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Close Your Eyes

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He doesn’t realize until he’s witnessing it, but Ritsu is suddenly struck with the fact that he’s never actually seen someone get possessed.

His brother’s voice sounds like water in his ears; distant, garbled, and layerless, that he barely hears as he stares at the man in front of him. He knows he should probably step back and give the spirit space, but he’s far too captivated, in a weird morbid way, by the inhuman ways the man is moving.

A head tilting awkwardly, elbows and other joints creaking and cracking like a wooden puppet’s, jaw opening and closing and fingers flexing as the spirit works itself into every little inch of their host… It’s like a car accident; terrible, and yet Ritsu can’t seem to look away.

Then, the man opens his mouth and says, “This guy’s just as bad off as he was last time I possessed him, ugh. We should get Reigen to give him a massage or something, this entire body’s shot to hell.” while pulling at and poking his own red spotted cheeks, and the supernatural mystique is wiped away.

“I don’t think it’s nice of you to insult him when he’s willingly letting you use his body like this.” Shigeo says, stepping up beside Ritsu, frowning in disapproval.

Dimple waves off Shigeo’s comment, “Eh, it’s not like he can hear me anyways. I mean, I could let him hear, if I wanted to, but I don’t.”

“Could you have done the same to me?” Ritsu asks impulsively, “Blocked out my senses and taken complete control while you were possessing me?”

Silence meets his question, as if he’d spoken and his words had run up against an icy wall. Dimple’s new face rapidly pales, and his eyes shift sideways with the slowness of hunted prey until they’re focused on Shigeo. Shigeo, who stands perfectly still.

Ritsu hadn’t known that Shigeo was never filled in on the details of his and Dimple’s agreement.

“Dimple.” Shigeo says, flat and serious.

Dimple instantly splutters and scrambles to defend himself, “Listen Shigeo, it’s not like how you think, let me just-”

Ritsu tries to amend the situation as well, “Brother really it’s fine I could’ve taken care of him if he had tried anything-”

Their voices and explanations get tangled up, until Shigeo is left standing there with wide eyes, slightly confused, no longer exuding a dangerous aura.

“I didn’t have enough power to do anything even if I had wanted to-”

“He helped me awaken my powers and begin to learn how to use them and even though he’s kinda a scummy guy I don’t think-”

“Hey wait you brat! I am not a scummy guy! You should respect me! I helped you out of the goodness of my dead heart and-”

“We all know you were using me though it’s really not a mystery so why don’t you just be quiet and let me-”

Shigeo may be bad at reading the atmosphere, but he knows how to tell when he’s been cut out of a conversation. “Uhm. Well. Alright?” He mumbles, turning and beginning to walk away, “I’m going to go meet up with Shishou. You both can catch up when you want to.”

He leaves them there, bickering, for however long it lasts before Dimple’s control slips and the man he’s possessing kicks him out. Ritsu considers this as a sign of his victory.