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Onyx, the Black Witch Hero

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Name: Maxwell Faust, goes by his last name because it sounds cooler than Max and more mystical

Superhero Alias: Onyx, the Black Witch Hero

Gender: Male

Blood Type: AB-

Hair Color: Black with dark red highlights

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’9’’

Birthday: October 31st

Birthplace: Salem, Massachusetts

Age: 16 when he first arrives, turns 17 during the school year.

Occupation: Student


          Faust is a tall and lean young man. As a result from his training from a young age Faust has a very toned body, but he isn't overly muscular. He is just shy of being called pale. He inherited his mother’s green eyes and his father’s black hair, which Faust adds dark red highlights. His hair is usually messy, looking as if he just rolled out of bed. Underneath his eyes are just barely noticeable bags.

          Along the back of his neck and his spine are small circular scars from the wires his father implanted to examine and determine the peak of Faust’s Quirk, which Faust tries to hide from his new friends. The same type of scars can be found on Faust’s head, but his hair hides it.


            Casual: Tends to wear brighter colored T-Shirts and tank tops, despite what his personality screams. Wears a black jacket over it and black skinny jeans with tears at the knees. Wears checkered black and white Vans. His hair is usually down and he wears oval shaped half rimmed classes.

            Workout: Wears black basketball shorts and a white sleeveless t-shirt with red star designs and black and white running shoes. Wears a red wrist band on his right hand and a watch on his left designed to keep track of his heart rate and how many steps he runs. On his left bicep is a workout band that he puts his music player in. He uses wireless earphones so he can listen to music. Tends to wear his contacts.

            Formal: Wears a slim fit black button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Wears a crimson vest over the shirt with a dark emerald green tie to bring out his eyes. Depending on how formal the event, either wears black skinny jeans or black dress pants, with polished black dress shoes. Sometimes wears his glasses or his contacts, depending on how he feels. His hair is tied back into a tight pony tail. On his wrist is an old watch which used to belong to his maternal grandfather.

            Beach: Wears black knee length swim trunks and a very loose black tank top with no sides, which he strips himself of when he swims. Faust wears his swim trunks a little low, revealing some of his hip bones. He wears sandals to the beach with prescription sun glasses and owns prescription goggles for when he goes swimming. His hair is usually up in a loose pony tail. He takes his glasses off before going swimming and puts on his goggles.

            WinterDuring the winter months Faust wears a long sleeve, dark green turtle neck under a black fleece jacket. His pants are black and water proof cargo pants that are tucked into snow boots.

            Sleepwear: Wears a loose black short sleeved shirt that usually hangs off his shoulder and red flannel bottoms. He doesn’t like keeping his feet ‘trapped’, as he calls it, during the night so he tends to go barefoot as soon as he gets home. However, during the colder times of year he wears slippers, specifically the Godzillo themed slippers that he got as a birthday gift from Eijirou.

            School: Wears the traditional Yuuei School Male Uniform, consisting of a light grey suit unbuttoned over a white dress shirt and dark green dress pants. He doesn’t wear the tie, instead keeping the top few buttons unbuttoned, revealing his collar bones.

            During gym wears the traditional Yuuei Phys. Ed uniform: a blue track suit with thick white lines over his upper body and legs, which form the letters "UA" and black and white running shoes. Faust tends to wear his glasses, but switches out to contacts if he knows that he is going to be really active. He tends to keep his hair down unless he needs it out of the way, so he keeps a hair band around his wrist just in case.

            When using the school pool, for class or training, Faust wears the U.A. provided swim attire for men: navy blue trunks with red and white stripes running down the sides. The trunks are worn a little low, showing off his hipbones. Faust also wears his prescription goggles.

Attire (Superhero): Faust wears a skin tight dark red sleeveless tank top that has a diamond pattern cut into the front, revealing his naval and some of his abs. Wears finger-less, bicep length black gloves on his arms. Wears a black form fitting overcoat with crimson accents that reaches just above his knees that he leaves open and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The overcoat has a hood that he sometimes puts over his head. Wears black pants tucked into black steel toed combat boots. The pants have a few pockets on them that he keeps supplies in. Split into three pieces attached to his belt in the back is a staff, until he gets an updated one that is a collapsible bō. He ties his hair up into a loose ponytail and wears a black domino mask around his eyes. He uses contacts instead of his glasses.

             His winter hero costume is more or less the same, except for a few small changes. His bicep length gloves how have fingers and his skin tight tank top no reaches up his neck and covers his naval. His boots are now designed for snow and ice. His new overcoat's sleeves are now rolled down, and the edges of the hood and sleeves are trimmed in faux fur, as well as an added thermal layer to help keep him warm in very low temperatures.


            At first glance Faust seems quiet, reserved and unsocial (borderline Emo/Goth), when in all actuality, he’s just shy. Despite the way his childhood turned out he’s actually a happy person, but he is also protective of the people around him, so he doesn’t let himself get too close to people out of fear of his powers getting out of control. However, it is easy to worm your way into his heart, as Izuku, Kirishima, and even Todoroki find out. More often than not, he can be seen hanging out with Izuku, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, and Todoroki at one point or another.

            When he is out with his friends, he is actually very outgoing and friendly. There are times when Faust wants his space, so he’s been known to go off on his own when with groups. Faust likes to read fantasy books in his spare time since he wasn’t allowed to as a young child. When he is deep in thought, or sucked into a book Faust unconsciously chews on the tips of his glasses. One of his favorite things to do is grab a book during a thunderstorm and read it next to a window to listen to nature make its magic.

            Faust tries to ignore the abuse he experienced as a child, but there are times where he’s had night terrors because of it.

            Faust considers Izuku his best friend, but has a close bond with Todoroki due to them having similar childhoods with abusive fathers. Because his powers are extremely versatile and his openness to others he works well with a lot of people, including Kirishima and Ojiro. However, the two he works the best with are Izuku and Todoroki. Izuku because their Quirks complement each other (Mind and Body), while with Todoroki its simply because they are able to quickly read each other’s moves and react in moments, making strong co-op moves.

            Faust is also the type of person that puts someone else’s happiness before his own.

            He also has a good sense of humor, pulling pranks with Kirishima and Kaminari.

            When he first meets the class of 1-A (2-A), he comes off as distant because of the recent tragedy in his life, but quickly opens up.

            Faust is a bit of an Otaku, which is why he chose the Japan branch of U.A to transfer to.

            He is quite a good cook, with his food always being praised by his classmates when he does cook for them in the dorms.

            Faust, like Izuku, is a fanboy. However, instead of All Might and Heroes, he is a fan of all things Japan. From Anime to Manga to the culture, Faust loves it all. He is called an Otaku by the other classes at Yuuei. His room has Japanese paraphernalia decorating it, along with his magic themed posters. 

            With his love of fantasy books, Faust started calling his Quirk Witchcraft early on in his school career to make it sound more magical. His room is decked out in magic and sorcery themed posters. One can even see sketches of magic circles on the walls.

            He has a strange obsession with apples. He always has an apple with all of his meals.

            One of his greatest fears is that he subconsciously uses his powers to control someone and have them do something terrible or something they wouldn’t do.

            If one where to ask any of the other students in 1-A or the teachers, they would say that Faust looks bored in class. He doesn't feel challenged by the learning material, with his high intelligence and eidetic memory. In class he barely pays attention, and mostly doodles in his notebook making fake magic spells, sigils, pentagrams, etc, with the bare minimum of actual useful notes. However, when it gets closer to a testing period he does take what he considers useful notes to help him study with his friends.

            Faust is someone who people just talk to and vent out their frustrations and feelings. Most of the time he doesn't even speak or offer his input, he just sits there, dumbfounded that people just come to him to vent. When he does offer his thoughts, it turns out to be of great help to the venter. Eventually, Faust ends up being the mediator of nearly all off his classmates disputes.

           Once he got comfortable with his classmates and got to know them, Faust asked the guys if he could try on their Hero Costumes. He's a big fan of Eijirou's, but also likes Tokoyami's and Ojiro's a lot too.

           Faust doesn't like to celebrate his birthday. In fact, he keeps his birthday a secret and does everything he can to avoid it. When the class finds out his birthday and throw him a surprise party, he tries to have a good time and is truly grateful that his friends did this for him, but he simply just doesn't enjoy the party being centered around him.

           After they started hanging out, Faust at times would end up falling asleep in Eijirou's bed during late night study sessions or when they were playing video games, who doesn't have the heart to wake him. It happens a lot, until Faust starts dating Shouto.

           If he were to be asked, Faust would admit that he sees all his friends and teachers as his family. He sees all of them, from Izuku and Kirishima to Iida and even Mineta as loved ones. He is willing to lay down his life for them at a moments notice. He would gladly stand up and announce it to the world how he feels about his class.

            Faust has some feelings for Shouto Todoroki, and comes to the conclusion that he has a crush of the young Icy Hot hero, which he wishes Shouto reciprocates. As time goes on Faust falls in love with Shouto.

            After he started dating Todoroki, Faust becomes much more open and physically affectionate with others. He'll happily and excitedly throw his arms around the shoulders of others, rubbing people's hair, even playfully kissing the cheeks and foreheads of his closest friends.

            In his relationship with Shouto, Faust is more submissive. When they move onto the sexual stage of their relationship, Faust is the bottom while Shouto tops.


            Faust was born to two Quirk-less parents. His mother Wanda Faust was a FBI agent while his father Daniel Newton was a geneticist studying the origin of Quirks. After getting married they had Faust a little less than a year into their marriage. Both Wanda and Daniel loved Faust dearly and doted on him, his father reading to him advanced scientific books. Faust’s Quirk activated at an abnormally (but not unheard of) young age, at the age of 18 months.

            Once his Quirk manifested, Daniel began to study Faust in depth, drawing blood, tissue samples, spinal fluid and even bone marrow. Daniel used every piece of medical equipment he could, from MRI scanners to CT scans and everything in-between. He did this because he thought he deserved a Quirk since his parents had them as did his classmates, making him immensely jealous of all those who did. His research was trying to figure out a way to give himself an artificial Quirk.

            Some tests include him moving objects with his mind and cataloging the strain it puts on him, to reading people’s thoughts and manipulating them. He was even forced to read about the supposed science behind his abilities, from physics and psychology, to help him understand and strengthen his Quirk.

            As Faust grew older the tests became more invasive. Daniel even hooked up Faust to a machine via wires into his spine and brain to measure how his mind worked when using his powers. Faust endured this torture because Daniel is his father and he said he was doing it out of love. Faust was told never to tell his mother about it, which he never did.

            When Faust was seven his father started getting manic, his research not going anywhere to give himself powers. His tests become more violent and painful, Daniel even starting to not use anesthesia. This continues for a few months, with Wanda wondering why Faust is so distant lately, covered in bruises and bandages.

            One day, Wanda comes to visit Faust and Daniel at his lab for a surprise lunch. Using the access card that Daniel gave her, she wanders to his area looking for her boys. She then hears Faust starting to scream, so she runs to the source. Breaking down a door, she sees her husband putting wires into her son’s head, blood running down Faust’s head.

            Daniel tries to tell her to calm down, but she knocks him out and carefully unhooks Faust from the machine. He cries in her arms as she runs out of the lab calling her superiors and the police. Daniel tries to stop her, saying he needs Faust to give himself powers. Wanda calls him a monster and that he will never see her son again.

            Daniel threatens that she will not keep what is rightfully his away from him. They fight, making Faust scared. Once Wanda is thrown to the ground Faust loses control of his abilities and releases a telekinetic shock wave that blasts Daniel away from Wanda and causing major damage to the building. Wanda picks Faust up and runs outside just as the building collapses, with Daniel still within.

            After Faust gets looked at the local hospital Wanda is notified that Daniel’s body was nowhere to be found. At her request, she and Faust are put into witness protection and hidden. For a few years, they have a peaceful life. During this time Wanda helps Faust to the best of her abilities, plus what training he is able to get at school. At the age of thirteen he already has hero schools clamoring for him to attend because of his natural talents.

            To help vent his repressed anger from the way he was treated as a child, he takes self-defense classes such as Karate and did free running in his spare time. He excelled at his studies, easily being one of the smartest students due to him taking collegiate level courses starting at age 12.

            Faust eventually started getting picked on by a young boy named Jason Gasper and his group of friends. They heard rumors that Faust's father was a villain and they pick on Faust. One of Jason's pudgier friends keeps pushing Faust more and more, calling him names after he witness Faust tell his crush about how he had feelings for him, eventually making Faust nearly have a panic attack and breaks him down to tears. In a fit of raw emotion Faust tells the bully to go screw himself and manages to run away. Unaware that he used his powers, Faust goes on with his day. It isn't until later after an ambulance arrives that Faust sees his bully with screws in both of his arms and through his hands.

            In his fear of turning into a villain Faust goes up to a police officer and principal to tell them that he caused the bully to hurt himself. Not understanding, they reach out to his mother for explanation. Once she arrives and is told about what happened, she explains that Faust's abilities are tied to his emotions and that the boy, who she has had contacted the school before about his bullying, must have made Faust so upset that he lost control. The principal says that Faust should have more control and that he seriously injured his bully and needs to be punished.

            Wanda explains that Faust is a teenager, reminding him that teenagers are emotional creatures as it is, and coupled with the bullying Faust can't be blamed, even going as far as stating that he is not the first child to lose control with his powers and hurt someone, and he won't be the last as long as there are Quirks. After discussing it, they suspend Faust and arrange for a Pro Hero to help Faust get control over his emotions so such a situation never happens again. During his training Faust swears to never use powers to control people like that again.

            After his suspension Jason bullies Faust even more, revealing that word has spread that Faust controlled the bully who put screws himself. Faust explains that it was an accident and that the bully will be okay. Jason doesn't care because the bully was his friend and goes on to make Faust's life at school a living hell. However despite the bullying Faust learns to control his emotions, and therefore his powers, and continues to do well in school, only coming in second place to his bully Jason.

            Not long after getting accepted into the American sister school of U.A. at the age of 14, Faust walks home and sees his father, long thought dead, to be alive. He is threatening Wanda with a Quirk that rots flesh on contact. Daniel kills Wanda right before Faust’s eyes. Faust again loses control of his powers and blasts Daniel with a telekinetic bolt that slams him out of the building, taking off his arm with the bolt.

            Faust cries over his mother’s body when the police come. The take him away and he tells them what happened. Wanda’s Lawyer acts as Faust’s guardian. Faust is in a depressed state for a while. Faust takes his few belongings with him when he moves into the dorms and doesn’t make friends.

            Over the year his depression gets worse, because everything is reminding him of his mom. After talking with his therapist and School counselor, he decides that he needs a fresh start. He looks into various programs until he finds a transfer program. He discusses it with his counselor who says it’s a great idea and that he’ll get into contact with Nedzu, the U.A. principal in Japan.

            Faust is interviewed, his grades and extracurricular activities examined, and is accepted to join U.A. as a second-year student. Packing up his only items he meets up with his guardian, who tells him that he will handle his funds, giving Faust a monthly allowance. Faust thanks him, and then his guardian tells him that Wanda would be proud of him for everything he has done. Since this is the beginning of a fresh start for him, Faust decides to go by his mother’s maiden name in honor of her.

            Faust is flown to Japan and is met by Nedzu and Shouta Aizawa. He is taken to the Dorms after everyone else leaves. Aizawa takes Faust to the last room on the fifth floor to drop off his stuff from the plane and to change into his new uniform. He is then taken to the main campus and is introduced to class 2-A, where he is assigned to sit next to Shouto Todoroki. After classes Faust sets up his room, with help offered by by the most kind and friendly of the class, including Izuku Midoriya and Ejirou Kirishima. The next few days Faust gets to know his class and gets used to life in Japan.

            During lunch Faust asks Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Ochaco Urachako if he can sit with them. They let him and they talk, asking Faust about himself. Faust quietly answers, never going into too much detail, but slowly opens up. Over the next few days, Faust becomes well acquainted with the class. He tries to befriend Katsuki Bakugou, but is turned down meanly.

            Katsuki picks a fight with Faust, which is caught by Aizawa. He suggests a sparring match to see how everyone’s Quirks have progressed during their summer break. Iida thinks out loud that they will finally be able to see their new classmate’s Quirk. Faust reveals that he was walking behind Iida and Izuku, scaring the both of them. Telling them that they could have simply asked. Izuku apologizes and asks. Faust responds with a smile, and calls his Quirk Witchcraft.

            At the training grounds Aizawa announces that since there is an odd number of students now, that there will be one round that encompasses three people. Lots are drawn, where it is Faust, Katsuki, and Shouto are revealed to be the three-way battle.

            Going last, the trio get into their battle positions. Once the battle commences Bakugou goes straight for Faust while Shouto hangs back to observe. Bakugou is relentless in his assault, but Faust is able to avoid his explosions, carefully making barriers at the last second. Shouto soon joins in, attacking the both of them. This angers Bakugou who switches targets. Faust watches Shouto as he fights Bakugou, keeping his defenses up while doing so.

            As the fight progresses the trio end up getting tired. Bakugou, out of his irritation uses a powerful explosion. Todoroki tries to dodge, but ends up tripping and twisting his ankle. Bakugou doesn’t notice and unleashes his attack. Faust sees Todoroki not moving and reacts, using his Quirk to condense the explosion (with great strain on his part). The classmates are amazed that Faust is able to do that with his Quirk. Both Bakugou and Todoroki are frozen in shock. Faust, after compressing the explosion in a Psionic field, propels it into the air and releases, causing the explosion to go off above their heads.

            Faust collapses clutching his head and reaching for his pills. After taking a couple, he checks on Todoroki to see if he’s alight. He helps Todoroki up and off the platform and berates Bakugou for not paying attention. He takes Todoroki to Recovery Girl and stays with him as he heals. They talk and head to the dorms together afterwards.

            In an attempt to stay fit and learn new ways to defend himself, Faust looks into learning Bōjutsu. He takes classes after school and he spars with Mashiaro Ojiro every now and then. They become good friends through the training, with Ojiro claiming that Faust improves his technique extremely fast.

            A few days later Faust is talking with Izuku about his Hero books when Bakugou comes around and says something that really upsets Izuku. Faust gets angry and confronts Bakugou, saying he can’t talk to people like that. Bakugou tries to attack Faust, but Faust uses his powers to stop him and gets in Bakugou’s face. Waving his fingers in front of the ash-blonde, Faust sends some of his Psionic energy into Bakugou’s head. Using his Mental Manipulation abilities, he makes Bakugou live out his greatest regret- telling Izuku to kill himself.

            Bakugou lives this as if in real time. Faust also sees what happens, even seeing the way Izuku was treated by Bakugou and others since childhood. Faust breaks the spell and backs away from Bakugou in tears, calling him a monster for what he said to Izuku. This causes a bit of a change for Bakugou, and he calms down a bit when it comes to Izuku. Faust apologizes to Izuku for the way he was treated all his life and wished he could have been there for his best friend in his time of need.

            As the weeks go by the academic rankings of the class are released. Iida and Yaoyorozu are confident in their rankings, but they and the rest of the class are shocked to see Faust as the top academically. Everyone looks at Faust, who isn't paying attention since rankings weren't a big deal in his schools in America. Iida stands up and declares that Faust has been cheating on all their examinations and assignments since he arrived. Eijirou and Izuku try to defend Faust, but Iida states that Faust hasn't been seen taking notes, doesn't study with the others, he barely pays attention in class.

            The rest of the class do admit that they haven't seen Faust study or take notes as well. Iida even goes as far to add that they don't fully understand how Faust's Quirk works, but he says that Faust told him it gave him telepathy, so he says that Faust must either steal the answers from all of their heads or the answer key from Aizawa's. Faust is incredibly insulted, saying that he doesn't use his powers to cheat. Because most of the class is suspicious and believes Iida, Faust is on the verge of tears. He promises them that he doesn't cheat, he's just smart and has a really good memory.

            Aizawa comments the limits of Faust's powers isn't known at the time, but they can't have any cheating at Yuuei. Faust promises that he's not cheating, but Aizawa says that he'll think of something to prove it. Class is dismissed, and Faust shoots Iida a glare that sends shivers up his spine, all the while making Iida feel bad when he says he thought they were friends. Even Eijirou and Izuku say that Iida's observations aren't proof.

            During the next test Faust is no where to be seen. Izuku asks where Faust is, and Aizawa says that Faust is at a separate location taking the exam designed by a different teacher with All Might proctoring him, so even if Faust cheats with his telepathy, All Might doesn't have the answer key, and only Nedzu will grade it. About an hour later Faust returns, looking bored out of his mind. At the end of the day before class is dismissed, Aizawa says that the tests were graded so they could clear the air about all this cheating nonsense. Nedzu and All Might enter the classroom and Aizawa writes out the scores, which reveal that Faust still has the top scores.

            When Iida tries to protest, All Might says that he was with Faust the entire time and watched as Faust took the test, even going as far to say that Faust looked bored. Nedzu says that Faust answered every question correct, where even Iida and Yaoyorozu missed a couple. Everyone apologizes, but Faust says that their suspicions were justified since he doesn't talk about his Quirk. He tells them that in America everyone called him a genius, which wasn't too far off the mark. Faust says that he's always been really smart, and that his memory is really good, to the photographic level. Between all that, he doesn't have to take notes or study, and therefore he is bored in class, so he apologizes for looking so suspicious. Everyone apologizes again, and Iida bows so low that Faust is worried that he'll break his back. Faust says that he'll forgive Iida, but he admits that he doesn't know if he can be friends with Iida if it was that easy not to trust him.

            Faust and Shouto start hanging out a lot and enjoying each other’s presence. Shouto even talks about Faust to his mother when he visits on his days off. Faust tells Shouto more about his past than he does with Izuku, even telling him what his father did to him as a child, and in a moment of weakness cries in Shouto’s arms. Right before Shouto leaves, Faust thanks him for listening with a hug and a small kiss on the cheek, making Shouto blush and stutter as he leaves.

            Shouto avoids Faust for a few days so he can think, making Faust sad, but he hides it the best he can. Shouto later goes to Faust’s dorm and asks him to spend the day together on their next day off. They go get coffee together and walk around. They go to a restaurant and as they get their drinks Faust sees Izuku, Iida, and Urachako in the window and come in. Faust hides the best he can and tells Shouto to do the same.

            As Shouto questions why, saying he’s not ashamed of being seen with Faust, Faust blushes and is seen by the others. The trio quickly realize what’s going on and decide to leave before Shouto asks them to join them, scooting closer to Faust. When asked if it’s okay Faust shyly smiles and says yes, enjoying being right next to Shouto.

            After their dinner and date Shouto and Faust walk around, Faust buying some neat knickknacks here and there. When they are done shopping, they walk back to the dorms, with Faust slowly entangling his fingers in with Shouto’s, who takes Faust’s hand.

            They do more dates like this, getting closer and closer to each other. One day, Shouto decides to take Faust to meet his mother in the hospital. Faust is nervous, but Shouto reassures him that he will be fine and that his mother will like him. Faust is still nervous, but once he is introduced to Shouto’s mother as his boyfriend is quickly accepted as someone dear to Shouto’s life. She even says that Shouto talks about him a lot, making the both of them blush in embarrassment. After heading back to the dorms, Shouto and Faust kiss for the first time.

            Shoto and Faust date for several weeks, learning more about each other and getting more comfortable being around each other. They rarely spend time apart if they can help it, however Faust does make sure to spend time with his other friends. As the weeks pass, Faust talks Shoto into announcing their relationship to their classmates, especially since they live in the same dorms. Shoto at first isn't ready, but he slowly opens up and agrees to take their coming out slowly, starting with Faust's close friends of Ojiro, Eijirou, Hanta, and Denki. Their announcement soon reaches the ears of their other classmates, and they are happy for the two of them.

            One day, Shoto takes Faust to him home so he can meet his sister Fuyumi. Faust is nervous, but since he knows that Shoto's mother accepts them, he's sure that Fuyumi will too. Fuyumi greets them excitedly and starts talking ti Faust and getting to know him. They have dinner peacefully, until Enji come home unexpectedly, since according to Fuyumi he was supposed to be out of town for a few days on an assignment.

            Enji storms in, clearly in a bad mood and is shocked to see Shoto home. He questions why, and Shoto nearly freezes up, almost scared to tell his abusive father the truth. But Faust takes his hand and intertwines their fingers, giving Shoto the courage to tell his father that he is dating Faust and that he loves him. Enji does not approve and goes to hit Shoto, but Faust stands between them and glares at Enji. Enji smack talks Faust, calling him a bad, corrupting influence on his tool, to which Faust responds that the love of his life in no ones tool. He calls Enji a terrible father, an abuser, and the worst hero in history who doesn't deserve to even be a hero, let alone the latest number one hero.

            Enji starts screaming in anger and demands that Faust leave his house immediately and that Shoto will no longer have contact with him. Faust says that he can't control Shoto any more and uses his Quirk to push Enji away. Enji uses his Quirk to attack, only for Shoto and Fuyumi to use their Ice Quirks to defend Faust. Enji screams and says that Shoto will pay for defying him. Shoto tells his father his feeling for him, and says that he doesn't give a damn what he thinks, because he's happy with Faust and is not going to leave him.

            Faust is led out of the house by Shoto, both saying goodbye to Fuyumi. Before they reach the gate to the Todoroki residence, Enji bursts out and calls Shoto ungrateful and he will regret choosing some random foreign trash over his goals for him. Before Shoto says anything Faust blasts Enji with his psionic bolts and tells him to stay away from his boyfriend forever.

            Once word has spread that Shouto and Faust are dating, girls outside of their class are incredibly jealous of Faust. Some students say that Shouto never shown interest in anyone, and then one day Faust comes along and is able to woo Shouto. Hitoshi Shinso corners Faust one day and says that Faust is manipulating Shouto into dating him. Faust, out of anger explains that he would never do such a thing. Shinso then uses his Quirk to try to control Faust, but Faust shrugs it off with no effort and wished that he could slug Shinso for even saying that.

            However, Shinso’s words start to eat away at Faust, but he keeps it buried. He is still happy with Shouto, but subconsciously takes it slow. They spend every spare moment they can together. Everyone, even Bakugou surprisingly (though he’s still an ass), is supportive.

            During an encounter with a villain team, which includes a strong telepath, Shouto, Faust, Eijiro Kirishima, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Yuga Aoyama fight. Faust takes on the telepath himself, easily overwhelming him since his powers allow him to completely ignore other mind-based Quirks. However, Shouto comes to try to help Faust out so he can focus on the more threatening villains. The telepath villain tries to take control of Shouto, which causes Shouto to pass out in pain. The telepath villain says that he felt some of Faust’s power in Shouto’s head, making Faust realize that he must have subconsciously made Shouto fall for him.

            Faust’s powers react to his emotions and don’t work the way he wants, but he does his best to beat the telepath. Once the villains are taken care of Faust makes sure Shouto is alright but leaves his side. He takes some time to think, and after a few days when he contacts Shouto back (after receiving countless texts and phone calls from him) and tells him to meet him on the roof of their dorms.

            Shouto arrives and sees Faust, his legs to his chest, sitting on the edge of the building watching the sunset, his eyes red from repressing his tears. Shouto asks what’s wrong, and Faust explains what he’s done with his powers subconsciously in making Shouto like him. Shouto doesn’t believe him, since what he’s feeling is real. Faust says it isn’t real, it’s his powers twisting his mind.

            Faust apologizes to Shouto, saying that while he does love him, he wants Shouto to truly needs to himself, and as long as he is twisting his mind, he won’t be himself. Shouto tells Faust not to do anything, but Faust apologizes and hugs Shouto, saying he will always be in love with him, even when Shouto won’t feel the same. Before Shouto can react (due to hearing Faust admit that he’s in love with him), Faust uses his powers to restore Shouto to normal.

            Shouto is in a frozen state for a minute, long enough for Faust to start crying and leave Shouto alone on the roof. Faust turns toward the staircase with tearful eyes, turning around and looked back at Shoto, thinking that even though they couldn't be together, he would always be in his heart. Faust then runs to his room in tears, completely heartbroken, only to run into Bakugou, who cusses him out. Not in a good emotional state, Faust cries harder and makes it to his room. He locks the door and his powers react to his grief, knocking things over, smashing items, and short circuiting the lights.

            The others hear the commotion coming from Faust’s room and come to investigate. They hear Faust’s screams and cries and they try to enter to console him, but the door won’t open. The door is locked and blocked by overturned dresser, the window is blocked by a floating desk. Faust himself is curled in a corner, wrapped in a blanket, crying his throat raw.

            Shouto comes down in a daze and sees the crowd around Faust’s door, and as he comes near he is asked what happened to Faust. Shouto says he can’t talk about and goes to his room. For days, the classmates take turns bringing Faust food and telling him that they want to talk to him, but he ignores them and the food is uneaten. The teachers are concerned and try to force their way in, but when they do Faust reacts on instinct and his powers keep them out.

            Shouto is asked to tell them what happened between him and Faust, and Shouto explains that Faust used his abilities, unknowingly and subconsciously, to make Shouto fall for him. Before anybody can even think about blaming Faust in any way or degree, Shouto defends him by stressing out that Faust had no idea that he did it. Shouto says that right before he undid the ‘spell’ as Faust put it, Faust looked broken over what he did.

            After a few days, the noises from Faust’s room stopped. Everyone assumes the worst, but Izuku, putting up a calm front, brings a tray of food to check on him. He knocks on the door and says that he needs to eat. A few moments go by with no response before the door slowly opens. Izuku steps inside and sees the devastated room. At first Izuku couldn’t see Faust, but when Faust reveals himself, Izuku can only describe the look in his eyes as broken.

            Izuku helps Faust up and insists that he eat and drink. Faust does so and apologizes for worrying every one. Izuku asks Faust to talk to him once he’s done eating, and Faust just talks and talks, until he starts crying again. He hugs Izuku for support, sobbing into his shoulder.

            After he finishes crying, Faust leaves his dorm with Izuku. He talks to the teachers and apologizes to his classmates for worrying them. He doesn’t leave Izuku’s side, and when he sees Shouto he looks away because he can’t stop feeling guilty for what he did. He asks Izuku if he can stay with him over night because he’s tired of being alone.

            During his first shower in days, Faust thinks about how he’s glad he and Shouto didn’t go farther than kissing, because he would never want Shouto to do and be something he’s not. Once in Izuku’s room he thanks him for being his best friend.

            Faust does everything in his power to stay away from Shouto. This goes on for a while until one day he and Shouto run into each other. Faust tries to run away but Shouto stops him, saying that he’s been wanting to talk. Faust says he can’t so Shouto demands an explanation. Faust avoids the conversation and wanting to get away, but he doesn’t use his Quirk to push Shouto away.

            Faust tries to struggle against Shouto’s grip, but quickly gives up and breaks down. As he cries and hugs Shouto for support Shouto sits the both of them down and just holds Faust close. Once he calms down enough, Faust explains that he was avoiding Shouto because he was afraid he’d unconsciously manipulate him again, and he’s rather die than do that to the one person in this world that he loves unconditionally.

            Once he mentions that he thought about killing himself, Shouto reacts and tells him that he never wants to hear that again. Before Faust can say anything else, Shouto tells him that Faust is important to him and he never wants to see him hurt.

            Before he can even say that’s why he’s been avoiding Shouto, the Icy-Hot hero says that he wants to try again with Faust. Shouto explains that he hasn’t been able to get Faust out of his head since the rooftop and wants to honestly try dating him because when they were together he was happier than he has been in years. Faust tries to deny because he doesn’t want to hurt Shouto anymore, to which Shouto responds by kissing him, saying that the only way he’ll hurt him is if he doesn’t say yes to starting over. Faust cries again, realizing that this isn’t his powers twisting Shouto’s mind, but Shouto’s true feelings. They begin dating again and become as connected as they were previously. Faust is happier than ever, especially now that he knows that this is 100% Shouto Todoroki being himself.

            One day, Faust and Izuku are walking around the city on one of their days off. Izuku has been helping Faust apply to Hero Agencies to intern at, after Faust got his Hero License updated for Heroing in Japan. Faust wishes that he could work alongside Shouto, but with him working under Endeavor, Faust knows that will never happen. Izuku constantly suggests that Faust joins him at his current agency agency, and Faust considers it, but wants to see where else he can be accepted. He already has a few offers, including with the BMI Hero Fat Gum, whom Eijirou works under (who loves the idea of working alongside Faust). 

            After getting lunch and getting some All Might merchandise, Faust and Izuku encounter a Villain attacking civilians. Izuku goes to fend off the Villain until the Pros come. He tells Faust to help the civilians. Faust does his part, and when he's sure the area is clear of civilians he goes to help Izuku, and sees him fighting two Villains. One Villain has an strength enhancement quirk that on par with Muscular's, and the other hasn't revealed his yet. Faust runs to assist, but is unable to stop the second Villain from using his Quirk which makes Izuku go catatonic.

            Faust freaks out and uses his powers to protect Izuku. He is able keep Izuku safe until a couple of Pros come in and take care of the Villains. But even with the Villains Quirk deactivated, Izuku is still catatonic. None of the pros know what to do, so they have Izuku taken to the hospital, with Faust riding along in the ambulance with him. He stays with Izuku until Inko arrives. As she heads into see her son Shouto, Kirishima, Iida, Uraraka, and Tsuyu come. Faust explains the situation, and Shouto comforts him when Faust starts blaming himself.

            Inko comes out of Izuku's room in tears. She tells them that the doctors said that they don't know how to fix Izuku's condition, and that as far as they know that it could be permanent. Everyone is devastated at the news, since they all love and admire Izuku so much and wanted to see him accomplish his dreams. They ask to see Izuku and Inko lets them in. All of them talk to Izuku, hoping that he can still hear them.

            As the days go by, Izuku's condition doesn't get better. Other classmates visit him, with Faust visiting everyday. He supports Inko by helping her around the house, making her tea and meals. One day a week into Izuku's catatonia, Shouto is sitting with Faust in Izuku's room, reading to Izuku about the latest of Hero news. Faust is sitting next to Isuku, practicing making shapes and 'mystic' symbols with his powers.

            While doing this, Shouto looks over and gets an idea. He tells Faust that he should try to use his powers to get Izuku back to normal. Faust isn't sure, because he's never used his powers like that before. Shouto tells him that he needs to at least try, and Faust agrees. Faust sits in front of Izuku and tells Izuku what he's going to try to do. Faust's hands start glowing as he activate his Quirk. He goes to put his hands on Izuku's face, but stops, afraid of what he could do and potentially make things worse. Shouto assures him that he can do it.

            Faust nods and takes a breath and focuses his mental powers into Izuku's mind. In his trip into Izuku's mind, Faust sees Izuku's memories. From the time where Izuku and Katsuki are actually friends to Izuku being told he was Quirkless to meeting All Might and gaining One for All to where they are now, Faust sees Izuku's life.  From there, Faust sees a mental projection of Izuku as a child afraid. Faust goes to console him and is eventually able to reach Izuku, who's mental projection is now his current aged self. Faust smiles and offers his hand to Izuku, telling him its time to wake up.

            Izuku awakens and he is tackled into a hug by Faust, who also drags Shouto into it. Inko comes in wondering what all the ruckus is about when she sees Izuku awake. She tears up and hugs her child. Izuku tells her that he's awake because of Faust, so she hugs and thanks him. Not too long later, the class of 1-A has a party to celebrate Izuku's recuperation. About halfway through the party, Faust pulls Izuku aside and asks to talk to him.

            Stepping outside, Faust asks Izuku what he remembers from when Faust was in his mind. Izuku says he doesn't really remember, other than the fact that it was Faust who saved him. Faust explains that he saw all of Izuku's memories and understands Izuku on a whole other level now. He tells Izuku that he knows that he was born Quirkless and that he knows how One For All works and is passed down. Izuku starts to freak out, but Faust explains that he won't ever tell anyone about Izuku's Quirk and he will help Izuku protect it in anyway he can. And to solidify their trust, he tells Izuku about his past and his history with his father, but leaves out his mother's death because it still hurts too much to say it out loud.

            Faust and Shouto's relationship is starting to get more physical. A couple of times some of their classmates nearly walk in on them having heavy make out sessions, that include a lot of reaching underneath each other's shirts and grinding. The tension gets to them, and they are getting frustrated. One day, a class trip to the beach is set up. It is solely set up by the students as a way to increase moral and team cooperation. They do some fundraising in order to pay for the hotel by the beach.

            Shouto and Faust discuss making sure that they get a room to themselves. Faust and Shouto both have hopes for the weekend trip. When they arrive and check into the hotel, the class goes together to the beach and play in the water. Faust takes off his beach shirt and is ogled at by Shouto and the girls around, and a few guys at the beach. After swimming for a while Faust lays next to Shouto and soaks in the sun, and Shouto can't help but stare as water drips off of Faust's body.

           A few hours later the class goes to the shopping district to get souvenirs and dinner. They all have fun, Faust at one point intertwining his hand with Shouto's and laying his head on his shoulder. At dinner the class makes a plan to have a bonfire at the beach the night before they leave. Later that night everyone says their good nights and goes to bed. Faust and Shouto get into their night wear and get into bed. They share a few heated kisses, but Faust falls asleep before they get too far.

          The next day is filled with more beach swimming, shopping for the bonfire, sand castle contests, and even participating in a local festival. The class all get yukata and kimonos, and both Shouto and Faust like the way the other looks in the traditional Japanese attire. Later that night Shouto and Faust sneak off to get some privacy. Together they watch the festival's fireworks, during which Shouto cups Faust's cheek and tells him he loves him. Faust smiles, tears in his eyes, and says that he loves Shouto too. They share a deep, passionate kiss that gets more and more heated. When they pull away, Faust stares at Shouto before grabbing his wrist and dragging him back to the hotel, making sure to text Izuku that he and Shouto were heading back.

         The moment that they are back in their room Faust kisses Shouto again, which makes Shouto pin Faust to the wall and feel him up. They start stripping and head to the bed. They start moving together by instinct and make love, their first times given to each other. The next morning, Faust wakes up laying on Shouto's chest, wrapped in each others arms and has never felt happier. They take a shower together and have sex again. When they finally leave their room both of them have several texts asking if they are okay and telling them where the rest of the class was at.

         They join the class and help set up for the bonfire. Once the sun is down Shouto is given the honor of igniting the bonfire. The party is filled with sweets, drinks (a few alcoholic, kept secret from Tenya), music, and dancing. The class has such a great time and party late into the night. Before they all crash for the night, everyone (even Bakugou with urging from Izuku and Eijirou) put their hands together and promise that they'll always be friends and help each other when they need it. After checking out of their hotel and on the train home, the entire class's spirits are higher than ever, knowing that they are closer as heroes and friends.

        Some time later Yuuei is gearing up for the next Sports Festival. Everyone starts training their hardest, making sure that they are as prepared as possible for whatever the Sports Festival will throw at them this year. Faust uses his training time to focus on fine tuning his abilities and to gather his focus, knowing a massively crowded stadium is going to cause his telepathy to cause a backlash on his brain. During this time, Neito Monama is being more of a pain than usual, and is targeting Faust. Faust ignores everything he says, but is still annoyed. He vents to Shouto, who agrees that Neito is a jerk.

         The day of the Sports Festival, Faust and Shouto meet up in private. They wish each other luck and say that no matter what happens today, they'll have each other, and if they end up going up against each other in any other of the events, that nothing will be taken personally and to try their hardest at everything. They give each other a kiss and walk to the Festival together hand in hand.

          Meeting up with the rest of Class 1-A they change into their gym uniforms and watch the opening ceremony. During the festival everyone pushes themselves and shows off their skills and Quirks. During this time Faust's telepathy is causing him a lot of pain due to the amount of people in the area, although he is hiding it. Faust's close friends are able to see the way Faust is acting and asks if he is okay, which he tells them that he's having a bad headache. Taking his pills after being forced to see Recovery Girl, Faust joins the others and fights his way into the third and final round of the Festival.

          The third round, as it turns out, is similar to the previous year's one on one battle, only this one is a tag match of groups of three. Faust ends up joining Eijirou's and Ojiro's team, and they end up going against Neito Monama's led team. One of the rules for this round is that the participating Heroes get to wear their hero uniforms. As they are changing Faust is elected the leader of the team because of his strategy making skills. The team watches a match and applauds as Izuku's team gets ahead.

          During their match, Ojiro loses to his opponent, although the match comes really close to Ojiro winning, and Kirishima wins his battle. It comes down to Faust versus Monama. Faust already knows of Monama's Copy Quirk, so he keeps his distance. However, Monama shows that he has copied his teammates Quirks, one a long range Quirk, the other a close combat one. They fight, with Monama eventually getting close enough to Faust to Copy his Quirk.

          Faust gets worried once Monama starts using it. They fight to a standstill, until Faust notices that Monama's nose starts bleeding. All of a sudden Monama starts screaming and clutching his head. His Copying of Faust's Quirk gave him Faust's telepathy, but Monama did not know that the telepathy was so strong. Unable to control the Quirk fully, Monama starts hearing the thoughts of everyone in the stadium at once, causing his brain backlash like Faust was afraid would happen to him.

          Faust tries to help, but Monama's use of Faust's Quirk goes wild, making it unable for Faust to get close. In an effort to save Monama, Faust calls out to Aizawa for help, knowing that if Monama's Quirk is canceled, then his life would be saved. Aizawa does, and Monama passes out. Faust is declared the winner because Monama can't continue, although Faust isn't happy with how he won, despite Monama being an asshole all day and his teammates unwavering support.

          In the next match, Faust's team ends up losing to Izuku's team, who earlier surprised everyone when Katsuki forced Izuku to join up with him. It is a close call, with it coming down to Izuku versus Faust. Faust is able to keep up with Izuku who is using the strongest iteration of Full Cowl-Shoot Style he has at the moment, but in the end Faust is knocked out of the ring when he blocks a kick from Izuku, the force of it sending Faust out of bounds. Unbeknownst to Faust, his father Daniel has been watching him on television the entire festival, and using the recordings to further his research, and subconsciously get closer to his son.

          After the Sports Festival Class 1-A have a party at the dorms to wind down and relax. It is filled with games, music, dancing, junk food, and fun. Faust joins Eijirou, Sero, Kyoka Jirou, and Toru Hagakure in karaoke. It is big celebration that everyone has fun at.  Later that night, the class plays Truth or Dare. When it gets to Faust's turn, he is asked by Mina Ashido if he wasn't already dating Shouto, who would he go out with. Faust is a little embarrassed, but admits that out of everyone in class he would want to date Eijirou, making the both of them blush as red as Eijirou's dye job. They both laugh awkwardly and share a look and a smile, to which Shouto grips Faust and pulls him close out of not-so-well-hidden jealousy.

           The next day, Faust and Eijirou are working out together and talking. After a moment of silence, Eijirou asks Faust what he meant when he said that he'd date him. Faust blushes and admits that as he got closer and got to know Eijirou, that he realized that they just clicked and just get each other, and that some feeling may have blossomed. Faust tells Eijirou that he doesn't really have those feelings anymore, or at least anywhere near as strong since he has Shouto in his life, and then casually adds humorously that the only person Eijirou would be gay for is Katsuki, making Ejirou blush. Faust comforts Eijirou, apologizing for making him uncomfortable, but adds that in another world, he can see them being a good couple. He then gets up to leave, kissing Eijirou's cheek as he does, and says that he treasure's their friendship, always.

           One time, Faust and Eijirou are sent on a low threat level mission as a tag team from both of their agencies. They are sent undercover to track down a villain who has been mugging couples. It's uncomfortable for Eijirou, who is still accepting that Faust once saw him as a romantic interest. After a few days of no leads and Eijirou not really doing his part in their cover story, so Faust sits Eijirou down in private and tells him to relax, that nothing that happens during the mission means anything romantically. The next night out, they are being watched by the villain and Eijirou is still not committing to their cover, so Faust tells him to man up and kiss him. Eijirou kisses Faust and they walk into an alley holding hands, implying that they are going to do something more than make out, where the villain follows them and gets arrested as he attempts to mug them. Later, Eijirou asks if the kiss makes anything awkward between them, and Faust says no, it doesn't, but adds that Eijirou is a great kisser, despite the shark teeth. It is later found out by Shouto what transpired between Faust and Eijirou, and Shouto is understandably jealous but reluctantly understanding, although for a while he is always with Faust when Eijirou is around, until Faust tells Shouto up front to relax when it comes to Eijirou.

           When the weekend of Mother's Day rolls around, Class 1-A is ecstatic about seeing their moms, who were invited to Yuuei to have a tour of the campus early in the morning before heading home for weekend. Most of the class is talking excitedly, with Bakugou complaining about his 'Old Hag' of a mom and Mineta rushing around to hide his perverted items. All the while, Faust is hiding in his room, depressed because his mother died and he'll never see her again. Shouto is asked about Faust by the other classmates, but even he doesn't know what's wrong. He even mentions that he invited Faust to come with him to see his mother, but he turned him down.

           When all the mothers arrive it becomes a loud and good time. The mother's enjoy the tour, Mitsuki Bakugou smacking her son upside the head when he mouths off. Inko Midoriya begins to worry about Izuku, but is calmed by Mitsuki. Later on, when everyone is gathered in the dorm building for lunch, Izuku and Eijirou wonder where Faust is. They both go to Faust's room and ask if they can come in. They see Faust quickly hiding something before they ask him what's wrong. He says he's fine, but his two friends know that he's lying.  They coerce him into coming down and joining them for lunch.

           Izuku and Eijirou bring Faust down, and their classmates introduce him their parents. The mothers ask Faust about himself, and he quietly answers, and his friends loudly exclaim about what kind of guy Faust is. After a while, Faust gets overwhelmed in emotion, the happiness and joy he's sensing from his classmates and their mothers reminding him of what he lost and won't ever feel again. He starts tearing up despite his efforts to stop himself and gets up to leave. Izuku and Eijirou give chase, with Eijirou getting the door slammed into his hardened face. They ask if they can come in and enter the room, seeing Faust looking a picture while crying. The sit next to Faust on his bed and look at the picture, which is of a young Faust smiling while being held by his mother and a man they presume is his father, but his face was torn out of the picture.

           Izuku asks what's wrong, Eijirou gripping Faust's shoulder in support. Faust breaks down, finally telling his friends about how his mother was murdered in front of him by his father. The two boys react and apologize, saying that they had no idea, which Faust says he didn't want them to, that he was too scared to say it out loud. Not even Shouto knows, he tells them. The comfort him, saying his mother was beautiful when they look at the picture. The comfort him and leave him, with Faust asking them to apologize to everyone for him. When they exit his room, the see a crying Inko who was so worried that she followed them all up to Faust's room and had overheard everything said. She feels so sorry for Faust, wanting to comfort him, which the boys tell her that it might make Faust feel worse. As the three of them head back downstairs, Faust calls Shouto for support, telling him that he wants to see him soon and talk to him.

           When Faust comes down before everyone leaves, lnko nudges Izuku, who invites Faust over for the weekend. Faust, not wanting to offend, accepts the offer. He enjoys being with Izuku and Inko, and calls Shouto to have him wish his mother a happy Mother's Day. Once the weekend is over, Faust gets more invitations to go to his friends' homes, getting closer to his friends on a deeper, more personal level. Shouto picks Faust up the morning before they needed to go back to Yuuei, and they spend the day together, with it ending by Faust telling Shouto what happened to his mother and Faust ends up crying in Shouto's arms until he falls asleep.

           Later down the line the heroes encounter Faust’s father, who has artificially given himself several Quirks. It is revealed that Daniel is the head researcher and developer on the Artificial Human/ Nomu project partnered with All For One.

            During an attack on U.A. led by Daniel, everyone fights a series of Artificial Humans while Faust goes after his father. They talk and reminisce about the good times before Daniel became mad for power. Daniel tells Faust to come with him and leave behind the little people he made friends with, saying they cn't replace his real family. Faust scowls and tells Daniel that he stopped being his family the moment he killed his mother, and that his classmates are his real family, even to go on to say that he loves them with all of his heart. Daniel says that he'll have to rip his new family away from him. Faust goes all out with his Quirk, keeping up with his father who made sure to obtain Quirks designed to counter Faust’s. However, Daniel does serious damage to Faust, but Faust, who want to avenge his mother’s death and prove to his father that he is not scared of him fights on through the pain. 

            Shouto comes around and protects Faust to the best of his abilities. Daniel sees the way Shouto and Faust treat each other and deduces that they are in a relationship. Daniel does everything in his power to hurt Shouto, including summoning a couple more Artificial Humans, and succeeds to make it look like Shouto gets killed.

            Faust’s anger and grief causes him to fall to his knees and his powers erupt from him, obliterating the Artificial Humans that were surrounding him. Faust unleashes all the emotions he’s been bottling up over the years and aims it at his father. He is brutal in his abilities, using everything he knows to hurt his father, from manipulating his Density Shifting Quirk to making him experience a mental barrage of all the pain, physical and emotional, that Faust has experienced over the years. He blasts him with the Psionic Bolts, telekinetically slams him against any hard surface, and break every bone in his body over and over again.

            Once he beats his father, he goes to finish him off with a powerful Psionic energy bolt through the chest and heart, only to be stopped by Izuku. Faust says that he deserves to die for what he did to Shouto, to him, to which Izuku tells him that Shouto is alive and being taken care of by Momo Yaoyorosu and Eijirou, and that he wouldn’t want Faust to stain his soul with a murder. Faust relents, but keeps his father pinned with his telekinetic abilities until other Pro Heroes arrive along with Law Enforcement to arrest Daniel. Faust tells Izuku in private that he wanted to obliterate his father for everything that he did, but Izuku explains wanting to do it and choosing not to is the difference between a hero and a villain.

            During his Third Year at Yuuei, both the Third Year A and B Hero classes are invited to I-Island for a festival, held during their summer break, designed to celebrate Heroes and their history. The festival has students from hero courses from the best schools all across the world, designed to unite the next generation of heroes by sharing their cultures. Aizawa explains that each school has been asked to make a stand to show off their culture, history

            Everyone in the classes are extremely excited. Mineta and Kaminari talk all about the exotic girls they'll get to meet. Sato wants to try all the sweets he can to learn some new recipes. Jiro is ready to listen to all the music that will be playing during the festival.

            While everyone is putting finishing touches on their stand, they all talk about the hero schools that will be attending. As far as Hero schools in Japan, Shiketsu is joining Yuuei for the festival. As Momo goes off the list, she announces a school that happens to be the one where Faust attended before he transferred to Yuuei. Faust isn’t surprised that his old school was invited. Eijirou asks Faust if he’s excited to see any of his old friends, but Faust admits that he didn’t have friends at his old school because he was still in a deep depression from his mother’s death, so he kept his distance from people.

            The classes leave early the day of their flight to I-Island. Iida tries to keep everyone in line while Aizawa naps and Vlad King grades papers with headphones on. A lot of students ignore him, others like Sero and Kaminari try to get him to relax and have fun. Todoroki is napping, using Faust as a pillow while Faust talks to Izuku, listening to his friend get all excited about learning all he can at the Festival, saying he bought a couple extra notebooks to fill out for all the Quirks he is going to see. During the flight everyone talks about why they had to bring their Hero Costumes, with a common theory that they want to be shown off to let people see the next generation of Pro Heroes.

           They all arrive a little before noon, greeted by David and Melissa Shield (who tackles Izuku in a tight hug) and at the hotel Aizawa tells them that they have been paired up in groups of four for rooming at the resort. Faust is not assigned to share a room with Shoto, which upsets them both, but luckily, he’s in the same room as Eijirou to keep him company while they both share a room with Neito Monama and Kosei Tsuburaba.

           After the room assignments are given everyone is told to enjoy the rest of the day and to be back by curfew. A rare opportunity, both Class A and B decide to spend the day enjoying the Festival since they will eventually have times where they team up professionally. Monoma is the same pain he always is, but he ends up enjoying himself as well.

           The next day both classes are setting up their stands, directed by Iida to keep them on task. As Faust passes around drinks during their break someone calls out to him, someone that Faust hoped wouldn’t notice he was there.

           A young man by the name of Jason Gaper strolls up with a smile and gives Faust a side hug, which makes Faust tense in discomfort. Jason states that it has been too long since they have seen each other, when Faust ran away to Japan. All the students from Yuuei can see how uncomfortable Faust is being around this student, so being the dutiful boyfriend that he is Shoto comes up and asks Faust who this guy is.

           Faust explains that Jason is an old classmate from his time before he came to Yuuei. Jason says they go back further than that, since early middle school. Faust breaks free from Jason’s grip and Shoto grabs his hand. When Jason makes an off-handed comment about Faust being gay and that Shoto wouldn’t want to catch it, Shoto glares at Jason and says he is Faust’s boyfriend.

           Jason is shocked to find out that anyone would want to date the freaky witch-boy. He mentions that ‘Little Maxie’ was always that quiet freak that nobody really liked. He admits that all his classmates felt pity for Faust when his mother died and that got him a free pass for a while.

           At the mention of a ‘free pass’ Shoto realizes that Jason was a bully to Faust. Before he can make a move, Faust grips his hand tighter and smiles brightly, saying that it was good to see Jason again and that he’ll talk to him later before dragging Shoto back to their friends.

           Shoto tries to have Faust talk about what just happened, but Faust tells him that it isn’t a big deal, clearly lying. Shoto and the others try to push the issue, but Faust shut them down harshly before leaving the group.

           By the time dinner has rolled around no one has seen Faust and he isn’t answering any calls or texts. Shoto gets worried and goes looking for him, with Izuku and Eijirou joining along. Sometime later Izuku and Eijirou meet up and are about to let Shoto know that they haven’t found him anywhere when they hear Faust talking to someone not far from them.

           Listening in from around the corner they hear Faust talking to Jason Gasper (and see that Jasper is not alone, having three of his friends with him.) Jason tells Faust to remember how pathetic he was before he went to Japan and that he’s still just as pathetic. Faust doesn’t respond, only looking away. When Izuku and Eijirou hear Faust get hit they run over to help.

           Eijirou stands between Faust and Jason, arms hardened for a fight while Izuku helps Faust up. Jason smiles and says that he always knew that Faust would be a villain, manipulating others to be his friends when they wouldn’t be otherwise, especially after what he did to another student in middle school. Faust's eyes go wide and he lets out a whimper, which pisses off both Izuku and Eijirou who go to punch Jason with all their strength, only to be stopped by Faust using his Quirk.

           Faust tells them that they can’t fight Jason. They are all guests to the Festival representing their schools and he would hate to tarnish the name of Yuuei over something as simple as a lie. He then adds that they’re outnumbered and rather not explain a fight to Aizawa.

           As Faust and the others leave Jason calls Faust cruel names based on his sexuality, which Faust tears up to. He grips Izuku’s and Eijirou’s hands tighter and runs farther away. Once they are in the clear, Faust breaks down crying and his friends support him. Izuku calls Shoto to their location and as soon as he’s with them Shoto comforts his boyfriend.

         When asked what happened, Faust explains that Jason is a cruel boy from his childhood, self-entitled, proud, arrogant, and almost as smart as Faust. He zeroed in on Faust when he and his mother moved across the country after Daniel Mendel’s apparent death. He thought Faust was a freak and a monster, and was jealous of Faust’s superior intellect. After he saw Faust first use his powers and after hearing about his father, Jason was sure that Faust was meant to be a Villain. Faust then explains what he unintentionally did back in middle school with his Quirk, which has solidified Jason's opinion of him.

          Jason would pick fights with Faust and would always beat him when Faust retaliated. Over time, he started to take a sadistic enjoyment in hurting Faust, be it physically or emotionally. Faust even goes on to say that Jason was his Katsuki, but unlike Izuku’s relationship with Katsuki, his never started out good or got better. After venting to his friends Faust goes with Eijirou to sleep, holding onto the Sturdy Hero as he rests for support.

          Two days pass, in which everyone from Yuuei enjoys the Festival. They all go on rides, try new foreign food, and take turns manning and showing off their stand to the public and other schools. When Faust is on duty, Jason happens to show up and knocks over one of the displays, breaking it. Faust shoots him a glare while Denki picks it up. Jason kicks Denki while making it look like he bumped into him, and starts calling Denki names, which pisses Faust off.

           Faust grabs Jason and yanks him out of the Yuuei stand. Faust gets up into Jason’s face and tells him that he can talk to Faust anyway he wants, he doesn’t care anymore, but he orders Jason to never, ever talk to his friends like that again. His powers react to Faust’s emotions, causing the sidewalk to crack and rocks to levitate slightly.

           Jason urges Faust on, wanting to fight him and put Faust in his proper place. Just as Faust is about to make a stupid move and hit Jason, an announcement over the speakers is made. All invited schools are to come to an arena where it is revealed that the Festival is not just held to create peaceful unification between countries and the heroes of the next generation, but also to show off these new young heroes to Hero Agencies across the globe, so that when they graduate from their schools they can be scouted have the opportunities to intern at agencies from all around the world. Everyone from Yuuei finally understands why they were told to bring their hero costumes and start to plan for the tournament.

           The next day the roster is shown for the tournament. Yuuei is in the first match against a school from France. The proctor, who happens to be David Shield, says that each battle will be a full-on school vs school brawl.

           Yuuei climbs through the ranks, reaching the semi-finals where they go up against the Greece Pro Hero School. After winning this match, they watch as Shiketsu is beaten by the American School. That night the Yuuei students start making up strategies to go up against the opposing school. They spend several hours that night re-watching the previous matches with the American school to see what they are up against and stratagize.

           As soon as the Finals start, Faust heads straight for Jason, knowing his Quirk would be devastating to nearly all of his classmates. Jason expects this and taunts Faust the entire time. Izuku is fighting close by and notices that Faust isn’t using his Quirk, preferring to avoid Jason who isn’t using his Quirk either.

           Once Izuku finishes his opponent he decides to go help Faust out. He uses 10% of One for All and goes to kick Jason. Faust sees and tries to warn Izuku not to, but its too late. As Izuku swings his leg Jason activates his Quirk. At that moment Izuku’s attack is thrown back at him, breaking his leg. Faust telekinetically catches Izuku and holds him close.

            Faust explains that Jason has a Quirk called Mirror Force. It allows Jason to create a barrier that can reflect any force thrown at him, be it physical or otherwise, right back at his opponent. Even Faust’s Quirk is susceptible to it. He gently sets Izuku down and uses his Quirk to knock Jason off of his feet.

            Faust takes Izuku to Momo and tells her to make a brace for Izuku’s leg. Hanta happens to be by so Faust tells him to bind the brace. When Iida sees what happened Faust explains and then tells Iida to let everyone know to avoid Jason for as long as they can.

            After spreading the message, the Yuuei students keep fighting, until most of the students from both schools are taken out. Excluding Jason (who the announcers say his Hero name is Reflektor), there are six remaining students from the American school.

            Various students try to fight Jason, but his Quirk reflects all their attacks back at them. Faust admits that Jason was always the best in school, and doesn’t doubt that he could very well become the No. 1 Hero in America one day, if he could keep his arrogance in check.

            Jason single handedly takes out most of the Yuuei students, mocking them while he does so. At this point there are three American students. After watching and analyzing how Jason uses his Quirk, Izuku runs a plan through Faust. After listening Faust agrees that it is their best chance to beat Jason.

            Faust goes around and gathers Katsuki, Shoto, Yuga Aoyama, Denki, Kyoka Jirou, Pony Tsunotori, and Neito Monama. Izuku explains to them all that Jason shouldn’t be able to reflect all their attacks at once, so they are going to team up and fire off long-distance attacks. Katsuki, being himself, says he shouldn’t have to help any extras, but Faust slaps him upside the head and tells him to deal with it.

            Neito is told to copy Yuga’s Navel Laser Quirk and then everyone surrounds Jason. Katsuki fires off an AP Shot, Yuga and Monama release Navel Lasers, Pony fires off her horns, Denki shoots electricity at max voltage, Jirou release concentrated sound waves, Izuku fires off four Delaware Smash Air Force blast simultaneously, Shoto uses his signature move Flashfreeze Heatwave to attack Jason, and Faust shoots a stream of Psionic Energy.

            Jason, being surrounded, puts up a barrier around himself and believes that he is strong enough to hold off against all these long-range attacks at once. However, his barrier starts to crack under the pressure, unable to reflect it all. However, while it does cause his barrier to crack, it also overloads it in power, causing it explode, blasting everyone away. Faust is the only one to react in time to put up a Psionic barrier around himself.

            Once the smoke clears, everyone is knocked out and on the ground. All except for Jason, who is seriously hurt, but between the adrenaline pumping through his veins, his pride, and strength of will, is still standing and ready to keep fighting. Faust is facing the backlash from overusing his Quirk and is on his last legs.

            Jason is pissed off at Faust. He’s angry that the lonely little gay freak he picked on had obtained friends, love, acceptance when he swore he’d become some lowly villain like his father. Jason goes to attack Faust, unable to make a full barrier when Faust retaliates. His barrier looks more like broken shards.

            Faust decides that nothing he can do will work on Jason if he keeps using his Quirk, they way he has, so he decides to do an internal fight with Jason. He takes out his Bo Staff and focuses his Psionic energy into it. Jason, not expecting Faust to know close combat, is shocked enough to be distracted. Faust gets close and lands a solid hit before Jason reacts.

            Afterwards they go head to head. Faust dodges Jason’s attacks, and Jason reflects Faust’s. At this point, Faust is seeing double from the strain of overusing his Quirk and his moves are getting sloppy, however Jason is not doing any better. Faust gets in closer and swings his staff, only for Jason to knock it away. Faust planned for this and uses this moment to grab Jason’s head and sends a mental attack that knocks Jason out.

            Faust’s victory over his old tormentor is short lived though, because he is surrounded by the last two remaining American students, who tell him that he is the last standing member of Yuuei. Before he can even think of fighting, Faust passes out, losing the Festival Tournament.

            When Faust wakes up in the hospital, he is greeted by Shoto and the others. Everyone has been patched up, covered in bandages and bruises. After telling Faust that he’s been sleeping for almost two days Izuku shows Faust the results of the Tournament.

            Yuuei earned second place in the Tournament, and Faust earned an honorable mention for his planning, cooperativeness, and skill using his Quirk. He plays a couple of interviews of a few Pros that attended the Festival and watched the Tournament, and goes straight to the parts that highlight them talking about Faust. Everyone is so proud of Faust, and later at the resort they throw a party to celebrate how well everyone did. The next day they all enjoy the final hours of the Festival , with Faust and Shoto sharing a kiss beneath the fireworks.

            The day they all fly back to Japan, Faust is stopped at the airport by Jason. They stare at each other, and their classmates are uneasy with the tension in the air. And without a moment notice Jason holds out his hand to Faust. Faust looks between the hand offered and Jason’s face before taking it and shaking. Jason, knowing about Faust’s telepathy mentally apologizes for the way he treated him, and Faust says he forgives him.

            Going their separate ways, Faust takes Shoto’s hand as Eijirou throws his arm over Faust’s shoulders. Izuku talks about the Pro Hero Agencies that said they are interested in them as they board the plane. As Izuku talks and Katsuki yells and the others laugh, Faust falls asleep on Shoto’s shoulder.

            A few years later after school and the defeat of All for One and the League of Villains, Shouto and Faust are still together and both are Pro Heroes. They share an apartment together and living well as a couple. They have a cat that Faust saved as a kitten, an all-black short furred cat except for a splash of white over its left eye which reminds Faust of Shouto. Izuku and Faust are still close friends that are sometimes partners in the Pro-Hero world, as well as Faust and Eijirou, and every once in a while, the entire class comes together with their families for get-togethers.

            Faust also becomes well known as a Hero Counselor. At his and Izuku's Agency is an office for Faust that he uses to help Heroes cope with what they have to deal with for their careers. He listens to them and with a lot of patience and understanding gives advice that helps other Heroes deal with their problems. For serious issues, like a death or other traumatic event, Faust uses his mental abilities to help the heroes accept, learn from, and hopefully, move on. When he retires as a Pro-Hero Faust becomes a counselor at Yuuei, helping the young aspiring students in directing them towards agencies and to help them with their teenage issues, while still doing counseling work with Pro Heroes.

Quirk: Psionics, Faust calls it Witchcraft

            Manifests in the form of black, shadowy energy currents and mist-like shapes, with a dark blood red undertone, that expel from his hands. He tries to suppress his powers to protect his friends and classmates, due to his abilities being far more powerful than he lets on. While trying to suppress his powers and overdoing his abilities at the same time, he gets massive migraines and nose bleeds before passing out.

            Psionic Energy Manipulation: Faust can create energy blasts, waves and bolts, projecting his own psionic and telekinetic energy, allowing him to push/pull or blow away his targets, potentially exerting enough force to destroy them. This energy manifests in any shape and form, outlining his telekinetic spheres of influence, as the energy is visible in a black color. When a target of his is hit with his energy, he can use his telekinesis to inflict further damage. By the time Faust first arrived at Yuuei, he is able to only fire off bolts of Psionic Energy. Later down the line, with training, Faust begins to fire of streams of the energy. This takes a lot of focus and emotional strength, something that Faust discovers after seeing a close friend get seriously injured and acting out on instinct to blast the villain.

            Levitation: Faust is able to use this power to move himself through the air and simulate flight, in order to hover and safely float back to the ground. The use of this power manifests as a blast of psionic energy expelled from his hands onto the ground to propel himself up in the air.

            Psionic Force-Field Generation: Faust is able to create a highly durable barrier of energy that he can shape and deform as he needed to. He can use it to grab and break apart targets, to protect innocents from enemy fire, contain a target or to cover and deflect attacks from the enemies. Faust is skilled enough that he can put minimal effort in having a psionic shield defend his back while he focuses on what’s in front of him. With enough brute force, the barrier can be broken down. Since this ability is tied to his mind, if his shields are beaten down he can feel a mental backlash from the strain if they get shattered. He also uses this ability to make a close-to-the-body psionic armor to protect himself from extreme impacts, such as falls from great heights.

            Telekinesis: Faust has the ability to mentally move, levitate and manipulate objects, also can affect and control molecules and particles allowing him to fully control matter and energy, as well as physical forces (such as kinetic energy, gravity, friction, pressure, vectors, density, temperature, etc.) His emotions are linked to his powers. Faust can only affect things that have been influenced by his Psionic energy, usually after blasting an opponent with a Psionic Bolt, thus outlining his telekinetic field of influence.

            Telepathy: Faust can read minds or mentally communicate and experience memories and thoughts of others or project his own thoughts through a neuro-electric interface that gives him telepathy. Faust can also sense the minds and emotions of those around him. Stronger minded people, or those who are simple minded with a singular drive to one specific goal (such as Nomus), are able to resist or even shrug off this ability. Faust’s telepathy is strong enough to make him immune to the mental-based Quirks of others, such as Hitoshi Shinso. He constantly hears the thoughts of others around him and when there’s too many people around him it gives him a massive migraine, requiring him to take strong pain killers.

                        Mental Manipulation: Faust is able to deploy a form of mental manipulation, often as a type of illusory hypnosis, using the same neuro-electric interface that allows his telepathy. Faust has some varying degree of control over what a person sees and experience. One person could see their worst memories in a constant torturous loop, another might see their greatest regret live out as if in real time. When this ability is in use, Faust's black energy takes a more mist-like form, floating into the head of the victim in the form of neurons. The effects also distort the victim's iris coloration, causing them to darken to solid black in color. This also allows him to control other people's actions, causing his victims to experience a form of sleep walking. However, the stronger the will/mind of the victim, the more they are able to resist. With some practice, Faust is able to spread the influence of his mental field in order to make many people see illusions, allowing him to seem more magical. However, doing so prevents Faust from using his other abilities until he stops.

            When facing strong enough enemies, Faust stops suppressing his powers and let’s go. His psionic powers increase to the point that he is able to disintegrate targets if he so chose, something he only willingly does against Nomus and robots.

            If Faust is able to focus uninterrupted, using both his psionic energy manipulation and his telekinesis he is able to hold open the warp gates made by Kurogiri and others with similar Quirks. It puts immense strain on Faust to do so, and he must have people guard him while he does so due to keeping the entirety of his focus on keeping the warp gates open on both sides and therefore unable to put up a Psionic Force Field around himself. 

            As he trains his Quirk at Yuuei, Faust starts making shapes and letters with the psionic energy, making his abilities seem even more magical. He even fiddles with making magic circles and Tao Mandalas. When situations get too serious, Faust drops the magic facade and completely focuses on defeating the enemy. Eventually, after some convincing from his friends and teachers that his abilities are already impressive and that would be more useful without them, he stops making magic circles.


Super Moves

  • Overclock: Faust stops repressing his powers, which causes his brain and body to go into overdrive. His neurons fire much more rapidly, increasing his speed and reaction time. He can only keep it up for about 40 to 50 seconds, due to his internal body temperature increasing at an exponential rate, until he overheats and faints. Towards the end of his time limit, he can feel nauseated, dizzy, and gains a fever. If he pushes this state for even longer than his limited time, he can cause damage to his nervous system.
  • Dark Curse: With his mental manipulation abilities, Faust can hypnotize his opponent into believing a variety of things. He commonly uses it to have them believe that he has removed their Quirk, when in reality, it's just a subconscious command implanted by his Psionic Bolts for the Quirk to be unable to be used. Even if there is a sliver of belief that what happened was real, then it will take effect, but if the opponent fully realizes that its a trick the effects of the 'curse' will fade instantly. Once the opponent is out of range of Faust's abilities, the 'curse' will fade. Since Faust 'curses' his opponents through the use of his Psionic bolts, he also deals concussive damage.
  • Counter Aura: Faust puts up a 360 degree barrier of psionic energy around him that takes a hit from an opponent, then Faust counters with an outwards explosion of psionic energy. He was inspired to make this move after dealing with his old bully Jason Gasper.

Co-Op Super Moves

  • Mega Flare: Faust's co-op move with Katsuki Bakugou. Bakugou gives everything he's got into a series of explosions that Faust compresses into a compact sphere that unleashes a devastating explosion. This explosion is extremely dangerous and causes immense damage to the area, so much so that they are not to use it unless they have no other option and only if they have the all clear that no civilians are in the area.
  • Icebreaker: Faust's co-op move with Shouto Todoroki. First Todoroki creates a giant ice wall, which is broken up by a villain due to him thinking it's a distraction or by Faust with his psionic energy. Faust then controls the ice fragments with his telekinesis and attacks the villain from behind with the ice while Todoroki attacks with his fire from the front.
  • Red Legion: Faust's co-op move with Eijirou Kirishima. Faust spreads his mental influence as far as he can and makes mental projections of Kirishima. This allows the real Kirishima to hide among the illusions in order to confuse the opponent until he can get close enough to use Red Gauntlet as a finisher.
  • Dark Volley: Faust's co-op move with Izuku Midoriya. Faust summons a series of psionic bolts around Izuku, who uses One For All: Full Cowling Shoot Style to kick the bolts at high speed and strength, faster and stronger than what Faust can do on his own, at the opponent.


             Faust carries around a bottle of pills on his person at all times that help alleviate his migraines. Depending on how bad his migraines are, he takes more than he should, making his classmates think he is an addict before they get to know him, especially when he does tricks when taking his pills since he has been taking them for years.

             Faust also has a dark grey staff with a collapsible crescent moon at the head made by Mei Hatsume. When not in use, the staff is split into three pieces that strap to the back of his belt of his hero costume, underneath his over coat. Over time, Faust receives an upgrade from Mei, which makes the split staff into a collapsible bō without the crescent moon head.

Overall Abilities: Faust, while strong for someone his age, knows that he is not meant for hand-to-hand combat, although he can fight if needed. Faust is able to hold his own against Katsuki and Todoroki simultaneously with effort, showing them that he is considerably powerful with his Quirk. Heroes such as All Might and even Endeavor have noted that Faust is unnaturally skilled and can tell that he is holding back when using his Quirk. He tends to be unnaturally calm even in the most stressful situations. Faust is able to maneuver around the battlefield without the use of his powers because he is a fan of Free Running (Parkour) and took several years of gymnastics, which increased his flexibility. After coming to Japan he started training in Bōjutsu so he can fight without over using his Quirk, although since he is still learning he still has a way to go.

Enhanced Endurance: Faust has shown to be able to endure combat even while injured through sheer force of will.

Enhanced Agility: Despite how well he trained his body, Faust considers himself a Glass Cannon, so he has trained himself to be as fast and agile as possible to avoid attacks. His reflexes and reaction times are so fast he can make a Psionic Force-Field in split seconds to avoid hits he can’t dodge. According to his father's research and what the teachers see, Faust's heightened brain processing speed increases the rate his neurons send their impulses, increasing Faust's reaction times and reflexes.

Genius-Level Intellect: Due to his father Faust has studied constantly on various subjects, including university level physics and psychology to further train his Quirk at a young age. Faust has a large knowledge base on various subjects that he was forced to learn. He has a natural ability of keen observation and deduction, picking significant details that he can use to his advantage, such as personal weaknesses or material in the environment, and having the quick thoughts to use and bend them to his advantage. Faust is also really creative, able to combine his Quirk with his Bōjutsu to enhance his fighting skills, making him quite the fighter. With his telepathy and deduction skills, Faust is able to make astute plans and strategies after a few moments, even in the heat of battle. Faust also has an eidetic memory, allowing him to recall everything in perfect detail. To help sort the information he crafted a memory palace. It also allowed him to learn the Japanese language pretty fast. It is revealed later that his father theorized that Faust's intelligence is a side effect of his Quirk, which according to the theory says that his Quirk causes his brain to have a high processing speed, although it can't be shut off when people like Aizawa deactivate his Quirk.

Bōjutsu Combatant: Since coming to Japan, Faust started training in Bōjutsu so he can fight without using his Quirk. With Ojiro's help, he quickly becomes very proficient in this style of martial arts. He also starts training in combining his Quirk and his Bōjutsu to increase his combat skills, sending out telekinetic waves with a swing of the staff and increasing the strength of his attacks. He also admits that the use of a staff really brings his attempt to appear as magical full circle.

High Pain Tolerance: Due to his father’s cruel tests as a child, Faust has a high pain tolerance. Coupled with the strain his powers can have on him, people have remarked that his pain tolerance is remarkable, and the result of a terrible and abusive childhood.

Bilingualism: Faust is able to speak both English and Japanese fluently.

Musical Talent: It has been said that Faust has a really good singing voice.

Culinary Talent: Faust is a good cook, good enough that the class bug him to plan and cook meals for a weekly class dinner.

Weaknesses: Faust’s Quirk is tied to his emotions. If his emotions are out of control, so are his powers. One time the powers can overload, destroying nearly everything around, or they can simply not activate. While Faust can fight through pain when injured, he is still a glass cannon. Faust’s Quirk is able subconsciously to affect people. His telepathy is hard to control at times, so he constantly hears the thoughts of others around him. Over the years, he has learned to ignore the worst of his telepathy, making it more like a dull buzzing noise. When Faust over exerts his abilities he bleeds from his nose, and the more strain he puts himself through when using his abilities he can end up bleeding from his eyes as well. Even if he doesn't overexert his powers to the point of bleeding, he can end up getting incredibly painful migraines which requires strong medication that he carries on him at all times. If a significant force breaks his psionic shields, it can knock him out for a few minutes. Intense sonic pulses, like what the Pro Hero Gang Orca uses, can negatively affect Faust's abilities, overloading his senses and knocking him out with intense pain.


            Power: 4/5 B (Suppressed), 6/5 S (Unsuppressed)

            Speed: 4/5 B

            Technique: 6/5 S

            Intelligence: 6/5 S

            Cooperativeness: 5/5 A


Shouto Todoroki: Faust’s love interest and boyfriend. At first, they were on friendly terms and were somewhat rivals. But as time went on they became closer until they started dating. When it is revealed that Faust was unconsciously manipulating Shoto to like him, Faust broke up with Shoto to protect him and Shoto took some time to think, because he actually did have feelings for Faust. He was shaken up by the events, and felt immensely sorry for Faust, who broke down emotionally and kept himself away from the others to wallow in misery. Later, Shoto confronts Faust and admits that he does love Faust from the bottom of his heart, so they start dating again. When they reach the sexual stage of thier relationship, Shouto is the top while Faust bottoms. They are both protective of each other, but know to trust each other’s actions while in battle. As a team, they work extremely well together, being able to read the other’s actions and react appropriately to support each other. Years later, they are still together and living in an apartment together as Pro Heroes.

Eijirou Kirashima: Faust and Eijirou are on great terms. Eijirou was the first to bring out the more social side of Faust after he arrived at U.A. They hung out a lot after school, playing video games for example, and occasionally train with each other. When Faust reveals that he is gay, Eijirou is uncomfortable at first, especially when Faust admits that Eijirou is very attractive (in Faust's Top Three, in fact), and when he is in his Hero uniform around Faust he tries to cover his chest, to which Faust responds that Eijirou isn’t his type. After that, they go back to normal. When he first sees Eijirou with his hair down, Faust admits that Eijirou looks really good with it not spiked. After a game of Truth or Dare, Faust admits that after spending so much time together he could see the two of them as a great couple, and that he did have thoughts on what dating Eijirou would be like, but he knows that Eijirou would never feel that way. However after their undercover mission there is something between them, not as strong as romantic or sexual, but stronger than friendship. This causes Faust to consider Eijirou one of his best friends, next to Shouto and Izuku. They are so close that Eijirou talks to Faust about his insecurities and self doubt, while Faust talks to him about his fears and his own issues. They constantly support each other and pick the other up when they hit low points. Faust and Eijirou help each other out with their hair; Faust dyes Ejirou's hair and Eijirou touches up Faust's highlights. Faust likes to call Eijirou 'Baby Shark' when he's acting cute, and one time gifted Eijirou a small red shark plushie. As time goes on, Faust sees Eijirou as his best friend, sometimes partnering up as Pro Heroes when they get older. Other than Shouto and Izuku, Faust is seen hanging out with Eijirou more than any other classmate.

Izuku Midoriya: Faust considers Izuku to be his best friend. Izuku was the first person that really got to know Faust when he came to Japan. They share a lot of secrets with each other, except the major ones like Faust’s personal history with his father or Izuku’s secret of One for All, until much later down the line. Faust tends to like being partnered up with Izuku during battle simulations due to the fact that their Quirks complement each other. Together with Iida the three of them can make thorough plans if given enough time in advanced. He easily picks up on Izuku’s crush on Ochaco and sometimes playfully pokes fun at him about the fact. A great deal of trust is had between them, so much so that when Faust finds out the truth about One For All Izuku trusts him completely with the secret, and from there Faust tells Izuku about his past and his father. Years later they sometimes partner up as Pro-Heroes, even working at the same Hero Agency. As time goes on, Faust feels that relationship with Izuku is like that of having a brother, especially after not officially being taken in by Inko Midoriya.

Katsuki Bakugou: At first Katsuki has issues with Faust. However, whatever those issues are unknown to even Katsuki. He simply says that Faust rubs off on him the wrong way. It comes to a head when Katsuki challenges Faust to a fight, which incites a small tournament for Class 1-A (2-A), with it ending in a three-way battle between himself, Faust and Shouto. Faust uses his powers as discreetly as possible, making Katsuki’s explosions ineffective. Katsuki is at first afraid of Faust’s powers, even calling him a freak after Faust contains his strongest explosion in a telekinetic bubble and forcing it skywards. As time goes on he stops being scared and starts respecting Faust, while still being a jerk. In the end, they have an antagonistic friendship in which they fight with each other, but their words don’t hurt one another. They sometimes spare together, since its a good way for them to take out their frustration with the other. When it is first revealed that Faust is gay, he admitted that he found Katsuki physically attractive, but his personality is a complete turn off. Later down the line Faust considers himself a good friend of Katsuki, willing to risk his life to protect the blonde, and to be able to fight alongside him with very little issues. Katsuki, while not having as good of a relationship with Faust as he does Eijirou, treats him with more respect than most others in the class and is willing to fight alongside him with mild annoyance. Faust also likes to simply sit and talk with Katsuki, and over time Katsuki feels comfortable enough with Faust to drop his defenses and simply talk about his thoughts and issues.

Tenya Iida: They respect each other’s intelligence. Faust also respects Tenya as the class president and his leadership skills. Because Tenya is a close friend of Izuku, he and Faust became friends do to spending time together. Like Momo Yaoyorozu, Tenya has a rivalry with Faust on an academic level, because ever since Faust arrived at Yuuei, everyone from in class went down a spot on the academic scale, so he pushes himself harder and challenges Faust for his original ranking. Tenya is also bothered that Faust doesn't seem to try in class and yet still get the best grades in class. There was a time where after Faust reveals his telepathy that Iida accused him of cheating, straining their friendship immensely. After insisting that Faust be sequestered in order to prove that he's not cheating, Iida apologizes and they, incredibly slowly, rebuild their friendship, however there is still tension between the two.

Momo Yaoyorozu: Faust and Momo have a friendly rivalry to see who gets the better grades. The rank of being No. 1 in the class for grades switches between them on a near weekly basis, and they both are smug about who was first to each other. The week before a big test, they come together to help tutor the class, showing great cooperation in teaching their fellow classmates. Faust has a better relationship with her because she supported him when Iida accused him of using his Quirk for cheating.

Mashirao Ojiro: Faust and Mashirao are close friends. They get along really well and can be seen sparing every now and then, with Ojiro helping Faust train in Bojutsu. With Ojiro's help, Faust's skill increases at an exponential rate.

Denki Kaminari: They get along quite well. Together they pull pranks, along with Eijirou and Hanta. Faust is a slightly disturbed by Denki’s massive perverted attitude, but still sees him as a good guy. Faust likes to hang out with him, and with Hanta likes to have video game sessions that last all night long.

Hanta Sero: They are good friends with each otherFaust likes to hang out with him, and with Denki likes to have video game sessions that last all night long. When Mineta is being super perverted Faust assists Hanta in taking care of the short pervert.

Ochaco Uraraka: Faust and Ochaco get along quite well. Since she is often seen around Izuku, she and Faust became friends by the result. She is one of the few people that Faust will begrudgingly accept help from when he’s sick. Faust easily picks up on her crush for Izuku.

Fumikage Tokoyami: Due to the two of them having dark, cool, and calm exteriors, it was simply assumed that they would flock together. However, they are about as close as ordinary classmates would be. They have respect for each other.

Hitoshi Shinsou: Faust and Hitoshi first met when Hitoshi tried to convince Faust that he was controlling Shoto into liking him, which hurt Faust's feelings and made him not like him. Over time, however, Faust forgives him and tries to befriend Hitoshi.

Mineta Minoru: Faust really doesn't feel anything for Mineta one way or another. He is visibly disgusted by Mineta's perverted nature, but he does admire Mineta's loyalty to his friends.

Yuga Aoyama: Yuga and Faust are not seen hanging out around each other often, but Faust does enjoy his company when they do. Although Faust has admitted that Aoyama's twinkling is a bit blinding.

Mina Ashido: Faust enjoys her company and likes how can be the life of the party anywhere she goes.

Tsuyu Asui: Faust finds her a bit too blunt for his taste, but knows she's a good person. Other than that they don't spend too much time together.

Koji Koda: Faust respects that Koji is a man of few words.

Rikido Sato: The two of them love to bake together and have had plenty of fun conversations.

Mezo Shoji: Faust gets along really well with Shoji and is amazed how someone so young can be so mature.

Kyoka Jiro: Faust always enjoys the music that Jiro recommends, and sometimes they jam together, with Faust singing as Jiro plays her instruments.

Toru Hagakure: If it wasn't for his telepathy and eidetic memory Faust would forget about Hagakure entirely. He knows she is a nice person, its simply that they don't hang out, although Hagakure does think Faust is cute.

Inko Midoriya: Faust loves Inko, and she him. They met after Izuku invited him to spend the night after sparring and dinner. She took an instant liking to Faust, happy to meet one of her dear Izuku's friends. She reminds Faust of of his mother, and she unofficially adopted him. She is one of a select few people who Faust is willing to let take care of him if he falls ill.

Rei Todoroki: Faust's relationship with Shoto's mother is one filled with immense kindness and love, as well as acceptance. She openly and happily accepted that Shoto is dating Faust, not at all upset that he is dating a boy. Faust is always reminded of his mother when he visits her with Shoto. One time when Shoto was running late, he asked Faust to visit her until he can arrive. They started talking, and it brings up feeling in Faust that remind him of his mother Wanda, so he breaks down crying, and Shoto's mother comforts him, saying that she is so happy that Shoto has him in his life. As time goes on, Faust considers her his mother, while not replacing Wanda. Rei often teases the two boys in the later years of their relationship when they will get married, flustering both boys.

Fuyumi Todoroki: Faust and Fuyumi have a good, but distant relationship. While she accepts his and Shoto's relationship, she simply doesn't have much in common with Faust. But she loves him in the fact that he makes Shoto happier than she has seen him in years, and always supports them against Enji.

Natsuo Todoroki: Natsuo is extremely happy that Shouto met Faust and had him in his life since he's making Shouto more open and happy. When they first meet, Natuso jokes around and makes Faust feel comfortable to be around. He tends to embarrass Shouto, saying he's never thought he'd date anyone, let alone a boy, although he doesn't have an issue with the two of them dating. Natsuo likes Faust so much that he insists that Faust calls him Nii-san, saying that he doesn't want to wait for Shouto and Faust to be married to have Faust be family, embarrassing both boys.

Wanda Faust: Faust’s mother. Faust loves his mother immensely. They were extremely close, even before Wanda found out about the experiments Daniel was performing on their child. As an ex- FBI agent she did her best to train Faust in self-defense, even enrolling him in a few martial arts classes. Her love for Faust is so strong that even while being tortured by her ex-husband Daniel she wouldn’t give up Faust’s location. After her death, Faust decided to use her last name as his given name in honor of her. In his dorm room Faust has a framed picture of him and Wanda and he treasures it.

Neito Monoma: Faust considers Neito extremely annoying, but is able to ignore him to the point he forgets he exists. After his first few minutes of listening to Neito talk and belittle Class 1-A Faust deduces Neito's inferiority complex and continues to ignore him. However when they fought at the Sports Festival, Faust respected Neito's plan to use his teammates Quirks in their fight in order to level the playing field between them before worrying and fearing for Neito's life when he Copies his Quirk. Faust also starts to feel sorry for Neito and tries to befriend him, but Neito pushes him away.

Ibara Shiozaki: Ibara doesn't like Faust, alway giving him the cold shoulder when he simply says hi. She judges him for calling his Quirk witchcraft, which goes against her clearly religious themed hero persona. She also doesn't seem to like the fact Faust is gay, either because of her ideals or her jealousy that Faust has Shoto as a boyfriend.

Enji Todoroki: Faust immensely dislikes Shouto’s father. He reminds Faust of his own father and he hates the way Enji talks about Shouto, as if he was a tool to use anyway he wants. Unlike Shouto, Faust does not respect Enji, not seeing any qualities in him that make him be a hero. Enji does not approve of Shouto and Faust's relationship, and he believes that Faust is a bad influence on his precious 'tool' Shouto, corrupting him against his use for Shouto. Over time, Faust begins to feel some level respect of Endeavor, and for Shoto tries to get along as his own relationship slowly starts to improve.

Atsuhiro Sako: Faust and Mr. Compress have an intense rivalry, due to both calling their Quirks 'magic'. Mr. Compress respects Faust's intelligence, but thinks that Faust isn't living up to his full potential. He is annoyed by the fact that he can't really fight Faust due to Faust's quick reactions and use of his powers. It gets to a point that Faust doesn't see Mr. Compress as a threat and can easily take knock him out.

Daniel Mendel: Faust’s father. At one time, he was honestly a very loving father who spoiled his son. But when Faust’s Quirk activated, he started to change. The jealousy and self-hatred he had been bottling up over the years started to slowly come out. He took Faust to his lab and started experimenting on him. As time went on, his experiments began to become more invasive and painful. Faust was terrified but thought that his dad was doing this out of love. It wasn’t until David was putting wires in his son’s spine and brain that Faust began to be terrified and hate his father, but he couldn’t do anything. After Wanda saved him, Faust began to clearly show his hate and disdain for his father. Faust rarely talks about his father, but when he does it brings up all the emotional pain and hate and anger and sadness. Faust is familiar with his father’s research, able to deduce that his father’s research is being used in the Nomu projects. When they meet each other again, Faust is disgusted at what his father has become in his self-experimentation to give himself Quirks and does not hold anything back in fighting him. Faust gladly deals what would could be fatal damage to anyone without a strong healing Quirk. Despite everything his father has done to him, there is still a piece of Faust that loves his father for the man that he used to be, which makes fighting Daniel that much more painful for Faust.


  • He is a big fan of sweets, specifically chocolate.
    • One of his goals while studying in Japan is to sample as many sweets it has to offer, which Rikido Sato happily helps with
    • While he is in Japan, he misses American cuisine, such as burgers, and jumps at the opportunities to get some.
  • Faust likes hiking and mountain climbing.
  • Faust's favorite food is apples, something he eats a lot of. When one of his classmates mentions that Faust's obsession with apples reminds them of the Evil Queen from the Snow White fairy tale, which Faust doesn't understand.
  • Faust is a big fan of Pro Hero Godzillo, as much as Eijirou's looks up to Crimson Riot.
    • Faust once said that if he had stayed in America he would have tried to join Godzillo's Hero Agency.
  • Kirishima once talked Faust into getting motorcycle licences with him, Denki, Hanta, and Bakugou.
  • He is a firm believer in magic and forces that are beyond human comprehension.
    • He doesn’t practice any sort of religion, but is knowledgeable and respectful to people’s faiths.
    • The book shelf in Faust’s room at the Yuuei Dorms are stuffed with books on fairy tales, fantasy novels, and books related to mysticism. He also reads up on the latest books about physics and psychology to help further his knowledge on how his powers work.
  • He is student No.21 in Class 1-A (2-A).
    • His rank as far as grades go for the class is constantly being switched between himself and Momo Yaoyorozu, making a friendly competition between the two. The first few weeks Faust was a consistent number one in terms of grades.
      • Faust happily helps his classmates study, making study groups that rival Yaoyorozu's.
  • He is fluid in his movements when he fights.
    • He uses hand motions to help focus his telekinesis and Psionic bolts.
  • When he is asked why his staff is topped with a crescent moon, Faust explains it helps with his whole magic aesthetic he's going for, although later in life he decides to forgo the crescent moon.
  • Faust loves moths, his favorite species being the Venezuelan Poodle Moth
    • For his his first birthday at the dorms Momo used her Quirk to make Faust a cute plushy Poodle Moth that rests a top his pillow.
  • He hates being sick because he hates having people take care of him and he knows he’s insufferable.
    • He does allow a few people wait on him, such as Shouto, Izuku (and his mother) and Ochaco.
    • He does appreciate the concern his friends show him when he is sick, such as Eijirou, Denki, and Hanta coming in to play video games with him to distract him from his sickness and Izuku helping him study.
  • Not long before they he first broke up with him, Faust on several occasions has snuck into Todoroki's room and crawled into bed with him to sleep with him for the night.
  • He tends to call everybody by their first name instead of their family name.
    • Faust admits that honorifics is the one thing in Japanese that he is unable to get a hold of.
  • Faust is one of a select group of people that know the secret of One for All.
  • According to his father's research, Faust's intelligence is theorized to be a side effect of his Quirk, allowing his brain to have a higher processing speed than the average human. This also causes Faust's body temperature to run a little bit higher than the average person, just slightly over 99 degrees.
  • In the Fantasy World based on the third ending theme of the anime, Datte Atashi no Hero, Faust takes on the role of a mage who specializes in illusions and de-buffing spells in order to confuse and weaken his enemies. He is able to use mid-level offensive magic for protecting himself, but he works better with others. The source of these spells come from a book that floats around him while using magic.
  • In an A/B/O universe, Faust would be an Omega.
  • His name Faust comes from the old German legend of a man who sold his soul to the Devil in order to gain knowledge and magic powers.
  • Faust is inspired by the Marvel Comics character Scarlet Witch, specifically in the portrayal of Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Originally, Faust’s powers and design were inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of the Ancient One, portrayed by Tilda Swinton.
      • His powers were more like this iteration of the character, using space manipulation and energy blades in battle, however it was considered far too powerful for the world of Boku no Hero Academa.
  • Faust's Bōjutsu combat was inspired the 2017 Power Rangers movie iteration of the villain Rita Repulsa.