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Ride and Die With You

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“Wow, you ate, I’m impressed,” Kang Ju’s smile was sickeningly sweet, his gold grilled teeth was showing causing Kei to scrunch up his nose in annoyance. The blond didn’t reply this time and continued to eat.

Kei glanced at the clock, 7:15 PM.

“Hmm…” Kei gulped the food down, grabbing the glass of water on the nightstand and drank every bit. Well, he was really hungry but he’s really saving some energy to escape later on. “I bet those chains hurt, huh?”

Kei ignored him.

“Consider this as your last supper,” With one last look, Kang Ju stood up and left. Wan stayed though, eyes on him as he stood in the doorway.

When he was done eating, Wan walked over to him and took the tray, put it on the edge of the bed.

He glared down at the blond.

“You better behave or I’ll crush your thin body,” He moved closer to Kei as his hands moved to his back pocket. Kei took this chance to pull Wan on top of him.

“Hey—” Wan was cut off with Kei’s lips against his. Kei’s tongue probed his lips, asking for entrance. Wan groaned as he pushed Kei away, face red and mouth tainted with saliva. “What the actua—”

“I know you want me,” The blond grinded his hips against his, Kei releasing a pleasant moan. “Come on big boy,” He bit his lips.

Kei thought his plan didn’t work because Wan swiftly pushed him away, sat up straight and looked down at him.

Kei intentionally spreads his legs.

However, when he felt Wan’s hand on his thigh, he shivered. Wan dived in, rough lips touched his jawline, and his clothed groin rubbed against Kei’s clothed one. Like before, he strongly wrapped his legs around him, grabbed him by his hair harshly and instantly wrapped the long chain connected to his wrist around his neck.

Wan was frozen for a moment before wiggling to get free, his hands went to hit Kei’s side that caused the blond to hiss, but no, he must endure the pain to escape. He tightened the loop around Wan’s neck, glad that he’s starting to cough up.

Due to Wan’s violent trashing, Kei needs to do the deed. He hates to do this but Wan probably deserved it.

Kei locked Wan’s head in his arms and twisted it with all his strength.

He laid there, crushed by Wan’s heavy body.

But no time for leisure.

Kei’s hand roamed down his jean pocket, praying for the heavens that the key to this fucking chain attached to him was here.

When he touched something metal, he pulled it out and almost cried in joy.




“We have reached Taiwan’s area of responsibility, in some minutes we’ll arrive at the hotel,” Bokuto puts the dirty cloth down, blowing onto at his cleaned assault rifle before he averted his gaze at Akaashi.

Aone cleared his throat, holding onto his earpiece. “Sir I have some new information,” He bowed as the trio looked at him, “The Taiwan black market is making a fuss, and we received an information regarding their auction happening tonight at Evergreen Hotel,”


“Kiyoko Shimizu, our side in the black market told us that Tsukishima Kei was to be auctioned later on by Kang Ju, that’s why every investor are intrigued whether the rumor is true or not,”

Bokuto scoffed, aimed his rifle to the ground as if he’s gonna shoot it.

Then Bokuto’s phone rang. It’s an unknown number. Maybe…






“Thanks, kid.” Kei threw the phone back to the kid, smiling sweetly at him, “Now off you go,” He pushed her gently, still smiling as the girl went out of sight.

His smile was gone as soon as he heard running footsteps, he quickly started to run, holding the gun tightly that he managed to stole from Wan.

There were some shouts of Taiwanese when Kei entered the 4th-floor lobby. He quivered, feeling cold with his legs exposed and all. He stopped in the middle, looked around to see if he’s still being followed.

A gun shot was heard and he ducked, the people around began to scream and run. Kei crawled under a woman’s dress before fleeting away, joining the running crowd. He entered a hallway, running as fast as he can until two men appeared in front of him.

All the air in his system was knocked out as he was pushed against the wall, the man’s arm digging into his neck. Kei struggled, kicked the man in his crotch with all his might and successfully escaped.

Unfortunately, he was grabbed from behind, trapping him in a suffocating bear hug. Kei groaned out loud, stepped his legs aside causing the one behind to lose his balance and Kei took the opportunity to hit him with his elbow on his face.

Kei wasted no time to step on his crotch, smirking lightly. He rummaged through the groaning man’s pants, found a gun and took it.

When he heard more footsteps, he made a run for it.

Going to the emergency exit, he started to climb up the stairs he hopes will lead him to the rooftop. His limbs were starting to ache, his hands blooming a new bruise, his legs giving up from climbing so much.

He wants to quit but no, he can’t.




“I said let’s follow Kei’s plan!”

“He could be in danger at the moment, let me go inside and then—”

“Kuroo, no.” Bokuto gritted his teeth, no matter how much he disagrees with meeting Kei at the hotel’s rooftop, he actually thinks it’s a great idea. Less commotion and injuries.

“We’re almost near the hotel, please shut the fuck up and grab some weapons,” Akaashi swore this two would be the death of him.




As Kei opened the rooftop door, he made a run to the grounds, looking back to check on who’s following him and saw some of Kang Ju’s men ready to aim at him. He hissed, too tired to deal with them at the moment. He shot one in the head before another, hiding behind some AC ventilation.

He must fight back.

Kei peeked up and placed his arms down firmly before shooting one man from another until he has no more bullets. Oh god, now Kei feels scared. He threw his gun away, crouching down and crawled towards another closed entryway and hid behind a wall, panting and scared. He hopes that none of them noticed he’s here.

The gunshots never stopped, shooting mostly the ventilation where he took cover a while ago. It was chaos, loud and frightening. It’s a perfect time now for his lovers to arrive. Come on, anytime soon.

“So the kitten is hiding here,” Kei’s eyes went wide, his gaze landing on the man behind him who has a knife in his grip. Kei gulped, he can hear the beating of his heart through the loud firings. “Boss wouldn’t like it if I kill you, so if you wanna live, come with me,”

No matter how much Kei wanted to answer sarcastically, he’s too tired. His body ached all over.

Then a strong gust of wind blew Kei a little out of balance, the man in front backed a little and covered his eyes. The sound of whirling blades echoed and before he knew it, the man was on the ground swimming in his own blood.

Kei looked at the source and his eyes got teary, he sighed in relief as gunshots after gunshots were fired, and those men that were looking for him all went down one by one as Bokuto and Kuroo fired away like crazy.

It was like a slow-motion show for Kei, the way Kuroo and Bokuto shouted in anger as they shoot bullet after bullet made him shiver. Kei slowly took a step forward, eyes never leaving his lovers until he met Akaashi’s loving gaze.

Oh god how much he missed Akaashi.

Kei doesn’t care, he only wants to be with them—and when he saw Akaashi threw a rope, he made his way to them. Walking through the blazing gunshots, the bullets not once hitting him. He heard more men barging in the rooftop, only to be killed by his lovers.

He walked and then ran. Eyes glued to them.

He jumped, successfully grasping the rope.




“That’s enough, let’s go…” Akaashi said, kneeling down on the ground as Kei panted in his arms. Kuroo laughed out loud, still firing uncontrollably next to Bokuto, enjoying every pained scream. He finally stopped, tossing his gun somewhere in the chopper before giving Bokuto a high-five, saying that they haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

“You’re here… all of you,” Kei didn’t have time to breathe as he was trampled down on the ground, his grip on Akaashi loosened as Kuroo’s weight crushed him.

Instantly, he wrapped his arms around Kuroo, inhaling his scent. “Babe, did they hurt you?”


“Did they touch you?” He felt Kuroo’s hand on his face, fingers caressing his lips.


“I promise I won’t let that happe—” Kuroo was shut off by Kei’s lips against him. “Please let me sleep for a while,”




Three days later, Kei found himself in Kuroo’s lap, his hands caressing his neck as the sheets underneath his knees feels soft and fluffy.

Bokuto was beside Kuroo, resting his head on the pillow and giving Kei a lovely look.

He can also hear the shower going on.

“Does your wrist still hurt?” Kuroo grabbed his right hand, brought it close to his lips and kissed the faded bruise. Kei smiled gently, feeling butterflies all over again, “I’m fine now,” Kei was only wearing Kuroo’s shirt, nothing underneath, so when he felt another hand on his thigh, he released a sigh of relief.

Bokuto’s hand were soothing.

“Tell me, did they hurt you?” Kuroo caressed Kei’s lips with his other hand, Kei flinching a little at the stinging of his lips. Well, obviously they hurt him, when they rescued Kei, the blond’s face was bruised, lips chapped and broken, and glasses never found.

They got him a new one though.

“A little, but as I said Kuroo,” Kei took Kuroo’s hands in his. “I am fine,”

“Did they touch you?” Kei’s quietness means yes. Bokuto and Kuroo’s blood boiled at the thought. “Who—”

“He’s gone now,” Kuroo released a grunt, sitting up straight to bury his face in the crook of his neck. Kei moaned, grinded his hips against Kuroo.


“I hate the fact that they tied you,” Bokuto interjected, the hand on his thigh roamed up and up until it stopped at his waist, the shirt riding along. The sound of running water stopped but Kei was too distracted of the lips on his neck. “Touch me, please…” The blond begged, getting bolder and bolder, panting erotically.

Kuroo sucked on his neck, biting the skin not so gently before licking it.

“Touch me where he kissed me, embrace me…” One of Kei’s hand goes down, intertwining with Bokuto’s. “Tie me up,”

Suddenly, Kei was pulled backward by the hair, Kuroo’s lips on his neck gone as his gaze was up and looking at Akaashi’s lust filled ones. He didn’t even hear Akaashi going near their bed.

Then he felt something around his neck, a collar, “Be a good boy and let us touch you until you come as many times as we want,” Akaashi’s voice sent shivers down his spine. Bokuto nudged him a little, Kei helped him by removing his own shirt.

Being just the one naked made Kei excited.

“Now, would you be a good boy and pleasure our worried Kuroo here?” Kei nodded as he crawled backward, his butt hitting Akaashi’s toweled crotch and shamelessly rubbed himself against his lover. “Now, now…” Akaashi said huskily, hands running up from his lower back to his shoulder blades, up and up until it reached Kei’s nape.

The black haired man pulled on the collar, choking him a little. “You’re such a tease, huh?” Akaashi held his neck, thrusting his hips as he let his clothed groin rest between Kei’s butt cheeks. It was a wonderful sight.

“Do your job well, babe...” Akaashi pushed Kei’s head forward, the lad landing on his elbows, face in front of Kuroo’s bulging boxers.

“Want to know something?” Bokuto started, now seated up straight, hand on Kuroo’s cheeks, “Tetsu here… was so worried…” He murmured, closing the gap between him and Kuroo’s lips, kissing those ample lips sensually, “He cried…”

Kei felt Akaashi’s fingers caressing the collar before taking hold of his hair again, “ So make him cry again,” With what Akaashi said, Kei’s head was suddenly pushed forward, nose hitting Kuroo’s bulge as the other lets out a shaky moan. Kei looked up to see what’s going on—his cock twitched.

Bokuto and Kuroo were locked in a deep kiss, both men already shirtless. One of Kuroo’s hand was buried inside Bokuto’s boxers, the big bulge and moving hands made Kei’s mouth water in anticipation.

A slap on his ass brought him back from his lust filled mind, Akaashi’s voice ghosting over his ear, “Come on now, you made Tetsu cry…”

Kuroo shivered at the cold hands touching his skin. His mouth broke apart from Bokuto and looked down only to see Kei taking out his cock, the cold hands were enough to make his dick pulse.

Kei wasted no time to stroke Kuroo’s dick, eyes meeting the other’s lust filled ones. Kei licked his lips before diving in gently, tongue running up from the bottom to the tip.

Kuroo has his eyes shut, his hand stopped playing with Bokuto’s for a while, too immersed in the pleasure of Kei’s hot mouth.

“You’re enjoying this huh?” Akaashi’s voice broke through the panting of breaths. He backed away a little, missing Kei’s warmth already. He then instructed Bokuto to get some things needed for their playtime.

Kuroo noticed Bokuto moving away but immediately moaned out loud as he felt his tip hit the back of Kei’s throat. He thrusts his hips, Kei releasing a choked sound.

“Kei…” Kuroo’s hand automatically went down, running it through those silky gold locks.

Kei was so proud of what he was doing, just hearing Kuroo being a complete mess makes him harder and dripping wet.

He wants this.

To pleasure Kuroo.

Kei stopped for a moment as he felt a lubed finger ran up and down between his cheeks. He moaned, the vibration from his mouth emitted another moan from Kuroo.

Meanwhile, as Akaashi slowly entered one finger inside Kei, he felt two large hands on his waist, slowly taking off his towel. “Kou…” Bokuto’s lips landed on Akaashi’s nape, teeth scratching the skin as his tongue lap on it languidly. Akaashi shivered, now with two fingers inside Kei.

Bokuto breathed in Akaashi’s scent, his hands traveled up. His soft touches send a tingling sensation that takes Akaashi’s breath away, “Kou…” Akaashi tried his best to open up Kei properly but Bokuto’s fingers pinching his nipple, and the silk rope he was holding gliding against his skin were quite distracting. “You look tasty, can I fuck you and then Tsukki?” Akaashi chuckled a little, turning his head to kiss those awaiting lips. “We’ll deal about that later but for now…”

The lad gave Bokuto a smirk before pushing his fingers in a spot he knows would make Kei a moaning mess. It did. Kei released Kuroo’s dick with a pop, a thin saliva connects his lips from the tip as he lets out a moan followed by a whine, pushing his hips towards Akaashi to feel more.

“My, my… who told you to touch yourself?” Kissing Akaashi’s neck one last time, Bokuto separated himself from him and crawled towards Kei.

He kissed his back before grabbing Kei’s hands forcefully, placing it on his back and tied the rope around it. That action alone caused Kei to sit up a little, Akaashi’s fingers leaving him as he rests his butt on Kuroo’s legs while Bokuto tightened the rope.

“There, nice for display,” Bokuto licked his lips, admiring his own work. The red rope was a complete contrast to Kei’s pale skin, so enticing and beautiful.

“Kou…” Kei pleaded, eyes landing on Bokuto’s before gazing down at his own aching erection.

Kuroo automatically touched Kei’s dick, pumping it slowly. “You wanna come?” Kei nodded with a whimper. “But we’re just starting…”

“Let him,” Akaashi’s commanding voice was a complete turn on, Kei loves their commanding voice. “But first… plead us, babe,” Bokuto kissed Kei’s shoulder before going up to kiss his cheek, “Koutarou…”


“Please… Tetsu… Keiji… please...” Kei then felt Akaashi’s arm around his waist while another going down his inner thigh and rubbed his cock together with Kuroo’s, he released a moan inside his Bokuto's mouth, wanting to touch Bokuto’s body but the rope restrained him from doing so.

Kei continued to moan as two hands stroked his cock. Bokuto smirked as one of his hands went down to his ass and probed inside not so gently. “Fuck….” Kei panted, closing his eyes as pressure from his dick and the fingers in his ass was overstimulating.

Kuroo’s hand starts to play with his balls while Akaashi thumbed his tip. Kei opened his mouth wide, head curling up, stomach tightening. “I’m…” The blond didn’t get to finish his sentence as he came, white liquid covering his lovers’ hands and some went on Kuroo.

Akaashi hummed, letting go of Kei’s dick and ushered Bokuto to remove his fingers. Kei whined at the loss, still twitching from the orgasm when Akaashi slapped his butt, “Get ready,”




“Hng… Ahhh!” Kei moaned as he bounced up and down, impaling himself deliciously onto Kuroo’s cock. Kuroo was moaning nonstop, his head was thrown back onto the pillow, hands on Kei’s hips, mouth agape and eyes closed tightly.

Kei panted, thighs straining for the lack of hand support. “Fuck, Kei is so hot,” Bokuto commented on his right, his hands roaming every hot skin he can touch, leaving a cold ache in Kei’s insides. “Kei, open your mouth,” Akaashi spoke from his left and with a pleasure induced mind, Kei opened his mouth wide and stick his tongue out as the Bokuto and Akaashi start to kiss each side of his mouth.

Saliva drip down his chin but he is happy as the two tongues of his lovers trapped his tongue in between. Kuroo moaned at the sight before him, thrusting his hips up to meet with Kei, erupting a moan from the blond, loving how his sweet spot was hit repeatedly. “I’m coming…” Kuroo said breathlessly, a hand coming down to stroke Kei’s dick along with his thrust.

With one last hard thrust, he came inside Kei—the blond following afterward.

Bokuto and Akaashi watched it all happened before the bigger of the two growled, grabbing Kei by the waist and throwing him on the bed.

Kei grunted at the loss of Kuroo’s cock inside of him, and for being manhandled so sudden, however, his annoyance was replaced with a groan followed by a gasp as Bokuto entered his sensitive hole. Bokuto wasted no time to thrust his hips, enjoying the way Kei opens up to him and Kuroo’s cum mixing in.

“Fuck,” He groaned, diving down to kiss the blond’s collarbone, sucking and licking and biting. Kei was hard again, moaning at every pound of Bokuto’s hips, his arms were starting to strain from being tied and crushed by his weight but the pleasure was overpowering.

“Kei,” Bokuto breathed out, placing both hands on the bed beside Kei’s head and looked deeply into his eyes, “I love you, baby… hngg…” Kei’s heart beat increased at the sudden confession, no matter how many times Kei had heard them say I love you, it always gets him, always making his heart skip a beat.

Man, he loves them so much.

“Kou!” Kei came as soon as Bokuto took his nipple inside his mouth, he can feel his tongue swirling his nub as he continues to release his juice on their stomach.

It’s the third time he came. They really do plan to make him cum whenever they want.

Bokuto pounded some more before coming, biting Kei’s nipple harshly causing the blond to scream in pain and pleasure. He sat up straight and took his cock out, watching in amazement as his cum seeps out of Kei’s twitching hole.

“Ahh… Tetsu-” Kei opened his eyes and looked to his left and there he saw Akaashi on his back being pounded by Kuroo. With a tired and over stimulated body, Kei pushed himself up and neared them, dropping down not so gently on Akaashi’s stomach before licking the tip of his dripping cock.

“Ah- fuck, Kei,” Akaashi wasted no time to grab the blond by the hair, urging him to go down deeper. The thrusting of hips made it a little hard for Kei to focus on sucking, especially when Kuroo’s pubes kept hitting the side of his face.

“Kei…” Akaashi’s moans were stimulating, a good music to his ears. Kei ran his tongue from the bottom to the tip before taking it down again until the tip of Akaashi’s dick hits the back of his throat.

Kei was at a good pace when suddenly the rope around his hands was pulled backward, causing Kei to let go of the cock in his mouth and let out a moan as he feels full again.

Bokuto groaned, loving the feeling of getting to enter Kei again. He grabs the blond by the hips and the rope forcing Kei to be on all fours. “Fucking hell—Koutarou!”

“I love it when you curse,” Bokuto smirk before thrusting his hips, hitting a particular spot that made Kei see stars. “Uhnngg,” Kei closed his eyes shut, going down again to suck on Akaashi’s dick, determined to pleasure his other lover.

It didn’t take long before Akaashi come, Kei swallowing up everything. Soon followed Kei again, resting his head on Akaashi’s stomach as Bokuto continue to pound into him.




“You did well,” The ropes were finally removed and the soreness from it was replaced with Akaashi’s light kisses. “Was it too tight? I’m sorry,”

“No, it’s okay…” Kei tried to hold back a yawn, smiling sleepily at the other. Bokuto was on the other side of the bed, already asleep with his mouth wide open. Kuroo, on the other hand, had him wrapped around his arms, face buried in the crook of his neck.

“I missed this,”

“Me too,”




Akaashi walked calmly down the hallway, four men following behind as they made their way to a room where he’s needed right now. The heels of boots echoed in the hall, every step anticipating in something.

They stopped at room 603, the Korean writing on the door says ‘occupied’.

Tendou, his right-hand man, opened the door for him.  Akaashi entered.

There lay on the bed was no other than Kang Ju, hands tied on the headboard, eyes puffed out and violet, lips broken, and sweating.

Akaashi removed his jacket, handing it to Tendou.

“Good evening, sweet cheeks, did you eat yet?” His voice was monotone as he walked near him, the men surrounding the room were all armed and ready to kill with just Akaashi’s words.

“Just kill me…” Kang Ju breathed out.

Akaashi smiled, even scaring some of his men. “Three days…”


“In three days, you’ll die, but for now I’m gonna be hospitable. Want some food? I’ll feed ya,” Akaashi finally lets out a giggle as he motioned for Tendou to grab the tray full of food. “We have seaweed and tofu soup, some fried eggs and, oh! Kei’s fave, shortcake,” Akaashi’s smile was gone, replaced with the same straight face as before.

He grabbed the bowl of soup before he dropped its contents on Kang Ju, the hot liquid burning his skin as the Korean man lets out a scream.