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"Jeonggukkieeeeeeeee," Taehyung slurred, "take me to Taco Bell."

"Tae, honey, I can't."

Taehyung grabbed Jeongguk's sweater sleeve and pulled on it. He turns to look at him, "Taehyung, please, not here."

Jeongguk and and Taehyung were at Jimin and Yoongi's "Just Engaged" party, and Taehyung had a little to much drink. Taehyung is quite lively when drunk. Most of the time, he'll start dancing around rambling about some random thing, like if the president of Russia is an alien.

But sometimes, just sometimes, he'll be soft and kitten like. He'll beg for things, mostly cuddles or kisses from Jeongguk. This is one of those times.

Taehyung was on the floor next to the seat Jeongguk was sitting on in the kitchen, who was having a conversation with Hoseok. Jeongguk kept having to swat Taehyung's hands away from him during this conversation, annoying the younger. Hoseok found it hilarious apparently.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung whimpered, holding his arms out making grabbing motions. Jeongguk sighed and gave in, grabbing Taehyung and pulling him up to his lap. He tangled his fingers through Taehyung's hair and wrapped an arm around his waist securely. Taehyung tucked his face into Jeongguk's neck, lightly kissing it.

Jeongguk smiled.

"This boy," Hoseok started, "Is this how it always is whenever you go out for drinks?"

Taehyung kept kissing the same spot very softly, over and over.

"No, no," Jeongguk laughed. "He's normally hyper and crazy. This reaction is very rare."

Hoseok laughed loudly, attracting Jimin into the room. "What are you two laughing about?"

"Nothing really, Chimchim. Just Taehyung," Hoseok replied, taking a sip of his water.

Jeongguk strolled his fingers through Taehyung's hair, kissing his cheek. The amount of love he had for this boy was insane.

"It seems Tae, there, is tired," Jimin stated, "You should get going."

"Oh, but the party isn't even over yet? We were planning to stay the whole time," jeongguk said. Taehyung wanted to be there for his Best Soulmate Bro for Life (BSBFL), and since Jeongguk is so whipped for him, he agreed.

Jimin pat Jeongguk's shoulder that wasn't occupied by Taehyung's head. "It's fine, I was thinking about ending it pretty soon anyway. Yoongi is passed out on the couch, so what reason would I have to continue a party centered around two people when one of them is barely even there for it?"

Jeongguk and Hoseok laughed. "Besides, it's almost 1AM. Don't you have practice tomorrow, anyway," Jimin laughed.

Jeongguk nodded, looking down at Taehyung. "Tae, get up. Let's go."

Taehyung stirred a bit before unwrapping himself from around Jeongguk. He stretched his arms out, yawning cutely. "Bye-bye Jiminie," Taehyung murmured while rubbing at his eyes. He made sure to grab both Jeongguk's hands with his, letting him lead them out of the house.

Their apartment complex wasn't far from Jimin and Yoongi's. It was about two blocks away after they passed downtown, which their neighborhood lead in to. "Jeonggukkie, I still want taco bell," Taehyung begged. Who was Jeongguk to say no?

"Okay, baby. Just this one time, okay," He asked, "It's too late."

Taehyung nodded, more awake than before. He started to lead Jeongguk to his destination.

They made it to Taco Bell in about five minutes. Taehyung wouldn't stop talking about how much he wanted a bean burrito, telling Jeongguk that he also had to get one to be "couple goals."

Taehyung sat down in a booth by the window while Jeongguk went to the counter to order. When he came back a few minutes later, Taehyung was beyond ecstatic. "My burrito," said as he clapped.

Jeongguk's body filled with love, and all of it was Taehyung's.

Before Jeongguk could sit on the opposite side of the booth, Taehyung dragged him into his lap, attacking Jeongguk's lips with his own. Jeongguk let a tiny gasp slip through, kissing back for a few seconds before pulling away. "Tae," he laughed, "Not here." Taehyung whined.

Jeongguk sat next to Taehyung instead, and started eating his burrito. Not long after, he heard a whimper. He looked over to see Taehyung wiping tears streaming from his eyes. This made Jeongguk's radar go off. "Baby, baby, what's wrong?"

After no response, Jeongguk cradled Taehyung's face in his hands, turning towards him. "Baby, Tae,"

Taehyung looked into Jeongguk's eyes, and started tearing up more. "I wish I had a burrito."

Jeongguk dropped his hands. "Tae."

"That is a burrito," Jeongguk said, pointing to the burrito. "It is?"

Jeongguk laughed and nodded, putting his forehead against Taehyung's temple. He really did love this boy.

Taehyung woke up cuddled into Jeongguk's chest. He looked him up and down, remembering what happened the night before. "Gukkie," Taehyung nudged him.

Jeongguk stirred, but gave no response. "Guk."

"What," Jeongguk groaned.

"I love you, so much."

He smiled, opening his eyes to look down at Taehyung, and kissed his nose lightly.

"I love you too. So, so much."