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"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's my lunch coming back up."



Hoseok laughs, leaning into Yoongi's side before nuzzling his temple, an affectionate sort of thing. 


"Does this mean I should, like, not kiss you later?"


See, Yoongi definitely would have found a loophole around that but he's currently distracted, watching two panini heads whisper conspiratorially before erupting into giggles and collapsing into each other. His expression sours. "Do they remember we're in public?"


Taehyung peers over from where he's leant against Jimin, eyes bright and it's cute, Yoongi admits, but not enough to alleviate the nausea in his stomach from having witnessed them playing footsie under the table for the past ten minutes.


"Of course we do. Why do you think we haven't touched each other's dicks yet."


"Has that stopped you in the past?" Hoseok's tone is bland.


Taehyung grins, predatory around the edges. "Fair enough."


It's misleading, too many teeth and Yoongi sighs, resigned.


Jimin stifles his laughter against his neck, arm slung over his shoulder and smile widening when Taehyung settles comfortably into his side.


Yoongi watches in dismay.


"You guys have been together for two years now," he sounds pained, "how are you still like this?"


Taehyung hums, giving a pointed stare. "You and Hobi are hitting the three year mark and he's still saved as my hope with a heart in your phone."


Yoongi's cheeks heat up and Hoseok coughs to cover up a laugh.




"Yeah," Jimin pipes in, resting his head against Taehyung's and there's a gleam to his eyes that just spells diabolical. "Besides, you lost all rights to complain the moment I walked in on Seok reaming you against the kitchen counter." He pulls a face, eyes glossing over. "No amount of bleach will ever be enough to sanitize that marble top or my mind."


Taehyung cracks, clutching Jimin's wrist as he falls into him, foreheads bumping and Yoongi doesn't know if he should punch them because they're awful shits or because they're awful shits with an added cute factor.


It's perplexing.


Hoseok chuckles, the sound soothing and he gives up, deflating by his side.


Why does he bother.


It's not like they can spare even a lick of shame or decency around them. They might as well be invisible with how wrapped up they are in each other, but he and Hoseok are unfortunately accustomed to it by now and begrudgingly accept it for what it is.


He steals a glance and in spite of his grousing, feels the side of his lips turn upwards when he catches Jimin caressing Taehyung's nape, fond smile apparent as he stares at him with the kind of rapture that's somewhat hard to put into words.


And how Taehyung's features soften as he brushes his nose against the crown of his head, everything about his posture lax and welcoming.


They're a real nuisance.


But seeing them like this, with how happy Taehyung makes him and how happy he makes Taehyung in turn—


Well, he supposes that's something he can put up with every once in awhile.









"Mmm." He feels him burrow deeper into his neck and his heart thumps in his chest because it's quite honestly adorable, like every fucking thing he does but his arms are starting to strain and he doesn't have the heart to tell him that when he's coiled around him like a koala.




"Your back is killing you, isn't it?" Taehyung mumbles drowsily, nose grazing his skin but he quickly eases off, silently urging him to put him down. "Sorry, Jiminie."


His ears flush when he feels Taehyung nuzzle his nape just before sliding off, arms comfortably draped across his shoulders as he clings to him and he doesn't really understand how it has the same effect now as it did the very first time.


Jimin turns to face him, brushing his bangs gently out of his face before pressing his lips to his forehead. "Tired?"


Taehyung hums, eyes half-lidded as he smiles at him sleepily. "M'fine. You're just comfy." 


Jimin swears it's not affection spreading through his chest, but it most certainly feels like it.


"You say that every time you make me carry you." Everything about his smile, his gaze, is indulgent.


Taehyung leans against him, hair tickling his neck before he turns to peck him on the cheek, looking pleased. 


"Then stop being so warm and fluffy, my itty bitty marshmallow."


Jimin huffs, nudging him weakly but Taehyung's arms wind tighter around him and they stand there for a moment, huddled closely and relishing the shared warmth. 


They stay like that for a while, the cold disregarded as they fit into each other seamlessly. Taehyung is the first to break the silence, words woven with lethargy.


"'Kay, it's my turn now." A lazy grin stretches across his lips as he crouches down. "Get on, it's time for me to escort the prince home."


Peals of laughter disturb the ambience as Jimin whacks him.


"You're ridiculous."


Taehyung matches his mirth, eyes glimmering beneath dim lighting.


"Hey, I'm an equal opportunist ok. Everyone deserves to have the piggybacking of their life, and I am arguably the best there is." His smile widens as he looks on playfully. "You should ask my boyfriend. He's kind of a loser, but he'd agree."


Jimin smacks him again, met with fondness as he murmurs quietly, "Shut up."


Taehyung smiles, lids drooping, and it doesn't take high deductive powers to realize he's exhausted. 


Jimin had noticed as he grew progressively subdued throughout the night, draping himself over his form and shifting his weight against his side. Knew he was checking out as he, Yoongi and Hoseok chatted and had resorted to running his fingers gently through his hair only to have him melt into it, tension gradually trickling from his body.


So he knows how tired he must be.


And still, he's here.


Regarding him with his usual unhindered enthusiasm because he knows how much Jimin enjoys being close.


His chest swells with adoration and he just—


He's thankful.


Incredibly thankful he got it right with Taehyung, that they somehow managed to find each other because his life is a little more beautiful simply by knowing him.


"Are you sure you can handle it?" He teases, throat oddly thick. He wonders if it's apparent, the depth of his devotion as he stares at Taehyung with a private kind of smile—the one reserved just for him, name penned and everything. "You're lanky as hell. Wouldn't want you to collapse halfway."


"Ha, trust me. That won't be an issue." Taehyung answers without a hitch. "You're literally a shrimp cracker, there's no substance there."


Jimin chokes, eyes disappearing as he veers from indignation to amusement. "Shut the fuck up, oh my god."


There's a light to his eyes, lips splitting into a smile and he looks at Jimin with perhaps the same amount of awe that he retains for him. It's easy to get punch-drunk off that feeling. "Quit stalling and get on, I'm freezing my ass off out here."


Jimin huffs before giving a shake of his head, muttering a soft idiot beneath his breath as he unzips his bomber, shrugging it off casually and draping it over Taehyung's rigid frame. His skin tingles at the breeze but it's overlooked in the face of his comfort. 


"I told you to bring a warmer jacket, you shit." He helps Taehyung ease it on, ignoring his protests as he guides his arms through it.




"I'm fine," he answers, gentle. "I have a higher tolerance for the cold, remember." His lips quirk as he meets Taehyung's wide-eyed gaze, trying to alleviate his worries. 


Taehyung bites his lip, eyeing him dubiously but Jimin merely cuffs him lightly on the chin, smile assuring. 


"Just take it and hurry up and get us home so I don't actually end up freezing my ass off. This Busan invincibility can only do me good for so long."


Taehyung seems to lax somewhat at this, tutting before beckoning him forth. "Alright, you dork. Come on."


Jimin masks a smile, wrapping his arms across his chest before climbing on and Taehyung's arms come up to support the back of his thighs, carrying him with ease. He buries his face against his neck immediately, holding him just that bit closer as Taehyung starts walking. 


It's easier withstanding the bite against his skin with Taehyung this close, sensing the heat emanating from his back which he duly welcomes. His head fits nicely in the curve of his neck and he hooks his chin over his shoulder, breathing him in.


"Let's go home." Taehyung's voice rings through the stillness and Jimin nods, feeling something in him settle at his words.


"Yeah," whispers Jimin, rubbing the tip of his nose across his nape, quite liking the sound of that. "Home."








As it turns out, Taehyung just about collapses by the time they get back.


He's reverted to octopi status and Jimin is irrefutably endeared, ushering him towards the bedroom with one arm wrapped securely around his waist.


"Come on, you big baby." He whispers, voice subdued as he watches Taehyung rub at his eyes sleepily, barely able to keep them open and boy—


His heart might actually lurch a little because no amount of time spent together will ever prepare him for how soft Taehyung looks when he's on the verge of knocking off.


His precious, sleepy baby.


It's adorable as fuck and he's not just saying that because he's biased and thinks his boyfriend is just about the cutest thing in the entire world.


"Jiminie," mumbles Taehyung, words slurring together in his exhaustion. "Sorry, think m'gonna have to pass on sexy times tonight." Jimin bites his tongue to temper his laughter, cognizant of the fact that his mouth tends to run rampant when he's tired. "Probably gonna pass out before I finish sucking you off."


Jimin chuckles, pressing an eskimo kiss to the side of his head. "It's okay." He assures, guiding him towards the edge of the bed. "Just sleep."


He mumbles his assent, fingers winding around the front of Jimin's shirt as he's eased onto their bed, back colliding with the soft mattress. It feels nice and he blinks up at him sleepily, dopey grin intact as he draws Jimin close from where he's hovered above him.




That's telling for Jimin, knowing what he wants. He cards his fingers through Taehyung's hair, gaze fond. 


"I will, Tae. I will." He promises, leaning in so his lips graze his forehead, bumping their noses together gently before withdrawing. "Gotta clean up first."


Taehyung makes a sound of disapproval, half asleep, but allows Jimin to unwind his fingers from his shirt. He vaguely registers soft lips brushing over his fingertips but he's not terribly lucid at this point and feels the draw of slumber even more greatly, yawning as his eyes weigh down.




It doesn't take much longer before his lids slide shut, lashes fanning his cheeks while his features go lax and Jimin is content just watching him. He waits until he's sure Taehyung's dozed off, breathing evening out, before leaning in. He brushes the strands carefully out of his face, gaze softening as he runs his thumb across the swell of his cheek.


"G'night, baby." It's a ghost of a whisper, expression unguarded as he pulls the duvet over him and smiling when Taehyung shuffles beneath the covers, curling further into himself.


He moves from the bed slowly, careful not to disturb him while he picks up the clothes strewn across the floor, knowing the haphazardness would drive him up the wall in the morning. 


Recollections of Taehyung railing at him for leaving his shit everywhere surface and he chuckles, silently appreciating that side of him along with everything else. He'd worried, unnecessarily, that it would be one of many hiccups after moving in together but they had made it work and somehow that doesn't surprise him.


From the beginning, they just worked.


And on the off chance they hadn't, Jimin knows he would have bent over backwards to somehow ensure they did. 


He cleans up quickly, slipping into shorts and an oversized tee before approaching the bed, heart ripe with affection when he notices how unusually small Taehyung looks swathed in the comforter. He slips beneath the covers, easing the other into his arms and exhaling softly when he feels him burrow into his chest, instinctively seeking out his warmth.


Jimin's arms wrap around him, chin resting atop his head while he runs his hand along his back, feeling the pull of slumber from his end. He yawns, nose buried in soft tufts of hair. He catches a whiff of the shampoo Taehyung made them buy, finding it oddly comforting as languor trickles in from every direction.


With Taehyung in his arms, sleep comes effortlessly.








When Jimin wakes, it's with his face nestled against Taehyung's chest and long arms wrapped around him, legs tangled beneath the sheets.


He smiles, rubbing his face along the front of Taehyung's shirt. His ability to conk out in just about anything when tired enough still impresses him to this day.


Chalk it up to Taehyung's will to make just about anything work for him.


He feels his mouth flit into a smile.


Morning thoughts are consistently filled with fondness—with Taehyung. Inevitable, really, when he's the one usually completing them at night and restarting them again in the morning.


He inches closer, settling into the security of Taehyung's arms and reflecting on how that's always been a focal point of comfort. He softens, eyes drawn to his slumbering state. He looks serene, unperturbed. 


Jimin is once again taken with how captivating Taehyung is. The subtle glow of his skin as the light grazes one side of his face, the picture of tranquility. He finds himself arrested.


He presses his lips softly against the area above his heart, lingering. It's instinctual, the way his arms curl tighter around Taehyung's form as he tucks his chin in the crook of his neck.


People tell him repetition can be mundane.


But waking up to this everyday for the rest of his life, he can think of little he'd prefer more.








Jimin's not a pushover.


"Jimmy, I want waffles."


He sighs, defeated, before reluctantly shuffling towards the kitchen.


Ok. Maybe he's a bit of a pushover.


"How are you not sick of them yet," he rubs his nose, tired but not exactly because Taehyung is grinning up at him brightly and that shit is blinding enough to get him through the day. Or something gross like that. "Variety—ever heard of it?"


Taehyung tuts, disapproving but remnants of a grin in place.


"Well, yeah, but. Waffles."


Jimin peers over his shoulder, blank.


"The things I put up with for you." He murmurs underneath his breath but he's pretty sure Taehyung picks up on it if the laughter suddenly filling their kitchen is anything to go by. His lips flit upwards.


"As if." He laughs, watching Jimin move around the kitchen. "You should be honored I agreed to be your boyfriend. I'm the one losing out here, settling for some uncultured shit who can't even appreciate the culinary excellence that is a waffle."


Jimin can feel his lips pull into a full-fledged grin as he turns to Taehyung, chucking a rag in his direction. "Fuck right off."


Taehyung is staring at him with that same smile, eyes alight with mirth. 


"I'm just saying. I could have gone places in life, found my waffle soulmate but instead I'm stuck with some pancake enthusiast. Tell me that's not a tragic conclusion if you've ever seen one."


Jimin laughs, helpless to it. He shakes his head but everything about his expression is indulgent.


Taehyung far exceeds the bars of conventionality and he wouldn't have it any other way. 


"You're such a menace."


Taehyung hums, a smile playing at his lips. "True, but it keeps things interesting, no? Otherwise I'd just be a boring old fart."


Jimin pauses, eyes searching. He wonders if Taehyung picks up on it when he thinks naha life with you could never be boring.


"You don't bore me." He presents it simply, absent of dubiety, and something flits across Taehyung's features before softening.


He wears the look of hesitancy so beautifully.


"Yeah, well," starts Taehyung, gazing up at him, and there's something almost bashful about the way he rubs at the back of his neck. "Same goes for you, I guess."


Jimin snorts. "Thanks for that vote of confidence." He turns back to the bowl, retrieving the necessary ingredients.


The way Taehyung's mouth tilts, eyes curving, has him mirroring it.


"I'll just have to settle for finding my soulmate in some misguided pancake-loving fool instead."


Jimin stills, fingers lingering over the edge.


His insides feel like a bit of a war zone because Taehyung—


He finds a way to express these things so casually and there's something admirable about that, he thinks. His heart scurries, face like a furnace, because it still manages to catch him off guard each time.


"Honestly," he chuckles, averting his gaze but chest suffused with warmth. "This kid." 


Taehyung beams, shrugging before urging him to hurry with his waffles, a hint of a whine there and Jimin.


Well, he's always had the hardest time saying no to his boy.







It's still somewhat of a feat to wrap his head around, the way Taehyung shovels food into his mouth. Where it all goes is a bit of a conundrum.


"You realize your waffles aren't actually going to run off your plate any time soon, right?"


Taehyung arcs a brow, cheeks protruding as he crams another piece inside his mouth and Jimin grimaces. He sighs, swiping his thumb across the side of his lip where it's dotted with syrup. He sucks it off, shaking his head when Taehyung grins with his mouth stuffed, chewing happily.


He's admittedly endeared but that's old news.


"Mnff guh."


"Right." Jimin blinks, popping a piece into his mouth and chewing with far less verve. "Don't talk with your mouth full."


Taehyung rolls his eyes, but Jimin is far too accustomed to his antics to take offense. He swallows before trying again, pairing it with a smile—the kind that reaches his eyes. "It's good, Chim. Thank you." 


Evidently, his heart fails to make a distinction between its fondness for him on day 1 and day 765.


He regards Taehyung with a quiet sort of affection, lips quirked.


"You say that every time." Jimin tries not to get too wrapped up in the subtle curl of his lips, detailing the emotions flitting across his face as he speaks. It might be a bit too late for that, but there are worser things to be accused of he supposes.


"It's true!" He defends with a laugh, smacking his palm lightly against the table before going off again.


It might be odd, but Jimin enjoys watching Taehyung talk. Is riveted by the way expression comes not only through words but body language as well, gesticulating and easing with the rhythm of his cadence. It's something in itself and honestly, Jimin could watch him all day, taking note of the way his eyes brighten over something trivial and how he sometimes stumbles over his own words in his eagerness—sentences broken up and native drawl coloring his syllables. It's the most endearing thing.


"Why aren't you eating more?" He stirs when Taehyung's voice breaks through his thoughts. There's a frown persisting and he watches as he stabs his fork into a few pieces before offering it in his direction. "Ah.'"


Jimin quirks a brow, amused. "Tae, I still have some on my plate."


"Shh," he should know by now arguments are futile when Taehyung's mind is fixed. "Open up."


"That sounds like the beginning of a bad porno." 


Taehyung grins, a tad feral.


"I mean, we can always get to that later but first. Shut up and eat this waffle."


"Not sure how that's possible if I have to shut up fi–" he's cut off by Taehyung shoving the fork past his lips, looking mighty pleased and Jimin just laughs around it, picking off the bite before chewing slowly.


"Good, isn't it?" He looks awfully proud, Jimin thinks, but it still makes him smile.


"Whatever floats your boat."


Taehyung hums, shoveling the last bite inside his mouth before wiping his plate clean. Color him impressed.


"You—" he pauses with a lopsided grin. "You're something."


"God's greatest gift, I know. Now quit yammering and finish your breakfast."


Jimin grins, rolling his eyes but unable to stop himself as he thinks, yeah, that you are.






Let this be a painful reminder to never let Taehyung anywhere near a home goods store again.


"Tae, we don't need—"


He pauses when Taehyung turns to him with that trademark look, a furrow between his brows and the faintest jut to his lips—just enough to be convincing, even though Jimin knows the fucker is totally using it to his advantage and—


He caves.


"Fuck," he groans, deflating. "Alright, fine. But that's the last one, I'm serious." Trying to maintain that grit is a bit difficult when Taehyung's suddenly peering at him with the prettiest little tilt of his lips and. Fuck. "You're seriously gonna run us dry. It's not like we need any more cushions."


Taehyung makes a noncommittal sound, patting his head in a manner that's a touch condescending and Jimin is half-offended but then he's just as soon being ushered towards the home-bedding aisle. 


"Silly Chim." He singsongs, and Jimin grumbles but allows himself to be steered. "An amateur in the world of home decor. They're a house staple—an accent, man. Have you no taste."


"Clearly not if I've trapped myself with the likes of y– ow." That earns him a sharp jab to the side and he glares. Taehyung hardly reacts, the brute. "Easy with the fingers, asshole."


Taehyung hums, allusive. "Could've said the same thing last night."


Jimin stutters, recollections of Taehyung flushed and spread out and—


Fucking hell.


"Can you keep it down." He hisses, glancing around furtively and relaxing only when he notices no one in the vicinity.


Taehyung chortles, laughter drawn at his expense. "Why are you suddenly acting like a prude. You're nasty, admit it."


"False." He smacks his arm, but immediately runs his fingers over it afterwards, stroking over the area apologetically. 


"Whatever you say." Taehyung says just as he perches his chin over his shoulder, guiding them along. Jimin's fingers encircle his wrist, holding on.


"I seriously don't know why you need another. We have 5 already." He shoots for aggrieved but there's something indulgent underlying it.


"But Jiminie," whispers Taehyung, voice lowered and lips awfully close to his lobe, causing him to shudder. "Don't you think I'd look pretty biting down on them right before you nut in my a–"


He whips around, covering his mouth with his hand. "There are children around." It comes out a hiss, and he swears Taehyung's eyes are twinkling.


"The only tiny human being here is you."


That earns him a sock on the arm and he giggles, the sound muffled behind his hand.


Jimin grouses, fed up but regrettably endeared at the same time. Honestly, the duality of Kim Taehyung.


"I can't believe you have no filter." He frowns when Taehyung continues dragging him towards the cushions, the epicenter of his pain and suffering. The things he endures for the shit.


"I have a filter and it works just fine, thank you." It's too peppy. He doesn't like it. "I just enjoy watching you practically shit yourself in public. It helps pass the time."


"Godawful shit." Jimin mutters, but then Taehyung is linking their fingers and he sighs, finding himself relenting all over again. He squeezes his fingers lightly, appeased when Taehyung turns to smile at him. He hates that he finds it cute.


"Hey, you knew what you were getting into when we made it official." 


This is true. He knew full well what being with Taehyung would entail.


Does he regret?




"Shut up." Not the most impressive comeback but it's the best he can come up with, short of revealing something embarrassing and putting his dignity at stake. "Just get your stupid pillow."


Taehyung nudges him with his elbow. "Don't badmouth my pillows just because you're a dirty old man who's been exposed."


Jimin turns, incredulous. "Are we really going there?"


Taehyung stares, nonplussed. "Business or first class?"


He huffs, breathing out a sigh. "My bad, shit."


That seems to pacify Taehyung somewhat, a bounce to his step as he carefully swings their interlocked hands around. "As long as you've admitted to your transgressions."


Jimin just resigns himself to it because there's not much else to do. Plus, if it keeps that smile on Taehyung's face then he'd like to think he can withstand just about anything.


Including an addition to their gaudy pillow ensemble.








It's not routine, per se, but it's something that Tae seems to have an affinity for and Jimin isn't sure that he's actually capable of refusing him when it inspires that kind of look.


Jimin stares, a little riveted but he figures Taehyung should be used to it by now—


The way he struggles to keep his eyes off him.


Taehyung peeks sidelong, grin widening when he catches him.


"I know I'm hot, but that right there is the million dollar look my friend. Making me weak in the knees."


There's something teasing there but Jimin can't be concerned, distracted by the curl of those lips and the way his lashes fare amidst the fading light.


Jimin's shrugs, leaning against his elbows while he continues watching him. 


"I aim to please."


Taehyung smirks, humming lightly, "Oh, that I can definitely vouch for."


Jimin cracks a smile, rolling to the side so he can peer down at Taehyung, head propped against his hand. He meets Taehyung's gaze, playful yet charged with some brand of sentiment—contentment, maybe—before leaning down. His lips feel a little dry against his, brushing carefully, but fingers twine around the front of his shirt and their bodies fall flush.


Taehyung opens up beautifully beneath him, layering a smile between his lips and matching his intent. It's a little awkward like this, arms straining from the angle, but they make do. Jimin licks into his mouth, teasing a content sigh, before eliminating the space between them.


He grows pliant beneath him, mouth parting to Jimin's advances and feeling the gentle stroke of his tongue against his. He disregards their surroundings for just a moment, caught up in the way Jimin feels above him—the way his mouth, his tongue feels mapping his own.


When Jimin finally pulls away, Taehyung is looking up at him with a spark to his eyes, a shadow of a smile in view and he's as hopeless to it this time around as he is every other time. He feels his own lips flit upwards to reflect his, eyes tracking the line of his mouth.


"You trying to seduce me, Jimmy?" His voice settles deep, a hint of a rasp curbing the edges.


Jimin's grin widens, rubbing their noses gently as he peers into pretty brown eyes, noting flecks of sienna as the sun casts a light over them. There were retorts on the tip of his tongue but he loses them in the face of Taehyung's softness, expression gentle.


He can only watch, committing it to memory.


This seems to embolden Taehyung, a hushed laugh edged past his lips.


"What's the matter—cat got your tongue?" 


Jimin stills, attention arrested by the light waltzing through his eyes.


Nah, he thinks, reflective. But I think you may have caught every other part of me.


He breathes, recomposing himself because it's natural to be thrown off-kilter where Taehyung is involved.




Taehyung smiles, knowing, because Jimin couldn't hide anything even if he made the effort—his face an open canvas to the pool of emotions cresting within.


"You're a godawful liar, Chim."


Jimin grins, aware he's been caught but doing little besides stroking through that soft bed of hair, fingers weaving gently through silken strands. Taehyung meets his eyes, brazen, before relenting. His sigh devolves into a purr and Jimin laughs, giddy off the way Taehyung allows himself to be molded beneath his fingertips.


Always so receptive, so welcoming of Jimin's touch—and he'd have it no other way. Is comforted by the notion that Taehyung unravels beneath him, trusting him enough to hold him together before he's undone at the seams. 


Jimin's self-restraint dwindles, leaning in once more to press a kiss to the corners of his mouth, pleased when they flutter slightly at the contact. 


It's nothing new, but the novelty of it never truly wears off.


He draws back to find Taehyung gazing up at him with a warm sheen to his eyes. He settles back at his side, spine flat against the hood of the car as their legs dangle from the edge. His arms cross behind his head as he peers up at the darkening sky, hues blending intricately and bleeding into a myriad of colors. He feels Taehyung inch closer, curling into his side and head burrowing into the crook of his elbow. He hides a smile, stretching his arm out so Taehyung can easily fit into the slot of it.


The weight of Taehyung against him is reassuring, arm curled closely around his shoulder as he pulls him close, bodies molded and warmth emanating between them. He turns, nuzzling the side of his head instinctively, nose buried in tufts of hair. He breathes him in, hints of pine lingering from his shower. 


It's an habitual thing, driving some ways up the nearest summit to watch the sun set but somehow it's yet to lose its impact—a renewed experience with Taehyung at his side.


Something about him makes him feel like each day embodies something new.


Taehyung rests his head comfortably against his arm and Jimin realizes it's prone to falling asleep but he disregards it, immersing himself in the moment and more than a little lost in the way the receding light kisses the younger's cheeks and hangs off the tips of his lashes.


It's oddly picturesque, even more cliché—


But he feels like those actors caught somewhere between the apex of the film, stumbling upon something too surreal to place into words.


It's comparable, looking at Taehyung. 


Like his breath is simultaneously robbed and ushered back into him all at once.


His arm sneaks around Taehyung's frame, cradling him so they're huddled close, sharing body heat.


Taehyung sighs, appeased. He hums before burying his face against his neck, sheltered by the warmth of Jimin's arms. He falls into it easily.


"S'pretty, isn't it?"


Jimin trudges out of his thoughts. "Hmm?"


Taehyung's mouth twitches. "The sun, colors. Everything."


Jimin stares, eyeing him closely. Traces of laughter linger when he answers, "Yeah, real pretty."


"Pfff—lame." Jimin joins in with his laughter. "And you call me a romantic, you fucking sap."


"Who said I was talking about you," he retorts, smirking. "Maybe I was admiring the paint job, paid good money for it."


Taehyung snorts, nudging him gently. "Whatever, asshole."


Jimin chuckles, sound muffled by his hair as he rubs his nose softly against him. He peers back at the sunset, detailing the point along the horizon where the shape begins to recede. Taehyung shifts and he moves his arm to guide him closer. He's pliant beside him and Jimin likes it more than he cares to admit.


"Reminds me of cotton candy." Taehyung's voice is placid when he speaks, baritone soothing and settling in his ears. 


Jimin smiles, intrigued. "Yeah?"


"Mmm," he rumbles, and Jimin feels it along his side. "Pastel skies."


He listens, the steady rise and fall of his chest lulling. "That sounds very... frou-frou."


Taehyung chortles and Jimin's lips curl at the sound. 


"Yeah, ok—kinda detracts from your argument when you use words like that."


"Hey, don't knock it. It's fitting."


Taehyung hums, turning to face him. "Whatever you say."


Jimin tilts his head, deciding to shut him up with a quick peck and he's rewarded with a subtle pull of that mouth, eyes meeting his almost shyly. He finds it hard peeling his own away, mapping the strong bridge of his nose and counting the individual lashes as he blinks.


"You should take a picture," Taehyung's tone is teasing. "Would probably last longer."


Liar, Jimin thinks. As if they're not destined to meet each other every step of the way.


"And ruin a good camera? No, thanks." He presses his tongue against his cheek, leveling a smile.


Taehyung barks out a laugh, prodding him lightly in the stomach. "Fuck off."


"Mmm," Jimin nuzzles his cheek, planting another kiss there and enjoying how Taehyung instinctively welcomes it, lashes fluttering when he brushes his skin. "As if you really want me to."


"You don't know my life."


Jimin tamps down on his amusement as he snuggles closer, resting his head against Taehyung's.


"I know you enough, loser." His hand finds Taehyung's, fingers entwining. 


Taehyung makes a dismissive noise but folds into him regardless, inhaling slowly and submitting to the warmth of Jimin curled around him. He fits their fingers closer, reluctant to let go even when they shift for comfort. Jimin's hand fits perfectly with his own, eclipsed entirely within his palm but no less complementary.


Maybe Taehyung wants to hold on forever.




(Most definitely).


"It's getting dark." Jimin comments, fingers toying with Taehyung's absentmindedly.


"That's usually what happens as the sun begins to set. There's this thing called nighttime where the sun goes away for a little while and as a result, we lose a bit of light."


He elbows him gently, breaths dwindling into a chuckle. "Shut up, smart ass."


Taehyung's laughter is rich, deep, easing something inside him. Kind of like the reprieve between storms, a bit brief— unexpected— but no less welcomed. He tucks the thought somewhere in the back of his mind, the one telling him there's nothing he wouldn't do to make him laugh like this everyday.


If he holds on with a little more intent, he doesn't draw attention to it.








Jimin means to focus on the road.


It'd probably be in their best interest frankly speaking, but he finds his eyes routinely flitting towards Taehyung instead. He's got his head craned against the reclined seat, mouth parted and lashes grazing his cheekbones as he dozes off and Jimin can't help the way his eyes gravitate towards him.


Taehyung's always looked terribly soft like this and something about it, the subtle vulnerability maybe, makes it a feat to tear his gaze away.


One hand rests across the steering wheel, the other caught between Taehyung's, fingers interlaced over the gearshift.


It involves a little more maneuvering on his part but he considers it a small price to pay to be able to continue holding on, palm warm and comforting against his own.


The heat is cranked up, jacket draped over Taehyung's torso because he's always more prone to the cold at night and it's a little snug over his lanky form but it suffices. His arms are tucked beneath his bomber and it's pretty cute, the way it so obviously appears a size too small as he curls inside it. He smiles, running his thumb gently over Taehyung's knuckles. 


Taehyung stirs, mouth closing as he shifts to face Jimin in his sleep and it's a sight he stores for later. 


Jimin smiles, alternating between stealing glances at Taehyung and the road. He holds tight the entire time.


His jacket slips off one side of Taehyung's shoulders and he leans over at the next stoplight, a bit of an ordeal with their hands cradled but he manages. He reaches across with his free hand to adjust his bomber, covering Taehyung's frame and smiling softly when he hardly budges, face deep with slumber. His hand lingers, knuckles grazing his cheeks in a fashion almost too tender.


Jimin brings their joint hands to his lips, brushing over each of his fingers before pausing at the inside of his wrist. Taehyung makes a sound and Jimin watches, content.


Through his peripheral he notices the light flash green and he presses one last kiss along his knuckes before dropping them back down, stepping on the gas.


He feels the touch of Taehyung's skin along his lips the entire way back. 







Fact: Jimin wouldn't be able to tell you the first thing about sulking.


"I can't believe you're actually sulking right now." Taehyung's laughter is rambunctious—a smidgen grating at this moment, he thinks with his jaw locked.


He deigns not to respond, walking ahead but alas, Taehyung matches his gait easily. Fucking amphibian legs.


"Jimin––" he sidles up to him, amusement evident. 


Jimin ignores it, refusing to spare a glance because then he'll cave for sure and he's pretty set on stewing in his state of discontent right now.


"Jiminie," he assumes a mellower approach, voice subdued but deceptively sweet and it's purposeful, he knows. 


He continues ignoring him, ego tender and a furrow between his brows as he resolves not to cave.


Taehyung tugs on his sleeve, injecting some verve into his tone.


"Jimin," he repeats, fingers curled around his clothes as he leans into him. "Talk to me?" 


Jimin scoffs, tongue loose. "Oh, good to know I still exist in your eyes."




Taehyung chokes on a laugh and it only serves to stoke his irritation.


"Babe, c'mon—" manages Taehyung between giggles, clinging to Jimin even as he attempts (weakly) to shrug him off. His efforts could probably use some work.




"Don't be mad," placates Taehyung, hooking their arms together and it's all cheek at this point. "You know you're still number one in my books." 


He huffs, only minutely appeased. Damn right he better be or Taehyung's beloved manga collection is taking a dive in the toilet.


"Dreamy waiter guy's only at one point five."


Jimin's gaze is steely, evoking more laughter and he has to refrain from wringing his neck. 


Fucking brat.


"Your face, oh my god." He sounds like he's enjoying this way too much and Jimin grits his teeth, unamused. "I swear, you make the best face when you're annoyed. It's like your soul up and leaves all 3 inches of your body, it's ingenious."


"I'm gonna kick your ass, just you watch."


Taehyung waggles his brows. "I'll let you do better things to my ass if you quit pouting." He shifts closer into his side, fingers loosely gripping the material of his jacket.


Jimin grimaces, interest piqued at the proposition but nose wrinkling at the last bit. "I'm not pouting."


This draws peals of laughter from Taehyung. "Oh, you're pouting alright." The sound pitches deep. "Such a baby, I swear."


He attempts to elbow him in the side to no avail, Taehyung dodging it easily. 


"It's okay though," he continues, latching onto him and Jimin has a hard time getting him off. Not that he's trying all that hard. "You can be my baby."


Jimin feels the blood rush to his ears but he grunts, still peeved from earlier.


"Too late for that," bites Jimin, clinging onto those last traces of vexation. It proves more challenging the longer Taehyung butters him up but he's determined. "Maybe you should get waiter dude to fill that role instead."


Taehyung barks out a laugh, knocking into Jimin's side and he grumbles, trying to push him away. 


"I can't believe you defined pettiness, Park." He links their arms tighter, smug smile captured as their steps sync up. "All I said was that he's hot—and that it looked like he could do incredible things with his hands. I can't help it if my eyes gravitate towards aesthetics ok."


Jimin's lips thin, trying to keep the pricks of envy at bay. He's not that childish.


"Go ask him to be your boyfriend then. Bet he'd be up for it with the way he was practically fawning over you."


For the most part.


Taehyung rolls his eyes. "You're getting a little heavy on the melodrama, Jimmy."


"I'm not." He refuses to acknowledge the dismay pervading his tone.


He snorts, patting him lightly on the arm and Jimin gets the sense that he's being coddled right now.


"Uh huh—" drawls Taehyung, tone dismissive enough. "Well, I hate to say it, but I'm pretty content with this one dweeb. He's a bit of a temperamental airhead but his dick work is pretty reputable so—y'know. Priorities."


Jimin says nothing, trying to ignore the swell of pride threatening to surface. So Taehyung knows he's a little weak for casual accolades—as backhanded as they may be, the miserable shit.


He's not preening exactly, but it's nice on the ego.


He still refuses to properly acknowledge Taehyung though, intent on wading through the cesspool of his self-generated angst.


Evidently, maturity is incongruent with age.


"Jimin," starts Taehyung again, wheedling. It has a tendency to work on him and he's not above exploiting it. Sometimes you have to whip out the big guns and he figures there's no better time than when Jimin works himself up to a fit.


Jimin resolves not to break.




Child's play.


"Please talk to me?" 


Break a sweat? Not on his watch.


"What if I promise to swallow tonight."




Jimin's sneakers skid to a halt along the pavement. Silence ensues. A heartbeat, two, before—


"You're a lousy cheat, Kim."


A smile, Cheshire-like.


"I prefer resourceful."


He turns to him, judging.


"Why are you saying it as though you're doing me a favor when we both know you're the one who always pitches the idea."


Taehyung tuts, rolling his eyes before sneakily slotting his hand between Jimin's, palms fitting closely.


"Yeah, I'm sure it must be a real task, getting your dick sucked."


Jimin runs his tongue across his teeth, side eying him. He slips his hand tighter into Taehyung's, fingers interlocking.


"Whatever." He grumbles, ignoring the warmth creeping up his neck.


Taehyung beams, an accomplished look on his face as he leans over to peck Jimin lightly on the cheek, lips soft against his skin. 


Needless to say, Jimin doesn't give him too difficult a time the rest of the way home.







Namjoon figures there's no better way to fifth wheel than to be caught in between two couples inadvertently attempting to outdo each other with the nauseating shitshows.


He thinks lending a night to Jin's dad jokes would be a kinder fate.


He's got Hoseok very likely groping Yoongi beneath the covers on his right and Taehyung whispering in Jimin's ear to his left. Meanwhile, he's here for the content—that being this fucking movie he's trying to enjoy in peace while these lesser creatures continue to suck face and telepathic dick before him.


Fucking degenerates.


Thank goodness he's got Jeongguk and Seokjin here to bear the brunt of his misfortunes with him. If ever they needed more incentive to remain single.


"They're at 7 minutes 40 now." Jeongguk sounds just as dead as Namjoon feels on the inside. He's really digging this empathic component of their friendship. Bros who suffer together, stay together.


"Yeah, well, Tweedledee and Tweedledum here are hitting 9 minutes." Seokjin interjects, listless. "Can't we just kick 'em out or something."


"It's our apartment." Taehyung quips, smiling down at them obnoxiously from where he's seated in Jimin's lap. He leans back when fingers begin tracing lines along his hip.


Jeongguk gags, throwing a kernel their way.


"Can you stop that." 


Jimin hums, smug and provocative because Jeongguk's specialty is being a brat and vengeance is a necessary evil. "Dunno what you're talking about." He accompanies it with a slow drag across Taehyung's neck, watching closely for Jeongguk's reaction and rejoicing when he sees his face contort.


"That thing," he spits, glaring at them but it just makes him look all the more petulant. It'd almost be cute if Jimin didn't know behind that exterior resides the most diabolical of species. "All of you," he whips his head, gaze shifting between Jimin and Taehyung and Yoongi and Hoseok. "Fucking quit it out, this isn't School of Cock."


Namjoon chokes on a kernel.


Taehyung laughs, cooing, "Aww, is my little bunny getting upset?" It's condescending, and Jimin adores him all the more for it. Tag-teaming to make Jeongguk's life a little less bearable, they were obviously meant to be. 


Jeongguk scowls but says nothing and Jimin wants to laugh because if there's one person he's undeniably soft for, it's Taehyung. Even if he'd never admit it. It's cute though, this near hero worship thing he's got going for his boyfriend.


"Maybe you guys need to get laid." Yoongi's rasp cuts through the quiet.


"Don't you think I've tried?" Seokjin sounds mildly offended but Yoongi only fixes him with a disinterested look. "Do you know how difficult it is being this good looking? How many people I have to fend off with this face—I don't know how I'll be able to address all the broken hearts."


Jeongguk looks askance at him. "With a face like that, I can guarantee you, fending people off is the least of your concerns. It's included in the package."


"How about you and I take this outside, you little shit, and we'll see who's still talking."


"Guys—" Namjoon interjects weakly, sounding tired. "Please. The movie."


Hoseok bubbles with laughter, quickly joined by Taehyung. Jimin sighs but his lips twitch when he notices Namjoon placing himself strategically between Seokjin and Jeongguk, lest the former actually tries to beat him within an inch of his life. Taehyung is restless above him, body trembling with his glee and he smiles, wrapping his arms closer around his waist before pulling him back. Taehyung relents easily and Jimin contents himself with the closeness.


"Park, wipe that look off your face."


Jimin needs to come up with more innovative ways to make Jeongguk's life miserable.


"Don't be rude, Guk." Taehyung chides, and Jeongguk scoffs but quiets down nonetheless. "Jimmy doesn't do disgusting. In case you didn't know, I'm dating a stud."


Ha. Asshole.


"Hyung," starts Jeongguk, patient. "I think it's probably in your best interest that you visit your optometrist as soon as possible."


Jimin's eyes narrow, making a mental note to end the pest.


Taehyung chuckles, patting Jimin's arm comfortingly when he bristles. It's nonchalant when he directs his next question. "Hey, how's everything going with that girl in your lit class by the way?"


Jeongguk freezes, deer-in-headlights look and everything and Jimin is smug. 


"What girl?"


Taehyung smirks, sing-songing. "Oh, you know. The cute one, Ji-eun or something? The one that makes your heart feel like it's riding through a wild case of diarrhea, something like that."


Jeongguk whips his head to glare at Hoseok. "You told him?"


Hoseok offers his hands up in surrender, causing Yoongi to frown and scoot back against him as the cold seeps in through the slits in their blanket.


"All I said was that you were getting googly-eyed over some girl at school. He embellished the rest, man—chill."


Jeongguk hardly appears comforted, wearing the look of betrayal diligently. 


Jimin is liking this way too much.


"Yeah, Gukkie," he mocks, needling. "How's the love life coming along? You shit yourself yet talking to her?"


"Literally, choke." He eyes Jimin mutinously. 


"Hurtful." Jimin hums, and Taehyung snickers, flicking his arm lightly as he continues to tease.


"You guys are so noisy," mutters Yoongi blandly but he visibly softens when Hoseok noses his way up his neck.


The look Taehyung shoots him is nothing short of critical. "You're one to talk. Do you remember how much I endured when I lived with you and Hobi? Did you hear me complaining about the noise then?"


"All the time, actually." Yoongi drawls, but there's a hint of color spreading across his cheeks. 


Taehyung opens his mouth to counter before closing it again. "Huh, you're right."


Jimin's laughter is muffled along his back, cheek pressed against his shoulder blade. Taehyung is arguably the best cuddle buddy there is, so pliant and soft. Gangly as hell, but his baby all the same.


"Sorry again, Tae." Hoseok chimes in, sounding anything but.


Taehyung remains skeptical. "No, you're not."


Hoseok grins, burrowing into Yoongi's neck as he molds himself to his back. "Whoops."


"Why is this starting to feel less and less like movie night." Namjoon utters quietly, sounding defeated.


Jeongguk's just relieved the attention has finally shifted off him. "Because these lovebirds continue to exist."


Jin sighs, plopping back against the couch and trying to ignore the fact that he's literally trapped between all this domesticity. The plight.


"For once in your life, you're actually making some sense." 


Jeongguk glares, nudging him with his foot which Seokjin immediately swats away.


"Quit flirting." Taehyung jeers, the glint in his eyes cheeky.


Jeongguk wrinkles his nose in distaste, smacking Seokjin's thigh in retaliation. "Honestly, that's an insult to anyone with even a lick of taste."


"Listen here, you tasteless fool," Seokjin sounds indignant, and Jimin purses his lips to rein in his laughter. "You'd be lucky if I ever gave you the time of day."


Jeongguk blinks. "Let's hope I never get that lucky then."


Seokjin's eye twitches, flushed to his neck and Taehyung cracks, turning to bury the sound against Jimin's neck. 


Jimin turns so Taehyung can fit into the crook of his neck more easily, head resting atop his.


Namjoon appears even more disconcerted at this, glancing quickly between the two couples before sighing and slowly rising from his spot on the floor.


"Yeah, ok. I'm gonna head out now before I get caught between something I definitely don't want to see."


Jeongguk leaps up, relief vivid. "Oh, thank god, I thought we'd never get out."


Yoongi snorts and Jeongguk shoots him a look, hardly intimidating but a respectable attempt.


"It's not as though you couldn't just leave on your own if you were that bothered."


Jeongguk scoffs, but there's color spattered across his cheeks as he averts his gaze.


"Whatever, it's not like m'just gonna bail when we have plans."


Taehyung simpers, settling into the space of Jimin behind him, breath tickling his nape. There's a smile there. "How cute."


Jeongguk's glare is half-hearted, just as expected and Taehyung is further endeared.


"Shut up."


"Don't tell him to shut up, you brat." Jimin's touch is featherlight over Taehyung's skin as he levels a pointed look in Jeongguk's direction, cautionary.


Taehyung laughs, unbothered as he fits his hand over Jimin's, the gesture mollifying.


"S'fine," shrugs Taehyung, hooking his pinky with his. "I know he loves me."


Jeongguk reddens, turning as he grumbles, "Whatever."


"See." Taehyung's wearing a bright smile and Jimin finds himself softening, arms wound tight around him.


"Gukkie's our resident softie." Hoseok supplies, hand splayed comfortably over Yoongi's thigh, tracing patterns.


Seokjin rises, regarding them with a pinched expression.


"I think I've met my quota as well. These meet-ups are starting to turn into a big, gay orgy with three voyeurs."


"Kinda exhilarating, don't cha think?" Taehyung is all starry eyes and earnest smiles, and Namjoon admittedly doesn't have it in him to feel even remotely annoyed. Nearly an impossible task where Taehyung is concerned, if he's being honest. Maybe the years are making him soft.


"Not the exact word I would use, but if it makes you feel better."


They're quick to gather their things and usher themselves towards the door before Taehyung is suddenly wriggling out of Jimin's lap.


Jeongguk snickers at the look of sheer dissatisfaction on Jimin's face but that enthusiasm quickly wears off when he sees Taehyung lean down to peck him on the nose, cupping his face and nuzzling him until he relents with a quiet laugh.


"Gross." Jeongguk grunts, grabbing his coat with an exaggerated roll of his eyes, Taehyung shuffling towards them to see them out. He's 300% certain he catches Jimin ogling Taehyung's ass as he does so and it makes him want to dry-heave.


"That's what I've been trying to tell ya." It's casual, the way Yoongi brings it up, appearing awfully smug as he leans into Hoseok's chest.


It takes a lot for Jeongguk not to snark back, especially considering who he's talking to but he manages. "Nearly as bad as you and Hobi."


Hoseok laughs, arms snug around Yoongi's waist as he tucks his chin into the crook of his neck, holding him with no observable intentions of letting go. "We're not that bad, c'mon."


Namjoon makes a small noise of disbelief, reaching for his keys. "Oh, I beg to differ. I'd argue you're worse."


"Libel." Yoongi retorts, a smile playing at his lips and Namjoon shakes his head in resignation. There comes a point in time where it no longer proves beneficial to argue and he thinks they surpassed that mark a while ago.


Namjoon tuts, voice gruff as he mutters something or another about the trials of being around them for too long. Figures he should be used to it by now, but he's still in the process of recovering from their shenanigans.


Taehyung bounds up to them, pulling them in for a collective hug. He squeezes tight, littering their cheeks with kisses and they groan, making a move to wipe their faces from within Taehyung's constraint but the efforts are half-hearted at best.


"Come back soon, guys."


Seokjin makes a face. "I'll have to consider it. I think I can only bear this once a month, tops." It causes Taehyung to titter, arms still fierce around them and the smile that arises is entirely out of his control.


The Taehyung effect.


Jeongguk pats Taehyung gently on the ass, instinctual. It's easy, he thinks, welcoming his affection and perhaps easier reciprocating it. When Taehyung finally pulls away, he almost misses the warmth.


He's glowing and Jeongguk—


He's glad to see him happy. He's glad to see them both this way. He steals a glance at Jimin over his shoulder, noticing him rising from the couch before heading for them. He hides a smile.


It's natural, the way Jimin settles behind Taehyung, arm sliding easily around his waist as he perches his chin against his shoulder. Even more natural, the way Taehyung melds into it, leaning back instinctively.


Seokjin groans. "Are you kidding me," he ignores the look on Jimin's face. "You couldn't wait fucking 2 minutes—it's not like it'd kill you to leave him alone for a few seconds, Jesus Christ, now you've tainted our farewell with your—"  


To add insult to injury, Jimin rubs his nose against Taehyung's neck, laying kisses as he goes.


Seokjin wants to punch a wall.


"I'm done, this is too much for my fragile heart, leave me be you miscreants."


"Relax, Gramps." Jeongguk quips, rather unnecessarily in Seokjin's opinion.


He conks him on the head, Jeongguk hissing before pinning him with a glare. He doesn't care, he's just thrilled as hell for finally exacting his revenge. The punk had it coming.


"Oh, you poor thing. No idea how that happened, these arthritic fingers."


Taehyung dissolves into laughter, the sound muffled against their shoulders. Like a chain reaction, Jimin is echoing him, giggles tickling his skin.


"Seriously," Namjoon sighs, tired. "You guys are ridiculous."


"Been saying that for a while now too." Yoongi's voice projects from the living room.


"Yoongi hyung, Hobi hyung," calls Taehyung as he peeks over his shoulder, beckoning. "Come join us."


"I'll pass."


Mind you, Yoongi's about as hardheaded as they come. Ask Hoseok, he'd have one or two stories he'd willingly divulge. But no one—and he means no one, is immune to Kim Taehyung in all his wheedling glory. Which is why he's able to hold out for about 20 seconds at best before Taehyung's beseeching gaze is hammering down his resolve and prompting his legs to carry him from the couch. He drags Hoseok along, grousing about crafty bastards who are a little too well equipped for the game but his features soften when Taehyung smiles at them, eyes radiating with contentment.


He's not soft.


Taehyung just has a way of fitting into all of their lives, digging little niches in their hearts and that's fine, he guesses. There are worser things in life.


Yoongi half-expects it when he and Hoseok are yanked towards the center, Taehyung's arms wrapping around their shoulders as they squeeze in and it's—


It's kinda nice.


"Aren't we a little old for group hugs." Jeongguk points out, but Taehyung shushes him with a flick to his forehead.


"Don't be such a skeptic, we'll never be too old for this." As if to make a point, he holds them all tighter, arms stretching as far around them all as he can. He smiles when he feels Jimin's fingers squeeze his hips, assuring, and it's settling knowing he's right there—that he's here to stay. 


"Sap." Jeongguk doesn't really mean it though, something about Taehyung's words attributing to the sudden warmth in his chest. 


"Says the one who bawls whenever any of us get teary-eyed," Taehyung shoots back, pulling them in closer and ignoring the noises of protest as he squishes them together. "I'm onto you, Jeon. A real softie."


"Crybaby, you mean."


Jimin shakes his head, bracing himself for a continuation of the JinGuk Saga. He inches closer to Taehyung, chest warm against his back and hand resting along the jut of his hip. Taehyung eases into him, smiling knowingly and he doesn't bother downplaying his intentions.


The bickering settles into the background, white noise, as he focuses on the quirk of Taehyung's lips—the effervescent light in his eyes, and it's all he can think about really. When he turns to look at him, his breath catches in his throat.


What he wouldn't do to feed that spark forever. Beautiful, he's so beautiful, and it messes him up a little on the inside. A good kind of mess, though. One he'd willingly endure time and time again because if chaos is associated with Taehyung then he'd dive headfirst, anticipating it.


Jimin smiles and he doesn't hold back this time. One arm finds Taehyung's side while the other slides across Hoseok's shoulder. He lets the warmth ensconce him, complacent with the seven of them huddled closely, feigning reluctance but gravitating towards each other all the same.


They're a handful—maybe a little more than ridiculous, but he supposes they were onto something when they said you don't exactly get to choose your family.


Jimin cares little to try.







The circumstances are hardly new.


Still. Jimin could find himself in the same spot day in and out and he doesn't think he'd ever tire of the sight of Taehyung situated so beautifully above him, movements minimal and moans guttural as he rocks slowly in his lap.


He groans, forehead sticking to damp skin and fingers digging roughly into the dip of Taehyung's spine. It's hot and Taehyung is tight, always so tight around him that he lets out a raucous exhale.


Jimin spreads his thighs, inching closer towards the edge of the bed and causing Taehyung to emit a strangled sound as he settles deep, fingers clutching the ends of his hair fiercely even while he shudders above him. His tongue comes out to lap at the sweat coating his skin, retracing it with his teeth. 


His fingers run along his back and it's damp, sweat coating his fingertips, but he doesn't care. He draws him closer, jostling Taehyung in his lap so he can jerk his hips with more control. Taehyung stutters, fingers sliding from his hair to his shoulder blades as he pants wetly into his ear.


"H-harder, fuck."


Jimin has no qualms about that, nails sinking into the flesh of his back as he rocks upwards, feeling Taehyung clench around him as his thighs smack loudly against his ass.


"Tae," he groans, mouthing at the jut of his clavicles before grazing them with his teeth. He feels Taehyung tense in his arms, bodies flush while he continues riding him slow. "Ah—shit."


"That's, yeah," prattles Taehyung, breath hitching when Jimin guides his hips down right as he thrusts up. "God—fucking thick." His voice dies on a whine.


Jimin catches the skin along his collarbone, grunts muffled as his fingers flex around his hips. His forehead falls to his chest as he watches his cock sink inside, rim stretching around him.


"S'good," he feels beads of sweat trickle down his face as he continues fucking into him, unhurried but with intent. It pays off, broken moans spurred from raw lips. 


Taehyung's head lolls, tongue peeking out to wet his lips. He circles his hips, thorough and feeling the stretch intimately as he wriggles in Jimin's lap. His nails bite into his skin, thighs straining from holding himself up but Jimin's riding him so good it's nearly forgotten.


"Y-yeah, like that, Jimin—ah."




He'll never get over how good Taehyung looks like this—head craned in bliss and one hand splayed across his chest as whimpers hang from his lips.


"Feel so good," slurs Jimin, leaning back so he can snap his hips lazily, eliciting a growl. His hands slide down to cup his ass, fingers gripping his cheeks hard enough that Taehyung jars, moans stifled against his neck. "Keep fucking yourself on me." He kneads his cheeks, pulling back to strike down hard and Taehyung gasps, the echoing slap deafening.


There's a plea in his ears, chants of deeper, right there burnt into his consciousness. It urges him to work Taehyung open, spreading his cheeks to the side as his hips remain flush with his ass. The movement causes them both to jolt, groans intermingling when Jimin's thrusts turn erratic. He's starting to lose sight of what he wants, distracted by the pulse of Taehyung around his cock. It makes him agitated—desire carnal and unrestrained— and he suddenly pulls Taehyung right up to him, their chests touching as the bed creaks with the exertion.


Taehyung tugs at his hair, stirring a pained groan from his lips as he unintentionally moves roughly inside him. It's heady, catching the way Taehyung tips his head back as he grinds his hips down, tightening uncomfortably around him.




Jimin can hardly peel his eyes away, breath scattered. "You're perfect, baby."


Taehyung keens, pulse skittering at the praise.


"I—more, please." He fists his hair, panting harshly when Jimin relents, holding his hips still as he fucks into him.


"Wanna put you on the bed," Jimin murmurs, breathy. He watches the line of Taehyung's throat as he moves in his lap, holding him closer and sucking bruises along his neck. "Is that ok?"


Taehyung nods, frantic. His thighs quiver as he suddenly stills in his lap. He lets out a shallow breath just as his head tips forward, forehead molded to Jimin's and breathing ragged against his lips.


Jimin is careful as he maneuvers them, supporting Taehyung by the thighs before lowering him slowly, arms caging his head and mouth seeking his. He feels Taehyung tremble as he kisses him lazily, hips rocking shallowly and muffling whatever sounds escape. Searching hands glide across his back, grappling desperately when he drives in a little rough and catching his lip between his teeth.


"Mnh, th-that's good."


Jimin answers with a messy snap of his hips. He pants into his mouth, nipping gently and pressing their foreheads harder together, wanting to feel him as close as possible.


Taehyung's lids slip shut when he sinks deep and he urges quietly, "Look at me."


Taehyung does, eyes fluttering open, a little unfocused but still striking enough to steal Jimin's breath away. He's always stunning but something about him when he's settled right beneath him, ravaged and reeling from his high, renders Jimin helpless. Their kisses turn sloppy, more of the reckless fumbling of their mouths but so long as it's Taehyung, he'll take it.


"God, always so good for me," he grits between his teeth, sinking all the way in and making Taehyung cry out. He peels those hands from his back, pinning his wrists on either side of his head before tangling their fingers. He squeezes purposefully, gripping tight while he continues to move inside Taehyung, driving them both up the bed. "My pretty baby."


And boy, if that isn't some kryptonite.


"Yours," stutters Taehyung, need prevailing as he lifts his hips to meet his thrusts. "Fuck, Jimin, c'mon."


He growls when Taehyung tightens around him, the sound gravelly against his throat as he speeds up, bed creaking with their fervor. 


"Shit," Jimin groans, rhythm faltering as he focuses solely on rutting into him desperately, lips bruising and fingers grasping his so tightly they start to lose sensation. "Gonna make me come."


"Want it," sighs Taehyung, fingers furling within Jimin's grasp. "Wanna feel you in here, make it fucking wet."


"Jesus—" he buries his face against Taehyung's neck, nosing distractedly while he burrows deep enough inside that it wrests a strangled breath from them both. 


Taehyung is a vision like this, scrambling for the sheets and tanned skin glistening with sweat. Jimin maps it all out, piecing it together and storing it in the recesses of his mind. It's an image seared into the back of his eyes while a litany of praises fall from his lips—a mantra of Taehyung's name as he feels the fire lick at his belly, fingers tightening around his while his thrusts take on an edge.  


Taehyung's whimpers settle in his ear and it stirs something inside, primal and a little reckless. He slams in and feels him pulse around his cock, head knocking against his temple as he hisses his approval.


"Fuck, Tae, m'gonna—"


Taehyung nods, barely coherent but pleading with him all the same. "Hah, yeah, Jimin, i-in me—do it."


His teeth sink into the curve of his neck and he moves with abandon, wringing their fingers while he resolves to ruin them both. He laps at the sweat dotting his skin, a dab of salt on his tongue.


Taehyung squirms, clenching hard enough around him that he chokes on his breath, littering his neck with sizable splotches. He feels the bed shake the deeper he goes and Taehyung's cries resonate in his ears, a tipoff to his impending release. And Jimin, he wants it. Wants Taehyung to shatter, wants to gather the pieces and devastate him until it becomes a process to recover.


"Can you come for me," it sounds hoarse to his own ears but he doesn't letup, wanting this to be for Taehyung. "It's ok, baby. You can let go."


I'll be right here when you do goes unspoken.


That seems to be all it takes for Taehyung to concede, nodding eagerly as he loses himself to the drag of Jimin's cock, groans swallowed when bruising lips cover his own. He feels his tongue dip inside his mouth and opens up without hesitation, body quivering while he teeters on the edge. 


Jimin suddenly drives fierce, hips slamming against Taehyung's ass and nearly making him lurch off the bed. 


"O-Oh, Jim—ngh."


"Wanna feel you," he pants, forcing Taehyung's wrists down when he struggles. He sucks gently at his lower lip, teasing kisses that make Taehyung crave and it pushes him closer towards the brink. "Feel you grip me and make me come long baby, make me—shit—dizzy, yeah?"


"Yeah, yeah fuck, that's good." Taehyung's leg hooks around Jimin's hip, clamping down when he thrusts with a little more vigor than he's prepared for. "God—don't stop, wanna come around you, sh-shit."


Jimin ignores the racing of his heart, sweat trailing down his face as he rides him hard. The muscles in his back tense and he emits a shaky breath. His eyes snap shut, focusing on the heat around him and grinding his hips desperately, pushing cries from swollen lips.


Jimin's hands are a steady weight against his own, keeping his wrists level and he senses that telltale burn in his stomach, stuttering as he gets close.


"Jimin, gonna co—" his voice cracks when Jimin sinks in, thorough and reaching far enough that his eyes roll into his head, reducing him to a trembling mess. "Oh."


"Tae, fuck."


It doesn't require much else for Taehyung to stiffen and seize up, blindsided by his orgasm as Jimin buries himself to the hilt. He clutches his fingers so tight he can hardly feel them, pleasure-addled brain failing to make the connection. He shudders hard beneath him, spewing profanities as he comes and making a mess of their chests. 


Jimin groans when Taehyung tightens around him, wetting his abdomen and causing their skin to slide uncomfortably. He's tempted to trail his fingers through it, coating them with the mess and slipping them inside his mouth but he holds off—enraptured by the sight of Taehyung, hair disheveled and tremors wracking his frame as he cruises the waves of his high.


"Oh my god."


 Everything about Taehyung makes it impossible not to stare, wrecked and the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen. He noses at his neck, sweaty and searing to the touch. Their joint hands slide further up the bed, held down as he feels the tightening in his stomach. He rocks his hips, sloppy but Taehyung's emitting these broken sounds in his ear and that's all he hones in on.


"Baby," gasps Taehyung, strain to his voice. He's so tight around Jimin it makes his vision spin. "Give it to me."


That seems to be all it takes before he's nodding blindly, gritting his teeth while he pounds him so roughly the bed frame collides with the wall. It elicits pained gasps from Taehyung's lips that he quickly silences with his own. Perhaps he bites a little harder than intended when he comes inside him, arms nearly giving out and hips stuttering at the blow.




His heart threatens to catapult from his chest, thudding so heavily he can hear it in his ears. He exhales, shuddering as he fills him and pressing deep so Taehyung can feel him—feel how much of a mess he's made inside. Taehyung's breaths are laborious against his neck, parallel to his own. Catching his breath is an ordeal so he settles for tracing wet kisses along Taehyung's jawline, fingers still firmly entwined.


He has a habit of not wanting to let go.


Must be the kick of the endorphins, instills some craving for intimacy he reckons.


It's a few minutes of this, them just holding each other and easing through the aftershocks. Taehyung trembles beneath him but he doesn't budge, fingers still covering his own. He leans down, letting out a tired laugh as he presses their mouths together, lazy. Taehyung is pliant, granting access as he slips his tongue inside.


Their kisses are timed, a give and take and Jimin's head is still swimming from the rush. His arms feel boneless but Taehyung arches upwards to kiss him slow and it's ushered to the back of his mind.


"Damn." he breathes out when he eventually falls back against the bed, looking debauched and absolutely breathtaking in Jimin's eyes. 


Jimin hums his assent, running his tongue across his lips before finally untangling their fingers, blood slowly rushing back to his knuckles. He leaves kisses along the space of Taehyung's throat, lapping at the sweat as he goes and ignoring the wetness sliding down his thighs.


"Man," continues Taehyung, voice raspy and fucked out. "I know Gukkie likes to give you shit for it, but that is definitely not a carrot down there."


It takes Jimin a moment before he blinks, snorting.


"Oh my god, shut up." He muffles his laughter against his neck, fingers carding through Taehyung's damp hair.


He hums, melting into the touch, and Jimin likens it to a kitten. He softens when Taehyung turns his head to brush his lips against the inside of his wrist, eyes hooded. Funny how he never lets him forget just how fond his heart is.


Jimin looks at him, wet fringe plastered to his forehead but he pushes it back before leaning down to kiss the sides of Taehyung's mouth. It's worth it to see those eyes light up, lazy smile peeking through. He can still feel shivers rolling off Taehyung and he cups his cheek, a conscientiousness to his actions. 


"Are you ok?" It's a ghost of a whisper, careful around the edges. He runs the pad of his thumb across his cheek, watching him closely. 


Taehyung's smile widens, exhaustion kicking in as he nods. "Mmm." He pauses, looking smug even in this state. "You've stupefied me with your wand, Albus Jimbledore. If I wasn't so opposed to sharing I'd definitely advertise it on Craigslist." 


Jimin laughs, concerns alleviated. He almost forgot how chatty Taehyung gets afterwards. It's oddly endearing.


"Honestly," he shakes his head but laughter lingers. "Your pillow talk could use an upgrade."


Taehyung's hands find purchase along Jimin's back, digging in punitively. "My pillow talk is a game changer."


Jimin hums, pressing a kiss to his forehead before trailing his thumb gently across his face. "Whatever helps you sleep at night."


"Don't sass me. I'm too dicked out to fight back."


A smile—terribly, terribly fond. "All the better."


"Alright Marty McSasspants, just shut up and cuddle me."


He grins, bumping their noses playfully before stealing another kiss. Taehyung doesn't put up much of a fight, idly stroking his back as he returns it easily.


They're a mess, skin flushed and filthy from the aftermath, but that does little to deter him. He breaks the kiss, moving to pull out but Taehyung curls a leg around him, keeping him in place.




"Don't go."


Jimin stills. Taehyung's face is burrowed into his chest and it does something to him, summons a strange yet not entirely unfamiliar emotion. His lips graze his forehead, assuring. 


"I'm just gonna get us a towel to clean up."


Taehyung shakes his head, hair tickling his collarbones. He wraps his arms tighter around him, refusing to let go.


Jimin tries again, gently reasoning, "Baby, you hate the mess."


And he does, always griping about the grime caking their skin in the morning.


Taehyung murmurs so quietly he nearly misses it but his ears are attuned and when he catches it, it maybe invokes a little more chaos inside.


"Hate not feeling you even more," he whispers, sobering. "Miss the touch of your skin against mine."


And Jimin—


How could he think to refuse him when he says things like that.


He brushes the hair out of his face, expression carefully withheld. "You're gonna regret it in the morning." It's nothing close to the reprimand he aims for.


How does he even begin to measure how much he feels for him; for this wonderful, beautiful human being in his arms.


"S'okay," yawns Taehyung, snuggling into him, Jimin still seated deep inside. "You'll be here to take care of me in the morning."


Maybe he'll start on that tomorrow. But for tonight, he pulls him closer—holds Taehyung a little tighter, letting himself drift off only when his breathing evens out. Allows his eyes to close only when he's certain Taehyung's have, the beat of their hearts steadily syncing up.


The last thing which crosses his mind before he knocks off completely is that there are perhaps some things which remain unquantifiable.








"Jimin, I want—"


"Lemme guess. Waffles. Again."


Taehyung snorts, bypassing him completely before slinking towards the kitchen. 


Not to be reprehensible, but Taehyung's thighs look pretty damn appetizing in those tight-fitting briefs. He kinda wants to get his mouth on them, kissing up strong thighs and sucking one—or two, or ten, whatever—bruises along them.


Maybe he can skip breakfast altogether.




Jimin glances up, still distracted by thighs but trying to act like he's not completely driven by his hormones.




Taehyung turns to eye him suspiciously, like he knows what kinds of thoughts are flitting though his mind and Jimin. Well, whoops.


"Think I'm in a pancake mood today."


That gets his attention. He frowns.


"You don't like pancakes."


Taehyung shrugs. "But you do."


Jimin stills, pausing at the edge of the counter. 


"Tae," he starts, hesitant. "It's ok. You know I'm fine with waffles, they're your favorite."


Taehyung glances sidelong, already picking out the bowls from the cabinets. A smile lights up his face, hair unkempt and eyes still lidded with slumber but that doesn't lessen its effect on him. He's starting to think maybe it's just a Taehyung thing, something inherent that he'll never really be able to shrug off.


"I know," he answers, leaning over to press a chaste kiss to his jaw, warm to the touch. He pulls back with a lopsided grin. "But pancakes are yours."


Jimin isn't really sure how to follow, merely staring up at him. Words escape him and it's stupid, he knows, because it's something so trivial but—


These are the things he holds onto, the small things that remind him of just how much space Taehyung occupies in his heart.




"Plus, it's been a while don't you think?" The way Taehyung smiles down at him, knowing, has Jimin facing a plethora of emotions. Mainly affection, he surmises. "Maybe this variety thing you were talking about wouldn't be so bad every once in awhile."


Jimin lets out a breath before chuckling, amusement salient as he sneaks a hand around Taehyung's waist, drawing him near so their mouths brush. He takes his time, lips connecting and mapping him out before settling for languid pecks along the corners of his mouth. He feels Taehyung grin into it, mouth upturned and he lets it linger before slowly drawing back.


Taehyung's got a glazed look to his eyes, something awestruck and it fills him with fondness all over again.


"Stop trying to corrupt me."


He laughs, sound bubbling from his chest.


"Too late for that."


Taehyung's lips twitch, feigning ignorance as he quickly skirts around him. He digs through the pantry while Jimin situates himself on the barstool, watching him work with a placid smile.


He acquaints himself with the image of Taehyung in the kitchen, looking so comfortable in his own skin as he shuffles around, tongue peeking out occasionally when he reaches for something and Jimin thinks about how fortunate he is that he gets to see him in all his elements.


He rests his head in his hands, taking it in.


Mornings are an idyllic thing.


Considering what his entail, it's not hard to understand why.








"Park fucking Jimin."


He braces himself, prepared for a torrent of jibes and shit talking and whatever else Taehyung can pull out of his ass this early in the day.


"You sly motherfucker," he laughs, allowing himself to be manhandled as Jimin drags him by the sleeve. He can hear the crest of the waves from the distance. "A closet romantic, who knew—well, actually, I did." 


Jimin tries to filter him out. Try, being the key word.


"All along, really," continues Taehyung, hanging off his arm. "Don't ever try to tell me you're not the biggest fucking sap again, you phony."


"Are you done?"


"Hey, you took me back to the place where we first macked. I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth."


He sighs, rubbing at his temples. "Tae, nobody says that anymore."


Taehyung seems unconvinced. "Look at you, caught in a lie."


He rolls his eyes, deflecting. "We don't even do romance."


"Dude, our entire relationship could be the basis for an Ed Sheeran album."


Jimin glances his way, weary. "You realize there's as much heartbreak as there is fluff right?"


Taehyung cocks a brow. "Oh, you don't think trapping myself with someone who can't appreciate waffles the way they should be appreciated is heartbreaking?"


Jimin lets out an incredulous laugh, not really having it in him to argue so he settles for tugging him along instead, fingers curled around the material of his jacket. He can feel the sand kicking in his shoes, grains slipping into his socks but he's admittedly more preoccupied with the way Taehyung is bounding towards the water, a blinding smile lighting up his face. 


He supposes that's worth the occasional teasing.


Just as he starts to pick up speed to keep up with Taehyung, he suddenly comes to a halt. He nearly trips over himself, still grabbing onto his sleeve and steadying himself against his weight just in time. 




"Jimin-ah, carry me."


He rights himself, clicking his tongue. "You're being awfully demanding today."


"Hmm, and you indulge me so who's the enabler here?"


Jimin can't say he's wrong. He huffs, muttering an aggrieved fine before releasing his wrist and stooping down. "Get on."


Taehyung beams, arms wrapping around him. "My prince."


It's not all bad if he gets to add another one of those smiles to his personal collection; an ongoing tally preserved in his mind. He's only a winner if he ups the ante each day.


"Aren't you a smooth operator."


Taehyung makes a noise in his throat, fingers splayed over his shoulders as he's lifted, long legs coiling around him. 


"Babe, I was made to woo and charm the pants right off of you."


"Kind of a hit-and-miss, if you ask me."


He feels a nip along his neck and winces, hoisting Taehyung by the thighs.


"Didn't fucking ask, did I?"


He smirks, somewhat relieved Taehyung doesn't see it because it'd be another thing he'd add to the list of things to give him shit for.


"Easy with the claws, kitten."


Some faux indignation thrown in. "Daddy-O, you know that kinda talk is reserved for the bedroom."


Jimin chortles, contemplating his life choices. "You sure you got a filter?"


"Nope," he answers, popping the 'p.'


Call him presumptuous, but he thinks he's done pretty well in that department thus far.


"Figured." He shakes his head softly, feeling Taehyung's breath along his nape. His hands remain steady, disinclined to let go.


The mere presence of Taehyung in his life is a testament to that fact.








They're back at square one.


It's habitual by now, he thinks, as he watches wisps of smoke teeter from his lips on an exhale.


He tries to resist but he's never had the best self-control when it comes to Taehyung.


He steals a glance, unable to get his body to align with his mind.


Taehyung is perched alongside him, head craned as he peers at a darkened sky littered with flecks of light.


Somehow, he has a harder time keeping his eyes on what they came here for than Taehyung. 


His mind concocts some gross theory then, speculation about some things which outshine even the stars.


There's the gentle quirk of those lips again, the fluttering of his lashes as he blinks, and it becomes even more of a feat to look away. Draped in Jimin's hoodie, Taehyung looks softer—he's tempted to say guileless, but he knows better. There's just something about it that does Jimin in, seeing him in his clothes.


"You're not very subtle, you know."


Like that, he's tugged from his thoughts but he quickly recovers, playing it off.


"No idea what you're talking about."


"Hmm, if that's the route you wanna go."


Jimin slides closer to him, bumping his hip playfully. If his arm happens to find its place on the other side of Taehyung's thigh, well that's purely a coincidence.


They sit in silence, rarely uncomfortable with them. Perhaps they're used to it, finding a way to fill the spaces between them with something other than words—something a little less salient, possibly. 


A breeze passes through and his arm instinctually finds its way around Taehyung, angling him towards his chest in some attempt to shield him from the cold. Taehyung spares a glance, soft. He allows Jimin to pull him in, the weight of his arm a steady presence.


"You ever—I don't know, think about what the stars must look like someplace else?"


Jimin tamps down on a smile, afraid he won't be able to control it otherwise. 


"Honestly? No."


"Wow, that was anticlimactic."


He laughs, tugging Taehyung closer. The material of his hoodie feels soft beneath his nose as he nestles his head against his shoulder.


"The fuck am I supposed to say?" He plays with the ends of his hair, feeling Taehyung prop his head against his. "Pretty sure they look the same. They're literally dots in the sky."


"I take back what I said, there is absolutely nothing romantic about you."


It makes him laugh more freely, hearing the dismay in his voice.


"That's not true. I'll romance the shit out of you anytime, baby."


"Y'know, you say that but somehow I'm unconvinced."


Jimin tilts his head, stealing a glance. "I managed to keep you here this long, didn't I?"


Taehyung looks pensive, but there's something resolute as he meets his gaze.


"You don't need to do much for me to want to stay, Chim."


His breath hitches. Another point for Taehyung, knocking him off center like that. It's getting a little ridiculous by now.


Taehyung smiles, unreserved, and Jimin promises to do everything in his power to preserve it.


A lifetime of that, he refuses to settle for less.


It's funny, maybe a little ironic, that Taehyung looks above for brightness. Jimin found his a while ago—finds it again each day when he glances beside him, only to forget that stars reside in the sky and not in pools of soft brown. 


He wonders if Taehyung sees what he sees—


An brilliant source of light reflected back at him.


He hopes so. Hopes Taehyung realizes Jimin's found his own little galaxy in his eyes, a collection of stars that would put Sirius to shame.


Backtracking, that's pretty embarrassing and he kind of wants to punch himself in the arm for that, but it's also the most truthful thing he's admitted to.


Jimin's hand slips from Taehyung's shoulder, sneaking into his lap instead as he reaches for his hand.


Taehyung—the shit—dodges it, playful. 


He frowns, trying again but Taehyung is quick to slide out of reach. He's doing it on purpose, smile devious, and Jimin scoffs.






Jimin's trying to be subtle, but Taehyung's dead set on exposing him. He lets out an exasperated sigh, finally catching him by the wrist. His actions are careful though, touch gentle.


"Just—fucking hold my hand."


The resulting grin is way too needling for Jimin's liking. "You gonna pay me?"


He deadpans. "I'm your boyfriend."


"Half off then?"


"For fuck's sake." Jimin fits his hand between Taehyung's, fingers twining. He hears the tinkling of laughter and expels a breath. He holds tight enough to ensure he won't let go.


Taehyung leans against him, head finding a place in the crook of his neck. He plays with their joint fingers, smiling over how noticeably his hand encompasses Jimin's. He likes it, makes him feel like he's got all of him in his palms.


"Used to make me cry, y'know."


Jimin listens, eyes fixed on him—the nuances in his expression while he recounts. He chuckles and Jimin squeezes his fingers lightly. Force of habit.


"I'd ask my mom where the stars would go, why they chose to hide from the sun."


The way his lips curl into a smile is entirely out of his control. "Sounds like something you'd say." As is the fondness sealed in every word.


Taehyung turns, smiling at him. "I was like, 5."


"So, in other words, not much has changed."


He laughs, shoving him away with his free hand. "Shut up." Jimin doesn't let him get very far though, dragging him right up against him once more, hands still firmly entwined.


A moment, two. 


"Tell me more." It's uttered softly against his shoulder, lips brushing over the area.


Taehyung does. "Told her I hated that you could only find them at night, hated that they had to come out just when everyone was going to sleep."


The chill kicks up a notch and he can feel the bite along his arms but he casts it aside, gravitating towards Taehyung. He drapes himself slightly over his back, shielding him from the oncoming breeze.  


A smile, placid in nature, graces his lips. "I remember her telling me back then, and not really getting it at the time,"


There's a gravitas to his tone, mollifying some of Jimin's own uncertainties. He doesn't think he'll ever tire of listening to him, of trying to pick his thoughts apart. Everything about Taehyung fascinates him—grips and refuses to leave him.


"I'm pretty sure she said it just to get me to stop crying but, she told me not all stars find their place in the sky." He grins, reminiscent. "Sometimes the brightest ones are out there, just waiting to be found." 


It seems like the memories he's recalling are fond, and it fills Jimin's heart with a particular kind of rapture. 


There's something rather beautiful about it—about him.


"Looking back, it was cheesy as fuck. I'm half convinced she picked it out of one of those sappy novels she always tried to hide from my dad."


This evokes a laugh and Taehyung echoes it.


"Probably why I just ignored it for so long," his smile remains soft, lashes prominent as he peers down at their entangled hands. He traces circles along the width of his palm. "Didn't really make sense at the time."


Tendrils of white coil from his lips.


Jimin stares, riveted. 


It's so easy, he thinks, for Taehyung to be the sole proprietor of his attention.


He meets his gaze. There's a sliver of vulnerability and Jimin wants to wipe it away and replace it only with affirmation. He needs Taehyung to understand how crucial of a role he plays in his life, needs to make sure he never lets him forget it.


For now, he settles for threading their fingers a little more intimately. 


He hopes the sincerity in his gaze conveys enough. When Taehyung speaks again, he's momentarily bereft of speech.


"I think it's starting to make a little more sense now."


Silly how the heart regulates its own pattern.


He tries to ease the sudden flurry in his chest, urging it to settle back into a steadier pace.


But Taehyung makes it hard sometimes. Everything about him makes his heart feel like it's tiptoeing the edge of something unpredictable, on the verge of free falling into an abyss. Yet, he's never felt more prepared for that leap.


"Jimin-ah," he pauses, worrying his lip. The hesitation is discernible but so is his resolve and Jimin could never be more proud of him, for the courage he so effortlessly exhibits.


The smile that illuminates his face is also the same one which ruins him a little, but in the most welcomed way. It makes him feel so much—so strongly—emotions potent, they're nearly tangible. He could be swept away in it.


"Let's keep going for a long time," he continues, squeezing his fingers gently. Despite the cold, it's warmth that ensconces him. "I only have you."


And really, did he expect any less from Taehyung.


His beautiful, amazing Taehyung.


His brightest star—


His person.


He brings their twined hands into his lap, free hand resting atop. Taehyung still carries that look in his eyes and he smiles, leaning in so he can press their foreheads together. He's fond, so fond, and it must be transparent if the glint in those eyes is anything to go by. 


He steals a kiss, just because he can.


He'd steal a hundred more just to watch that smile deepen but he thinks that might be overkill. He settles for chaste pecks, reluctant to recede completely.


Taehyung chuckles into his mouth, nudging him half-heartedly when he starts with the eskimo kisses.


"Stop being gross."


Jimin's eyes curve, laugh bubbling as he nips playfully at his lip.


"Look who's talking." He nuzzles him again before planting a kiss on his cheek.


Maybe they are a little gross.


"I knew you were trying to steal my virtue."


A huff of outrage, until they're both censoring their laughter against each other's mouths and it's ridiculous but also everything he could ask for. 


Taehyung pulls away giggling, trying (and failing) to keep him a distance away.


"Alright, you go now."


Jimin trails his nose along his neck, murmuring distractedly, "What are you talkin' about?"


He snorts, brows doing some weird acrobatic shit.


"Don't play dumb. It's your turn to romance me."


"Why would I do that? I already got the boy."


That earns him a slug on the arm and he winces. Man, the little shit packs a punch.


"Jeez, you're violent." 


Taehyung looks far too pleased. What a dick.


"Asshole, I just spent the last 10 minutes pouring my heart and soul out to you. You better say something cute and romantic as fuck or I'm leaving you for dreamy waiter guy."


He scoffs. "Yeah, right. Dude doesn't stand a chance with you."


Taehyung hums. "He slipped me his number while you were in the bathroom the other day."


Jimin jerks upright, curbing the flare of indignation. "That fucker did what?"


Taehyung bursts into laughter, full-bodied and infectious.


How inconvenient.


"I'm kidding, babe. Chill out." A gentle squeeze of his hand is enough to allay some of the tension.




"You're the spawn of Satan, I hope you know that."


Taehyung beams, snuggling against him with a content hum, head dropping against his shoulder. "As long as I'm yours, it's cool."


He sighs.


Yeah, he relents, his little hellion for sure.


He shifts so he can press a kiss to his crown, soft strands tickling his nose. 


Whatever happened to iron will.


Beats him.


His palm starts to tingle with heat but he has no intentions of letting go, grip just as firm. 


They dwell in silence, one watching the stars and the other watching something (someone) even more resplendent in his eyes.


Jimin licks his lips as his gaze rests comfortably on the boy at his side. He's never really been one for chalking things up to fate, but he thanks his lucky stars every day for bringing Taehyung into his life.


He's a gift Jimin promises to never take for granted.


"Pretty soon the stars are gonna find a place to hide again."


Jimin smiles, entranced. The things Taehyung reduces him to.


"Inevitable, isn't it?" He muses, indulging him. "Kinda hardwired into their systems, if you think about it. But it's just like other things, y'know."


Taehyung's gaze lands on him, curious smile intact. "Yeah? How so?"


Jimin is contemplative, gnawing at the inside of his lip before starting softly.


"It's unchanging." He breathes, careful. "No matter how many times they wander off during the day, at the end of the night they'll be right back waiting for you to find them again. They're constant."


Taehyung is silent beside him. Jimin thinks he's drifted off, roped in thought, but then he catches the soft clearing of his throat.


"What are you trying to say?"


Jimin blinks, lips easing into a smile.


"What I'm trying to say is: just like the stars, there are some things that don't deviate. It'd go against their entire nature."


He caresses the line of Taehyung's palm, sketching patterns neither one of them cares to pay much heed to. He relishes the way his hand fits easily inside Taehyung's.


"No matter how hectic and unpredictable it might be in between, some things remain fixed."


The night swallows their secrets easily, leaving them with the syncopation of their hearts and shallow breathing.


Like us, Jimin allows his heart that thought.


The smile that graces Taehyung's face is nothing short of radiant, maybe a little like those stars he's so fond of.


He pauses. 


Nah, definitely much more breathtaking.


He wonders if the stars shy away, knowing they're outshone by a boy with a smile so luminous he could light up the night without their assistance.


"Why do I feel like you're going somewhere with this?"


A grin, coy in nature. "Maybe I am."


"Do tell, Jimmy boy. The suspense is killing me."


He hides his amusement, mouth twitching. "I think you've got an idea."


Taehyung scoots closer, chin perched along his shoulder. The spark in his eyes remains effulgent.


"Nah, I think you're gonna have to spell it out for me."


Jimin laughs, body quivering with it.


The shit.


"You're unbelievable."


"True, and you're totally not getting out of this. Spill."


The sound he lets out is a cross between a laugh and a huff, bangs skewed as he meets Taehyung's gaze. Too bad the glimmer in his eyes is a dead giveaway.


"You're really gonna make me say it?"


He's starting to think Taehyung is a little too good at feigning ignorance.


"No idea what you're talkin' about."


Whatever would his life be like without Taehyung's added flair?


Something far less fulfilling, he's sure.


"Fine," he acquiesces with a resigned sigh. "God, you're infuriating."


Taehyung seems to relish the small victory, smile needling. 


"Yeah, yeah," he waves his hand. "Go on."


Jimin can't win with him.


For once, he doesn't particularly care to.


He pauses, heedful all of a sudden. "It's—" he hesitates, choosing carefully. "The things around us can change, they will."


Taehyung waits with bated breath.


"But you and I," he musters up the courage to meet his eyes, racking up some of the bravery Taehyung inspires and instills in him. "We won't."


He swallows past the lump in his throat, eyes fixed on Jimin. There's a steadfastness in those gentle brown eyes that leaves him a little out of sorts.


"You're my constant, Taetae."


A breath he didn't know he was holding escapes.


He's flooded with a torrent of emotions. The most prominent of all, affection—unadulterated affection that he fosters in abundance for Jimin. It's terrifying sometimes, how much of him he carries in his hands.


He doesn't think there's ever been anyone who's held as much of him as Jimin has.


(He doubts there ever will be).


"That," he grapples with words, ignoring the slight prick in his eyes. "Wow, that was pretty gay Jimmy."


Jimin chokes on a laugh, baffled. He knocks his shoulder against Taehyung's, taking in the somewhat stricken expression, like he's only just processing what's been said. Something comfortable washes over him.


"Aren't you a charmer."


Taehyung seems to recover at this, smile growing.


"Who knew you had it in you, huh."


Jimin makes a noise of disbelief, tugging Taehyung's hand into his lap. 


"Ok, now you're pushing it."


"I mean, this is such great blackmail material. Park Jimin, the romantic who ended all romantics. Romeo, who?"


His nose wrinkles at the comparison. "Please. He can hardly be considered romantic. More like, rash."


Taehyung gapes. "You—take that back, asshole."


How does he do it, fill his life with so much joy and laughter.


"No way."


There's a pinch along his side and he laughs, endeared by the disgruntlement.


"I hate you."


Jimin faces him, smug.


"If only that were true."




He chuckles, cradling his hand. When he receives a gentle squeeze in return, he knows he's forgiven.


"I didn't get to finish."


"Oh god, there's more? How cheesy can you get."


He kicks at his feet. "You're the one who asked. I'm putting my reputation on the line for you, I hope you know that."


"Don't worry, it's not like you had one to begin with."


Another kick, inciting laughter.


"Just, be quiet."


Taehyung makes a zipping motion with his hand, twisting and chucking the nonexistent key to the side. Jimin rolls his eyes. Fucking extra.


"What I'm trying to get at," he continues, and some of the playfulness leaves his voice, settling into something more subdued. "Is that,"


Somehow, this is heaps harder than it looks on TV.


How does Ed do this for a living. Damn.


"I'll be your constant, too. For as long as you'll have me." He quickly adds, biting his lip in uncertainty. "I know not everything's always going to be perfect, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if it was. But one thing I can promise you," his eyes fail to leave Taehyung's, sincerity brushed in. It feels like something's lodged itself inside his throat but he pushes past it, intent on making it known to him. "Like the stars at the end of the night, Tae, I'll be here. Until they refuse to shine. It's just you and me."


Taehyung thinks words are lost on him. He ignores the pressure in his throat, the sudden stinging in his eyes. He doesn't have an adequate response.


But maybe that's ok.


Maybe he doesn't always need to find the perfect answer.


Jimin startles when soft lips brush his cheek. When he turns, he's met with Taehyung in all his grace—that familiar spark and effervescent smile painting a picture of sublimity. Jimin finds it's too easy to mirror that happiness.


The hand around his remains warm, assuring.


Jimin resolves to hold on until the end.


And when he looks over at Taehyung, with that boyish grin and his features etched with fondness, he knows it's the best decision he could have come to.


"You and me, Chim," he echoes, voice laden with emotion and fingers firmly entangled with his. "Until the stars refuse to shine."