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Moon Children

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One day,

I wrote a long letter to the moon

It would not be brighter than you but

I lit a small candle

Taehyung was always alone. He had friends, but they all had their own friend groups and would choose them over him. He never made any plans, never went to social events, he stayed by himself.

He was never truly alone, he thought. In his dreams, a boy would always show up. Taehyung never remembered his name, but he always remembered how the boy would smile and laugh with him. He always thought the boy was an angel sent from the moon to help his loneliness. He always believed that there was a man in the moon, but never voiced his thoughts out loud. He doesn't have a particular reason why he believes this, he thinks it must be because of a book he once read when he was little.

Taehyung was an artist. He would draw what he remembers of the boy in his dream almost every day. Something different would be in the drawing every time, leaving Taehyung to wonder what the boy actually looked like.

One day he would add dimples, the next he would add a slight natural blush. Taehyung thinks this may be because every night, he is remembering little by little what the boy looks like. Whenever he finishes a drawing of the boy, instead of an original signature, he would always write a J.

He never knows why, thinking it must be a hint of some sort.

At a dusky park

a nameless bird that sings

"Where are you?"

Oh you

Taehyung was always an early bird. He went to sleep late, waking up at four. His favorite activity was watching the moon under all of the stars, and listening to the silence in the air. It was when half the world was asleep, dreaming about winning the lottery, or working at their dream job. The slight chill would excite him, calm him down knowing that he is alive.

Whenever he watched the moon, he thought of the boy in his dreams. The moon would shine bright, and it was as if there was a spotlight on him.

He counted the stars to waste time. Sometimes he would even paint or draw what he saw. Taehyung studied the constellations, memorizing almost all of them. His favorite was Aquila, which stands for the eagle in Greek. Aquila was the bird who carried Zeus' thunderbolts. Its brightest star is Altair, which is what attracted Taehyung's attention.

The constellation seemed to be calling for Taehyung. It was the first one he noticed, and he could never get away from it.

In Taehyung's dreams, the boy started singing. He didn't remember the tune, or what the boy sounded like, all he remembers was the feeling he felt when he first heard it.

He felt as if he was in a trance. The boy was beautiful, Taehyung never wanted to take his eyes off him, never wanted him to stop singing. Taehyung looked forward to his dreams because of the mysterious boy.

Why are you crying

you and I are the only ones here

me and you

oh you

The boy in Taehyung's dreams started to change.

He looked sad every time he showed up in Taehyung's dreams. His laugh would never sound as loud and bubbly, and his beautiful eyes would never crease the way they did when he laughed. He looked sadder the more Taehyung dreamed him up.

Taehyung didn't want his friend to be sad, so he wrote a letter.

A letter to the boy on the moon.

Following you into the deep night, the sound of you singing brings the red of my mornings. When dawn passes and the moon falls asleep, you disappear. Where are you?

Taehyung didn't know where to put the letter. Not the mail box, in case it ever gets taken. He doesn't even know if what he's doing is sane: writing a letter to a boy in his dreams.

He had an idea.

That night, Taehyung walked to the park and ended up at a worn out bench. He sat down and lay the letter next to him. The moon was shining brighter than ever, as if it knew what was about to happen.

Taehyung got comfortable, and invited the boy into his dream.


The boy smiled over at Tae, with a sad look in his eye.

"You want to know who I am?"

Taehyung can't respond. The boy knows his answer.

"I was fearing this moment. I never wanted this to happen, but I can't refuse your wishes," the boy whispered.

Taehyung wants to ask what he's talking about, why he looks so sad. He wants to comfort the boy in front of him.

The boy gave a nervous smile.

"I - we live quite moderately. The sun suffocates me and strips me down, but I have no choice over that, there is just no other way." The boy spoke confidently, yet afraid.

He walked over to be closer to Taehyung.

"I have to collect my shattered self, and I guess that's under the moonlight. The only time I am out."

Taehyung has never been more confused in his life. What was the boy saying?

"I call you my moonchild," the boy spoke again, "We are children of the moon. I have to breathe the cold night of air to see you. We're alive yet dying. No one believes anymore."

The boy smiled, a tear rolling down his face. "No one but you."

"But," the boy frowned, "you can open your eyes now. Remember, that the entire world is blue within the moonlight."

The boy backed away. Taehyung wanted to grab out and reach for him, but he couldn't move. He was in a sleep paralysis.

The boy began to disappear, and Taehyung's heart dropped. No.

He couldn't find his voice, but all he could hear in his mind was 'NO!'

The mysterious boy smiled, and Taehyung could see his lips moving but couldn't make out the words.

Taehyung moved, and he moved quick. He ran towards the boy, but as soon as he wrapped his arms around the figure, the boy disappeared.

When Taehyung woke up that morning, all that came to his mind was a name and a voice.


"I love you, Taehyung."

The dawn passes

and when that moon falls asleep

the blue shade that stayed with me disappears.