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Falling Skies

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Back at camp, Clarke was swept away by the flurry of activity. She had hidden a second bout of sickness the day before on the journey home claiming she had to stop and relieve herself. It had been a close call, but Lara eyed her shrewdly as Clarke returned to her horse, a sheen of sweat beading her brow and chewing mint. She grimaced in response, and Lara just raised an eyebrow and turned her horse back around. Bellamy was none the wiser, and Clarke felt slightly guilty for hiding it from him, but she really wanted to be sure (whether for herself or not she couldn’t say. She needed to come to terms with this first before dragging more people into it.)

Halfway through examining a twisted ankle that had happened while she was away at Polis, the smell of the cooking fires wafted towards Clarke with a random change in the wind. She jerked up, hand over her mouth and she rushed out of the medical tent and found a tree to empty her stomach behind.

Clarke knew she wouldn’t be able to keep telling herself (or anyone) the “ate something funny” excuse when she looked up to see Bellamy looming over her as she was leaning heavily on the tree chewing some mint leaves which she now kept stocked in her pockets. She smiled weakly at him.

“Uh…” she didn’t get to come up with a lame excuse as he grabbed her arm, hauling her towards him and his eyes searched her face frantically.

“What is going on, Clarke?” he demanded, wiping the sweat off of her brow with surprising gentleness. Her heart pounded, and she swallowed nervously, grabbing her water skin and rinsing her mouth of the leaves as an excuse not to answer him right away.

“I don’t know, stomach bug?” she mumbled, looking everywhere but him. She knew she was being a coward but looking him in the face just then felt impossible. She felt his fingers grab her chin and pull her so she was forced to look at him. His eyes bored into hers, and she swallowed.

“Clarke.” His tone brooked no argument, and she felt literally cornered (her back was up against the tree she had just beautifully puked behind.) “Don’t lie to me.”

“I…” she swallowed, heart racing. There was nothing else to do than tell him. Could she? “I’m… late,” she finished lamely, suddenly irrationally scared of his reaction.

A muscle in his jaw ticked as he clenched his jaw, his eyes still boring into hers but seeming suspiciously brighter now, and he blinked slowly, as if trying to process her words for any other meaning than what they were. “…What?”

“My… monthly thing—period—is almost two weeks late,” she admitted quietly, and his head bowed, much like he did the night she told him she loved him and once again the fear of rejection or his anger fluttered through her.

Without warning, Bellamy’s lips crashed onto hers and she gasped, fingers grasping at his shoulders as he pushed her back against the tree.

Ai hod,” he whispered against her lips, and Clarke felt the nervousness tightening her chest bubble over into something resembling happiness, which was the last thing she expected from being pregnant.

She laughed, biting her lip at his gaze which was suffused with love and hope and wonder and he had honestly never looked so beautiful before and it was slamming into her like a ton of bricks that they were going to have a baby. Her heart stuttered and she wondered at the strange twist her life had taken.

“I wasn’t sure, I just wanted to know for certain,” she tried to explain, but he just laughed, picking her up around her hips and spinning her around.

“My queen!” he crowed, carrying her back to the main part of camp. Everyone turned to look at them, expressions ranging from curiosity to amusement (Monty and Jasper were grinning albeit curious and Raven was smirking, eyeing Clarke knowingly.) She caught Lara’s suspiciously shining-eyed smile where she was posted outside of the medical tent. How did she get so lucky to be surrounded by all of these people she loved and cared for?

For the first time Clarke felt something akin to joy rather than fear or despair. She grinned, swatting at his shoulders to put her down but he refused, laughing and spinning her around again, and suddenly she was laughing and everyone was smiling at the pair and Clarke knew everything would be alright.

Bellamy pressed a kiss to her stomach, and she heard the collective gasps from the small crowd that had gathered. Jasper and Monty’s mouths dropped in hilarious tandem, Raven’s eyebrows rose in shock, and Clarke barely caught Finn’s expression of anguish before he stormed off, but he was easy to ignore with Bellamy holding her tightly and what seemed like the entire village in an uproar of sudden celebration. Of them. Their baby. They were having a baby.

Several of the hundred rushed forward, including Harper, Monty, and Jasper, all gushing and asking rapid fire questions. Even Raven abandoned her most recent project, wiping grease off her hands as she came to join the well-wishers, giving Clarke a tight hug. Of all, Clarke was happiest she got to keep Raven as a friend. Cheers and excitement were quickly spreading through the camp and Clarke felt overwhelmed. Bellamy lowered her gently down and kissed her deeply, before accepting all of the congratulations, many of which included hard slaps to the back from his warriors, whereas they gave gentle kisses on Clarke’s cheek or hands.

Nomon!” Lara came over, beaming, and leaving a kiss on Clarke’s cheek. Mother. To her surprise, Octavia came over as well, giving her a small smile. Clarke accepted her hand, squeezing it as Octavia’s smile widened to include Bellamy, who grabbed her into a huge hug. Octavia didn’t even pretend to grumble, hugging her brother back just as fiercely and laughing.

What had been a feared secret this morning was now a celebration for the entire village, the air itself seemed to be sparkling with the combined excitement and joy of everyone. Bellamy turned to her then, wrapping her up in a big kiss to many great cheers, and Clarke felt for the first time she had truly found a home.


Eight months later…

“Monty!” Clarke cried in shock, scrambling up from her seat in her tent where she had been worrying over maps and plans. She rushed over, throwing her arms around the bruised and battered boy, who clung to her just as tightly.

“Thank god you’re safe, oh god... What happened to you? Where were you? Where is Bellamy?” she demanded, and Monty smiled weakly.

“Bringing back the rest of the people that were trapped in Mount Weather. Clarke…” he grimaced, and she felt panic flutter through her.

“What, what is it?” she laid a hand on her swollen belly, heart thudding.

“No one from the Mountain survived,” he said quietly, looking down at her feet. Clarke deflated, swallowing hard.

“Not…” her voice faltered. Monty shook his head.

“Not even the children. It was them or us, Clarke, we tried… I’m so sorry,” he grimaced. Clarke felt tears well in her eyes, and she nodded, hugging Monty fiercely. Hundreds of deaths lost, but hundreds of lives gained. The ground had very little mercy on those who lived here.

“I would do it all over again. Just to have you back,” she whispered fiercely, grabbing both sides of his face and looking him in the eye. He nodded, and she finally took in the dark circles under his eyes, and the gaunt pull of his cheeks.

“What did they do to you?” she whispered, and he gave a half smile.

“That’s a story for another time. Bellamy saved me, personally,” he grinned, and Clarke smiled.

“When you’d been taken… I thought you were lost forever,” her mouth pulled into a moue, trying not to cry.

“Shh… shh, Clarke, you’ll upset the baby,” Monty cooed, holding Clarke tightly again. “I’m back. It’s okay. I’m safe.” Clarke sniffled, holding tightly to her best friend.

“My queen.” She heard his deep voice come from the doorway, and Clarke whirled around, barreling into her husband who caught her, grinning. She hit his chest a few times with her fists, sniffling.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again,” she growled, and he laughed, leaning down to capture her lips with his.

“I’m safe, hod. Nothing to worry about,” he smiled, but he was sprouting a huge black and blue bruise on his cheek bone and a busted lip. She pouted, herding him over to a seat and fussing over him with her medical kit.

“The shit you put me through, eight months pregnant… I swear to god, I’m as big as a whale! And my feet hurt all the fucking time, and you go off for weeks on end to battle and I have no fucking clue… anything that’s happening…” she grumbled to herself, but Bellamy just looked at her adoringly, stroking her swollen belly while she dabbed at his cut (none-too-gently.) He had been completely pregnancy-gaga over her from the day he’d found out she was carrying. Doting on her nonstop, bringing her flowers almost every day and little gifts like seashells and beautiful pieces of wood he carved from his hunting trips. He barely let her lift a finger the entire time, and snapped at anyone who let her do any hard labour (at least for a few weeks, then Clarke had put her foot down. She may or may not have used oral as a weapon of persuasion to get him to chill out.)

Now, the Mountain had been defeated. Finally. Monty had gone missing with signs of a struggle a few weeks after their meeting with Lexa at Polis, and it had been nonstop guerilla warfare against the Mountain since. They had even discovered how to cure reapers, though it had almost killed Nyko’s friend Arnon in the process. Abby had used one of the shock batons as an AED in a last ditch attempt to save him, and ever since Clarke was a little kinder to her. Now they were practically talking, and Clarke was learning (slowly) to start putting things in the past. Abby had been almost impossible to avoid anyways, constantly checking up on her during the pregnancy and keeping a watchful eye on her, which Bellamy didn’t protest at all, much to Clarke’s annoyance.

Bellamy filled her in on the thrilling tale, only too happy to play with her hair while she rested in his lap on the bed a little later. With some intense collaboration between Raven, Miller, and the rest of the engineers from the Ark, they had infiltrated the mainframe and taken out the acid fog, which allowed Lexa’s army to march to the front gates while Bellamy and Octavia led a team into a hidden entrance in the tunnels, to free Monty and, they discovered, other Grounders that had been taken by the Mountain and used for harvesting blood. Monty had discovered that, only to be imprisoned for his nosey-ness and used for horrific experiments. Clarke shuddered, thinking about the torture Monty must have gone through.

“You should have seen Miller when I brought Monty out of the door,” Bellamy laughed quietly, and Clarke smiled.

“Thank you for coming back to me, too,” she whispered, tilting her chin up so she could kiss him.

“Always, my love. Always.”


Two years later…

“Three steps forward, parry!” Bellamy instructed, holding a stick sword against the waddling toddler who giggled, throwing his “sword” down to the ground and running forward to hug Bellamy’s leg. Bellamy groaned, pretending to fall, making a big scene pretending to be in agony.

“I’ve been hit! No! No!” he cried, scooping up his giggling son and tickling him until he shrieked. Clarke laughed at their antics, watching from her seat against a tree as her son wriggled out of his father’s grasp. He waddled over to Clarke, climbing on top of her like she was a tree.

“Mommy! Mommy I did it!” he crowed, and she smiled, nuzzling a kiss onto his cheek.

“Good job, Jakob! Mommy is so proud of you,” she crooned, and Bellamy scooted over from where he’d fallen, pouting.

“Can’t I have a kiss too?”

Clarke pretended to deliberate, until Jakob’s mouth dropped in surprise. Then she laughed, and pressed a long kiss to Bellamy’s lips.

“Of course. My warriors always get kisses,” she said, smiling at her two boys. Bellamy leaned his head on her shoulder, and Jakob scampered off, not one to sit still for too long. They watched him swing the stick around, playing “Papa” like he loved to do. He was a tiny Bellamy, with the same golden brown skin and dark curls, but his eyes were a lighter hazel instead of Bellamy’s deep brown. Clarke felt her heart swell with love, and she pressed a kiss against Bellamy’s cheek. Their lives were filled with something resembling contentment, ever since the Mountain had been defeated. Most of the clans even seemed to be settling down like theirs, less focused on warfare and more on building societies. Families. Clarke smiled to herself. She had discovered a little surprise over the past few days that she had barely been able to wait to tell him.

“So,” she began conversationally. “Ready for another one?” she bit her lip, and Bellamy shot up, rounding on her with wide eyes full of shock.