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Nico di Angelo X Reader

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Annabeth' perspective:
While my ancient Greek lesson it came to an unexpected adjournment. Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades came out of the shadows. He held an aswoon girl in his arms. I gave my pupils a sign to leave. After they were gone I went to Nico. 'Who is that?' I wanted to know. 'That's y/n.' he answered. 'She's a friend of mine.' I was surprised. I didn't know, that Nico had any friends- exspecially not a girl. 'Why do you bring a mortal to the camp?' I asked. 'She was possessed by Gaia. She made that y/n nearly suicide.' He seems worried, more worried <i had ever heard him. 'Gaia told something about she were the once who could defeat her. She adumbrated that y/n isn't a mortal. We have to bring her to the mainhouse. And we'll need a healer.'  'Calm down.'I tried to appease him. 'I'm sure she's OK. I will talk with Chiron.'

Your perspective:
When you woke up you lied in a comfortable bed. Nico was sitting on a chair next to you. 'Where am I?' you asked. 'You're in Camp Half-Blood' he answered. 'Half-Blood?' you were confused. 'Well, as you know, all greek myths are true. You know also I'm a son of Hades, a half-god.' he started. 'I know', you interrupted him. 'You explained me that when we met the first time.' you interrupted him. He continued: 'There are much more half-gods. The most are living here. This is the once place where they're safe. Here they're learning how to fight against monsters.' But what has that to do with me?' you asked impatient. 'You're a half-god.' You were shocked. 'A half-god? Me? My life is a lot, but definitely not godly. My father disappeared before I was born and my mother gave me to an orphanage when I was a few days old!' 'That's typical' said Nico sadly. I spend the last 70 years in a magical hotel.' '70 years?!' 'Bi...- I thought it were just a few days.'
'You was inquisitively who Bi... was, but you didn't asked, because a big guy with blue skin and eyes all over his body came in. 'That's Argus' introduced Nico him. 'The guard of Io?' you asked. Argus smiled and nodded. 'Come on, y/n.' said Nico. 'I'll show yoou the Camp, and we have to talk with Chiron.'
The Camp was just great. Fight lessons, war games... it didn't end. Finally you arrived at a centaur- half man, half horse. 'Hello, Chiron.' said Nico. 'Good Day, Nico' he answered. 'And that's y/n? Annabeth told me about her' 'Yes, that's her. She isn't claimed yet.' 'Hello' you said.'If you're the Chiron from the myths, shouldn't you be dead?' Chiron smiled at you.'I'm not often asked that. The last time- Well, that was a few years ago. But the answer is: I can't. The gods accepted my wish to be forever a teacher for heros.'
A conch horn resounded. 'Dinertime. Nico explained.
You sat with the Hermescabin. Before everyone started to eat, Chiron knocked with a hoof on the ground. 'We have a new member.' he said. 'y/n, come here, please.' You stand up and walked to him. 'That's y/n. She isn't claimed yet.' Chiron stopped. You looked around. Everyone was looking on something above your head. You looked up. There was a glowing hologram. A purple scythe was floating above you. Everything was quiet. 'Welcome to the Camp.' said Chiron into the silence. 'y/n, daughter of Kronos, the master of time.'