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ἀλλά καμ μεν γλῶσσα μ'ἔαγε

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They passed a scattering of rocks on their way to their new island home as Antiope joined her sister at the prow. She carried herself proudly as any Amazon; only her slight limp reminded onlookers of the injuries she had sustained during battle.

"This is not a victory," she said, her palm caressing the pommel of her sword. It calmed her to have a weapon at the ready, even when the fighting was done.

"We will be at peace here, General."

"I call this exile."

Hippolyta turned. "Would you prefer to return to captivity? Is this not what we fought for, you and I and all our sisters?"

"We fought for freedom."

"We will be free on this island."

"Hiding is not freedom. Ares has not been defeated. He will return, and then what good are we secluded on a far-off island?"

"We will be prepared when that time comes." Hippolyta cupped her belly through her blood-caked armor. "Give us time to gather our strength. Our sisters need time to mourn, for our losses were many."

It would be weeks until any swelling showed, yet the thought of life quickening inside her sister burned like a betrayal.

"I did this for us," Hippolyta sad knowingly. "And our future."

Antiope rested one hand on top of her sister's, the other on her cheek, caressing it. "Knowing of your sacrifice makes it no easier to bear."

Hippolyta leaned her head against Antiope's sun-warm skin. "Sacrifice for her people is a queen's duty."