents could see that Jungkook obviously didn't care for their rules anymore.

“I'm sorry, mom.” Jungkook said softly as he closed the front door behind him. His mother could hear that he wasn't sorry just by his tone. Jungkook would always use a manipulative, soft tone when it came to apologizing to his parents.

“Where were you? Huh? Were you with that boy again?” Jungkook's mother raised her voice in anger, walking closer to Jungkook.

Jungkook wasn't going to lie about where he was this time. “Yes, mom. I was.” Jungkook said in a sarcastically calm tone. What are you going to do about it? He wanted to say, but he knew that he would just make things worse.

Jungkook walked past his mother, trying to ignore her presence, but she only just followed him as he walked further into the living room.

“How many times do I have to tell you -” His mother started again, before he was cutting her off.

“No, mom. How many times do I have to tell you?” Jungkook said as he turned around to face his mother. “You don't have to treat me like I'm a child. I should be able to leave the house whenever I want.” Jungkook argued.

Jungkook's mother looked at him with her mouth slightly agape. “The only reason that I don't let you leave the house whenever you want, is because I'm trying to protect you.” His mother said, just as Jungkook’s father came down the stairs to hear the argument.

“Well, you don't have to protect me from Seokjin.” Jungkook raised his voice, trying to walk away from his mother once again, only to be met by his father’s figure.

“Are you sure about that?” His dad questioned sarcastically. Jungkook's parents were obviously still worried about what happened a whole month ago when they found Seokjin in Jungkook’s bedroom.

Jungkook opened his mouth to say something, before shutting his lips into a thin line.

His dad waited for a response with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Y-you guys don't know him like I do. You will never understand, and that's the problem. You will never understand me -” Jungkook started.

“What I don't understand is why you care so much for this fucking boy!” Jungkook's father screamed in frustration, stilling Jungkook in his spot.

“What the hell is he to you? Huh? He's just a stranger!” Jungkook’s dad screamed.

“He’s n-not a stranger.” Jungkook mumbled, gulping hard.

“Do you care for a stranger so much that you would disobey your own parents?! The people who've raised you, fed you, took care of you, protected you - “ His father screamed in his face.


When did you ever protect me?!” Jungkook screamed back.


That was when the house went silent.


Jungkook could feel his body shaking in anger, as his breathe heavily while intensely looking into his father's bloodshot eyes.

He didn't mean to say it… but he meant it.

On top of all of the tension in the room, all that Jungkook’s dad could say was…


“Go to your room.”




9:54 PM


The night sky was too dark tonight, as the illuminating moon shined through Seokjin’s curtains once again.

Jungkook was cuddled into Seokjin’s chest while he cried his eyes out, pouring his heart out to him.

“They're so m-mean to me.” Jungkook cried into Seokjin’s chest before hiccuping.

“I'm pretty sure they just want to protect you -” Seokjin started before Jungkook was cutting him off.

“N-no, they want to take me away from you.” Jungkook cried, hiding his rosy cheeks into Seokjin’s shirt.

Seokjin gently rubbed Jungkook’s back, caressing his head to ease him.

For 10 minutes, the only sounds in the room were Jungkook’s cries and sniffles.

Jungkook wanted to lay in Seokjin’s arms forever, enjoying his warm, comfortable chest, soothing voice, vanilla scent, and his heartbeat that was a lullaby to his ears.

Jungkook wanted to pack his bags and run away with Seokjin. He wanted to get lost with him forever, with no one to separate them, and nothing to come between them.

Jungkook never knew that he could love someone so much to the point where it made him wonder ’How will I live without you?’.

“Hyung… what happens if I never see you again?” Jungkook whispered as he felt fear run through his veins, fear of losing Seokjin.

“Don't say that, Jungkook.” Seokjin said softly, closing his eyes. He knew that it was going to happen somewhere in time. Seokjin just hoped that time wasn't near. Although he could feel it coming very soon.

“It's bound to happen, hyung. What do I do? I don't know what I'll do without you.” Jungkook suddenly felt his heart speeding up.

How will I live without Seokjin?

“Just… let’s not think about that right now.” Seokjin said with a small sigh, deciding to push that topic to the side. He just wanted to enjoy Jungkook’s presence in peace, not thinking about their problems right now.

Jungkook broke free from Seokjin’s arms, abruptly sitting up. “No, we have to think about it. It's not a choice. Hyung, I - we’re running out of time and - I’m freaking out and - I don't know what to do -” Jungkook quickly went into panic mode as his breathing became erratic.

Seokjin sat up, placing his hands on Jungkook’s arms. “Relax, we’re going to be okay.” Seokjin said softly, caressing Jungkook's arms to calm him.

Jungkook shook his head as he started to mumble. “No, no, no… We’re not -” Jungkook then let out a loud wheeze, which frightened Seokjin. Seokjin didn't know how to deal with Jungkook’s panic attacks.

“Nothing is going to be okay. I - you - you’re…” Jungkook’s breaths kept cutting off his sentences, as he felt like his lungs were closing.

“Jungkook, look at me. Breathe, relax, breathe. It's going to be okay.” Seokjin spoke louder, grabbing Jungkook’s tear-stained face to meet his panicked eyes.

Jungkook started to shake his head again before coughing loudly. “They're going to t-take me away from h-hyung.” Jungkook cried, clinging onto Seokjin’s sleeves in panic.

“No, that's not going to happen. Jungkook, breathe with me.” Seokjin said before slowly breathing in and out with Jungkook.

Jungkook’s panicked eyes remained on Seokjin’s brown, calming ones as he tried to steady his breathing with him.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whispered before wheezing again. He clutched at his chest as he tried to speak, but no words could be formed.

What he meant to tell Seokjin was that he wasn't having a panic attack anymore…

Because his panic attack had transitioned into an asthma attack.

Seokjin continued taking deep breaths, but it took a few seconds for him to realize that this wasn't helping Jungkook at all. Seokjin wondered what was wrong.

Am I doing the breathing exercises wrong? Seokjin figured.

“Deep breaths, Jungkook.” Seokjin tried to remain calm for Jungkook, but he was actually freaking out because Jungkook’s breathing was barely noticeable anymore.

“Hyu- pump.” Jungkook finally took all of the last breathes that he had to form a word.

“P-pump.” Jungkook repeated before wheezing violently.

Seokjin furrowed his eyebrow as he tried to understand what Jungkook was saying.

“Bag-” Jungkook had the ability to give Seokjin another word, another clue for what he needed.

Asthma pump, Seokjin finally got it. He quickly got off the bed, frantically picking up Jungkook's backpack that was on the floor and starting to rummage through the bag.

Jungkook wheezed violently, gripping the sheets that were in front of him to try and catch his breath.

Once Seokjin found Jungkook’s inhaler that was in the bottom of his bag, he shook it three times before placing it to Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook inhaled the air from the pump 3 times, before pulling his mouth away to cough.

Seokjin lifted the inhaler back to Jungkook’s lips out of paranoia. Jungkook inhaled the air 2 more times before pulling away, and clutching his chest to catch his breath.

Seokjin had never knew that Jungkook had asthma.

Jungkook hasn't had an asthma attack in 3 years, which was why Jungkook found it weird that he had one so suddenly. He figured that maybe he panicked a little too much about losing Seokjin. But that was pure evidence of how hard Jungkook loved Seokjin.



~~~~~~ 2 hours later ~~~~~~

11:03 PM

Jungkook and Seokjin were in a deep sleep when Jungkook’s phone started to ring, loudly playing a song by IU, Jungkook’s favorite singer.

Seokjin abruptly woke up from his sleep, wiping his eyes before picking up Jungkook’s phone from the nightstand to see who was calling. He figured that it must've been Jungkook’s parents.

Mom is calling…

Seokjin read the words on the dimmed phone screen, before gently tapping Jungkook's shoulder to wake him.

“Jungkook-ah…” Seokjin called Jungkook's name softly. Jungkook shook Seokjin’s hand off of his shoulder, ignoring his voice.

“Your mom is calling.” Seokjin said, shaking Jungkook’s shoulder again.

Jungkook let out a small groan in annoyance. He just wanted to sleep.

He knew that his parents were going to find out sooner or later that he had snuck out of the house just a few hours ago, but Jungkook had planned to ignore their calls.

The phone continued to ring, the sound echoing throughout the bedroom.

“Mmm, decline it.” Jungkook mumbled before immediately falling back to sleep without opening his eyes.

Seokjin hesitantly declined the call, before setting Jungkook’s phone back onto the nightstand next to his bed.

Seokjin sighed softly before laying back down behind Jungkook, wrapping his arms around him comfortably.


After only about 30 seconds, Jungkook's phone started to ring again, playing the same IU song.

Seokjin huffed before picking up Jungkook’s phone again. This time, Jungkook’s dad was calling him.

“Jungkook… I think you should just answer. They want you home.” Seokjin said, gently shaking Jungkook's shoulder again when he didn't answer him.

Jungkook groaned loudly. “No… decline it.” Jungkook mumbled again. “Or just turn it off.” Jungkook said, burying his face into the pillows and trying to fall back to sleep.

“But… I don't want you to get into trouble with your parents - “ Seokjin started before Jungkook was groaning again.

“Just turn it off.” Jungkook said in frustration.

Seokjin bit his lip nervously, looking at the phone screen again before looking at Jungkook, who was on his way back to sleep by now.

Seokjin emitted a small sigh before completely shutting the phone off at last, watching the screen go black.

He knew that it was a bad idea for Jungkook to ignore his parents, and disobey them. He tried to convince Jungkook to just listen to them…

But Jungkook was tired of listening.



11:47 PM

Jungkook woke up to the sound of extremely aggressive banging on the front door of the house.

Jungkook hastily sat up, shaking Seokjin awake. “Hyung… Hyung, someone is at the door.” Jungkook said apprehensively.

Seokjin woke up at the sound of Jungkook’s panicked voice. “Go see who it is.” Seokjin mumbled, slowly sitting up in the bed. He just figured that it might be his older brother coming home from work late tonight.

“No, what if it's my parents?” Jungkook asked with wide, fearful eyes.

If Jungkook’s parents had found where he was, he was doomed. And so was Seokjin.

My parents don't know where Seokjin lives, right? Jungkook started to think anxiously. He doesn't remember ever mentioning where Seokjin lives to his parents, so it can't be them at the door.

“Seokjin-hyung, what if it's them?” Jungkook asked in a panicked tone.

“I'll - I'll just tell them that you're not here.” Seokjin said nervously, getting out of bed and slipping his slippers onto his feet.

“B-but…” Jungkook started nervously, gripping onto Seokjin’s arm so that he could follow him down the stairs.

Seokjin made his way down the stairs with Jungkook clinging onto his arm, as the banging on the front door only got louder and more aggressive.

“Stay behind, just in case.” Seokjin said, before Jungkook was letting go of Seokjin’s arm and deciding to sit at the bottom of the stairs. He wanted to hide just in case it was his parents, but he also was curious of who was at the door.

Once Seokjin got to the front door, he hesitantly reached for the lock, before slowly unlocking the front door at last. Seokjin opened the front door, peeking his head out.

Seokjin was met with the intimidating eyes of Jungkook’s dad, once again.

“Where the hell is Jungkook?” Jungkook’s father asked in a strong voice, furrowing his eyebrows as he stood with his arms crossed.

“J-Jungkook is not here, Mr. Jeon -” Seokjin stuttered nervously, which Jungkook’s dad noticed.

“I know he's here, because you just stuttered. Now get the hell out of my way.” Jungkook's dad spoke harshly, before trying to push his way past Seokjin to get into his house.

“Sir…” Seokjin tried to speak politely, but Jungkook’s father only got more aggressive. “Jungkook really isn't here -” Seokjin lied again, trying to block the entrance to his house.

Once Jungkook realized that it was his father who was at the door, he stood up from the bottom of the stairs, and slowly started to make his way to the top apprehensively as he tried to continue peeking at the scene.

“Get the fuck out of my way, before I knock your fucking teeth out.” Jungkook's dad suddenly threatened Seokjin. Seokjin’s eyes widened at the sudden threat, as he slowly and instinctively started to loosen his grip on the door.

At that moment, Jungkook’s dad was forcing his way into the house. “Jungkook, I know you're here!” His dad yelled.

Jungkook was only at the top of the stairs by now, but at this moment he started to think about what was actually happening.

After this, his parents were seriously never going to let him see Seokjin again. Jungkook was tired of them treating him like a child. He was tired of them controlling his life.

Jungkook knew that hiding and running away from this situation will only make things worse…

For him, and for Seokjin.

I need to stand up to them, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook decided that he should just end this now. He slowly made his way down the stairs to meet his dad’s intimidating figure.

Say it, just say it, Jungkook encouraged himself.

“Go get in the car, we’re going home.” His father said sternly as Jungkook made his way to the bottom of the stairs.

No.” Jungkook said boldly.

Jungkook’s father looked at him in confusion. He wasn't sure if Jungkook actually just said “no” to him.

“Excuse me?” Jungkook’s dad said, furrowing his eyebrows and clenching his jaw.

“I said no, dad.” Jungkook repeated at the loudest tone that he's ever used. “I'm tired of you trying to control me. I'm tired of you trying to trap me away from the world. I understand that you want to protect me, but Seokjin will never hurt me. When will you understand that?” Jungkook said in frustration, moving to stand in front of his dad.

“When will you understand that your mother and I just want the best for you?” Jungkook's father said, as his ears and neck started to turn a little red out of the anger was starting to build up.

“Seokjin is the best for me!” Jungkook screamed in exasperation.

“He's the only person in this world who has made me happy! It's like you and mom just can't do shit right! You couldn't protect me, you couldn't find the proper therapy for me, you couldn't fix me! All you've ever did since I was 11 was keep me away from the world. Do you think that'll make you feel better after what's happened to me?!” Jungkook yelled until his throat felt raw and there was almost tears in his eyes.

Jungkook's father stood with his mouth in a thin line as he listened to Jungkook finally say what's been on his chest for a long time.

“You know… that night, when I needed help… I called your name. I called for you, and you weren't there! I begged God for you to come save me, but you were one step too fucking late!” Jungkook screamed impossibly louder as the tears started to rapidly stream down his cheeks.

“You cannot blame me for what's happened to you!” Jungkook’s father screamed in anger, as he tried to blink away his tears.

“I know, I wasn't there. I failed you. But you cannot blame anyone but yourself for sneaking out of the house that night!” Jungkook's father yelled, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“So, you're saying that I'm the reason that happened to me?” Jungkook said, breathing heavily.

“No… I'm not saying that -” Jungkook's father started, shaking his head.

“That's exactly what you're saying.” Jungkook said as more tears streamed down his rosy cheeks.

The house fell silent when Jungkook’s father didn't know what to say anymore. He sighed deeply, looking at the floor.

“Jungkook, go get in the car. We’ll talk more about this when we get home.” Jungkook's father said lowly, avoiding Jungkook’s eyes.

“There's nothing to talk about…” Jungkook said, glaring at his father through his tear-filled eyes.

“And I'm not coming with you. I'm staying here with Seokjin.” Jungkook said, his voice wavering.

Jungkook's father sighed. “Jungkook, don't make me repeat myself -” He started, before Jungkook was cutting him off. “Don't make me repeat myself.” Jungkook fired back.

Seokjin looked at Jungkook with apprehensive, warning eyes. He wasn't sure what the whole previous topic of this conversation was completely about, but he assumed that it had something to deal with Jungkook’s rape.

Seokjin knew that Jungkook was only worsening his relationship with his father at the moment. He was just about to suggest that Jungkook go home with his dad, before Jungkook spoke.

“Seokjin - ” Jungkook started, before looking at Seokjin with tear-filled eyes. “Dad, Seokjin has changed me for the better. He cares for me, he makes me happy… and most importantly…” Jungkook stopped mid-sentence.

Don't … Don't say it, Seokjin thought.

He loves me.” Jungkook said, before sniffling.

Jungkook's father furrowed his eyebrows, slightly opening his mouth to say something.


"And I love him." Jungkook confessed.



“Get in the car.” Jungkook’s father spoke to him in a harsh tone, dragging him closer to the car by his arm.

“Ah, appa -” Jungkook winced in pain, trying to escape his father’s strong grip as he tried to slow down his feet. His father couldn’t care less if he was in pain right now.

His father opened the car door, trying to shove Jungkook into the car.

Jungkook never meant to make his both of his parents angry at him. He just wanted them to understand him. He wanted them to understand his love for Seokjin.

Jungkook didn’t try to fight his dad, he let himself be forced into the backseat of the car.

His dad slammed the car door once Jungkook was fully inside. Jungkook looked into the passenger seat to see his mother sitting there with exhaustion written all over her face.

“Eomma, I - I’m sorry…” Jungkook started to apologize for leaving the house to be with Seokjin. He knew that he was going to be in big trouble when they got home.

“No, Jungkook! I don’t want to hear it.” His mother said, raising her hand to shut Jungkook up. She was tired of hearing his excuses. She was tired of hearing his manipulative pleads.

“But mom… I love him...” Jungkook spoke softly, his voice wavering and tears started to fall down his cheeks.

His mother turned around to look at him with an angered expression. He doesn't know what he's talking about, she thought.

At that moment, Jungkook’s dad got into the car with a sigh of irritation.

“Dad -” Jungkook started, as more tears fell from his eyes.

“Jungkook, shut the fuck up, right now! I don’t want to hear it. When we get home, you’re packing your things and you’re never going to see that boy again, do you hear me?” His father said in anger.

What? No, that’s not happening, Jungkook thought.

Jungkook opened his mouth in shock, not knowing what to say. “I - but…” Jungkook started once again.

“No! Don’t you dare say another word!” His father screamed at him in extreme anger, his voice booming throughout the car.

Jungkook huffed in anger, folding his arms before more tears started to stream down his face.

Jungkook’s dad sighed deeply before starting the car. Jungkook looked out of the car window, seeing Seokjin stand on his front porch hopelessly, with extreme distress written on his face.

Seokjin’s eyes met with Jungkook’s teary ones through the car window. Jungkook tried to imagine what it would be like if he never got to see those eyes again.

“Seokjin hyung…” Jungkook whispered, his bottom lip quivering, as he softly placing his hand on the window. He could swear that he saw a tear stream down Seokjin’s face. All Jungkook wanted to do was comfort him, and tell him that they would be okay.

“That fucking pervert.” Jungkook’s dad mumbled as he started to drive away from Seokjin’s house.

“He’s not a pervert!” Jungkook screamed, making his father scoff. Jungkook bit his lip, trying to contain his anger.

They don’t know Seokjin like I do, Jungkook thought.

“Whatever. Like I said, you’re never going to see him again. We’re moving back to Seoul whether you like it or not, and I’m taking away your phone for four months now. You’re grounded until you get your act together.” His dad informed in a calmer tone now.

“What?” Jungkook exclaimed. This can’t be happening. I will never see Seokjin again or even talk to him? Jungkook thought in disbelief. He was already grounded for a few weeks before this, but now four months? Jungkook didn’t know how he was going to do this. “But dad -” Jungkook started.

“No excuses, now shut your mouth.” His father said harshly. He was so tired of the way that Jungkook has been acting for the past month. He’s already been giving him and his mother a hard time.

But now, he basically confessed that he was in love … with a boy?

Jungkook’s father clenched his jaw in anger.

Jungkook couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He growled in frustration, kicking the back of his father’s seat with strong force. “I hate you!” Jungkook screamed. “Both of you!” He finished with tears in his eyes.

Jungkook’s mother and father both froze, but they weren’t surprised by Jungkook’s words.

His father took a deep breath, trying to control his temper while driving. “You wait until we get home.” His dad said lowly, trying to hide the anger in his voice.

Jungkook folded his arms in front of him, as his tears continued to fall.


He couldn’t believe what his life had come to. 


Chapter Text


┌──────── ∘°❉°∘ ────────┐


May 22nd, 2017

└──────── °∘❉∘° ────────┘


10:08 AM


Today was officially Jimin’s 2nd week at his new school.

So far, he hated his English class. It was filled with loud students, and taught by a teacher who couldn't teach very well. After the first week of going to that class, Jimin had decided that he was going to transfer to another English class instead of that one. Although, he hadn't spoken to anyone about switching that class yet. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to tell his guidance counselor or principal.

Besides that class, most of his other classes were good, minus some boring teachers.

Jimin hadn't made any friends yet. Many students would still give him curious stares, because he was the “new kid” after all, but none of them talked to him.

Jimin tried his best to avoid Chanyeol at all times, they had awkwardly made eye contact about 3 times last week. Jimin hated seeing Chanyeol’s face everyday.

He was still curious about why Chanyeol had transferred schools. But of course, Jimin would never confront him and ask him why.


Jimin wasn’t sure if he could ever be able to talk to Chanyeol again after all that’s happened between them.




Last Friday, in Jimin’s art class, he could've sworn that he had heard the teacher call out a name that sounded similar to “ Jungkook” while she was taking attendance.


 ~ ~ ~ ~ [ FLASHBACK ] ~ ~ ~ ~ 


“Jeon Na Sung?” The art teacher called the name, looking around the classroom to see if the student was present.

“Present!” The student, Na Sung, yelled out as she raised her hand.

The teacher nodded, checking the student's name off, before calling out the next name on the attendance list. “Ashley Jeon?” The teacher called.

Ah, a foreigner? How cool , Jimin thought as he looked around to find the most-likely-foreign student.

“I'm here.” The foreign student said, raising her hand. When Jimin found who the girl was, she had dirty blonde hair and dashing blue eyes.

Wow, she's so beautiful , Jimin thought in amazement. He had never had a foreigner in his class before.

Jimin was in a daze for a few seconds, staring at the lovely foreigner with wide eyes.

That was until the teacher called a name that Jimin had least expected to hear.


“Jeon Jungkook?” The art teacher called, looking around the room.


Jimin could feel his heart skip a beat at the name, as his eyes widened unconsciously in bewilderment. He hesitantly looked around the room, and he wasn't sure why. He wasn't sure if he actually wanted to see this person right now.

“Is Jungkook here?” The teacher asked. The students shook their heads and replied with “no’s” before the teacher was sighing deeply. “ Still absent.” She mumbled to herself. She didn't seem impressed with the boy’s absence.

Don't freak out, Jimin. There are many other Jungkook’s in Seoul. Maybe the teacher said “Jung Jongkook”, maybe I misheard, Jimin tried to convince himself that he had heard the name wrong.


But deep down…


Jimin had a feeling that he hadn't heard the name wrong.


~ ~ ~ ~ [ FLASHBACK OVER ] ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Jimin couldn't get that name out of his head. He tried to focus on writing his chemistry notes, but all he could think of was Jungkook.

What if it's actually him? Jimin thought, feeling a sudden panic start to run through his veins.

What will I do? What will I say to him? I can't face him.

I've already ruined his life enough. Jimin wasn’t sure how they would react if they ever saw each other again.

Jimin swallowed the lump in his throat, before wiping his suddenly watery eyes.

He sniffled softly, before trying to continue writing his notes.

The students in the classroom spoke loudly and all at once, making Jimin’s head more hectic.

Jimin sniffled again, wiping his eyes before any tears could fall.


“Excuse me? Do you have a pen that I could borrow?” Someone asked from behind Jimin.

Jimin slightly jumped at the sudden voice, before quickly turning around to face the boy.

The boy had dark brown hair, beautiful skin, and a peculiar but charming long face.

“W-what?” Jimin stammered, not being able to hear the boy over their loud classmates. He didn't mean to sound rude, but his head was so hectic at the moment.

“Do you have an extra pen or pencil that I can borrow? I - uh… forgot all of mine in my locker.” The brown-haired boy said before letting out a small chuckle.

Jimin usually didn't like handing out his pens to classmates that he didn't know, because they never gave it back to him. So he was going to lie and say that he didn't have any pens for the brown-haired boy, but the student’s smile was so bright… Jimin couldn't say no.

“Ah, yes.” Jimin said, before sniffling softly. He reached into his backpack, pulling out a black gel pen for the brown-haired student.

Jimin handed the pen to the boy with a small smile, as the boy smiled back. “Thank you. Don't worry, I'll give it back.” The brown-haired student said before chuckling again.

Jimin nodded shyly, before turning his back to the boy and continuing to work on his notes.


After 10 minutes, Jimin had finished all of notes, and decided to relax his head a bit. He laid his head down on the desk, before sighing softly.

Before Jimin could even relax, he felt someone tap his shoulder from behind him. He figured it was the brown-haired student returning his pen to him.

Jimin lifted his head, turning around to face the boy again. This time, the brown-haired boy had a slightly nervous look on his face.

“Um… I’m sorry to bother you, but would you mind sharing some of your notes with me? I'm missing a few definitions.” The brown-haired student said with a shy smile on his face.

“O-oh, that's fine.” Jimin said softly before handing the student his notebook.

“Thank you.” The brown-haired student said before starting to copy down some notes from Jimin’s notebook.


As the student wrote silently in his notebook, Jimin couldn't help but notice how perfect the boy’s nose was. It was the perfect, perky shape. The student also had flawless, glowing skin. The shape of the boy’s lips reminded Jimin of a “ㅅ”. Jimin was also baffled by how soft and healthy the boy’s hair looked. Jimin almost regretted dyeing his hair blonde and using all of that bleach.

Suddenly, the brown-haired boy was quickly lifting his head from his notebook and looking up at Jimin. Jimin hadn't noticed that he was staring at the boy so obviously. He awkwardly turned his head away from the boy’s direction, deciding to look at the chalkboard instead.

“I'm sorry, I meant to ask you… What’s your name?” The brown-haired boy stopped writing to ask so suddenly.

Jimin turned his head around to face the boy again. “Jimin.” He replied shyly, playing with the ring on his pinky finger.

“Ah, so you're the new student.” The brown-haired said. Jimin nodded with a small smile on his face.

“Well, I'm Hoseok.” The brown-haired boy, Hoseok, introduced himself finally. “Want to be friends?” Hoseok asked sweetly with a bright smile on his face.

This wasn't usual for Jimin; people talking to him nicely and then suddenly asking to be his friend.

But once again, Jimin couldn't say no.

“Sure.” Jimin laughed softly.


Success, Hoseok thought.




“Hey, how come the principal allowed you to have blonde hair? Isn't it not allowed in this school?” Hoseok continued to curiously ask Jimin questions about himself.

“Yeah, actually when I first met her… she told me to dye my hair a darker color. But I didn't want to… so I didn't do it.” Jimin said simply with a shrug.

Oh, a rebel…. I like it, Hoseok thought.

“I've been wanting to dye my hair red, but the last time that I dyed my hair a color other than brown or black, I got suspended for a week.” Hoseok said before laughing and shaking his head.

“You should do it. The color of your hair shouldn't determine if you're allowed to come to school or not. It's your education after all.” Jimin said with a shrug, matter-of-factly.

He may be a rebel… but at least he's an inspiring rebel, Hoseok thought.

“You're right, Jimin.” Hoseok said with a nod. “I'm going to go dye my hair today.” Hoseok said before laughing, as Jimin giggled along.

At that moment, the bell rang for their next period.

“Jimin, can I see your schedule? Just in case we have any more classes together.” Hoseok asked, as he handed Jimin back his black gel pen.

Jimin took out his schedule from his backpack and handed it to Hoseok.

Jimin found it kind of strange that it’s been almost 2 whole weeks since he’s been in the school, and Hoseok didn’t know if they had any classes together or not. Jimin was pretty sure that all of his teachers had introduced him to the class on his first day.

Hoseok’s eyes scanned over the paper desperately. He had found out that he had 2 other classes with Jimin.

Photography and Art class, plus Chemistry.

Hoseok thought this was the perfect opportunity to get to know Jimin a little better.


That day, Jimin had left his Science classroom with a smile on his face…


And the genesis of a new friendship.




8:21 AM


Taehyung walked into his English classroom with a hard, cold face. He really didn't want to even be in this school anymore. Especially after finding out that the person who caused his life to go to shit could possibly attend this school.

The students looked his way in silence as Taehyung pushed the door open so hard that it hit the wall behind it.

The teacher slightly jumped at Taehyung’s aggressive, sudden appearance. It was weird to see him after he was absent from school for an entire week. “Oh, Taehyung... T-there you are.” The English teacher, Ms. Liz, said with an awkward look on her face. She tried to slightly smile but she couldn't hide the apprehensive look on her face as Taehyung intimidatingly walked up to her, handing her his tardy slip.

“Thank you.” Ms. Liz said after Taehyung handed the slip to her and started to walk away with no response.

As Taehyung started to make his way to the back of the classroom, where his seat was, he noticed that someone was already sitting in his seat, which was next to Baekhyun’s.

Taehyung definitely wasn't comfortable with anyone else in this classroom except for Baekhyun, so he wasn't going to change his seat just because someone else was suddenly sitting in it.

Taehyung lowly cleared his throat as he walked up to the person in his seat. “That's my seat.” Taehyung said simply and coldly.

The student looked into Taehyung’s dead eyes, immediately regretting sitting in his seat while he was gone.

“Hm?” The student asked nervously, before looking to the front of the classroom to make eye contact with Ms. Liz.

Ms. Liz opened her mouth to say something to Taehyung, before shutting her mouth in hesitation.

“I said you're sitting in my seat. Could you go sit somewhere else, please?” Taehyung tried to say politely, but his voice was too deep and his presence was way too intimidating.

Baekhyun looked up at Taehyung, giving him a warning look while biting his lip nervously.

Baekhyun never knew why Taehyung always seemed so hostile. He never knew why he spoke so harsh to most students.

It always brought curiosity to Baekhyun, but he had never had the guts to question Taehyung about it. He figured that had always been Taehyung’s personality.

“Um, Taehyung -” Ms. Liz started nervously. Taehyung whipped his head around to look at Ms. Liz questioningly. “I rearranged some seats while you were gone. You - you sit next to Namjoon now.” Ms. Liz said softly.

“I sit next to who?” Taehyung asked in a louder, irritated tone, as the students all looked at him in apprehension, like they were waiting for him to do something.

“Right up here, next to Namjoon.” Ms. Liz said softly before tapping the desk that was next to Namjoon’s.

Taehyung externally rolled his eyes in annoyance, before letting out a deep sigh. He seriously didn't like anyone else in this classroom besides Baekhyun, and he didn't even like Baekhyun that much either.

Taehyung didn't even know much about who this Namjoon boy was. He only knew that he was a senior, and apparently the class president.

Taehyung slowly made his way to the seat that was in the front of the classroom. He also hated to sit in the front of the classroom, because that meant that he couldn't take much naps.

He hesitantly took his backpack off his back, while rolling his eyes once again. He sat his backpack on the floor before sitting down in the seat with another loud sigh.

The teacher nodded slightly, obviously satisfied with the way that Taehyung handled the situation. She honestly had expected something else to happen.


After Ms. Liz went back to teaching the class, Taehyung couldn't ignore the awkwardness and irritation that filled his body.

He was sitting next to a boy that he didn't know, he was sitting in the front of the classroom for the first time in a while. He felt completely out of his comfort zone.

Taehyung gulped before softly clearing his throat, and deciding to throw his black hoodie over his head.

Taehyung didn't even want to take a proper look at the boy that he was sitting next to. Taehyung laid his head on his desk, wanting to just take a nap. He really wished that this day was over already.


After only about 5 minutes of Taehyung silently shutting out the world, Ms. Liz was walking up to his desk to interrupt his sleep, just like any other time.

She was so tired of the boy carelessly slacking. She understood that he might've had problems at home, or problems in his life in general, but she believed that didn't give him the right to slack in her class.

She was pretty sure that a lot of the students in her class faced problems in their everyday lives, but yet they were still working hard in class…

So why was Taehyung so different?


“Taehyung…” Ms. Liz tapped his shoulder gently. Taehyung woke up from light sleep, looking up at his teacher in annoyance.

Why is she always bothering me? Can't she see that I don't give a shit about her work? When will she give up? When will she start focusing on other students besides me? Taehyung thought in irritation, as he slowly removed his black hoodie off of his head.

“I need to explain the project to you, since you weren't in school last week.” Ms. Liz said softly before kneeling down next to Taehyung’s seat.

Taehyung sighed softly before nodding for the teacher to continue anyways.

It’s not like I’m going to do this dumb ass project anyways, Taehyung thought.

“So, first… you need to choose a partner to work with. Since I don't think it will be easy to do this project alone.” Ms. Liz said while holding a paper that had the project directions written on it.

“Do I need a partner? I prefer to work alone.” Taehyung asked just to weigh his options, even after hearing what the teacher just told him.

“You can work alone… but I would prefer if you worked with someone to make it a little easier.” Ms. Liz said slowly, praying that Taehyung wouldn't protest again.

Luckily, Taehyung didn't protest. He just sighed and rolled his eyes once again. The teacher took this as a sign to continue.

“So basically, you and your partner will agree on a topic that you both like to talk about in Korean… but instead, you will have a conversation about that topic in English.” Ms. Liz informed with an enthusiastic smile.

“I don't understand.” Taehyung said dully.

“Uh….” The teacher started again, trying to think of a better way to explain the project to Taehyung.

After thinking for a few seconds, she spoke again. “What's your favorite thing to do? Do you have any hobbies?” Ms. Liz asked curiously. Now that she thought about it, she didn't know much about Taehyung.

“No.” Taehyung said simply, starting to lose interest in this conversation. He honestly didn't have any hobbies though. The only things that he usually did all day was sleep and think.

“None? You don't like to cook? Sing? Dance, read - “ Ms. Liz started again before Taehyung was cutting her off.

“No. I don't like anything.” Taehyung said coldly while shaking his head.

Taehyung folded his arms in front of him. He was honestly just waiting for the teacher to end this conversation and go away, but unfortunately… she only continued to question him.

“Really? You don't do anything in your spare time?” Ms. Liz asked once again, shocked that this boy didn't have any hobbies at all.

Taehyung shrugged. Well, I cut myself once in awhile, Taehyung wanted to say.


“I guess I… listen to music… Or sleep.” Taehyung said finally with another shrug.

The teacher was relieved to finally get an answer out of Taehyung.

“Oh, see. That's great! Listening to music is definitely a hobby. And sleeping can be considered a hobby too!” Ms. Liz said excitedly, chuckling softly before resting her hand on Taehyung’s left arm.

Taehyung slightly flinched at the teacher’s touch, immediately pushing her hand off of his arm in an aggressive manner.

Ms. Liz was startled by Taehyung’s sudden aggressiveness. She didn't mean to touch his arm, she just got a little too excited.

“O-oh…. sorry.” Ms. Liz apologized to Taehyung. When she looked into his eyes, she swore that she could see a fire lighting in his eyes.

Did he really not like the way I touched him? Ms. Liz thought in confusion.

The students around the pair looked at them in apprehension, before Ms. Liz awkwardly started to talk again.

“Um… so yeah. Just… find someone who shares the same interests as you. Maybe there's someone in the class who likes to listen to music, or sleep.” Ms. Liz said, her mood completely changed now. “And… have a conversation about that interest, in English.’ Ms. Liz said before awkwardly trying her best to smile at Taehyung, who was still looking at her through fiery eyes.

Ms. Liz licked her lips out of nervousness, before clearing her throat. “Most of the students have partners already. Except for you and… coincidentally, the person sitting next to you.” Ms. Liz before emitting an awkward laugh.

Taehyung hesitantly turned his head around to look at the person sitting next to him.

The student, Namjoon, was intensely writing something in his notebook, with furrowed brows. He seemed to be really focused. Taehyung observed how the blonde student’s hand moved quickly over the paper that he was writing on.

Taehyung turned back around to face the teacher, before letting out a small sigh. He seriously didn't want to work with anyone on this project.

“Namjoon is actually pretty good when it comes to speaking English. He's one of the most fluent students I've ever had in any of my classes.” Ms. Liz informed, hoping that Taehyung would agree to be the senior’s partner.

“I'm confused as to why he doesn't have a partner yet. I'm sure he’ll do very well with whoever he works with.” Ms. Liz said, hoping that Taehyung would get the hint.

“Right, Namjoon?” The teacher asked, before Namjoon was finally looking up from his notebook. Namjoon stared blankly at the teacher, wondering why she called his name suddenly.

Taehyung turned around, which he immediately regretted, as he made awkward eye contact with Namjoon.

“Do you… think you could work with Taehyung on the project?” Ms. Liz asked finally. She assumed that Namjoon wouldn't say no. She knew the student very well by now. She knew that even if Namjoon didn't know a person, or wasn't too fond of them, he would definitely give them a chance.

Taehyung didn't have a very good reputation, but Namjoon didn't care about that very much.

“Sure.” Namjoon agreed with a nod, as Taehyung let out yet another sigh. He honestly wished the boy would've said no, so that he could work alone.

“Perfect!” Ms. Liz said in relief, with an awkward smile on her face. She tried to read Taehyung’s face, he didn't look pleased at all to be working with Namjoon.

“So, Namjoon… Taehyung said that he likes to listen to music, just like you.” The teacher said in excitement.

“Oh, that's uh - that's cool.” Namjoon said before laughing shyly, making Taehyung roll his eyes once again.

“That's great! I’m sure you two will do great together. Good luck!” Ms. Liz said hurriedly, before finally walking away from the pair so that they could talk about the project.

She was worried about how the pair would do together. Taehyung and Namjoon both had completely different personalities.

But hopefully, Namjoon would be understanding enough to tolerate Taehyung’s moods.




8:46 AM


Namjoon has been talking about the project for the past 15 minutes, and Taehyung still hasn't paid attention to any word that the boy said.

Taehyung continued to stare blankly at the desk in front of him as Namjoon continued to ramble. He couldn’t wait for this class to be over.

“So, you like to listen to music?” Namjoon asked with an awkward smile, once he noticed that Taehyung hasn't said a word to him in the past 15 minutes.

Taehyung sat silently, with his arms folded in front of him and his eyes averted straight forward, to show that he wasn't going to answer Namjoon.

Obviously, Taehyung thought.

“Who's your favorite artist? I like Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey, Gallant…”, Namjoon said before his sentence trailed off. Taehyung noticed how the blonde boy named all Western artists, and had similarities to his own music taste.

Taehyung continued to look straight, with his arms folded in silence. Namjoon nodded awkwardly before turning his head away from Taehyung.

Namjoon cleared his throat softly, before starting to write in his notebook again.


Finally, he’s giving up, Taehyung thought in relief.

Well, Taehyung thought wrong, because only a few seconds later, Namjoon was putting down his pen onto his notebook, facing Taehyung again.


“Do you have any other hobbies besides listening to music?” Namjoon asked curiously with a hint of sarcasm.



12:09 PM


“Jimin! There you are.” Hoseok called from behind Jimin as he was standing on the lunch line. Jimin unconsciously jumped at Hoseok’s loud voice before quickly turning around to face him, with a small smile on his face.

“Ah, hello.” Jimin said shyly.

“I was looking for you. I wanted to ask if you wanted to come sit with me and my friend.” Hoseok said with a friendly smile, softly placing his hand on Jimin’s shoulder.

Oh gosh, not again. The last time Jimin had agreed to sit with someone and their friend, that friend was Chanyeol.

Nope, not gonna happen, Jimin thought.

“Um…” Jimin hesitated. “Thanks, but… I think I'd rather sit alone.” Jimin said before laughing softly, showing off his eye smile in a cute manner.

Jimin had been sitting alone at lunch ever since he transferred to the school. Although he hated sitting alone, because it was kind of lonely and embarrassing, he knew that it would take him a while to make new friends.

“Aww, why?” Hoseok asked with a small pout. He didn't want Jimin to sit alone anymore. Although he didn't know him, he felt a little upset every time he saw him sitting alone. It reminded him of when he first saw Yoongi a few years ago, sitting alone at lunch while the people around him laughed and talked about him like he wasn't even there.

“Um, I don't know. I kind of like sitting alone, I guess.” Jimin lied before laughing softly again to hide his embarrassment.

Hoseok could hear the humiliation right through the blonde boy’s laugh. He could hear that the boy definitely didn't enjoy sitting alone.

“No one likes sitting alone.” Hoseok said with a shake of his head. Jimin opened his mouth to protest the offer again before Hoseok could say anything.

“No, really. I'm fine -” Jimin started, before Hoseok cut him off with a shake of his hand.

“No, come on. You can sit with me and my friend, Yoongi. It’s just the two of us, he’s nice… I swear.” Hoseok said in a convincing tone, while holding onto Jimin’s wrist. Although, he was pretty sure that Yoongi definitely wasn’t nice to people if he didn’t know them. He’d usually ignore people he didn’t know or cared for.

Hoseok immediately wanted to take back what he had said about Yoongi being nice.

Jimin bit his lip in hesitation before Hoseok started to speak again. “Well… actually he’s not very nice to everyone he meets, but trust me, he’ll grow fond of you in no time.” Hoseok said before chuckling softly.

“Really?” Jimin asked nervously with wide eyes, before Hoseok was nodding his head in reassurance.

Jimin thought for a while, he really hoped that the boy named “Yoongi” wasn’t too mean.

“Okay…” Jimin finally agreed, before Hoseok was giving him a bright smile.

“Yay!” Hoseok cheered, before doing a cute little dance that made Jimin laugh cutely.



12:09 PM


Taehyung hesitantly walked into the guidance office with his head hung low. One of his teachers had got a call in one of his classes, saying that the guidance counselor had wanted to talk to him during his lunch period.

Taehyung hated the guidance counselor. She had always told him that he was being absent too much, failing too many of his classes, or being too rude to the teachers. The guidance counselor and his dean had threatened many times to expel him.

Taehyung also hated the guidance counselor because she always tried to figure out his business and personal life. She’d ask questions like “Is everything okay at home?”, or “Have you been feeling well?”, or even “How is the relationship between you and the people in your household?”

She always wanted to know why the boy wasn’t in school a lot, why he was so grumpy, or why was he always causing fights with the teachers and students.

“Good afternoon, Taehyung.” Ms. Hong said with a small smile on her face, as Taehyung slowly walked into the office with a blank face.

“Have a seat.” Ms. Hong said once Taehyung was almost already sitting down.

Once Taehyung was sitting, Ms. Hong quickly stood up to shut the door. Before sitting back down, she had grabbed her very important notebook from the shelf in the corner of the room.

She cleared her throat as she sat back down. “So, Taehyung… how’ve you been?” Ms. Hong asked as she turned to a certain page in her notebook.

Taehyung shrugged slightly, his eyes not meeting the guidance counselor’s.

“Good?” Ms. Hong asked. She knew that every time she asked Taehyung this question, he would only shrug.

Taehyung shrugged again before huffing softly.

“You don’t know?” Ms. Hong asked. She wanted an exact answer from Taehyung. She really hoped that he wouldn’t shrug again.

Taehyung didn’t shrug this time, he only remained silent as he stared blankly at the desk in front of him.

“Okay, well… on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not so good, and 10 being great … How’ve you been?” Ms. Hong asked in a easier way for Taehyung to answer.

“10.” Taehyung said instantly in a dull tone, with an expressionless look on his face as always.

“O-oh… so you’ve been great?” Ms. Hong asked with an awkward smile on her face.

Taehyung nodded coldly, looking down at his lap.

“Well, that’s good.” Ms. Hong said nervously. She had a feeling that Taehyung definitely wasn’t great. She wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic... or maybe he actually was okay, but just always had a blank face.

The boy always confused Ms. Hong.

“So, um… why haven’t you been in school for the past week? Is everything okay?” Ms. Hong asked curiously, picking up her black pen.

Taehyung immediately nodded, still avoiding the counselor’s eyes. “I just … wasn’t feeling well.” Taehyung said, looking around the room aimlessly.

“What do you mean? Were you sick?” Ms. Hong asked with furrowed eyebrows.

Taehyung cleared his throat, before finally meeting the counselor’s eyes. “Yes.” Taehyung said simply.

“Oh… did you have a cold? Or -“ Ms. Hong started. “Yes.” Taehyung cut her off.

“Ah… Okay.” Ms. Hong said with a awkward nod, quickly writing something down in her notebook.


After putting down her pen, there was a long uncomfortable silence.

“Um…” Ms. Hong wanted to question Taehyung about some deeper things, but she knew that he wouldn’t answer. “Have you been eating well? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.” Ms. Hong said with furrowed brows. Taehyung always looks skinnier whenever she sees him. His weight loss was looking pretty unhealthy at the moment.

“It’s probably because you always use my lunch period to talk to me, so I can barely get a full meal when I’m here.” Taehyung fired suddenly.

Ms. Hong was startled by the sudden statement. She held her mouth open, with no words coming out, before Taehyung spoke again.

“Are you finished? May I go to lunch now?” Taehyung asked as he slouched in the chair.

Ms. Hong froze, clearing her throat before speaking. “Yes, you may.”, she said while smiling uncomfortably.

Taehyung quickly stood up, his chair making a loud noise against the floor as he pushed it all the way out.

“Have a good -“ Ms. Hong started before Taehyung was slamming the door shut behind him as he left the room.

“Day…” Ms. Hong finished her sentence before shutting her notebook.



12:14 PM


Hoseok cheerfully walked up to Yoongi’s usual lunch table, which was outside where most of the annoying students were. Jimin slowly followed behind Hoseok, holding his tray of food. He was really nervous to meet this “ Yoongi ” boy.

“Hey, babe.” Hoseok joked casually with a smirk as Yoongi looked up from his notebook. Yoongi slightly glared at him, before ignoring him and continuing to write in his notebook.

“I mean Yoongi.” Hoseok said mischievously before turning around to look for Jimin, who was nervously standing a few feet away.

“I hope you don’t mind that I brought a friend.” Hoseok said to Yoongi nervously, waiting to see his reaction.

Yoongi slowly looked at Jimin, who was silently standing a few feet away from the table with a shy smile on his face.

“His name is Jimin.” Hoseok introduced Jimin to Yoongi. “Jimin, this is Yoongi.” Hoseok said with a smile on his face.

Jimin had immediately recalled Yoongi’s face from when he saw him in the guidance counselor’s office a couple of weeks ago.

“Ah, Yoongi. We’ve met before, right? In the guidance office?” Jimin asked as his face lit up in excitement.

Yoongi eyed Jimin blankly, with his lips in a thin line as he remained silent.

Jimin’s smile slowly faded as he realized that the boy wasn’t going to answer him. After a few seconds of silence, Yoongi turned his head away from the pair, starting to write in his notebook once again.

Jimin smiled awkwardly, making eye contact with Hoseok before chuckling softly. He should’ve prepared himself better for Yoongi’s unfriendliness.

“It’s - It’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me. I understand, I’m kind of weird.” Jimin said in embarrassment before letting out another laugh.

Yoongi ignored the boy, continuing to silently write in his book with his head lowered.

Hoseok sat down at the lunch table with an apprehensive smile on his face. “Come sit down, Jimin. Yoongi doesn’t mind.” Hoseok tried his best to make Jimin feel comfortable.

Jimin nervously looked at Yoongi for his approval, but Yoongi only ignored his presence.

So Jimin figured that the boy didn’t really care if he sat there or not, since he didn’t tell him no.



12:29 PM


It’s been 30 minutes, and the only two people who’ve talked at the table was Hoseok and Jimin.

Yoongi hasn’t said a word from the moment Jimin had sat down at the table.

Yoongi’s silence had bothered Jimin for a while, but then Jimin started to figure that maybe that was just Yoongi’s personality. Maybe he was always quiet, maybe he was shy of strangers, or maybe he’s just straight-up mean. Jimin wasn’t sure what the problem was, but he decided to just ignore it, while still trying to break Yoongi out of his shell.

Jimin and Hoseok had tried to include Yoongi into their conversations, but Yoongi just didn’t seem interested.

Jimin had thought of a simple question to ask Yoongi; something that would make him talk to him.

“So, Yoongi… what’s your favorite color?” Jimin asked curiously, trying to include Yoongi into him and Hoseok’s simple conversation about colors.

Yoongi looked up from his book, making eye contact with Jimin before shrugging. “Black.” Yoongi spoke finally. Jimin literally felt the air get clear from hearing Yoongi’s voice.

“Oh, that’s cool. Why?” Jimin asked with a smile on his face. He felt so relieved to have the raven-haired boy finally talk to him.

“It reminds me of myself.” Yoongi said dully, looking at his notebook. Jimin thought this was funny, so he started to laugh hysterically.

“You’re funny.” Jimin laughed with his hand covering his face. Yoongi wasn’t sure how his statement was so funny. He looked at the blonde boy in confusion, before silently starting to write in his notebook once again.

Jimin slowly started to realize that he was the only one laughing. He looked at Hoseok, who had an unreadable look on his face.

At this, Jimin immediately stopped laughing.



12:15 PM


“Taehyung!” Baekhyun yelled in excitement as he sat down next to Taehyung with his tray.

“Where have you been?” Baekhyun asked in genuine curiosity. He was honestly getting worried for Taehyung. The boy had been absent from school so much lately, it was way worse than their last school year.

“I’ve been sick.” Taehyung said, avoiding eye contact with Baekhyun.

“Well, are you feeling better now?” Baekhyun asked, stealing Taehyung’s apple from his tray once again. Baekhyun honestly had missed stealing that apple everyday.

“Yeah, much better.” Taehyung said, forcing a smile as best as he could. The smile felt like it burned his insides.

“Great! Do you want to hang out after school?” Baekhyun asked suddenly, taking a large bite out of Taehyung’s apple.

“Um…” Taehyung mumbled in thought. He honestly did need someone to help him clear his head. He also really needed a break from his aunt. He’s been getting so tired of her lately. He honestly didn’t even want to talk to her after she had told him she couldn’t transfer him to a new school.

“Come on, I’ve missed you.” Baekhyun whined, before clinging onto Taehyung’s left arm in a cute manner.

After only a second, Taehyung was flinching and quickly shoving Baekhyun off of his arm, glaring at him with furrowed eyebrows.

Baekhyun quickly backed away, and laughed awkwardly. He had forgotten that Taehyung didn’t liked to be touched.

“L-let’s hang out.” Baekhyun stuttered out, looking into Taehyung’s eyes in order to read him. Taehyung was such an unpredictable person.

Taehyung sighed softly, before picking up his chopsticks. “Okay, fine.” Taehyung said in defeat. Maybe he could stay over at Baekhyun’s house to get away from his aunt for a while.

Baekhyun cheered happily, stealing a piece of Taehyung’s gimbap from his tray. Taehyung didn’t protest, he just continued to silently eat his rice.

After a few seconds of the boys silently eating their food, Baekhyun tapped Taehyung’s arm with his wrist. “I have to talk to you… about something.” Baekhyun whispered close to Taehyung’s ear.

“About what?” Taehyung asked curiously. He didn’t understand why Baekhyun was whispering if they were the only two people at the table.

Baekhyun quickly looked around the cafeteria, before leaning forward to whisper into Taehyung’s ear again.

“About Chanyeol and the new boy.” Baekhyun whispered.

Baekhyun noticed how Taehyung’s hand froze, as he held his chopsticks in place.

“Chanyeol told me some crazy things about him.” Baekhyun whispered, before looking around the cafeteria again.

Taehyung gulped, staring blankly at the table as he continued to hold his chopsticks in place.


“But I’ll tell you that later, he’s coming.” Baekhyun whispered one more time, before backing away and starting to eat his food again.

Who’s coming? Taehyung thought as he turned around to see who Baekhyun was talking about.


“Hey, baby.” Baekhyun said with a huge grin as Chanyeol made his way to the table.

Chanyeol smiled as he made his way over to Baekhyun, leaning down to give him a loud peck on the lips.

Woah, what the hell did I miss? Taehyung thought in bewilderment, as he looked at the couple with wide eyes.

“What’d you miss? Well, a lot .” Baekhyun answered Taehyung’s unsaid question, before him and Chanyeol started to laugh at Taehyung’s perplexed facial expression.




It was Jungkook’s first time being back in school after three weeks of being absent, due to some bad decisions that he had made.

One of those bad decisions was running away from his parents a few weeks ago.

The reason being that Jungkook had found a way to contact Seokjin: through his laptop. He got to secretly Skype with Seokjin for about 2 months without his parents knowing.

Jungkook’s laptop was the only thing that his parents had forgot to confiscate. They already took away his cell phone, his video games and console, his television, and his IPad. Jungkook thought that his parents were complete idiots for forgetting to take away his laptop.

But unfortunately, Jungkook’s father had walked into his bedroom while he was Skyping Seokjin one day. They were talking very loudly about their favorite anime characters when his dad walked in with a furious look on his face.

Jungkook had begged his parents to let him talk to Seokjin, at least once a week, or once a month. But his parents didn’t want him to have any connections with Seokjin at any time.

Expectedly, this upset Jungkook, which resulted in him throwing a mini-tantrum. When his parents had went to bed that night, Jungkook silently packed a suitcase, and left the house.

He had a good amount of money that he saved up; enough to stay in a hotel for a few days. He went to a small yet famous hotel in Seoul, hoping to get a room. But because of Jungkook’s baby face, the hotel clerk at the front desk had asked him about his age. Jungkook tried his best to lie, saying that he was 19 and of age. The hotel clerk could hear in Jungkook’s voice that he was barely through puberty. Soon, she asking for his ID, which was when Jungkook had gave up on the hotel room.

After giving up on the hotel, Jungkook had traveled far, wandering around Seoul for about 2 whole weeks. He refused to go back home. He refused to go back to his parents who didn’t care about his feelings.

Jungkook had slept on public park benches, but only about 5 times (out of the two weeks) when he couldn’t bear being awake anymore. He found himself lucky to have a blanket, and money for food.

After those 2 weeks, Jungkook had gotten tired of being homeless, even though he had a home to go to; even if it wasn’t the perfect home. He was lonely, cold, running out of money, embarrassed, running out of his medication, and a little scared to be so open to the public. He felt like someone could’ve kidnapped him, hurt him if they wanted to. After all, it is Seoul… where anything could happen.


At this time, Jungkook was forced to realize that he was still a child; that he still needed his parents in his life.

Even if they weren’t the perfect parents, who always made the perfect decisions… they tried their best to protect him and take care of him, even if it was hard. And Jungkook had to accept that.

It took Jungkook two long, lonely weeks to realized that he needed his parents.

When Jungkook had arrived back home, his mother was crying in relief and screaming at him in anger simultaneously. Jungkook’s father was so disappointed that Jungkook had worried him and his mother. He screamed at Jungkook with red, fierce, tearful eyes.

Even though his father had yelled at him in wrath, Jungkook saw the worry, pain, stress, and regret in his eyes. Jungkook could hear the pain in his father’s voice when he screamed. It was something that Jungkook was tired of hearing. He was tired of hearing the pain, worry, and stress in his parents’ voices.

Jungkook had regretted running away in the first place. He never wanted to be homeless, and without parents ever again.

He had promised himself and his parents that he would never run away again.

Jungkook’s parents had grounded him for 5 more months.


5 months, Jungkook thought.


Jungkook had to spend the next five months obeying his parents’ rules, treating them with respect, getting good grades…

The list was endless, but Jungkook was willing to do anything for his parents to agree to let him talk to Seokjin again.



1:30 PM


Jungkook sighed in annoyance as he walked into the art classroom. He wished he had pretended to be sick a little longer. The only reason that his mother let him stay home from school last week was because he had gotten a cold from living outside for 2 weeks.

“Jungkook! You’re back!” His dark-haired classmate, Yugyeom, yelled once he stepped into the classroom.

Jungkook smiled shyly before sitting down in his seat next to Yugyeom.

Yugyeom was the only friend that Jungkook had made so far. He was kind, funny, helpful, and he always complimented Jungkook on his artwork. Yugyeom knew that Jungkook was the youngest in the entire class, so he wanted the boy to feel welcomed. He had realized that Jungkook was very shy as well, but lately, he’s been able to break Jungkook out of his shell a little.

“Where have you been?” Yugyeom asked curiously, turning to face Jungkook.

“Uh, I had a very bad cold.” Jungkook said softly, fidgeting around in his seat before taking off his backpack.

For 3 weeks? Yugyeom wanted to ask. His colds usually went away in about a week.

Before Yugyeom could say anything else, Jungkook was changing the topic. “So, what have I missed? Have you guys started a new project?” Jungkook asked with worried eyes. He hated to be behind in his classes, because that usually lead to failing.

“Yeah, we’ve done 2 projects so far. Mrs. Lim has also been planning a trip to an art museum.” Yugyeom gave Jungkook the updates that he’s missed.

“That sounds cool.” Jungkook said with a nod. He’s never been to an art museum before, but it’s been one of his biggest dreams. He’d always been into art since he was younger. Drawing was one of Jungkook’s hidden talents, which only a few people knew.

As more students entered the classroom, Jungkook started to look around, patiently waiting for the teacher to arrive.


“Jimin, how come I haven’t noticed that we’re in the same art class?” Hoseok asked shamefully with a laugh.

“Probably because I sit in the corner of the classroom, where no one can see me.” Jimin giggled as they walked into the art classroom.

“I’ll sit next to you.” Hoseok said as he followed Jimin to his seat. Once Jimin sat down, he pulled out a chair for Hoseok to sit next to him.

Once the teacher arrived, she sat at her desk with a sigh, before immediately starting to take the class attendance.

The classroom remained silent as the teacher called out the students’ names in alphabetical order of their last names.

When she reached the letter “J” (ㅈ), Jimin opened his ears as he listened attentively to the teacher call the last names that started with the letter “J”.

“Jeon Na Sung?” Mrs. Lim called, before the student was making her presence known.

Jimin’s eyes scanned the classroom nervously, as he waited for the next person to be called. He knew the sequence of the attendance by now.

The foreigner is next, Jimin thought to himself as his eyes continued to jump around the classroom.

“Ashley Jeon?” Mrs. Lim called, fixing her glasses onto her face. “I’m here.” The blue-eyed student said as she raised her hand to make her presence known.

Jimin looked at the foreigner before taking a deep breathe, and turning back around. He didn’t know why he felt so nervous to hear the next name. The person was always absent anyways, Jimin figured.


Jeon Jungkook.” Mrs. Lim called before immediately writing an “x” next to the boy’s name, assuming that the boy wasn’t in school just like any other time. “Not here.” The teacher mumbled with a sigh, not even looking around the classroom for the boy.


“Jungkook is here, Mrs. Lim.” Yugyeom called out suddenly, making the entire classroom avert their eyes to Jungkook.

Jimin swung his head around curiously, frantically yet nervously looking for the boy named “Jungkook.” He just wanted to know what the boy looked like.

When Jimin finally found who all of the students were looking at, he noticed the boy had dark hair, but Jimin couldn’t see his face at all. The boy’s head was facing a different direction to avoid all of the students’ eyes.

“Oh…okay then.” Mrs. Lim said in shock, her eyes widening as she crossed out the “x” next to Jungkook’s name and wrote a check in the left box.

Jimin turned around to face Hoseok. “What’s his name?” Jimin whispered, with worried eyes. He just wanted to be sure that he had heard the name right.

“Who? Jungkook? Why?” Hoseok questioned curiously. He was confused why Jimin wanted to know the boy’s name.

“Um…” Jimin said nervously, before taking a big gulp. He looked back at the boy again, who kept his head facing the window of the classroom.

“Is he shy?” Jimin asked suddenly. The Jungkook that he had once known was the shyest person in the world. But Jimin had doubted that he’d be the same way if they ever met again.

What would Jungkook be like if we were to ever meet again? Jimin knew that the boy wouldn’t be the same. Jimin knew that his own self was very different from 4 years ago.

I’ve changed, Jimin thought as he swallowed another lump in his throat. He started to think about what Taehyung would be like if they ever were to meet again.

Would he be different? Jimin thought as he continued to stare at the dark-haired boy who kept his head facing the window.

“He’s kind of weird, so I suggest you don’t talk to him. He freaks the fuck out sometimes.” Hoseok said suddenly, before chuckling softly.

“That … that doesn’t mean he’s weird.” Jimin said softly, playing with his fingers in thought.

“That’s exactly what it means.” Hoseok snickered. “He doesn’t talk to anyone. If you talk to him, he’ll freak out.” He continued.

Jimin continued to look at the dark-haired boy, waiting for him to turn around so that he could be able to see his face clearly.

“W-what do you mean? What happens when he freaks out?” Jimin asked, facing Hoseok again.

“I don’t know. He starts to have a mini panic attack, or some shit.” Hoseok said with a shrug.

Definitely the Jungkook I knew, Jimin thought.


“Park Jimin?” Mrs. Lim called before Jimin was slowly raising his hand. “H-here.” He said softly.

At that moment, Jungkook was finally turning his head away from the window, to make sure that he didn’t just hear that name wrong.

Jimin and Jungkook simultaneously met eyes, both of their hearts stopping as their bodies froze at the exact same time.

Jungkook’s irises held every single memory of them, what they had when they were younger, and the dreadful night that completely changed their lives.

Jungkook couldn’t blink nor move. His body suddenly felt extremely numb. Jimin's eyes were so fixed onto Jungkook’s, making Jungkook feel trapped, forced to feel things that he did not want to feel.


Forced to have the memories.


The only thing that Jungkook was able to do was open his mouth, but nothing came out, except for a small choked sound.

The two boys’ eyes only met for about 5 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

After Jimin felt Jungkook’s irises let him go, he swiftly turned his head back around to face Hoseok again.

Hoseok noticed the sudden panicked look on Jimin’s face. His mouth hung slightly opened, his eyes wide, as his chest was heaving up and down.

“Jimin, are you okay?” Hoseok asked in concern, placing his hand on Jimin's arm.

“Hm? Yeah, yes. I’m fine. Uh - “ Jimin breath out frantically. When his eyes met Hoseok’s, he felt like he immediately started to calm down.

Jimin brush his fingers through his blonde hair, breathing heavily, before starting to laugh softly.

Hoseok wasn’t sure what was so funny to Jimin.

Jimin tugged at his blonde strands as he started to laugh more hysterically. Hoseok looked around in confusion, before deciding to laugh with Jimin.

“Haha, uh…” Hoseok awkwardly laughed along in pure confusion.

“Hey, um - do you want to hang out after school?” Jimin immediately stopped laughing to suddenly ask. Hoseok noticed how the tone in Jimin’s voice suddenly changed.

“Hm?” Hoseok mumbled in confusion with a furrowed brow. “Ah, sure.” Hoseok agreed anyways. He immediately started to think about the plans that he had made with Yoongi after school. He would have to reschedule them.

“Great!” Jimin said excitedly with a wide smile, before suddenly pulling out his phone from his pocket to play a game. Hoseok thought this was a pretty random action for Jimin to do when they were literally just having a conversation, but he just shook it off.


Once Mrs. Lim finished taking the class attendance, she stood up from her desk. “Okay... So today, we’re just going to finish up our self-portraits that we started last week. Once we finish those, we’ll start learning more about - “ Mrs. Lim paused when she heard a student call her name.

“Mrs. Lim?” Yugyeom called the teacher's name suddenly, grabbing her attention. “I - I think something is wrong with Jungkook.” He said in a concerned tone, making the entire class look the boy’s way.

When Jimin looked at Jungkook, he could see the boy breathing erratically while gripping the edge of the desk. Jungkook’s eyes were extremely wide as he stared at a blank spot on the desk.

“W-what do you mean?” Mrs. Lim asked in concern as she started to walk over to Jungkook.

“I-I don’t know. He just started hyperventilating out of nowhere. I don’t know what happened. I -“ Yugyeom said frantically, he seemed to be slightly panicking as well.

As Mrs. Lim made her way to Jungkook, he let out a small whimper in between his deep breaths, before his breathing started to become even more erratic.

“Jungkook? What’s wrong? What happened?” Mrs. Lim asked in consternation. Jungkook had looked like his life flashed before his eyes.

“I asked him the same thing already. He - he won’t respond.” Yugyeom informed in apprehension.

“Jungkook, sweetie, look at me.” Mrs. Lim said in front of Jungkook’s face, but he continued to stare at the desk, his breathing speeding up.

At that moment, Jungkook started to shake his head, whispering something to himself.

Jimin stood up in the corner of the classroom to watch the scene. “What’s happening to him?” Jimin asked Hoseok in a concerned tone. Hoseok shrugged with a careless face. “I don’t know, he’s weird. Just sit down.” Hoseok told Jimin apathetically.

Jimin looked at Hoseok in anger and confusion. How could he be so careless? Jimin thought.

After Jimin had stood up to watch the scene, many other students followed his action.

“Is he okay?” A student whispered from the other side of the classroom.

“Jungkook, stand up. I’m going to take you to the nurse, okay?” Mrs. Lim said, before touching Jungkook’s arm.

At that moment, Jungkook flinched before starting to tremble violently. The students gasped as Jungkook started to whisper louder. “P-please, stop fighting. We’re best friends. Please… s-stop.” Jungkook whispered as his body started to tremble even more.

“What is he saying?” A male student asked in fear, looking at Jungkook with wide eyes.

“You - you hurt my friends….. because …. you hurt children.” Jungkook started to speak louder now, tears forming in his eyes.

“I - I…” Mrs. Lim started in confusion and panic. “Someone go get the nurse, please.” She said before more students were standing up from their seats to watch Jungkook in curiosity.

“P-please, I’ll do anything. I’ll be a good boy. I’ll - I’ll listen.” Jungkook whimpered, breathing erratically as tears started to stream down his face.

“What? What is he talking about?” The students started to ask simultaneously.

“Jungkook -“ Mrs. Lim started again, placing her hand on Jungkook’s arm even if it was risky.

At that moment, Jungkook’s eyes were opening even wider, tears streaming down his flushed cheeks. “Ah! N-no. It h-hurts!” Jungkook screamed between erratic breaths, his voice breaking before he was falling out of his chair and onto the floor.

The teacher gasped in shock, backing away from Jungkook’s quivering body.

The students simultaneously gasped before running to see the scene up close. The teacher was quickly stopping them before they could get any closer to Jungkook’s body. “Someone go get the nurse!” Mrs. Lim yelled, holding her arms out to block the students from getting closer to Jungkook. The students started to speak very loudly, before 2 students were quickly running out of the room to get the nurse.

Mrs. Lim got down on her knees, next to Jungkook as he continued to tremble with erratic breaths and whimpers falling from his lips. She noticed how the boy was clutching his chest, like he was in pain.

“Everybody, back away! Do not get any closer!” Mrs. Lim yelled to the students surrounding Jungkook.

“Jungkook, what is it? Is it your chest?” Mrs. Lim asked frantically, praying that Jungkook would respond to her.

Jungkook only stared at the ceiling with wide eyes, continuing to clutch his chest as little wheezes fell from his lips suddenly.

Mrs. Lim could tell that Jungkook could not answer her at all. She reached over, touching Jungkook’s forehead to feel his temperature.

The boy was burning hot, feeling like he was a little over 100 degrees, which was extremely dangerous. Mrs. Lim didn’t know what was happening to Jungkook, but it seemed like way more than a panic attack.

“Uh - J-Jungkook, just breathe with me. Breathe slowly, look at me.” Mrs. Lim tried her best to speak with tranquility for the boy, but she was starting to panic as well, seeing that the boy wasn’t getting any better

At that moment, Jungkook shook his head, still trembling violently, before letting out one last loud breath.

The classroom was filled with silence as Jungkook’s eyes shut suddenly, his hand hitting the floor with a loud thump.

Mrs. Lim and the students looked at Jungkook’s limp body with wide eyes, waiting for the boy to breath or move again…… but Jungkook didn’t.

At that exact moment, the nurse was finally walking into the art room with 2 paramedics. “Everybody, please back away. Do not crowd the boy.” The nurse said sternly as the students backed away from Jungkook’s body for the 3rd time.


With watery eyes, Jimin suddenly picked up his backpack off of the floor. Hoseok looked up at him in confusion. “Where are you going?” Hoseok asked with worried eyes.

“I - um….” Jimin mumbled, his voice slightly cracking as he tried his best to fight the tears that was starting to sting his eyes.

Jimin avoided eye contact with Hoseok, to hide the fact that he was on the brink of tears.

“What’s wrong?” Hoseok asked, noticing Jimin’s distressed tone. Hoseok tried to look at Jimin’s face, only seeing his red nose and cheeks.

Jimin sniffled, putting his backpack onto his back before ignoring Hoseok’s questions. Jimin walked towards the exit of the classroom, hoping that Hoseok wouldn’t follow him.

Once Jimin was out of the chaotic classroom, he quickly made his way to the boys restroom.

Before he could even fully make it into the last stall, he was bursting into tears, all of the feelings of guilt and self-hatred taking over his body all at once.



Look what you’ve done, Jimin told himself.




8:16 PM


Jimin walked into his house with sulkiness, softly shutting the door behind him. He had decided to take the long way home. He cancelled his plans with his new friend, Hoseok, before eating alone in a ramen restaurant, taking a walk around the city, and then taking the bus back home.

His father didn’t pick him up from school to take him to his therapy session, but Jimin didn't care anyways.

When Jimin looked into the kitchen, his father was at the table, reading a book while eating a self-made dinner.

His dad looked up from his dinner when he noticed Jimin’s presence. The two awkwardly made eye contact.

Jimin thought his father was going to ignore him once again, but this time he sat his book down, leaning back in his chair. “Did you go to therapy?” His father asked with a blank face.

Jimin stopped in his tracks, looking at his dad’s expressionless face in apprehension. “No.” Jimin said simply after a few seconds of silence.

“Why not?” His father asked, his cold eyes burning into Jimin’s.

Jimin looked down at his feet before looking back up at his father, who sat silently waiting for Jimin’s response.

“Because … you didn’t pick me up to drive me -“ Jimin started softly before his dad was cutting him off.

“But you have legs, don’t you?” His father asked sarcastically, picking up his drink and taking a loud sip.

Jimin clenched his jaw, looking around the house before speaking again. “It’s pretty far. It’ll take me awhile to get there.” Jimin said, fiddling his sleeves.

“Well then, find a way to get there on your own.” His father said coldly with a shrug, before lifting his book to start reading again, as if their conversation never happened.


Jimin rolled his eyes before starting to make his way up the stairs.

Once he walked into his bedroom, he slammed the door behind him, making sure that his father heard it.

Jimin sat down on his bed with a sigh, immediately getting underneath his blankets without taking off his clothes. He was way too exhausted to change his clothes.

Jimin closed his eyes, immediately thinking about nothing but Jungkook. He had never expected their first encounter after almost 4 years to be something like what had happened today.

He needed to know if Jungkook was okay. He wanted nothing else but to apologize to the boy for all that he’s put him through.


But Jimin knew that an apology wouldn’t ever be enough.


I took away his life, his happiness. I ruined everything…


All for Jungwoo.


A tear slipped down Jimin’s right cheek, as he thought about the dreadful night that changed his life.

For almost 4 years, Jimin had tried to come up with a good reason for why Jungwoo did the things he did that night.

But Jimin knew that there was no good reason.


Why, Jungwoo? You were different. What happened to you that night? Jimin cried, curling up into his blankets.


For almost 4 years, Jimin had tried to find what went wrong between him and Jungwoo.

“I need to know, I need an answer.” Jimin whispered, sniffling loudly as tears streamed down his pink cheeks.

Jimin let out a small sob, before sitting up in his bed. “Why?!” Jimin screamed suddenly, his voice strained.

“Why did you do this?” Jimin whispered to himself. He wasn’t sure if he was asking Jungwoo, or himself.

“I hate you!” Jimin screamed in anger, curling his fingers in his blonde strands. Once again, Jimin wasn’t sure if he yelling at Jungwoo, or himself.

Jimin honestly wasn’t sure if he could ever hate Jungwoo.

Jimin loved Jungwoo more than he loved himself, and he believed that it was always going to be that way.

Jimin stood up from his bed, walking over to his drawer to find his black, leather journal.

When Jimin found the journal, he ran his fingers over the smooth, leather material. It was a very old journal that Jimin used to write in when he was younger.

Jimin remembers writing everything in the leather journal; when he first met Jungkook, when he first developed a crush on Jungkook, when him and Taehyung would fight and make up, when his father first beat him…

Jimin wrote every memory in the black journal… but he remembers stopping after he had met Jungwoo.

Jimin wished that he had wrote every happy memory of him and Jungwoo in the journal; when they first met, the things Jungwoo had done for him, how Jungwoo had made him happy in his darkest times…

Jimin wished he could write about it all.

Jimin sat down on his bed, slowly opening the black journal with tearful eyes.

He looked at the first page, which was dated December 26th, 2010.

Jimin remembered that day like it was yesterday. It was the day after Christmas, and his mother had just gotten him the journal. She told him that it was for important memories, or even daily memories.

At first, Jimin wasn’t sure what to write in the journal, so he decided to write about his ideas and things that he was excited about. On December 26th, 2010, Jimin remembers writing about how excited he was to throw a surprise birthday party for Taehyung.

Jimin sniffled, smiling softly as he read about his excitement for Taehyung’s party.



Once Jimin had read all 30 pages in his journal, he curiously counted how many blank pages he had left.

He knew that he had more than 200 pages left, since it was a pretty thick journal after all.

Jimin bit his lip in thought, as he stared at the blank pages in the journal.

Jimin picked up his phone, looking at the time.

10:49 PM

Jimin’s eyes averted to the day’s date.

May 22nd

Jimin swallowed hard as his eyes widen in realization.

May 22nd

Today marked 5 years since Jimin had met Jungwoo, and at exactly 10:50 PM.


May 22nd, of the year 2012...


The day it all began.

Chapter Text

┌──────── ∘°❉°∘ ────────┐

May 22nd, 2012

└──────── °∘❉∘° ────────┘


5:02 PM


“Come on, Jimin! They’re catching up!” Chanhyuk yelled as he started to peddle faster, the wheels on his bike speeding up.

“T-There’s something wrong with my bike!” Jimin yelled in frustration as he struggled to peddle his bike faster. His bike didn’t seem to be moving as fast as his friend’s.

Jimin turned his head around to see if his other friends were catching up to him, Chanhyuk, and Jaewon.

Jimin wasn’t a very competitive kid, but lately, losing these bike races were starting to bother him. His friends would start to tease the loser team, which pissed Jimin off.

“Ugh!” Jimin groaned in annoyance once he saw how close the other team was to his team. They were right onto Jimin’s back. “Fuck off!” Jimin yelled at his other friends who were peddling fast behind him.

“Looks like you’re going to be a loser again!” Jimin’s most annoying friend, Junho, teased as his bike started to pass Jimin’s.

“Come on, Jimin! You’re such a loser!” Jaewon said in frustration before letting out a small laugh.

“I’m not! Shut the fuck up!” Jimin yelled while chuckling. “I think my bike is broken.” Jimin whined, trying his best to peddle faster to catch up to his team.

“Haha!” Eunhyung teased from behind Jimin. Jimin sighed in annoyance, sometimes he really did hate his friends.

As the six boys continued to race their way down the block, the sun was slowly starting to set.

Jimin knew that it was about 5 o'clock, which meant that his parents wanted him home by now.

But Jimin figured that they probably wouldn’t even notice if he wasn’t home for a while.


He figured his parents didn’t really care about anything he did.


────── • ୨♡୧ • ──────


5:10 PM


“We totally kicked your asses.” Yoonhyun said as he the six boys walked into Junho’s apartment. The boys walked in to see Junho’s mother hastily putting on her brown coat.

“Bullshit, bro. You guys were a whole foot behind us.” Chanhyuk said as he shut the front door behind him.

“Boys… 1, Watch the language. 2, I’m late for work so I didn’t have any time to cook dinner. There’s money on the dining table for you guys to order food. And 3, make sure you guys are home and safe by 9 o’clock. Okay?” Junho’s mother spoke in a rapid pace as she placed her phone and wallet into her purse.

“Okay.” The six boys said simultaneously, including Junho. The other 5 boys simultaneously looked at Junho in confusion. “You’re already home.” Jimin said while giggling, as the other boys laughed at Junho’s stupidity.

“And boys, don’t forget to do your homework.” Junho’s mother reminded the boys before making her way to the front door. “And be good.” Junho’s mother said sternly before reaching for the doorknob.

“Ugh, okay mom. Just go to work.” Junho said, softly pushing his mother out of the door, before the other boys started to laugh in unison.


────── • ୨♡୧ • ──────


6:24 PM


“Never have I ever ... pissed my pants in public.” Eunhyung said, looking around at the circle of boys in curiosity.

After a few seconds of silence, Jaewon was reaching for the bottle of vodka that sat in the middle of the circle.

“No way!” Yoonhyun laughed teasingly as Jaewon took a big sip from the vodka bottle.

The boys laughed in unison as Jaewon set the bottle back into the middle of the circle. “How old were you?” Chanhyuk asked curiously.

“I was only 5 years old, so calm the fuck down. I couldn’t hold it in.” Jaewon said shamelessly.

As the laughter died down, Chanhyuk spoke again. “Okay, never have I ever … lied to my parents.” Chanhyuk said, before 3 of the boys were quickly grabbing the bottle of vodka.

Jimin chuckled softly before reaching for the bottle as well. He had lied to his parents almost every single day.

“Am I the only good boy here? I’ve never lied to my mommy. I can’t.” Jaewon said shamelessly.

“Whatever, you’re just a momma’s boy. But have you lied to your dad?” Junho asked, taking a sip from the vodka bottle before passing it to Eunhyung.

“My…” Jaewon started before pausing. “My dad isn’t around.” Jaewon said before laughing awkwardly. The boys felt the mood darken a little.

“Oh.” Junho said simply before laughing awkwardly. Jimin then took the bottle from Eunhyung, taking a large sip from the bottle. When Jimin pulled his lips away from the bottle, he felt slightly dizzy. The vodka left a strong taste on his tongue, as always.

“Never have I ever skipped school.” Yoonhyun said abruptly, before all of the boys were taking sips from the vodka bottle, except for Jaewon.

“Never have I ever … kissed anyone.” Jimin said once it was his turn. He was only 11 years old, but he hadn’t had his first kiss yet. He felt a little awkward when all of the boys took a sip from the vodka bottle.

“Don’t worry, Jiminie. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.” Junho said before laughing. Jimin felt like the boys always teased him because he was the youngest of the group.

Junho and Chanhyuk were 14 years old. Yoonhyun and Jaewon were 13. Eunhyung was the only 12 year old, and Jimin was the only 11 year old. He hated that his birthday was so late in the year.

Jimin had always wanted to hang out with the older kids. He felt like he was cursed to be born so late.


“Never have I ever …” Eunhyung started before pausing. He smiled mischievously as a thought came to his mind. “...watched porn.” The boy said, smiling mischievously as he looked around the circle to see who would grab the bottle first.

Porn? Jimin thought curiously. He had no idea what that was. He had a feeling that he had heard the word sometime in his life, but he had never learned what the word meant.

“Seriously, dude?” Junho said with a snort, before reaching for the vodka bottle. All of the boys, except for Jimin, reached for the bottle as well.

“Shit, you guys are dirty.” Eunhyung said as the bottle began to move around the circle.

“You’re the one who asked.” Jaewon said, taking a sip from the bottle.

“Okay, my turn. Never have I ever …” Chanhyuk started, smirking mischievously.

The boys all looked like they knew what Chanhyuk was about to say, except for Jimin, who sat there with confusion written on his face.

“Hmm…” Chanhyuk mumbled in sarcasm. Jimin looked around at the circle of boys in confusion as they started to snicker loudly.

Junho rolled his eyes before letting out a loud sigh.


“Never have I ever …. given a blowjob.” Chanhyuk said finally with a huge grin on his face.


Junho, Yoonhyun, and Jaewon reached for the bottle simultaneously as the other boys laughed in amusement.

“Jaewon-ah, I thought you were a good boy!” Chanhyuk said in shock before laughing hysterically.

“Hey, I only said I’ve never lied to my mom.” Jaewon said shamelessly, before the boys were laughing unison.

Jimin continued to smile to hide his confusion, pretending like he knew what a “blowjob” was.

“Guys?” Jimin started softly, as the boys’ laughter continued to fill the room.

“Okay, my turn.” Yoonhyun started with a snicker, before Jimin’s small voice was cutting through the laughter in the room.

“Guys…” Jimin spoke louder this time. The boys simultaneously looked at Jimin, waiting for him to talk again. Jimin felt a little ashamed to be asking this question.

“Um… what’s a blowjob?” Jimin asked with pure innocence in his eyes.


The 5 boys looked at each other with wide eyes, before Junho was biting his lip in thought.

Jimin tried to read the boys’ facial expressions, they all seemed to be amused by Jimin’s question.

Junho made eye contact with Chanhyuk for a long 5 seconds. They seemed to be speaking to each other with their eyes.

Jimin wasn’t sure what the big deal was, he just asked a simple question.

“Uh…” Junho said hesitantly before slowly standing up from the floor, leaving the circle to walk over to the drawer that was next to his bed.

He opened the drawer, before turning around to face the boys who were sitting on the floor.

“Should we show him?” Junho asked the boys, who turned their heads to look at Jimin with unreadable faces.


Show me what? Jimin thought in curiosity.


────── • ୨♡୧ • ──────



9:20 PM


Once Jimin opened his front door, he was rapidly running past the kitchen, where he knew his parents would be waiting for him.

“Jimin?” His mother called from the kitchen. Jimin ignored his mother’s voice, quickly running up the stairs and into his bedroom, before immediately locking the door behind him.

“Jimin!” His father’s voice boomed from downstairs.

Jimin let out a sigh of anxiety, before quickly dropping his backpack onto the floor next to his bed.

He had immediately regretted bringing home what his friends had gave him.

Jimin plopped down onto his bed, pulling out his phone from his pocket.


[ 13 missed calls from mommy ]

[ 8 new messages from mommy ]

[ 1 missed call from dad ]


Jimin eyes unconsciously ignored the notifications from his parents, as usual. His eyes immediately flickered down to his last two notifications.


[ 2 new messages from Taehyungie ♥ ]

[ 1 missed call from Taehyungie ♥ ]

Jimin’s face lit up when he saw the name on his phone screen. He hadn’t spoken to his friend in a long while. He quickly opened his messages, smiling softly when he saw the messages.


Taehyungie ♥


Jimin-ssi (^_^)

6:41 PM


I miss you

6:42 PM


Jimin smiled while rolling his eyes, before his fingers were moving rapidly on his phone screen.


Didn’t you see me this morning?

Delivered 9:22 PM


Ah wait… you ignored me (-_-)

Delivered 9:22PM


Why have you been avoiding me? :(

Delivered 9:22 PM


Jimin sent his messages, before shutting off his screen. He looked at his backpack that lied on the floor next to his bed.

He figured that he should probably hide what his friends had gave him before his parents come into his room.

As soon as Jimin stood up to pick up his backpack, his phone was vibrating on his pillow.

Jimin dropped his backpack onto the floor unconsciously, immediately forgetting about his very important task.

He plopped back down onto his bed, picking up his phone with a cute smile.


Taehyungie ♥


What? :(

9:23 PM


I haven’t been avoiding you

9:23 PM



9:23 PM


Yeah, sure (-_-)

Delivered 9:24 PM


If you’re not avoiding me then hang out with me tomorrow

Delivered 9:24 PM



Read 9:25 PM


Jimin sent his messages as he listened apprehensively to his parents raise their voices at each other.

“I said I’ll deal with him.” Jimin’s father raised his voice at his mother while they argued in the kitchen downstairs.


Taehyungie ♥


Ew no…

9:26 PM



Delivered 9:26 PM



Delivered 9:26 PM



Delivered 9:26 PM


I’m just kidding ㅋㅋㅋ

9:27 PM


I’ll come over to your house tomorrow :)

9:27 PM


We can play video games, watch horror movies, and eat stuff that will make us fat

9:27 PM


Delivered 9:28 PM


Don’t come over to my house

Delivered 9:28 PM


Jimin sent the messages in anxiety as his parents continued to argue in the kitchen.

Taehyung had only visited Jimin’s house once, and Jimin remembered his parents putting on doll faces.

His mother had pretended that they were such a perfect, happy family.

Jimin wondered what Taehyung would think of him if he found out what actually goes down in his home.

“No, I’m so tired of this. He never comes home when we tell him to. He thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants -“ Jimin’s father said to his mother as the volume of their conversation raised from the kitchen.

Jimin looked at his phone screen to reply to Taehyung's new messages, his parents fully yelling in the kitchen now

“He’s never going to listen!” Jimin heard his father scream from downstairs.


Taehyungie ♥


9:29 PM


Why not?

9:29 PM


Do you hate me now because I “ignored” you in school?

9:29 PM


I’m sorry …

9:30 PM



9:30 PM


I really did wave at you though

9:30 PM


Jimin let out a small chuckle while reading Taehyung’s messages.


Haha ㅋㅋㅋ

Delivered 9:31 PM



Delivered 9:31 PM


I could never hate you ♥

Delivered 9:31 PM


Jimin sent the message, just before he heard his father’s loud footsteps suddenly getting close to his bedroom.

“Fuck.” Jimin gasped in panic as he remembered what he was supposed to hide a long time ago before Taehyung’s texts had distracted him.

Just as Jimin stood up from his bed, picking up his backpack, his bedroom door was swinging open, violently hitting the wall behind it.

Jimin jumped as he saw his father’s large figure standing in the doorway. Jimin could’ve sworn that he had locked his bedroom door, but either way his father probably would’ve gotten into the room. The lock on his door was probably broken by now, with the amount of times that his father had busted into his room in anger.

Jimin gulped nervously, slowly hiding his backpack behind his back.


His father slowly started to walk into the room with his hands tucked into his trouser pockets.

Jimin breathed heavily, looking up at his dad as he slowly stepped closer to him with a cold face.

“I’m s-sorry.” Jimin started in timorousness, apologizing before his dad could even say anything.

“Where were you?” His father asked, his intimidating eyes never leaving Jimin’s.

“I - I…” Jimin stuttered, looking down at the floor to avoid his father’s eyes. “I was at my friend’s house.” Jimin said softly, looking down at his father’s feet.

“Your friend?” His father questioned. Jimin looked up at his dad in nervousness.

“Junho -“ Jimin started softly before his father was cutting him off.

“What did I tell you about hanging out with him? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from those boys?” His father’s voice started to raise in anger.

Jimin’s parents had always told him not to hang out with his older friends…


Now Jimin knew why.


“We… we were doing homework together.” Jimin said timorously, tightening his grip on his backpack that was hidden behind his back.

Jimin’s dad stared at him with furrowed eyebrows for a few seconds, before he was leaning in close to Jimin.

“W-what? -“ Jimin said in confusion and nervousness, before he realized that his dad was smelling his breath.

“Why do you smell like that?” His father asked as he slowly back away from Jimin in suspicion.

Jimin’s pressed his lips together tightly, shrugging with a terrified look in his eyes.

“Answer me. Why the fuck do you smell like liquor?” His father asked in an angered tone.

Jimin looked up at his father with wide eyes, before shrugging again.

His father stared at him for a few seconds before letting out a small snicker. “Here we go again, Ji Sol!” His father yelled to his wife who was still downstairs in the kitchen.

“The fucking shrugging begins again, huh?” Jimin’s father said, looking at him with a red, angered face.

Jimin could tell that his father was probably going to snap soon. Jimin was already preparing himself for the black belt around his father’s waist.

“Don’t lie to me… Were your friends drinking?” His father asked suddenly.

Jimin hesitantly nodded, looking at the carpeted floor to avoid his father’s red, infuriated eyes. “Yes, dad.” Jimin mumbled after a few seconds.

“Were you drinking?” His father asked, waiting for Jimin to shake his head because he knew how big of a liar he was.


As expected, Jimin immediately shook his head no. “No, dad -“ Jimin started before his father was slapping him across his right cheek, the sound of the slap echoing throughout Jimin’s room.


Jimin knew the slap was coming, but he still felt his heart jump from being taken aback, just like any other time.

Jimin couldn’t ignore the stinging feeling that burned his cheek after he faced his dad again.

“I’m going to ask you again…” His father started in a warning tone. “Were you drinking?” His father asked for the second time.

This time, Jimin hesitated, but he still shook his head no. “No, dad.” Jimin said firmly, like he was sure that he wasn’t drinking.

His father looked at him with a blank face for a few seconds, before emitting a small laugh and rubbing his facial hair in obvious anger.


“Okay.” His father said simply, looking at the floor while clenching his jaw.


After a few awkward seconds of silence, Jimin tightened his grip on his backpack that was still hidden behind his back. He prayed that his father wouldn’t notice the backpack.

Jimin’s prayers obviously wasn’t answered when his father stared at him questioningly with furrowed eyebrows.

“What’s behind your back?” His father asked with his hands tucked into his pockets.

Fuck, Jimin thought in anxiety. He knew that there was no way of getting out of this.

“Nothing.” Jimin said immediately, feeling his heart rate speed up drastically. Jimin started to speak again out of nervousness when his father gave no response.

“Um… it’s just my - my backpack.” Jimin stuttered nervously, his grip on his backpack tightening even more.


His dad stared at him in suspicion for a few seconds, trying to see the backpack that was hidden behind Jimin’s back.

“Why … are you hiding it?” His father asked in wariness.

Jimin opened his mouth to respond, but he had no excuse.

“Let me see it.” His father demanded, reaching his hand towards the backpack behind Jimin’s back.

Jimin shook his head rapidly while breathing heavily, backing away from his father.

“Give it to me!” His father demanded, grabbing the backpack. Jimin continued to tighten his grip on the backpack while his dad tried to pull it away from him.

“Let it go.” His father said, before roughly yanking the backpack out of Jimin’s hands.

Jimin whimpered in defeat, as tears started to form in the corner of his eyes. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen to him when his father opened that backpack.

Jimin’s father quickly unzipped the backpack open, before reaching inside of it to feel what Jimin was hiding.

Jimin looked up at his father with wide, teary, regretful eyes.


Slowly, his father was pulling out a magazine from the backpack. His father figured that it was a regular magazine… but it wasn’t.


His father looked at the cover for a few seconds before finding out what the magazine was all about. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Jimin with disgust written on his face.

“I - I didn’t look at it. I didn’t look at any of them -“ Jimin started nervously, his voice shaking slightly.

His father clenched his jaw as he looked into the backpack, before dumping all of the magazines onto the carpeted floor.


Jimin’s heart sped up as he looked at the 12 gay pornographic magazines that were scattered on the floor.


At that moment, Jimin’s mother was coming up the stairs, making Jimin feel so ashamed to have both of his parents see this.

His father bit his lip in anger, before handing the magazine that he was holding to his wife.

“See? This is what I told you. He wants to go out and be a fag.” His father said to his mother, who was looking at the magazine with wide eyes and a disgusted face.

“So you wanna be a fag, huh?” His father started in a harsh tone.

Jimin continued to silently look at the magazines that were on the floor with a regretful look on his face.

“Huh?! You’re a fag, right?!” His father yelled suddenly, as Jimin continued to avoid his eyes.

Jimin shook his head rapidly, sniffling as a tear slipped down his cheek.

“Well, I’ll fucking show you how faggots get treated.” Jimin’s father said coldly, before walking over to Jimin and grabbing a handful of his hair.

“Dad, p-please.” Jimin winced at his father’s touch, before his father was dragging him out of the room by his hair.

Jimin’s father tugged violently onto his hair until they got into the bathroom. Jimin started to cry even more when he had realized that they were in the bathroom, which meant that he was about to receive the 2nd worse beating of his life. His first worst beating had occurred in the exact same bathroom, which was when he came out to his parents a few months ago.


“Get in.” Jimin's father spoke to him in an enraged tone, pushing him onto the cold floor tiles.

Jimin’s mother stood quietly outside of the bathroom door as she watched the scene in front of her.

Get in. ” His father repeated in an even more threatening tone.

Jimin sat up, looking at the bathtub with a fearful expression, before looking back at his dad’s cold face. “N-no, please. Please, dad…” Jimin begged.

“Get into the fucking tub, don't make me say it again.” Jimin's father demanded in a ferocious, angered tone.

Jimin shook his head again, before whimpering and hopelessly bursting into tears.

“Please, please, daddy, please -” Jimin begged as the tears rapidly streamed down his pink cheeks.

“Would you shut the fuck up, and get in the fucking tub!” He repeated, before gripping Jimin’s arm roughly, to pick him up and push him into the bathtub.

Jimin whimpered in pain as he fell into the bathtub. He hated that bathtub with a strong passion.


“Go on, you know what to do.” Jimin's father said as he quickly started to unbuckle the black belt that were on his jeans.

Jimin’s body immediately tensed; his heart dropping at the sound of his father’s belt unbuckling.

Jimin slowly stood up in the bathtub, before slowly starting to take off his clothing. His cries and coughs echoed throughout the small bathroom as he removed his clothes from his body in preparation.

Once his clothing (except for his underwear) was completely off, Jimin’s hands trembled fearfully as he reached to turn on the shower.

“C-c-cold or … hot?” Jimin stuttered in a strained voice, as more tears streamed down his face.


Cold.” His father said from behind him, pulling his belt completely off his waist.

Jimin slowly turned on the water, the freezing water immediately hitting his body and making him flinch and jerk uncontrollably.

Jimin stood with his head facing the wall tiles as he tried his best to adjust his body to the freezing cold water. He knows that he should be used to it by now.

Jimin couldn't turn around to face his father, but he knew that the first place he usually got hit was his back anyways.

After adjusting to the cold water, Jimin looked behind him to see his mother standing at the door with a blank face, as his dad held the infamous black belt folded neatly in his hand.

Jimin gave his mother pleading eyes. He wanted her to say something to his dad. He wanted to talk this out.


Eomma… please, Jimin wanted to beg. But he knew that his mother would never stop his dad from hurting him. She was completely against Jimin as well. She hated that he was gay, just like his father hated him. The only difference was that his father expressed his hate through violence.

It was almost like Jimin’s mother enjoyed seeing Jimin get hurt by his dad. She always stood in silence, just watching the scene with a blank face.


No sign of remorse or mercy…

But also no sign of approval or tolerance.

Which was what confused Jimin.


Jimin slowly turned back around to face the wall tiles again, his breath hitching as he took a deep breath in apprehension. Before he could prepare himself, his dad was striking his back with the black belt.

“Ah!” Jimin screamed as he flinched in agony. Before Jimin could take another breath, his father was hitting him again in the same spot of his back.

Jimin screamed again, louder than the last time. He gripped his own arm, digging his fingernails into his skin to distract himself from the pain, and to control his screams.

“Be quiet, before you wake the neighbors.” His father said remorselessly, before striking Jimin on his left shoulder with the belt.

Jimin screamed as the combination of the freezing cold water and the belt left a stinging impression on his body. His knees got weaker with every strike.

“Stand up straight.” His father demanded, lifting the belt again.

Jimin whimpered loudly as he held onto the wet wall tiles to hold himself up. His knees trembled violently as his father hit him with full force. Jimin uncontrollably let out a scream in torment, as his knees finally hit the cold bathtub floor.

“I’m sorry, dad. I'm s-so sorry -” Jimin let out a strained cry, as the cold water hit the back of the his head.

“I never wanted a disgusting son like you.” His father mumbled, his face turning red out of wrath.

“You’re a fucking embarrassment!” His father screamed, hitting the nape of his neck this time, which made Jimin scream again and clench his hand over the nape of his neck.

“I'm fucking tired of you. I want you gone! Do you hear me?! Gone!” Jimin’s father screamed as he hit Jimin’s back one last time with full strength.

Jimin let out a final wail of agony, his scream echoing throughout the small bathroom as his body trembled in pain.


“Okay…” Jimin whimpered softly after a few seconds. “Okay.” He repeated as he trembled under the freezing cold water.


“Okay.” Jimin whispered again, before sniffling softly.


“I'll be gone.” He whispered.


══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════


10:13 PM


Jimin turned off his bedroom light, slowly limping his way into his cold bed while sniffling softly.

He snuggled himself into his blankets, feeling his body ache with every movement, as he looked out of the window that had a good view of the starry night sky.

The stars reminded Jimin that there was always a tomorrow, and he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing for him. He was honestly tired of tomorrows. He was tired of feeling like he was living the same days over and over again.

Every week was a routine for Jimin. He would hang out with his older friends, do something that his parents doesn’t like, then his dad would beat him once or twice a week. Then Jimin would cry all alone in his room, with no one to talk to. Sometimes Jimin would contemplate on telling Taehyung and crying to him for comfort.

Jimin had thought about it, but it was too embarrassing for him. It was too humiliating. It was humiliating how all of his friends and classmates lived the perfect lives.

Everyday, they had bright, genuine smiles on their faces, while Jimin had to hide behind his smiles.

Everything was getting so tiring to Jimin.

He was tired of faking his smiles around his friends, pretending that his life was average, pretending that he wanted to go home everyday.

Going home was always the last thing that Jimin wanted to do…

Because he felt like he didn’t have a home to go to.


“Tomorrow.” Jimin whispered as his crystal tears slipped down his stained, bruised cheeks.


═══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ═══════


10:36 PM


Jimin slowly limped in pain as he made his way into the convenience store that he usually visits with his friends (to steal alcohol).

The chimes above the door rang softly as Jimin limped into the bright store, some of the customers looking at him in curiosity.

Ignoring the stares, Jimin slowly made his way to the food aisle. He realized that he hasn’t eaten a proper meal in about a whole week. His parents had recently stopped giving him lunch money for some reason, and they had stopped cooking dinner as well.

Jimin’s friends were nice enough to help him buy ramen a few times during lunch in their school, but Jimin had skipped most meals in the past week.

Walking into the food aisle, Jimin’s eyes immediately lit up, his mouth suddenly watering in hunger.

“Wah…” Jimin whispered in excitement as he reached for his favorite Pepero flavor, the green tea. He then grabbed another box of Pepero, but in strawberry flavor. He loved strawberry flavored things.

Jimin’s eyes scanned the shelf quickly, before he was reaching for a bottle of yogurt jelly.

Jimin wasn’t sure if he was going to have enough money to buy all of the snacks he wanted, but he figured that maybe the cashier would give him a discount because he was a little boy after all.

Jimin’s eyes scanned the shelves again, before he was reaching onto a higher shelf for a 2 bowls of beef flavored ramen, his favorite.

After Jimin was done picking up the snacks he wanted, and a mini first aid kit, he started to limp his way to the counter to purchase his things.

“Hello.” Jimin said softly, smiling at the female cashier before dropping all of his snacks onto the counter, and then his first aid kit.

The cashier gave Jimin a startled look before she was smiling back with a small laugh. “Hello… how come a young boy like you is out here so late? -” The pretty, small-faced cashier asked with a smile, only before her smile was immediately fading when she got a clearer look at Jimin’s face.

Jimin was wearing a navy blue hoodie, and black shades to cover his purple, bruised, swollen eye… but it seemed like the cashier had seen every single bruise on Jimin's body by the way she looked at him in bewilderment.

Jimin cleared his throat awkwardly when he realized the cashier was staring at him for about a whole 5 seconds. That was when Jimin remembered why he had came to the convenience store in the first place.

“Ah, I needed some …. painkillers.” Jimin said softly, licking his bottom lip that still visibly had dried blood on it.

The cashier bit her lip nervously, opening her mouth to speak, before shutting her lips again and starting to ring up Jimin’s items.

“Uh… I’m not allowed to … sell medicine to minors.” The cashier informed while ringing up Jimin’s snacks.

“Please, I - I…. I’m in pain.” Jimin started, clutching his rib. To the cashier, it might’ve looked like Jimin was over-exaggerating a bit… but the boy was actually still in extreme pain from the beating he had received almost an hour ago.

The cashier nervously looked around the store, obviously searching for something or someone.

“I…” She started again, looking at Jimin with sympathetic eyes. “I’m sorry… I can’t. I’m not allowed to sell drugs to minors.” The cashier said, continuing to ring up Jimin’s items quickly.

Jimin looked around the store in desperation. There was no one else in the store at the moment, but maybe the cashier was being recorded, Jimin figured. He rapidly looked around for surveillance cameras, finding one that was right above the cashier’s head, which was where all of the drugs were.

Jimin sighed sadly, tears starting to come to his eyes as the pain suddenly started to bother him even more. “Please.” Jimin started to beg with tearful eyes.

The cashier bit her nervously in thought. She really wanted to help Jimin, she could tell that the boy was in severe pain.

“H-How old are you?” The cashier asked Jimin, placing his things into a bag.

Jimin immediately contemplated if he should lie or not. Maybe she will give me the painkillers if I tell her that I’m basically a teenager, Jimin thought.

“Thirteen.” Jimin said softly, jumping when he heard someone suddenly walk into the store.

When Jimin looked towards the door in curiosity, he saw a tall man, wearing a grey hoodie, light blue jeans, and a black cap.

13? Are you sure?” The cashier asked in distrust.

Jimin looked back at the cashier, nodding his head rapidly before taking off his black shades so that she could get a better look of his face. The cashier looked at Jimin’s face closely, trying to figure out if he was actually thirteen years old. The boy definitely didn’t look 13, but she figured that she shouldn’t assume anyone’s age by their face.

Jimin really did have a baby face though; his chubby, pink cheeks and wide, innocent eyes. He also had a small, soft voice, just like an average child or at least a preteen would.

The cashier figured that maybe he was actually 13 years old.


“That’ll be 21, 000 won.” The cashier said, waiting for Jimin to pay for the items.

Jimin sighed before reaching into his pants pocket to pull out his wallet. As Jimin opened his wallet, the man in the grey hoodie got into line behind Jimin, holding a 12-pack case of beers.

Jimin’s eye widened when he realized that he only had 10, 000 won in his wallet.

“Um…” Jimin started nervously. “I’m sorry, miss. I only have 10, 000 won.” Jimin said apologetically, staring at the cashier with pleading eyes.

“Then…” The cashier started, as Jimin prayed that she would give him a few items free. “Is there any items that you want to take out?” The cashier finished her sentence, crushing Jimin’s hopes.

Jimin sighed softly, before reaching for his bag. He figured that he should make a decision fast, because of the man who was patiently waiting behind him to purchase his items.

Jimin looked through his items indecisively for about 15 seconds, before deciding to take out the first aid kit. Jimin hadn’t noticed earlier that it costs about 10, 000 won.

“I guess I… don’t really need this.” Jimin said while placing the mini first aid kit to the side.

“Are you sure?” The cashier asked with furrowed eyebrows. She had expected Jimin to keep the first aid kit, and leave out the snacks, but Jimin did the complete opposite. It made her wonder ‘how hungry is this kid?’.

“Okay, is there anything else that you would like to take out?” The cashier asked.

“Yes, I’ll take out the ramen.” Jimin said, surprising the cashier even more. Why would he take out his food, just to eat the snacks and junk? She thought in confusion. It made her realize that Jimin was actually a child, just like she expected.


“Oh… okay.” The cashier said, placing the ramen to the side before taking Jimin’s cash from his hand that was held out.

As she handed his bag to him, she could see a small pout on the boy’s face, which made her feel a little bad.

She was planning on reconsidering. She was going to give the boy everything that he wanted to buy, and tell him to come back another day to pay her the extra money he owed…

But before she could say anything, Jimin was quickly mumbling a thank you, and walking out of the store with his bag without looking back.

The cashier smiled sadly, sighing softly before the next customer was stepping forward.

“Hello.” The cashier smiled at the man who wore a grey hoodie.

“Hello, how are you tonight? Tired?” The man asked as he sat his 12-pack case of beers on the counter.

“Yeah, very tired. I’ve been here the whole day, to be honest.” The cashier said, emitting a small, and kind of depressed laugh.

“Ah… do you have to work tomorrow?” The man in the grey hoodie asked sympathetically, taking out his wallet from his jeans’ pocket.

“Yeah, unfortunately. I guess I’m not going to get much sleep.” The cashier laughed, ringing up the beers before freezing in realization. She looked at the man’s face, suddenly trying to determine his age.

“Ya, are you trying to distract me?” She half-joked. “How old are you? Are you even legal to be buying these?” The cashier interrogated the man suddenly.

The man in the grey hoodie laughed softly. “Yeah, how old do you think I am?” He questioned the young cashier. “I’m probably older than you.” He assumed.

“You look about … 18.” The cashier said, sliding the beers away from the man.

The man started to laugh hysterically. “You’re joking, right?” He asked, before starting to take out his ID from his wallet.

He lifted his ID to the cashier’s eyes, watching her eyes immediately widen in shock.


“What? Really?” The cashier said in shock. She couldn’t believe the man’s age. His face looked way too youthful.

The man had no facial hair, beautiful skin, thick hair that was styled neatly…

“No. There’s no way. This must be a fake ID.” The cashier said in distrust, taking the ID from the man’s hands to check if it was real or not.

The man laughed softly before his eyes were averting toward the entrance of the store. He could see the young boy, who had left the store about a minute ago. The boy seemed to be trying to call someone on his phone.

The man in the grey hoodie bit his bottom lip in thought, before speaking. “Hey, while you’re at it… would you mind giving me some of those painkillers?” The man said suddenly before turning back around to face the cashier.

The cashier sighed in defeat, handing the man his ID. “What kind?” She asked, turning around to look for the medicine.

“Uh…” The man hesitated, looking back at the entrance to see the young boy still standing there on his phone. “Something… that I can give to my son. He’s a preteen.” The man finished, before the cashier was looking back at him in shock again.

And you have a son? Oh God, I must be hallucinating from the lack of sleep.” The cashier half-joked as she grabbed a small pack of painkillers.

The man in the grey hoodie laughed softly, before spotting the abandoned first aid kit and the bowls of ramen that sat on the corner of the counter.


“Hey, also… how much would everything be if included these?” The man asked curiously, gesturing toward the bowls of ramen and the first aid kid.

The cashier placed the painkillers on the counter, before looking at all of the items. “Hmm, probably about 35, 000 won. Do you want me to ring these up?” The cashier asked, grouping all of the items together.

The man in the grey hoodie looked towards the entrance again, to see if the young boy was still standing outside.

“Yes, please.” The man said when he saw the young boy still standing in the same place with a distressed look on his face.


═══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ═══════


10:48 PM


Jimin had made the decision to finally tell Taehyung about his relationship with his parents.

Jimin wasn’t ready to go back home, so he figured that if he told Taehyung, his grandparents would probably let him sleepover at their house… or maybe Jimin could even stay there for a few days.

Jimin had called Taehyung twice already, but he received no answer. So he decided to text Taehyung to check if he was still awake. Taehyung usually went to bed early, especially on school nights.


Taehyungie ♥



Delivered 10:48 PM


Are you awake?

Delivered 10:48 PM  


I need to talk to you…

Delivered 10:48 PM


Taehyungie… it’s very urgent

Delivered 10:49 PM


Please answer as soon as you read this

Delivered 10:49 PM


Jimin sighed after he sent the messages. He shivered from the slight breeze, before wincing in pain as he sat down at a table that was placed outside of the convenience store.

When Jimin looked at the empty table in front of him, he wished that he had bought the ramen instead of the snacks.

Jimin huffed in distress, running his fingers through his hair before swallowing the lump that was suddenly forming in his throat.

At this moment, he really did hate his life.

Sometimes Jimin wished that he was never even born.

Sometimes he would ask himself “Why me?”

“Why?” Jimin whispered before sniffling softly. He folded his arms on the table in front of him, before placed his head on his arms to cry into his sleeves.

After a few seconds of sniffling, Jimin heard the chimes of the store entrance ringing. He continued to cry into his sleeves softly, hiding his face for no one to see.

Then suddenly, Jimin could hear footsteps slowly approaching him.


“Um…” Jimin could hear a man’s voice suddenly calling out to him. “Excuse me? Little boy?” The man said hesitantly.

Slowly, Jimin was lifting his head to meet the stranger’s eyes. It was the man in the grey hoodie that he had seen in the store a few minutes ago.

Jimin looked up at the man nervously, as he waited for him to speak.

“I - uh… I noticed the bruises on your face. So I … got you this first aid kit.” The man said, before pulling out a big first aid kit from one of his bags.

“It’s bigger than the one that you wanted. I - I just figured that maybe…” The man said before stopping mid-sentence. He felt like he was scaring Jimin.

Jimin looked up at the man with wide, watery eyes before looking at the first aid kit that he held in his hands.


“If - If you don't want it, you don’t have to take it. I just figured -“ The man started again, in a more nervous tone. He understood if the boy was scared because he was a stranger.

Suddenly, Jimin was standing up from the table, hesitantly walking closer to the man. He remained silent as he glanced at the first aid kit that the man was holding in his pale hands.

“I… I also got the painkillers that you wanted… if you want them… I guess.” The man spoke nervously again. He really wished that the small boy would say something to show the approval of his presence.

But Jimin just stood silently, looking at the man with wide, tearful eyes and pink, chubby cheeks.

The man in the grey hoodie froze nervously before speaking slowly. “Oh, I - It’s fine if you don’t want them. I - I can leave if I’m making you feel uncomfortable or -“ The man rambled nervously, before Jimin was rapidly shaking his head.

“N-no.” Jimin finally whispered as he shook his head, before reaching out his hands in anticipation. “Thank you.” Jimin said softly, as the man handed the bag to Jimin with a kind smile.

“You’re welcome.” The man said in relief, as Jimin bowed to him politely.

There was an awkward silence, as Jimin continued to observe the man silently. Jimin looked down at the man’s shoes, then his jeans, then his hoodie, and lastly his face, which Jimin studied for a few extra seconds.


The man nodded uncomfortably before realizing that he forgot about the ramen. “Ah, I also… bought you these.” The man said, handing Jimin another black bag.

When Jimin looked into the bag, there was about 10 bowls of ramen in it, all different flavors.

Jimin couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t understanding why a complete stranger would spend so much money on him.

“No, no.” Jimin said softly as shook his head. “No, you didn’t have to. Really, I -“ Jimin started in sudden panic as he tried to return the bag of ramen back to the man.

“No, keep it. It’s fine.” The man in the grey hoodie protested with tranquility.

“No, no. I - I don’t need it. Please, return it, sir. I’m not worth it. You didn’t have to spend your money on me. I’m -“ Jimin seemed to have been panicking. He really wanted the man to return the ramen.

“Hey, it’s okay. Keep the ramen. I have plenty of money to spend. And if I’m using it to feed someone, then I’m happy.” The man said wisely.

Jimin looked up at the man with tears in his eyes, before shaking his head. “No…” Jimin started again. “Sir, please -“ Jimin whined.

The man couldn’t help but laugh a little. He thought Jimin was being kind of adorable, and way too considerate.

“Hey, keep it.” The man said sternly, pushing the bag of ramen towards Jimin.

At this, Jimin pouted before suddenly starting to bawl, while continuously shaking his head in protest.

The man in the grey hoodie laughed a little, before his smile was quickly fading. He wondered why the young boy was crying over something as small as ramen.

He wondered why the boy’s face was bruised, why he looked like he was already crying for days.

He wondered why the boy was outside so late on a dark night.

He wondered where were the boy’s parents.


The man in the grey hoodie wondered what was the boy’s story.



═══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ═══════


11:43 PM


Jimin slurped his ramen loudly, gulping it down in seconds, and the man in the grey hoodie sat across the table.

The man laughed softly, as he nervously watched Jimin swallow the noodles whole.

“Haha, slow down there.” The man laughed nervously, watching as Jimin only ate faster. The small boy was eating like he had been starving for days.

“Is this your first meal in two weeks?” The man joked.

He joked, but Jimin nodded.

“Mhm.” Jimin mumbled, slurping the noodles loudly. “Well, one week.” Jimin clarified, swallowing the noodles.

“That’s … that’s still a pretty long time. How are you even still on two legs?” The man asked with furrowed eyebrows. He couldn’t believe how long the young boy was starving.

Jimin shrugged before laughing softly.

How can he laugh? This is no laughing matter, the man thought.


Jimin and the man had been sitting at the table, talking for almost an hour as Jimin ate two bowls of ramen.

So far, all the man knew about Jimin was that his name was Jimin, he was 11 years old, and he doesn’t want to go back home.

Jimin never told the man why, but to the man, it seemed like Jimin was being neglected and abused.

Jimin had also seemed to be slightly afraid of men, hence he was acting strange for about 20 whole minutes when they first started speaking.

The man concluded that it wasn’t because he was a stranger, but because he was a man.

With only this piece of evidence, the man concluded that Jimin was being abused by a man.


“By the way, you never told me your name.” Jimin said once he finished his second bowl of ramen.

“Ah, right. I’m Jungwoo.” The man, Jungwoo introduced himself with a kind smile.

Jungwoo knew that to others, it would seem weird if they had heard him introducing himself to a child. But Jimin had introduced himself first, and he had also asked Jungwoo to introduce himself as well.

Jungwoo figured that maybe the boy was just lonely and needed friends.

Jungwoo found no harm in talking to the boy for a little while, just to keep him company and cheer him up a little.

But he hoped that the boy knew that he couldn’t talk to him all night.

Once Jungwoo had introduced himself to Jimin, Jimin had almost completely loosened up to the stranger.

Jimin talked to the stranger about school, comic books, video games, food…

The man in the grey hoodie, Jungwoo, just laughed and made small comments once in a while, as he listened to the young boy ramble.

Observing the boy, Jungwoo felt that the kid probably didn’t have anyone to talk to about these things; the simple things.

The kid probably didn’t have anyone to talk to about school, and his interests.


It was almost 12:30 midnight when Jungwoo realized that he had to go home soon, but he didn’t want to leave the boy to be lonely again after seeing how cheerful he was.


The man helped Jimin clean his cuts, and gave Jimin an ice pack from the first aid kit so that he could place it onto his swollen areas, especially his swollen eye.

After helping the boy, it was time for Jungwoo to go home.

“It’s 1:00 already.” Jungwoo sighed as he looked at his watch. “I have to work tomorrow morning so I should get going.” Jungwoo groaned before standing up from the table.

“O-oh… did I take up too much of your time? I’m sorry.” Jimin apologize, starting to stand up from the table.

“No, it’s fine.” Jungwoo laughed softly. Slowly starting to walk away from the table.

Jimin almost unconsciously started to follow the man’s footsteps. “So, where do you live?” Jimin asked after a couple seconds of silence.

Jungwoo noticed that the boy asked a lot of questions. Personal questions at that.

“Uh… I live a few miles away from Seoul.” The man answered anyways, but in a slightly vague way.

“Where? Bucheon?” Jimin asked curiously, walking next to the man.

So. Many. Questions. The man thought as he tried his best to smile kindly at Jimin's interrogations. 

Jimin looked up at the man, patiently waiting for him to answer. It was silent for a few seconds before the man was sighing and speaking again.

“Yeah, Bucheon.” The man said in defeat, before Jimin’s eyes were lighting up.

“Really? I’ve never been to Bucheon.” Jimin said in awe. “Is it nice there?” Jimin asked with wide eyes.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty quiet city, unlike Seoul.” Jungwoo informed before quickly changing the topic.

“So, how are you getting home?” The man asked curiously.

Jimin froze, opening his mouth for a few seconds before shutting his lips. He honestly didn’t even want to go back home.

“Um… I don’t know. I - I honestly don’t even want to go home.” Jimin said before letting out a small, sad laugh.

“I think you should go home. It’s not very safe out here at this time.” Jungwoo said, before taking out his car keys from his pocket.

Well it’s not very safe at home either, Jimin wanted to say.


Jungwoo’s car keys jingled in his hand as he started to walk to his parked car. Jimin stopped in place, sadly looking at the man walk away.

The man opened his car door before getting in without saying another word to Jimin, who was silently standing on the sidewalk as he shivered uncontrollably.

Jungwoo made eye contact with the small boy, immediately feeling guilty for telling him to go home.

Jungwoo sighed, stepping out of the car. “Do you live far? Do you want me to drive you home?” The man asked, as Jimin looked down at the sidewalk with watery eyes.


“I… I really don’t want to go home.” Jimin said softly, as a tear slipped down his cold cheek.


The guilt in the man’s body only worsened as he saw a tear roll down the boy’s cheek.


“Fine then, I...” Jungwoo started to think. “I won’t take you home, but I’ll drive you somewhere safe.” The man suggested.

Jimin sniffled, looking up at the man before nodding in agreement. “Okay.” He mumbled.


As the man opened the backdoor for Jimin to hop into the car, Jimin continued to stand on the sidewalk in hesitation.

Now that Jimin thought about it… he really did not know this man.


The man was a stranger, even though Jimin knew his name.


What if he’s lying about his identity?  Jimin thought in sudden fear as he looked into the car that was a little too dark.


“Hey, look at me…” The man said suddenly, which made Jimin look into his eyes.

“I’ll take you somewhere safe. I promise.” The man promised with a serious look in his eyes.


Jimin could see the sincerity in the man’s eyes. It was almost like he could see the safety in his eyes.


At that moment, Jimin felt like he had known this man for years.

Jimin hesitantly looked at the black car as he thought to himself.

He did feed me, patch me up, talk to me, and take care of me for about 3 hours. Why would he suddenly change?

He must be really innocent, Jimin figured that the man meant no harm since he already took care of him.


If he wanted to hurt me, he probably would’ve done it already.



Slowly, Jimin started to walk forward, making his way into the backseat of the man’s car.


What could go wrong? Jimin thought.




Chapter Text



I .

God's Plan




May 24th, 2017


8:31 AM

Namjoon took a large bite out of his breakfast sandwich before taking a sip of his coffee. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to eat in class, but he figured that Ms. Liz might give him special treatment because he’s a senior. Unfortunately, he thought wrong. Ms. Liz quickly made her way over to Namjoon with her eyebrows raised.

“Namjoon-ah, you know that you’re not supposed to be eating in class. Hand it over.” Ms. Liz said before holding her hand out.

Namjoon swallowed his food loudly before talking lowly so that only she can hear him. “Miss, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning … because of … you know…” Namjoon whispered, looking Ms. Liz in the eyes so that she would understand what he was trying to say.

Ms. Liz cocked her head to the side in confusion before nodding a few seconds after. “Ah, you have to take your medicine on an empty stomach?” Ms. Liz whispered to Namjoon, before the blonde boy was nodding.

He really didn’t appreciate that the teacher had said that out loud, he hoped that Taehyung didn’t hear her.

Taehyung was listening to the entire conversation though. He wondered what medicine the blonde senior had to take. Taehyung had stopped taking his medicine for the past few weeks (except for today). His therapist didn’t mind at first, but then she started to notice a negative change in Taehyung’s behavior, which was why she had suggested that he started taking his medicine again.

When Taehyung skipped his medicine, it made him act angry and hateful… like the inner him was coming out.

For years, he had tried his best not to show the inner-him.

Taehyung silently laid his head down on his desk, to show Namjoon that he “wasn’t listening” to his conversation with Ms. Liz.

“Okay, you can eat your breakfast then. Just bring a doctor’s note, so that I can show it to the principal. Then, she’ll let you eat whenever you have to.” Ms. Liz said kindly, putting her hand on Namjoon’s shoulder with sympathy in her eyes.

“Okay, I will. Thank you.” Namjoon nodded, before Ms. Liz was looking at the classroom entrance in distraction.

“Good morning, Ms. Liz…I’m sorry to interrupt, but may I see you for a minute?” Ms. Hong asked, peeking her head through the classroom door.

“Of course.” Ms. Liz said enthusiastically, walking over to the door to speak with the guidance counselor.

Ms. Liz walked out of the room for a few seconds, before slightly opening the door behind her. “Of course! Yeah, don’t worry.” Ms. Liz said in a bright tone. Taehyung lifted his head from his desk to see what Ms. Liz was so excited about. He could see her nodding her head with a kind smile on her face.

“Ah, I see. - of course, it’s a pleasure.” Ms. Liz spoke kindly while nodding her head. Taehyung rolled his eyes at his teacher’s enthusiasm, putting his head back on his desk to take a nap.

“Okay, no problem, thank you. Come on in.” Ms. Liz said with a big smile on her face. She then walked back into the classroom, with a student following behind her.

Ms. Liz cleared her throat before speaking, “Everyone, we have a new student who decided to transfer to this class.” She spoke, grabbing everyone’s attention.

When Namjoon looked up from his notebook, he dropped the pen that he was holding, his eyes widening as he saw the new student standing in the front of the room.

“Well, he transferred into the school a few weeks ago, but if you haven’t met him already, his name is…” Ms. Liz paused, to let the student introduce himself.

Taehyung slowly lifted his head from his desk, his eyes fluttering open to see who this student was.


At that moment… Taehyung swore that he could feel his heart stop. His head immediately started to feel foggy, as his body froze in shock.


J-Jimin. I’m Park Jimin.” The blonde student at the front of the room said shyly, avoiding eye contact with the class.

“Please … take good care of me.” The blonde student said softly with a long bow.






When the boys arrived at Namsan Park, the first thing they saw was a huge black car. Jungkook looked at Taehyung with a fearful look on his face.

“Do you think he’s in there?” Jungkook asked in a worried tone.

“Let’s go see.” Taehyung said bravely as he started to walk up to the car.

“No!” Jungkook almost screamed, startling Taehyung. “It’s dangerous.” Jungkook mumbled while holding onto Taehyung’s arm.

Taehyung sighed. “I’ll call him.” Taehyung said, pulling out his phone. He dialed Jimin’s number. Jimin answered in literally 2 seconds.

“Hello?” Jimin giggled into the phone.

“Um, yeah... where are you?” Taehyung asked, looking around the park that was filled with lights but still yet very dark.

“I’m right here. You don’t see me?” Jimin giggled again.

Taehyung’s eyes scanned the park again, he couldn’t find Jimin anywhere. Jungkook kept his eyes on the black car that was a few feet away from them.

“Are you in that black car?” Taehyung asked with his furrowed eyebrows.

“Ding ding, you’ve guessed correct!” Jimin said, laughing into the phone for a good 15 seconds. “Come.” Jimin said after he stopped laughing.

“Um…” Taehyung hesitated, looking at the black vehicle that was a few feet away from them in suspicion.

“Jungkookie looks so scared.” Jimin spoke into the phone, laughing again.

The next thing they saw was Jimin opening the car door, and poking his head out of the black car. “Come in, guys!” He yelled cheerfully with a smile on his face.

The 2 boys slowly, hesitantly walked over to the car as Jimin kept the door open wide for them. They were really scared about what was in that car. “Don’t be scared.” Jimin said with a big smile.





“Guys, stop!” Jungkook said, trying to hold Jimin back.

“Let me go!” Jimin screamed in rage, trying to throw a punch at Taehyung.

“Calm down, hyung.” Jungkook said, holding onto Jimin’s arms so that he wouldn't punch Taehyung.

This only gave Taehyung a chance to punch Jimin again. Taehyung punched Jimin directly in his eye.

Jimin shook Jungkook off of him before pouncing onto Taehyung, punching him directly in the face without stopping. Taehyung reached for Jimin’s neck to choke him.

“Guys, are you fucking kidding me?!” Jungkook screamed in frustration. The boys had never heard the maknae curse before.

Jimin tried to remove Taehyung’s hands from around his neck. But Taehyung was choking him really tight. Jimin and Taehyung always had arguments about who was the strongest… but now it seemed like Taehyung was winning.

“Taehyung!” Jungkook screamed.

Taehyung kept choking Jimin. Jungkook could see the wrath in Taehyung’s eyes. He didn’t look like himself. He had never seen him with so much wrath.

Jungkook was shocked and didn’t know what to do for a second.

He’d never thought that he would see the day where his best friends fought, physically. Sure, they’d argue over legos, video games, what food to eat, etc. But Jungkook had never imagine this moment. He didn’t know what to do.

He heard Jimin choking, struggling to breath, trying to pry Taehyung’s fingers from his neck. But Taehyung was really strong… and angry.

“Taehyung, stop it!” Jungkook screamed. “You’re gonna kill him!”

How did this happen? Jungkook thought. We were all so happy just a few days ago. Hours ago.

Taehyung‘s cold hands tightened around Jimin’s neck, as Jimin’s choking started to worsen.

Jungkook was fed up, so his only choice was to punch Taehyung right in his nose.

Taehyung winced in pain after Jungkook punched him, letting go of Jimin’s throat.

Jimin coughed violently, erratically trying to catch his breath.

“I hate you.” Taehyung whispered to Jimin, staring at him with anger still present in his eyes.





“Stay still.” One of the men said, turning Taehyung onto his stomach. The man was very tall, with large muscles. He was 1000 times stronger than Taehyung.

The man pressed Taehyung’s head onto the mattress, pinning him to the bed.

Taehyung closed his eyes and cried loudly.

The tall man pressed his hand into the middle of Taehyung’s back, so that Taehyung couldn’t move.

Taehyung felt so powerless.

So hopeless.

The men around him were speaking so loud. Taehyung tried to ignore the things they were saying, but his mind wouldn’t let him.


“I can’t wait to get in there.”

“I’ll go next.”

“Mmm, he looks so good.”

“Can’t wait to get a taste of that.”

“Move over, I can’t see him.”

“Make sure he can’t move.”

“I want him.”


The men all spoke at once.

The comments made Taehyung cry even more.

The tall man, that was almost on top of him now, started to pull down Taehyung’s pants slowly.

“N-No.” Taehyung whimpered, tears streaming down his stained cheeks.

The man on top of him laughed, as the other men around him continued to talk loudly, commenting on Taehyung’s body and all of the things they couldn’t wait to do to him.

The man on top of him threw Taehyung’s pants across the room once they were completely off. He then immediately pulled Taehyung’s body up closer to his, so that he could reach underneath his shirt and feel his body.

The man rubbed all over Taehyung’s body. Taehyung closed his eyes and wish he would just die already.

The man rubbed Taehyung’s chest, stomach, nipples, and in between his thighs. Taehyung tried to hold his legs close together, but the man just got more aggressive.

The man pressed his lips onto Taehyung’s neck while his dirty hands glided over the small boy’s body.

Taehyung felt so dirty.

So ashamed that all of these men were watching him.

So hopeless because he knew that he couldn’t stop it.

Then the man forcefully took off Taehyung’s shirt, throwing it across the room, which made all of the men cheer loudly.

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

The men enthusiastically screamed dirty things.

Taehyung kept his eyes shut tight the whole time while he cried, trying to catch his breath.

“Let me touch him.” Another man said from the other side of the room, walking over to the bed, pushing past the crowd of large men.

The man grabbed Taehyung and pinned him to the bed, roughly pulling off his underwear.

At this, Taehyung cried harder.

“Yeah!” The men cheered again. “Wah, look at that.” One of the men said before another man whistled.

“I want him first.” Another man said.

“No bro, we made a deal.” Another one of them said.

“We can all have him.” A younger man said, as if that was a perfect solution.

One of the men roughly slapped Taehyung on his bare butt, making the small boy yelp and whimper loudly in pain and fear.


“Come here, baby.” The man said with a smirk on his lips.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

8:34 AM






Blank Mind. Blank Soul. Blank Heart.




Blank Mind.

Blank Soul.

Blank Heart.





Taehyung could hear someone calling his name, and at that moment he really hoped it was God to come and take him away.



But then Taehyung remembered that God doesn’t exist.


“Taehyung...” Namjoon was the one to snap Taehyung out of his horrendous thoughts; his strong voice flooding Taehyung’s mind, the echo shaking him awake and bringing him back to reality known as life.

When Taehyung opened his eyes that were already opened, he could see Ms. Liz standing at the front of the room, next to his worst nightmare, the disgrace that’s ruined his life.

Taehyung could feel the pairs of the 29 students’ eyes burning into his soul.

Why is everyone staring? Taehyung finally got his thoughts together, as he looked at Ms. Liz, who was staring at him with wide eyes and her mouth slightly agape in shock and confusion.

“Taehyung…” Namjoon said for the 7th time, looking at Taehyung’s desk with wide eyes.

Taehyung felt like he was going to pass out, as he turned to face Namjoon in wonder.

“You’re bleeding…” Namjoon said finally, looking at Taehyung’s wrists with wide eyes that were full of concern.

Before Taehyung could even look at his wrists, he felt a sharp pang and burning sensation in his wrists.

As Taehyung looked down at his bloody wrists that were staining his desk, his classmates started to whisper in bewilderment.

“Taehyung, what happened? Are you okay?” Ms. Liz asked in concern, she figured that maybe Taehyung had accidentally injured himself and needed a bandaid.

But the accumulating blood drops on the desk told her otherwise. There was an enormous amount of blood falling from both of Taehyung’s wrists, which Ms. Liz found to be a little strange.

How could a boy suddenly injure both of wrists, while sitting in the same spot for the past 30 minutes?

Fuck, Taehyung thought in fear. I was scratching and didn’t realize it.

He had done that a lot after the first time he had cut his wrists when he was 12. He couldn’t help but scratch his wrists when the scars got a little itchy, or just when he was in deep, dark thought.

The classroom filled with silence, as the students continued to curiously watch the blood emerge from Taehyung’s wrists and onto the desk in front of him.

Taehyung opened his mouth to speak to Ms. Liz, but no words could be formed due to the amount of eyes that were on him at the moment.

Kim Namjoon was staring directly at his wrists, along with all of his other classmates, including Baekhyun (who was nervously biting his lip in the back of the classroom)...

And now Park Jimin.

The blonde boy standing in the front of the room blankly stared at Taehyung’s face for a few seconds, before staring at his bloody wrists with wide eyes. Taehyung and Jimin made eye contact for about 2 seconds that felt like an eternity, before Ms. Liz was breaking the silence again.

“T-Taehyung, you need to go to the nurse -“ Ms. Liz started nervously, starting to walk over to Taehyung’s desk.

Before Ms. Liz could get any closer to the boy’s desk, Taehyung was abruptly standing up from his chair, startling the students as they slightly gasped.

Taehyung immediately picked up his backpack from the floor, before hurriedly throwing it over his shoulder.

“Taehyung -“ Ms. Liz started again, she was really worried for the boy. He suddenly seemed to be in a rush to get out of the classroom.

Taehyung ignored the blood that started to drip onto the clean floors, as he quickly started to make his way through the desks to get out of the classroom.

His teacher called his name repeatedly, but he ignored. 29 pairs of eyes burned into his skin as he started to walk out of the classroom in distress.

What Taehyung didn’t notice was the unhesitant stand Baekhyun took, before hesitantly sitting back down into his seat.

What Taehyung didn’t notice was the way Namjoon’s body was positioned in his seat — like he was ready to run out of the classroom to follow Taehyung … but in the end, he didn’t.


Jimin awkwardly continued to stand in the front of the classroom, looking at the drops of blood that Taehyung left on the desk and floor.

He wasn’t sure of what exactly just happened, but his body felt numb, and his head was spinning. He felt like he was going to pass out any minute now.

“Sorry, Jimin. You can have a seat right there. Um… lets treat him nicely, everyone.” Ms. Liz spoke in a slightly distressed tone before sighing, forcing a smile as she lead Jimin to his seat, which was exactly behind Taehyung’s empty seat.

Jimin’s heart stopped as he awkwardly stood in front of his newly-assigned seat. “U-um… I-” Jimin started softly, swallowing the lump that suddenly started to form in his throat.

“Please take a seat, Jimin.” Ms. Liz spoke in a slightly frustrated tone. She tried her best to remain calm, but she was still thinking about Taehyung at the moment.

Jimin jumped at the teacher’s tone, before slowly sitting down in his assigned seat. He didn’t want to annoy his new teacher, or his new classmates.

As soon as Jimin sat down, his body started to slightly tremble in anxiety. He really hoped that no one was staring at him.

Jimin didn’t notice how the blonde senior a few desks away from him continued to look at him in curiosity.

Jimin took a deep breath, closing his eyes as an attempt to calm himself.

There was no way that Park Chanyeol...

Jeon Jungkook…

And Kim Taehyung… just happened to be in the exact same school that Jimin had transferred to.

At this moment, Jimin felt like God had planned to ruin his life from the moment he was born.

Why? Jimin thought.


Is this all just a strange coincidence? Jimin thought, as he tried his best to hold in the tears that threatened to fall.


Is this a coincidence, or is this karma coming back for me after all of the terrible things I’ve done?


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━



1 Hour Ago


7:36 AM

“We’re so sorry that this happened. If we had known earlier, they would’ve never ended up in the same class.” Ms. Hong tried her best to speak politely to Jungkook’s parents, who were currently yelling in the principal's office.

Jungkook huffed deeply before sniffling softly, still hiding his face with his hands as the volume in the office increased.

“Well, how the hell were we supposed to know that the boy transferred here?” Jungkook’s dad exclaimed in anger.

The principal, school dean, and Ms. Hong all seemed to be getting stressed out due to Jungkook’s dad’s screaming.

“Look, we - we’re really sorry. There’s not much that we can do-“ The dean started softly, trying to be patient with the parents.

“What the fuck do you mean there’s not much you can do?” Jungkook’s father started again with furrowed eyebrows. Jungkook’s dad wasn’t the type to curse at strangers, but Jungkook could hear in his parents’ tones that they were really frustrated.

“I - The only thing that we can do is switch Jungkook’s classes -“ The principal started nervously, before Jungkook’s mother was cutting her off.

“No, why does my son’s classes have to get switched?” Jungkook’s mother started in an irritated tone.

“O-Okay, then we can switch Jimin’s classes.” The principal said quickly, not realizing how Jungkook shuddered at the name. The principal would do anything to please the students’ parents and make sure that students had a good experience at this school.

“Look, I honestly don’t even want that boy in this fucking school.” Jungkook’s father said harshly.

Ms. Hong looked at the principal in apprehension. “Sir, we’re not allowed to just… kick out a student because of a … personal incide-“ The principal started before Jungkook’s mother was cutting him off.

“Well, then make sure that fucker doesn’t go anywhere near my son. I don’t even want him breathing next to my son. He’s a troublemaker, and you’re all going to see it one day. Soon, you’re gonna wish that you had kicked the boy out sooner.” Jungkook’s mother said harshly.

Jungkook let out a deep breath, holding his head in his trembling hands. This entire situation was stressing him out, he wanted to cry.

At this point, he was starting to blame his parents for even transferring him to this school in this first place.

This would’ve never happened if they had listened to him, if they had never moved back to Seoul.

It’s all your fault anyways, Jungkook wanted to scream at his mother.

“Mrs. Jeon. We'll try our best to keep him far away from Jungkook. Again, I’m so sorry for what happened.“ The principal said softly and genuinely.

There was a long silence in the room as Ms. Hong looked at Jungkook with sympathy in her eyes. He seemed to be in major distress because of this situation.

She really wished that Jungkook or his parents had told her sooner about what happened to him when he was younger. She had no idea that Jimin was involved in it either.

Jungkook sniffled softly as he started to slightly tremble. “I want to go home.” He whispered.

By “home”, Jungkook meant “home, where Seokjin is.”

“Okay, we can go home, sweetie.” Jungkook’s mother said softly, brushing Jungkook’s bangs out of his face. “I’ll cook breakfast, and then you can rest, okay?” His mother said comfortingly, caressing her son’s ear.

At this point, she was really considering transferring Jungkook to another school. She did not feel comfortable with Jimin being in the same school as her damaged son.

What if he tries to talk to Jungkook? What if he tries to apologize? What if Jungkook has a panic attack every time he sees him? She thought.

Jungkook’s mother wasn't sure if she would ever forgive Park Jimin for anything he’s done in the past. She was still angry that Jungkook was dragged into the danger. She was still angry that her son could never be healed.


My son can never be healed… all because of a dumb boy.



7:44 AM

Jimin bit his lip nervously as the dean, Jungkook, and his parents started to walk out of the principal's office. He had heard everything that Jungkook’s parents said about him. He had heard the principal agree to switch his classes.

Jimin quickly averted his eyes to the floor to avoid eye contact with Jungkook and his parents.

“Jungkook, you can always come talk to us about anything, okay?” Jimin heard the dean say in a soft tone.

Jungkook nodded quickly, sniffling softly as he tried to hide the fact that he was crying.

Jimin peeked up a little, seeing that Jungkook was wearing a black hoodie over his school uniform, with the hood covering his face.

As Jungkook and his parents started to leave the office, Jimin looked back down at the floor as he held his breath nervously.

As they walked past Jimin, who was sitting in a chair a few feet away from the office, Jungkook’s mother put her arm around Jungkook, pulling his hoodie further over his face as she whispered something comforting in his ear.

The small boy sniffled as he tried to ignore Jimin’s presence, his mother pulling him to her side to quickly walking past Jimin as fast as they could.

Jungkook’s father looked directly at Jimin as he walked past, with a glint of flame in his eyes. Jimin knew that Jungkook’s father would look at him threateningly, he was always so bold.

Jimin’s heart started to race, as he awkwardly kept his gaze on the floor until Jungkook’s father left the office.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━


12:09 PM


After Namjoon had gotten his lunch tray, he left the cafeteria to go to the place he’d usually eat his lunch... the roof of the school.

The roof was the place where no one thought of eating. It was the place where important fights took place. It was the place where people went to think or get some air.

It was the place where the loneliest people would feel comfortable, which was why Namjoon enjoyed it the most.

Once he made it to the roof of the school, he slowly opened the door, feeling the familiarly cool air touch his skin.

The blonde breath in the air deeply, before walking onto the roof and shutting the door behind him.

The afternoon sky was a dull blue today, with faded clouds taking up most of it.

Namjoon sighed softly as he looked up at the sky. His attention was taken away by a figure in the distance, standing close to the roof ledge.

Namjoon squinted for a few seconds, before walking over to the table that was usually on the roof (for an unknown reason). He sat his food tray onto the table, before slowly starting to walk over to the figure in the distance.

The blonde squinted again as he hesitantly made his way over to the figure out of curiosity. It was rare for students to visit the roof during lunch. They usually were on the roof after school, or while they were skipping class.

As the senior got closer to the figure, he realized that it was a boy, who was wearing a familiar black hoodie.

The figure seemed to be looking up at the sky, before he looked down at the ground.

Once Namjoon got close to the boy, he hesitatingly stood a few feet away from him, before relaxing his arms on the ledge in front of him.

As expected, the boy in the black hoodie jumped in a startled manner when he noticed Namjoon standing next to him.

“Shit.” The boy in the black hoodie mumbled, the senior must’ve really startled him.

Namjoon jumped at the same time the boy jumped, he didn’t mean to scare the boy. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Namjoon said with a small chuckle, as he tried to see the boy’s face.

The boy in the hoodie looked over at Namjoon for a few seconds, before rolling his eyes when he realized that it was Namjoon.

Kim Taehyung, Namjoon thought in his head. He wondered where the boy had run off to a few periods ago.

“Taehyung?” Namjoon asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Hey, where’d you … run off to during homeroom?” Namjoon asked with wide, innocent eyes.

Taehyung remained silent for a few seconds, pulling down his sleeves as he looked straight ahead.

“It’s none of your business.” Taehyung said simply, not looking at Namjoon.

Namjoon looked at the boy, trying to read his facial expression. The boy looked so exhausted and distressed.

“Well, are you… okay?” Namjoon asked hesitantly, before looking up at the cloudy sky.

Taehyung continued to look ahead of him in silence, before answering Namjoon with his head down. “Why do you care?” Taehyung asked coldly.

“Hm?” Namjoon asked, looking over at Taehyung.

“Why do you care if I’m okay or not? Who am I to you?” Taehyung questioned with furrowed eyebrows, raising his tone a little.

Namjoon stayed silent for a few seconds, trying to find the right words. He barely knew anything about Taehyung… but he just asked a simple question. He just wanted to know if the boy was okay after seeing all of that blood suddenly pour out from his wrists a few hours ago.

“I mean… you’re my classmate, and as class president, it’s one of my jobs to make sure that all of my classmates are doing well and-“ Namjoon spoke quickly, trying to get his point across before Taehyung cut off his sentence.

“Well, I’m fine.” Taehyung said simply, avoiding the senior’s eyes. “Is that what you want hear?” He asked sarcastically.

Namjoon looked straight ahead of him before answering. “No, not really.” The blonde mumbled back.

“Everyone always says they’re fine, but no one -“ Namjoon paused. “No one is fine, okay? Everyone is going through something, everyone is facing a battle that no one knows about.” Namjoon said, in a slightly frustrated tone.

Taehyung bit his lip in thought, trying to find the words to say as he pulled down his sleeves once again.

“No one lives a perfect life. Even the people who are the most successful, even the ones who look the happiest…” Namjoon paused again. “Even they’re wearing a mask for society to see.” The blonde said, looking up at the sky again before taking a deep breath.

“We’re all wearing masks. I’m wearing a mask…” The senior said, taking another pause before looking at Taehyung.

“And you’re wearing a mask too.” The blonde said softly, before Taehyung was finally looking at him with unreadable eyes.

For some reason, Taehyung felt like this boy … knew him.

Taehyung looked into Namjoon’s eyes for a few long seconds, before swallowing the sudden lump that had formed in his throat.

Taehyung felt like this boy knew him … and that’s what scared him.

“I know you are.” Namjoon finished with a nod, his eyes testing Taehyung’s vulnerable ones.

Taehyung let out a small laugh before removing his hoodie off of his head. “You don’t know anything.” Taehyung started coldly.

“You know nothing about me, okay? So if you could just shut the fuck up for once, that would be nice.” Taehyung finished harshly, before walking off without another word to the blonde.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

1:14 PM

Jimin had skipped most of his reassigned classes so far. He cried in the restroom for about 3 hours after finding out that Taehyung was in the same school as him, as well as the same class.

Jimin hadn’t ever prepared himself to face Taehyung, because he had never expected to see him again.

What will he do? Will he strangle me? Will he kill me? Will he bully me? Will he start bad rumors around the school about me? Will he get everyone else to hate me too? Will he try to ruin my life even more than it already is? Jimin thought as he had a mental breakdown in the restroom.

My life is over. I knew this day would come. The thoughts ran through Jimin’s head as he cried into his small hands.

At this point, Jimin really wanted his life to end. He promised himself that as soon as he got home that evening, he wouldn’t hesitate to take his own life.

He knew that his mother wouldn’t miss him, she was tired of him anyways. He knew that his dad wouldn’t miss him the most, he never wanted a son like him anyways.

Jimin knew that Chanyeol wouldn’t miss him, he had moved on so fast which must mean that Chanyeol never loved him anyways.

Jimin knew that Jungkook wouldn’t miss him. I’ve ruined his life, and everything we’ve ever had. He’ll never be the same because of me, Jimin thought.

Jimin knew for sure … that Taehyung wouldn’t miss him at all. He wants me dead anyways. I could do the job for him. I could lift the weight off of his shoulders. He can feel free when I’m gone.

Taehyung and Jungkook can finally heal when they know that I’m gone.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

3:17 PM

A grin appeared on Hoseok’s face as he saw Yoongi placing his textbooks into his locker.

Hoseok quickly ran up to the raven-haired boy to scare him. “Boo!” Hoseok yelled, placing his hands onto Yoongi’s shoulders.

As expected, Yoongi didn’t budge one bit. He just looked up at Hoseok in confusion, before closing his locker with a blank face. “What’s your problem?” The raven-haired boy asked calmly, shaking the red-haired boy’s hands off of his shoulders.

Hoseok pouted in dissatisfaction, he hated how he could never scare Yoongi.

“How come you never get scared when I do that?” Hoseok whined with a pout still on his lips.

“Probably because you do it every single day, so I’m expecting it. How about you change up your schedule?” Yoongi suggested, before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

Hoseok rolled his eyes, but took notes in his head. “Do you want to go eat pizza? Then we can hang out at my place.” Hoseok suggested shyly, sliding his hands into his pockets.

“Um… I would like to… but my mom actually wants me home right now. I’ll ask her if I can bring you.” Yoongi said, his fingers tapping across his phone screen as he texted his mother. Hoseok could hear the slightly worried tone in Yoongi’s voice.


Mom ♥


Mom, do you mind if Hoseok comes over today?

Read 3:19 PM

No, Yoongi … he can’t
3:19 PM


Just come straight home
3:20 PM

Mom, you’re scaring me haha ㅋㅋ
Read 3:20 PM

Yoongi, just get home right now please
3:20 PM



Yoongi bit his lip nervously as he read his mother’s last message, before turning off his phone’s screen.

“Sorry, Hobi… my mom said no. I’m not sure why, but she wants me home right now.” Yoongi spoke in an anxious tone, fiddling his sleeves.

“Okay, babe - I mean … Yoongi.” Hoseok joked with a smirk, waiting for Yoongi’s reaction.

Yoongi forced a small laugh through his nervousness, hitting Hoseok’s chest. “I told you to stop that.” The raven-haired boy said, fiddling his sleeves again.

Hoseok laughed mischievously for a few seconds, before he was being distracted by a small, blonde-haired boy opening his locker down the hallway.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Promise that you’ll text me tonight?” Hoseok asked, sticking up his pinky for Yoongi to swear.

“Actually …” Yoongi started, making Hoseok lower his pinky and pout in a bratty manner.

“My mom doesn’t like how late you’ve been keeping me awake.” Yoongi said with a small chuckle.

“Well, I don’t care what your mom thinks.” Hoseok whispered mischievously, stepping a little too close to Yoongi. The raven-haired boy felt Hoseok’s breath on his face, that was when Yoongi started to realize that they were probably alone right now, where no one can see them.

“U-uh…” Yoongi stuttered nervously, trying to create a distance between him and the red-haired boy. “I have to go now, bye.” Yoongi spoke a little too fast, his voice shaking out of nervousness. Soon he was taking a large step back and quickly walking away from Hoseok with an uncomfortable smile.

“Bye.” Hoseok said softly, with a small grin on his lips as he watched Yoongi quickly walk away without looking back at him.


Once Yoongi left, Hoseok continued to look at the blonde-haired student that he hadn’t spoken to in a while.

The blonde was slowly placing his books into his locker. Hoseok noticed that the boy looked a little … down.

The red-haired boy slowly made his way over to the small blonde. “Hey, Jimin.” Hoseok said with a smile, waving at Jimin once he looked at him.

Jimin opened his mouth for a few seconds, before waving with a small, forced smile on his face. His eyes and nose were a shade of pink, and it look he had obviously been crying, but Hoseok didn’t want to question the boy.

“How are you? Is everything going okay? The last time I saw you was when you … ran out of art class.” Hoseok said, emitting a small chuckle.

Jimin let out a small laugh, continuing to place his books into his locker. “Um, everything is fine. I’m good, I guess.” Jimin said, smiling as his pink cheeks glistened. Hoseok thought Jimin had a really pretty smile, he hoped the boy would smile more often.

“That’s good.” Hoseok said with a nod, before there was a comfortable silence.

Jimin closed his locker at last, before shyly facing the red-haired boy. “Um… I was going to text you last night. I wanted to apologize for canceling our plans.” Jimin said in a worried tone, running his fingers through his hair. “I just wasn’t feeling well that day.” Jimin said, his voice slightly wavering as he played with his hands nervously.

Hoseok noticed that Jimin seemed to have really bad anxiety, he wondered why the boy usually seemed so nervous.

“Ah, that’s fine. I understand. I mean … I don’t have any plans right now… if you want to hang out…” Hoseok said slyly.

Jimin immediately shook his head. “That’s nice of you. I really want to, but um… I’m feeling kind of sick right now.” Jimin said slowly, breathing heavily. He really was not in the mood to talk to anyone right now. He just wanted to go home, and kill himself like he had planned. He wanted this day to be over already.

“Ah, okay. Well, I hope you feel better, Jimin. Get some rest, okay?” Hoseok said in a caring tone, caressing Jimin’s arm.

“Okay, I will. Thank you, Hoseok.” Jimin said softly, swallowing the lump in his throat.

I will finally rest.

“You can text or call me whenever you want to. I never sleep.” Hoseok said, letting out a cute laugh.


The boy’s laugh made Jimin genuinely smile.



━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━


3:43 PM


When Yoongi had finally arrived home, there was a large, black suitcase outside of his front door.

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, before he was quickly unlocking the door with his keys and walking into the apartment.

“Mom?” Yoongi called, hesitantly walking further into the house as slowly shut the door behind him.

“Mom, where are you?” Yoongi asked, dropping his backpack onto the floor. His mother didn’t seem to be in the living room.

“Yoongi, I’m in the kitchen.” His mother called softly from the kitchen. Yoongi followed the sound of her voice, curiously making his way to the kitchen.

Yoongi hesitantly looked into the kitchen, seeing his mother sitting at the table... next to his worst nightmare.

Yoongi’s breath stopped, his body freezing in place before his mother could speak. “Sweetie… before you say anything, please don’t be upset -“ His mother spoke quickly, trying to calm Yoongi… but Yoongi couldn’t hear anything except for the ringing in his ears.

He couldn’t even see his mother at the moment. All he could see was the man sitting in the chair next to his mother, with pleading eyes.

All Yoongi could see was his personal nightmare, his personal hell.

All Yoongi could see was…


His step-father.





One More Night



January 4th, 2009



2:37 PM

“Rock, Paper, Scissors … Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Namjoon said repeatedly, as the three boys stood in a circle, holding their bikes in place. The boys were trying to decide whose house they were going to be sleeping at for the night.

“Ugh…” Jackson groaned when he lost Rock, Paper, Scissors. “No, we have to play again. Yoongi cheated.” Jackson complained with a slight pout.

“Stop lying, you just don't want us to come to your house.” Namjoon said with a roll of his eyes.

“No, I’m serious! Yoongi cheated. He threw paper after he saw me put down rock. He waited an extra second -“ Jackson continued to expose Yoongi with his eyes widened. He should’ve known that Yoongi was going to cheat, as usual.

“No, I didn’t, you liar.” Yoongi whined, knowing that Namjoon would defend him either way.

“No, he didn’t cheat. You just don’t want us to sleep over at your house, admit it.” Namjoon said, immediately defending Yoongi without questioning him.

Yoongi and Namjoon simultaneously crossed their arms as they waited for Jackson to speak.

Jackson opened his mouth in bewilderment, before sighing after a few seconds. “Joon, haven’t you ever realized that we’ve never been to Yoongi’s house?” Jackson asked the tall boy, leaning on his bike.

Namjoon twisted his mouth in thought for a few seconds, before looking at Yoongi. “You’re right. How come we’ve never been to your house?” Namjoon asked the small boy in curiosity, furrowing his eyebrows.

Yoongi’s body unnoticeably became tense before he laughed softly. “Haven’t you met my parents already?” The small boy spoke slowly, laughing uncomfortably.

“Well of course we’ve met your parents, idiot. But how come we’ve never been to your house?” Jackson asked, gently pushing Yoongi’s shoulder.

The small boy laughed softly, before biting his lip nervously. “I don’t know.” Yoongi mumbled, avoiding eye contact with his friends. “I just always happen to win Rock, Paper, Scissors.” He said smugly with a nonchalant shrug.

“Yeah, right… you cheater. Come on, we’re going to your house.” Namjoon said, starting to sit on his bike. Jackson chuckled, before sitting on his bike as well.

Yoongi froze before speaking frantically. “No, no, no… I -“ The small boy paused, making his friends look at him in concern. Yoongi tried to find a good excuse, but he just couldn’t at the moment. He didn’t want his friends to think that he didn’t want them at his house. Yoongi really did want his friends to sleep over for the night, but there was problem that only he knew about ...

“What? What’s wrong?” Jackson and Namjoon asked simultaneously, with wide eyes.

“Uh…” Yoongi paused, looking into Namjoon’s worried eyes.

“Do your parents dislike us?” Jackson asked, with wide eyes. “I knew it.” He looked so offended and ready to jump to conclusions.

“No, no. That’s not it.” Yoongi laughed, shaking his head. “They love you guys… it’s just …” Yoongi started again, looking down at the ground to avoid his friends’ curious eyes.

How can I say this? Yoongi thought.

“It’s okay if you only have one bed. Me and Jackson can just sleep on the floor like me and you did at his house.” Namjoon said innocently, getting comfortable on his bike.

“N-no… it’s not that.” Yoongi mumbled, before sighing deeply. He was starting to worry Jackson and Namjoon.

“It’s just …” Yoongi started again in a nervous tone. “M-my dad is the only one home.” He said finally, looking up to see his friends’ confused faces.

There was a long, awkward silence as Namjoon and Jackson thought about what was the problem here.

“Ah…” Jackson started, nodding his head like he was understanding something. “Is your dad … mean? From what I’ve seen, he seems nice.” Jackson said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yeah, well… people can lie about who they really are. You can tell us, Yoongi-ah… is he mean to you?” Namjoon asked seriously, placing his hand on Yoongi’s arm to get the truth out of him.

Yoongi looked down at the ground before speaking. “No, not really …” Yoongi spoke softly, before looking into Namjoon’s eyes.

“Then what’s the problem, bro?” Jackson asked, getting into Yoongi’s personal space.

Yoongi laughed before slightly backing away from his friends’ intense eyes. “Nothing.” Yoongi said simply, looking down at the ground again.

“I’m serious, Yoongi -“ Namjoon started to go into protective-mode.

“Really, it’s nothing. I was just being dramatic, as always. It’s really nothing though.” Yoongi suddenly rambled, which Namjoon noticed, but Jackson shook it off of his shoulders as usual.

There was a long silence, as Namjoon eyed Yoongi in suspicion. Jackson was already slowly starting to pedal his bike away from the two boys.

“Yoongi-ah, don’t scare us like that. You had me thinking you were getting abused at home or something.” Jackson said with a loud chuckle, making Namjoon hysterically laugh along with him.

Yoongi emitted a small laugh as well, before him and Namjoon started to pedal their bikes to catch up to Jackson.

On their way to Yoongi’s house, Namjoon and Jackson continuously made jokes about abused kids and the way they act on TV.

All Yoongi could do was let out small chuckles here and there…


But he couldn’t say a word.



As always.



May 24th, 2017



3:50 PM

“Yoongi…” Yoongi’s mother said softly as she knocked on the boy’s bedroom door. Once Yoongi had saw (who used to be) his stepfather, he had immediately went to his room without a word, ready to lock himself in there until the man left the house.

“Sweetie, please open the door.” His mother begged, as she waited for Yoongi to respond to her. She knew for sure that the boy wasn’t going to open his door until his step-dad left. He probably wouldn’t even open the door at all.

Yoongi was lying in his bed, facing his windows as he ignored his mother’s pleads — his tear drops hitting his pillow every few seconds.

How could you do this to me? Yoongi wanted to say to his mother, but he didn’t want to see her face right now.

His mother knocked on the door again, before sighing. “Yoongi, he‘s - he’s gone. I told him to go home.” His mother said, resting her head on the door. “I - I didn’t invite him over, he just -“ His mother started to explain before stopping mid-sentence. She realized that she didn’t have a good enough excuse to say to Yoongi.

Yoongi sniffled softly, before picking up his cell phone from beside him, and putting his earphones into his ears. He couldn't stand the sound of his mother’s voice. At this point, he thought that he couldn’t hate his mom more than this. This was possibly that worse thing she had done in his entire life, and she had done a lot of bad things.

“Sweetie, please open the door. We can talk.” His mother’s voice started to slightly tremble before she let out another sigh. “I know that he’s made terrible mistakes. I know I promised you that I’d never let him into your life again. I know that you’re … scared - but he… he told me that -“ His mother started to cry, looking at Yoongi’s white bedroom door. She really couldn’t find any excuse to tell Yoongi. She knew that he wasn’t listening to her at this point.

Yoongi already had his depressing music blasting into his ears to drown out his mother’s voice.

He needed something to drown out the intruding thoughts, the painful memories, and all of the little things that impacted his life along the way.

Everything was just going well between us, Yoongi thought. Him and his mother were finally starting to build a happy, healthy relationship with each other after everything they’d been through.

But then she had to ruin everything again, by doing something as stupid and inconsiderate as this.


«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

7:32 PM

Dear Mom,

I am writing this letter to let you know …

Jimin looked at his first sentence for a few seconds before erasing everything with his yellow pencil.

He thought for a few more moments before restarting the letter.

Dear Mother,

I am sorry.

Jimin bit his lip in thought as he stopped his sentence again. He wasn’t sure how to start this note. Although he had so much to be sorry for, he wasn’t sure if he should apologize to his mother for taking his own life. He wasn’t sure if he should even write a letter in the first place.

Will she even care that I’m gone? Jimin thought, before slowly starting to erase his sentence once again.


I’ve caused everyone so much pain,

Jimin stopped writing again, erasing the sentence before letting out a deep sigh. At this point, he was very close to giving up on writing the letter. He had been sitting on his bed for almost an hour, trying to write something… but he just didn’t know where to start.

He figured that he should start from the beginning… the beginning of everything.

Mommy, I did something bad…

Jimin wrote before immediately erasing it again. He was scared to put all of his secrets, all of his feelings onto one piece of paper. One piece of paper wasn't enough for all of his emotions.


Jimin started to write again, before stopping when he heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs and approaching his bedroom. Jimin could tell that it was his father’s footsteps just from the sound of them.

Jimin hesitantly continued to write his letter, before his father was banging on his bedroom door. “Yah! Open this fucking door, right now.” Jimin’s father demanded from outside of his bedroom door.

Jimin sighed in annoyance, before deciding to ignore his father’s command. Once I finish this letter, I’ll never have to deal with you again, Jimin thought about his dad.

Hopefully hell is better than you, Jimin thought.

As Jimin tried to write his letter in peace, his father started to aggressively bang on his door again. “I know you hear me, you piece of shit. Open this damn door before I have to break it down.” His father threatened in an angered tone.

Jimin sighed again, before placing his sheet of paper underneath his pillow. He didn’t want his dad to break his door for the 6th time in his life.

Jimin slowly stood up from his bed with another deep sigh, walking over to open his door.

When Jimin opened his door, he looked directly into his father’s red, infuriated eyes — trying not to show any fear of his father.

“Does it look like I was born yesterday?” His father started, his intimidating figure towering over Jimin’s.

Jimin blankly looked into his father’s eyes, wondering what the hell he did now to upset him.

“So you’re a fucking thief now, huh? Did you think I wouldn’t notice that half of my wallet is fucking missing?” His father raised his voice, stepping closer as Jimin continued to blankly stare up at him.

Jimin remained silent for a few moments, looking down at the floor as he thought of what to say.

“1,000,000 won?! Who the fuck do you think you are?!” His father screamed, slapping him across his right cheek with a strong force.

Jimin uncontrollably let out a small whimper, before he felt his cheek stinging from the unpredicted slap.

Jimin didn’t expect his father to hit him anymore, he had overheard his dad promising his mom that he wouldn’t put his hands on him anymore.

But it seems like his dad didn’t care about the promise anymore.

“What did you spend my money on? Huh? Did you pay some dudes to fuck you?” His father asked, slapping him across his left cheek this time, the sound echoing throughout the entire house.

Jimin weakly raised his head, blanking looking up at his dad as he remained silent. He knew that nothing that he said would change anything so he figured that he should just stay silent until his father left.

His father looked at him with wide eyes, waiting for a response, but Jimin only bit his lip in silence.

“Would you stop looking at me like I’m speaking another language, and answer me, you fucking whore!” His father screamed, before grabbing a handful of Jimin’s hair.

Jimin winced in pain, before his dad was tugging harder on his blonde strands, mumbling an insult under his breath.

“M-Mommy...“ Jimin started to cry out in defeat, as his father repeatedly slapped him violently while gripping his hair.

Jimin’s cries became louder as his father’s slaps became harsher each time.

Mom isn’t home, Jimin remembered that she was at work at this hour. But if she was home, she probably wouldn’t do anything but watch me get beat…

Like she always did.

Jimin wondered if his mother had changed over the years.

“Where the fuck is my money?” His father asked, yanking Jimin’s head back by his hair.

“I don’t have it.” Jimin raised his voice, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Then where is it, huh!?” His father yelled, yanking his blonde stands impossibly harder.

“I don’t k-know, I didn’t take it.” Jimin cried in pain, somehow trying to escape his dad’s grip.

“You didn’t take it? Then who did?” His father asked, putting his strong hand around Jimin’s neck.

“I don’t know!” Jimin screamed back, finally breaking out of his dad’s grip that was tight on his neck and hair.

His father looked at him with wide eyes, surprised that the small boy had somewhat fought back.

Jimin looked up at his dad with watery eyes for a few long moments, before he was dropping onto his knees and bursting into tears.

Jimin was too tired of everything. He wanted to leave this earth and never regret it.

His father looked at him crying on the floor for a few seconds, before resting his hands on his hips with a deep sigh. “If I find out that you’re lying …” His dad started to threaten, before the loud closing of the front door was heard downstairs.

“What’s going on? I heard the screaming from outside of the house.” Jimin’s mother asked in concern, standing at the bottom of the staircase.

She could hear Jimin’s loud sniffles from the bottom of the stairs, and from that she knew …

Her husband had broken the promise.


«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

8:02 PM

Jimin had just finished ripping up his attempted suicide note (deciding that he didn’t need to write one, because no one on this earth cared about him, or what he went through after all), when he felt a strong vibration of his phone from underneath his pillow.

Hey Jimin :)
8:02 PM

Jimin read the sudden message, blankly looking at the screen before texting back.

Hi Hoseok
Delivered 8:02 PM

Jimin sent the simple message, before throwing his phone back onto his bed. Only a few seconds later, his phone was vibrating again.

Was it just a coincidence that Hoseok suddenly wants to text him right before he kills himself? Jimin let out a sigh at this thought.

What’re you up to?
8:03 PM

Jimin read Hoseok’s message before thinking of what to say.

Oh, nothing much… just trying to decide if I should go stand in the middle of a busy road, find my rope and chair, jump in front of a train last minute, swallow 10 pills, slit my own throat, pour bleach into my drink, drown myself, or jump off a roof...


Nothing much :)
Read 8:03 PM

What about you?
Read 8:04 PM

Same, nothing much…
8:04 PM

Ah I’m so bored right now (T_T)
8:04 PM

Haha… me too
Read 8:05 PM

After Jimin sent his message, Hoseok read it but didn’t answer for about 5 minutes.

Um… hey Jimin?
8:10 PM

Read 8:10 PM

I kind of need someone to talk to right now
8:10 PM

Are you okay?
Read 8:11 PM

Haha, yeah I’m fine… I’m just feeling a little lonely right now
8:11 PM

Don’t worry, you’re not alone hahaha
Read 8:11 PM

Shit, I sent too many “ha”s, Jimin thought.

Yoongi has been ignoring me for a few hours …
8:11 PM

So please, could you give me some attention? (T_T)
8:12 PM

What am I? Your side hoe? ㅋㅋ
Read 8:12 PM

8:12 PM

If you want to be … (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
8:12 PM

For some weird reason, Jimin couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, feeling his cheeks heat up a little.

Haha ㅋㅋ
Read 8:13 PM

Ya, Jiminie…
8:13 PM

Do you want to hang out?
8:13 PM

You mean … right now?
Read 8:13 PM

Yes :)
8:14 PM

I mean if you’re feeling better
8:14 PM

And if you’re not busy
8:14 PM

And only if you want to
8:14 PM

Jimin bit his lip in thought as he read the message, before sniffling softly. He didn’t want to turn down Hoseok for the 3rd time… but he was actually just about to kill himself tonight.

Why all of a sudden? Jimin thought.

Tonight may be my final night, but maybe I should spend my last hours with someone instead of dying lonely.

Sure :)
Read 8:15 PM

Where do you want go?
Read 8:15 PM

Wherever you want to go is fine with me
8:16 PM

Read 8:16 PM

What if I wanted to go to hell? Hahaha
Read 8:16 PM

Shit, too many “ha”s again, Jimin thought.

Well then, take me with you ㅋㅋ
8:17 PM

Read 8:17 PM

Jimin facepalmed as he realized that he had sent way too many “ha”s this time.


«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

9:04 PM

Hoseok had told Jimin to meet him in a park that was next to their school. Having lived close to the school, Hoseok arrived at the park first — his eyes scanning the park in search for Jimin, before he was sitting down on the swings.

Hoseok waited for about 10 minutes, playing boring games on his phone, until he saw Jimin arriving at the park.

When Hoseok looked up from his phone, he could see Jimin walking into the park with a confused and worried look on his face. The red haired boy thought Jimin looked like an adorable meerkat — his eyes wide as he spinned in circles in confusion.

It was fun to watch for a while. Hoseok chuckled to himself before deciding to stop using Jimin for his own amusement.

“Jimin-ah!” Hoseok laughed as he called the blonde to get his attention. When Jimin finally found out that Hoseok was sitting on the swings, he laughed to himself before walking over to the red-haired boy.

“I thought you stood me up.” Jimin giggled as he approached Hoseok, sitting down on the swing that was next to him.

“What? Why would I do that to someone like you?” Hoseok said with a grin, starting to lightly swing back and forth.

Someone like me? Jimin thought.

“I don’t know, but it’s happened before.” Jimin said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Who was it? I want to fight them.” Hoseok threatened jokingly, making Jimin laugh softly.

Park Chanyeol, Jimin wanted to say but he just laughed it off.

When Jimin and Hoseok stopped laughing, there was comfortable silence, before Jimin spoke again. “So, how was your day?” He asked softly, starting to lightly swing back and forth.

“It was, same old.” Hoseok said with a shrug, before looking at Jimin. “How was yours?” Hoseok asked curiously, he wanted to ask the blonde why he looked upset earlier when they talked at the lockers.

“Um…” Jimin started, looking down at the ground to avoid contact with Hoseok. “It was okay.” Jimin said, with a forced smile that hurt his cheeks so much.

God, it definitely wasn’t okay, Jimin wanted to scream and pull his hair out at the thought of how his day went.

“Really?” Hoseok started, watching Jimin nod his best. He could tell that Jimin was most likely lying. Hoseok looked up at the sky before speaking again. “It looked like you were crying earlier…” Hoseok said what was on his mind, because he couldn't bite his tongue to save his life.

“Hm?” Jimin questioned with wide eyes, looking over at Hoseok.

“You seemed upset … when I spoke to you at the lockers.” Hoseok said, looking into Jimin’s eyes to read him. The blonde’s eyes were filled with vulnerability.

Jimin took a pause, looking at the ground before speaking again in a slower tone. “I…actually, I’m …” Jimin paused again to swallow the sudden lump in his throat.

Don’t do it, don’t cry, Jimin repeated to himself. He hated how he’s always been an open-book, always so vulnerable, always leaning on someone else for comfort. He hated how easily he could break down in front of a stranger.

Of course Hoseok wasn’t a complete stranger, but he didn’t know much about Jimin to say the least.

“I’m actually not having a very good day.” Jimin said simply, looking up at the sky. His voice might’ve cracked the slightest bit, but Hoseok still noticed how the boy’s voice seemed to tremble.

“I could tell, that’s one of the reasons why I called you out here tonight.” Hoseok said, still lightly swinging back and forth.

“I figured I could get your mind off of things, in case you’re stressed. I know how hard it must be to be the new transfer student.” Hoseok said.

Jimin laughed softly before speaking slowly. “Mm… thank you.” Jimin said softly, giving Hoseok a small smile.

“No problem.” Hoseok smiled, before looking down at the ground beneath them.

The two boys lightly swung in silence for a few moments, before Hoseok was speaking again. “Are you hungry?” The red-haired boy asked, with concern in his eyes.

He hasn’t been seeing Jimin at lunch lately, he wondered if the boy was eating properly.

“Hm?” Jimin looked up at Hoseok with wide eyes. “Ah, n-no. I ate before I left home.” Jimin lied, swinging on the swing with a slightly stronger force.

“Me too, but we should eat again.” Hoseok said, slowly standing up from the swing.

“Uh, I’m - I’m on a diet… and I really don’t like to eat after 6 PM anyways.” Jimin said, before letting out an awkward laugh.

“Why’re you on a diet?” Hoseok asked curiously. Jimin looked like he was in pretty good shape, so Hoseok wasn’t sure what weight the blonde was trying to lose.

“Hey, can you push me a little higher?” Jimin asked suddenly, completely dodging Hoseok’s question.

Surprisingly, Hoseok didn’t question it due to his short attention span. “Okay.” Hoseok said cheerfully, immediately walking to stand behind Jimin’s swing.

“Hold on tight.” Hoseok said mischievously, pulling Jimin’s swing all the way back.

“W-wait, don’t push me too high. I’m afraid of heights.” Jimin said in a worried tone, turning his head to look at Hoseok with pleading eyes.

“But you just told me to push you higher.” Hoseok spoke in a mischievous tone, pulling Jimin’s swing back even farther.

“Hoseok, please don’t -“ Jimin giggled in fear, before Hoseok was pushing Jimin’s swing as hard as he could, sending Jimin’s swing flying into the air.

When Hoseok released his grip on the swing, Jimin let out the cutest squeal Hoseok had ever heard in his entire life.

Jimin let out a small whimper of fear, his blonde strands falling in front of his face as the spring wind brushed against his skin.

“Wait, H-Hoseok… I’m scared.” Jimin spoke frantically as his swing came back down, before Hoseok was immediately pushing the blonde’s swing even higher.

Jimin squealed once again as his swing flew into the air. “Too high.” Jimin giggled out of fear.

Hoseok laughed as he watched Jimin, continuing to push the blonde high to see if he would get used to it.

As expected, Jimin slowly started to laugh and beg Hoseok to push him higher every time the swing came down.

Hoseok figured that maybe Jimin just needed someone to push him out of his comfort zone.

“This is fun.” Jimin giggled, his eyes slanting as he smiled widely. Hoseok silently watched Jimin from the side for a while, admiring the blonde’s happiness. He was glad to see Jimin genuinely smiling after a stressful day.

As the swing slightly started to slow down its pace, Hoseok pulled out his phone from his back pocket, to record a video of Jimin enjoying himself.

“Jimin-ah…” Hoseok called the blonde to get his attention. When Jimin saw Hoseok standing on the ground, while holding his phone with a smile, Jimin waved at the camera with a cute grin on his face.

“Are you having fun?” Hoseok asked, trying his best not to smile too much.

“Yes.” Jimin said with a grin on his face, swinging his legs back and forth. “Wee.” The blonde said cutely before giggling, making Hoseok laugh along with him.

Gosh, Hoseok laugh was so infectious… Jimin couldn't stand it.

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

9:53 PM

When the two boys arrived at the ice cream shop that was just a few blocks away from their school, Hoseok politely held the entrance door open for Jimin.

“Thank you.” Jimin said softly, shocked that the red-haired boy had actually held a door for him, even though it was a small gesture.

The two boys had decided not to eat a meal, since it was past 9 PM. They decided to buy something light instead, like ice cream or a milkshake.

Jimin had decided on buying his favorite — strawberry ice cream (in a pint-sized cup instead of a cone). Hoseok had decided to buy a cookies and cream milkshake instead of ice cream.

Jungkook loved cookies and cream flavored things, Jimin thought as he zoned out in the middle of the shop while Hoseok was talking to him.

Hoseok noticed that Jimin stopped speaking for a while, and kept zoning out once in a while.

At one point, Jimin honestly didn’t even want to eat ice cream anymore. He was just about to cancel the order, before Hoseok spoke.

“Oh, Jimin… they’re finished with your ice cream. Do you want me to pay for you?” Hoseok asked kindly, noticing how Jimin froze when he looked at the lady’s hand that was holding out his strawberry ice cream.

“Uh… actually …” Jimin started hesitantly.

I don’t want ice cream anymore.

“I’m fine, I can pay for myself. Thank you tho-“ Jimin protested the offer before Hoseok was cutting him off.

“No, Jimin … it’s fine. I’ll pay. You’re my guest. I’m the one who asked you if we can come here, remember?” Hoseok said quickly, pulling out his wallet and giving Jimin no time to protest again.

“Um…” Jimin started again, looking down at the white floors.

He’s acting strange, Hoseok thought.

“Hey, I said I’ll pay. Just relax and let me handle it, okay babe?” Hoseok said, putting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin nervously looked up at Hoseok before laughing softly, slightly covering his face with his hand to hide the blush that was creeping up on his cheeks.

Did he just call me … babe? Jimin thought, watching Hoseok pay for the ice cream and milkshake.

Jimin was going to mention the pet-name that Hoseok just called him, but instead he decided to shake it off, figuring that it just slipped out of the red-haired boy’s mouth.

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

10:19 PM

The two boys had been sitting at a small table in the shop for about 20 minutes, slightly swinging their legs back and forth on the chairs that were a little too high.

They’d been talking about nothing and everything from Hoseok’s new hair color to their favorite hobbies (including dancing), as their laughter continued to fill the nearly-empty shop.

At one point in their conversation, Hoseok had noticed a red print on Jimin's face. He wanted to ask about it but he figured that maybe it was just a rash.

“Jimin?” Hoseok spoke suddenly, furrowing his eyebrows in curiosity.

“Yes?” Jimin asked, looking up from his phone. Hoseok sounded like he was up to something all of a sudden.

“Are you into guys or girls?” Hoseok asked, taking a sip from his drink as he waited for Jimin to answer.

“Um… guys.” Jimin spoke hesitantly, awkwardly eating a spoonful of his ice cream. “What about you?” Jimin decided to ask.

“Actually, I like guys and girls.” Hoseok started. “I can give one or take one in the ass.” Hoseok said smugly, leaning back on his chair in a “cool” manner.

Jimin laughed at the boy before speaking. “So you’re a top and a bottom?” The blonde half-joked, eating his ice cream again.

“Basically.” Hoseok replied nonchalantly, taking a sip from his milkshake again. “What about you? Top or bottom?” Hoseok asked bluntly.

That’s kind of personal but…

“Do I look like a top to you?” Jimin asked sarcastically, making Hoseok burst into laughter.

“Did you ask that to make fun of me? Look, I know that I’m a small human but -“ Jimin said with wide eyes, laughing in between his words.

After the two boys’ laughter died down, Hoseok started to question Jimin again.

“So… what type of guys are you attracted to?” Hoseok asked suddenly, slightly scooting his chair up to be closer to Jimin.

Jimin literally almost choked on his ice cream.

“Uh -“ Jimin coughed, before swallowing hard. “What the hell is this? A blind date?” The blonde asked in bewilderment, making Hoseok burst into laughter once again.

“Maybe it is…” Hoseok said simply. “Now answer my question.” He said, running his fingers through his bright red strands.

“Okay. Well, um… I like guys who are … taller than me -“ Jimin started before Hoseok was cutting him off.

“So you like 99.9 percent of the guys on earth?” Hoseok said sarcastically, making Jimin pout and lightly slap his shoulder.

“Shut up.” Jimin whined, crossing his arms in front of him like a child. “Let me finish.” The blonde said, making Hoseok laugh again. Hoseok enjoyed teasing the small boy, just to see his cute reactions.

“Okay, I’ll let you finish. Go ahead.” Hoseok said with a grin, taking a sip from his milkshake.

“I like guys who are … nice to me. It may sound simple… but that’s hard to find nowadays.” Jimin said softly, looking at the table in front of him. Hoseok nodded in agreement. Hoseok wanted to find whoever was mean to Jimin, and stomp on their heart just like they probably did to the blonde’s. Jimin was a kind boy, he didn’t deserve to be treated like crap.

“Um, I like guys who are … unique, and charming.” Jimin continued. “Physically, I’m attracted to guys with a cute smile, soft eyes…” Jimin paused, like he was thinking of someone.

“That’s strange.” Hoseok said suddenly, making Jimin look up at him in confusion.

“What?” Jimin asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Oh, nothing… I just think it’s strange how …” Hoseok started slowly, taking a pause. “I have all of the qualities that you look for in a guy -“ Hoseok said nonchalantly, before Jimin was cutting him off in protest.

“Oh, please. Shut up.” Jimin rolled his eyes, trying to hide his smile. “I’ve never said that I wanted a guy named Hoseok with red hair and a nice body...” Jimin said, too many of his thoughts accidentally spilling out of his mouth.

Shit, I just told him that he has a nice body...

“What?” Hoseok asked, his eyes widening, as Jimin paused in realization.

“What?” Jimin asked awkwardly, his eyes widening as well, before he immediately shoved a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

“Mm, this is good. How’s your milkshake?” Jimin asked with a nervous laugh.


Shut up, Jimin … just shut up.

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

10:57 PM

As the boys’ night started to come to an end, Hoseok decided to walk Jimin home. Jimin had immediately protested, but Hoseok argued back, saying he wanted to make sure that Jimin arrived home safely.

When the boys slowly started to walk to Jimin’s home, Jimin pulled out his phone from his pocket to see if his mother had texted him. He didn’t expected her to actually worry about him though.

[ 8 missed calls from Mom ]
[ 19 new messages ]


9:33 PM

Where are you?
9:34 PM

9:38 PM

Pick up your phone
9:39 PM

Jimin, please answer
9:42 PM

Sweetie, are you okay?
9:46 PM

Jimin, please answer your phone
9:49 PM

You’re worrying me
9:50 PM

9:56 PM

Please come home
9:56 PM

I know that your father found out about the money …
9:59 PM

I told him that it was me who took it
10:00 PM

I said that I borrowed it and I’ll pay him back
10:00 PM

Sweetie, please come home… you don’t have to worry about what your dad will do to you
10:04 PM

I handled it already
10:05 PM

So please don’t be scared
10:06 PM

I know that you’re tired
10:10 PM

But please…
10:11 PM

Just come back home one more time
10:13 PM


Jimin blankly looked at the messages for a few moments, before simply putting his phone away.

“Jimin...” Hoseok started with a sigh, strolling closely next to Jimin. “I had a lot of fun with you. We should do this more often.” Hoseok said softly, looking straight ahead to not meet Jimin’s eyes.

“I - I agree.” Jimin said with a nod, starting to walk slower because he didn’t want to get home so fast.

“You should text me whenever you’re feeling down. I’m here to make you feel better, okay?” Hoseok said comfortingly, putting an arm around Jimin’s small shoulders.

Jimin laughed softly as his body become slightly tense. “Okay.” The blonde mumbled shyly.

“They call me Hope for a reason.” Hoseok said suddenly, pulling Jimin closer.

“Who calls you Hope? I’ve never heard anyone call you Hope.” Jimin laughed.

“All the ladies call me Hope.” Hoseok said nonchalantly, before Jimin was rolling his eyes and shoving his arm off of his shoulder.

“I’m just kidding…” Hoseok laughed. “But seriously, I’m here.” The red-haired boy said in a soft tone, putting his arm around Jimin once again.

“Thanks.” Jimin said shyly, looking down at the ground to avoid Hoseok’s suddenly intense eye contact.

There was a sudden tension between the boys, as Hoseok examined Jimin’s face for a few moments. Jimin swore he could feel Hoseok’s eyes burning into his skin.

“Oh, look… we’re here.” Jimin said nervously, immediately pushing Hoseok’s arm off of his shoulders once again.

“Ah, what a bummer.” Hoseok said in annoyance, his arms falling to his side.

“Haha … yeah.” Jimin mumbled, stopping in front of his house when they were close by.

Before Jimin could get a chance to say goodbye, Hoseok quickly moved to stand in front of him.

“Thank you… for tonight, Jimin.” Hoseok said softly, stepping an inch closer the blonde.

“No… thank you.” Jimin said with sincerity. Hoseok didn’t know it, but he might’ve just saved Jimin from committing suicide that night.

Hoseok chuckled at how much emphasis Jimin put on his words, before running his fingers through his hair.

Jimin looked up at Hoseok with wide eyes for a few seconds, before shyly looking down at the ground.

When Jimin looked back up, Hoseok was still staring at him with an unreadable look on his face.

Oh my gosh, Jimin felt his heart rate suddenly speed up just by looking into Hoseok’s eyes.

What is he thinking about? Jimin thought, laughing softly as he tried to read Hoseok’s expression.

Hoseok grinned at Jimin, before biting his lip as he took a step closer to the small blonde.

Jimin looked up at Hoseok, before taking a step closer as well. Maybe he wants to kiss me, Jimin thought.

Jimin opened his mouth to say something, before shyly shutting his lips into a thin line when he realized that Hoseok’s eyes kept flickering down to his lips.

He’s trying to kiss me, Jimin concluded.

Jimin became speechless, as Hoseok slowly started to lean his head down. Then, Hoseok was quickly giving Jimin a small kiss on his right cheek.

Jimin jumped and let out a small gasp, even though he was kind of expecting it.

It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was more than a peck.

When Hoseok backed away, he grinned cutely at Jimin, feeling satisfied with himself. It had taken him a lot of courage to kiss the blonde’s cheek, because he wasn't sure if Jimin liked him or not.

Jimin’s cheeks suddenly became a pretty shade of pink, which made Hoseok laugh in amusement.

Jimin’s heart sped up once again once he heard the red-haired boy’s laugh. His laugh was like a lullaby to the blonde’s ears.

Jimin didn’t laugh along with Hoseok, instead he just leaned up to kiss the boy on his left cheek, which stopped Hoseok’s laughter.

“Thank you, Hoseok-ssi…” Jimin whispered into Hoseok’s ear, before shyly looking his eyes.

Hoseok looked into Jimin’s eyes for a few silent moments before putting his hands on Jimin’s small waist.


“Call me hyung.” Hoseok said softly.





the rain stops when you breathe.

7:13 PM


“Lie down, babe.” Chanyeol said comfortingly for about the 5th time, before gently pressing a kiss to Baekhyun’s cheek.

Baekhyun let out an anxious sigh as he tried to relax his mind a bit. He let Chanyeol place his body between his legs, as the two adjusted themselves to get comfortable on the bed.

“Just relax a little -“ Chanyeol started softly before Baekhyun was quickly cutting him off in anxiety.

“How the hell do you expect me to relax, Chanyeol?” Baekhyun whined, slightly shoving Chanyeol’s shoulder when the boy continued to kiss his cheek.

“Hey, look at me.” Chanyeol said softly, lifting himself up on his elbows as he looked into Baekhyun’s chocolate, fearful eyes. “Breathe.” Chanyeol said, gently pushing Baekhyun’s bangs out of his eyes. “Close your eyes.” Chanyeol spoke again, watching as Baekhyun took a deep breath and shut his eyes like he was told. “And focus on me, okay?” Chanyeol finished, watching Baekhyun nod his head with another deep breath.

As Chanyeol slowly started to press kisses onto Baekhyun’s neck, Baekhyun tried his best to clear his mind, which felt like it was impossible to do at the moment.

All he could think of was Taehyung.

All he could think of was the way Taehyung started to bleed out in class; the look on his face.

All he could think of was the way Taehyung ran out of the classroom in humiliation.

Baekhyun felt guilty, and he didn’t know why if Taehyung was the one who refused his help.

Why do I feel so guilty if he didn’t want my help?  Baekhyun thought.

Is it because I walked away … even when he wanted me to?

“Baekhyunie…” Chanyeol called suddenly, snapping Baekhyun out of his thoughts once again.

Makeout sessions with Chanyeol usually helped Baekhyun clear his mind of all negative thoughts and relieve some stress, but today… a makeout session just couldn’t help Baekhyun. Nothing could get Taehyung off of his mind at the moment.

Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol apologetically, before emitting a deep sigh of anxiety.

“I’m sorry, it’s just …” Baekhyun started once again, slowly sitting up. The pair had been repeating this conversation for the past 5 hours.

Chanyeol let out a small sigh as he sat up comfortably, getting ready to hear Baekhyun out once again.

“Do you… do you really think so?” Baekhyun asked, as the pair sat cross-legged on the bed, facing each other.

“Do I think what?” Chanyeol asked in confusion.

“Do you think… Taehyung is one of the friends… that Jimin would always talk to you about?” Baekhyun asked nervously.

Chanyeol thought in silence for a while, staring at a blank spot on the bed before nodding. “Yeah, I mean… that’s the only thing that would make sense. Why else would Taehyung get so tense whenever you mention Jimin? Plus, you said that Jimin didn’t want to sit in the seat behind Taehyung. Why not?” Chanyeol elaborated, as Baekhyun listened to the boy’s words with a blank stare.

“Okay, you have a point but… I just don’t understand.” Baekhyun sighed, fiddling the sheets. “Jimin… was raped, right?” Baekhyun asked, continuing when Chanyeol nodded his head. “And you think Taehyung was the friend that was with Jimin… so wouldn’t that mean that Taehyung was raped too?” Baekhyun slowly started to piece things together.

Chanyeol thought for a while before slowly nodding his head. “It’s possible.” He concluded.

“But how do we know if it’s actually Taehyung that Jimin mentioned?” Baekhyun asked, before there was a long silence, the two boys thinking simultaneously.

“Have you ever thought of googling the case?” Baekhyun asked, the idea suddenly popping in his head.

“No, actually… I’ve never thought of that.” Chanyeol said, his eyes widening a little. He quickly stood up from the bed to grab his laptop that sat on his desk.

Chanyeol sat back down on the bed, opening his laptop as Baekhyun kneeled behind him, looking over his shoulder.

“Search...“ Baekhyun paused in thought. “Park Jimin … rape case… 2013? Is that the year it happened?” Baekhyun asked curiously, his eyebrows furrowing as Chanyeol quickly typed the words into google's search bar.

“Yeah, 2013.” Chanyeol confirmed, clicking the search icon as he took a deep breath. He already felt like he was doing something wrong.

“2013 isn’t so long ago if you think about it.” Baekhyun said, leaning on Chanyeol’s shoulder as the results popped up on the computer screen.

The year 2013 definitely wasn’t long ago. This made Chanyeol realize that Jimin most likely wasn’t completely recovered from his rape.

Chanyeol felt sudden guilt wash over his body as the search results continued to pop up on the screen.

“Woah, there it is.” Baekhyun said with wide eyes, pointing to the first link that popped up.

Chanyeol hesitantly clicked on the first link, feeling Baekhyun lean over his shoulder even more out of curiosity.

A long article showed up on the screen, with a bunch of pictures and info. At that moment, Chanyeol wasn’t sure if he wanted to read any of it.

“Babe, maybe we shouldn’t …” Chanyeol decided to say, slowly sliding the cursor up to close out the tab, before Baekhyun was immediately stopping him.

“No! What’re you doing? Don’t close it out.” Baekhyun whined, pushing Chanyeol’s hand away from the laptop’s mouse.

“It just… it feels wrong.” Chanyeol said, slowly starting to close the laptop before Baekhyun was stopping him again.

“Why is it wrong? Don’t you want to know if it was Taehyung in that situation?” Baekhyun asked with wide eyes, looking at Chanyeol with pleading eyes.

“Yeah, I do want to know… but not like this. I feel like I’m … digging too deep into someone’s personal lif-” Chanyeol started, starting to close the laptop once again, before Baekhyun was stopping him for the third time.

“Then fine, give it to me. I’ll read it.” Baekhyun said with a roll of his eyes. snatching the laptop out of Chanyeol’s hands.

“Baekhyunie…” Chanyeol sighed weakly, watching as the boy sat the laptop onto his lap. He really wanted to stop Baekhyun from reading the article, but he felt like he couldn’t. Baekhyun was just a little too imperious for Chanyeol to control him…

Unlike Jimin.

Victims… Park Jimin… 13 years ol- Woah… Jimin was born on October 13th? That’s the same day that this all happened.” Baekhyun said with wide eyes, fully engaged in the article that was on the screen.

Chanyeol pulled out his phone from his back pocket, trying to ignore the boy who was mumbling the article under his breath.

“Kim Taehyung …” Baekhyun mumbled before falling silent for a few seconds.

Chanyeol looked up at Baekhyun, watching curiously as the light from the screen reflected on Baekhyun’s face. Baekhyun seemed to be staring at a picture for about 10 silent seconds. He seemed to slightly be in a state of shock.

After a moment, Baekhyun continue to scroll down the page, mumbling again. “J-Jeon… Jeon Jungkook?” Baekhyun mumbled with wide eyes, his eyes quickly scanning over the screen.

“Min…”Baekhyun whispered before stopping in shock. “Chanyeol …” Baekhyun called his boyfriend’s name, grabbing his attention.

When Chanyeol looked at Baekhyun, the boy had an astonished look on his face, like he was ready to tell Chanyeol the biggest gossip of the century.


“You will not believe what I just found…” Baekhyun said, his eyes glued to the computer screen.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

6:31 PM

“Jungkook-ah, dinner is ready!” Jungkook’s mother called from the kitchen as she finished setting the food onto table.

After a few seconds, Jungkook came slowly trailing down the stairs with a blank face.

Jungkook’s father shut off the television, before walking into the kitchen, following behind Jungkook. Jungkook’s parents simultaneously sat down at the table, before Jungkook was sitting down with a small, distressed sigh.

When he looked at the table, he saw two containers of his medications beside his food, making him groan internally.

“You haven’t taken your medication today, so take it now and wait at least 10 minutes before you start eating your dinner.” His mother spoke softly. “And you can take your SSRI before bed.” She finished, before picking up her chopsticks.

Jungkook nodded slowly, before opening the container of benzodiazepines, and popping them into his mouth with a drink of water.

After Jungkook took his other pill, he looked at his father who was typing something on his phone. He must’ve been sending another email to his boss. He had been having trouble at work lately.

After a few seconds, Jungkook’s father threw his phone onto the table with a deep, irritated sigh.

Jungkook and his mother both noticed how agitated and stressed his father has been lately, so they figured that they shouldn’t bother him.

After Jungkook’s father finally took his first bite, Jungkook hesitantly started to eat his food. He wasn’t feeling very hungry at the moment. He just wanted to sleep. His depression had been hitting him so hard lately.

He missed Seokjin so much that he felt like his heart was literally hurting.

He wanted to drop out of school, especially after seeing Park Jimin, the person that probably ruined his entire life.

Everyone in the school had already made up a new nickname for Jungkook …

He was now known as “the boy who had a seizure in the art classroom”, also known as the “seizure kid”.

Jungkook sat alone during lunch time, as usual, but lately he’s been getting a lot of stares and whispers about him.

It’s like everything was repeating itself. Nothing was different compared to Jungkook’s life at the school that he previously attended.

The only difference was that Jungkook didn’t have Seokjin to go to for comfort and safety now…

Now he had to deal with seeing Park Jimin everyday for his next few high school years.

“So how was school?“ Jungkook’s mother asked suddenly, placing her chopsticks into her bowl when she realized that Jungkook was barely eating his dinner.

Jungkook looked up from the blank spot that he staring at, before speaking slowly. “Um… it was okay.” Jungkook mumbled, looking back down at the table.

“Are you sure?” His mother questioned after a few seconds, concern written on her face.

“Mhm.” Jungkook mumbled, poking at his food with his chopsticks.

Jungkook’s mother bit her lip in thought for a seconds, before picking up her chopsticks again.

“Have you been studying for your exams?” Jungkook’s father asked suddenly, shoving a ball of rice into his mouth.

“Mhm.” Jungkook mumbled again, not even glancing up at his father for a second.

“I better see nothing but passing grades this year. Okay?” His father said sternly, noticing how Jungkook kept his eyes on his food.

“Mhm.” Jungkook mumbled as he nodded slowly, still poking his food in sulkiness. Both of his parents immediately noticed how the boy was sulking.

His father dropped his chopsticks, wiping his mouth with a napkin, before questioning him. “What’s wrong?” His dad asked suddenly, looking at his son from across the table.

Jungkook slightly shrugged before speaking softly. “Everything.” The small boy said at barely a whisper, still avoiding his parents’ eyes.

Silence filled the atmosphere, as his parents both looked at him in silence, with regretful looks written on their faces.

Jungkook’s mother placed her chopsticks down once again, before letting out a small sigh. “Jungkook, we know that things… are not going as you expected.” His mother spoke hesitantly, careful not to upset Jungkook.

“We didn’t know that things were going to be like this either. But I hope you know that … we really do want the best for you. Everything that we do is for you. We’re trying as hard as we can to take care of you, and I know that sometimes - sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. But we really are trying … do you know that?” His mother asked, her voice slightly wavering.

There was a long moment of silence as Jungkook’s parents looked at him, waiting for a response.

“Mhm.” Jungkook mumbled, blankly looking at his untouched plate of food.



━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

4:18 PM


As Namjoon slowly started to pull up to his apartment building, he turned off the car radio, which was playing a song by Lee Hi. Namjoon couldn’t remember the name of the song, but it was a song that made him emotional whenever it came on.

After parking his silver Jeep approximately one block away from his apartment building, Namjoon turned off the engine before opening the door and stepping out. He let out an irritated groan as he immediately started to feel small drops of rain hit his skin.

After he closed the car door, he quickly started to take big steps to his apartment building. He enjoyed watching the rain, but he hated being in it.

Namjoon looked up at the dark blue, gloomy sky, before shoving his hands into his pockets for warmth. He couldn’t help but glance at the bus stop that was directly across the street from his apartment building, like he usually did.

There usually was never anyone at that bus stop, except for in the mornings. So it was weird for Namjoon to see a person sitting there in the early evening.

Namjoon glanced at the person that was sitting at the bus stop, before turning his head away after less than a second.

The tall blonde did a double-take when he realized that the figure sat the bus stop seemed familiar.

It was a boy in a black hoodie, who had his head lowered. The person's figure reminded Namjoon of his classmate, Kim Taehyung.

Namjoon squinted his eyes as he observed the figure who was sitting on the bus stop bench for a few seconds, before turning his head away when he decided that maybe it’s not Taehyung.


══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

4:23 PM


“Dad?” Namjoon called as he walked into his apartment. “Dad.” Namjoon said as he walked into the living room, to see his father sprawled out on the couch and pressing random buttons on the tv remote control.

“How the hell do you work this thing?” His father asked, repeatedly pressing random buttons with confusion written on his face.

Gosh, you’re so old, Namjoon wanted to say but refrained from saying it in fear of hurting his father’s feelings.

“Dad…” Namjoon repeated with a sigh. “I missed my doctor’s appointment today because you didn’t remind me.” Namjoon started in distress, running his fingers through his honey blonde strands with a sigh.

“I arrived at the hospital 2 hours late, and they told me that my doctor was busy with another patient, and I had to reschedule my entire appointment. Why didn’t you remind me this morning? You know how important this is.“ Namjoon stressfully ranted in annoyance. His dad was so irresponsible sometimes.

“Joon, it’s not my complete responsibility to remind you about your appointments. It’s not so hard to create a “to-do” list. You can even set reminders on your phone.” His father spoke in tranquility, as he finally learned how to work the remote control.

You’re telling me how to use a phone?  Namjoon wanted to say as he sighed again.

“I don’t even have a fu- freaking phone. If I had one, I probably would’ve set the reminder in my calendar.” Namjoon said irritably, throwing his backpack onto the floor by the living room’s entrance.

“Well, you know that we can’t afford to buy any new phones right now. So I guess you’re just going to have to set your reminders the good old-fashioned way… On a damn calendar.” His father said, before slapping the remote control in hopes of getting it to work properly.

“Or you can just make a to-do list like I said.” His father said with a shrug, adjusting his glasses onto his face.

Namjoon blankly looked at his dad for a few seconds, before looking at the television with another deep sigh.

His dad was now watching the 4 o’clock news, like he did every day.

His father always watched the news, but Namjoon didn’t understand why if the same things were happening in the world every single day.

War, terrorism, murder, rape…

Will the world ever change? Namjoon thought.

━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

6:48 PM


Namjoon emitted a deep sigh as he landed onto his twin-sized bed, which was a little too small for his long, lean body.

After Namjoon’s older sister had arrived home, he ate a small dinner with her and his father, before the siblings had to do their chores.

Namjoon had just finished washing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and the living room. Now he could finally relax for a while, before he had to start his homework.

The blonde sat up on his bed for a few seconds, before searching his blankets and sheets for his laptop in confusion.

His eyes scanned the room for a few seconds, before he was letting out a dramatic gasp in realization, his eyes widening in the process.

The car, Namjoon thought before immediately walking over to his window to see how bad the rain was.

Before Namjoon could even reach his window, a bright light in the sky flashed before his eyes as a loud noise immediately echoed after, almost making Namjoon jump out of his nonexistent shoes.

Thunder and lightning rarely happened in the area, so this was so unexpected for Namjoon.

The blonde hesitantly step closer to the window, before pulling back the curtains further.

Namjoon was surprised to see the streets nearly flooding as the loud rain started to pour rapidly, the sun slightly starting to set.

Shit, Namjoon thought. He couldn’t go out to his car just for a laptop… not in this type of weather.

Namjoon was just about to say “fuck the laptop”, until he remembered that he needed it tonight to work on his homework assignments and projects.

Speaking of projects, Namjoon wasn’t sure on what to do about this situation with his partner for the English project, Taehyung.

For the past few hours, Namjoon kept getting sudden thoughts about how the younger boy started to bleed through and from underneath his shirt sleeves.

Namjoon assumed that the blood must’ve been coming from Taehyung’s wrists, because of the fact that he kept reaching underneath his sleeves to scratch his wrists every few seconds.

At first, Namjoon thought the boy was just simply itchy, but after the transfer student, Park Jimin, walked into the room, Namjoon noticed that Taehyung’s itching suddenly started to get worse.

Namjoon wanted to seriously talk to Taehyung when he was on the roof during their lunch period. He wanted to tell the boy that no matter what he was going through, everything would be okay in the end.

But Namjoon didn’t get the chance to say that, and he regretted not saying it at that time. Taehyung was just such a closed-book, and he was sort of intimidating to Namjoon, even though the blonde was older than him.

But since Taehyung considered Namjoon a stranger, the blonde knew that nothing he says would change anything for Taehyung.

Namjoon squinted at the bus stop through the raindrop-stained window for a few moments, before opening it to clearly see the bus stop that was across the street. He swore that he could see the same person who was sitting at the bus stop earlier, still in the same spot as a few hours ago.

Is this person seriously still waiting for the bus? Namjoon wondered, squinting at the black-hooded figure that was still in the same position as nearly 2 hours ago.

Namjoon sighed deeply as he thought about his poor laptop that must’ve been so lonely in the backseat of his car.

But he wasn’t seriously going to risk his life by leaving his house in this type of weather, just for an electronic...

Pft, I’m not a complete idiot, Namjoon snorted in thought.

He wasn’t that ridiculous...

══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════


6:54 PM


“Dad, I’ll be back. I’m just getting something from my car.” Namjoon said to his father who was sitting on the couch and watching the news, once again.

“Okay, hurry back. Try not to get struck by lightning.” His father said, taking a sip of his cold tea.

“Pft.” Namjoon snorted, throwing his jacket on before grabbing the biggest umbrella he could find.

As he stepped out of the front door to his apartment, his next door neighbor was leaving her apartment at the same time as him. She was a small and rather old lady, with a mixture of black and dark grey hair, who wore pink glasses that Namjoon found very fashionable.

She was partially blind, and she always walked a little slow. So whenever she saw Namjoon, she would ask for his help with some things.

“Good evening, Mrs. Choi.” Namjoon said with a grin, after he had locked his apartment door.

“Oh, good evening, Joon. It’s been such a long time since I last saw you.” Mrs. Choi said once she turned around to face the blonde.

“Oh - Uh… Mrs. Choi, you saw me yesterday morning, and last night. I helped you with your groceries, remember?” Namjoon asked in confusion before letting out a small chuckle. The small lady always forgot the important things and the minor things.

“Really? That was you? I’m so sorry, honey. You know that I’m almost completely blind.” Mrs. Choi said with a small laugh, making Namjoon feel so bad, that he didn't even smile or laugh along with her.

“I’m sorry.” Namjoon found himself apologizing softly, gently linking his arms with the small old lady.

“No no, don’t apologize. I’m just so old, I can barely remember my name some days.” Mrs. Choi said, letting out another laugh.

Namjoon let out a small chuckle, but his eyes were filled with guilt and concern. He wished that he could help the lady with her suffering.

Everyone suffers, but why? Namjoon wondered suddenly.


“Wait, Mrs. Choi. You need an umbrella, there’s a bad storm going on right now.” Namjoon informed softly, making the lady stop in her tracks. He wasn’t sure why the small lady wanted to go out in bad weather like this…

But then again… why the hell are you going out in bad weather, Namjoon?

People have needs, Namjoon argued with himself.

Yeah, a laptop is a need -

“Ah really? I thought I heard thunder. Well, that sucks because my last umbrella just broke last wee-“ Mrs. Choi started stressfully, before Namjoon didn't even give her time to finish her sentence, immediately handing her his umbrella.

“Here, you can have mine. I have another one in my car.” Namjoon said gently as he placed the umbrella into the woman’s hand.

“No no, sweetheart. It’s fine. Keep your umbrella. I’m just going across the street to the other building to visit a friend.” Mrs. Choi protested, slowly handing the umbrella back to Namjoon.

“No, Mrs. Choi, you need it. I have another umbrella in my car. Please keep this one.” Namjoon insisted, letting the small lady keep the umbrella for herself.

“Honey, you’re too kind. I’ll be fine, really -“ Mrs. Choi started again.

Please, Mrs. Choi… keep it.” Namjoon said softly with a small bow, before linking his arms with the lady again.

The lady gave up on arguing with Namjoon, knowing that the boy wouldn’t take the umbrella back. She knew that the blonde always put others before himself.

Such a selfless boy, the lady thought as the two started to walk toward the elevator.

“Mrs. Choi, I’ll take you across the street into the other building, to make sure that you get there safely.” Namjoon said once the pair was in the elevator.

“Oh, Joon… it’s just rain. You’re acting like a murder is out there.” Mrs. Choi laughed, but again didn’t argue with the stubborn boy.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

6:58 PM


After Namjoon had carefully walked Mrs. Choi to the building across the street, letting her keep his umbrella, he was just about to cross the street to get to his car, when he noticed that a bus was about to pass by the bus stop.

Namjoon’s eyes had caught the neon words on the front of the bus that read “Not In Service”, before it kept moving passed the bus stop without stopping.

Most buses usually stopped running when there was a bad storm, and most of Seoul knew that… so Namjoon wasn’t sure why the person at the bus stop had been sitting there, motionless for about 2 hours.

Maybe the person doesn’t know that the buses are out of service? Namjoon figured that he should be the good samaritan he is, and simply tell the person that the buses aren’t running. It was only the right thing to do. Namjoon didn’t want the person to sit at the bus stop for the rest of this stormy evening, hoping a bus would stop soon.

Slowly, Namjoon made his way to the bus stop as the rain started to come down even harsher. His hair was soaked, his sweatpants and beige hoodie were already clinging to his body like they were apart of him, and his cheap sneakers was absorbing the water like a sponge everytime the blonde stepped into a small puddle.

Namjoon hated being in the rain so much, but he had to remember why he left his apartment in the first place.

All for a laptop, Namjoon sighed as he was now a few feet away from the bus stop.

When Namjoon approached the bus stop, the figure that sat there didn't move a muscle or acknowledge the blonde’s presence. The figure seemed to be a boy who had dark hair. He had his hands in the pockets of his black hoodie, as his head hang low.

He looked like he was asleep, and unaware that there was a rainstorm going on at the moment.

Namjoon hesitantly stepped closer to the boy, before curiously leaning over to see if the boy was alive at least.

“Um… excuse me?” Namjoon spoke softly, awkwardly looking at the person in black when they didn’t respond.

“E-excuse me? Hello?” Namjoon started again, louder this time, which immediately startled the boy who was sitting in the bench.

The boy in the black hoodie jumped as his eyes flew open. He looked up at Namjoon with wide eyes before looking around at his surroundings. He seemed to be slightly confused.

“Taehyung? …” Namjoon started in confusion. “What’re you … what’re you doing here?” The blonde asked, removing his hands from his pockets.

Taehyung looked up at Namjoon with an irritated and unwelcoming look on his face for a few seconds, which sent shivers down Namjoon’s spine. “Well this is a bus stop, isn’t it? So what the hell does it look like I’m doing? I’m waiting for the bus just like everyone else is.” Taehyung said indifferently, immediately just wanting Namjoon to leave.

Why the hell do I keep running into this boy, Taehyung thought in annoyance.

“Okay but… there's no people…” Namjoon said, looking around sarcastically to find this “everyone” that Taehyung was talking about. “And there’s no bus. There hasn’t been any buses stopping here for the past 2 hours.” Namjoon informed, glancing at the bus schedule for a few seconds before continuing. “So… I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.” He finished with a shrug.

Taehyung looked at Namjoon blankly, before standing up in silence and walking over to the bus schedule, the tough rain drenching him in the process.

Once he was done looking at the electronic schedule, he walked back over to the benches, sitting down again with a sigh as water dripped off of his hair and onto his face.

“What does it say?” Namjoon asked curiously, awkwardly standing a few away from Taehyung.

Taehyung glared up at Namjoon for a few seconds, before rolling his eyes in silence. He found Namjoon really nosy. It says you should go away, Taehyung wanted to say to the blonde.

“Out of service.” Taehyung said dully after a few seconds. He hated admitting that he was wrong about some things.

And Namjoon loved being right.

“I told you.” Namjoon said nonchalantly with a shrug, walking over to sit on the bench.

“Look, why the hell are you here? Congratulations, you were right. You may leave now.” Taehyung snapped, rapidly standing up from the bench before Namjoon could sit down next to him.

Namjoon hesitantly sat down the bench, letting out a chuckle like something hilarious had happened. “I live here - ”Namjoon said slowly, like that was obvious.

“You live at the bus stop?” Taehyung asked with an eyebrow raised, making Namjoon freeze in realization when he realized that he literally just said he lived at the bus stop.

“No, idiot. I live across the street.” Namjoon said, before a loud boom of thunder was startling the both of them, making them simultaneously jump.

“Don’t call me an idiot… and I didn’t ask where you lived.” Taehyung continued coldly, rolling his eyes as he turned away from the blonde.

“You literally just asked me where I liv-“ Namjoon started before Taehyung was cutting him off with a loud, elongated, very obnoxious sigh.

Did he just… Namjoon thought as he glared at the back of Taehyung’s head. The younger boy was just so rude, Namjoon couldn’t stand it.

Namjoon sighed deeply before speaking again. “You know, I was going to be a kind person and ask if you needed a ride home… but forget it, you can just walk.” Namjoon said coldly, before standing up and starting to walk away from the benches.

“Whatever, I don’t want you to take me home anyways.” Taehyung fired back in a careless tone, keeping his back toward Namjoon to show how much he didn’t care.

“Okay then. Good luck not getting struck by lightning.” Namjoon said as he (ever so slowly) started to finally walk away.

Gosh, I sound like my dad, Namjoon thought.

“I’m not going to get struck by lighting because I’m taking a taxi, for your information.” Taehyung continued on with the argument, still not sparing Namjoon a single glance.

A car could get struck by lightning... for your information, Namjoon wanted to say because he was such a smart-ass. This was why he always argued with his father, he always had a smart-ass response. He was cursed with unusual wit and intelligence, and a mouth that didn’t want to shut.

“I didn’t ask how you were getting home, I really don’t care -“ Namjoon started again nonchalantly.

“Well, if you don’t care then why the fuck are you still here?!” Taehyung raised his voice as he faced Namjoon, losing his temper in less than a second.

Namjoon froze in bewilderment, stunned by how he could make someone snap in less than 3 minutes.

Woah dude, it wasn’t that deep, Namjoon wanted to say. But at the same time, maybe it is, Namjoon thought as he looked at Taehyung in confusion.

Taehyung glared at Namjoon for a few seconds, before shutting his eyes with a sigh and turning away in attempt to calm himself.

Instead of saying anything else, Namjoon awkwardly turned around and started to walk away. He didn’t feel like irritating Taehyung any more than he already is. Maybe the boy just didn’t want help. Maybe he just didn’t want to be talked to at all.

Maybe he just wants to be alone, Namjoon figured as he slowly started to make his way to his car.


══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════


7:06 PM


Taehyung cleared the notifications from his phone for the 9th time in order to ignore his aunt’s text messages. She had texted him almost 45 times, begging him to come home, begging him to answer his phone, begging him to text a word at least … just so she knew that he was okay.

Taehyung knew that his school counselor or dean probably had called his aunt earlier and told her about what happened in the classroom today.

Taehyung assumed that it was Ms. Hong who had told his aunt everything, that was so typical of her… getting into the student’s business and telling everything to their guardians when things got out of hand.

Taehyung reached into the pockets of his black hoodie in search for some money. As expected, he only had about 4,000 won ($4).

He sighed deeply as he realized that he definitely didn’t have enough to pay for a taxi.

Taehyung didn’t mind staying at the bus stop for the rest of the night until the buses were back in service.

He wasn’t ready to go home and face his aunt. Tonight could possibly be the night that his aunt finds out about how long he’s been cutting himself. Tonight could be the night when his aunt would call the psychiatric hospital… the same one that he stayed in when he was 12 years old, emotionally unstable, unable to live.

Taehyung couldn’t imagine going back there…

He wouldn’t know how long he’d have to stay in there this time. He wouldn’t know when his aunt would come back and get him…

If she ever does come back and get him.

━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━



November 9th, 2009


6:11 PM


“Namjoonie, would you like anything to eat? A snack, or a drink?” The doctor asked Namjoon as she stood by the door, waiting for the boy’s response.

Namjoon looked up from his Nintendo DS game, thinking for a few seconds. “Um… yes, some orange juice would be fine… Oh - and a bag of Doritos - the red one, no one likes the blue. Also strawberry yog-“ Namjoon started to ramble out a bunch of snacks before his mother was stopping him.

“Woah, woah… wait a minute. Since when do I let you eat like that?” His mother spoke from the hospital bed, sitting up comfortably as she looked at Namjoon with furrowed eyebrows.

“B-but… you always let me eat junk food.” Namjoon said, holding back a whine.

“Yeah, but only on weekends. You know that already.” Namjoon’s mother scolded the boy who was sitting at the foot of the hospital bed, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“But… please, just this once?” Namjoon started to beg. His mother figure that she should just give in now, she knew that her son wasn’t going to give up.

She thought for a few seconds before sighing in defeat. “Fine, just this once.” His mother said, raising a finger in seriousness.

“I want you to be as healthy as possible.” His mother said, putting a hand on his shoulder, as the doctor started to leave the room with a fond smile on her face.

“I am healthy.” Namjoon whined, getting back to his game on his Nintendo DS.

“Yeah, and I want you to remain that way.” His mother said, snatching her son’s DS away from his hands.

“Mom…” Namjoon groaned in annoyance.

══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════


“Mom?” Namjoon called his mother who was slowly drifting off to sleep in the hospital bed.

“Hm?” She mumbled, her eyes still closed. There was a long silence in the room for a few seconds, as Namjoon but his lip awkwardly. “What is it?” His mother asked when she didn’t get a response, slowly opening her eyes.

“Uh…” Namjoon said softly, looking at the bright blue floors. He wasn’t sure if he should talk about this type of stuff with his mother.

“Come sit here.” His mother said suddenly, patting a spot on the bed next to her. Namjoon hesitantly stood up from his spot at the foot of the bed, and sat down closer to his mother.

“Um… remember the boy that used to … bully me last year?” Namjoon spoke slowly, playing with the hem on his yellow sweater as his mother nodded soon after.

“What about him?” His mother asked, mindlessly combing her fingers through her son’s dark hair.

“Well…” Namjoon started with a sigh. “He talked to me today. We had a small conversation at lunch.” Namjoon said lowly.

“What’d he say?” Namjoon’s mother asked with furrowed eyebrows, sitting up on the bed to hear her son’s story.

“Nothing much. First, he apologized to me… for everything he had said and done to me last year. He said that he was just going through some things at that time.” Namjoon continued, fiddling with the zipper on his hoodie. “I know that’s not an excuse to pick on someone else, but… he barely has any frIends now.” The boy mumbled the end of his sentence.

His mother nodded, wanting him to continue. Namjoon looked at his mother in uncertainty before speaking. “I don't want to feel bad, but I do …” He said in distress. He was afraid that his mother was going to ask why he felt sorry for a bully.

“It’s okay to feel bad, sweetie.” His mother said instead, before Namjoon was looking at his mother in confusion.

“No, it’s - it’s not okay… and I know that…” Namjoon slightly whined. “But the only reason I feel bad is because …” He paused, before sighing deeply.

His mother placed a comforting hand on his shoulder as she waited for him to continue.

Namjoon let out another sigh before hesitantly speaking. “Because… he hurts himself.” Namjoon whispered, like it wasn’t supposed to be told.

His mother furrowed her eyebrows in slight confusion. “What do you mean? Like … he harms himself? Physically?” His mother asked for clarification.

Namjoon bit his lip as he looked around the room for a few silent seconds. “Yeah… I saw these weird-looking scars … on his wrists and his hands.” Namjoon spoke slowly, looking into his mother’s concern-filled eyes.

“I guess I wasn’t supposed to see them… but I asked him about it, not knowing what it was. I thought he just accidentally injured himself multiple times… but then I realized that it’s almost impossible for someone to accidentally injure themselves that many times.” Namjoon said to his mother.

“What did he say when you asked him about it?” His mother asked in concern.

“He said he did it to himself… because he hates himself, and he hates his life … and he has no friends.” Namjoon said in gloominess. “He - he said he can’t stop, even though he wants to.” The boy said, his voice slightly quivering.

His mother looked at him in silence, trying to read his expression. He looked like he was going to cry, all for another person that he barely knew.

“And what did you say to him?” Namjoon’s mother asked after a few silent seconds.

Namjoon silently stared at the floor before letting out a slightly bitter laugh. “I said I would be his friend… I said I would make him want to live again.” Namjoon whispered, before meeting his mother’s eyes.

For some reason, his mother looked proud. She seemed to be testing him while he was telling the story.

She wanted to know if her son would walk away when someone was in pain.

His mother looked at him in silence for a few seconds, before slowly nodding her head. Namjoon expected her to say 'leave the boy alone, he’ll be okay.'

“You’re a good person for that… Do you know that, Joonie?” His mother said instead, wholeheartedly.

I am? Namjoon thought in confusion.

“I know that sometimes we seek revenge. Sometimes we get angry at the ones who hurt us… but when someone’s life is at risk or when they’re so close to ending it all, you should be the bigger and better person.” His mother said slowly, putting emphasis on almost every word just so Namjoon could fully understand her.

“So… help the ones who didn’t help you?” Namjoon asked softly, trying to understand why his mother would say this.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” His mother said with a nod, slightly confusing Namjoon. He wasn’t sure what this saying meant, but he’d heard it from his teacher a few times.

“So… you want me to treat him how he treated me?” Namjoon asked in confusion, waiting for clarification.

“No.” His mother started, shaking her head. She wanted the exact opposite for Namjoon. “That which you do not wish for yourself, do not impose on others.” His mother restated the saying into an easier form for Namjoon to understand.

Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows as he thought in silence, staring at the shiny baby blue floors, in which he could see his reflection in.

“A clear conscience is always a good pillow.” She spoke again before yawning, and slowly relaxing herself on the bed.

A clear conscience is always a good pillow…

What is that even supposed to mean? Namjoon wanted to ask his mother, but her eyes were slowly starting to close.

She seemed to be really exhausted at the moment, so Namjoon figured that he should leave her alone for the evening.

“And also…” Namjoon’s mother suddenly spoke again with her eyes still closed, slightly startling Namjoon. “Remember that the coldest people could be hurting the most.” She mumbled tiredly.

Namjoon wasn’t actually comprehending what his mother was saying at the moment. Instead he nodded silently, before picking up his Nintendo DS to play a new game.

As his mother started to subconsciously drift off to sleep, Namjoon lowered his DS in thought. His mind quickly started to drift off as started to think about the boy who used to bully him last year, and how much he had changed.

He used to pick on the small people, the quietest people, the dumbest people, and even the smartest people (which included Namjoon).

But just because he was a bully, doesn’t mean he was happy with himself or with his life, Namjoon thought.

Even the coldest people are lonely, Namjoon concluded. Even the coldest people hurt.

The coldest people could be hurting the most, Namjoon repeated his mother’s sayings in his head.

Treat others how you want to be treated…

Or it will come back to haunt you… one way or another.

Namjoon finally understood.

━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━



December 30th, 2014


12:14 PM

“Happy birthday to you…” The doctors sang as they walked into Taehyung’s room, holding a small chocolate ice cream cake, Taehyung’s favorite.

Taehyung slowly sat up in his bed, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes as all of the doctors started to come into the room.

“Happy birthday to you… happy birthday dear Tae-Tae, happy birthday to you!” The doctors sang simultaneously, as Taehyung’s eyes met with his favorite doctor, Dr. Kim.

Taehyung smiled genuinely, his eyes lighting up in excitement once he saw the ice cream cake.

The chocolate cake held two red candles of numbers 1 and 4.

Taehyung was now 14 years old, it had passed approximately a year since he first came to the hospital… but it felt like yesterday.

His grandma had brought him to the hospital 2 days before his birthday last year, so he didn’t get to celebrate his 13th birthday with his grandparents.

On his 13th birthday, he lied awake in his hospital bed, crying his eyes out, feeling like a crazy person, as darkness filled his entire body and took over his mind. He remembers the doctors trying their best to comfort him, he remembers them trying to feed him a pill, he remembers screaming at them and begging them not to lay a finger on him.

Especially, the men doctors.

On Taehyung's 13th birthday, he remembers not feeling human.

But now that it’d passed a year, Taehyung was feeling … at least half-human.

“Make a wish!” Dr. Hyun said with a smile, leaning the cake toward Taehyung as Taehyung slowly stood up from his bed to make his way over to the doctors.

“A big wish.” One of the doctors said from the back of the small crowd, before Taehyung was stepping forward to examine the cake properly.

It had tiny decorations on it, including Taehyung’s face. Taehyung let out a soft laugh, before closing his eyes.

He wasn’t sure if he should wish to be dead…

Or wish to be happy.

Maybe I’d be happy if I was dead, Taehyung thought with his eyes still closed.

“Woah, it must be a pretty big wish.” Dr. Hyun said with a kind smile, before all of the other doctors were chuckling behind her.

Yeah, bigger than you think.

Taehyung wasn’t your average 14 year old, who would usually wish for a girlfriend, or for new clothes and a new pair of shoes…

Taehyung wished for a new life.

And with that, he blew out the candles.


“What’d you wish for, sweetie?” Dr. Kim asked with a friendly smile, lowering the cake that was in her hands.

Taehyung’s eyes lowered to the floor, as he remained silent with a blank face.

I can’t tell you … otherwise it won’t come true.

“Taehyung-ah?” Dr. Kim called the small boy to get his attention, but Taehyung didn’t look up from the floor.

I wished to be happy.

I wished to be free.

“Taehyung? Did you hear me?” Dr. Kim asked, sitting the chocolate cake onto the table with confusion written on her face.

I wished to be freed from this everlasting pain.

“Hey, sweetie. Look at me…” Dr. Hyun said, trying to get Taehyung to look into her eyes. His eyes started to water uncontrollably, as he continued to stare at a blank spot on the ground.

I wished for life.

I wished to live again.

I wished to live happily and without fear of what’s to come.

“Taehyung? Hey, look at me. Look at us, Taehyung. We’re right here.” Dr. Kim raised her voice to get Taehyung to snap out of it… but she didn’t touch Taehyung once, she knew it would set him off and make him snap without hesitation.

But at the same time, I wished not to live at all.

“Hey, Taehyung-ah…” One of the newer doctors started to speak softly, slightly kneeling down in front of Taehyung without getting too close.

“Hey, hey… Taehyung-ah…” Dr. Kim tried the technique that she would usually use whenever Taehyung went blank and unresponsive.

The technique was to call Taehyung’s name, and repeat the word “hey” a few times until Taehyung snapped out of his usual dark thoughts and came back to reality.

“Hey… hey, Tae-Tae. Look, it’s me... Dr. Kim.” The doctor said calmly in hopes of getting Taehyung’s attention. She kneeled down next to the newer doctor, before slowly reaching her hand out to Taehyung.

“Taehyung, hey… right here.” Dr. Kim lowered her voice to a whisper, knowing that it would slightly grab Taehyung’s attention.

Slowly, Taehyung’s eyes averted to Dr. Kim’s eyes… his brown, pain-filled ones meeting with the doctor’s caring ones.

Once their eyes met, the doctor silently delivered a message to Taehyung almost through telepathy.

Don’t think…

Blank mind.

Taehyung slowly reached his hand out to Dr. Kim’s, their hands touching lightly before Dr. Kim was slowly tightening her grip on the boy’s hand.

“Hey.” Dr. Kim whispered, her thumb gently running over Taehyung’s quakey, tender hands.

“Hey.” Taehyung whispered back with watery eyes, smiling softly when he realized that he was back to reality.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━


7:12 PM


“Hey!” A lonely voice echoed through the sound of the pouring rain.

Taehyung slowly lifted his head when he heard the familiar voice yelling his way. When he looked up from the ground, there was a silver Jeep right in front of him.

Taehyung squinted a bit before noticing that it was Namjoon who was in the car a few feet away.

Namjoon rolled down the rain-stained window more than it was, to stick his blonde head out it.

“Ya…” Namjoon started, before sighing… like he was forcing himself to do something.

Taehyung slightly glared at Namjoon in confusion as he continued to sit on the bus bench. He wasn’t moving until the storm stopped.

“Get in the car.” Namjoon said finally, in a awfully relaxed tone, as he rested his arm on the window.

“Excuse you? Who the hell -“ Taehyung started, before Namjoon was cutting him off in annoyance.

“You heard me. Get into the car. It's late, it’s raining, it’s cold … you have to go home one way or another.” Namjoon said, trying his best to hide the caring tone that was hidden in his voice.

“I told you, I’m paying for a taxi-“ Taehyung sighed, wishing Namjoon would just go home and leave him be for once.

“Then show me the money you have on you.” Namjoon demanded in suspicion. If Taehyung had money for a taxi, then why was he still sitting at the bus stop?

Oh gosh, this fucker is so annoying, who the hell created him? Taehyung thought in complete irritation as he slowly started to reach into his pockets, to pull out his (almost) nonexistent money.

Namjoon was far from stupid. He immediately noticed how hesitant Taehyung was being about pulling out his money. He knew that Taehyung probably didn't have much money for a taxi.

Namjoon squinted at Taehyung in confusion, before rolling his eyes as Taehyung slowly took out about 4 bills from his pocket.

“Get in the car.” Namjoon demanded once again before Taehyung could even finish taking out his “money” from his pockets.

Taehyung froze before clenching his jaw in annoyance. Who the hell does this boy think he is? Taehyung thought.

“I will the call the police on you for -“ Taehyung started another argument, as Namjoon was rolling his eyes again in disbelief.

“Seriously, Taehyung? I’m trying to help you, okay? Just let me help you for Christ’s sake, now get in the damn car!” Namjoon raised his voice toward the end of the sentence, slightly startling Taehyung.

Did he just … yell at me? Taehyung thought, trying his best to contain his anger. He hated when people raised their voice at him… but Namjoon really did seem like he was trying to help.

A huge part of Taehyung didn't want to trust Namjoon or even talk to him, but the blonde boy looked so desperate to get Taehyung home in the storm.

“Please…” Namjoon started again, softer this time. Taehyung rolled his eyes and folded his arms in front of him like a brat.

“Get in the car, so I can take you home and we can both end this night peacefully.” Namjoon said with a sigh, already drained by how much of a fight Taehyung put up for the simplest things.

There was a long moment of silence, as the two boys avoided eye contact with each other, listening to the heavy rain flood the streets.

Taehyung bit his lip in thought for a moment, before letting out his biggest sigh of the night.


Fine, Taehyung was defeated.

══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════


“Sorry, there’s no space back there. I’m a little messy, but you can sit in the passenger seat.” Namjoon said once Taehyung opened the backdoor only to see that it cluttered with nonsense… electronics, clothes, books, and unopened snacks.

Taehyung huffed loudly when he realized that he had no other choice but to sit in the front seat, next to Namjoon.

Namjoon pushed the front door open for Taehyung, before Taehyung was slowly walking to the other side of the car.

When Taehyung got into the car, he sighed loudly before Namjoon started to subconsciously observe the boy.

When Taehyung felt the pair of eyes on him for longer than 2 seconds, he looked at Namjoon blankly. “May I help you?” Taehyung asked in irritation, watching at Namjoon quickly averted his eyes to the car’s windshield.

“Ah, n-no… I just - nothing.” Namjoon spoke quickly, in a slightly nervous tone. Taehyung wasn’t sure the blonde boy was acting anxious all of a sudden.

Namjoon cleared his throat as he started the car, before turning on the windshield wipers to clean the rain off of the window.

Taehyung shifted awkwardly in his seat, before glancing at Namjoon, who was putting his seatbelt on.

“Put your seatbelt on.” Namjoon said softly, trying his best not to sound so demanding. His mother had always told him that he needed to soften his usual, demanding tone.

Namjoon knew for sure that Taehyung didn’t like to be given orders, he always put up a fight when someone told him to do something simple.

As expected, Taehyung gave Namjoon a weird, unreadable look… almost like he was going to say 'No, I don't want to.'

But instead, Taehyung was silently turning around to look for his seatbelt.

Thank God, Namjoon thought. At least he knows what’s for his safety.

══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

7:31 PM


The car had been awkwardly silent for about 15 minutes…

So far, Taehyung hadn't done anything except stare at the car floor, stare out of the window, look at his text messages, and awkwardly play with the zipper on his hoodie. He didn’t glance at Namjoon once.

Meanwhile Namjoon had kept fidgeting (he always had a problem with staying still), tapping on the wheel whenever they stopped at a red light, turning on the radio for a few seconds before turning it off for no reason, and looking around for something once in a while. He had glanced at Taehyung about 4 times, wondering if the boy was ever going to talk to him.

Fortunately, Namjoon’s question was answered when Taehyung spoke suddenly.

“Make a left.” Taehyung said dully, his eyes focused on the street in front of them.

Namjoon expected Taehyung to at least say something else to him besides the directions to his house.

After Namjoon had turned left, the car fell silent again, before they stopped at another red light.

Namjoon awkwardly cleared his throat, before looking around the car aimlessly. Taehyung had his head facing the window, as he gazed at the rainy streets.

Namjoon had a bad habit of letting his eyes wander without him realizing, therefore he didn’t realize when he subconsciously started to observe Taehyung again while he wasn’t looking.

Taehyung was wearing his usual black hoodie, and ripped black jeans instead of his school uniform. He must’ve changed his clothes after school, Namjoon thought.

The rips on Taehyung’s black jeans were slightly revealing, and the boy seemed to be shivering softly from being in the rain.

Namjoon thought silently for a moment, before he was turning around to look for the big, beige jacket that was thrown on the backseat of the car.

Taehyung turned around in curiosity when Namjoon unbuckled his seat belt, before grabbing the beige jacket.

Once Namjoon had the jacket in his hands, he quickly threw it over Taehyung’s thighs, before sitting back down and putting on his seatbelt again.

Taehyung glanced down at the jacket before looking at Namjoon in confusion. “What is this for?” Taehyung asked, slowly picking up the jacket.

“You’re cold.” Namjoon said simply, trying to sound careless, as he started to drive again.

“No, I’m not -“ Taehyung started, removing the jacket off of his legs and onto the floor before Namjoon was immediately picking it back up, and throwing the jacket over his legs again.

“Yes, you are. I saw you shivering.” Namjoon said, looking back at the street in front of him as he drove.

Taehyung froze, looking down at the jacket again. “Well… if I was shivering, it wasn’t because I’m cold.” Taehyung argued back, slowly pushing the jacket off of his legs again.

“Then why were you shivering? Is there another reason why a person would shiver?” Namjoon asked, before the car fell silent for a few seconds. He couldn’t wait to hear the excuse that Taehyung would come up with.

“I was shivering in disgust.” Taehyung fired, before Namjoon was snickering in disbelief. “Because your car is filthy.” Taehyung finished coldly, folding his arms in front of him.

Namjoon’s car was a little messy, but it wasn’t actually filthy. Taehyung just wanted a reason for Namjoon to kick him out of his car. He didn’t ask to be driven home, but he was positive that Namjoon would have a good, smartass comeback like ‘Okay then, you don’t have to be in my car.

But instead, Namjoon just chuckled and shook his head lightly. The words ‘your car is filthy’ didn’t affect Namjoon because everyone told him that, even his father.

Taehyung’s eyes widened in shock when Namjoon didn’t respond to his insult. 

“That was an insult, by the way.” Taehyung said, looking at Namjoon for a reaction.

“I know.” Namjoon said simply, before snickering again.

The car fell silent once again, as Taehyung awkwardly turned his head around to look out of the window again. He wasn’t even halfway home.

Once they reached another red light, Namjoon was leaning down and picking up the beige jacket that Taehyung threw on the floor.

Taehyung expected Namjoon to throw the jacket back into the backseat where it was, but instead Namjoon was putting the jacket over Taehyung’s thighs again, but this time… in a more caring way.

“I… I said I’m not cold.” Taehyung said in a way softer tone than he usually speaks.

Namjoon didn’t respond to Taehyung, and just focused his eyes back on the street as he waited for the light to turn green. He knew that Taehyung kind of enjoyed arguing, so he didn’t want to give the boy a chance to argue anymore.

Taehyung looked down at the beige jacket that was thrown over his legs, before slowly pushing it off of him and onto the floor again.

Namjoon glanced at the jacket on the floor, before picking it up again and gently placing it on Taehyung’s legs.

As expected, Taehyung immediately pushed the jacket off of his legs again, and onto the floor.

Here we go, Namjoon thought as he sighed out loud.

Namjoon looked into Taehyung’s testing eyes, before picking up the jacket again, in a more irritated way.

“I don’t need it, I’m not cold.” Taehyung said before Namjoon could throw the jacket on him again. But as expected, Namjoon didn’t care. The blonde remained silent as he threw the jacket over Taehyung’s thighs again, trying to be patient.

Taehyung looked at Namjoon with annoyance written over his face, as he powerfully threw the jacket onto the floor one last time.

Namjoon clenched his jaw as he tried to remain silent, before averting his eyes to the street again as soon as the light turned green.

As the pair drove silently, Taehyung kept glancing at the blonde once in a while, waiting for him to pick up the jacket again, but he was surprised when Namjoon just left it on the floor for about 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, they came to another red light. Namjoon looked at Taehyung with an unreadable expression, before leaning down and picking up the beige jacket. Taehyung watched as the blonde gently placed the jacket over Taehyung’s slightly exposed thighs again, before adjusting it to make sure Taehyung was warm enough.

Taehyung was really confused all of a sudden. Namjoon seemed so calm and patient at the moment. He was being really caring toward Taehyung even after all of the arguments they’ve had today, starting with that intense encounter on the school’s roof earlier in the day.

The two had learned a lot about each other in less than 24 hours.

Namjoon had learned that Taehyung was stubborn, argumentative, and didn’t like to be helped… but the blonde also learned that Taehyung was sensitive, lonely, and self-harming at times.

Taehyung learned that Namjoon was a stubborn, sarcastic smartass who couldn’t stay out of people's business… but at the same time Taehyung also learned that Namjoon was determined, patient, and caring when he wanted to be.

Taehyung looked down at the jacket in thought before gazing out of the window. He was about 5 minutes away from his house.

Taehyung looked over at Namjoon, who was silently tapping on the wheel in tranquility. When Taehyung shivered uncontrollably, he decided to put his arms underneath the jacket that was on his thighs.

Namjoon glanced at Taehyung, before immediately facing his eyes back on the street. I knew he was cold, Namjoon thought.

Taehyung lifted the jacket to cover himself as he laid his head on the window next to him. He looked really tired, both physically and emotionally, and Namjoon felt bad for not taking him home as soon as he saw him at the bus stop earlier.

Taehyung sighed softly as he slowly started to close his eyes in drowsiness.

Namjoon was going to say something like ‘Aren’t we almost at your house? You shouldn’t sleep now.’ But instead, the blonde decided to let Taehyung rest for the next 3 minutes.


══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

7:52 PM


“Taehyung… Taehyung, wake up. Is this your house?” Namjoon asked, gently shaking Taehyung awake. Taehyung sat up in grogginess, looking out of the window.

“Mm, yeah.” Taehyung mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

What a nice house, Namjoon thought as he nodded slowly with wide eyes. Taehyung’s house was huge, the blonde wondered how many people he lived with.

“Who do you live with? Your mom and dad?” Namjoon asked curiously, noticing how Taehyung slightly tensed up.

“Um… no. I live with my aunt.” Taehyung said, fiddling his fingers.

“Oh…” Namjoon said simply. “I live with my dad and sister.” The blonde said with a small smile, his dimples showing all of a sudden. Taehyung hadn’t noticed earlier that the blonde had dimples, probably because he hasn’t smiled from the moment he started talking to Taehyung.

I actually didn’t ask who you live with, Taehyung refrained from saying, and just nodded instead.

“Do you have any siblings?” Namjoon asked suddenly, making Taehyung wish this conversation would end already.

“Uh, well… I used to.” Taehyung started hesitantly. I used to have parents too. “But now it’s just me.” Taehyung finished dully, before Namjoon was nodding understandingly.

“Oh, I understand how… tough it must be for you.” Namjoon said softly, as Taehyung avoided eye contact with the blonde.

Taehyung nodded before he started to remove the beige jacket off of him. “I wasn’t cold, but…” Taehyung started, handing the jacket to Namjoon only for the blonde to push it back to him.

“Keep it.” Namjoon said simply, before Taehyung was looking at him in confusion.

Surprisingly, Taehyung didn’t question it. He just bit his lip in thought, before opening the car door and unbuckling his seat belt.

“Taehyung…” Namjoon called the boy’s name before he could step out of the car.

“I know that … I may not know what you’re going through. But I do know that everyone hurts.” Namjoon spoke softly, looking down to avoid Taehyung’s eyes.

“And… I hope you don't hurt yourself because…” Namjoon paused, gulping hard.

“It will get better. Even though it doesn’t seem like it will… it will get better.” Namjoon said, looking up to meet Taehyung’s blank eyes.

“I promise.” Namjoon said with a nod, and he meant every word.

“So just … hold on for a little longer, okay?” The blonde said, looking into Taehyung’s tired, dull eyes.

Taehyung physically looked like he had been through so much in his life… and Namjoon knew none of it.

“Just hold on.” Namjoon repeated in a whisper, like he knew a secret that Taehyung didn’t know. Like he was positive that things were going to get better for Taehyung, even though he knew nothing.

Taehyung looked into Namjoon’s reassuring eyes, before simply looking away. He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, before slowly getting out of the car without a word to Namjoon.

Taehyung didn’t say ‘okay, I will.’

Taehyung didn’t thank Namjoon for driving him home either.

After Taehyung got out of the car, he looked around himself, noticing that the storm had stopped.

He turned around to look at Namjoon who was still sitting in the car, waiting for Taehyung to say something… anything.

But Taehyung said nothing as he shut the car door, the beige jacket awkwardly in his hand.

Namjoon watched Taehyung walk up to his front door, before his aunt opened the door without Taehyung even knocking, like she was waiting for him to arrive home all this time.

She hugged Taehyung tightly, and even tried to kiss his face but Taehyung was pushing her off in a slightly aggressive way, like he didn’t like to be touched.

Namjoon observed Taehyung’s aunt’s facial expressions, she looked so worried when Taehyung walked past her and into the house after a weak hug.

Before Taehyung’s aunt could notice Namjoon’s car parked outside of the house, Namjoon quickly drove away so that she couldn’t question him or Taehyung.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

8:54 PM

Namjoon plopped down onto his bed with a sigh, finally relaxing his body.

At the moment, Namjoon didn't realize that he had forgotten his laptop in his car once again, which was the sole reason why he even left his house on this rainy night in the first place.


But one thing Namjoon did realize was that the rain had stopped.




Chapter Text




(Tʜᴇ Tᴇɴsɪᴏɴ) 


January 4th, 2009


5:12 PM

“Ugh, I'm bored. Why don't you have any video games?” Jackson asked as he plopped down onto Yoongi’s twin-sized bed.

“My step-dad doesn't like video games. He thinks they're bad for children my age, because I can ‘get addicted’.” Yoongi said while making finger air-quotes in annoyance.

“Who cares what he thinks? He's not your real dad.” Namjoon snorted, touching random things on Yoongi’s nightstand.

Yoongi laughed uncomfortably, rubbing the back of his neck. “I-I know but… he's still…” Yoongi started before pausing for a few seconds, making Namjoon and Jackson look at him in curiosity.

“He still makes the rules in the house.” Yoongi finished softly, fiddling his shirt sleeves. Jackson and Namjoon nodded simultaneously in understanding.

The two boys noticed how Yoongi always acted a bit weird and uncomfortable whenever he talked about his step-dad.

Maybe he's scared of him, the two boys figured. But they wondered why, the man seemed really kind to Yoongi and everyone that he talked to.

Or maybe Yoongi just misses his real father, Namjoon thought to himself.

“Yoongi-ah?” Namjoon softly called the small boy that was sitting on the bed, swinging his legs in silence.

“Do you think things would be different in the house … if your father was still alive?” Namjoon asked carefully, before sitting on the carpeted floor

Yoongi gazed at the floor for a moments before nodding softly. “Yes… completely different.” The small boy mumbled.

Jackson and Namjoon weren't sure if Yoongi meant ‘different’ in a good way or a bad way.

“The good type of different? Or the bad?” Jackson asked, sitting up next to Yoongi on the bed.

Yoongi slowly opened his mouth to speak, but before he could respond, his step-dad was knocking on the door and walking in.

“Would you guys like a quick snack before dinner? There's some cookies and milk on the table downstairs.” Yoongi's step-dad asked as he opened the door.

He was a pale, extremely tall man, with thick dark hair, wide eyes, deep dimples, and a charming smile that any woman would fall for.

“Is it oreos?” Jackson asked in excitement, standing up from the bed.

“You know it.” The tall man smiled, before Namjoon was slowly standing up from the bed in excitement as well.

Yoongi slowly stood up from the bed, as the two boys started to follow the man downstairs. As Yoongi slowly trailed behind the trio, Jackson stopped to whisper to him.

“Yoongi, you have the coolest step-dad ever. He's letting us eat snacks before dinner? My dad would kill me.” Jackson said dramatically, before Yoongi let out a small chuckle.



8:20 PM

Once the three boys had finished their dinner and washed their dishes, Yoongi’s step-dad had rewarded them by letting them watch TV until 9:30, and letting them eat ice cream as dessert.

“My dad makes me turn off my TV by 8:30.” Jackson said as he plopped down onto the pillows that were piled on the floor.

“That's way too early. My dad lets me watch TV until 10:30 on his good days, but he usually makes me turn it off by 9:30.” Namjoon said before shoving a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into his mouth.

“Yoongi, you’re lucky your dad spoils you.” Jackson said in slight envy, shoving ice cream into his mouth as flicked through the channels on the TV.

“He's not my dad.” Yoongi spoke in a strange, monotonous voice, staring blankly at the TV.

An awkward silence filled the room, as Namjoon and Jackson tried to read Yoongi's facial expression.

I was right, Namjoon thought. He does miss his real dad.

“Yoongi…” Namjoon started in a soft tone, before Yoongi was sightly deeply and standing up from the pillow pile.

“I don't wanna talk about it. Let's just go to bed.” Yoongi said, climbing onto his bed that was way too big for his small body.

“Come on, it's so early. We might as well use the time your dad gave us-” Jackson whined before Yoongi was cutting off his sentence.

“I just said he's not my dad .” Yoongi raised his voice in annoyance. “Everyone - everyone keeps calling him my dad. He's not, okay? What don't you understand?” Yoongi was going to keep going on out of pent-up anger, but instead he stopped himself when he realized that he was speaking way too loud.

And his step-dad hears everything…

Sees everything...

And knows everything.

Yoongi bit his lip to shut himself up, as Namjoon and Jackson looked up at the boy in confusion, and sympathy.

They understood why Yoongi would be upset, but the boy had never mentioned it before.

Why all of a sudden? Was he just fed up?

“I'm sorry.” Jackson immediately apologized, standing up from the pillow pile to walk over to Yoongi.

“D-don’t touch me.” Yoongi started, slightly pushing Jackson away when the boy leaned in to give him a hug. “I just … I just wanna go to bed now. Can we please turn off the lights and the TV, and just … sleep?” Yoongi finished as he got underneath his blankets, leaving Jackson standing by his bed in confusion.

Namjoon and Jackson had always realized that Yoongi was a very stressed boy for his age. He always had something on his mind, and it always stopped him from having fun like any other average kid.

Yoongi wasn't average due to a lot of things, but Namjoon and Jackson only knew a few reasons why the boy wasn't average.

“Okay.” Namjoon said simply, agreeing with Yoongi since they were in his room and his house anyways.


A few minutes after the boys had gotten comfortable in their sleeping bags on the floor, they said goodnight to Yoongi … but didn't receive a response.



4:09 AM

The room was pitch dark when Yoongi had suddenly awakened from his sleep, for absolutely no reason.

Maybe he sensed that something was coming…

Or someone.

The thing about Yoongi was that he always had a crazy sense of feeling when things would go wrong. He felt when danger was coming, but he always ended up in the danger because of his lack of action.

It was like he could predict the future… minutes, hours, days, or sometimes even months ahead.

Yoongi lifted his head to peek at Jackson and Namjoon, who were messily cuddling each other as they slept peacefully on the floor, surrounded by huge blankets and pillows.

Yoongi felt so envious of his friends. The moonlight reflecting on their faces made them look so peaceful, so happy as they slept... just as they were awake…

While Yoongi could never get a peaceful sleep.

Yoongi quickly got back into his sleeping position, hiding his face underneath his blanket when he heard very faint footsteps coming from down the hallway.

He swears he could recognize those footsteps from a mile away.

Just close your eyes and go back to sleep , Yoongi told himself as he shut his eyes tightly. Maybe he's not coming to your room tonight because Namjoon and Jackson are sleeping over, he hoped.

But Yoongi told himself ‘maybe he won't come into my room tonight’ every night… to at least give himself the benefit of a doubt.

Yoongi's eyes flew open when he heard the small, familiar creak of his bedroom door slowly opening.

I was wrong, Yoongi told himself.

Once again.



4:57 AM

“You know, I've been thinking… we should go on a vacation together. Just you and me.” Yoongi's step-father said in a cheerful tone, looking into the bathroom mirror as he messed with his dark hair strands.

“I mean, with your mom stressing me out lately...and work … ” His stepfather said before sighing deeply. “I could use a break.” The man finished, before he started to zip up his beige trousers.

Yoongi kept his eyes on the cold, marble floor as he finally pulled up his pajama pants, relieved that it was over.

“It could be you, me, and maybe your brother if he comes home this summer. How does that sound?” His step-dad asked, adjusting his leather belt that held up his pants.

Yoongi pretended to not hear a word that the man was saying, as he picked up his pajama shirt from the floor. The cold tiles were dirty with semen evident in the cracks. Some of it was even on Yoongi's shirt.

“Hey, don't put that back on. It's dirty. Don't worry, I'll wash it before I leave for work.” His stepfather said, gently pulling the shirt out of Yoongi's hands, as the small boy continued to blankly stare at the floor tiles.

When the man noticed Yoongi's blankness, he kneeled down to the boy’s level. “Hey, hey. Look at me, baby.” The man whispered, gently lifting Yoongi's head to meet his eyes.

Yoongi gulped, trying his best not to glare at the man, as the man started to caress Yoongi's head.

“My baby.” The man whispered. “My precious baby. You were such a good boy today. “ The man praised Yoongi, before slowly reaching into his back pocket.

“Since you listened so well, I'll give you a little reward, okay?” The man said lowly, before pulling out a couple of bills from his pocket.

Yoongi nodded blankly as the man started to count his money out loud.

“Here, uh… 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120…” The man stopped counting, before handing Yoongi ₩160,000 ($160). “There, all for you.” The man said with a grin. “You could buy whatever you'd like.” He gently petted Yoongi's head.

Yoongi nodded as he accepted the man's money, just like any other time.

“Good.” The man said in satisfaction, after seeing that Yoongi accepted the money easily.

“Gosh, such a pretty boy.” The man whispered in awe, snaking his large, veiny hands around Yoongi's small waist. “I'm so glad you're mine.” The man claimed Yoongi right in front of his face with no sign of shame, like he always did.

The man genuinely felt like he owned Yoongi, and that's how it's always been from the moment he married Yoongi's mother.

Yoongi still remembers the first time that his step-dad ever touched him in a dirty way. It was long before Yoongi's mom even thought of marrying the bastard. Yoongi was only 7 years old when the man had asked him if he needed help bathing.

Yoongi remembers trusting the man with all of his small, broken heart. He remembers thinking the man was actually going to bathe him.

“What's my name?” Yoongi's step-dad asked softly, staring intimidatingly into Yoongi's eyes.

Don't make me say it, Yoongi thought as stared blankly at the floor, avoiding the man’s lustful, possessive eyes.

“Hm? Who am I?” The man asked again with a grin, putting his finger on Yoongi’s chin to lift his head again.

Yoongi's eyes began to water as he looked into the man's eyes. He knew that he had to say it.

Daddy.” Yoongi whispered in defeat, before sniffling to hold back his tears. There was no way that he was going to show this man any tears.

“That's right.” The man said in satisfaction, grinning widely at the small boy. “I'm your daddy, and you'll always be my baby, promise?” He said, reaching his pinky out for Yoongi to swear.

Yoongi silently looked at the man's larger pinky for a few seconds. “Promise.” Yoongi whispered, his voice trembling as he nodded and entwined their pinkies together.

“Gosh, you're such a sweet boy. I wish your brother was the same.” The man said before silently staring at Yoongi for a few seconds, as if he was thinking about something. Then the man was pressing hard kisses onto both of Yoongi's cheeks.

“Okay, you can go on back to bed, baby.” The man said as he patted Yoongi's buttocks, before standing up to open the door. “Daddy will buy you something nice today, okay?” The man said with a grin, caressing Yoongi's head as the small boy nodded, making his way out of the bathroom.



5:00 AM

Yoongi shut his bedroom door behind him as quietly as he could, hoping that it wouldn't creak.

Thank God, Yoongi thought when he finally got the door shut silently. As he tiptoed over to his clothing drawer, he glanced at Namjoon and Jackson, squinting to see if they were still asleep.

When Yoongi assumed that they were asleep, he slowly started to open his clothing drawer to find a clean shirt. He chose the first shirt that he touched, which was a plain white tee shirt. Yoongi hoped that his friends wouldn't noticed that his pajamas changed overnight.

Once he slid the shirt over his thin body, he slowly closed the clothing drawer before starting to tiptoe his way over to his bed.

When he slowly slid between his blankets and sheets, he let out a small sigh before swallowing thickly. His breath shuddered as he tried his best not to cry.

Don't cry, you should be used to it by now, Yoongi told himself as he swallowed the painful lump forming in his throat.

But doing disgusting things with your stepfather typically 4 times a week wasn't something that a child should get used to.

No matter how many times it happened to Yoongi, he would always break down … at least by the end of the month.

Yoongi wasn't the type to cry easily, or show anyone his tears. He was always a strong boy, because that was how his biological father had taught him to be… but lately Yoongi was having more breakdowns than usual and he wasn't sure why.

Maybe Yoongi was missing his step-brother…

Or maybe his mother not being around often was starting to take a toll on him.

Or maybe Yoongi was starting to realize what a normal family should be like.

He was starting to realize what normal parents should be like … what normal children his age should be like.

People in Yoongi's class often made fun of him if they weren't ignoring his presence. They would call him “antisocial”, “depressed”, “psycho”, and a bunch of other harsh names … all because Yoongi was a quiet, closed-off boy.

I didn't ask to be like this, I didn't for any of this, Yoongi thought as he stared up at the ceiling, tears slowly forming in his eyes.

As Yoongi started to reminisce on the times he had with his biological father, he silently bursted into tears at last.

He missed when his house was a happy house, a healthy house, a safe one. One where he could smile, a house where his mother could smile as well. He missed when he could tell his mother anything and everything. He missed when his mother cared, genuinely cared about him.

Yoongi covered his mouth with his own hand to muffle his cries, in fear of waking up Jackson and / or Namjoon.

When Yoongi accidentally sniffled a little too loud,  Namjoon immediately started to shift in his sleep.

Yoongi prayed that the boy wouldn't wake up, as he clamped his hand over his mouth even tighter, tears still streaming down his pink cheeks.

As soon as Namjoon stopped moving, Yoongi couldn't help but accidentally sniffle again, but softer this time.

“Yoongi?” A voice suddenly called out in the dark room, startling the small boy.

Namjoon was now snoring, so it had to be Jackson who had called Yoongi's name.

Yoongi froze for a few seconds, trying his best not to sniffle. “Yes?” Yoongi spoke softly after a while, trying to hide the tremble in his voice.

“Are you crying?” Jackson asked, still laying in his same position on the floor, as he looked up at the ceiling.

“Hm?” Yoongi mumbled, in fear of talking because he knew that his voice was going to tremble. The small boy pretended that he didn't hear Jackson’s question, so that he could get more time to think of an excuse.

“I said are you crying?” Jackson asked again, waiting for a response.

“No, I'm not.” Yoongi spoke quickly, his voice obviously shaking with every word that came out of his mouth.

There was a long silence that filled the room, before Jackson was speaking again.

“Are… are you sure?” Jackson asked softly, hoping that Yoongi would just be honest about it.

“Yes.” Yoongi said simply, his voice slightly breaking. “I'm sure.” He finished, fighting a sniffle.

Jackson remained silent for about 2 long minutes, and Yoongi figured the boy had went back to sleep, so he sniffled one last time.

“Goodnight.” Jackson said softly after hearing Yoongi's sniffle.




(Tʜᴇ Wᴀʀᴍᴛʜ)

July 17th, 2012


11:34 AM

“My baby is back!” Yoongi's mother yelled … or basically squealed as Yoongi's step-brother, Joohyuk shyly walked through the front door.

Before Joohyuk could say anything, his step-mother was attacking him into a tight, bone-crushing hug.

“Oh, my baby. I've missed you much, Hyukie.” Yoongi's mother said, before kissing Joohyuk’s head.

“Ugh, stop it, Yoon Ha.” Joohyuk said in annoyance, backing away from the woman to escape her kisses.

“Ya, what'd I tell you about calling me that?” His step-mother scolded in a offended tone, which made Joohyuk laugh apologetically.

“Sorry, mom …” Joohyuk apologized sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. “It's just - I’m a man now. I'm not 12 anymore, you can't keep giving me kisses for the rest of my life.” The boy said as he walked completely into the house, dropping his bags and small suitcases.

Hey, you're only 15. I will continue to give you kisses until you're 25.” His step-mother said, immediately picking up Joohyuk’s bags from the floor.

“Well, look who's home...” Joohyuk’s dad suddenly appeared at the end of the staircase, almost startling Joohyuk out of his shoes.

Joohyuk froze for a few seconds before letting out a small laugh.

As the tall man started to come down the stairs completely, Yoongi slowly started to come down the stairs behind him, only to stop at the end of the stairs to observe the older boy for a few moments. Yoongi noticed how much Joohyuk had physically changed from the last time he saw him.

The older boy was no longer scrawny, pale, and short; but now way taller, slightly more tanned, with slightly bigger arm and back muscle, and fluffier, thicker, darker hair.

Is this what puberty does to you? Yoongi's eyes slightly widened when he saw how much of a growth-spurt his step-brother had.

Joohyuk and Yoongi caught each other's eyes for a few moments, before Joohyuk was smiling at the small boy for less than a second. Joohyuk’s smile faded once his father opened his arms for a hug.

“How's my boy?” Joohyuk’s father asked with a chuckle, as he pulled the boy in for a tight hug. Joohyuk held his father tightly, showing a smile that look kind of forced to Yoongi's eyes.

“I'm good, dad.” Joohyuk said softly as he pulled away from the hug that was a little too long.

Joohyuk’s eyes averted over to Yoongi, to see the small boy starting to sit down at the foot of the stairs.

He wasn't sure why Yoongi wasn't coming to greet him and hug him at the moment, but he figured that Yoongi was just being shy, as usual.

Joohyuk figured that he should make the first move, since Yoongi probably wasn't going to speak to him first.

“Ya… Yoongi-ah.” Joohyuk called the small boy, who immediately looked at him with slightly widened eyes similar to a meerkat’s.

“Aren't you happy to see me?” Joohyuk asked in a teasing tone, already knowing what Yoongi was going to say.

Yoongi's eyes averted to the floor out of shyness, before he slowly shook his head no, which made his mother, step-dad, and stepbrother simultaneously laugh.

“Ya, didn't you miss me?” Joohyuk asked with wide eyes, in a fake-offended tone.

Yoongi simply shook his head no again, not making any eye contact with his stepbrother. The trio laughed at Yoongi again, but Yoongi didn't find anything funny.

His humour was usually too cold, and he was such a dead person inside … he couldn't even laugh at himself.



6:57 PM

Yoongi sat down on his bed as Joohyuk carefully shut the door behind him.

The boys had just finished dinner, where Joohyuk mainly got a lot of questions about school. Yoongi was forced to awkwardly sitting at the table until everyone finished their dinner.

But now that dinnertime was over, Joohyuk got to make an excuse for him and Yoongi to go to their rooms. Supposedly, they were going to “play games until midnight” because Joohyuk “missed his little brother so much”.

“Hyung…” Yoongi started softly once Joohyuk locked the bedroom door. “Are we actually going to play games until midnight?” Yoongi asked curiously, as Joohyuk slowly made his way over to the bed.

“Nope.” Joohyuk said with a mischievous smirk on his face, as he sat down on the bed next to Yoongi.

“So… you didn't miss me, huh?” Joohyuk said in a sarcastic tone, looking directly at Yoongi's face, which resulted in Yoongi shyly looking down at the carpeted floor.

“Nope.” Yoongi said timidly, trying to hide a smile as he started to lightly swing his legs back and forth.

Suddenly, Yoongi felt Joohyuk shift closer to him, before the older boy was breathing directly on his ear.

“Really? Are you sure?” Joohyuk asked with a wicked smirk as his hot breath hit Yoongi's face, sending shivers down the smaller boy’s spine.

Before Yoongi could speak, he was breaking into a fit of giggles, defeated by his step-brother.

“Yeah, I'm sure.” Yoongi laughed softly, turning around to make eye contact with his step-brother.

Joohyuk admired Yoongi's gummy smile, which he only showed to him. He admired the way the smaller boy’s cheeks would turn a pretty shade of pink whenever he spoke to him. Joohyuk admired the look in Yoongi's eyes whenever he would come home for vacations.

Joohyuk admired everything about his step-brother …

And he was glad that Yoongi felt the same about him.

The two boys’ eyes locked onto each other's for what seems like the first time in a million years. Yoongi felt the fireworks explode inside of his heart once again, as Joohyuk felt the familiar butterflies flying around in his stomach.

Joohyuk slowly leaned in at the exact same time as Yoongi, before their lips were meeting after what felt like decades.

Their lips practically melted together smoothly for a few seconds, before Joohyuk was pulling Yoongi closer by the head to deepen the kiss.

Yoongi let his step-brother take control for a while. He missed the boy so much while he was gone.

Joohyuk was the only one who treated Yoongi right, who showed him that he didn't like him just for his body, unlike his step-father.

At first, Yoongi just had a small crush on his stepbrother, and he thought that was a terrible thing. Yoongi remembers when he avoided his step-brother for an entire year, just because he didn't want his feelings to grow.

But when Joohyuk cornered Yoongi and confronted him for avoiding him, Yoongi broke down into tears, telling Joohyuk that he shouldn't be feeling these things for his own brother.

That day, Joohyuk told Yoongi that crushing on your step-brother wasn't the most terrible thing in the world, as long as they didn't go too far.

He comforted Yoongi, and told him that he understood what he was feeling.

For once, someone understood Yoongi.

Yoongi remembers him and his step-brother being inseparable after he confessed his feelings. Joohyuk took Yoongi everywhere he went, whether it was his taekwondo classes or just his hangouts with his friends.

He made Yoongi feel … safe and comfortable.


And maybe that was all Yoongi needed.



July 24th, 2012


8:34 PM

Joohyuk and Yoongi were peacefully cleaning the living-room when their parents started to argue in the kitchen.

The couple would always argue, but Yoongi never understood what they argued about.

To Yoongi's ears, they always argued about … soda? Yoongi wasn't so sure, but the couple always tried (but failed) to speaker lower when Yoongi came around.

“Do you take your life for a joke? You need to stop doing this. It's not a game, Yoon Ha. You have a child-” Yoongi's step-dad started, while sitting at the kitchen table.

“Oh, you just think it's so easy to give up, don't you?” Yoongi's mother started in exasperation.

“It shouldn't be so hard to give it up when you have your whole life ahead of you, children, an entire family -” Yoongi's step-father started to raise his voice in frustration.

Family this, family that. Are you even thinking about how I feel? Are you even thinking of what I'm going through?” Yoongi's mother argued back, raising her voice just as well.

Yoongi stopped cleaning the living room table to listen to the conversation that was happening in the kitchen, but Joohyuk tapped Yoongi's shoulder to grab his attention, before telling him to continue cleaning the table.

“Come on, let's finish up so we can go to bed.” Joohyuk said lowly, before Yoongi was nodding, and continuing his chores.

“Yoon Ha, I couldn't care less about how you feel right now. Gosh, you're being so damn selfish.” Yoongi's step-dad responded in annoyance.

“How the hell am I being selfish?!” Yoongi's mother screamed suddenly, starting Joohyuk and Yoongi, and immediately making them lose their focus.

“You are throwing away your life over something so stupid!” Yoongi's step-father yelled back, standing up from the table.

“Stupid? You think my mother's death was stupid?!” Yoongi's mother screamed, before Joohyuk deeply sighed, stopping his chores.

“Yoongi, let's go upstairs for a quick break. We'll finish cleaning before we go to bed.” Joohyuk said suddenly, dropping the broom onto the floor before tugging Yoongi's arm. The older boy seemed to be in a rush to leave the living-room at the moment, so Yoongi nodded in understanding.

Joohyuk held Yoongi's hand tightly as they walked up the stairs, hoping Yoongi wasn't listening to their parents’ argument anymore.

When they got into Joohyuk’s room, Yoongi locked the door behind them before sighing deeply.

Joohyuk sat down onto his bed with a sigh, before putting his head in his hands in distress.

“It's okay, hyung.” Yoongi said softly as he walked over to Joohyuk, before sitting down next to him.

“No, it's - it's not.” Joohyuk said with a sigh. He wasn't sure if Yoongi actually understood what was going on at the moment.

Yoongi put a comforting hand on his step-brother's shoulder, before softly laying his head on his shoulder.

“Don't worry, they won't divorce.” Yoongi mumbled, giving Joohyuk and himself a little hope.

“Yoongi…” Joohyuk started in exasperation, running his fingers through his wavy hair. “It's not about whether they're going to divorce or not.” The older boy said.

“Then... what is it about?” Yoongi asked, lifting his head up off of Joohyuk’s shoulder.

“Yoongi… are you even sure of what their argument was about?” Joohyuk asked, looking at Yoongi in confusion.

Yoongi thought for a moment, staring at the floor before speaking. “Mm… not really, but I know that they always argue over soda.” Yoongi mumbled, fiddling his shirt sleeves.

“Soda?” Joohyuk said with confusion written on his face, before Yoongi was nodding his head.

Soda? What does he mean? Joohyuk thought, raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean? What type of soda?” Joohyuk asked the smaller boy for clarification.

Yoongi sighed deeply before speaking. Why was Joohyuk not understanding him? “They always argue over Coca-Cola, hyung.” Yoongi said finally.

Joohyuk looked at Yoongi blankly, still trying to understand what the boy was even talking about. Why would their parents argue over soda?

Yoongi could tell by Joohyuk’s face that he still wasn't understanding, so he sighed again before speaking.

Coke, hyung. Don’t you know Coke, the soda?” Yoongi asked in frustration, watching his brother's facial expression immediately change from confusion to enlightenment.

No way, is Yoongi really that innocent? Joohyuk thought, astonished by how innocent his step-brother still was.



The two boys’ parents had stopped arguing about 3 hours ago, before the boys had finished doing their chores.

Yoongi's mother had left the house at midnight to cool off a bit. She told the boys that she was staying at her girl-friend's house for the night, and that she'd be back in the morning.

Yoongi hated how often his mother would leave him alone in the house with his stepfather, leaving the man to do whatever he wanted with him.

Luckily, Yoongi probably wouldn't have to worry about that tonight, since his brother was home with him.

Thank God, Yoongi thought. He couldn't help but feel so safe and comfortable when it came to Joohyuk.

At times, Yoongi wondered if his step-dad had ever touched Joohyuk in the same dirty ways he's touched him…

But of course Yoongi didn't have the guts to mention it to Joohyuk.

Yoongi's step-dad would bribe him at times, but the man often threatened him, saying that he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt him, or even his mother.

So to avoid any conflict, Yoongi stayed quiet, promising that he would always keep his mouth shut.

Yoongi noticed that his step-dad treated him and Joohyuk slightly different from each other.

Very slightly.

The man usually treated Yoongi like he was made of glass. He was very careful, in a cautious way. The man spoiled Yoongi, and treated him gently when they were around others, without being too touchy.

The man usually spoiled Joohyuk as well, but now that the boy was older, he treated him like he was older , like he was a man. What confused Yoongi is that his step-father was extra touchy with Joohyuk.

But Joohyuk never showed any signs that he was uncomfortable with his dad.

So maybe I'm just the special one, Yoongi thought.

And he really didn't want to be the “special one.



1:04 AM

Joohyuk looked at the raven-haired boy who was silently coloring while lying on his stomach on the floor.

“Yoongi?” Joohyuk called the smaller boy’s name softly, before Yoongi was lifting his head from the coloring book that he was extremely engaged in.

Yoongi always pulled out his coloring book when he needed to stop his deep thinking.

Coloring was sort of a stress relief for Yoongi.

Even though he was only 12 years old (which meant he shouldn't have much to be stressed about), he always had something on his mind.

“Yes?” Yoongi responded to Joohyuk in curiosity, wondering why the boy sounded so nervous.

“Um…” Joohyuk started, lightly swinging his legs off of his bed. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up, it's not the right time, Joohyuk thought as he bit his lip nervously.

“Forget it, sorry.” Joohyuk said softly before letting out a forced chuckle.

“What? What is it?” Yoongi asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he dropped his blue marker onto his book.

“It's nothing. I-I… it's stupid.” Joohyuk let out a breathy laugh, shaking his head.

Yoongi observed his brother's facial expression for a few seconds, concluding that something was really bothering the boy.

“What's wrong, hyung? I bet it's not stupid.” Yoongi said, picking up his blue marker again to make it seem like he was distracted. Joohyuk always said important things when he felt like Yoongi wasn't listening. It put less pressure on him.

“Nothing, Yoongi… just forget it. I honestly don't even know why I brought it up.” Joohyuk started, running his fingers through his dark waves. “Just… continue coloring, haha.” Joohyuk laughed.

I'm already coloring, Yoongi wanted to respond as he shaded in a blue bunny, but instead he remained silent so Joohyuk would think he wasn't listening.

Just wait for it, Yoongi told himself as he kept him eyes on his coloring book.

Joohyuk let out a small sigh as he laid down, his back hitting the bed. He swallowed thickly before deciding that they should just go to bed to avoid spilling too much out of himself.

When Yoongi started to softly hum a song to himself, Joohyuk figured that the younger boy wasn't listening, as expected. Yoongi usually only half-listened to the deep, serious things Joohyuk said, but this time Joohyuk was unaware that Yoongi was all-ears.

“Um…”Joohyuk started softly after a few silent moments. “Has dad ever … I don't know -” The older boy said before pausing in hesitation when Yoongi suddenly stopped humming.

Touched you?” Joohyuk asked, before silence filled the room. Yoongi's hand froze, his red marker staying in one place on the page.

“I don't mean the normal type of touch … I mean like… you know, inappropriately? I guess I should say.” Joohyuk said with confusion in his tone. He wasn't sure if Yoongi was going to understand what he means.

When Yoongi didn't respond nor move a muscle, Joohyuk wasn't sure if Yoongi wasn't listening …. or if he had done something wrong by bringing this up.

This was a huge mistake, I made him so uncomfortable, Joohyuk thought.

“F-forget it. Sorry, I don't know what I'm saying.” Joohyuk said quickly, before Yoongi slowly was dropping his marker onto the book.

“Hyung...” Yoongi whispered suddenly, lifting his head up to meet his brother's eyes.


“Does he do it to you too?” Yoongi asked, his voice wavering fearfully.




1:29 AM

Joohyuk slightly jumped in fear when he heard a loud knock on his bedroom door.

“Joohyuk-ah.” His father called, twisting the doorknob both ways. The man knocked again when he couldn't get the door open. “Open up.” The man said.

Yoongi looked up at Joohyuk with watery eyes, before the older boy was wiping Yoongi's tears away with the sleeves of his sweater.

Joohyuk caressed Yoongi's head before standing up from the bed, and walking over to the door.

Hid dad knocked again before Joohyuk slowly opened the door. “Yes, dad?” The boy asked softly, before his father was immediately peeking into the bedroom, probably to see if Yoongi was in there.

“Yoongi, you need to go to bed. You have a dentist appointment in the morning. And uh, I need to talk to you.” The man spoke to Yoongi before speaking to Joohyuk.

Yoongi stared blankly at the sheets as he sat crisscrossed on the bed, giving his step-dad no response.

“O-okay.” Joohyuk replied in a slightly nervous tone. He wasn't sure what his dad wanted to talk to him privately about. Maybe it was about his step-mother. The man didn't want Yoongi to know anything about what was going on with his mother.

Joohyuk looked at Yoongi, who was still in his same position, before following his dad out of the room.




1:57 AM

Yoongi was still in Joohyuk’s bedroom, lying on the boy's bed as he waited for him to come back.

Yoongi wondered what his step-dad had to speak to Joohyuk about, it's been about 30 minutes and Joohyuk still wasn't back yet.

Yoongi checked the time on his brother’s phone, before emitting a deep sigh. Now that his brother was back home, Yoongi was getting attached to the older boy’s hip again. Everytime Joohyuk came home for vacations, the two boys would only get closer and more attached to each other, which made it worse when Joohyuk had to leave again.

It was like a never ending cycle…

One that Yoongi didn't mind being stuck in, as long as he got to see his step-brother.

Yoongi jumped at the sound of the doorknob clicking, before sitting up abruptly to see the sight of Joohyuk slowly coming into the room.

“Hyung…” Yoongi started softly, swinging his legs off of the bed as Joohyuk shut the door. Yoongi couldn't see the boy’s face because the room was way too dark, the only light being the moonlight shining through the curtains

“What took you so long?” Yoongi asked, as Joohyuk stood by the door for a few seconds, staring blankly at the floor.

“What's wrong?” Yoongi interrogated once Joohyuk didn't answer. The boy seemed so out of it at the moment, and Yoongi didn't understand why.

“Hyu-” Yoongi started before Joohyuk was cutting off his sentence with with a soft yet dark tone.

“Yoongi, you should go to bed.” Joohyuk said simply, still staring at the floor as he remained in his same spot in front of the door.

“Huh?” Yoongi asked in confusion. Joohyuk always let him sleep in his bedroom when he was home. Sometimes Yoongi would even sleep in the boy’s room when he wasn't home, which resulted in his step-father getting pissed off for absolutely no reason.

Now that Yoongi thinks about it, he's realized that his step-dad didn't enjoy it when Joohyuk and Yoongi hung out with each other, like normal brothers should.

The man treated them better when they were separated, and Yoongi wasn't sure why.

Maybe the man was jealous of how close the two were? Well, they are brothers, so what does he expect?

“I said I think you should be in bed. Your bed, I mean.” Joohyuk continued. The sentence sounded so weird to Yoongi's ears. The older boy had never actually kicked him out of his room before.

“O-oh… okay.” Yoongi said simply, slowly standing up from the bed as Joohyuk opened the door for him.

When Yoongi got to the door, hesitated a bit, looking up at Joohyuk as the boy’s gaze remained on the floor.

“Hyung… tell me tomorrow.” Yoongi said in concern. Joohyuk barely nodded as he opened the door wider for Yoongi to leave.

Yoongi bit his lip nervously, before standing on his tippy toes and kissing Joohyuk on the cheek.

Joohyuk gave no response, so Yoongi walked out of the door with his head down.

When Yoongi started to quickly walk to his room, his stepfather was suddenly coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist as he brushed his teeth. The man must've just showered.

“Why aren't you in bed?” The man started, as Yoongi expected. “Do you want me to spank you?” The man asked, spitting out his toothpaste into the sink as Yoongi stopped in his tracks.

“N-no, I-” Yoongi started in fear, before the man was immediately laughing hysterically.

“I'm just messing with you. Have I ever spanked you?” The man laughed, as Yoongi stood awkwardly in his spot outside of the bathroom door.

“Hmm?” The man washed out his mouth as he waited for a response from Yoongi.

Yoongi hesitantly shook his head no, before the man was speaking again. “Looks like I'm gonna have to start tucking you in at night. Is that what you want?” The man asked, turning off the faucet, as the water still visible on his body started to trickle down his arms.

No, I really don't want that , Yoongi wanted to shake his head but instead he just stood there awkwardly, fiddling his shirt sleeves.

“Come on.” His stepfather said suddenly with a chuckle. “Let's go tuck you in.” The man continued, gently petting Yoongi's head.

Yoongi let out a tiny, unnoticeable sigh in defeat as his step-dad started to walk him to his bedroom.

When Yoongi took a glimpse behind him, Joohyuk was peeking outside of his bedroom door, with a strange, unreadable look on his face.

The two boys made eye contact for a few seconds, before Yoongi's step-dad was turning around to see what Yoongi was looking at.

Before the man could fully turn around, Joohyuk was rapidly sticking his head back into his room, and closing his room door.

The man looked at Joohyuk’s door for a few seconds before turning back around. “Go get into bed while I get dressed. I'll tuck you in like the baby you are.” The man laughed, ruffling Yoongi's hair.

Once Yoongi went into his bedroom, he locked his door so that when his step-dad knocked, he had no choice but to wait until Yoongi opened the door.

And let's just say… Yoongi never opened the door.




Tʜᴇ Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ Oɴᴇ(s)
(Tʜᴇ Fɪʀᴇ)


August 2nd, 2012


5:12 PM


“Yoongi-ah, get off of the game.” Joohyuk whined, plopping down onto his bed as the younger boy’s fingers danced across the screen of his new IPad.

Joohyuk wasn't sure why his dad bought Yoongi an IPad, but the man did spoil them at random times.

Other times, the man would buy them gifts if they did something for him.

Maybe Yoongi got the IPad as a reward? Joohyuk thought, but he didn't want to ask the younger boy.

“This is why dad doesn't wanna buy any video games for you. You'll get too addicted.” Joohyuk said, laying his head on Yoongi's shoulder to see what the boy was doing.

Yoongi was currently playing a stupid game with penguins in it. Joohyuk never understood why Yoongi loved penguins so much. The younger was obsessed with Pororo from the moment he watched the show.

Yoongi kept his eyes focused on the screen as he rapidly tapped on the penguins one by one. Joohyuk let out a dramatic sigh, trying to get Yoongi's attention, but as expected Yoongi didn't let his guard down.

“This game is dumb.” Joohyuk whined suddenly, nuzzling his face between Yoongi's neck.

“You're dumb but I still play with you.” Yoongi mumbled savagely, not even slightly losing his focus on the game.

“Then play with me now.” Joohyuk whined like a toddler, still trying to interrupt his brother’s game.

“Ugh, what do you wanna play?” Yoongi groaned, slowly starting to lose his focus.

“Let's go play basketball.” Joohyuk whined, shaking Yoongi’s arm before the younger boy was messing up his game.

“Ugh, what the -” Yoongi groaned in annoyance before Joohyuk was cutting off his sentence.

“Ya, don't swear.” The older boy scolded Yoongi, as Yoongi slightly pouted.

“Hyung, why would you-” Yoongi whined, pushing the boy away from him.

“I wanna play with you. These are our last few days together. I’m leaving next week, remember?” Joohyuk said, trying to make Yoongi feel at least a little bad for ignoring him.

Yoongi sighed in thought. His brother was already leaving in a few days, so Yoongi figured he might as well enjoy their time together until the older boy leaves. “Okay.” Yoongi mumbled in defeat.

“But hyung, I don't want to play basketball.” Yoongi said, turning off his IPad screen.

“Why not? You love basketball.” Joohyuk said in confusion, pulling his beanie off of his head.

“Yeah but … I just don't feel like playing basketball right now.” Yoongi pouted, playing with a string in the sheets to avoid eye contact with Joohyuk.

“Then what do you feeling like playing?” The older boy, running his fingers through his dark strands.

Yoongi shrugged, silently staring at the sheets. “I don't know…” The younger boy started, hiding a small smirk.

“What?” Joohyuk immediately asked, noticing Yoongi's shy yet mischievous smirk.

“What do you mean what?” Yoongi laughed, trying not to act like he was up to something.

“What’re you thinking?” Joohyuk asked from the other side of the bed, starting to smirk as well.

“Well…” Yoongi started slowly, fiddling his sleeves. “I was thinking … maybe we can play something else.” The younger boy said mischievously.

“But… dad's home.” Joohyuk said immediately, thinking of how much trouble they would be in if they ever were to get caught doings things that they shouldn't be doing.

“Yeah, but he’s busy cleaning the garage. He probably thinks we're taking a nap right now.” Yoongi said positively.

Joohyuk bit his lip as he thought in silence for a moment, before glancing at Yoongi to see the boy patiently waiting for a response, sitting criss-crossed on the bed.

“Come on, hyung. We haven't done it in so long.” Yoongi spoke lowly, placing his hand onto Joohyuk’s thigh.

Yoongi did have a point, and their dad was really busy at the moment … plus this was one of their last moments together until Christmas vacation, if Joohyuk even decided to come home next time.

“Okay…” Joohyuk started in defeat. “But this time, can we do it my way? I want to try something out.” The older boy said, placing his hand on top of Yoongi's.

“Don't we always do it your way?” Yoongi aaked rhetorically. Yoongi has always been Joohyuk’s little experiment pet, and Yoongi didn't mind at all because he did love the older boy, a lot.

“Shut up.” Joohyuk said, before pulling Yoongi in by the neck for a gentle kiss.

The older boy was going through puberty, and Yoongi was slowly getting there as well … so why not experiment on each other instead of other strangers?

It wasn't like Joohyuk was taking advantage of Yoongi, because Yoongi knew damn well what he was doing whenever they did dirty things. Sometimes the younger boy would take control, even if he was way smaller than Joohyuk.

“Yoongi-ah… I've been curious about something.” Joohyuk said suddenly, pulling away from their light kiss.

“When dad touches you, in those places, do you … feel anything? I mean, like … aroused?” Joohyuk asked curiously. Since Yoongi was still pretty young, Joohyuk wondered if the boy ever felt pleasure.

“Uh… what do you mean?” Yoongi asked in slight confusion. He wasn't sure what the word “aroused” meant.

“I mean, like … does it ever feel … kind of… good?” Joohyuk clarified, before Yoongi was blankly staring at the older boy in thought.

“Um… n-no. It never feels good… at all.” Yoongi said softly, shaking his head.

“Maybe it's because you’re aware that he’s your dad, and that's understandable… but there were a couple of times where … it felt kind of good to me.” Joohyuk said in complete shame. He didn't want it to feel good, but at the same time, he couldn't control his body. He’s only a teenager after all.

“Oh… well… I never feel good when he touches me. You're the only one that I want to touch me, hyung.” Yoongi admitted to the older boy, placing his hand onto the older boy’s thigh again.

Joohyuk blankly stared at the carpeted floor in thought, as if he was thinking deeply about something. “Yoongi…” The older boy mumbled, opening his mouth to speak before shutting his lips.

“Hm?” Yoongi asked, before Joohyuk was shaking his head softly, as if he wanted to forget a thought.

“Let's… let's try something.” Joohyuk suggested, placing his hand onto Yoongi's small thigh.

“Okay, I'll try anything with you.” Yoongi immediately agreed, before the older boy was patting his lap, gesturing for Yoongi to sit on him.

Yoongi immediately stood up from the bed, shyly sitting down onto Joohyuk’s lap.

The two boys gazed into each other's eyes for a few moments, before Joohyuk was brushing Yoongi's hair out of his face. “I'm going to miss you.” Joohyuk said softly, placing his hand onto Yoongi's thin waist. The younger boy had lost a lot of weight lately, so he felt like a feather on Joohyuk’s lap.

The older boy wanted to question Yoongi about it, but he figured that now wasn't the time, because the younger boy was already leaning in for a kiss

The two boys’ lips met simultaneously, immediately melting together like puzzle pieces, reminding Yoongi of the familiar taste that is his step-brother's lips.

The kiss was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. At that moment, Yoongi realized how much he missed the older boy. Joohyuk was the person that kept Yoongi sane, the one that gave him hope.

Joohyuk brushed Yoongi's hair out of his face again, before caressing the younger boy’s cheek as their breaths mingled.

When Yoongi pulled away from the kiss, a faint smell of cologne was flooding his senses.

“Why’re you wearing cologne?” Yoongi asked softly, running his fingers down the nape Joohyuk’s neck.

“Because…” Joohyuk started with a shrug. “I'm a man now. I thought that was pretty obvious.” The older boy said nonchalantly.

“Oh, shut up.” Yoongi snorted with a roll of his eyes, hitting the older boy’s shoulder.

Joohyuk giggled for a few moments, before pulling Yoongi closer by the waist. Yoongi could literally feel his heart flutter at the sound of Joohyuk’s laugh.

The raven-haired boy ran his fingers down Joohyuk’s spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and he could feel the beating of his heart against his chest.

“Hyung…” Yoongi started softly, his breath shuddering for almost no reason.

“Shh.” Joohyuk whispered, slowly standing up as he wrapped Yoongi's legs around his waist.

The older boy pressed a kiss to Yoongi's cheek before laying them both down onto the bed together.

Joohyuk didn't hesitate to attack Yoongi's lips again, immediately forming a rhythm between the two.

It didn't take long for the kiss to become heated. The older boy’s breathing quickened as did Yoongi’s, before the younger boy was slightly spreading his legs open for Joohyuk to get closer to him.

“Tell me if this feels good.” Joohyuk pulled away from their heated kiss to whisper into the younger boy’s ear. Yoongi nodded beneath Joohyuk, running his fingers through the older boy’s fluffy hair.

Joohyuk then began nuzzling Yoongi’s neck with delicate kisses, which sent butterflies to Yoongi's stomach.

It was a weird feeling to have someone else do this to him besides his step-dad. But it felt good… Yoongi felt free. He felt like he was actually being loved.

Joohyuk slowly started to gently suck onto Yoongi's neck, hoping to create small bruises just like what he saw online.

Yoongi shut his eyes for a few seconds, trying to bear the very slight pain that Joohyuk was bringing him. Joohyuk had never done this to Yoongi before, and Yoongi wasn't sure of how he felt about the boy sucking on his neck.

Joohyuk had started out softly, but the sucking was starting to get more harsh.

“Hyung…” Yoongi winced softly, slightly pushing Joohyuk away. Joohyuk immediately stopped to look at the younger boy in concern.

“Does it hurt? I’m sorry.” The older boy said with wide eyes, before Yoongi was protesting.

“No, no.” Yoongi said softly, shaking his head. “It doesn't hurt. I mean, it just feels like you're pinching me... but I'm fine. Keep going, I can handle it.” Yoongi said, trying to show his brother that he was strong enough.

“Are you sure?” Joohyuk asked carefully, brushing Yoongi's hair out of his face again.

“Yes, hyung. Hurry up, do it again." Yoongi said impatiently, wrapping his legs around Joohyuk’s waist once again.

Joohyuk immediately complied, leaning down to press kisses onto Yoongi's neck again.

When the older boy accidentally grinded down onto Yoongi's groin, Yoongi uncontrollably let out a weird sound. It was almost like a mixture of a shudder, a whimper, and a moan at once.

Joohyuk’s question was answered.

Maybe the younger boy does feel pleasure?

With this in mind, Joohyuk grinded down onto the boy again, letting out a moan himself.

“Does that feel good?” Joohyuk whispered, breathing heavily before Yoongi was immediately nodding his head with wide, slightly innocent eyes.

The two boy’s lips brushed against each other for a few moments, before Yoongi was thrusting his thin hips up to meet the older boy’s crotch again.

The boys moaned simultaneously, before their lips were crashing down onto each other's again.

For once, Yoongi could feel the tension, the warmth, and the fire that love was supposed to bring.

He could feel it all at once and it was overwhelming, since Yoongi wasn't sure if he knew what love was. He was way too young for this, but he was way too young for a lot of things.

Yoongi's happiness, as well as some of his innocence, might've been taken away long before he could even remember what happiness and purity was like.

But in that moment, he decided that it was better to lose purity and gain happiness at the same time.

“Take your shirt off, hyung.” Yoongi said desperately, softly tugging at Joohyuk’s shirt.

Joohyuk couldn't refuse Yoongi, because what Yoongi wants…. Yoongi gets.

The older boy pulled his shirt over his head, before tossing it onto the floor, showing off his pale 4-pack that he had been working on.

The two boys smirked at each other in mischievousness, just as Yoongi was preparing to take his pants off.

As Yoongi tugged on the zipper of his pants. it was almost as if God himself was telling Yoongi to stop.

The zipper refused to go down, as Yoongi let out a small, frustrated chuckle.

“I got it.” Joohyuk laughed, reaching for Yoongi’s zipper.

As Yoongi (im)patiently watched Joohyuk struggle with his pants zipper, he ran his fingers through the older boy’s wavy hair that was just so fun to touch.

“Hyung, hurry-” Yoongi whined impatiently, literally a second before the zipper was unexpectedly breaking off entirely.

Joohyuk let out a sigh of disappointment, as Yoongi was already pulling his pants down and throwing it somewhere around the room, not even caring about the dumb zipper.

Joohyuk laughed at the younger boy, crawling between his legs again to kiss the boy once again.

Yoongi ran his hand down Joohyuk’s chest and torso, before stopping at the boy’s crotch to palm his growing member.

Joohyuk let out a moan of pleasure, deepening their kiss.

Their kiss might've gotten a little too deep, when they were interrupted by a loud knock at the door.

Their hearts didn't even have time to pound, once they saw their father’s face, filled with slight confusion, and pure anger.

The boys shuffled around the bed for a second, breathing heavily as their hearts stopped beating.

I'm dead, I'm dead, We're dead. My life is over, Yoongi thought in panic as he watched his stepfather's facial expressions change by the second.

“What the hell is going on here?” The man started lowly, confusion written all over his face as he stood by the doorway.

Joohyuk opened his mouth to speak, but no words could possibly come out. “I-I-I…” The older boy started nervously, his chest heaving up and down out of panic.

“Answer me, right now.” The tall man said in an unexpectedly calm tone, as the two boys sat hopelessly speechless on the bed.

“What were you two just doing?” The man asked, clenching his jaw in obviously suppressed anger. The man looked like he was trying to be calm, but Yoongi could almost see the steam coming out of the man’s ears.

“I-I...N-nothing. Dad, w-we-” Joohyuk stuttered helplessly. Yoongi could hear that the boy was probably having a panic attack without knowing.

The man blankly stared at the two boys in silence, before laughing bitterly.

The small laugh sent shivers down Yoongi's spine.

“W-we, I-I s-sorry, d-dad.” Joohyuk continued to stutter, breathing heavily with wide eyes. Yoongi looked at the older boy, to check if he was going to pass out anytime soon. The boy sounded like he was literally dying.

“I-I-” Joohyuk continued, before inhaling deeply. Yoongi had never seen Joohyuk so nervous before. He didn't want the boy to panic his life away.

Their dad looked at the carpeted floor for a moment, clenching his jaw as he nodded.

“Relax.” The man said suddenly to Joohyuk, resting his hand on his hip.

Yoongi observed the man’s facial expressions, wondering if he was even angry with what he just witnessed. The man seemed to be sort of … chill? Yoongi nervously fiddled his shirt sleeves as he swallowed thickly, waiting to see what his step-dad would say next.

“Just …” The man started before emitting a deep sigh. “It's okay. I'm not angry.” He said in a surprisingly soft tone.

It's… okay? Yoongi thought in confusion and slight fear. Why would his stepfather not be angry about something like this?

“Y-you’re not?” Joohyuk asked fearfully, tears now streaming down his face.

The tall man sighed again before running a hand through his hair. “I mean, yeah… of course I'm angry, but I'm not surprised. I’ve always known that you two were up to something.” The man said honestly.

“But it's seems like I can't keep you two away from each other anymore. I mean…” The man paused for a moment. “There's nothing else that I can do, right?” He said simply, with a hopeless shrug.

It was really scaring Joohyuk how lightly his father was taking this situation.

This wasn't like his dad… at all.  So Joohyuk just knew that the man already had something up his sleeve.

“What else do you want me to do? Beat you until you bleed and tell you to stay away from each other?” The man asked rhetorically. “No, I’m not going to do that. That's just stupid.” He promised, shaking his head.

Joohyuk’s father was never really the physically abusive type anyways. He might've been sexually abusive, but he had never raised a hand to neither of the two boys.

The man seemed to be in a pretty calm state, so Yoongi figured that maybe the man wasn't going to discipline them. Maybe he was just going to lecture them?

“But I'm still upset … do you know why?” The tall man’s mood changed in a split second. “You disrespected me, that's why.” He answered his own question, as Joohyuk and Yoongi kept their eyes on the floor in humiliation.

“We're sorry, dad-” Joohyuk started, his voice trembling as tears continued to stream down his red cheeks.

“No, you're not. You're not sorry. If you were sorry, you wouldn't have done it.” The man fired back, sightly raising his voice.

Joohyuk started to burst into even more tears of shame, as his father stepped further into the room.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you own him?” Joohyuk’s father asked the older boy, gesturing toward Yoongi as he waited for Joohyuk’s response.

Joohyuk shook his head no, wiping his tears away as he sniffled.

“Huh? Do you think you own him?” His father asked again, louder this time.

“N-no, dad.” Joohyuk sniffled, keeping his eyes on the floor in shame.

“That's right, because who owns him?” The man asked, his eyes widening.

Joohyuk hesitated for a few moments as he wiped his tears again. “Daddy.” The boy forced the word out of his throat, still avoiding eye contact with his father.

“That's right. Daddy owns both of you. Which means that only daddy can put his hands on you, and touch you in those ways. I never said that you can do it to each other.” The man continued to scold the two boys.

Yoongi hated how the man was so possessive and controlling over them. Yoongi didn't want to live his life according to the man's rules, when he wasn't even Yoongi's real father.

“And you…” The man started suddenly, trying to get Yoongi's attention.

Yoongi lifted his eyes from the floor to look up at the man with a slight glare.

“Don't you have anything to say to me?” His step-dad asked with scolding eyes.

What? Does he want a ‘sorry?’ Yoongi thought in annoyance, blankly staring up at the man.

“Huh? No apologies?” The man slightly started to raise his voice when Yoongi didn't respond.

Yoongi continued to blankly stare up at his step-dad for a few silent moments, and it was pissing the man off.

“Yoongi-ah, I'm speaking to you-” The man started again, in a colder tone before Yoongi was cutting the man off with a small voice.

“I… I don’t know… what I should be sorry for.” Yoongi said honestly, fiddling his shirt sleeves.


The room fell silent for a few moments, as Joohyuk’s body noticeably froze at Yoongi's response.

He already knew that Yoongi had fucked up just from that one sentence.


The man stared at Yoongi with a cold stone face for a few, long seconds that felt like forever. After those awkward seconds passed, Yoongi still didn't regret saying what he just said.

“Excuse me?” The tall man started with a dark tone, towering over Yoongi. “You don't know what you should be sorry for?” The man asked, waiting for Yoongi to respond…

But instead, Yoongi just blankly stared up at the man.

He honestly felt like he shouldn't be sorry for anything at all. If him and Joohyuk liked each other and wanted to experiment on each other, then he didn't see the problem with it.


You don't know… what you're sorry for?” Yoongi's step-father repeated in a slower, more chilling tone that was starting to frighten both Joohyuk and Yoongi.


Yoongi gulped hard, before hesitantly shaking his head no. “N-no… I…” Yoongi started slowly with a shrug, before stopping once he read the man’s face.

The man eyes was burning into Yoongi's eyes, before he put a hand onto his pocket.

The man slightly grinned, but not completely, before he was turning around and slowly walking towards the door.

Just when Yoongi thought the man was going to leave, he slowly closed the door and locked it instead.

“Joohyukie…” The man started as he turned back around to face the boys. “Your brother doesn't know what he did wrong...” He said to the older boy, before Joohyuk was nervously making eye contact with Yoongi.

“Ah…” The pale man started again, as he stepped closer to Joohyuk, who was nibbling on his lip with tears in his eyes.

Yoongi, Yoongi, Yoongi …” He sighed, now standing in front of Joohyuk as the boy sat on the bed apprehensively.

“My precious… innocent baby…” The pale man said to Yoongi, almost as if he knew that Yoongi hated to be called those names.

“You just don't know, don't you?” The man asked rhetorically, with a small smirk playing on his lips.

Yoongi blankly observed the man's actions wondering why he was suddenly standing so close to Joohyuk.

Then the man was suddenly lifting his hand to caress Joohyuk’s head. “Everything that you do has a consequence. Isn't that right, Hyukie?” The man asked Joohyuk, brushing the boy’s dark hair out of his face as Joohyuk kept his eyes on the floor in anxiety.

A long silence filled the room, as Joohyuk could hear his heart rate speed up just from the man’s touch.

“Hmm, baby?” Joohyuk’s father asked him, gently running his thumb across the boy’s jawline. “Don't you want him to know?” He asked, waiting for a response.

Joohyuk opened his mouth to speak, but he wasn't sure what to say. He started to slightly tremble as his father caressed his head once again.

Yoongi glared up at the man in annoyance, trying his best not to tell the man to stop touching Joohyuk. The man knew that it was bothering Yoongi, but he wanted to show the boy just how much he owned Joohyuk.

“Don't you want to show our little Yoongi what he's done?” The pale man asked Joohyuk, lifting the boy’s chin up so that he could meet his watery eyes.

Joohyuk looked into his father's controlling, lustful eyes as he continued to speechlessly tremble in fear. He felt like the man’s eyes were taking away his ability to form basic sentences.

“Hmm, baby? Don't you want to show your brother how much of a big boy you are?” The man asked Joohyuk in a teasing tone, before letting go of Joohyuk’s chin to reach for his own belt buckle.

The man let out a chuckle as he started to slowly undo his black leather belt. “I think it's time, Hyukie.” The man husked, as both Yoongi and Joohyuk’s bodies become tense just from the sound of the man’s belt buckle.

Yoongi swallowed thickly as he watched the man in apprehension.

“Our little Yoongi is going to watch us, so that he can learn and take notes for next time… or at least for when he gets big enough.” Joohyuk’s father said to him, as he unzipped the zipper of his dark jeans.

Yoongi could already see where this was going, and he honestly wasn't surprised at all.

When the man pulled his enlarged cock out of his briefs, Joohyuk nervously gulped as he stared at his father's member.

The man stroked his member for a few moments, intensely staring at Yoongi to observe his reaction.

Yoongi blankly stared at the man’s hand that was slowly stroking his cock; the younger boy did not react the slightest bit, and this might've angered his stepfather.

He wanted Yoongi to feel intimidated, but the boy showed no signs of intimidation, unlike Joohyuk.

Yoongi figured maybe that was why he was the “special one”… it was because he was always so expressionless and never showed any fear, even if he was nervous or scared on the inside.

Yoongi knew that his stepfather's goal was to break him.

The man chuckled, letting his cock fall out of his hand to dangle in front of Joohyuk’s face. “Go on, you know what to do.” He said to the older boy in nonchalance.

Joohyuk’s hand slightly trembled as he reached for his father's member. “Go on.” The man repeated simply, encouraging the boy as he hesitantly wrapped his hand around the man’s shaft.

His father's shaft felt warm and veiny, and so disgusting in his hand. He wished that Yoongi didn't have to see this.

Joohyuk slowly started to stroke his dad’s cock with his right hand, breathing heavily.

“Come on, pick up the pace. You know I don't like it slow.” The man said suddenly, placing a hand in Joohyuk’s hair.

Joohyuk whimpered in displeasure as he placed both hands on the man's cock, starting to stroke him faster.

Yoongi observed the scene in silence, watching Joohyuk’s hands closely. The older boy looked like an expert, the way he flicked his wrists, moving his hands around the head of his father's cock like he knew just how to please the man.

When the man finally let out a hiss of pleasure, he roughly pulled Joohyuk’s head closer to his cock. “Open.” The man commanded, as Joohyuk tried to refuse, keeping his mouth shut.

Joohyuk closed his eyes, trying to turn his head away before the man was lightly slapping his cheek. “Open.” The man commanded again, roughly tugging the boy’s head back by his hair, knowing that was the boy’s weakness.

When Joohyuk expectedly let out a whine of pain, the man forced his cock into the boy’s mouth.

Yoongi's eyes widened as he watched the scene that was completely new to him. His stepfather had never made him put it in his mouth. This was his first time seeing anything like this.

“Mmm, yeah.” The man moaned, rapidly thrusting into Joohyuk’s mouth, as the boy whined softly with his eyes shut tight.

The man hissed again, throwing his head back in pleasure as he tugged onto Joohyuk’s hair.

Joohyuk loudly gagged around the man’s thick length, opening his watery eyes as he tried his best to breathe through his nose.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” The pale man moaned, mercilessly shoving his full, throbbing length down his son’s throat as he listened to the boy helplessly choke.

Yoongi's heart started to pound when he noticed how Joohyuk looked like he was suffering, struggling to breathe.

Joohyuk let out muffled screams and gags, tears spilling from his red eyes and saliva dribbling down his chin.

When the man thrusted all the way to the back of Joohyuk’s throat, the boy felt something coming up from his stomach.

“There we go.” Joohyuk’s father said, rapidly pulling out of the boy’s mouth just as vomit came pouring onto the carpeted floor.

Yoongi’s eyes widened in shock as he watched his brother throw up his lunch from about 4 hours ago. The boy continuously gagged as released everything onto the floor.

His father watched with a look of accomplishment on his face; and Yoongi had never wanted to kill someone so much in his entire life.

“Good boy.” The man said, caressing Joohyuk’s head as the boy coughed, trying to catch his breath.

The man looked at Yoongi with a small, psychotic smile. “Do you want a turn?” He asked, before Yoongi was immediately shaking his head no with wide eyes, showing all of his fear at the moment.

“Aww, really? I thought you wanted to do it with Hyukie like 10 minutes ago? What happened? You don't want to be treated like an adult anymore?” The man asked in a teasing tone. “Hm?” He said, cocking his head to the side in confusion.

Yoongi stared up at the man, fearfully shaking his head no as he tried to fight his tears.

“Well, Yoongi… you two wanted to do things that adults do… so now you're going to be treated like adults.” His stepfather said with a sigh, as if he didn't want it to happen.

Now do you know what consequences are?” He asked, still caressing Joohyuk’s head as the boy blankly stared at the floor with tears staining his cheeks.

The man stared at Yoongi, waiting for response, but as always Yoongi blankly looked up at the man with wide eyes, unsure of what to say.

The man emitted a chuckle before speaking. “I guess not.” He said with a sigh, before he was roughly pushing Joohyuk down onto the bed so that he was laying on his back.

Joohyuk whimpered as his back hit the bed. “D-Dad.” He whimpered in fear, already seeing how this was planning out.

“It's daddy to you.” The man said, reaching for Joohyuk’s button on his jeans.

“Please, please-” Joohyuk started to beg, trying to stop his father's hands. The man immediately grabbed a hold of both of Joohyuk’s hands.

“Stop.” The pale man commanded, keeping a tight grip on Joohyuk’s wrists.

Joohyuk shook his head in fear as more tears streamed down his stained cheeks. “Dad, I don't - I don't want to…” Joohyuk cried with pleading eyes.

“Come unbutton his pants.” The man suddenly said to Yoongi, as Yoongi hesitantly observed the scene. Joohyuk threw his head back onto the bed in frustration as he started to cry harder. He couldn't believe that this was actually going to happen to him.

Yoongi knew that he couldn't disobey the man, so he hesitantly stood up from the bed, slowly walking over to the pair.

As Yoongi's hesitantly brought his hands closer to Joohyuk’s pants, Joohyuk started to kick his legs. “Dad, please-” The older boy cried hysterically, breathing heavily.

Yoongi had never seen his step-brother cry like this before. He looked like he was dreading this moment. Yoongi really did not want to do this at all.

“Go ahead, baby.” Yoongi's step-dad said to him, as he slowly unbuttoned Joohyuk’s jeans. Yoongi's eyes started to water, as he regretfully looked at Joohyuk squirming on the bed, begging his father to end this.

Yoongi nervously fiddled his shirt sleeves, as he swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Now the zipper, go on.” His stepfather said, as Yoongi's lip started to quiver. Yoongi's heart was telling him no, but his mind was telling him yes… only because his stepfather told him to do it. He had no other choice.

Yoongi gulped as he slowly unzipped Joohyuk’s pants, listening to the boy’s cries. Almost immediately, the man was letting go of Joohyuk’s wrists and rapidly pulling his underwear and his jeans off of his legs in one go.

“Dad, w-wait. Please, wait-” Joohyuk spoke in broken sentences, his breathing becoming extremely erratic as he backed up further onto the bed.

The man kept a blank, cold face as he grabbed onto both of Joohyuk’s legs, dragging him to the edge of the bed again.

“D-dad, please - wait. I-I can't breathe.” Joohyuk cried, clutching at his chest.

Yoongi almost forgot that the older boy had breathing problems due to asthma, which only occurred rarely.

“I let you use that to as an excuse any other time… but not today.” The man said coldly, forcing Joohyuk’s legs open with his strong hands.

Yoongi’s eyes widened in fear as he backed a few feet away from the pair.

“Dad! I'm s-scared, I'm scared… please, no-” Joohyuk cried in panic, looking down at his father’s swollen length as the man forced his legs open wider.

Yoongi could see that Joohyuk was the most terrified that he's ever been in his entire life. “D-dad-” Yoongi started softly, just wanting this to stop at once.

As the man spit on his length to slick himself, he pinned Joohyuk down to the bed, ignoring the boy’s pleads.

“Dad, no… I can't-” Joohyuk cried, wishing he could apologize and take everything back. He wished he had never even came home to visit this summer.

Yoongi shook his head, his heart starting to pound as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. He felt like his heart was going to fall out of his chest. “N-no-” Yoongi started again softly, closing his eyes.

“I'm scared, dad. P-please, please, please no-” The boy breathlessly cried again, just before the man was shoving the head of his length into him.

Joohyuk clenched his eyes shut, as he tried to squirm away, but it only made the pain feel worse.

“It- It hurts.” Joohyuk gasped, his hands fisting the sheets. “Dad!” The boy screamed in pain as the man shoved his length deeper into him, all at once.

Yoongi closed his eyes, wishing that he could close his ears too… but all he could hear was Joohyuk’s loud gasps and whines of pain.

Yoongi bit his lip to hide his whimpers, as he kept his eyes shut. He didn't want to see even a second of this.

“Shh, be a good boy and take daddy’s dick.” The man whispered to Joohyuk, watching the boy cling onto the sheets to refrain from screaming in pain.

Joohyuk let out a loud wheeze, before whimpering in pain. He felt like his entire body was being ripped into two.

“Stay quiet, baby. We don't want the neighbors to start questioning us, now do we?” The man husked, starting to roughly pound into the boy.

Yoongi covered his ears as he tried to block out Joohyuk’s cries and wheezes. He prayed that the boy wasn't having an asthma attack.

“T-there’s blood, blood is coming-” Joohyuk panicked suddenly, his eyes widening as his grip on the sheets impossibly tightened.

“It’s okay. Don't worry, you'll survive.” The man slightly chuckled.

When Yoongi let out a louder whimper, his step-dad turned around in curiosity.

“Come here, baby. It's okay, your brother is fine.” The man said with a grin, still deeply thrusting into Joohyuk.

Yoongi hesitantly opened his eyes before softly bursting into tears, keeping his eyes on the floor.

Finally, I've broke him, the man thought.

Yoongi slowly started to walk over to the bed, sniffling with his head down, like his step-dad told him to.

“Cover his mouth.” The man said, before Yoongi was lifting his eyes off of the floor, to see Joohyuk gasping for air and trying to squirm away from the man’s member, blood staining the royal blue sheets.

It was a traumatizing sight to say the least; to watch the person you loved get taken advantage of by his own father.

It was sick, and Yoongi was starting to realize it from being on the outside.

All this time, he thought he was the special one.

But now it was all making sense… maybe this was why his stepfather always wanted Joohyuk to come home; so that he could do shit like this to him.

Yoongi hesitantly placed his small hand over his stepbrother’s mouth to muffle his cries.

When Joohyuk’s tear-filled eyes met Yoongi's wide, watery ones, a tear slipped down the younger boy’s cheek.


I'm sorry.


Yoongi finally realized what he should be sorry for.


Yoongi had learned a lot that day.


He learned that step-brothers weren't meant to do the things that him and Joohyuk thought was okay.

He learned that everything has a consequence, and you'll have to face it one way or another.

He learned that maybe he couldn't always sense when danger was coming.

He learned that one man could change his life.

Yoongi learned that he wasn't as strong as he tried to be. He learned all of this just from having his step-father’s hands pin him down onto a mattress, with the man’s enlarged member prodding at his entrance.

He learned a lot as his screams were muffled by his brother’s hand, just as he did to him.

Yoongi had learned a lot once he felt the blood dripping between his pale, thin thighs, as his step-father finished releasing into him with a shameless groan.


That day…

Yoongi had learned that he wasn't the only special one.



Chapter Text









─ intro.     

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ⁺       ˚
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ°ㅤ· •.




May 25th, 2017



6:24 AM

“Jungkook…” Jungkook’s groggy eyes flew open when he heard his mother groan loudly after a deep sigh.

“I thought I woke you up 30 minutes ago. Get up, you’re going to make me late for work.” His mother nagged in annoyance, standing at the door frame of Jungkook's unnecessarily dark and gloomy bedroom.

Jungkook groaned lowly, shutting his eyes in exhaustion before pulling his blanket up to cover his head.

“There's no reason for you to be tired. You went to bed at 6 in the evening, and you've been napping like crazy lately. Come on, get up.” Jungkook's mother said, taking a sip of her black coffee.

Jungkook might've not been actually sleepy, but he definitely was tired.

He was the type of tired that sleep couldn't fix, no matter how much he slept.

Jungkook was definitely falling back into a depression hole again. He was starting to hate his life again after Seokjin had gave him something to look forward to every day.

“I don't want to go.” Jungkook mumbled from underneath his blankets. He despised school right now.

“Come on, no exceptions. Get up, you're making me late.” Jungkook's mother started to slightly raise her voice in frustration.

“Mom, please-” Jungkook croaked, pulling his blanket off of his head.

“No, Jungkook. You're not missing school, you need all the days you can get. Now get up, or we’re going to leave you.” His mother threatened, starting to walk away from the door frame.

“Please do.” Jungkook mumbled, burying his face into his pillow.



6:39 AM

“Jungkook, you need to hurry up if you want to buy breakfast!” Jungkook’s dad yelled from outside of the house, reaching into his pants pockets for his car keys.

“I'm coming!” Jungkook yelled back from inside of the living room, still tying his shoes. It always took him about a long 60 seconds to tie his shoelaces, because he wanted them to perfect.

Jungkook remembers the times when Seokjin would nag at him in annoyance, telling him to hurry up because it's “just laces”. Jungkook remembers the few times where Seokjin would tie his shoes for him, and it would take less than 6 seconds.

Now that Jungkook thinks about it, Seokjin really did treat him like a baby at times. The older boy took care of Jungkook like it was his mission on earth.

“Come on, or we’re going to leave you! And I'm sure you don't want to take the bus.” Jungkook’s mother said suddenly, peeking her head out of the car window.

“Ugh.” Jungkook groaned in annoyance, defeatedly tucking his laces into his shoe. He stood up off the couch before grabbing his backpack, and quickly making his way out of the house.

As Jungkook locked the front door behind him, he couldn't ignore his parents’ conversation that was going on. They seemed to be arguing over something that involved Jungkook.

“I just don't think he's ready.” Jungkook's mother said from inside of the car.

“Let's just give him a chance, okay?” Jungkook's father responded, getting into the car.

“Nothing has changed. I’m telling you-” Jungkook's mother stopped speaking once Jungkook made his way into the backseat of the car.

“Seatbelts.” Jungkook's father said, before Jungkook and his mother was strapping on their seatbelts.

As the family started to drive to Jungkook’s favorite café, there was a long silence in the car, and Jungkook just knew that something wanted to said.

Jungkook was gazing out of the window, observing the sky’s shades of blue, when his father called for his attention.

“So…” His father started with a sigh once they stopped at a red light.

“Your mother and I have been debating over the past few days… well, the past few hours…” The man's sentence trailed off.

“Debating about what?” Jungkook asked curiously, his eyes rapidly scanning over every building and store that they passed by.

“Um…” Jungkook's father started, looking at his wife only to receive a careless shrug from her.

“Your mother doesn't want to do this… but … since I'm the nicer parent…” The man said, before suddenly honking the car horn at the car in front of him. “Come on! What the hell are you doing?” The man said in annoyance, before honking the car horn again.

Yeah, you're definitely the nicer one… Jungkook couldn't control the scoff that came out of his mouth.

“Since I'm the nicer one, I've been thinking about … giving you back your phone.” Jungkook's father continued, looking at Jungkook through the car mirror.

“Really?” Jungkook asked, his eyes lighting up in excitement. The boy looked 1000 times more awake now.

Jungkook’s mother gave his father a look of disagreement, before the man was speaking again.

“But I'm not sure yet, though… so don't get ahead of yourself.” The man warned, crushing Jungkook's hope in less than 3 seconds.

“Because… how can your mother and I trust that you won't do anything stupid?” Jungkook’s father asked, after seeing the boy’s now gloomy mood.

“What do you mean?” Jungkook asked in confusion, averting his eyes back to the window next to him.

“You know exactly what we mean, Jungkook.” His mother spoke suddenly, not looking back at the boy.

Jungkook let out a small huff, deciding not to engage in this conversation anymore. He already knew that his parents were going to talk about Seokjin.

“How can we trust that you won't get in touch with that boy?” His father spoke, his eyes focusing back on the busy streets as the light changed to green.

“My mistake, I mean that man.” Jungkook's father corrected himself a second after, making Jungkook huff loudly.

“He's -” Jungkook started, stopping when his mother turned her head around to hear what he was going to argue.

“I won't call him.” Jungkook changed his response, he knew that arguing with his parents wouldn't make anything better.

“I promise.” Jungkook added on, in hopes that his parents would trust him.

“But how can we trust that you'll keep your promise?” His mother asked.

“You can check my phone every single day to see who I've called or texted… since you don't trust me.” Jungkook added the last part to his sentence to take his parents feel bad.

As expected, Jungkook's father sighed. “It's not that we don't trust you -” The man started, before Jungkook's mother was cutting off his sentence in disagreement.

“Actually, that's exactly what it is. You can't disobey us for months and then expect us to suddenly trust you.” His mother started. “That's not how it works.” She said, before Jungkook's father started again.

“But we should at least let him -” The man started hesitantly, before his wife was cutting off his sentence once again.

“No, no. He's sneaky. He says one thing, and does another. I'm not taking any chances.” Jungkook's mother argued in frustration.

“But mom, I promise I won't -” Jungkook started softly from the backseat.

“No, Jungkook. You've only just gotten your phone taken away a few weeks ago. That's not enough time for you to change.” The woman said, turning her head away from Jungkook.

“But I have, mom. I swear, I won't call or text Seokjin at all. You can even monitor -” Jungkook started again.

“But that doesn't mean that you can't delete your messages and previous calls.” Jungkook's dad said all of a sudden. He thought his father was on his side, but now it sounded like he was switching teams.

“No, Jungkook. I'm sorry, I just… I don't believe that you want your phone for the right reasons, and I'm not taking that risk with you.” His mother said, now getting irritated.

“But why does it bother you if I call Seokjin or not? He's in a whole other city. It's not like I could run away with him -” Jungkook said matter-of-factly.

“Why don't you understand that I just don't want you talking to him? It's simple.” Jungkook's mother said, slightly raising her voice in exasperation.

“It's also simple to give back my phone.” Jungkook replied, as the car came to a red light again.

“Well you won't be getting anything if you keep talking back to me.” His mother threatened.

“I’m not talking back to you.” Jungkook replied simply.

“Jungkook, you're talking back to me right now.” His mother said lowly, trying her best to stay calm.

“How am I-” Jungkook started to argue before his mother was cutting off his sentence.

“And would you stop giving me attitude?” His mother raised her voice.

“I'm not giving you attitude.” Jungkook replied, with attitude in his tone.

“Jungkook, just stop it, okay? You can't keep giving attitude and expect us to give you what you want. You're still acting like a spoiled brat.” Jungkook's father spoke suddenly, resulting in an obnoxiously loud sigh from Jungkook.

“Like I said before, you're not getting your phone until you clean up your act.” Jungkook's mother stuck to her word.

Jungkook let out another loud sigh as he rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Whatever.” The boy mumbled.

“Shouldn't dad have a say as well?” Jungkook started again. Just because his mother said that he couldn't get his phone back doesn't mean that his dad wants the same.

A silence filled the car for a few minutes, as Jungkook waited for a response from his dad.

“Well… I think…” His father started as they stopped at a red light. “I think your mother is right.” The man said.

“I thought maybe you were ready to start fresh… but seeing that you're still hung up on this guy…” His dad continued. “I don't know if we can fully trust that you'll cut him out of your life.”

Jungkook wished that he could find a response to his father… but the truth is, he really couldn't cut Seokjin out of his life.

Seokjin is my life, Jungkook wanted to respond without sounding dramatic.

“So, with that being said… I'm afraid you won't be getting your phone back for a while.” Jungkook's father finished, looking at Jungkook huff through the car mirror.

“There. It's said and done, now don't ask about it again. You're getting your phone back when your father and I both think you're ready. It's as simple as that.” His mother said finally, lifting her hands as if she was finished.

Jungkook sighed again, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat as he turned his head to look outside of the window. He crossed his arms in front of him angrily as he kept his eyes on the shades of blue that lit up the morning sky.

“Do you understand?” His mother asked, turning around to look at the boy who was rapidly bouncing his knee up and down in anger, with his head facing the window.

When she got no response from the boy, she silently turned her head back around with a low sigh, deciding to just let her son be for a few moments.


The rest of the car ride remained silent, except for Jungkook muttering a “no” when his dad asked if he still wanted to buy breakfast from his favorite cafe.

Soon the car started to pull up to Jungkook's school. Jungkook quickly started to put his backpack onto his back so that he could get the fuck out of this car already.

“Have a good da- ah wait…” Jungkook’s mother said before pausing to reach into her bag. “Don't forget your medicine.” She said as she pulled out a brand new container of Jungkook's prescription.

Jungkook blankly stared at the container that was in his mother's hand for a few seconds, taking a deep breath to contain his anger, before snatching the container out of his mother's hand, which didn't surprise his parents.

“Well… have a good day.” Jungkook's father said, as Jungkook opened the car door to leave.

“No.” Jungkook said before he got out of the car.

His parents had already ruined his entire week in under 20 minutes.



Yoongi ♡



Delivered 6:16 AM


Are you awake?

Seen 6:17 AM


Yes :)

Seen 6:17 AM


Goodmorning ♡

Seen 6:18 AM


I missed you

Seen 6:18 AM


Where are you right now?

Seen 6:18 AM


I'm walking to the bus stop

Seen 6:19 AM


Do you mind picking me

up from my house?

Seen 6:19 AM


Of course I don't mind :)

Seen 6:19 AM


Anything for you ♡♡

Seen 6:19 AM


What's up, your mom can't drive you today?

Seen 6:20 AM


I don't want her to drive me

Seen 6:20 AM


Just please hurry and

get here before she wakes up

Seen 6:20 AM


Are you hiding from her? ㅋㅋ

what'd you do?

Seen 6:21 AM


Hoseok just text me when

you're outside of my house

Seen 6:23 AM


I'm here right now

Seen 6:24 AM


Come outside

Seen 6:24 AM


Before Hoseok could even put his phone into his pocket, Yoongi was silently slipping out of his front door and quickly locking it behind him.

“There he is…” Hoseok started dramatically. “The love of my life- what's wrong?” Hoseok’s smile quickly faded once he saw Yoongi's face.

The raven-haired boy looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep. His eyes were bloodshot red, dark circles underneath them. “Hm?” Yoongi asked, averting his eyes to the ground as he walked passed Hoseok.

“Are you okay? Were you crying?” Hoseok bombarded Yoongi with questions that were filled with concern.

“Um, n-no… I- um…” Yoongi mumbled, his breathing evidently erratic as he looked everywhere but Hoseok’s eyes. “I just…” Yoongi breath out, running his fingers through his hair in distress.

Hoseok squinted his eyes at Yoongi, trying to find out what was wrong. Yoongi didn't look like himself.

“Yoongi…” Hoseok put his hands on Yoongi's shoulders to calm him down. “What's going on?” He asked slowly, as Yoongi continued to look behind himself, as if he was looking for someone.

“Look at me. Talk to me.” Hoseok spoke louder, wishing Yoongi would snap out of it.

“N-not here, Hoseok. He's going to find me. We have to get away from here.” Yoongi said at barely a whisper, looking into Hoseok’s eyes. For once, Hoseok actually saw fear in the raven-haired boy’s eyes.

“Wait, what? Who's going to find you? Is someone following you?” Hoseok asked frantically, starting to look around the area as well.

“Hoseok, just please- let's leave. I can't…” Yoongi started to breathe heavier, his voice trembling.

“Okay, okay. Let's go.” Hoseok said softly, grabbing Yoongi’s hand as they started to quickly walk to the bus stop that was 2 blocks away.



6:29 AM

“Yoongi…” Hoseok started once the raven-haired boy had calmed down a bit. As the two arrived at the bus stop, Yoongi still wouldn't let go of Hoseok’s hand. “What is it?” Hoseok asked softly into Yoongi's ear, as the smaller boy nibbled on his lip nervously.

“Good morning, guys.” The pair heard the sound of Baekhyun’s voice chirping suddenly. Yoongi lifted his eyes from the ground to see Baekhyun and Chanyeol sitting on the bus stop bench.

Hoseok had completely forgotten that he told Baekhyun to meet him at the bus stop so that they could go to school together.

“Woah, you startled me.” Hoseok laughed as Baekhyun laughed along. “Hey, Chanyeol.” Hoseok said to the tall boy, as Yoongi quickly pulled his hand away from Hoseok’s—so quick that Hoseok didn't even notice.

Chanyeol gave no response, but gave Hoseok a half-smile instead. The boy looked like something was bothering him.

“You came right on time. The bus is coming in about …. one minute.” Baekhyun said, looking at the bus schedule on his phone.

Hoseok nodded slowly, before glancing at Yoongi to see the boy literally nibbling on his fingernails as he continued to look around him in paranoia.

“What's up? What's bothering you? You’re acting like a murderer is following you.” Hoseok said to the small boy, loud enough that Baekhyun and Chanyeol started to stare at Yoongi as well.

“Um, it's - I'll tell you later …” Yoongi mumbled when he noticed that Baekhyun and Chanyeol were listening.

“Okay.” Hoseok said hesitantly, deciding that he would ask Yoongi about it later.

Once the bus arrived, Hoseok let Yoongi get on first since the raven-haired boy seemed to be in a rush to get on the bus and get away from the entire area.

“Look, there's four seats right here.” Hoseok said in a cheerful tone once they all got on the bus, but Yoongi, Baekhyun, and even Chanyeol looked uncomfortable and hesitant to sit next to each other.

Hoseok knew that Yoongi wasn't too fond of Baekhyun… but what was Baekhyun’s problem? Baekhyun was always welcoming of Yoongi, now he didn't want to sit next to him?

“Um… yeah, okay. Let's all just … sit here, I guess.” Baekhyun says finally, giving Chanyeol a weird look, like he was trying to tell the boy something.

When the four sat down in a row, Chanyeol sat in the corner, next to Hoseok, and Hoseok and Yoongi sat next to each other, leaving Baekhyun to sit next to Yoongi.

“Chanyeol, don't you want to sit next to me?” Baekhyun asked the boy, as he hesitated to sit down next to the raven-haired boy.

Chanyeol aimlessly looked around the bus, not giving Baekhyun a response.

Hello, Chanyeol. I'm talking to you.” Baekhyun said loudly, stepping closer to Chanyeol before pulling the boy’s earphones out of his ears.

“What's up with you? Is this about what I said last night?” Baekhyun asked, making Hoseok and Yoongi look at the pair in confusion.

“No.” Chanyeol said simply, starting to put his earphones back into his ears.

“I didn't mean it anyways.” Baekhyun said, in a careless, not-so-genuine tone.

“What's going on?” Hoseok asked curiously, before Baekhyun was sitting down next to Yoongi.

“Nothing. It's stupid, really. I don’t know why he’s upset over it.” Baekhyun said while pulling a granola bar out of his pocket.

“You know what, Baek? You’re so insensitive.” Chanyeol said, not sparing Baekhyun a single glance, as the boy took a bite out of his granola bar.

“How am I insensitive just because-” Baekhyun started with a mouthful of granola, before stopping when he remembered that Min Yoongi was right next to him.

Baekhyun swallowed the granola before letting out a deep sigh. “I mean, if it bothers you that much then you must know that something is true about what I said.” Baekhyun said with a shrug, taking another bite out of the granola bar.

Chanyeol shook his head with a sigh, deciding not to respond to Baekhyun.

“What happened?” Hoseok asked again in curiosity, after watching the couple go at each other.

“Nothing. It's - It's dumb. I don't even know why he still cares about him.” Baekhyun said, swallowing granola again.

“I don't care about him. I really don't. It's just… don't make any assumptions about-” Chanyeol started as Baekhyun let out an obnoxious groan. Chanyeol just wanted Baekhyun to take back what he had said.

“Fine, Chanyeol. I'm sorry. Is that what you want to hear? I'm sorry for making assumptions about him.” Baekhyun said finally, trying to sound genuine. “Gosh, let it go.” He added on underneath his breath.

“Who are you guys talking about?” Hoseok questioned again in confusion. Chanyeol seemed to be taking the situation very seriously.

“No one.” Chanyeol and Baekhyun responded simultaneously. Hoseok decided not to ask anymore questions, catching the hint that the pair didn't want to tell him anything for some reason. Hoseok figured that it just wasn't his business.






January 4th, 2014



1:36 PM

“Kang Daehui, you're under arrest for the trafficking in persons. Anything you say can and will be used against you.”

As two police officers escorted Yoongi's stepfather into the police car, the raven-haired boy stood on the porch in silence, blankly watching the scene.

Yoongi’s mother stood in front of another police officer with confusion written all over her face as she hugged her robe close to her body. “Sir, could you please explain to me what he did wrong? I don't understand what's going on-” Yoongi could hear his mother panicking from a few feet away. She had no clue on what type of man her husband really was… no clue.

Once the two officers got the man into the car, they closed the door before getting into the front seats without a word to Yoongi's mother.

Yoongi looked at the police car, before looking back at his mother, to see her making hand gestures that showed signs of confusion and frustration.

For some reason, the raven-haired boy couldn't hear a word that his mother was saying. All Yoongi could hear was silence with a slight ringing in his ears. When he looked at his stepfather who sat in the backseat of the police car with his head down, he got a weird feeling. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not, everything felt too good to be true.

Yoongi's body felt numb… his mind felt blank, his head felt empty.

He looked at his mother again, before looking at the police car once more, just as his stepdad was lifting his head.

The man’s eyes immediately caught Yoongi's eyes, like he just knew that the raven-haired boy was staring at him.

The man's stare made Yoongi feel weird inside, dark pupils burning into his, but the raven-haired boy did not look away. He couldn't look away.

Yoongi stared at the man with nothing but a blank expression. For once he felt nothing. Nothing at all. No happiness, no anger, no sadness, no relief, no pain… nothing.

“Are you Yoongi?” A police officer asked softly, as she suddenly came into Yoongi’s view.

Yoongi looked up at the woman, blankly staring at her for about 5 silent seconds.

“He's a bad man… I know.” The officer said, her hands in her pockets. “But don't worry. He's going to be locked away for a very long time, okay?” The woman promised.


She promised.




“Are you okay?” Hoseok shifted his attention to Yoongi after a few moments, noticing how the raven-haired boy was spaced out.

“Y-Yeah, just tired. I couldn't sleep.” Yoongi mumbled with dull eyes, blinking slowly. All he could think of last night was his stepfather, and it kept him awake, crying to himself, until 4 in the morning. Yoongi had only gotten an hour of sleep.

“Take a nap on my shoulder. I'll wake you up when we get to school, okay?” Hoseok said softly into Yoongi's ear.

Yoongi wanted to say no, he wanted so badly to argue with Hoseok like they always do when the sunshine boy wants to do something couple-like… but right now, Yoongi was just so exhausted, he ended up resting his head on Hoseok’s shoulder without picking a fight.

Hoseok was actually surprised himself that Yoongi had complied so easily. It was sort of bothering him.

“Okay, what’s going on? You're not acting like yourself.” Hoseok said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I just told you… I’m tired.” Yoongi mumbled with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, Baekhyun was standing up from his seat to sit on Chanyeol's lap.

“Come on, Baek-” Chanyeol started with a groan, placing his arms around his boyfriend to make sure that he doesn't fall.

“Who do you keep texting?” Baekhyun whined. He felt like Chanyeol hated him at the moment, so he was starting to get suspicions that the boy was texting someone else. “Show me.” Baekhyun whined, trying to peek at Chanyeol's phone.

“It's just Taehyung. I'm asking if he's alright.” Chanyeol said in tranquility, showing Baekhyun the phone screen. Not even a second later, Baekhyun was snatching Chanyeol’s phone out of his hand to read the text messages.

“Why? What happened to Taehyung?” Hoseok asked in concern.

“Didn't you hear?” Chanyeol asked in confusion. How could Hoseok not know about what happened with Taehyung? Literally the whole school was talking about it.

“Hear what?” Hoseok asked dumbfoundedly.

“Yesterday, during first period, Taehyung started bleeding from his wrists… like out of nowhere.” Chanyeol informed Hoseok, before the red-haired boy was widening his eyes.

“Really?” Hoseok started. “How? How did he start bleeding?” The red-haired boy asked in concern.

“Supposedly, he was scratching his wrists, and you know… he must've had fresh scars.” Chanyeol said, before his phone was making a notification sound.

“What’d he say?” Chanyeol asked his boyfriend, peeking at the text messages.





Delivered 6:18 AM



Delivered 6:18 AM


I heard about what happened yesterday,

is everything okay?

Delivered 6:19 AM


I hope you are well

Delivered 6:22 AM


Seen 6:36 AM



Seen 6:37 AM


Yeah, I'm fine

Seen 6:38 AM


“He just said he's fine.” Baekhyun said, in an unsurprised tone. He knew that Taehyung definitely wasn’t fine; the younger boy was so good at lying.

“That's all?” Chanyeol and Hoseok asked simultaneously. They knew that Taehyung wasn't fine at all and was most likely just playing it off because that's what Taehyung does best.

“Yup, but I'm not accepting that answer.” Baekhyun said simply, before his fingers were rapidly moving over the phone screen.

“Don't pester him, Baekhyun.” Chanyeol warned, trying to remove the phone from Baekhyun’s hands.

“I'm not, I'm not. I'll just tell him that I want to speak with him today.” Baekhyun said, holding the phone far away from Chanyeol’s hands as his fingers danced on the phone screen.

“I want to speak to him too.” Hoseok said softly, staring at a meaningless spot on the floor in deep thought. He couldn't help but feel guilty. He wanted to help Taehyung so bad but he just didn't know how, or what to do.




Are you sure you're okay?

Delivered 6:39 AM


Baekhyun mentioned to me that he

wanted to speak with you today

Delivered 6:40 AM


Baekhyun sent the message, waiting for a few moments before switching out of Chanyeol's message tab and into his Instagram tab.

“I was thinking we could talk to him before first period.” Hoseok said to Baekhyun.

“Okay but… before we speak to him, I have to speak to you about something… very serious.” Baekhyun said, looking at Hoseok with wide eyes.

“What is it?” Hoseok asked in between a small yawn.

“It's like… serious, Hoseok… and I'm not sure how Taehyung is going to feel about … you being in the middle of it.” Baekhyun said to the red-haired boy.

I'm in the middle of it? Hoseok thought. He had absolutely no idea of what Baekhyun was talking about.

“What do you mean? What is it?” Hoseok asked again, now starting to feel worried and nervous, especially because Baekhyun said the situation was “serious”.

“I'll…” Baekhyun started, glancing at Yoongi to see the boy now sleeping on Hoseok’s shoulder. “I'll tell you later. I can't tell you now.” Baekhyun said quickly, averting his eyes back to the Instagram app on Chanyeol's phone.

“Why not?” Hoseok asked in annoyance. No one was telling him anything today, and he didn't know why.

“Because…” Baekhyun started hesitantly, slowly scrolling through Instagram. “It's not something to be spoken about in public.” Baekhyun said simply, wishing Hoseok would just drop the conversation until later.

“Fine.” Hoseok said defeatedly after a deep sigh.

The group fell silent for a few moments, Chanyeol laying his head on Baekhyun’s shoulder as he watched the boy scroll through the social media app.

“Just so you know, it's about the person that you hung out with last night…” Baekhyun spoke suddenly, earning a confused expression from Hoseok.

 Baekhyun silently showed Hoseok the phone screen, so that the red-haired boy could watch the video that was playing.

It was a video that Hoseok posted of Jimin playing on the swings of the playground last night.

“Jimin?” Hoseok said in confusion. What does Jimin have to deal with Taehyung? Hoseok thought.

“But like I said…” Baekhyun started before Hoseok could ask anymore questions, turning the phone back around and simply scrolling through the timeline again.

“It's not something to be spoken about in public.” Baekhyun finished.


      ・ .           .                 ✦.                      •         ✦

.                 .            .           .       .             ✦

    ✦       ・           .                 •      .     •          .           

    •    .             .               ✦           .




Shades Of Blue




Good morning Taehyung

Seen 6:44 AM


How are you feeling?

Seen 6:44 AM


Are you at school yet?

Seen 6:45 AM


Taehyung rolled his eyes in annoyance once he saw that Baekhyun texted him.


I'm feeling fine

Seen 6:45 AM


And yeah, I got to school

like an hour ago

Seen 6:45 AM


Can we please talk before class?

Seen 6:46 AM


About what?

Seen 6:46 AM


About what happened

in class yesterday

Seen 6:46 AM


I don't really want to talk

about it right now

Seen 6:47 AM


I honestly just want to be alone

for today so please

don't bother me

Seen 6:47 AM


Taehyung I get that you

want to be alone

Seen 6:48 AM


But I don't want you to feel like

you're alone when you're not

Seen 6:48 AM


I'm here and I want you

to know that

Seen 6:48 AM


I know that, Baekhyun

Seen 6:49 AM


I know

Seen 6:49 AM


Then why won't you

let me help you?

Seen 6:49 AM


I already told you that

I don't want your help

Seen 6:50 AM


Stop saying that

Seen 6:50 AM



Seen 6:50 AM


Where are you right now, Tae?

Seen 6:51 AM


Why do you want to know?

Seen 6:51 AM


I want to talk to you

Seen 6:51 AM



Seen 6:52 AM


I need to see that you're okay

Seen 6:52 AM


I'm fine

Seen 6:54 AM


You'll see me in first period

Seen 6:54 AM


Where are you?

Seen 6:55 AM


Taehyung emitted a sigh of annoyance as he put his phone into the left pocket of his black hoodie without responding to Baekhyun’s text. He was really getting annoyed of the boy butting into his business. Taehyung remembers literally telling the boy that he didn't want his help. What doesn't Baekhyun understand?

Taehyung slouched down into his chair, as he tried to listen to the conversation that his aunt was having with Ms. Hong in her office.

The counselor had asked Taehyung if he could sit outside of the office for a few minutes while she talks to his aunt... But they've been talking for the past hour. Taehyung wasn't sure what they were talking about, but his aunt was probably telling the counselor all of his past, his self-harm problem, etc.

Taehyung wasn't sure how the counselor didn't already know about his past, because it was the principal and dean's responsibility to tell the counselor about any serious situations involving the students. Taehyung remembers his aunt explaining his entire situation to the principal when he was in his 1st year of high school. Maybe the principal had just forgotten to tell Ms. Hong?

“I mean, as long as Taehyung is fine with it-” Ms. Hong started in the office, before Taehyung's aunt was cutting off her sentence.

“He doesn't really have a choice, because you know… this is a very serious issue that he's been dealing with…” Taehyung hears his aunt's muffled voice through the door, before she started to speak lower. He wasn't sure what the pair was talking about.

“And even if he doesn't want to do it, we can find a way to help him understand how much this can help him.” His aunt finished, trying to keep her voice low but Taehyung could hear most of her words through the door.

When Taehyung couldn't properly hear the conversation anymore, he let out a sigh before lowering his head in tiredness.

Taehyung had slightly dozed off for a few moments, but he could still hear what was going on around him.

“Good morning, Mr. Jung.” A student greeted the secretary with a small smile as he walked into the office. “Is Ms. Hong in her office?” The student asked.

“Yes, but she's speaking with a parent right now.” The secretary said, earning a small frustrated sigh from the student.

“Do you happen to know what time she'll be done with the parent?” The student asked, trying to hide the desperation in his tone.

“Nope. No idea. How about you come back during your lunch break?” The secretary suggested.

“Uh, I would but… it's kind of urgent.” The student said lowly.

“Well then… you could wait for her to finish, if you're willing to miss your first period.” The man said.

“Um… okay. I'll wait.” The student decided hesitantly before walking away from the secretary’s desk.

The student didn't want to miss his first period class, but he needed to speak with the counselor. It was urgent. He hoped that Ms. Liz would understand if he was a little late for class.

The student let out a sigh as he walked over to the waiting area where the chairs were. He was surprised to see the boy with the black hoodie sitting in a seat outside of Ms. Hong’s office, hanging his head low.

“Good morning.” The student said as he sat down in a chair next to the boy in the black hoodie.

Taehyung’s eyes flew open as he lifted his head, startled at the sudden deep voice. Taehyung immediately felt irritated once his eyes met the student’s.

The blonde boy looked at Taehyung, waiting for a response, but Taehyung just gave the boy a blank yet deadly stare.

Seriously? Taehyung thought to himself. You again? He wasn't sure why he kept having so many encounters with this student. It was annoying the fuck out of him. He couldn't stand seeing this nosy ass know-it-all’s face any longer.

Taehyung couldn't help but let out a sigh of annoyance when the blonde senior hesitantly sat right next to him out of all of the seats that were lined up.

The blonde could feel Taehyung's irritation so he decided to stand up and sit two seats further from Taehyung.

So he does know how to take a hint? Taehyung thought in surprise, before listening to Ms. Hong’s door to see if they were finished talking.

As if on cue, he heard Ms. Hong coming closer to the door, before she was poking her head out. “Taehyung, could you please come in?” The counselor asked softly, opening the door wider for Taehyung.

Taehyung stood up with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, before slowly walking into the counselor’s office.



7:17 AM

“So, what is it that you wanted to tell me on the bus?” Hoseok asked after being dragged to the guidance office by the arm. Baekhyun was pretty aggressive sometimes.

“Okay… so…” Baekhyun started with a sigh, as the pair stood outside of the glass doors of the office, outside of the waiting area.

“So…” Baekhyun repeated with another deep sigh. The boy looked a little hesitant; it was making Hoseok curious.

“Uh… have you ever heard of the Miyazaki Mansion?” Baekhyun started slowly. “In Bucheon…” He added on when he saw Hoseok’s confused expression.

“It’s the house where…” Baekhyun continued. “That incident happened a few years ago, with almost 50 men and… a couple of children?” Baekhyun said, speaking as low as he could just in case someone was eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Don’t you remember seeing or hearing it on the news? Literally all of Seoul was speaking about it.” Baekhyun tried to get Hoseok to remember the year of 2013, when the incident happened.

Hoseok stared at Baekhyun in confusion, squinting his eyes a little before a thought popped in his head. “Ah, I remember. How could I forget?” Hoseok asked rhetorically, in a tone that Baekhyun found strange. He figured that Hoseok was uncomfortable speaking about it.

Child rape was definitely a taboo topic, especially in Korea, where the country would pretend it didn't happen often. Hoseok wasn't sure why Baekhyun was mentioning it to him.

“Y-Yeah, I remember.” Hoseok said with a nod. “Uh, Yoongi told me about it.” Hoseok quickly added on.

Yoongi told him about it? Baekhyun thought. Hoseok has known Yoongi for a while, therefore he should know that Yoongi was one of the victims by now.

“He was… uh… he was one of the victims.” Hoseok said slowly, speaking in an extremely hesitant way as Baekhyun listened closely. He wasn't so sure about telling this to Baekhyun. He had promised Yoongi that he would never tell anyone else, but Baekhyun was a close friend. Hoseok figured the boy would know when to keep a serious secret.

“He told you? That he’s a victim?” Baekhyun asked, before the pair was simultaneously averting their eyes to a student that was coming up the staircase that they were next to.

Hoseok and Baekhyun stayed silent for a few moments, as they waited for the girl to completely walk up the stairs. It would be a disaster if anyone were to eavesdrop on their conversion.

Once the student was completely gone, entering the doors on the floor above them, Baekhyun started again.

“Did he tell you?” He repeated, speaking at a voice that only Hoseok would hear.

If Yoongi had told Hoseok without Hoseok finding out on his own, then the raven-haired boy must really trust Hoseok. He must trust the boy with all of his heart to tell him a secret so deep.

“Yeah… but, what about it?” Hoseok asked, quickly shaking his head so that they could move on from this topic.

“Well…” Baekhyun started in hesitation. “How can I say this…” The boy mumbled to himself, nibbling on his lip.

“Taehyung…” Baekhyun started with a deep breath, fiddling his hands. “Taehyung is one of the victims too.” Baekhyun said finally.

Hoseok remained silent for a few moments, before taking a step back in deep thought, as his eyes averted to the floor.

“I know… it sounds crazy, but I did some research just to find out who were the victims…” Baekhyun started again. “And Taehyung's named showed up.”

“And Yoongi…” He continued. “And Jeon Jungkook… you know, that kid that everyone makes fun of?” Baekhyun asked rhetorically, as Hoseok’s looked up from the floor.

“Yeah… him too.” Baekhyun said softly. He felt really bad for all of the things that the mean students put Jungkook through during only his first few months at this school.

Hoseok bit his lip in thought, with a regretful expression written on his face.

“And…” Baekhyun started, before taking a long pause. Hoseok listened closely as he waited for the boy to continue speaking.

Baekhyun opened his mouth before shutting his lips after a few seconds. he didn't want to say anything that would mess up Hoseok’s friendship with Taehyung … or with Jimin.

“Did you know that-” Baekhyun started suddenly before pausing again, letting out a bitter laugh. “Did you know that Taehyung and Park Jimin used to know each other?” Baekhyun said all at once, watching Hoseok’s eyebrows furrow in bewilderment.

“Really?” Hoseok asked. He wondered how come Taehyung had never mention that he knew Jimin.

“Y-Yeah… they used to be really close.” Baekhyun said lowly, looking down at his feet. “But apparently, they’re not on really good terms.” He added on.

“Do you know why?” Hoseok’s asked curiously.

“Um, well… no, not really.” Baekhyun started hesitantly, sounding uncertain.

Not really? It sounds to me like you know something.” Hoseok said, snickering softly.

“Well, I mean… I don’t know everything about what happened between them, but I do know that they didn’t end on good terms because…” Baekhyun paused, trying to find the right words to say.

“Well, to put it simply… Jimin may not be as kind and innocent as he seems.” Baekhyun said hesitantly.

Baekhyun didn’t want to just flat out tell Hoseok to stop talking to Jimin “because he’s a bad person”, because after all he couldn’t control Hoseok’s life and relationships with other people… but he did just want to warn Hoseok before he gets any closer to the blonde.

Baekhyun also wondered if Hoseok was loyal enough to Taehyung to stop all of his interactions with Jimin after finding out that the two are not on good terms. Hoseok could possibly ruin his entire friendship with Taehyung by getting closer to Jimin.

“What do you mean?” Hoseok asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Wait, first off, how do you even know all of this information?” The red-haired boy added on in confusion.

“Chanyeol used to date Jimin.” Baekhyun replied, before Hoseok started to snicker.

“What?” Hoseok said with a hysterical laugh. Baekhyun wasn't sure why Hoseok found that funny, but then again, Hoseok found a lot of things funny.

“You’re lying.” Hoseok said, as Baekhyun shook his head no. “Seriously? Why didn’t Chanyeol tell me?” Hoseok asked in confusion. Now he sort of looked like a bad friend for hanging out with Chanyeol's ex.

“I don’t know, I guess he didn’t want to spill too much about Jimin.” Baekhyun said with a shrug.

“What is there to spill?” Hoseok asked in curiosity.

“Like I was saying…” Baekhyun started abruptly, trying to dodge Hoseok’s question. “He’s just not as innocent as he seems. So...” Baekhyun hoped that Hoseok would get the hint.

“So, what? You want me to stop talking to him?” Hoseok asked, as Baekhyun expected.

“That’s not what I’m saying but…” That’s exactly what I’m saying, Baekhyun thought.

“I don’t think you should judge him based off of what Chanyeol told you about him. I mean, it’s not like Jimin killed a person…” Hoseok said, letting out a chuckle for a second, and stopping once he saw Baekhyun’s anxious facial expression.

“Right?” Hoseok asked, fear and uncertainty hidden in his tone.

“No, he didn’t kill anyone. Idiot.” Baekhyun quickly confirmed. Jimin may have not literally killed someone, but he did put two people’s life at risk, Baekhyun thought.

“Then how bad can he be?” Hoseok said with a shrug.

“Hoseok, you’re not understanding.” Baekhyun started after a deep sigh.

“Yeah, I don’t think I am. You’re literally judging someone that you’ve barely talked to off of something that someone else told you-” Hoseok started to fire back, before Baekhyun was cutting the boy’s sentence off.

“I’m just trying to save your friendship with Taehyung.” Baekhyun argued. He wasn’t sure why Hoseok was getting so defensive all of sudden.

“My friendship with Taehyung will be fine. Can’t I just make a new friend in peace? Why is it such a big deal?” Hoseok asked in an irritated tone. He definitely was not seeing the problem with him talking to Jimin.

“You know what? Fine. I was just warning you, that’s all.” Baekhyun said in defeat. “You’re obviously not understanding the depth of this situation. Gosh, you should really grow up sometime. Your immaturity won’t get you anywhere.” Baekhyun said with a bitter laugh.

“Yeah, well neither will your stupidity.” Hoseok fired back in a unbothered tone.

Why was Hoseok acting like this, was he already that far up Jimin’s ass? They’ve only just met about a week ago.

But Baekhyun knew that he shouldn’t be surprised. Hoseok had always had a habit of taking a stranger's side rather than his own friends or family.

“Whatever. You sound ridiculous. I can’t believe you’re taking Jimin’s side.” Baekhyun scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’ve never said that I was taking his side. Come on, let's be honest, I barely know him.” Hoseok admitted. Baekhyun couldn't help but roll his eyes. Hoseok sounded so confused by his own self.

“And of course I'm going to be there for Taehyung. I’m just saying that I don’t know what Jimin did that was so bad. Maybe if you told me-” Hoseok started, as Baekhyun let out a deep sigh.

“Okay, fine… I’ll tell you later.” Baekhyun said suddenly, in defeat.

“Wha- But I thought you said you didn’t know much about what he did.” Hoseok tried to catch Baekhyun in a lie.

“Well I'll tell you what I know later. Now shut up, Taehyung is coming.” Baekhyun quickly shushed the red-haired boy in irritation, as Taehyung started to walk through the glass door of the guidance office.

“Hey-” Baekhyun started softly, watching the irritated expression on Taehyung's face as he walked through the door.

“How did you know I was here?” Taehyung cut off Baekhyun’s concerned voice with an ice-cold tone.

“Your English partner.” Baekhyun responded, earning a confused expression from Taehyung.

“You know, the class president…” Baekhyun added on with a smirk, as he looked at the blonde senior that was sitting in the waiting area of the office.

Taehyung looked at Namjoon through the glass door, as their eyes met simultaneously. He should’ve known that the blonde would rat him out and tell Baekhyun exactly where he was if the boy asked.

Class president. Taehyung couldn't help but roll his eyes at Baekhyun’s words.

“He's kind of cute, by the way.” Baekhyun admits, his eyes still on the senior through the glass door, as the senior started to aimlessly look around the room.

“He's annoying.” Taehyung said bitterly, reaching into his pockets in search for something.

“I don't think he's that bad.” Baekhyun said with a shrug.

“Well, try having him follow you everywhere you go.” Taehyung said in grumpiness, still searching his pockets.

“He probably likes you.” Baekhyun said, without even trying to tease Taehyung. He was just being honest as usual.

“Shut the hell up.” Taehyung responded simply, pulling two small papers out of his pocket once he had found what he was looking for.

“What's that?” Baekhyun asked in curiosity, peeking at the pieces of papers that was Taehyung was looking at.

“Nothing, just some stupid hotlines that I'm never going to call, and group counseling that I’m never going to attend.” Taehyung said with a bitter snicker, as he quickly started to rip the papers into pieces.

“Why’re you ripping them up?” Baekhyun asked in confusion, stopping Taehyung actions as he tried to take the pieces of paper out of the boy’s hands.

“I just said I'm never going to call the hotlines, and the group counseling? It's stupid, honestly. All of this is stupid. I don't even know why she gave these to me in the first place.” Taehyung said as he carelessly threw the ripped pieces of paper onto the floor.

“She’s trying to help you.” Baekhyun said, looking at Taehyung in disbelief before leaning down and picking up the pieces of paper from the floor.

Taehyung let out a bitter laugh as he watched Baekhyun pick up the pieces. He found suicide hotlines really dumb. As if someone over the phone could physically stop me from killing myself, Taehyung thought as he watched Baekhyun .

And what the fuck is group counseling going to do for me? I couldn't care less about anyone else's problems, Taehyung thought as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Once Baekhyun gathered all of the pieces, he put them into his pocket. “I’m going to tape these back together, and give it right back to you. So, what you just did was pointless.” Baekhyun informed Taehyung, as Taehyung clenched his jaw in irritation.

“Look, I'm never going to use them. Seriously.” Taehyung sweared.

“I know you feel like you won't but… you never know, Taehyung. Maybe you'll need these hotlines one day. I heard they really help.” Baekhyun spoke softly. “And the group counseling... maybe it isn't too bad.” He added on.

“Yeah, I agree. I attended a few group counseling sessions when I was in middle school, and it honestly wasn't bad at all. It actually helped me.” Hoseok spoke suddenly, earning a blank stare from Taehyung. Taehyung hadn't even realized Hoseok’s presence until he spoke.

For some reason, there was an awkward silence between the trio before Taehyung spoke.

“Why did you bring him?” Taehyung asked bluntly. Baekhyun had least expected him to ask that question. He thought Taehyung would appreciate Hoseok’s presence.

“What is that supposed to mean? Am I not your friend, Taehyung?” Hoseok asked in an offended tone.

“Did you tell him anything?” Taehyung asked Baekhyun, ignoring Hoseok’s questions.

“I told him everything, Taehyung. We're all friends here, aren't we? Friends are supposed to help each other.” Baekhyun said, before Taehyung was emitting a deep sigh.

“How many times do I have to tell you-” Taehyung started in exasperation, before Baekhyun cut off his sentence.

“I don't care, Taehyung. I don't care if you don't want my help. Me and Hoseok are both here for you whether you like it or not, and we're not going anywhere no matter what you say. So would you just stop being so stubborn, and let us care for you as friends should?” Baekhyun bursted out in frustration.

Taehyung stared down at the floor with his arms still crossed. “You know nothing.” He said lowly.

“Do I?” Baekhyun replied impulsively, before Taehyung silently looked up at him.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Taehyung asked, before Baekhyun was falling silent for a few moments.

He felt extremely nervous about telling this to Taehyung. He knew he shouldn't have invaded Taehyung's privacy, but he had no other choice.

“Look, Taehyung… Please don't be upset with me.” Baekhyun started in apprehension.

“What do you mean?” Taehyung asked again, in a colder tone.

“I-I understand that you feel like it's not any of our business to know what happened to you… but I-I know… about what happened in the... Miyazaki Mansion.” Baekhyun spoke hesitantly, taking deep breaths.

An silence filled the air for a few moments, as Hoseok and Baekhyun started to get nervous.

“You what?” Taehyung asked rhetorically, in a dark tone.

“C-Chanyeol and I searched it online because he told me that-” Baekhyun started nervously, before Taehyung was cutting off his sentence in anger.

“I obviously didn't want you to know because that's personal… and it's - it's humiliating.” Taehyung said, his voice slightly trembling.

“I understand that, Taehyung.” Baekhyun said softly, avoiding eye contact with Taehyung.

“If you understand, then why the fuck did you do it?” Taehyung asked coldly, anger arising in his body.

“I just want to help you-” Baekhyun tried to explain.

“You think snooping through my business would help me, when I specifically told you not to?” Taehyung asked, slightly raising his voice.

“I know I shouldn't have but it's just … y-you never tell me anything, Taehyung. You tell me nothing at all. How am I supposed to feel? What am I supposed to do to help my friend when I know that he's struggling and don't know the cause-” Baekhyun continued, but Taehyung didn't want to hear any of it.

“Why couldn't you just respect my decision to keep my business private? This is my secret, and if I didn't want you to know about it then it's for a reason.” Taehyung raised his voice louder, his face turning a shade of pink out of anger.

“But I-” Baekhyun started again, his voice quivering.

“You have no fucking respect!” Taehyung yelled, causing an echo in the staircase. Hoseok had honestly never seen Taehyung this angry before.

“I know that I should've respected your decision to not tell me anything, and it wasn't my intention to be… you know, nosy. I searched it because I wanted to know if-” Baekhyun tried to explain himself again, but Taehyung was only cutting him off again.

“Well, now you know. Did you get the information that you wanted?” Taehyung asked rhetorically, letting out a bitter laugh.

Baekhyun decided that it would be best if he had just stopped trying to explain himself. Taehyung was not going to forgive him either way.

“What're you going to do now? Tell all of your friends about what happened to me?” Taehyung asked sarcastically.

“No, Taehyung. I won't ever tell anyone something so personal...” Baekhyun said softly.

“Are you going to tell everyone how many men tortured me? You're going to tell them that I got admitted into a fucking mental hospital at 13 years old because I slit my wrists like the fucking psycho I am? Huh?” Taehyung said with fire in his pain-filled eyes.



Hoseok and Baekhyun said simultaneously. Taehyung had went a little too far with his harsh words. Baekhyun and Hoseok knew nothing about Taehyung being admitted into the mental hospital.

“You’re not a psycho.” Baekhyun started softly, as Taehyung closed his eyes to stop any tears from falling.

“And why would I ever tell anyone something as personal as that?” Baekhyun asked.

“I don't know, but I can't call you my friend anymore.” Taehyung said suddenly.

“Come on, Taehyung. You're being ridiculous-” Baekhyun started, reaching for Taehyung's arm before the boy pulled away.

“And you?...” Taehyung started as he faced Hoseok. “I don't even know why the hell you're here. Shouldn't you be somewhere up Yoongi's ass like you always are?” Taehyung spat bitterly.

“Yoongi is a victim too, for your information.” Hoseok said, trying to remain calm.

Taehyung immediately fell silent, his lips forming a straight line.

When Hoseok thought Taehyung was going to take back what he said, Taehyung only blankly stared him in the eyes.

“No apology?” Hoseok scoffed in disbelief. He couldn't believe how heartless Taehyung could be at times.

“Honestly, I don't owe you anything.” Taehyung said with a careless shrug. “You don't give a shit about me. You don't care.” He added on.

“I do care. What makes you think that I don't care about you?” Hoseok asked in confusion. He wasn't sure why Taehyung was acting this way toward him.

“I gave you so many fucking hints…” Taehyung said, his voice starting to tremble again. “There were so many times where I basically cried for help. I tried so hard to reach out to you, but you just never cared.” Taehyung said in exasperation.

“When have you ever reached out to me, Taehyung? I had no idea that you were doing this to yourself.” Hoseok said honestly, gesturing toward the boy’s covered wrists.

“I came over to your house a few months ago, and I was trying so hard not to cry. I told you that I needed help. I told you that I didn't trust myself, I didn't feel like myself that night… and do you know what you did?” Taehyung asked rhetorically, before scoffing bitterly.

“You gave me bullshit advice and told me to go back home because it was late . You never asked me-” Taehyung started before Hoseok was cutting off his sentence.

“Well, how was I supposed to know what you were trying to say? Maybe you should be more straightforward when telling people what you feel.” Hoseok suggested.

“Guys, let's not play the blame game, okay?” Baekhyun started, standing in between the arguing pair. “It was just a misunderstanding. Taehyung, Hoseok is right about you being more straightforward. But Hoseok, if someone comes to your house out of the blue, then they obviously need help.” Baekhyun said, trying to get the pair to remain calm.

“I did help him, I gave him advice.” Hoseok said simply.

“Advice was not what I needed.” Taehyung spoke lowly.

“Then what the fuck did you need, Taehyung?” Hoseok asked in exasperation. Taehyung was being so confusing and complicated, and it was frustrating the hell out of Hoseok.

“I don't know. Maybe I just needed a fucking hug!” Taehyung yelled, his eyes watering before he suddenly bursted into tears.

Baekhyun and Hoseok awkwardly watched Taehyung as he faced the wall to hide his face into his hands.

He was so tired. He was tired of people not understanding him, and judging him because of how he is. He was tired of people trying to help him when he couldn't be fixed.

I can't be saved, Taehyung cried into his hands.

Hoseok bit his lip in regret, looking at Baekhyun apologetically.

“You shouldn't be here if you're only going to make him cry.” Baekhyun said lowly. Hoseok knew that Baekhyun was right.

I'm such a terrible friend, Hoseok thought as he watched Taehyung hiccup and sniffle loudly while facing the wall. He honestly had never seen Taehyung cry before so he wasn't sure what to do.

“Apologize.” Baekhyun said softly, before Hoseok hesitantly started to walk closer to Taehyung.

“Taehyung…” Hoseok started softly, his eyes full of care. “I'm sorry.” He apologized sincerely, softly placing a hand on Taehyung's back.

“I'm a bad friend.” Hoseok admitted, as Taehyung tried to muffle his sniffles.

“I'm sorry for neglecting you for so long. I'm sorry for not understanding.” Hoseok added on, stepping closer to Taehyung.

“It's - It's my fault. How were you supposed to know what I was going through. You're - You're living the perfect life and have no time to worry about anyone else's problems.” Taehyung said in between hiccups, still facing the wall in humiliation.

“My life is not perfect. I'm not perfect, Taehyung.” Hoseok said softly, before hugging Taehyung from behind.

“That's why I'm going to change. I'll be a better friend. I'll be there for you whenever you need me, any time of the day.” Hoseok promised, pulling Taehyung closer.

“I'll be there.” Hoseok said softly, resting his head on Taehyung's shoulder.

“Me too. You're not alone, Taehyung. Come here.” Baekhyun said suddenly, pulling Taehyung away from the wall so that he could face him.

“Look at me.” Baekhyun said softly, pulling Taehyung's hands away from his face. “You're not alone, okay?” He said, as Hoseok wiped Taehyung's tears away with the sleeves of his white shirt.

“O-Okay.” Taehyung sniffled, looking into Baekhyun’s eyes.

Baekhyun pulled Taehyung into a hug, before Hoseok was wrapping his arms around both of them tightly, resting his head on Taehyung's shoulder.

“We love you.” Baekhyun whispered, caressing Taehyung's head.

Taehyung sniffled as his tears fell onto Baekhyun’s shoulder.

“Thank you.” Taehyung whispered between Hoseok and Baekhyun’s warm bodies.


Even though Taehyung didn't say that he loved them back, Baekhyun and Hoseok didn't mind.

As long as Taehyung knew that he was loved, then that was all they needed.



7:36 AM

“Good morning, Kook.” Yugyeom greeted Jungkook with a smile as he sat next to him, setting down his food tray onto the table.

“Good morning.” Jungkook said dully, not smiling one bit at the boy. Jungkook's entire day was ruined by his parents. Plus, he did not even want to be in school right now. He wanted to be in his warm bed, either sleeping or talking to Seokjin.

“Woah, you look dead.” Yugyeom said once he saw the exhaustion on Jungkook's face.

“Yeah, that's because my parents are killing me.” Jungkook groaned, blankly staring down at the textbook in front of him.

“Same here.” Yugyeom scoffed. “My parents said they're going to take away all of my video games if I don't pass all of my classes this semester.” He said, taking a bite out of his breakfast sandwich.

“That's ridiculous, isn't it?” Yugyeom said in disbelief. Jungkook felt like Yugyeom was being a little over-dramatic. There were bigger problems that other people had besides not playing video games. Jungkook hasn’t played video games in about 3 months. He hasn’t even touched an electronic device in a long while.

“Yeah.” Jungkook mumbled dully, his eyes still on his book. At least you have a phone to contact your significant other whenever you feel like it, Jungkook refrained from saying.

“What about your parents? What do they have you pissed off about?” Yugyeom asked in curiosity, wondering what Jungkook was so down about.

“Well, besides the fact that they moved me far away from my boyfriend so that I can’t see him anymore, they confiscated all of my electronic devices so that I can’t contact him.” Jungkook said, after he had closed his textbook.

“Aww.” Yugyeom said in sympathy. “Why would they do that? Do they not like your boyfriend?” He asked, taking a sip from his cup of iced coffee.

“They despise him for absolutely no reason. They don’t even want to get to know him. They just want to ruin my life.” Jungkook said sulkingly.

“Are you sure that they despise him for no reason? I mean, most of the time when your mom says someone isn’t good for you, she’s right.” Yugyeom said.

Jungkook rolls his eyes with a sigh before speaking. “But… he’s a good guy, really. He takes good care of me, and he’s really sweet, and protective, and he makes me laugh, and…” Jungkook paused, thinking of Seokjin. He knew that Yugyeom was somewhat right. There had to be some reason that his parents disliked Seokjin, and Jungkook knew exactly why.

“I mean… he might be a little older than me, but I don’t think that matters if he treats me good.” Jungkook admitted.

“So, that’s it. Your parents dislike him because he’s a few years older than you, and they’re just worried.” Yugyeom concluded, trying to get Jungkook to understand his parents where his parents are coming from.

“But they shouldn't be, he’s a really good guy and they never even gave him the chance to prove it because of this stupid fear that I’m going to get hurt.” Jungkook said, his voice starting to tremble in frustration.

“Well, no one wants their child to get hurt, Jungkook.” Yugyeom said softly, taking another sip from his coffee cup.

“Well I’ve already been hurt, so protecting me now won’t change anything. They should’ve fucking protected me a long time ago. Now, once it’s time for me to grow up, all of a sudden they want to protect me?” Jungkook ranted. “I’m not a child anymore, so they need to just … move on.” Jungkook finished.

Yugyeom opened his mouth to speak, but he wasn’t sure what to say after Jungkook’s sudden rant. Jungkook sighed, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat before speaking. “Sorry for the sudden rant. I just…” Jungkook started, his lip starting to quiver.

“Please don’t cry.” Yugyeom said softly, as noticed the tears forming in Jungkook’s eyes.

“I just… I miss him so much.” Jungkook said, his voice breaking as a tear slipped down his cheek.

“Don’t cry.” Yugyeom said in sympathy, leaning over to hug the younger boy. “It’s okay, you’ll see him again.” Yugyeom said softly, petting Jungkook’s head as the boy cried into his shoulder.

Yugyeom could tell that Jungkook’s crying was starting to make a scene from all of the stares they were getting from the seniors, who were sitting at a table next to them. “It’s okay, Kook.” Yugyeom repeated.

“Seokjin-hyung calls me Kook.” Jungkook said as he started to cry harder.

“Shit, I'm sorry. Please stop crying.” Yugyeom said frantically, pulling away from Jungkook’s  hug. “I’ll do you a favor, okay?” Yugyeom started. “If you really miss him that bad, then… you can borrow my phone to call him.” He said kindly, pulling his phone out of his pant’s pocket.

“Really?” Jungkook asked with his watery eyes. “Y-You would do that for me?” He sniffled.

“Of course, Jungkook. You can borrow my phone whenever you want if you need to call him.” Yugyeom said, handing his phone to Jungkook.

“Thank you so much, hyung. Y-You’re such a good friend.” Jungkook praised the older boy, as he hesitantly took the phone. He figured that he should go somewhere more quiet to talk to Seokjin, so he stood up from the table. “I’ll be quick.” Jungkook promised, before speeding off to the boys restroom to speak to Seokjin.







Delivered 7:46 AM


It’s Jungkook

Delivered 7:46 AM


My friend let me use his phone to text you

Delivered 7:47 AM


I’m sorry

Delivered 7:49 AM


I know you probably don’t want to be bothered with me right now

Delivered 7:49 AM


But I miss you

Delivered 7:50 AM



Delivered 7:52 AM


There’s so much going on right now

Delivered 7:52 AM


I need you

Delivered 7:53 AM


I can’t do this alone

Read 7:53 AM




Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat once he saw that Seokjin was texting back. He figured the boy would be asleep since it was so early in the morning.



Read 7:54 AM


Is this really you?

Read 7:54 AM


Jungkook rolled his eyes, letting out a small giggle before his eyes uncontrollably started to water.


Yes hyung hehe ㅋㅋㅋ

Read 7:55 AM


My friend is letting me borrow his phone to contact you :)

Read 7:55 AM


Hyung, why are you awake so early? Don’t you usually sleep in?

Read 7:56 AM


That’s so kind of your friend

Read 7:56 AM


And yeah, I always sleep in but I have to work at 9:00 (T_T)

Read 7:57 AM

Work? You got a job? (^o^)

Read 7:57 AM


Yes, my brother helped me find one :)

I was excited at first, but now I’m getting

kind of tired of it :(

Read 7:58 AM


Hang in there, hyung <3

Read 7:58 AM


I’ll try my best (T_T)

Read 7:58 AM


Jungkook-ah, how've you been?

Read 7:59 AM


Is everything okay?

Read 7:59 AM


No, hyung

Read 7:59 AM


I'm not strong enough

Read 8:00 AM


I can’t do this without you

Read 8:00 AM


I want to give up now that you’re not here

Read 8:01 AM

But I’m here, Jungkook

Read 8:01 AM


Please don’t say things like that

Read 8:01 AM


But you’re not, hyung

Read 8:02 AM


You’re not here

Read 8:02 AM


Call me

Read 8:03 AM


I miss your voice

Read 8:03 AM


Please, call me now

Read 8:04 AM


Once Jungkook dialed Seokjin's number, his body filled with anxiety and anticipation as he listened to the ringer. He couldn’t wait to hear Seokjin's voice after what felt like 2,001 years.

“Hello?” Seokjin spoke softly once he picked up the phone. Gosh, Seokjin’s voice gave Jungkook a familiarly warm, comforting feeling. He immediately  a lump forming in his throat as he started to speak.

“Hyung…” Jungkook whispered, his voice breaking as he immediately bursted into tears. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, no matter how hard he tried. He missed Seokjin so much, hearing his voice only made it worse.

“Kook-ah, my love… talk to me.” Seokjin said comfortingly, making Jungkook cry even more.

Jungkook shook his head as he cried into his palm, unable to respond to Seokjin without his voice breaking.

“I…” Jungkook sniffled, he couldn’t bear hearing Seokjin’s voice. He wanted to hang up the phone now, or else he would officially lose it… if he hasn’t already.

“Don’t cry, my Kook-ah. What’s wrong? I’m right here.” Seokjin said soothingly through the phone. Jungkook just wanted to run into the older boy’s arms and cry into his shirt until he felt better, until he felt like he was safe.

“You’re not here, hyung.” Jungkook cried, slowly shaking his head. “Stop saying that.” He sniffled.

“Jungkook, I know I may not be there physically… but I’m here for you, no matter what we go through. I’ll always be here.” Seokjin promised, trying his best to calm Jungkook. “Please, talk to me. What’s going on? What’s hurting you so bad?” Seokjin asked desperately.

“I just - I hate this school so much. Everyone calls me names. And I - it’s becoming a nightmare. I never asked to be transferred here. All my parents feed me is pills. Pills, pills, just fucking pills! And I hate them!” Jungkook started to scream suddenly, hitting the bathroom wall next to him.

“Y-you… hate the pills or your parents?“ Seokjin asked after a few moments of silence. He’s never heard Jungkook snap like this before.

“Both of them! The pills are disgusting, they aren’t helping at all. My parents are even worse! They stress me out, I don’t want to live with them anymore. I fucking hate them!” Jungkook ranted in rage.

“Jungkook, hate is a really strong word to use against your parents. I understand that you’re upset with them but-“ Seokjin started in tranquility, trying to calm Jungkook with his tone.

“No, Seokjin, I hate them as much as I hate those pills. Everyone in the school makes fun of me because I have to take my pills in class. They call me a weirdo, they call me seizure boy, they call me -“ Jungkook ranted before Seokjin was cutting off his sentence in confusion

Seizure boy?” Seokjin asked in confusion. He wasn’t sure where that nickname came from.

“I-I had a panic attack in my art class… or an asthma attack, I’m not sure what it was… but after that, everyone started to make fun of me and-” Jungkook said, before sighing deeply.

“I’m so tired of it, hyung.” Jungkook cried.

“And my parents…” Jungkook continued. “It’s like they keep reminding me of what happened to me. Not literally reminding me, but… they treat me like there’s something wrong with me. Is there something wrong with me, hyung?” Jungkook asked, desperate for an answer.

“No, Kook-ah, there’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t think like that.” Seokjin said immediately.

“Then why! “ Jungkook screamed, before bursting into another fit of tears. “Why can’t I be normal? Why can’t I be like everyone else, hyung? Why me? Why’d it have to happen to me? Why…” Jungkook paused, sniffling softly.

Seokjin wasn’t sure what Jungkook was going on about, but he figured that it was about his possible rape.

“I’m sorry, I’m a mess.” Jungkook apologized, running his fingers through his hair in distress.

“No, you're not. It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. I promise you.” Seokjin said sweetly through the phone.

“Really? How do you know?” Jungkook sniffled, just as he heard some enter the restroom.

“Because I know that you’re strong.” Seokjin said, as Jungkook wiped his tears away with his shirt sleeve.



8:14 AM

Once Jungkook was finished talking to Seokjin, he came out of the bathroom stall and quickly walked over to the sink. His class was starting in about fifteen minutes so he had to pull himself together.

He reached into his pocket for his medication, only to realize that the container of pills was not there. Jungkook sighed when he remembered that he had left the container in his backpack.

As he looked into the mirror to give himself a mental pep-talk, he couldn’t help but notice the small sniffle and sigh that came from the last stall.

Jungkook turned on the faucet before leaning down and splashing a handful of cold water onto his face. He splashed water onto his face twice, before he heard the latch from the last stall become unlatched. After Jungkook splashed his face once more, he opened his eyes and quickly turned the faucet off.

As the student started to exit the stall, he stopped in his tracks, grabbing Jungkook’s attention. Jungkook looked into the mirror to see the boy behind him with wide eyes. The two boys held eye contact through the mirror for a long moment, before the student hesitantly walked over to the last sink to wash his hands.

Jungkook quickly averted his eyes to the sink, before turning the faucet on again. He wasn’t sure why, but he decided to wash his hands (to look normal) even though he only came to the restroom to talk on the phone.

As soon as Jungkook turned on the faucet, a small group of three upperclassmen walked into the restroom, being rowdy as usual. As soon as the three boys spotted Jungkook, they started to whisper and mumble like children.

Once Jungkook poured soap from the dispenser onto his hands, quickly rubbing his hands together, one of the three upperclassmen whispered something about seizures. After the boys had got out all of their laughs while immaturely mocking a seizure gesture, they finally went into their stalls.

Jungkook huffed softly in humiliation. He hoped the boy in the black hoodie did not find the upperclassmen’s  jokes funny.

The boy in the black hoodie had his eyes still on his hands, as he washed them. He sniffled softly as he rolled his sleeves up further than it already was, so that his sleeves wouldn’t get wet. It sounded like the boy had been crying. So without further thought, Jungkook tried to slightly peek over at the boy that was standing a few sinks away from him.

Jungkook had only peeked down at the boy’s wrists, to see the white gauzes that was wrapped around them as he washed his hands. When the boy had noticed Jungkook’s staring, he quickly pulled his sleeves back down, before turning off the faucet. Almost simultaneously, Jungkook turns off his faucet as well.

It reminded Jungkook of when they were kids… always coincidentally doing things at the same time, whether it was coughing, sneezing, or dozing off in class.

The boy in the black hoodie quickly shook some water off of his hands, holding his head down as he rushed out of the restroom.



8:21 AM

“Hey, Yoongi… sorry about that. Baekhyun had to speak to me-” Hoseok apologized as soon as he saw Yoongi at the lockers. He knew the boy had wanted to tell him something before class, but Baekhyun had dragged him to the guidance counselor’s office as soon as they got into the school, leaving Yoongi behind.

“It's okay.” Yoongi mumbled, hiding his face behind the door of his locker.

“Are you okay? Please tell me what's going on.” Hoseok said softly.

“It's nothing, really-” Yoongi said lowly, taking a book out of his locker.

“Why're you hiding your face?” Hoseok asked in confusion, noticing how Yoongi would not look at him.

“They didn't get rid of him yet.” Yoongi said lowly, shoving the book into his backpack.

“Who's they and who's him?” Hoseok questioned.

“Behind you.” Yoongi mumbled from behind the locker door.

Hoseok whipped his head around to see who Yoongi was talking about. A couple of feet away from him was Ko Sungmin, one of the senior’s that had attempted to rape the raven-haired boy at Jackson’s party.

When Hoseok stared at the senior for longer than 5 seconds, Yoongi just knew that the boy wanted to confront the senior.

“But please don't say anything to him.” Yoongi spoke quickly, with worry in his tone, as Hoseok turned back around to face him with a clenched jaw.

“I thought you told Ms. Hong about him.” Hoseok said bitterly.

“I did, and she said she would tell the principal. Supposedly, Kim Namjoon told her too… about a month ago-” Yoongi started but Hoseok did not let him finish.

“Then why is he still here? He should've been expelled a long time ago.” Hoseok immediately started to get fired up.

“I don't know. I thought he was gone already.” Yoongi said with a shrug, before Hoseok turned his back, starting to walk away.

“Hoseok, please don't say anything to him.” Yoongi begged, grabbing Hoseok’s sleeve to stop him from confronting the senior.

“Let me go, Yoongi.” Hoseok spoke in a chilling, low tone as he tried to pull away from the raven-haired boy.

“Please, just stop. Ms. Hong said she’ll handle him.” Yoongi tried to keep his voice low so that they wouldn’t cause a scene. Apparently, Yoongi’s words were not affecting Hoseok as much as he thought it would. Hoseok was rarely the type to confront anyone, being such an innocent, outgoing, friendly peacemaker… but like every human, he had a dark side to him.

Yoongi knew that once Hoseok gets into this mode, he could not be taken out of it easily.

Let me go.” Hoseok repeated simply, slowly dragging Yoongi with him as he tried to escape the raven-haired boy’s grip.

“Please don't do this, Hoseok.” Yoongi pleaded, grabbing Hoseok’s arm for a tighter grip. Yoongi knew that if he let go, Hoseok would not hesitate to confront the senior, no matter what the raven-haired boy said.

“Why shouldn't I?” Hoseok asked, stopping in his tracks as he faced Yoongi.

“You’re going to cause a scene.” Yoongi replied, letting go of Hoseok’s arm.

“I don’t care.” Hoseok said stubbornly, turning his back again. He wasn’t sure why Yoongi was fighting him on this.

“Are you trying to humiliate me?” Yoongi raised his voice, his voice slightly trembling, before Hoseok turned around to face him again.

Hoseok looked into Yoongi’s eyes for a few moments, trying to understand the boy. He wasn’t sure what would be so humiliating about him confronting Sungmin.

“I get it, okay? I’m stupid for almost letting him take advantage of me. That’s all I’ve ever been—Stupid. Stupid and weak. That’s all I’ll ever be, and I’ll never learn my lesson.” Yoongi said suddenly, as Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Woah, woah. What’re you talking about, Yoongi?” Hoseok asked, softly placing a hand on Yoongi’s arm. He wasn’t sure where any of this was coming from.

“Y-You think I’m stupid and weak.” Yoongi said softly, swallowing the thick lump in his throat as he stared at an empty spot in his locker.

“No, I don’t, Yoongi. When did I ever say that?” Hoseok asked softly, furrowing his eyebrows again in pure confusion.

“It’s true. I’m stupid and I’m weak. I’ve always been.” Yoongi continued, staring into his locker to avoid Hoseok’s eyes.

“That’s why my step-dad fucking molested me, because he knew that I was-” Yoongi stopped mid-sentence, his eyes watering as he stared straight.

“He knew that I wouldn’t say anything.” The raven-haired boy finished, a tear slipping down his cheek.

“Yoongi, don’t say that. Stop. What is up with you?” Hoseok asked, trying to force Yoongi’s locker closed so that the raven-haired boy couldn’t hide behind it anymore.

Yoongi shook his head as he sniffled softly, defeated when Hoseok closed the locker. “Look at me.” Hoseok said, as Yoongi hung his head low. “What’s wrong?” Hoseok asked, starting to feel upset because Yoongi was now crying. He hated seeing his loved ones cry, whether they cried sad tears or happy tears.

“He's back.” Yoongi whispered after a few moments, his eyes on the floor.

When Hoseok heard the strange tone in Yoongi’s voice, he did not even have to ask who Yoongi was talking about.

He already knew.

“What do you mean he’s back?” Hoseok asked in a worried tone.

“I mean he’s here. Here, in Seoul. He was in my house, talking to my mom yesterday.” Yoongi said with a sniffle.

“What? He was supposed to stay in Ulsan. He has a 6-year probation. He’s violating the fucking law.” Hoseok said in anger.

“I know. I just - I don’t know what to do.” Yoongi said in distress, fiddling his shirt sleeves in apprehension. “My mom promised that he wouldn’t come anywhere near me once he got out of jail.” The raven-haired boy continued, as tears slipped down his rosy cheeks.

“The officers too.” He added on, biting his lip as he tried to stop his tears. Hoseok gulped, not knowing what to say to Yoongi. He didn’t want the scare the boy by telling him that he was in danger. He wanted to tell Yoongi that things would be okay.

“They promised me, Hoseok.” Yoongi said, looking up at Hoseok with broken eyes as his lip quivered.

“Hey, it's okay-” Hoseok decided to say after a while, attempting to pull Yoongi into a hug.

“It's not.” Yoongi whimpered, backing away from Hoseok. Hoseok sighed, because he knew that Yoongi was right. He knew that nothing was okay about this situation.

Hoseok could not do anything besides stare into the raven-haired boy’s tearful eyes; He could not find any words to say. He honestly wanted to apologize. He wanted to tell Yoongi that he’s sorry that he had to deal with that man his entire life.

The pair stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment, before a sudden cheerful voice was breaking the silence.

“Good morning, guys!”

The pair simultaneously looked at the blonde student that approached them with a friendly smile.

“H-Hey, Jimin. Good morning…” Hoseok said after a moment, as Yoongi lowered his gaze to the floor to hide his tear-stained face.

“Did you study for the trigonometry exam?” Jimin asked Hoseok in particular.

“Uh, no… not really. I only studied for about 5 minutes.” Hoseok laughed, in hopes that Jimin wouldn't feel the awkward vibe. “I’m not a good studier.” He added on.

“Ah, well… if you want, I could help you study during lunch or free period.” Jimin offered.

“Really? I'd appreciate that.” Hoseok said with a smile, before Yoongi was walking away from the pair with his head hanging low.

“Yoongi…” Hoseok quickly called the raven-haired boy, but he only continued walking further away.

“Is he okay?” Jimin asked in concern.

“Y-Yeah, he's fine. He's just not having a very good day.” Hoseok replied, watching the raven-haired boy speed down the hallway.

“Ah, I see. You should try to cheer him up.” Jimin suggested.

“You're right, I should. But he doesn't like to be bothered when he's having a bad day, so I'll just… let him be.” Hoseok said with a sigh.

Jimin silently watched the raven-haired boy from the down the hallway, before facing Hoseok again.

“So, what class do you have now?” Jimin asked the red-haired boy.

“Korean History.” Hoseok replied, as the two started to walk away from the lockers. “What about you?”

“English.” Jimin replied after a deep breath. Hoseok couldn't help but notice the strange, somewhat fearful look on Jimin's face.

“I’ll walk you there.” Hoseok said softly, placing an arm over Jimin's shoulders.

“O-Okay.” Jimin mumbled nervously, as the pair started to walk to class.



8:28 AM

“Wait here, Tae.” Baekhyun said to the younger boy, before he walked into the English classroom.

Taehyung sighed deeply, standing a few feet away from door as Baekhyun entered the classroom. He wasn't sure why Baekhyun told him to wait outside of the classroom, but he decided not to question it.

“Good morning.” Baekhyun chirped, as he approached the blonde haired student who was sitting quietly at his desk.

“G-Good morning.” Jimin said, in slight confusion.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you would be willing to switch seats with me? I have really bad eyesight, so it's hard for me to see the blackboard-” Baekhyun started, before Jimin was quickly responding before he could finish his sentence.

“Of course I'll switch with you.” Jimin said enthusiastically, before quickly standing up from his seat.

“Really? Thank you so much, you're a saint.” Baekhyun said with a smile, placing a hand on the blonde's shoulder.

“It's no problem.” Jimin said kindly, feeling relieved.

“I sit in the very last seat, on the left.” Baekhyun said, pointing to his seat in the back of the room as Jimin nodded. “Thank you again.” Baekhyun said as he sat down in the seat behind Taehyung's seat.

Once Jimin sat in the seat in the back of the classroom, Taehyung hesitantly peeked his head into the classroom to see Baekhyun gesturing for him to come in.

Taehyung quickly walked into the classroom, sitting in his usual seat, which was now in front of Baekhyun

Taehyung let out a sigh of relief as he sat down, next to Namjoon and in front of Baekhyun.

“Thank you.” Taehyung said lowly, for only Baekhyun to hear, without turning around.

“That's what friends are for.” Baekhyun responded, earning a eye-roll from Taehyung.



As soon as his English class ended, Taehyung practically ran out of the classroom and to his next class, Photography & Film.

40 minutes into the class, his teacher announced a project that was due at the end of the school year.

“I already chose partners for everyone, so you don't have to worry about that.” The teacher, Mrs. Yoo, said as she started to write the pairs on the board.

The class simultaneously groaned in displeasure. They obviously wanted to choose their own partners for the assignment.

“Hey, don't complain. See, I did this on purpose. You guys work with your friends on every group assignment, instead of choosing a person that you barely know.” Mrs. Yoo said, writing names on the blackboard.

“This project will break you guys out of your comfort zone, and help you open up to a person you never thought you'd open up to.” Mrs. Yoo added on, as the students continued to complain under their breaths.

Taehyung huffed, as his eyes scanned the classroom for someone that he likes… but as expected, Taehyung couldn't find one person that he even slightly liked.

Kim Taehyung , Mrs. Yoo wrote his name on the board before drawing an arrow.

Kim Taehyung →

Taehyung watched closely for the name that Mrs. Yoo was going to write. He hoped that it was at least a decent person.

Kim N

Taehyung squinted his eyes as the teacher wrote the letter N.


No way, Taehyung thought.

Kim Taehyung → Kim Namjoon

Taehyung huffed in annoyance as he looked at the name next to his name. He didn't even notice that Kim Namjoon was even in this class.

Once the teacher finished writing the pairs on the blackboard, she wrote the assignment in big letters.


Who is _____?


“That's the assignment. Who is your partner? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their good qualities and what are their bad? What worries them? What makes them happy?” The teacher asked rhetorically, as she put the chalk down.

Actually get to know each other. It won't take a week, it won't take a month. It takes time to get to know someone.” Mrs. Yoo said as she dusted chalk off of her hands.

“As you get to know your partner, you will be creating a film about them, or you can take photos and create a photo album or book about them if you want. It is up to you whether you choose to use photos or a film.” The teacher informed.

“Since this is obviously not an in-class assignment, it is your responsibility to complete the work outside of class. You have until the end December.” She added on, as the students nodded.

“Okay, that's all for today. Class is dismissed. If you have any questions or concerns, please come speak to me after class.” The teacher said. “And don’t forget to pick up your cameras on your way out.” She said finally, sitting at her desk.

As the students started to leave the classroom, grabbing their assigned digital cameras on the way out, Taehyung slowly placed his books into his backpack one-by-one.

He stood up quickly, preparing to rush out of the classroom when he saw Namjoon approaching him. “Hey, Taehyung…” Namjoon started awkwardly, noticing the displeasure on Taehyung's face.

“Yes?” Taehyung asked dully after an obvious sigh. He didn't even care to say a kind “hello” back to the blonde.

“So…” Namjoon started awkwardly. “Since we have to do the assignment outside of class, when would you like to start?” He asked.

“Um… I'm really busy this week…” Taehyung started. “And I’ll be busy for most of June, so maybe we can start in July.” Taehyung said, slinging his backpack over his right shoulder.

“July? Seriously?” Namjoon started in disbelief. He didn't believe that Taehyung was actually going to be busy for the entire month. The blonde felt like Taehyung just wanted to avoid him at all costs, and he wasn't sure why.

“The project is due at the end of December. We have all the time in the world.” Taehyung said, in  efforts to stop the senior's complaining.

Not necessarily, Namjoon thought.

“Well, I'm going to be busy in July.” Namjoon said suddenly, folding his arms across his chest.

“How do you know if you're going to be busy in July?” Taehyung asked. He knew that Namjoon might've been lying.

“I'm a senior. I have to do senior things. Besides, it'll be summer vacation then. I'm not going to spend my summer doing a project with you.” Namjoon said bitterly.

“Then fine, next month it is.” Taehyung said defeatedly, starting to walk away from the blonde.

“And what about our English project? It's due exactly two weeks from now.” Namjoon said, following Taehyung to the area of the classroom where their cameras were.

“We’ll work on it tomorrow.” Taehyung said in annoyance, picking up his camera from the self, before quickly walking out of the room without another word to the senior.

Taehyung was trying his best not to be rude to the senior, but he couldn't help it. Everything about Namjoon annoyed him, and he wasn't sure why.

We're just such complete opposites, Taehyung thought.

These projects are never going to work out if he continues to annoy me.



11:52 AM

“So, what's the reason why your parents don't like your boyfriend?” Ms. Hong asked curiously. The boy seemed to be really affected by the fact that his boyfriend was his only comfort and his parents hated him.

“Well, one: they think he's a bad influence on me, but he's not. Two: he's a little older than me, but the age gap isn't drastic. Three: he did not have a very good first encounter with my parents, because they thought that he was hurting me.” Jungkook gave all of the reasons that his parents disliked Seokjin.

“I see. I think the problems are the assumptions that your parents make, the lack of communication, and lastly, the fear. The fear of you getting hurt.” The counselor concluded, earning an unnoticeable eye-roll from Jungkook.

“But he's not a bad guy, he would never hurt me.” Jungkook replied.

“Of course you know that, but your parents don't know that because they don't know him like you do.” Ms. Hong said.

“I know, I've explained that to them. I even told them that he protected me from the bullies at my old school. And - And they still didn't care. It's like whatever I say means nothing.” Jungkook said in distress.

“That's not true, Jungkook. I think your parents just really want to protect you, and sometimes that requires going against what you say.” The counselor said softly.

“I understand that but… they make me feel like my feelings are invalid. They don't take me seriously.” Jungkook said.

“Well how about you show them how serious you are?” Ms. Hong suggested. “Listen to them, follow their rules, pass all of your classes like they want you to… and I guarantee that they'll give you your phone back once they see how serious you are about Seokjin.” The counselor said, giving Jungkook a little hope.

“Do you really think they'll give my phone back if I do what they want me to? I mean, it's impossible. I can't pass all of my classes, I'm too stupid.” Jungkook said sulkingly, looking down at his hands.

“No you're not, Jungkook. You skipped two grades.” Ms. Hong reminded the boy.

Jungkook bit his lip in thought. He didn't have any faith that he was going to pass all of his classes this year.

“Look, how about this? Whatever subject you don't feel confident in, I'll get you tut