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"These Things Do Happen!"

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Christine was scared. She could not remember how she got in that situation. She was tied down, and it was dark, and she was afraid of what would happen next.
A light. A female laugh.
The older soprano laughed.
"Comfortable, little flower?"
"What is the meaning of this?"
Carlotta walked to her, the smile never leaving her face.
"You see, I have to make sure no one will steal my role again."
"Your role?", Christine was confused. "The managers gave me a silent part. I won't go near your role."
Carlotta laughed again.
"Those fools are two cowards. Who knows what could make them change their minds?", she caressed Christine's face.
"Then who will play my role?"
Carlotta shrugged.
"Who cares? It's silent anyway."
She took a piece of clothe from her table and used to cover Christine's mouth. Christine realized Carlotta was not playing around about this, and started struggling, but the ropes were tight and now she couldn't even scream.
"Don't worry, little flower.", Carlotta whispered on her ear. Christine shivered. "I will give you a good motivation to be quiet. But later. Now, I have a rehearsal!"