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Clinging to This Hating Game

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“Kurt! We are going to be late!” Blaine stood near the door to Kurt’s apartment, jingling keys in his pocket. After two years Kurt’s ‘get ready’ time seemed to be getting longer rather than shorter.

“I’m almost ready!” Kurt’s voice sing-songed out of the bedroom.

Blaine zipped up their respective tuxedo bags, triple checking that they each had everything they needed. “That’s good because it would not look good for both the Best Man and the Man of Honor to be late for the wedding.”

“Whatever.” Kurt came sailing out of the bedroom, looking stunning in a pair of cloud patterned jeans and a plain white button down that somehow emphasized Kurt’s shoulders so well Blaine’s mouth actually watered. “Mercedes will just think we were fooling around and lost track of time.”

Blaine smirked. “And she would be right. Hey -” He pulled Kurt in for a quick kiss. “You look gorgeous.”

“Mmmm, so do you.” Blaine’s heart skipped a tiny beat when Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine’s shoulders, deepening the kiss. “But you always look gorgeous.”


Blaine loved weddings. The crazy relatives, the nervous grooms, the anxious brides. He loved the music and the dancing and the certain feeling, at the best of them anyway, that love could get you through the hardest times. And he loved them even more now that someday he might even be able to celebrate his own.

So hours later, after the pictures and the ceremony, after the many, many, many champagne toasts, after the couples dances and the Electric Slide and the quick trip to the supply closet Kurt had found unlocked on his way to the men’s room, when Blaine finally had Kurt to himself, in his arms on the dance floor, he let himself have the fantasy.

“I know I said this earlier, but you look amazing in that tuxedo,” Blaine murmured into Kurt’s ear as they barely swayed together in the dwindling crowd. He let out a squeak when Kurt’s hand slid purposefully down his backside, squeezing his ass.

“That was a thank you grope, in case you couldn’t tell,” Kurt explained.

Blaine raised an eyebrow. “Is that what that was?”

“Yes,” Kurt said, adopting a fake lofty air. “That’s my story. And don’t bat your eyelashes at me, you know I can’t resist that.”

“I did not know that,” Blaine said, batting his eyelashes not-so-innocently before laying his head on Kurt’s shoulder.

They stayed on the floor, dancing together and with friends as the band began their wind up. Sam and Mercedes had left the party an hour ago. They could leave whenever they wanted.

“You look tired,” Kurt said, his arms around Blaine’s waist. “You ready to head upstairs?” They had booked a room in the hotel just for the night, so they could be around in case either Sam or Mercedes needed anything in the morning before they left on their honeymoon.

Blaine pulled Kurt tighter. “I love you.”

Kurt laughed sweetly. “I love you too.”

“No. I mean I really love you Kurt. And I am so happy, and grateful, that we found each other again. That you were willing to take a chance on us after, well - after everything.” He kissed Kurt softly on the mouth. “I hope you’re happy.”

“Of course I’m happy Blaine,” Kurt answered. “Wait, you’re not going to propose are you? Because I’m open to it, but I think Mercedes would kill me if I got engaged at her wedding.”

“No.” Blaine laughed as he spun Kurt around the dance floor one last time. “But it’s good to know that you’re open to it.”

Kurt went up to their room while Blaine settled some things with the band and the catering. Blaine had thought about it a lot recently, proposing. It was hardly surprising that he had weddings on the brain, since they’d both been so involved helping Mercedes and Sam plan theirs.

They’d only been together for two years, but it felt like forever to Blaine - in all the best ways. Most of the time Blaine was appreciative of the time they’d spent apart. He knew that everyone needed to grow into themselves, he certainly had, and he was (mostly) happy with how he was turning out, even though he knew he had a long way to go. Kurt, too, talked often about how much more comfortable he felt in his skin once he’d gotten out of Ohio.

Sometimes, though, he still let himself wonder what it would have been like to have had Kurt on his side when they were younger. Or to have been able to be there for Kurt. He still remembered when ‘Kurt from the party’ had walked into glee club on his first day at McKinley. Blaine had thought about Kurt often in the days following the party, and was embarrassed to find out Kurt hadn’t been a college student. Blaine hadn’t been that worldly back then, no matter how much he would pretend he was. But in the light of day Kurt had been so cute, and a cheerleader? Blaine had been so nervous he couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to him. Coming to the realization that Kurt wanted nothing to do with him had hurt a little. At least until he’d realized Kurt was such a diva. Blaine smiled to himself as he got on the elevator.

They both went through so much growing up. Blaine didn’t like to dwell on it, because what he and Kurt had now was fantastic, but still, sometimes he wondered about what might have been.

Maybe, he thought as he slid the room key into the door lock. Maybe someday soon.

They had splurged for a suite, but Blaine was surprised to find the entryway dark when he entered. Kurt had gone up at least half an hour earlier and Blaine expected to find him either showered and naked, or waiting for him in the suite’s hot tub.

“Hey Kurt? Don’t tell me you fell asleep already? I had plans for you.” Silence. “Sexy plans,” he sang. “Kurt?”

“I’m in here,” Kurt called. The large entryway lead to a walk-through bathroom. On the other side was a huge entertaining area that opened to an L-shaped bedroom with a king sized bed Blaine had been looking forward to getting Kurt into all day.

“Kurt are you okay?”

Blaine didn’t know what he was expecting to find when he stepped through the doorway. What he did find was Kurt, his beautiful face lit by a dozen candles. “What’s all this? Where did you pack all those candles?”

“Blaine, don’t say anything yet.” Kurt took a step closer, reaching for Blaine’s hand. “I know we took a long time to get here, but I need you to know that am also so very happy that we found each other again. It makes me endlessly happy that you love me. I have never felt as loved, or as safe, as I do when I’m with you. Your love and your support mean more to me than I ever seem to be able express in words.”

Kurt got on one knee, and Blaine felt lightheaded. He thought he might faint. “Kurt, what -”

“Wait let me finish.” Kurt dug into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a ring box. “Blaine, I know it took us a while from when we met to getting here, but I think a lot about how happy I am that I fell in love with the first boy I ever kissed. And, if you'll have me, I would love, with all my heart, to be the last boy you ever kiss, too. Blaine Anderson will you marry me?”

Blaine choked out a sob, falling to his knees in front of Kurt and pulling his face to him for a kiss. Kurt pulled away after a minute.

“Well? Are you going to leave me hanging?”

Blaine laughed again, smiling so big he felt his face would split in two.

“Oh my god, yes, yes I will marry you.” He kissed Kurt again. “Every day. Yes.”