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Slushie Buddies

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Michael was extremely frustrated.

Not just with JD's absolutely horrific attempts at playing Mario Kart (it was on the easiest fucking track, JD, get your shit together) but at his own self.

See, after Jeremy had properly abandoned him, he had started to do some research on the SQUIP. Where it was from, why it was built, who built it, ways to shut it down, anything. Something to use against the evil diet siri that was taking his player one away.

And he had found fuck all. Not a single goddamn thing.

How was he supposed to help Jeremy if he couldn't even figure out where this fucking floppy disk was built?!


No matter what he searched or where, it was like the fucking thing didn't exist.


But it had to exist! He'd fucking seen the thing and its effects! The internet usually had everything about everything, why couldn't he find one little tidbit of information on that god awful, motherfucking-



Michael absolutely did not let out a pathetically high pitched scream, nearly flinging his phone across the room as JD screeched in his ear. After calming down from his mini heart attack he shit JD a glare.

"What the fuck?!"

"Mike, I've been calling you for like two minutes. I know you're not playing music on those obnoxious fucking headphones of yours, so what's up?"

"/Nothing/ is up, man, I just-"

"Bull-fucking-shit nothing is up. You're usually talking my ear off and making me go deaf with your unholy screaming about how bad I am at Mario Kart. You've been silent for like half an hour and that's basically a year for you. So what's going on with you? For real?"

"..." Michael sighed, flopping back into the beanbag chair and rubbing his eyes. "It's Jeremy."

"Ex-best friend douchebag?"

"Harsh but yeah. Him. He's been..acting really weird lately and I've been trying to see what I can do to help. I /know/ what's wrong with him but I don't.. I can't find any information on it. And it's fucking bullshit! Because this-this thing is going to get him in serious trouble! It's dangerous! And he now has literally blocked from his field of sight, I saw him seize up like he was being /electrocuted/ twice today, and I know it's all because of that motherfucking SQU-!"

And Michael froze.

He shook his head, biting down on his lip and taking a deep breath. He had to calm down, if he didn't, he'd spill a bunch more shit that needs to be kept under wraps. Like the fact that his (ex)best friend is being controlled/possessed by a weird demented Japanese AI that no one knows anything about.

"Uh. Because of what did you say?"

"Nothing. Just forget about it."

"I mean. It sounds kind of really important, like, main plot device important so-"

"JD. Please. I don't wanna talk about it. I wasn't even supposed to mention it."

"..Alright. How bout I just forget you said anything at all?"

"That'd be preferable, yeah."

"So you wanna keep talking about this or are you going to repress your thoughts and feelings with video games, as usual?"

"Gimme the latter. Hand me the controller, I wanna kick your ass so I can feel better about myself."

"I'll fight you right here and now, Mell, don't test me."

"Yeah yeah, save the bitter shit for when I mop the floor with you."

And Michael, as usual, kicked the shit out of JD in Mario Kart. As they continued to play, Michael relaxed. He was happy to finally get his mind off the whole abandonment thing, at least for a little while.

"So," Michael says, practically throwing himself side to side as if that would make his turns sharper, "I heard there's gonna be a Halloween party at Dillinger's house in a week."

"Yup. A bunch of sweaty horny teenagers getting shitfaced to loud migraine inducing music. Sounds like one hell of a shindig."

"Who the fuck says shindig anymore?"

"Me, so go fuck yourself. Anyway, your point?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to-MOTHERFUCKER HOW DARE YOU!!" Michael screamed as his first place position was destroyed with a welltimed blue shell while JD laughed like an asshole.

"Eat shit, Mell."

"Go fuck yourself, JDick."

"Love you too, babe.~"

Michael ignored him, opting instead to lean forward in his beanbag to focus entirely on getting back in first. Like hell he was getting beat by fucking AI. ..Again.

"Anyway. Party."

"Don't fuckin' interrupt me again, asshole, but do you wanna go?"

JD looked surprised and very confused, looking away from the screen to give Michael a look.

"Why would we wanna go?"

Michael bit his lip, pausing Mario Kart to turn and face JD completely. "I dunno. Usually parties have weed and I don't wanna go track down my dealer for more yet, so I was thinking maybe I could smuggle some? Plus, I dunno, it could be kinda fun?"

Sure, that would work. JD didn't smoke but he didn't seem to really give a shit that Michael did, he only complained about the smell. The /real/ reason Michael wanted to go, of course, was to find Jeremy. He didn't have much information on the SQUIP but goddamnit maybe he could just talk to him. Try to make him see what a fucking idiot he was being and maybe everything would go back to normal! ..It wouldn't. But wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

"..You think going to a mini rave would be fun. You, Michael Mell, nerd extraordinaire and king of all introverts. Sounds fake but okay. So why would I have to come if all you wanna do is get more weed?"

"Because you're my friend and you care about me~?" Michael grinned, leaning close to JD and fluttering his eyelashes (and ignoring that this felt horribly familiar to a conversation he had about 'favourite persons').

"Mmmmmnope. Try again, fucker."

Michael groaned, flopping down onto JD's beanbag and pouting. "Because I'll buy you Slushies for the next two weeks if you do?"

"Four weeks."

"Two weeks."

"Three weeks."


"Yesssss!" He fist pumped, making JD roll his eyes and shove him off the beanbag.

"Does this mean I have to wear a costume?"

"Absolutely. We're gonna go shopping for them tomorrow, motherfucker. And you already agreed to the unholy contract, there's no escape!"

"I could throw you it a goddamn window, I'm pretty sure that would let me escape."

"What're your opinions on matching costumes? Couple style?"

"Goddamnit, I hate your stupid ass."

"I love you too, babe~!"

Michael laughed as JD curled into a ball, groaning and whining about the torture he'll have to endure tomorrow.

As Michael rambled off different ideas for costumes, he thought about the party. He knew in all likelyhood, he wouldn't find Jeremy. And even if he did, he'd probably just be blocked out. As usual. But if nothing else, he could have some fun messing around with people with JD. And possibly score some free weed. Sick. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe his luck will finally turn around and he'll have a decent time for once.

..It couldn't hurt to hope, right?