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Smut Shots and One Shots

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Come Crying To Me: Nico di Angelo x Female Reader (Friendship)

Every now and then, everyone needed to be held. And you considered it your job to be the one doing the holding.

All around camp, your name spread around as the one to go to if one was in need of a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear.

Percy was one of your most frequent visitors. Being a hero wasn't easy, and with all the pressure and fame on his shoulders he just needed someone who didn't look at him like a hero.

Your next was Leo. Even though he had Calypso, he couldn't tell her everything. So you listened for him and held him when he needed it.

But the one person who needed and deserved a hug the most was the only permanent resident of Cabin 13, Nico DiAngelo.

Nico wasn't a touchy-feely person, and you knew that. He didn't like talking to people he barely knew (as far as you knew, he didn't like talking in general) and you respected that. He would come to you in his own time.

So, needless to say, when you retired early to your cabin while your brothers and sisters were still at the bonfire, finding the son of Hades on your cabin door step was a bit of a shock.

"Nico? Is everything alright?" You asked as you sat beside him.

The teenager next to you shook his head.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

A slight nod.

"Do you wanna go somewhere more private?"

Nico stood and held out his hand. Free from fear, you took it and melted into the shadows with him. When you opened your eyes, you were in New York City, in what appeared to be an all night cafe. The place was nearly deserted, but the barista smiled at you and gave you your orders.

Nico had glided over to a small booth in the corner, away from the window, with his head in his hands.

You sat across from him, pushing his hot chocolate and Danish towards him with your own drink and pastry in your own hand. "Take your time, Nico. We have all the time in the world."

Silence enveloped the two of you, filled by the sounds of the traffic outside and the low hum of the lights overhead.

After what seemed like ages, Nico spoke. "It's...It's been three years today since Bianca died...and I...I just feel like I should have been able to do something..." A heavy sigh. "I was her brother, it's a brother's job to protect his sister. I failed her..."

"No." The word came from your mouth, solid and final. "You did not fail her. Nico, you were a nine year old boy in a strange place with strange people being told strange things. You were too young for a quest. There was nothing you could have done."

"But the skeletons...the night I ran away from camp..."

"Nico, demigod powers are unstable at a young age. I mean, Percy strangled a snake as a toddler, Leo bursts into flames at random times, I have a tendency to glow like a hundred watt bulb sometimes. You raising the dead were your powers surfacing for the very first time. Yes, it was just a taste of how strong you are, but that doesn't mean you could have done anything for your sister." You looked down at your drink and Nico looked at you.

"You lost someone precious to you. Didn't you?" He asked.

You nodded. "My little brother. But this isn't about me."

"I'll talk about Bianca if you'll talk about your brother."

A dry chuckle left your mouth. "Alright. You go first."

Nico looked down at his hands, sipping his drink. "She was the closest thing I had to a mother after mine died. She taught me to read and write, made sure I ate my vegetables, brushed my teeth, said please and thank you...I remember, once, when I was too scared to walk to the bathroom by myself, Bia got up and walked me there herself.

She spent her pocket money to buy me my Mythomagic cards, sang me to sleep, taught me my was like being hit by a car when Percy told me she was dead, like every bone in my body had been broken and the wind had been knocked out of me..." Nico"s voice cracked and he swiped the back of his hand over his cheeks.

You dabbed away your own tears with a napkin and handed Nico one as well. Lots of campers had come to you with memories of lost relations. But to hear the tenderness and love in Nico's voice when he spoke of his sister...your own wounded heart bled for the man across from you.

You cleared your throat, took a drink of your own refreshment, and began to follow up on your end of the deal. "I never truly got to know my brother. He was just a baby when we lost him. My mother...after my father left her, she got married to a nice man. Made good money, treated us right, I call him dad to this day.

A year after he married my mother she got pregnant and we were all ecstatic. I wanted to be a big sister more than anything. I helped paint the nursery, pick out the clothes, bottles, crib, stroller, anything the baby needed I wanted to help get. When he was born, he was healthy in every way. We brought him home two days after he was born, cause mom needed time to rest and she didn't want him home without her, and we thought everything was fine.

But one night...I noticed he didn't cry in the middle of the night like he normally did. The house was silent. I got up to check on him and...and there he was, dead in his crib. I remember I didn't quite think he was dead...just sleeping. But...But I noticed he wasn't breathing, and I screamed for my parents and ran to call 911...but they were too late...they called it SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and it broke my mother's heart and mine.

We burried him in the family plot in the local cemetery and now no one talks about him. Its like this private wound we all carry around. No one talks about it, especially not around my mom or my other brothers and sisters...its been seven years now...he'd be seven today."

You thought back to the small headstone with a baby angel on it that sat in your family plot. You thought of the name and dates carved into the stone; Benjamin Allistor (L/N) January 4, 2012-January 17, 2012. You thought of the inscription beneath that short span of time, the few words you had helped your parents choose. Dear God, I wanted to hold my son on my lap and tell him about you, so can you please hold him on your lap and tell him about me?

A sob tore through your throat before you could stop it, and you covered your face with one hand while the other wrapped around you, trying to hug yourself.

Nico stood from where he was sitting, scooted into booth beside you, and wrapped his arms around you, burrying his face in your hair as he too sobbed for the sibling he had lost.

In the end, when all the tears had been cried and all hugs given, the two of you returned to camp with your arms around in each other.

"If you ever need me, just knock and I'll let you in." Nico said as he walked you to your cabin.

"Thank you Nico. Same to you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, I'll be there."

"Good night (Y/N)."

"Good night Nico."

When you're tired of it all
And tears need to fall
Your back's to the wall
Come cryin to me
You don't have to be strong
You don't to hold on
You've been there too long

Come cryin to me
I'll leave the living room light
Burning all night
No don't even pack
Don't even look back
Baby come cryin to me

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For years you had wanted to learn how to dance. You were sick of swaying side to side next to the wall.

So, you had swallowed your pride and asked your friend Jason to help you learn.

Jason, sweet, kindhearted understanding Jason. He made your heart soar with a single smile. Never once had he been unable to make you smile or laugh. He had stood by you when you when your boyfriend left you high and dry in the middle of nowhere in Canada, and you had held him when Piper had broken it off with him to be with Annabeth.

To save you some embarrassment, Jason had agreed to meet you at your apartment in New Rome. You usually spent your time in Camp Halfblood, but you had wanted to see what Christmas in California had been like. So far, unimpressed.

Jason had shown up just as you finished moving what little furniture you had out of the way.

"Y/N? Are you home?" His voice echoed in the hallway outside the door and you called back.

"Its unlocked! Come on in!"

You snickered at the Roman demigod's appearance. A nasty storm had been brewing outside and poor Jason seemed to have been caught without an umbrella if his drenched clothes and hair were anything to go by.

"Oh my gods....stay there. I'll get you a towel and some dry clothes. I should have some left from when you came to visit last go around. Here."

You handed him a soft fluffy towel, fresh from the dryer, and went to fetch a spare t-shirt and some sweatpants. When you returned, you found Jason hopping out of his wet sneakers and socks and swearing softly under his breath.

"Here you go, Sparky." You joked, tossing the clothes his way. "Go ahead and make use of the shower. I'll be damned if I'm gonna risk you getting sick."

Jason made a weak attempt to protest but the look you gave him clearly said you wouldn't be taking no for an answer. So, he did as he was told and returned in time to find you sorting through your CD collection, settling on a list of classical music before turning to Jason.

"So what are we starting with?" You asked.

"I was thinking we start simple. Try and get a waltz down and work your way from there."

"Waltz? That's pretty old fashioned Jay."

"If you want to build a house, you start at the foundation."

"Yeah yeah. How do we start?"

"Well, like this," Jason took a pillow from your couch then grabbed your hand and pulled you close so that the pillow was pressed between you. "The goal is to keep the pillow between us. Think you can do that?"

"I-I think so..." you stammered.

"Alright. Now, put one hand here," Jason grabbed one of your hands and placed it on his shoulder. The arm it was attached to slid around your waist, with the palm resting against the middle of your back, "and my hand and yours go here." His spare hand grabbed your other one gently and held it up so that it was level with his shoulder.

A blush spread across your face. Had he always been this tall? "N-now what?"

"Keep your eyes locked on mine, alright? That's the key. Now, follow my lead ok?"

You nodded and took a step forward when he stepped back, but when he stepped forward, and you went back, you stumbled and stepped in his foot. "Sorry!"

"No problem. We're bound to have a few stepped in toes. Try it again. Forward, over, back. Over, forward, back. There we go."

Soon, there was no need for instruction as you quickly grew accustomed to the easy steps. However, when you looked up at Jason to smile and thank him, the words wouldn't come. In his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, was so much love and happiness it made you stop completely.

Tears sprang unbidden to your eyes. He had never looked at you that way. No one had. For some reason, seeing so much emotion directed at you made you want to cry and the tears flowed down your cheeks before you could stop them.

Jason froze, his hands moving to cup your face. "Y/N? Y/N, what's the matter? Did I step on your foot? Talk to me."

"I love you." The words flew from your mouth and you slapped your hands up to cover your lips.

Oh gods, had you just ruined everything? Jason was as still as a victim of Medusa, his eyes blank of emotion.

Strike me where I stand! Your cheeks burned crimson and your eyes squeezed shut.

A calloused hand rose up and pried your hands from your mouth, a soft voice saying "Look at me, Y/N."

You cracked open your eyes and there it was again, the same emotions swimming in those electric blue eyes.

"I love you, Y/N. I was just...I was worried about ruining things with you." Jason's voice rang in a tone you'd never heard before. He sounded afraid.

A short laugh coupled with a sob came from your throat as you smiled. "I love you too."

Jason's cheeks flushed red before he swept you into a hug and peppered your face with peppermint smelling kisses. He spun you around a bit before he set you on your feet.

  • With a smile, he bowed at the waist and kissed your hand before holding out his own. "My lady, may I have this dance?"

A grin broke out on your face before you did a curtsy, as best you could in pajama bottoms, and nodded. "Of course you may!"

It's like catching lighting
The chances of finding
Someone like you
It's one in a million
The chances of feeling
The way we do.
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better.
So can I have this dance?
Can I have this dance?
-"Can I Have This Dance?" High School Musical 3; Senior Year

Chapter Text

It was that time of year again. Time for the annual play and the Apollo cabin had decided to let you organize it.

So, of course you started going through the plays you knew.

Romeo and Juliet? Nah, too cliche.

No fairytales. Something darker.

The Shining? Too dark.

The Glass Menagerie? Oh gods you hadn't read that in forever.

Then, while doing some research, you came across an old ballad titled Death and the Lady and you were set.

So, after getting a script written, costumes made, and a set built, it was time to do some cast work.

Campers poured out of their cabins to auditions, but only a few were worth keeping.

Eventually, after turning the list over to the Apollo cabin, they cast you as the lady and you were shipped off to the Athena cabin to be fitted for your costume, which turned out to be a simple white cotton Greek style dress that reminded you of Meg from the Disney version of Hercules. You had tried asking who had been cast as Death, but you already knew.

Nico DiAngelo had been cast, since he seemed perfect for the role and he already knew the ballad by heart almost.

So, the big night rolled around. Demigods from both camps flooded the amphitheatre with popcorn and drinks, eager to see something that would hopefully be short, even if it was somewhat long winded.

The curtain rose to reveal you sitting on a bed, a book in hand, your (h/c) hair pulled up in a bun. Nico, dressed in a pitch black toga and looking more like death than ever, suddenly appeared in front of you, startling you and causing you to drop your book.

"Fair Lady, throw those costly robes aside, no longer may you glory in your pride. Take leave of all your carnal vain delight. I'm come to summon you away this night." His voice was cold and clear and it sent shivers down your spine.

You pretended to be frightened, standing and backing away slightly. "What bold attempt is this? Pray let me know from whence you come, and whither I must go. Shall I, who am a lady, stoop or bow to such a pale-faced visage? Who art thou?"

Nico let out a dry chuckle, dark eyes fixed on you. "Do you not know me? I will tell you then: I am he that conquers all the sons of men. No pitch of honour from my dart is free. My name is Death! Have you not heard of me?"

You nodded, taking another step back and looking confused. "Yes, I have heard of thee, time after time. But, being in the glory of my prime, I did not think you would have come so soon. Why must my morning sun go down at noon?"

Nico laughed dryly and took a step towards you. "Talk not of noon! You may as well be mute; There is no time at all for vain dispute. Your riches, gold, and garments, jewels bright, your house, and land, must on new owners light."

"My heart is cold; it trembles at such news!" You took a small bag of chocolate coins and held it out to him. "Here's bags of gold, if you will me excuse and seize on those; and finish thou their strife, who wretched are, and weary of their life. Are there not many bound in prison strong in bitter grief? And souls that languish long, who could but find the grave a place of rest from all their grief; by which they are opprest. Besides there's many with a hoary head and palsied joints; from whom all joy is fled. Release thou them whose sorrows are so great, and spare my life until a later date!"

Nico took the bag, tossed it from hand to hand, then threw it aside into the crowd. "Though thy vain heart to riches is inclined yet thou must die and leave them all behind. I come to none before their warrant's sealed, and, when it is, they must submit, and yield. Though some by age be full of grief and pain, till their appointed time they must remain; I take no bribe, believe me,this is true. Prepare yourself to go; I'm come for you."

You got on your knees before Nico, hands clasped together as if begging. "But if, oh! if you could for me obtain a freedom, and a longer life to reign, fain would I stay, if thou my life wouldst spare. I have a daughter, beautiful and fair. I wish to see her wed, whom I adore; Grant me but this, and I will ask no more?"

Nico laughed again, a cold cruel laugh that shook the audience and you. "This is a slender frivolous excuse! I have you fast! I will not let you loose! Leave her to Providence, for you must go along with me, whether you will or no!" Nico took hold of your arm, not in a harsh way, but it was still in the script for him to yank you to your feet as he continued the line. "If Death commands the King to leave his crown he at my feet must lay his sceptre down; Then, if to Kings I do not favour give but cut them off, can you expect to live beyond the limits of your time and space? No! I must send you to another place."

You fell to the bed in a swoon, classic Scarlett O'Hara style. "Ye learned doctors, now exert your skill, and let not Death on me obtain his will! Prepare your cordials, let me comfort find, my gold shall fly like chaff before the wind!"

Nico's voice rose again, harsher and angrier, as he was supposed to be, as he yanked you from the bed and you fell upon your knees. "Forbear to call! That skill will never do; They are but mortals here as well as you. I give the fatal wound, my dart is sure, and far beyond the doctors' skill to cure. Flow freely you can let your riches fly to purchase life, rather than yield and die! But, while you flourished here with all your store, you would not give one penny to the poor. Though in God's name they sue to you did make, you would not spare one penny for His sake. My Lord beheld wherein you did amiss, and calls you hence, to give account of this!"

You began to weep like a frightened woman, fat tears streaming down your face. "Oh! heavy news! Must I no longer stay? How shall I stand at the great Judgement Day? None knows what I now undergo! Upon my bed of sorrow here I lie! My selfish life makes me afraid to die! My sins are great, and manifold,and foul; Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on my soul! Alas! I do deserve a righteous frown! Yet pardon, Lord, and pour a blessing down!"

You made a noise, a soft haah noise, like a heavy yet soft sign, and went completely limp, like all the life had gone from you.

Nico picked you up and set you on the bed before he turned to audience, voice clear. "Then with a dying sigh her heart did break, and did the pleasures of this world forsake. Thus may we see the mighty rise and fall, for cruel Death shows no respect at all to those of either high or low degree. The great submit to Death as well as we. Though they are gay, their life is but a span, a lump of clay, so vile a creature's Man! Then happy they whom God hath made his care, and die in God, and ever happy are! The grave's the market place where all must meet, both rich and poor, as well as small and great; If life were merchandise, that gold could buy, the rich would live -- only the poor would die."

The curtain closed, drowning out the applause as Nico rushed over to you and hugged you. "You were wonderful!"

You giggled like a schoolgirl. "Oh hush. You were the wonderful one."

"Come on. After the curtain call I'm taking you to dinner."


Chapter Text

Finding out you were pregnant should have terrified you.

You were only 20, unmarried, and living in a creepy rundown hotel in the middle of bumfuck Egypt, (A/N: where I'm from that means "middle of nowhere") no job unless your current role as secretary and den mother counted, and the father, not to mention your housemates, were all either ghosts, monsters, or serial killers.

But, instead of being terrified, you were ecstatic. You had cheered with joy, hugged your doctor, and hummed a little tune to yourself as you walked home.

You were singing by the time you came through the door.

"Take me with you
I start to miss you
Take me home
I don't wanna be alone tonight
And I do want to show you
I will run to you till I
Can't stand on my own anymore I
Cross my heart and hope to die!" You belted the lyrics to Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench as you hung your coat up beside Masky's jacket and Sally's pink Hello Kitty rain jacket.

"You're in a good mood. Good news?" Ben asked without looking up from his game.

You nodded. "Best news I thought I could get. Have you seen Toby?"

"Y/N, I haven't looked away from this screen except to blink. I don't have a fucking clue where your twitchy boyfriend is."

You rolled your eyes and turned to Sally. "Have you seen him, sweetie?"

Sally nodded. "He went to get you some medicine from the store room then he went back upstairs. Are you feeling better?" She asked, green eyes alight with curiosity and worry.

You pecked her forehead and nodded before heading upstairs and knocking on your shared bedroom door. "Toby? Are you decent?"

"C-come in!" Toby called from inside the room.

You opened the door to see him arranging a vase of flowers on the nightstand and your heart swelled with love.

"Toby they're lovely! Did you pick them?" You fawned over the (fave flower. Personally I prefer yellow roses)

"S-Sally helped me f-f-find them. Are you felling b-better, hun?"

You grinned wider and nodded, taking his hands. "I'm feeling much better. I've got the best news to tell you"

"What is it?"

"Here. Lets sit down." You perched on the side of the bed, looking into the brown eyes that looked at you with so much love. "Toby, my doctor told me that I'm pregnant. We're gonna have a baby."

Toby jumped back as if you'd shocked him. "Y-Y/N...are you serious?"

You nodded. "Isn't it wonderful?"


You took his hand, holding it in your own. His palms were clammy and he shook more than before. "Toby, what's wrong?"

"We c-can't have a b-baby, Y/N!" The anger in his voice tool you aback. "For fuck's s-sake we're just k-k-kids! We kill p-people for a l-living!"

You pulled away from him. "I...I thought you'd be happy..."

"I am I j-just d-don't want our b-baby to have this life! It'll just grow up to be a m-monster like the r-rest of us!"

You looked down at your hands, then put them to your stomach. "If that's how you feel, you don't have to be around them." With that you stood up and stormed out of the room.

~Nine Months Later~

Throughout your entire pregnancy Toby had avoided you as best he could. It broke your heart he didn't want the baby you two had made. You could feel the baby inside you, moving to the sound of your voice.

You were currently sitting in the nursery, rubbing your swollen belly and staring at the ultrasound picture. This wasn't a monster. It was a baby, your baby, your beautiful baby boy. This tiny person would soon be in your arms, but when the delivery time came, you'd have no one to hold your hand save your girl friends. The thought brought tears to your eyes as you bent over and cradled your swollen stomach.

"I'm sorry, my baby. I'm sorry your daddy hasn't been there for you. But I always will. I promise."

~One week later~

You had been in labor, according to Dr. Smiley, for roughly a few hours now. The contractions were far apart, and small, so there was nothing anyone could do aside from hold your hand and wait up with you.

Currently, it was Ben's turn to look after you, as the others switched out every couple hours. Ben had brought his ocarina to play for you, and he had just gotten done playing Lavender's Blue for you to calm you through a contraction.

"I wish Toby was here..." you half whispered.

Ben sighed. "Y/N, did you ever ask Tobes why he didn't want a baby?"

"He said our baby would be a monster...but it isn't true, Ben. I know it isn't."

Ben handed you a tissue for you to dry your eyes with. "Y/N that isn't the only reason. He's terrified."

"All parents are."

"Not scared like he's scared he'll be a bad dad. He's scared the kid will end up like him. With the Tourret's and the schizophrenia and the CIPA. Parents want the best for their kids and, going with how Tobes was treated as a kid, its only normal he wouldn't want that for his kid."

You opened your mouth to say something but a contraction gripped you and your hand gripped Ben's tightly.

The poltergeist grimaced and grit his teeth. "I'm gonna go get him."

Before you could stop him, Ben had gotten up and left. You sighed and rubbed your stomach.

Ben returned about fifteen minutes later just as another contraction hit and you cried out. This one hurt more than the others.

A hand gripped yours, a powerfully shaking one, and you opened your eyes as it passed to see Toby standing beside you, eyes full of worry and fear.

"I'm s-sorry Y/N! I'm sorry I a-acted the way I d-did!" Toby stammered as he kissed your hand.

You smiled at him. "I know you are. I forgive you. Now hold,my hand and help me through this."

Four hours passed, at least that's what it felt like, before you delivered your baby.

Immediately, Smiley whisked him away and you assumed the worst. No crying. Why hadn't your baby cried? Didn't all babies cry?

Fifteen agonizing worried minutes passed before Smiley came back with your baby wrapped in a soft warm blanket and a smile on his face. "I have good news for the two of you." Smiley said.

"S-Spit it o-out Smile!" Toby snapped.

"Your son is completely healthy as far as I can see. No disorders at all."

You visibly relaxed and smiled as Smiley placed the bundle of blue blankets in Toby's arms.

Toby's face melted as he held the tiny bundle. He didn't twitch, he didn't stammer, he just smiled and it made your heart swell.

"What should we call him?" Toby asked.

You smiled. "I was thinking Tobias. Tobias Benjamin Rogers."

Toby rolled his eyes. "Really? Divergent?"

"Hey, Four was sexy. And I like the name. We can call him Little Toby or Little T."

"Little T...I like it."


Chapter Text


The bold words stared you from the front page of the paper. Your coffee sat forgotten on the rickety table beside you, and you bit your tongue to hold back a swear.

"What's wrong with the world today, Y/N?" Your boyfriend, Matthew, asks.

You stare up him, forgetting for a moment he can't see your exasperated face, as you tangle your hands in your hair and let out a sigh. "Well the press got wind of us," you say. "My breakup with the good captain seems to have cause quite a stir."

"What's the headline?"

"You're the one who can read newsprint by touching it." You snap at him to cover the embarrassment and anger boiling inside you.

You've never been so angry. Well, maybe once but that was a signed Backstreet Boys poster. This was your personal life on the front page of the Daily Bugle!

As if on cue, your phone rang, blaring the signature ACDC song you had set for your brother's ringtone.

"I take it you saw the morning paper." Is the first thing you say when you pick up.

Tony, bless his heart, is a good person and he tries hard to keep you out of the public eye. Now, thanks to your very public turn down of Steve Rogers's proposal, there's nothing he can do.

"Yeah I saw. Jesus Y/N, did you even think before you said yes or no?" Tony asks.

You're taken aback by his statement and you stand abruptly and leave the room, leaving Matt at the table. Leaving the room won't keep him from hearing what's being said but it may sound softer. At least you hope it will as Tony goes into a rant about how stupid you were.

When he says he doesn't understand why you didn't say yes, you snap.

"I don't love him! He doesn't love me! I will not be like our parents and be trapped in a loveless marriage!"

"Dad loved mom."

"Dad was a womanizer and mom couldn't stand him for it. She loved him, but only enough to stay for us. And don't try to change the subject!"

"You're the one who brought up mom and dad."

"It doesn't matter. It's done. "

"He's not good enough for you."

The sound of something shattering in the kitchen catches your attention and you sigh heavily.

"Go to hell, Tony." Is your answer before you hang up and go back to the kitchen.

Matt's favorite mug, the one that reads "#1 LAWYER" in raised letters is in shards on the black and white linoleum. He's bent over trying to pick up the pieces and he jumps when he registers that you've entered the room again.

Neither of you speak for a moment before you take his hand and guide him to the couch.
Matt takes a deep breath and leans on you once you sit down beside him. His face is buried in the crook of your neck and his five o'clock shadow tickles your skin. But there's also something wet. Tears.

With your own eyes glistening, you wrap your arms around your boyfriend.

"Don't listen to what Tony says. He's just angry." You say, fingers carding through his brown hair.

"But he's right...I'm not good enough." Matt opens his mouth to say more but you cut him off.

"No. He's wrong. You are more than enough. You're smart, caring, kind, and you've got steady job. You protect people Matt, save people."

"I've killed people."

"And? You forget that my family made weapons up until my brother got kidnapped. I helped design the Jericho Missle, and lots of weapons before that. There's blood on my hands too."

"Not as much as me."

You rolled your eyes and grabbed his face, forcing him to make eye contact. "You listen to me, Matthew Micheal Murdock. You are the man I would gladly lay my life down for. You're the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. And just because my brother doesn't approve doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and let you wallow in self pity. Understand?"

The corners of Matt's lips twitched upward and he wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug.

After a moment you pulled away and smiled up at him. "Now, if my assumptions are correct you have about an hour and a half to get ready for your next case." You leaned up and pecked his cheek. "Go get 'em tiger."

Chapter Text

Seven books, two doctors, and weekly Mommy and Me classes had not prepared you for this.

They hadn't prepared you for your current predicament of lying in a spare bed at Bobby's, howling in pain with a leather strap between your teeth.

"Damnit, Y/N! You should've called!" Your boyfriend, Dean, said as he paced the room.

He felt helpless. There was nothing he could do but watch and hold your hand as you planted and wept and screamed.

You glared up at him, the belt falling from your mouth. "Well if I had known what was going on I would've! I've never had a baby, Dean! How was I supposed to know what labor felt like?!" You snapped angrily before your body clenched in on itself and your back arched from the pain.

You felt like you were being ripped in half, and your hands clenched at your swollen stomach.

Cas entered the room, and surveyed the situation. "How far apart?" He asked as he came over and took your pulse.

"Pretty constant from what I can see." Dean said.

Cas lifted the blanket around your hips and did a little feeling around, which you had nearly kicked him for the first time he did it. "We're making progress. That's good. You'll soon be ready to deliver. I've got Sam fetching hot water towels and twine."

You planted and laid back against the pillows as Dean took his place beside you. When Cas left the room, you nearly broke down sobbing.

This, of course, shocked Dean and he took your hand. "Aside from the pain, what's wrong?"

You sobbed heavily. The contractions were nothing compared to the pain in your heart. "I can't do it, Dean! I can't! I won't!"

"Can't what, babe? What is it?"

"Don't make me give them up, Dean! I won't do it! Ill kill you before I let you take my baby from me!"

Dean stared at you in shock before he sighed. The two of you had talked about giving the baby up for adoption when you first found out you were pregnant. "Alright, Y/N, alright. To be honest I wasn't too hot on the idea either. You can stay here with Bobby, be our little librarian. That sound nice? I went and bought a crib and everything. You can stay here with the kid and when they get older well let them choose if they wanna stay or not."

Hearing those words, your heart felt like it might burst. You held Dean as close as you could, given the circumstances, and blabbered praises and thanks until another contraction hit and had you screaming once more.

Two hours of labor went by before you delivered your child, a healthy baby boy with chubby cheeks and tiny fingers that curled inward to hold on to your pinky.

You were exhausted, bleeding like a stuck pig, and drenched in sweat, but you were alive and holding your child in your arms.

Cas's magic had healed any problems, but the bleeding was normal and something he couldn't fix, so there you were, laying in bed, covered in a scratchy green army blanket with your baby wrapped sin a tiny baby blanket that Dean found hidden away in the trunk. It was frayed, patched, and stitched but it made your baby stop crying.

"Well done, Y/N. Well done." Cas praised. "Motherhood looks good on you. Should I send Bobby and Sam up?"

You nodded. "Uh-huh. Sure." You weren't really paying attention. How could you when this perfect little angel was resting so peacefully with his head on your heart.

You looked over at Dean, and let out a breath of laughter at the tears in his eyes. "You're a daddy, Dean."

Dean nodded. "Yeah...guess I am." He paused to wipe his eyes. "What are we gonna call him?"

You smiled at your baby, and whispered quietly. "I will call you Adam, for you are the first."


Chapter Text

You weren't sure how you'd gotten here.

Pressed against the mattress, stripped of your clothes, and looking up into the same dark eyes you had always dreamed of looking into.

"Sasuke," his name fell from your kiss bruised lips, whisper quiet and feather soft, "Sasuke, wait."

Sasuke looked down at you, his face flushed a pale pink and slightly sheened with sweat. "Too fast?" His question was whispered softly in the darkness of your bedroom.

Your cheeks flushed red. "It's not that I just...I've never done this before."

His eyes widened and he backed off, looking like you'd just given him the most shocking news available.

"Oh my god, why didn't you say anything?" He asked.

To him, you had never looked so beautiful, lying on his bed, wrapped in a sheet, (skin color) skin shining in the moonlight, owlish (eye color) eyes with wide blown pupils staring at him, cheeks flushed red, hair tangled and messy. By God, he wanted you more than anything. The question was, was he ready to be your first?

You sighed and reached for your discarded bra. "I can leave if you want."

"No, (Y/N), it's not you. Its me. I've just...its a big step. Are you sure you want to?" Sasuke's hand caught your wrist, calloused fingers rubbing smooth skin and pulling you back into the sheets which promised blissful pleasure and whispered sweet nothings.

"Yes! Sasuke, I've loved you since I was six years old. I've waited for you, cried for you, bled for you. I want this. I want you." You answered.

For a moment all the world was silent. The two of you locked eyes and Sasuke leaned in slowly to press his lips against yours.

He pushed you back onto the bed, hovering over you and brushing the back of his hand against your cheek as his lips hovered over yours.

"Shut your eyes." Sasuke whispered, his breath sweet and smelling if the honey and mint tea you'd both been drinking before this. "Just let yourself feel."

Your eyes slipped shut as his lips trailed over your forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose, and lips, all the while whispering praises and words of love you hadn't known he was capable of speaking.

His fingers danced over your ribs, running the length of them, starting at your breasts and working around to your back then to the front again, only to repeat the process again and again until he came to the hollow of your stomach and his lips reached the hollow of your throat.

This was a whole new side of Sasuke. You had been with him most of your young life, and thought you had seen all his sides. The adoring younger brother, the eager-to-please son, the perfect student, the hardworking teammate. But this? The tenderness in his hands and words had thrown you for a loop and there was nothing you could do but lie there and bask in the pleasant tingles each touch sent through you.

When a single slim finger traced the lines of the triangle between your legs, you jumped.

"Relax," Sasuke cooed from somewhere near your collar bone, "just relax."

"Easier said than done..." you muttered softly, yelping slightly when two of his fingers slipped between your folds to explore.

Your legs twitched and you made a small sound, not a cry of protest, but more of discomfort. You had never touched yourself down there, let alone let someone else do it unless it was your doctor.

"Still good?" Sasuke asked.

The clouds had moved away from the moon and you two were bathed in the silvery light. His hair was dampened with sweat, and his face and back shone in the light.

You smiled and nodded, "I'm okay."

"Alright," Sasuke shifted a bit and you squeaked when a finger traced your entrance, "this might hurt a bit, but bear with me, ok?"

You nodded and took deep slow breaths to calm your racing heart and unlock tense muscles.

The first finger didn't hurt all that much. It was uncomfortable, for sure but you had endured worse.

The second sent a twinge of pain through you as your passage was stretched, but you had undergone this before during your wellness checkups.

It was the third one that made you make a noise of discomfort.

"Ow!" You snapped.

"Sorry. Do you want me to stop?" Sasuke's voice was soft but you heard the slight disappointment.

You shook your head, "I'm fine, just give me a minute."

And he did. You caught your breath, let your muscles unclench, and nodded.

Now, having your lady parts examined by the doctor had been odd enough. Having your boyfriend do it felt even odder.

While your gynecologist would feel for abnormalities, Sasuke was searching for something else, turning his fingers this way and that, curling and uncurling them.

"That feels weird..." you muttered softly, before you had to gasp in pleasure.

A victorious smirk lifted the corners of your boyfriend's mouth. He had found it, that special spot he had only read about in books. He made sure to nudge it a few times before withdrawing and you made a whimpering noise of disapproval.

"Relax, we aren't done. I just need to grab something," Sasuke soothed by rubbing your thigh before reaching into the nightstand and pulling out a condom. He had bought them at Kakashi's insistence when the two of you had started getting serious.

Once the latex shield was in place, Sasuke took his position between your legs and guided himself to your entrance.

"Now's the last chance to change your mind, Y/N," Sasuke said, looking into your eyes as he hovered over you.

You took a deep breath again (was it just you, or were you doing a lot of that tonight?) and wrapped your arms around his neck to tug him gently into a kiss.

When you pulled away, you looked into his dark eyes and nodded, "I'm ready."

It hurt. As silly as that may sound coming from a medical ninja, losing your virginity hurt. But not like reverse childbirth hurt. More like a sharp pinch on the inside of your body.

You made a,crying noise of pain and burried your face in Sasuke's shoulder. One of his hands rubbed your back while he tried to soothe you.

"Breathe through it, Y/N," he said, "breathe through it." This was the same advice he had given you years ago when you'd had to get the bone in your arm rebroken after it had healed wrong.

Compared to that, this little pinch was nothing.

Sasuke shifted his hips against yours and you made another noise, a good one this time. It didn't feel so weird now.

"Good?" Sasuke sounded breathless.

You nodded, "Good."

He thrusted gently at first, the gradually picked up speed as your reactions grew more positive.

Your legs wrapped around his hips, and his arm that wasn't supporting him was wrapped around your waist, pulling you tighter against him as the two of you discovered the wild dance of carnal pleasure that so many before you had.

You met your end with a soft cry, chanting his name like a prayer when the tsunami of pleasure carried you to heaven.

Your legs trembled and your muscles clamped down, driving Sasuke over the cliff with you.

He came quietly with a groan against your shoulder, and for a moment the two of you simply lay there, recovering from your experience.

Sasuke pressed a kiss to your shoulder and withdrew, making you mewl softly. Blood had spotted the sheet beneath you, and he took his time picking you up.

He carried you to the bathroom and started the water for a shower.

"Go ahead and take as long as you need. I'll join you after I change the sheets, ok?" His voice was soft and tender and you nodded before getting under the hot spray of water.

Your hips ached, but in a good way, and you felt a little sore in your nether regions.

You were rinsing off when Sasuke joined you in the shower, and the two of you spent a good 10 minutes longer in the shower than you should have, just standing under the spray holding each other.

Sasuke had carried you back to bed after he dressed you in one of his old shirts, which was a little big but not too much, and you could smell the detergent on the sheets when he tucked you into them and crawled in beside you.

His arm wrapped around your waist, and you turned from facing the wall to place a soft kiss on his lips.

Soon, the two of you were fast asleep, curled safely in each other's arms with only the full moon as a witness to your coupling.

"I have this dream of being whole, of not going to sleep each night wanting. But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for."
-Sally's Letter, "Practical Magic"

Chapter Text

What's your name?

Well, my name on here is An_Old_Yet_Young_Soul but my real name is Renée (Ra-nay)

How old are you?

Old enough


A mom, an elective father, a stepdad, a sister who is my best friend ever, and a big brother.

Where do you get your inspiration?

As crazy as it sounds, a lot of my best ideas came to me while I was doing the dishes. I have a story on called The Scottish Thistle and the French Iris and that story started as a line of dialogue in my head while I was washing a pan.

Other ideas come to me simply out of the blue, but I'm mostly inspired by other writers. imadork555 and ugh_dem_feels are two great authors on Wattpad and I recommend them immensely.

Do you only write fanfiction?

No actually. I used to write poetry a long time ago (like four years I think) and I actually have a short story collection sitting around somewhere.

Any other hobbies besides writing?

Oh yeah. I'm big into sewing, crochet and knitting. I recently finished my third quilt, all by hand since my sewing machine decided to quit on me, and I am currently working on another scarf. This one is gonna be brown in a box stitch pattern. (I love cables, but this one is so simple and easy that I can't help loving it)

I also used to paint a lot. I have two canvas paintings I'm particularly proud of. One of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus that I free-hand painted from a Christmas card and gave as a Mother's Day present to my mother (there's a big dramatic story behind this painting) and the other is...its very abstract. Its a angel with wings made of different splotches of paint and she has white skin but no face. Her whole body (what isn't covered by the clothes I painted on) is covered in small swirls of colors and she has this red aura surrounding her. Idk what I was thinking, I just went with it. Its one of my best, to be honest.

Any plans for the future?

I really want to be a successful novelist. I wanna see my name up there with Rick Riordan, J. K. Rowling, and P. L. Travers.

Sadly, all my attempts at writing a novel have failed horribly. But, I'm still young. I've got my whole life ahead of me.

Do you take requests?

Yes, I do. I love my readers and I'm so grateful to all of you for taking the time to read my works.

Has a comment on a story ever touched your heart?

Oh my god yes. On my Wattpad Story, I'll Still Love You Even After You're Gone, I received a comment that, in short, said that I had taught the reader to appreciate the little things in life, that I had tugged at their heart strings and brought tears to their eyes. Its a short two chapter story, and some of my earliest work, but I'm very touched that I was able to move so many of you.

Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Thank you. Really, I wouldn't be here without you all. You've encouraged me as a writer and helped me flourish in a way I didn't think I could. Thank you so much.

Where else can we find you?

I have a Twitter, four blogs on tumblr, and a YouTube channel along with a account and an Wattpad account as well.

On Twitter, you can find me under MadHatter13

On Tumblr, my url is crazyfangirl19 and my blogs are as follows

- An Old Soul in a Young Body (the blog I'm on a good percent of the time. Fandoms, stuff about my life, and other junk that helps give you a peek into my head.)

- 365 Inspirational Quotes (I'm hardly ever on here but I do post occasionally. For some reason, this has more followers than all my other side blogs. Its pretty self explanatory what this blog is.)

- Cooking, Living, and Pampering (my cooking blog. Not a lot of followers but I'm a sucker for recipes and I love sharing them)

- Recommendations and Reviews (book reviews and recommendations. I've got like one follower on here but shout out to you, my one follower!)

- knitwits (my knitting blog that is actually more popular than any other side blog)

On you can find me under TheCrazyMultishipper and on Wattpad I am known as Wishing headlights.

My name on YouTube is the same as it is on Wattpad but I've only got a few videos.

Any parting words before we close the book on this little interview?

I would like to leave you with a piece of advice I once received from a man named Masashi Kishimoto,

"All of your hard work will prove worthless unless you believe in yourself."


Chapter Text

You tried. You tried so hard, every day to be happy. You tried listening to upbeat music, going out with friends, hanging out with your boyfriend, even participating in family game night.

You tried as hard as you could every minute of every day, but in the end you always ended up curled up on your bathroom floor, sobbing with your index finger knuckle wedged between your teeth as tears streamed down your face.

You had it all. A loving boyfriend, good friends, happy parents, and plenty of money with great grades and a floating social life.

But you were still miserable.

Why?! Damnit, why?!

You wanted to lash out, cry, scream, break things, but in the end all the anger ended up being directed at yourself.

You're pathetic, the voice in the back of your mind would whisper to you, you have it all and you're moping over nothing. Get over yourself, other people have real problems.

And you knew the voice was right. What right did you have to be like this when you had never wanted for anything in your life?

So, you took to punishing yourself.

Small scars, somethin easy to hide, on your legs had started it all. Then, those scars slowly began to multiply until you were forced to start wearing sweaters even in the summer heat.

Your boyfriend, Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka, was an angel but he either didn't notice your subtle shift in behavior or saw it as none of his business.

That is, until you took it too far.

Your journal, where you had written down your slow descent into the hell you were trapped in, had accidentally been left at the Host Club. Haruhi, sweetheart that she was, had tried to pry it out of the twins hands, but she had stopped when she saw how shocked they both looked.

You had no knowledge of any of this, as you had gone home to do homework instead of helping out in the Host Club.

Hikaru and Kaorou were shell shocked at the news. You had always been cheerful, smiling, and playful. You laughed at their jokes, chastising them without really meaning it.

Haruhi had gone into tears upon seeing your blood splattered on the last page of the book. She was your best friend. She was with you nearly every day. How could she not have noticed?!

Kyouya had immediately called in a doctor, muttering to himself about how he should have known, should have seen the signs.

Mori had sat on the sofa trying to comfort Honey, who was also in tears. They were with you nearly twenty-four seven. How had something like this escaped them?

Tamaki was the one who put everyone into action. Honey and Mori were sent to your house to fetch you and bring you to the hospital, Haruhi was sent to check your usual haunts, and the twins and Kyouya were told to meet at the hospital once you were secure.

Years later, at your wedding, your thank them all with tears in your eyes.


You'd had enough. You didn't want to be angry anymore, you didn't want to be sad, you were so damn sick and tired of it all!

In a rage, while alone one night, you had torn your room apart. Lamps, glass, and mirror shards lay shattered all around you, the stuffing had been torn from your vast collection of animals, and you had run down the hall in the dark, sobbing heavily until you reached your mother's medicine cabinet.

Where was it? Where was it?!

Where was the goddamn Ambien?!

With a small desperate noise your hands grabbed a hold of the bottle and ran back to your room.

Your feet were sliced on all the broken glass, but you didn't care.

With a shaky hand, you tried to write a note but you couldn't find any words other than "I'm sorry," and "please don't hate me."

You had popped the top off the bottle, but you never managed to get a single pill into your mouth before it was snatched back and firmly capped.

You had looked up, trying to look angry, into large brown eyes.

"H-Honey..." it killed you both to hear how broken your voice sounded.

"Why, Y/N-chan? Why? You could have talked to me, to any of us? Why would you hide this kind of hurt?" His voice was serious, completely abandoned of his childlike way of speaking.

You opened your mouth, but all you managed was a sob as Honey sat down beside you and passed his stuffed bunny into your arms.

"Here. You hug Usa-chan, and I'll hug you. I'll take you to my house, we'll get some sleep, and then we'll get you some help."

Such simple words, but they were the key that opened the flood gates. Half a year's worth of tears flooded from your eyes, your whole body shaking with the sobs as Honey held you against his chest.

"Just breathe, Y/N-chan. Just breathe." His voice was soft, and you could hear the pain in his voice mix with relief that he had caught you before it was too late.

You spent the night in his arms, letting his hands bandage your wounds and his voice soothe your dreams.

In the morning, you would be shipped away to a mental hospital, the best your family could afford, and you didn't know how long you'd be there.

You didn't care about the aching in your head from sobbing, or the stinging in your feet, arms, and legs. You only cared about now, about being wrapped up in warm blankets surrounded by stuffed animals and the man you loved.

You only cared that the voice was silent and, as you drifted off with Honey's heartbeat under your ear, you smiled because he was so much more than a boyfriend now.

He was your savior.