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wizard`s breakfast

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The smell of rose lotion and fresh coffee …Chota was sipping from his cup while lazy turning a page of fashion magazine when he noticed another person in room
“Oh, good morning Noi-chan!”
After filling the whole giant plate with food, Noi sat down and started to devour. It looked like she hasn`t ate for 3 million years.
“Dealing with hangover?”
“No. I mean yeah but I`m also hungry as hell. I just finished morning trainings with sempai!” She was finishing the soup and already got a chicken leg in her hand.
“You guys are always keeping yourself in shape! That is so cool. “
“That`s what we do, right. And what about you?”
“What about me, Noi-chan?” Chota raised his eyes on Noi in front of him.
“I noticed..why am I even starting this dialogue..Well I noticed that you was very sad tomorrow`s evening. I mean I thought you get used know, rejection? And you still seem not very cheerful as usual, too me. Is it really you or some impostor cross-eyes spy?!” She stared at Chota with her mouth full of roasted chicken and rice and very serious face.
Chota giggled and closed the magazine.
“Yes. It is 100% of me. I don`t know I just had a bit of climax I guess.”
“Maybe you should try to work on getting yourself what you desire so much *Noi made an annoyed face after thinking about her cousin* instead of pitying yourself or being obnoxious fanatic as you always do?”
Chota sighed and turned his face to the window. He seemed obviously distressed now.
“Don`t sulk! You know it`s true so do not act like a spoiled princess you are!” She nearly choked on soba noodle which she just started. Raising a voice was dangerous while you eat. The hangover must`ve been got her really tight if she cared about this stupid bird-man feelings. “You can be a really good mage and fighter and than he`ll definitely notice you, you silly!”
“Noi-chan I appreciate your concern but..*he took a deep breath and squeezed a cup* .. I really love myself the way I am. I don`t think I am a bad mage and I always aspire to help En! And as much as I love him, I `d never change myself for the ghostly chance of him liking me. I want him to like me as I truly am. I`m a full grown person with estabilished mind after all.” He looked back at Noi who loudly chewed a shrimp .
“You know what. Okay. I get it now. You both are so egocentric so you actually worth each-other. I`m done here”
“ I am not..
“Oh Chota please! Don`t make me listening this all over again. My head hurts and I regret our chat`s topic. And my food is also almost over, make me some of your tea if you don`t mind”
“ Of course! I`ll make you my best anti-hangover one! You`ll be like new.”