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Well shit, Sourwolf

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"Hi, Derek, it's me, Stiles. Um... I-I just want to tell you that I need to talk you in person. It's important. I swear. I can't tell you that through phone. So please, please call me. Just one time. I promise I won't try to contact you ever again if you won't want to."

"Derek. Please. I really need to talk with you. I-I- I'm- Just please call me."

"Why won't you call me, you asshole! I always picked up your calls! Why the fuck won't you do that too?!"

"Hi, it's me again. I'm sorry I lashed out at you. A lot is happening, I'm not exactly in control od my emotions. I still need to talk to you tho."

"I hope you're okay. I don't want you to be hurt. Even after... You know what I mean. I still love you. Hate you too, but- but I'm still in love in you."

"I need you. Please."

"I'm pregnant. I wanted to tell you that in person, but since you're not picking up or calling me back, I have to tell you that like this. I'm five months pregnant now. My dad kicked me out of the house. Pack did too, since it's your child. They don't care that I need their help, they just turned their backs on me. When dad kicked me out two months ago I had nowhere to go. I didn't know what to do. With no money, family od friends, just with clothes on my back and Roscoe... I left Beacon Hills, went to L.A. I'm here since then. It wasn't easy at first. I lived in my Jeep and got food from kind homeless people. Month ago I was picked up from the streets by Nana. She gave me place to sleep. I don't- I don't know why I'm telling you that. Maybe part of me hopes that you will listen to this and find me somehow. Maybe you will want to be part of the life of your kid. I-I don't know. Just... I still love you. I'm not mad at you anymore. I'm sad, lonely and dissapointed, but not... mad, I guess. I love you, Sourwolf. I always will."


Derek had no idea how long he sat on the floor clutching his phone. All he knew is that he had just listened to voicemails that Stiles left and he nearly fainted.

Stiles' words were still circling around his head. Stiles was pregnant. With- with his baby. She was carrying his cub and he fucking left her with no support whatsoever. How could he? Fuck that he had no idea she was pregnant when he was leaving. He shouldn't've left. He should've stay where he was six month ago and let himself be happy with his mate. But nooooooo, of course he had to leave her all alone, thinking that he was doing the right thing. Fuck his life.

He needed to find her. He needed to take care of her and their cub. He fucking needed to get his shit toghether.

Derek leapt to his feet and started running around his motel room and packing his stuff to duffel bag.

Stiles said she was in L.A. with someone called Nana. Finding Stiles wouldn't be easy, but he could do it. Ohhhh, yeah. He could. He frikin' will! And he will show her that he loved her too. That her feelings were mutual. He will buy them house, make it safe for the cub.

He will do everything for them.