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The Bookshop

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"Potter! I'm back," Draco said, entering the bookshop for the second time that day. He couldn't believe his mother had sent him out again.

"Shall I alert the presses?" Potter said; Draco scowled at him.

"I need three more books from this list."

Potter reviewed the list and then nodded. "Are...are you sure? Did you actually read what this says?"

Draco gave him an annoyed look and snatched the list back. "What…" He couldn’t believe it. His mother had actually set him up!

"If you wanted to ask me out, Malfoy, you could just come out and say it."

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Why would she do this to him?

"What are your three favourite restaurants?"

Draco all but threw the note at Potter’s head and walked out of the bookshop.

"Malfoy, wait!" Potter came chasing after him. "I didn't get to tell you…"

"Don't even try me, Potter," Draco snapped. "It was clearly a joke and..."

"I want to have dinner with you," Potter said.


"Dinner. You and me, Malfoy. What do you say?"

"Piss off, Potter," said Draco.

"Merlin. Save a bloke’s life and get snarled at in return," Potter mumbled, walking away. "For the record, I like Italian food."

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"I'd rather lie dead in a pumpkin patch and let critters have their way with me!" Draco furiously threw his books on the ground as soon as he entered the sitting room.

"When was the last time you went on a date, Draco?"

Draco yelped at Pansy's voice, not realising she was there. "What?" he snapped.

"Come on, take a run on the wild side," she said rolling her eyes. "The man owns a bookshop. How dangerous could one date be?"

Eventually, his mother entered the room and sat next to her. They sipped tea.

"Brilliant. We're having an intervention."

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Pansy rolled her eyes, gesturing for Draco to take a seat. "Of course, don't have the date in the bookshop, itself. Who knows what sorts of books Potter owns; the last thing you'd want is for fireworks to go off when you've not even reached climax."

She laughed at her own joke and Draco's face reddened due to the fact that his mother was in the room. Much to his surprise, Narcissa chuckled.

"How did it go, anyway?" his mother asked.

Draco shrugged. "He said he likes Italian food." He made a face and made himself a cup of tea.

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"His favourite drink is apple cider," Pansy said reading an article in an old issue of the Prophet; the one featuring Potter as an eligible bachelor.

"I don't care," Draco said. "I'm not going to ask him out on a date."

"Why not? He clearly wants to go with you; he already told you what's his favourite cuisine."

"This is all one big joke and I'm not falling for it. I'm never going to see Potter again."

"What if you need more books?"

Draco sighed. "I'll simply request them via owl."

"I will have none of this!" his mother said.

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"Mother, you can't force me to date someone I don't wish to date," Draco protested.

"Draco, you should be grateful that Mr Potter fancies you back—"

"Back? There's no fancying me back in this—"

"Draco," Pansy said placing a hand on Draco's arm, trying to calm him. "Let's not kid ourselves, shall we? I know you had a thing for Potter when we—"

"That was ages ago and we've grown up. This's all fun and games until—"

Binny, the house-elf appeared into the room startling Draco. "Sorry to disturb, but Mr Potter is waiting by the gates of the manor."

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"It seems that we're in luck!" Pansy claimed, standing up from her chair and making her way to the door. To greet Potter, he was sure.

"Why's he here?" Draco whined. This was not okay. This was most certainly not okay.

As Potter walked into the room, Draco scowled at him. He had a hundred questions for Potter, but remained quiet. Staying stoic was probably best so he wouldn't know that Draco was, in fact, freaking the fuck out.

"It's good to see you again," Potter said, nodding towards Draco's mother who graciously smiled back at him.

Certainly not okay.

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Potter's presence in his home seemed to put everyone in a cheerful mood, but Draco. Draco only scowled as Pansy and his mother departed, leaving them alone.

"Why are you here, Potter?"

Potter smirked briefly before schooling his expression. "Thought maybe I'd ask you out to dinner, since you obviously won't ask me."

"Why's it so obvious?" Draco asked, frowning some more.

Potter shrugged and his eyes looked around the room before landing on Draco. "I don't want to play any games, Draco. I want to go to dinner with you. Just say yes."

"I'm sorry, did you actually ask?"

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"You're always going to be like this, aren't you?" Potter asked with a chuckle, and then proceeded to run a hand through his hair, looking all sex—no, wait. Potter was most certainly not looking sex—or whatever.

"Like how?" Draco asked, crossing his arms.

"You'll have your cake and eat it too." Potter shrugged before he continued. "So you mother wrote a silly note to indicate you fancy me, and instead of admitting it, you're acting all stand offish, and now I'm here to ask you—"

"You still haven't asked."

"Fine! Malfoy, will you have dinner with me?"


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Potter's expression was priceless; he looked like he'd been caught in a blizzard without a coat. So lost and nervous. Draco couldn't help but give into the smirk forming on his face.

Potter took one look at him and shook his head. "You're a bloody wanker, aren't you?"

Draco shrugged. Okay, so maybe he was playing hard to get and now it was getting out of hand, but it meant something that Potter was here now, asking him out.

He still wasn't going to forgive his mother for setting him up like this, but fine, maybe he liked Potter. Maybe.

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Pansy had his number. She'd been right about how he fancied Potter when they were at Hogwarts and still did. However, he knew he wasn't ready to date. Maybe that's why his mother tried to set him up; make it look like Draco was Potter's secret admirer.

He made a face, knowing that Potter was going to ask the question again; Draco didn't let him talk.

"Next month. On the first Friday evening."

"What?" Potter looked confused.

"That's when we'll go to dinner."

Potter's eyes widened, maybe he wouldn't be willing to wait that long. "Fine," was all he said.

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Draco had a hunch that when Potter left, it wasn't the last he'd see of him. Even if they'd agreed on going to dinner in three weeks, Potter was going to come back and harass him. or his mother and best friend would.

"He didn't look so happy when he left," Pansy commented, sitting on the sofa. Draco explained his plans as best as he could to her.

She shook her head. "You really hate sex, don't you?" she asked, sounding incredulous.

Yes, he was right. This wasn't going to be an easy or peaceful month, at all.

Unbelievably, Potter was back ten minutes later. "There's one more thing..." Potter looked at Pansy who nodded and left the room.

"What is it, Potter? Haven't we already decided—"

Whatever Draco was going to say didn't see the light of day because Potter's lips were on Draco's. He'd yanked Draco forward by his collars and just kissed him.

"Potter, what the—"

Then Potter kissed him again. He all but forced his tongue inside Draco's mouth, darting it in and out, until Draco moaned, and then he licked Draco's lower lip before releasing him.

"There," Potter said, "Now I'll see you next month."

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Ignoring Potter for almost a month wasn't a difficult decision, what was difficult was ignoring his mother and Pansy. Even if Pansy didn't live with him, she was always around. And his mother? She constantly gave Draco tasks requiring him to go to Diagon, thinking it'd tempt him into going to Potter's bookshop.

Draco didn't go, though. Because he'd no reason to. Potter asked him to dinner, and they had set up the date.

It was two weeks away now, and everything was going to be fine. In two weeks, he'd have dinner with Potter and make arrangements to see him again a month later. It was going to be the world's slowest courtship, and eventually, Potter was going to grow tired of him and move on.

Draco didn't pay attention to the tug at his heart at the idea of Potter "moving on." No, it didn't matter. Draco wasn't going to fall in love with Potter, and he wasn't going to give Potter the chance to fall in love with him.

His plan worked brilliantly, until Draco picked up the Prophet and it showed a picture of Potter in the arms of another man.

And then, Draco lost it.

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Before Draco could stop himself, he marched down to the bookshop where Potter worked, demanding to speak to him.

"Mr Potter's in his office, but he's having a meeting," the clerk told Draco, looking scared. He most likely was afraid of the menacing look Draco had.

He needed to relax but Draco had never taken very well to being played, and no matter how his mother had told him to take a leap of faith, he wasn't having any of this.

No, sir. He was not.

"Well, will you tell him I'm waiting out here for him."

The clerk looked at someone on the floor who was organising the books and nodded.

"Sheila will certainly do that, sir. Why don't I make you some tea?"

Draco scowled but nodded. Fine, he'd have tea.

The clerk immediately scurried off somewhere, meanwhile Sheila went towards the back office.

Five minutes later, Potter was standing in front of Draco.

"Hi," he said, grinning. "What a surprise. I didn't—"

"What is this, Potter?" Draco threw the Prophet at Potter and waited.

Potter looked at the pictures and frowned. "This isn't—"

"I don't care what your excuses are, Potter. I will not be toyed with."

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Potter opened his mouth to respond to Draco when the clerk returned with tea and a small plate of sweet treats. Draco eyed them for a second, but looked away; he wasn't going to have his resolve disappear for cake.

"Uh...Mr Potter?"

"It's fine, Jacob, why don't you go and drop those off on my desk. We'll be there shortly." Potter then looked at Draco and took in a deep breath. "Shall we discuss this somewhere private?"

"I thought you had someone in your office. Weren't you in a meeting?"

Potter shook his head. "It was a Floo call that just ended. Come on." He grabbed Draco by the elbow and all but dragged him towards the back.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were jealous."

Draco glared at Potter for that comment. Why did he even come here? He could have just cancelled on their date via owl, and then it'd be all better. "If that's all you have to say then I must leave."

"Sit down and drink your tea."

"Do not command me, Potter."

Potter raised an eyebrow and Draco quieted down. Fine, he'd sit and listen. Potter better have a good explanation.

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"I can't believe I have to tell you that this was taken out of context," Potter said, all but throwing the paper on the desk next to him. "I was hugging some friends when we were out and out of the blue..." Potter gestured with his hands, arms flailing about, "this man launched himself at me. He was just a bit of a fanatic."

Draco scowled at Potter, trying to hide his own disappointment. Why hadn't he thought of that? He did remember reading a while ago that Potter didn't much go out because of the way people treated him. When he'd first opened the bookshop, there were people there all the time simply hoping for his autograph.

"So, do you believe me?"

Draco nodded once. "Yes, thanks for clearing it up."

"That's okay," Potter said, shrugging. "It's cute you were jealous."

"I was not--"

"I will not be toyed with," Potter said, repeating Draco's words and Draco frowned.

"Yes. Well..." Draco cleared his throat and stood up. "Pansy had freaked out a bit and I suppose her energy rubbed off on me."

"As long as that's the only thing rubbing off on you," Potter said with a smirk.


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Potter smiled and closed the distance between them. He took Draco's hand in his, then kissed it.

"You know, Potter," Draco said sighing, "I don't think you understand there is no kissing before a first date. We should--"

"Well, if you've never kissed anyone before a first date--"

"Of course not. That's not how things are done."

Potter smirked, leaning down. Before he pressed his lips against Draco's, he said, "First time for everything."

Draco wanted to scowl, but he ended up smiling instead. "You're too much."

"I wouldn't be if you didn't make me wait weeks before our date."

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Draco's back pressed against the chair he was sat at, as Potter's lips firmly pressed against his. Potter's kiss was tentative at first, but it didn't take long for it to become demanding. He urged Draco to part his lips so he'd slide his tongue in. Draco had half-a-mind to do it too, until he placed his hands on Potter's shoulders and pushed him away.

"Potter," Draco said firmly. "You know—"

"Is it a pureblood ritual to not kiss before the first date?" Potter asked, amused. "It's just a kiss and you like kissing me."

Draco scoffed, ready to retort.

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"I must go," Draco said, standing up and pushing Potter away from him. "I'm going to be late for my appointment."

"What appointment?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Fine." Potter shook his head. "Meet me here tomorrow night."

Draco's eyes widened. He was intrigued. "For what reason?"

"It's a surprise."

"I don't like surprises."

"Okay, but you like me. Meet me tomorrow night if you like me. It'll be pleasant. I swear."

"What if I've plans tomorrow?"

"Cancel them."

Draco rolled his eyes and left Potter's bookshop. When he arrived home, there was an owl waiting for him.

Cancel them.

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Draco arrived at the bookshop cold and wet. He hated how Potter's bookshop had an anti-Apparation charm, and didn't even have a Floo. He reckoned all the shoppe's in Diagon Alley were that way as an anti-theft mechanism. Still, now he was annoyed he had to walk a few minutes in the rain to get there.

"Hi, you came!" Potter said with a smile; it was so brilliant, it made Draco nearly forget he was freezing. Perhaps it was worth the effort after all.

"Well, you were rather polite in your request so I thought I'd give it a try."

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Potter grinned at Draco's response and grabbed him by the elbow to take him up the stairs. Draco'd been on the first floor of the bookshop, he'd never ventured into other floors. Most of the times, he ordered his books via Floo or owl, and they were ready for him when he arrived. He didn't particulary care to browse around Potter's shop before.

He was hesitant at first, but allowed Potter to drag him down a long corridor, all the way up to a room with the door closed.

"What's this then?" Draco asked.

"It's a surprise," said Potter, smug.

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"I know, you hate surprises," Potter said, "but come in, anyway." He grabbed Draco's hand and waited a beat before dragging him in. It was as if he was seeing whether or not he was free to hold Draco's hand.

Draco allowed it. This time.

He was still wet from the rain, so when they entered the room, Draco shivered. It was freezing in there.

"Let me…" Potter placed a warming charm on Draco; he felt tingly all over.

Finally, Draco took in the rest of the room. It was filled with books, but these books didn't look like they were on sale. And in the middle of the room was a small table, with candles, and definitely food.

Draco should’ve been angry, but it was obvious Potter went through a lot of trouble to create this—what was not supposed to be a date—date. He crossed his arms and frowned at Potter.

Potter bit his lower lip and shrugged. "It's just dinner."

"We'd decided—"

'No… You'd decided. I wanted to take you to dinner. This isn't a restaurant, I did the cooking, so not a date. You’re just coming over for dinner."

"In the middle of your bookshop."

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"Don't frown like that!" Potter chuckled lightly. "You look like I threw you a surprise party and all your ex-boyfriends showed up."

Draco shook his head. "Potter…" he said, stern. At his tone, Potter visibly cringed, as if realising he'd really done it now. Draco took slight pleasure in that.

Finally, he allowed himself to relax and sighed. "What did you make, anyway?" There was no point in letting food go to waste.

Potter grinned as if Draco'd just given him the biggest present on Christmas morning. "Chicken Marsala and Risotto."

As in right on queue, Draco's stomach grumbled. Loudly.

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"I've already eaten," Draco lied, and frowned again. Seriously, his face was going to start hurting with all the glowering and frowning he was doing today.

"Why are you lying to me?" Potter said softly, placing his hand on the small of Draco's back.

Draco wanted to lean into that touch so naturally, he wanted to run away. He realised that he'd rather be anywhere but here; even on that bloody hiking trip that Theodore and Blaise'd planned.

"Relax, Malfoy," Potter said coming behind Draco and moving his hands to Draco's shoulder. He started to massage them gently. "If you're really that worried…" He mumbled a spell, and suddenly, the entire dinner arrangement vanished.

"Drink?" he asked, walking away from Draco, towards the corner of the room where a small table was set up with a whiskey decanter and two glasses.

Draco wasn't sure but he felt the vibe in the room shift. Was that his doing? Was Potter pissed off at Draco's hesitation. Part of him still wanted to run away, yet another part wished to comfort Potter.

"Please…" Draco said, to which Potter turned and stared at him—looking surprised. "Unless, you'd rather I leave."

"No. It's fine."

Chapter Text

Draco had to hand one thing off to Potter, the man made a mean cocktail. The small bar set up in the corner of the room seemed low-key and Draco had only asked for a whiskey sour, but for some reason, it was the best drink Draco'd ever had.

"What did you put in it? Besides the usual?"

Potter shrugged. "Dry red wine. It adds to the taste."

"You never cease to surprise me, Potter," Draco said taking another sip of his drink. Potter didn't look amused. "Listen," Draco drawled. "I'm sorry for acting in such a way. You went out of your way to—"

"It's okay," Potter snapped, and Draco's stomach clenched. He really didn't mean to upset Potter so much, and the idea Potter might turn him away, started to take root in his mind.

"I am sorry, Potter," he said, and hungry, he thought. "Any way you can bring the food appear again?"

Potter grinned at Draco's request and with a blink of an eye, the dinner set up was back in the room.

"So you've changed your mind?"

Draco nodded. "We shouldn't let it go to waste, and I was lying, I mean...I'm quite famished." Potter gave him a knowing look so Draco rolled his eyes. "Oh, just shut up."

"I reckon, I'm going to have to punish you for lying to me," Potter said and Draco's eyes widened. He slightly panicked at what Potter was going to do or want from him.

Potter closed the distance between them and leaned over to kiss Draco again. He sucked hard on Draco's lower lip before biting down on it. Draco, involuntarily of course, moaned into Potter's mouth.

"Hmm. Dessert before dinner."

"You're ridiculous," Draco said, as he allowed Potter to steer him towards the dinner table.

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"So why did you truly do this?" Draco asked placing his fork down on the table, and grabbing the wine glass. The food was quite delicious but he wanted to remain nonchalant.

"Make you dinner?"

Draco nodded once. "We had a date scheduled—"

"I decided that I wasn't going to look out my window and watch the leaves change colour before I had my date with you. I am an 'in it to win it' sort of bloke. Always have been."

"Obviously," Draco said rolling his eyes. "We all know about how rash you were when you purchased this bookshop."

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"Potter, you can't always just get what you want. This isn't Hogwarts."

"You think I got what I wanted at Hogwarts?" Potter asked, sounding confused. "You think I wanted an attempt on my life at every turn, during every school year. Do you think I wanted to…" He stopped himself then. "Shit."

There you go, Draco. You wanted a reason for this man to lose interest in you, and now you might have hit the nail on the head.

"Potter, I…"

"I'm sorry, Draco."

"You're sorry?" Draco asked in disbelief. "Merlin, you really have that martyr thing down, don't you?"

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It took them a moment, but eventually both men started to laugh. The mood had gone from nervous to sultry to tense to now…light. Draco smiled at Potter who had thankfully not taken anything Draco said in a wrong way.

"I still think you should have waited."


"Because it's the proper thing to do. You can't just go around staking your claim on—"

"Draco, you like me. I think…"

"You think?"

Potter smiled. "Well, you certainly like kissing me." He paused to wink at Draco. "So why not rush into the dating scene. I mean, don't you just wanna get this whole thing over with anyway?"

"Get what over with?" Draco asked, feeling slightly hurt. Did Potter mean he simply wished to court Draco so they could have sex and then he could move on with his life?

"The small talk. The formalities," Potter said. "I know you. You know me. Why do we need to spend time at some elegant restaurant with five hundred Galleon wine trying to impress each other when you and I already have seen each other at our worst? And we still fancy each other?"

"I like the elegant wine stage," said Draco.

Chapter Text

Potter responded with a haunted look in his eyes, and Draco panicked.

"I mean…" Shite, what do I mean? "I agree with you, about certain things. First dates are awkward and can be daunting. I've been on plenty of first dates where we simply sat around, being awkward. I suppose, that's what elegant wine is good for." He gave a short laugh. "If the man complains, you know he's miserly, if he's complimenting the wine…Then he's only trying to impress you."

Potter smiled then and Draco relaxed. "All good points. See, you wouldn't tell me this, if we were sitting at some fancy restaurant, drinking a five hundred Galleon—"

"Five hundred Galleon?" Draco nearly jumped out of his seat.

"Is that a lot? I don't know anything about wine."

Draco shook his head and returned his attention to the half-finished food in front of them. "Is that how much this one cost?" he asked, pointing at the wine he'd been drinking.

Potter shook his head. "It was twenty," he said sheepishly. "Is it good?"

"Of course, can't you tell?"

Potter shrugged again. "All I taste is wine."

Draco couldn't control himself and laughed. Potter grinned at him, looking triumphant.

Chapter Text

The rest of the meal was relatively quiet, and the conversation was pleasant. In the end when Potter hadn’t offered dessert or conjured anything from thin air, Draco reckoned it was time to leave.

“Thank you for the meal…”

“Wait…” Potter said, sounding almost panicked. “I…” He sighed; Draco was starting to lose his patience, again.

“Oh what is it?”

Potter ran a hand through his hair and said, “I actually didn’t think this would be successful, so I hadn’t planned on dessert. Do you wanna out to the ice cream place around the corner? Or for coffee?”

Draco thought it over. If he were honest with himself, he was enjoying the evening, as strange as it had been. He pulled on his scarf he’d taken off with his coat and put himself together.

“A cup of coffee would be nice,” he said, then Potter smiled at him again, and Draco wanted to run away. He hated how much he liked Potter’s smiles and he wanted to not fall for Potter or show Potter that he was falling for him or something. Because…well, he did already have a thing for the man, and he also did like kissing him.

Chapter Text

“Thank you for the surprise, Potter,” Draco said as he stood up finally and decided his impromptu date at Potter’s bookshop was coming to an end. “I have to say I did enjoy myself quite a bit.”

Potter gave Draco a cheeky smile and took a step closer. “Anything I can do to atone for my bad behaviour?” Potter asked.

“Wha—what do you mean?” Draco gulped, feeling nervous. He was really hating himself for getting so hot and bothered around Potter.

“I tricked you into an early date. I think I’ve been a very bad boy…” Potter drawled and Draco took another step back, adding some distance between them.

“If you’re trying to seduce me, Pott—”

“Is it working?”

Draco made a face and shook his head.

“I’m joking with you. I know you’re proper and aren’t the type to shag someone on a first date. And this isn’t even a real first date anyway—”

“Is that what you think of me? You think me a prude?” Draco was more upset than he should’ve been.

“No, of—”

Draco pushed Potter against the opposite wall and wedged his knee in-between Potter’s legs. He kept a firm grip on Potter’s shoulders as he leaned in and kissed him. He didn’t hold back, either. He bit Potter’s lower lip, hard, and when Potter moaned, Draco forcefully slid his tongue in, all but ready to fuck Potter’s mouth with it.

Potter moaned around Draco’s tongue and his hands came to Draco’s waist; his fingers pulled on the fabric of Draco’s robes.

A moment later, Draco took a step back and scoffed. “Just because I wish to take my time and do things proper doesn’t give you any right to make assumptions about me.”

Then, he quickly turned, grabbed his things and Apparated away.

Chapter Text

The next morning when Draco woke up, he would've thought he'd slept through Autumn and woke up on Christmas. His bedroom was full of flowers and presents. He had to look in the mirror to simply make sure that yes, he was still an adult, and no, he wasn't dreaming. He did have a sneaky suspicion from where all the presents had come.

"Mother," Draco said, leaving his room.

"Yes, dear?"

"Who delivered all this to my room?"

"The elves brought them in, dear."

"Hmm." Draco contemplated if it was worth sending the presents back, but he was also curious.

Chapter Text

"I didn't know what to get you so got you one of everything…" Draco read the attached note aloud. Flowers were everywhere.

Potter had obviously felt poorly about his comment from the evening before and was making up for it. "What's next? Is it going to start snowing in my room too?" Draco scoffed as he went through the boxes lined up against the wall.

Potter had really done his work. There were books in the series that Draco had been reading, three different flavours of packaged coffee from all the cafés in Diagon, and a gift certificate for ice cream shops; along with the wand shop, as if Draco needed another wand, and two tickets for a tour next month of the potions department in the Wizarding University of Wales.

Did Potter just have this lying about?

There was a knock on the door and Draco stood up with a start. His mother usually knocked and walked right in, whoever it was…was waiting for Draco to open the door.

Hoping beyond all reason it wasn’t Potter, Draco approached the door. He was still in his dressing gown and hadn’t even brushed his teeth.

Of course, it was Potter.

Chapter Text

"Funny how I didn't see an apology in your note, Potter. Did you really think you can buy my affection so easily?"

Potter wasn't fazed by Draco's questioning which annoyed Draco.

"I'm not gonna apologise for whatever I did when you kissed me like that last night."

Draco rolled his eyes, leaning against the door to his bedroom. If Potter thought he was going to be invited in, he was wrong.

"So what did you plan on doing today?" Potter cleared his throat and gave Draco a once over.

Draco shrugged. "I don't know, I planned on a lazy afternoon."

Chapter Text

"Oh..." Potter looked disappointed. He's good at acting, at least, Draco thought. "I...could I interest you in having tea with me?"

"When?" Draco asked, immediately hating how he'd simply blurted it out. He should've said "No." Damn Potter with his good looks and Draco's desire to run his fingers through his hair.

Potter gave him a shy smile. That's new. "Whenever today. This evening. Now, even."

"Now?" Draco asked, incredulous.

"Yeah, now..." Potter's eyes raked over Draco's body once more; Draco stood up still. "My eyes are up here, Potter."

Potter grinned taking a step closer. "So they are."

Chapter Text

The look of hunger in Potter's eyes made Draco shiver. "I just got up and I'm not hungry," Draco said; before he could even stop the thought, he knew what Potter was going to say.

"I am."

"You can go to the dining room. A house-elf will bring you something to eat."

"But I want to—"

"Don't even try it, Potter."

Potter grinned. "I was gonna say I wanna have breakfast with you."

Draco's eyes narrowed. He called for his house-elf, who appeared immediately. "Take Mr Potter to the dining room, please." Then he turned around locking himself in his bedroom, his heart throbbing.

He took his time to get ready, showering longer than usual, and dressed for breakfast. As he made his way to the dining room, he found Potter sitting there reading the newspaper.

"Made yourself at home, I see," Draco said, "I'm surprised you're still here."

Potter stood up immediately and went around the table to pull out the chair for Draco. Draco's chair, as if he knew exactly where Draco always sat.

"The house-elves like me," Potter said cheekily.

"At least someone finds you charming," replied Draco; before he could retort some more, Potter kissed him.

Chapter Text

"Everyone is charmed by me," Potter said with a cheeky grin. "I'm Harry Potter."

Draco rolled his eyes and started on his breakfast. He was not going to indulge Potter in any silly conversations.

"So," Potter said.

"Oh, you're still here," said Draco.

"Very funny, Malfoy," Potter said in a mock sneer. "I thought maybe we could go for a walk after breakfast. The weather is quite nice today, for a change."

Draco wanted to say no, but he also was a Pureblood wizard; continuing to insult his guest would simply not do. He nodded once returning to his breakfast.

Chapter Text

"You don't have to look so terrified," Potter said to Malfoy as they walked in the garden behind the manor. It was, in fact, a beautiful day out. If Potter hadn't shown up to his house, Draco was probably going to spend his day indoors reading.

Not that he was now going to thank Potter for this suggestion or anything.

"I'm not terrified," Draco said frowning. "It's a nice day. I wondered if I needed—"

And without a word, Potter placed the sunblock charm on Draco. "Don't want you to harm that beautiful skin of yours. Not until I've seen it all for myself, that is."

Draco shook his head. "You're quite crass. Are you aware of this? It isn't polite to suggest such intimacy only after one date."

"Ah, so we are admitting it was a date."

Draco made a face as he'd not intended to refer to last evening as a date but the words had escaped him before he knew what he was doing or saying. Then, Potter reached over and took Draco's hand in his.

"I'd like to try to have better behaviour for our second date."

"This your way of telling me there will be a second date?" Draco said, challenging. "You think I'd agree?"

Potter smiled and they stopped walking. With Potter face-to-face with him, and his hands in Potter's, Draco knew escape wasn't possible.

"It's my way of asking you out for a second date. And I hope you'll agree." Potter bit his lower lip, looking more nervous than Draco'd ever seen him before. "I have a picnic planned, by the way. If you were curious to what we were going to do tonight."

"Tonight?" Draco asked, surprised.

"It'll be a nice night. So a picnic and wine…that sounds good, doesn't it?"

Chapter Text

Draco attempted to hide just how nice it all sounded. What Potter planned for their second date was quite romantic. A picnic under the stars.

"If you need a bit more convincing, I can promise to purchase a really expensive bottle of wine this time. I know a few experts in that area."

"You sure you can trust them?"

"Or, you can bring the wine. And I'll have everything else ready."

"Promises, Potter. Promises," Draco said with a small smile. When Potter didn't reply but continued to look into Draco's eyes, Draco looked away. "Very well, I'll bring a Bordeaux."

Chapter Text

Potter gave him a smile again. That smile—apparently rendered Draco defenceless against Potter's charms.

"Anyway," Draco said, turning away from Potter and clearing his throat. "What did you have in mind for dinner?"

Potter walked beside him, the back of his hand grazing against Draco's hand, which only caused Draco's skin to tingle. Why was Potter just so damn hard to resist? He had to wonder.

"Well it's a surprise," said Potter.

"Hm…I suppose code for…you're not sure yet."

Potter laughed and grabbed Draco's hand. "You already know me so well. Dating you is going to be easy."

"And what'll be the challenge?" Draco couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, I dunno…seducing you? I tried last night; failed miserably when you kissed me, got me hot and bothered, and then left me."

"That was your own doing."

"So it was," said Potter thoughtfully. "Any chance I can get another kiss like that again?"

"Kisses like that don't just pop up on demand, Potter."

"No, not on demand…" Potter said, getting closer to Draco as they'd stopped walking. "How about on request?"

Draco smiled and leaned in. "I thought you'd said seducing me was going to be difficult."

Chapter Text

"You most certainly confuse the fuck out of me, Draco Malfoy," Potter said, his eyes widening a bit when they pulled apart from their kiss, and Draco thought Potter looked a bit winded.

"I don't mean to be," Draco answered honestly.

"It's not a bad thing," Potter said, placing another quick peck on Draco's lips. "I like this about you. You seem more… I dunno… free."

"Free?" Draco asked, an eyebrow raised.

"It's good. Trust me."

"I don't. I can't," Draco said and then immediately shut his mouth.

Potter seemed surprised by Draco's answer and straightened up. He immediately stood up straight and pulled himself away from Draco's grasp. This is not what Draco had wanted but with the way Potter was acting, Draco could hardly tell the man to stop. What was he going to say? Sorry, I don't trust you. I don't trust anyone. But can you still love me?

"Draco…" Potter whispered softly.

"Sorry. Right. If you don't want me anymore, then I suppose I shall be going…" Draco turned around, realising he was at his home, and Potter was his guest.


"Wait, what?" Potter asked, pulling on Draco's elbow. "Can I still see you tonight?"

Chapter Text

Draco hesitated.

"I know…" Potter said softly, pulling Draco close to him. "I don't wanna presume anything but I know the war did a number on you. It certainly did to me. So…" He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I understand if you can't trust me."

"It's not…"

"I know, it's all relative. It's all fucked up, honestly."

Draco gave a sharp laugh. "Never thought you'd understand me…"

"Hmm…" Potter closed the distance between them. "Never thought I'd want you this much."

Me too, thought Draco. He didn't speak though. He liked this soft silence between them.

Chapter Text

“So, how many more mountains am I gonna have to climb for you to confirm for dinner? I know you said you’d bring the wine, but just need to make sure…” Potter seemed sceptical; Draco supposed he didn’t blame the man.

Draco was giving him the run around.

“I’ll be there.”

Potter grinned then. “I’m glad your mother tried to set us up. It’s working out quite well for me.”

“Except when I have one of my episodes.” Draco immediately stopped talking. He didn’t want Potter to know he was crazy. Not yet.

Potter laughed. “Think I can handle them.”

Chapter Text

They walked back to the gates of the manor; Draco was getting ready to say goodbye to Potter when Potter surprised him with another kiss.

"I hope that was okay…" he asked, looking sheepish.

"You're going to have to stop doing things first and asking for permission later, Potter. It's not appropriate."

Potter smiled. "Fine, I do apologise. But I was afraid if I asked you for another kiss, you'd turn me down."

"I…wouldn't have."

"So, another kiss?"

Draco shook his head. "No. For behaving rudely at first, you do not get a reward."

"Ah." Potter laughed. "You know, you'd make a great Hogwarts Professor. You'd get a kick out of disciplining all those students left and right."

"Are you suggesting I have a desire for discipline, Potter?" Draco asked raising an eyebrow.

Potter shrugged. "Maybe. Maybe I want you to have a desire for discipline…"

Potter laughed again, and this time, he took Draco's hand in his. Draco was afraid he was going to try to kiss Draco again, but Potter did no such thing. He brought Draco's hands to his lips and gently brushed his lips against Draco's knuckles.

Oh Merlin.

That was hot. Cruel and wonderful.

Chapter Text

Potter was making it difficult for Draco to resist him.

"Um... You should go, Potter."

Potter gave Draco a soft smile. "Yes, it's probably a good idea."


"Yes, especially since your mother and Parkinson are gawking at us from the first floor window, doing a terrible job hiding behind the curtain."

Draco immediately turned to look at the curtains from the giant window on the first floor, still a few metres away moved. He sighed and turned to look at Potter.

"I'll see you soon," Potter said and Disapparated.

Draco wanted to look stoic at Potter's departure, but he knew he could forget it. He was getting too attached to Potter already. And what did Potter have planned for tonight? He had to admit, he was curious.

But not more curious than whether or not he'd get to kiss Potter again. Or maybe even do more than just kiss?

It was probably a bad idea but Potter seemed so carefree. He talked about how the ghosts of his pasts haunted him too. Maybe they were different ghosts, and different reasons, but it was nice to hear it from someone else.

Draco wasn't alone. He could share something with Potter.

Chapter Text

After lunch, Draco felt slightly dizzy so he went to take a nap. He figured he needed to be a bit refreshed for his date with Potter. A date, he was now looking forward to.

When he woke up, he still felt dizzy and his throat severely hurt. He'd been feeling ill a week before, but he'd thought that was behind him.

Apparently, he was mistaken.

"Oh no…" he mumbled to himself, scared if he didn't feel better, he'd have to cancel on Potter.

By the time the evening arrived, he only felt worse. He summoned a quill and parchment and wrote Potter a note, hoping Potter didn't think Draco was making an excuse to not see him.


Without any supper, Draco returned to bed and slept through the whole night. The next day, he still wasn't well. He'd half hoped Potter would come by and see him since he'd said he was feeling ill.

But there was no Potter. Two days later, Potter still hadn't arrived or sent him a note.

Draco thought the only polite thing to do was sending another owl to Potter, apologising. And this time, asking to see him.

He hoped Potter didn't hate him.

Chapter Text

Draco was resting in the sitting room reclining back on the sofa with his eyes closed. He had had a headache as he was getting over his illness, still not feeling completely better. He heard footsteps approach him but didn't look up, if anything, it was either the Healer his mother had called, or one of his friends.

"Wow, you really are sick, then?" Potter's voice boomed in the otherwise quiet room, giving Draco a start.

"You're here."

"You did summon me."

"Three days ago."

Draco opened his eyes and sat up straight. Potter was wearing tight, dark Muggle jeans—leaving very little to the imagination, and a snug black t-shirt. Draco'd seen men dressed like that at gay clubs; a sharp pang of jealousy went through him as he thought that Potter might've stopped by on his way to a club.

A Muggle gay club to go and find someone else.

"You look…" Draco started to speak and cleared his throat. "Going somewhere?"

Potter shook his head. "No, it's my day off."

"So, you're all dressed up for me?"

Potter's face fell slightly. He took a seat across from Draco. "It might have crossed my mind that you weren't honest when you had owlled me."

"Of course," Draco said, glumly. "You have no reason to believe me."

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry?" Draco asked, confused.

Potter chuckled softly. Low and sexy. "You're not the only one with trust issues."

"I didn't mean to upset you—" Draco would've said more but Potter started laughing. Bellowing, really.

"What is it?" Draco snapped.

"Look at us, we're so polite with each other," Potter said, sounding amused. He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees. The way he looked at Draco, nearly melted Draco in his seat.

"Well, I'm unwell. What's your excuse?"

Chapter Text

Potter smiled at Draco and leaned back. "So, what do the Healers say?"

"I haven't seen a Healer yet," Draco replied. "I'm simply waiting to get better."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Gods, you sound like Mother."

"Maybe you just want me to take care of you," Potter said with a smirk. "Prepare you a bath—"

"Don't be absurd, Potter," Draco said, rolling his eyes. "Even now, all you can do is flirt with me?"

"It comes easy to me," replied Potter.

"Flirting?" Draco scoffed. "I can't imagine. I suppose you just wear that outfit and men fall on their knees for you."

"That's the second time in five minutes you've commented on my appearance. What do you—you're not jealous, are you?" Potter's teasing tone wasn't hard to miss. "You are. Look at you, even if you're ill, you're still turning bright red."

"Oh, just go away," Draco said, huffing. He sat back on the sofa and crossed his legs. He sneered before looking away from Potter. So what if he was jealous? He was clearly ill, so clearly he wasn't thinking straight. "You're delusional," he mumbled to himself.

"Right…" Potter got up off his chair and knelt down in front of Draco. He tentatively placed his hands on Draco's knees, and when Draco didn't react, he squeezed it lightly. Draco stayed still; Potter took the liberty to slide his hand up Draco's thigh.

Draco finally looked at Potter and raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry I didn't believe you at first," he said softly. "I had thought you were making more excuses—"

"I…" Draco paused.

"Forgive me?" Potter's voice was so low Draco wasn't sure he'd heard him correctly.

Draco made a face, trying to scowl, because he didn't want to smile at Potter. He figured once he and Potter actually became an item, big changes were coming his way. Their way. Eventually he reached down to cup Potter's face and as he was about to say something, a fit of cough caught him.

Potter was quick on his feet. He jumped up and grabbed a glass of water to give to Draco; then he sat on the sofa next to Draco, soothing him. He rubbed small circles on Draco's back while Draco drank water.

"Do you need a potion or something?" Potter asked, sounding worried.

Draco shook his head. "No…" he said, leaning against Potter. "Just…stay."

Chapter Text

Draco opened his eyes, his neck stiff, and his throat dry. He was also warm, or at least the left side of his face was. When he sat up straight, he realised he'd fallen asleep on Potter.

Potter. Who still had his arm around Draco, resting back on the sofa, with his own eyes closed.

Draco tried not making a sound but Potter stirred anyway. He quickly looked down on Potter's shirt, just to make sure he'd not droold on Potter as well — because this wasn't embarrassing enough.

Then, Draco gently shifted to get a better look at Potter's face. As if he knew he was being watched, Potter opened his eyes. "Hey…" he said softly. "I must have fallen asleep, too."

"I…yes, well…"

"This sofa is very comfortable," Potter said.

Draco smiled awkwardly. He wasn't used to this. He hadn't slept next to someone in a very long time, let alone on the sofa in his sitting room.

"How are you feeling?"

Draco nodded. "Better. Thank you for your — what you did — I mean —"

Potter chuckled. "You're welcome, Draco."

Draco cleared his throat and then sat up straighter, eventually, Potter removed his hold on him. Looking reluctant. "I should go and…freshen up."

"Oh. Okay." Potter stood up and offered his hand to Draco as if Draco needed help. Or as if Draco were some dame and Potter was the gentleman caller. Draco supposed he was that. "So I should…" Potter drawled, looking uncharacteristically shy. That was a new discovery. Draco had never seen that side of Potter before.

"Will you stay for supper?"

"Oh!" Potter said with surprise. "What time— I mean — now or—?"

Draco couldn't help but laugh. They really were quite bad at being polite with each other. "Whenever it's ready, I suppose," he replied.

Chapter Text

"I'm sure there won't be any blood when supper is served. No need to look so scared, Potter."

"It's not that…" Potter drawled. "I don't wish to overstay my wel—"

And then Draco kissed him. Again. He really was enjoying kissing Potter whenever he wanted and he wanted to. Now. All the time.

"Will you stay?" Draco asked, nudging himself close to Potter. "It'll make me feel better. I'd like to show you…" Now it was Draco's turn to be shy.

"Show me what?" Potter asked, sounding breathless.

"Just something…" Draco said softly and Potter's eyes widened. "Not that, fool." He couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, okay," Potter said, confused. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be brilliant."

Now, it was Draco's turn to roll his eyes.

"You know, I don't understand you at all, Malfoy. One moment, you're sweet, the other, you're taunting me. And when I think I have you figured out, you kiss me like you've been wanting to for ages. After that, you act like I'm simply the most exhausting thing in the world."

Draco chuckled. "What can I say? I think you're starting to understand me after all."

"Or, that I'll go mad doing so."

Chapter Text

Surprisingly at dinner, Draco's mother was nowhere to be found. It was strange because usually, Narcissa was always in Draco's business. She had a comment for everything and everyone. She'd have to know Potter was over, so what did she do? Disappear?

If anything, after announcing to the house-elves Potter was going to join them for dinner, Draco expected Pansy to make a surprise entry. Yet, neither of the two women were anywhere near them.

Draco supposed he'd count his blessings. Not long after, he was certain they'd come running in and demanding all the details of his — what now seemed like — date with Potter.

"You're awfully quiet," Draco said as they worked through the meal and Potter hadn't said much. "Is it something… Would you like to leave…?" He couldn't believe he was so nervous.

"No. I'm just…" He paused and looked up and Draco to smile. "I don't have to go anywhere. I like being here."

"And you're quiet because…"

Potter shrugged. "Nervous?" he said and Draco didn't know if he was telling or asking. "Curious to what you have to show me later."

"Now I'm afraid it won't even be a big deal. I mean… Not like you'll be impressed or anything."

"You're trying to impress me?" Potter asked, sounding curious.

"Don't read too much into it."

"I couldn't even if I tried," Potter replied laughing. "If I thought one thing, it'd be totally something different." When Draco didn't answer, Potter continued. "The food is nice though. Please tell your house-elves everything is simply delicious."

Draco relaxed. Even though he wasn't the one who'd done the cooking, but glad Potter was having a good time. "You're a decent cook yourself," Draco said. He was itching for wine but knew he should've been refraining. He still wasn't completely well and didn't wish to ruin his recovery by celebrating early.

"I was trying to impress you."

"And here we are again being so utterly polite," Draco said. This was just like him, wasn't it? Once the moment was composed, he had to say something to ruin it.

"If you'd rather fight with me so we can be at each other's throats, I don't mind. I like fighting with you. The kissing makes up for it."

Draco felt his face flush and his cheeks were getting hot. He reached for the glass of water and all but finished it off in one gulp. He wanted to scowl at Potter for embarrassing him but he was a bit too turned on to manage it.

"So, dessert?" he asked eventually, hoping to come back to a more normal topic which wasn't about their snogging and how much Draco wanted it.

"I…uh do you mind if we skip it?" Potter asked. "I really want to see what you have to show me."

Draco nodded once standing up from his chair. Potter followed suit. "Very well, then…" he said and started to walk away from the dining room; Potter was right next to him.

They walked down a long corridor and then Draco held Potter's hand. It was warm and slightly clammy making Draco think Potter was nervous too. He smiled softly and then they Disapparated.

"Wow," Potter said when they had Apparated into Draco's private study. This wasn't like his office or his bedroom, which were also filled with books but this was something special.

Potter had almost lost his footing and Draco reached over, placing his hand on the small of Potter's back to steady him. "Are you all right?"

Potter nodded. "This is…" Potter looked around. "Wow."

"How do you like it?" Draco asked, self-conscious. "I know you own a bookshop, and it's quite large with several floors but—"

"This is yours. It's so you," Potter said looking spellbound. "I'm so curious to see all your collections and…"

"A lot of my purchases are from your shop," said Draco.

"It is very cool. Hermione is going to be so jealous. The shelves look like they go on for days."

It wasn't until Potter had walked away to look at Draco's collection Draco realised his hand was still resting on Potter's back. And now, he missed being so close to him.

Chapter Text

As Potter walked around Draco's little collection, Draco was excited. But, he was also starting to get tired. He stifled a yawn, however, it seemed Potter had caught him.

"I should go…"

"No, please. I'm sorry…"

Potter laughed. "And here we are being polite again," he said.

"Then we best fix that," replied Draco. He gently pushed Potter against one of the bookshelves and crowded his space.

"I do like the way you think, Malfoy." Potter smirked at Draco and widened the space between his legs so Draco could come even closer.

"You're shameless," Draco said, right before kissing him.

Chapter Text

"Let me take you to your room," Potter whispered against Draco's lips. "Tuck you in."

"Hmm, sounds promising," Draco teased. "But not sure I'll let you leave once we're there."

"You don't want me to catch whatever you have, do you?"

Draco scowled. "Way to ruin the mood."

Potter laughed. "Come on, I want you to rest and be well for our date. You are still in trouble for making me ruin that perfect evening under the stars."

"Sorry my sickness got in the way."

"Not sure if you're really sorry," Potter said in a teasing tone. "You'll have to do a lot to make it up to me."

"And showing you my private and favourite place wasn't enough?"

"It's a start, but, I'll need more, Malfoy."

"More?" Draco said, sounding alarmed. "What did you have in mind?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow, but, right now it's time for you to rest." Potter stood up straight and grabbed Draco's hand. "Lead the way?"

"You'll be back tomorrow?" Draco asked, surprised. "You're certain?" He hated how hopeful he sounded. He wanted to see Potter again, and that was a hard feeling to shake.

"Of course. Can't get rid of me so easily."

Chapter Text

Draco woke up the next morning feeling splendidly. It seemed, even though Potter had insisted so much and Draco had hated it, he was right. Lots of rest did help him recover from his illness quicker.

Now, he looked forward to whatever date they were going to have at the bookshop. Although, books and dinner wasn't the type of entertainment Draco needed.

Since he had come to this conclusion of wanting to be with Potter. Wanting to do a lot more things...taking it slow seemed counterproductive.

In the beginning he'd told Potter that he liked the slow stage, with get to know each others and expensive wine, but now? He'd changed his mind. His insistence on taking it slow had backfired. Draco had fallen ill and if Potter wasn't so crazy, he wouldn't have given Draco a second chance.

"Ready for breakfast, dear?" Mother asked him once he was showered and ready to start his day.

"Of course."

"Will Mr Potter be joining us?"

"I…what? I didn't invite him."

"Oh, did he leave early morning then?"

"Mother, Potter didn't spend the evening here."

"Oh, he didn't?" she asked, sounding slightly disappointed. Draco couldn't believe it. "What a shame."

Chapter Text

"Mother!" Draco said, trying not to be totally scandalised. There had to be a line somewhere, and for her to comment on Draco's life, his sex life like that? "You've been spending far too much time with Pansy."

"Oh, Draco," his mother said shaking his head. "If Mr Potter were to spend the night here, I expected him to be sleeping in the guest room. What did you think—?" Her eyes widened. "Pardon me, sir. We still have rules in this house."

Draco sagged in his chair relieved. "My mistake," he mumbled.

"I only expected to see him in the morning because he seemed to be so fond of you. It's one thing for you to parade around the gardens kissing, but if he's going to continue…"

"We are going to be dating, Mother, but if our relationship goes in a more physical direction…" He cringed as he said the words, making sure to stare at his plate of food and not his mother, "I'll announce his stay well in advance or I'll let you know if I'll be elsewhere for the evening."

"Thank you. And let's not discuss this again."

"Of course, Mother," he said, and that was that.

Chapter Text

Potter insisted on Draco resting more so he decided to visit again. Draco was getting tired of being cooped up at home. It was funny, when it was his choice, he didn't like leaving. But now? Now he had Potter—sort of—he sort of had Potter—he wanted to go out.

Go and see Potter at the bookshop. Go on that bloody date.

Kiss him again. Kiss him somewhere that wasn't his home and he was stealing kisses in the shadows.

It was a good thing Draco still felt cold from his illness because the thought of kissing Potter warmed him.

"Why was your mum looking at me so strangely?" They were seated in the living room with tea.

"Oh, that…" Draco chuckled. "She asked why you hadn't stayed over. I misunderstood."

"Stayed over? As in at night? The whole night. In your room?" Potter's eyes widened.

"She expected you to stay in the guest room and well…even though she has encouraged this…" Draco motioned between them, "she's now worried of your intentions."

"My intentions?" Potter said, laughing. "Of fucking you?"

Draco's eyes widened and as if right by Draco's bad luck, his mother walked into the room.

Chapter Text

Potter's face turned crimson the moment he realised Draco's mother'd walked into the room. If this wasn't his own family, and his own—somewhat boyfriend, Draco would've laughed.

Instead, he stood up with as much grace he could muster, glad Potter had been sat across from him, and gave Potter a cold stare.

"Hello, mother. Are you joining us for dinner this evening? Potter and I were thinking of going out."

Narcissa gave him a cool stare of her own. "No, thank you. I came in to announce I'll be dining with my sister tonight. It's perhaps best, it seems."

Chapter Text

"Let's go," Harry dragged Draco out of the Malfoy sitting room and towards the stairs leading to Draco's bedroom.

"Where are we going?" Draco asked, amused. He felt the heat rush up to Harry's cheeks and they were red. Poor bloke was so embarrassed.

"Out, like you'd told your mother. And then you're sleeping at my place."

"I'm sorry?" Draco asked raising an eyebrow. "That's mighty presumptuous of you."

Harry rolled his eyes and looked at Draco. "I am not coming back here for a very long time, Draco," he said in a soft tone. "I've obviously made a complete fool of myself in front of your mother and if I can avoid her for a week or two, that'll be great. So, if you want to go to dinner tonight, we should leave. And I can sleep on the sofa. I just mean— I don't want to come back here."

"Scared, Potter?" Draco teased.

"Of your mother? Yes."

Draco allowed Harry into his bedroom and closed the door behind them. He was supposed to be packing but in a moment's notice, Harry had Draco pinned against the door and had crowded his space.

"Kissing first then packing," he said.

Chapter Text

Draco allowed Harry to Apparate him to his flat. Surprisingly, Draco had no idea, it was in the basement of the bookshop.

"So you just live here. All the time?" Draco asked.

Harry shrugged.

"I bought the shop, decided I didn't want to live in Grimmauld Place because that place is…" he shuddered, "and it was only the most logical conclusion."

"On my days off I spend time with my friends. Otherwise, if needed, I'm always around. I do have to run the shop if someone is out sick or decides to quit last minute."

"Hmm…" Draco said looking around Harry's living room. There were a few books on the shelves, mostly bearing the mark of wear-and-tear a book gets from being read over and over again. As he reached the far corner of the room, he felt Harry tug on his arm and then pull him close.

"Come here," Harry said, burying his face in Draco's neck. "Are you impressed or pretending to be not impressed but really just jealous I live under a bookshop?"

Draco snorted. If anything, he was nervous.

"Are you comfortable?" Harry asked, sounding worried.

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"I…" he paused for a moment. "I don't want to read too much into it, but your body's rigid. You were loads more flexible in your home. I told you before, I'll be sleeping on the sofa. So I mean… no expectations, yeah? Just talking and…"

"And if you recall, Potter," Draco said turning around in Harry's arms, "the last time you tried to make an assumption on my modest behaviour—"

"Right. You're totally right. Every time I think I have you figured out, I'm completely wrong. So just tell me. What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you nervous?"

"Who says I'm nervous?"

"Draco…" Harry said with a soft tone. "If you wish to go home, or want me to back off…" He started to step away but Draco held onto him.

"No," Draco said in a whisper. It'd been fun and games, for lack of a better word. He felt safe at his home but now, he was in a totally different setting. He buried his face in Harry's neck, mumbling, "I've had uh…lovers…"

"But none as sexy as me?" Harry's tone was teasing; his gentle laugh vibrated through Draco's body.

"You're just so full of it, Potter," Draco said, though he knew he didn't sound annoyed.

"Remember when I said…we don't have to be polite with each other? I like when you talk to me straight. When you're free."

"I'm afraid," Draco said, more breathed into Harry's skin. "Afraid of losing myself in you." He meant it. Draco was always afraid of losing his individuality. It was why he was petrified of falling in love.

"Oh, Draco…" Harry said, his tone hushed. "You don't even know."

"Know what?" Draco asked, looking up. They locked eyes; Harry licked his lower lip before speaking again.

"I've already lost myself to you."

Chapter Text

Harry closed the distance between them and kissed Draco before Draco to react. He'd just made a huge confession to Draco, and Draco didn't know how to deal with it. He was afraid of this.

He'd always been about falling in love.

Falling for Harry.

"I've always fancied you, you know. Even when you were a git. Even when I hated you, I wanted you. Wanted you to be different. But, then I had to come to terms with the fact if you were different— maybe things between us would be too."

"And you wouldn't like me then?" Draco asked and Harry shrugged. "But you like me know."

Harry made a huge gesture of rolling his eyes. "You know my friends— my best of friends think I'm mental. Because I keep chasing after you even when you keep pushing me away."

"And if I let you in—"

Harry immediately shut Draco up again with another kiss.

"Then I'd be the luckiest fucking wizard in the world, don't you think?"

"I don't know. I reckon my mother's still quite upset with you."

Harry sighed and sagged in Draco's arms. "The Malfoys do have a way of keeping me on my toes."

Chapter Text

"Please," Draco said in a teasing tone. "You love the Malfoys."

Harry chuckled softly but didn't say anything. Draco supposed he didn't particularly love Lucius Malfoy.

When Harry opened his mouth to say something, Draco placed his finger on Harry's lips. "Shh now," he said and kissed Harry. It was his favourite thing to do of late.

Harry tightened his hold on Draco as their kiss deepend. It was going to be a quick kiss to let Harry know: Draco fancied him too. But this was becoming something totally different.

For once, Draco decided not to overthink it. He was good with the flow.

Harry moaned when Draco slid his tongue in, pressing their hips together. Eventually, Draco stopped thinking.

Harry groaned Draco's name when they broke apart for a brief moment. Draco needed some air. Kissing Harry like this was good; this was just as good, if not better then the time Draco had kissed Harry in his private library.

Draco allowed Harry to push him back and they walked slowly until the back of Draco's legs hit the sofa. He settled down and Harry was on top of him.

"Shall we continue?" asked Harry.

Draco desperately wanted that.

Chapter Text

"You best not stop, Potter," Draco warned before Harry's mouth was on him again. Even if everything he was feeling was hot, Draco could tell Harry was holding back. Maybe he was waiting for Draco to take this further.

Even if he wanted to, for now, this seemed to be enough for him. He didn't want to rush into it too much. Kissing, heavy petting on the sofa was going to have to substantiate his lust for now.

But Draco knew one thing, and he wasn't going to change his mind about that. Harry wasn't sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Chapter Text

The next time they broke part to breathe, Draco looked down at Harry's lips. They were already red and swollen, and he looked incredibly sexy. Draco's entire body was vibrating with need.

"We should stop now and figure out dinner," Harry said, but didn't make any show of moving.

"Right. Because you're a Weasley and food is all you think about," Draco said, amused.

Harry chuckled low. "If I don't start thinking about food, I'm going to start thinking about dragging you to my bed."

"Oh? What shall we be doing there then?"

Harry shook his head. "You're trouble, Malfoy."

Chapter Text

"Do you like that?" Draco asked, breathless; he was still recovering from his snog session with Harry. Until this moment, he hadn't had the freedom of kissing Harry for long without being interrupted.

Even if they were alone at the manor, it'd still been in Draco's home. Now, they were at Harry's; far away from parents, house-elves and whoever else able to barge in on them.

"Like how you're trouble?" Harry asked, laughing. "The first time you'd kissed me, I knew you'd been trouble. I knew you'd been with many others before me. It drove me wild with jealousy."

"Green with envy, Potter?" Draco teased.

"You have no idea, Malfoy."

"So what now?" Draco asked, leaning back on the sofa to look up at Harry who seemed frazzled, confused, conflicted. Draco was having fun doing this to him.

"Now, we figure out dinner. You're still recovering; I can't have you falling ill on me again."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Very well. I'd like a pizza."

"Pizza?" Harry asked sounding shocked.

"Yes. So?"

"I didn't think purebloods knew what pizza was."

Draco sighed then stood up to be the same level as Harry. "They know, and they all secretly love it."

Chapter Text

"Okay, pizza it is," said Harry. "I'll have to go to the shop to make a Floo-call order. Is that alright?"

"The shop's open?" Draco asked. He looked around Harry's place and realised there wasn't a Floo there.

Harry checked his watch. "Should be for another fifteen minutes. It's a new place— for pizza I mean, and they'll deliver via owl. They guarantee it ten minutes or less so we can—"

"Okay," Draco said, suddenly feeling very nervous.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone I have a date if you're worried about that."

"How could you—"

"Your face. It just went extremely pale. I understand if you want to keep this a secret."

"It's not that," Draco said. "Just don't want anyone to judge you for — doing whatever you're doing with an ex-Death Eater."

Harry sighed and sat next to Draco. "This again?"

"Uh…this is my life, Potter. So yes. This will come up again and again."

Harry rolled his eyes dramatically and kissed Draco's cheek. "Very well, dear," he said. "Any special toppings on your pizza?"

"Roasted peppers."

"Any specific ones?"


Harry smiled and straightened his attire before leaving Draco alone in his flat. "Yellow it is."

Chapter Text

The new pizza place Harry mentioned did in fact deliver in less than ten minutes like they'd guaranteed. Draco was utterly impressed. Perhaps one of the days when his parents would be out of town, he would order from them, as well.

The design on the pizza box was also intricate. They were really trying to be more exceptional than all other wizarding business out there.

"How do you know about this place?" Draco asked, reading the name on the container. "The Blue Box."

Harry smiled. "Seamus told me about it. Dean discovered it because he is such a fan of Doctor Who."

"Doctor what?" Draco asked.

Harry shook his head. "Doctor Who." Then he took another bite of the pizza. "It's an old show from the 60s. There's some speculation the show's gonna be back on telly in a year or something. So all the Muggleborn fans of the show are totally excited; one of them opened up the pizza place this year decided to call it that."

"What does that have to do with the Blue Box?"

Harry chuckled. "It's a time machine in the show."

Draco's eyes widened and he wanted to laugh. "Muggles sure are interesting."

Chapter Text

During their meal, Draco continued to ask questions about Muggle television shows and Harry patiently answered them. He knew what they were doing, but Draco also wasn't able to actually stop himself.

They were talking about everything except for them. What did it all really mean?

Sure things had been going well for Draco now; Harry had forgiven him for not showing up on their dates, and had been quite nice when Draco was ill. Then they'd snogged like a couple of teenagers whenever they had a free moment—but they were always going back and forth.

It was more Draco's fault than anything else, he knew. He was the one who was taking them on this rainbow roller coaster ride of emotions.

"Do you want more wine?" Harry asked once they'd finished the pizza and the bottle of red wine.

"No, I'm completely full; don't think I can consume anything else for the night."

Harry laughed looking like he had a dirty joke on the tip of his tongue but refrained. Draco still rolled his eyes at Harry's expression.

"Oh, being polite again, are we?" Draco joked.

"Right. I'll show you polite when it's time for bed," replied Harry.

Chapter Text

They clean up quietly. Harry grabbed the empty box and the bottle of wine heading into his kitchen while Draco threw white paper napkins in the rubbish.

The air in the room had changed.

It was all flirting fun while they still had a task to do. The task of finishing dinner. Now, there was going to be talk about who was sleeping where and in whose company.

Draco'd decided earlier he didn't want Harry sleeping on the sofa; Harry'd been talking about dragging Draco to his bed. The line between politeness and their desire still seemed difficult to cross.

Chapter Text

"Do you, um…" Harry hesitated running his fingers through his thick black hair and then grabbing the back of his neck. "Do you want to take a shower before bed? I can give you something comfortable to sleep in."

"Oh. Yes. Sure," Draco said with a soft smile. "What are you going to do?"

Harry shrugged and his gaze fell on the sofa. "Set up the bed for me on the sofa, I suppose."

Draco smirked and took a step closer to Harry. Obviously, he was the one who was going to cross the line.

"Shower with me," said Draco.

Chapter Text

"If memory serves, I thought we were taking it slow?"

"What? I'm not allowed to change my mind?" Draco asked, playfully pushing Harry away from him.

Harry seemed to think it over for a long time so Draco interrupted again.

"Let me say it again, Potter. This time, let me tell you what I want and it's not a request or a suggestion. It's what I want."

"Okay…" Harry swallowed.

"Let's go and take a shower. I'm filthy and tired. I'd like to sleep soon. If you don't remember, I'm still recovering from poor health."

"Fine. Shower," Harry said, smiling.

Chapter Text

It seemed, not that Draco was surprised, Potter only needed a gentle push. He was on Draco from the moment they entered the bathroom until the last article of clothing hit the floor.

Naked, Harry was even more beautiful. He had a body that looked like he exercised everyday for two or three hours, but his hands weren't rough. Instead, they were incredibly soft and gentle with Draco.

"Does this mean I've been forgiven for all my mistakes?" Harry teased as hot water poured over them both, melting the stress away.

"Forgiven?" Draco chuckled. "I haven't even begun forgiving you."

Chapter Text

Harry hummed against Draco's lips then bit his lower lip. "Sounds like a party."

Draco shook his head but didn't reply. He allowed his lips to convey his sentiments. His mouth was on Harry's neck, licking and sucking, and fucking hell Harry tasted just so sweet.

"Draco…" Harry groaned, writhing against him. "Please…"

"Please what?" Draco teased, jerking his hips against Harry's. "Tell me what you'd like, Potter."

"You," Harry breathed. "I'd like you very much."

Draco brought his hand between them wrapping it around Harry's erection. "This?"

He tugged. Hard.

"More!" Harry said, his head thudding against the wall.

Chapter Text

It was difficult to go slow when a wet, naked, and begging Harry Potter was pinned under him. Draco wanted to tease Harry for as long as he could, but, he was more impatient than he'd have given himself credit for.

"I want you too…" Draco mumbled against Harry's mouth as he continued to stroke Harry's prick. "Just a quick one now, and then, I plan to have my way with you, Potter."

"Anything," Harry said in a breathy promise. "Anything for you."

Draco chuckled low as he could feel Harry was close. "You're a fast one, aren't you, Potter?"

Chapter Text

The idea was to have more fun in bed but as soon as Harry's head hit the pillow, he fell asleep. Draco wanted to pout but he knew better. The last few days, when Harry wasn't minding the shop, he was with Draco.

He was probably exhausted all the time. Still, Draco knew he wouldn't let this go easily. He was planning on teasing Harry relentlessly about it. Even if he felt bad for Potter, he didn't need to know that.

Pulling Harry into his arm, it wasn't long until sleep claimed him as well. However, he hadn't expected to be wake up in the morning and have 3 sets of anxious eyes look down at him.


Draco turned to his side and found Harry just about waking up as well.

"Hey…" Harry mumbled and he would have said more but he clearly read the panic on Draco's face. "What is it?"

Slowly, Harry turned to find the three strangers in his bedroom. Well, they were strangers to Draco, even if they were best friends with Harry.

"What are you doing here?" he asked sitting up as the covers slid down his torso.

"You wouldn't answer your Floo," said Granger.

Chapter Text

Harry's friends knew ways around his wards and were in his flat. Draco tried not to feel jealous about it. Surely, if Draco were in danger, he'd want his friends to be there for him. Except, Pansy never seemed to leave the manor in the first place.

Putting jealousy aside, Draco sat up. As the covers started to slide off his chest, he pulled them up.

"Not used to bringing dates home then?" Draco asked nonchalantly. No, he was not going to show his insecurities to Granger, and the Weasley siblings. Oh yes, Draco didn't miss how Harry's ex-girlfriend was there too.

Funny lot.

"I…" Harry cleared his throat sitting up. "Had company. Obviously."

"I thought you two were done," Ron Weasley said in a perplexed and surprised tone. "Stood you up and all and you were so cross—"

"Thank you, Ron," Harry said quickly. "Clearly not done."

"Does anyone want coffee?" Much to Draco's surprise Ginny Weasley piped up. "I'll be in the kitchen making coffee. You know, where things are less awkward and people are fully dressed."

And then she was gone. Slowly, and yet, with confused looks on their faces, Hermione and Ron left too.

"So is this a thing with you?" Draco asked, trying to sound amused. In reality, he was livid. What was that, even? Were Harry's friends always going to barge in like that? What if they weren't asleep. What if they were—

"I'll talk to them. I dunno why they'd think I was in danger. I mean, I mind a bookshop for fuck's sake."

"And your ex?"

"We're… we're just friends."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Don't try to convince me or anything."

"Hey…" Harry raked his fingers through Draco's hair and pulled him in for a kiss. "There's nothing there anymore. I promise."

Chapter Text

Draco nodded once and waited for Harry to get out of bed, get dressed, and then go to the kitchen. If he and his friends were going to talk, Draco didn't need to be there.

"Mind if I don't come down with you right away?"

Harry looked reluctant. "You won't leave right?" He didn't move as he kept staring at Draco. "Please don't—"

"I won't leave, I promise. I'd like to spend more time with you. You know, if you could get your friends to leave."

Harry gave him a grin and then summoned what seemed like random clothes to wear. "I'll get rid of them."

Draco laughed and watched Harry go.

He couldn't blame them. Not really. It's not like Pansy didn't practically live at the manor with him and she came in and out of his room without any hesitation. If he weren't answering his Floo, he was certain she'd do the same thing.

Not that Harry needed to know that.

It was weird, but it didn't make it appropriate.

Draco dressed slowly, making sure he looked presentable, and when he was satisfied—made his way to the kitchen.

"So you love him?"

Draco stopped in his tracks.

Chapter Text

The question made Draco freeze. Not because he was surprised by it, but because, he believed he shouldn't have been privy to this conversation.

The way Harry'd been acting for past few weeks and the way Draco reacted to him, his body, his desire… it wasn't so hard to tell they both felt something. It was meaningful.

Of course, Draco cared for him. Deeply.

Fuck, if it came right down to it. He loved Harry. Was he in love? Probably. But it was something. He loved being with him. He loved making him laugh and laughing at his stupid jokes. He loved falling asleep next to him and waking up in his arms.

So did Harry also feel the same way?

Was Draco ready to hear the answer to that?


He cleared his throat as he entered the kitchen. The conversation soon forgotten.

"Hey, you're here!" Harry said, a strain in his voice.

Draco wanted to roll his eyes.

"Sorry. I found myself in desperate need for coffee."

"Of course, we were just leaving," Granger said.

"No. Please don't leave on my account." Draco quickly tried to salvage the situation. "I'd love to get to know my boyfriend's friends. Breakfast?"

Chapter Text

The surprised look on everyone's face was a sight to marvel over, Draco thought. If he weren't so good at acting, he would've laughed. He'd just called Harry his boyfriend after Harry'd been cornered by his friends about loving Draco.

Well, we all deserve someone.

"Boyfriend?" Ginny Weasley said sounding amused. "I see there's more here than meets the eye."

"You do rush into things, don't you?" Ron said.

Draco gave him a sharp look. "And do remind me, Weasley, because I can't recall what the Prophet stated: how long did you date Granger before you moved in with her?"

Chapter Text

Looking rather grim, Weasley took a step towards Draco. Draco raised an eyebrow, unsure if he was ready to be punched this morning— but Granger stopped him before any fists or words were exchanged.

"I think it's time for us to leave," Granger said quickly. "We're truly sorry to disturb you this morning, Harry. And Draco. Again… I can't —"

"Thank you," Draco said politely. "Maybe we should meet sometime when things aren't so…just so"

Ginny Weasley smiled and Granger nodded as they rushed Weasley out the door.

"So, that was interesting," Draco said turning towards Harry. "You know, I still haven't been offered coffee."

"Right, sorry!" Harry, quick on his feet, poured Draco a huge mug and offered it. "First coffee I made for a boyfriend I guess…" Harry said, looking sceptical. "Why do I get the feeling that was all for show and not —"

"And what about the part you're supposed to be in love with me?"

"Right. Heard that, then?"

"Is it true?" Draco dared an ask.

Harry was quiet for a while. "What if I said yes?"

Now, it was Draco's turn to be totally quiet. Eventually, he found his voice. "Well, the feeling's mutual, Potter."

Chapter Text

Harry's eyes widened at Draco's somewhat confession, only for Draco to realise a few seconds too late Harry hadn't actually admitted to loving him. He'd only asked, if he'd say yes to the question.

"That is… If you were in love with me, I would say that it's not the most terrible thing in the world. And if you were not—"

"Before you start to drive this off in some crazy notion that'll only make sense, to you, let me stop you right there." Harry took a step towards Draco while Draco clutched the coffee mug. "I do love you."