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With a lizard on her back

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Bilbo studied herself in the mirror. The dress fell to her ankles and was a bright Shire green. The sleeves fell from her elbows and there were a few emeralds tastefully sewn onto the bodice. Although, Bilbo had to fight Dori over each one. Salic looked her up and down. "You look beautiful."
"Thank you darling." Hugging Salic, she saw Dis quietly enter the room. She walked forward, carrying a small box.
"Thorin made these for you. He would have presented them to you himself, but apparently you won't let him in."
"Its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding." Bilbo confirms and opened the box. "Oh, oh they are gorgeous." They were simple silver and emerald pieces, mimicking flowers. Dis carefully put them on the hobbit before giving her a hug. "I am so glad that this day has come. Welcome to the family sister."
There was a loud knock on the door and Bifur walked in. Looking somewhat uncomfortable in his funerary, he offered his arm to his sister.
"That time?" He nodded and held out an arm.
They walk out of the room at a sedate pace, before coming to a large set of impressive oak doors. The doors swung open with a great deal of trumpeting and the pair walked down the isle to Thorin (who's jaw dropped at the sight of Bilbo; more than superstition for not seeing the bride). Bifur kissed her cheek and stepped away from the dais. Thorin took Bilbo's hand and began his vows in Kudzhul. Bilbo (haltingly) completed her own. More Kudzhul from a priest and they were married. Thorin pulled her in for a deep kiss as the room erupted into cheer. The dwarves of Erebor were making a lot of noise, the elves of Rivendale (Mirkwood was not invited) were more refined in their applause. the men of Lake Town/Dale fell somewhere in-between. Smiling and waving they walked back down the isle. "You look gorgeous."
"And you are very handsome." Indeed he was. Durin blue tunic, a black cloak embroidered in silver and covered in jewels. He wore braids fitting for a king and a new crown, silver and mitheril with onyx inlaid in it. The nobles had complained about that, but having Thorin and Dwalin joint scowling at them soon ended that.
As they entered the ball room they were greeted with more music. This of a more gentler tone. Some dwarves began to dance, but Thorin led his hobbit to the table. He truly learnt the hard way to not get between Bilbo and food. He had no desire to have his arm dislocated again.
"Well," Salic said, crawling onto his lap, "I think this is the beginning of something good for two of you."
Thorin turned to his queen; smiling and laughing with Bifur.
"Aye, I think it is."
"Just don't screw up again."
"Not planning on it."

After Bilbo had her full Thorin dragged her out to the dance floor. The dwarves tunes that were playing were replaced with a fiddle. Looking to the band, she saw that Fili had borrowed a fiddle. Laughing, she and Thorin dominated the dance floor as they span around. After a few more songs (dancing with every member of the Company, Dis, Gloin and Bombur's families, Arwen, Lord Elrond and the Twin terrors) Bilbo and Salic enjoyed a slow dance together.
"This is a great place to call home."
"Glad you approve Salic."
"Glad you decided to call this mountain home." Thorin wrapped the pair in his arms and began to slowly dance with them.
"Stop being sappy Thorin, all this for your lass?" Dain was swaying slightly, probably more due to the ale he ad be guzzling than the music. Rather than let Thorin get into a fight, Bilbo and Salic stared him down. Complete with hands on hips, daemon looking over shoulder and raised eyebrow/scale. Dain fidgeted and mumbled an apology before shuffling off.
Thorin burst into laughter, "they should all fear my queen, dragonslayer and made Dain Ironfoot act like a small child. This will be fun."
"I'm always fun."
"Or asleep, or eating. we do that a lot."
"Thank you Salic, now, close your eyes."
"Why does he have to close his oomph-
Thorin was interrupted by a deep (and somewhat dirty kiss). Not that he was complaining.


7 years later.
"Is that a bear?" Bard was looking at a large grizzly that had wandered into the council meeting. No one else seemed disturbed by this development.
"Yes, for now." Thorin grinned at the mans shock before pulling a small child off and hugging her.
"Moring adad."
Good morning sunshine, did you enjoy your lessons with Balin?"
"Yeah, I can count to 100 now!"
"Wonderful! Belvi, are you a bear for any reason."
"No, felt like being a bear today. Good morning your majesty."
"Good Morning, good morning princess Freis."
"Thorin, the Mirkwood elves are here! Oh, hello Bard." Bilbo entered the room, pale blue dress standing out from the darker colours preferred by the dwarves.
"Great." Thorin and Bard exchanged a look. Shall we welcome them?"
"I suppose we must" sighed Bard. "Poncy pratts."

As they entered the entrance hall, there was a bit of a commotion. A large, winged horse was staring at the gate.
"Palarin, why is Weltrix a Pegasus?"
"Because she is better than a smelly elk." Replied the small prince.
"That's my boy!" Thorin yelled as he spun his youngest round.
Watching their family wait for the elves (Belvi now a hippogriff because he could not be outdone by is younger sibling) Salic turned to Bilbo.
"Glad we left our hobbit hole?"