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The Brothers Jones's Marvellous (yet common) Adventures

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It had been two weeks since they first arrived at the Royal Naval College. After Marcus showed them their rooms the brothers met with the rest of the crew. Killian and Liam were surprised to learn that all unmarried officers and Lieutenants shared big houses in order to consolidate the bonds between the crew members. It was the first time Killian had a room of his own and he felt like nothing could destroy his happiness. He had a future to look forward to and he was treated with the respect a human being was entitled to.

Killian could feel something was weighting on his brother : Liam was distant and even though he attributed his new behaviour to his need to prove himself and to get used to their new situation, Killian was still uneasy. He knew however that he needed to let that feeling go, Liam would tell him what's wrong on his time.

The brothers had just passed their first examination with honors and not only did they prove themselves to be great sailors, but they also proved themselves to be better than all of their shipmates, which had created tension among the crew. Killian and Liam were now midshipman on the Jewel of the Realm, the Royal Navy's best ship and Liam was to take the examination to become Lieutenant as per Captain Howard's request and encouragements later that month, alongside three other midshipmen, Creed, Alfred and Fredrick.

At the end of the day, the Jewel's crew walked to “The Flying Dutchman”, a tavern not far from the docks where they met with some of the other ships' crew members.

“I don't know if joining the crewmen is a reasonable decision Killian, we need to study, we still have so much to learn !” Liam said to Killian in front of the tavern, “Don't forget why we are here brother. We are given a chance to improve our lives, to be great men. By studying hard and proving our selves and our value and honor we could someday be Captains in the Royal Navy ! We'd never lack of anything and we wouldn't worry about having enough food in our bellies and a bed in which to sleep !”

The older Jones still felt like they could lose everything they were granted if they did not show great potentials at all times, that's why Killian and Liam isolated themselves from the other crew members until now in order to study and catch up what they missed in class.

“Liam we need to go out with the crew every now and then. We need to make friends among them or we'll always be outsiders. Besides, you saw how Creed and the Freds acted after the Captain congratulated us, It is of the utmost importance we gain the crew's respect if we are someday to become more than midshipmen” Killian told his brother insistently, “ And to make sure no one would try to harm us without anyone's intervention” he then added lost in memories.

Liam knew they'll always bare the scars their years in servitude had caused them, not only physical ones but also psychological and emotional ones and he had made it his new mission to make sure his brother now lead as normal and happy a life as he can.
“Don't worry brother, no one will harm us anymore, we're no longer in servitude on a merchant ship, we're officers in King Gregory's Royal Navy. We were commissioned by Captain Howard himself and if anyone harms us then they'd be very severely punished !” Liam stated proudly. He knew his brother was right to some extent but he couldn't bring himself to enjoy some time with everyone at the tavern after what had happened on their previous ship and knowing their situation was still very precarious. “ I guess you could stay for some time, but not too long, you need to study for next week's classes. Maybe we could study ancient Greek together once you're back”

“Alright Liam” Killian said just before quickly entering the tavern before his brother changed his mind.

“Here you are, we were wondering if you'll join us or leave, where did Liam go ?” Marcus asked welcoming Killian to their table.

“He went back home, he felt he needed to study more to prepare for class, and he's right, I shouldn't stay for too long either I … ” Killian answered before being interrupted by Richards, another member of the crew “ You need to enjoy yourself for once, lift your eyes from your books and socialize my dear friend. Come on ! Sit down ! Your first pint is on me ! Sarah, bring the lad some of your finest ale !” Richards shouted to a young brunette in her mid twenties before tapping Killian on the back “How old are you lad, 18 ? 19 ?”

“I'm almost 18 lieutenant” Killian answered. He was very excited to be with the rest of the crew. It was the first time he went to a tavern, Liam and him were scarcely allowed to leave their ship while in servitude, and if one was allowed to leave then the other was kept on the ship to ensure his brother's return, that'w shy his eyes were full of stares and awe at the establishment and the life it held. Men and women were walking everywhere, laughing, eating, speaking, singing all together.

“So young ! You still have your life ahead of you.” Richards said interrupting Killian's thoughts as Sarah brought Killian his ale and asked him “Would you like something else officer ? I make amazing apple pies” Killian stared at Sarah and blushed before she added “ it's on the house”.

Watching the interaction closely, Marcus, Richards and the other three crew embers sitting at the table shared a look before laughing at them. “Are our apple pies also on the house or only Killian's ?” Richards asked winking at Marcus.

“No this applies only to our new costumers Richards”

“I don't remember ever being given any free apple pie, Maybe it's special treatment for new blue-eyed costumers ?” Joked one of the officers, “I was never offered any either Jared ” joked Richards. Sarah laughed without diverting her eyes from Killian who was now blushing even more.

“Well then maybe I'll have some of it then, thank you” Killian smiled back at her before scratching his now red ear as Jared and Richards wolf whistled. “I'll bring it to you” Sarah left with a blush and a smile on her face.

“So handsome yet so innocent” Jared said jokingly, “I've never seen Sarah this flirty with costumers, I'm pretty sure she likes you” He added looking at his friends.

Panicked, Killian quickly answered “Well I'm not ready for marriage yet, I have just been accepted in the Academy, I have to study and pass my examinations and save money to buy a house and I'm not ready yet to start a family”, before realizing his shipmates were once again laughing at him.

“I doubt Sarah is thinking that far ahead lad, she probably just wants you for the night lad” Richards winked at him with a saucy smile. “But be careful lad, although she's not an easy lady to win the favors of, she's not innocent either. Always remember to use protection”

“Protection from what ? What does she want me for ?” The blue-eyed Jones said before his mates laughed once more. Feeling embarrassed, Killian tried nervously to change the subject by having a bit of his apple pie, which made the table laugh even harder. “This apple pie is very good, I haven't had apple pie for so long, but this one is very moist and juicy and I think I'll have some more of this pie next time”

“Please Killian, stop, we need to breath” Jared painfully said, red-faced and teary-eyed from laughter.

Killian ate his pie quickly intending on leaving after finishing it.

“It seems young Jones here is much more innocent than we thought he was !” Hobbs asked and was met with a confused look.

“What do you mean ?”

“You really ignore what Sarah wants from you ?” asked Hobbs.

“Get married, have children ? ” Killian answered naively. Looking at his deadpan shipmates, Killian started regretting not listening to his brother earlier, he shouldn't have came to the tavern since he was only met with embarrassment after another.

“She wants to bed you lad” Richards said, then asked “have you ever been with a woman before ?”

“No” Killian replied blushing severely “ And I wouldn't exactly know what is exactly expected of me” He looked in his pint of ale hoping his companions would change the subject, or for a disappearing potion, whichever acted faster and most efficiently.

A few silent moment passed before Richard interrupted the moment “Well lad, sit tight, we have so much to tell you”. He then asked for more ale for everyone on the table “We're going to need this” before the crewmen filled in the blanks and shared some of their stories.


An hour later

“This doesn't sound pleasurable at all” Killian commented, looking sickly and pale.

“I can't believe no one ever told you about that before, common seamen are rather known for their crudeness” Jared said as he was finishing his third ale of the night.

“Liam and I never mingled with the crew of the ships we were on, either because they disliked us or because Liam thought they were bad influence on us” Killian said still under shock.

He had heard crude terms and stories here and there during his 7 years in servitude but no one had ever explained them to him or clarified the subject for him. He ignored why he often woke up with an odd sensations or dirty. He never dared asking his brother since he always felt ashamed of his body's reactions but now he wondered if his brother would have been able to answer his questions.

“Killian you're almost 18, maybe it's time for you to make your own decisions. You don't always need your brother's permission to act upon your desires, any of them” Hobbs advised him gravely. “And believe us, it is very pleasurable, it is the most amazing sensation you'll ever feel in your life”.

Killian's face started regaining colour again as the conversation flowed to other subjects and more ale was drank. Killian was careful not to drink too much since he promised his brother never to be in a state of unconsciousness anymore but after understanding what Sarah wanted from him and seeing her sultry gazes Killian felt like he needed the ale.

After finishing his pint, Killian got up to fetch another one from the counter and check the uncharacteristically calm Marcus.

“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen” Sarah said dragging him to an obscure and ill-lit corner of the tavern. Surprised, Killian started to feel very warm, his heart beating much faster than it had ever before and it only increased at the proximity of her body. “Thank you” he answered blushing yet unable to divert his eyes from her lips. Sarah smiled, she knew the effect she had on most men but it always flattered her to see a man this spellbound and flustered.

She went closer to him, drawing him to her as her lips touched his. Killian tensed a couple of seconds at the sensation of her lips on his. As he relaxed and closed his eyes, Sarah started to move her lips. Killian tried to follow her movements, finding it hard at first before finally synchronizing with her. The kiss grow more passionate and Killian got lost in the new feeling. As they separated to breath, Sarah said “ maybe we should go up stairs, we can easily get caught here” Killian answered with an eager nod. Sarah and Killian existed the corner separately as not to draw unnecessary attention on themselves.

“KILLIAN, here you are”

Killian turned quickly, spotting his brother through the crowd. “Liam ? What are you doing here ? You said you weren't coming !” he said distraught and panicked at the sight of his brother.

“I was worried about you, you were supposed to come back to study Greek with me, remember ? I came to make sure you were fine and to bring you back home”

“I'm fine brother, I might stay for longer though, you can go back home I won't be long” Killian said hurriedly before glancing quickly at Sarah who was now standing impatiently near the stairs waiting for him.

“Killian, I know we haven't lead very pleasant lives so far, we never had friends to talk to, money to go out with or freedom to go and do what we please, but we're here to make our lives better and improve our stations, to make sure we have all of that permanently and the only way is to study hard and show our value and worth to the Captain and the Admiralty !” Liam said gravely to his brother, genuinely concerned about their future.

Killian sighted, “Alright brother, I'll come with you.”

After bidding everyone goodnight, Killian spared Sarah one last look for the night before following Liam outside.


Later that night

A blond woman straddled Killian, she was beautiful and her loving green eyes caught his blue ones. Killian got in them and the sensations his body was experiencing as the woman rose and fell on top of him, engulfing him in her tight sheath, her face contorting in pleasure. He felt amazing, and as the blond mermaid leaned in to kiss him, her breast and long hair tickling his chest Killian woke up sticky and dirty. He thought he finally understood what the crew was talking bout.