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Ride and Die With You

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Kei released a yawn, his body sore and tired from his previous activity with Bokuto and Kuroo. The hickeys on his collarbone was visible and throbbing a little, but Kei doesn’t mind.

He entered the kitchen, only wearing Bokuto’s dress shirt and Kuroo’s boxer shorts, then made his way to the fridge and got himself a bottle of water.

“Kei babe, you need help?” He heard Bokuto shout from the living room, “No, I’m fine. I’m going to bed soon,” He didn’t heard him respond anymore, the shutting of the door indicated that Bokuto already entered their room. Kei closed the fridge, walking up towards the table to grab some fruits before the lights went off, and the ventilation stopped.

Black out.

Alerted, Kei immediately hid behind the doorway, heart beating at a fast rate when a loud crash resounded through the penthouse. The windows broke and footsteps echoed and Kei was sure he heard the cocking of guns. “Shit…”

Meanwhile, as soon as Bokuto laid on the bed, Kuroo beside him already asleep, the light on the lamp suddenly went off along with the AC. Something was wrong. “Kei…” Bokuto whispered at the same time he heard the windows’ glasses outside crashed. He immediately sat up, landed his eyes on Kuroo. “Kuroo!”

“Hm…” The door suddenly opened and Bokuto quickly jumped on Kuroo, both men falling on the ground as gun shots started to fire. Luckily, Bokuto always hid guns under their bed and wasted no time in getting one and shot some men barging in. “Fuck, Kuroo! Kei’s in the kitchen, I don’t know how many men are here,” Finally, Kuroo was wide awake, groaning for he was only wearing his underwear. “Go look for him, I can handle myself.”

Kei’s breath hitched once he saw a man entered the kitchen. Hiding quietly behind as he waited to target this man perfectly. Once he saw the opportunity, Kei swiftly grabbed him from behind, locking his head and the man fell on the ground. He took his gun and stealthily walked out the kitchen, the hallway was empty but shreds of glasses can be seen.

He needed to be with his lovers.

“Hey!” Kei ducked and shot the guy, then another one, all shot in the head. Kei made a run for it, to the hallway and the living room, shooting one men from another, only stopped midway when on man managed to kick the gun was holding, fortunately swiftly launched forward, kicked the guy square on the balls.

“Kei!” At last he saw Bokuto. He ran towards him as Bokuto protected Kei with all the men charging in. “Get in the room,”

“Let’s get in the room,” Bokuto hissed, not liking Kei’s disobedience but he knew he can’t change his mind. With one last gun shot, they sprinted to their secret room located inside their closet door.

As Bokuto locked the door shut, Kei was engulfed in a hug. “You okay?”

“Yeah…” Kuroo kissed his forehead. The black haired man already wearing a white shirt with gun holsters on his side. He pointed at Bokuto the spare shirt he managed to grab. “How about mine?”

“Sweat pants. Go on, I just called back-up, in 30 minutes they’ll be here,”

“Why are they here? Bokuto questioned, getting pissed off at whoever wanted to ruin their good night of sleep. Thankful and wishing Akaashi was safe in his business trip. The other would go berserk once he heard of this.

“I don’t know but we need to get the fuck outta here,” Kuroo walked up to Kei, cupped his cheeks in the process. “We’ll go upstairs and there will be a helicopter waiting for us, just run and never look back,”

“I’m not a kid. I can take them,”

“No. We’re not that armed,” Kuroo took the gun in one of his holster and gave it to Kei. “Shoot only if someone on the way, okay?”


“Obey me,” Kei’s knees almost turned to jelly whenever Kuroo used his commanding voice, he hated it at the same time loved it. “There are still many out there, I heard some were banging the front door, we must leave through the back exit,” Bokuto said as he put his gun inside his holster. “Stay with us, baby.”

Leaving was tough, they were quiet at first but then some men saw them and began to chase them. They ran up the stairs, Kei was in front, Kuroo and Bokuto shooting whoever was near them. “The back-ups are here!” Kei shouted, opening the fire exit and stormed out once he saw a helicopter.

“Already?” Kuroo questioned but a man suddenly charged towards him, fist hitting his cheeks. He groaned but recovered quickly, punching and hitting the man with his firearm.

“Bokuto! Get to safety!”

“No, ain’t leaving you,” Bokuto ran back to Kuroo and helped him before dragging him up, devoted to let the three of them leave.

When Kei saw the coast was clear, and Kuroo and Bokuto were running outside, he decided to follow Kuroo for once and headed towards where the chopper was, a rope ladder was hanging from it, Kei starts to climb.

More armed men came from below, climbed up from the edge of the building. Kuroo groaned, hiding behind a ventilation unit. “Where’s Kei?”

“He’s climbing up,”


“What do you mean what?”

“Kei!” He screamed and looked at the chopper, he saw Kei near the landing skid, the whirling of the blades made it hard to see. “Bokuto!” When he saw someone on the cockpit, both men widen their eyes, immediately running towards the awaiting chopper.

Kei held the hand that was offered to him, pulled himself up and entered the cockpit successfully. “We need to help—”

“Ah, ah,” Kei gasped, turned around and ready to jump when suddenly, he was pulled back. “Kuroo—”

“Boss!” Bokuto stopped on his tracks, looked back and saw, finally, saw their men running towards them, another helicopter in sight. “We’ll shoot them, sir.” Aone shouted, signaling their chopper unit to shoot the other helicopter. “No! Kei’s in there!”

“See you, Kuroo-san!” Kuroo cursed as he saw Kang Ju, that Korean gun dealer he managed to bankrupt. “Fuck you!” Kang Ju gave Kuroo the middle finger before the chopper went away.

Away with Kei.




“We chased them but lost them after—” Kuroo threw the papers in his hands, Aone shutting up in the process. “Find him,”

“Yes,” He bowed, “Kuro,” Akaashi came in without knocking, fuming mad. With that, Aone took the initiative to leave. “You—you let Kei,”

“I didn’t!”

“Still, I told you don’t make him go alone. Always stick together.” Kuroo didn’t reply, fingers clasped together as he avoided Akaashi’s piercing gaze. “I was worried he might get killed,”

“Well, there’s the possibility now. We don’t know where he is, we—god, I know that Kang Ju is a bad idea. We should’ve have killed him after that incident in Seoul,”

“I’ll find him,”

“At your state? You won’t.” Akaashi sighed, walked up to the other side of the desk. “I’m sorry, I’m not saying it’s your fault…”

“It is,”

“Shut up,” Akaashi can be quite mean as Kei. “We’ll talk after we find his location,” Akaashi didn’t even greet him with a kiss, the lad already left. That’s understandable, all of them are pissed.

Bokuto was at the doorway the whole time, observing the heated exchange between his lovers.

He glanced back at Kuroo, who was now back to being dazed, looking out the big city behind him. Silently closing the door behind, he walked near him, rounding the desk and stood in front of Kuroo. “Hey…”

“Hey…” He can see streak of tears.

Oh, how much he wanted to take a picture of this moment.

Being known as the big trio underground, it has it perks. Kuroo being the said ‘leader’ was strong and has a great sense of leadership, fair and square—along with him, they add up the scary image they have.

They can get whatever they want, however they want it.

And with Akaashi’s tactical mind, they sure made the perfect trio to lead.

However, what they didn’t know is about their youngest.

Kei doesn’t have any role yet in their underground work, weren’t even planning to let him join but unfortunately, the blond was as stubborn as he can be. He participated in their ‘activities’ even though he’s not allowed.

Bokuto remembered the first time Kei held a gun and shot a person, Bokuto found it sexy.

People might think Kuroo is the scariest—no.

The three of them were actually afraid of Kei.

Kei being hurt.

He’s their jewel, the diamond, their kryptonite, their—everything. And Kuroo was a fucking crybaby when it comes to Kei. Undeniably, only Kei can make the three of them admit in defeat.

“Babe, look at me,” Kuroo didn’t move. Bokuto sighed, bended down to cup his cheeks. “Don’t cry,” He wiped away the tears, and kissed one eye and another. Kuroo melted on the spot, letting out a sob. “It’s my fault,”

“We’ll find him,” He rubbed his nose against Kuroo’s cheek, he felt the wetness and it made his blood boil to see his lover falling apart. He will definitely kill that Kang Ju with his bare hands. “You’re not alone, this is not your fault…” His lips landed on Kuroo, initiating a movement but got none. “Tetsu, don’t cry…”

“I’ll bury him alive,”

“I know,” His kisses went down his chin, then his jawline. Bokuto took his time savoring the skin Kuroo can offer. “I’m sure Kei can handle himself, have a little trust,”

“If he ever touch him…” Kuroo balled his fist, hands shaking and Bokuto took it. “Rest for now…” Bokuto went lower, hands grazed at the button of Kuroo’s pants. “Let me take care of you,”




Akaashi has Kuroo’s face buried on his chest when the rustling of sheets woke him up. He squinted his eyes, focusing on the image of Bokuto’s back sitting up.

When Akaashi saw Bokuto stood up and left, he released a sigh.

He looked at Kuroo’s face, planted a kiss on his forehead before he carefully removed himself from Kuroo, glad that the other’s a heavy sleeper. Silently, Akaashi wore his slippers before walking out of the room.

He adjusted his vision, everything was dark and only the light from the moon shining against the windows guided him towards the hotel’s living room.

Akaashi hated staying in hotels but their penthouse has been raided so he doesn’t have much choice. The clink of glass snapped him back to the situation, his eyes landed on Bokuto who held an old fashioned glass filled with whatever liquid he’s drinking while his eyes were dazed, looking outside the window.

Slowly, Akaashi made his way to him, wrapped his arms around his neck.

He kissed the side of his face, inhaling his scent.

“Isn’t it too early to drink whiskey?”


“Go back to bed, it’s only 5 AM…”

“We need to find Kei…”

“It’s been a long night,” Bokuto sighed, puts his glass down as his other hand patted Akaashi’s head, fingers interlocked against soft, black locks. “I’m sorry for making you travel back at midnight,”

“No need to apologize, if it’s about you guys, I’ll come in a heartbeat,”

“Tetsu’s really fucked up… it’s my fault, I should’ve… I should’ve stayed with him in the kitchen, and maybe the situation will come out different—”

“Shh… We will find him tomorrow…” Akaashi buried his face on the crook of Bokuto’s neck and inhaled his scent, “Please don’t blame yourselves… it hurts me. Kei wouldn’t want that…”




“What you lookin’ at, perv?” Kang Ju smirked, rolled his eyes at the blond held by his body guards. The satisfying feeling of getting the trio’s ‘baby’ was in his system, the wants and the demands for goods was running wild in his mind.

Kidnapping Kei will get Kuroo and Bokuto on their knees.

Kang Ju spoke some Korean before Kei was dragged yet again inside some hotel, taking note of the Taiwanese writing. “This mother fucker brought me to Taiwan, we were planning to go here next year,”

“You say something?” One man glared down, and Kei gave an equal scary glare, “Fuck off,”

“Why—” The man brought his fist up, Kei closed his eyes waiting for the impact but the voice of Kang Ju interrupted them, “I know he’s a spoiled, daddies’ boy toy, Wan, but we still need him,” The man named Wan grunted in reply.

“Here’s your room sweet cheeks,” The guards threw him on the bed, Wan not forgetting to slap Kei’s butt.

The blond gave a scowl. “Touch me and I’ll personally cut your hands off,” Wan didn’t reply after that, taking out a chain underneath the bed and forcefully taking Kei’s hand, “Hey! I said don’t—”He pushed him, Kei’s head hitting the headboard and Wan took this chance to cuff Kei’s wrist connecting to the chain before cuffing the other end to the headboard. 

Kei pulled on his right arm, sitting up straight to punch him but the binds prevented him to do so. Kei could only hiss in response, his left arm reaching out and successfully scratched Wan’s arm.

“Hey, now… if you don’t behave, your body will end up in the dumpsters,”

“Rather be there than here,”

“Come on, let’s leave him for a while, let this kitten rest and maybe if he’s calm enough, we can work something out.”




Bokuto panted, sweat drizzled down his back, and wet shirt sticking to his chest. It’s been an hour of intensified punching, letting out all of his frustrations through the poor punching bag.

His muscles ached, his head hurts, and he’s irritated because they still can’t find Kei.

“Excuse me, sir…” Bokuto held onto the moving punch bag, eyes averted to the new comer, “Akaashi-sama and Kuroo-sama calls for you, they said it’s something about last night…”