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his skin

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the bonfire was blazing as eyes are set a upon him. everything about him was beautiful. his laugh could be heard from miles away, the most beautiful sound ever. it's as if all the gods got together to make the most heavenly noise to have ever existed. kronos tried to leave tartarus just to steal the sound. waves make wars start.

his voice was as if the ocean was smooth and clear for all eternity. you could see each and every different kind of fish, every unique shell, plants of all kinds of colors. the smell of the sea breeze and coconuts was found. his voice was a cold winter night, snuggled up by the fire with hot chocolate and a favorite book. noticing it snowing outside, it's suddenly very cozy.

his skin.

his skin was silk, smooth, and wonderfully creamy. every color mixed in the tan-ness beauty was just right. perfect. warm summer afternoons in a backyard with melting ice cream, the sun setting, and laying next to your significant other. that was his skin.

his eyes are the color of warm vanilla. the smell is nice and comfortable, making you feel right at home. his eyes are home. every emotion can be seen, no matter how he says he feels. each design shows a play; lonely nights spent alone are what it feels like if his eyes show sadness. the galaxy and stars are what are seen if his eyes show joy; happiness.

his lips are curved in a beautiful way. his lips itself is cupid's bow. each look pricks the heart of anyone, making them feel adoration, love. the softness is a warm blanket just getting out of a dryer on the brightest day of the year; the day his smile is the widest.

his nose.

his cheeks.

his face in general.

the bonfire was blazing, but all jeongguk could see was taehyung.