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The First Sip of Beer

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As soon as they told him, he was filled with panic. With just one year left of school, to up and move to a place he'd never been, starting life over surrounded by people he'd never met, and attempting to do it all while trying to speak a language he didn't understand. There was no way he could do it.

Completely ready to put up a fight, his mind went over everything he would say, every argument he could make, and in the end he'd been the one to stand there speechless again. He literally couldn't believe that any of this was happening.

They didn't expect him to leave with them. They'd give him the choice of course, but when he took a moment to really analyze their expressions and reactions to what his decision was, they'd seemed almost relieved that he wasn't coming. After all, they'd only purchased two plane tickets.

His father had shook his hand, telling him that he was already a man and that while this may be a hard transition for him, it would make him stronger... more ready for what life had to throw at him.

It was no secret that they'd been relieved after receiving the letter from his guidance counselor either. He was an average student. Average. The man had basically told him that college was not in his future. Not in those exact words of course, but that's what it'd meant.

With his scores, the best he'd do was community college. Where he could rack up a bunch of debt, to probably flunk out of some classes that taught him nothing that he would need, for whatever manual labor job that he would be lucky to find.

And that's pretty much what the letter had said that was dropped into their mailbox just several days ago. Again, his parents hadn't been surprised. And they weren't upset that they didn't have to worry over helping him with the cost of said community college either.

He liked school. He didn't mind the work, but had never over excelled in it. He'd loved Volleyball. Loved, as in past tense. Before he'd basically lost the match for them. Now he didn't even have that.

He couldn't face Yuu. He couldn't face any of them. Two years together and now this! He couldn't remember a single day that he hadn't spent time with one or all of them, and they'd barely spoken since the match. And it was his fault!

He hadn't spoken to Yuu at all since their argument in the hallway, and that was killing him! All of it was.

He missed them, but every time he thought of picking up his phone, or tracking one of them down between classes, it would all replay in his mind all over again. Every minute of that horrible match. Right down to him turning his back on one of his best friends and walking away.

He hadn't even told his parents that he hadn't been going to practice. He just didn't come home until he figured it was his normal time to walk through the door, and then he'd go straight to his room. They were so busy, neither of them had noticed. At first it'd seemed easier on him, but now just getting through each day had become like a weight around his neck that he couldn't shake off.

He hated keeping secrets. He hated not feeling like he could talk to his friends... like he didn't have anyone to turn to. He just couldn't face the loss that he'd caused them, and even though they kept telling him that it hadn't been his fault, he knew better. He'd seen with his own eyes what'd happened.

His mom and dad had come home with boxes and rushed around the house packing everything that they absolutely couldn't do without, their plane left first thing tomorrow morning. The shipping company would be by in two days to collect the boxes they would have packed and ready by the door. The rest of the furniture would stay at the house for him.

His mom kept telling him he'd have everything he needed. There was no need for her to go over the use of the laundry machines, as he'd been doing his own wash since middle school, literally because she'd demanded it.

Both having high level careers, there was maybe one night a week that a home cooked meal was made. The rest of the time he ate store bought, microwaveable, or was eating at Suga's or Daichi's house. But most of the time it was Suga's.

There were many times that Suga's mom had prepared him extra food along with her own son's, to take to him when they'd had late practices or games. Neither of them could stand the idea of him going home and having to prepare his own dinner after being that exhausted.

Looked like that wouldn't be a problem anymore.

His father kept pointing to the papers on the table. The landlord had been paid in full for two years. He would have the last year of school that was just now starting, and the year after. At that point, he would have the choice to continue here on his own, which he already knew he wouldn't be able to afford, or move elsewhere.

The more he heard, the more he felt he would suffocate under the pressure that was steadily mounting up in his chest! The utility bills were on the table, along with postage and directions that had been written out for him to follow.

They'd paid the school for any extra uniforms he may need, and money was in his student account for lunches and school supplies. There was his first and second month's grocery money in an envelope. The cupboards were stocked with things that he could easily make.

His eyes shifted between them, their voices growing distant as his ears began to ring. He stood there watching them in a daze as they laughed, going from room to room packing suitcases, talking about where they might search for apartments once they got there till they found a house they wanted.

They'd planned all of this without his knowledge... all of it. They were ready. It was like they were free. They were free of him and were planning out the rest of their lives.

Turning from the sight, he walked into his room, grabbed his phone, his uniform jacket and walked to the front door. As soon as his hand hit the handle, his dad's voice rang out from the back bedroom. "Don't be out too late! I want to go over the details with you again before bed!"

Closing the door behind him, relieved to be free from their happiness, he flipped open his phone and tried to look at the numbers through the tears that were flooding his vision. Bringing up his free hand to wipe away the wetness just in case he happened across anyone, the first button he hit was Suga's.

He'd be able to talk to him about this without the match or the team even being brought up. Suga wouldn't pressure him, he'd listen.

The phone rang just once. Then that familiar voice on the other end sounding so relieved to hear from him. So relieved. "Asahi! I'm so gla- "

Just hearing that voice compounded the pain in his chest to the point of agony. The flood gates opened and he sobbed out! "Suga! I need to... can I come over?"

Standing in the middle of the street, his hand plastered to his face, shielding his eyes! He cried into the phone! His friend's voice coming through the other end, concerned and worried, telling him to hurry! Asking him if he wanted him to meet half way.

That soft, melodic voice stayed with him on the phone the entire time he was walking, almost as if Suga was afraid he'd get lost. He sounded lost.

By the time he'd gotten to the end of the gate that surrounded their small farm house, how he'd even gotten there was gone from his mind. Not that it was a long walk by any means, it usually only took about ten minutes if he was moving at a good pace. It had to have taken him longer than that though, his feet felt as if they weighed a ton.

He'd cried the entire time, barely able to get a word out. The worry over someone seeing him this way was long gone. The longer he heard his friend's voice and the closer that he got to his house, the more the hurt he was feeling broke free. Almost as if his ailing heart knew that he was heading toward his only place of solace.

Suga was waiting for him out front. As soon as he saw him, he rushed through the gate out to greet him, already consoling him and not even knowing what for yet. Hearing his voice in person, and now seeing him, knowing that he was right there just made it worse. It was like all of his stress was culminating into one horrible painful moment of release.

Sobbing as he was led into their house, Suga's mother rushed to him. A tiny woman that was so delicate and beautiful. Every time he saw her it never ceased to amaze him how much Suga looked like her. They were so much alike in personality. Both so gentle and caring, always thinking of others before themselves. Always thinking of him.

Her voice so soft, "Asahi! What is wrong? What happened to you? Come... come, sit down."

Bowing to her, he apologized for his appearance and lack of notice before arriving. Waving him off, she led him to their table leaving Suga with him, and went into the kitchen to warm the kettle on a small hotplate that sat in the corner of the counter.

Sitting down, he could smell that their dinner was already in process. He was interrupting. He felt like an idiot! His head bowed, Suga's smaller hand reached out to take his and he could barely look him in the face. His heart felt like it was breaking and this was the only place... these were the only people he felt he could turn to.

Suga's mother and father both, were genuinely wonderful people. He'd spent a lot of time here and was used to seeing more of them than his own parents. His father worked in the city and had a decent commute each night, so he wasn't home yet and probably wouldn't be for awhile. He didn't want to disrupt their evening, but he had to talk to someone before he exploded.

A box of tissues and a cup of tea were both set before him. The kindness in just that simple thing sent more tears rolling and he reached for the tissues, wiping his running nose so he could speak. "They're... they're leaving!"

The hitching in his chest was getting to the point that he could barely speak.

Suga grasped his hand harder, staring at him in amazement. Here was a boy... a teenager, but in many ways still just a boy.

Here at his table, sat his friend, that looked about twenty five or even older at times. Strands of his long hair had come loose and now hung in his face, getting caught in the wet mess that had run down his cheeks into his mouth. Partial goatee, and at this point in the evening he had shadow from the beard that he was constantly attempting to keep at bay. If the truth were known, he had more body hair than even some of their teachers. Large in stature and even larger in heart.

It was true. Regardless of how old and mature he looked, he had the most tender heart of anyone he'd ever known. Often being insecure, gentle and timid. Until he was on the court. Then he was a force to be reckoned with.

That was actually what he'd thought Asahi had called him about. That perhaps he wanted to talk about what had happened and was going to come back. But upon hearing this and seeing him so distraught, there was no way that he could bring it up now. It would just have to wait.

His large body shook the small table as he fought to get himself under control. And each time his mother would attempt to console him, more tears fell.

Raising a hand to his friend's face, Suga pulled some of the dark hair sticking to his jaw away and tucked it behind his ear, speaking softly to him. "Asahi... it's going to be alright."

"I... I thought... that I'd be... alright with it!" His fists clenched up as he sucked in a deep breath, trying to quell the tremors that rocked him. He needed to speak! To get it out!

Suga pushed the cup towards him, urging him to drink, knowing it would calm him down some. Finally he reached out wth shaking hands and took it, sipping for a few minutes before setting it back down. Wiping his face, he held the sodden tissues. "I thought I'd be alright with it... I mean I am... I don't want to leave!"

Red rimmed, swollen eyes now looked up at him, "I can't leave everything that I know! I just can't... Suga... "

Seemingly endless tears rolled down his cheeks, "I don't know what to do! There's a pile of papers on the table. I've never dealt with any of that stuff!"

Both hands now clutching onto his friend's arm, he glanced up at his mother. Her face was pinched in a way that he couldn't remember ever seeing before. Her dark eyes were watering up, "Koshi, you should stay with him tonight. He shouldn't be alone there with what is taking place!"

Asahi looked up at her, his face pulled into a painful grimace, "I don't want to be any trouble for you... I'm so sorry!"

Standing up from the table, she nodded at her son, then turned to him. "Asahi, you will always be a part of this family! It is no trouble."

Pulling him up from the table, Suga led him into his room so he could pack for the night while Asahi cleaned up in the mirror that was over his dresser. "My father's away for the night on business, so she'll want you to eat here at least... you know, give you a decent meal."

The pained look that came across his big friend's face at those last words were what pulled him in. They were finally alone and so it was alright.

Taking hold of his arms, Suga turned him so they were facing one another and stepped into his embrace. Speaking muffled against his large chest, "You don't have to worry about being alone... I'm here."

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Musk. That was what he smelled like. Inhaling slowly, his warm breath seeping through the cotton of Asahi's uniform shirt, that's all he could smell.

Moving his face away from the damp spot his continuous breathing there had made, his eyes combed over the visible flesh at his neckline. His shirt was unbuttoned to the point that he could see some of that fine dark hair that graced his chest and just seeing it... seeing him this close, he almost felt guilty for feeling the sensations arising inside of him.

Still standing there entangled in their embrace, his mother hadn't yet called out that dinner was ready, but the apprehension that he was starting to feel made it seem like she would any moment. And he just knew that if they didn't move away from each other that it was going to escalate.

He couldn't risk it, his mother possibly finding out. Fact was, he wasn't sure if he could handle it escalating either. It wasn't that he just worried over hurting Asahi, he also didn't want to hurt himself. The fact that they had to be careful was a gross understatement.

The fact was that he was scared. Period.

He stood there contemplating everything that he felt. Everything that Asahi meant to him, and right when he thought he was ready to release him and back away, those big, strong arms tightened around him, pulling him in even further until they were completely joined in the middle.

This was how it always happened. How it always started. Asahi needed his comfort, and he would comfort him.

It would start as playing around, winding up with them on the floor or on the bed. Playful tickling and wrestling would become holding, touching and stroking.

Or he'd be upset and need a hug. He couldn't blame Asahi, when he was no better. More often than not it was him that would offer himself up. His shoulder, his embrace.

He wanted it just as badly. The problem was that he was the only one afraid for anyone else to find out. That was another thing that scared him. Asahi didn't care. He didn't care who knew.

Large hips swayed slowly against his, his friend's erection rubbing into his midsection. His breathing slowed as the overwhelming urge to grind his crotch against Asahi's thigh in return tugged at his self restraint.

He swayed with him, and within moments they were moving slowly back and forth. Like a pair of lovers on a dimly lit dance floor. The last two to hold out til closing time, locked in each other's embrace. The music had faded and was long gone, the band no longer there.

Smiling against his giant partner's chest, we're dancing, he thought. Just one more first. He'd never danced with anyone, until now.

He didn't want it to end.

Whispering into Asahi's neck, he felt almost giddy, like he could giggle at any moment. "Are you trying to romance me?"

Keeping the pace they moved at nice and slow, he lowered his hands down to Suga's waist, rubbing light circles with his fingertips where his shirt had come un-tucked from his pants, then slowly down to his ass.

Not squeezing, just a caress, pulling his bottom closer as he rocked against him. Just hard enough for the smaller boy to feel what he wanted him to.

Smiling down into Suga's hair, "I'm trying... "

His mother's voice called from the kitchen... dinner was ready.

As soon as he heard her, Asahi felt him stiffen in his arms, trying to pull away. Knowing Suga was too flustered to speak and knowing that in itself would cause him to panic further, he called out for him. "Thank you, we're almost done."

The most gentle face he'd ever known looked up at him. Beautiful hazel eyes under pinched together brows, telling him that he was afraid.

Afraid that he wouldn't be able to recover in time to look right for his mother. Afraid that she would notice and find them out.

Afraid of what he wanted, and the fact that he wanted more.

All of that was exactly why he did what he did next.

Sliding his hands from the tight little bottom he held, over the planes of his back to his neck, Asahi ran his fingers through those locks surrounding his face and held him there.

Tilting Suga's head back, his thumbs braced against the lower portion of his jaw and very gently, Asahi lowered his lips down to meet his.

Instantly, he felt the smaller body respond against him. The intake of breath against his lips. It wasn't shock, it was something else. Venturing a little peek, Suga's eyes were closed. Not tightly, but relaxed.

His body, which but a moment ago had tensed and was ready to break away, was now pliant, yielding to his touch. Hands that had just a moment ago pushed at his chest, now clung to it, clutching at his shirt.


Full, warm lips pressed against his. The hairs on his chin tickled the underside of his and within seconds he was lost. The fact that his mother had called them for dinner was but a distant memory.

His body melted against the one that held him, his lips separated, tasting his flavor as their tongues met. Warm breath, ghosting over his skin like a soft caress. His erection intensified, fighting to make itself known... he was ready.

Then as soon as it had happened, it was over.

Large hands removed themselves from his hair, sliding down to his shoulders to pull him away, just enough so they were no longer one.

He stood there on shaking, unstable legs. Everything in his field of vision had an almost far away and blurred quality, all except Asahi. He took in his friend, whose eyes were still heavy with need. He had to get it together!

Bracing himself against his dresser, he turned and looked in the mirror. There was no way he could walk out there right now.

His face and neck, which were normally quite fair in appearance, were blotched a deep mottled red. His ears looked like they were on fire and he still couldn't get his eyes to completely open. He looked like he was out of it. He felt like he was out of it.

Asahi stepped behind him, looking at him critique himself in the mirror. And within moments, a smile was on his face. Those soft, full lips that had just consumed his, now turned upward into a beautiful smile as his large hands went into his hair to try and right some of the locks that he'd displaced while he'd held him.

Each one straightening their shirts and making a futile attempt at hiding their arousal, hoping that by the time they reached the kitchen they'd both have gone down enough so that she wouldn't notice.

They heard her call again.

Staring into the mirror, Asahi whispered, "There... she'll never know"

Smiling back at him, they both broke into laughter. "We still look like crap, Asahi!"

"Come on... I'm starved, and we still have to walk back to my place."


Suga's mother apologized that it wasn't his favorite. Like it mattered that the free meal he was getting wasn't his favorite. A hot, home cooked meal, at a table where he was welcome and wanted, with people that honestly cared about him. That was all that mattered to him.

If he hadn't been so happy about all the above, combined with what had just happened in Suga's bedroom, he'd have cried into his bowl of katsudon.

Woofing it down, they grabbed their duffle bags, each giving her a hug. Her telling him that she expected him over tomorrow for dinner. That he was not to be alone to eat his meals. And just as she had blushed red when he'd embraced her, he was now the one to turn red.

He didn't feel right about being there for dinner every night. Even though they constantly told him they wanted him there, he felt like a weight that they didn't need to bear.

Before they could even get out the door, his phone went off. Closing the door to Mrs. Sugawara's concerned face, they stepped through the gate, him answering his phone, while Suga secured the latch behind them.

"Yes father, I'm on my way... "

Suga stood there in the road with him, listening to his father lecture him on the other end of the line. Watching the effect it was having on Asahi.

The smile that had taken so long to come back was gone. The relaxed posture he'd had in their home was now stiff and tense. "I don't need you to go over it again! I got it the first time, father! I can read!"

He didn't really have it. Of course he could read, and yes, he could follow the instructions they'd written down. But was he ready for any of it? No.

It was the way things had happened. The way that they'd told him and how they'd acted about it. Truth be told, it'd been the last five to six years, that he hadn't felt like he was even part of the family. Like he was in their way.

Their careers were what mattered to them. That, and money. Status.

Sometimes he felt like he was hatched. Like he was spawned elsewhere by others that were like him, and somehow he'd gotten separated from them and been found by these people that were nothing like him. Out of sheer pity taking him in, only to regret it later.

They were nothing like him and they didn't understand him. They were cold and distant, where he was warm and friendly, always willing to give and love, needing affection and friendship.

What it came down to in his eyes, was that they were ashamed in some way. Perhaps that he wasn't smart enough or callus enough to lead the same kind of lives they led. He would never be able to achieve what they had and they knew it.

He could remember telling Suga when they were first years at Karasuno together, that he'd been doing his own wash since the beginning of middle school. That his mother couldn't abide washing his smelly, dirty uniforms and had thrown a fit, his father actually backing her. That it'd made him feel like a piece of shit.

Suga's mouth had dropped open, his eyes tearing up as he'd talked about it, sitting across from each other in the lunch room. He couldn't believe that someone's mom would do that!

Sure, he knew of other kids who had chores and stuff. After all, it was a parents job to teach responsibility so their kids could take care of themselves as they became adults.

He had no problem helping and learning, but like his school counselor had said, 'It's all in the presentation.'

If his mother had acted like she cared and was proud of his accomplishments, it would have been different. If she had shown him how because she was being a good mother that just wanted her son to learn, it would've been different.

Instead, she acted as if her greatest sacrifice was giving him life and now she was done. She acted as if he should simply be grateful that he was drawing breath and should expect nothing more of her.

Suga had admitted that he knew how to do laundry, but he'd been taught in order to know, and if his mother was unable for some reason, he would help out. He wanted to help his mother out. Because she cared for him, and she showed it.

His parents had never once been to a match. Not even his own father had expressed an interest in anything he did. As long as the house was clean and they weren't being bothered, that was all that mattered.

Flipping his phone closed, he stuck it in his back pocket. The feeling was becoming mutual. And as much as he hated to think like that, to feel that way, what else could he do? Continue to mourn for a relationship with them that he would never have?

No. They were leaving, and after tomorrow, he wouldn't have to worry about what he needed from them and couldn't get.

Fighting to give Suga the slightest smile, "Come on, let's go."

Turning from their yard, he started walking, Suga behind him, trying to keep his concern quiet. He knew he wouldn't be able to.

"Asahi, do you think it's wise that I come over? Your father sounded pretty upset. Perhaps you could just stay with me?"

His stomach started churning. If he had to go back there alone and face them, he'd be sick. But he had to go back, at least for tonight.

"It's fine. They'll be going to bed and then we can relax. Besides, they'll be gone before we even wake up. Their plane leaves at like four in the morning and it's an hour drive to the airport."

The whole rest of the way, they were quiet. He didn't have to look at Suga to know that he was worried, he could feel his hazel eyes boring into him as they walked. And though he didn't really like putting his friend in this position, he couldn't stand the thought of being there alone and having to listen to his father lecture him again.

If Suga was there, his father would keep it to the bare minimum. He wouldn't go off on him around company.

His counselor had said, that in itself, was proof that they realized how an outsider would possibly view their treatment of him, that it would be seen as cruel and unacceptable. They were afraid of being criticized.

He'd said, 'Of course a parent may choose a more private time or location to correct their child, or speak to them about private matters, no differently than a couple choosing not to fight in public. There was a time and place for everything.'

But this was different.

His parents were nice to him in front of others. They took pains to act like they should be acting, when others were around. Thus, when he did complain about their treatment, people would be shocked and unbelieving.

At an early age, he'd learned to only speak to certain people about it. If someone was intuitive enough, they would catch on while in their presence. Suga had told him that they made him nervous, to the point of being uncomfortable.

Like he could feel they were putting on an act whenever he was around. Their actions didn't match what he saw in their eyes. Smiles were forced and never met their eyes.

It was like the dog owner that smiled at his pet while at the same time calling it an asshole. Believing that it was so stupid, as long as the smile was plastered on their face and they said the foul thing in a pleasant voice, the animal would buy it.

The apprehension, he, himself felt, was nothing compared to what was coming off Asahi. But his friend bore it quietly, knowing that this would be the last time as he opened the front door.

Asahi's father stood at the door, ready to go off on him and as soon as Suga appeared behind him, a look of absolute shock took over his face.

Suga could tell that it actually took him a few seconds to fight to control his temper and paste the fake smile on for him. But it did not show in his eyes. His eyes were cold and angry, and leveled on Asahi as he spoke through his phony smile. "Koshi... I didn't realize you were coming... "

Putting a hand to Asahi's arm, he stepped forward. He would stand at his side. He would have his back, and he would not go through this alone!

He smiled a genuine smile, knowing that tomorrow his friend would be free from this weight.

Giving Asahi's father a slight bow, "I'm sorry for intruding, but we have an early practice tomorrow and... "

Asahi's mouth split into a grin as he looked down at Suga then back to his father as he listened to the fib coming from his friend. His father would buy it too.

Parting his lips just enough to take in a silent breath of relief, he was already starting to feel better.

Knowing it would go better for him if he took the initiative, he spoke on the issue first. Motioning to the table and papers that sat there waiting for him, "I'm alright with this father. I'll follow the instructions and it'll be fine."

His father's hands clasped in front of him, his face becoming serious once again as he took in his son. Suga stood there, not knowing what to do. Should he dismiss himself to the bedroom?

Asahi just stared back at him, waiting for a response.

Suga couldn't believe how two people that looked so much alike, could be so different. He looked just like his father. Same size, same face. The younger version looked into the mirror and saw himself twenty or so years in the future.

That was the only thing he could think of. The only difference was the expression on their faces. The lack of warmth in his father's eyes and the style of their hair.

No. Asahi would not look like that in twenty years. He would still have his warm eyes, his smile... his giant heart. Everyone that cared for him so much would make sure of it.

Completely silent, his father stuck his hand out to him, waiting for him to take it.

Suga stood frozen to the spot, fighting to keep his face from showing the heartbreak he felt for his friend as he took in the horrible display before him.

It wasn't a hand given in love or the seeking of forgiveness, or even pride. It was cold and unfeeling. It was goodbye.

Straightening his posture, Asahi puffed out his chest and took his father's hand. For just a moment, they looked at each other, their eyes locked.

Then it was over. His father turned on his heel and walked upstairs into the master bedroom, closing the door behind him.

There was no goodnight, we'll call you when we get there, let us know if you need anything, or just want to talk. There wasn't even a farewell to him, their guest.

No need to put on airs any longer.

Going down to the lower floor, they went into his room and shut the door. Dropping their duffle bags, Suga clicked on the small desk lamp in the corner, while Asahi leaned back against the door in relief.

Even though Suga hadn't stayed over since he'd left the team, the pallet on the floor was still in it's normal spot. Washed and ready for the next time they'd be together.

"Were you expecting me?"

Easing away from the door, he spoke quietly. "I was hoping."

Watching him as he walked casually over to his closet, opening it, Asahi started to get undressed, not caring that he was there.

It wasn't like it did matter. They'd been dressing and undressing, showering and everything else boys did in front of each other that were on teams together, for the last two years.

But now it felt different. There was a tension there that wasn't there before. It wasn't necessarily a bad tension, but it was still there and it was changing things.

Suga tried to avert his eyes as Asahi pulled on a clean t-shirt, then slipped out of his briefs to don clean ones. His hands fumbling with his own clothes, constantly glancing at his muscled backside as Asahi bent over to put his feet into his clean briefs.

His eyes involuntarily dancing over every curve, lingering over the cleft between his cheeks and how the fine dark hairs gathered just above it, running down between where they finally disappeared into the shadow there.

Swallowing, he turned his head and pulled his own bottoms up.

Before he could argue with him, Asahi got onto the pallet on the floor, pulling the covers up over himself. His own bed lay open and ready next to him for his friend.

It wouldn't have mattered even if he did argue. Asahi would never make him sleep on the floor when he was there anyway.

Settled in, they turned toward each other. Asahi's hand stretched upward to take his, and for a few moments they held hands.

No matter how each one of them wanted it, nor the tension they both felt over it, nothing would happen while his parents were still there. Tomorrow though, was another thing entirely. They would be alone.

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At the time it'd happened, he hadn't thought about how what they were doing could complicate things, because he literally felt it wouldn't. In all actuality, it was the last thing to even enter his mind.

He cared deeply for Suga, and he felt... no, he knew that Suga cared for him. Even before they'd become intimate he'd cared for him. No, he'd loved him. As a great friend, of course.

But now it was turning into something else. Perhaps that was why Suga had backed away.

Blowing out a deep breath, Asahi's vision finally focused back onto the shelf he was stocking. Keishin's voice coming from the front of the store forced him to step up his pace a little. He'd been fortunate to find this job. Find it? Who was he kidding? He'd begged for it!

It'd been a month. One fucking month, and his food money was gone. It wasn't from him over-spending, cause he'd only spent thirty dollars out of the three hundred that they'd left him for groceries.

Bills started coming in. Not the ones that would be covered under the money they kept in the account for him either. They'd opened an account with his name and their's on it. The money they sent for his phone bill and the utilities would go into that account, then he would have the option of calling and paying them by phone, or mailing in one of the blank checks that had been left for him.

That wasn't the issue. He'd actually paid them when they'd come in with no problem. Getting through it the first time had actually been a lot easier than he'd thought it would be, and it'd kind of empowered him, making him feel like he could do this. He could actually do this!

No, these other bills that he'd paid, were ones that they had either overlooked or had forgotten, but they were supposed to have been handled by them. Before they had left!

Of course, without thinking he'd paid them and then realized that his food money was gone. Well... no, he'd thought about it. He thought about mailing them to his parents. Which, in hindsight, was what he probably should have done. But by the time they reached them in the States from Japan, then them having to deal with them there, he was sure they would be late. And to his father, to be late on anything, especially a bill, was the most horrendous display of irresponsibility.

Not thinking of how it would affect himself, was what he'd done when he'd paid them. He'd walked down to the bank, deposited his grocery money, and paid them. Then, in a panic, when he realized he would have no money to buy anything else for a whole month he'd called his father, telling him what had happened. Only to get his pissed off voice coming at him through the phone.

He was in bed, and to top it off, Asahi had forgotten about the time difference between them. It took a few minutes for his father's voice to get rid of the thick sound sleep had given it. 'Just send them to me, Asahi! You have the new address!'

'I was afraid they'd be late... I thought it would take too long for them to get there. I didn't want it to reflect poorly on you!'

It was right then that he got angry. And for the first time, he'd shown it to him. 'I was thinking of you! And now my food money is gone! I have a whole nother month to get through!'

He could practically feel his father's anger on the other end of the line. Hear the squeak of sweaty skin as his father's hand gripped the phone tighter! 'Then I guess it's time you quit your sports and get a job like a real man! Because I'm not sending you another cent until next month!

His father's voice elevated to the point that he was practically screaming. 'There was two months worth of grocery money there! This is ridiculous! You need to learn some less-- '

And that was when he'd hung up.

He was in way over his head. There was finally no choice but to officially quit the team. Not that he'd gone back or told them he was coming back, but he hadn't really said the words, I quit, either.

It was either work or not eat, and nobody other than his friends knew he was alone. With Suga, and the way he was acting after their morning together, he didn't feel comfortable enough to take Mrs. Sugawara up on her offer to eat there.

If he told anyone that he didn't have enough funds for food, it could cause him problems that he didn't need. Other than the ones he already had, of course. Like those weren't bad enough.

He had to get through this. On his own. The last thing he wanted, or needed, was more strife with his parents. If the school found out that he was living alone, it could mean trouble. He didn't know exactly of what kind, but he figured not finding out was best.

The thought of being forced to stay with one of his friends came to mind. Something like that, when he hadn't really made up with anyone yet would make him sick. To be a burden on someone else, was something he couldn't tolerate.

Other than the thirty dollars he'd spent to get eggs and a few other things that first month before he had paid the extra bills, he'd been living on the items in the cupboard and in the freezer.

For the first few days after the phone call, he had actually checked the bank account daily, thinking that perhaps his father or mother... one of them, would have a change of heart and take some pity on him. That perhaps they would realize that this being his first experience of this kind, and that he had done what he had, thinking of them, that they would deposit a little more for him to get by on. But every day that he'd checked there had been nothing. Finally, he gave up.

He was rationing his meals, trying to figure out how many meals he could get from what was left in the freezer and the pantry. He'd be able to get through another month, but by the end he'd be down to nothing but rice and some broth, perhaps some noodles.

There wouldn't be much protein left, just what was in the broth, and rice and noodles alone, didn't stay with you for very long. By the time lunch period came he'd be ready to chew off a limb.

At least he had enough funds in his lunch reserves at school to eat a solid lunch. That would get him by until dinnertime came. Now he was worried about days that he didn't have school. Break days during the regular school weeks would be bad enough if that's all he had to eat, but the larger, seasonal breaks... he didn't know how he would make it.

Of course, his father was supposed to send more money for food into his account once this next month was over. Then he could do his shopping and plan his meals out. That was if his father wasn't still so angry, or so busy with his new job in America that he remembered.

Him being angry and wanting to evidently teach him a lesson was more likely. Especially since he'd stuffed all the bills he paid into a large envelope and mailed them to him. Each one marked with the transaction number he'd been provided to prove that they'd been paid, showing how much.

He hadn't written anything else on them. What was, he was hoping would wake them up a little bit. But again, in hindsight, it may just piss his father off more than he already was. After all, he had hung up on him.

Opening up another box, he moved over to the section that needed refilling and squatted down onto his knees. Ukai-san had been gracious giving him the hours that he had. Stating that he really didn't need a lot of help year round, but with running his family's farm too, there were certain times of the year that having someone to do stocking and cleaning gave him a break.

The door opened up front, making his breath catch. Sweat sprang up on his face and under his arms as he listened for voices. Letting out a deep breath of relief when he didn't recognize them, he wiped the palms of hands on his thighs and picked up another can.

The guys came in here all the time after practice. He, had come in here all the time, too. He looked at the can in his hands, remembering those times, his chest clenching up and his nose and eyes prickling. He sniffed, holding back the tears.

He missed them. He missed the practice, the closeness. All the fun. It, and them, had been one of the only things that had kept him going at times. It was an escape. Something to look forward to. Now, he didn't even have that.

Problem was, if he barely had enough to eat now, there was no way he'd make it if he still had practice, needing a second lunch and an even larger dinner. He slid the can onto the shelf and grabbed another, thinking about that night... that morning.

They'd stared into each other's eyes in the dark, holding hands. Finally, both tired enough, they'd let loose, their hands separated. He couldn't remember when sleep had finally claimed him, but when it had, he knew what he dreamt of. Who he had dreamt of.

He'd woken first. The realization that they were alone, that his parents were gone hit him like a punch to the face. He lay there on the pallet, a grin stretching his mouth from ear to ear. The urge to laugh in the midst of the excitement was overwhelming! He couldn't believe it! He was finally free!

Quietly, he sat up, looking at Suga. He was still asleep, his breathing was shallow and even, his beautiful face relaxed. Quick-like, he got up and opened the door to his room, listening. It was dead quiet. Not a sound. Them getting around to leave hadn't even woke them.

Complete elation filled him till he thought he would bust. He walked out and went down the hallway, going up the stairs to the main part of the house. The boxes the shipping company would pick up were all stacked by the front door. All the curtains and blinds were drawn.

Going to every window, he opened everything, windows and blinds. It was beautiful outside. He wanted the fresh air and sunshine to come in. This was his house for the next two years. Things would be done the way he wanted.

Just that thought, the fact that it had entered his mind at all made him feel arrogant. A bit of a chill went through him and his mind automatically re-worded it. He would be alone here, for the next two years... he may as well be happy. Do what made him happy. After all, he did deserve some happiness. Didn't he?

He nodded to himself... to the empty room. That made him feel better. He wasn't arrogant. No.

Relief, happiness, freedom. Wrapping his arms around himself, he closed his eyes, his cheeks beginning to ache from the smile that consumed his face. He thought of Suga downstairs, in his bed, and walked to the front door, raising the chain and sliding it in place. He didn't want anything to disturb them. No interruptions.

Deciding to use the large bathing room upstairs, he closed the door behind him, went pee and washed his hands. Checking his reflection in the mirror, he ran his fingers through his long hair, straightening any tangles he could see and brushed his teeth.

Smiling to himself... he wanted to be fresh. Even if Suga wasn't, it wouldn't matter to him. He wanted him tousled from sleep. His gentle eyes still somewhat dazed and heavy lidded. He wanted to taste him, not toothpaste. He just didn't want Suga to be assaulted with his morning breath either.

Creeping back to his room, he quietly shut the door and then stood there, contemplating on what he should do. Should he get back onto his pallet and wait for Suga to wake on his own? Or should he get into bed with him?

He knew which one he would choose. Which is what he'd done.

His eyes roamed over the label on the can he held, not seeing it at all. Softly, the pad of his thumb ran across the paper... his decision had cost him.

The problem had been that he was afraid that if Suga awoke on his own, that he would get up and start getting ready for the day, doing everything he could to avoid them being together in the bedroom.

It wasn't that something couldn't or wouldn't happen anywhere else in the house, but the bedroom had usually been the place that any kind of intimacy between them had occured. He knew Suga wanted him. He was just afraid.

Very quietly, he walked around the bed to the side with the most room, and stood there some more, thinking it over. Was he being rude, not giving Suga an opportunity to tell him whether or not he wanted him in the bed with him?

Last night, when they'd lain there holding hands, staring into each other's eyes, he knew what they both wanted. It was what they both wanted. The problem had been that his parents were home. That was the only reason why he hadn't ended up in the bed with him last night. This was what they both wanted.

Carefully, he pulled back the covers and climbed in, snuggling in around the smaller boy's warm body. As soon as the connection was made, Suga breathed in slowly and deeply through his nose, his body elongating into a stretch.

He smiled, nuzzling his nose behind Suga's ear, inhaling his scent. A hand grabbed his, pulling his arm tighter around the body he held. Eyes still closed, Suga's face pulled into a grin.

He remembered taking in his face. The beauty mark by his left eye. Every time he pointed it out or mentioned it, Suga would get embarrassed, saying that it was a symbol of wisdom, not beauty. And if they were alone, he would pull him into an embrace and whisper to him. 'If it's not a beauty mark, then why are you so beautiful?'

Suga would laugh and hide his face against him, turning an even darker shade of red. 'I'm not beautiful, Asahi... that's for girls... not boys.'

He would pull away just enough to see that gentle face. 'What my eyes see, and my heart feels... that's beauty.'

Already he was hard, his erection straining against the thin cotton material of his briefs, pushing in between firm cheeks.

A slight squeak escaped Suga's lips, sounding so adorable, and he pushed his body back against his. His ass grinding needily on him.

The can in his hand completely forgotten, he could feel the sensation as if it were still taking place. As if he were right there, with Suga in his bed, pushed back against him. His mouth opened, his tongue held at just the edge of his lower lip. He could still smell him... taste him.

As of it's own will, his hand slid down Suga's front, gliding over his taught belly until he found what he wanted. Just a bit smaller, more slender than his... he was wet. Enough so that his fluid had soaked through the cotton of his briefs.

Wrapping his hand around it through the thin material, Suga gasped. His body writhing against him, almost as if he were in pain. He cried out, 'Asahi!'

That had been all he could handle. He had to feel him. Feel his flesh. Taste him.

Letting him go, he pushed up and away, sliding his briefs down, he threw them to the floor. Pulling the covers back, he straddled him, his thumbs hooking into the waistband of his briefs, he pulled them down. His feet finally freed of them, they landed on the floor next to his own.

Panic wove it's way through his entire being. A hunger that he had never known before. Something so strong that he was sure it was controlling him, and not the other way around. He absolutely had to see everything on him... taste it... feel it, before he came.

Because just seeing him. Just seeing him beneath him... the way his cock, the head so rosy in color, had strained against the waistband of his unders just before it sprang back up to his belly. The pre-cum that glistened at his tip and down his sides, so fragrant that he could smell it's aroma, had left it's mark against his abdomen.

His head, pushed back into the pillow. His mouth, hanging ajar as he moaned out. The look of wonderful, blissful agony that his expression had become. The blotched, red flush that crept from his cheeks, down his neck and chest. He wasn't going to last.

If he didn't take in every single thing before he came, he may never see it again.

Sliding his hands beneath Suga's knees, he hoisted his legs up and over his thighs, pulling him closer. Laying down against him, his body held up by his left forearm, he held their cocks together and began a slow and steady stroke.

He had envisioned kissing him while doing this, had fantasized about it so many times, but that wasn't going to happen. There was no way. Suga's head pushed back into the pillow even further, his mouth gaped open as he cried out. Arching his back, he pushed them harder together.

His brain forgot how to work his hand. The only thing he seemed capable of doing was rocking his hips, bucking against the boy under him, their flesh sliding together frantically, slickened from their arousal.

Burying his face into the pillow next to Suga's head, he screamed out against it as his semen exploded against Suga's stomach and chest. No sooner had he finished, than warm fluid splattered against his fingers, mixing with his own.

Even if he had opened his eyes, he'd swear that his vision was gone. A burst of bright white had assaulted him. Like being struck by lightning, but without the pain. He couldn't get his breath, and instead of collapsing on top of him, he rolled to the side and lay next to him, panting as though he'd just played the game of his life.

He could feel that Suga had finally stilled beside him and was breathing as he was. Both of them drained.

Then, a phone rang. His mind listened, feeling Suga's body tense up beside him. The moment was gone. Instantly shattered. Suga jumped up and ran over to his desk, grabbing up the phone.

He could hear the voice from where he lay. Daichi, wondering where he was... practice. Right... they had practice... he didn't.

Trying to control the tremor in his voice, Suga apologized, telling him he'd overslept, that he would be there right away.

Letting out a fierce sigh, he placed the can on the shelf and grabbed another from the box. Needless to say, things had not gone anything like he'd envisioned them to be. There was no cuddling or talking. No making breakfast and eating together. No shower, and perhaps a little more of what'd happened in bed. It was done.

Suga had dropped the phone, grabbed his clothes and his overnight bag off from the floor and ran into the bathroom. He'd gotten up and thrown on a pair of sweats, waiting. The sound of water... the closet door opening and closing for a washrag... his teeth brushed.

Instead of waiting in the bedroom any longer, he walked up the stairs and waited by the door. After a few minutes, a still-flushed Suga ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. His hand stilling from finishing whatever text he'd just sent, he let it fall to his side. His wide eyes and scared expression told him everything.

As immensely as he'd enjoyed what had just taken place between them, this would be the first and last time that it ever happened. He was terrified. Ashamed? Embarrassed? Perhaps... yes, he was pretty sure. But, terrified... he was positive that was the forerunner.

No matter how much they might have wanted him back, there was no invite this time, no... 'Do you want to come along? Will you?' Their eyes locked and they were both speechless. With everything that was running through his mind, including begging him to stay, he remained silent.

With a mumbled goodbye, Suga left. For a good five minutes, he'd stood there, trying to encompass all that he was feeling. Then, he tried not to cry... and failed.

Finished with the box, he stood, and remembered as he broke it down. Every single wonderful and painful detail would be locked in his mind forever. He would never forget.

Chapter Text

Just before he could turn to cut open the last box, Keishin walked back to him, lighting another cigarette. Leaning up against the wall, he handed him a bottle of water. His subtle way of telling him to take a break.

Not that he'd been working that hard. For the last hour he'd stocked one row of shelves at a snail's pace. He almost felt guilty, like he was taking advantage. He needed to get his head on straight, and stop thinking about things that he couldn't change.

He had to admit, it was easy enough work and he enjoyed the atmosphere. Keishin's grandmother and mother, were both very friendly, and constantly since he'd been working here had offered him food and drink. Anytime he tried to give some money for it, not that he could really spare it, they'd wave him off like he was being silly to even offer.

Keishin, himself, was a cool guy. Of course, he remembered a time not too long ago when he'd been somewhat intimidated by him. During first year, he, Daichi and Suga had come in after practice. There'd been no real trouble, but Keishin had gotten onto some boys that were third years at the time for being too loud in the store.

It was simply his mannerism and the fact that he'd yelled at them that had startled him. Of course, at that age, it hadn't taken much to make him uneasy. His dad was a big man and he had a bad temper. Those things combined were all it took.

His dad had never been violent, but it was his way of dealing with things. The tone and volume at which he spoke when he was displeased. When he was younger he simply learned what not to do, and kept himself occupied and out of their way.

Volleyball and his friends.

He took the offered water, "Thank you, Ukai-San." Opened the bottle and took a drink.

Keishin watched him and smoked, then motioned for him to follow him up front. It was getting late. The kettle was filled and on the hotplate, next to the small table that he kept there for any who wanted to eat or drink something that they'd purchased.

Pulling one of the chairs out, Keishin sat down, watching him until he did the same. He sighed inwardly. Here it comes... the talk. He's gonna ask me things that I don't know if I can answer or not.

He pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down, clutching his bottle.



Keishin sat there for a moment, staring down at the empty cups he'd set out for them. He usually only had tea in the morning, or when his mother or grandmother made it for him, but he wanted to talk to Asahi and was hoping that some tea would help.

The kid hadn't acted right since the first day he'd come in asking for work. In fact, he was kind of shocked that he'd asked for a job in the first place. Any other time he'd been in with the Volleyball team, he'd had the money to buy what he wanted, but the day he came in asking for work, he'd about burst into tears. It didn't make any sense.

He didn't consider himself real good at this... talking heart to heart. Of course, he'd never had a whole ton of practice either. Definitely not with someone so much younger than himself.

He was only twenty six, but when he looked at Asahi and the other kids that came in from the school, he felt there was much more than the eight year gap between them that there was.

He wasn't used to dealing with teenagers other than in his Mom's store. When he was with his friends, things just seemed to flow naturally. He didn't have to worry over how he said anything.

Of course, with his friends, they went out drinking and a whole bunch of other things that this boy and his schoolmates hadn't even experienced yet, and probably wouldn't for a few more years. And rightly so. They weren't ready.

Which brought him right back to why Asahi had needed a job so badly. Sure, he knew of families that weren't very well off, whose kids got part-time jobs in their teenage years. It wasn't uncommon. There were a lot of teens that were from well-off homes that simply wanted to work to have their own money. Independence.

He, himself, had worked in his family store and on the farm all through school. School, sports and work. It helped one mature... get ready for adulthood. But, for a teen to go from being able to not work, being able to afford picking up something at a market when they wanted to, to having to work. That was something else entirely.

Reaching over, he turned off the hotplate and picked up the kettle, pouring the tea. He could beat around the bush, or he could just spit it out. Spitting it out seemed best. It would definitely take less energy, but before he could get anything out, Asahi spoke

"I... I haven't done anything wrong, have I?" Keishin watched how his hands tightened around his teacup to still them from shaking. "I can work whatever hours you want me to, other than when school's in, of course." He watched Asahi swallow. That look of fear was back. "But... I... "

"Are you alright, Asahi?"

His own hands tightened around the cup he held as he watched the transformation that took place on the kid's face. Hurt, shock... un-surety. He was holding a lot in. His eyes had widened and his mouth was working, but no words were coming out.

Perhaps he should word it differently. He wanted honesty. Honest answers. But just seeing the look on the face before him, it was likely that something would be held back. Asahi was afraid.

"You've done nothing wrong, Asahi. You don't have to worry over losing your position here, no matter what's going on. But, I need to know that you're alright."

Asahi's dark eyes met the table and stayed there. His brow gathered up. His troubles shadowed what had once been the face of a happy and seemingly carefree young man. He didn't speak.

"I'm asking you this, because I remember you coming in here with your teammates. Now all of a sudden, you're desperate for work and you tense up every time that door opens. I need to know that you're safe. I need to know. Because if you're not, I'm willing to help."

Asahi swallowed. As much to rid his mouth of the fluid that had pooled there, as to ready himself to speak. He wanted to tell him. He did. He needed to get it off his chest. But he couldn't. His parents... no, his Father, had forbade him from telling anyone. He'd said that if they found out on their own, that Asahi was to lie and say that he had relatives looking in on him every few days.

Nice, right? That would get him through the year, at least. But under no circumstances, was he to tell anyone. Basically, he was screwed. Running his thumbs over the edge of the cup, he floundered, Keishin's voice startling him.

"I tell you what... why don't I ask a question, and you say, yes or no. How's that?"

Asahi still couldn't meet his eyes, so he kept them on his teacup and nodded. "Okay."

Keishin watched him, looking for body language that may belie what came out of his mouth. "Are you safe?"

He nodded. "Yes."

Fighting the exhale of relief that he immediately felt the overwhelming need to do, he cleared his throat, turning the thick china cup in his hands. "Alright. That's good. Do you have a place to stay?"

Asahi nodded. "Yes."

This time, he did let it out, and then raised a hand from the cup to wipe away the sweat that had gathered at his brow. What a relief! He swallowed. "Do you have enough to eat?"

Unprepared for that particular question, his hands jolted just enough, spilling his untouched tea over the edge of the cup. Simultaneously, due to not only the damned question, but the fact that he'd spilled the tea, he sucked in a breath. Immediately, he let loose of the cup, and with shaking hands, grabbed up the napkin next to him and attempted to wipe up the mess.

Keishin's gut clenched while he watched the shaken boy lose his last bit of control. The facade Asahi had so valiantly displayed in front of not only himself, but his mother and grandmother whenever he was on shift, was gone. Before he could even register his action, his hand went out to the boy in sympathy, settling gently on his shoulder.

The wet napkin was crushed in the boy's large hand, while the other, held his cup so firmly Keishin feared it would shatter under his grip. Silent tears spilled over inky lashes, running down his cheeks and disappearing under his dark, stubbled jaw.

"Asahi... "

Letting go of the cup, he furiously swiped at his face to try and clear it, his eyes darting nervously at the door, then back down to the table. That was another thing. Another thing, he needed to address.

"I... mmhmm!" Asahi cleared his throat, taking in a deep, shaky breath. "That's why I needed the job." Taking the back of his hand, he wiped an errant tear away. Now he didn't have a choice. At least he didn't have to tell him everything. "I ran out of food money."

"Food money?" Keishin sat back in his chair. He was confused. "You said you had a place to stay. Who are you staying with? Where are your parents?"

Swallowing down his tears, Asahi looked up at him pleadingly. "Promise me you won't tell the school. Please?" He was already counting on Suga and his Mom not telling, and now Suga and he were on the outs. Now one more person would know. Sooner or later, it was going to get out, and the concerned look on Keishin's face wasn't making him feel any better.

His bare feet pushed his chair back a little more, and he crossed his arms. "I can't promise anything, Asahi. Not until I know you're in a safe place. And you not having enough to eat doesn't sound like you're in a very good situation to me!"

Fighting to pull it together, Asahi drug the back of his arm across his face to clean it up and giving up on the now tepid tea, he sat back, dropping his hands into his lap. "I'm at home. But my parents... they... they're not there."

Trying to get through it without looking at his boss's face, he told Keishin the entirety of his situation. Right down to him paying the bills that came in, using up his food allowance in the process, to hanging up on his irate father. Then waiting for more food money to come in, that never came. Finally, he looked up to him.

A war of emotion was waging inside of him as he listened. It sounded like things were better than they could be, considering that there were young people faring worse than this boy was. But it was far from stable. There was no way that parents that really cared for their child would leave them in this type of position. Not when he'd done the responsible thing and paid their outstanding debts. It wasn't as if they had to come up with the money for them now.

He didn't understand their reasoning. His father just seemed like the sort that enjoyed being an asshole. A controlling one, at that. He thought about what to say. It was certain that Asahi did not need any further stress. And informing the school was sure to lead to no good. Especially where his parents came in.

Asahi had shown strength in coming to him for the job, especially that he'd practically gotten down on his knees in graciousness after Keishin told him he had it. He was willing to work to make his way. That, to him, was the sign of a man. Tears or not.

Pride was important to their people. He knew that. But giving up your pride to do what you had to... that took guts. And knowing that his situation could possibly be revealed, he'd been honest.

He would do everything he could to help him. But he would try to do it in a fashion that allowed Asahi to keep what pride he had still intact. Scooting himself back further, he got up without saying a word and walked into the backroom.

Asahi waited, fighting the dread that wanted to creep in. A million thoughts ran through his mind, every fear. What could happen if Keishin decided to make that phone call. If he decided to fire him. But none of that happened.

After just a moment, he returned, holding a small, porcelain bottle, along with two very small matching cups. His mouth fell open in shock as Keishin set them down onto the table in the center. He knew what they were for, and what was held in that bottle.

The fact that this was happening with his boss, and not his father, like it should have been, formed up into a giant knot in the middle of his chest. He felt the warm, prickly tingle of fresh tears welling up in his eyes. The lump in his throat felt like it matched the one in his chest for size.

He couldn't speak, as Keishin, very carefully, pulled out the delicate stopper and picked up the bottle to pour the precious liquid. The scent instantly filled his nostrils, and he swallowed. Not only to quell his tears, but to ready himself for his first drink. Reaching out, his fingers just barely brushed against the cup that Keishin had poured for him. It was real warm. Hot Sake.

Pulling his hands back, he folded them together, placing them before his lips. He didn't know what to say. He was speechless.

Putting the bottle down, he motioned for Asahi to take his cup. He had no idea what he was doing. His hands were shaking, and he could barely look at the boy across from him. This was a big deal. Very big.

He hadn't ever had a moment like this with his own father, but it probably wasn't for the same reason that Asahi's father wasn't the one giving the boy his first drink. The men in his family weren't extremely ceremonious. His first drink had been a beer, and it had been snuck from his family's store when he was way too young, to go out back and share with his friends one night long ago.

And though he could assume all he wanted about Asahi's father, he didn't know him, nor would he speak about him. Not until Asahi was ready to divulge more. He wasn't father material, at least not in his mind, and he wasn't about to try and fill that position here. Nor would he give a speech about him being a man. He didn't need to.

Taking his own cup, they lifted them in unison. Clearing his throat, "I'm not big on ceremony."

He poured his own Sake all the time, hence this bottle warming in the back, waiting for him to close up. He looked at Asahi. The way he held it like it was a treasure. His hands fought to not tremble. Tiny beads of sweat shown on his brow, and suddenly, Keishin felt like he was in way over his emotional head. He didn't do tears, but that's what was coming if he didn't hurry this along some.

Finally, he knew what needed to be said, and it came out. He looked Asahi in the eye. The young man's back straightened, and the most serious look took over his gentle features. Yeah... this is a big deal.

"This is a new beginning... a fresh start."

With those words, Asahi felt hope, for the first time, blossoming in his chest.

Keishin stared into his dark eyes, the words he'd meant to simply help Asahi, sparking something within himself. Something that was taking off on it's own. He stood up, Asahi standing with him. "Grab hold of what lays ahead for you, Asahi. What is behind you... learn from, but never let it hold you back." Keishin raised his cup a touch higher, Asahi following suit. "You're not alone!"

Asahi felt the tears escape him, even as his face was alight with the biggest smile he'd felt in a long time. And together, they raised them up high. Fighting to keep his voice steady, he let out with his first, "Kanpai!"

Chapter Text



Asahi climbed into bed with a full stomach and a smile on his face. Two things that hadn't happened in awhile. Well, not since he'd had Suga over... the last time.

Thanks to Ukai-San, he'd been able to fill himself on a hot bowl of Tonkotsu and steamed vegetables, and bring home several packets of dashi stock. He laid there, looking up at the ceiling, thinking. I've got enough eggs. I could make some rice and heat the stock... put an egg on top. That'd get me through till lunch.

'It's not a handout!' Ukai-San had said. His smile got bigger as he thought about it. He'd told him that dinner would be included from now on in the evenings that he worked. He'd take a couple bucks out of his pay for it each week, telling him that he always had something made for himself as well anyway. That way Asahi wouldn't have to go home late and cook or worry over having nothing to cook.

That covered at least four nights a week, which was all he was working right now. But his boss had also said that he'd need extra help on the farm during certain times of the year. So, he could count on always getting some hours in.

Tomorrow he'd be learning the register, and working alone for the last few hours of the day. Ukai-San had some errands he had to run with his Grandmother, so he'd be the only one there. Closing his eyes... he didn't want to think of that now. All it'd do is bring more worry into his mind. Like his friends coming into the store, for one.

Breathing deeply into his nose, he held it for two seconds and then let it out through his mouth, calming himself. If he wanted to succeed at this job, he needed to take on all the responsibility he could. He wouldn't let Ukai-San down.


Standing at the register, he looked around at the empty store. All the stocking had been done the day before. The shelves were straightened and dusted. There was nothing to do, but wait till the next customer came in.

He swallowed, thinking about that. The first customer on his own... wondering who it would be. Wiping his palms down his thighs to rid them of sweat, he let out a breath and walked into the back room.

Checking the pot that was on the hotplate, he lifted the lid, taking in the wonderful aroma of pork bone-broth. Swimming in it, were bamboo shoots, scallions, baby bok choy and enoki. In a little bit, all he'd have to do, was add the noodles. And Ukai said he could take what was left home.

Honestly, he could eat this everyday and never get sick of it. Even without the veg and meat. But, Ukai-San said his Grandmother would scold him if all he was feeding him was noodles. He smiled, stirring around the steaming contents. Once he got paid, he'd have to get some pork bones. He'd have to let them cook overnight to get the right flavor, but once it was done, he could freeze any unused portion for a couple of months and pull it out anytime he wanted.

The bell going off, signalling that the front door had opened startled him. Almost dropping the lid on the pot, he blew out a quick breath, and settling the lid back in it's place he walked out to the counter.


A few minutes earlier...

Tohru threw his head back against the headrest. His hands digging into the seat's armrests as let out a groan of frustration. "I'm not sure where it is, Iwa-chan! Does it even matter? We're not playing here!"

Hajime kept his eyes on the road. "It does matter! Don't you want to know who we're going to be up against?" He almost hated to even mention his name, but it didn't matter if he said it or not. Tohru already knew this was where Kageyama was going, hence his request that he play setter through the entire match.

He rolled his eyes, his friend completely missing it in the dark of the car's interior. Tohru also probably did it in the hopes that it would cause some dissension within Karasuno's team. The setter that had been playing with them had seniority, he'd probably take it as an affront that the newest member, and first year, would be playing against them in the match.

This, in itself, would create a rift in their flow. If they even had flow. It took time for new members to find their groove within the team. Learn each player's rhythm. Taking his eyes off the road for just a second, he glanced sideways at his best friend, deciding that he would go ahead and say it. "Don't you want to see the school that he's going to?"

Oikawa stared into the roof of the car. "I don't need to see it to know what kind of school it is. It's the kind that would take him. Because he couldn't get in anywhere else." Finally, he turned to stare at Hajime. "Doesn't your sister need her car back? I'm hungry. Let's just go back."

Hajime leaned forward, squinting. "There's a store! I'm stopping for directions."

Oikawa threw his head back dramatically! "Uuugghh!" Crossing his arms, he glared out the side window at the little hick store. "I'm not going in and asking!"

Putting the car in park, he smiled at him. "I thought you were hungry? My mom's making Sukiyaki, and it won't be done for awhile. You'll just have to starve till we get home."

Letting out a heavy sigh, he opened the door and stepped out, eyeballing the place as he approached the front door. Sliding it open, a little bell went off, signalling that he'd entered. Doing a quick scan of the place, his eyes settled on a very nervous looking guy coming from the back room to stand at the counter.

Just taking the guy in, his eyebrows raised up. Holy shit, does he work here, or is he casing the place?

Slowly, he walked up to the counter, looking around for anyone else that may be in the store with them. Finally, realizing that they were evidently the only ones there, his eyes settled back onto the wary-looking clerk.

"Ahem... " he cleared his throat, not sure if he should tell this guy they were lost. "I'm... ah... we're looking for directions?"

Asahi took in a deep breath, raising a shaking hand to wipe some sweat from his brow. Trying to keep the quiver from his voice, he needed to get a grip! "Sure! I can help you. I grew up around here, so I know where everything is." He tried to smile, forcing himself to relax some.

Oikawa swallowed. Okay... let's do this and then I can get out of here! "Um, we're trying to find Karasuno high?"

The clerk's brows gathered up. "At night? I don't think there's a match tonight. At least not that I heard about. No one will be there."

Oikawa shook his head. "No, that's not why. I'm from a rival school. We're playing against them soon, and I just wanted to see the school. You know... get a feel. My friend couldn't get his sister's vehicle till late." Subconsciously rolling his eyes at all the touble they'd gone through to make this stupid trip.

He watched as the clerk's full lips pursed up for a second. "Oh?" He swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing under the five o'clock shadow that graced his neck. Oikawa soaked him in as he spoke. "What sport? What do you play?"


As soon as the word left him, a transformation swept over the clerk's face, and he stepped closer, assessing him.

"I... I did play volleyball, but not... not anymore." He swallowed again. "When's the match?"

"Well, we're still deciding. Their faculty adviser has been begging our Coach for a practice match. I'm thinking sometime next week? Maybe?"

Asahi rocked back on his heels. "I see."

Oikawa grinned, leaning his hip against the counter, he looked him up and down. He had size to him. Impressive. "When did you play for them? Do you miss it?"

Asahi could feel his face heat up. He knew what this guy was thinking... what everyone else that didn't know him thought. That he'd been out of school for awhile. Probably thought he was some flunky reminiscing of his past before he made a bunch of shit decisions that screwed up his life. "I quit about a month ago. I work after school now."

Completely out of Oikawa's control, his mouth dropped open in total shock! No way! The guy looked like he was in his early twenties, easy. "Wow! What was your... "

"Wing Spiker."

Oikawa chuckled, giving him a toothy smile as his eyes roamed over him again. "I bet. Too bad... I'd love to play against you."

Feeling his face heat up even more, he was sure he was being hit on. But there was no way that a guy like this would hit on him. He tried to meet those eyes, noting what could only be mischievousness in them. He smiled, taking in the attire this boy wore, and how he wore it. His hair, the way he held himself. How bold he was.

Oikawa leaned toward him just a little, "You know... instead of me trying to find this place in the dark, perhaps you could show me around?" His lips parted as his eyes slowly made their way back up to his, taking in every curve under that shirt, the dark hair that showed over the button at his neck. He could just imagine what this guy would look like with all that hair down, and that shirt off. How the scruff on his chin would feel against him.

He wasn't above a little slumming. Even if the guy did look like he'd been held back a few times... a little rough around the edges, he was hot as hell.

Asahi's face went slack for a moment as his mind tried to compute what had just come out of the customer's mouth. "Um... well, I... " he swallowed "I do have tomorrow off, and there's no school... so, uh... yeah. Sure."

Oikawa put his hands on his hips, giving a flick of his head to the side to get his hair out of his eyes and grinned. "Where should I meet you? Here?"

Asahi was still in shock. Slowly, his mouth curved into a grin. "Um, yeah. How about nine? Is that too... "

"No! That's just fine. I'll be here at nine, then." Sticking out his hand, he realized he'd made a date without even introducing himself. That large hand came across the counter to meet his own. Warm, with just a slight dampness to it. So, he was nervous... good. "I'm Oikawa. Oikawa, Tohru."

Their hands stayed together. "Azumane... Asahi."

He let the clerk's hand go, watching him. "Can I get your number? You know, just in case?"

Grabbing a slip of paper from the notepad on the counter, with shaking hands, he wrote down his number and tore it off. "Sure. Here."

Asahi looked at him fold it and slip it into his front pocket, trying not to let his eyes rudely wander over him the way Oikawa's had constantly done to him the entire time he'd been in the store.

Not that he didn't want to, the guy was gorgeous. He just wasn't used to being so up front with someone other than Suga. Not that he hadn't ever noticed other boys, but, Suga had kind of taken precedence in his heart. Looking at other boys hadn't really been on his mind. He just didn't. Or hadn't for quite awhile.

"Is... is there something else I can do for you while you're here? I'm getting ready to close, but... if you need something."

"Actually... there is something."

Tohru opened the passenger door and climbed in. Hajime watched him, taking in the devious smile that curved his lips upward and sighed. "What could be so great about going into a little farm market to ask for directions?"

"Nothing." He giggled, patting his pocket lightly where he held Azumane's number. "He didn't know... come on, let's get back to your place." Turning his head away from the questioning eyes of his friend, he licked his lips. "I'll share some of my milk bread with you until dinner's ready."

Pulling away, his eyes stayed on the door to the shop. He could see the large silhouette through the shade on the sliding door as Asahi locked up for the night. Turning away, he could still feel Hajime's eyes on him. It didn't matter.

Staring into the darkness, he thought about who he'd be seeing tomorrow. And how much more of him he'd be seeing.

Chapter Text

Hajime's soft breathing filled the room. That, and the sounds of crickets and frogs coming in from outside the open window opposite where they lay.

He could still smell the incense his friend's mother had burned after dinner. Mon-koh ash and some kind of scented wood chips, placed in several points throughout the house.

She always did after dinner, though he didn't understand why. It couldn't be to rid the smells of food from the rooms. Her cooking was the best, hence why he liked being asked to stay for dinner.

He smiled, inhaling the mild scent. Looking over at his sleeping friend, he'd be staying even if she wasn't the best cook. No, Hajime's father would read in his favorite chair, and his mother would meditate. It was their relaxation time. A routine that he'd witnessed in his friend's family since he'd been a young boy, and coming over.

Pulling his arm out from under the folded covers, he reached over to his pants that lay next to him and slipped the number out of his pocket.

Putting the paper up to his nose, he smelled it. Breathing it in, he was somewhat disappointed. Cigarette smoke, and some kind of food smell. But what should he expect? The guy worked at a store. He wondered if he actually smoked, thinking about it. Pulling it away from his face, he opened it up and looked at the writing, rubbing his fingertips over the name and the number below it.

Azumane, Asahi... the morning sun rises from the eastern peak

He was kind of hoping that the paper would smell like him, which made him feel kind of stupid. Frowning into the darkness, he folded the paper back up and stuck it under his pillow.

It's not like he was going to get attached to this guy, it was just sex. That's it. And he never had a problem keeping things properly categorized.

He'd just been dumped... well, that's not how he liked to put it. But he guessed that's what had happened. It didn't really matter. It's not like he'd been attached to her. They hadn't even had sex yet.

It was more like a status thing. Having a girlfriend made him seem somewhat more important. When it came right down to it, he liked the attention girls gave him. He liked being chased... followed, longed for. It was after he had them, that he got bored.

He thought about her. Her, and every other girl that he'd dated. The way they fawned over him, and then all that they eventually expected in return. Things that he just wasn't capable of really giving. That he wasn't interested in giving right now.

She'd wanted to have sex with him. In fact, she'd been the one to push for it, complaining that all their friends were doing it, why couldn't they? Well, that was complete bullshit!

Rolling his eyes in the darkness, a soft huff of air escaped his lips. He knew for a fact that a lot of their friends weren't having sex. They might be doing other things, but fucking wasn't one of them.

Not only did a lot of teens his age stick to their parent's ideals, but nobody wanted a kid this early in life. He'd heard way too many horror stories of guys getting stuck with girls they couldn't fucking stand because of that exact thing.

Either that, or they'd take a girl's virginity, and then feel, or be made to feel indebted because of it. Sticking with her out of guilt. And there was no way in hell that he was going end up getting stuck with someone he couldn't tolerate.

He knew his mom and dad eventually wanted grand kids, but they weren't the most old fashioned people either. His father had taken him aside a long time ago after seeing how the girls reacted to him, telling him to make sure he was safe. Even before he had any real interest. When he thought what his dad was talking to him about was gross.

But really, his dad had basically meant that he needed to think about himself first. Telling him that if he absolutely couldn't abstain, to do other things rather than intercourse. And even then, he needed to be careful.

If he was alone with a girl long enough to have sex, even if they didn't, she could say they did. And if she got pregnant, she could say it was his. And by the time they'd gotten paternity testing done, proving that it wasn't, his reputation could lay in ruins.

This was something that he'd thought about while she'd had her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him down. And that was exactly why he'd taken her home as soon as she was done, telling her he was tired. Too tired to do anything for her. He had to get up early, after all. Practice, practice.

Was he being selfish and overly paranoid? Perhaps. But he'd worked way too hard to get where he was. His father owned a successful business, and someday, that business would be passed down to him. His brother-in-law worked there as well, so his sister was already set.

He was at the top of his class. And his position there hadn't been paid for, either. He'd earned it. Which meant hard work. His mind was on his studies, and Volleyball. He'd get into a good college, hopefully the same one that Hajime was going to attend, and then, when he was ready, he would take his place in his father's business. He couldn't afford to get sidetracked. And a girlfriend... a serious girlfriend, was a distraction.

After almost every date, his dad would shoot him this look as he came in the door. He wouldn't say anything, but Tohru knew what that look meant. And he'd just smile at him. And every time there was a breakup, his dad would just pat him on the shoulder. It was a reminder, and, an I'm proud you're doing what I've taught you, pat.

In fact, and surprisingly enough, it was his Dad that had told him to consider being with another guy to work out his frustrations on, instead of a girl.

His first year in high school, his Dad had sat down with him, and given him a different kind of talking to. A talk that had ended with him looking at his father in a very different light. And himself.

He'd spoken of things that his own father (his grandfather) had told and taught him. Evidently, specific traditions and ideals, that had been handed down from generation to generation. His father had told him that their people had indulged in these sorts of relationships... well, since they'd been.

That as long as it didn't sway you from marriage to a woman, and the continuation of your lineage, that a blind eye was turned to it. It was not something that was advertised, of course, but more a secret amongst the men. And though his father never mentioned, and he never asked, he wondered if his father still indulged. And after much thought on it... he thought, yes. He believed that he still did.

There was no evidence of this. His father didn't stay out late unless necessary. He was never seen, or heard of taking liberties at his business. He respected Tohru's mother, and showed her love and affection. They were close. But, ever since he'd told him of his romances as a young man, he could honestly see him being with a man still. There were times that he had to be away. He worked and had dealings with many men. Older and younger than himself.

Tohru stared up at the ceiling. The little bit of moonlight that came through the open window, illuminating just enough for him to see the grain of the wooden beams above. And he thought, yeah... his Dad was definitely getting some. If he was willing to out himself to his son, and give him the go ahead to be with a male, then he was definitely still on the playing field.

His father's warning, though, had stayed strong in his mind. It is only for physical gratification. Nothing long-term.

He glanced over at Hajime, sound asleep. They'd never done anything, and never would. His father had even asked him about it once, probably just wanting to make sure that he wasn't attached in the wrong way because they had always been so close. And he'd assured him that, no, it wasn't like that. They were just friends. Brothers.

But Hajime knew. He knew about his proclivities, as he called them, and he didn't judge. Which, when Iwa-chan had found out, he'd been terrified that he'd bring their friendship to a close. He'd literally cried to him, begging him not to judge him, not to hate him, and Hajime had gotten angry with him. Angry, that he'd even think he would stop caring simply because he was Bi.

Bi. His mouth curved into a huge grin as he remembered the conversation that had taken place two years prior. And his realization that he was, indeed, Bi-sexual. At first, he'd denied it. Simply because he'd never thought of it, and to have a label like that stuck on him, kind of pissed him off. He resented it.

But Iwa-chan had said that, if he wasn't Bi, then he wouldn't want to be with a guy, as well as girls. He could understand. Human beings had a tendency, and a need, to slap a label on things. The mind literally needed to have a category for everything. A little slot that it could place things in, so it can analyze and understand. Deal and cope with them.

Whatever. He still resented it.  The soft green glow from the clock on Hajime's nightstand showed twelve.  Turning away from it, and onto his side.  Nine am...



Spreading his still-damp hair out on the pillow, he lay stretched out on his bed. Conflicting feelings swam through him, all of them settling in his chest as he thought over how excited he was about tomorrow.

Letting out with a deep sigh... that was the problem. He was too excited. He could feel the tension pulling at his features, pinching them together.

Should he be this excited? Bringing his hand up, he covered up his eyes. He'd come home and showered, just like every other night. It wasn't that he got real dirty at the store. He didn't. But Ukai-San smoked, and he didn't want the smell to invade the house.

He didn't care that he smoked, but it tended to cling to everything. Their wash room was connected to the entryway by a single door. When he came home, he'd undress right there, put his stuff in the wash and then go take a shower. Convenient, and the laundry didn't pile up. Then, if he didn't feel like it, he didn't have to shower in the morning.

That wouldn't be the case tomorrow, though. He was so worried over looking right for him that he'd had to force himself to get out of the bathroom to get to bed.

The whole way home, he'd thought about him; replaying every word, every move in his mind, over and over. And he was sure that Oikawa had been hitting on him. He was positive. But every time he would start to feel secure in his thoughts, fear and uncertainty would creep back in.

When the guy had come in, he'd looked at him like everyone else that doesn't know him usually does. Like instead of him actually working there, he'd killed the owners and was preparing to make his getaway with the register.

And as much as it irritated him how people tended to judge him at a glance, he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought. He didn't have a malevolent bone in his body. The whole purpose of growing his hair out, much to his parent's chagrin at the time, was to achieve a rougher appearance. Kind of bolster his self-esteem.

Apparently, it worked a little too well. But now that his hair was long, he honestly couldn't imagine it any other way, so there was no going back.

But it was after he'd been in the store a few minutes and they'd started talking, that his stares had turned into something else. Instead of Oikawa looking him up and down in judgement, his eyes began to drink him in, lingering a little too long where they shouldn't be.

He didn't know what to expect tomorrow. He felt a little lost. With Suga, he'd always kind of been the chaser... the aggressor. Not that he was aggressive by any means. But Suga was shy, and there was no way that he would've ever initiated anything between them.

He'd always gone along, and never complained or told him to stop, or acted like he was turned off. If he had, he would've halted everything immediately. Again, Suga was afraid. Boys being openly together was frowned upon by many. Especially in the more rural areas and smaller towns.

In big cities, like Tokyo and Osaka, it was becoming more common place to see boys with boys, and girls with girls, together, that weren't just friends. There were clubs now, and LGBT friendly areas. At least that's what he'd read and seen online. And while it gave him hope for the future, he didn't really want to live in a huge, crowded city.

This wasn't Tokyo... or Osaka.

And, he felt guilty about wanting someone else, which was stupid, because he and Suga had never declared themselves to one another. He just figured that it was so, because that's what'd been happening. They cared for each other. But, in reality, it had been hopeless all along. He'd just been blind. A fool.

No matter how far they had ever gotten, it would've eventually stopped. Suga would never stay with him. He wouldn't ever do anything to disappoint his parents, or tarnish his family name.

Removing his hand, he fought back the tears that threatened to come, and that pissed him off. It pissed him off that he was wanting to cry over someone he couldn't have, when there was a really beautiful guy, that seemed to be into guys, that wanted him.

Taking in a deep breath, he looked over at his clock... midnight.

He needed to move on.


"What're you doing here, Asahi? You need a day off." Keishin took in his demeanor. "Do you have enough food to last till payday?"

Nervous, he shook his head, then nodded, unsure of what he should answer first. "I'm fine with food till next week. I'm just meeting someone here."

"Okay." Keishin shrugged and walked back inside, leaving him to his thoughts.

He'd showered, shaved, then thought about other things... areas, not knowing if he should do anything else. Which was stupid. Getting up at six thirty, he'd taken twice as long as normal to get around, freaking out over what would probably be absolutely nothing.

Practically chanting to himself the entire time, I'm showing him around the school... that's it! Nothing else is gonna happen! This is so dumb! Finally, he'd stared at his frantic reflection in the bathroom mirror, thinking, I'd never be this nervous with Suga.

Taking in a deep breath, he turned away from himself, grabbed his keys, phone and hit the door. This isn't Suga.

Hearing a vehicle, he turned to see a taxi drive up and stop just a few feet from where he stood. His heart sped up as Oikawa leaned forward to pass money to the driver. He swallowed, wondering how far away the guy lived, and how much it had cost him to get there. Now he was nervous for an entirely new reason.

This guy is completely out of my league. I'm working and I'm still fucking broke! He came to see me... paid, to come to me, and I can't even give him anything in return. Now, he felt entirely lost. Unworthy. What does he even see in me?

Smiling through the glass at him as he opened the door, Tohru stepped out, staring at him as the cab pulled away. Asahi took him in. His hair was perfect. His clothes; shorts, tennies (no socks), short-sleeved shirt, with another over that... were perfect. He smiled, beautiful, white teeth... perfect. "A cab?" He swallowed, feeling the heat that sprang up in his face. "I thought you had a car?"

The smile instantly changed to a look of shock. "Oh no!" Oikawa chuckled, shaking his head, and it was then that Asahi realized he was holding, either an overnight bag, or a gym bag?

"I... I mean, it's not a big deal. I don't have one either. I mean, I don't even have my license yet, so... "

Shifting the bag to his shoulder, "My friend borrowed his sister's car last night to get us here." He stepped closer. The smile was back. "I've got a license, but normally we're just around town biking or walking, so no need."

He nodded, unable to keep the idiotic grin from consuming his face. "No problem at all. I usually just walk or ride my bike, too." He cleared his throat, "So... you ah... want to just head to the school? It's not that far?"

Honestly, he wasn't interested in seeing the school at all, and had he been able to talk Iwa-Chan out of the two hour long drive last night, they wouldn't have made the trip, and he wouldn't be standing here talking to this hot specimen right now. "Well, actually, I kind of wanted to get cleaned up. If that's okay? Is there a place nearby?"

Oikawa watched his face. It seemed to want to work. His mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. "I had to take a train, then a cab... so, I'm feeling kind of... you know?"

Now something was coming out.

"Uh, yeah! Yes! Um, I mean... we could go to my place. If... if that's okay?"

He smiled, noting the flush that'd taken over Asahi's face. Score! "That's definitely okay. Wonderful, in fact."

Chapter Text

We're gonna be alone... we're gonna be alone. "It's not too far to my house." Smiling at Oikawa. "Would you like a break from your duffle? I can carry it for you?"

He was tempted to hand it over, but actual guilt kept him from doing so. Yeah, it was something he really felt at times, and probably not as often as he should. But what could he say... he had goals, and being a stepping stone for others was not among them.

"That's alright, it's not really that heavy."

"Are you staying somewhere nearby? I'm a little surprised you brought it."

"Well, I thought I'd do some studying on the train, so I brought some materials. But, also, I wasn't sure how much walking I'd be doing, so I brought an extra outfit." He wasn't going to divulge what else was in there, though. Not until they were alone. Lube... condoms. Why not be thoroughly prepared? Right?

The urge to laugh was strong, but he fought it. Keeping from voicing what had plagued him since last night when they'd met, though, was going to come out.

Both of them stared ahead as they walked. Rolling hills and farm lands as far as the eye could see. Family homes nestled in the nooks and crannys where one property ended and another began. Lines strung to the sides and behind each one, filled with hung clothes pinned up, drying in the warm breeze.

It was peaceful. He could get used to this, being here to visit... perhaps weekly? It wasn't as though the area he lived in was huge, by any standard, but it was more city-like than this. The Miyagi prefecture was large, and much of it rural, but still, they had some decent sized towns.

Living here could be boring though. He was used to having more around him, but... coming to see Asahi... that might make it worth it.

He glanced at him, what had been nagging at him on the tip of his tongue. He could get used to it if things went well between them today.

"I have to say this, Asahi, and I hope it doesn't offend you."

Asahi turned a little towards him, but kept walking. The expression on his face telling him that he was a little afraid to hear what it was.

Now he wasn't sure how to begin, but there was no way that he could keep it in, and he was glad they hadn't stopped walking. "You're appearance doesn't really fit all this farmland, and at first I thought that perhaps you'd moved from a large city. But, your personality, from what little I know, doesn't fit big city."

Asahi actually chuckled, raising one hand to cover his mouth a little.

"You're laughing at me... well, now I'm not sure... but, you're too much the gentleman to fit the persona your appearance gives off." Oikawa raised up a hand, pushing him playfully on the shoulder. "Give."

He could feel the blush in his cheeks, the heat it was giving off. "Do you find my appearance bad?

Now it was his turn to heat up, which as much as he wanted to be irritated by it, he couldn't be. Sparring with him was fun. Different. "No. On the contrary. I find it quite appealing."

He looked at him as they walked, noting the deep red on his face. "Especially the combination. Bad boy, mingled with quiet, and shy... innocent?"

He could hear Asahi swallow and his blush deepened. "Well... I don't... don't know about that... but, if you like it, then I guess that it worked."

Now Oikawa did stop, halting Asahi, who could barely meet his eyes. He stepped closer to him and would swear that he could feel the heat coming off his face alone. "It worked?"

Any moment, and Asahi was going to start sputtering. He could tell. He wanted to be bold, probably hence his appearance. He just didn't have it in him. But, he was right. It, indeed, had worked.

"It did work." Reaching across the two inches that separated them, his fingers took hold of Asahi's waistband real lightly, tugging him a tiny bit closer.

As soon as contact was made, a quiet breath escaped the larger boy's open lips and his breathing sped up, but he allowed himself to be moved until they met. "Where's your house, Asahi?"

"Just... just, up here."

Grazing his lips across the full ones in front of him, he turned him loose, and watched as Asahi struggled to open his eyes. It didn't matter that they were in the middle of the street. Turning, he began to walk slow. There was no one around to see it anyway.

Asahi followed him, raising his hand to touch his lips where Oikawa's had, feeling the fire there. Fuck! I'm in trouble. Lowering his hand, he caught up just as the turn came to his street.

Suga stopped his bike down the road from them and watched. The urge to cover his gaping mouth was almost oppressive as the guy Asahi was with kissed him. In public! Out in the open!

His throat seemed to close and tears stung at his eyes, watching the way the other guy tugged at Asahi's pants, letting him loose when he was done.

He could see the color in his friend's face all the way from where he was. See the way the other guy held himself, compared to his quiet friend. Just that alone, was enough to tell him who was in charge, but his actions... that really said it all. This guy was trouble.

He watched them turn, watched the way the guy kept eyeing Asahi from the side. He was a shark, and his friend was his prey.

What has Asahi gotten himself into?

Suga sat there on his bike, frozen, as they turned down the walk to Asahi's house. Asahi stuck the key into the lock and turned it, and the guy behind him... he could swear he was smiling.


Closing the door behind them, he turned the latch as Oikawa toed off his shoes. "Sorry, I don't have any slippers, my mother and father took all those when they left." Taking his off, he set them next to Oikawa's, rolling his eyes. "Like they'd need them there. No one there lives like we do."

Setting down his duffle his eyes widened as he looked around. "What do you mean? Where are your parents?"

Panic hit him for just a second, then, realizing that Oikawa wasn't from here, and didn't go to his school, it probably wouldn't matter. "This really needs to stay private till I'm out of school... " raising up his hand, he rubbed nervously at his brow "my parent's left for the States a couple of weeks ago."

Tohru stood there, unsure of what he meant. "Did they go on vacation?"

Asahi stepped up onto the main floor, taking hold of Tohru's duffle. "No. They moved. Not coming back."

He followed him. "Wait a minute! Are you... do you actually mean, that you're living alone?!"

Tohru gaped at him. He literally couldn't believe it! Nor his good fortune. Absolutely giddy, he felt like giggling and jumping up and down! But, that wouldn't exactly come off proper with his host... now would it? But, he still couldn't believe that Asahi was living alone and handling everything that an independent adult would. "I'm... I'm rather impressed, Asahi."

Asahi just stood there holding onto his duffle, a million emotions fleeting across his face in seconds. "I can also understand how it could cause you some grief, though... not having adults here."

He hadn't asked him how he was managing it, figuring that his parents had evidently set something up for him or he wouldn't be here alone, but still, he felt it would be overwhelming. As independent as he was, himself, he wasn't ready to be burdened with everything his parents dealt with. Stepping closer to him, he could feel the tension in him since it'd been brought up. That definitely needed to be remedied.

"I'm doing alright. Working after school helps. No big deal."

"Forget about this." Taking the duffle from Asahi's hands, Tohru moved closer to him till he was backed up against the wall. He lowered his voice, looking at him through his lashes. "We're alone."

Asahi's hands instinctively moved to Tohru's hips, his fingers softly rubbing the waistband of his shorts and he remembered he needed to breathe as the other boy's lips met his just briefly, like they had outside.

Evidently Tohru had a plan. Whereas he'd been the instigator between himself and Suga, he had no clue what to do next now. He wasn't even sure if he was ready for whatever was about to happen. A little scared, and a lot excited, he let his guest take control.

Feeling a hunger that he'd never felt before, Tohru pushed into the larger boy. He felt carnal, like an animal. Hungry for flesh, and his lack of control almost shocked him. Pushing harder against him until he could go no further, he slid his hands underneath Asahi's t-shirt, feeling his warm skin and the silken hair that covered his abdomen and chest.

Pushing it up and over his head, and Asahi instinctively lowered his head down to let the shirt slide over his hair and off. They were both hard, he could feel the swollen length straining through Asahi's shorts as he rubbed against him. "Take your hair down." Grazing his teeth across that full lower lip. "Please. I have to see you with it down."

As soon as Asahi's hands raised to remove the pins holding his hair in place, Tohru's hands were undoing the button on his shorts, as if he'd just waited for that very moment.

Asahi hugged the wall as his zipper was slid down. The pins fell to the floor, his hair coming down around his face and shoulders as he sucked in a breath. Soft hands and long fingers slid his shorts down till they landed at his feet. Then, just as quickly as he'd felt him against his body, his warmth was gone as he backed away from him.

Too afraid to open his eyes, he stood glued to the wall, sucking in air like a fish that had fallen out of it's bowl. His nipples beaded up so hard under the anticipation that they felt sore

Tohru stepped out of his shorts, tossing them aside as he pulled his shirt over his head. He didn't want to step away from him, but he just had to look at him... take him in.

Beautifully toned, creamy, tan skin, with more hair then he'd ever seen on any other boy. Wide shoulders tapering down to a decently narrowed waist. Perfectly cut abs and an adonis belt that just made him want to weep. Thick, muscled, thighs and strong calves... and what lay between those legs, was nestled a little too snugly into a pair of jockeys, bulging and straining to be set free. The telltale wet spot spreading out as his cock wept.

Completely oblivious to the fact that he was standing there with his mouth open, his breath coming in pants as he ogled the very obviously turned on and yet, stressed boy in front of him, he stepped forward, settling in-between Asahi's spread legs.

His hands went up to Asahi's face, his fingers sliding in a caress over his cheek bones, down over his perfectly cut jawline, down his neck,. And the boy just stood there, stuck to the wall, his head tilted back, those full, luscious lips open... eyes closed and long ebony lashes kissing his skin.

Whispering against his exposed throat as he slid his hands further down, it was painfully obvious. "You're so beautiful, Asahi... so very perfect."

He was like a Greek God, come to life, standing there with a sheen of sweat covering his skin... aroused and afraid... terrified, and so much a virgin.

He slid down his body, hooking his fingers under the waistband of Asahi's jockeys, he pulled them down with him, and a whimpering cry tumbled out of his host's lips.

"Are you a virgin, Asahi?"

No answer. But, then again, he didn't expect one. The boy wasn't even capable of opening his eyes, let alone speaking coherently.

Sliding his lips across the boy's thigh, the soft black hairs tickling his face as he reached the swollen member that sprang free, standing proud and tall. "I'm going to suck your cock, Asahi."

Kissing along it's length, he slid his tongue up it until he reached the head. Massive, and impressive. The ridge and swell like that of a big, fat mushroom. Pearlescent fluid filling it's slit, and he inhaled, pulling in his musky aroma before opening his mouth to gorge himself on it.

Asahi sucked in a breath and cried out as he fucked his mouth with one of the biggest cocks he'd ever had. Finally able to move, large hands found their way to his head, weaving into his hair and tightening almost to the point that he was afraid he would have to back off and speak, before they loosened.

Right then, his biggest worry, was whether he should have his hands wrapped around the fucking sausage he was eating or having them filled with Asahi's ass cheeks that he had yet to lay his eyes on!

He was not worried over the boy that all these things belonged to. Finally settling on wrapping one hand around the cock that was deep down his throat, and the other filled with ass, he knew Asahi would be just fine.

So, he was going to get sucked and fucked. There were much worse things to happen to someone. More cries ushered forth above him as hot semen shot into his mouth. Sucking down every drop, Asahi's legs began to quiver. It was time to move this to the bedroom.

"Where's your bedroom?"

Only able to raise his hand and point, he looked through blurry, tear-filled eyes, as he was led down the stairs and then the hallway that ended with his room.

Visions and phantom feelings of what had just happened upstairs filled him, rolling over every inch of his skin that was exposed. He was completely overwhelmed. He wanted to be shocked at what was happening, but coudln't bring himself to be.

All he could think about, was Oikawa's hands on him... his mouth. The way he'd just done as he pleased with him. Knowing he couldn't really encompass this all right now, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he would be sorting through it all later.

He wanted what was coming next, but he was afraid. This was something he'd wanted to work up to with Suga. Work up to. He'd figured it would take time, and even if they never actually had sex, it would've been alright.

But now, here where he'd had his first real sexual experience with Suga, he was going to get fucked. He knew it. That's what was going to happen, and by someone that he barely knew.

Oikawa opened the door and stepped through, noting the pallet that lay neatly on the floor next to the twin-size bed. Hmm, was he expecting me? No matter. He was here now, and planned to be for awhile.

They had hours till the last train departed and even if that was the one he caught, he'd be home and in bed before eleven.

Glad that he'd gotten the lube from his bag before they came down, he dropped it on the bed. Asahi stood there like a zombie. His eyes were heavy-lidded and his lips slightly parted. Naked.

He smiled, his eyes moving over him. Even after he'd come as hard as he had, he was still semi-erect. "Why don't you lay down, Asahi. Get comfortable."

He felt stupid. Stupid, and yet, still incredibly turned on. But he didn't answer, he just moved. Turning, he opened up his bedding and climbed in, laying on his back with his legs spread.

At least this was how Oikawa probably wanted him. He had no plans to lay on his stomach so he couldn't see the one that would be inside him. That wasn't going to happen.

He watched through heavy eyes, as Oikawa stroked himself and climbed on the bed in-between his legs, and his heart sped up. One second, the thought that he'd been satisfied, and Oikawa hadn't, filled his mind.

Oikawa had done for him, and now he would satisfy Oikawa. This was only right. He wasn't a selfish person. He'd want whomever he was with, to be satisfied.

He swallowed hard as his legs were raised, Oikawa motioning for him to hold them. Holding his legs behind the knees, his thighs pressed to his chest, his whole ass was exposed to this guy. And he realized... no one has ever seen me this way... touched me here. When he got himself off, he'd only grazed himself there. Never, ever even breaching himself.

Oikawa gazed down at him. How he was spread out before him. Taking his hands, he ran them down the backs of Asahi's legs, over his ass cheeks. Completely bare and soft, till you got inward, around his hole. Then, there was a decent amount of that fine, ebony hair, running all along his crack and around the even darker pucker.

Again, he whispered to him, just as he had upstairs. "You're a virgin, aren't you, Asahi?"

The entire time he was appreciating his body, Asahi had been watching him through his lashes. His cock was completely erect again, the head pushed against him with the position he was in. He didn't answer. His silence was answer enough.

Sitting back on his feet, he opened the bottle of lube and spread some onto his index finger. "I'll thoroughly prepare you... don't worry."

There was no need to ask him if he wanted this, his hard cock, and the fact that he willingly held his ass up for him, was answer enough.

Literally, as soon as he touched the tip of his finger to Asahi's hole, the boy squealed out, sucking in a deep breath. He stopped, but held his finger where it was, looking at him. His eyes were shut and his head was pushed back into the pillow, his mouth open.

Playfully, he circled it, getting it nice and wet, just watching the effect it was having on him. He almost wanted to chuckle a little. This Greek god, was putty in his hands. Literally.

Then, he pushed the finger in and held it. Within seconds, Asahi was moving his ass, just a little, but enough to let him know that he wanted more. He also knew that he wouldn't be able to play around for too long, or he'd miss his chance to get off. And he wanted to be balls deep inside him when that happened.

Pumping his finger in and out, he was mesmerized. The way that fine hair clung to his finger with every extraction... soon that would be his cock. Adding another finger, he stretched him, working him. Then, another.

Removing his hand, the only sound in the room, Asahi's breathing, he slicked up his cock. Thinking fleetingly about the condoms that still lay upstairs, buried in his bag, he smiled and lined up, pushing him open. He wouldn't need one. He was clean, and this boy was a virgin. He doubted that anyone had ever tasted his seed, but perhaps, himself?

It was that thought that filled his mind as he entered him, and Asahi's cries as he pushed until his sack lay smashed against that fine ass.


Inhaling deeply, he could still smell them. Their sweat, their semen. His, stuck all over his chest and stomach, pulling and tugging at his hairs. And Oikawa's, that had leaked out of his ass.

Feeling around with his arm, the other side of his bed was empty, telling him that he had probably left. He didn't hear any other noise in the house, no one walking around, no running water. Cracking open his eyes, they settled on the window, and how low the light was. It told him that the sun was near down, and that his guest had probably gone to catch the train.

The last thing that he consciously remembered before he passed out from sheer exhaustion, was Oikawa's arm wrapped around his chest, and his soft breathing against the back of his neck. It'd been nice. Real nice. Especially after how fast things had transpired.

Turning over, his face literally landed in a pile of cherry blossom petals... and a note.