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Hanging on Your Tips

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The Hale house was quiet, the silence sent a shiver down her spine. Unusually quiet for a Friday night, she noted as she opened the door and braced herself for any surprises. There were none. The house was empty and just as she had left it. Except... for that very fat envelope on her coffee table. Huh.

Dropping her things by the entrance she quickly made her way into the apartment, jumping over the back of the couch and landing expertly on her toes. She picked the envelope and opened it to find a photo album and a note. Of course.

'I forgot to deliver these before, hope you like them,

Love, D.

PS: The lighting wasn't that great but I tried working

some miracles. '

Picking up her phone she quickly texted her brother. ' Thanks, it was really sweet of you Der! But try to wait and hand it to me IN PERSON next time!!' pocketing her phone she proceeded to sit down and look throgh the photos.

Derek was really good with a camera, and as a good sister Laura had to stimulate his talent by giving him copious almounts of things to photograph. And that was no problem as she was one of the instructors for over fifty ballet prodigies.

Her phone rang once a suave notification sound, she had just recieved a message. She hummed as she traced the ballerina's leg, still a bit crooked, but beautiful to the untrained eyes. Picking up her phone there was Derek's response.

'Couldn't stay for long, had a meeting at three.' she smirked and started tapping again.

'A meeting you say. I'm not right to assume it involved coffee, maybe brownies, and your new "personal model", am I?' As Laura put down her phone she envisioned her brother reading that, it was a matter of time. Five minutes at most and he'd either text or call her.

Turning back to the album she recognized one of her favorite students, the boy seemed worthless if you didn't take the time to look underneath all the layers of comics, movies, and sarcasm, to get to the genius hidden away.

In this specific photo he was doing an arabesque, all his weigh on his left foot, his right leg parallel to the ground, left arm to the ceiling, and right arm, like his leg turned back. It seemed like all his body was being stretched.

His face was tremendously calm, as he never was outside of class, his mind for once focused on one thing, not falling. Stiles Stilinski, the best of her male dancers. A great student, friend and perhaps even lover, not like Laura would know, but from all the bending he could do...well, one can only wonder.

Derek's next message came as she turned the page to find a photo of herself. She was sporting an easy going smile and performing an easy spin, a fouetté. Her smirk dropped a bit as she realized... she was getting old. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts and focus on the more pressing matter of his brother's nonexistent social life, she grabbed her phone.

'Laura, you do understand what a meeting is, right?' At least she could always trust her brother to turn some light teasing into serious business in a flash.

'Hey, lighten up! I'm sure whoever you had this meeting with is thinking about a way to have another one in some more... comfortable place and clothes. Hmm... maybe they don't even want the clothes.' She sent quickly, her uncle would be so proud.

Once again turning back to the album Laura turned back to Stiles' photo, his pose was really good, maybe working on the hands a little more, but Stiles' form was really gorgeous, she was teased for staring sometimes... It's just something about male dancers that drove all the instructors crazy.

When her phone rang a long howling wolf was heard, custom Derek ringtone. Lone wolf as he was. Derek wouldn't risk texting her back, he liked talking better, as weird as that may sound. Some of her friends in high school had questioned her about him, asking if he was mute or simply anti-social. And he hadn't changed, obviously, he had said something about old habits, but she had no time for his shameless lies.

"Hey Der-bear, how did your meeting go?" She asked in a joyful voice.

"Laura, stop. Just don't." He sighed long and deep. "It was just this guy asking me to be the photographer for a wedding." He sound slightly irritated at that.

She wondered about that a bit and so she asked. "But what's the problem with that? You're used to those, right?"

He was quiet for a while and Laura could hear as he scratched his jaw, he was thinking. "Yeah, but I just..." he sighed "I wasn't expecting that."

So he did have some expectations about it. The corners of her mouth tugged up a bit at that."Then what did you expect, Der?" she got up to grab a glass of water "Some event, or birthday party or... ?"

"I don't know... maybe a portfolio, for some job application or something?" She could hear more scratching, 'Pensive Times with Derek Hale' the new TV show. "He... uh... he was performing at your academy the other day."

She didn't say anything, waiting for him to continue. She could feel he had something to say, he need time. With Derek it was all about the time. And he was pacing around... Zeus above us all, please break this silence.

"You know, I guess I just wanted to watch him perform again."A stop. "There was just something about him, it was captivating."

She considered that new information. "If you want to watch him practice again I can just have you over at the studio when he's there."

He groaned. "Laura, you don't have to do that, really. He said we could meet again next week."

"Derek! Oh my- are you for real?" Now she was mad. How could she have a brother like that? "You know it's not a problem if you watch while they dance, they're used to it!" she huffed, "Let's see... You were here last Saturday, right?" A low affirmative hum. "Great! You just have to come over tomorrow then! Hah, how simple was that?"

"Thanks Laur, what do you want for dinner?" Ha, that was very Derekesque buying dinner as a payback.

"Hmm, I don't know Der, how about Erica's spaghetti? And ask her for some extra meatballs, hers are delicious." Her mouth watered at the memory of the perfect pasta.

"Sure, be there soon." And she was all by her lonesome again.

Laura got up from the stool she sat on and went upstairs for a shower. Derek would take a while and her muscles could do with some warm water and relaxing.

o ᵜ o

Derek was setting the table when she got out of her room, pajamas on and towel wrapped around her head. He looked up and made a face, it was probably because of the towel, but she let it slip. Coming over to help him.

They ate in silence, only interrupted by Laura's cheer when Derek dumped three more meatballs on her plate. Weird, he usually ate all of his.

"So, dear brother," she stopped to take a sip of her water."Who is this mystery boy? Did you take his picture last time?"

Derek let the fork he was soaping fall back into the sink as he turned around to glare at Laura. "I already told you, it's not like that... But yeah, I think there're some photos of him in there." he pointed the wet rag in his hand to the living room. Of course, the album! She got up and opened it again.

"A boy, that could have caught your attention, huh?" She counted the boys, twelve photographs, four models. She hummed and scanned the photos. Jackson, Danny, Stiles, and Isaac. "Well, at least you have good taste, those are some of my best dancers."

He sat beside her and just observed as Laura ran her nails softly over their legs or back, she had a thing for the curves or lack of them in ballet. "What do you think of them?" He asked tapping the photo she was currently examining to get her attention.

"Oh, they're good, really good." She flipped back to her photo,"Just make sure to always get my good side, okay?" She turned to Derek to find him smirking. She frowned in response,"You know my beauty is what pays our bills, so shut it."

He was about to get up when Laura launched herself at him, "Oh no, you don't." She had the Hale smile on, "You were obviously avoiding the subject baby bro, who's the guy?"

His smirk dropped as he frowned, getting his sister involved was never good. "Okay, see... that's why I didn't want to tell you before. I knew you'd have Uncle Peter's smile on, stop it. I don't want your help with this."

She sat up and glared. "I was just going to help speed things up a little, you know how I get with those boring pining-all-the-time romantic novels." She sighed and got up, her arms crossed over her breast, "Alright, if you don't want my help it's okay. I won't help you. Just a hint, don't go for Jackson, he's an asshole AND has a girlfriend. So... yeah."

Laura was not one for sulking or ignoring, so she grabbed a packet of microwaveable popcorn and threw it at Derek."You make those I'll go get my laptop, we're watching the new Superman movie. And no, you don't get a say on that."

And so the night progressed with no more ballet talk or mystery guy talk, only battle scenes and stupidly good looking aliens.