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Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer


Shouji gets a crush on the weird goth of the school. Tokoyami is crushing on him as well.


Shouji met Tokoyami by accident. In chemistry class, they were pushed together by a getting mutually late. Shouji would often team up with his teammates. It had been increasingly hard, as Bakugou started seeing the cheerleader Uraraka with other eyes and they all caught Midoriya and Todoroki going to town on each other on the locker room, and they didn’t even bother hiding their lovey-doveyness lately.


Their captain was very clear that their relationship wouldn’t affect the team, but the two did decided to spend a bit less time with the team, always teaming up in assignments and whatnots. Bakugou was a different matter, nobody knew how to work with him, so the fact he was now with a girl who could push him into the line was a heaven sent.


Ojiro and Hagakure had been sweethearts for a while now, they would be together no matter what, be it making out on the couch during one of Jirou’s legendary parties or when Hagakure would cheer louder than any other cheerleader for her “beastly sweetie”. Ojiro covered her mouth with his hand whenever they asked her about the origin of the beastly part.


This time, he was isolated from his usual crew, but he was with Tokoyami. The boy had the whole goth thing figured out, even his notebook had upside down crosses and pentagrams drawn in chalk all over it. He wore an oversized black sweater with dark leather pants and a red choker, his hair was combed back and he had red eyes above his aquiline nose.


“So, it seems we are together now. Such a dark event happening right when my misfortune is at it’s peak.” Tokoyami started as they sat together on the only vacant table on the laboratory.


“Bad morning?” He guessed. Tokoyami side eyed him, with a small frown, up until that point, few people were able to decode his overdramatically form of speech.


Tokoyami rolled his eyes as he opened his notebook. “A bad omen crossed my chariot, a fear took over me, for myself and the beast I faced.”


“What happened to the cat? I mean, did you avoided it on your bike or did you ran over it?” He asked, a mix between worried and curiosity.


Tokoyami was startled for a moment, choosing his next flourished couple of words carefully to this surprising man in front of him. “The creature is fine, I was the one to meet the ground.”


“You’re ok?” Shouji asked, this time picking up his own notebook and placing it on the table. General chatter started to die down as the teacher got to class.


Tokoyami looked at the boy quietly, before a glimpse of a smile appeared on his face and vanished quickly after. “Yes, your concern is appreciated.” The conversation died as their current project was explained.




Tokoyami lost track of the following class for a few moments as he sketched on his notebook with memories of the new interesting jock he met earlier that day. He thought about calling Shouji’s number after class, which was written in a very clear handwriting on a note in his back pocket, on his way home, to plan how would be their plans to finish the chemistry report.


Or to ask him what he was doing.




Tokoyami sends him a message when he just got off the shower, still drying his hair and not yet wearing pants.

TF - Hey

TF - Can you talk about the chemistry project now?

SM - Yeah. Just got off the shower. Let me put on my pants.


The thought of Shouji not wearing pants while talking to him was weird. Felt like he was intruding on something, being unpolite. It was strangely enticing as well. He was well aware that, as a football player, Shouji must have a very well built body, but he tries not to picture it too much.

SM - Ok, I’m fine now. What do you need?

TF - I was thinking of doing it in the school library tomorrow, after class, are you fine with it?

SM - I have football practice.

TF - I can wait for you.

SM - You don’t need to.

TF - It’s okay. I have nothing planned.

SM - Oh. Thanks then.


Shouji let himself smile happily. He decided to start looking in their books and start typing a bit of their work before hand.




Tokoyami was in the benches, looking at the players practice for a moment and later diverting his attention to his notebook. It shouldn’t be distracting, but it was. Both his captain and coach Toshinori screamed at him to focus at one point, which was painfully embarrassing, and his goth classmate clearly noticed, leaving a small chuckle as he turned his attention back to his notebook.


By the end, Midoriya approached him in the way to the locker room. “Are you ok?”


“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?” He stated, quickly, something Midoriya definetly noticed.


“You seem distracted today.” Midoriya locked eyes at the benches for a moment, where Tokoyami was hiding away his notebook in his backpack. “Something to be distracted about? Grades, family…” Midoriya gazed at the benches again. “… boys?”


Shouji’s cheeks went bright red beneath his mask at that point. “There’s nothing distracting me, captain. I was off my game and I apologize.” Shouji moved quickly past Midoriya, pushing his mask upwards to hide what he could of his blushing face.




Shouji and Tokoyami’s work session was uneventful after that. Exchanged looks every now and then. Tokoyami would overdramatically describe the behavior of molecules and Shouji would agree with a simple nod. It was nice. Tokoyami felt understood and Shouji felt interested.


“What were you drawing?” Shouji asked, cutting the silence as Tokoyami lifted his head from a book, but still quiet. “When you were watching us, what were you drawing in your notebook?”


“I was… nothing.” Tokoyami turned his face back to his book. Shouji quietly agreed to drop the subject, if Tokoyami didn’t want to talk about it.


They parted ways with promises to call each other at night.




TF - Tokoyami sent a picture [sketch2.png]

SM - Were you drawing the team?

TF - I was using your movements as reference. You were making very dynamic poses.

SM - Glad my bad day today was helpful to you.

TF - It seemed like dark forces were interfering with your skills.

SM - Something like that.

TF - You were still very beautiful

TF - *skillful

TF - Auto-correct

SM - Yeah




Tokoyami met with Shouji again when he was surrounded by his jock friends. Out of them, he had only met Midoriya, the captain of the team who had a reputation of being both an adorable helpful guy and an absolute madman on the field. He had heard of the others though, he had never been on a game himself, to be frank.


“Hey, Tokoyami.” Shouji called out, quickly saying his goodbye to his friends while approaching the raven-haired guy. He fixed up his mask on the way to cover more of his cheeks. “I found some interesting sites we can use in our research and I will send you the link for them later today.”


“Ok, very well. You have my gratitude.” Tokoyami thanked, quietly turning his body to Shouji. Silence fell on them. “Is that all?”


Shouji fell silent and looked around while making a sound with his throat. “Yeah, there’s also, I need to…” He coughed a bit but he finally continued after a moment of awkwardness. Tokoyami felt that the conversation between the group of jocks and cheerleaders behind them had died down and felt a few stares pointed at them from behind Shouji’s back. “There’s a practice game, next week, and coach will be drilling us pretty hard through the week, is it okay for you if we get together by Saturday to make the entire report in one sitting? You can sleep over at my house, if it takes too long.”


“I’ll check it, but I think it’s okay. I’ll tell you tonight.” He nodded as he moved away, he was intending to get a book on the library in time to get to class.


When Shouji rejoined his jock friends circle, he was automatically met with a group of sly, curious smiles. “He’s pretty cute.” Uraraka remarked. “Tokoyami is a very cool guy.” Midoriya reiterated, giving the tall boy a small punch on the shoulder. “He’s in the art club, I hear the guys there love his work.” Hagakure happily proclaimed from Ojiro’s arms.


Shouji was redder than Todoroki’s hair at that point.




TF - I am confirming your invitation to your palace this weekend.

SM - Cool.

SM - Is it okay if we start already doing the research and then we just get our works together by Saturday?

TF - That would be the best use of my time.

SM - Also

SM - Do you have plans for next Friday’s night.

TF - Sit in my room and stare into the abyss.

SM - Because if you don’t I wanted to know if you don’t want to go watch the game

SM - Oh, I see

TF - Please wait

TF - The game seems interesting

SM - More than the abyss?

TF - …

TF - I’ll go to the game.

SM - Cool, meet me there.




Shouji and Tokoyami would exchange words, looks and information through the halls and classes every moment they could. Even if it was nothing, or if it was irrelevant. It was just nice. And there were always eyes. Were it his jock friends or the cheerleaders looking at them as if it was a soap opera, it always felt a bit awkward, like if Tokoyami wasn’t fitting. They were nice, however, they wanted Tokoyami in their circle, and would always sort of push him against Shouji’s side.


“Your friends are nice.” He finally managed to mutter, while eating a grilled cheese by Shouji’s side as they walked to chemistry class.


“They liked you.” Shouji answered quickly. “They are excited for the game next week. They think you will be giving me a GLK.”


“GLK?” Tokoyami questioned in a breathe, finishing the last of his sandwich.


“Oh yeah, a Good Luck Kiss. It’s kind of a tradition to us, like, before every match, everyone on the team has to get a good luck kiss from their partners. Coach said it was a tradition ever since he went to the high school here.” Shouji waited a moment before speaking again. “I never dated anyone here, so I never participated on the ritual.”


“Well, if you want to, I wouldn’t mind terribly give you a ‘GLK’.” Tokoyami offered.


“Well, you can only give a GLK if you are dating someone so, I’m sorry, I can’t accept it.”


Whether that meant Shouji wasn’t interested or that he wanted a kiss from Tokoyami only if they dated, it was unknown.




TF - Hey.

SM - Hey

TF - What are you wearing?

TF - *doing

SM - I am in my underwear, getting ready to bed.

SM - Getting ready to bed.

TF - You sleep in underwear?

SM - You don’t?

TF - I use pajamas.

TF - [Sent a photo pj.png]

SM - That’s cute. Crow themed pjs.

TF - yeah thanks. What about yours?

SM - [Sent a photo photo(0).png]

SM - I just like simple boxers, I usually buy them by elastic.

SM - Tokoyami?

SM - Are you asleep already?

TF - Sorry, I couldn’t answer.

TF - You look good.

TF – I mean, you have a good body.

TF – It seems like a healthy body.

TF – Your body is nice.

TF – I am sorry, was this weird to say?

TF – Good night.

SM – Sorry, I slept after sending that photo, thanks for the compliment.

SM – I don’t think it was weird.




Saturday night, they are stuck together in Shouji’s room. It’s a simple room. Just enough to survive. A table for studying, a wardrobe to clothes and a bed for sleeping. Both are preparing to sleep soundly, knowing their report is done and well done for that matter.


Shouji is in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He decided to wear pants, considering Tokoyami’s flushed face, he might not be as comfortable as Shouji’s friends with nudity, so he decides to tune it down. Shouji is silently ponering whether he should take off the mask.


“What’s the story behind the mask?” Tokoyami asked from the door, noticing the boy’s doubt. “Isn’t it more comfortable to sleep without it?” Tokoyami noticed he might have stepped over the line and backed off from the door frame a bit. “Sorry, it’s really not my problem.”


“It’s okay. It’s just that…” Shouji moved away from the mirror, turned off the lights in the bathroom and stepped back into his bedroom. “I got into an accident, when I was a kid. My face got really messed up, scarred and stuff.” The two sat down on the bed side by side. “Back in middle school, everyone who wasn’t freaked out by it would just call me a freak. In my last year, I decided to start wearing a mask and when that ended, I just went to the furthest high school I could find and decided to, well, restart. Joined the football team, made new friends.” Shouji stopped, Tokoyami stayed silence, but quickly placed his hand over the others’.


“I think you’re really freaking cool, if that helps at all.” Tokoyami looked at him, smiling.


“It does. It actually does.” Shouji answered happily.


Shouji’s hands inched closer to his mask. It has been years since someone outside his family saw it, he managed to even avoid it at the locker room. He hand picked a mask that would resist water and washed himself with it. There was some teasing in the beginning, but quickly stopped. Midoriya was particularly clear to Bakugou he would not accept anything less than respectful from him. His hand finally started to disconnect the straps from his ears and inched it away from his face.


His mouth had long scars all around it, of which colors varies from pale to purple-ish, his lips, seemingly extremely thin, were scarred  to a point where they were almost non existent.


Tokoyami didn’t knew how to respond at that moment. It seemed intimate. He did not had experience with intimate moments.


“Thanks for sharing this with me.” It was all he could say. But considering Shouji’s smile, it was the right answer.


And god, he already loved that beautiful scarred smile.




At the day of the game, Tokoyami went closer to where the team was stretching and getting themselves ready. He watched as the group got themselves ready for the game. Soon however, Bakugou dashed his way over to the cheerleaders and grabbed Uraraka by the waist, kissing her deeply in the next few minutes. Hagakure did the same, dashing from the cheerleaders to jump into Ojiro’s arms and kiss his breathe away. Midoriya held Toroki’s waist as they exchanged quick kisses and wished each other good luck. Even Yaoyorozu, the team manager got a kiss from her rocker girlfriend on the benches. Even Coach Toshinori vanished for a little while and came back with a lipstick smudge on his bony cheek.


Oh, so that was the GLK.


“Shouji!” Tokoyami called out.


Shouji noticed the scream over the loud sounds from the benches of people talking eating and cheering. He moved closer to where the goth boy was watching the team stretch. Tokoyami placed his hand on one of his cheeks and pulled the football player’s face closer. He kissed his cheeks quickly.


“We are not dating, so I can’t give you a GLK, but, I hope you accept this as a token of my… hm, fondness, for you. And a talisman for your good luck.”


Shouji was smiling beneath the mask and the helmet, Tokoyami could notice. In fact, anyone in the football team could notice. Resulting in a very bro-istic tap on the Shouji’s back from basically everybody on the team.


The team had once told him that it actually helped their performance if they had someone to impress while they were playing. Shouji spend the game focused on showing a goth boy his skills and was entirely too glad when he turned out to have one of his best performances yet.


“So, did my token of fondness helped you?” Tokoyami asked him, after the game, as everyone was getting themselves ready to finish the day.


Shouji smiled, getting closer to Tokoyami with a happy smile. Suddenly, their little bubble was erupted by the school’s Alpha Couple. “Tokoyami, are you coming with us?” Midoriya gladly invited, hands intertwined with Todoroki’s, both sweaty, tired, but happy with their win.


“I’m sorry?” Tokoyami confusedly turned to the two boys.


“After a game we always go get some pizza. The football team, the cheerleaders and specially those who give a GLK! If you don’t do it, it brings bad luck to the team.” Midoriya smiled, getting closer to the pair.


“That was not a GLK, captain.” Shouji defended.


“It was very close to one, and for all effects, it seems it has worked on you.” Todoroki spoke. It was unusual, most times he lets Midoriya do the talking.


“Yeah, so, you come with us, get to spend time with Shouji, eats free pizza, and wards off bad luck from the team. It’s a win-win.” Midoriya happily tapped his shoulder.


Shouji looked at a blushing Tokoyami, who seemed happy with the proposal. “Is it better than the abyss?”


“Yes. It does indeed seem that spending time with you is better than the abyss.” Tokoyami bumped his shoulder against the taller boy. Pizza and Shouji sounded like a good way to end a Friday.