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Sharon Raydor entered her condo and found her back pressed up against the wall, the solid form holding her there as his teeth trailed a path across her neck and his fingers made quick work of divesting her of her jacket.

“I thought we agreed the last time that this couldn’t happen again?” She puffed out through clenched teeth as his nipped at a particularly sensitive area just below her ear.

Her earlobe was his next target as his teeth gently tugged on it and she hitched in a breath. “There was no agreement.” His tongue traced the shell of her ear as his fingers worked on the buttons of her blouse. “You stated.” He untucked the blouse from her pants and traced the outline of the cup of her bra with one finger. “If you want me to stop, just issue the order, Captain.”

She glared at him. He knew quite well that he already had her good and truly worked up, and that if she did so choose to issue that order it would leave her with only two options. The first being to stay frustrated and therefore, take said frustrations out on her team come morning -- something she knew Davies and Elliott would neither understand, nor appreciate; and the second, to finish matters on her own. While she wasn’t necessarily opposed to the second option, she had come to realize that while it was probably the far safer option, when it came to this particular person before her, the ‘hands on approach’ was far more satisfying.

Instead, her hands snuck under his suit jacket, grabbing onto his suspenders and using them to direct him down her hallway to the bedroom. “You’d better make this good, Lieutenant.”

His dark eyes sparkled mischievously. “Yes, ma’am, I’m sure there’s a rule about that somewhere.”

She rolled her eyes, her hands sliding up the path of the suspenders and sliding his jacket off of his shoulders. He shrugged out of it easily and left it on the floor as he grabbed her waist and pulled her in for the first kiss they would have shared in the last several weeks. If there was one thing that could be said about this whole thing between them, it was that they had absolutely no issue keeping it outside of the workplace.

At work, they hated each other. Hated each other to the point where they could probably walk into Pope’s office tomorrow and announce that they were involved and not a single person there would believe them.

Sharon walked them backwards until the backs of her knees hit the mattress on her bed, smiling as the fingers along her waist undid the button and fly of her pants. “You know,” his hands slid beneath the fabric of the pants and slowly slid it over her hips, “as much as I enjoy a good pants suit,” he cupped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her closer to him, “I enjoy seeing your legs so much more.”

The material slid down her legs and she easily stepped out of them, making quick work of ridding him of his shirt before he gently pushed her down. She bounced slightly against the springs of the mattress and her breath hitched again as he dropped to his knees before nimble fingers and soft lips blazed a trail against her legs. The sensations seemed to be magnified as he first explored her through her knee highs, before slowly, carefully sliding them off, his lips, teeth, and tongue awakening the recently exposed skin further.

He was, most definitely, a leg man. A not-so-subtle confession that he had made to her before anything had ever started between them. Still, being on the receiving end of the attentions he loved to dote on her legs was sometimes overwhelming.

A light nip to her ankle brought her awareness back to the here and now, and she propped herself up on her elbows and nudged him gently with her other foot.

“You’re still overdressed, Lieutenant.” She quipped, her toe tracing the line and snapping his suspenders gently.

His fingers trailed up her legs, grabbing the edge of her panties before sliding them down. “Just following the rules, Captain?”

At her quizzical expression, he flashed her his cocky grin, punctuating each word with a quick, sharp nip to a spot higher up on her leg than the one before. He was surely going to leave marks, not painful ones, but ones that would ensure she’d be in pants suits for the next several days. “Afterall. You. Must. Come. First.”

She started to roll her eyes, started to call him an ass, but it was all cut off by the sharp gasp in response to the actions that followed his words. His mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere at once, parting her legs, holding her in place. Her right leg slung over his shoulder as he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and she lost her balance, her upper back slumping into the softness of her mattress.

Her fingers fisting into the duvet as everything became too much and not enough at the same time. This was not something that they did. Angry hate sex, especially after a particularly good screaming match that was almost better than the best foreplay she’d experienced with any other partner, yes. But this… this was….


A questing thumb was replaced by a tongue and a warm, welcoming mouth that hummed a chord along her nerves, snapping the threads of tension that he’d been building. His fingers becoming more firm, more directed as they make their way against her. He’s figuring out just how to play her and that scares her. He already knows just how to move, exactly where and how to push to get her back to arch, her hips to raise and her neck to snap back.

A few more seconds and she can’t figure out if the squirming and tension through her legs is an attempt to get him closer or push him away. Her knuckles are almost white as she grips the bed covers around her and then he completely shocks her and trails one hand up the bed to grasp hers, their finger intertwining the best they can given the awkward positioning. The heel of her right foot traces its way up his spine and that’s the final straw. Whether it’s the added pressure, the angle or other aspects of the positioning she doubts she’ll ever know, but the wonderful, pleasurable tension that he’s been building within her since she walked through the door to her condo reaches its breaking point.

Her vision whites out as every muscle she has spasms, the weight of so much being lifted as her body screams in much needed release and she groans out a clenched, “Flynn!”

She pants heavily for a few moments, attempting to regain some semblance of her usual composure. Only vaguely aware of his movements as he releases her leg and moves from his position on the floor. When she finally feels composed enough to open her eyes she hazards a glance in his direction, watching as he twirls a wayward curl of her hair.

“That.” She breathes and tries not to smile too much at him, “That was far too much of a boost for your ego, Lieutenant.”

He reaches over, his fingers finally, easily, unhooking the front clasp of her bra. “Just, following orders, Captain.”

He leans down and kisses her and she tries not to read into the wealth of emotions that seem to run just below the surface. They don’t even like each other, anything she’s feeling is probably more of an adrenaline dump from the horrible case, vicious arguments, and the fact that they both made it home for another day while two of their fellow officers did not.

He breaks the kiss and starts moving his way downward again, he’s not a breast man per se, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give them their fair bit of attention. Her fingers weave through the short hair at his neck as she hums.

“So, here you’ll follow orders?”

She feels more than sees his smirk. “When it suits me.”


He lifts his head, propping himself up on his elbows as he hovers over her. “Well, maybe next time you won’t take over an interview from Sanchez and make me watch while you repeat the phrase ‘eat me’ several times.”

The snort-laugh that follows surprises her as much as it does him. The shrug that he gives before lowering his lips to hers make her smile, after breaking the kiss she rolls them over and props her head up to look down on him though, “You never know, Flynn. If this is the kind of reaction that gets, it might give me more incentive to do something like that. You might end up seeing a lot more of me in Major Crimes.”

If he didn’t seem all that upset by that prospect, she wasn’t going to read too much into it. After all, they didn’t even like each other.