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Nico di Angelo X Reader

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Nico di Angelo x Reader
Prologue y/n: Your name h/l: hair length h/c: hair colour e/c: eye colour
You are in the same age as Nico and your eyes are your colour, but with golden spots.

Your perspective:
You were standing at the edge of the roof.
It was high up here, very high. But that didn't mattered. Nothing mattered for you. Swaying on the small edge, you stood there, ready to jump.
The sky was dark, a storm coming, being announced by clouds coloured in a dark purple. The remaining sunlight that managed to break through appeared to be something between yellow and green. You were balancing on your feet, swinging forward and back. Your h/l h/c hairs and the long white dress you wore were moved by the wind.
No one would miss you. Like the voice had said. You were ready.

Just a heartbeat before you would have stepped forward you heard a voice behind you: 'y/n!'
You turned around and saw boy with dark hairs and black clothes, running over the roof to you. 'What are you doing?' He looked into your eyes and saw something he didn't expected.


Nicos perspective:

He run to her, shouting as loud as he could. Y/n turned, but she seemed... different. As if she was a completely different person. Nico looked into her eyes and haltered, too shocked by what he saw. Her eyes, her beautiful e/c eyes with those cute golden spots, looked like the earth far below. A dirty brown, cold and numb. y/n was possessed. Possessed by Gaia.
'Gaia', I shouted angrily. 'Leave y/n's mind!Leave her alone!'
y/n answered. Only it wasn't her, but someone speaking through her.
'You're too late.' y/n's voice wasn't the only one speaking. Another one, female as well, but deeper spoke at the same time. 'There is nothing you can do. With her your only chance of defeating me will die.' She laughed.
Nico shivered. It was a scary, a bizarre laugh. The over layering voices were confusing and he was suddenly aware that anyone who would listen for too long would surely go insane. 'She's a mortal', he responded confused. 'She can't harm you!'
'So blind, little demigod?' chuckled y/n, no, Gaia.

In that moment something Annabeth had once said shot through his mind: 'A possessed person can be saved by knocking them out. But it only works if they haven't been possessed for too long.'

'You will let her go!' With these words Nico started to extract y/n's lifepower. She became weaker and suddenly he felt Gaia's presence disappeare.


Your perspective:
When you opened your eyes you were standing on top of a roof.
You noticed that you were wearing a white dress. It was long and flowing, very theatrical although it looked... Greek?
'What...?' You saw a boy standing next to you. He looked worried, but angry and even scared at the same time. He wore dark clothes and an aviator jacket. You knew him all to well- Nico di Angelo.
'Everything is OK, y/n.' he said.
'Nico? What am I doing here? What happened?' you wanted to know. You knew that something was wrong- people didn't just wake up somewhere with no memories of how they got there.
Taking a step towards your friend you looked at him, waiting for an explanation. You felt how you had started to breathe faster and how you were starting to panic.
'Don't worry' promised Nico.'I'll bring you somewhere safe.'
After that your knees turned to rubber and everything went black.