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#SanversWeek 2017

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Alex was afraid, not because they didn't trust Maggie, they did. No, they were afraid because they wanted tonight to be perfect. After months of dating, and a few not so subtle nudges from Kara, Alex finally felt ready to take the plunge. Yes, Alex Danvers, bad ass DEO Agent and winner of the best older sibling on earth award 10 years running, is finally going to have sex with their girlfriend. It has taken them awhile to get to this point but they are nothing if not determined.

They had spoken with maggie mere weeks into their relationship. informing her that, while they are not sex repulsed, it might still be a while before they are ready to have sex. They, as a couple, needed to reach a certain level of intimacy before Alex could feel comfortable baring themself, no pun intended, to Maggie.

But that was months ago, and this is now, and now Alex is freaking out. They texted Maggie to come over after work as they had a surprise. They strategically placed rose petals on the bed and had wine flown in, courtesy of Kara, from a french vineyard.

Everything is set up perfectly but Alex doesn't think they can do it. It had started small, a bit of dysphoria when taking off their binder. Though now they are slowly moving towards full scale panic about the idea of having sex tonight.

Suddenly, and much too quickly for Alex's liking, there is a light knock on the door followed by a soft, "Ally?" as their girlfriend let herself into their apartment.

"Ally where are you? I got your text an-"

Maggie walks into the bedroom to see Alex sitting in the floor, binder in one hand the other holding lingerie as they look down at their sports bra clad body in disgust.

"Alex, Al, babe, what happened?" Maggie walks slowly towards her partner, face scrunched into a look of confused concern.

Alex looks up at her approach and tears fall from their eyes. "Maggie I am so sorry, I just can't do this tonight. I thought I could but I was wrong. and I am so sorry you probably raced here after work and you aren't even going to get what you came here for." Alex says in a rush barely pausing to breath. As their sentence ends they look down again, unwilling to look at the disappointment they are sure is written across Maggie's face.

Maggie slides to the floor next to Alex and lifts their chin slowly, staring at them until they open the eyes they hastily shut at her approach.

"Alex I am here, not because you planned to sleep with me, that's what you were setting up here right? Tonight was going to be the night?" at Alex's small nod Maggie pulled them closer into a hug and starts to stroke their hair. "Babe, remember when you first told me you were ace, remember how I said we never have to have sex if you aren't comfortable with it?"

Alex pulls back from Maggie a bit at this and stares wide eyed at their girlfriend, "Mags I love you, and I want to do this with you,"

"We don't have to do it toni-"

"Mags let me finish," Maggie smiled sweetly at the innuendo that went over her partner's head. "Mags I love you, and I want to have sex with you, because it would make you happy, and I want to make you happy, just as you make me happy." Maggie presses her lips together, visibly resisting interrupting Alex again. "So one day we will have sex, and it will be amazing, and then you can cuddle me because that is what makes me happy."

Maggie stands slowly, tugging alex to their feet to stand in front of her. She crosses her arms holding back from speaking as Alex looks at her expectantly. "Oh can I speak now Agent Danvers?"

Alex shakes their head exasperatedly, "Yes, Detective Sawyer, you can"

"Good well first off let me say I am glad you said one day because I can see you are not in the right mindset to have sex with me tonight"

Shocked at what seems to be a sharp tone they launch into an apology, "I am so-"

Maggie held her hand up to stop the torrent of apologies about to spill from Alex's mouth. "Danvers I allowed you to finish, now you have to give me my turn." Alex looked confused as Maggie smiles sweetly..

"You are right maggie, continue, I'll wait."

Smug smile on her face Maggie continued, "Good, so as I was saying, Al, I love you, I loved you before I knew you were asexual, I love you now, and I will love you if we never have sex because I am dating you, Alex Danvers, not your body. So take all the time you need, and remember that you love the way I play with your hair cus I will spend no less than a solid hour messing in it tonight when we cuddle."Maggie smiles then, all dimples and crinkly eyes looking up at her gorgeous partner.

"How did I end up so lucky Maggie?" Alex asks pulling Maggie into their arms

"I don't know danvers it might be the pout, Danvers girls have a wicked powerful pout, seems like y’all can convince anyone of anything when you unleash it." dodging the shove she knew that answer would elicit she heads towards the kitchen. "So Al, how does cuddles with pizza and that super expensive wine that I am sure you made Kara go get for us sound?"

Smiling wide Alex grabs their phone, "Sounds amazing babe, I will call the pizzeria you pick a movie okay"

Maggie looks to her partner with a smile, "You got it Danvers, and hey toss me a bottle opener, this wine kid danvers got us looks amazing.

After a catch and quick uncorking that leaves alex a bit breathless because damn, their girlfriend is smooth as fuck, the couple settles into the couch to watch Netflix.

Alex snuggles into Maggie, their head over her heart with a small smile, just as they get comfy, Maggie's hand lazily moving through their locks of hair, there is a knock at the door.

"Hey Al, know the best part of you being on top" Alex looks up questioningly at Maggie’s small smile, getting the innuendo but not getting where Maggie is going with it.

"You have to go and get the pizza, have at it danvers" Maggie laughs at Alex's incredulous look when she lightly shoves them to get them headed towards the door. As Alex pays for the pizza she refills their glasses of wine.

"I have returned with sustenance" Alex smiles holding the pizza over their head.

"My hero!" Maggie replies pulling Alex down onto the couch so they can eat.
Hours later, after the movie has long since ended and Maggie is barely awake to continue to stroke Alex's hair, Alex lifts slowly and turns over, looking at their sleeping girlfriend in wonder, they whisper, "I love you, Maggie Sawyer."

With a small sleepy smile Maggie mutters, "I love you too Danvers but either carry me to bed or lay back down, it's cold and you were my blanket"

Laughing quietly but not wanting to break the comfy love bubble they have made, Alex settles back down figuring that they can stay on the couch for a few more hours. As they drift back to sleep to the rhythmic motion of Maggie's hands in their hair they can't help but to think, they are the luckiest person in the world.