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Free (Poem)

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What does it mean to be free?


To fly like a butterfly

With the wind under your wings?


To swim like a fish

With the currents as your constant companion?


To roam your piece of the world

Foraging from the water around it

Without a care for tomorrow?


Well, freedom it seems

Is not found alone

But with friends that stay through thick and thin

Who help despite your rocky introduction and “unbeautiful” entrance into their lives

Who encourage you through your self-doubt

And who support your dreams

No matter the distance those dream separate you physically from them

Because you’re never far from their minds

And because of friends this true

There’s no fear to be yourself

And to dream big

‘Cause even if you fall

They’ll be there to pick up the pieces

Even when you separate yourself

To spare them harm and sadness

Their choice to face your demons for you

And to share your burden

May be exactly what you need


There’s more freedom

In togetherness than loneliness

Because with reliable friends in the relay of life

We are able to be freer

With their support

Than without

And that freedom will be

As eternal

As the number of summers we’ll have

With these special friends