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Sake and Tea

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“What should I do…?” Todomatsu pondered with a sigh as he hid within a tall tree spectating the ensemble of demons below him. They were wearing red insignia on their armor, a telltale sign that they were organized thugs under the power of the shuten-douji.

The tanuki’s greed and curiosity put him at the peak of Mount Oso as he heard stories of the most luxurious sake being made within the mountain. However, being unfamiliar with this area’s legends and lore, he did not understand that the shuten-douji and his subordinates really ruled this area. He assumed it was just a fable to keep people away from the sake!

“Of course… If other youkai exist why wouldn’t this one?” He furrowed his brows as he kept high ground, cursing himself for even going on with the plan.

He could possibly make it past one or two… but wasn’t six demons on patrol in every direction overkill? He considered retreating; cutting his losses and flying away with his tail between his legs. But he reminded himself that he was still in the process of repaying the kind merchant who rescued him.

A while ago, Todomatsu found himself severely injured on a roadside from a trap— too weak to even disguise himself as a human for medical treatment. However, a wandering merchant had discovered him and nursed him back to health despite knowing he was a tanuki. Ever since that gesture of kindness, he gave up his ways of unnecessarily deceiving humans and vowed to repay him. After a series of trial and error, they found that doing performances that showcased the tanuki’s shape-shifting skills for the villagers was the most profitable and honest. It was surely adequate for the two to live on, but one bottle of Mount Oso’s sake would be worth a thousand performances!

“I’ll definitely… get it. I can do it!” Todomatsu huffed with his tail curled around the branch he was on out of nerves and the desire for extra stability.

The patrol was still tight and there was no way he could escape the area without at least one taking alert. He took shallow breaths and formulated a a strategy in his mind. They would have to leave the immediate area eventually, and that’s when he will sneak into their fortress and take what he needed. If it was necessary, he could even conceal himself as a sake gourd. Probably… It wasn’t at all that different from a tea kettle after all.

Soon enough, the crimson sun descended beyond the horizon, introducing the cast of night. Todomatsu observed as a cavern lit up; wrinkling his nose at the smell of smoke and meat that perforated the air. The patrol of demons he was so worried about retreated to the cavern for drinks, dinner, and to hopefully for the night.

“Of course!” Todomatsu’s ears perked and his eyes widened and an optimistic grin painted his face. “These idiot demons must be on their last legs drinking their consciousness away. ♪”

He hummed softly to himself as a break of courage came over him. “All I have to do is wait for them to pass out stupid drunk and sneak in to do my thing. They won’t even miss it... And if they do, oh well~ ♪”

The tanuki seemed more relaxed now as he placed his hands over the branch and laid his cheek on top. A confident, reassuring smile rested on his face as he kept an eye on the activities of the foolish demons before him. They were rowdy and loud— definitely not hiding the fact that this mountain was their territory. But Todomatsu wasn’t concerned anymore. As long as he was patient, it would reward him.

A few hours went and just as Todomatsu was thinking boredom would be the culprit of his death the bonfire within the cavern died out and he heard nothing but silence. The night was at its darkest and there were only a few scattered torches for light sources. He was sure all of them were finally asleep— there wasn’t a patrolman in sight.

Finally, he thought as he left the familiarity of the tree he was on for the good half of a day. He hopped down, landing with grace as he stretched himself for good measure, adjusted his straw conical hat onto the top of his head and made his way to the cavern.

The tanuki ducked near the entrance and peered in to see the subordinates of the shuten-douji passed out without a care in the world. The area reeked with the smell of alcohol and he gave a tiny frown of displeasure as he removed his geta to silence his steps even further against the hard floor. Like a typical burglar, he tiptoed his way in with a magenta bandana around his neck. He needed to find their sake reserves, or at least one bottle that wasn’t opened with demon saliva slathered all over it.


The fur on his tail bristled with fear as he accidentally kicked a bottle— the object rolling across the floor and ever-so-gently hitting a demon in his side. Todomatsu bit the sleeve of his kimono as he watched with wide-eyes the results of his mistake. The demon simply responded with a snort and a scratch to his stomach before rolling over and snoring loudly.

Todomatsu sighed quietly with relief as he made his way deeper into the cavern, entering a spacious entrance with shallow stone steps up. Surprisingly, the section past the stairs resembled a red shrine of some sort. It definitely looked old but there was some maintenance to it and there was evidence of residency. An assortment of weaponry, treasures, and supplies entered his sight. The demons didn’t live as poorly as one would think— Todomatsu was more surprised that they even cared since they were brutes. Having good taste was probably the last thing on their minds.

Todomatsu made his way up on a wooden porch surrounding the housing part of the shrine and that’s when he saw it: a store-house with a red insignia on its front door. It was closed, of course, but he bet anything that they didn’t keep it locked because they were too piss drunk. Money signs took a shine in the tanuki’s eyes as his heart raced at being so close to his goal.

He opened the door and bingo!! It was practically liquid gold before his eyes! Their storeroom was vast with rows of gourds going wall to wall and the smell of fermented rice tingled his senses. He did a quick look around as he quietly entered the room— closing the door behind him in case someone were to walk by. It seemed that there was another door connected to the inside of the shrine on the north and east wall— so he would have to mind three entrances. It was fine. He was just going to take what looks good. He knew enough from his relatively short lifetime about sake making that he shouldn’t take the ones that were a work in progress. No, he wanted the most precious and aged ones that were brimming with fragrance and perfection.

After a short search, he found a golden gourd that suited his purposes, uncorking it with some effort in order to smell the rich and beautiful liquid within. He didn’t even drink alcohol and it had him salivating!

Bingo!!! Bingo, bingo, bingoooo!! ♪

Todomatsu had enough sense to celebrate internally, but he was so excited! This was it! This was what he came here for! He placed the cork securely back on and wrapped his large bandana around it to grant extra security for when he carried it on his back.

Just when he was about to anchor the rice wine on his back, he heard footsteps from the north side of the room.


He held his breath as he ducked between the gourds trying to conceal himself as much as possible.

Okay, okay, calm down—! I just need to transform into a gourd and—

Those thoughts exited his mind as he suddenly felt suffocated by a thick and intense aura. It was the aura of a high-tier dangerous youkai and Todomatsu couldn’t even breathe or move a muscle as much as he willed himself to do so.

The door opened and the richest red flames lit up the room. An imposing horned figure with red accents stood before him, his aura casting and giving an illusion of a much larger presence that extended far beyond his physical form. Even if the tanuki wasn’t looking towards the demon, he felt his eyes sear past the gourds and right into his soul. Todomatsu felt his heart drop to his stomach the feeling of being a prey to a large animal and the only way out of the situation was death.

“Hm? What’s a tanuki doing here?”

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The shadow of the gourd was no longer covering Todomatsu as the red demon, leader of the troupe, lifted it easily with a strong right hand and placed it to the side. A low whistle came out as he tilted the straw-hat the tanuki had up with his finger, getting his first good look at the young youkai’s face.

Hooh , you’re pretty cute!”

What am I going to do? I’m going to die if I don’t do anything! Todomatsu’s eyes kept wide and glued to the floor as he was struggling to think of any way to get out of the situation. But the tanuki couldn’t even transform within the other’s presence and that was second nature to him at this point. To be fair, he never had to think about breathing and yet that was almost impossible to do under this circumstance.

“It’s a shame you were trying to steal my sake.” The shuten-douji did a long exasperated sigh as he ruffled his own hair with his free hand. “You see. I don’t really take well to burglars…”

Todomatsu was a statue at this point. He was convinced he was going to die and despite the other’s carefree appearance, he knew he was in the most trouble he has ever gotten into in his life. He’s going to kill me…! Todomatsu’s pink pupils darted to the formidable spiked weapon in the demon’s hand as he couldn’t even stand to run—his knees melded to the ground. Why won’t my body move?!

“But I’m in a good mood today!” The demon perked as he grinned down to his prey. “I think we can work something out between you and me.”

Those words stunned Todomatsu as a cold sweat dripped down his cheek. He’s offering to make a deal with me?

“I mean, I’m not going to forget you waltzed in and tried to steal my stuff just now, especially while I’m this sober.” Those red eyes scanned the area as he nodded to himself, impressed that this little youkai managed to make it all the way to his storehouse. “But maybe you can help me forget if you entertain me.” The shuten - douji hummed as he watched the quiet little raccoon before him that hadn’t so much as made a sound since he entered this room. He wondered what that voice sounded like…

“What’s your name?” The red demon spoke directly to him.

Despite given permission to speak, Todomatsu choked up. No words came out as he didn’t dare look up.

The red demon’s patience was fragile, grabbing the tanuki’s face by his jaw as he came face to face with him. “I asked you what your name was. Are you going to make me ask again …?” His voice, dark and threatening as his crimson pupils slit, focused on looking into the young youkai’s soul.

“T-Todomatsu…” He rasped out as fear coated his voice like heavy syrup.

The leader of the brigade gave a broad smile and eased up his grasp on his face. “Hah … Cute. I’m Osomatsu but you can call me ‘Osomatsu- sama’ .” Osomatsu gave a laugh like he made the most hilarious jab as he watched Todomatsu’s unchanging fearful expression.

It was getting pretty irritating to look at that expression when he hadn’t so much as struck him. He got up and with a quick swing of his kanabo , he knocked off the conical hat from Todomatsu’s head, earning a surprised cry.

“That thing is ugly on you by the way,” the demon commented as he crouched back down to his level. “What? Did you think that made you more sneaky?”

Todomatsu’s eyes went straight back to the ground. It was a gift from the merchant who rescued him and it gave him a false sense of bravery. And now he probably would never see the man again and this was all because he wanted a shortcut in life. What he would do to just do his tightrope performances alongside him tomorrow.

“Hey,” Osomatsu’s voice alone commanded him to direct his gaze back up. “I’m being this nice to you and you’re this scared? I could’ve batted your head clean off with that swing but I didn’t.”

Osomatsu’s tone was dripping with irritation with him and Todomatsu wanted to do anything but to further his anger. “I-I… I’m…” The tanuki tried to apologize, but it was too hard.

After a deafening pause that seemed like forever, Osomatsu sighed and grabbed the tanuki with one arm under his waist and hoisted him up over his shoulder like a sack of feathers. Todomatsu trembled in his grip.

“I get it. You’re weak as fuck so you must be pissing yourself right now,” the oni spoke as he swung his kanabo expertly with his other hand and walked out of the storeroom into the hallway he came from.

“Heh! I’m kinda flattered but at the same time, not really,” Osomatsu smirked with confidence as he shifted an eye back. “I’m one of the strongest in all of Japan. Didn’t you do your research before coming here? Or are you as stupid as you are cute?”

He keeps calling me ‘cute’… Under different circumstances, Todomatsu would be happy with such praise but each word gave him a heavy sense of danger.

“Still, I heard tanuki had big balls, but I didn’t think they were big enough to use as a battering ram to break into my home.”

Where is he taking me? Todomatsu could barely listen to the words Osomatsu was saying as he was glancing over his surroundings. The hallways were lit up and they were going further and further down a path that seemed to last for eternity.

“Actually! You’re the first person to come here in a century! And alone, nonetheless.” Osomatsu was definitely impressed with this little youkai . Whether he was young or stupid, he got past his subordinates and that couldn’t have been that easy. If they even so much as caught a whiff of him he would have been dead.

“I was kinda bored with this sausage fest anyway and human girls are so fragile. But I guess they’re a good grab-and-go,” Osomatsu snorted as he opened an elegant sliding door to a room accented with gold from wall to wall. It was a breathtaking luxury that suited royalty, but it belonged to this demon.

The shuten - douji tossed his weapon to the side before throwing Todomatsu onto his alcove bed, which was against a wall and surrounded by accented wood. He was completely closed in with the oni before him guarding the opening.

Though the aura coming off of Osomatsu was still immobilizing him, Todomatsu managed to summon enough desperation to negotiate his way out. “I-I’m sorry!” He squeaked out as Osomatsu observed him curiously.

Todomatsu scrambled to sit on his knees and did a deep bow to beg for forgiveness. “I was wrong! Completely, completely wrong! I’ll work to repay you for the sake!” That he didn’t even take… but he’d say anything to get out of this room away from this mountain!

“I-I can do shape-shifting tricks!” Todomatsu frantically spoke as he placed a hand onto his chest. “You said you wanted to be entertained, right? Well, I can turn into all kinds of things! I can even tightrope!”

Osomatsu gave a blank gaze and a slow blink before bursting into laughter. “You’re really are cute!! You think that’s what I meant by entertainment?”

Suddenly, fear wasn’t in Todomatsu anymore because of how the demon was reacting… What was it… irritation? He raised his head only the slightest just to look up to Osomatsu with furrowed brows and a spot of confusion.

“How naïve are you?” The demon wheezed as he brushed his own hair back with a smirk painted on his face as he looked down to the pink tanuki.

The younger knitted his brows as he was trying to guess just exactly what Osomatsu wanted from him.

“Let me show you how you can repay me.” Osomatsu’s voice lowered as he moved the fabric around his waist out of the way and took his hard member out from its fundoshi prison.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened as his breath hitched once more. What…? He couldn’t believe that this was the situation being dealt to him right now.

“This is what I meant by ‘entertainment’…” Disrupting his thoughts, Osomatsu grabbed Todomatsu from beneath his chin and pressed his cock against his soft lips. “You better do your best.”

What… What, what, what, what?? Todomatsu was stunned as hell and all the events of the day flashed before his eyes. There’s no correlation at all! He never thought in a million years it would amount to this exact scenario at this moment! This was humiliating… He’d rather die…

Then he looked over to that imposing spiked kanabo that had fresh blood on it. He didn’t notice it before he was too busy being afraid of Osomatsu in general. Did he just come back from a killing spree or something?! Todomatsu swallowed dryly as he reconsidered his options. Actually, this is a pretty good deal if he can get out without being on the receiving end of that weapon.

A drop of sweat ran down his cheek as he opened his mouth… giving a tentative lick while he looked up to Osomatsu.

A groan uttered out from the demon as he held the back of Todomatsu’s head and forced the tip past his lips. “It’s been so long you don’t even know… Human girls are hysterical, you know? So I end up just eating them.”

Todomatsu gave a fearful gulp as he tried to not put any teeth down on Osomatsu’s member. He furrowed his brows as he licked over the hot, leaking head. The other’s heavy scent was filling his senses and marking him.

The shuten - douji gave a sigh as he felt that soft, little tongue work over him. “Believe it or not, rape isn’t my thing during sex too much crying and screaming.”

Todomatsu definitely… didn’t want to be eaten. Imagining being ripped apart by Osomatsu’s sharp canines was enough to motivate him to do his best in “entertaining” the demon. He placed a hesitant hand at the base of his member and tried to take more in. It was barely half, and he was already having trouble. He lapped and ran his tongue alongside what he could and tasted him thoroughly.

Disgusting… he thought as he had pre-cum run down his throat. But the faster he came, the sooner he would let him go. At least, that’s what he convinced himself of.

Osomatsu let out a moan as he pushed into Todomatsu’s mouth further, the tanuki whimpering at the fullness. He couldn’t help but let the slightest bit of his canines run against his length. His mouth was already opening as wide as he could.

“Man, you reaaaally suck at this. Like super clumsy. Are you a virgin?” The demon asked as he kept that grip behind the tanuki’s head.

Todomatsu muffled a whimper around his cock as he tried to move back. His eyebrows twisted a bit with some frustration as he looked up.

“Ah, guess you can’t answer, huh?” Osomatsu chuckled and moved his hand up to Todomatsu’s round ears, rubbing one between his thumb and the second knuckle of his index finger.

The tanuki shuddered, his ears being a sensitive point, but he did everything in his power not to reach up and grab his wrist. Todomatsu’s mouth popped away from the hardened member with a gasp and cough. The hard-on before him now glistening with pre and saliva as he rose and fell back to his knees.

“I… I’ve never done this before.” Todomatsu gave a wipe to his lips as he answered, not really feeling ashamed. It made sense for him to not suck dick ever in his life!

“Ah, that’s what I thought.” Osomatsu pretended to be deep in contemplation, but he just looked back to Todomatsu and pinned him down to the bed beneath them. “Well! Lucky me!” Osomatsu grinned as he undid the ropes and cords keeping Todomatsu’s attire together.

Todomatsu’s face flushed as his hands twitched up to prevent him from undressing him but he knew better than to do that. “U- Uhm … Uh….” He tried to speak, but he felt all of his blood rush to his head. The tanuki hated being exposed! Bathing with anyone outside of his family never even crossed his mind; he was so self-conscious! Even the ones he considered close hardly ever saw him bare.

“Hm?” Osomatsu replied as he admired the flushed appearance of the young youkai before him. He leaned in and gently nibbled his collarbone which earned him a small gasp. It was delicious… the tanuki’s skin faintly smelled of honeysuckle and it tempted Osomatsu to mark his translucent skin with crimson all over. But he’s been patient this far—he can tolerate a bit more. He wanted to savor his meal. Osomatsu pressed Todomatsu’s back against the bed, and his hands were working on the tanuki’s annoying layers upon layers of clothing.

“Um… What about…” Todomatsu spoke hesitantly, his heart feeling like it will beat out of his chest. He felt like he would regret saying it and he probably will, but he hated the thought of being handled. “What about the blow job huah !” Todomatsu was cut off as the demon ran his long, hot tongue across his exposed bud on his chest.

“What about it?” A chuckle reverberated from the demon’s throat as he kissed his chest. “I told you it sucked.” Osomatsu grinned at the reaction as he nibbled at a pink nipple perking under the stimulation. “But it was cute… maybe we can revisit that later but at that rate, it’ll take forever for me to cum.”

Todomatsu couldn’t believe the whimpers coming out of himself as he placed a hand over his mouth, and the other on Osomatsu’s shoulder looking down to the demon.

“Your body is sensitive… Poor thing, so unused.” Osomatsu licked his lips, he finally managed to get access to more of Todomatsu’s torso and undid his pants. Those crimson pupils scanned over Todomatsu’s mostly porcelain-like skin. “Just how old are you to still be a virgin?”

The perfection of his complexion worked to further highlight a large discolored, pink scar that peeked from behind the tanuki and barely wrapped around to the tanuki’s left side. Osomatsu immediately wondered how he got such an injury and felt possessive suddenly almost wishing he was the one who caused it. Even that mark was beautiful to him. He’d have to get a good look at it later. Preferably while fucking into him from behind and grabbing that soft plush tail.

“Sixty…” Todomatsu replied as he furrowed his brows and tried to focus on anything else.

That answer had earned a pausing gawk from the shuten-douji, “Sixty?! You’re so young!” Osomatsu followed his exclamation with a puff of laughter. He could swear he heard Todomatsu’s tongue click with displeasure.

“Honestly, I lost count after my thousandth year but damn! You’re making me feel like an old man.” Osomatsu grinned as Todomatsu’s mouth formed an irritated frown. “Though sixty years is plenty of time to fuck around.” The demon lowered his lashes with a smile as he observed the tanuki’s pretty little face. “What have you been doing? Saving yourself for the right man?”

Todomatsu could tell this arrogant oni was looking down on him and it frustrated him that he had almost nothing to retort back. In turn, he watched with judgmental eyes as Osomatsu was still figuring out his clothing.

“I’m a man, you know…” The tanuki looked to the demon with furrowed brows and his eyes slowly narrowed. He said it so matter-of-factly to make sure it got through the demon’s thick skull. It was dreadfully obvious that he was male so he was wondering if it was insulting to the other. The way he was speaking to him it was like he couldn’t tell.

Osomatsu’s response was genuine shock which hurt Todomatsu’s pride way more than his war club ever could. “ Haaaah ? Really?!” He stopped in his tracks and stared at him with his mouth agape.

Todomatsu frizzed up at the other’s surprise in disbelief he was that much of an idiot.

The demon chuckled as he gave a kiss to the center of his chest. “Oh, well that makes sense I guess. Your chest is cute, but it’d be super sad if you were a girl.”

Todomatsu squeaked as he bonked Osomatsu’s head, which felt comparative to a light tap to him.

“What is wrong with you?! Didn’t you hear? I’m a man! 100% male!” The younger scolded as he was so humiliated by every little thing that came out of Osomatsu’s mouth. “Which means I have a dick and you shouldn’t consider me as a bed partner!”

“Ow~ So mean. How could you hit someone after trying to rob them? Talk about insult upon injury.” Osomatsu teased until he realized it quieted the tanuki again.

Todomatsu was still afraid of him but he could tell that it wasn’t within his typical personality to submit to others. And it was so much better for him to be feisty… He would have to be careful not to scare him too much. Though at least he didn’t reek of fear anymore. That was a disgustingly aggravating scent.

“Anyway, you really think I care? I mean after a thousand years of this and that I don’t mind fucking a guy. Especially if they look like you.” He gave his signature grin which caused Todomatsu to redden in frustration and avert his eyes.

“Idiot… How could you not even tell…?” Todomatsu muttered under his breath. This really is a fate worse than death.

While Todomatsu was distracted with his own thoughts, Osomatsu loosened the waistband of his trousers from its fancy ties. “Finally! You should be super grateful I didn’t shred your clothes. Why do you wear so much? Isn’t it annoying to get dressed in the morning?” Osomatsu mused as he yanked his pants and underwear down in one go to reveal Todomatsu’s privates, earning a high-pitched cry from the younger one.

“W-w-what are you doing?! What’s wrong with you?!” The inside of the tanuki’s head was spinning as he instinctively curled his legs and shot his hands down to cover himself up to preserve some modesty.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t ruin all my hard work. Let me see.” Osomatsu forced himself between Todomatsu’s legs, eyeing the hands between his crotch. Todomatsu looked at him with a defiant and angry expression which left him nearly breathless.

“Move them,” he commanded in a low tone, hinting with his voice alone that he would move them for him if he had to.

Todomatsu felt complete humiliation wash over him as he slowly took a sleeved hand away from his crotch to put over his face. He turned his head away and closed his eyes as he pulled his other hand back as well so that Osomatsu can see.

“Huh?! Even your dick is cute what is this?!” Osomatsu bluntly commented as he moved his palm down to grope the younger’s half-hard pink member with a grin.

Todomatsu yelped as he felt the demon’s rough, hot palm envelop him. It was way different from the feeling of his own nightly sessions as he couldn’t take his eyes off of what he was doing to him.

“Did you get excited from sucking me off? Admit it, you were definitely anticipating this,” Osomatsu teased as he fondled him—coaxing the younger to a full erection with his motions. He indulged in all his little squirms and muffled moans that Todomatsu gave in return.

“Your balls aren’t nearly as big as I thought they’d be.” He smirked as he toyed with the tanuki’s coin purse below him, causing his thighs to shift together.

“In fact, they’re kind of small? I thought you tanuki used them like wings to fly.” Osomatsu practically cackled as he amused himself with the image as he soaked in Todomatsu’s reactions.

The tanuki glared daggers at him with furrowed brows, doing everything to keep silent as to not piss Osomatsu off.

Osomatsu cupped the tanuki’s package with his hand as he pumped him and it earned him an embarrassed cry from Todomatsu who’s covering his face. He wanted to push Todomatsu to the edge. “Maybe you’re a girl tanuki after all? It makes sense for them to have balls too somehow.”

“Shut up! You pervert! Stop touching me!” Todomatsu retorted as his legs shook to close but he just squeezed Osomatsu in between them.

What is with this entitled demon?! I guess having an entire mountain named after you would stroke anyone’s egotistical personality to the point of having no tact whatsoever! He was super offended! It wasn’t even that he was that feminine in appearance or build! The other was just a stupid war-hungry brute that didn’t take care of himself!

Osomatsu gave an amused laugh as Todomatsu spat out that reply. “I like it that you’re a little feisty. It’s sooo much better than begging for your life.” He smirked as he hovered over, the tanuki’s eyes meeting his when Todomatsu lowered his arm to his mouth. “It’s such a turn on… I’ll have you do a different kind of begging in a second.”

With that, Todomatsu heard a small pop of a cork, followed by liquid running down his crotch. “C-Cold!” He yelped as he reached a hand down in reflex but Osomatsu lifted his hips. In the following moment, he felt the underside of the oni‘s hard member pressed against his hole. Todomatsu quieted and felt his blood run cold. Was this really happening? And without preparation? He was going to die from this—there’s no way he’d make it! His tail underneath them frizzed with horror and curled to cover himself to no avail.

Osomatsu chuckled as he rubbed against him. “You should see your face. Do you really think I’m that cruel that I’d just shove it in?”

“Yes!” Todomatsu blurted out loud but was granted some relief it wasn’t the case. He felt Osomatsu’s cock rub against his own, eliciting an unfamiliar moan from himself. It was so hot and painfully stiff… and much bigger than his own. It was even more obvious with a direct comparison. Todomatsu knew what Osomatsu was trying to do but he couldn’t fathom him fitting inside.

“Maybe when you’re used to it. But it’s your first time! I don’t want you wringing my dick off either,” Osomatsu laughed as he moved his hand down, rubbing beneath Todomatsu before entering a finger past his entrance.

“O… Ow!” Todomatsu cried out at the new pressure and the jolt of pain as he tried to grab Osomatsu’s hand to stop him but the demon kept going, forcing a second in soon after. He felt his insides being stretched out by the demon’s fingers and his body slowly putting up less physical resistance. But it still hurt like a bitch. It was clear that even though he was attempting to be gentle, he was still in a rush.

“W-Wait! You’re really going through with this?!” The tanuki sputtered out in disbelief. Something in the back of his mind hoped that there was any room for negotiation.

Osomatsu simply gave a chuckle as he leaned in to nibble Todomatsu’s soft ear, causing them to fold down and twitch. He flexed his fingers within him, feeling his velvety walls thoroughly.

“You’re so tight… It’s going to feel so good to be in you.” The demon smirked as he confirmed that he definitely had his mind set on what he was about to do.

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as his ears flattened at his words. He whimpered as Osomatsu was able to slick his fingers inside his hole up to the knuckles. Gradually, he felt his body become more and more heated. It was an odd sensation as the demon’s exploring fingers began to feel pleasurable within him.

What is this… The tanuki’s head filled with cotton as his body felt like it was on fire his mouth slightly agape to pant like a dog.

“Looks like the sake is helping you…” Osomatsu purred as he licked over his chest again, earning a quivering moan from the youkai beneath him. “I gave you some since you wanted a taste so badly. I put something nice in it to make you nice and slippery too.” Osomatsu nipped and lightly tugged at his nipple, earning an excited reaction from Todomatsu’s member as it leaked onto the tanuki’s stomach. “How is it? It’s my special brew reserved for cute thieves like you.”

The younger panted, squirming and flustering as he tried to keep up with all of these new sensations at once. He could never imagine this was what it was like to have another’s hands on him.

Ahh … You really like that, huh?” Osomatsu chuckled as he added a third finger into him.

To Todomatsu’s surprise, he accepted the third more easily than the two before it. He was definitely feeling more than pain at this point. The demon’s fingers filled his mind pushing in and out of him, stretching him carefully as he thrusted in experimental ways to find the right place. Then a jolt of pleasure entered Todomatsu’s being as the fingers hit just the spot. He gasped as his member responded with a twitch, his entrance squeezing Osomatsu in as his body was begging for it again. His eyes clouded with tears as he anticipated more of that feeling.

“Oh? Awesome! See, I told you, you’re just like a woman…” Osomatsu grinned as he pulled his wet fingers out, earning a disappointed cry from Todomatsu.

The younger wanted to feel that rush again. Why did he have to stop? He realized those thoughts alone were so shameful but his reasoning was disappearing. He could blame it on the influence of the sake mixture. In fact, that had to be it.

“P-Please…” Todomatsu whimpered out as he moved a hand down to feel beneath him. He was suddenly so empty…

“‘Please’ what?” Osomatsu watched him amused as he allowed the tanuki to move as he wished.

The tanuki’s head was so fogged from the sake’s influence and by the desire to feel that taste of pleasure once more. Todomatsu placed his hand underneath his own member and gently lifted his privates out of the way to reveal his hole more. His other hand tugged on Osomatsu’s guiding him back into his heat, earning a shudder from the demon.

“You’re really sexy… But I can’t finger you all night. You’re supposed to be entertaining me after all.” He licks his lips as he moved his hands to grab either side of his hips and placed his dick back against his slicked hole earning a gasp from the younger. “I’ll give you something better than my fingers.”

At those words, Todomatsu watched down nervously. Though he still wasn’t sure if he could take Osomatsu in, he didn’t care if it was going to feel even better… After all, those thousand years of experience must’ve amounted to something. Osomatsu cut his thoughts short by feeling the hot head of the demon’s cock breach his entrance.

It’s so much thicker than three of his fingers…! Todomatsu cried out and squirmed beneath him as his hole involuntarily squeezed at the intruder.

Osomatsu hissed as he kept pushing in, keeping the tanuki firmly in place with his grip as he got just a bit more than half in.

“You’re so small… You feel amazing,” Osomatsu moaned out as he watched Todomatsu’s hands go back to their home on his mouth.

The younger was whimpering like crazy. Having to hear his own voice in a high-pitched tune like that was disturbing to himself. But at the same time, he was focusing on the hot throbbing cock inside him.

“It’s really inside…” Todomatsu whined out, gasping as he felt like he was about to hyperventilate for air. He knew it wasn’t even the entirety of his length, yet it was already so much.

“Don’t hold your voice back,” Osomatsu spoke against his ear as he then pushed forward to the hilt eliciting a choked cry from the tanuki.

“H-Huah…!” Todomatsu threw his head back against the bed’s sheets as he panted with tears outlining his eyes. His legs trembled around the demon as he gripped his own sleeves so hard he could rip them. Being stretched out to his limits was overwhelming as his own member leaked pitifully over his stomach.

Osomatsu groaned at the tightness from his warmth. He was doing his best not to move, even with the sake mixture he didn’t want to just thrust with no regards. He wanted Todomatsu to feel so good that he couldn’t even think of a life without Osomatsu there to embrace him.

The shuten-douji rarely entertained the idea of laying with another man but Todomatsu was an exception. His body was lithe and fragile like he hadn’t done a speck of hard work in his life. His perfect, pale translucent skin resembled those from the royal family. And it had to be his natural form there’s no way he could keep shape-shifting for this long while being fucked. He must’ve swindled so many people to live… and with that body of his, he could’ve done so much more. The oni salivated at the thought of Todomatsu seducing foolish humans to do his dirty work but from the tanuki’s innocent reactions it seems that he had squandered his potential repeatedly.

Osomatsu found himself aroused ever since meeting Todomatsu in the storeroom just moments before. Those round pink eyes looking at him with anticipation of not knowing what to expect sent waves of excitement he never got from the females he’s sampled over the years. His innocent reactions stimulating him more than his expertly practiced bedside companions ever had. Maybe it was because Todomatsu came to him. Whether he intended to or not, the tanuki was like a wrapped present delivered right to his doorstep for him to enjoy.

Todomatsu’s hands were placed on their owner’s flushed cheeks as he adjusted to the girth of the member inside of him. He still couldn’t believe the whole thing managed to fit… and it was starting to feel exhilarating.

“I-I can’t… Please…” He whimpered out, not even knowing what he was asking for as he looked towards the demon with hooded eyes. He was completely disheveled, his tongue sticking out cutely as he was drooling and panting from the feeling of the other so deeply embedded inside of him. Todomatsu was asking for him with his entire body and the tanuki wasn’t even fully aware of it.

“You really know how to beg….” The demon breathed out, unable to take his eyes away from the sight before him. That was enough to snap Osomatsu back to the moment and lose his restraint as he pulled out almost all the way and thrusted right back into his untrained walls.

Todomatsu yelped, his back arching against the bed as he moved a hand down to bite his sleeve. Osomatsu continued that quick and rough pace it felt so primal and overpowering. And there it was that jolt of electricity deep inside of him rewarded his endurance. It erased nearly any pain and made the pleasure even more desirable in contrast. In fact, he almost wanted it to hurt a bit more just so that he could feel all the more wonderful.

“P-Please! There!” Todomatsu cried out, his voice shaking from the unbelievable pleasure as he could barely make sense of anything else. “You’re bumping something inside…!♡”

It took all of Osomatsu’s remaining restraint to not flip Todomatsu over and fuck into him like the dog he was. He wanted to see his face when he gets that first taste of heaven he was so sure that the tanuki never experienced before.

“Todomatsu…” Osomatsu purred out as he slowed down to a painful pace in order to tease him.

The younger whimpered pathetically as he tried to push his hips back to meet Osomatsu’s thrusts when they got shallow.

“Someone’s getting greedy…” He smirked as he watched the desperation in Todomatsu’s motions. Good, the demon thought as he watched the writhing individual below him trying to get more of that newfound pleasure.

“A-ah! Please… Please…!♡” Todomatsu gasped and begged like it was a mantra as he felt so unfulfilled by the slowed down pace. His reddened hole was twitching around Osomatsu’s cock begging him to plunge deeper and faster. For his first time to feel this good? It was insane.

To Osomatsu it felt like that little body of his was doing everything it could to seduce him. “Sorry, what do you want?” Osomatsu huskily voiced into the tanuki’s ear which elicited a pathetic mewl from him.

“Deeper…” Todomatsu whimpered out, tossing any remnants of shame he had as fisted the fur adorning Osomatsu’s attire on his shoulders. “I want it deeper inside…”

“Then I’ll give you as much as you can take,” Osomatsu spoke lowly as he dug his nails into Todomatsu’s hips, for sure leaving behind crescent marks.

The tanuki yelped at the rough thrusts that followed. At every plunge, his inexperienced prostate was being pounded into just as he desired. Even though he expected everything to be so painful, it was the complete opposite. This is what I’ve been avoiding all this time…? If I knew it felt like this, I would’ve had sex so much sooner!♡

“Your crying is so cute… Hell, everything about you is.” Those sounds only encouraged Osomatsu to continuously bump at that spot within Todomatsu even more. Pleasuring him was beneficial for Osomatsu too. The way his heat would convulse each time he found his little switch was such a unique, erotic feeling that he could get used to.

Todomatsu trembled and pushed his head back into the bed as his whole body tensed up and released. This wasn’t his first orgasm but it may as well have been from how the rest paled in compared to this very experience.

Osomatsu hissed as he felt Todomatsu tighten up, the tanuki was already a narrow fit for him so feeling his body desperately grab and trying to suck at his member was almost painful. But it felt so delicious. Osomatsu grinned as he thrusted his hips forward to make Todomatsu take his full length, the tanuki rewarding him with a high-pitched whine as his hole responded with involuntary contractions around his hard cock.

“What a good boy taking me all the way to the base,” Osomatsu smirked as he felt proud that the tears Todomatsu couldn’t help but to spill were from pleasure.

Todomatsu gasped and panted as he eyed down with an unfocused, tearful gaze. His swollen hole clenched and tightened around Osomatsu’s thick cock as white ribbons of fluid splattered between them. His mind couldn’t grasp anything other than how he felt. The feeling of having something stuffing him full while he came shook his world.

“Your first time having anal sex and you cum without your dick even being touched? Your body was made for this…” Osomatsu stilled in place as he watched the tired youkai beneath him pant to catch his breath after his orgasm.

“S-Shut up…” Todomatsu managed out shakily as he was trying to return to reality and regain his sanity.

Osomatsu was more than satisfied with that lewd expression that painted Todomatsu’s face, and now he didn’t have a reason to hold back. But instead of fucking him like a dog like he wanted (at least right now) he had a better idea. The shuten - douji pulled his cock out from Todomatsu to sit beside him against his pillows and headboard with a relieving sigh.

Todomatsu gasped as he went through that sense of emptiness again but he was exhausted anyway. He just wanted to sleep now… The flushed tanuki laid there for a moment’s rest, panting as his glistening entrance twitched opened and closed from being violated.

“Phew! Doing all the work sure is tiring! It must be nice to just lay there,” Osomatsu smirked as he made eye-contact with the tanuki who furrowed his brows.

What does he want now? Todomatsu turned to his side, using his elbow to support himself before sitting up for the first time in what felt like forever. He held his kimono back together even though it was a futile effort, but at least it gave him a vague sense of not being completely vulnerable. The tanuki looked exasperated and flustered as Osomatsu shamelessly had his erection on display to be incredibly visible to him as the demon then pat his lap.

“Come here, why don’t you get some exercise too?”

Ha? Are you kidding me? Todomatsu just came and he was super tired. That crazy strong alcohol that can enter his system through his skin probably didn’t help either. He gulped as he locked eyes with Osomatsu before staring at his red, swelling member glistening with fluids and desire.

Todomatsu felt like he couldn’t refuse the other because despite his weirdly friendly disposition he was still one of the most powerful youkai in the region… And honestly, it was starting to be a turn on that he was so gentle with him who was low-tier in comparison. The tanuki pursed his lips together as he crawled to accommodate Osomatsu, placing his hands on his shoulders and straddling him, his rear hovering over his cock.

“Don’t blame me if I break it… It’s not like I know what I’m doing.” Though it was the truth he hoped that it would make Osomatsu have second thoughts.

The demon just laughed as he grabbed Todomatsu’s waist, running his hands down his sides and curves lightly brushing over the edge of his scar at the same time. “It’ll take a lot more than bad riding to take me down.”

Todomatsu huffed, it looks like the inexperience wouldn’t dissuade him but not like it did before. He spread his hole with his fingers as he steadied Osomatsu’s dick with his other hand. The sleeves made it hard for Osomatsu to see the action which made him frown but a moan erupted out of him as Todomatsu enveloped him into that tight heat again.

Todomatsu whimpered as he lowered himself a few inches down. It was definitely a lot easier now that Osomatsu slicked him up but the threat of over-stimulation was there, so he concentrated in trying to get Osomatsu to cum as fast as possible.

Osomatsu couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear as he watched how the tanuki struggled to take him in a second time even though he was just pounding his full length into him a second ago. It was endearing how focused he was.

“Hey, Todomatsu,” he called his attention to him, making the other raise his head before capturing and stunning him in a kiss. A hand moved up to cradle the back of Todomatsu’s head to keep him from backing away.

Hmf ?!” Todomatsu’s eyes widened as his mouth gaped open just the slightest bit in surprise.

That allowed Osomatsu to slide his tongue between his lips and explore his heat. His lips were so soft! They would feel fantastic around his cock once he got more practice in… The idea of training the tanuki’s body was so tantalizing to him. Once he was sure Todomatsu wouldn’t pull away from surprise, he trailed his hand back down. His hands rested underneath Todomatsu’s arms and pressed his thumbs down onto his nipples, earning a muffled whimper from the other. Osomatsu smiled into the kiss, circling his thumbs around those pink buds and flicking them back and forth to make him squirm .

Todomatsu complaints were muffled as he was so constantly overwhelmed by this demon. His mind turned to static as he was being kissed so passionately and given no room to resist his lead.

Osomatsu couldn’t get enough of his taste. His saliva was sweet like nectar; it was obvious that someone spoiled him with the ripest fruits and treats of honey. He pulled away only when it seemed like Todomatsu was struggling to breathe and watched down to his flustered face and glistening, flushed lips.

“So cute… Was that your first adult kiss? Looks like I’m a thief too~” he hummed as he watched a displeased expression paint the tanuki’s face. It seemed that he was more irritated with being mocked than the kiss itself.

“You’re hard again…” Osomatsu purred as he gently tugged Todomatsu’s nipples which earned him a twitch in the tanuki’s member. “I bet I could make you cum with just your chest alone. Doesn’t that sound like something fun to do later?”

‘Later’? Todomatsu thought. How long does he plan on keeping me?! Despite everything, he was still worried about the merchant. He didn’t want him to think he was abandoning him out of nowhere! He still had to escape! The tanuki wondered how much of a bad idea it was to sneak out in the middle of the night from here. Though he wondered if he could walk at all after this.

Todomatsu’s thoughts snapped back to the present as Osomatsu gave a swift smack onto his ass, causing the younger to yelp.

“Hey, wake up. I know that kiss was good, but you still have a job to do,” he chuckled as he pointed down to his unrelieved member halfway inside. Honestly, it was a miracle he was lasting this long.

Jerk… Todomatsu gave a shuddering breath as he steadied himself, riding Osomatsu at a shallow pace while gradually taking him deeper. For some reason, it was more painful and he couldn’t figure out how to reach that spot within him that felt so good.

“Good boy…” Osomatsu murmured as he ran his tongue over his chest, this part of Todomatsu quickly becoming his favorite. He was usually into the more busty variety, but this was a refreshing change of pace. Todomatsu’s incredible sensitivity really made up for everything…

Todomatsu moaned in return but he was struggling at finding a pace, even though he was trying to get Osomatsu to cum he couldn’t help but to want it to feel good for himself too. It was so awkward and it hurt—nothing like what he experienced before.

Osomatsu was getting impatient despite Todomatsu’s best attempts and eventually sighed, detaching his lips from Todomatsu’s cute chest as he looked to the tanuki.

“Todomatsu… You’re adorable but you have so much to learn…” The shuten-douji spoke softly at his ear before he took his rear into his palms. He was amused by how it fit perfectly within his hands.

Todomatsu gasped as he felt that firm grip spreading him open and stilling him. “Ah… Osomatsu? Er —O somatsu?” The tanuki voiced out concerned as the demon held him up.

Without receiving a reply, he was thrusted up into and slammed down onto the entirety of Osomatsu’s length.

“U-!! U- Uaah !!” The tanuki tensed and trembled as his legs felt like they turned to jelly. His mind clouded as his member gave a happy twitch and a sudden spurt as that hot cock forced his milk out from the impact to his prostate. Todomatsu’s ears rang as his small tongue came out, drool escaping from his lips.

Osomatsu’s eyes gleamed at the perverted sight of the tanuki cumming so easily just from being entered roughly. He gave a predatory growl as he shallowly pumped his cock inside to bump his prostate over and over again.

“See? This is how you do it!” He pulled Todomatsu up with ease, keeping his hole accessible as he slammed him back down, using Todomatsu’s weight with expertise. He loved how tiny Todomatsu was—it made him so much easier to move!

Todomatsu whimpered uncontrollably as his voice freed out more humiliating whines. “ Haa ! Haaa ! O-Osho matshu !” He cried out incoherently, fumbling the other’s name on his tongue. He needed to hold on to something, so he wrapped around Osomatsu’s neck desperately, his hands clinging to his attire as he was still sensitive from his orgasm. His softened dick kept producing more and more until it resembled a thin lubricant. With each thrust, fluid came dripping down to further slick the demon’s cock that was relentlessly forcing his semen out of him through hits to his abused prostate.

“So cute… Todomatsu. You’re mine .”

With just few more slams, he gripped Todomatsu’s soft rear tightly enough to leave bruises and released all of his thick, pent up heat into his deepest parts. As Osomatsu was still filling Todomatsu’s to the brim for the first time, he released his grip to cup the tanuki’s flustered face between his calloused hands. The contrast sent shivers down his spine as the demon captured Todomatsu’s little tongue with his own stealing another kiss from those flushed lips. That sweet essence that Todomatsu magically produced from within was still there. It was like the dessert to top off his own mind-blowing orgasm as he moaned against him.

Hot… It’s so hot inside… Todomatsu shivered and melted on Osomatsu’s lap feeling spurt after spurt as the heat pervaded him. He could swear that he was being filled so much that it was being forced out despite the tight seal of their connection. Todomatsu’s trembling hands traveled up to rest on top of Osomatsu’s.

The oni , feeling those delicate fingers on his skin, sighed into the kiss. After a moment which felt far too short to Osomatsu, he parted lips as he gazed onto Todomatsu’s visage. His thumb brushed a couple of tears away from Todomatsu’s cheeks. The tanuki’s skin was so smooth and beautiful he still couldn’t believe that they were members of the same sex even if said tanuki’s dick was drumming against his stomach just a few moments ago.

Osomatsu could tell that Todomatsu’s body was barely holding up, so he released his gentle hold on his face and let him rest on his broad chest.

Todomatsu’s hands curled against him as he attempted to even out his breathing.

I can’t believe that just happened. The young youkai felt a wave of disbelief hit him as he spaced out. While it caused a hit to his pride and began to physically ache, it could have turned out for the worse. Hell, he could be dead right now.

Osomatsu took this opportunity to run his hand through the tanuki’s soft locks and gently scratch the back of his ears.

Whoo … You were so sexy. I haven’t come like that in ages.” His soft laugh vibrated through his chest, reaching the other as he moved his hand down to feel the point of their connection, making Todomatsu jolt.

A playful idea came into Osomatsu’s mind, like a lantern lighting up a dark room. “If you can keep it all in, I’ll let you go…” The demon whispers in the ear he was toying with.

Todomatsu gulped as he saw a chance the path of least resistance. “Uh… Really?” He replied which caused Osomatsu’s eyes to gleam.

“Really! I’m a man of my word, you know?” Osomatsu pepped up as he changed their positions, supporting Todomatsu’s back and lowering him back onto the bed with himself on top.

“See? I’ll even have you lay down so gravity doesn’t work against you.” He grinned, pleased with how fair he was being when he didn’t have to. “ Whaddaya say?”

Todomatsu seemed stunned and felt like this was a trap of some sort. But it didn’t seem too hard. It was an embarrassing deal but if he could leave after this (mostly) unscathed then he would take it. He bit his lip and placed a sleeved hand onto his mouth once more and nodded in reply, agreeing much to Osomatsu’s pleasure.

“Okay, then~ Here we go.” The red demon swiped his tongue over his own lips as he was excited to see his work. He placed a hand on Todomatsu’s inner thigh as he slowly pulled out his softened member from the tanuki’s previously virgin hole and spread him open with his thumb.

The tanuki couldn’t help but make a small sound at the absence trying his best to clench down to keep the fluids in but his hole was gaping from the rough, continuous thrusts of their activity moments before. Todomatsu trembled as his body betrayed him and he felt Osomatsu’s release flow out of himself, soiling the silken sheets beneath them.

Osomatsu nearly drooled as he watched his impressive load come spilling out of the tanuki’s twitching, reddened entrance. Despite Todomatsu’s best attempts, the fluid just kept pooling onto the sheets beneath him. There was even a hint of blood which swirled into the thick white fluid as a mesmerizing pink that suited him so well. Maybe they could go for a round two? He was definitely in the mood…

“Ah… Too bad. Looks like you’re mine forever.” Osomatsu laughed lightly as he looked up to see the tanuki’s face but his expression wasn’t what he expected.

Tears flowed from Todomatsu’s eyes as he hiccuped, trying to not be even more disgraceful in front of the shuten - douji before him. The thoughts of never being able to return home rushed him. The idea of his freedom being taken away was definitely the worst.

Osomatsu frowned, and he felt a small pang of guilt. Usually, his affections weren’t one-sided. Well, on his side anyway. It was a pretty shallow attraction, but he still admired Todomatsu’s foolish bravado and charms despite being such a weak and common youkai . Then again, he wasn’t common after all.

Osomatsu moved a hand to comfort him but he knew that it wouldn’t help and he was still probably afraid of him. The demon sighed as he sat back against his pillow. Well, at least he was a good lewd fuck.

“I was kidding. Jeez, you don’t have to take me so seriously.” Osomatsu stretched his arms, folding them behind the back of his head as he watched the tanuki.

Immediately, it seemed that Todomatsu’s spirits rose as he blinked the last drops of tears from his eyes. He curled up to his side and supported himself on his elbow to look at Osomatsu eye-to-eye.

“I mean, sure you can leave right now if you wanted. Though, those guys out there?” He jabbed his thumb to the door. “They haven’t had a good lay in like centuries. Unless you count handies around the campfire. Probably wouldn’t mind a round or two or ten with you if you were to go right now.”

Todomatsu flustered as he squinted his eyes, looking at Osomatsu with a disgusted look. “It’s your fault I wouldn’t be able to make it past them… If I could move normally it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Osomatsu chuckled amusedly at his reaction. There was that spoiled attitude that shone over his weakness. He felt more at ease as he brushed the back of his finger under his nose and gave a wink.

“So, why not spend the rest of the night with this old oni here and I’ll escort you and your cute butt out of here in the morning? Or you know, afternoon. Whenever I feel like getting up.” He closed his eyes and yawned exaggeratedly as he waved a hand over his mouth to cover. He cracked an eye to observe Todomatsu’s reaction, and the tanuki surprised him once more.

A smile washed over his face and he could feel genuine relief on the younger’s expression. A soft chuckle came from the tanuki’s throat as Todomatsu wiped his face from remnants of his tears.

“Thank you.” He replied so sincerely that Osomatsu felt thrown off.

“Uh… Uh, yeah? Sure.”

If Todomatsu was acting, he was definitely a high-leveled tanuki because he was falling for every action and word. All Osomatsu knew was he wanted to see more. Well, damn now this was sort of awkward.

“So, uh…” He spoke, and Todomatsu was anticipating his every word, his ears so adorably perking up towards him. “We still got a few hours of night left. How about a bath? I mean unless you want to have my cum in you as a souvenir. That’s cool too.”

Todomatsu’s face paled as he looked down to the completely messed up sheets and he moved to sit to cover his shame but he winced and realized the toll that their actions were taking on his body.

“A bath… sounds good but in all honesty, I don’t know if I can move.” He commented flatly as he stared off into the distance. This was pathetic. How the fuck was he going to get down the mountain in the morning?

Osomatsu blinked and gave a hearty laugh and a slap to his own knee. “Oh, yeah! Sorry, sorry. Of course, I wouldn’t have you walk.” He cleared his throat as he got off his bed. He stood in front of Todomatsu as he leaned over and wrapped his arms beneath his back and knees before lifting him up with ease.

Todomatsu stiffened and crossed his arms over his own chest as his eyes shifted back and forth. The loose fabric still attached to Todomatsu’s body was clinging to the bed beneath discarded layers and giving the slightest bit of resistance.

“Ugh. I’m telling you. Too. Much. Clothes.” Osomatsu scoffed as he bundled the loosened kimono up, holding it against Todomatsu as he carried him, making sure nothing is dragging to trip him.

Todomatsu fell quiet once more, but not in fear this time. He was wondering where this stream of generosity and care came from. The younger was grateful for it but it was way more embarrassing for him to show his gratitude as opposed to begging for forgiveness earlier. He looked up to Osomatsu who was doing everything he could to not look down at Todomatsu to make him feel uncomfortable while he was carrying him.

He really is just trying to get me washed up… Todomatsu couldn’t help but smile as he closed his eyes and leaned in to give a small nuzzle against his bare chest.

Osomatsu’s heart skipped a beat at that. The tanuki was the perfect cross of a good fuck and an adorable pet. Not that those two should go together by any means. Though that’s what made this little youkai even more attractive. It just worked.

“Don’t do that unless you’re ready for another go…” He muttered under his breath, getting worked up.

Todomatsu blinked and cleared his throat into a fist.

Osomatsu eyes kept going between Todomatsu and the path he was walking. He gave out a slightly disappointed sigh as Todomatsu stopped his gestures of affection and observed him as those round, bright eyes took in his surroundings while being carried.

He really is too fucking cute… I don’t know if I could control myself.

The rest of the night would be a test of endurance and the shuten - douji would be more than happy to fail it.

Chapter Text

“So…” The shuten-douji began as he walked within his private quarters with Todomatsu in hand. “Why did you try to rob me anyway? It’s not like you seem like you’re poor.” With how the tanuki dressed, it seemed like he was well taken care of if not completely spoiled. And he had such a soft complexion that compared to the bouncy surface of a hardboiled egg as a result of such a lifestyle.

Todomatsu swallowed, a familiar strike of regret and foolishness washed over him.

“I’m not mad anymore by the way,” Osomatsu reassured. “I just want to know more about you.”

The demon’s blunt honesty was something he may never get used to. What is with this guy? He’s all bleeding heart on me now? Todomatsu found himself focusing on the vibrant red accents on Osomatsu’s face as he tried to think of a reply. He wanted to keep the merchant a secret as much as he can. Oni weren’t known to be merciful to humans after all.

“I wanted to sell your sake to the villagers so that I can live the rest of my life in comfort.” It wasn’t a lie at all. However, it if it was just for himself, he wouldn‘t have thought to steal in the first place. The sentimental backing of his crimes made Todomatsu’s face twist in slight disgust. When did I become such an easy sap?

Osomatsu blinked at such a simple answer. “I see. Well, that’s disappointing. I thought you were going to go on a spiel about how you have little baby raccoons at home to feed and that you were sooo desperate that you’d even risk death by climbing to the top of Mount Oso.”

Todomatsu’s expression of exasperation with the corner of his lip twisted upwards in disgust made Osomatsu smirk.

“You know, if you want a comfortable life just stay with me,” the shuten-douji suggested grinning down charmingly to the little youkai. No one with any sense would deny that offer twice.

“No thanks,” Todomatsu answered swift, causing a phantom weight to strike Osomatsu on his head. Todomatsu’s mouth formed a pout as he looked to the side. “I don’t think I can deal with your entourage honestly. They seem loud, dirty, and rowdy and the types to snap my neck if I were to even look at them wrong.”

Those words were actually a mood lightener. Osomatsu blinked and busted into a hearty laugh as he remembered that those guys existed. “Oh, yeah. I guess you’re right! Though I bet they would treat you like their princess and wait on you hand and foot.” He grinned to him, flashing his pearly teeth and Todomatsu gave him his typical judgmental squint of his eyes. "Especially if I marked you.”

“I’m good. Hey, you remember I’m a guy, right?”

“Pfft, yeah, yeah. You know, guys don’t usually have to repeat that they’re guys over and over again?”

Todomatsu frizzed at that, gritting his teeth. This guy was really an insufferable dumbass!

While Todomatsu was fuming, Osomatsu brought them to the back of the shrine where he had a private bath-house all to himself. It was large but clearly made just for the private use for the troupe leader. Atmospheric things like that that reminded Todomatsu of his high status and made him remember how much he had feared the oni in the storeroom. And still, even though he shouldn’t let his guard down, he couldn’t help but to relax in the other’s careful embrace.

“And here we are. The hot water should be good for your sore rear.” Osomatsu laughed as he let him down on the smooth stone floor.

“Ouch!” The tanuki squeaked as his rear was increasingly getting more and more pressure from the floor which caused a quirk of a brow from the other.

“Heh…? Really? That bad?” Osomatsu replied at his response and immediately lifted him back up.

Todomatsu, for some reason, expected a remorseful expression from the other but instead he received a perverted grin when he looked back which caused the tanuki to sweat in exasperation.

“What are you so excited about?! I’m serious! I’m in a ton of pain!” Todomatsu spat out from the constant barrage of humiliation. He gripped the red necklace around Osomatsu’s collar and his mouth closed tight in irritation.

The demon just found his outburst adorable. “And it’s allll my fault.” His eyelids lowered as he leaned his face closer to Todomatsu’s, causing the other to redden ever so slightly.

“As much as I like you clinging to me, we have to undress somehow. So be a man and just grin and bare it, okay?” Osomatsu had difficulties figuring a way around it so he waited for a reply from Todomatsu before making another move.

The tanuki sighed and nodded as he at least braced himself for the pressure and sat with his legs to the side. It throbbed so much and if his ass could be angry it was. Osomatsu watched as he seemed to quiet up about his rear hurting and began to take his own garments off. It was much easier than whatever the tanuki was wearing and he knelt down to see if Todomatsu needed help.

“You got it or do you want me to undress you?” Osomatsu offered with a wide grin and wiggling fingers purposely to get a reaction  from him.

“Actually,” the younger started. “You can help me get my tabi off,” Todomatsu replied with his blank half-lidded unamused stare as he pointed his foot to the demon. It was clear he was waiting for him to do it. But it wasn’t like it was possible for Todomatsu to bend over and take them off with little regret and a shot of pain up his body.

Osomatsu blinked, shocked but gave a laugh. “Yes, you little prince,” he teased as he helped him out of his socks, his easy compliance making the tanuki blush. “And your kimono? I’m dying to see what’s underneath.” He smirked as he placed a hand on Todomatsu’s bare shoulder, sliding his hand down to his upper arms and underneath that persistent garment to gesture it off of him.

Todomatsu frowned as he looked down and began to strip it off. “I guess it doesn’t matter at this point…” He muttered as he took it off in one motion, the fabric pooling around his figure leaving him entirely exposed to Osomatsu.

To the demon, he was practically glowing. He was pink and white in all the right places and he had the most subtle curves to his body. It was a shame he would hide it underneath all of that! Though it was a lot hotter than dressing like a prostitute.

“Beautiful,” Osomatsu managed out, sincerely surprising Todomatsu.

Didn’t he see that scar on him? That ugly disfigurement from the trap barely a month ago. The tanuki had no idea how to reply; he just fumbled on his words as he tried to say anything or at least brush it off. But then Osomatsu brushed his hand up against his side, tracing up the path of his scar, sending shivers down his spine. Upon closer inspection, it was a bunch of scars that welted together to form one.

“Who did this to you?” He murmured lowly against his ear, there was a hint of anger underlying but it wasn’t directed towards Todomatsu.

“It was from a trap…” The tanuki replied as Osomatsu traced his ugly scars. “I stole a chicken from the villagers and they punished me by trapping and lashing me.” It was an easy truth but a harsh lesson. It only happened just a few weeks ago, so it was still fresh. But thanks to being a youkai and the merchant’s help, he healed well enough at this point.

“Huhhh? All that for a chicken?” The demon questioned as he parted to look at the expression on Todomatsu’s face.

The younger shrugged and averted his gaze.

“I deserved it. I shouldn’t steal from humans… But I was hungry, and it seemed so easy.” There wasn’t too much conviction in his voice; it was like a recital a child would do whenever he got reprimanded.

Osomatsu’s eyes saw a conflicted look; it was like even if Todomatsu was truly regretful it was most likely due to the punishment itself. He had been living besides humans for too long to not just want to fight back and slash their throats like most other youkai would on pure instinct alone.

“Wait. So you don’t want to steal from humans but you were willing to take from other youkai?” Osomatsu realized that there was some seriously flawed logic there. “That are waaaay stronger than humans mind you.” He quirked a brow as he gave an amused smirk down to him. “Looks like that lesson didn’t set in after all.”

Todomatsu sputtered and tried to defend himself. “It’s different…! It was…!” for a human. It wasn’t different at all he was just trying to make excuses for himself under the pretenses of doing the same thing but for someone else. God, he was just a shitty thief. What was with this sudden wash of morality that made him ashamed? Perhaps it was also a mix of embarrassment of how he would try so hard to repay someone.

“Hm?” Osomatsu hummed, still not angry with him. He brushed a finger against Todomatsu’s cheek and pushed back a few soft strands of hair clinging to his skin.

At that gentle gesture, Todomatsu’s eyes looked back towards Osomatsu’s scarlet gaze.

“You know, I get it. You don’t want to take things from peasants so you worked your way up.” He chuckled as he watched Todomatsu puff.

“And if you ask me…” Osomatsu leaned in, hovering closely as he spoke into his rounded fluffy ear. ”Humans are such dumb creatures and wasted a very valuable opportunity.” He grinned as he groped up at the tanuki’s soft thighs, shocking the youkai and making him tense in disbelief. “They should‘ve have had their way with you like I did…” His other hand circled back around to the tanuki’s aching rear, gently rubbing beneath his tail, sending shivers down the younger’s spine.

Todomatsu placed a hand on Osomatsu’s shoulder and another back onto his own chin, fingers lightly covering his lips as he watched down to his hand motions. “I’m sure you would’ve shown them a great time. A chicken would’ve been such a cheap price to pay,” he purred as he trailed his hand up to his smooth stomach. The oni began with a kiss to Todomatsu’s hand that was covering those lips. He lowered himself and placed one on his neck, then the collarbone. How is it that the humans didn’t think to ravish him on first sight?

“Osomatsu…” Todomatsu whispered out as he shivered from his gentle affection.

As tasteless as his comments were, it made his crimes not seem like that big of a deal at all. That he didn’t deserve the scars and punishment he got. It made him feel like less of a piece of shit. He returned the favor by gently stroking the side of Osomatsu’s head, gesturing for him to look up as he then cupped his jaw to plant a soft kiss on his forehead.

That cute little gesture struck an arrow through Osomatsu’s heart as his face reddened and he couldn’t help but to grin into the nook of his neck as he tightened his grip on Todomatsu’s rear earning him a concerned yelp.

“You little minx… I’m so glad you tried to steal from me.” As dumb as it was to say out loud, he was excited. He looked up and met those perfect sparkling eyes looking down expectantly at him and he rewarded the tanuki with a capturing kiss. Why was he so entranced by this weak and foolish youkai?

This was really fucking weird to Todomatsu. He literally only knew Osomatsu in the past couple of hours and they were already trading little moments of intimacy. Half the time he was on edge thinking he was going to die too. It was another series of events that didn’t add up but the tanuki also couldn’t bring himself to care. If Osomatsu truly forgave him for trying to steal and he was free, what did he lose? Well, besides his anal virginity.

From here on out, he had nothing to lose with the shuten-douji as Todomatsu finally returned the kiss. Like before, the oni explored his mouth but instead of being overwhelmed and suffocated, Todomatsu did his best to take part and gave a teasing suckle to the end of his hot tongue which elicited a moan from Osomatsu. A tinge of pride welled up within him considering the other’s thousand years of experience.

It was impossible for Osomatsu to keep his hands off of him as he thumbed those sensitive peaks on the tanuki’s chest, earning a whimper from the other. He gave them a light pinch and tug before Todomatsu placed those soft hands on his wrists.

The younger parted from the kiss with a light gasp and looked down to Osomatsu’s hands that kept obsessively toying with his chest. “S-Stop! I want to walk soon.”

Osomatsu blinked as he pulled away and seemed confused. “What does your nipples have to do with walking?” And that was when he looked down to see the tanuki’s excited upstanding member.

“Oh… Oh .” He gave a chuckle in amusement and leaned down to lick his chest, wanting to stimulate him even further. “You’re too cute… Your recovery rate ain‘t bad.” He lowered his hand to stroke at Todomatsu’s erection, thumbing the slit to get him even more riled up.

Todomatsu gave a shuddering gasp as the demon swirled his tongue around his right nipple, tugging it between his teeth as the tanuki gripped his wrist a little tighter, his other hand brought up to his mouth to bite on his fingers to quiet himself.

Osomatsu chuckled fondly at his reactions, his hand getting slick with Todomatsu’s thin fluids. He looked up to see his cute face but instead saw his partner biting himself to keep quiet so he frowned and grabbed his hand to pull away. “Oi, oi. Why do you try to keep yourself quiet? It’s just you and me.” It wasn’t a problem in bed since he was gnawing on fabric, but if he was going to bite himself, then it was a problem.

“I hate hearing myself make those sounds.” Todomatsu lips curled downwards ever so slightly as he just answered honestly. “It’s weird. I think it’s gross. It doesn’t sound like me.” In fact, it always came out way more humiliating and high-pitched than he preferred.

“Pftt.” Osomatsu grinned in amusement as he kissed Todomatsu’s bitten fingers. “Well, I think it’s hot. I’m already addicted to all the little sounds you make. Don’t make me tie you up just so I can hear more of your moans.”

And that suggestion alone earned him a red flush to the tanuki’s face. The oni smirked as he can see the gears turning in the younger’s mind. “Oh? Would you enjoy being tied up? Because I can arrange that.” He collected Todomatsu’s wrists with a single hand as he held them down and away from his face, placing a kiss to the side of his mouth.

Todomatsu‘s curiousity was one of his major faults as his thoughts ran with that concept. Being tied up would leave him entirely vulnerable, which he hated the idea of. Even so, that thought sent little, pleasurable shivers down his spine.

“N-No…” Todomatsu replied, craning his neck to the side as Osomatsu kissed down it once more. “I’m okay, I won’t bite myself…” He swore he felt a disappointed pout against the skin of his neck.

“Haah… I thought tanuki were all about fun. That’s too bad…” Osomatsu mused as he went back to pumping Todomatsu’s member. His cute dick twitched between his fingers as he gained a moan from him.

Todomatsu though, embarrassed that he wasn’t doing any of the work again. He wanted to try making Osomatsu feel good too.

“Let me go,” the tanuki said as he wiggled out of Osomatsu’s softening grip on his wrists.

“Eh? What’s wrong?” Osomatsu paused as he observed the other.

The tanuki pouted as he nudged Osomatsu back, looking down to see his member at the ready. “Oh, wow. You’re hard.”

That observation gave a sputtering laugh from the demon. “Of course I am? I only came once, unlike you. And I’ve been holding back for your sake but I’m all ready to go.”

Todomatsu glanced up at him with a tongue in his cheek and an unamused expression which made Osomatsu chuckle.

“Honestly, I could probably just cum from your reactions.” Osomatsu grinned as he watched him through his lowered lids, anticipating the next step.

“Well. I want to make you feel good too… Or something like that.” The tanuki muttered as he placed his hands onto the demon’s crotch. His face flushed soon after, it was a lot more embarrassing to say than he thought it would be.

“Uh… I know I suck but I’ll do my best.” Todomatsu sighed as he got on his knees, tucking a few strands behind his human-resembling ears as he leaned closer.

Osomatsu flushed at the gesture and at his words. Todomatsu wanting to pleasure him out of his own desires and not because he felt like he had to made him feel on top of the world. This was a pretty awesome development… But he couldn’t help himself from ruining it.

“You know, it’s not that you sucked it’s just that I didn’t want to face fuck you for your first time?” He confessed as it earned him a surprised choke and cough from Todomatsu before he even started.

Worth it. Osomatsu thought to himself as a shade of scarlet washed over Todomatsu’s face as the tanuki stared down, his mind turning wheels again.

“Ooh, because I wanted to see how your cute mouth would handle my cock all the way down your throat.” Osomatsu leaned in and pressed his lips against those soft ears he’d become so fond of. “And force my cum straight into your stomach but that would have ruined your lovely voice. And then how would you call my name?”

The way Osomatsu was saying all of this with no shame made Todomatsu’s face flare up with embarrassment as he placed a hand on his mouth while awkwardly still holding his dick with the other.

A smirk ran across Osomatsu’s face as he kissed the top of Todomatsu’s head. “Don’t worry. We have plenty of time to do things you can’t even imagine. Tonight is about you.”

That line was so shockingly embarrassing that it stunned Todomatsu. So much so he barely noticed Osomatsu picking him up again to take closer to the hot bath.

“Well, it’s about me too. I can’t wait to wash you.” His imagination went on a perverted train of thought as he thought of “innocently” cleaning him out with his fingers and the tanuki just turning into a mess just from his touch. Maybe the hot water would soothe and relax him enough to go for another round.

He’s going to be sore anyway, right? What’s a bit more? Osomatsu wanted to greedily indulge in his cute captive, because he honestly did not know if he would meet him again once the sun rises.

Blood refused to drain from Todomatsu‘s cheeks as he was doing his best to preserve his modesty once more. It was even worse since they were both fully exposed and he knew that the other was carrying him with a hard-on. To distract himself, he watched the steam pulse from the water and dispersed into the air, filling his lungs with comforting humidity.

Osomatsu lowered him slowly into the shallow bath, making sure to give the other time to adjust to the heat. Todomatsu sighed as the water was soothing every tense part of his body. It was dangerous, he could see himself falling asleep here.

Once the tanuki appeared to settle, Osomatsu followed in with a careless splash—the water rocking and overflowing from his actions. Todomatsu closed his eyes and sputtered as he was the receiving end of a strong “wave” which caused him to wipe his hands down his face. The tanuki can hear the soft warm laughter from Osomatsu as he came closer. When he opened his eyes again, the demon had pressed his forehead against his and circled his arms around his waist, resting his hands on the small of his back.

“Ready to continue?” The oni’s voice, quiet and intimate, caused Todomatsu to hold his breath.

Todomatsu closed his eyes—responding by sealing that small gap between their lips. His hands traced up Osomatsu’s chest and collarbone until they found their place on his shoulders.

Osomatsu was smiling into the kiss, reciprocating with expert workings of his own tongue. A hand rubbed Todomatsu’s back comfortingly while the other followed the path of his spine, stroking down to his tail.

The tanuki shivered at his touch—his mind already clouded by the heat and kiss.

Osomatsu parted to rest his chin on the nook of the tanuki’s neck, making Todomatsu open his eyes and glance over in confusion. He can tell the other was shifting his position in the water and keeping a decent hold on Todomatsu.


Osomatsu’s thigh came from beneath his crotch, those hands lifting and guiding him to sit on top of him. Todomatsu reddened, finding himself straddling the demon’s leg as Osomatsu was sitting back and grinning from ear to ear.

“This way it’ll be easier to clean you.”

Todomatsu, under normal circumstances, would very much insist on cleaning himself. However, he found himself interested in how Osomatsu would do it. It was just for tonight after all…

“As much as I’d like to wash up, I’m a little... distracted.” Todomatsu flushed, his neglected member enjoyed the direct skin-contact to Osomatsu’s leg at least.

Osomatsu chuckled as he leaned and spoke in his ear as he trailed a hand over his thigh. “Ever heard of taking care of two birds with one stone?” His hot breath drew a sigh from Todomatsu before the tanuki had hands on his sore rear that he would think should be off limits.

Osomatsu shushed him softly before he even said anything, gently tracing the outer ring of his entrance with two fingers. The tanuki flattened his ears down as he kept a hand on Osomatsu’s shoulder, the other curled onto his chest as he looked back. Todomatsu’s breath hitched with anticipation. The demon chuckled as Todomatsu was behaving so well.

“One moment.” The oni turned his upper body and reached a hand back to fumble around in an assortment of bathing supplies in a basket.

“Eh?” Todomatsu perked at the sound and looked back to Osomatsu to see what he was doing. There was actually an impressive amount of supplies there! From ashes to herbs, they were all contained in sealed bottles to make sure they didn’t get affected by the moisture.

“Is this all yours?” Well, that explained why having his dick in his mouth wasn’t completely disgusting. He didn’t think about whether or not demons practiced bathing daily but if he had to he would assume that they didn’t.

Osomatsu scoffed with a grin and a quirk to his brow. “Well, not all of it but some of it has to be, right?” He shifted around his items with little care in order to find what he wanted.

“Ah! Here we go.” The elder smiled as he held a small gourd and opened it with a pop.

Todomatsu’s lips pursed as he seemed to be rather unamused that he paused for that. “Really? Sake?” It would be like Osomatsu to keep alcohol in the bath. But then a sweet, floral scent emerged and mixed with the steam, throwing off his suspicions.

“Huh? Oh, no, not at all. But I have some in the changing room.” Osomatsu replied that as he poured a good amount of the fluid carelessly out on his hand. Todomatsu tilted his head as he tried to identify what it was. It unexpectedly smelled like flowers and wasn’t a scent that was lingering on the oni before.

“You’ll probably like this. Not really my cup of tea but it does have its uses.” Osomatsu hummed as he raised Todomatsu’s rear up out of the water with a lift of his knee, making Todomatsu gasp and steady himself. Osomatsu held Todomatsu’s tail to the side with his free hand as fingers went back to work—sliding the thin, slippery fluid at his slit.

It was an oil of some sort, but Todomatsu found himself caring less and less about what it was as the demon’s fingers enter his tender hole. He tried to keep in a whimper as Osomatsu massaged his insides, fluids escaping from him and running down past his perineum.

“It’s camellia oil,” Osomatsu spoke, satisfying the tanuki’s curiosity as he continued stroking him gently. “Smells pretty good, right? It suits you.” He hummed out as he kissed the side of Todomatsu’s cheek before plunging his fingers in deeper, earning a tiny whine and delicious tension around the base of his fingers.

“O-Ow…” He winced, the demon being too rough. “Osomatsu, it kinda hurts...” Todomatsu whimpered with a curled hand against his own lips, looking up to Osomatsu with those big eyes and adorable furrowed brows to get some sympathy.

It was a face he often used to get what he wanted and it often worked. But it back-lashed and only drove Osomatsu to thrust knuckle-deep into him making Todomatsu yelp loudly.

“Ow! I said ‘it hurts’! What are you doing?!” The tanuki exclaimed with a pinched expression, tears adorning the side of his eyes as he immediately tossed his cute facade to the side.

“Huh?” Osomatsu grinned as he eased up and gave long slow strokes which made the younger shiver in response. “Oh, sorry. I thought you made that face because you wanted more. It’s actually really hot. It makes me want to wreck you.”

Todomatsu’s face twisted into a tight pout as his fingers curled and placed pressure on Osomatsu’s chest with a clawing motion. Osomatsu smirked as he continued to clear out remnants of his release from him.

“I did quite a number on you, huh? But I think you understand why I couldn’t be gentle with you.” The oni chuckled as Todomatsu turned his head and averted his gaze, but it allowed him to gain access to those charming ears. He nibbled at his fluffy ear which caused the other to mewl.

Osomatsu was so curious and entertained with the differences of their anatomy. “Besides… you proved that you can take a lot.” The red oni breathed out against him as he inserted a third finger—the younger’s muscles putting up no resistance because of the lack of friction from the oil.

“Huah…” Todomatsu panted out shallowly as tears brimmed his waterline. Being stretched again hurt a lot, but it was firing up his body with new energy. His mind hazed as Osomatsu slowly thrust the three digits into him, brushing against his new favorite spot though with not nearly enough pressure. His body instinctively sought more, so he pressed himself back onto the fingers, shivering against his chest.

Osomatsu smirked as he twisted his fingers inside and curled them, massaging that bundle of nerves inside of him that made Todomatsu drool. “Look at you… Just complaining a second ago of how much it hurts but you’re obviously feeling it.” He licked his lips as he moved his hand beneath Todomatsu and teased the head of his dripping member, making him whimper out quietly. “This little guy is such a convenient indicator.”

His words made Todomatsu flush with embarrassment and caused him to eye down at himself. He really was super hard, his dick flushed with a deep pink as it twitched happily against Osomatsu’s attention. He was climbing towards an orgasm, his breath getting more labored and his little moans slipping from him more freely. As he was about to reach his point, Osomatsu’s hands withdrew from him at both ends, which led a sufferable decline.

“Eh?” Todomatsu opened his eyes in confusion and furrowed his brows as he looked up to the smug oni whose hands were pulled back, looking like they were holding air.

“All clean!” Osomatsu pepped to the displeasure of the tanuki who was so endearingly upset now.

Todomatsu panted as he looked back to the oni expectantly—in disbelief that he would just stop right there. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Hmmmm? You look like you want to say something.” Osomatsu’s lashes lowered as he held a broad, cocky smile on his face. The most adorably frustrated expression adorned Todomatsu’s face. He placed a hand on the tanuki’s head and did a little back and forth petting motion, awaiting his response.

Todomatsu’s lips tightened together in irritation as he grabbed Osomatsu by his jaw and pressed his lips against his aggressively. This definitely was not what Osomatsu expected, allowing chance for Todomatsu to push his tongue against his own. The younger shifted his position onto his lap, pressing their flushed members firmly together, causing Osomatsu to moan. Todomatsu tugged at his bottom lip with his teeth as he then tilted his head to kiss him deeper, his small tongue invading his space impressively and with skill the demon didn’t know he had.

Osomatsu grabbed Todomatsu’s hips, thrusting up against him as that soft palm wrapped around the both of them, pumping at a desperate speed. Their lips part for air and Todomatsu moans through pants as he continues to thrust against Osomatsu’s hot length. The demon’s eyes lower in a dazed gaze as he let out a low growl. He grabs Todomatsu’s wrists and pulls them away from their centers, earning a surprised gasp from the younger as Osomatsu releases him and picks up the tanuki at his waist with ease.

The water splashes around them as Osomatsu turns Todomatsu around and placed him face down on the warm stone lining the bath. Todomatsu supports himself with his elbows as he struggles within his grip, trying to turn his body to look back. “What are you—Ah!” He gasped in surprise as Osomatsu got out of the water as well and firmly yanked his hips towards himself, sliding his hard cock down his rear causing Todomatsu to shudder.

“You naughty dog.” Osomatsu muttered as his complexion was flushed, disheveled as he knelt down before him. His brows and eyes lowered in lust as he wrapped his hands over his rear and spread Todomatsu opened with his thumbs. It was glistening with the oils and it was so red and tantalizing to his sight, he couldn’t wait to get back in.

“I’m not a dog…” Todomatsu managed out in response, his body trembled as his fingers curled against the stone. He breathed shallowly as Osomatsu dragged his length down his slit slowly, his heart beating up into his throat as he dryly swallowed.

“Could’ve fooled me.” Osomatsu murmured as he slicked himself up with his oil coated hand. He grabbed onto the tanuki’s tail, raising it up and causing him to lift his rear even further with a gasp from the younger one. “You’re sure acting like one in heat…” He spoke low as he slid his cock down to position the head at his tender entrance. Todomatsu looked back, breathing shallowly as he trembled in anticipation.

“Go ahead…” The younger whispered, tempting him—just wanting a mind shattering release like before. It was he needed all that to encourage Osomatsu into sheathing himself within him in one go causing the tanuki to throw his head back and yelp at the overwhelming sensation. His eyes widened at the entry before he pinched them closed with shameful gasps and whines.

Todomatsu’s cries echoed through the bathhouse as his fingers clawed at the stone beneath them, his body tensing and squeezing down at the very base of Osomatsu’s throbbing cock. It didn’t take long before Osomatsu pinned him down and started to thrust deeply into him, causing the younger to whimper uncontrollably and writhe in his hold. The demon slowly withdrew until the tip and immediately plunged himself back in, brushing against Todomatsu’s prostate as he kept up this rough pace. His small body put up no resistance due to the oil. Just perfect, addicting tightness.

Todomatsu’s whines kept coming out as he was turning into a mess, any thoughts escaping him as he indulged in this overwhelming contrast between pain and pleasure. Osomatsu threw out any of his remaining restraint as he continued this quickened pace. His eyes watched down as the younger weakly reached down to pump his own dick.

Osomatsu scoffed as he pulled out and took Todomatsu by the shoulder to flip him onto his back, earning another delicious cry from the tanuki’s lips. He grabbed his thin wrists between his hands and pinned them above his head before re-entering. His cock sliding in slowly as the younger’s small hole accommodated his girth once more, stretching out wider and wider until he took him to the base in a tight embrace.

Todomatsu whimpered, his body so easily accepted the demon back inside—his own body filled with so much intense heat, he wanted the reward of release so badly. His poor neglected member dripped painfully onto his stomach as the smaller youkai was mesmerized at how their bodies melded together—Osomatsu’s hips pressed against his rear with no room to spare between them. Todomatsu’s tearful eyes met Osomatsu’s predatory gaze and his body shivered at that look he was giving him.

“Don’t try to touch yourself. I’m going to make it so you can’t cum without having someone fucking your slutty hole,” the red oni husked out as he began his rough pace again. He held no regards for Todomatsu’s soreness as his hips continuously slapped against his rear.

Todomatsu kept panting breathlessly as he choked on his cries, seeing flickers of stars before his eyes as his legs trembled on either side of Osomatsu. Despite the roughness, it felt so amazingly good. In fact, it was probably because it was such an unrestrained pace. He watched down as his untouched member twitched painfully and spilled according to Osomatsu’s lucky hits to his prostate. A dazed, small, opened-mouth smile crossed his face as his little tongue stuck out to pant.

Osomatsu watched down to his lewd expression, and moaned as he rocked into his body, grinding his hips against him. Sweat dripped down from his temple, mixing and diluting with the water from the bath. Osomatsu released his grip from the tanuki’s wrists, who kept them limp above his head as he spaced out. Todomatsu brought his attention back as Osomatsu pinched his nipples and thumbed the stiff peaks roughly, causing him to yelp and his body to jolt.

“You should see your face.” Osomatsu smirked as he continued his thrusts while licking over his chest. "Almost like you’re happy to have my dick back inside you.

The tanuki continued to let out his high-pitched moans as he brought a hand down over his mouth in a weak attempt to hold them in. “It f-feels so good…” He slurred out, his ears ringing once more and his consciousness flickered back and forth.

Osomatsu quietly stared down at him, his breath becoming heavy at the sight and blind honesty.

“Huaahh… I’m close… I’m so close…” Todomatsu whimpers out as his hands tightly fisted against his mouth and shook.

He was about to cum for the third time that night and he was willing to lose himself to that sensation. That was until Osomatsu grabbed around his package and squeeze around the base tightly, earning a strangled yelp from the tanuki.

“W-What! No! Please!” Todomatsu exclaimed immediately as he reached down and tried to grab his hands to make him release him. His entrance tensed and tightened around Osomatsu in fear, which resulted in a low groan from the youkai above him.

"Calm down. I’m not going to crush your cute little dick." Osomatsu chuckled calmly at his panic. “I’ve been waiting to try this. Just relax and cum.” He grinned as Todomatsu looked up at him with wide eyes, his brows furrowing as tears welled up.

“I can’t! You’re holding onto it! Stop it! Let go!” Todomatsu‘s ears flattened out in distress as he tried to grip Osomatsu’s fingers to release him.

“Sure, you can.” Osomatsu licked his lips.

Todomatsu struggled to open Oso’s hand up, but he weakened with a thrust directly to his prostate, causing his fingers to tremble and any grip strength to release.

“Hah. I know exactly where you like it...” The demon grinned as he watched Todomatsu tightly pant beneath him and those cute little fingers desperately trying to grip around him still. “You’re so weak. You’re trying your best, aren’t you? Poor thing.” Osomatsu purred as he lowered to slowly drag his tongue over his nipple—giving a light flick of his tongue to the bud.

“U—Uaaah…!! O-Osomatsu, please…!” Todomatsu cried out, receiving a mix of tension and pleasure as Osomatsu repeatedly thrust into that spot. He whimpered as he clenched his eyes shut—pressing the side of his head against the stone. “N-No more…” He pleaded as drool escaped his reddened lips, unable to think clearly as his heat built up with no means of escape.

Osomatsu hummed as he continued to thrust shallowly into him, moaning against as those tightening walls were slowly bringing him to his own peak. His body felt extra amazing under the additional stress...

A few more direct hits caused Todomatsu’s undoing as he squeezed down on the member within him, his insides spasming around involuntarily.

What’s this… What’s this? Todomatsu’s thoughts unraveled to this odd sensation.

The tanuki’s broken, wavering moans and whimpers sent chills down Osomatsu’s spine as the older pulled up to watch, pressing deep into him to savor his contractions. His insides tightening around Osomatsu made him so full inside as his body jolted beneath him. Todomatsu felt like he was going to pass out—he was suddenly so exhausted but he was also still so unbearably hard. He panted as he looked down, Osomatsu taking his hands away from his poor, over-sensitive dick at last.

“Congratulations on your first dry orgasm.” The red oni grinned, overly pleased by the confusion and the flush on the younger youkai’s face. Osomatsu gently stroked his bangs to the side and pecked his forehead before placing his hands back onto his bruised hips. “My turn…” His thrusts became more erratic, earning him quiet whimpers from his partner before he groaned—approaching his release and pulled out in the last second and finishing himself off with his hand.

The first of Osomatsu’s release splashed against Todomatsu’s opened hole as he marked him by coating this pure little youkai all over with strings of white. Todomatsu was way too tired (and pissed) to care until the milky fluid made contact with his tongue. Osomatsu was definitely the type to take advantage of how the tanuki so cutely panted with his mouth agape. He had made sure to aim for his face and smirked with pleasure when he succeeded.

“Well… Don’t you look pretty?” Osomatsu mused as he admired his work once more. Todomatsu gave a tiny cough as he happened to swallow whatever was in his mouth, his brows furrowing as he couldn’t summon enough energy to move (or cuss him out).

“You stupid demon... That was terrible…” The tanuki muttered tiredly as he glared. He managed the slightest wrinkle of his brows in disapproval.

Osomatsu chuckled as he gently stroked Todomatsu’s oversensitive member, making him squirm in return. “But I’m so nice. I didn’t even cum inside! We’re here to get you clean after all.” Osomatsu grinned as he pressed his thumb down on all the right places of Todomatsu’s length. “I’ll even help you finish off since you seem to be so tired…” The demon ran his free hand down Todomatsu’s chest, spreading his palm out in order to stimulate both of his reddened nipples.

Even his chest was sore, but the tingling sensations of pleasure overrode his discomfort as his dick dripped in response. The tanuki whimpered softly as Osomatsu’s pace quickened. Todomatsu gave a soft moan, he felt his balls tightening—a second release borrowing off from his previous one almost painfully. His fluids pooled onto a spot on his stomach, mixing with Osomatsu’s as the oni applied just the right amount of pressure during his decline. His spasming entrance clenched around nothing—and Osomatsu was sure to get an eyeful.

“See? Feels better now, right?” Osomatsu lifted his hand up to show the tanuki his release which caused him to furrow his brows at the sight. “Ah, but my hand is all messy. Be a good puppy and clean me up?” The demon smirked as he placed his hand near Todomatsu’s mouth who immediately turned his face away. “No?” Osomatsu tilted his head as he refused him, wondering what he should do about that.

“You have oil all over your hand…” Todomatsu muttered out tiredly, the stone feeling good on his exhausted body.

Osomatsu blinked before giving a broad smile paired with a laugh. “That’s your reason? You’re too adorable. Does that mean you’ve tasted yourself before?” He teased as he reached back into the bathwater and washed his hand off.

Todomatsu sighed, melted and useless as he moved his heavy limbs to try to wipe his face a bit. “I’ve been alive for sixty years… I’ve done a lot of things.”

“All kinds of things but sex? Sounds like a lame sixty years.” Osomatsu snorted as he took a towel from a nearby basket. He soaked it up with water and cleaned Todomatsu up once he was satisfied of looking. The cloth wiped the tanuki’s face clean, Todomatsu closing one eye to let him wipe over him.

“I never said I didn’t have sex before. You’re just assuming I’m a virgin.” Todomatsu spoke tiredly and frowned as he watched the demon clean him. At least his aftercare was nice…

“Huh?” Osomatsu raised a brow as he rewet the towel to wipe down his body. “But you super act like one. And you keep saying how inexperienced you are.” The demon literally could not wrap his mind around this pink tanuki sleeping with women.

“Being on the receiving end of anal sex wasn’t really on my list. And I’ll have you know, I’m actually quite popular with women.” Todomatsu narrowed his eyes, but his expression softened with following amusement. Osomatsu looked thoughtful as he continued to clean down his body. “What? Does this turn you off or something?” The tanuki let his lips curl in a smug little smile.

Osomatsu spaced out for a moment, taking a few seconds to process Todomatsu’s comment. “Huh? Oh no. I was just thinking about how the girls you bed must be like secret lesbians or something.”

In that typical blunt fashion, the oni’s words stabbed through him. He felt his pride continuously deteriorate in Osomatsu’s presence. The sides of Todomatsu’s mouth twitched upwards in irritation as he watched down to Osomatsu. “Hahh... Do you genuinely think I look that feminine? There must be something wrong with your eyes.”

“Hm?” Osomatsu glanced back up blankly as he wiped up Todomatsu’s lower body who was way too tired and sore to feel stimulated by that. “Oh, I mean. Do you genuinely think you don’t? I mean you were even in pink when I saw you. Bad choice in color for sneaking into a place, by the way.”

Todomatsu coughed at that, his mouth forming a small pout as he looked away and scratched behind his ear awkwardly. “It’s not like men can’t wear bright colors too…”

“Besides,” Osomatsu continued, Todomatsu looking back towards him as he felt the other hover near him and place his index finger underneath his chin with a grin. “If you were manly or an uggo I would’ve just killed you in the storeroom so you should be grateful for how you look.”

Todomatsu’s eyes widened a bit at that suggestion. Well, he would definitely admit that he is cute at least. He was glad it was enough to basically save his life. Not too bad of an ego boost.

Osomatsu smiled as he placed their lips together in a small kiss now he had finished up cleaning. “All done~” He hummed as he helped sit Todomatsu up, the tanuki so tired he just tolerated any throbbing pain at this point.

“... Thanks.” Todomatsu sighed sleepily as he looked like he was dozing off.

Osomatsu pouted out his lips as he watched him nod his head. “Aw, well looks like it’s time for us to hit the hay, huh?” He smiled, ruffling Todomatsu’s hair a bit as he picked him up to dry them off.

Todomatsu had no complaints as his whole body suddenly twice as heavy to himself. The tanuki leaned his head onto the other’s chest, feeling as if he could fade at any minute.

“Why are you so nice to me…?” He murmured out as Osomatsu carried him out towards the changing room, curling a little in reflex from the prick of cold due to the difference in air temperature. It was a type of question he wanted to ask before, but he didn’t really want it to backlash. However, his cloudy state of mind willed him to ask anything that was left in there.

“Huh,” Osomatsu pondered out loud. “Dunno. I think you’re cute and I’m bored. Isn’t that reason enough?” He smiled as he settled Todomatsu down onto the floor once more, his body jolting the slightest bit from the cold and pain before Osomatsu toweled his hair. “I mean, it’s not like you’re a threat to me. It’s kinda like, why does anyone want to take in a pet?” Though he hardly cared to think too much into it, it was starting to make sense. “Y’know, one that doesn’t do anything. So like a rabbit or something, ” Osomatsu snickered as he watched Todomatsu shift his eyes away.

Todomatsu was prideful, but not so baselessly that it wasn’t like he didn’t know where he stood on their ranking as fellow youkai. In fact, he was hardly comparable to the shuten-douji. “I guess that makes sense,” Todomatsu replied, taking the edge of the towel that Osomatsu was holding to wipe his face.

Even the act of him cleaning himself was charming to the demon. The red oni took another towel to haphazardly dry his fluffy tail, which wasn’t so fluffy right now. In fact, it kinda looked like a rat.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stick around?” Osomatsu pouted as he left the towel with Todomatsu to dry himself off since it seemed like he woke up a little. “At least for a few more days until you’re not sore anymore.” He offered while he went to the shelves to take a yukata to dress himself in for bed. It was red, like everything else he owned.

“No, thank you… Besides you’d probably want to fuck anytime I start feeling better. Or even if I’m not,” Todomatsu replied dryly as he was soaking up as much moisture as possible. Water still clung to his skin and remained especially logged in his tail but he could not care less he was so exhausted.

“Well, you’re not wrong.” The corner of the demon’s mouth raised a bit in passing amusement as he looked on the shelf to take a spare yukata—shifting through them until he found a colorful pink one. Osomatsu smirked to himself, knowing it belonged to his female ningyou friend to use whenever she would stay over just to hang out and bathe. She would probably mind him borrowing it but it’s not like she’d ever let him bang her.

“All dry?” he asked as he watched Todomatsu just sitting there with the towel lazily in his hand, the tanuki yawned behind a polite hand.

“Mmhm…” Todomatsu replied as he looked over to Osomatsu, who was now dressing him. “Nice yukata,” he idly commented, trying to lighten the weight of his eyelids by rubbing one tiredly as Osomatsu wrapped the yukata around him—tying the sash rather properly.

The demon chuckled. “Of course. Just for you.” He patted him on his head and was charmed when Todomatsu extended his arms up to him, just expecting to be carried now. His heart melted as he smiled and bent down to pick him up to retire for the night.

The comforting rhythm of breathing and beat of Osomatsu’s heart was the last thing Todomatsu could remember of the night before he inevitably drifted off into a deep sleep.

Chapter Text

“Why is there a young boy in my bed?”

“Oh, well. My bed was so messed up from fucking that I thought you wouldn’t mind if we borrowed it. Do you?”

“Ah… Anything for you, aniki. However I--... Wait. What did you say?”

“Uh, ‘I thought you wouldn’t mind if we borrowed it?’”

“No, no, no. Before that…”

“My bed is messed up.”

“After that!!”

“Oh, yeah. We totally banged. Like a lot. You really missed out.”

“....Heh… Your lack of limits never cease to amaze me.”

Todomatsu could vaguely recall overhearing a conversation as his eyes slowly opened. An unfamiliar scent surrounded him as well as his location-- causing him to jolt up with disorientation. The bed was different, it was an opened large bed with royal blue silken sheets and the most beautiful azure and gold lacquer screens on either side for privacy. The futon was on the ground allowing him to peek out past the screens to try to decipher where he was. Blue lights coming off of paper lanterns danced around the golden-accented walls. A window was on the far wall, at least giving him a hint of what the time of day was. 

Afternoon…? ” Todomatsu observed as the warm lighting fell in. It definitely was not morning, that’s for sure.

He could faintly smell Osomatsu from the cold spot on the bed next to him. Which meant that he must’ve slept alongside him and he was definitely still in his home. His eyes glanced around as he looked for his clothes, but finding nothing resembling them as he was conflicted on whether or not to call for Osomatsu.

The tanuki’s ears twitched as he heard approaching footsteps and a familiar voice from beyond the sliding door.

“Well, I tell you what: If you can convince him to stay he’s all yours.” He heard Osomatsu’s voice a hallway’s distance away with that familiar nonchalant tone.

An unfamiliar, rich voice carried on the conversation with the red demon. “Ah, but that should be an easy task for me. No man or woman alive can resist my courtship.”

“Haha! Oh my god!-- I mean, yeah. You should belt out your best charms.”

Todomatsu eyelids halved down to his pupils as he listened to the red demon guffaw.

That was definitely Osomatsu. But who was he with? His answer came as soon as the sliding door opened to Osomatsu holding an enclosed tray.

“Oh, you’re awake!” He greeted him with a grin as he entered in and crouched down to his level, petting him fondly. Todomatsu could see a translucent blue fabric floating behind him and the evidence of a figure-- but Osomatsu purposely blocked his sight.

“You slept all afternoon! It’s almost evening you know.” The demon hummed as he placed the tray to the side.

“But I couldn’t bear to wake you up.” Osomatsu cooed as he watched over Todomatsu’s confused expression as the tanuki was trying raise up to see the man behind him.

“I mean, you were just soooo exhausted from last night. It would just be cruel.” Osomatsu continued, blocking him once more after Todomatsu was barely able to catch a small glance.

“Now, now, aniki. Why don’t you allow me to properly introduce myself to our guest?”

Todomatsu’s ears twitched at the warm voice as he heard the approach closer towards them until he was standing at Todomatsu’s side.

His eyes scanned up, a youkai adorned in the deepest blues and gold woven into the finest fabrics filled his sight. A warm smile painted the blue demon's face as Todomatsu felt those sapphire-like pupils focused on him. Though he had such a charming appearance to him, Todomatsu couldn’t help but feel goosebumps at the aura coming off of him. It wasn’t nearly as strong as Osomatsu’s was in the storeroom, but it had potential to be comparable.

A pleasant laughter emitted from the blue demon as he knelt at Todomatsu’s level on one knee. The spirit placed a hand onto his chest in a charming, knightly manner. “My name is Karamatsu and this is my domain.” Todomatsu couldn’t take his eyes off of his as he felt the other’s imposing presence. What did he get himself into?

Shivers ran up his spine as Karamatsu placed a few delicate fingers at the bottom of his chin to tilt him up, making him flinch. “And you? My little blossom…”

That pet name nearly made him lose all fear as Todomatsu gagged mentally. “Uh… Todomatsu.”

“Ah, a perfect name for such a beautiful flower in this den of darkness.” Karamatsu sighed, closing his eyes with a smile as Osomatsu snickered quietly in the background. Todomatsu’s expression turned into one of disbelief. They definitely seemed related-- for they both took expert hits to his pride just in different ways.

“Um… Nice to meet you?” Todomatsu averted his gaze with a sweat of exasperation, which the other took as coyness. He caught glances with Osomatsu who couldn’t keep his shit-eating grin off his face. “What the fuck.

“Now, now, now.” Karamatsu smiled as he took a hold of Todomatsu’s cheeks and gently guided him back to him.

“You don’t have to be so reserved. I know all of the events of last night. Although it was against your will I’ll have you know that all is forgiven between aniki and I.”

Oh, no… ” Todomatsu thought as they came eye-to-eye once more. This guy was a whole new breed of embarrassing from Osomatsu. “What… I, uh. I came here on my own accord?”

“Ah! You have no need to hide anymore!” Karamatsu dramatically interrupted him as he took him an embrace, causing Todomatsu’s eyebrows to furrow in confusion and his eyes widened. He couldn’t believe he was looking towards Osomatsu’s direction for help. The red demon was trying to keep his laughter in so hard, his eyebrows were furrowed almost painfully as he clasped his hands over his mouth.

Great …” The tanuki thought. Well, again… At least, they weren’t going to eat him.

Karamatsu closed his eyes and leaned his head against his as an act of comfort. One that just made Todomatsu all the more uncomfortable. “Surely, there must be some devious mastermind behind all of this!” The spirit was certain that someone had sent him and that they were readying troops to try to overtake their territory.

“Don’t worry, I understand the plight of weak and defenseless youkai such as yourself. You must’ve been sent as a sacrificial lamb as a distraction!”

Todomatsu paled at this… A whole new league of insults… “Like I said… I came here by myself.”

Karamatsu just held him tighter to his chest at that, cradling his head with a hand. “No one who knows of this mountain would dare tread foot on our land alone! Why, it takes much folly to travel where countless armies of men painted the grounds with their blood.”

Oh my god .” Todomatsu thought as he tried to pull away from this spirit’s embrace but he was holding him so firmly. “I-I can’t breathe.”

Karamatsu’s eyes opened with a soft gasp as he pulled away immediately-- placing his hands on the tanuki’s shoulders. “Forgive me. For I do not know of my own strength… It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of a delicate beauty such as yourself.”

Even escaping asphyxiation was a regret of Todomatsu’s at this point. At least he would’ve had sweet release from this painfulness. “I-It’s okay.”

“It is not!” The spirit responded, genuinely ashamed of himself.

“Ah, but I’ll have plenty of time to repay you.” Todomatsu began to tire of his overt theatrics and was about to reassure him once more. That was until he felt heavy aura spilling from the other.

That light-hearted character was quickly fading as his eyes gleamed a vibrant glow of cerulean. “Starting with ridding you of your chains from beyond this mountain.”

The tanuki’s heart raced, feeling nearly that same sense of fight-or-flight he recalled from Osomatsu. Todomatsu almost couldn’t catch what he was saying through his flowery way of speech but he quickly caught on.

“Like I said!” The tanuki exclaimed. “I came here by myself on my own accord!” His voice broke, his chords trembling from speaking within the saturation of power.

At the repeat of his phrase, Karamatsu seemed to calm a bit-- his aura dissipating into dissolving butterflies.

“Ah… I see.” Karamatsu said simply as he then wore a puzzled expression on his face.

“I suppose you are as entrancing as you are foolish… As expected of a tanuki.” Karamatsu closed his eyes in a smirk, feeling proud for completely understanding the situation now.

“What is that suppose to mean?!” Todomatsu cried out. Though it was true tanuki really didn’t have the best reputation… Even within the ranks of youkai. He always considered himself to be different (better) than the average tanuki!

Osomatsu finally busted out in laughter, slapping his knee. “That’s what I said! He’s cute right? Do you see why I like ‘im?”

A wide grin crossed his face as he ruffled the tanuki’s hair. “Todo-chan is just so simple and honest!”

“Hm, of course. Of course. I must admit, it’s nice to be able to take something at face-value for once.” Karamatsu nodded with that reassured smile that was glued onto his face--completely in agreeance with the oni. "Tanuki really aren’t all that tricky to ones such as ourselves after all."

Todomatsu’s eyes blanked out as the two humored each other back and forth, he felt like he was dying from humiliation. However, he was brought back with a scent of sweet fruits as he curiously looked over to the tray of food that Osomatsu had brought in. He felt himself salivating as he began to scoot over. He almost didn’t notice how hungry he was!

Osomatsu’s attention drifted back to the tanuki and grinned, picking up the tray as Todomatsu dared to reach for it. “Who said this was for you?” Todomatsu frowned as he watched him.

“This is only for good little pets of the all mighty shuten-douji. And you’re leaving today, aren’t you?” He smirked as Todomatsu seemed visibly upset. The tanuki turned from him in a frustrated pout.

Osomatsu opened the tray and a perfume of persimmons and tea wafted out to tantalate his senses. The tanuki couldn’t help but direct his attention back. Before him were the most plump and perfect persimmons-- the sap melting out from its cut flesh. Next to them, an opened jar of his favorite, sweet liquid gold that was smooth to perfection. To top it all off, there was a fine teapot that held the rich scent of expensive tea he so rarely had the opportunity to enjoy. It was obvious this spread was tailored specifically to his tastes. Almost cruelly so. The sight of all of this made him whine softly as his ears folded back.

Osomatsu chuckled, seeing the tanuki practically drool. He picked up the plate of fruit and took a piece of persimmon into his fingers, those pink eyes following his every movement as he slowly brought it towards Todomatsu. Todomatsu’s eyes widened with eagerness with perked ears. His tail wagged a bit, opening his mouth to welcome the delicious treat. But of course, it wasn’t that easy. Osomatsu’s hand moved back towards his mouth and took it between his own lips with a satisfying lick.

Everything on Todomatsu drooped at once which amused both brothers thoroughly. Todomatsu’s eyebrows furrowed as his hands fisted in his borrowed yukata on his lap. Osomatsu smirked as he chewed and leaned back lazily with his other hand supporting his weight.

“Mm! It’s way too sweet for me. One piece and I already feel sick.” Osomatsu stuck out his tongue in mocking displeasure as he then looked towards his brother. “Isn’t it persimmon season, Karamatsu?”

“Why, I believe it is… After all, autumn is where our trees yield so much that most are destined to face a cruel fate as rot on the floor.” Karamatsu nodded, smirking as Todomatsu still focused his eyes on the remaining fruit.

“Right, right. Choro-chan likes to dry them up and preserve them for winter but we don’t really eat them, huh?” Osomatsu grinned tauntingly eyeing the tanuki as he waved the plate up and down in his hand.

“Such a waste! Don’t you think, Todomatsu?” He addressed him as he watched the tanuki squirm.

“Now, now. Aniki, don’t you think we’re being too cruel?” Karamatsu mused as he sat cross legged alongside Osomatsu. Taking that one cup of tea and taking a sip from it.

“After all, you said you met in the middle of night? He must’ve not dined for hours.” Their grins twinned as they both had their eyes on the tanuki, awaiting his response.

Todomatsu’s resolve was disintegrating alongside of his pride… It was already getting dark anyway, it wasn’t desirable to leave the mountain at dusk. But fuck, he was never getting out of here if he didn’t do it today. He seemed conflicted but at the same time he was so hungry… And so weak to the food they had in front of him.

“What do you want me to do?” He finally muttered, furrowing his brows as he kneaded the fabric of his yukata.

Osomatsu’s smile was broad with self-confidence, knowing that he was heading towards the direction he predicted. “More like, what I don’t want you to do. And that is to leave our lovely home.” Honestly, Osomatsu was proud of himself for being so nice. He could easily keep Todomatsu here against his will but it was so much more fun to have a willing guest.

Todomatsu seemed definitely disappointed by that answer as his ears folded back. “In that case… I’ll have to pass.” Everything inside of him (especially his stomach) was screaming at him to reply differently but a single meal wasn’t worth his freedom.

Osomatsu smile faded in appalled shock from his response as it twisted into a scowl. He clicked his tongue and clattered the plate loudly against the tray in irritation. Todomatsu flinched from the noise as he dared to look up to Osomatsu who was clearly starting to get angry now.

“S-Sorry.” The tanuki apologized with a quiet voice as he tried to dissipate some of his irritation.

“Don’t apologize to me.” The demon sneered, becoming more aggravated.

“You’re just a foolish little thing through and through. I shouldn’t have expected more from a tanuki.” Osomatsu spat, his words like acid dripping off from his tongue. Todomatsu couldn’t help but have his eyes glass over with tears. The contrast between Osomatsu’s kindness and his cold attitude was enough to make him feel heavy.

Karamatsu’s expression fell as he observed this really concerning interaction between his brother and Todomatsu. He knew that neither were pleased with this arrangement and that Osomatsu just didn’t know how to portray what he really means.

“If I may,” the spirit began to speak as Todomatsu glued his eyes to the ground. “You wouldn’t really be trapped here.” He confirmed as Todomatsu was listening to what he had to say.

“It’s more like, he wishes to extend hospitality towards you. You may come and go as you wish.” Todomatsu blinked away water from his eyes as he tentatively looked towards Karamatsu who gave a warm smile towards him.

“Really. We have a brother with similar arrangements. His mountain territory was invaded and destroyed by humans centuries ago so he lives with us now.”

Todomatsu was shocked at how much they wanted him to stay. He couldn’t dig a reason up from any angle. Osomatsu gritted his teeth at Karamatsu explaining everything and finally barked. “Enough!” He growled, causing Karamatsu to silence with a concerned expression.

“He doesn’t want to stay. And he doesn’t even have a good reason why!”

“I do!” Todomatsu countered as it took as much bravery as it did to come here in the first place. He felt those two sets of eyes giving them all of their attention. Todomatsu swallowed dryly as he continued on.  

“I have a friend… Friends.” Plural.

“Two of which have been close to me my entire life. As strange as it is, they practically raised me.” His breath felt shallow as he began to be completely truthful-- his nerves locking as he tried to not think of how they would respond.

“One of which… A human who rescued me from that trap I told you about.” The tanuki explained as he felt himself fighting off tears again.

“I have to get back! Or he’s going to think I abandoned him without a word!” Todomatsu exclaimed as his voice broke again. He hung his head down in shame as he felt his crybaby tendencies well up again-- sleeves wiping at his eyes as tears poured from his eyes. “And I’m afraid that would be expected from being friends with a tanuki!”

The two youkai before him quieted at the sobbing display in front of them. Osomatsu’s anger calmed and was replaced with guilt as he eyed away and idly scratched the back of his head.

"It’s alright." Karamatsu, not being able to bare to see the little figure before him cry, placed a comforting hand on top of the tanuki’s head in an effort to soothe his turmoil. “You can still see your friends. In fact, they can stay here too.”

“Except for the human.” Osomatsu glanced over with sharp eyes.

“Except for the human…” Karamatsu sighed with a tired smile at his brother’s resentment.

Todomatsu was completely shocked at their reply. Question marks filling his mind as they spilled with generosity. “R-Really? Is that really okay?” Todomatsu wouldn’t think his brothers would be so easy to win over but the fact that they were even suggesting it boggled his mind. Still, if he could come and go as he pleased...

Osomatsu rubbed the bottom of his nose with a lazy grin, the atmosphere easing up at last. “Heh… Sure why not. If they’re anything like you they’re probably really cute too.”

I wouldn’t go that far…” The tanuki thought, thinking about how individually odd his own friends were. But still, the tanuki’s face wore a bright smile as he lunged forward to hug Osomatsu which caused the red demon to tense up in surprise.

“Thank you! In that case, I’ll stay!” He confirmed as he nuzzled the side of Osomatsu’s cheek. Karamatsu chuckling in amusement as he saw a wash of red cross Osomatsu’s face, the shuten-douji clearly pleased with the arrangement.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and joy at this result as he returned the embrace. “Knew it. You’d miss me too much, huh?” The demon teased but he couldn’t keep a smile off his face.

“Mmhm… I like how you treat me.” Todomatsu spoke lowly as he purred into the nook of his neck--nuzzling him, causing Osomatsu to flush.

This was getting way too embarrassing for the demon, especially under that touched smile Karamatsu was wearing. He definitely had to do something about this. “You mean, like this?” He moved his hands from his back to grope at Todomatsu’s rear harshly through the thin fabric of the yukata. The tanuki frizzed up and yelped and Karamatsu’s smile fell with a shocked expression and a flush of red.

That’s better…” Osomatsu snickered as he eased up his grip, Todomatsu pulling away with a flustered frown as he gripped his shoulders harshly.

Todomatsu can hear the spirit behind him clear his throat as he took the plate and held it up once more. “As touching as your embrace is-- you must be really hungry. Correct?” He did his best to rearrange the fruit as it was before Osomatsu just threw it to the side earlier.

“Starving!” The tanuki pepped up as he immediately got off Osomatsu which caused the demon to pout in return.

Karamatsu chuckled at the tanuki’s enthusiasm. He was about to hand the plate towards him but was still holding onto a particularly delicious piece which tempted the tanuki to boldly take the spirit’s wrist and help himself to the persimmon. A wash of red painting the blue youkai’s visage as he felt that little tongue brush against the tips of his fingers to lick up any remaining sap.

“Delicious.” Todomatsu purred as he glanced up to Karamatsu with a sly smile.

“I-- Uh, I…” The ao andon completely flustered by his actions as he started to fumble with his words, which Todomatsu felt empowered by.

The tanuki gave a soft chuckle in response as he then took the tea that Karamatsu teased him with earlier-- helping himself and downing the entire cup in order to satiate his thirst. He gave a satisfied sigh afterwards as he began to pour himself another cup from the tea pot.

Osomatsu whined as he came up, feeling ignored before grabbing a piece of fruit from the plate too. “Todo-chan! Let me feed you too. I’m your favorite right?” He pouted which Todomatsu found to actually be cute as he lowered his eyes and licked his lips.

“Of course. ♪” The tanuki hummed as he allowed Osomatsu to feed him, enjoying the syrupy flavor of each bite-- finding himself wanting more and more.

Osomatsu watched with much interest with the way Todomatsu would lick over his fingers. Immediately he picked up another piece to feed him with which the tanuki greedily took once more. “You’re so cute…” Osomatsu whispered as he brushed his thumb against his soft little lips.

“I know.” Todomatsu smiled as he began to feed himself when Osomatsu slowed down.

“Agh, somehow that just made you less cute.” Osomatsu furrowed his brows as he allowed Todomatsu to help himself. He really looked like he hadn’t eaten in days or something.

“Mm! It’s so good!” Todomatsu gave a small squeal of delight, a hand on his cheek as he closed his eyes in bliss to chew.

“We have plenty more if you so desire.” Karamatsu chuckled at his bright enthusiasm before an empty plate was shoved to his face.

“Then.. Could you please get more?” He asked with a little balled up hand against his chin, looking up to Karamatsu with those big sparkling eyes.

Karamatsu was surprised that he finished it up so quickly since that amount of sugar would be enough for himself to stop. But he gave a gulp as he looked back to that cute pleading expression that he found himself weak to. “But, of course, my little flower. I shall be back with a basket.” He proudly took upon this duty as he took the plate from Todomatsu who smiled and gave a wag of his tail.

“Thanks~ ♪” Todomatsu hummed with a charming closed eyed smile as he took to enjoying the expensive tea while he waited.

“I’ll go too!” Osomatsu rose up just as Karamatsu did, the other blinking in replied but followed up with that self-confident smile.

“Of course, aniki. I’d be happy to have you accompanying me to the garden.”

Osomatsu grinned and looked towards the tanuki. “We’ll be back! You be a good boy and wait here, okay?” He ruffled Todomatsu’s hair as he started to leave with Karamatsu.

“Huh? Oh, sure.” Todomatsu replied as he was looking at how a single stock was floating in the center of his tea. He looked up and saw the sliding door open and close as the two youkai stepped out down the hallway. Todomatsu hummed to himself feeling on top of the world. He could get really get used to the idea of having two powerful youkai at his beck and call.

Karamatsu led the way to the garden as Osomatsu came up to walk besides him. The ao andon giving the other a smug smirk alongside a raise of his brow.

“What was that about how he is to be within my possession if I convinced him to stay?”

“Huh?” Osomatsu narrowed his eyes with his brows raised in bemusement. “What are you talking about? That was all me.” He snorted much to the other’s displeasure.

“Ah… It’s not like you to go back on your promises.” Karamatsu’s expression changed to one of slight impatience with him as Osomatsu stretched and yawned. They were arriving to the entrance of the garden which was not too far from the ao andon’s room.

“Whatever! He’s ours, ok?" Osomatsu sighed as he dismissed the topic as soon as possible.

"Because I’m just such a nice doting nii-san and I share everything with my shitty little brother.” Osomatsu joked as he kicked up a bamboo basket from the floor and caught it in his hands.

“Hmph… I thank you for your generosity, aniki.” Karamatsu gave a humoring smirk, knowing just exactly how his brother was as they began to collect a bounty of persimmons.

Chapter Text

Todomatsu indulged himself happily with the sweet honey provided to him alongside his meal. In fact, this was his meal. He was glad that he was provided with a wooden spoon, using it to eat it directly from the jar as he stood up and looked out the window. The sun really was setting… He worried about his friend but it wasn’t odd for him to go off once in awhile. It wasn’t like they were joined at the hips so he felt confident in returning to see him after tonight. 

Upon hearing the impending return of the other two youkai he turned with the spoon in his mouth.

“We’re back! Miss us?” Osomatsu grinned, holding Todomatsu’s clothes in his hand while Karmatsu was holding a basket of over ripened persimmons.

The red demon seemed confused as he quirked a brow to Todomatsu. “Eh? You can stand?”

“Welcome back~” Todomatsu hummed, walking over to greet them but then blinked at Osomatsu’s question. It was just then he realized he felt no more pain in his rear.

“Huh..? Oh! Yeah, I guess so!” He pepped as he seemed pleased with it, questioning a bit but he didn’t really care. Maybe resting half a day was all he needed!

“Why wouldn’t he? Is it a miracle or something?” Karamatsu raised a brow as he placed the basket down. Though he highly doubted that the tanuki was physically handicapped if he climbed the mountain all by himself.

Osomatsu smirked. “Yeah, it really is. If you saw him yesterday he’d cry and cry about how much this mean oni hurt his butt.”

Karamatsu blushed a bit realizing the implications behind that as Todomatsu eyes widened and flushed as he lightly hit him on the chest. “Stop it! That’s not what happened!” He was really embarrassed that he would so shamelessly discuss it in front of his brother but it wasn’t like it was a secret.

The red demon grinned, really enjoying his embarrassed reactions. He grabbed Todomatsu’s wrist as he leaned in to speak against his ear. “Well, if you’re feeling all better maybe we can show Karamatsu exactly what I’m talking about…”

Todomatsu eyes widened in embarrassment as he glanced over to Karamatsu who definitely had no objections to that. “Um… Uh! Maybe tomorrow?” He replied looking back to the demon who frowned at being so easily rejected.

“I want to see my friend in the morning and tell him I’m okay.” Todomatsu reassured as he gave a tiny tilt of his head when Osomatsu wouldn’t give him a reply.

“I can, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Osomatsu sighed as he released him and seemed a bit moody. Todomatsu smiled and gave a peck to his forehead causing him to blush.

Karamatsu chuckled at the sight. “Ah… I see how you’ve charmed my brother. You’re quite the cute one.” He smiled fondly as he gently pet Todomatsu’s head. Then something caught his attention as he blinked and furrowed his brows in confusion.

He took the jar of honey from Todomatsu’s hands and his eyes widened. “Eh?! You finished half already?” Karamatsu was shocked as he observed the clear absence of supply.

“Hm?” Todomatsu’s eyes glimmered with innocence. “Was I not suppose to? It’s for me right?” He asked, placing a hand up to his lips as he observed Karamatsu’s reaction.

The ao andon gave a sigh and an exasperated smile in return. “Of course... Though, I’m worried for your health.” That much sugar couldn’t be good for anyone….

“Don’t be!” Todomatsu giggled as he took the jar back from Karamatsu and spooned more into his mouth.

“I love natural sweets. I am a tanuki after all.” He hummed as he looked back to Osomatsu, gently tugging on his garments for his attention. “Can I have it for dinner too?”

Osomatsu blinked before giving a warm grin, happy that Todomatsu was implying that he was going to eat with them. “Sure~ Anything you want.” He doted on him as he stroked his cheek, Todomatsu giving a happy smile in return.

“Hmph. Can’t be helped. At least we have someone who likes persimmons now.” Karamatsu complied as he watched the tanuki reach for his clothing from Osomatsu’s hands.

“Thank you! I’ve been looking for these~” The tanuki beamed as he gathered the clothing up, returning back to the bedside tray as he placed the honey down temporarily.

“I’m going to change now, give me a sec.” Todomatsu hummed as he returned to Karamatsu’s futon, moving to close the screen doors surrounding it. That was until he felt a block in the way, he looked up to see Osomatsu’s disapproving frown as he had a hand holding the screen open.

“Just change in front of us.” He spoke as Todomatsu felt a wash of dread come over him. Osomatsu grinned as he bent down, beginning to undo the sash of Todomatsu’s yukata himself. Todomatsu flustered as he immediately grabbed onto Osomatsu’s hands that were beginning to undress him, earning him a smirk from the other.

“What’s wrong? We’re all men here. There’s no need to be shy.”

“I can dress myself.” Todomatsu insisted with a pout to Osomatsu, glancing towards Karamatsu who seemed to watch in anticipation. “Really.”

Osomatsu’s brows knitted as his mouth formed a pout, backing up and allowing the tanuki to slowly close the screen door to change. A chuckle erupted from Karamatsu at which earned him a glare and scoff from his brother.

“Heh?! What’s this?!” Todomatsu exclaimed in shock as he swung the screen door opened causing Karamatsu to almost look away to protect Todomatsu’s modesty but he was already wearing his hakama bottoms.

Osomatsu blinked at the sudden outburst. “Huh? What’s wrong? Is something ruined?”

“No, no! Look!” He seemed elated as he twisted around for Osomatsu to see. His scar was almost completely faded in places around his waist, though it still ran along his back.

“Whoa, it’s a miracle. Maybe my cum has healing properties?” He grinned as Todomatsu whacked him on the side of his arm.

“Ow!” That actually kinda hurt as Osomatsu placed a hand on top of where he was hit.

“No, you idiot! It must’ve been the oil!”

Lanterns lit up in Osomatsu’s head. “Ohhh…That must be why you’re all better now.” He did made sure to do a thorough “cleaning” after all.

Karamatsu quirked a brow. “Are you talking about Totoko-chan’s oil? Really? You used that…?” For lubricant nonetheless. He seemed appalled by Osomatsu’s actions.

“She’s going to be cross with you. That formula took her years and an endless list of ingredients in order to brew.”

Osomatsu scoffed at that. “If she didn’t want me to use it she shouldn’t have left it in the bathroom.”

The tanuki seemed super excited at this new development. He realized he had just struck Osomatsu but he really wanted something from him. Todomatsu’s hand rubbed the spot he hit earlier somewhat apologetically and put on his cute expression for him as he clung to him. “Do you think you can please get it for me?”

Osomatsu glanced over back at him, that expression really not doing anything for him in terms of wanting to go fetch the oil. “Huh? Why?” He asked blankly.

“For my back!” Todomatsu replied as he wiggled his tail. “Don’t you want to give me a back massage, Osomatsu?”

“So casual…” Karamatsu twitched at how Todomatsu was referring to his brother with no honorifics whatsoever. Todomatsu definitely wasn’t the type to bow his head down and he was shocked that Osomatsu didn’t do something about it earlier given how his brother was.

Osomatsu snorted before he gave a warm smile, placing a gentle hand on the tanuki’s cheek which Todomatsu gladly leaned towards. His hold turned into a pinch as he grabbed his soft little face and yanked it, making Todomatsu screech. “You little brat! You just want to be nice when it’s convenient for you!” Osomatsu knew it was obvious but he really didn’t want to spoil Todomatsu rotten. It’d definitely ruin what made him so cute.

“Ow! Ow! I’m sorry!” He squeaked as Osomatsu stretched his cheeks out before letting him go.

Todomatsu pouted with watery eyes as he rubbed his face. “You can’t blame me for trying.”

“Uh, actually I can.” Osomatsu’s eyes lowered with an irritated twitch from the corner of his mouth.

But still… That oil really is amazing.” He thought as he watched Todomatsu continue to dress himself up with a moody pout on his expression.

“Oh yeah. That reminds me.” Osomatsu started as he searched through his belongings on his person. Todomatsu watched him with a raised brow as he was tying up his own attire expertly.

He quickly got bored of watching Osomatsu fumble around and continued to dress himself until he felt a clasp around his neck. “...Eh?” Todomatsu blinked as he reached up to his neck, feeling a stiff material fitted around.

“What’s this?” He asked with a concerned look, trying to smile to make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal but he just met Osomatsu’s grin which sent shivers down his spine.

The demon hummed in pleasure as he admired the accessory enclosed around Todomatsu’s neck. He gestured to Karamatsu to lend him his hand-mirror and showed Todomatsu his gift. It was a mandarin styled choker with a gold closure and red tassels on either side. It was rather elegant in taste but that didn’t matter. The tanuki’s breath was taken away for a completely different reason-- he could not believe what he was seeing.

“Well, a pet needs a collar right? It looks pretty on you. Don’t you think?” Osomatsu smiled, confirming Todomatsu’s suspicions as he placed the mirror to the side. The shuten-douji was really liking this look on him.

Shit… Pet?!” Todomatsu felt a cold chill down his back as the severity of what he simply agreed to earlier was becoming too much for him.

“W-What… Osomatsu…” He had to be joking. There was no way he was serious. He was just teasing him like he always did. However, Osomatsu’s confident expression showed that he was nothing but.

“Um… Um, Karamatsu-san don’t you think this is a bit much?” He looked to the ao andon with pleading eyes, trying to earn some sympathy from him. It worked before after all!! He could tell this guy was a sap for this!



“Karamatsu-sama.” Karamatsu corrected as he towered over the little youkai with a smirk.

“I do think it suits him, aniki. Finally, we come to an agreement in regards to aesthetics.” The spirit mused as he watched Todomatsu shrink before them.

“Hm, yeah. We both wear red, right? Told you it would look good.”

Fuck! Fuck! I was tricked!” Todomatsu cursed himself inwardly as sweat ran down his temple. It really was too easy! There was no way that they would welcome him into their home purely out of the kindness of their hearts! Todomatsu’s blood ran cold as he reached up to his neck with a shaky hand, feeling the clasp and trying to maneuver it off.

“Don’t bother.” Osomatsu smiled as he placed a hand on Todomatsu’s head. That gentle gesture feeling like a weight worth thousands as Todomatsu’s fearful eyes watched at nothing.

“As promised we’ll take care of you. This is just some little extra insurance.” Osomatsu grinned as his hand stroked down Todomatsu’s face, the tanuki trembling from his touch.

Osomatsu frowned as Todomatsu clammed up, feeling him completely engulfed in a fearful scent. “Hey, why are you so scared?" He retracted his hand back as he felt irritation well up within him. "I’m not treating you any differently from how I usually would."

"And aren’t you excited to see your friends tomorrow?”

Though all of that was true, Todomatsu couldn’t help but to feel heaviness in his heart as he felt Osomatsu eye him. It was just like back in the storeroom… He realized the mistake but still he couldn’t even fathom the weight of it all. Todomatsu wanted to cry or scream but no tears or voice came.

Osomatsu clicked his tongue and a red string of aura came from the center of Todomatsu’s collar, making the tanuki stiffen at the sight before he was dragged upwards to look the demon in the eyes.

“I don’t like it when you’re hand-shy for no reason. Do you want me to give you a reason to fear me?” He threatened as he stared deeply into the windows of Todomatsu’s soul. All Todomatsu could do was tremble, not wanting to say anything because he couldn’t think of anything that would dissipate the situation.

Karamatsu placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder, making him look towards the ao andon who went on to crouched to their level. “Now, now, aniki. It’s a lot for someone to take in. After all, even tanuki have their pride. Isn’t that right, Todomatsu-kun?” His blue eyes locked with the younger’s as Todomatsu felt imprisoned by his gaze.

“It’s just going to take him some time to get used to. Be patient.” The spirit reassured his brother as the oni grunted and released his aura from Todomatsu. The tanuki slumped from the lack of tension, catching himself with his hands. Osomatsu brushed off Karamatsu’s hand, stood up, and began to walk out.

“Whatever.” Osomatsu shrugged, obviously upset and trying to  make an attempt at calming himself. He placed a hand on Karamatsu’s sliding door and tilted his head back towards them.

“If you’re so good with him you should get him to be able to calm down by dinner, right?” The oni muttered as he glanced at Todomatsu who wouldn’t even lift his head to look at him.

“Have fun.” He waved his hand as he then shut the door behind him.

That silence after Osomatsu left choked Todomatsu, feeling more and more suffocated by the collar that adorned him. Even if it wasn’t that tight, it was so obviously there. Karamatsu placed a hand on Todomatsu’s head which caused him to flinch at his touch and fall back. Despite everything he was able to look at him with resentment and betrayal, which honestly tore a bit into Karamatsu’s heart.

“We’re not trying to hurt you.” Karamatsu reassured as he refrained from touching him again. Todomatsu wasn’t having any of it as he panted trying to get the collar off.

“Then get this off of me! I didn’t agree to this!” He shouted as he was trying to escape its hold. The clasp seemed impossibly locked and the fabric was too thick to rip. His fingers turned white from the pressure and he began to leave pink trails down his neck in attempts to claw it off. Karamatsu frowned as he held onto Todomatsu’s wrists to still him, Todomatsu trying to struggle back but he was retained in the ao andon’s firm grasp. “Let go of me! Don’t touch me!”

“But you’re going to end up hurting yourself like this.” Karamatsu spoke calmly as he tried to get the tanuki to calm down which only frustrated Todomatsu further. He really did not compare to either of their strengths. Any resistance he gave was just a joke to them. His eyes widened as he panted, his breath tight as he clenched his hands into tight fists.

Panic began to set into Todomatsu as cold sweat ran down his body. He felt nauseated to the core. He was desperately trying to find a way out of this and racking his mind for the answer. “Ichimatsu-niisan is pretty strong… He knows dispelling tactics and could probably compare to them if he put out any effort. It’s going to be okay… It’s going to be okay…” Todomatsu told himself over and over again to ease him from his panic attack and breathe.

Karamatsu watched him with a concerned gaze as Todomatsu’s breath seemed to regulate again. He hesitantly released his grasp once he felt he calmed enough. Todomatsu slowly retracted his hands towards his chest, trailing them up to touch around that collar lightly.

“...Will you really let me visit my friends tomorrow?”

“You have my word.” Karamatsu promised. If that was all it took to calm him then it would be an easy task.

Todomatsu sighed, stress beating into his brain but this was the best chance he got. “So, what do you want in return? Want to fuck or something?” He couldn’t help but to show his resentment and distaste as he was overall bitter with this situation. It probably was not the best thing to say but it was too late.

“Not if you don’t want to.” Karamatsu kept his frown as he placed a hand on Todomatsu’s shoulder. “I just want you to see this as your home."

"As my brother said, nothing has changed. You are still free to come and go as you please.”

“Oh, but I have owners now. Isn’t that right?” He glowered towards Karamatsu as he couldn’t stop the venom in his voice. Karamatsu bit his lip as he tried to reason with him but it was fair enough that he was still getting used to the idea. Or maybe he wouldn’t. The timeline between now and dinner was awfully short after all.

The tanuki still felt livid at the betrayal but it was true that it didn’t seem like they wanted to hurt him though they were going about it in a really fucked up way. “I’ll be happy to stay here once this collar comes off.” Todomatsu forced a sickeningly sweet smile as he placed a hand on Karamatsu’s thigh. This caused the ao andon to stiffen in confusion as the tanuki came closer, feeling his warmth near him.

“And I will happily become yours…” He purred out against Karamatsu’s ear, his hand slowly traveling inwards to the spirit’s crotch. Karamatsu’s breath began to become uneven as he was obviously flustered by the tanuki’s actions, causing Todomatsu to smirk with confidence. It seemed as if he still had his own power to get what he wanted from them.

“I bet Osomatsu-- Excuse me. Osomatsu-sama, told you all about us. Hm?” The tanuki cooed as he gave a small nibble to his ear, earning a low moan from the ao andon who wasn’t sure how to respond. Karamasu definitely didn’t have this planned and he was conflicted on what he should do.

“How far in detail did he go...?” Todomatsu whispered.

“T-Todomatsu-kun…” Karamatsu husked out as pulled back to look at him. He was now supporting himself with his hands behind him and staring up to the youkai coming onto him.

“Hm?” Todomatsu inquired sweetly as he watched down to him and placed his hand down to his chest to push him back against his pillows. “That reminds me. I never did repay you for lending me your bed.”

The tanuki’s lips curled in a small smile as his eyes lowered seductively. “Why don’t I show you my appreciation now?” He gave a lick to his lips as he began to shift the ao andon’s lower garments aside. Todomatsu placed a hand on top of his center, feeling his hardened member through his fundoshi.

Karamatsu knew that this wasn’t right. But he was also filled with inhuman desires and sinful regret from not being present the night Osomatsu found Todomatsu. Was it okay to be a little selfish too…? His thoughts canceled out as Todomatsu pulled down his fundoshi, releasing his flushed member to the cold air of his room and exposing him.

Todomatsu smirked, even if he was their so-called “pet” he still had them wrapped around his little finger. He could tell Karamatsu was anticipating the next step as Todomatsu tapped his finger onto his own lips in thought.

“Hm… I don’t really like the taste but luckily we have something to make it all better.” The tanuki hummed as he grabbed the jar of honey he left for later as he swirled it around that little wooden spoon. Karamatsu watched with bated breath as the tanuki held the full spoon over his member-- the golden liquid dripping down and coating his length, melting at the contact.

“There we go~” Once Todomatsu was pleased with the amount he gave a graceful twist of his wrist to make sure the honey didn’t spill all over and placed the spoon back to its container. He placed it gently to the side, definitely wanting to enjoy it later as he watched over to Karamatsu. The ao andon’s face was flushed and a faint coat of sweat made a few strands of his bangs cling attractively to his skin. Todomatsu grinned slyly at his appearance as he knelt down before him, tucking his hair behind his false ears as he gave an extended lick up the underside of Karamatsu’s throbbing length.

“Todomatsu-kun.” Karamatsu’s breath hitched as his voice lowered, speaking his name again with desire and assurance. He shuddered at his hot little tongue working over him as he met eyes with the tanuki. Todomatsu watched up with lowered lashes as he lapped at the head of Karamatsu’s heated member. Though there was some slippery fluids all Todomatsu could taste was the disguise of honey. This pleased him as he continued to work on pleasuring the ao andon, focusing on the spots he knew made himself feel good whenever he needed release.

The tanuki’s little mouth opened to start to take him in, saliva running down and mixing with pre and honey as he lapped at him like he was delicious. Karamatsu couldn’t take his eyes off this dazzling sight as he gently entwined his hand in Todomatsu’s hair.

Fuck… I bet he’s going to start thrusting like crazy.” Todomatsu braced himself for rough handling and getting face-fucked like how Osomatsu said he wanted to but it never came. Karamatsu kept his tender touch as he moaned, petting Todomatsu and idly stroking the back of his ears. Todomatsu paid it no mind as he placed a hand on Karamatsu’s base to massage him as he worked his mouth around the leaking member.

Todomatsu tongued the slit of his head, coaxing more fluids out as he could tell Karamatsu’s breath was quickening. “Hurry up and come already, you shitty demon.” Todomatsu sighed through his nose before he took him into his mouth as deep as he could, hardly making it half way but it was enough. A purr came from his throat as he placed delicious pressure on Karamatsu by massaging him between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The spirit shifted beneath him as he gasped, tangling his hand into his hair just from the tension of his release as he spilled into Todomatsu’s mouth.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened as he came with no warning, his brows furrowing as he gave a series of small coughs. His inexperience revealing itself as the white fluids spilled from his lips, trailing down sloppily over Karamatsu’s length and the sheets below as he tried his best to milk him to completion with his hand.

Ugh… The honey definitely did not cover that up.” He rose up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he watched down to Karamatsu who was still hard and raring to go. His face was flushed as his muscles twitched a bit, still basking in the afterglow of his orgasm. “Been awhile since your last lay?” Todomatsu purred as he still kept his guard of false confidence, despite really wanting to scold him for cumming in his mouth without warning.

“Sorry…” Karamatsu muttered out an apology which caused Todomatsu to tilt his head before he yelped and found himself with his back against the futon. Karamatsu had shifted their positions and supported himself over Todomatsu, lowering himself in order to capture him in a demanding kiss.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened as he was stunned that he would even kiss him after where his mouth was. However, he was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the intensity and passion in the kiss. His eyes closed as he let a small, muffled whimper escape. The ao andon exploring his mouth thoroughly, causing Todomatsu to space out. His hands gripping onto the red cord that held together Karamatsu’s vest as he could feel the other beginning to undo his own outfit. The tanuki trying to break to breathe for air but to no avail. He still wasn’t good at being on the receiving end of aggressive kissing, easily becoming dizzy from it. Lucky enough, Karamatsu parted to take his own breath, panting with their lips barely brushing together.

“Aniki was right… Your kisses are addictively sweet.”

Didn’t you just taste yourself while you were in there? No? Okay.” Todomatsu flushed at the comment and the thought of Osomatsu talking about what conspired last night. He blinked his eyes as Karamatsu raised himself, creating some breathing room between them.

“You must forgive me…” Karamatsu whispered against him as he disassembled Todomatsu’s attire with ease.

“I know you’re doing this out of spite… But I am positively enamored with you.” He panted out to catch his own breath as he revealed Todomatsu’s body to himself, causing him to swallow dryly.

We’ve literally just met. How the fuck are you smitten with me?” Todomatsu’s lips pursed in displeasure as he listened to what he considered to be just insincere words for the sake of lowering his guard.

“You are a vision…” Karamatsu murmured out as he gently ran his hand down Todomatsu’s body, causing the younger to shiver at his touch.

Todomatsu still found himself lacking confidence in his physique as evidence of the red flush from his face as Karamatsu undressed him. However, the delicate way he was handling him contrasted with how Osomatsu would treat him. He wondered if it was because he thought that he was fragile and he couldn’t handle such treatment. The idea alone irritated him but he did find this to be a nice change.

“May I touch you…?” Karamatsu asked his breath heavy with anticipation-- staring down at Todomatsu’s reddened member, finding even that part to be lovely.

“You already kind of are…” Todomatsu replied with a small pout, his hands half covering his mouth as he looked away.

The fact that he was acting apologetic and asking for permission when it was him who tried to coerce the ao andon was throwing him off. “Why couldn’t he be more like his asshole brother?

Karamatsu chuckled at that. “Ah… I suppose I am. In that case, I’ll help myself.” His voice gentle and tender as he moved his hand to massage Todomatsu’s member, causing him to moan at his touch. A string of fluid dripped from his tip as he squirmed beneath him-- that warm hand attentively massaging and placing pressure in all the right places.

“Despite how you look you truly are male…” Karamatsu mused as he was feeling stimulated from the sight of the tanuki below. It was a shame that he hated his collar so much. That particular shade of crimson stood out beautifully against his fair complexion. That paired with his opened kimono and forgotten tabi were sending shivers down his spine.

That’s what I’ve been saying why are they so dumb…?” Todomatsu practically sobbed inwardly as he kept hearing the same thing over and over again. He couldn’t believe he was happy with the thought of living with them for even a second. He was definitely… definitely foolish. These thoughts of regret pervaded his mind as his eyes focused on the designs of the lacquer screens at Karamatsu’s bedside. The designs pictured branches of cream colored flowers and birds with accents of gold-- something so elegant and calming that didn’t suit this place at all…

Karamatsu could tell that Todomatsu was still troubled, his lips folded downwards into a frown as he then shifted his position and got between his legs. Todomatsu sighed, not even looking down-- knowing what was next as he prepared himself for an entry where the only lubricant was his saliva and Karamatsu’s prior release. Whatever, he would probably welcome the pain at this point as punishment for his mistake. 

These thoughts disrupted as he felt a warm wetness envelop his member causing him to jolt and completely snap out of it as his eyes widened at the sight before him. Karamatsu was taking his member into his mouth, licking over it and doing his best to pleasure him as Todomatsu trembled in shock. A small cry released from his lips as the ao andon took him in deeper, expertly running his tongue on his underside and pressing down on his perineum with the back of his knuckles. Todomatsu began to pant at the stimulation, amazed at how good it felt as he gripped the sheets below him with one hand, pulling it towards him as he kept the other on his mouth. Karamatsu glanced up, giving a small smile around him as he was encouraged to continue. Todomatsu’s legs curled and quivered as he was losing himself to the waves of pleasure washing over him.

“I-I’m…” Todomatsu shuddered out as he tried to warn Karamatsu, but the other just took him in all the way which caused his undoing in a loud cry. His body tensed and jolted as he felt a satisfying release-- Karamatsu pressing down harder on that lovely spot between his member and rear as he felt the energy slowly drain from his body.

Karamatsu swallowed around him as he made sure to bring him to completion. Once he felt the tanuki’s body relax he rose up with a lick to his lips. “I suppose all that sugar is fine… So long as you taste like that every time.” He smiled down to Todomatsu, stroking this outer thigh to calm him.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows from embarrassment and disbelief, the other extremely charming for someone who had his dick in his mouth. Or maybe that’s what made him charming as weird as that was to think.

“W-Why?” Todomatsu flustered curling up to his side as he guarded his mouth with both his hands. His heart was beating, feeling elated but thoroughly ashamed at the same time. He hated this! He was so confused!

I’m suppose to hate them both! What the fuck is going on?! Is this hell? Is this what hell is like?! Maybe it would just be easier to die. ” He suddenly comprehended Ichimatsu’s pessimistic attitude towards living and he didn’t even have to be over four hundred years old to realize it.

The ao andon seemed confused by his question as he blinked and watched down to him. “Why? Well, you did it for me. It wouldn’t be fair for you if I didn’t at least try as well.” He answered simply as it just made Todomatsu more conflicted, his hands completely covering his face now not wanting to look at him.

Karamatsu smiled sympathetically as he gently stroked Todomatsu’s hair. “Really… I hope you understand that we have no ill intentions.”

It’s a trick! It’s a trick! ” He repeated in his mind over and over again as he trembled from his inner turmoil. “I don’t believe you! Why would you make me into a pet if you just wanted to take care of me?!” Wait a minute.

Karamatsu blinked at that as he tried to figure around Todomatsu’s mindset. “...Um, pardon but isn’t that what a pet is for? To take care of, I mean.”

Even though that made sense, it was still fucked up!! He started to get frustrated at this and his mind tired unable to comprehend how these two demons think. They were really a thousand years out of touch with how things worked.

“Would you want to be a pet?” He asked honestly as he looked towards Karamatsu between the gaps of his fingers.

Karamatsu raised a brow and actually took that to consideration. “Hm… I’d rather be the one to do the petting.” He leaned over Todomatsu and gave a gentle rub to his ears as he kissed those hands covering his face. “I just want to spoil you…”

Todomatsu whimpered softly at the affection as he couldn’t bare to look at Karamatsu. “You guys are way out of touch with society…” He huffed as he still felt a flutter in his chest despite the situation.

Karamatsu took one of Todomatsu’s hands into his own to guide it away from his face. His touch gentle and kind as he softly placed his lips upon them, stroking over his fingers with his thumb. “Come now… I’m sorry we frighten you.” Karamatsu apologized once more, his voice coated with confusing sincerity.

“Hopefully, you’ll join us for dinner and feel be--” His train of speech was disrupted by a series of steps coming towards his room-- his door sliding opened so loudly he was afraid they’d be ruined.


Todomatsu tensed and eyes widened as he heard the familiar voice of a certain someone as he turned his head towards the entrance. “Oh god.

Osomatsu sighed heavily as he entered the room, casting his eyes down as he scratched the back of his head. “I spoke a little with Choro-chan and I can sort of see why it might be a little bit weird? But still I--” He looked up to continue his speech as he stared blankly at the scene before him, his hand leaving the back of his head to slump at his side.

Karamatsu and Todomatsu both tensed as they stared motionless at Osomatsu before Todomatsu squeaked and turned away, his tail curled around himself as he didn’t want the demon to look at him.

“Haaah?! What the hell, Karamatsu?!” Osomatsu raised a brow with his mouth agape as he pointed accusingly to his brother. Karamatsu stammering in response as he raised up and held his hands up defensively.

“A-Aniki! It’s not what it looks like!” Karamatsu exclaimed with a sheepish grin as Osomatsu stomped towards them and hovered over them.

“Huh?? Really??” The shuten-douji head tilted aggressively to the side as a vein popped on his temple.

“I told you to calm him down! Not fuck him behind nii-san’s back.”

“I-I didn’t!” Karamatsu claimed defensively as he looked back and forth between Osomatsu and Todomatsu, who totally didn’t want to have anything to do with this by the way.

“This wasn’t planned. I didn’t plan this.” He stammered, obviously seeming guilty as he watched Osomatsu frown and get on his knees behind Todomatsu who jolted feeling his presence behind him.

The demon yanked Todomatsu’s tail which earned him a sharp squeak as he inspected his rear. “Huh.” Osomatsu stared blankly as he eased up and released him, looking between them. Todomatsu glanced over his shoulder with a concerned expression as he held his hand to his mouth in worry.

“Okay. I guess so.” Osomatsu muttered as he relaxed and sat back with an exasperated sigh. Karamatsu slicked his own hair back in relief as he watched down to Todomatsu between them.

“Why is it a big deal?” Todomatsu summoned the courage to speak as he pouted and glared at Osomatsu.

“Maybe I wanted him to do me. After all, Karamatsu is way more gentle than you are.”

“Ah, honorifics…” Karamatsu sweated as Todomatsu was saying a string of words that appeared to exist just to aggravate his brother.

“Oh?” Osomatsu lowered his eyes, amused by that as a wide grin painted on his face. “Okay, well don’t let me stop you. Go ahead, continue.” He spoke with a wave of his hand, crossing his legs to get comfortable now.

What. ” Todomatsu blinked and questioned in his mind before saying it aloud. “What? I thought you were angry?”

“Yeah, super pissed.” Osomatsu scoffed before he smirked to the tanuki’s bewildered expression.

“I told Karamatsu I better get to watch the first time he breaks you in or else I was going to have him scrub down the entire shrine.” Osomatsu laughed while Todomatsu’s face just paled.

Karamatsu gave an awkward cough at the details of their conversation being revealed to their tanuki as he watched down to him. “Are you alright…?”

“No, I’m not alright! I’m not a toy to be bartered with!” Todomatsu barked as he frowned and scrambled to get up, trying to keep his kimono together but getting entangled in his clothing and falling back onto the bed. Karamatsu reached out automatically in concern while Osomatsu snickered in amusement.

“Both of you are crazy!” Todomatsu squeaked as he rejected Karamatsu’s help who frowned in turn.

“Do you really not understand why someone just might not be okay with the idea of being a pet?! I mean, we’re talking about basic rights here!” And pride. So much pride being broken.

Osomatsu groaned as he listened on, almost in disbelief that Todomatsu was still upset with the idea. “Ughhh. You know, Choromatsu was telling me something along the lines of that."

"But I mean… Do you really think you’re on our level?” He glanced over to Todomatsu who was completely stunned that Osomatsu would dare say something like that.

The oni sighed as he continued on. “I mean, I really like you. I wouldn’t want to keep you if I didn’t.” He admitted to him trying to reason with him.

“What’s the big deal? You like being spoiled don’t you? I can tell you’ve been pampered all your life. You’re practically groomed to be one.” Osomatsu rambled on as Todomatsu seemed to get more and more infuriated with him. He had nothing to say back, it was unreasonable to try to convince Osomatsu what was messed up with this whole situation. The tanuki glowered back in contempt as Osomatsu moved towards him.

“Get away from me!” Todomatsu hissed as he bore his teeth towards him. “You’re despicable you know that?!"

"A demon! Really! A demon!” He pointed towards the shuten-douji feeling like he really hasn’t been this pissed in a long time.

Osomatsu scoffed, his hands clenching and unclenching to calm himself as he took a moment to breathe. Karamatsu felt bad that he couldn’t think of anything to diffuse the situation. Maybe if he was given just a little more time… He tried to think of ways that he could calm both of them down but his thoughts canceled as he watched Osomatsu take something from his waist.

“Guess you don’t want this then?” Osomatsu dully spoke as he waved the little gourd that Todomatsu could recognize from the bath-house.

“Hahhh…. Or you probably want sweet little Karamatsu rubbing this on you, huh? ‘Cause I’m just a mean old demon who doesn’t think of anyone other than himself…” He spewed sarcastically as he lazily held it between his fingers.

Todomatsu huffed, getting irritated that he felt his anger dissipating. The knit in his brows eased as he looked towards the bottle. Was this really his way of apologizing? It… wasn’t a bad gesture for someone who lived on a mountain secluded from most of humanity.

The tanuki calmed a bit, looking to the side in a pout as he moved up to Osomatsu and muttered. “You can do it…” He spoke as he slipped his kimono down his back, keeping the front and sleeves up to guard his front.

Osomatsu quirked a brow as he watched how Todomatsu presented his back to him. He was still irritated himself but damn that gesture paired with that beautiful collar was winning him back.

“Well, if you insist…” He muttered as he poured just a sufficient amount on his hand (now that he knew the value) and began to massage it in the remaining patterns of his scar. Todomatsu flinched a bit from the direct contact but endured the soreness as he felt Osomatsu’s hand-- warm and gentle.

Todomatsu sighed as he looked towards Karamatsu, who was definitely not sexually excited anymore whatsoever. The ao andon was readjusting his garments and looking into a hand mirror-- preening himself back to a presentable state which made Todomatsu smirk with amusement. Karamatsu looked over and almost seemed embarrassed at catching the tanuki’s gaze. As a result he placed the mirror down and gave his attention towards the one before him, gently thumbing over his cheek and kissing the top of his head.

Todomatsu eyed down and sighed in slight exasperation as color came onto his cheeks from the acts of care. “This is really fucked up…

Chapter Text

Maple leaves covered the forest grounds in bountiful amounts of reds and golds at the tanuki’s home away from the mountain. It was another quiet and peaceful autumn morning. The air was crisp and the only sounds around were from nature-- just as Ichimatsu preferred. The kitsune carried a basket full of market goods on his back as he returned to a beautifully preserved red shrine that he called his home.

“I’m home.” Ichimatsu called out lazily out of habit, stepping out of his geta onto the smooth wooden floor of his residence. He placed the basket down to the side as excitable loud pattering came his way. The kitsune braced himself and slowly opened his arms to the one bounding towards him.

A certain inugami pounced him as he nearly toppled Ichimatsu over if it weren’t for the extra support of his four tails keeping him up like a picture frame.

“Welcome home, nii-san!” Large paws wrapped around Ichimatsu as he cheered, nuzzling him with eagerness as his tail beat against the air behind him.

“Jyushimatsu… How many times do I have to tell you that I'm going to fall over if you greet me like that?” The kitsune gave Jyushimatsu a calming pet as a lax smile painted over his expression.

“But you never do!” Jyushimatsu replied with a wide, bright smile as he finally took his weight off of the other and grabbed the basket that Ichimatsu brought home.

“You went to town?” the inugami hummed energetically as he looked through all of the ingredients meant for a stew. “That’s really far-- I could’ve went!”

“Eh?” Ichimatsu scratched the back of his own ears as he followed his energetic little brother. “I told you: you don’t need to bother yourself with going to town… You can’t disguise like I do.” He had explained that to him countless times at this point.

Jyushimatsu placed the basket down inside the shrine as he rummaged into their belongings. The inugami energetically ran back and forth and began to carry a large pot above his head towards the center in the room, getting ready for meal preparations.

“Jyushimatsu, it’s still morning…” Ichimatsu mumbled as he eyed the other excitably prepping. He wasn’t about to start cooking now after all.

“I know! I know! But I caught fish for us to eat for lunch!” The inugami pepped as he clumsily maneuvered things with his paws, using both to hold onto a cooking oil can and pour it over a dry cloth.

“And it’s your birthday! I could’ve tried to go to town.” He gave a humoring laugh as he sat and started oiling up the interior of the cast iron pot. “Maybe they wouldn’t scream so much this time!”

Ichimatsu approached Jyushimatsu who paused what he was doing only to look up with a happy expression in turn. “We could just grill the fish. We can save the pot for dinner.”

Ichimatsu sighed as he sat down next to the other and ruffled his hair slowly. “And I told you… I don’t want to celebrate my birthday this year.” It definitely got old after the first hundred years. Heck, after the first fifty.

“...Or any year, really.” HIs eyelids fell down heavily as he thought about this particular year. “444… What a joke. As if 443 wasn’t a curse enough.

It was against every fiber of Ichimatsu’s being to not believe in superstitions. After all, they always did come true. And this year had him particularly on edge. 444 was just an unlucky number through and through, dripping of death and misfortune.  

“I just want a normal day.” Ichimatsu watched as Jyushimatsu finally placed the pot to the side in order to lean towards him. The inugami plopped and hugged around Ichimatsu’s waist as he laid his cheek happily against his lap. His tail drummed noisily against the hardwood floor as Ichimatsu took to petting him in his favorite spots behind his ear.

“But you always celebrate mine and Totty’s.” Jyushi hummed as he looked up at him, enjoying the sounds of their bells ringing along with their every motion.

“That’s different… You two are still young. I’m far too old for it to matter anymore.” The kitsune replied as he began to scratch the bottom of his chin which caused Jyushimatsu to shiver in delight.

“Nope! Still matters!” Jyushimatsu beamed as he nuzzled into his stomach, causing Ichimatsu to pause in his motions. “Because you matter!”

Ichimatsu watched down to him fondly as he listened to those simple sincere words. He'd think it was corny or just plain lies if anyone else said it, but he knew that Jyushimatsu was just so endearingly honest. Though he constantly felt the burden of incompetence and loneliness, the inugami’s words always managed to soothe him like no other. His lips eased into a small smile as he tended to him, petting him in his favorite spots more.

“Fine, fine… I’ll take the fish as a birthday gift then. Thank you.”

Jyushimatsu laughed with relief, feeling accomplished every time he made his brother smile. Despite his bountiful amounts of energy, he loved these peaceful moments with the other just as much as playing with him.

“Totty’ll come home too.” The inugami reassured quietly as he watched up to the kitsune, placing a paw on his lap.

Ichimatsu’s face shifted into an unamused expression, one that wasn’t upset or otherwise-- just indifferent. “I’m not holding my breath. His attention span is horrible.” He mumbled as he rested his hand on Jyushimatsu’s forehead, watching that persistent smile beam towards him as the inugami attentively listened.

“He's probably busy. He's been obsessed with trying to acclimate to the humans ever since he learned how to transform.” Ichimatsu personally couldn’t understand the tanuki’s obsession but he was always supportive of him… Getting him out of trouble when it mattered. He still held vivid memory of a few weeks back when he came home with those scars.

“I don’t get it-- Do you?” Ichimatsu frowned ever so slightly as he brushed Jyushimatsu’s bangs to the side.

“Not at all!” Jyushimatsu pepped as he rolled off Ichimatsu’s lap and sat up. The inugami’s legs extended in front of him as he placed his paws between them. He raised a paw to his chin in deep thought as he tilted his head.

“Hm... But I can’t transform like you or Totty. So maybe I’m out of the loop?” He concluded that it was the reason why he couldn’t relate at all, but he didn’t care. “I don’t get humans at all!”

Ichimatsu frowned as he felt like he needed to comfort Jyushi, although the other didn’t seem particularly sad. “Deception doesn’t suit you. What we do counts as trickery… It’s kind of despicable.” He spoke, talking more about himself rather than Todomatsu.

“But nii-san only does it when he has to.” Jyushimatsu reassured him as he closed his eyes in a happy smile. “After all, humans don’t understand us at all either!”

Ichimatsu could never understood why Jyushimatsu thought so highly of him. He really wasn’t all that great of a person-- it just made him feel all the more undeserving of the inugami’s presence.  

“...Yeah.” Ichimatsu simply replied as he opened palms up on his own lap. A gesture which Jyushimatsu responded eagerly to by placing his paws on top of his hands.

“It’s fine.” The kitsune began, gently holding closing his fingers around the other’s paws. “Even if it’s just the three or two of us. We’ll just live peacefully here.” Ichimatsu reassured, though it was almost like he was saying it more for himself than for the inugami. The younger smiled widely as his tail waved back and forth in bliss.


“Really, my powers are wasted on chauffeuring you lot around. I can’t believe I keep on going along with your whims.”

“Haaaah. Choro-chan can you not complain every single time? It gets old.”


Ichimatsu’s large ears perked up as he heard a series of unfamiliar voices outside. The kitsune’s heart jumped up to his throat in realization as he looked towards the direction of the incoming visitors. There were two-- no. Three? Relatively powerful youkai coming this way.

Why…” Ichimatsu swallowed anxiously as he motioned Jyushimatsu to stay down, taking it upon himself to quietly go towards the entrance. Jyushimatsu seemed to take alert as well as his golden eyes narrowed, taking on a more serious expression. The inugami stayed put according to his brother’s orders as he watched Ichimatsu carefully.


“Seriously!! Stop it! Stop it! You senseless idiots! It’s not this direction! I told you!” A familiar voice cried out as the distance between the intruders and the shrine began to diminish.


Both Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu’s eyes widened as a shocked expression ran across both of their faces. “Totty!” They called out in unison as they rushed out towards the tanuki’s voice. Ichimatsu exited the shrine first, his eyes widening and mouth gaped at what he saw before him.

A tengu was gliding along gusts of wind, controlling the torsion and tensions expertly with his feathered fan. Two imposing youkai were riding behind him and together they were an incredible threat that Ichimatsu would never thought to witness in this secluded area. But none of this could prepare him for seeing his little brother over the shoulder of the blue youkai.

Shit! What the hell is this?! Todomatsu, what did you get yourself into?! ” Ichimatsu gritted his teeth as his aura flared up defensively as the tengu landed.

“Ow!” Osomatsu exclaimed falling on his ass as Choromatsu purposely gave them a rough landing. Karamatsu floated down gracefully, his weight seemed to barely touch the ground even when he steadied his stance.

“Choromatsu, you asshole! What was that for?!” Osomatsu winced getting up and patting off the dust from his rear.

The daitengu simply narrowed his eyes away from the shuten-douji with a scoff.

Jyushimatsu snarled and lunged forward towards the group, getting stopped by Ichimatsu who pulled him back in by his tail. “Don’t!” Ichimatsu firmly reprimanded. Even with his talent and stamina, he didn’t want Jyushimatsu to get needlessly injured by approaching this situation recklessly.

The inugami yelped at the tug as he landed and clawed the ground beneath him to anchor himself. “They have Totty!”

“I can see that.” Ichimatsu responded lowly on guard, not taking his eyes off the group for a moment as he kept his hold on the inugami to keep him back.

“Whoa.” Osomatsu blinked at that display as Todomatsu struggled and squeaked in Karamatsu’s grip, causing the ao andon to sigh.

The shuten-douji raised his hands up as he actually felt an impressive amount of aura from the both of them. He could hardly believe that these were the friends Todomatsu was talking about.

“We come in peace! We’re just here for a visit.” Osomatsu said with a grin on his face to try to disarm them but Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu further intensified their guards. “Ooh, boy…

Choromatsu rolled his eyes as he folded and tucked his fan away into its sheath. “I told you this was a horrible idea. Who wouldn’t be freaked out by us? Honestly...”

“Todomatsu-kun, you didn’t tell us your friends were so… Hm. Excitable?” Karamatsu placed a hand at his chin in thought as the tanuki rose up and turned around to look over his shoulder at the two.

“Right? I thought they were going to be super weak like Todo-chan.” Osomatsu laughed as he observed the two, rather competent, youkai before him.

The shuten-douji’s eyes locked onto the kitsune, grinning as he felt fired up by his presence in particular. “Though anyone who can infuse their aura in objects couldn't be that weak.” Osomatsu mused as he held the string of prayer beads that Todomatsu would otherwise wear around his wrist. Ichimatsu's eyes widened in response, Osomatsu was definitely more than pleased to meet the source.

The tanuki struggled and began to beat Karamatsu’s back in an effort to get him to put him down. “Ichimatsu-niisan! Jyushimatsu-niisan! I’m sorry! I told them I wanted to come by myself!” Todomatsu knew it was a horrible idea for them to come in a group like this. He didn’t know this was what they meant by allowing him to visit his friends! These assholes were really something.

“Let me go already!” Todomatsu grunted as he tried to wiggle out of Karamatsu’s firm grip.

“Todomatsu, what the hell is going on?! Who are these people?!” Ichimatsu barked as he was rightfully and thoroughly confused by the situation. He knew he was right to be wary of this shitty year! It was already off to a miserable start right from the beginning.

“Jeez, Karamatsu. Let him go. They’re going to think we have him as a hostage or something.” Osomatsu glanced over as he would like to ease this extremely tense situation as soon as possible before both sides got too excited.

“Ah…” Karamatsu blinked as he gently hoisted Todomatsu down according to his brother’s suggestion. The tanuki panting as he stumbled and ran up to Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu to calm them down.

“It’s fine! It’s fine! I’m okay! Sorry! Please calm down!” The tanuki sweated as he waved his hands back in forth, almost as a physical attempt to disperse their energy.

“Totty!” Jyushimatsu cried out as he welcomed him back in a strong hug, his aura puttering away with relief.

Ichimatsu’s tongue clicked as he tried to quickly examine Todomatsu to see if there was anything wrong with him. His violet eyes immediately slitting and focusing on that red collar adorning his neck.

“What the hell is that?” Ichimatsu could sense a powerful aura surrounding that accessory as his insides boiled with repulsion.

“Did they do that to you?” The kitsune snarled lowly as sparks of electricity generated within his tails. His fur flowing and flaring up wickedly from the static he produced. His glare fell onto the shuten-douji, whose aura was identical to the one surrounding Todomatsu's neck. Ichimatsu knew he wasn’t enough to take on three youkai on a near deity-level but he sure as hell could do some damage if he had to.

“Yeesh.” Osomatsu cringed at his response. “Guess he doesn’t like red?” He joked as Karamatsu promptly elbowed him for being extremely inappropriate.

Choromatsu groaned at how this was all going. This was really stressing him out and he normally would never agree to such things but this was the only way either of them wanted to take their “pet” around. “One bad idea after another…” He thought as he squeezed the bridge of his nose.

“Listen.” Choromatsu started as he spoke with opened palms. “We seriously don’t mean any harm. These two don’t have their weapons on them and mine is just acting as a glorified carriage in order to get here.” The daitengu spoke, acting as a mediator to the situation because no one else would.

“Todomatsu-san here was caught in our territory trying to steal sake so he’s in the process of repaying these two assholes here.” Choromatsu sighed as he gestured over to his friends. “That collar is just part of his contract.”

“...Uh, yeah. Basically. Thanks Choro-chan.” Osomatsu stared unamused at Choromatsu’s explanation and his terms of endearment for him and Karamatsu. He remembered a time where he was cute too. It did not last long.

The ao andon gave an agreeing nod to Choromatsu’s quick explanation. “Hmph… It couldn’t be helped. But we assure you that he is in good hands. He is by no means a prisoner.” Karamatsu attempted to offer some sort of comfort towards the two.

Ichimatsu’s rage quickly turned to complete utter shock. His energy crackled out and dispersed into sparks as his tails eased to a somewhat normal physique.

Ichimatsu gave a slow thorough exhale before he sharply turned his head towards Todomatsu. “...What?!” Was all he could manage out as Todomatsu folded his ears down and whimpered, trying to ask for forgiveness with his eyes.

“Totty… Stealing is bad.” Even Jyushimatsu was looking at the tanuki with judgmental eyes as he placed a paw over his own chin.

“How can you be so stupid? Do you know how much shit you’re in?!” Ichimatsu scolded as he grabbed and tugged upwards on Todomatsu’s ears, wanting to rip them off.

Todomatsu squealed as an eye clenched shut from the pain as he grabbed the kitsune’s wrists. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ichimatsu-niisan, please! I’m sorry!”

“You should be apologizing to yourself. I didn’t raise you like this.” Ichimatsu’s eyes narrowed, extremely disappointed with the other. He clicked his tongue harshly in frustration as he released Todomatsu’s ears, the tanuki immediately rubbing them and pouting.

“I’ve tolerated you getting in trouble with humans but now you’ve really done it.” The kitsune lowered his head as he became overwhelmed with a series of dreadful feelings.

“They definitely... could've killed you.” Ichimatsu muttered as he started to feel a wash of darkness come over himself. He couldn’t help but to somehow blame himself for what Todomatsu got involved in. After all if he was watching him closer or did more for him he wouldn’t have to resort to such foolish actions.

“I’m sorry…” Todomatsu murmured out an apology again as he placed his hands gently on Ichimatsu’s shoulders, trying to reassure him that he was fine. “Ichimatsu-niisan…”

“Nii-san…” Jyushimatsu frowned, knowing that Ichimatsu was entering his self-loathing state of mind again.

“Oh my god !” Osomatsu exclaimed, calling everyone’s attention to himself. “Everyone stop being so goddamn dramatic! You’re all acting like someone died here when in fact it’s the compleeeete opposite!” The oni sighed exasperated, unable to take this atmosphere any longer.

“Your little shrine is nice and all but mine is definitely way better! He has all the food he could ever want and tons of room to do whatever tanuki do on their own.” Osomatsu realized he actually had no idea what Todomatsu does for a hobby but he didn’t care. He could do whatever he wanted! Even that tight-rope shit if he actually enjoyed it.

“He has a way better quality of life with us than he does here!”

Karamatsu cleared his throat, feeling able to speak now thanks to Osomatsu. “Um. Ahem, yes. Aniki’s quite correct. You mustn’t worry about your friend--er, brother?” Karamatsu quickly corrected himself, clearly they were family though it was obvious they weren’t related by blood.

“He agreed to live with us in order to repent for his mistake. We wish to extend the same hospitality to you two as honored guests as well if you so desire.”

Choromatsu’s lips formed a triangular frown as he observed how shit these two were at appealing. “This can’t end well…

“Hah…?” Ichimatsu raised his head up slowly, his voice dripping with black. “Live with you? You’re kidding me...”

The kitsune’s fingers twitched and tensed at his sides as a scowl painted over his expression. “As what? A cute little pet? You mean to insult my intelligence and hope that I don’t pick up what this is all about...?”

All three of the elder youkai swallowed dryly as a whole different kind of atmosphere came off from the kitsune. It was… pretty scary in a whole different way.

“If he was just repaying you he wouldn’t need this collar around his neck.” Ichimatsu hissed, tapping on the red accessory that wrapped around Todomatsu. “I’ve lived long enough to know a thing or two about ancient, shitty youkai like you lot who get off on toying with others just because they're bored.”

“Yeah! It’s Ichimatsu-niisan’s 444th birthday! He’s been around for nearly half a millennium!” Jyushimatsu tacked on, trying to add to Ichimatsu’s credit but the kitsune shouldn’t help but to give a harsh shush to that.

Osomatsu blinked, his attention focusing on what the inugami was saying. A smug grin came over Osomatsu’s expression as he placed his hands on his hips. “Well, that explains why you have only four tails! I was wondering why you were missing one, three, or five.” He couldn't help but to chuckle to himself.

“Phew! That sure was bothering me.” It was clear in his voice that he had no sense of intimidation from Ichimatsu as he carried on nonchalantly.

“I’ve never seen a kitsune with an even number before. Isn't that bad luck or something?”

“Tch!” Ichimatsu stared daggers into Osomatsu as the oni began to approach them, much to the disapproval of both Choromatsu and Karamatsu who remained in their landing zone. The kitsune instinctively stepped in front of his brothers as his tails flared out before twisting together to generate lightning.

Ichimatsu’s breath shallowed as he became more and more unnerved with every step Osomatsu took. “Back off!”

“Ooh, scary.” Osomatsu furrowed his brows and pouted his lips mockingly as he insisted on getting closer. “Like a mother fox.” He grinned with a cocky expression a brow raised in amusement at the challenge.

“Aniki.” Karamatsu warned, really not wanting to see the other party more agitated than they have to be.

“I know, I know~” Osomatsu hummed as he came face to face with Ichimatsu, smiling down to the intense youkai who was baring sharp teeth and all-- looking at Osomatsu with the most hateful expression.

Osomatsu’s eyes lowered and locked with those challenging amethyst pupils as he could tell that Ichimatsu was doing everything he could in order to contain himself. The shuten-douji stopped and grounded himself within Ichimatsu’s personal space, barely an arm’s reach from him.

“You know you won’t attack me.” The red devil spoke lowly with assurance, slowly moving a hand closer and closer towards Ichimatsu.

Todomatsu watched with concern, feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and worry for putting them in this situation in the first place. He could feel Jyushimatsu’s claws tensing and releasing on his arms. The inugami doing his best to restrain himself as to not make the situation worse. It made Todomatsu winced a bit from the pressure but he accepted it as he tried to calm his brother with gentle rubs.

“Ichimatsu-niisan…” Todomatsu muttered as his brows knitted.

The kitsune’s glare intensified as he felt an intimidating aura radiating from the shuten-douji. He knew he didn’t compare and usually he wouldn’t give a damn. But in this instance…

Ichinatsu hitched his breath as the air crackled around them from the kitsune’s stress. Osomatsu placed his hand down onto Ichimatsu’s head in a gentle, yet firm gesture. The kitsune breathing becoming ragged and uneven as a result-- quieting as he unclenched his hands and released his aura. Ichimatsu’s body relaxed to the best of his abilities as the remains of his energy dispersed into sparkling static on the ground. His eyes lowered, staring at nothing as his breath shook--feeling the intensity of Osomatsu’s power over him. It was like being in the maw of a beast.

Osomatsu smirked as the kitsune submitted, giving him a casual ruffle much to Ichimatsu's displeasure. Once the shuten-douji was satisfied, he raised his hand off and folded his arms behind his head.

“There! See! We’re all friends now, right?” He gave his signature grin as he looked back to his entourage who both sighed in relief from the release of tension.

Todomatsu had no idea what just happened. It seemed like a completely different scenario from the storeroom. To him, Ichimatsu actually had comparable strengths to Osomatsu but he was obviously holding back.

“Dammit… Goddammit!” Ichimatsu gritted his teeth as he turned around to retreat into the shrine, extremely pissed at the situation. Osomatsu knitted his brows a bit and frowned as he ran away.

“Nii-san!” Jyushimatsu yelped, releasing Todomatsu to immediately chase after him.

Todomatsu took a breath as he turned towards Osomatsu with a resentful look and a serious tone. “What did you do?”

“Huh?” Osomatsu gave a look of genuine confusion since Todomatsu was acting like he beat him up or something.

“You saw it. He can’t attack me so he’s frustrated.” The demon replied with a lazy shrug. “His problem if you ask me.”

Todomatsu’s eyebrows lowered as he stomped up to Osomatsu and hissed. “You did something to him! Ichimatsu-niisan is just as strong as you are and you know it!”

“Oh my god, hardly.” Osomatsu scoffed at Todomatsu’s response and rolled his eyes in disbelief. “But to his credit, he really did want to kill me.”

Todomatsu furrowed his brows, still couldn’t make heads or tails of why his brother retreated then.

“Why am I the only one with any sense to explain things around here?” Choromatsu sighed as he approached the tanuki, bumping Osomatsu to the side and out of the way as the demon frowned in turn.

“Kitsune have high spiritual awareness so I don’t doubt that he could see the aura surrounding your collar.” The tengu began, seeing the persistent confusion on the tanuki’s face as he gave him his full attention.

“Even though he puts on a good show, he really isn’t that strong. Osomatsu’s the only one who can remove your collar.” Choromatsu confirmed as he tried to think out the varieties of possibilities following that train of thought. “And, hm... Even if by some miracle he managed to kill him it would still leave the collar stuck on you indefinitely. Aura from youkai like us persists after death after all.”

“Honestly, I’d like to see him try to kill me. It’s been awhile since someone actually put up a fight.” Osomatsu grinned excitedly at the thought of throwing down with Todomatsu’s little friend. Especially with that look he gave him.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened at that unbelievable answer. More and more weight built on his shoulder as he realized just how ignorant he was to everything. The tanuki wavered, moving his hands up to wrap around his neck.

“Ah… The beautiful bonds of family. That was a truly touching sight to behold. I was moved.” Karamatsu smiled placing a hand on his heart as Osomatsu and Choromatsu both cringed.

Ichimatsu-niisan… ” Todomatsu eyed down in shame as tears welled up, alarming Osomatsu as he frowned.

“Don’t cry.” The oldest spoke, trying to be somewhat comforting but it wasn’t really within his nature nor practice.

“Why are you crying? No one’s hurt.” And Osomatsu prided himself on doing a damn good job in handling the situation. “Come on, I don’t really plan on fighting him. Even if he’s stupid enough to attack me I won’t kill him. Promise.”

But Todomatsu couldn’t help it as he began to sob, not even feeling like he was deserving to see Ichimatsu.

“You idiot. He feels guilty. Are you a sociopath or something?” Choromatsu spat as he awkwardly watched the tanuki cry.

Osomatsu groaned exasperated as he really couldn’t wrap his mind around why everything had to be such a big deal. It crossed his mind that maybe displaying his dominance in such a manner wasn’t the best idea but it really was the easiest. And again, no one got hurt after all.

“I don’t get it but I guess I should give him a peace offering or something.” He sighed, patting a golden gourd that laid on his hip, undoing it from himself.

“You didn’t tell me it was his birthday. I could’ve made a better impression.” He frowned to Todomatsu who was still sobbing his eyes out. The oni sighed as he gave a small ruffle to Todomatsu’s head in a passing effort to comfort him as he approached the entrance of the shrine.

“Oh god.” Choromatsu frowned sharply as he nervously watched Osomatsu go off in order to attempt his own form of damage control.

Karamatsu patted the tanuki’s head as he then gently took his hand away from his face. “Don’t you want to wish your brother a happy birthday? I’m sure he missed you dearly…”

“I don’t deserve to see him! I’m an awful person!” Todomatsu wailed as he poured tears all over his kimono sleeve feeling worse and worse by the minute.

“No, just stupid.” Choromatsu eyed him as he sighed and tried to give a comforting rub on his back.

“Don’t worry. It’s common.” The tengu muttered as he couldn’t help but to feel anxious as Osomatsu hummed as he approached the kitsune’s house.

“Speaking of stupid, I’m going to make sure Osomatsu doesn’t screw things up even more. You should probably come in tow.” He advised as he hurried up to catch up with the demon before something disastrous happens.

Todomatsu continued to cry much to the ao andon’s dissatisfaction but he stayed back and continued to gently shush him in order to pacify the youkai. Quick enough, the tanuki sniffed as he began to tire himself out from all the waterworks but the weight was still there.

Karamatsu sighed as he tried to get Todomatsu to look to him. “Brothers will always forgive each other no matter what. So whatever you are feeling, you mustn’t worry too much about it.”

As comforting and enlightening those words were, Todomatsu really wished he had just died in the storeroom instead as opposed to causing his brothers so much pain. But that too would probably bring them more suffering if not more. The tanuki couldn’t respond in fear of his voice breaking so he nodded as he kept his head down while he approached the shrine.

Ichimatsu panted as he entered the comfort of his shrine, crouching down and collapsing to the floor as he felt engulfed in absolute self-loathing. He gritted his teeth as his body weighed down, his fingers clawing at the floor beneath him and turning white.

Fuck… Fuck! ” He heaved as he covered his mouth, feeling shaken up about not being able to do anything for Todomatsu. And he ended up leaving him back there with the three youkai because he was being so self-absorbed with his own failure. The kitsune trembled as his blood ran cold. He really was no better than trash.

“Nii-san…” He heard a soft voice from Jyushimatsu as the inugami came to his side to comfort him. Ichimatsu looked up to see Jyushimatsu forcing a smile out of concern, which made him feel even more disgusted with himself. He couldn’t even keep Jyushimatsu of all fucking people happy and he was always happy. The kitsune’s mind spun as he felt himself forgetting to breathe, drowning in his despair.

Jyushimatsu carefully brought him into an embrace and held him against his chest. “Smile~ Smile~” The inugami hummed as he rubbed his back with a warm paw.

“Totty knows nii-san cares about him! And that nii-san would never do anything to betray him~” He provided all the words that Ichimatsu wanted to hear. All the words that he wanted to cling onto. Ichimatsu despised himself for just wanting to keep hearing more and more. The kitsune gasped as he felt like he breathed air for the first time in his life.

“Jyushimatsu…” Ichimatsu groaned as he felt himself somewhat recovering from his episode. He carefully grabbed the other by his upper arms as he raised up to look at him with an exhausted gaze. “You should leave before you get yourself all mixed up in this.” Jyushimatsu blinked as he listened carefully to his brother.

“If something like that were to happen to you too I might just have to kill myself.” The kitsune’s breath shallowed again as he spewed out ugly truths to scare the inugami away. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to give himself a second chance if he failed to protect both of his brothers.

“Hm…” Jyushimatsu pondered out loud as he placed a paw on his mouth and his pupils dilated in seemingly deep thought.

“I definitely don’t want you to kill yourself. But I really don’t want to leave nii-san either.” Ichimatsu’s grip trembled on the inugami as he was inwardly pleading for him to just get up and go.

Jyushimatsu gave a broad open smile towards the kitsune, cupping his face with his paws. “So I guess I’ll have to be really careful, huh! Because I want to stay with Ichimatsu-niisan no matter what!” It was as if the answer was so simple he doesn’t know why Ichimatsu suggested any other alternative.

Ichimatsu’s watched Jyushimatsu in disbelief with his mouth slightly gaped, definitely seeing an angel before him. He couldn’t believe how someone so much younger than him had such a grounded outlook to everything. Maybe it was because he wasn't jaded by age yet. But somehow he felt no matter how old he got Jyushimatsu would still be the same.

“I see…” Ichimatsu spoke out breathlessly. He relied on the inugami so much for his constant support.

“Well… Can't be helped then…” Ichimatsu muttered as he rested against his hold, easily calmed by the other as always....

“Wow. You two are adorable.” Osomatsu knitted his brows as he pouted out his lips at the sight before him as he stood over them. “Just as I thought! Todomatsu’s friends would be just as cute!”

Ichimatsu immediately flared up in anger as he pulled away from Jyushimatsu and hissed towards the demon. “What the fuck are you doing here?! This is my house! Get out!” He frizzed and became further aggravated as Choromatsu came in soon after.

“Pardon my entry.” The tengu muttered, even taking off his geta at the door.

“You’re not pardoned! What the fuck?! Get the hell out!” Ichimatsu was in disbelief at these horrible intruders in his fortress of near solitude. Their disgusting presence and scents will forever taint his shrine.

“Do you want to die?! Take one more step I dare you!” Ichimatsu snarled as a burst of energy sparked out from him, his anger overwhelming him as these two dared to cross over into his territory.

Choromatsu tensed at Ichimatsu’s burst of power as Osomatsu just gave an impressed whistle. Ceiling fixtures swung back and forth violently as bronze statues trembled. Anything made out of metal seemed to conduct the kitsune’s aura.

“Ichimatsu-niisan!” Todomatsu called out from the entrance with Karamatsu close behind. The tanuki began hurrying towards him and wanting nothing more than to beg his brother for forgiveness.

“Totty…” Ichimatsu gasped, his energy dissipated in one go at the sight of his brother running towards him. He couldn’t even think but he felt relief as Todomatsu didn’t seem to be the least bit angry with him. However, the moment was immediately ruined as a metal lamp creaked above and fell right on top of the kitsune’s head with a harsh clank.

Jyushimatsu’s mouth squared in shock as the three elder youkai simultaneously hissed and winced in sympathetic pain. Todomatsu frizzed as he suddenly halted in his tracks.

“A-Ah… Ichimatsu-niisan...?”

A single drop of sweat ran down Todomatsu’s cheek as the kitsune’s body crumpled over and flattened, limp against the floor.

“Nii-san!!” Jyushimatsu wailed as he pawed and panicked over him-- trying to bring him back to consciousness.

“Ichimatsu-niisan!!” Past the shock, Todomatsu frantically came to his brother’s side as they rolled him over and tried to pat his cheeks to get him to wake up. “Wake up! Are you okay?!”

Choromatsu’s mouth triangulated once more as his eyes shifted from the scene, catching sight of Osomatsu pursing his lips in order to not laugh.

“U...Um.” Karamatsu sweated as he called attention to Osomatsu and Choromatsu. “At least we have time to make our second impression now…?”

“Can we at least make sure he’s not dead first?” Choromatsu narrowed his eyes exasperated as he watched back over to the two frantic youkai still trying to wake their brother up.

Osomatsu couldn’t take it anymore as he finally laughed uncontrollably. “Oh my god!”

Karamatsu and Choromatsu gave blank, half-lidded stares at Osomatsu-- appalled but not surprised at the red oni’s response.

“What? C’mon! I can’t be the only one who found that hilarious!” He wheezed trying to recompose himself. Osomatsu definitely found that to be the best thing he’s seen all day and a perfect mood reset. It was a great opportunity! After all, he really couldn’t make any progress with the kitsune wanting to rip his throat out at each and every turn.

The shuten-douji straightened himself out and took in a deep breath to flush out whatever laughter was left. “He’s fine! He’s fine! A lamp won’t take him out!” The oni snorted as he placed a hand on his hip with a grin.

Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu were far too occupied with their brother's condition to care about anything else. Which was absolutely perfect for Osomatsu. He leaned forward and made a come hither motion with his index finger to get Choromatsu and Karamatsu to close in.

“Now then... I’ve got an idea on how to turn this all around and kiss it all better.”

Chapter Text

“You’re so full of it.” Choromatsu sighed, listening to Osomatsu’s vague outline of what barely constituted to be a plan. “I feel like a criminal just standing by you.”

“As expected, aniki’s confidence know no ends.” Karamatsu nods in agreeance to Choromatsu as he listened with crossed arms. Both of them having little faith in the demon’s capabilities to get the results he wanted.

Osomatsu grinned as he pulled away, rubbing his finger against the bottom of his nose in a self-assured manner. “And that’s why I don’t even want you two involved.”

Though Osomatsu was used to getting brute force for what he wanted, it was a bit fun tackling things in other ways too. Or as Choromatsu would say something along the lines of “going about it like a decent person.” Though his idea of decent really wasn’t the same as the daitengu’s idea of decent.

“Just babysit Todo-chan for me and come back tonight with a birthday gift for our new little friend. I got this handled!” The red oni winked as he gave a thumbs up to the both of them.

Choromatsu groaned, shifting his eyes away to not look at that stupid expression he felt so annoyed by. “Whatever. Just know I’m not cleaning up your mess this time. You’re really playing with fire.” Or in this case, lightning.

Karamatsu gave an exasperated smile as he glanced over towards the tanuki’s direction. “I suppose it may cheer Todomatsu-kun up to see his human friend.” He did want to earn points with him and it wasn’t something Osomatsu was willing to do.

“Bleh.” Osomatsu stuck out his tongue in distaste at the idea. “Sure, good idea. Blow some time by visiting that human.” He shrugged as he looked over to Choromatsu who seemed indifferent. "You gonna be okay, Choro-chan? Considering what happened to you.”

The daitengu looked over as Osomatsu addressed him, just giving a shrug at that. “Not all humans are the same. I have enough sense to know that.” Still, it irritated him to be in the presence of such aggressive little creatures. But he tried to see things as a devil’s advocate. He was above cursing all of humanity after all. At least, he liked to believe he was.

Osomatsu watched Choromatsu thoughtfully for a moment before his lips lifted into a smile and gave a friendly couple of pats to his shoulder. “Ah~ Choro-chan is so nice! All that meditation you do must’ve made you a pacifist. You’ll have to teach me some of that someday!”

Choromatsu’s eyes narrowed as he gave a scoff at Osomatsu’s insincerity. “Feh. You never take meditation seriously. Even though, honestly you need it.” He muttered as he recalled all sorts of previous attempts that just ended up with them doing anything but. “You just use it as an excuse to bother me.”

Osomatsu’s smile twisted into a grin as he brushed a thumb against the red markings that accented the corners of the daitengu’s mouth so elegantly. “Yeah, maybe I do. But I know you love my company...” He crooned out, knowing for a fact that the daitengu was weaker to him than he’d like to admit.

Choromatsu face flushed as he felt goosebumps run all along his body at the red oni’s touch. He quickly withdrew his fan from its sheath and swatted it hard against the back of Osomatsu’s hand.

“Ow!” The shuten-douji yelped as he quickly withdrew his hand and held it. The spot he struck throbbing as he hissed.

“Choromatsu, you ass! You were so cute! You’d even call me nii-san! What happened to that?!” Osomatsu shook out his hand to ease the pain as he watched back to him with an incredulous look.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The daitengu’s expression flattened out as he groaned, tapping his folded fan against his own palm. “Anyway, we better hurry up with your dumb plan before the kitsune wakes up.”

Osomatsu pouted, not satisfied with the daitengu’s answer as he grumbled to himself. “Fine. We’ll revisit this later. Don’t think I’ll forget.”

Choromatsu frowned as he muttered out a response. “Honestly, you’re guaranteed to forget.”

Karamatsu blinked as his eyes shifted in between the two, wondering if he should’ve reminded them that he was still present. But at Choromatsu’s suggestion he perked and gave a confident smile. “Ah, that’s right. I’ll fetch Todomatsu-kun.” He spoke out as he went over to the small group of youkai before them.

At this point, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu surrounded their elder brother, waiting for him to wake up. Todomatsu had placed a pillow underneath the kitsune’s neck while Jyushimatsu had fetched a cold towel to place over him in hopes that it will help. Even though he wasn’t sick, he had no other idea what to do.

The tanuki placed his hand on Ichimatsu’s head delicately, feeling a bump swelling that will torment him with a pounding headache for sure. “I should pick up some pain relievers…” Todomatsu frowned, standing up slowly as he definitely felt responsible for all of this.

“But Totty, you just came back.” Jyushimatsu’s ears folded down as he watched up to the tanuki, not wanting to see him leave again.

“I’ll be back.” Todomatsu reassured.

“I still have some money from my performances with Atsushi-kun. It should be enough.” He nodded as he gave his brother a smile, showing him a small pink satchel from within his sleeve that had the weight of a few coins.

Jyushimatsu frowned but nodded, trusting that he would come back and it wasn’t like he could go to town himself. Ichimatsu would be so stressed out if he realized that he went, especially if it was something for himself.

“We’ll be happy to take you.” Karamatsu smiled as he approached them, causing Jyushi’s fur to stand on end as Todomatsu tried to calm him.

The tanuki frowned as he looked over to the ao andon. “All of you’ve done enough. It’s your fault that Ichimatsu-niisan got so stressed out.” Though he accepted the blame on his part, he knew that if he could’ve gone alone that Ichimatsu wouldn’t have had to exert himself so much.

Karamatsu gave an apologetic smile at that. “You are correct. Which is why Choromatsu and I would like to take you to town to get some pain relievers for your brother. We’ll pay the fees, of course.”

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as they insisted, but he knew that the daitengu’s fan would really shorten the journey a considerable amount. The nearest village was awfully far after all… “...Fine.” The tanuki replied as he took his brother’s best interests in mind. However, he just noticed that Osomatsu wasn’t in the equation.

“What about him?” He pointed to the red demon who walked up and proceeded to ruffle his hair.

“Aw, so sweet! Todo-chan so worried about me.” Osomatsu grinned as Todomatsu gave him his usual exasperated expression, just so tired at this point.

“I’ll be staying here and helping your brothers out! Elder brothers gotta stick together after all, right?”

“Absolutely not.” Todomatsu grimaced as Osomatsu even dared to suggest it.

“You’re the worst. You made Ichimatsu-niisan the most upset. There’s no way you’re staying here.” And he really didn’t trust him to not try to pull anything while they were gone.

Osomatsu raised a brow at the tanuki, amused that he even thought he had a say in this. But he humored him and gave a shrug. “I want to be around to apologize when he wakes up. After all, it was pretty rude of us to come barging in his territory uninvited. I’m not a monster, you know? I have feelings too.”

“Not buying it.” Todomatsu shut him down as he was trying to play the innocent card. Todomatsu definitely knew a thing or two about doing that.

“Great, because you don’t have to.” Osomatsu sighed as he rummaged a bit at his waist through his belongings. “But you should be buying that medicine, right?” Osomatsu replied getting impatient as he took out a heavy coin purse stuffed to the brim. The sight alone caused Todomatsu’s jaw to drop as Osomatsu took the tanuki’s hand and plopped the purse onto his palm.

“I already said I’m not going to hurt them. So just go and bring back something nice for your brothers.” The shuten-douji insisted as he waved him off, the tanuki’s eyes still in shock at what must be the most money he’s ever seen in his life.

Choromatsu placed a hand on the back of Todomatsu’s shoulder as he began to guide him away. “Come on. If I remember correctly, kitsune like fried tofu, right? We can buy that along with his medicine.” The tengu opened his fan with a flick of his wrist as he convinced Todomatsu to start walking. “It’s our way of apologizing.”

Though Todomatsu began to slowly walk, his head still turned back to watch back to his brothers in concern. Was this really alright?

Karamatsu watched down to Jyushimatsu, who seemed reasonably on edge. “We promise to bring your brother back the finest medicine money can buy. He shan't feel a thing when he takes it.”

Jyushimatsu looked up to Karamatsu suspiciously, but he really wanted to believe him for the sake of his brother. After all, that lamp really hit him hard. “Promise?” He inquired a bit meekly.

The ao andon smiled gently as he nodded and placed a hand on his chest. “You have my word. Now then, we’ll be off.”

“Have fun you three!” Osomatsu waved off as he stood, facing the entrance until Choromatsu guided the two off with his ha-uchiwa.

“Man, that is cool. I never get tired watching him go.” He smiled broadly as he glanced down to the inugami who was still staring at his brother’s unwaking expression.

Osomatsu plopped himself down at Ichimatsu’s bedside and gave the kitsune a good look over. The oni could really see how pretty his features were when he wasn’t snarling at him. And not only that, but he even had so much raw potential for being less than half his age. The thought of taming him really filled him with excitement. Upon looking up, Osomatsu locked eyes with Jyushimatsu who seemed to smile widely towards him.

This one looks quite dull… Shouldn’t be all that hard to win over. ” He’d just have to treat him like a puppy after all.

“Hey, there~” Osomatsu replied simply with a smile back. “So, what’s your--”

“I really don’t like you.” Jyushimatsu laughed out as he crawled over Ichimatsu’s body to come face to face with Osomatsu on the opposing side. The demon blinked as he backed up a bit, the inugami’s so close he felt the heat of his breath.

“If you try to hurt Ichimatsu-niisan, I’ll bite you realllly hard.” The inugami pepped with a broad opened mouth smile, his eyes widening as his canines flashed to Osomatsu. “So hard that you might just die!”

The shuten-douji was thrown off that he was saying all of that with such a maniacal expression. It would definitely scare him if he wasn’t him. Osomatsu backed off from Ichimatsu’s body as he placed a hand up and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

“Ahhhh. All of this is just a big misunderstanding!” He waved his hand up and down gently to try to calm him down. “We really just wanted to help Todomatsu visit his friends! He really wanted to see you guys and I just can’t say no to him.”

Jyushmatsu kept a persistent smile as he sat in between Osomatsu and Ichimatsu’s resting body, guarding him. “Oh yeah! You made Totty a pet, didn’t you?” He gave another laugh as he continued to challenge him by not breaking eye contact for even a second.

“In that case, I take it back. I think I hate you!”

Sweat ran down Osomatsu’s face as he faced such a surprisingly difficult break in his plans. He could definitely take the inugami out without very much effort but being a negotiator sure presented a whole new set of challenges.

“Ah… Well, you know. Your brother did try to steal from me. I spared his life because I wanted to give him a chance to repay me.” The shuten-douji spoke mostly honestly, definitely covering up the whole being-horny-as-fuck part being the reason behind it all.

“It’s not easy being seen as the bad guy. I’m trying to be really fair, you know? Don’t you think stealing is bad?”

Jyushimatsu finally eased up a bit, breaking his steel gaze as he  placed a paw to his mouth in thought, considering what Osomatsu was saying. The inugami definitely didn’t think about that detail of the story. And Todomatsu didn’t deny it earlier so it must be true.

“Hmmm… Totty must’ve really wanted the sake.” He tried to wrap his brain around why because to him they had everything. The inugami couldn’t always understand his brother, and he wish he did right now.

Osomatsu felt accomplished as it seemed he was getting through to him. “Don’t worry--I don’t blame him! Actually, I’m really flattered. It just means our sake is that good!” Osomatsu smiled as he took out the golden gourd, showing it to Jyushimatsu as an example.

“I mean it takes centuries to brew… It’s probably older than you!” Osomatsu popped the cork as he offered it out to the inugami.

“I brought this as a gift to show that we mean no harm.” A lie, but also not really since he’s decided to offer it up now. It was his form of a peace offering and a powerful negotiation tool.

Jyushimatsu’s pupils dilated as he looked into the gourd, examining the contents by sniffing it. The aroma was nothing like he’s experienced before, it was fragrant but not at all offensive like other alcohol he’s sampled.

“It’s not poisoned.” Osomatsu reassured as he poured some into his own mouth to prove it. He gave a satisfied sigh as he licked his lips, never getting tired of the taste of his own formula.

“Oh! I’m not worried about that. My body is immune to poison!” Jyushimatsu spoke with confidence. Ichimatsu always told him he had an iron stomach, but the extent to which was definitely inhuman. It must’ve been a reward from his past life’s suffering as a starved dog.

The inugami’s eyes closed as he furrowed his brows, tilting his head in deep thought as he placed his paw on his mouth. “Hmmmm….” He strained a bit, definitely conflicted by the scenario placed in front of him.

“Ichimatsu-niisan doesn’t like it when I drink. But I do want to know why Totty wanted it so badly…”

Osomatsu blinked, grinning a bit at how loyal he was. But he was so close to persuading him, he just had to be careful. “Ahh, that’s a shame. Well, you can find out after your brother wakes up then."

"I wouldn’t want to undermine his authority by giving you some without his permission.” He gave a nod as he moved to seal the bottle again.

“Wait.” The inugami placed a paw forward to still Osomatsu’s hand to stop him from closing it as he was still thinking it over.

Osomatsu smirked to himself. “Gotcha.

The shuten-douji looked up, feigning confusion as he gave a tilt of his head. “Hm? What is it?”

Jyushimatsu took another moment to think before he finally settled on a decision. “Un! Got it!” He nodded swiftly with a wide smile, placing his paw pads onto the gourd.

“I’ll just have a taste! Then nii-san can’t get mad and I can understand Totty more!” The kitsune would still definitely get mad but the inugami didn’t see any harm in just a taste. His curiosity was really getting the best of him.

“Can I drink from the gourd? I’m not very good at using cups.” Jyushimatsu admitted as he looked to the demon for permission.

Osomatsu grinned at how smoothly this was going. He showed Jyushimatsu a relaxed posture as he sat with one leg up and the other crossed beneath it, leaning back against his hand. “Sure! It’s alcohol, so it’ll stay clean. And it’s my gift to you to do what you want with.”

The inugami nodded as he gave the sake another inspecting sniff before bringing it up to his lips and giving it a small sip. The silky fluids entered past his lips as a blissfully fragrant taste danced onto his tongue. It went down his throat, smooth as water, and sent chills down his spine. If he could describe it it would have to be the best thing he ever tasted. Jyushimatsu stared down at the gourd and the beautiful sake that resided inside shimmered and swished temptingly. The inugami found himself completely entranced and took another drink, but this time gulping it down greedily as if he hadn’t drank in days.

Even though this was going according to Osomatsu’s plan, he couldn’t help but to stare in awe as Jyushimatsu glugged down sake like it was water. It got to a point where he was pretty sure the inugami wasn’t even breathing properly so he took it upon himself to cut him off, grabbing the cord around it to pull it back from him.

“Hey, hey! Save some for your brother.” Osomatsu grin turned to shock as he felt the massive difference in weight of the container. He didn’t even have to look to know there was hardly any left!

Jyushimatsu gasped as he was released from the hypnotising hold the sake had on him, but he definitely suffered from the aftermath. The alcohol definitely was not typical sake by any means. It rushed his system, his cheeks warmed up almost immediately as he stuck his tongue out to pant. His body felt hot all over, yet he shivered as if he was cold and his mind fogged.

Osomatsu frowned a bit as he looked at his absence of sake but upon seeing the inugami’s condition he gave a small smirk.

“Did it taste good?” Osomatsu whispered as he moved his hand to cup the inugami’s hot cheek, Jyushimatsu panting harder and whimpering in return. He forgot why he even wanted to drink it in the first place or what the demon was even doing here. His body became overwhelmed with animalistic desire.

“There, there... “ Osomatsu stroked him gently, running his hands through his hair and rubbing his ears which caused the other to whine softly. As Osomatsu began to think of different ways he could have fun with the inugami he heard a low groan come from behind.

Ichimatsu slowly opened his eyes, the tiniest bits of light entering his retinas made him hiss and his head throb.

What happened…? ” His eyes pinched closed as he slowly rose up, his head pounding away as he placed a hand onto it in a futile attempt to comfort himself.

Good timing…” The demon thought to himself, relieved. If the kitsune woke up even a moment before this probably wouldn’t have worked out.

Jyushimatsu’s ears perked as he immediately turned around and pinned Ichimatsu back down onto the pillow, panting excitedly at him waking up.

“Nii-san…!” His tail wagged as he was excited for more reasons past relief.

Ichimatsu grimaced as his head hit back the pillow, the harsh movement from sitting to being tackled down shook his brain. “Ow! Jyushimatsu…” He hissed as he opened an eye to look at the inugami but saw a blur of red over his brother’s shoulder.

The kitsune’s eyes widened as his teeth gritted together as his sight focused. “You! What the fuck are you doing here?!”

Osomatsu observed amused as the kitsune did his best to be intimidating even though he was incapacitated. “You got conked out so I was making sure nothing happened to you while you slept. Did you have a good nap?”

Ichimatsu barely had the strength or coordination to get Jyushimatsu off of him, let alone fend off the demon but he bit through the pain and tried to assess the situation. From brief examination, he realized that three of them were missing, one of which being his brother. “Where’s Todomatsu?”

Osomatsu sighed. “Don’t worry! He’s being a good little brother and fetching you some medicine for your head. And it’s a good thing too, because it looks like you really need it.” A broad smile crossed his face, he really was so thankful to that lamp.

Ichimatsu clicked his tongue in irritation as he was about to spit out a reply to the demon but Jyushimatsu was really all over him.

“Jyushimatsu stop!” Ichimatsu gritted his teeth as he tried to push Jyushimatsu off but the inugami licked at his face eagerly. Something was definitely off.

“What the hell? You reek of sake!”

Jyushimatsu panted as he pressed up against Ichimatsu, the kitsune trying to move out from under him as he felt the inugami shift around.

“You mean he smells great? My sake hardly reeks.” Osomatsu frowned, a bit offended. Ichimatsu’s eyes widened in anger, realizing this was why Jyushimatsu was acting so strangely. Human produced alcohol wasn’t so potent, but if it was a shuten-douji’s…

“You gave him sake?! You assh-- Mmf!” Ichimatsu was cut short as Jyushimatsu took him into a firm and sloppy kiss.

The inugami was obsessed with the kitsune’s scent, taste, and warmth as he tried to greedily get as much of him as he could. Ichimatsu’s eyes twitched closed as his brows furrowed, unable to control Jyushimatsu once he got excited. Usually, he welcomed it but it was really not an appropriate time, feeling the shuten-douji’s eyes on them.

Osomatsu knew that his sake had powers to lower inhibitions but he never saw it work this well . A lecherous grin pervaded his face as he realized that this must be a frequent activity between the two youkai. And boy, was he glad to be of witness.

The kitsune tried to beat Jyushimatsu off of him with fisted hands, but he didn’t want to hurt him either so it did nothing to help the situation. Jyushimatsu deepened the kiss, practically shoving his tongue down his throat as Ichimatsu found it difficult to breathe. Ichimatsu’s noises of protests were drowned by their connection and he felt Jyushimatsu’s painfully hard and hot member against his crotch. Even through his pants, he could tell from the contact that it was bare and anxiety filled the kitsune’s body to the brim.

The inugami finally released his brother from that mind-numbing kiss as Ichimatsu clawed at him in a poor attempt to push him away. A string of drool connecting between their reddened lips as the kitsune gasped desperately for air. Jyushimatsu had no patience whatsoever and clawed at Ichimatsu’s hakama, ripping the fabric open to reveal his center.

“Ohh, no underwear?” Osomatsu kept that grin plastered on his face as he was thoroughly pleased with this development. He never had the opportunity to watch sex between two males this closely even if he has been an active participant in such activities himself. His eyes gleamed with perverted eagerness.

“I’ll kill you! Don’t look!” Ichimatsu snapped but it definitely didn’t prove to be intimidating at all.

He struggled beneath Jyushimatsu, trying to kick him off but the other just began to roughly hump against his crotch, making Ichimatsu wince since he was obviously soft. The kitsune kept trying to grab Jyushimatsu’s cord around his neck to yank him off but the inugami simply responded by pinning his wrists down on either side of his head under his heavy paws. “Dammit…!”

“You’re not exactly convincing when you can’t even control your horny little brother.” Osomatsu just hummed as he looked at what was left in the gourd. Just about a quarter’s worth, and he knew exactly where to put it.

He was glad for the inugami’s assistance, seeing at what a good hold the kitsune was in he didn’t have to worry at all. Osomatsu hovered over Ichimatsu’s head, earning a hateful, defiant expression from the younger. The demon smirked as he pinched his nose, cutting off his air supply as Ichimatsu tried to shift his head to escape but to no avail. Ichimatsu couldn’t take it for long and gasped for air eventually, and that’s when Osomatsu poured the remaining sake into his mouth before covering him with his hand.

The kitsune felt like he was drowning, Osomatsu keeping his nose pinched to force him to swallow. He managed to struggle enough to open his mouth and bite down on the demon’s hand as hard as he could. Ichimatsu only released him when Jyushimatsu gave a particularly rough thrust over his member, causing him to gasp.

“Tch!” Osomatsu winced as he felt his flesh being ripped into by the kitsune’s sharp teeth. He hissed as he retracted his hand, glaring down at him but regardless, his face twisted into a satisfied smile at his condition.

Ichimatsu’s face began to flush as he still seemed to do his best to keep his composure. But Jyushimatsu reached a point where he finally couldn’t take it anymore as he pushed Ichimatsu’s thighs up to position his cock at his closed hole. Jyushimatsu’s member dripped excitedly with precum, coating and running down Ichimatsu’s slit as he forced his way through his tight entrance. Ichimatsu hissed from the mix of the sharp pain of his rear and the dull pounding of his head, gritting his teeth harshly in an attempt to endure it. Jyushimatsu let out a low moan and panted heavily as he pushed in deeper until he pressed up against his rear-- a small amount of blood flowing out from their connection.

Osomatsu had backed up to watch the show before him, curiously watching from behind as he was mesmerized by their point of connection. Jyushimatsu’s dick was rather huge compared to Ichimatsu, and he forced it into him with no preparation like it was nothing. It wasn’t long before the inugami began to thrust at an erratic pace, bringing out the most delicious pained cries and noises from the kitsune beneath him.

“You should be grateful for the sake… You’d probably be in way more pain than you are in now.” Osomatsu grinned as his own body started getting pretty hot from watching this stimulating sight before him.

It was clear that Ichimatsu couldn’t hear him from all the overwhelming sensations all at once--his senses overloading. The kitsune’s body writhed tensely beneath Jyushimatsu as he mounted and mercilessly pounded away inside of him.

“J...Jyushimats...u…” Ichimatsu tried to call out to him through gasps but it wasn’t getting to him. This was really bad. Jyushimatsu licked away the tears from Ichimatsu’s cheeks instinctively as he pressed in as deep as he could, a low growl uttering from his throat. Ichimatsu trembled as he realized what was happening next. The inugami’s base began to swell within him, stretching him out further than he felt was possible right now but he had no choice but to endure it. Pained whimpers poured out of Ichimatsu’s throat uncontrollably as a result.

Osomatsu couldn’t take his eyes off the sight. Ichimatsu’s entrance was completely red and swollen from getting fucked in such an animalistic manner and he was even getting knotted. He had no idea that this was even possible!

Animal youkai are amazing…! ” His one regret was not getting involved with their type sooner! What a complete waste of a thousand years! Osomatsu would definitely have to make up for lost time when he realized all of the fun he could’ve been having this whole time. The demon was getting so excited from this sight alone, he found himself really wanting to join in.

Osomatsu continued to watch as Jyushimatsu’s balls tightened and twitched, the inugami pushing all his weight forward to press deep into the kitsune’s heat. It was obvious that he was cumming, and a lot too. Ichimatsu’s body jolted from the pressure of Jyushimatsu’s orgasm, feeling wave over wave and an insane amount of fluid rush inside of him. Though he wasn’t close to orgasm himself, he couldn’t help but to clench around Jyushimatsu from the feeling of being filled alone. A pathetic whining escaped the kitsune’s lips at the soaring pain from his hole squeezing down onto the knot within him. He found himself unable to think, panting the best he could to get his breath back.

After what seemed like forever, Jyushimatsu’s grip weakened over Ichimatsu as he slowly began to pull out. Ichimatsu bit down on his own lip as he tried to contain himself. However, the pain from the knot being pulled away proved to be too much to endure as his voice escaped in a strangled cry. The inugami’s swollen, red member left him with an audible wet pop. The kitsune’s abused hole twitched as it was gaped opened from the sudden absence-- copious amounts of white fluids poured out of him onto the fur of his tails and floor below. Red intermingled with the milky fluids as evidence of pushing Ichimatsu past his limits.

Osomatsu’s breath hitched at the amazing sight before him. These two really were too much. He only wished there was a way to preserve this moment forever so that he could rewatch it over and over again.

Jyushimatsu panted out tiredly, but he still was raring to go as he licked over Ichimatsu’s neck.

“Nii-san…” He moaned out as he brought himself on top of Ichimatsu’s own hardened member. Ichimatsu panted, feeling extremely light-headed and only seeing Jyushimatsu before him.

Holy shit, they take turns. ” Osomatsu was extremely turned and shocked at this point. The concept of switching never even crossed his mind but it definitely worked for these two.

Nothing else mattered as the inugami faced his back towards Ichimatsu and lowered himself on top of his dick all in one go, making the kitsune grab onto Jyushimatsu’s forearms in a low, shameless groan. He gritted his teeth as he summoned enough strength to push back Jyushimatsu face down onto the floor. It helped that the inugami wasn’t resisting him anymore as Jyushimatsu happily accepted his new position and wagged his tail between them. Ichimatsu’s mind blurred as he began to thrust into him with renewed vigor, bringing his mouth down to bite onto Jyushimatsu’s shoulder as a low purr vibrated in his throat. The inugami cried out in pleasure as he drooled from the overwhelming sensations of being filled and dominated by Ichimatsu.

Osomatsu really couldn’t take it anymore. After all, just watching was such delectable torture! Ichimatsu was really far too gone to even care about the shuten-douji anymore and the demon sure had a way to remind him he was there.  

“Ahh, you two are really just the best.” Osomatsu mused as he freed his cock from the prisons of his garments. He licked his lips and fisted what he could of those fluffy tails to raise them up and expose the kitsune.

Ichimatsu gasped, feeling a hand grab him from behind. His pace was disrupted, causing the inugami below to whimper with need. “D-Don’t touch me!” Ichimatsu barked, his voice broke as he panted and glared back to the best of his abilities. He didn’t even have the capacity to be angry anymore, his body brimming full of heat and desire of release.

Osomatsu really adored the flushed and disheveled look on the prideful kitsune’s face. Ichimatsu’s limbs were trembling from even just steadying himself over his brother, he knew that all of his threats were empty.

“I’m just helping you out! Look at you, you can barely thrust your hips.” The shuten-douji grinned as he grabbed onto Ichimatsu’s rear, spreading his stretched out hole opened with his thumbs as he pushed Ichimatsu firmly forward. Both younger youkai gave a small pleasurable gasp as Ichimatsu’s dick plunged deeper into Jyushimatsu’s heat. Jyushimatsu panted happily, wanting more and more of his brother and now.

“You’re fine as long as I don’t touch your brother, right?” The oni licked his lips as he observed Ichimatsu’s raw, broken hole.

“Sloppy seconds really isn’t my thing but I can make an exception for you.” Osomatsu purred to himself as he positioned his cock against Ichimatsu’s loosened entrance, shoving himself in all the way in one go as he rocked the kitsune’s body forward.

Ichimatsu yelped at the sudden entry, his eyes widening with tears as his ears folded down from being stuffed full again. Jyushimatsu howled at the particularly rough thrust backed from Osomatsu’s entry as he panted harder, arching his back and whining out as he begged him for more.

Osomatsu was shocked at how tightly the kitsune’s insides wrapped around him, feeling him clench down deliciously despite the thick knot that was just in him a moment ago. The demon let out a satisfied moan as he began to plunge in and out of his silky hot heat, Jyushimatsu’s prior release making it really easy for him to move as he pleased.

The overwhelming sensation of being stimulated from both ends was becoming too much for Ichimatsu as he whimpered out brokenly between the two. His limbs shook as they buckled from underneath him, pressing down close to Jyushimatsu’s body as his thrusts were determined by Osomatsu’s. Jyushimatsu drooled with pleasure as he felt such a rough, unusual pace. It made the inugami space out as he kept moaning beneath Ichimatsu, his eager member dripping white onto the ground in pleasure.

Everything about these two was such a turn on to Osomatsu. From the way their bells rang out according to his movements down to their little wanton cries. He definitely had to get his hands on them again and he was determined to do anything it took in order to do so. For now he settled on indulging in this sinful pleasure. He positioned his hands on the floor on either side of the two as he pounded into the kitsune with deep, full thrusts.

Ichimatsu rewarded him with the loudest gasps and cries Osomatsu didn’t know could even be drawn out from the younger. Stars flashed before his eyes as spotty afterimages as he felt the cock inside of him shove itself against his prostate that has been neglected up until now. The kitsune let out a sharp cry as his hole clenched around tightly in response, much to the shuten-douji’s pleasure as Osomatsu grinned with excitement.

Osomatsu repositioned himself, pulling out nearly out of the way before shoving himself back to slam against that spot of nerves within the kitsune. Ichimatsu’s mind buzzed as saliva carelessly flowed from between his lips, his body completely submitting to the intense pleasure forced upon him.

Jyushimatsu’s entrance was tightening and contracting beneath his brother from the unpredictable and rough pace that Osomatsu set. The inugami whimpered happily as his mind was filled with Ichimatsu. His tail would wag if it could, but Ichimatsu's body was so pressed tightly down onto his he just settled for rearing back against him. Jyushimatsu’s body tensed as he released a second time, coating the wooden floor with his thinner but plentiful amounts of semen. He panted hard as he still felt thrusts being forced into him as he came, his body jolting from over-stimulation as he began to whimper. His softening member twitching and leaking more and more fluids continuously as he found himself close to blacking out.

“H-haah! Jyu… Jyushimatsu!” Ichimatsu gave out a choked gasp as he felt Jyushimatsu squeeze down amazingly around his sensitive member.

The contracting warmth paired with relentless thrusts to his prostate quickly brought the kitsune to completion as a rush of heat escaped him all at once. Osomatsu moaned as he pressed completely into the smaller youkai, leaving no space between their bodies as he savored those delicious contractions around his cock. The kitsune’s body jolted as he came, emptying himself out deep into his brother as he milked Osomatsu from behind. Osomatsu thrusted harshly a few more time while Ichimatsu was still experiencing the waves of his orgasm as he was brought to his own, encouraged by the amazing tightening of the kitsune’s abused hole.

Ichimatsu limped beneath him as he felt strength zapped out from his entire body. The only thing he could do was give a weak whine in protest as he felt his insides filled once more, but this time with Osomatsu’s release. All he could feel was the constant violation of the demon’s thick fluids rushing hotly inside of him causing his mind to flicker as he escaped the hands of consciousness once more.


The next time Ichimatsu opened his eyes, he was greeted with the comforting sight of his two brothers above him. Both the inugami and tanuki immediately called to him, washed over with relief. “Ichimatsu-niisan!”

Todomatsu gasped relieved at seeing his brother wake up. The tanuki gently aided him in sitting up and gave him all of his attention. “Are you okay?”

Ichimatsu groaned as he rose up, somehow his head was feeling much clearer as he looked over to his brothers. “Think so…” He managed out as he tried to reorient himself. A few hours had definitely passed as the lamps of his home were lit in order to counter the incoming darkness of the evening. Though his head still hurt a bit, it was nothing comparable to earlier. It was just a small annoyance but what was really standing out to him was the dull throbbing pain in his rear and soreness to his dick. He looked down, seeing his hakama pants intact though he mildly recalled them getting ripped earlier.

“Nii-san is awake! I was so worried!” Jyushimatsu cheered in his typical carefree attitude as he wagged his tail behind him and hugged around the kitsune’s waist. Todomatsu could only smile as he hugged around both of them, resting his cheek against his brother’s shoulder.

Ichimatsu flushed a bit with happiness as he was pulled into the comforting warmth of the two people who meant the entire world to him. For a moment he was completely content, but then pieces of memory started to come together from before he passed out. He gritted his teeth and fisted his hands in realization. “Where is that fucking red demon?” He spat with utter disdain as he remembered Osomatsu taking advantage of both him and Jyushi. Both of his brothers blinked and slowly pulled themselves off as they felt the kitsune tense in outrage.

Speak of the devil, Osomatsu approached the group with a plate of perfected golden specimens of inari tofu.

“Thank goodness, you’re up!” Osomatsu pepped as he knelt down to their level, placing the plate down next to him. “I brought you dinner! You must be hungry, huh? I don’t think you ate all day.”

Ichimatsu’s fingers twitched as he really couldn’t keep his temper at bay. He immediately snatched this irritating youkai before him by the red cord on his attire and would positively love to use it to strangle the life out of him. Todomatsu stared with wide eyes, because for all he knew, Ichimatsu was still passed out by the time he returned with the medicine. Though he supposed it was reasonable for the kitsune to still be angry, he watched as Ichimatsu’s face reddened with pure anger and humiliation.

"You thought I wouldn’t remember?!" Ichimatsu’s aura began to flare up again as static crackled from him. “How dare you insult me! How dare you act like nothing happened!"

"I’m going to kill you! I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth until I do!” He challenged Osomatsu with a sharp gaze full of blood lust as the demon just blinked like he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Oh… You don’t really have to. The whole chasing thing. I’m right here, you know?” The demon replied simply as he placed his cold hands on Ichimatsu’s hot cheeks which caused the kitsune to frizz and back off, propelling himself a least ten feet back as he still remained on the floor.

“Don’t touch me!! I’ll kill you! You sick bastard!” The kitsune hissed as he felt himself utterly and completely repulsed by the demon. He wanted to slit his throat but he couldn’t even stomach being near him right now.

Todomatsu was completely confused as he watched as how his brother was acting far more apprehensive. He looked over to Osomatsu who was completely amused and had a playful smile on his face as he wanted to antagonize the kitsune further-- scooting himself across the polished floor to get closer and closer. Ichimatsu’s hair stood on its ends as he hissed.

“Osomatsu, stop it. What’d you do?” Todomatsu frowned as he yanked back on one of the demon’s horns.

Osomatsu’s head followed the direction of the tanuki’s tug as he looked up with a blink. “Huh? Oh, we played around while you were gone and now he’s acting all shy about it!”

Todomatsu’s mouth gaped in shock as he released his grip. He seemed to be in complete disbelief and offended by even the suggestion. “Heh?! P-Played around?!”

Jyushimatsu placed a paw on his mouth trying to remember anything before as he simply followed up with a laugh. “I don’t remember anything at all!”

Ichimatsu’s face flared with indignation and spat his words at Osomatsu. “That wasn’t playing that was--!! That was--!!” He panted as his stress was causing him to run out of breath. He didn’t want to admit that he was taken advantage of so easily though he had several justifiable reasons behind it. Just recalling the events from earlier was enough to make him want to die.

“Oh. Looks like the medicine worked out well.” A voice from behind caught the kitsune’s attention as he whipped around in a scowl.

Choromatsu blinked as he took a step back to give him a bit of space. It was like dealing with a trapped, wild animal.

“Of course! Our efforts hardly go to waste when we combine together. To fail such a task would be unfitting of beings such as ourselves.” Karamatsu smirked confidently as he placed a hand over Choromatsu’s shoulders, reflecting on a job well done.

Todomatsu went up to Ichimatsu to try to comfort him and gave him a sympathetic smile as he leaned forward and took Ichimatsu’s hands.

“They actually went through a lot of effort to get you medicine. The villages around us had no supply so they had to harvest and brew it themselves.” Todomatsu explained, trying to ease his brother’s resentment but it just made the kitsune look at him incredulously.

“...Are you defending them?!” Ichimatsu was shocked and appalled at how his brother appeared to be friendly with his captors. It didn’t make sense at all. He couldn’t understand at all!

Todomatsu kept his small smile he sat on his knees in front of Ichimatsu, still holding his hands while trying to appeal to him. “As terrible as they may seem at first they’re really not so bad… They even offered Atsushi-kun some money for my absence when we visited.” Of course the merchant was just happy to see that his friend was alright and refused the coin. But still, that gesture was really meaningful to him due to the overlaying tension between humans and youkai.

Ichimatsu could swear that Todomatsu was possessed. Insane. Lost. But the tanuki’s voice was coated with sincerity and well-meaning which frightened the kitsune to the bone.

“...Are you saying you’re happy with them?” He muttered out as he tried to comprehend what his brother was saying.

Todomatsu blinked as he was caught off guard by his question. It was way more complicated than that but if he had to give a black and white answer he wasn’t leaning towards not being happy.

“...Yeah.” The tanuki answered breathlessly, unable to even believe the word that came out of his own mouth.

Ichimatsu quieted, looking down at their hands as he felt himself devoid of all emotions. He didn’t know what to think anymore or what was right. But if his brother was happy… Then wasn’t anything okay? He frowned, placing his forehead onto Todomatsu’s shoulder as he gripped those familiar, gentle hands of his.

“I don’t understand you at all…” He said more to himself in a whispering sigh as he could feel the aura from Todomatsu’s collar along with his brother’s pulse. Todomatsu’s smiled fondly as he nuzzled against his brother, satisfied that he was at least calmed down.

“Totty! Nii-san!” Jyushimatsu couldn’t help himself as he bounded towards them and tackled them forward onto the ground in a tight embrace, tears rolling down his face as he was just so happy to have both his brothers at home. They both fell with an “oof” but they gave him fond attention back as the inugami sobbed happily, his tail waving about excitedly.

Choromatsu shifted his eyes uncomfortably, quietly observing his friends who thankfully had enough tact for once to shut the fuck up during this moment. He picked up the inari tofu from Osomatsu as he tentatively offered it a distance away from the three.

“Pardon me for interrupting. But we brought this for you as a birthday gift.” The tengu called to Ichimatsu’s attention as the kitsune’s expression accordingly dulled once he got it.

“Eh? No way. I’m not eating anything from you.” The kitsune replied out lazily as he felt Jyushimatsu take his weight off of him, much to his displeasure.

“Huhhh?? But they won’t let me eat it until you had some!” Jyushimatsu replied as he really wanted to eat the tofu too but they had to wait for their brother to wake up first.

“...Must you think with your stomach… Really, Jyushimatsu…” Ichimatsu sighed, feigning disappointment as he stared at the offering before him. Choromatsu stepped back as he allowed the kitsune to go at his own pace, the three elder youkai practically holding their breath as Ichimatsu picked up one of the stuffed, golden parcels. He swallowed dryly as everyone watched him expectantly and took a small bite, not really minding if it was poisoned at this point.

After a series of small chews he swallowed as he paused before revealing his verdict. “...It’s not bad.” It was delicious in fact, but he didn’t want to let on that the gift was actually quite satisfactory.

The ao andon smiled at that reserved response, taking a seat a decent distance away but close enough for Ichimatsu to see him at his level. “Happy birthday, kitsune-san! May you have many wondrous and fortunate years to come.”  

“And tails!” Osomatsu snickered as he took a seat next to his brother, reaching to take a tofu for himself. Ichimatsu’s eyes narrowed as he swiped the plate from beneath the oni’s grasp causing Osomatsu to be taken aback in surprise.


“Have you no manners? This is a gift.” Ichimatsu sneered as he got up and looked down to Osomatsu as if he was an insignificant piece of dirt.

“A meager offering for forgiveness after tainting my shrine with your disgusting presence.” The atmosphere around the kitsune surrounded with darkness as he gave a small crazed chuckle. The elder youkai swallowed as they all focused their eyes on Ichimatsu’s complete change of character.

“All three of you are going to scrub my shrine clean of your filthy odors and you’re not going to stop until I deem it to be of standard.” He grinned sadistically as he all three of their faces fell into horror.


“Y-Yes! Kitsune-san!” They all vocalized their agreements as the kitsune’s darkness practically poured out of him.

“Ichimatsu-sama!” Ichimatsu corrected in a demanding voice, standing above them as he motioned for them to bow their heads.

They bowed accordingly as if they were in the military as Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu watched the scene in utter disbelief.


Chapter Text

Ichimatsu enjoyed the rest of his meal in bliss, sharing his inari tofu with his brothers over a pot of tea Todomatsu brewed. Ichimatsu and Todomatsu took turns feeding Jyushimatsu who would otherwise shove his face into the pile carelessly. At the same time he had managed to get those three youkai to scrub his shrine clean. The day wasn’t ending on too horrible of a note.

“Hey. So.” Ichimatsu began, looking to Todomatsu who was petting their brother fondly as he fed him.

“Hm?” Todomatsu looked up, those big eyes sparkling.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Ichimatsu watched him unamused as he took another piece of tofu to eat for himself. “You mentioned you were happy. Does that mean you’re actually not a pet?” The kitsune inquired as he watched Todomatsu for his answer. He had to make sense of this somehow.

Todomatsu seemed uneasy at that, stopping his petting much to Jyushimatsu’s dismay. The inugami watched up to him as he laid with the back of his head against his lap. “Um… Well. I guess technically, I am…” He furrowed his brows, feeling incredibly embarrassed and ashamed to what he’s been reduced to.

“Totty! Are you into that?” Jyushimatsu pepped, genuinely interested as he cupped his cheeks from below with his paw pads.

“W-What! No!” The tanuki squeaked defensively as he placed his hands on the back of Jyushimatsu’s paws to squeeze them. “It’s just… well… They treat me pretty nicely. But they’re super out of touch with society! I don’t think they even know what it’s like to interact with other youkai. They probably don’t even really think of me as a pet.”

“Sounds like you’re trying to make excuses.” Ichimatsu’s blinked slowly as he gave Todomatsu a lazy, unchanging look. Todomatsu frowned and his ears folded down in shame. “But you don’t look hurt. In fact, you have a sickeningly sweet smell all over you.”

“Yeah! Like persimmons!” Jyushimatsu smiled as he took his paws away from Todomatsu at last. He flipped himself over as he hugged his brother around the waist, his cheek resting against his thighs. His tail wagged as he inhaled Todomatsu’s familiar scent, shrouded in a delightful sugary aroma.

“Have you been eating nothing but sweets?“ Ichimatsu wasn’t really concerned about his diet but he was wondering how he would get such a large amount. His brother’s fondness to overly sweet things always made him sick to his stomach. But he would do his best to bring back the occasional treats from the market anyway.

Todomatsu took a moment to sniff himself, seeing if he could detect anything different but it wasn’t noticeable to him. “Well, I had persimmons and honey for my last few meals. They have persimmon trees at their home and I’ve just been eating that.” And they were delicious every time. He actually would’ve liked to bring some to show Ichimatsu but their morning was… hectic to say the least with Todomatsu insisting on how he’d rather hike down the mountain himself if he could just go alone.

“Gross.” Ichimatsu commented, not really meaning anything by it as he thought about what Todomatsu said. He sighed as he still wasn’t getting closer to understanding completely what was going on. “...How long?”


“How long do you have to live with them?” Ichimatsu repeated, finishing his thought. The current situation was weird, okay. But it all ultimately didn’t matter as long as he had a time frame to tolerate.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened, realizing that there really wasn’t a set time frame that they agreed on or otherwise. “I… I just said that I would stay with them. I’m not sure...” He looked down purposely to the floor, not even being able to look at Jyushimatsu in the eyes, who otherwise quieted and ceased the wag of his tail.

Ichimatsu’s insides twisted and churned at that. The fact that Todomatsu would want independence so much that he would agree to such terms. He felt sick, and angry… and worthless all at once. “I see… You wanted to leave that badly…”

“No!” Todomatsu cried out as he wanted to get Ichimatsu to try to understand. They really had to be there to get the full picture. Jyushimatsu raised his head, looking up at Todomatsu who seemed to be completely torn. The inugami backed away as Todomatsu grabbed Ichimatsu by his upper arms to get him to look at him.

“No, nii-san it’s not like that… They offered a place for you two to stay too. And they said I could come and go as I pleased. It’s why I even said yes.” The tanuki tried to reason with a wavering smile but Ichimatsu couldn’t find himself able to listen.

“What’s wrong with here?” Ichimatsu asked quietly as the same problem still persisted. This house wasn’t enough. They weren’t enough. He wasn’t enough.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows as his expression fell, they found it hard to meet eye to eye at times. Most of the time it could be ignored, but now they couldn’t see anything else. “Nothing Ichimatsu-niisan… But we’re so secluded from everybody and everything. Don’t you want more from life?”

Ichimatsu wanted to say something about how he wouldn’t get more from being a pet. Or how he wouldn’t get more from taking things that they didn’t earn. Any amount of insult to fend off this pain. But he couldn’t. “...I just want you two.” He choked out quietly, he felt his throat strangled as if he felt tears something on. He hated this weak feeling.

Jyushimatsu gave a soft whine as he nuzzled Ichimatsu in attempts to comfort his brother who turned away in shame.

“I-I’m…” Todomatsu opened his mouth to speak but immediately stopped himself.

I’m sorry. ” Todomatsu thought. Useless words that only existed to make himself feel better. Words he would use so that the other party would no longer be angry with him. Even an apology was selfish. The tanuki quieted, not wanting to hurt his brother anymore. Todomatsu felt completely heartbroken. He really didn’t consider his family in all of this and he couldn’t say anything more.

Osomatsu groaned as he was positive that they cleaned every centimeter of Ichimatsu’s stupid little shrine. This was definitely enough. He returned to the room where the younger youkai were. “Alright, little boss. We’re ready for inspection. Choromatsu even fixed your murderous lamp for you.” Osomatsu began but then he witnessed this really heavy atmosphere.

What the heck? ” Osomatsu thought, feeling unlucky to catch them at this moment. “Uhh… Bad timing? Yeah, sorry. I’ll come back.” He really didn’t want to deal with the waterworks, so he turned on his heel but he felt a tug on his garments.

Looking behind him he saw Todomatsu with a tearful expression as he felt his chest dip. It wasn’t whiny, it just looked sad. “Osomatsu… I knew I said I’d stay but please. I can’t leave my brothers.” They really were all he ever knew. And he hated himself for straying.

Osomatsu gave a small frown as he turned back around and crouched down to his level, observing the tanuki before he glanced back up to the kitsune. Ichimatsu was facing away from them with Jyushimatsu at his side trying to get him to cheer up just as before.

“Didn’t I say they could live with us too? What’s the problem?” Osomatsu asked, though tried to keep gentle about it since Todomatsu was so clearly torn up about something.

“I want to live here.” Todomatsu sniffed as he wanted nothing more than his old life back. He was still so greedy but if he could have this maybe everything would go back to normal.

Osomatsu quietly watched Todomatsu, hardly seeing the problem as he replied. “Then live here.”

The tanuki’s eyes widened as his heart shook. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Neither could Ichimatsu, the kitsune’s attention drawn from that as he looked back with bated breath.

“...Huh?” Todomatsu raised his head, his eyes catching a surprisingly gentle and kind expression from Osomatsu.

The shuten-douji grinned as he gave a reassuring pat on the tanuki’s head. “Yeah, I mean it’s really not that far from the mountain. And this place is kind of a nice little vacation spot!” He hummed out thoughtfully as he looked around the sparkling clean shrine they just had a hand in cleaning.

“I mean, unless you mean you live here and we can’t visit?” Osomatsu blinked as he tried to confirm. That definitely wouldn’t do after all.

Ichimatsu felt so thankful for some reason. So embarrassingly grateful. He looked towards Osomatsu at that as he felt a heavy weight slip off his shoulders. He breathed out as he spoke, gaining residency over his voice once more. “...Only you three, right?”

Osomatsu looked to the master of the house as he gave a swift nod at that. “Of course! I couldn’t have anyone messing up your shrine after we worked so hard to clean it.” And he really wanted to keep these three to himself, but he bit his tongue.

Todomatsu felt so elated, he knew his feelings went up and down at Osomatsu’s words but he really wanted to cling onto them. He wanted to believe that everything would be okay and his mistakes could be erased. He started crying from relief as he gripped onto Osomatsu and leaned into him, shocking the oni.

“W-Why are you crying?” Osomatsu seemed frantic wondering why on earth this was happening to him. The oni cringed as he fell on the seat of his rear and had his hands awkwardly hovering around the tanuki, not knowing what to do as Todomatsu clung and cried against his chest.

“I’m... so... happy!!” The tanuki wailed as all of his stress came out as tears. Ichimatsu gave a barely audible chuckle, knowing what a cry baby Todomatsu was. But hell, if he wasn’t happy to have his brother back. Even at the cost of three annoying youkai hovering around once in awhile.

"So you cry when you're happy now too? You're so confusing..." Osomatsu calmly spoke as he placed a hand onto the back of Todomatsu's head, allowing him to lean on him. Jyushimatsu wagged his tail back and forth as he approached Osomatsu and licked at his face in appreciation. Osomatsu was completely stunned, getting a bit flustered as he didn’t know what to do with all of this unfamiliar signs of affection.

Choromatsu and Karamatsu came in as soon as they were done finishing off the roof. The ao andon sighed as he realized he ended up cleaning up a shrine anyway despite his best efforts in staying out of trouble while Choromatsu actually really didn’t mind cleaning all that much. They both blinked as Osomatsu was frozen on the floor with Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu all over him in a friendly manner while Ichimatsu watched from a distance with a smile.

What on earth?! ” Choromatsu and Karamatsu’s thoughts synced up, completely baffled on Osomatsu’s plan actually working!! No, even better than just working. They seemed super happy to be with him!

“I don’t believe what I’m seeing.” The tengu muttered in shock as he watched how Todomatsu managed to get Osomatsu’s back on the ground as the tanuki hugged around his neck.

“Me neither...” Karamatsu agreed as he observed how Jyushimatsu forced his head under Osomatsu’s hand to encourage him to pet him.

“Hey.” Ichimatsu called out, causing both of the demons to jolt in response. “Thanks for bringing my brother home.” He spoke lazily but he really did appreciate it. If Todomatsu was unlucky enough to meet far more ferocious and evil youkai he wouldn’t even see him again. He knew that much.

“Ah. It is of no trouble, young master.” Karamatsu smiled, knowing that they were in Ichimatsu’s territory so it was only right to address him in such a way. He would expect the same treatment in his household after all.

“Yeah… No problem at all.” Choromatsu still felt like he was in the middle of a fever dream but all’s well that ends well he supposed. “How’s your head?”

Ichimatsu blinked as he moved his hand up to rub at the spot where the bump should be, but it was like nothing even happened. “Oh. I’m fine now. Thanks for the medicine even though it was your fault in the first place.”

“Hmph. It was of no problem.” Karamatsu had a pleased expression that the kitsune healed so well most likely due to his own aura amplifying the medication. “As formidable as my offense proves to be-- I’ll have you know I am quite confident in my healing prowess as well.”

The ao andon smiled as he approached Ichimatsu, feeling over the moon from the results. “Though I am thankful you are a kitsune. As you are the ideal recipient to aura.”

“....What.” Ichimatsu stared at him as he got closer, having no idea what he meant from the way he was speaking.

“He just put a little aura in your medicine to make it work better. It’s not really that big of a deal.” Choromatsu’s eyelids fell half-way as Karamatsu was trying to brag for something he didn’t have. If anything, Totoko was the one who was actually talented at healing.

Ichimatsu choked as he realized the implication. He gripped at his body, not feeling any different but he couldn’t help but to feel absolutely violated. “You put your aura in me without my permission?” Ichimatsu shivered as he felt a chill run down the entirety of his body. “You pervert!” He never accepted aura from anyone before! And he never planned on it!

Osomatsu was laying on the floor with Todomatsu happily on top of him as he was petting Jyushimatsu with as much enthusiasm as he could. He smirked at Ichimatsu’s reaction, finding it completely hilarious considering what happened between them earlier that day. “Yeah, Karamatsu. How could you? How despicable.” The oni teased with a taunting chuckle as he placed a hand over Todomatsu to pet him as well.

Karamatsu’s face painted with absolute shock as he was all of the sudden the bad guy! Not even Choromatsu was defending him. “It’s not like that!” He reassured with furrowed brows as Ichimatsu shuddered.

“444 years… I’ve kept myself pure for 444 years.” Ichimatsu muttered as he gripped himself. It was common for kitsune to absorb life force from humans or from other youkai but he always found the whole idea to be distasteful.

“That is quite a long time.” Choromatsu replied thoughtfully. He didn’t see it to be a big deal either. The daitengu was certain that he must’ve absorbed energy before from how strong he was. Guess not.

Karamatsu actually began to feel a bit guilty at how Ichimatsu was responding to it. He really didn’t think it was that big of a deal! “Ah-- I’m sorry!” He exclaimed as he knelt and bowed down to Ichimatsu who just flinched uncomfortably. “I’ll make it up to you! You may transfer some of your aura to me?” He suggested, having no idea how that would work but he wanted to be even.

Todomatsu purred as he gave a small smile, watching this shameless display of grovelling in front of him and he wasn’t the one doing it for once. It really did lighten the mood though. Maybe the kitsune would understand a little bit more of how he was fooled by these idiot youkai.

The corner of Ichimatsu’s mouth twitched as he looked down to the ao andon. He took a mere moment to think of how he could be repaid and realized exactly what he wanted. The kitsune placed his hand onto his head and spoke lowly to him.

“Be my pet.”

“...Eh? Pardon?” Karamatsu raised his head as he genuinely was not sure of what he heard.

“Become my pet.” Ichimatsu grinned deviously as he leaked that black aura once more. His sadistic side revealing itself to the elder youkai around him. Choromatsu’s and Osomatsu’s mouths gaped as they could not believe what they were witnessing.

Karamatsu was stunned as Ichimatsu suggested such an extreme way of penance! “A...Ah… I’m afraid I cannot do that, young master.”

“What’s the problem?” Ichimatsu’s eyes darkened as he grabbed the ao andon by the jaw. “You already call me master. What’ll change between us?”

Todomatsu was in complete awe at how amazing his brother was. He really idealized to be like him one day!

Beads of sweat ran down Karamatsu’s temple as he looked past Ichimatsu to his comrades for assistance but both Choromatsu and Osomatsu looked away, pretending this wasn’t happening. “Brothers!! ”  Karamatsu screamed inwardly as Ichimatsu redirected him to look back to him.

“You may come and go as you please. Hell, I’ll even open my house to your friends.” Ichimatsu gave a grin worthy of a devious fox as he tasted revenge sweeter than Todomatsu’s favorite foods.

Osomatsu definitely wasn’t taking it seriously as he sat up with Todomatsu in his lap and a hand on Jyushi’s head. “What’s the big deal, Karamatsu? You wanna make it up to him, right? Just become his pet. Whatever.” He snorted as he kept a hand on the tanuki’s waist.

“Easy for you to say!!” The ao andon was absolutely appalled with his brother’s nonchalant treatment of the whole situation! He was even trying to peer pressure him! He looked back to the kitsune in hopes that he was joking and he only received a dark chuckle in response. The kitsune looking positively elated.

“F-For how long?” Karamatsu swallowed as he just wanted to get this over with. He usually was the people pleaser but this was definitely too far.

Ichimatsu commended him inwardly for asking the question that Todo clearly didn’t. The kitsune wondered if he should give an answer but he was far more fair than these idiots. “Until my next tail grows in.”

“Sixty-six years?!” The ao andon gasped at the answer, sitting up straight and backing away from the kitsune.

“Huh? Isn’t that nothing for us? After all you just trashed 444 of mine with your shitty medicine.”

“T-That’s different. You needed it!” Karamatsu replied flabbergasted at how unfairly he was being treated.

Choromatsu sighed at watching this extremely painful scenario as he looked over to Osomatsu who really couldn’t care less. “I know what you’re getting at.” The daitengu finally spoke as he caught Ichimatsu’s attention. “You want a time frame for how long Todomatsu-san will be under our care.”

“Eh? No. I just want a pet.” Ichimatsu replied so as-matter-of-factly causing both Choromatsu and Karamatsu to sweat in turn.

“But I suppose if you give me a time frame I’ll match it with yours.” Ichimatsu looked over to Osomatsu for his answer, his eyes glancing behind to grin down intimidatingly to the blue spirit. Karamatsu swallowed dryly as he looked to his brother for help.

“Haah?” Osomatsu seemed offended that they were involving Todomatsu in this. “Then sixty-six years is too little! I want to keep Todo-chan for at least six-hundred!” The demon pouted, hugging the tanuki to him. Todomatsu’s lashes lowered down as he gave a small incredulous smile, sweat appearing on his cheek. Suddenly he didn’t want to be all up on Osomatsu anymore.

“Six-hundred it is.” Ichimatsu gave a bone chilling chuckle, withdrawing a string of amethyst prayer beads from his garments as Karamatsu’s eyes widened.

“W-Wait a minute! I didn’t agree!”

“Hm? Golly, Karamatsu-sama~ That sure sounds familiar.” Todomatsu smiled smugly as he crawled off of Osomatsu much to the demon’s dismay. Jyushimatsu laughed in amusement at the situation. His brother really was scary when he had to be!

“T-Todomatsu-kun! We can take his collar off! Right, aniki?” Karamatsu tried to appeal to Osomatsu who just moved forward to tug gently at the tanuki’s tail, wanting him to come back.

“Huh? Oh, no way. I like it too much.” Osomatsu answered hardly paying attention as he grabbed Todo by the waist who squirmed and pouted in turn.

“Aniki--!!” Karamatsu gave a strained cry in disbelief before he suddenly felt aura revolve around his wrist. Purple prayer beads twined around his arm like snakes around a meal. Karamatsu yelped as he didn’t expect it in that area and tried to fend it off with his own aura but it was too late. Blue butterflies got snuffed out as the beads locked around his wrist and relaxed. The ao andon was in complete shock and disbelief at the sight.

“Too bad I don’t have a collar at the ready like some sick freaks but I suppose that’ll do.” Ichimatsu smirked as he admired his work. “Heheh… You said you would take some of my aura in exchange, didn’t you? Purple looks good on you.”

Karamatsu’s face paled as he felt like this was some horrible weird dream. And no one cared! He gave an uneasy smile as he held his wrist gingerly and looked down to the floor. He felt a hand on his head, belonging to the kitsune.

“I look forward to having you around...” The prince of darkness whispered before he lifted his hand and returned to doting on his brothers like nothing happened. Jyushimatsu giggling as Ichimatsu began to pet and scratch under his chin.

Karamatsu just stared down at his wrist in disbelief and giving the seemingly loose beads a testing tug to see if they’d come off. They do not.

Choromatsu sweat with a twitch to his eye as he looked away from Karamatsu’s fate, placing his fan to his lips. “Kitsune sure are scary…

Chapter Text

Early the next morning, the daitengu took off to go to the waterfall a mere few meters behind Ichimatsu’s shrine. It looked to be a wonderful source of water as it flowed out over a cavern into a wide, pristine body below. Choromatsu could see the charm in the seclusion, in fact it reminded him a lot of his old home way back when. But now his daily life was filled with commotion and rowdiness-- though somehow he found himself not minding it as much as he should. Still, he hardly had time for himself before he was disrupted with another request with whatever his friends wanted. Of course, he could say no but he always found it hard to.

Choromatsu’s eyes lowered as he began to undress down to his fundoshi. He would usually keep at least his trousers on, but under their current circumstances he knew he couldn’t have a quick change of clothes. He neatly folded his clothing on a flat rock nearby before entering the chilly water without hesitation. The tengu’s body shivered up to the tip of his wings as he forced himself to get acclimated to the temperature.

The youkai swam his way through until he reached the foot of the waterfall--hoisting himself up onto a perfect rock right under. He crossed his legs to settle into a comfortable position with his hands poised on his lap. Choromatsu exhaled, clearing his mind of all the chaos and annoyances until the only thing he could feel was the drumming of the water pressure over his body. The white noise and pressure filled his mind until that slowly faded as well. Choromatsu found his center; his complete peace as he banished any worldly connections for this moment.


“Oi. Choromatsu.”


“Oiiiiiiiiiii, Choromatsu.”



Choromatsu's eyes opened to the sight of the physical world. When he had returned, the sun had just begun to sneak behind the horizon, casting a beautiful orange glow over the earth. He felt a familiar presence at his side and laid eyes on the shuten-douji who was calling him from behind, offering a towel. The daitengu blinked as he seemed a bit surprised by the gesture but he accepted it anyway.

“Thank you.” Choromatsu spoke as he came out from beneath the waterfall and into that cavern that laid just beyond it. Osomatsu managed to sneak behind the water and kept himself dry. Choromatsu found that his body temperature lowered so much that even the touch of this dry towel was warm. He pressed it against his face to blot the water off as he then began to dry his body.

“So this is where you were all day. I was looking for you!” The shuten-douji grinned as he sat back and watched as the tengu dried himself, his wet wings flaring out and shaking to get the water off. Osomatsu chuckled, being reminded of a crane taking a bath.

“Huh. Why? Did you need me to take you somewhere?” Choromatsu looked at Osomatsu with half-lidded eyes, wondering if he went out of his way to disturb his meditation to act as a carriage. It would come of no surprise.

Osomatsu shook his head at that and gave a loud sigh. “Can’t I just want to hang out with my cute little brother?”

Choromatsu’s face flattened unamused as his mouth turned into a triangular frown. “We’re not brothers.” He replied as he offered the towel to Osomatsu to return it.

“Hah?! Of course, we are!” Osomatsu grinned, not being affected by Choromatsu’s straight reply at all. He blinked as Choromatsu was giving the towel back, but took it anyway.

“You’re done? But you haven’t even finished with your wings yet.” The shuten-douji hummed as he got behind Choromatsu to dry off his back.

The daitengu jolted at that as he looked back, his wings shifting nervously. “It’s fine, my wings dry fast. You’re going to mess up my feathers.” But still, Osomatsu insisted on drying his back between his wings.

“Don’t worry~ Don’t worry~ Nii-san knows how Choro-chan likes it.” Osomatsu grinned as he gently dabbed over his feathers when he came to them-- pleasantly surprising Choromatsu.

Choromatsu watched Osomatsu suspiciously at first but then faced forward quietly and accepted his kindness.

“...So, you really came just to hang out with me?” The tengu asked as a bit of warmth crept onto his cheeks.

“Yeah. Y’know, seeing how close Todomatsu and his brothers are really brought me back.” Osomatsu hummed as he continued along, blotting down the length of his beautiful raven-colored wings.

“You used to follow me and Karamatsu around like a baby bird. And it’s not like you were a kid!” Osomatsu laughed warmly as he recalled those fond memories that seemed like yesterday.

Choromatsu’s face reddened for a whole different reason. It was a really embarrassing thought when he compared it to their relationship now.

“That’s because I lost my home and when you opened yours to me I just clung onto that.” He spoke honestly, never really addressing this with Osomatsu. He thought it didn’t have to be said.

“I’m still grateful to this day, you know…” He was wondering if Osomatsu was bringing this up because he thought he wasn’t, and honestly that worried him.

“Oh, I know! You wouldn’t be so willing to do this and that for me if you weren’t.” The shuten-douji reassured as he pet Choromatsu’s wet locks of hair before trying to dry him with the saturated towel.

“I notice.” The demon’s eyes lowered as he eyed the nape of Choromatsu’s neck, smiling at how vulnerable he was in front of him.

“Oh… I’m glad.” Choromatsu replied smiling a bit in relief. Suddenly, he felt arms snake around him, he startled as Osomatsu pulled him into an embrace from behind. Choromatsu’s eyes widened in shock as his breath hitched, feeling the shuten-douji’s hot exhale over his ears, making him tremble. “O-Osomatsu?!”

“From the way you look at me to that adorably jealous expression on your face from when you realized I was keeping Todomatsu...” Osomatsu spoke softly against his ear and smiled with confidence as Choromatsu wasn’t resisting him at all.

“I notice everything, Choro-chan.” He placed a hand over his jaw, gently but firmly holding him in place as he kept an arm around his chest.

“I-I…” Choromatsu stuttered, unable to find words as his feelings were revealed and placed on the chopping block in front of him. Choromatsu couldn’t believe what was happening as he swallowed nervously, his wings folded down in tension as he felt Osomatsu’s warmth over his frigid skin.

“Hm?” Osomatsu purred as he licked over Choromatsu’s ear, nibbling the lobe before kissing behind it.

Choromatsu shuddered and couldn’t help but to let out an embarrassing moan before he quickly came to his senses and struggled out of Osomatsu’s grasp. He placed a hand on his chest as he parted from him and turned around, meeting Osomatsu’s disappointed gaze in turn.

“Why are you doing this?” Choromatsu panted a bit, finding that he was definitely excited by the other but he still had to make sense of it. He couldn’t allow himself to be toyed with.

Osomatsu let him go, frowning as Choromatsu managed to resist him but he smiled when he saw his darling brother so easily stirred up. “I like you, of course.” He answered simply as Choromatsu’s eyes widened at the answer.

The tengu’s heart jumped but he kept to himself as he fisted a hand against the cold floor below him. He looked down, unable to confess to Osomatsu directly as his heartbeat became so obvious to him. “I like you too…” He murmured, his face flushing as he was able to say words that were so personal to him. Osomatsu simply replied by coming closer, hovering over him to press him down to the floor.

Choromatsu gasped as he watched Osomatsu come over him, the demon smiling down like he had his prey. “W-Wait! Wait! Wait!” Choromatsu sputtered as he shut his eyes, turning his head away as he frantically held his hands up between them. “I like you! As in I can’t do this with you!”

Osomatsu’s confident expression turned into a severely confused one. “...Huh?!” He had no idea what Choromatsu could mean! He grabbed one of the tengu’s wrists to take away from his face so he can look at him while he spoke. “If you like someone isn’t it natural to want to have sex? Choromatsu, what?!”

Choromatsu looked back to Osomatsu in complete embarrassment and disbelief in how insensitive he was. But really, at this point it was expected. “Consider my position, idiot! I like you! Meaning, I actually have feelings past just wanting to do you! You can’t just play with my feelings like that!” Why did he like Osomatsu, again?

Osomatsu furrowed his brows as he let Choromatsu’s wrist go before placing his hands on those cute cheeks. “Choro-chan, is that what you think of me? A monster that’ll just play with your feelings to get what I want and toss you away?”

Yes.” Choromatsu thought, he squinted his eyes as Osomatsu tried to appeal to him but he really did want to believe otherwise. He sighed. “...No.” He muttered as he looked away, blushing as he felt Osomatsu’s warm hands on his face. “...You’ve proven that you cared about me.” Choromatsu admitted as he eyed down, placing his own hand gently on one of Osomatsu’s.

Osomatsu smiled fondly as he gave a small chuckle, kissing Choromatsu’s forehead. “So, why the hesitancy?”

Choromatsu felt such happiness from the kiss but he still wouldn’t allow himself to fall completely yet. “You have to admit this is sudden.” He spoke softly as he raised his gaze to watch Osomatsu’s gentle, warm expression.

“Also I know sex doesn’t mean that much to you but it’s actually kind of a big deal for me.” The tengu’s expression flattened in a small frown as he stared blankly at him.

Osomatsu blinked as he was called out but just grinned. “Oh, right~ 700 year old virgin Choromatsu. So pure and untainted by earthly desires and wants.” Choromatsu narrowed his eyes and grimaced, just extremely unamused with how he was being taunted.

Osomatsu smirked as he continued to tease him, brushing his face. “...Even though I’ve definitely caught you beating it off when you thought no one was looking.”

Choromatsu frizzed at that as his entire face was engulfed in red, much to Osomatsu’s pleasure. The tengu came onto his side and pushed the demon off as he backed up and sat with his legs crossed-- frowning as he glared at him. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Everything is just a joke to you.” He wasn’t even that mad at this, it was completely expected of Osomatsu after all.

The tengu sighed as his head hung a bit, definitely disappointed by the outcome but it was for the better after all. “If you just want sex-- why don’t you go with Todomatsu-san? Can you not find him?” He rose his head, only to find Osomatsu coming towards him again. Choromatsu blinked as Osomatsu placed a hand onto his cheek once more.

“Because I’ve missed you, Choromatsu.” Osomatsu said it with such assurance that it sent shivers down the tengu’s body. Osomatsu seemed genuinely troubled as he sighed, placing one of his hands over Choromatsu’s, stroking over him with his thumb.

“I miss the way you would laugh and participate with us like you were really having fun.” He recalled to how whatever they did was fun. Things that were as mundane as running errands or discussing what to eat for dinner that night. Hell, he even enjoyed gardening because Choromatsu liked it so much and he got to spend more time with him. But lately he hasn't been as enthusiastic about doing things with Osomatsu, even though he would always agree to his whims. Osomatsu even was sure that Choromatsu has been avoiding him lately--the tengu staying away from home in longer and longer spans at a time.

Osomatsu stared down to their hands as he thought back to how Choromatsu’s been lately. “Now, everything we do feels like a bother to you. I almost feel bad for dragging you along.”

Choromatsu was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Osomatsu thought this way about him the whole time. Though Choromatsu has been distancing himself, he never thought doing things with them was ever truly a bother. So long as it made them happy. Osomatsu watched as Choromatsu reciprocated his touch, holding his hand gently in return.

“I’m sorry I made you feel that way…” Choromatsu felt his heart tugged on as he was overwhelmed by such conflicted feelings. He knew his feelings would never be reciprocated, so he never tried. And still, even with this chance he was greedy and wanted Osomatsu all to himself. His eyes watered as he came to terms with himself and his selfishness, holding Osomatsu’s hand firmly and bringing it up to his face. “I miss you too… But I don’t think you know how much.”

“Try me.” Osomatsu spoke as he placed his hand over Choromatsu’s holding his, kissing those slender, elegant fingers.

“Listen, I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong about me having sex for fun. But these feelings I have are only for you.” Osomatsu admitted as he looked for Choromatsu’s response, the tengu quiet but watching him with attentive eyes. What this was all building up to was really a difficult pill to swallow. Osomatsu would often wonder why he would be so torn over Choromatsu's absence or why he couldn't just forget about him and go on with Karamatsu like nothing happened. After all, it was just him and Karamatsu before they opened their home to Choromatsu. But for some reason, he never felt the same since. Choromatsu filled a void inside of him that he didn't even know was there and he had to let him know before it was far too late.

“I love you, Choromatsu.”

Choromatsu gave soft gasp at his words. Those beautiful words that reverberated in his heart and echoed in his mind. He wanted to hear that for so, so long. Tears unknowingly flowed down his cheeks, which Osomatsu so kindly kissed away. He wondered if this was a dream. If he had truly left the world behind the waterfall and if he crossed over to paradise.

“Osomatsu-niisan…” Choromatsu called out softly in a choked cry, closing his eyes as he brought their hands to his cheek, wanting to never wake up.

Osomatsu expression softened as he gave a small fond chuckle. Hearing his familiar term of endearment that he hasn’t heard for what must’ve been centuries. “There’s my cute little brother… Found you~” He hummed as he spoiled him with kisses, placing one on the top of his head and all over his beautiful fingers.

“You’re really good at hide and seek.” Osomatsu joked quietly. But he really did feel so, so happy and relieved that he never truly left.

Choromatsu relaxed his hold on Osomatsu’s hands to wrap his arms around his love in an embrace. Even his wings came around to hold Osomatsu as he found peace in this moment. Osomatsu smiled at the attention given to him fondly, placing a hand around to rest on Choromatsu’s back as he stroked him comfortingly.

“Choromatsu…” The shuten-douji whispered softly near his ear, getting the tengu’s attention as he used his other hand to hold his chin. He softly kissed his bottom lip, physically asking for permission as Choromatsu tilted his head in order to return the kiss.

Choromatsu pulled a hand back from the embrace as he placed it delicately on Osomatsu’s cheek, kissing him tenderly. To Choromatsu’s surprise, it was quite an innocent kiss. It was soft with no tongue, but it was full of passion and care. It made his heart race.

Osomatsu’s hand trailed down along his back, causing the younger to shiver as he slipped his hand beneath the waistband of his cold fundoshi. Choromatsu gasped softly as he parted from the kiss, looking down to see his excited member peeking out.

The tengu flustered with his mouth pursed as Osomatsu chuckled at the sight. “That hard from a kiss like that? Choromatsu, you’re so cute...” Osomatsu crooned out as he teased the outside of his entrance with a warm finger, causing Choromatsu to flinch at the contact. Osomatsu’s other hand went to stroke his member drawing out a lustful moan from the one before him.

“Nii-san… Is this really okay? I’m not a woman…” Choromatsu panted, wanting to completely indulge but he still had his doubts and concerns. He wanted to get them out of the way as soon as possible. Osomatsu just chuckled as he gave a squeeze to his cock, bringing out a delicious gasp from the tengu.

“Maybe I would’ve cared a few hundred years back but all I can see is cute Choromatsu who wants his nii-san so badly that he could hardly hold back after a small kiss.” Osomatsu smiled fondly as he gave another kiss onto the corner of Choromatsu’s mouth, adorning those charming red points.

Choromatsu shivered with pleasure as he panted. His member responding eagerly to Osomatsu’s hand, dripping at his touch. “...You’re not getting off on me calling you nii-san, are you?”

Osomatsu chuckled quietly as he kissed the other charming point of red on the opposite side of his lips. “Well, I’m happy because that’s what you called me back then.” The shuten-douji gave him another kiss directly onto his lips before pulling away just enough to catch Choromatsu’s emerald gaze.

“But not going to lie, It’s also pretty hot.” Osomatsu grinned lecherously much to the younger’s displeasure. The tengu sighed as Osomatsu was tasteless as always, but he couldn’t help but to feel comfortable in his presence. It was like nothing else mattered and Osomatsu had the confidence to make anything and everything acceptable.

“You’re such a pervert…” Choromatsu replied with no real bite behind it but yelped in surprise as Osomatsu’s hand became more vigorous-- overwhelming his sensitive member and causing heat to rise within Choromatsu’s body.

Osomatsu licked his lips as his hand became slick with Choromatsu’s fluids alone. He was pretty sure they didn’t even need additional lubricant from how wet he was getting. “Says the pervert who fingers himself in his room. Probably to fantasies of his nii-san, hm?” Osomatsu smirked, knowing he hit the mark as Choromatsu’s face flourished with the most beautiful red. The demon grinned as he rubbed his other hand beneath him to stimulate him as well as to coat his fingers with some of his fluids. A restrained moan turned into a whimper as Choromatsu looked down.

“So what are we doing in your fantasies?” Osomatsu purred, genuinely curious and also getting the benefit of making Choromatsu squirm. “I’d love to hear all about it…” The tengu’s breathing quickened as Osomatsu placed pressure onto the head of his member with his thumb, circling the head as he twinned the gesture with his finger behind him. He could never tell him how much he wanted Osomatsu to pin him against the wall when they crossed paths in the hallway. Or even in the bath-house when they would occasionally enjoy their time together in such a casual manner. And definitely not when they would occasionally sleep together in the same bed with Karamatsu after a good night of drinking and celebration. He thought these thoughts and fantasies would vanish and die with him but Osomatsu was always so good at dragging everything out of him.

Osomatsu inserted a finger past his entrance, drawing out a small gasp from the man before him. Osomatsu reddened at how easily it slipped in and curiously followed up with a second one in the next plunge. “For a virgin you sure are loose… How often do you masturbate?” He grinned to himself. Choromatsu tightened deliciously at his movements and question as he was so embarrassed by his confrontational words.

“Osomatsu-niisan, please…” Choromatsu frowned, not wanting to tell him all these embarrassing details. But god was his touch more amazing than he could ever imagine.

Osomatsu was completely enamored by how shy Choromatsu was acting with him despite knowing his feelings. So it wouldn’t hurt to push him a bit… “Hm. I guess it’s embarrassing for you to talk about, huh?” Osomatsu smiled as a fantastic idea came to his head and he was excited to see it come out into play. At that, Choromatsu felt Osomatsu’s hands draw back, causing him to look at Osomatsu and whimper at the loss of contact.

“So how about you show me?” The shuten-douji purred as he gave the fingers that were just around Choromatsu’s member a light lick. Choromatsu’s flustered at that idea and at Osomatsu’s gesture, looking to the elder for confirmation.

Osomatsu smiled to him before placing the towel used earlier down on the floor to act as some form of comfort as he guided Choromatsu down to lay back. “I caught a glance here and there when I passed by your room but I never got a good look.” He smiled charmingly as he hovered on top of the tengu, Choromatsu shivering from his gaze as his cheeks bloomed with color. “So I want to see it all…” He whispered against his ear, knowing that Choromatsu was weak to that-- heck, weak to him in general. But he loved to see him squirm.

Osomatsu moved back expectantly, smiling as he watched down to Choromatsu’s bare and vulnerable figure. Choromatsu flustered at the thought of his brother seeing him in such an obscene act but it also excited him to no ends… Choromatsu closed his eyes, not being able to look at Osomatsu as he began.

First, he stroked at himself. Just to coat his fingers with enough lubricant to work with but it also definitely helped get him comfortable. He slowly ran his other hand down to stroke at his inner thighs as he curled his legs towards him so that he could gain access to his rear. Choromatsu’s feet lifted up from the towel as he hugged his wrist between his thighs-- his fingers circling around his entrance before dipping into himself deeply causing him to moan softly.

Osomatsu watched with shallow breath as he shifted his own garments out of the way to reveal his member. He palmed himself as he watched Choromatsu’s lewd display in front of him-- almost in disbelief at how sexy it was. How sexy Choromatsu was.

Choromatsu panted as he started to really get into it, thrusting those fingers that were never enough into his own heat-- spreading them out occasionally. His member dripped onto his stomach as he continued to stretch himself out, adding a third one inside of him to the knuckle. Though he’s done it like this countless times, he felt so excited as he felt Osomatsu’s constant eyes on him. With enough courage, he finally opened his eyes to see the shuten-douji’s hard erection in his own hands as those beautiful red eyes were so focused on what he was doing. How he would've loved it if Osomatsu came into his room during and show him how his fingers paled in comparison to the real thing...

“N-Nii-san…” Choromatsu moaned out softly as he shoved his fingers deeply inside of his wet heat, his entrance squeezing down on them with the desire to be filled. Choromatsu found and pressed down against his prostate within him, letting a quiet wavering cry out as a result as his member drooled in response. Osomatsu swallowed at the sight in front of him, his attention shifting between Choromatsu’s lewd expression and his amazing display before he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ah! You win! I can’t just sit back and watch.” The shuten-douji groaned as he grabbed Choromatsu’s legs to spread them out and taking his wrist to guide his fingers out. “You’re torturing me, you know that…” The red oni panted, disheveled as he positioned himself in between Choromatsu’s legs.

“You were the one who suggested it…” Choromatsu spoke quietly as he watched Osomatsu begin to take over.

“And you are so good at listening.” Osomatsu smiled but was obviously at his limit as he positioned the head of his dick at Choromatsu’s twitching entrance. “Nii-san will reward you well…” He purred as he leaned over him.

The tengu’s heart was practically about to come out of his chest-- he was so excited. Choromatsu thought of him so much and now it was actually happening. He practically drooled at the sight of Osomatsu’s swollen member so close to being inside of him.

“P-Please… Reward me...” Choromatsu begged uncharacteristically as he moved back in order to raise his rear more to give Osomatsu better access. The shuten-douji bit his lip as he watched down, growling softly before grabbing onto his hips and thrusting deeply in one go.

Choromatsu yelped, feeling heat pervade his body as his body trembled from the rough entry. But it felt absolutely amazing being filled by Osomatsu. Being taken as his. His fantasies didn’t compare to the real thing at all. He couldn’t help but be brought to completion as his milk suddenly spurted out in quick ribbons over his entire body. Choromatsu cried out and gasped as it felt so much more satisfying than he could ever imagine. His entrance contracted and clamped down at that wonderfully hot cock inside of him. Choromatsu’s sight filled with hearts as his body gave small jolts while drool escaped his lips. He wanted more-- he wanted so much more…

Osomatsu couldn’t believe the sight below him as he gave a hot moan from feeling Choromatsu’s body respond to him so desperately. “So quick, Choromatsu… You wanton little thing. Is this really your first time?” He panted, beginning to thrust into him as he still felt those amazing contractions from his lover’s orgasm.

“Y-Yes!” Choromatsu cried out as he placed his hands on Osomatsu’s arms, gripping them tightly as he focused down to their point of connection. “I-I’ve been wanting you for so long… I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this.” He panted out happily as he wrapped his legs around Osomatsu in order to coax him in deeper, making himself whimper and tremble.

Osomatsu found himself so close to blowing his load at his response-- and he wasn’t normally a quick shot by any means. He knew that Choromatsu loved him but he had no idea that he would become like this during sex! Choromatsu always carried himself so pristine and dignified, so he imagined that he would want to be the same in bed as well. The contrast was fucking amazing.

“You’re so honest and cute…” Osomatsu breathed out as he thrusted into him to the hilt, earning a loud, eager cry. Choromatsu trembled as he instinctively clenched around him in response. “Never in a thousand years would I think you’d be so happy to be fucked.”

“O-Only by you.” Choromatsu whimpered out as Osomatsu rocked into him, completely filling all of his needs and desires from the past hundreds of years. He submitted to Osomatsu's pace, steady and strong-- and a bit erratic just like him. He felt his voice leave him in pleasurable moans, all meant to encourage Osomatsu to just give him more.

“H-Hahh… Hah… Please… Fill me up. I want you to mark me as yours...” Choromatsu panted as his grip trembled on Osomatsu, he wasn’t even hard at this point but his body felt so hot and still brimming with desire.

“You’re already mine.” Osomatsu reassured as Choromatsu was making him lose all of his restraints. He gripped his waist as he pulled him towards himself according to his thrusts, making the younger cry out in absolute bliss. The shuten-douji let out a satisfying moan as he pressed into Choromatsu as firmly as he could, allowing for no room between them as he came deeply inside of him.

Choromatsu gasped, feeling himself practically melting as his legs trembled. He felt his body going limp from that amazing hotness that flowed inside of him, filling him deeply. He knew that Osomatsu would go on to have sex with other people but he didn’t care. In this moment Osomatsu was completely his and he was beyond satisfied.

Osomatsu came down from his high as he panted tiredly, letting Choromatsu’s legs down as he tenderly stroked over his cheeks and placed a kiss onto his forehead. “I love you…”

Those beautiful words filled him with reassurance and pure joy as Choromatsu smiled so sincerely that it made Osomatsu’s heart leap. “I love you more…”

“What? Is this a competition now?” Osomatsu chuckled as he watched down onto him.

“Just the truth. After all, I’m keeping myself for you while you sleep around like a whore.” Choromatsu stuck his tongue out as Osomatsu scoffed at that.

“I never said you had to just sleep with me! Hell, you can go fuck Karamatsu right now if you have some repressed feelings for him too.”

Choromatsu frowned as he stared at him with half lidded eyes. “Not quite. But thanks for letting me know I have my options opened to my one other brother.”

Osomatsu laughed as he kissed him on the nose before pulling out, letting his release escape.

“Ah! Don’t--!” Choromatsu began before covering his mouth in embarrassment. He actually loved the feeling of being full but it was too late and it would be way too much to admit.

“Hmmm?” Osomatsu hummed as he brought his fingers down to Choromatsu’s entrance, feeling his soft and slippery insides as he scooped his release from him. “Not enough for you?”

Choromatsu shivered as he felt those warm, rough fingers stirring him up. He was tired but he was still obsessed with the idea of their relationship. “Not enough…” He admitted as he licked over Osomatsu’s lips before kissing him again.

Osomatsu chuckled softly into the kiss as he took his fingers out and wiped them onto the towel. “Me neither… But this is a good stop in between. I don’t want you to be so incapacitated that we can’t fly home.” He smirked as he held Choromatsu to him. “And I can’t wait until we get home…”

“Let’s go right now.” Choromatsu responded so seriously and immediately that it caused Osomatsu to burst into laugher.

“You’re so cute!” Osomatsu was so amused, Choromatsu was really unintentionally funny sometimes. It made him so endearing. Osomatsu smiled as he leaned his forehead against his as he cradled the tengu within his arms. He really looked like an angel with black wings…

“I want to stay here for a couple of more days to play with Todo-chan and his friends. You understand right?” He smiled as Choromatsu’s eyes narrowed, his mouth turning into a triangular pout.

“Yeah, of course. Because you’re a selfish depraved asshole.” Choromatsu droned out. At the least Osomatsu was always honest so it’s not like he minded terribly. It was just annoying that he had to wait.

Osomatsu laughed in amusement, glad to see that fucking him didn’t change his familiar berating way of talking. “But I’m your selfish depraved asshole.” Osomatsu smiled as he kissed Choromatsu’s cheeks and his cute little frown.

“I’ll make it up to you when we get back.” The shuten-douji hummed as he toyed with a few strands of Choromatsu’s hair.

“You better.” Choromatsu side-eyed him but sighed in happiness as Osomatsu started to gently stroke his hair.

“I love you more…” Osomatsu spoke softly as he kissed the corner of his pouted mouth.

Choromatsu’s heart pounded as he looked past Osomatsu’s shoulder to the beautiful sunset of this world with a happy flush to his face. “Of course you do.”

Chapter Text

5’10” | 178cm

5’10” (5'11" with shoes) | 178cm (181cm with shoes)

5’11" (6'4" with geta) | 180 cm (194 cm with geta)

5’4” (5'6" with geta) | 164 cm (168 cm with geta)

5’6” | 168 cm

5’0” (5’4” with shoes) | 153 cm (162 cm with geta)

5'3" (5'4" with shoes) | 160 cm (162 cm with shoes)


5’10” (6’0” with shoes) | 178cm (183cm with shoes)

5’10” | 178 cm

5’11" (6'4" with geta) | 180 cm (194 cm with geta)

5’4” (5'6" with geta) | 164 cm (168 cm with geta)

5’6” | 168 cm

5’0” (5’5” with shoes) | 153 cm (166 cm with geta)

5'3" (5'4" with shoes) | 160 cm (162 cm with shoes)

Chapter Text

Jyushimatsu was so energetic first thing in the morning. He had already managed to catch a bunch of fish before the majority awoke. Ichimatsu and Todomatsu were still in their yukata for sleeping by the time he had gotten back. The inugami’s bountiful amounts of energy right when he woke up always remained a mystery to them. Osomatsu had offered to cook the fish, boasting of his technique while Karamatsu took it upon himself to boil the rice. The only reason why Ichimatsu even agreed was he was still exhausted from their arrival and Jyushimatsu was starving as always.

“Hmm, I wonder where Choro-chan went off to.” Osomatsu thought aloud as him and Karamatsu were finishing up their breakfast. By the time early-riser Jyushimatsu woke up, Choromatsu was already gone. Both knew he couldn’t have gotten far, seeing as he left his ha-uchiwa at his sleeping space as assurance.

“Shall I go with you to search for him?” Karamatsu offered his assistance as he politely placed the chopsticks on top of his empty bowl.

The shuten-douji shoveled down the last bites of rice before he placed his bowl and utensils carelessly aside. He took a stretch and placed a hand on his hip as he smiled down to Karamatsu. “No need! I’ve been wanting to have a one-on-one with Choro-chan for a while so I guess this is a good as time as any.”

Osomatsu made it a point that he wanted to find Choromatsu by himself, leaving Karamatsu to fend for himself in the kitsune’s household. Karamatsu smiled in understanding and nodded. “As you will. Do not stay out too late.”

Osomatsu gave a grin at that. “Why? It’s not like you’re worried some big-bads are going to take us away.” He glanced over as the kitsune, who had promptly changed into his day clothes, tiredly pet the inugami while Todomatsu was still lazing around next to them in his yukata.

“Or are you afraid of being alone with your master?” He couldn’t help but to snicker at that, still finding the events of the previous day to be absolutely hilarious.

Unfazed, Karamatsu gave a smile at that as he raised his wrist to display the prayer beads that Ichimatsu had sealed onto him. “Ah, this? This is not a symbol of ownership as much as it is a representation of love between brothers.” Seeing as Ichimatsu only did it for the sake of Todomatsu lowered the severity of the whole situation. It wasn’t as if the kitsune really wanted to keep him as a pet, so he would treat it as a contract. “I will gladly bear it so long as we can keep Todomatsu-kun around.”

Osomatsu furrowed his brows and grimaced at that, which Karamatsu hardly noticed. “I almost feel sorry for him… ” At least he was being optimistic about it. He didn’t care either as long as they got to keep Todomatsu and his two strangely hot brothers. “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Osomatsu gave a sigh, trying to think about where Choromatsu could be. He was so focused on honing into Ichimatsu’s aura that he didn’t really pay attention to the surroundings of the area. To him it was just forest, forest, and more forest.

“Choromatsu’s always so good at concealing his aura…” He muttered as he couldn’t detect even a little bit of it, which must mean he is purposely keeping low.

“Oh well. Better start looking now.” Osomatsu dismissed his thoughts as he stepped down from the porch area onto the stone walkway.

“Anyway, have fun with those three. They’re guaranteed to be a good time if you know how to handle them.” Osomatsu gave a pervy smirk as he looked back to Karamatsu before waving off, nonchalantly strolling away with his arms behind his head as he began his search for the tengu.

“Ah. I’m sure it will be fine.” Karamatsu gave a wave, completely not catching Osomatsu’s innuendos. The ao andon watched on as Osomatsu slowly disappeared down the path leading to the shrine as he gathered the dishes from him and Osomatsu to wash.

“Hey.” Ichimatsu called out, causing Karamatsu to halt in his tracks. “While you’re at it, clean ours too.” The kitsune gestured to their own uncleared place setting as he spoke. Usually he was the one to be prompt about it, but not today.

Karamatsu blinked as he looked to where Ichimatsu was directing him. “Ah, but of course. We are staying at your house after all. It is only right to do so.” The spirit justified as he went to gather the plates, leaving it at that. He took them towards the front of the shrine, where there was a bamboo bucket prepared with water for such purposes. He removed his black gloves and placed them to the side before he began to cleanse the plates.

“Also, it’s chestnut season.” The kitsune began as Karamatsu was in the middle of his chore.

“Ah… So it is-” Karamatsu was about to continue the conversation before Ichimatsu nudged him from behind. The ao andon turned around, kitsune stood before him, holding two large baskets in his hands.

“I want you to collect two baskets' worth within the hour.” The kitsune spoke monotonous and straight to the point, not interested in small talk what-so-ever.

“Finish up here first.” He left the baskets at Karamatsu’s side before turning and settling back to where his brothers were seated.

Karamatsu watched wordlessly with slightly furrowed brows at this treatment. He would even consider this to be rude. Ichimatsu caught his gaze after gesturing Jyushi to come back towards him.

“Is there a problem?” Ichimatsu eyed him for a moment to see if Karamatsu would dare try to retort. “Pet.” He spoke out with emphasis, causing Todomatsu at his side to giggle with a smug expression.

Karamatsu’s expression straightened at that, but he would tolerate it. After all, Ichimatsu opened his house to them and Osomatsu seemed to be pleased with the outcome. He closed his eyes and gave a smirk in response, taking this as a test of patience.

“Not at all, young master.” He replied, humoring Ichimatsu. After all, Karamatsu was still stronger than him--he would allow him to think he came out on top of this agreement.

Karamatsu finished up the dishes, placing them face down on a cloth as he took the baskets. “I shall bring you the finest chestnuts this forest provides. Would you so kindly point me to the direction of their growth?” Ichimatsu watched unamused as he pointed southeast to where they grew.

“Off I go then.” The ao andon took the baskets in hand, humming a traditional tune as he left. It's not like he had anything to do while Osomatsu was looking for Choromatsu anyway. May as well blow time until they came back.

“Jeez, what a push-over.” Todomatsu sneered, not very pleased that he wasn’t more upset about the arrangement. After all, he really didn’t want to have this collar on him for the next six-hundred years…

“It’s fine I guess." The kitsune sighed as the ao andon disappeared from sight. "I’m not really in the mood to discipline these days.” Ichimatsu muttered as he idly played with Jyushimatsu’s soft paw pads.

“That’s because nii-san is super kind!” Jyushimatsu beamed as he giggled, feeling a bit ticklish from his touch.

Ichimatsu glanced between Jyushi’s paw and his happy expression as his own remained the same. “Yeah well. Hopefully they all get bored and leave soon so I can relax.”

As promised, within the hour Karamatsu returned with the baskets of chestnuts. Ichimatsu promptly sent him out on chore after chore after that-- all of which the ao andon took in stride.

It was nearing the end of the afternoon as Karamatsu was sent on yet, another chore. This time, it was laundry that he were to take to wash at the waterfall behind Ichimatsu’s shrine. Like every other request, he took it with no complaints and a smile as he went off with the basket of laundry.

The tanuki drummed his fingers on the wooden porch below him, sitting at the entrance of the shrine while Karamatsu went off once again. Todomatsu was finding himself getting more and more irritated at the spirit’s complacent attitude towards all of this. "Doesn't he know his situation? It was like he isn't even taking this six-hundred year bind to servitude seriously!"

Ichimatsu was simply setting up his koto to play while Todomatsu was wrapped in his thoughts. Jyushimatsu helped by setting up two cushions for them to sit on while Ichimatsu played.

“Todomatsu, do you want to play your shamisen?” Ichimatsu asked, not looking towards the tanuki as he was readying his right hand with the appropriate picks, giving a few plucks to check the tuning.

As Ichimatsu spoke to him, Todomatsu was already in the process of putting on his geta over his tabi as he stepped down from the shrine. “Maybe later.” His answer caused Ichimatsu to pause and look to see what his little brother had planned otherwise.

The tanuki folded his hands behind his back and turned with a smile. “I think I’m going to go for a walk. I’ll be back in a few!”

“Ah… In your yukata-- Totty, wait.” Ichimatsu frowned as the tanuki was already on his way, his geta clacking against the stone of the path before he disappeared from view. He was fine with Todomatsu lazing around all day in his yukata, but if he was going out he’d at least expect him to change into his day clothes. The kitsune always sighed at how spontaneous Todomatsu would leave, but he did have a short attention span… His eyes were drawn back to Jyushimatsu’s expectant gaze as the inugami sat politely on a cushion before him as his only audience. Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to faint a smile as he began to play the zither with calm expertise.

Karamatsu, laundry baskets in hand, found himself at the foot of the waterfall with little trouble. The area was wide, calm, and beautiful-- it was quite therapeutic and not a bad way to send off the day. The ao andon couldn’t help but to smile as he settled at a part that flowed out into rivers, the perfect place to do this little chore. The laundry wasn’t even much, it appeared to just be yukata and other casual wear. Ichimatsu probably presented it to him as busy work and didn’t trust him with his finer garments (and underwear), which was definitely fine by Karamatsu. The ao andon had a mind to stay here for a while even after he finished, so he took his time and began to wash the yukata with care.

Todomatsu watched the ao andon quietly from above a nearby tree, frowning as the blue spirit even began to hum while he worked. His eyes narrowing to the amethyst prayer beads bounded to Karamatsu’s wrist.

Why is he so damn happy…?” It was no wonder why Osomatsu or Choromatsu didn’t care to stop Ichimatsu. They didn’t take him seriously at all… And Todomatsu felt as if he was the only one feeling bad about all of this.

“Have you come to keep me company, my little blossom?” Without even looking back, Karamatsu acknowledged his presence as Todomatsu frizzed and shrunk on the branch in his tree. Todomatsu tensed as he stayed up where he felt safe as he continued to watch Karamatsu, staying quiet.

“A flower as sweet as you has a scent that can be detected a mile away.” Karamatsu glanced back with a confident smile as he rung out a yukata and placed it into a clean basket for the time being. He got up from his position and treaded up towards Todomatsu’s station, looking up to the little youkai in the tree.

Todomatsu kept his frown as the ao andon locked gazes with him. He didn’t let it faze him too much as he gave a small, cat-like smile from where he was. “Neglecting your duties from your master now? I’ll tell nii-san.”

Karamatsu chuckled at how adorable he was as he placed a hand on his hip. “Are you here to supervise me?”

“That’s right. I’m here to look over our new pet after all.” Todomatsu spoke as his front rested against the branch. He placed his chin on folded hands as his tail flicked back and forth. “Now, why don’t you be a good boy and keep up with your chore?”

There was no way that Ichimatsu would send Todomatsu out here alone-- especially after knowing how strong they were. Karamatsu just kept his fond smile as he spoke to him. “Ah, but I am distracted by the fact my own adorable pet couldn’t wait to have me to himself so he left without even changing out of his sleepwear to do so.” Though, he did find it cute that Todomatsu would rush after him for whatever reason. Especially since the tanuki seemed to care so much about his image.

Todomatsu gave a frown and a small flush at his comment towards his unkemptness as he gave an exasperated look back. “I’m not your pet.” The tanuki spat out dully as he shifted to a sitting position, letting his legs dangle but keeping them still and close to the branch to preserve his modesty.

“If anyone’s the pet, it’s you. And since you belong to Ichimatsu-niisan, that means you’re mine too.”

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to smirk at that. “So long as you see me as yours.”

Todomatsu gave a small click of his tongue out of annoyance as he eyed down to Karamatsu beneath him. He completely had a nonchalant attitude, just like his idiot brother. But he was also super nice about it which made him extra irritating for some reason. The tanuki looked away, not being able to find a clever comeback to his reply-- but soon after he did, he felt something cold on his shoulder.

Upon turning to see what it was, he was met with a horrifying image of a disembodied head writhing in blue fire which caused Todomatsu to shriek in terror and topple out of the tree. His eyes shut as he fell from the shock-- and before his body met the ground, he was caught by the ao andon who was giving a soft laugh in response.

“You startle quite easily.” Karamatsu smiled, amused as he kept the tanuki in his hold. It was an old trick that never worked on anyone anymore, much less on Choromatsu and Osomatsu. It was refreshing to see that it still held effectiveness on others- especially on the tanuki.

Todomatsu flustered in embarrassment and in annoyance as he pushed Karamatsu’s face away. “Let me down, Karamatsu!” He demanded as he tried to roll out of his grip on his own.

Karamatsu frowned as Todomatsu began to push at him, and even referred to him with no honorifics again. He blew a small kiss, blue essence coming out in the form of a butterfly as it wrapped around Todomatsu’s wrists in a binding hold that pulled away from Karamatsu’s face.

“E-Eh?” Todomatsu felt his movements restricted, and stared as he could vaguely see blue aura holding his hands together before it connected to his collar like it was magnetic.

“So you can see it, but you can’t use it?” Karamatsu observed, satisfied that Todomatsu wasn’t pushing at him anymore. He kept the tanuki in his arms, taking a seat beneath the tree he caught him from. “How is it that you are unable to use aura I wonder…?”

“Shut up!” Todomatsu began to struggle, kicking his legs and trying to raise his hands away from his upper chest. Todomatsu found himself a late bloomer in nearly everything that had to do with being a credible youkai. Even transformation took him fifty years and he still wasn’t very good at it in comparison to Ichimatsu.

Most of the time he could avoid feeling incompetent next to humans but these insanely strong youkai that always seemed to surround him were a constant, painful reminder of how weak he was. “Let me go, you asshole!”

The ao andon watched as Todomatsu was flailing about like a fish. He just kept an arm firm around him as he brushed his thumb against Todomatsu’s lips with a sigh. “Such vulgar language unbefitting of your darling visage… And you have no respect for your elders.”

Todomatsu scoffed at that as he turned his face away from Karamatsu’s touch. “Why should I? Just because you’ve been around longer than me doesn’t mean that you automatically earn my respect.”

The ao andon began to become slightly disheartened. After all he was pushed around all day and he was being quite accommodating this entire time. It was all so he could spend time with Todomatsu and the tanuki couldn’t care less. He may as well put in a little training.

“I see that your brother’s leniency while raising you has spoiled you to the point of disrespect.” Karamatsu began as he flipped Todomatsu to lay face down over his lap. The tanuki yelping and struggling in response.

“Ugh! Let me go you stupid demon!” Todomatsu glared upwards enclosed in the space between Karamatsu’s torso and his upper thigh. As his wrists were bound towards him, he tried to back up from Karamatsu with his legs but the spirit kept a hold onto the back of his shoulder to still him. Todomatsu couldn’t help but to jolt as he felt a hand go up the bottom of his yukata and his upper thighs were exposed to the cold autumn air.

“W-W-What are you doing?!” The tanuki flustered as his tail came down immediately to cover himself, but was pulled up by Karamatsu’s hand as his elbow pressed down onto his back.

“Ow! That's attached to my spine, you know!” Todomatsu winced as he felt a small pinch in his lower back as a result, raising his rear automatically in order to dissipate the pain.

“Then you will do your best to remain still.” The ao andon’s answer was simple as he hiked up the bottom of Todomatsu's yukata to bunch at his waist.

Karamatsu couldn't help but to be surprised at the sight of Todomatsu’s undergarments. His fundoshi revealed to be in a mokko style where it was held together by ribbons on either side. It covered his behind more modestly than the more traditional style, yet it was more flattering on the tanuki by far. And they were all the more easier to remove.

“Ah… You weren’t wearing this style before. Did you come to me with expectations?” The ao andon mused as he slowly pulled at the ribbons to loosen it, almost finding it a shame to undo them.

Red bloomed on the tanuki’s face as he watched how Karamatsu's eyes were so focused on his rear. “Don’t comment on my underwear!” Todomatsu squeaked as he felt Karamatsu loosening his fundoshi, causing him to try to use his elbows as leverage and at least pull away from his touch.

“Don't remove them either! Karamatsu, you pervert!”

Then suddenly, he felt a swift hot pain on his bare rear, making him cry out and stiffen from the contact. “Ow! What the hell?!” He cried out as he looked up to Karamatsu in disbelief the other wearing a calm expression in return.

“Since your brother’s methods of discipline proves to be ineffective I suppose I must fill in where he failed.” Karamatsu eyed down as Todomatsu continued to struggle again, even more so now. The spirit held his tail up even higher to force his rear up and to keep him in position as he delivered another swift smack down.

“S-Stop-- Uah!!” Todomatsu screamed at the contact of Karamatsu’s palm, completely in shock that he’s treating him in such a way.

“Y-You pervert! Who do you think you are?! I’m not a child!--kh!” Before he can say anything more, another firm smack forced a cry from him. And then another followed after that… and another. Again, and again. Until a visible deep pink came onto the surface of his skin. Even though the strikes were delivered within the minute it felt so much longer than that as Karamatsu finally eased up allowing the tanuki to rest. Todomatsu panted for breath, his assaulted flesh burning ironically at the lack of contact.

“Child or not, your manners leave much to be desired. And physical negative reinforcement has proven to be the quick cure for bad manners for eons.”

Todomatsu gritted his teeth as he finally stopped struggling as his bottom throbbed from the repeated smacks. Hearing Karamatsu’s voice pissed him off. Hearing his explanation pissed him off. Being in this situation pissed him off!

What the fuck?! Is this even real life now? Am I seriously getting spanked at sixty years old?! ” Even Ichimatsu never did such a thing when he was an actual child! And he’d much rather be smacked upside the head ten times over than this . Todomatsu’s face twisted into an angry humiliated expression as tears brimmed at his waterline from the burning pain in between the smacks. And worst of all, those weren’t the only feelings he was experiencing. His only consolation was that Karamatsu couldn’t see his face very well.

Despite this being a punishment, Karamatsu carefully checked back-- making sure he didn’t go too far since he knew that Todomatsu couldn’t shield himself with any aura to lessen the impacts. Though Karamatsu was sure to be gentle too, knowing how fragile the younger was. Todomatsu’s rear was definitely red, but to a reasonable amount and definitely nothing that won’t be totally fine after a couple of days. He began to ease his grip up on his tail while still holding onto it-- causing Todomatsu’s body to lower onto his lap and he could swear he felt a very specific type of pressure against the side of his thigh.

“Ah… Who is the perverse one here?” Karamatsu lowered his eyes with a smirk as he placed a hand beneath Todomatsu’s flushed rear, feeling his hardened member below him

Todomatsu jolted as he felt Karamatsu’s hand on his privates, causing a complete wash of shame to come over him. “I-It’s not what you think!” He wanted to die. He really wanted to die. He couldn’t believe his body found that hot enough to out him physically like that.

“I suppose this isn’t negative reinforcement for you, hm?” The ao andon teased as he began to stroke at his length, causing Todomatsu to shiver in his lap. The tanuki bit his tongue to keep himself from calling him a series of names as he squirmed uneasily in his hold.

“Honestly… I can’t help myself from wanting to spoil you. I’m just as bad as your brother.” Karamatsu spoke lowly near his ear as he continued to massage him, feeling up his hot length which fit well in his palm. The tanuki whimpered quietly, still feeling the pain of his throbbing behind but also the pleasure from his gentle touch. That hand that was just striking him moments before was now working expertly on his member, placing down pressure on all the right places that felt so good.

Todomatsu couldn’t prevent the smallest moan from escaping him as his tip was massaged, rewarding Karamatsu with a dribbling of pre over his fingers. Suddenly, he remembered that disgustingly perverted agreement between Osomatsu and Karamatsu. Karamatsu definitely was a predictable pushover who wouldn’t disobey his brother. Realizing that he couldn’t really do anything to him, the tanuki leaned into the pleasure and began to thrust into that warm, smooth palm. He even topped it off with a lewd moan as he purred from the stimulation.

“Your hand feels so much better when you touch me like that, Karamatsu...” Todomatsu cooed as he panted against him, looking up and doing his best to catch a glimpse of Karamatsu’s expression.

“Why don’t you let me up so we can both have fun…?”

Todomatsu knew that Karamatsu was definitely weak to him in more ways than one. He smirked as he could feel the other's excitement poking at his side. But all that confidence vanished as he received another solid hit to his rear which caused his body to jolt and the tanuki to scream.

“Ow! Fuck--!” Todomatsu exclaimed before another hit came down, more firm than the first that brought him to tears once more.

“Honorifics.” Karamatsu firmly spoke as he eyed down to the trembling body on his lap. “And your foul mouth…”

Todomatsu stared up at Karamatsu in disbelief-- the other looking back with an expression of disapproval.

What the hell? Is this guy serious?! This is definitely past kinky now. He’s seriously thinking he’s someone who can reprimand me like this! ” Todomatsu bit his lip to prevent himself from spitting out a onslaught of insults as he knew he couldn’t back them up. He looked away from Karamatsu as he held his tongue. He couldn’t even tell Ichimatsu about this because it was just way too humiliating.

“Apologize.” Karamatsu spoke lowly as he placed his palm gently but firmly against Todomatsu’s rear, which caused him to flinch forward in response.

“S...Sorry.” The tanuki quietly replied as he just stayed still, wanting to just be let go already. A decent handjob really wasn’t worth all of this mess.

Karamatsu raised a brow at that, not quite satisfied with his response just yet. “I believe you have not finished your sentence. ‘Sorry’, what? My little flower.”

Todomatsu groaned at that as he gritted his teeth. “Sorry, Karamatsu-sama.” He eyed away as he mouthed it out mockingly, just really wanting to demand to be let up already. What if his brothers came by? Seriously. Seriously, how would this be explained?

“Hum… There is no real sincerity behind your apology.” Karamatsu watched down to the tanuki who at least stopped his smart remarks as he could feel the younger let out a heavy sigh at his words. “But perhaps there are other ways to make you properly call my name.” The spirit crooned out as he pressed his slicked fingers in between the tanuki’s reddened rear to feel his entrance.

Todomatsu gasped as his eyes widened, shockingly not expecting that. “Um… Um... Isn’t your onii-chan going to be super angry with you?” Todomatsu spoke out in his cutest voice as he wiggled a bit forward as to pull away from his touch. But Karamatsu firmly grasped his tail once more, but this time to simply just keep him in place as he rested his arm along his back. "Uh oh."

“You concern for me is appreciated.” Karamatsu chuckled in response as he stroked over his closed hole before sliding a finger down into him. The pressure caused Todomatsu to jolt in his lap and squeeze at him in response, the tanuki whimpering as the ao andon pressed his digit in deeper.

“I'm sure aniki and I can come to an understanding…” Karamatsu breathed out as he felt that amazing tightness of his for the first time. Making sure to slowly pull out before plunging deeply back in till the knuckle.

Todomatsu's breath hitched as he felt Karamatsu stroke at his insides and whining out when he forced another finger soon after. His fingers twitched and gripped at Karamatsu’s garments as he furrowed his brows. “H-Hurts.” As luck would have it, Karamatsu had somewhat of a rebellious streak when it was convenient to himself.

“As one would expect, you are quite small here as well...” Karamatsu observed as he did an experimental spread of his fingers within him. He found it difficult as the tanuki's muscles squeezed down tightly, the attempt causing Todomatsu to pant as he endured it.

“I am in disbelief that aniki managed to fit himself to you.” The ao andon spoke softly as his own breath began to shallow, feeling that narrow entrance wrap around and pull at his digits.

“Yeah, well me too.” Todomatsu muttered out before another whimper escaped his lips, doing his best to keep his voice in by lowering his head and covering his mouth with the tips of his fingers.

Karamatsu watched down to his expression, finding all of his little noises and squirms to be absolutely irresistible. He released his tail, pressing his fingers deep to keep Todomatsu relatively still as the tanuki cried out in turn. Todomatsu behaved as he tried to relax as much as he could--giving up on the idea of struggling away. The andon brought his free hand down to his own center in order to undo his garments. Todomatsu looked over and was met with the heat of the ao andon's length right at his face.

“Heh?! Get your dick away from my face!” The tanuki exclaimed, shutting his eyes and turning away only to have it press against his cheek.

“If you don't wish for me to enter you dry you should know to help yourself.” Karamatsu warned as he moved a hand to gently stroke at the tanuki’s ears. He would be more than happy to stuff that smart mouth of his.

Todomatsu pursed his lips as he really hoped that Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu weren’t going to come looking for them. After a quick round of consideration, he looked at Karamatsu's length and nervously opened his mouth. He gave a small lick to the underside before Karamatsu helped guide the tip in between his lips causing Todomatsu to sigh through his nose before he began to lap over the head. A soft whimper was drawn from him as Karamatsu’s fingers exited him only to retrieve more fluids from Todomatsu’s member.

“Good boy…” Karamatsu breathed out as he watched the mesmerizing sight before him. Todomatsu’s clumsy gestures and his attempts to appear like he knew what he was doing was just too adorable. He couldn't help but to feel a sense of immorality as he thought about how absolutely inexperienced he was.

Karamatsu wanted to push him a bit as he grabbed onto the back of Todomatsu's head while he pressed his member further into his wet heat. The tanuki’s brows furrowing as he was struggling to take more past a third as Karamatsu began to feel his teeth unintentionally press onto him. Todomatsu placed his hands onto Karamatsu’s thigh-- despite the limited motions he was afforded, he gripped at him in a plea to not force it.

Karamatsu’s breath hitched as he eased his hold on him, allowing Todomatsu to pull up with a cough.

“I can’t breathe!” The tanuki immediately complained. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes as he shot a glare to Karamatsu.

“Even that much is difficult for you?” Karamatsu murmured as he placed his hand at the younger’s chin. He pushed his thumb between his lips, pressing down on that soft little tongue that felt so good on him.

“And here I was hoping on training your mouth to do more than spew vulgarities and cheeky little remarks.” The ao andon spoke softly against Todomatsu’s ear, causing the tanuki to shiver from the implications of his words and the richness of his voice.

Karamatsu toyed a bit more with his tongue as he slid his fingers back into his hole-- pressing in deeply with his two middle fingers as his palm rested against the cushion of his rear. Todomatsu whined softly against his motions, lowering his eyes as he tiredly leaned his head against Karamatsu’s thigh. Karamatsu withdrew his fingers from his mouth as he looked back, focusing on slicking his entrance.

“Just put it in already…” Todomatsu frowned as he felt as if they were going to be out here forever at this rate. He’d rather have time to go home before it got too dark and he knew where this was going it’d be a literal pain in the ass to even make such a short journey. Karamatsu ignored his comment as he pressed downwards within the tanuki causing him to squeeze down and cry out in pleasure. Todomatsu quieted himself as he hid his mouth behind his fingers once more.

“Your eagerness is endearing, but it is poor practice to suggest such things when you are clearly ill-prepared.” Karamatsu began to thrust in a rhythm, making sure to press against that delightful spot within Todomatsu as he looked down for the tanuki’s reactions. Todomatsu was doing his best to not make a sound as heat built more and more within his body.

“A-As if you can say that after spanking me…” Todomatsu panted out, his mind turning into fluff as he felt Karamatsu’s fingers pushing against his spot over and over again, making his thighs squirm together as his member drooled beneath him onto the forest floor.

“Punishment and intimacy are completely separate things, my dear.” Karamatsu lowered his eyes as he gave a confident smile at how Todomatsu was getting accustomed to his fingers. Even though the tanuki tries to hide it, he could see the delightfully stirred up expression on his face as he pressed in a third one.

The skin of his rear still felt sore and burning from Karamatsu’s so-called punishment. And yet the heat from the surface of his skin mixed with the little waves of pleasure from deep within him resulted in a dizzying sensation. Though the three fingers within him already made him feel stretched out, he couldn’t help but to want them deeper within him. The thrusts were too shallow and unsatisfying as he panted. Somehow he found himself purposely eyeing Karamatsu’s erection before him.

Todomatsu’s eyelids came down halfway over his pupils as he opened his mouth again to lick at the underside of his member. The feeling surprising Karamatsu as he looked over to bear witness to what the tanuki was doing. The ao andon felt Todomatsu’s hot little breaths over his center as the younger moved a hand onto his base to help make it easier accessible. Todomatsu’s tongue ran over the head of his tip, flustering as he could taste pre on his tongue. Though it wasn’t covered with honey this time, it wasn’t too bad in his current state of need.

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to give a shuddering breath at the sight and stimulation. He watched as Todomatsu was lustfully working his cute little mouth over his member on his own accord. Though he wanted to be patient, he was really being pushed over the edge by this gesture alone. The ao andon panted as he slipped his fingers out from within Todomatsu, causing the younger to part from his member as a direct result. Todomatsu’s breath became shallow as he glanced up to Karamatsu with an expectant gaze.

That wanton look was enough to break his resolve as he finally released his aura from the younger’s wrists, allowing him free range of movement. Todomatsu sighed with relief as he felt the restraint loosen, finally able to raise himself up properly with his hands on the ao andon’s thigh for support. Karamatsu gently placed a hand on his jaw, guiding the younger into a brief kiss. The spirit parted, leaning back as he grabbed onto Todomatsu’s waist with ease in order to guide him to sit on his lap.

Their positions adjusted to fit each other-- Todomatsu had his legs knelt on either side of him while Karamatsu  held onto his hips with firm, steadying hands.

“Are you sure?” Karamatsu softly spoke as their lips lingered close to each other, wanting another kiss from him but wanting to hear his answer more.

“A bit far in to ask…” Todomatsu’s pulse raced from the ao andon’s fluid and tender tone. He curled his hands on Karamatsu’s chest, gripping the fabric delicately as he leaned his body in. His mind blurred from his conflicted feelings towards the spirit, but he found himself caring less and less as he got more mixed up.

“It’s fine, isn’t it…? But no more spanking.”

Karamatsu gave a light chuckle at that as he softly kissed this endearing youkai. “I have no need to do so when you are this lovely.” He smiled reassuringly, fondness in his gaze as he gently stroked over Todomatsu’s hips with his thumbs before bringing him higher on top of himself.

Karamatsu, pleased with his consent, positioned himself at the tanuki’s entrance as he began to ease his body down. Todomatsu felt light-headed as he watched down, becoming hyper-aware of his own pulse as he felt the press of Karamatsu’s member.

“H-Hah…” The tanuki couldn’t help but to let out a small noise as he began to feel the slow stretch of his hole accommodating the tip. His heart raced as he anticipated the feeling of being completely filled up-- the mere thought exciting him and sending signals of pleasure downwards.

A moan escaped from the ao andon’s lips as he felt his heat cling tantalizingly onto the first couple inches of his member. Karamatsu watched Todomatsu’s expression carefully, holding himself back and taking his time as to not place any additional pain onto him. After all, even though Osomatsu bragged on and on about their union that night he was sure that his brother used unnecessary force to do so. Todomatsu’s body was light and he could feel him trembling within his hold-- there was no way he could take him properly if he wasn’t slow. Karamatsu gave a long exhale, proud of himself for exercising such restraint as he gave time for Todomatsu to adjust to his entry.

Although Todomatsu knew it was probably best to be patient and to take it slow, he found himself musing over the idea of Karamatsu being just as rough as Osomatsu in this moment. The overly careful treatment was becoming more of a torturous tease as Todomatsu bit his lip from impatience. The ao andon would carefully press, what felt like an agonizing centimeter at a time, into him and would stop to allow him to get accustomed. And that firm hold of his allowed Todomatsu no movement of his own.

Todomatsu finally couldn’t take it anymore as he pulled Karamatsu into an aggressive kiss, surprising the ao andon effectively as he loosened his grip over his hips. The tanuki took this opportunity to forcefully push himself down onto his member-- drawing out an inevitable loud cry from himself.

“T-Todomatsu-kun--!” Karamatsu gasped from the bold and sudden gesture. He found himself breathless as he felt this dizzying tightness engulf his throbbing length. Karamatsu squeezed onto his hips in shock as this little youkai exceeded all of his expectations. Even with Karamatsu holding him again, Todomatsu pressed himself down even further until Karamatsu was now completely embedded within him.

“Hh… You’re bigger than I thought…” The tanuki managed in between breaths as this overwhelming fullness pervaded him.

Tears brimmed the corners of Todomatsu's eyes as he felt this enormous sense of heat and pressure within him. He had fully committed without properly gauging the size of Karamatsu’s member and he was almost painfully stretched out as a result-- but he didn’t care. In fact, it was thrilling. His member twitched excitedly from the satisfying heat within him as his entrance tightened and contracted around-- trying to get used to the foreign thickness. Todomatsu’s heart was pounding as his body trembled with pleasure from the stimulation.

Karamatsu’s mind spun as he couldn’t take his eyes off of Todomatsu after his absolutely lewd and assertive display. The tanuki’s tight little hole, that appeared to barely be able to take his fingers, was now squeezing down eagerly at the very base of his cock. Karamatsu’s breath became uneven as he gazed down Todomatsu’s body, seeing evidence of his pleasure as the tanuki’s painfully hardened member dripped between them.

“H-Hahh… W-why does this feel so good? I don’t get it…” Todomatsu softly whined as he pulled himself up on Kara, experimentally thrusting himself down back onto him, though a bit shallowly. It definitely hurt, but at the same time the little occasional jolts of pleasure made it all worth it. It was such an addicting sensation.

Karamatsu was breathless as he eyed to their point of their connection. He couldn’t believe that Todomatsu was doing his best to ride him. The words he was hearing sent shivers down his spine as he was almost certain that Todomatsu merely tolerated the things done onto him. Seeing that it wasn’t the case severely lightened the weight of his sins-- and was also unbearably erotic.

Riding was difficult because Todomatsu felt as if his legs were drained of all of their energy, but still he tried to direct a pace-- wanting nothing more than for Karamatsu to take over and pound against that delightful bundle of nerves within him. Todomatsu panted with his mouth agape as he tried to focus down on his poor attempts of pleasuring himself, gripping onto the ao andon's shoulders for support.

The ao andon wanted to hear more of his lovely voice, he couldn't help but to encourage him. “What feels good…?” Karamatsu breathed out against his soft ear as he pulled the younger up with ease. He gave an experimental thrust upwards, earning a gasp from Todomatsu as the tanuki’s fingers tensed on his shoulders.

“Y-You...” Todomatsu breath became uneven as he felt his body pulse from need. He whimpered as Karamatsu finally took over with a consistent pace.

Being on the receiving end of penetration was suppose to hurt, be disgusting, and absolutely was suppose to be a hit to his dear pride. Todomatsu genuinely didn’t understand why his body craved this feeling so badly. It was such a shameful and disgraceful desire that he wanted to push far, far away. Yet, he felt himself leaving more and more of his pride aside in order to obtain this irreplaceable intense feeling of pleasure.

Karamatsu’s heart pounded as he heard such an adorable yet incredibly arousing answer from the tanuki. He couldn’t believe how docile he was when he was acting so defiant moments ago. However, that contrast made him all the more appealing and the spirit found that he wouldn’t want Todomatsu to be any other way. “Todomatsu-kun…”

Though Todomatsu was glad that Karamatsu was finally moving properly on his own, it still wasn’t enough. Heat just kept boiling within him with no means of escape. “Don’t treat me as if I'm dainty…”

The tanuki panted out as he raised his head, locking eyes with Karamatsu. “Hurry up. Do more…”

But you are… ” Karamatsu kept his thoughts to himself for once as he watched down to Todomatsu who was looking back at him with impatience. Despite their obvious power dynamics, Todomatsu’s look was just as demanding as his words which Karamatsu found to be so stimulating. Karamatsu sighed as he took him into a kiss.

Todomatsu was becoming frustrated at his lack of response, but he placed a hand on the spirit’s cheek as he reciprocated the kiss. It was short and sweet-- Karamatsu pulling back before he raised the tanuki up higher. Todomatsu’s pulse raced with anticipation as Karamatsu nearly pulled out all the way, before he slammed him down to the hilt.

Todomatsu gasped out loudly as his eyes widened for a moment at the sudden thrust-- his body tensing deliciously in response. He wasn't given time to rest as Karamatsu continued, plunging his member deep into him over and over again. Todomatsu could swear his sight flickered as he moaned and cried out from the sudden aggressive pace. And finally he hit that best spot within Todomatsu.  The tanuki’s member perked, giving a small spurt as a result as his insides spasmed hotly around Karamatsu’s cock.

“K-Kara…! Kara…matsu…!” Todomatsu whined and gasped desperately for air as he finally felt this exhilarating mix of pain and pleasure that he sought out. Todomatsu tried his best to not call Karamatsu by name if he was going to insist on those stupid honorifics but he had already forgotten as jolts of pleasure ran throughout his being.  

More and more was given to him as Karamatsu kept up with this renewed pace. Todomatsu writhed within Karamatsu's grip as he tugged and pulled at his garments, crying out as he felt himself getting lost in the sensations.

Even though Karamatsu did his best to not be rough, it felt as if it was all for naught as he witnessed Todomatsu in his hold, squirming and whimpering in bliss. Karamatsu panted as he watched as how Todomatsu desperately clung to him-- his yukata becoming loose as it fell down his shoulders, allowing the ao andon a peek at his chest. Those cute pink nipples were flushed and erect-- sensitive from being brushed against the patterned fabric. The way the tanuki was too dazed out to care about the condition of his clothing combined with how much diligence he normally showed towards his modesty made the sight all the more erotic. Karamatsu’s mind filled with the thoughts of doing more and more with Todomatsu as his pace became more erratic, drawing out more eager little sounds from the younger.

At last, Todomatsu found himself at the peak of pleasure as his insides contracted involuntarily around Karamatsu-- his fluids forced out of his own member from hits to his prostate. The tanuki let out a wavering cry as Karamatsu promptly plunged his entire member within him while he came. He spaced out-- his body leaning forward as his grip on Karamatsu trembled and pulled. Hearts spotted his sight as he panted with his little tongue sticking out.

For once, Todomatsu found himself almost thankful for his own petite frame if it meant he could be filled this way. There was no room to think of anything else as he felt that delightfully satisfying sensation of the other’s cock stuffing him to the brim while his muscles clenched down in involuntary squeezes.

Karamatsu’s breath hitched as he watched Todomatsu practically melt within his arms while feeling those delicious contractions around his entire member. The spirit felt himself desperately close as he gave a few more erratic thrusts while Todomatsu was still in the middle of his own orgasm. Karamatsu pressed him down firmly in place once more, releasing his own heat into his deepest parts. Knowing that the little tanuki liked it more on the rough side was the best.

Todomatsu gave out a small, high-pitched moan as he felt Karamatsu’s member pulsate hotly within him-- thick semen filling him to the brim. Despite some fluids being forced out at their connection, his entrance continued to eagerly milk at Karamatsu for more-- encouraging every last drop out of the ao andon.

Todomatsu’s warmth, his reactions, how he could barely keep himself propped up were all so stunning for Karamatsu to witness. The combination of all of these factors left him breathless as he was coming down from his own fulfilling high.

Todomatsu found his own body felt so heavy as he practically collapsed towards Karamatsu’s chest. As the ao andon was catching his own breath, he carefully leaned back more so that Todomatsu could lay more comfortably. Karamatsu watched down as the tanuki panted tiredly on him with closed eyes.

“Did you exert yourself…?” Karamatsu murmured in concern as he gently stroked behind his ear, wanting to comfort him. Concern aside, Karamatsu found that to be way better than he could imagine. If Todomatsu enjoyed doing this so much he would be more than happy to satisfy him anytime he pleased. In fact, he’d hope that Todomatsu couldn’t help but to come back to him with those adorable needy eyes filled with desire. Especially now that he was getting accustomed to how he liked it...

“No… I just get super exhausted after sex.” Todomatsu muttered out as he opened his eyes a bit, though not having quite enough energy to look up at Karamatsu just yet. If anything, the idea of pillow talk was one of the more annoying parts of keeping a relationship.

Todomatsu could feel Karamatsu’s chest rise up and down as he chuckled from beneath him. “You are adorable…” Karamatsu cooed as he kissed the top of his head gently while stroking through his hair.

“I wish I could allow you time for rest, but it is about to become late.” He sighed, not wanting to let the tanuki go so quickly. He would love for Todomatsu to fall asleep on him like this…

“Yeah… And I’m freezing.” Todomatsu groaned as he forced himself to get up. He felt awkward about this part as he rose up in order to separate himself from Karamatsu. Todomatsu backed up as to not mess up Karamatsu’s clothes further as his face flushed from embarrassment. He found his shame returning quickly as he thought about dealing with the aftermath of their activity.

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to flush as he stared while Todomatsu pulled away. Plenty of his own milky white fluids flowed down the tanuki's inner thighs soon after they disconnected. The ao andon immediately found himself wanting to do more to him. Maybe he could offer to help clean him? But Todomatsu couldn’t wait to get off of him as he glanced around, seemingly searching for something.

“Ugh… My underwear got all dirty.” Todomatsu frowned, exasperated as there was dirt and a faint dampness from the piece of fabric being pressed down onto the earth somehow. The trip home was definitely going to be a cold one.

“I apologize. I suppose that is my fault.” Karamatsu couldn’t help but to give a small chuckle in amusement. “Don’t worry, I will be sure to replace that for you.” The idea of Todomatsu wearing cute undergarments that he picked out was really not a bad outcome at all. In fact, he would happily ruin more if that was the case. The tanuki couldn’t help but to give a displeased look at that suggestion.

The last thing Todomatsu needed was to have another man start buying underwear for him as a gift. “Please don’t.” Todomatsu sighed as he fixed his yukata up and made sure his geta were on properly. Everything seemed to be a bit messed up from what they were doing just a moment ago. He was definitely annoyed as he went to the river that was so close by to wash that article of clothing impatiently. He can’t believe he let himself get wrapped up in such things again-- and it was so close to his home too. He hoped to the gods that Ichimatsu couldn’t hear him with those big ears of his.

“Ah, there’s no need to be so reserved.” Karamatsu smiled in response as he watched Todomatsu go on to salvage his garment. Whether or not he wanted him to, he’d still have him in mind next time he had the chance to go shopping for clothing.

“I’m not being reserved. I just really don’t want you to.” Todomatsu’s expression flattened out as he rung out the piece of fabric the best he could.

“It’s a good thing nii-san sent you to do laundry.” Todomatsu muttered as he placed it haphazardly into the clean basket once he was done.

The tanuki got up from his spot at the river, drying his hands on his fabric while patting his yukata down. All he could think of was how he was going to sneak a bath in the back before daring to show his face to his brothers.

“Okay. Well… See you later when you’re done I guess.” Todomatsu waved as he began to walk along the trail.

Karamatsu blinked, stunned at how indifferent the younger was all of the sudden when he was just so cute a moment ago! In fact, the ao andon couldn't help but to feel that they were closer after what they just did. He couldn't wrap his mind around anything that could've caused such a steep contrast. But he would have to think about it later, seeing that Todomatsu was already intent on heading back.

“Eh? Todomatsu-kun, wait up...” Karamatsu called out as he stood up to catch him. Even if he didn’t want him to, he couldn’t allow him to walk back all by himself! But then a sight of a certain somebody made his blood run cold.

Todomatsu glanced back with irritation, not looking at where he was going as he felt himself collide into a warm body. The surprise and uneven footing of the path caused him to stumble back.

“Uwa--!” But once more, he was caught before he hit the cold ground below. Todomatsu quickly looked at who caught him and his heart jumped up to his throat as Osomatsu smiled down to him deviously.

Even if he was smiling, he definitely looked pissed.

Chapter Text

“Ohhh…. Looks like someone had fun without nii-san around, hm?” Osomatsu spoke lowly as the tanuki stared at him wide-eyed and silent from his imposing presence.

“A-Aniki!” Karamatsu swallowed nervously as his brother held Todomatsu and realized his own current state as he hastily tried to cover up his crotch.

The shuten-douji held Todomatsu towards his chest, the tanuki shaking ever so slightly in his grasp as he felt his yukata being yanked up again.

“Lots of fun, right?” Osomatsu murmured as he brought his fingers to the tanuki’s sloppy entrance, shoving three fingers within him as he scooped out Karamatsu’s release. Karamatsu flushed at the sight as he stood up and tried to gauge just how angry Osomatsu was.

Todomatsu yelped as he felt such sudden rough treatment from the demon, but he wouldn’t expect anything less. “O-Osomatsu, stop it! Let me go!”

“That’s not what you were saying earlier. Right? You little slut…” Osomatsu smirked as he straightened up while still holding Todo, forcing the tanuki to tip-toe as he pressed his fingers deep inside-- causing the younger to cry out.

“‘Don’t treat me as if I’m dainty’? Is that what you said?” He whispered at Todomatsu’s ear, causing the other to flinch and shiver in his grip.

“Don’t bully him…” Karamatsu frowned as he was pretty certain that Osomatsu was just toying with Todo at this point. But he couldn’t help but to think of how Todomatsu said that a little while back.

“E-Eh-- Aniki, were you watching us?” Karamatsu paled at the thought of how much he’s seen, since he considered it so intimate.

Osomatsu stared at him, blinking at that. “Oh, of course. You’re wayyyy too soft, Karamatsu.” The demon chuckled as he looked back towards the little youkai in his possession. “Even Todo-chan thinks so, hm?” He hummed out as he inserted a fourth finger making the tanuki cry out and squirm in his grip.

Todomatsu whimpered as tears welled up in his eyes from his entrance being forced open. His legs shook as he tried to keep steady but Osomatsu wouldn’t let him stand properly. “I-Ichimatsu-niisan is probably going to come looking for me soon!” He falsely warned as he knew just telling him stop wasn’t going to be enough.

“Oh, that’d be awesome.” Osomatsu laughed as he grinned at the thought. “I’d love to have another round with him. He has a really pretty face actually.” The image of the kitsune’s dazed out expression was such a good memory to him-- it was definitely worth replaying. “Too bad I couldn’t get a good look from behind.”

Todomatsu frizzed in horror at the thought of Osomatsu going all the way with his brother. There was no way, right? But his thoughts turned to static as Osomatsu pressed down onto his prostate and hard . It caused his body to jolt and his muscles to quake as he grabbed onto him, desperate for balance. “S-Stop… I’m tired…”

Karamatsu frowned as he could never stand seeing Todomatsu in pain, grabbing his brother’s wrist to halt him. “Stop it. If you’re mad we can deal with this at home.”

Osomatsu scoffed. “I’m not mad! Even if you tried to fuck him behind my back I still saw it so it’s a win/win, right?” Osomatsu grinned as he slipped his fingers out of Todomatsu and finally let him down. Todomatsu stumbled a bit on the uneven ground below as his geta were becoming difficult to stand in. The tanuki looked down as he whimpered softly with his ears folded down. He wanted nothing more than to fly away, but instead he stood before Osomatsu with a trembling stance.

Osomatsu sighed as he looked down to the tanuki. “Man, Todo-chan you’re pretty cold though. I didn’t take you as the type to fuck and go.” He chuckled as he witnessed how he was so ready to get up and leave Karamatsu with his little chore once he was done. “Aren’t you mad, little brother?”

Karamatsu knitted his brows, mainly worried about Todomatsu since his body language just read terrified. “Not so much. I just didn’t want him to go home by himself…”

“Oh, yeah. You were going straight home, weren’t you?” Osomatsu grinned as he slid a hand over Todomatsu’s collarbone, sending shivers down the tanuki’s spine as he began to push his yukata down his shoulders.

“What would your brothers think if you came home with cum running down your legs…? Even I could smell sex on you.” Osomatsu spoke hotly against his round fluffy ears as he yanked his yukata down, revealing his upper body and causing Todomatsu to gasp and furrow his brows.

“Anyway, watching was so boring. I want to have some fun with Todo-chan too.” The shuten-douji hummed as he flicked Todomatsu’s cold and erect nipples with his fingers drawing out soft whimpers from the tanuki.

Karamatsu observed warily but Todomatsu didn’t seem to be terrified for his life or anything-- just acting hesitant as if he was in trouble or being scolded. But still, he’d definitely have to step in if things went too far.

Osomatsu peeked under to look at the tanuki’s flushed expression, smiling as he gave a small kiss to his cheek. “There. Not so scary, right?” He smiled as Todomatsu managed to meet his gaze, his brows still furrowed but he was able to raise his head. The tanuki received a pet on his head as a reward as Osomatsu watched him curiously.

“Hm… Todo-chan, you’re a tanuki, right?”

“Uh… Yes…” Todomatsu answered simply, confusion clear on his face. “ Is he trying to suggest I’m more like an animal than a person or something…?

“You can transform, right?” Osomatsu smiled as he placed a hand on his own chin in thought.

“O-Of course.” Somehow, Todomatsu didn’t think Osomatsu would want to see him transform into a teapot.

“Awesome!” The shuten-douji grinned broadly as he really wanted to take advantage of such an opportunity. Tanuki weren’t usually this cute so he had problems even thinking of doing them. But now that he had Todomatsu he definitely wasn’t going to let any fun opportunities slip by. “How about you transform into a girl then?”

Both Karamatsu and Todomatsu reddened in shock at the implications. Todomatsu’s eyes shifted as he held his yukata together, feeling extremely violated with just Osomatsu’s expectant gaze. “U-Um… I’m actually not very good at transforming like that. That’s more of a kitsune thing…”

Osomatsu furrowed his brows, extremely disappointed. “Haah? You’re not lying to get out of this, right? I mean, how do you go to town?”

Todomatsu frowned as he managed to look back to Osomatsu. “I can hide my ears and tail and turn into objects but… transforming into someone’s likeness…” Todomatsu averted his eyes as his gaze fell down. He began to feel terrible about his abilities, he really was low-tier after all.

Osomatsu sighed exasperated as he ruffled Todomatsu’s hair. “Can you at least try? I won’t get mad if you can’t.” He reassured as he watched down, awaiting his response.

Todomatsu glanced up, his head still downwards as he listened to Osomatsu’s request. “I...I guess.”

“Woohoo! Thanks Todo-chan! You’re the best.” The shuten-douji grinned, easing up from the tanuki as he grabbed Karamatsu by the shoulder to get him to sit down together with him. Though Karamatsu didn’t want to place any pressure on Todo, he couldn’t help but to be curious of the results as well. The ao andon watched as Todomatsu bent down to pick up a leaf for the catalyst of his magic. He stared at it nervously as he then glanced over to the two with furrowed brows.

“Ah! That’s right! You don’t like being watched when you get changed.” Osomatsu chuckled as he closed his eyes. He proceeded to place a hand on the back of Karamatsu’s head to force him down at the same time, much to his brother’s discontent. “Don’t worry! We won’t look until you’re ready~”

Todomatsu gave a shaky sigh as he imagined what a cute girl would look like… He had half a mind to turn into something hideous to shock Osomatsu to allow him time to run away but even he didn’t want to do that. He cast an illusion on himself to the best of his abilities and breathed out as he looked over his body and his hands. He knew he disguised some of his features but most remained the same. He repeated the same spell on more leaves to transform them into garments as he dressed himself quickly.

Todomatsu kept his gaze down as he sat on his knees before them. “O-Okay…”

Osomatsu immediately opened his eyes at Todomatsu’s word and gasped. It was like he was a completely different person-- definitely a cute girl!

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hide my ears...” Todomatsu apologized, and unable to look up because he really didn’t want to witness them judging him. The tanuki’s hair was as long as he could have it, tied back with a ribbon as he even managed to change the makeup on his face to elegant dot eyebrows with flattering red eyeliner. He dressed himself in a traditional shrine maiden outfit-- which wasn’t sexy at all but Osomatsu could definitely work with that.

Though his ears were still sticking out, it wasn’t really a problem. In fact, it made it even better.

“Wowww! Good job! So cute!” The shuten-douji clapped, commending the tanuki on a job well done. Karamatsu couldn’t believe his eyes either, actually finding that he prefered Todo the way he was…

Osomatsu grinned as he immediately went over and placed a hand on his thigh, feeling him up through the fabric causing the tanuki to shriek. “Eh? You didn’t get rid of your dick?” He pouted in disappointment as he palmed him.

“Aniki…” Karamatsu sweated as he watched Todo basically get sexually harassed by his brother.

“N-No! I couldn't hide my ears-- what makes you think I can change my anatomy that well?!” Todomatsu frizzed as he held onto Osomatsu’s wrist to get him to stop molesting him.

Osomatsu gave a long drawn out sigh. “Damn, you got my hopes up… Oh well. Still cute!” He smiled as he lifted Todomatsu up and plopped him on his lap, facing him away. “But seriously-- you didn’t have to change your clothes. I’d rather if you were naked honestly.” The shuten-douji frowned as he pulled up at Todomatsu’s garments. “Where did these come from anyway?”

Todomatsu couldn’t help but to sweat at how bluntly perverted Osomatsu was as he looked back to him. “They’re just an illusion… Actually, I took off my yukata...” Todomatsu thought he was being clever but he immediately regretted it as Osomatsu’s eyes glinted.

“Hehhh? Really?” Osomatsu was so interested because he could swear he could feel the fabric… But if it wasn’t there… He held Todomatsu to him and forced his legs up, earning a squeak from him as he felt below him.

“Hmm~ Todo-chan’s cute little pussy is around here right?” He grinned deviously as he pressed two fingers in “through” the fabric of his false hakama.

“Oh my god! Do not call it tha-- Uah!” Todomatsu cried out as Osomatsu shoved his fingers deeply inside of him, crying out as his face flushed.

“Whoa! That’s crazy!” Osomatsu laughed as he felt this strange sensation of both Todomatsu’s tightness and the pants’ texture wrap around his fingers.

“I bet we can do something really fun with this! I mean, I don’t know what and I’m having fun now but there’s gotta be something better!” Boredom was really such a plague to his existence, he was so happy that Todomatsu came into his life. He really was full of surprises!

Karamatsu’s eyes widened at the confusing view of Osomatsu’s fingers pressing into the fabric but the fabric wasn’t giving quite properly. It was almost like he was phasing through it.

“O-Osomatsu, stop!” Todomatsu cried out as the shuten-douji pressed in a third finger while aiming straight for his prostate, causing his mind to blur. And just like that his illusion disappeared, a puff of pink smoke filled both Osomatsu and Karamatsu’s sights as leaves fluttered away from the tanuki. Todomatsu covered his face with his hands as he sniffled from embarrassment, having reverted back to his original appearance as a last leaf was stuck to his hair.

Osomatsu blinked his eyes from the smoke, not necessarily shocked or otherwise as he looked down to the tanuki in his arms. He couldn’t help but to grin as he massaged at that bundle of nerves within him, causing Todomatsu’s member to twitch in response as the tanuki whimpered.

“This really is your favorite spot, huh?” Osomatsu purred as he pressed down onto it more and more, watching how a string of fluid dribbled from Todomatsu’s erection as a result.

Karamatsu flustered at seeing Todomatsu in such a revealing pose and position after the smoke cleared. It really was better for Todomatsu to look like himself… and he could see all of his beautiful complexion as well as that fluffy little tail. “Todomatsu-kun…”

“You can’t even keep your transformation for even a minute…” Osomatsu smiled as the tanuki began to pant and fluster from the constant stimulation.

“Well, it’s a good thing Todo-chan is practically a girl already anyway.” The demon hummed out as he kissed the back of his head before sliding his fingers out much to Todomatsu’s disappointment and relief.

“Do you think you can be a good little tanuki and ride Karamatsu again?” Osomatsu grinned as he hovered over him. Karamatsu’s eyes widened, swallowing dryly as he and Todomatsu exchanged gazes.

“After all, look at how hard you’ve made him.” The shuten-douji smirked as he teased Todomatsu’s erection by giving it a good squeeze making the younger gasp in response. “You’re ready for another round too~ Right, Todo-chan?”

Todomatsu knitted his brows in concern as he looked towards Karamatsu for some assistance. Those pleading eyes paired with him wearing only that collar made him seriously feel conflicted with what he should do. But Osomatsu had already decided for the both of them as he held Todomatsu against him by his waist as he shoved Karamatsu over. “Jeez, Karamatsu. Take a hint and lay back.”

Karamatsu broke his short fall with his elbows as he felt the cold contact from the ground below as maple leaves crisped beneath him. The next thing he knew Todomatsu was already being placed back into his lap, the tanuki flustering over being completely exposed.

“Just think of this as practice~ You were so bad at it that night but you improved juuuust a bit from what I saw.” Osomatsu smiled as he came to the side, catching Todomatsu's irritated expression.

Karamatsu watched up to the tanuki, sighing softly as he got his attention by  stroking over his thighs. “Don’t worry I will be gentle…”

Todomatsu just eyed down unamused that he was completely okay with doing it in front of Osomatsu but he supposed that he already saw. Still Todo definitely hated having an audience. The tanuki puffed his cheeks as he did his best to ignore the red oni’s intense gaze as he raised himself up. “You don't have to be gentle-- just be quick.”

Osomatsu couldn't help but to laugh at Todomatsu's response. “Such a straight, dry answer, Todo-chan! I guess that part of you is guyish at least!”

Todomatsu couldn't help but to glare at that. But he didn't even want to even humor the demon with an argument. He was just tired and wanted to go home and sneak into the bath as soon as possible.

Karamatsu quieted, watching Todomatsu with concern as the tanuki positioned himself over his erection. Just as Todomatsu was about to lower himself, Osomatsu yanked his tail in order to halt him. “Wait a sec!”

“Ow!” Todomatsu winced as Osomatsu tugged him so carelessly. He frizzed up and couldn’t help but to let his irritation out in his voice as he glowered. “What?”

Osomatsu was humming as he pulled out a familiar small gourd, popping the container open as he slicked some fluids over his palm. Karamatsu couldn’t help but to furrow his brows at the sight. “Totoko-chan’s oil? You brought it with you?”

“Of course I did!” Osomatsu grinned as he got a good amount on his hand before he grabbed Karamatsu’s dick, causing the ao andon’s body to jerk in response.

“A-Aniki?!” Karamatsu’s pitch raised in shock at how his brother was touching him. They were never this close-- one or two drunken handies aside. But they both were definitely sober right now so he was just wondering what on earth Osomatsu was doing.

“Calm down, Karamatsu.” Osomatsu laughed as he pulled his hand back when he was satisfied with the coverage. “It’s a little treat for Todo-chan~ After all, just using jizz as lube sometimes isn’t enough.” The shuten-douji furrowed his brows and pouted his lips in a fond expression as he scratched behind Todomatsu’s ear with his other hand. “And I know you like this oil~ I’m so nice.”

Todomatsu just stared at him blankly with half-lidded eyes in response. “T-Thanks…” He muttered, not really caring one way or another but he supposed the lack of friction would make this a lot faster. “Can I go now?”

Osomatsu chuckled, ruffling his hair a bit as he kissed the side of Todomatsu’s head. “You can, you can. So eager~”

I just want to get this over with .” Todomatsu kept that thought to himself as he sighed. He took the spirit’s length in his hand to steady it as he positioned himself over Karamatsu once again. The tanuki watched at the excited constant rise and fall of Karamatsu’s chest as he pressed himself onto his cock. Todomatsu let out the smallest mewl as Karamatsu appeared to fit easier inside of him, thanks to the oil. He panted a bit, getting used to the other’s full length inside of him once more as he felt as if he didn’t know where to put his hands. He settled for a spot on Karamatsu’s chest, placing one hand onto him as he leaned forward-- the other covering and holding his own member so that it didn’t shamelessly bounce about.

Karamatsu was definitely riled up again-- excited by the sight of Todomatsu’s bare body on top of him. He moaned out, eyes lowered to watch how Todomatsu took him in as he felt that addicting heat wrap around him once more. He arranged his hold on Todomatsu’s thighs and began to thrust up into him, the tanuki biting his lip in order to keep himself silent as he tried to move along with Karamatsu’s movements.

Osomatsu eyed curiously down, watching the shallow and clumsy thrusts between them as they were trying to arrange a pace. Giving his brother’s dick a lookover wasn’t an activity he’d normally practice but he really was decently comparable to himself. He couldn’t help but to give a smirk. “So, Todo-chan~ Whose dick is better? Mine or Karamatsu’s?”

Todomatsu panted as their pace was meeting together better now, giving a soft moan as he felt Karamatsu thrust up to him at a consistent rhythm. The tanuki’s eyes shifted towards Osomatsu, frowning as he really didn’t want to talk while in the middle of this.

“You two are about the same… Ah!” Todomatsu gasped, furrowing his brows as Karamatsu gave a particularly rough thrust up at his answer. The ao andon frowned a bit in disappointment. After all, he was definitely was better than his brother when it came to lovemaking…

Osomatsu chuckled in reply as he eyed down to that beautiful, crimson collar adorning the younger’s neck. “Really?” He smirked as he came behind Todomatsu, wrapping his arms around him and placing a kiss at his shoulder. The tanuki shivered from the attention as he did his best to glance back at Osomatsu.

“You know, I’m so glad to hear you say that...” The shuten-douji smiled as he pressed himself down against Todomatsu as he reached down to slip Karamatsu’s member out. Todomatsu flattened his ears as he braced himself, expecting Osomatsu to ram himself into him but he watched down to Karamatsu who had such a concerned look on his face.

“Osomatsu, don’t.” Karamatsu warned as he placed a hand onto Osomatsu’s arm that was holding Todomatsu. The demon only smirked at that as he watched back to Karamatsu’s endearingly serious expression. Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he tried to figure out what was going on, looking between the two and feeling the sudden tension.

Osomatsu knew that Karamatsu was just so soft when it came to Todomatsu. Practically treating him like a damn princess whenever he had the opportunity to do so. But it was obvious he was ruining him by spoiling him so much. It wouldn’t hurt to knock the tanuki down a peg once in awhile. In fact, this would probably make Todo more attached to Karamatsu as his knight in shining armor. Osomatsu really commended himself for being a great big brother.

“Karamatsu, just take it easy.” Osomatsu smiled as he knew that Karamatsu didn’t want to do this but there was no way he would fight him over it. “You don’t have to do anything but lay there. Nii-san will take care of everything~” He hummed as he pressed his member down against Karamatsu’s, wrapping his palm around them. Karamatsu winced a bit as Osomatsu made it a point to squeeze his dick especially hard.

Todomatsu was really confused he couldn’t understand why Karamatsu was so upset seeing as it wasn’t like he had a problem sharing him with his brother before. The tanuki couldn’t help but to sigh, he really didn’t understand the relationship these two had at all. But then realization struck him as he felt Osomatsu firm up his grip around him to completely still him. Todomatsu’s eyes widened as he felt the press of the heads of two members at his entrance.

“No! Are you crazy?!” Todomatsu gasped as he felt a nauseating cold sweat run along his entire body as he jerked up instinctively to pull away-- but Osomatsu’s grasp was immobilizing him. He whined out loudly as Osomatsu pulled back and began to force them both into him. Tears began to come out in disbelief as he began to hyperventilate.

There’s no way… There’s no way… ” Despite his entire body tensing up, the oil reduced any friction and attempt to keep the intrusion out. He trembled and cried at the first few inches. “P-Please…”

Karamatsu grabbed onto his brother’s arm painfully tight. “Osomatsu! Stop it!” He wanted to stop, comfort Todomatsu and to apologize but Osomatsu knelt on his thighs, keeping him pinned down as Karamatsu winced from the pain of his brother’s weight.

“Don’t be such a baby, Karamatsu.” Osomatsu eyed down, asserting his dominance as he gave Karamatsu a challenging look. He pulled Todomatsu down onto them further to the halfway point, which caused the tanuki to shake and sob.

“Todo-chan’s taking it like a man! I’m sorry, I called you a girl~” Osomatsu hummed as he gave the side of Todomatsu’s head a peck as he finally allowed time for him to get adjusted. “After all, there’s no way a girl your size would be able to take both of us...” The shuten-douji spoke hotly against the tanuki’s ear as he gave his hip a squeeze.

Todomatsu gasped for breath as he tried to force his body to relax, but it was in a constant state of tension as he felt pushed past his limits a thousand times over. His ears rang as he couldn’t focus on anything more than the intrusions within him. His legs went numb as he felt cold sweat continue to coat his entire body. Karamatsu knitted his brows at the sight, reaching to place a hand on Todomatsu’s cheek in an effort to soothe him but he just gave a delayed flinch away from his touch.

Once Todomatsu’s gasps faded into little whimpers, Osomatsu let him go gently and lowered him onto Karamatsu’s chest. Todomatsu sniffled as he shakily curled his hands onto Karamatsu, weakly pulling at his garments as he tried to seek some form of comfort.

“Todomatsu-kun…” Karamatsu’s breath hitched as he felt his heartstrings tugged at the sight before him. He wanted to wipe his tears away but he knew how distressed Todomatsu was so he just placed a hand over his back and another on his head to pet him. Todomatsu whimpered as he buried his face into Karamatsu’s chest, calming down ever so slightly.

“You really are good with him Karamatsu~ Maybe his collar should’ve been blue after all.” Osomatsu joked as he eased his weight up on Karamatsu, getting his knees off his thighs as he was sure Karamatsu wouldn’t struggle. He gave a testing thrust, earning a shaky gasp from the tanuki between them as he started a slow and consistent pace.

Karamatsu shot him a glare at that but his attention was quickly drawn to the small youkai on top of him. Todomatsu clung to Karamatsu desperately, panting now as the pain started to numb away. It didn’t feel good but he settled with it as he endured it. He felt impossibly dizzy, like he could pass out at any second.

Karamatsu bit his lip at the tightness and the friction of Osomatsu’s thrusts against his in such an enclosed space. He kept focus on Todomatsu as he gently massaged the back of his ears, doing his best to comfort him.

“K-Kara… Kara…” The tanuki whimpered out weakly as he wanted to be comforted more. The little bumps to his prostate were the only things that kept him from completely hating it. Todomatsu panted, saliva escaping his lips as his mind clung to that feeling. Even when Osomatsu began to thrust deeper, he gave out a shaky moan as his body seemed to have mercy on him by clinging onto any instances of pleasure instead.

“Todomatsu… You are the best.” Osomatsu panted as Todomatsu started to respond positively. He rewarded him by reaching down to his chest, playing with those sensitive buds as he pressed down and tugged at them.

Todomatsu whined softly in response, his dick twitching as even little bits of pleasure amplified tenfold to counter the pain. Karamatsu was glad that Todomatsu seemed to not be suffering as much anymore, giving a moan himself as he felt Todomatsu’s entrance tighten down occasionally. He wanted Todomatsu to be distracted further as he took a hand away from his head to bring it down between them. He took Todomatsu’s neglected member into his hold and began to stroke over him attentively. Relief filled him when he heard Todomatsu give a loud pleasurable cry as his insides gave a squeeze down onto them both.

Todomatsu felt so dazed out, he almost couldn’t tell that he was orgasming as his lower body gave a solid contraction. His muscles tightening and releasing in long intervals apart from each other. The tanuki's conscious began to blur as everything negative or positive ebbed away. The last thing he could remember was being flooded with hot fluids and filled up impossibly before everything just faded to black.


It was still dark when Todomatsu opened his eyes again. He was in the comfort of his own home, dressed in a purple yukata that he knew belonged to his brother. He was in his room that Ichimatsu divided off for him long ago with cream and pink wood-accented screen doors. He looked about, wondering how long he’s been out until Ichimatsu filled his sight and knelt down next to him.

“Hey.” Ichimatsu spoke out with concern in his voice as he placed a hand over Todomatsu’s forehead. He felt his temperature with his cold hand before he stroked his hair away gently.

“Ichimatsu-niisan…” Todomatsu gave a relieved sigh as he felt that comfortable coolness on his forehead, smiling as he felt secure with the other there.

“You feeling okay?” Ichimatsu frowned as he took his hand back, allowing space for Todomatsu to sit himself up.

Todomatsu felt surprisingly fine. He remembered bits of pieces of meeting Karamatsu at the riverbank but he wasn’t too sure of what happened past that point. “Uh, I think so. What happened?”

Ichimatsu sighed, hoping he would’ve gotten answers from Todomatsu but it seemed like he forgot. “That idiot red demon said they found you passed out near the river. But I have reason to doubt it. Is this true?”

Todomatsu blinked upon hearing that as he began to faintly recall the events of hours prior, his body filling with dread and embarrassment now that he was having this conversation with Ichimatsu. Todomatsu wish that it would’ve remained some kind of weird fucked up wet dream. But it was starting to make more and more sense to him as Ichimatsu confronted him.

I can’t tell him something so humiliating! There’s no way! ” Todomatsu swallowed as pieces of memories from earlier came barreling into his head. His mind spun as he couldn’t help but to want to block out the majority of it.

“Is it true?” Ichimatsu repeated himself as he observed Todomatsu’s expression.

“U… Um, probably? I don’t really remember anything. But I feel fine now, so you don’t have to worry nii-san.” Todomatsu reassured as he placed a hand on his brother’s arm. “ So that’s why that asshole used that oil… Really, what a fucking scumbag.

Ichimatsu eyed him suspiciously for a moment-- keeping a deadly silence before he finally sighed and accepted Todomatsu’s answer as the truth. “Whatever. As long as you’re not hurt.” If Todomatsu wasn’t going to tell him anything he would assume that he’s fine. After all, Karamatsu seemed genuinely messed up and worried about Todomatsu when he came to him earlier.

“Mmhm… Um. Where are they? And where’s Jyushimatsu-niisan?” Todomatsu blinked as he realized that it was just him and Ichimatsu at home.

“Jyushimatsu went to get more water for you. The other three went home to get persimmons.” The kitsune explained as he still looked over Todomatsu with worry. “The tengu suggested it; something about how the sugar would help once you got up.” Ichimatsu shifted his eyes, honestly surprised that Choromatsu showed such concern towards his brother and managed to convince the other two to leave with him as well. Though he prefered they all just stayed away forever, at least the persimmons should perk his brother up.

“Oh… I see.” Todomatsu was wondering if it was going to be another one of Osomatsu’s weird acts of apology but to hear that it was suggested by Choromatsu was nice. He was the most reasonable one out of the three after all and despite finding the whole arrangement weird he was always very nice to him.

Ichimatsu offered him a ceramic cup of water which Todo took happily. Even though his brother came home fine, unease settled at the pit of the kitsune’s stomach. “I don’t know what’s going on with you but if you’re going to start randomly falling into rivers I want you to take either Jyushimatsu or myself along when you go out.” He knew it was a shot in the dark and that Todomatsu wouldn’t have it but it wouldn’t stop him from suggesting it. At the least he’d know how much he worried them sick.

Todomatsu pouted in response. “Jeez, Ichimatsu-niisan. You guys can’t tag along with me wherever I go.” Especially since he was haunted with the truth of the matter and what really made him pass out. “Besides! It was just a one time thing. Won’t happen again.” He smiled cutely as he tried to reassure Ichimatsu.

Ichimatsu stared at him as Todomatsu gave him an overconfident reply as he often would. It always made him worry even more as a result. “Agh… You are shaving years off my life.” Ichimatsu muttered as he eyed away.

“Can you really subtract from immortality?” Todomatsu giggled as he then took another satisfying drink of water.

“If anyone can do it, it’s you.” Ichimatsu sighed, glancing back to his brother. At the least he was in high spirits.

“Ichimatsu-niisan always believed in me~” Todomatsu hummed as he placed down the empty cup. “Oh, yeah. How was your koto recital?”

“Shitty.” Ichimatsu answered bluntly as he refilled Todomatsu’s water in case he needed more. “Two more of my strings broke. So now I’m down to ten.” He supposed a few hundred years of wear and constant playing had to catch up eventually. “It’s practically garbage until I get replacements.” Ichimatsu sighed at the thought of trying to get new strings for it. It wasn’t as if he had that much money to spare for such luxury.

“Oh.” Todomatsu blinked at that as he furrowed his brows and gave a small laugh. “Maybe Atsushi-kun has something for it. He has a lot of junk.”

“Doubt it.” Ichimatsu muttered, not really wanting Todomatsu to bother anyway. He’d find some time on his own for it later. His ears perked as he heard a knock on his door before it opened. Definitely not Jyushi because he never knocked.

“Pardon my entry.” Choromatsu called out as he held a hefty basket of persimmons in his hands. The sight of which caused Todomatsu’s eyes to sparkle with excitement.

“Ohhh! Choromatsu-san!” Todomatsu called out excitedly with a wiggle of his tail as the tengu approached them.

“That’s a lot of persimmons.” Ichimatsu sweat at the sight. It was no wonder why Todomatsu so stupidly agreed to stay with them. Tanuki were really weak to sweets after all and his brother was no exception.

“We have even more at home. It’s good that Todomatsu-san likes them so much.” The tengu simply replied as he set them down in front of the tanuki who immediately dug in.

Ichimatsu could only sigh at that as he looked around for the other two. “Hey, where are your friends?”

Choromatsu blinked at his inquiry and looked back. “Oh. Karamatsu insisted we stayed outside for tonight to let Todomatsu-san rest.” His answer surprised Todomatsu, who stopped stuffing his cheeks to listen. “So we’re camping it out at the waterfall. It’s fine.”

“Hehh… Really? Well, no complaints here.” Ichimatsu smirked as he’d hope that they would continue that trend.

“Oh. And we have a gift for you.” Choromatsu recalled as he exited the shrine, keeping the door open.

Ichimatsu knitted his brows at the gesture, not really eager to see what other sort of gift they had in store but he was pleasantly surprised when Choromatsu returned with a zither in hand. The tengu strained a bit as he settled the instrument down before Ichimatsu.

“Phew.” The tengu sighed as he wiped a bit of sweat from his brow. He was proud of getting this in by himself and looked to Ichimatsu for his approval.

“We’ve had this in our collection for centuries. I think one of us had the mind to play it once upon a time but turns out we’re not so musically inclined.” Choromatsu recalled all the drunken nights where Osomatsu and Karamatsu would sing their hearts out. Unfortunately, he was the only one to be painfully sober through all of it.

Ichimatsu looked upon the gift presented to him. The instrument was made out of beautiful polished wood with preserved strings. It was definitely authentic and in a surprisingly well-kept condition.

Choromatsu blinked as he watched Ichimatsu observe it without a word. “Is something wrong?”

“...This is a guzheng.”


“Guzheng. An instrument from China.” Ichimatsu eyed up to answer Choromatsu before he continued to inspect the build of the zither. “Also known as: not a koto.”

“Oh.” Choromatsu blinked as he stared down and observed it. Now that he got a good look at it, it did have some differences. Though, they really weren’t all that obvious. “...Does that mean you don’t want it?”

Ichimatsu gave the twisted silk strings a few testing plucks, the sound was rich and pleasant. It had to be tuned but it wasn’t a bad instrument by any means. He would definitely have to get some practice, but this type of challenge was one that he welcomed. “...I’ll need new picks but that’s easier to get than strings.” He sighed as he looked up to Choromatsu. “Thanks.”

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to smile at the positive reception. He was glad he thought of it and knew it was a good idea to bring it. “Of course. I hope you will play it for us one day. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some good music.”

“...I’ll consider it when I get the picks.” Ichimatsu wanted to make no promises as he moved the zither to the side. He looked to his younger brother who has finished decimating a good amount of persimmons and yawned in turn.

“Todomatsu should rest. So good night.” As nice as the gift was, Ichimatsu had definitely exerted his social energy for the day. Pair that with the stress of Todomatsu nearly drowning and he definitely found himself tired.

Choromatsu blinked at that as he awkwardly shifted his eyes. “Oh, of course. I’ll see myself out then.” He gave a nod as he turned to exit the shrine. “Good night.”

At least it was a good interaction to end the night with.

Chapter Text

Once again, Karamatsu found himself at the waterfall area as he sat near a bonfire Osomatsu prepared. He was still positively wrecked with guilt about the whole scenario and sighed as he sat with his head low.

“Ka-ra-ma-tsu~” Osomatsu hummed out in a tune as he approached him, offering some freshly cooked fish as a snack.

“Not now.” Karamatsu muttered as he didn’t even look up- though he felt his older brother’s shadow over him.

Osomatsu gave a pout at that as he waved the fish in front of him. “Aw, come on. I told you, Todo-chan's ass is fine. Totoko-chan’s oil sure is amazing~” He tried to reassure him as he still kept the fish in front of him. But Karamatsu wouldn’t budge.

Osomatsu frowned as he brought the skewer up to his own mouth and took a bite. “Jeez, fine. Be that way.” He muttered as he began to walk back to the fire.

“Todomatsu-kun definitely hates me.” The ao andon sighed as he finally rose his head, but still not looking towards his brother.

“After all that work I did to earn his trust…” Karamatsu felt like he truly betrayed him as he thought about how distressed the tanuki was. And after he tried so hard to appeal to him by treating his family well and taking him to his human friend’s house. Of course he would do it anyway but still…

Osomatsu groaned in annoyance as he sat down on a log. “So his little pride is hurt. What else is new?” Osomatsu shrugged as he was finishing up the fish. “He’ll calm down by tomorrow if he’s mad.”

Karamatsu frowned as he looked up to Osomatsu. “I think it’s best if we head home tomorrow.”

Osomatsu scoffed at that. “What are you talking about? I already told you and Choro-chan I wanted to stay here for at least two more days. I’m not really in a hurry to go back to running the show back there.” Even the leader of a band of demons needed a vacation sometimes.

“And?” Karamatsu was definitely finding himself more than irritated. Usually he went along with Osomatsu’s whims even if they were disagreeable, but this was one of the instances where he went too far.

Osomatsu’s expression fell as he narrowed his crimson eyes towards Karamatsu. “Are you going to do something about it?” He stood up before the ao andon, seeing if he wanted to dare challenge him. To his surprise, Karamatsu rose up in response.

“Oh?” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to grin as he somehow found the idea of fighting with his brother to be exciting. It wasn’t like they had their weapons anyway, so there shouldn’t be any permanent damage.

Electricity crackled around his palm, lighting up the area as he was getting fired up. Karamatsu, in turn, surrounded himself with a veil of glowing blue flames that Osomatsu hadn’t seen in oh so long. Blood rushed through his veins as he was readying to lunge towards the ao andon. Suddenly, the bonfire went out-- commanding their attentions for a mere second before they were blown into the lake with a powerful gust of wind.

“I leave for barely an hour and you two are trying to burn the forest down?!” Choromatsu, with his ha-uchiwa in hand, shouted as he came back to camp to this terrifying display. He really hated breaking these two up and was glad that he arrived before things started getting really messy.  

Both of them came to the surface and gasped for air as they locked eyes. Karamatsu immediately came over to Osomatsu and tried to push him into the water, while Osomatsu was clawing at the ao andon’s neck.

A vein popped onto Choromatsu’s temple as he was being ignored by these two idiots. He sent another few gales their way which caused the water to wave and consume them both. Out of their element, Karamatsu and Osomatsu were overpowered by the tides and struggled to come up to the edge of the lake instead. They were met with Choromatsu’s stern presence as he eyed down to them.

“We cannot fight amongst each other!” The daitengu spoke firmly as Osomatsu and Karamatsu finally looked up towards him, both pathetically wet and disheveled.

“What’s gotten into you two?” Choromatsu frowned as he stepped back while Osomatsu pulled himself up from the water.

“Karamatsu wanted to go back home and I didn’t.” Osomatsu shrugged as he then got his arm whopped by the side of Choromatsu’s fan. “Ow!” He hissed, holding onto the area he struck as he glared to the tengu.

“Don’t lie to me. There’s way more than that.”

Karamatsu frowned as he slowly pulled himself out, not wanting to look at Osomatsu at all. He slicked his wet hair back as he met Choromatsu’s eyes who was expecting an explanation.

“Karamatsu.” Choromatsu firmly spoke as he hoped that Karamatsu would be more honest with him as usual.

Karamatsu grunted as he paused, looking away before he answered. “He forced himself on Todomatsu-kun.” Karamatsu spat out, glaring daggers towards Osomatsu who was so taken aback at his statement. Choromatsu was stunned as well by the blunt nature of his answer.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Osomatsu gritted his teeth as he approached Karamatsu and grabbed the ao andon by the front of his garments.

“Do not call me a rapist!” He growled as Karamatsu watched back to him unfazed.

“Just because you have a little crush on our pet does not mean you can say whatever you want and I won’t beat your ass!”

“Doesn’t change what it was.” Karamatsu retorted as he narrowed his eyes. Osomatsu bit his lip so hard he could swear he tasted blood as tightened his grip and reeled his fist back.

“...Uh. I thought we were just going to avoid talking about it but hasn’t this whole thing regarding Todomatsu-san been pretty despicable?” Choromatsu already knew for sure that he was going to hell for associating with them and looking the other way from the countless things they’ve done in the past. Pillaging, murder, debauchery-- and the list goes on. Though despite all that, it seemed as if they still had their standards.

“No!” Karamatsu and Osomatsu shouted in unison to reject the tengu’s claim, causing the younger to sweat.

“C’mon, Choromatsu!” Osomatsu scoffed, shoving Karamatsu away in order to defend himself. He didn’t want Choromatsu of all people to get the wrong idea after all. “You’ve seen how I treat him! I never so much as struck Todomatsu even once .”

Osomatsu huffed, appalled that mistreatment was even suggested in the first place. “I rubbed those ugly ass scars off of him, stuffed him full of persimmons, and even let him drink some of my expensive ass tea.” Osomatsu found himself getting riled up as he listed off the examples of kindness he showed to the tanuki.

“And we can’t forget that as innocent as he looks he tried to steal from me. I could’ve killed him.” The shuten-douji eyed them both, wondering if they would try to debate that.

“I should’ve killed him. He owes me his life. If he came to me earlier in my life I wouldn’t have had second thoughts of keeping him as a slave if I had enough restraint to not slit his throat on sight.”

Karamatsu frowned, finding himself quite displeased at hearing Osomatsu’s explanation. Choromatsu just kept quiet as he listened to him, definitely understanding where he was coming from but it was still the point of view of someone who had power for over a millennium.

“...But you’re not that person anymore.” Choromatsu finally spoke out as he reached out and took Osomatsu’s hand in his. Osomatsu tensed and glanced down with a frown, but was taken aback by Choromatsu’s kind, sympathetic expression.

“You weren’t that person four-hundred years back when you took me in.” Choromatsu was thoroughly convinced of this as he watched Osomatsu with patience.

"You’re not the type now. You don’t brutalize others for no reason." Osomatsu definitely had troubles coping with his past and has made great strides and efforts to change his way of life. The idea of having another youkai as a pet was still pretty fucked up but he could tell that Osomatsu at least cared about Todomatsu’s happiness and well-being in his own twisted ways.

Osomatsu huffed, trying to find anything to say to that but he was feeling himself calm as Choromatsu’s gentle hands kept around his. He always wondered why Choromatsu would bother trying to understand him since they were as opposite as can be on the morality spectrum. The fact that Choromatsu, the daitengu who never even so much as took another’s life, would even attempt to sympathize with a monster like him boggled his mind.

The shuten-douji’s expression softened and became gentle as he raised Choromatsu’s hands to his mouth. Osomatsu kissed over his fingers gently as he then pressed his forehead on them. Choromatsu’s lashes lowered in a smile as he took one hand away to rest on Osomatsu’s cheek-- the other leaning towards his touch in response.

Karamatsu watched silently as he felt his own rage began to ebb away. Still, he was filled with unease of Todomatsu’s image of them and would like to do anything to soothe his worries. He eyed away to the persistent rushing of the waterfall-- focusing on the movement and white noise as he tried to find peace of mind.  

“...Is Todomatsu-kun alright?” The ao andon muttered out in question, knowing that Choromatsu went to check up on them earlier.

Choromatsu looked back towards Karamatsu, Osomatsu gently letting him go as a result as he took a seat on the nearby log. “He was awake when I was there. He ate some persimmons and Ichimatsu-san was watching over him.” Choromatsu answered as he could feel some tension release from Karamatsu’s muscles.

“He’s fine.” The daitengu reassured to ease the last of his worries.

“I see. Thank you, Choromatsu.” Karamatsu replied with a sigh as he sat back onto his own log. Definitely not the same one Osomatsu was on.

Osomatsu frowned, feeling emotionally exhausted as he gave out a long heaving sigh. “...I guess we can go back tomorrow. Sleeping in the dirt sucks ass anyway.” He eyed their tent and campsite that got torn up by Choromatsu’s wind from earlier as the daitengu looked upon the remnants with regret.

“...But I think we should stay until morning so I can apologize to Todomatsu.” Osomatsu muttered out as he looked away, feeling abashed for some reason.

“Aniki…” Karamatsu’s expression softened as he looked towards Osomatsu. He couldn’t believe the words he was hearing and he couldn’t help but to feel a wash of relief at the change of his perspective.

Choromatsu gave a soft gasp. He was so proud of how far Osomatsu came. He was still a horrible person but the fact that he would push away his pride like that was a beautiful gesture. “Osomatsu-niisan…” His tone was so touched that Osomatsu couldn’t help but to become even more embarrassed.

“Oh my god. Choromatsu, please don’t.” Osomatsu could tell that Choromatsu was nearly brought to tears as the tengu came towards him to give him a hug. Osomatsu pouted as he was embraced, but he couldn’t help but to feel his heart flutter at how loving Choromatsu was towards him.

Karamatsu blinked in confusion as he witnessed this and heard Choromatsu’s familiar term of endearment on top of it all. “Did you just call him ‘nii-san’?” Karamatsu gave a quirk of his brows as he gave a light chuckle. Choromatsu’s eyes snapped open in realization as his expression bloomed with red.

“When was this?” Karamatsu smiled as he came to their side, sitting next to Osomatsu as he caught the tengu’s shy expression.

“Um-- Uh. Well.” Choromatsu stuttered as he didn’t even know where to start, but he began with pulling himself away from Osomatsu. The shuten-douji gave a grin as he yanked Choromatsu back towards him, earning a yelp and as he held him to his chest.

“Oh right. This afternoon Choro-chan confessed his love for me~” Osomatsu teased, grinning at Choromatsu in his hold.

“Actually, you were the one who admitted it first…” Choromatsu murmured softly, happily blushing at the memory. He would never, ever forget it.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re right~” Osomatsu grinned as he looked to Choromatsu’s expression. He was like a teenager.

“And we consummated it behind that very waterfall didn’t we?” Osomatsu cooed and made a smoochy face as Choromatsu completely reddened in shock at his casual way of speaking about it. Choromatsu blocked Osomatsu’s face coming towards him as his wings flapped while he backed away. Even Karamatsu’s eyes widened with a flush-- completely in disbelief. It didn’t even cross his mind that was the reason why Osomatsu wanted a one-on-one with him!

“Ow!” Osomatsu shut an eye as he was struck by a wing, letting Choromatsu go as he pouted. Choromatsu flustered as he tried to recompose himself but to no avail.

“I always disliked that about you! You have no tact whatsoever and say things that are completely private!” Choromatsu huffed as Osomatsu just gave him a blank expression in turn.

“Huh? Who cares if Karamatsu knows? He was going to find out eventually.” Osomatsu reached out for Choromatsu to come back to him but the tengu slapped his hand away with a wing.

“Ow. Choro-chan nooo…” Osomatsu whined as he leaned forward and tugged on his robes.

“Let go!” Choromatsu frowned, trying to yank back his robe from his grip. The daitengu was embarrassed and irritated but he really wasn’t too mad... And Osomatsu could tell as he gave a sly smile.

“So I guess you also don’t want Karamatsu knowing that you masturbate with your butt to your onii-chan?” Osomatsu grinned as he tugged him closer while Choromatsu’s mouth opened in complete shock. He felt so embarrassed he could die.

Karamatsu stared at them, feeling somewhat uncomfortable but incredibly curious about knowing all of these details now. It’s like he didn’t even know his brothers at all. Maybe he didn’t.

“Y-Y-You!! You were the pervert who spied on me!!” Choromatsu shrieked as Osomatsu kept trying to pull him back. Then a sudden wash of realization came over him.

“C-Come to think of it… How did you? I always did it with the covers on.” And it was definitely something he kept behind closed doors as private and quiet as possible. Things were not matching up.

Osomatsu chuckled at how adorable and gullible his lover was. “I lied~” He smiled as he stuck his tongue out and he could swear he saw steam come from Choromatsu’s face as the other got even more embarrassed. His shock allowed Osomatsu to pull him towards him again as he was overwhelmed with shame.

Osomatsu laughed as he grinned and teased him. “I didn’t even know you jerked off. You don’t even drink so I thought you took your monk-hood super seriously.” Choromatsu felt himself dying as he placed his face into his palms which Osomatsu found so uncharacteristically adorable of him. He wanted more and more.

“So about your fantasies--”

“Shut up!! Don’t say anymore!” Choromatsu’s voice cracked as he placed his hands over Osomatsu’s mouth to silence him. He’d go on and on if he didn’t stop him! Osomatsu stuck his tongue out and childishly licked over Choromatsu’s hands which caused the tengu to jerk them back.

Osomatsu grinned as he grabbed his wrists to prevent him from probably punching him for what he was about to say. “I have to know: did you include Karamatsu in them too?” Karamatsu choked at that as Osomatsu managed to make him feel embarrassed too.

And with that Choromatsu gasped in horror as blood refused to leave his cheeks. “...No!”

Osomatsu gasped as his eyes gleamed with excitement as a mischievous grin painted over his face. “You did! You’re such a bad liar! You definitely did!” Osomatsu laughed as he just loved finding out these naughty things about his pure little Choromatsu.

“Please tell me! I’ll do anything if you tell me!” Osomatsu begged as Choromatsu stuttered and fumbled over his words as he pulled himself back.

“A-Aniki, I think that’s enough.” Karamatsu placed a hand on Osomatsu’s shoulder to help Choromatsu. He could tell the tengu was overwhelmed with embarrassment and Osomatsu did tend to take his teasing too far.

“Oh, come on! Are you really not curious to what kind of depraved sexual fantasies Choromatsu kept to himself for god knows how long?” Osomatsu kept a grip over Choromatsu as the tengu tried getting away. He was not going to let go of this golden opportunity so easily.

“...I must admit I am but really I think Choromatsu doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.” Karamatsu flushed as he hopefully could put this topic to bed for Choromatsu’s sake. Choromatsu nodded feverishly and thanked Karamatsu with his eyes as he pleaded for Osomatsu to not push it further.

Osomatsu rolled his eyes and groaned as he pouted and looked to Choromatsu. “Fine. I’ll drop it.” He mumbled as Choromatsu gave a sigh in relief.

But Osomatsu still held onto him. “...If you tell me one fantasy of yours that includes Karamatsu.”

“That’s not dropping it!!” Choromatsu practically screeched as his feathers and hair stood on end. But he really did want this to pass as soon as possible and he knew that Osomatsu had a persistent attitude to a fault.

“F-Fine. Let go of me first.”

Osomatsu’s eyes gleamed with enthusiasm as he immediately done what he was told.

Choromatsu cleared his throat as he practically felt dizzy from how long his face was red as he patted down his robes to neaten them up. “Uh…” He didn’t know where to begin as he felt their eyes on him. He looked down to the ground for comfort but it still didn’t make this easier.

“Y-You know when you two get too drunk and I end up having to take you up to my room to take care of you guys…” Choromatsu felt his voice getting more and more quiet as he continued on, his wings flapped a bit nervously.

Osomatsu and Karamatsu listened intently with bated breath. Even Osomatsu didn’t tack on anything stupid to prevent Choromatsu from finishing.

“I-I always thought maybe… What if something happened… Because you two were drunk…” Choromatsu’s volume went down to barely a whisper as he was finishing his sentence. His face flared up as he couldn’t go into detail at all. He glanced up to see their response and they still were staring at him like he had more to say.

“....Yeah?” Osomatsu finally breathed as he wanted Choromatsu to be encouraged to continue.

“...That’s it.” Choromatsu replied as his eyes shifted in between the two and the ground he stood on.

Osomatsu groaned as he threw his head back in exasperation, feeling totally ripped off. “Choro-chan I didn’t think it was possible for you to blue-ball me with a story but you managed. Amazing, amazing...”

Karamatsu was positively flustered at the thought though. He never imagined that Choromatsu would even consider him a sexual partner or that the tengu was a sexual being at all. “Um… I see. Well. I’m flattered, Choromatsu.”

Choromatsu sighed with relief as he got that all off his shoulders. Now he could go back to pretending everything was normal and that he still had some dignity. “...Right. Well. We should probably sleep. It is getting late.” The tengu cleared his throat as he managed to find and salvage one of their straw rolls that had blown away earlier. The rest were long gone with their comfort for the night.

Choromatsu frowned as he looked at their potential sleeping situation for the night. “Looks like we’re sharing this thing.” He muttered as he rolled it out and placed a hand on his head as he questioned if there was enough room for the three of them.

Osomatsu grinned with half-lidded eyes. “Oh no. What a shame…”

“What a shame that we have to share the same conveniently small mat.” He smiled as he came behind Choromatsu, loosely wrapping his arms around his waist. “And no tent too… Looks like we’ll have to press our bodies against each other if we want to keep warm.”

Osomatsu smirked as he whispered hotly against his ear. “Of course, you get to be in the middle...”

Choromatsu’s eyes narrowed as Osomatsu insisted on his tasteless methods of teasing. “...I’m sleeping behind the waterfall.” The tengu muttered as he began to pry Osomatsu’s grip off of him.

“Okay, no. Wait, I’m sorry.” Osomatsu pouted as he kept Choromatsu in an embrace. The other looking back with a triangular frown as Osomatsu watched back to him.

“...Stay with us?” Osomatsu asked genuinely as Choromatsu found himself weak to whenever he was being sincere.

“...Fine.” Choromatsu sighed as he gave a small kiss on Osomatsu’s cheek, much to the older’s pleasure. “But you two are sopping wet…” He frowned as he was getting dampened just from being held by Osomatsu.

“Oh, no… I guess we have to… take off all of our clothes.” Osomatsu just couldn’t resist.

Choromatsu pursed his lips as he reeled his hand back to smack Osomatsu upside the head but the demon saw it coming and immediately blocked it.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! You’re just so easy, Choro-chan!” Osomatsu bursted out laughing as he backed off. Choromatsu watched him with a disapproving frown.

“You’re so violent~ I guess we are pretty bad influences though.”

Karamatsu was getting chilly as he actually did find this to be a problem though. “Choromatsu has a point. What are we going to do?”

Choromatsu placed a hand at his chin in thought, thinking of all of the solutions he could. But of course the easiest one was to go back to the shrine and ask to borrow some clothes. “Let’s go back to Ichimatsu-san’s house. I’m sure he won’t mind too terribly if we just went to borrow some clothes.”

“Haha… I’m sure.” Osomatsu knew how much they irritated the kitsune but he always found it to be amusing.

He shrugged as he slung his arms over both Karamatsu and Choromatsu. “Well, then! Let’s get going before we catch a cold.”

The kitsune made sure Todomatsu had everything he needed as he extinguished most of the lamps around the house, save for one for some dim general lighting. The tanuki was well into his dreamland as Ichimatsu closed the screen doors around him to allow his brother some privacy.

Ichimatsu was excited to retire himself as he went over to his and Jyushimatsu’s shared makeshift room. Jyushimatsu had readied himself for bed and put the futon out dutifully as he wagged his tail, seeing his brother finally return. He was so glad that Jyushimatsu returned home promptly after Choromatsu had left. If something happened to Jyushimatsu while he went off by himself he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the next year.

“Long day, huh?” Ichimatsu spoke softly as he closed the screens behind him, smirking as he knew they were thinking of the same thing.

“Yeah!” Jyushimatsu panted as he extended his arms out, eager to hold the kitsune.

Ichimatsu eyed down to him as he smiled and came close. The inugami held around his waist eagerly as he couldn’t help but to nuzzle into the nook of Ichimatsu’s neck, inhaling the other’s scent deeply. Ichimatsu promptly stroked over Jyushimatsu’s chest as he settled in front of him and traced upwards to his collarbone and neck which only caused Jyushimatsu’s tail to beat loudly against their comforter.

“Shh... “ The kitsune gently hushed to calm him, knowing that Jyushimatsu couldn’t wait anymore as he began to undo his own yukata in front of him.

Jyushimatsu practically drooled at the sight as his eyes widened with eagerness, taking in all of Ichimatsu’s figure with his erection standing before him. The kitsune’s torso was soft from not doing too much physical activity as they passed their days together but his legs were perfectly soft yet toned just from having to walk from town and back on a daily basis. No matter how much time has passed, the excitement and rush he got from looking at Ichimatsu’s bare body remained the same. Jyushimatsu loved everything about it-- and the fact that he hardly ever made the decision to wear underwear. Sometimes, it took everything in his power in order to not mount his brother midafternoon when he’s inhaling his scent while on his lap. And actually, when they were alone, more often than not he gave into that temptation.

“Hah… Nii-san, can I?” Jyushimatsu always made an effort to ask for permission when he wasn’t uncontrollably excited. He grabbed Ichimatsu’s hips as he stared intently at his perfectly perked member.

Ichimatsu smirked, his cheeks flushing as he adored how eager Jyushimatsu was to please. “How could I say no... ? You’ve been patient all day.”

If only Choromatsu didn’t come back by himself earlier, they would’ve had the whole house to themselves to do whatever they wanted. But being forced to wait almost made it even better.

“Go ahead.” The kitsune’s heart rate went up as he gave permission, knowing that he was mere seconds away from feeling that amazing tongue around him.

Jyushimatsu’s face flushed at that as he kept that wide eager smile on his expression.

“Thanks for the meal~” The inugami hummed out happily as he closed his eyes, taking in Ichimatsu as deeply as he could off the bat as the kitsune rewarded him with a hitch in his breathing and subsequent pants.

Ichimatsu moaned out as he felt that well-practiced mouth work magic all over his length. It always amazed him that Jyushimatsu seemed to have no gag reflex what-so-ever as he felt him swallow around him.

The inugami buried Ichimatsu into his throat, looking so blissfully happy as Ichimatsu ran his fingers through his hair, gripping him as he began to thrust into his heat. Jyushimatsu was unbearably hard himself as he panted through his nose around his brother’s erection. His paws moved back to Ichimatsu’s rear as he gave a squeeze, resulting in another moan from the elder.

The heat Ichimatsu reserved all day already felt like it was about to come out so he yanked Jyushimatsu away. A sloppy trail of thick saliva acted as a connection between the inugami’s lips and the head of his dick as he was pulled away.

“Haha… Nii-san already?” Jyushimatsu panted as he lapped at the head of his member to clean him up a bit.

“Yeah…” Ichimatsu groaned as Jyushimatsu really was too much for him.

“So, turn around…” Ichimatsu commanded in a low tone as he took his hand back to allow room for Jyushimatsu to obey. But the inugami had other plans as he yanked Ichimatsu’s legs forward from beneath him, causing the kitsune to fall back onto the futon unprepared.

“Ow!” Ichimatsu hissed, hitting his head against the futon which was considerably similar to hitting his head against the floor that laid right beneath it.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Jyushimatsu apologized but he seemed to be completely focused on the sight before him as he raised Ichimatsu’s legs up to gain access to his pink hole.

“Actually, I want to do nii-san tonight…” He couldn’t help but to let out a low moan as he leaned forward and ran his tongue over that tight entrance-- causing Ichimatsu to softly gasp in response.

Ichimatsu usually didn’t mind Jyushimatsu topping, but his crazy dick was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing being quite obvious during and the curse being not being able to walk quite well the next day. But he didn’t even have time to consider it as Jyushimatsu pretty much made up his mind and started to push his tongue at his hole.

Ichimatsu would be lying if he said that Jyushimatsu’s mouth wasn’t absolutely astounding in more ways than one. Since Jyushimatsu couldn’t really finger him, he made sure to find an alternative way to prepare him. And it was fucking amazing every time. He felt that strong muscle enter him as deeply as Jyushimatsu could as the inugami’s lips pressed against him. Ichimatsu panted out as he gave a soft moan as the appendage within him worked expertly along his insides.

“H-Hah… Jyushimatsu…” Ichimatsu gasped as he reached down, stroking Jyushimatsu’s head to encourage him. The inugami gave a happy flick of his ears as he slid his tongue out. He ran it upwards as he suckled at Ichimatsu’s package beneath his member, earning him a low moan from the kitsune.

“F-Fuck…” Ichimatsu cussed as he was practically going to cum just from having his balls sucked on. He raised his legs up as he moved his hand beneath him to spread his hole open for Jyushimatsu’s visual pleasure.

“I’m good. Hurry up…” Ichimatsu whispered as he could see Jyushimatsu part and stare straight at his twitching entrance, causing Ichimatsu to smirk with delight.

“Okay… If you say so…!” Jyushimatsu was pretty sure that Ichimatsu could afford to be stretched out just a little more but he supposed he’d just have to do it with his dick. It was an easy decision as he positioned himself over the kitsune and aimed the head of his swollen red member at his hole.

“Nii-san, help?” Jyushimatsu panted as his member eagerly leaked fluids against him, pre dribbling down Ichimatsu’s slit.

Ichimatsu chuckled softly as he took Jyushimatsu’s member into his hand to help steady and guide him in. “What would you do without me…?” He teased light-heartedly as he eyed down between them.

“Probably be reaaaally, really horny.” Jyushimatsu swallowed as he found himself closer and closer to his reward for being such a patient boy the entire day. Without another second’s notice he began to press slowly into Ichimatsu’s heat, letting out a soft whimper as he tried to be just a little more patient for Ichimatsu’s sake.

Ichimatsu flushed and moaned as he felt Jyushimatsu slowly sink into him. He shifted to make it easier for him as he crossed his legs around the inugami’s back, much to the other’s pleasure as Jyushi pressed in further. Jyushimatsu’s pants became louder and more labored as he got more excited. He gave a single solid thrust to embed the rest of himself all the way into the kitsune, earning a higher pitched moan from Ichimatsu beneath him. The inugami wasted no more time-- encouraged by Ichimatsu’s pleasurable noises, he began to move in and out of the kitsune with swift, shallow thrusts.

Jyushimatsu’s dick was definitely outstanding in size, which led to Ichimatsu topping for most nights if he had to be somewhere the next day. The inugami’s length paired with his stamina has left him incapacitated in the past but damn if it didn’t feel mindblowing each time. Ichimatsu gasped and panted out, feeling amazing already as Jyushimatsu’s member pistoned against his prostate. His insides clenching down each time gave Jyushimatsu all the encouragement he needed to keep repeatedly hitting that spot inside of him with expertise.

Ichimatsu bit his lip to try to keep quiet as he reached a hand down to pump himself along with the inugami’s thrusts. His own member felt firm in his own palm, throbbing occasionally from want as he stroked at himself to completion. His muscles tightened and contracted around Jyushimatsu’s insanely hot cock as ribbons of his release painted over his own chest.

Jyushimatsu moaned out, shivering from the sights and the contractions as he leaned down to give a long, firm lick over Ichimatsu’s chest to clean him. He lapped and pressed against the other’s exposed nipple as he was encouraged with a delightful hissing from his brother. His eyelids came down halfway as he caught a glimpse of Ichimatsu’s twitching, eager center in between them.

“Haaah… Nii-san’s still hard?” Jyushimatsu smiled at the lewd image of it moving according to his thrusts as Ichimatsu’s muscles twitched and body shivered.

“Y-Yeah…” Ichimatsu groaned, taking his hand back to grab against the sheets as he gyrated his rear back against Jyushimatsu’s dick, making the inugami whine happily.

“Don’t slow down for my sake…” The kitsune moaned as Jyushimatsu leaned in closer, wrapping a paw around him to support the small of his back.

Ichimatsu lowered his voice as he stroked the inugami’s hair. “In fact, go ahead… Let loose.”

Jyushimatsu’s eyes widened in excitement as his cock throbbed inside from Ichimatsu’s words. He was really good most of the time when he wanted to spontaneously top-- making sure to even pull out before he knotted him. But the fact that this was spontaneous and Ichimatsu was allowing him to go all the way fueled the heat in his loins. He didn’t want Ichimatsu to change his mind as he held onto him and firmly thrusted inside of him with a full, deep pace.

Ichimatsu gasped out as he wrapped his arms around Jyushimatsu’s back, clutching the fabric of his yukata as he endured this unrestrained pace. His eyebrows furrowed as he gritted his teeth, trying to not make sounds that would wake Todomatsu up as he felt the other’s cock leave almost completely before ramming all the way back inside of him.

“Hhaaaa… Ichimatsu-niisan always feels the best when Totty’s home…” Jyushimatsu voice purred low against the side of Ichimatsu’s neck as he kept his consistent pace. Even if Ichimatsu himself was quiet, it didn’t stop the obscene sounds of their skin smacking firmly together from echoing throughout the shrine.

“Totty has pretty good ears too, you know…” The inugami panted as he licked over a sensitive vein on his neck, causing the elder to shiver in pleasure and tighten in response to his words.

Ichimatsu knew he was already fucked up for having a sexual relationship with who he would consider his brother. But it hardly mattered since he knew that Jyushimatsu felt so much love and adoration for him in various ways. The inugami clearly didn’t care as he thrusted relentlessly into his heat, filling Ichimatsu as he lovingly nuzzled against the nook of his neck. The kitsune bit his lip and moaned shakily as he felt Jyushimatsu press inside of him, as deep as he could. Knowing what came next shot up Ichimatsu’s heart rate as his dick twitched in between them in anticipation.

Jyushimatsu emitted a low growl from his throat as his thrusts became extremely shallow, keeping to the hilt as much as he could as his base began to swell within the kitsune. Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to let out a muffled, restrained moan as he felt the thickness within him increase-- stretching him out slowly as he shakily gripped at Jyushimatsu’s back. Feeling the absolute fullness within him as his knot swell to completion spotted Ichimatsu’s sight with black as he felt ringing in his ears. Little jolts of pleasure and electricity ran throughout his entire body at every involuntary twitch and squeeze his hole gave around it. Just the feeling and thought of being held down-- being mated caused Ichimatsu’s second undoing as his member messily released between their bodies.

Jyushimatsu let out a loud moan as he felt Ichimatsu’s insides firmly contract around him. He pressed their hips together with no space in between as his own muscles tightened, flooding his lover’s inside with fluids as his knot blocked any means of escape. Ichimatsu’s mind buzzed as his insides squeeze down and encourage an insane amount of semen to fill him.

The heat was overwhelming for Ichimatsu as it settled within him-- but at the same time incredibly comforting. Jyushimatsu tiredly lowered himself on Ichimatsu but being sure to not put too much pressure on him as he kept himself supported with his paws on either side of his brother. Ichimatsu sighed as he scratched behind Jyushimatsu’s ears fondly, placing a kiss on the side of his head.

“Time for bed…” Ichimatsu chuckled as he still felt Jyushimatsu literally attached to him but it would slip out on its own soon enough. Jyushimatsu nodded in turn as his tail waved about in contentment, embracing Ichimatsu gently as he waited for his knot to go down.

The kitsune sighed happily as he welcomed sleep.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Ichimatsu’s eyes ripped open as he heard the echoing knocks of the entrance’s door. Jyushimatsu rose his upper body off of Ichimatsu as the inugami’s ears perked in attention.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” The kitsune muttered as he looked towards the entrance with anxiety. He didn’t want to shout to wake Todomatsu up but he also still had Jyushimatsu’s fucking knot in him.

“Um… I’ll get it!” Jyushimatsu reassured as he tugged back, only to make Ichimatsu wince in pain.

“O-Ow! Ow! Ow!” Ichimatsu hissed as he gripped Jyushimatsu to hold him in place. Having him pull out prematurely after orgasm was definitely not a fun type of pain. “It’s fine! Maybe they’ll leave.”

“Ichimatsu-san? Sorry, if you’re sleeping. But we need to borrow some clothes.” Choromatsu’s voice called from the other side as he was at least polite enough to give Ichimatsu a chance to answer.

“Just fucking go home already.” Ichimatsu spat venom under his breath as he looked towards the entrance. He couldn’t even enjoy getting fucked in the comfort of his own house while these guys were hovering about.

“Ichimatsu-san?” Knock, knock, knock.

“God fucking dammit.” The kitsune cussed as he threw his head back and gave a deep exhale. He grabbed Jyushimatsu as he wanted to get this over as quick as possible. “Okay. Pull.”

Jyushimatsu gave a look of concern as his ears folded down.

“Pull out!” Ichimatsu hissed under his breath as he braced himself. The inugami hesitantly complied as he knelt and slowly pulled his hips back. The pain was absolutely searing; it pissed Ichimatsu off so much. It was definitely not Jyushimatsu’s fault but he could tell it made him feel bad which made him feel like shit. He fucking hated dealing with these three youkai. Tears brimmed the corners of his eyes as his body would not let Jyushimatsu go and the fact that he was trying to rush this was making it worse.

Thankfully, by some miracle, he could hear Todomatsu groan as the tanuki woke up. Of course, he was disturbed by the knocking too. Ichimatsu halted Jyushimatsu as they could hear Todomatsu’s screen door slide open before their younger brother began shuffling towards the entrance. Ichimatsu let out an exhausted groan in relief as he laid limp against his futon. Jyushimatsu giggled softly as he nuzzled his brother to comfort him.

Todomatsu opened the door with a sleepy expression, rubbing his eyes as he was definitely grumpy from being woken up. “What?” He muttered as he looked at the three before him.

Karamatsu didn’t expect Todomatsu to answer the door so he immediately stiffened and backed off.

Osomatsu blinked and gave a friendly smile as he leaned towards him. “Todo-chan! You feeling okay?”

“Don’t talk to me.” Todomatsu grumbled as he shifted his eyes over the three. He focused on Choromatsu who was the furthest in front and the most neutral of them all.

“What happened? You guys look like shit.”

Choromatsu sighed. “They fell in the lake. So we need to borrow some clothes. Is that okay?”

Todomatsu frowned for a moment as he thought it over before he groaned and opened the door up wider. “Just come in. But be quiet. Jyushimatsu-niisan and Ichimatsu-niisan are sleeping.”

“Todo-chan~ So cute~ You’re the best.” Osomatsu hummed as he kept a little distance away, allowing Choromatsu to enter first. The oni practically dragged Karamatsu to follow as the ao andon was hesitant of stepping over the threshold. Choromatsu reminded them to take off their shoes as he closed the door, blocking the cold night air out.

Todomatsu approached the sunken hearth in the middle of the room. He knelt down before it as he began to clack flint and steel together to get a fire started. They would usually utilize it in the winter, but it was cold enough anyway and their clothes needed to dry somehow.

Osomatsu wondered what Todomatsu was doing at first but he quickly realized that Todomatsu couldn’t set a fire with his aura. With good intentions in mind he approached him to help. “I’ll light it for you.”

“No. I’ll light it for you .” Todomatsu glanced up with irritation as he got a successful spark and a small flame going. He was thankful that it went smoothly that time. Sometimes he just couldn’t light it right but he usually didn’t have to with Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu around. Todomatsu nurtured the fire with a few prods of a metal stick as Choromatsu approached and undid his top dampened layer of clothing.

“Thank you.” Choromatsu spoke quietly as he began to warm himself up by the irori. Todomatsu nodded as he got up to search for some towels and anything that they could spare.

Once Todomatsu left their immediate range, Choromatsu glanced back to Osomatsu who was beginning to take off his waterlogged clothes. “Weren’t you going to apologize?” The tengu narrowed his eyes as he reminded him.

Osomatsu blinked before he gave a sigh. “I tried helping him just now. He didn’t want it.”

“That’s not an apology.” Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he knew how completely awkward Osomatsu was when it came to things like this. Karamatsu began to take off his own garments as well, the chilling weight leaving only making him feel slightly better.

“Fine, fine. I’ll do it properly.” Osomatsu muttered like a child as he looked over to Todomatsu who was coming back with towels and some spare garments.

“I found these robes in storage. They should be able to fit you two.” The tanuki spoke out simply as he offered them to Karamatsu and Osomatsu who actually took them graciously.

“Thank you, Todomatsu-kun…” Karamatsu breathed out as he looked at the robes, barely being able to make eye-contact with him as he gave a bit of a bow.

“Yeah, thanks.” Osomatsu followed up as Choromatsu cleared his throat to remind Osomatsu what he should do.

“Oh right.” Osomatsu spoke out as he placed the robes to the side and lightly tugged on Todomatsu to get his attention. The tanuki frowning and eyeing him as he waited to hear what he wanted to say. Osomatsu shifted to a proper kneeling position as he took a gentle hold on Todomatsu’s hand, which the tanuki eyed suspiciously.

“Sorry for double penetrating you without your verbal consent.” The oni spoke out sincerely which caused Todomatsu to completely frizz up in horror as those words escaped Osomatsu’s mouth. Even worse, he could swear he heard Ichimatsu coughing from his room.

Karamatsu and Choromatsu jaws hung in shock at how tactless Osomatsu was. The tengu wasn’t surprised at all but he was absolutely appalled as he smacked Osomatsu upside the head.

“Ow! What the fuck?!” Osomatsu winced as he released Todomatsu’s hand.

“That’s not what I meant by apologizing!” Choromatsu’s voice came out in a harshened whisper as he scolded him.

“But I was really sincere though?! And was that not what I’m apologizing for?”

Todomatsu placed a hand over his mouth as he flustered and looked away, only to catch a glance of Karamatsu who looked at him for only a second before he bowed deeply in front of him.

“Todomatsu-kun, I’m so sorry for what we did to you. Especially me for not putting a stop to it.” Karamatsu breathed out as he practically begged the other for forgiveness. “I hope you understand how remorseful we are for the whole thing when we return home tomorrow.”

Todomatsu blinked at that as he lowered his hand from his mouth. “...You three are going home tomorrow?”

Osomatsu rubbed his head as he pulled Choromatsu to calm down and turned his attention to Todomatsu. “Yeah, I got work to do. Being the leader and all. Y’know.” He shrugged as he tried to appear casual about it.

Thank fucking god… ” Ichimatsu’s lashes lowered as he listened into the conversation. Jyushimatsu was already passed out next to him, blissfully asleep and unaware.

“Oh…” Todomatsu simply replied as he seemed shocked at how they were actually being decent beings for once. He looked down at Kara who was still in his groveling position-- so he knelt in front of him and pat him on the shoulder to look up. “It’s fine. I forgive you.”

Karamatsu gave a soft gasp as he looked up towards the tanuki. His look of genuine relief caused Todomatsu to fluster a bit as Karamatsu took his hands in his. “Oh, Todomatsu-kun… You are too gracious. I promise to make this up to you.”

Todomatsu watched as how Karamatsu seemed to be actually remorseful which he didn’t think these ancient youkai had the capacity to be so. Even Osomatsu apologized in his own messed up way. He smiled as he gave a pat onto Karamatsu’s hand to comfort him. “It’s fine. Just bring more persimmons when you come back.” Karamatsu seemed both shocked and elated at his reply.

“You’re welcoming us back?” Choromatsu looked to be surprised at Todomatsu’s suggestion.

“Huh? Oh. Yeah.” Todomatsu put out simply as he pulled his hand away from Karamatsu, even if the ao andon didn’t want to let him go just yet. “I mean, that was the plan right? You guys visit once in awhile and everything is fine?”

Osomatsu grinned at that as he felt overjoyed by how much Todomatsu warmed up to them as he gave a ruffle to the tanuki’s head. “Of course! We’ll bring you lots and lots of persimmons! I’ll be sure to get you some of that tea you like so much too.”

“Don’t come back for a month!” Ichimatsu shouted as he had to say something. God forbid they came back the following week. Once a month was already way too much but he hoped to whittle it down over time to once a year and then once a century.

Todomatsu flustered as he confirmed that Ichimatsu definitely heard what Osomatsu said earlier…

Osomatsu groaned as he furrowed his brows at that but begrudgingly agreed. “Fine… We won’t be back for a month.” He really wished he had that extra day right about now but they already made their promises. “But are you sure you won’t miss us too much, Todo-chan?”

“Oh, I’m sure.” Todomatsu gave an exasperated expression as his eyelids lowered. He definitely wanted to rest for that month too.

“Ah, then it’s settled…” Karamatsu smiled, more than pleased with the arrangement. “We will return after a month.”

And not a day sooner… ” Ichimatsu sighed as he finally felt secure enough to sleep. He looked over towards Jyushimatsu’s calm and peaceful face as he brushed some strands of hair from the inugami’s sunny complexion.

The kitsune closed his eyes at last-- looking forward to the next month alone with his brothers.

Chapter Text

Todomatsu breath was shallow as he laid prostrate-- abandoned in the midst of the forest. Blood dripped and soaked into the fabric of his garments as his back looked positively torn up. It has only been six months since he’s been trying to live on his own and he’s already gotten into this much trouble.

He disobeyed the laws set by humans as he tried to acclimate to their society. But he blamed them-- it was their fault they would treat him like trash just because they knew he was a youkai. He wanted to start a new life in a different village but not before burning the bridges with this one. He stole a chicken and that’s when he was outnumbered and punished. Thievery was a heinous crime to them and they let him know with lash after lash.

I’ve got to move. I have to.” Todomatsu winced through the pain as he pulled himself towards an opening. He panted as he looked towards the prayer beads on his wrists his elder brother saw him off with. He wondered if that was the only reason why he was alive-- if it was because Ichimatsu’s aura was protecting him. He gritted his teeth as he gripped them, continuing to make his way until he managed to finally make it to the roadside.

It was getting dark and cold. Todomatsu was becoming distraught by the circumstances. He had been out nearly the entire afternoon which felt like eternity to him. He was becoming dehydrated and weak due to the blood loss. His only hope was to transform into a human so someone passing by would help him. The tanuki shakily picked up a leaf, trying to cast his magic but to no avail. His ears twitched to the growling of native animals as the curtains of night fell upon the area. He was too tired to move and he was sure that it was only a matter of time before a predator got to him.

Tears filled his eyes as they soundlessly dripped to the ground below. He looked at the prayer beads that faintly glowed of amethyst aura and sobbed. Todomatsu was sorry-- so sorry that he strayed from home. It would be about sixty years of Ichimatsu’s time that he would have wasted if he were to die here. He wanted to do anything he can to live. So he did what most desperate beings would and said a prayer.

Long minutes passed by before a figure before him stood with lantern. The light illuminated that part of the woods as he looked up to the man before him. Chestnut brown hair, lanky physique with calm eyes-- he was wearing a dôbuku sugata fit for a fine merchant or a samurai.

“You poor thing.”

The man’s mouth moved but Todomatsu couldn’t hear-- but he clung on to that speck of hope that he was the answer to his prayers. That he wouldn’t leave as his sight faded to black.

Todomatsu awoke. Thank god, he awoke. Consciousness was warm as he heard the crackling of a fire and the scent of a delicate broth. He was face down in a small house fit for a single person as he felt the ground beneath him. A straw mat? His back felt hot and painful-- but there was stinging of medication and the pressure of gauze around his torso. He glanced up to see the back of that man as he was stirring the pot.

A human…” Todomatsu thought to himself as he focused on him. He wondered if he successfully transformed into a human-- but he knew that he couldn’t have. And even if he did, he couldn’t possibly keep appearances while being unconscious.

The man turned around, hearing the shift of the mat as Todomatsu attempted to move.

“You’re awake.” His voice was calm and pleasant. Was he really not transformed right now? He couldn’t help but to wonder why a human would be so kind when there was so much preexisting conflict between their kinds.

Todomatsu opened his mouth to speak, but only dryness came out as he coughed. Immediately, the man knelt before him and offered him water with a wide spoon. “Here. Drink this.”

Todomatsu immediately complied, his thirst overcoming any doubts he had as he drank as much as he could. The liquid almost tasted sweet as it soothed his dry throat and filled him with relief. The man took another scoop of water and immediately fed it to him-- and another until Todomatsu finally slowed down.

“Thank you…” Todomatsu spoke as he tried to get up but sharp pains prickled down his flesh like fresh cuts. A cool hand pressed onto his shoulder as it guided him back down.

“Don’t get up. Your wounds will reopen.” The man warned as Todomatsu couldn’t do anything but comply. The tanuki sighed as he watched up to him.

“My name is Atsushi.” He introduced himself as he remained at Todomatsu’s side. “And you?”

Atsushi.” The tanuki realized how few people he knew by name. So long as his ears and tail were exposed, he would never receive such an introduction from the villagers. “Todomatsu…” The tanuki replied softly as he became awestruck by this man.

As inspiring as this was, Todomatsu felt his gut twist as he spoke. “As much as I appreciate you helping me-- I have to warn you that I’m a thief.” For some reason, he felt as if he owed it to his savior to tell him the truth. “I stole a chicken and this is my punishment for it.”

Atsushi listened to him well before he turned from him-- much to Todomatsu’s disappointment. “ He must think I’m a demon. ” His breath hitched as he wondered what he was going to do. Todomatsu laid there wordlessly because it was truly all he could do in his current state.

A bowl came into his sight-- steam coming off of it as Todomatsu blinked in surprise.

“As you said, you were already punished for it.” Atsushi spoke, his voice as calm as before. “You won’t steal from humans again, right?”

Todomatsu was shocked at his response. “I won’t.” He reassured. The tanuki usually didn’t make promises but it was a cheap exchange for having his life being saved. And if it was something he could do to repay this human he’d gladly abide by it.

“Then your lesson is over.” With that, Atsushi took a spoon and cooled it off as he offered the broth to Todomatsu’s lips. The tanuki looked up at him as he was fed once more-- allowing the hot broth down his throat. Even after just a couple of spoons, it warmed his stomach and relaxed his body. Atsushi tended to him until he finished a bowl’s worth-- and only then he moved to scoop his own to begin his meal.

“Why are you being so kind to me?” Todomatsu didn’t want to push his luck but he had to ask. He couldn’t wrap his mind of why a random human would even so much look his way.

“You needed my help, right?” Atsushi blew at his soup before he ate. He seemed hungry-- but he was speaking to him anyway. “I couldn’t just walk by.”

“But you could’ve.” Todomatsu thought outloud in reply as his eyes remained focused on him.

“Perhaps if I was heartless.” The man replied with confidence as he brought the bowl to his lips to finish off the first serving. He turned to get another scoop. “Would you like more?”

“No… I’m alright for now.” The tanuki replied, not necessarily having an appetite right now but still he appreciated the gesture. “Thank you.”

Atsushi nodded as he repeated the cycle-- blow, sip, and sigh. “You’re the first youkai I’ve spoken to.” He admitted as he looked to him. “How old are you?”

“Sixty.” Todomatsu answered with no problems as Atsushi seemed to listen curiously.

“You hardly look it. Perhaps even around my age.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen.” Atsushi replied in turn. “How long do you live?”

“As long as luck allows.” Todomatsu answered as he felt like this conversation wasn’t even real. The topic was as simple as age but he couldn’t help but to be positively captivated.

“What do you mean by that?” Atsushi could figure some by his wording but he wanted to confirm.

“Usually youkai can live for as long as they can avoid being killed.”

“Ah, I see.” Atsushi spoke, holding an empty bowl on his lap as he was satisfied with that answer. “Humans often die from old age or illness. In fact, there are many that do not live to your age.”

Sixty is so young though…” Todomatsu couldn’t help to think of how fragile humans must be. Yet, they can be incredibly vicious at the same time.

“Will your appearance age?” Atsushi followed up with another question of his. He wanted to ease all of his curiosities at once.

“No.” The tanuki simply replied. “I’ve remained the same for a solid forty years. I do know that humans change appearance as they age.”

“That’s amazing.” Atsushi was so intrigued by the concept of being ageless. Youkai really were lucky. “Do you have a family?”

Todomatsu blinked-- feeling his stomach drop at the thought of mentioning his family. There was no way he could betray Ichimatsu by exposing him. “What do you mean?”

“Like a mother or father.”

Todomatsu was quickly relieved. It was easy to answer it according to a human’s perspective. “No. Our birth varies depending on the youkai. And most of us don’t have the same concept of family as humans do.”

“I see.” Atsushi answered as he felt as if he had so many more questions for him. “I’ve been taught to avoid youkai all of my life.”

“I’ve been taught to avoid humans all of my life.”

“Do you think that’s right?” Atsushi asked as he was genuinely interested in what his perspective was.

“I don’t know.” Todomatsu could only answer truthfully. “But even as a youkai we avoid each other. There are different tiers of power and ranks. It’s not uncommon for low-ranking youkai such as myself to be killed by others.”

“Same with humans.” Atsushi reassured as he explained. “There’s the government that falls underneath the reigning emperor and so on. We must abide to the rules of our society or face punishment from those in power.”

“Of course, the punishment can be death.” Atsushi sighed as he thought of how ridiculous their world was. “If we’re not fighting youkai, we’re fighting each other. I don’t think outrightly avoiding youkai is the answer.”

Todomatsu gave a small pained chuckle in amusement. He couldn’t believe how similar the two sides were. “I agree.”

“So, let’s be friends.” Atsushi put it simply as he seemed to share the same perspectives with him.

Todomatsu blinked as he listened to his proposal. But he found himself wanting nothing more. “...Can I call you ‘Atsushi-kun’?”

“So long as I could call you ‘Todomatsu-kun’.” Atsushi chuckled at how quickly they were becoming casual. But their relationship wasn’t a normal one anyway. Every representation of a youkai and human was painted deviously-- a witch and their familiar, a cursed monk and his burden. A relationship where a youkai and a human were simply just friends… It was definitely unheard of.

Todomatsu could only smile at the thought. “Thank you, Atsushi-kun.”

A week has passed since that night. Atsushi has gotten into the routine of tending to Todomatsu’s wound first thing in the morning. He slowly removed the sticky gauze which caused Todomatsu to sigh as he felt a cooling sensation of his wound exposed to air.

“It looks much better than it did before. You heal quite fast.” Atsushi observed as he cleaned the wound, pleased to see that most of it was just a raised deep pink-- no longer an angry rough crimson.

“I don’t think I do… But if I’m healing fast it’s because of your medicine.” Todomatsu smiled as Atsushi gently applied more of that strong herbal scented mixture onto his scars.

“It is pretty powerful. But because it’s a human medicine I wasn’t sure if it would be that effective on you.” Atsushi still wasn’t sure how youkai biology worked-- after all, some were comparable to spirits.

“It’s proven to be very, very effective~ ♪” Todomatsu hummed out happily as he felt Atsushi snuggly fit the bandages onto him. Atsushi gave him a pat on his back to let him know that he was finished.

“Thank you!” The tanuki pepped as he dressed himself up in garments that Atsushi offered him. “So what are we selling today?” He asked as the man went over to prepare his parcel.

“I’m taking this teapot to temple monks this afternoon as a special order.” Atsushi wrapped the black kettle with care in soft cloth before placing it into a box-- which he then carefully wrapped within another cloth.

“All that for a little teapot?” Todomatsu tilted his head as he watched how excessive the packaging was.

Atsushi chuckled at that. “This little teapot is enough to pay for all of that ‘very effective’ medicine and more. It was a good find for me.”

Todomatsu’s eyes widened, realizing that the medicine Atsushi has been using came at a cost. It wasn’t like Todomatsu could repay him either. He had no money-- which is why he had to resort to stealing in the first place. He had no means of employment either. It was difficult for a youkai to obtain human currency without some trickery or theft. But he had a clever idea-- one that would increase Atsushi’s profit tenfold.

“You know.” The tanuki began as he smiled with confidence. “If that teapot is so valuable, wouldn’t it even be more valuable if we can sell it more than once?”

Atsushi gave a laugh, assuming Todomatsu just didn’t know how transactions between humans worked. “You can only sell an item once. You can’t sell the same item to multiple people.”

“But what if you could?” Todomatsu lowered his eyes with a proud smile.

Atsushi didn’t understand him at all. “What do you mean?”

“I’m saying~ I’m a tanuki. I can transform. A teapot is nothing for me.” He hummed as he looked over that precious little box. “If I were to change into a teapot, you can sell me and then I can run away when they’re sleeping.” Todomatsu was so proud of his idea, he felt like a genius.

“Then you can sell me again and we can make lots of money!” The tanuki pepped up with his arms outstretched to the air-- expecting Atsushi to just be as excited as he was.

But he wasn’t.

The man straightened up, looking down at Todomatsu with an expression that weighed the youkai down. Todomatsu’s cheerful appearance quickly diminished as he lowered his arms. What was that look? Wasn’t it the one he saw so often on humans that weren’t Atsushi…?

“Todomatsu-kun.” Atsushi spoke firmly. His tone acted like shackles as the tanuki’s eyes widened in nausea.

“You promised me you wouldn’t steal from humans anymore.”

The tanuki felt like he was being strangled as he spoke. Like words shouldn’t even be able to come out-- and yet they managed. “I-I’m not.”

“Deception like that counts as thievery.”

Todomatsu’s ears flattened-- his pupils dilated as he realized what that look and tone was: disappointment.

“I’m sorry.” Todomatsu choked out, feeling himself close to tears from the pressure. He couldn’t look at Atsushi anymore.

Atsushi watched down to his friend-- furrowing his brows as Todomatsu displayed so much trepidation for some reason… He thought all youkai were powerful and showed no fear towards humans- much less cared about their judgement. But he already knew Todomatsu was different in all sorts of ways. He wasn’t anything like the youkai he heard about in stories that only fed off of misfortune and were created from human malice. And even though the tanuki was older than him by far he had no idea how human morals worked.

“It’s alright.” Atsushi offered a smile while lightening his tone of voice-- trying to show that Todomatsu had nothing to worry about. “I’m sorry too. I know that you just wanted to help me.”

Todomatsu felt a sense of relief but still tears flowed down his cheeks. This gentle voice, this calming exterior: this was Atsushi-kun. He felt a hand on his shoulder-- causing him to look up. He was met with Atsushi looking at him with an imitation of how he did before. Was he still disappointed? How could he make it up to him?

“I just want to pay you back for the medicine…” Todomatsu managed out as he wanted his friend to fully forgive him. To have the image that he was an excellent friend even if he was a youkai.

“We’ll do it together.” Atsushi kept his smile-- the atmosphere relaxed. “You said you can transform right? I think it’d be nice to do a magic trick for when we travel to the next village.” It would definitely be one far, far away from the one that Todomatsu tried to settle in.

Todomatsu smiled and nodded as he was offered a chance. Another and another. He’d be able to make it up to him. “Can I come with you to deliver the teapot…?”

Atsushi chuckled as he readied his supplies to make the journey. “Of course. I’d love your company, my friend.”

Atsushi searched through his myriad of merchandise to find something that suited his needs. A straw conical hat that would shield Todomatsu’s face from the sun and from the eyes of onlookers. The human placed it onto his friend’s head and helped him put it on. Todomatsu blinked in confusion.

“It’s so you don’t have to keep your transformation up all the time.” Atsushi spoke as he fitted it on him properly. It looked good on him besides maybe being a little too big. More importantly, it hid his ears effectively.

“This way you’ll just have to hide your tail under your clothes.”

Todomatsu couldn’t believe that he was giving him a gift. Even after all that, Atsushi still considered him worthy enough to invest in.

Todomatsu gleamed with joy. “Thank you, Atsushi-kun!”

Only a few days passed since he was last home and Todomatsu was anxious of seeing his friend. Choromatsu and Karamatsu insisted on supervising him as they stood on the path to Atsushi’s house in the midst of the forest. No matter what, this seemed like a bad idea-- he didn’t want to scare him. It was the last thing he wanted after how much he did for him.

“Please don’t come with me." Todomatsu pleaded as he couldn’t imagine a human’s response to seeing two high-tier youkai on his front step. What would he think? "He’s human. He won’t understand what’s going on.”

Choromatsu gave a frown as he considered his viewpoint but he knew it'd be way more difficult to convince Karamatsu to leave. “But isn’t he your friend? Karamatsu and I won’t do anything.”

“That’s right. Feel free to go and meet as you please.” Karamatsu smiled reassuringly-- he was interested in meeting the human that Todomatsu seemed to be so fond of after all.

Todomatsu was losing his courage. He couldn’t possibly put this type of stress on him. “Really… No, really. I think it’s best if we go then--”

“Todomatsu-kun?” A gentle, familiar voice called to him as Todomatsu’s heart lept to his throat.

The tanuki felt nervous goosebumps run all over his body as he turned around to face him. Atsushi was carrying groceries he obtained from the nearby village. He wore a curious expression on his face as he looked over at the two whimsical beings at the tanuki’s side.

“Are these your friends?” Atsushi calmly looked to Todomatsu with a smile. The human even gave a chuckle. “Have you been having fun? Is that why I haven’t seen you for a few days?”

Todomatsu was stunned. Atsushi wasn’t intimidated by their presence at all-- even though he was certain anyone else would read them as fearsome. Past the shock, he was just so happy to see that his friend was going about his daily routine as usual. He approached him in a hurry and gave him a bit of a bow.

“Y-Yes! I’m sorry I haven’t been around. They came to visit so I’ve been a bit busy.” Not necessarily a lie, he can deal with this.

Atsushi just smiled as he saw that his friend was doing well. “No worries. I assumed you were spending time with your family.” He reassured as he looked towards the two curious figures who stood there silently. He wondered what kind of youkai they were. They were so different from Todomatsu.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Atsushi.” The man introduced himself as Choromatsu seemed to hang behind Karamatsu.

The ao andon smiled, approaching the human and curiously observing him. “A pleasure. I am Karamatsu.” Karamatsu was more intrigued with how differently Todomatsu acted around his friend. He didn’t carry that typical spoiled attitude at all-- in fact he was far more amiable. The spirit couldn’t help but to wonder what sort of relationship they had and he was glad that he got this opportunity to gauge it.

“I’m Choromatsu.” Choromatsu approached almost warily. It’s been so long since he held a conversation with a human he was certain his social skill towards their kind was outdated by centuries. “Todomatsu-san told us a lot of good things about you.”

“Ah… Well, I appreciate it.” Atsushi gave an embarrassed smile at that as he looked to Todomatsu who eagerly smiled back.

Todomatsu extended his hands towards his friend’s belongings. “I’ll help you bring these in.”

“Sure.” Atsushi replied as Todomatsu began to lead the way towards his house. “Why don’t you two come in? I can at least offer some tea.”

Choromatsu and Karamatsu appeared to be shocked that this human had a concept of manners. They both assumed that manners were lost on the general populous based on their interactions in the past with their kind.

“We humbly accept.” Karamatsu smiled as he exchanged glances with Choromatsu.

So this is the type of human who would befriend a youkai…” Choromatsu swallowed nervously as he followed up closely behind.

Atsushi opened the door for Todomatsu, who had his hands full with his goods. The tanuki smiled and nodded in thanks as he placed the groceries down near the center.

The ao andon was shocked at how small the house he lived in was. It was smaller than his room and it was filled with an assortment of merchandise. He wondered if there was even space for all of them here.

“Sorry about the mess. I’m in the process of an order.” Atsushi seemed to be embarrassed, but it really wasn’t all that messy. It was definitely organized, with stations for wrapping and proper labels about. It was just that he didn’t have much room to work with.

Todomatsu perked at that. “Is it the big one for the samurai’s daughter?”

“I’ve already fulfilled it. This one is sewing materials for an artisan.” Atsushi answered him as he shifted through his supplies for his tea.

“Oh, do you need help packing it? I can help you.”

As they spoke, Choromatsu and Karamatsu seemed a bit confused of where to sit but they ended up on a couple of cushions-- presumingly where Atsushi and Todomatsu would normally settle themselves.

“Nonsense. Your friends are over. It isn’t due for the next few days anyway.” Atsushi reassured him as he began to boil a pot of water over the irori. Todomatsu came next to him and began to arrange cups for everyone. Atsushi blinked as he caught a glimpse at a new accessory on his friend’s neck. It looked bright and flashy-- he wondered how he didn’t notice it before.

“That looks nice.” Atsushi chuckled as Todomatsu looked towards him, blinking in confusion.

“Your choker.” The man tapped his own neck to show Todomatsu what he meant.

The tanuki flushed in embarrassment and shame as he forced a smile. “Aha… Yeah…”

“Ah, you have a wonderful eye.” Karamatsu smiled proudly as Choromatsu narrowed his eyes towards him with a sweat.

Here we go…” The tengu sighed as he just looked at the pot to zone out on it.

“My brother and I spent hours on picking the right shade and accents that would perfectly compliment his complexion.” The gold clasp was his own touch that he was proud of as well. “I’m so glad that even a human can see the exquisiteness of the design.”

Todomatsu gave a disgusted look towards Karamatsu as he couldn’t believe how he was rambling on and on about his collar. And it was extremely embarrassing that he would shamelessly go into such detail in front of Atsushi.

Atsushi just blinked as he honed in on one aspect of his conversation. “You have a brother?” He wondered if it was similar to Todomatsu’s situation.

Karamatsu smiled at that. “Yes! Aniki and I are bonded through our loyalties to each other.” The ao andon was proud to speak of him as he then placed a firm hand on Choromatsu’s shoulder. “And Choromatsu is the newest addition to our family.”

Choromatsu gave a small frown in response-- shifting a bit as he watched as steam began to come out of the kettle.

Atsushi thought that Todomatsu’s situation was abnormal for youkai-- somehow he was happy to hear of another example of family bonds within their kind. “I see. It’s good to have loved ones you can rely on.” Atsushi took the pot carefully from the fire as he added some leaves to properly steep while they spoke. “How long have you been family?”

“We are in fact extremely close! Why, I’ve known aniki for about nine-hundred years at this point.”

Atsushi gaped as he nearly put too many leaves in-- but he became quickly aware and he was super glad he caught it or he would’ve spilled the whole container. “N-Nine-hundred… That is a long time.” He was in complete shock. What does one even do for nine-hundred years? And here he thought Todomatsu’s brothers were already insanely old…

“How old are you?” Choromatsu was curious as he could definitely tell that this human was young.

“I will be nineteen this coming year.” Atsushi smiled with his brows a bit knitted. He couldn’t even comprehend such an age gap. Youkai were seriously amazing.

“Ah… A shame. Already nearly a quarter finished.” Karamatsu contemplated as he placed a hand on his chin.

“Pardon?” Atsushi couldn’t understand the implications as he looked to see the ao andon in thought.

“Your time.” Karamatsu answered as he gave a sympathetic smile. “Humans live a miserably short time. It’s a shame since you’re Todomatsu-kun’s friend and you’re a good man.”

Todomatsu couldn’t believe what he was hearing as his expression twisted angrily. He abruptly got up and stood before Karamatsu. “Why would you say that?”

“Ah. Todomatsu-kun it’s fine.” Atsushi reassured, but the tanuki wouldn’t listen.

“Don’t speak to Atsushi-kun that way.”

“I don’t understand why you’re angry.” Karamatsu furrowed his brows, genuinely unable to comprehend why Todomatsu was so upset. In fact, he wondered if Todomatsu realized how short humans lived. It was concerning seeing as how the tanuki appeared to be so attached.

“After all, I truly do find it to be a shame. The contrast between our concepts of time and age is really quite vast. But it makes the relationship you two have created all the more astounding!”

“Karamatsu!” Todomatsu gritted his teeth as he wanted to punch Karamatsu in the face. Of course he held back. Because he was weak. He couldn’t defend his friend even though he was a youkai himself. Nothing he was saying was a lie- but he felt so angry and he couldn’t even completely figure out why.

Karamatsu’s eyes focused on the tanuki with concern over his behavior. He stayed silent as he didn’t want to make matters worse. Choromatsu knew that their social skills were extremely outdated. Unfortunately, Osomatsu’s lack of tact may have rubbed off on Karamatsu, though even he could tell that the ao andon was very well-meaning.

“We still need to get medicine for the kitsune.” Choromatsu took it upon him to remove both of them from this situation. The daitengu placed a hand on Karamatsu’s shoulder who still couldn’t understand what part of what he said was wrong. After all, he was just trying to emphasize with Todomatsu.

“It's fine.” Choromatsu reassured and gripped Karamatsu in a way to let him know that he was trying to help the situation. “We’ll figure something out. Now let's go.”

“Leaving so soon?” Atsushi spoke out, cutting the atmosphere. “But the tea is nearly done.” He pulled on Todomatsu’s sleeve to calm him. When the tanuki turned around to defend his point he was only met with a calm smile. He wasn’t upset at all.

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed-- then relaxed as he almost felt like he overreacted. Almost. The tanuki quieted as he took a seat next to Atsushi.

Choromatsu became Karamatsu’s voice once again. “Thank you for your hospitality but we’ll be back later.” Choromatsu placed a hand on Karamatsu’s shoulder as they exited Atsushi’s residence. The ao andon left without a word.

Todomatsu’s ear twitched as he heard the shut of the door. His chest rose up in a deep breath before he gave a sigh.

After a short moment of silence, Atsushi poured a cup of tea to offer to the tanuki. “Is that any way to treat your friends?” His tone, even now, was gentle.

Todomatsu looked down to the cup that was offered towards him and took it between his hands graciously. “They’re not my friends.” He frowned as he focused on the steam coming off from the fresh brew.

Atsushi gave a soft laugh at that as he poured a cup for himself. “Why not? They seem nice.”

Todomatsu pouted with his cheeks puffed. There was no way he could tell Atsushi the whole story. Especially when he knew how the other felt about thievery. It just took Todomatsu some time to realize there really wasn’t a difference between stealing from a human or a youkai.

Atsushi watched on as the tanuki quieted. “They mentioned something about medicine for your brother. Is Ichimatsu-san sick?”

More and more weighed onto Todomatsu as he was forced to reflect on how deeply his mistake ran. It was his fault that Ichimatsu got hurt. If only he didn’t steal… “He got knocked out from a pretty nasty hit on the head.” He sighed as he looked to Atsushi. “So we’re mainly looking for pain medication that would help him when he wakes up.”

“I see… I’m sorry I don’t have any medicine that would help.” Atsushi found himself surprised that a hit to a head could take the kitsune out like that. But the more he spoke to his friend, the more he was assured that youkai and humans really have been misunderstanding each other. Even strong youkai needed to be taken care of sometimes.

“Don’t worry yourself.” Todomatsu smiled-- though he appreciated the concern Atsushi had even though he and his brother barely even spoke.

“Ah… Right…” While on the 'topic of things-that-made-Todomatsu-felt-bad', the tanuki remembered another unfortunate result of his mistake. He frowned as he looked to Atsushi with apologetic eyes. “I’m sorry… I lost the hat you gave me.” Todomatsu felt so bad because it was a precious gift from his friend-- and already it was destroyed because of his foolishness.

Atsushi merely blinked at that as the corner of his lip raised in a smile. “Oh, that? It was too big for you anyway.” He took a sip of his tea and chuckled as he recalled Todomatsu struggling to keep it up and having problems navigating through narrow paths through the forest when he had it on.

“I’m kinda glad. I’ll get you a better one when I come by it.” And with that, the topic passed with ease.

Todomatsu was stunned of how persistently kind and understanding his friend was. He was truly in disbelief.

“Thank you… Atsushi-kun.”

Daily routine has resumed per usual at the kitsune’s household as Todomatsu began to live at home once more. Despite all that happened, Ichimatsu seemed happier than before-- content with spending his day to day life with his brothers all together again. After all, it’s been a solid six months since Todomatsu had lived at home prior to him meeting the shuten-douji.

The tanuki has given up on trying to acclimate to human society--at least for now. He found that he had plenty of chances in the future to do it and he was definitely dissuaded after his most recent failure. Besides, he was able to satiate all of his curiosities by meeting with his friend. Even Ichimatsu approved of Atsushi after being so apprehensive of humans himself.

It made Todomatsu happy to know that everything really was back to normal. Right as Osomatsu and his brothers returned home, Todomatsu and Atsushi met up as usual and did their typical tight-rope performances. The villagers gathered around in awe of a walking teapot and welcomed Atsushi as a magician. Even children beamed with joy at the sight of their performances. Todomatsu was always amazed at how much money and energy that the crowd offered. Of course, Todomatsu never revealed himself as a tanuki and Atsushi made sure to close up every showing within an hour in fear of exploiting his friend.

Later that day, Todomatsu transformed to keep his tail and ears in check as he walked alongside Atsushi in casual garments as to not stand out. Today was especially profitable, and Atsushi was more than happy to offer his friend whatever he would like for lunch. Todomatsu really enjoyed human-crafted confections and was happily eating dango they purchased from a travelling vendor.

“Isn’t that your fifth?” Atsushi watched on in disbelief at how that was all Todomatsu wanted.

“You said that I could have whatever I wanted.” Todomatsu gave a playful smile as he finished off, yet another, skewer before he took another. He still had at least five more on hand to work on.

“I said I’d treat you to a meal-- not just dessert.” Atsushi raised his brows as Todomatsu insisted on filling himself with only sweets. “You outeat me in those every time. Don’t you want something with actual substance like a grilled squid or something?”

“Yuck.” Todomatsu’s face soured at that suggestion. “I hate how squid smells. I have no idea how you can eat it.” Todomatsu stuck his tongue out lightheartedly. “Humans really have no sense of smell~”

Atsushi pretended to be offended at that as he crossed his arms. “Well, with all of that sugar anyone would gain weight.” He glanced over towards the tanuki with a slight smirk. “Maybe you’re tricking me with your magic and have only been pretending to be small this whole time?”

“Nope! Sorry, I’ve always been this cute~” Todomatsu winked as he popped another glutinous rice ball into his mouth.

In the end, they both laughed. Even though their conversation was so simple with no substance-- it was always enjoyable.

Todomatsu continued this daily routine for three weeks-- visiting Atsushi during the day and returning home to his family when it became dark. It was actually amazing and he had no idea why he wanted anything else. He could really get used to this lifestyle now that he knew what else was out there. Despite the ups and downs, he couldn’t help but to be glad to meet Osomatsu and his companions to make him realize how good he had it.

Ichimatsu would practice on the guzheng that Choromatsu had given as a gift and they would be amazed at how wonderful it sounded. The kitsune even mentioned playing something for the tengu as a proper thanks when they inevitably returned. It seemed that even Ichimatsu was grateful to them-- because thanks to them his brother at least stayed at home. And they were happy.

“I’m going now~” Todomatsu hummed as he put his geta on at the entrance of their shrine. Ichimatsu was petting Jyushimatsu on his lap as usual and the inugami nuzzled him happily.

“Take care.” Ichimatsu called out in comfort of knowing that he will be able to say ‘Welcome home’ in a few hours as opposed to questioning the next time he would see the tanuki again.

And off the tanuki went-- down the long path from the shrine onto the one that would inevitably lead him to Atsushi’s humble residence. He smiled happily, wondering how much they would make for their performances today as he approached.

But something was off.

There was a carriage with two horses in front waiting idly. Todomatsu blinked, wondering why this particular delivery seemed especially excessive this time. But Todomatsu wasn’t aware of anything within Atsushi’s possession that would require more than a single horse to maneuver. He furrowed his brows as he knocked on the door to his friend’s house-- but was stopped midway when it opened on its own.

Atsushi jolted for a second and was surprised to see Todomatsu at his front step. “Ah… Todomatsu-kun. You’re early.” His voice wavered, it wasn’t his normal calm tone. His hand was gripped shakily around a letter.

Todomatsu noticed, but he smiled as if everything was normal. “I wanted to eat breakfast with you. I was thinking we should buy something in the village before our performance.”

“Ah… I’m sorry. We can’t perform today…” Atsushi spoke, his voice still weak. “I was actually going to go meet you so I’m glad you’re here.” He sounds like he’s been crying.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows at his tone. He couldn’t help but to look past his friend and catching a glimpse of the inside of his house. It was completely barren-- as if he was never there. His expression fell at the sight.

“Is everything alright?” The tanuki finally asked. This wasn’t something that could be ignored.

Atsushi would normally welcome him in at this point to brew some tea and talk about the details of his latest delivery. But they both remained at the entrance. “I’m moving back home today.”

“I thought this was your home?” Todomatsu didn’t understand-- and he didn’t want to.

“This was just a place I borrowed… I actually didn’t mean to stay for this long.” Atsushi admitted as he felt even worse. He really wish he had the time it took to get to Todomatsu’s house to calm down.

He sighed heavily, trying to remain strong. “There’s no easy way to say this: my mother’s sick.”

Todomatsu still didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. Even youkai got sick once in awhile. “Then we can buy and send her medicine.”

Atsushi sighed again, but this time it was shaky. “No... I mean really sick.” His voice was breaking. It was so uncharacteristic of him, Todomatsu wondered if this was really Atsushi.

“I don’t know how much time she has... And by the time this letter found its way to me she could already be...” The man stopped, he couldn’t speak anymore. He brought his hands to his face as he couldn’t face the reality of the situation. After all, the reason why he became a merchant in the first place was to support his family and to give them a comfortable life. He didn’t want to look so weak in front of his friend-- but he couldn’t help but to cry.

Todomatsu knew this was him; it couldn’t be anyone else. So he furrowed his brows, feeling his heart wrench at the sight of his friend so upset. The fact that humans could be so affected by illnesses was almost beyond his comprehension. After all, to his kind illness was just a time of vulnerability and at worst: an upset in aura. It was never the sole cause of death. But he knew of their differences all too well-- and he knew what this meant.

Todomatsu wanted to be selfish-- to ask when he was going to come back or if they were ever going to see each other again. But he knew that those questions wouldn’t help Atsushi. Todomatsu embraced him, trying to comfort his friend the best he could as he felt he had to be strong for once in his life. He never had to be the mature one-- always being the one to be comforted and doted on. Even though he knew this was probably the last time he was going to see his friend--he tried his best, he had to.

“I’m so sorry about your mother…” Todomatsu spoke out softly as he tightened his hold. Atsushi held onto him as he cried onto his shoulder. He wondered if Todomatsu truly understood the severity of the situation-- if he could explain it well. He didn’t want his friend to misunderstand but he couldn’t speak of it any further. Todomatsu stroke his back soothingly as the man sobbed and sobbed until he finally was able to settle down.

Todomatsu gave a shaky sigh of his own-- amazingly, he kept his own tears back. He was staying strong just as he wished. Atsushi pulled back slowly, finally able to wipe his tears as Todomatsu kept a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Will you be alright travelling on your own?”

“I will be.” Atsushi reassured as he watched down to Todomatsu with tired eyes.

Todomatsu forced a smile, but somehow he found it easier than he thought it would be. In fact, it even felt sincere. “I wish you a safe journey.” He spoke out as he somehow felt peace underneath the heaviness in his heart. “I’m glad we met, Atsushi-kun.”

Finally, Atsushi smiled back despite his exhaustion. He placed his a hand on Todomatsu’s shoulder as well as he returned the gesture. “I should be the one to say that.” He reassured as he finally stepped away from the entrance of his house to go inside.

Todomatsu followed him to see if he needed assistance to get ready-- the sight of the empty house creating a lump in his throat but he endured it. As he was looking, he felt something placed on his head. He reached up to hold onto it-- it was the brim of a conical hat. He was met with Atsushi’s smile as he went on to help fit it onto him.

“This one is better, right? I can tell already that it suits you...” The man spoke quietly as he tied the knot underneath his chin with care. Atsushi placed a hand lightly underneath the red tassels that hung from either side of the hat to compare them to the ones on the mandarin collar around Todomatsu’s neck. “It even matches your choker.”

Todomatsu’s eyes watered at the gesture-- that Atsushi still thought of him even through all of this. He wanted to be strong; he wanted to be mature and supportive but he ended up crying as always. He was ashamed and worried that Atsushi would take this the wrong way-- but when he looked to him, the man just smiled as he usually did.

If there was one thing youkai had: it was all the time in the world. But Todomatsu didn't have that with Atsushi and he was feeling robbed. He found himself wanting nothing more than his daily life with his family and his friend. But his daily life was replaced with uncertainty that filled him to the brim as he found himself wanting more time. 

Atsushi lowered himself and pulled him into an embrace. It was Todomatsu’s turn to cry on his shoulder as he clung onto him. The straw hat was knocked down to rest on his back as the tanuki buried his face against his shoulder.

Todomatsu didn't want to say good-bye, but it had to be done.

And it had to be now.

“Thank you, Todomatsu-kun.”

Chapter Text

Much to Ichimatsu’s relief, the three youkai from Mount Oso kept their word and left in the morning. Karamatsu ended up being the most hesitant to leave after being so insistent on the idea in the first place. So Todomatsu presented him with a bracelet of his to keep for the upcoming month.

The ao andon couldn’t stop smiling as he admired the accessory whilst they departed from Ichimatsu’s residence. It was a pink and white kumihimo braid that the tanuki claimed he made himself. Being secluded in a forest area without being able to transform allowed him a plentiful amount of time to pick up a variety of other skills after all. And Karamatsu was so impressed by it because he never thought Todomatsu to be focused enough to pick up such a hobby.

“You collecting wrist accessories now?” Osomatsu snorted while sitting on the wind currents under Choromatsu’s control as he eyed the bracelet.

Karamatsu merely smirked at that-- he was practically sparkling. “Ah, my dear brother. Please do not display too much envy of my gifts it’s quite unbecoming.” He placed a hand underneath his chin in renewed confidence as he closed his eyes, keeping his smile. “Though I cannot blame you. After all a braid such as this one symbolizes coming together and Todomatsu-kun must have grown quite fond of me to present me with such a lovely present.”

Osomatsu held his ribs laughing uncontrollably at Karamatsu’s over-theatrics as usual. “Ow! Ow! Karamatsu, you’re killing me!” The shuten-douji wheezed as he just couldn’t get used to how Karamatsu read so much into things. It was tragic really. But if thinking that made him feel better he’ll let him believe it. After all, the ao andon was always painfully optimistic.

“I’m good. You can keep your little bracelet to yourself." Osomatsu scoffed as he recomposed himself. His brother really was a good time.

"Man, but you know what I will miss? The freakin’ awesome sex.” Osomatsu grinned deviously as he recalled the events of the beautiful last two days. Imagine if he had a week.

“I can’t believe I agreed to go home early. I really am a great big brother.”

“You are indeed!” Karamatsu pepped with a happy smile as he actually sparkled this time.

Choromatsu kept silent as he looked onwards with half-lidded eyes-- gently conducting the winds with strokes of his fan. Since Osomatsu became occupied with Todomatsu it was always ‘Todomatsu this’ and ‘Todomatsu that.’ He began to wonder if he really did see Todomatsu as just a pet. After all, Osomatsu was always bad at projecting how he felt-- maybe it was his unorthodox way of showing affection. Though, despite all that Osomatsu did treat Choromatsu with what could be interpreted as genuine love and care.

I’m different, right? ” The daitengu asked himself as uncertainty gripped him.

The fact that Osomatsu confessed to him during the visit struck him as a bit odd as well. Despite Todomatsu and his brothers being home, he still went out of his way to search for him by himself. Choromatsu was definitely well-aware of how the shuten-douji wasn’t typically attracted to men. The fact that Todomatsu had an objectively cuter appearance and charm than himself built onto his insecurities. After all, Choromatsu definitely did not consider himself to be cute or pretty-- he had a taller, lankier physique that was nowhere near such ideals.

Choromatsu frowned as he tried to focus on driving. Even Ichimatsu had a face that could be considered pretty if he didn’t wear such a tired expression all the time. And as a result, because of his pretty face and porcelain complexion Osomatsu showed far more interest in Ichimatsu than Jyushimatsu who was definitely more on the traditionally masculine side.

I can’t believe I’m envying femininity… ” Choromatsu told himself he wouldn’t be this way but he couldn’t help but to dwell on such things. Though at the same time, he really felt silly about the whole thing… After all, an intimate relationship with the shuten-douji was something he didn’t even think to be a possibility within the next millennium. He should just be grateful that Osomatsu looked his way.

Soon enough, they arrived back home and landed with a gentle sway akin to the motion of a feather falling. Choromatsu positioned them in the usual spot in the garden which was far closer to their living quarters than the cavern entrance. And they didn’t have to worry about being bothered by the other demons that lived here under Osomatsu. After all, if there was anyone who understood needing a vacation it was Choromatsu. But even the visit to the ktisune’s shrine wasn’t really something he’d call a vacation as he found himself tense nearly the entire time.

“An excellent landing, Choromatsu! Thank you for the ride as always.” Karamatsu smiled as he looked about their home. The garden really was so full of life and beautiful; he could only accredit that to the younger's diligence towards taking such good care of the trees. Maybe a little too good. The persimmons really were everywhere.

“Ugh, yuck.” Osomatsu was happy to have a soft landing this time but he found a persimmon squashed under his foot. Karamatsu chuckled at the sight as he simply found himself able to float towards an area devoid of the fruit.

“There’s so many-- instead of maple leaves it’s like fruit corpses everywhere.” Osomatsu stuck his tongue out as he flicked the fruit off from beneath his sole.

“Excuse me for not having time to clean up.” Choromatsu muttered as he closed his fan to return it to its sheath. It’s not like he’s been occupied with helping Osomatsu with his whole situation involving Todomatsu or anything.

“I think it’s lovely that the trees managed to flourish so well within Choromatsu’s care. Our brother is quite talented.” Karamatsu smiled as he bent down and picked up one of the persimmons. He hardly looked at them twice before, but now he was filled with the thought of Todomatsu and how much he loves these. The ao andon couldn’t help but to see them as tanuki food now.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to look around and feel overwhelmed by the orange fruit. He couldn’t figure out why there would be so many of these trees. It was just like one day Choromatsu decided to plant them.

The shuten-douji picked one up and looked at it curiously with a quirked brow. “Why are there so many of them anyway?” Maybe gardening was a way for Choromatsu to vent out his 700 years of sexual frustration.

“If you don’t remember why then just forget it.” Choromatsu grumbled as he was hardly in the mood-- frowning at Osomatsu complaining. After all, it’s not like he particularly liked dealing with the persimmons either. Maybe he should get rid of them. He sighed as began to walk inside-- finding himself exhausted from their little trip rather than refreshed like those two.

Osomatsu blinked as he watched Choromatsu go, the other acting just as weird as he did before the whole confession. But the shuten-douji only gave a confident smirk as threw the fruit behind him to follow up. After all, Osomatsu loved the chase.

Karamatsu stared at the persimmon in his hand-- reddening as he recalled his first engagement with Todomatsu and how he licked over his fingers so boldly... And other parts of his body proceeding that moment. His thoughts only ceased when he got hit on the cheek by that soft persimmon Osomatsu carelessly tossed back.

He placed a hand on his face and stared at the jam-like substance on his fingers as he looked over to see his brothers nowhere to be seen. “...Ah.”

Choromatsu took a turn down the hall towards his room which was the closest to the garden. When he first came here, Osomatsu often found the tengu in the outside area, so when the shuten-douji presented him with a room so close it was as if he was giving him the garden. Choromatsu frowned, reddening at the fond memory. Just how long was he in love with Osomatsu anyway?

As he was approaching his room he began to take off the top layer of his robes. It's only been two days but he couldn't help but to feel grimy after being out and about. Choromatsu was about to open his sliding door before a forearm thrusted out before him to block his entry.

“Choro-chan!” Osomatsu grinned as he came in front of the tengu’s path, completely blocking his way to his room. “Gonna take a bath?”

“I am.” Choromatsu watched him unamused as he placed the back of his hand on Osomatsu's side to budge him out of the way. “Excuse me.”

Osomatsu just took a hold of Choromatsu's wrist and circled a hand around to rest on the small of his back. “What a coincidence-- so am I.”

Choromatsu stiffened as his face reddened. His eyes wide as Osomatsu supported and dipped him in order to level out their heights.

“So why don't we go together?” The shuten-douji spoke softly as lowered his eyes with a charming smile that sent chills up Choromatsu's spine.

“U-um... It's-- uh, I-I....” The normally eloquent Choromatsu was completely fumbling over his words. He really was no match for Osomatsu when he became like this. It was still like a dream. Choromatsu placed his hands in between them to keep some space to himself but he couldn't take his sight off of those sharp crimson eyes.

“Hm?” Osomatsu smiled as he pulled the uptight daitengu even closer to himself-- extremely pleased at how easily his walls were coming down. Choromatsu’s expression said it all.

“After all… Weren't you the one so excited to have me all to yourself?” The red oni leaned forward, lingering against the side of Choromatsu's head as he breathed lightly over his sensitive ears. Choromatsu just jolted and gripped Osomatsu in response.

“O-Osomatsu… Osomatsu-niisan…” Finally Choromatsu managed to speak coherently-- only to call his brother’s name as he felt the heat of his Osomatsu’s skin beneath his fingers. Even with his gauntlets covering over his palm, he could definitely feel the definition of Ososmatsu’s muscles as he held him against himself. Just touching his pectorals was enough to send Choromatsu’s mind to sinful places he would always have to forcefully pull himself back from. But the shuten-douji was here embracing him and he was suggesting such risque things-- it made it difficult to think about anything else. Osomatsu smiled as he slid his hand down Choromatsu’s back, causing the younger to stiffen as his wings fluttered nervously.

Karamatsu had spent a little more time in the garden to salvage some persimmons he deemed as good and placed them in a basket for later. Though, thanks to Osomatsu his face was unfortunately sticky now and he definitely had the need to wash up. The ao andon took entry into their home as to prepare himself for a bath but he stopped in his tracks at the sight before him.

Osomatsu locked eyes as he gave a sly grin towards Karamatsu as he moved his hand to grope the tengu’s rear causing Choro to jolt and squirm backwards. Karamatsu immediately flustered as he tried to quietly just go to his room to give them privacy but of course he heard the shuten-douji’s voice call for him. “Yo, Kara~!”

A struck of realization hit Choromatsu. "That’s right! We're still in the hallway!" He tensed up in complete embarrassment as he looked back and practically threw himself backwards to part from Osomatsu. The shuten-douji released him and merely smiled in turn as Choromatsu basically had his back against the wall. That completely shy expression was really too cute.

“A-Ah, please don’t mind me. I was about to retire to my room.” Karamatsu closed his eyes as he gave a smirk, trying to act like everything was normal but it was clear that he was sweating from the unnecessary confrontation.

Osomatsu just kept his shit-eating grin on his face as he placed his hand on his hips. “Oh! Well, Choro-chan and I were going to go to the bath so how about you come with?” With that, Choromatsu completely stopped feeling nervous and even looked at Osomatsu incredulously.

“...Really? Really? Why did I expect anything else? ” Choromatsu sharply frowned as he suddenly felt complete embarrassment for an entirely different reason. Even if Osomatsu did show that he loved him, Choromatsu knew that he still wasn’t his ideal sex partner. Though he did like the idea of bonding with him emotionally he couldn’t help but to feel a sense of disappointment.

“We haven’t had a team bath in so long. Dontcha think it’s past due?” Osomatsu grinned as he went over to sling his arm around the ao andon’s shoulder in a firm, friendly manner.

“Oh, uh.” Karamatsu’s cool facade broke at that as his eyes shifted awkwardly. “A-Are you sure?” He intentionally looked at Choromatsu while he asked that question because he knew that he must’ve been interrupting. Osomatsu only watched with a half-lidded smirk.

Choromatsu gave a small scoff at that. Osomatsu was just teasing him… Well, if Osomatsu didn’t care he shouldn’t either.

“Yeah. Why not?” The younger shrugged with his hands holding air on either side of his body as he made a turn to go towards the bathhouse.

“We’re all probably disgusting from the trip anyway. So let’s take a bath before we do anything else.” Choromatsu threw his expectations completely to the side as continued down the hall. He was obviously upset but he did his best to be mature about it and not allow it figuratively ruffle his feathers.

Osomatsu smiled at how adorably moody he was. It was so obvious that Choromatsu got both his hopes and his dick up from just the thought of more one-on-one time with him. And now he was trying to act like he was the bigger man and not even scold him about it. But then how could he in front of Karamatsu?

Karamatsu knitted his brows as he smiled but his expression softened up soon as he began to follow Choromatsu. Despite the awkwardness, he really did miss bonding with his brothers-- especially with Choromatsu since he was so distant for the longest time. The tengu would always be out in the garden or in his room to do anything to keep himself busy as an excuse to not hang out. The fact that Choromatsu was willing to bathe with them was already a huge step forward-- or perhaps backwards seeing as how eager he was to do everything with them once upon a time.

“So…” Karamatsu began as he came to Choromatsu’s side. Choromatsu eyed him as they walked and shifted his eyes as Osomatsu came hurrying up and walked on the other side of him with his arms folded leisurely behind his head.

“You’ve been calling aniki ‘nii-san’ again, right?” Karamatsu smiled with fondness as he began.

“What about it?” Choromatsu droned out as he couldn’t help but to narrow his eyes towards Oso at that. Osomatsu just closed his eyes as he gave a little snicker alongside a happy grin.

Karamatsu kept his smile as he pointed towards himself. “You haven’t really called me by name lately…” The ao andon for some reason found himself nervous of the answer to his upcoming question-- but he swallowed as he addressed it regardless. “So I wanted to know... What of me?”

Choromatsu blinked at that. Realizing he really did avoided calling both of them by names because he was conflicted on referring them without the honorific but also he just didn’t want to think about it. He couldn’t help but to give a furrow of his brows as he smiled gently while Karamatsu looked upon him with such nervous anticipation.

“I suppose I haven’t. Sorry about that, Karamatsu-niisan.”

Karamatsu’s eyes lit up as he gasped hearing Choromatsu’s response. He immediately took a hold of the tengu as he gave him a squeezing embrace.

“My brother!!” Though Karamatsu never considered Choromatsu anything other than his brother, hearing the affirmation after so long from the younger's mouth filled him with so much joy and relief.

The ao andon was practically in tears as he moved side to side to release some of his excitement in his hug with Choromatsu. “Choromatsu, Choromatsu, Choromatsu!”

Choromatsu stiffened in his hug but gave an exasperated smile as he pat the back of Karamatsu’s shoulder to soothe him as the ao andon actually began to start crying tears of happiness. Karamatsu reaction really wasn’t what he expected somehow… He really did underestimate how much these two cared for him. It made all that time he was trying to distance himself from them both make absolutely no sense whatsoever. He had let escape what was really important to him due to not wanting to burden them with his inappropriate feelings towards Osomatsu.

Osomatsu grinned at the sight as he came beside them and ruffled the hair on both of their heads. “There! One big happy family back together again!”

Karamatsu parted as he hastily wiped the tears away with his sleeves, smiling such a happy beaming expression as he laughed. Choromatsu really couldn’t help but to smile and laugh in turn as they both were pulled into an embrace by Osomatsu. Choromatsu found that his mood made an entire 360 and it was all thanks to his brothers.

Choromatsu smiled contently as he let out a loud sigh from the feeling of the hot water relaxing him to the bone. The bathhouse they had at home really was an amazing luxury.

“Beats the freezing waterfall, huh?” Osomatsu grinned as he reclined back with a hot towel on his forehead. He watched with one eye open as Karamatsu climbed in with a relieving sigh of his own.

“The waterfall is all about overloading your senses to deprive you of them.” Choromatsu looked over as he tried to put an effort to explain meditation to Osomatsu for the umpteenth time. “So after a while you don’t really feel anything and you’re just left with yourself… It’s actually really relaxing.”

The tengu gave a smile knowing the impending response as he made his suggestion. “You two should give it a try.”

Osomatsu really couldn’t see how water pounding continuous pressure onto him to be anywhere near relaxing but Choromatsu really didn’t do it for a joke. Osomatsu groaned as he stared up at the ceiling. “Huh… Maybe next time we visit Todo-chan I’ll try it with you.”

“I will watch.” Karamatsu chuckled as he felt the same way as Osomatsu. But he really didn’t want to disappoint his baby brother. “Though, I must admit the discipline it must take to sit under such high pressure must be really amazing. Perhaps, I will do it even if it is just to prove that I can.”

Choromatsu stared at them as if they sprouted extra limbs. “...What. Really?”

“Of course!” Karamatsu smiled as he placed his index finger and thumb underneath his own chin in his typical cool manner. “We shall make it a family activity!”

“Jeez, don’t make it sound like we’ll do it for the entire time. I give myself an hour maybe .” Osomatsu gave a light snort at that as he knew Choromatsu could be long gone for an entire day sometimes. He definitely wasn’t willing to subject himself to nothingness for as long as Choromatsu would. Monk-hood really wasn’t cut out for him a thousand years ago, and it wasn’t going to change now.

Choromatsu was shocked-- they never wanted to meditate with him! Especially with the waterfall method! The most he got was Karamatsu and Osomatsu being quiet as they sat in the garden with him before falling asleep. Choromatsu looked down to the steamy water with the happiest smile. “Ah… I look forward to it then!”

“Right, right~ But for now let’s just relax!” Osomatsu grinned as he came up to Choromatsu and slid behind him. Choromatsu raised his head and blinked in response as he followed him with his eyes.

“Choro-chan~ Let onii-chan help wash your back. It must be hard since your wings get in the way, right?” He hummed out as he reached over to the side to take a bar of soap made from soybeans and herbs.

“That’s Totoko-chan’s again…” Karamatsu eyed Osomatsu as he began to rub it between his hands.

“You’re not going to tell me that it’s got the ability to glue limbs back on or something, right?” Osomatsu smirked-- but he found himself sort of wondering if it did have odd powers since that oil really wasn’t anything short of amazing. Osomatsu found himself staring at his hands like he was just wasting something just as powerful.

Karamatsu sighed with knitted brows as he smiled. “No. Just be sure to buy her another the next time she visits.” He was sure that she wouldn’t mind-- and he’d be happy to help Osomatsu shop for more bath goods for her next time they hit the youkai-exclusive markets as a nice surprise. Karamatsu continued to relax as he sank himself deeper in the water.

“Oh! Hell yeah. Sure thing.” Osomatsu grinned as he placed it to the side as he began to start rubbing it over Choromatsu’s shoulders. The oni smirked at his reaction to his touch as he could feel his muscles tense and see his wings jerk up ever so slightly.

“Jeez, Choro-chan. I never really noticed before but you’re pretty jumpy aren’t you?” Osomatsu chuckled as Choromatsu began to relax.

Choromatsu sighed as he glanced back. “I’m not used to physical contact. We don’t really touch all that much and before you guys I spent my whole life in seclusion.” Until it was inevitably interrupted by humans but he supposed even that was a blessing in disguise.

Karamatsu furrowed his brows at that as he himself was basically born to be at Osomatsu’s side. “You must’ve been so lonely…”

“Not really.” Choromatsu thought back as he could barely remember the time before them anyway. “It was all I knew so I can’t really compare it to anything. But if I’m sure I’d be lonely now if I had to live by myself again.” It was definitely evident to him when he was trying to distance himself from them. It filled him with crippling loneliness every time he thought to leave their home. As a result, he always found himself coming back.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Osomatsu smiled as he massaged the area between the tengu’s wings-- being sure to be especially attentive to that part since it had to be tricky for him to reach. “This place is your home whether you like it or not.”

Choromatsu's expression softened at that-- smiling as he felt Osomatsu treat him so gently just by the way he ran his hands along his back. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Karamatsu was still so elated by his brother’s ‘return’, he sat back up as he took a towel from the side. “We should celebrate.” The ao andon smiled as he climbed out of the bath-- wrapping the towel around his waist.

“Eh? Celebrate what?” Choromatsu blinked as he watched as Karamatsu stood before them.

“The many years of brotherhood to come!” The ao andon boasted out as he smiled back to the tengu. “Ah-- Of course, it is always means for celebration but I can’t help but to feel as if this is an appropriate time to do so.”

Choromatsu chuckled as Karamatsu seemed to be thinking something over. “It’s fine. Let’s celebrate. But after the bath?”

“Nonsense!” Karamatsu smiled broadly, reaffirming what he wanted to do. “I shall bring the finest drinks we have so we can begin now.” It really was a great idea. After all, cold drinks in the bath was refreshing in every manner and it would definitely keep the atmosphere up.

“Great idea! There should be some sake in my room.” Osomatsu pepped up as he cupped some water to rinse the soap off of Choromatsu’s back. “Oh! And don’t forget to bring sikhye for Choromatsu.” It was the next best thing though Osomatsu just drank sake himself-- it was all made of rice anyway so the tengu could enjoy drinking alongside them.

Choromatsu felt so excited to celebrate-- he couldn’t stop smiling. Osomatsu wasn’t even getting on his case for not drinking alcohol this time. And it’s been so long since he had so much fun with them. His brothers were really great!

“Of course! I shall return with both.” Karamatsu nodded as he happily went off to dry off and fetch the beverages.

Once Karamatsu left, Choromatsu turned to Osomatsu with such a bright smile.

“What?” Osomatsu chuckled as he brushed some wet strands of hair out of the tengu’s face.

“You usually get on me for not drinking. Could it be that you’ve become more considerate?” Choromatsu teased but he really did see that Osomatsu came such a far way since they’ve met.

Osomatsu just scoffed as he gave a smirk to that. “What are you talking about? I’m always considerate.”

“Oh, really?” The light mood was letting Choromatsu’s guard down as the tengu lowered his eyes as he flattened out his expression. “Then you should’ve known that it was completely inappropriate to come onto me when you knew that Karamatsu-niisan was right outside.”

Osomatsu lowered his lashes as his smirk turned into a mischievous grin. “Oh, that? That was on purpose.” He spoke as he took hold of the tengu again, wrapping his arms around him from behind. Choromatsu glanced back as he faintly blushed in response but he allowed it as he leaned back into him. “In fact, it shows just how considerate I am.”

It was Choromatsu’s turn to scoff as he eyed back, giving an incredulous look. “I’ll humor you just this once. How does it show your consideration?”

Osomatsu’s eyes gleamed as he leaned forward, holding Choromatsu to him as he slid a hand below the water to stroke up his thigh-- earning a jolt from the younger. “Because I wanted to make your fantasies come true...”

Choromatsu’s face quickly became beet-red as he gasped-- feeling Osomatsu hold onto him firmer as that hand began to stroke over his inner thigh.

“I-I…! Uhm, I..!!” Choromatsu cursed himself as he began to not be able to translate his thoughts into words once more. It wasn’t even that he wanted Osomatsu to stop but there’s no way that this was okay. He didn’t want to ruin things with Karamatsu either since the ao andon seemed so happy just to have him refer to him as his brother again. Choromatsu’s breath hitched as Osomatsu’s hand came closer and closer to his crotch-- he already felt himself getting hard from his sensual touch.

“K-Karamatsu-niisan’s coming back at any time...” Choromatsu finally managed out as he fended off his sinful desires to just indulge and let Osomatsu have his way with him.

Osomatsu chuckled behind him as he fed off of the tengu’s responses. “Yeah? Guess we better hurry then.” Osomatsu grinned as he slid his hands back to support beneath Choromatsu’s thighs as he stood up from the water.

“Niisan!” Choromatsu practically screeched as he instinctively gripped back for support but looked on in horror as his member was shamelessly erect between his legs. The tengu shot his hands forward to cover himself as he could feel his rapid pulse at his ears. Osomatsu smirked at the sight-- so amused of how Choromatsu got that excited just from his fingers tickling his thighs. The tengu really was repressed.

“You’re light as a feather, Choro-chan! It must be your hollow bones.” Osomatsu chuckled to himself as he stepped out of the tub with Choromatsu spread out in his hands, much to his discontent.

“P-Please let me down.” Choromatsu pleaded meekly as he used both of his hands to cover his privates since he was facing towards the changing room. He can only imagine the look on Karamatsu’s face if he didn’t. Even still, this was quite indecent.

“Hmm~ Since you asked so nicely.” The shuten-douji hummed out as he lowered them, sitting Choromatsu on his lap right above his own hard member which caused him to nearly shoot up-- the joint of his wing smacking Osomatsu square in the face.

“Ow!” Osomatsu winced, shutting an eye as he took a hand away just to fold Choromatsu’s wing down.

“I know you didn’t mean that. But really, you need to get used to me touching you.” Osomatsu frowned as Choromatsu surprisingly kept his wings folded down afterwards. Osomatsu looked over and couldn’t help but to smirk at the sight of the tengu staring wide-eyed at his dick pressed beneath him. He could feel Choromatsu’s breath quicken like crazy against him.

“We haven’t compared hard-ons before, huh?” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh as held Choro by the waist and gave a little grind upwards which caused Choromatsu to place his hands over his own mouth in complete shock. Even if he tried speaking again, he’d just trip right over his words as usual. Choromatsu trembled slightly as he was so turned on-- precum already beading at his tip.

“You’re adorable…” Osomatsu breathed out against his ear as he moved his hand over to stroke over Choromatsu-- earning him a soft gasp. Osomatsu smirked as he watched downwards-- he could see from here that their members were almost the same length but Choromatsu was sitting on top so there was quite the size difference between them. He grinded against him once more, sliding his member beneath his, drawing out a whimpering moan from the younger.

“What are you thinking of? Hm?” Osomatsu purred as he continued to stroke him. Choromatsu was responding so well to him-- his hand was already slick with his fluids as he felt Choromatsu's dick twitch at his touch.

“Thinking about how you want me to ram into you and stuff you full just like I did back at the waterfall?” He smirked as Choromatsu gave a shuddering gasp at the thought as he leaked even more onto Osomatsu’s fingers.

“Even if it was your first time, you took me like it was nothing…” Osomatsu spoke lowly as he gave a kiss to the back of his ear. He could practically feel the heat coming off of Choromatsu’s face just by hovering close.

“I actually felt bad after shoving it in like that but then you just kept begging and begging for more...”

Choromatsu gave a small shuddering gasp at Osomatsu’s words, his mind spinning as he just felt so overwhelmed. “I… I…”  He tried to force his words out to say something back but his mind blurred as he felt Osomatsu squeeze his palm around him-- causing him to whimper out and arch his back as he released over the stone flooring of their bathroom. God, it felt so good to be touched by him.

Osomatsu blinked as even he was surprised of how quick Choromatsu was. After all he barely touched him. But Osomatsu didn’t mind it at all as he kissed the back of his jaw while he massaged him out as Choromatsu whimpered and squirmed in his embrace. Choromatsu felt himself light-headed-- his muscles contracted as ribbons of white were encouraged out of him by Osomatsu’s touch until the remaining just dribbled over the oni’s hand.

“What am I going to do with you…?” Osomatsu smirked as he still felt the other hard to his touch. He’d just be plain lying to himself if he didn’t think Choromatsu’s over sensitivity towards him wasn’t a complete turn on.

“I-I want it…” Choromatsu gasped out as he felt the heat of Osomatsu’s length just below him as he orgasmed. He couldn’t help but to think of how good it would feel back inside him even in the midst of his peak. He wanted it so badly. He wanted more-- he felt so greedy.

“Want what?” Osomatsu smiled at how Choromatsu was so easily swayed by him. Now that Choromatsu found his voice, he really wanted to hear him say more shameful things. He grinded up against him, causing the younger to shiver with need.

“Y-Your… Your thing… You.” Choromatsu mouth turned to a wavery frown as he panted out. He lowered his hands onto Osomatsu’s hand that was wrapped around him.

“You’re so cute… What? You can’t even say ‘dick?’” Osomatsu teased as he was so amused at the tengu hardly ever cussing and always finding ways around more ‘vulgar’ words especially pertaining to sex. Though he was quite plentiful with less fond words whenever he had enough of Osomatsu's antics.

Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he moved a hand back to place on the side of Osomatsu’s head-- wanting a kiss from him as he twisted around. The shuten-douji smiled as he leaned in to press their lips together-- keeping the hand covered in Choromatsu’s fluids to the side as he brought the other up to his face.

Karamatsu hummed in the changing room as he stepped out of his slippers and wrapped a towel around his waist once more after changing out of his yukata. He had a bit of trouble finding the sweet rice drink for Choromatsu since Osomatsu didn’t keep it near the sake but he was proud once he got the arrangements in hand.

“My brothers! Forgive the wait! I have-- Gyah!” Karamatsu stood at the entrance in shock as he had the drinks in his hands-- nearly dropping them all onto the floor as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. "They're already doing such things during the time I was away?!"

“K-Karamatsu-niisan!” Choromatsu frizzed in shock as he completely forgot that Karamatsu was coming back. He immediately raised Osomatsu’s arm and tried to get out of his grip but he only slipped on his footing and fell with his back against the floor and Osomatsu’s lap. Osomatsu leaned forward to put his arm around Choromatsu’s front to act as a bar and gripped onto his shoulder.

“Took you long enough!” Osomatsu grinned as he watched at how Karamatsu couldn’t take his eyes off of them as he was trying to figure out what to do. “Why don’t you bring the drinks over here?”

The ao andon glanced up and made eye contact with Osomatsu’s confident expression. The way his brother looked it was completely like he didn’t have cum all over his hand.

“Um… I, uh. Really? Are you sure?” Karamatsu was completely flustered as his eyes shifted back between his brothers. He felt like he was being tricked somehow as he looked at how Choromatsu was completely shrinking back into Osomatsu in shame-- unable to look at him.

“Sure! We’re here to celebrate after all!” Osomatsu reassured as he gestured him to come over much to the ao andon’s disbelief.

“R...Right.” Karamatsu swallowed as he averted his gaze while he walked towards them. He planned on putting the drinks down and leaving them to their own devices honestly. After all, if this was the way Choromatsu wanted to celebrate who was he to suggest otherwise…

Karamatsu kept an awkward smile as he placed the drinks down near them-- keeping his eyes straight into the stone floor as he cleared his throat to keep his cool.

“Well, I suppose I will go an-- Ah?!” Karamatsu yelped as Osomatsu grabbed his hand and yanked him forward-- causing him to be pulled right on top of Choromatsu. Karamatsu’s composure flew completely out the window as his face reddened completely at the sight. Choromatsu gasped in shock as he instinctively turned, elbowing Karamatsu in the chin by accident.

“Ow!” Karamatsu winced as he raised a hand to place onto his chin but it was grabbed by Osomatsu as well as he repositioned his grip onto both of Karamatsu’s arms. The shuten-douji grinned as he yanked him back on either side of them-- causing Karamatsu and Choromatsu’s face to be extremely close.

Karamatsu’s hands were grounded onto the floor as he tried to keep as much distance as possible between them. Choromatsu’s eyes widened as he began to stutter and fumble around his words once more. Karamatsu’s face flared with the most intense shade of red as he stared down to Choro-- trying to do anything he could to disperse the situation but Osomatsu wouldn’t ease up.

“Jeez, you two. Making me feel left out.” Osomatsu snorted as he watched how they both staring at each other so intensely and were making such a big deal about it. He could tell both of them were seriously freaking out. “Remember? Choromatsu’s fantasies include you too. What kind of boyfriend would I be if I left you out?”

“B-Boyfr-friend?!” Choromatsu gaped as he glanced up to Osomatsu. He felt so conflicted as he felt his heart race at Osomatsu claiming that title. He was so happy! He was really so happy! But Karamatsu was also right on top of him making this incredibly, incredibly awkward.

“U-Uh… Aniki, I don’t think we should?” Karamatsu’s voice pitch fluctuated nervously upwards as he shifted his eyes back and forth-- trying to tug away from them but Osomatsu just held him in place.

“Come on, Karamatsu. You’re telling me you never everrrr thought of doing something with Choro-chan?” Osomatsu grinned as he awaited his response.

Of course he didn’t!! ” Choromatsu really wish he didn’t put Karamatsu on the spot like that. It’s not that he wanted Karamatsu to look at him in that way it’s just that he didn’t want to have to hear Karamatsu stumble over his words in an effort to be polite.

“I have.” Karamatsu swallowed dryly as he replied with confidence-- shocking Choromatsu out of his thoughts. He had to be lying. There was no way he actually thought about him that way before. “H-However, I thought Choromatsu was chaste. I felt guilty by even thinking about it…”

Choromatsu was thoroughly convinced he was dreaming again. Maybe Osomatsu was right about the water pressure from the waterfall and he got knocked out and drowned that day.

Osomatsu felt conflicted at that answer as he raised a brow. “But it’s not like you’re in love with him, right? Because he’s mine.”

Karamatsu sputtered as he looked down to Choromatsu for a moment before he looked back up to his older brother. “O-Of course I love him as my dear brother! I’d put my life on the line for him but I-I’m not so romantically inclined…?”

“Perfect!” Osomatsu pepped as he released Karamatsu at last causing the ao andon to retract and to cover his mouth as he stared down to Choromatsu who was completely wide-eyed and abashed. Osomatsu smirked as he was completely satisfied with how things were going. Maybe he really had talent as a negotiator after all.

“Hear that, Choro-chan? Karamatsu is totally down for it~” Osomatsu hummed out as he moved his hand from Choromatsu’s shoulder to gently stroke his cheek.

Choromatsu stared up at him in complete shock. He couldn’t help but to smack Osomatsu in the face as he finally rose up and smacked him on the side of his arm again before fisting his hand and punching the same place.

“Ow! Ow?! Choromatsu?! What the fuck?!” Osomatsu was completely caught off guard as he grabbed Choromatsu’s wrists to stop him from hitting him. He hated it when Choromatsu smacked him around-- he didn’t even do anything wrong this time!

“H-H-- Do you have no shame?!” Choromatsu voice cracked as he scolded him. He couldn’t believe how incredibly shameless Osomatsu was about everything! Actually, he could. But it still didn’t make it any less embarrassing. Karamatsu just blinked at the scene as he sat on his knees-- wisely keeping quiet.

“Uhhh… No?” Osomatsu stared at Choromatsu blankly as he answered. “Choro-chan. For someone who is supposedly zen you really need to loosen up.” The oni laughed softly as he leaned forward. Choromatsu pulled back from him as his expression softened with a flush.

“You being so embarrassed over every little thing is keeping you from having fun with me and Karamatsu~” Osomatsu hummed as he kissed his cheek. Seriously, if anyone could use some liquid courage in the form of alcohol it was Choro.

Choromatsu flustered as he looked down, eventually easing up a bit as his muscles relaxed. For some reason Osomatsu really made it seem like everything and anything was okay. “I..I guess... But I’m really not in the mood anymore.”

Osomatsu rolled his eyes as he scoffed incredulously. “Choro-chan, please.” Osomatsu smirked as he pulled Choromatsu down towards his lap.

The tengu caught himself as he was forced to rest his elbows against the floor as his eyes widened at Osomatsu’s persistent hard-on.

“You and I both know you only need a tiny push to get all riled up. Well-- more like a poke.” Osomatsu laughed as he looked back to Karamatsu who was just staring this whole time. “You going to sit and gawk or do you want in? Go get something to prepare him.” Osomatsu made a shooing motion as Karamatsu flustered and actually got up to do just as he was told.

“I-I can’t believe you…” Choromatsu muttered as he couldn’t take his eyes off of Osomatsu’s erection. It was so… there. He swallowed dryly as he found desire welling up inside of him once more.

“Huh? What are you on about?” Osomatsu lowered his eyes as he placed his hand on his own member to lightly tap it against Choromatsu’s cheek.

“Anyway, you owe me for making me wait so long by being wishy-washy. Why don’t you show me how sorry you are?” Osomatsu grinned perversely as he watched at how Choromatsu swallowed nervously and wouldn’t even look up because he was so focused on his dick.

It hardly took any further convincing for Choromatsu to begin to work his tongue onto the hot length before him as he licked upwards towards the head. Osomatsu placed a hand behind himself as he reclined back, moaning softly as he rested the other on the back of Choromatsu’s head. He watched as Choromatsu’s lashes lowered as he took him between those smooth lips of his. His hot tongue flattened beneath his member as Choromatsu took him as deep as he could, being careful to breathe through his nose. Osomatsu definitely found himself a bit overly excited as well-- seeing how Choromatsu was blushing and seemed to really want to make him feel good.

Osomatsu pressed deeper into his mouth which caused the younger to furrow his brows a bit, but Choromatsu didn’t complain. The shuten-douji gasped as his own breath hitched. He expected Choromatsu to move back from him but Osomatsu was surprised as he took him in even further on his own. Even though he was inexperienced, he could tell Choromatsu really was trying his best as he felt the pressure from the younger swallowing down on him. Osomatsu felt that he was nearly at the back of his throat… He was tempted to push him even further but he didn’t want to discourage Choromatsu for the future so he just leaned back and stroked over his head.

Osomatsu glanced up once he heard the sound of Karamatsu rustling about in the changing room. The ao andon was holding a container in his hand as he stared at the display before him.

Choromatsu’s eyes widened as he moved to part from Osomatsu’s member but only gave a muffled sound as Osomatsu firmed his grip onto his head.

“Hey, hey. Did I say you can stop?” The shuten-douji spoke lowly as Choromatsu watched up to him with knitted brows. Osomatsu smiled as he gently stroked his head as he pushed him a bit further down. “Keep going…” Osomatsu purred out as he locked eyes with that beautiful emerald gaze.

Choromatsu gave a slight whimper in protest but he did as he was told as he tried to do his best by stroking him with his tongue as Osomatsu’s hand was keeping him in place.

"Now that that's settled..." Osomatsu looked back towards Karamatsu who was hesitant getting closer-- awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck as he did. “I thought you ran away.” Osomatsu smirked as he gestured him back over to hurry up. God, they needed so much coaxing.

“P-Pardon. I went to my room to get this.” Karamatsu knelt down as he stared at Choromatsu who was trying to cover up what he was doing with the extension of his wing.

Osomatsu glanced down to Choromatsu and chuckled at how he was just basically holding his dick in his mouth because he was too nervous to perform in front of Karamatsu. Osomatsu looked up to see what Karamatsu had-- it was a jar of some sort with some solid balm inside of it. “The hell is that?”

“For um…” Karamatsu cleared his throat with a hand as he dipped his fingers in to scoop out a bit. “For Choromatsu.” He reassured as the solid balm quickly melted into an oily substance as he rubbed his digits together. Osomatsu grinned as he gestured Karamatsu to go on, Choromatsu unable to see because he was trying to curl his wings over his face.

Karamatsu’s eyes shifted but he swallowed nervously as he placed a hand onto Choromatsu’s rear to spread him open-- causing the tengu to give a muffled yelp as he jolted. “I-Is this really okay?”

Osomatsu groaned as he pressed Choromatsu further down onto himself causing him to whimper. “It’s fine! Hurry it up.”

Karamatsu furrowed his brows a bit as he exhaled-- gently circling the pads of his finger against Choromatsu’s entrance to slick him up as he felt him flinch beneath him. He glanced back and forth between Osomatsu and Choromatsu as he bit his lip-- pressing a single digit in with care.

Choromatsu tensed up as he gave out a small whimper at that-- his body trembling ever so slightly as he felt Karamatsu sink his finger in even deeper. Osomatsu was finally satisfied with things getting started so he pulled Choromatsu up from his cock who gasped in turn.

“You can tell him to stop now. You wanna?” Osomatsu raised a brow as he watched Choromatsu’s flushed expression as he attempted to catch his breath.

Choromatsu’s felt his pulse throbbing as he glanced back-- feeling Karamatsu tentatively stroke his insides as they made eye contact. The ao andon flushing in turn as he watched for Choromatsu’s response.

“Come on. You know he’s a stickler for that kind of shit. Do you want him to stop or keep going?”

Choromatsu knitted his brows as he looked up towards Osomatsu who was just waiting for him to say something. He couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was but he was already so excited again just from sucking on Osomatsu’s dick and now this.

“K-Keep going…” Choromatsu managed out as he couldn’t look back to Karamatsu. It really wasn’t as if he wanted this to stop…

Karamatsu swallowed at that as he glanced down and slowly pulled his finger out in order to press two in-- causing the younger’s breath to quicken in turn.

Osomatsu smirked as he gently stroked over Choromatsu’s cheek now that he was finally letting himself have some fun. “Good…”

He glanced up to Karamatsu who was being still too goddamn slow. “Hey, you know you can hurry it up a bit. Just slick him up.” Osomatsu sighed out as he was really getting impatient. He wouldn’t call Choromatsu loose but he definitely knew what he could take.

“Don’t rush it.” Karamatsu frowned as he listened anyway, pushing three fingers in the next thrust around. He flustered as he felt the other’s heat wrap smoothly around his fingers… His insides were so soft and pliable it definitely would feel amazing…

“K-Karamatsu-niisan…” Choromatsu breathed out as he felt the hesitant thrusts of his fingers stretching him out slowly. It wasn’t enough at all in his current state and he wasn’t even trying to find that spot within him. He bit his lip as he moved his hips back to try to get some sort of stimulation.

“Oh~ See? Even patient Choro-chan had it with you.” Osomatsu grinned as he watched down-- he was so proud.

“I think he’s all ready. Thanks.” Osomatsu dismissed as he pulled Choromatsu up forward-- causing Karamatsu to withdraw his fingers back as he watched the shift in position. Choromatsu flushed as he was once again facing away from Osomatsu as he was spread out in front of Karamatsu which caused him to cover his privates once again.

“He was staring at your ass just now. What’s there left to hide?” The red oni was amused by that but whatever made him feel better-- it made no difference to him. He hooked one of his arms beneath his thighs--forcing Choromatsu’s knees to his own chest as the tengu’s arms were trapped in between.

“Whooo~ You really are super light.” Osomatsu grinned as he held him up easily with one arm while he used the other hand to take some of Karamatsu’s balm to slick himself up. Choromatsu felt so light-headed as his breath picked up-- he managed to maneuver his arms within Osomatsu’s hold as he gently took a hold of the arm that was holding him up. He looked to Karamatsu who was watching quietly with such attentive eyes it gave him goosebumps. Osomatsu positioned himself properly beneath him as he steadied his dick with his free hand-- proceeding to push Choromatsu down causing him to shut his eyes and bite down on his lip.

More… More… ” Choromatsu thought to himself as he anticipated Osomatsu shoving it into him like he did before. He wanted to be filled as soon as possible but he didn’t get it just yet. He gasped and gave a soft cry as Osomatsu was actually taking his time.

The shuten-douji moaned as he slowly sank himself in, smiling as he eyed over to Karamatsu who was staring at their connection as Choromatsu was being lowered down.

“See? No problem for Choro-chan.” He hummed out as he gave a small peck at the side of Choromatsu’s head. Choromatsu just gripped his arm in turn as he really wanted more but he didn’t want to beg in front of Karamatsu.

“Oh wait.” Osomatsu blinked as he raised Choromatsu completely up before he even got in half way making the younger cry out from disappointment. “I didn’t get your verbal consent just now. Did you want it?”

“Aniki.” Karamatsu furrowed his brows at that as he felt like his brother was walking on dangerous territory. He thought that they were over this already.

Choromatsu lowered his brows as his eyes widened in irritation as he gripped at Osomatsu’s arm. “What?! Yes!” He practically growled as he hated how much Osomatsu would push his teasing until it made him actually angry.

Osomatsu chuckled as he followed up with a grin. “Got it~ Just making sure.” He smiled slyly as he properly repositioned himself at his entrance before slamming Choromatsu completely down onto his lap. He ground up further into him as he allowed for no space, completely stuffing him in one go.

“H-Huaah! H-Hah!” Choromatsu cried out loudly at the unexpected force as stars flicked at his sight from the initial entry. His brows furrowed as he shut his eyes, his body tensing up as his insides contracted tightly around Osomatsu-- feeling so incredibly overwhelmed as he was impaled by his cock. Without being even allowed to adjust, Osomatsu wrapped his other arm on top of the one holding Choro up as he began to thrust up into him-- his hole responding by sucking onto him as he would pull out before ramming back in.

Karamatsu’s eyes widened as his breath hitched at the sight. His hands fisting at the towel around his waist as he watched as how Choromatsu’s entrance was obviously twitching and tensing down onto Osomatsu in attempts to adjust as he was thrusted up into so roughly.

Osomatsu panted as he indulged in Choromatsu’s delicious cries and contractions. His velvety insides felt so soft yet tight at the same time like he was snugly fitted around his cock. It was as if even his body was doing its best to make him feel good. He really loved how Choromatsu was practically tailored to him. He moaned as he continued to thrust into him, shifting his angle until he found that spot that caused Choromatsu to spasm around him as a direct result.

Choromatsu rewarded him with a sharp gasp followed by a wavering whimper as he stiffened within his embrace. After just a couple of more solid thrusts to his prostate, he became undone as he messed all over his own stomach since it was pressed down against himself. Choromatsu’s body jolted within Osomatsu’s firm hold as his entrance involuntarily contracted-- practically begging for Osomatsu to fill him as he came.

Osomatsu moaned out as he clearly felt Choromatsu cum even though he couldn’t see it. But he still couldn’t help but to second guess it as it was super fast but it wouldn’t surprise him. “Really, Choro-chan? Is it that good…?”

"Y-Yes..." Choromatsu gasped as he was practically melting in his hold, hearts painting his vision as he panted just wanting to indulge further in this pleasure. “N-Niisan… M-More…” He whimpered out as he felt such a dizzying sensation stir up his mind.

As much as Osomatsu wanted to finish himself, he really was feeling pity for Karamatsu who was just sitting there like a fool with his own raging hard-on beneath his towel. Osomatsu grinned as he yanked out, much to Choromatsu’s displeasure as he whined.

“Shh… It’s fine. It’s okay if Karamatsu has a turn right?” Osomatsu smiled as he gave a kiss behind his ear, causing Choromatsu to shiver. The younger only nodded as he looked to Karamatsu with such a dazed out look it made the spirit’s breath hitch.

Karamatsu nearly forgot about himself he was so focused on what was going on he neglected to see how very turned on he was from the visual stimulation. In fact he was surprised that Osomatsu would allow him to touch him before he came first but he wasn’t going to question it as he came closer towards them. He positioned himself in front of Choromatsu as he lingered near him, watching down to his unbelievably disheveled and flustered appearance. He never thought he’d ever see Choromatsu in such a way. The sight was so mind boggling to him.

“I’m going to put it in now…” Karamatsu spoke softly, his rich gentle voice sending stimulations straight to Choromatsu’s center as the tengu nodded in understanding.

Choromatsu’s breath hitched as Osomatsu placed his hands under his knees instead as he raised him up a bit for easier access. As embarrassing as this new position was, Choromatsu was glad to feel his legs being stretched out a bit after being held together. He bit his lip as he could still feel the heat of the shuten-douji’s member pressed hotly against his back. Nerves filled him as Karamatsu began to press into him-- but only because of his own thoughts.

“A-Actually…” Choromatsu managed out, his words causing Karamatsu to stop in his tracks and pull back. Osomatsu just blinked as he groaned from behind-- expecting for this to take forever.

As much as the ao andon didn’t want to stop he knew that Choromatsu was the type to be easily pressured so he went on to reassure him that it’s alright. “Are you okay? We can stop.”

Choromatsu’s heart was racing up to his ears as he watched down-- feeling as if he was about to ask for the most outrageous thing but they were already so far in he just had to give himself the final push.

“N-No… It’s not that… Just um.. Both… Both of you can…” His voice faded into small murmurs as he trailed off unable to look at either for their response as he placed an arm over his mouth to shield his shameful expression.

Karamatsu and Osomatsu couldn’t understand what he was trying to say at first but gears started turning as they both came to realization at nearly the same time. Karamatsu’s face flared red as he stared down to Choromatsu while Osomatsu’s face twisted into a broad, eager grin.

“Oh my god! Are you suggesting what I think you are?” Osomatsu eyes gleamed with excitement at how incredibly filthy Choromatsu’s mind was. He knew there was more than one reason why he and Choromatsu worked so well together!

“Was this the juicy part of that fantasy that you completely glazed over? That’s so fucking hot!” Osomatsu definitely couldn’t wait after hearing that. He grinned as Choromatsu looked back to him before shifting his eyes quickly away again-- it must’ve been so hard for him to say!

Karamatsu could barely speak himself as he stuttered for a moment at the implications really not believing his thoughts were correct. “I… I, uh…. T-To make it clear, do you mean… Both of us at the same time?” Though their last experience with double penetration was not one he would consider good at all he really didn’t mind the overall concept of it. And if Choromatsu really wanted to...

“Yeah, Choro-chan. You want both of our cocks stretching your little hole out and stuffing you full?” Osomatsu smirked as Choromatsu trembled like a leaf just from his words.

“Maybe we should’ve gotten drunk first so we would just pound away into you with no regards until you can’t even think...”

For some reason as hot as this was, Choromatsu found himself completely and utterly engulfed in shame. He definitely wasn’t thinking enough as he made the suggestion and he was becoming more and more self-conscious by the moment. “P-Please don’t think any less of me…”

Osomatsu scoffed at that as he maneuvered Choromatsu to face him, holding onto his waist as Choromatsu supported his hands onto Osomatsu’s shoulders. There was no way they were going to do this and he was going to have Choromatsu face away from him. “Are you kidding me? In fact, I love you more.”

Choromatsu’s heart pounded at that as he was just so weak to those words-- he looked to Osomatsu who was smiling up to him in such a charming way that it calmed his anxiety by far.

“Well! Let’s get started.” Osomatsu grinned as he looked over to Karamatsu who he knew was just as excited as he was. Choromatsu’s wings were shifting nervously, so Osomatsu wrapped a gentle hand around him to keep them folded down as he directed him into a kiss.

Karamatsu took a breath as he applied more balm in order to make sure it was as painless for Choromatsu as possible-- perhaps even an excessive amount. He really couldn’t believe that this was actually what Choromatsu wanted.

Choromatsu relaxed into the kiss, easily calmed by Osomatsu’s warmth and affection as he gave a small lick on his lower lip to ask for more. The shuten-douji chuckled warmly in reply as he cradled the back of Choromatsu’s head and slipped his tongue in between those soft lips of his. Choromatsu’s heart fluttered at his tender treatment as he did his best to kiss properly-- following Osomatsu’s example the best he could as he felt the amazing workings of his tongue against his.

Touching his brother’s dick wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but Karamatsu sucked it up as he helped slick Osomatsu up with more lubricant. Osomatsu snickered into the kiss before he parted and watched back as he was glad that Karamatsu was finally taking some initiative.

“That tickles. Jeez Kara, it’s not like it’s going to bite. Though it is a beast.” Osomatsu thought that was so funny, he laughed at his own joke as Choromatsu watched him through half-lidded eyes, completely unamused.

“Heh… Aniki, don’t be so boastful after all we are the same size…”

“Okay, so we’re both beasts.” Osomatsu snorted as even Karamatsu chuckled a bit at that. “And for the record, I’m totally bigger than you.”

“You two are identical… It’s not like it matters.” Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he looked back. Even he forgot sometimes because the way they carried themselves were so completely different and their aura differentiated them even further. He realized he actually had no idea how they looked so similar to each other because it’s not like they were twins at birth. Whenever the topic was brought off they would always laugh it off and carry on without giving him a proper answer. He started to become haunted at the fact that he didn’t know anything about them after four-hundred years at their side.

“Choro-chan, that’s mean.” Osomatsu pouted as he furrowed his brows, feigning hurt feelings. “Does that mean you’d be okay with either of us?”

“N-No… Of course not.” Choromatsu blushed as his eyes shifted to look at Osomatsu before down to his avert his gaze. “I love you both but I only have those feelings for you…”

“Perfectly worded, Choromatsu.” Karamatsu smiled, completely satisfied with that answer as he felt the same way. It’s been so long since all three of them had been on the same wavelength-- even this was a beautiful moment of bonding for him.

“God! Are you done yet, Karamatsu?!” Osomatsu bounced a bit impatiently as he eyed Kara taking his sweet ass time as always.

“O-Oh! You’re waiting for me?” Karamatsu flustered as he didn’t want to break up their conversation despite the current circumstances.

“Yeah, hurry the hell up. My dick is going to fall off if I wait any more.” Osomatsu grumbled as he laid down and pulled Choromatsu closer to him, causing him to flush as the oni made an impatient gesture for Karamatsu to come closer as well.

“Apologies...” Karamatsu followed accordingly as he continued and took the initiative to press their members together. He wished that he had a little alcohol in his system to make this go easier but he just sucked it up as he focused on Choromatsu.

Choromatsu’s breath picked up in excitement and anticipation as he felt both of them positioned at his entrance. His mind spun as he couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He always felt so guilty for wondering what this was even like that he tried his best to not think about it at all but he found himself revisiting the thought late at night after a particularly stressful day. Choromatsu couldn’t help but to jerk forward as he felt them begin to press into him-- but Karamatsu placed his hands onto his waist as he was careful to watch his reactions. He gave a soft moan as he felt himself being stretched out further than he could imagine.

“Are you okay?” The ao andon murmured as he managed to press their heads past his entrance-- stilling to allow Choromatsu to adjust.

“Y-Yeah…” Choromatsu replied immediately as he panted, backing up slightly to encourage him to keep going. He swallowed as he just began to consider how much this would actually hurt-- it made him nervous but he was determined to see this through.

“You’re so sexy…” Osomatsu breathed out as he watched down to Choromatsu. He could swear he could feel the tengu’s heart rate pick up through their direct skin-to-skin contact as Osomatsu chuckled softly. He moaned as he placed his hands on Choro’s hips-- keeping him steady as they both pressed further into him.

Choromatsu bit his lip as he tried to keep his noises down-- the echos of the bath making him extremely self conscious. But occasionally he’d let little sounds out as he was sank down onto them. Though he was being stretched to his limits, he felt an exhilarating rush as he was becoming more and more full. The thought alone of taking them both was sending pleasurable sensations to his member as it dribbled in the space between him and Osomatsu. Just when he thought there wouldn’t be more-- Karamatsu continued guiding them in further into him making the younger whimper with need. He couldn’t believe how little pain he felt-- he just felt incredibly filled.

Karamatsu stilled once they were both embedded to the hilt. The ao andon’s breath became unsteady at the lewd sight of Choromatsu’s reddened ring twitching and gripping onto them. He ran a thumb over the taut skin at their point of connection causing the tengu to tighten down onto the both of them.

Osomatsu was becoming short in breath as well at the stimulating hot feeling of the younger wrapping around their girths. Todomatsu was admittedly too small to do this with-- so he could hardly thrust more than half when they did this with him. But here was Choromatsu, taking them both completely in with a completely dazed out expression just begging them for more.

Osomatsu smirked as he gave a testing thrust from beneath-- causing Choromatsu to gasp and cry out as he fisted his hands on Osomatsu’s chest. Osomatsu could feel how Choromatsu’s center throbbed against him at that so he did another-- thrusting firmly into him as he moved the best he could with Kara against him.

Choromatsu became overwhelmed as even Karamatsu began to move-- both of them a little clumsy at cooperating to share a pace but just the feeling of them individually rubbing inside of him turned all his thoughts into static. He whimpered as his body jolted in between them as they both pushed all the way back into him-- causing him to cry out loudly as he came. The feeling of his entrance clenching down onto the two hot cocks embedded into him sent even more pleasure through his body as his hole spasmed around.

Twin gasps came from either side of him at how Choromatsu was tightening down so much-- feeling the obvious contractions trying to milk at them both.

“You came so fast... Does it really feel that good to have both of our cocks in you?” Osomatsu panted out as he watched at how Choromatsu’s expression was filled with so much lust. He grinned as he began a particularly rough pace, sending Choromatsu into the through of over-stimulation.

Choromatsu yelped at that as he whimpered desperately, his body feeling so hot as it became a bit painful but so good still. “Y-Yes…! M-More…! Please!” He gasped out as tears blurred his vision. He really wanted to be used by these two and for them to hurry up and fill him to the brim.

Karamatsu was in awe of the sight-- even Choromatsu’s voice was so different from usual as he cried and begged. Even when he had just came, he still encouraged them for more which admittedly made him a bit hesitant but Osomatsu was more than happy to comply. The shuten-douji’s rough thrusts drew out the most unrestrained wanton and loud moans from Choromatsu which encouraged the ao andon to follow up and match it.

Choromatsu could swear he was orgasming yet again, but it felt so odd and he wasn’t even hard. His fingers and toes curled as his muscles twitched-- his insides involuntarily contracted around them as he gave a tight wavering whine. Saliva flowed down his lips as hearts filled his sight-- it was so fucking good. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be in between them like this.

“C-Choromatsu…” Karamatsu gasped as he felt his velvety soft insides squeeze down on the entirety of their lengths. The feeling of it all was just so addicting, he couldn’t help but to firm up his thrusts in order to feel more of him.

“Again…?” Osomatsu couldn’t take his eyes off of Choromatsu’s spaced out expression completely lost in pleasure. Osomatsu breath hitched as he was so turned on at the sight-- Choromatsu really was amazing. This was just his second time and already he was cumming multiple times while happily taking two dicks up his ass.

Choromatsu was trying to say something in response but he would just fumble and slur incoherently. He furrowed his brows as he panted tightly, trying to catch his breath as his watery eyes were focused on nothing in particular. He looked so blissed out that it sent shivers down Osomatsu’s spine.

“Can’t even speak?” Osomatsu panted out as he smirked with confidence before he pistoned up against the younger’s prostate causing him to wail.

“Well… It’s a good thing I know exactly what you want.”

Osomatsu bit his lip as he grabbed Choromatsu’s rear harshly-- slamming into him as best as he could to bring himself to completion. Karamatsu gasped as his grip fell onto Choromatsu’s hips, his fingers pressed harshly down onto his flesh as he couldn’t help his own strength at the moment. Both of them rocked into his body to satisfy themselves as their pace became erratic yet coordinated.

Choromatsu was long gone as he whimpered desperately in between them. He couldn’t focus on a particular thought at all-- just the feeling of being immensely full. Sparks were sent through his mind and body as he was held in place-- submitted to a hot rush of fluids that he craved so much. He felt his insides clench down-- causing him to moan as he was well-aware of how satisfyingly stuffed he was.

The three of them panted from the aftermath of their activity. Karamatsu placed his hands on the stone on either side of them as he kept himself propped up. He found himself exhausted as he watched down to Choromatsu who limped between them-- even his wings were spread out with no energy.

“Oh, that was awesome…” Osomatsu groaned as he laid flat on his back, wrapping his arms around Choromatsu as he caught his breath.

“C-Choromatsu?” Karamatsu furrowed his brows as he lightly pat the back of his shoulder but no response.

Osomatsu raised his head as he heard Karamatsu’s concern and felt worried himself as a result. He observed Choromatsu’s expression as he lightly brushed his hair from his face. He was breathing hard and his eyes were opened halfway-- he definitely looked awake but at the same time Osomatsu wasn’t sure.

“Hey, Choro-chan. You alright?” Osomatsu frowned as he gave light smacks to his cheek which caused the younger to softly gasp and put some energy into his muscles.

Karamatsu sighed out relieved as they didn’t make him pass out. If two people blacked out because of his participation in double penetration he would really be completely turned off from it.

Osomatsu gave a fond smile with the gentle knit of his brows as he thumbed over Choromatsu’s cheek, cleaning some tears from his face.

“W-What?” Choromatsu gave a small frown as he looked to see Osomatsu actually look concerned. He just placed his fingers onto Osomatsu’s hand as the shuten-douji held it onto his cheek.

“Nothing... Just thinking about what a little slut you are.” Osomatsu grinned as Choromatsu’s brows lowered in offense. Karamatsu chuckled at that from above-- adding onto the tengu’s irritation.

“That’s rich coming from you.” Choromatsu lowered his lashes as he glared at Osomatsu who only laughed in turn.

“At least I’m honest. You’re only honest when you have a dick in you.” Osomatsu chuckled as he laid back in relief that Choromatsu had enough energy to berate him.

“Oh, which means you should be doubly honest right now. Why don’t you tell Karamatsu about how you thanked me for letting you know you had your options opened to your one other elder brother?”

“I hate you.” Choromatsu’s mouth turned into a sharp triangular frown. Osomatsu snickered in response as Choromatsu could hear Karamatsu laugh softly above.

“Says a lot about you letting a guy you hate fuck your brains out. It’s a good thing you can fly ‘cause you can forget walking for the next few days.” Osomatsu smirked as Choromatsu fed him that same old unamused glare of his.

“Hey, Karamatsu can you… You know. Let up?” Osomatsu looked over to make eye contact with his brother who was a bit too close for comfort. The ao andon blinked as he smiled awkwardly at that.

“Ah, right…” Karamatsu cleared his throat as he pulled backwards as he couldn’t help but to stare at the aftermath of what they just did.

Choromatsu bit his lip to not let out a sound as he felt them both exit him. His body shivered as semen ran down his perineum and over his package as he tried to hold it in because it was embarrassing with Karamatsu behind him.

Osomatsu gave a mischievous grin as he placed his hand in between them and pushed upwards into Choromatsu’s lower stomach causing him to gasp out and the fluids to rush out at a higher pressure as it pooled on the floor below.

“You’re welcome.” Osomatsu smirked as he saw Karamatsu’s eyes widen at the extremely lewd sight of all of their release spilling out of him all at once.

Choromatsu looked incredibly appalled and embarrassed as he covered his face with both of his hands. Osomatsu chuckled as he gave a kiss onto his hand before he found the energy to sit up and guided Choromatsu’s arms to wrap around his neck.

Choromatsu blinked as he tightened his hold once Osomatsu began to stand up-- the shuten-douji crossing his arms beneath him in order to create a seat for him as he walked towards the tub.

“Wouldn’t it be terrible if I slipped and ate shit right about now?” Osomatsu grinned to himself-- watching his step as he lowered himself into the water with Choro in his arms.

“Just fall backwards if you do.”

Osomatsu laughed as he cradled Choromatsu in his arms before nuzzling into his neck.

“So mean~ No wonder we’re so good together.” He hummed out as he watched at how a happy flush crossed Choromatsu’s face. He smiled as he let Choromatsu down, the younger wincing as he waded through the water to fold his arms over the edge with a sigh. Osomatsu just dove into the warm water to invigorate himself as he resurfaced in the middle-- slicking back his hair out of the way as he breathed out.

Choromatsu’s sight was met with a cup offered to him-- looking up to see Karamatsu with a bottle of sikhye in his hand as he knelt down before him. “Oh… Thank you.” He totally forgot that they were suppose to be celebrating. He was surprised to feel that the porcelain was still cold.

“Karamatsu! Just gimme the whole gourd!” Osomatsu grinned as he waved his hands to which Karamatsu humored by tossing it to him. The shuten-douji cheered out as he undid the cork and took a large swig of his delicious brew before parting with a happy sigh. He plugged it back in as he began to make his way back towards Choromatsu’s side.

“Aren’t you having any?” Choromatsu asked as he took a sip from his cup-- watching as Karamatsu reentered the tub himself and took a seat next to him.

“Ah, I’d actually like to have some of yours.” Karamatsu smiled as he poured himself a cup of the cold rice drink for himself. “Usually, aniki and I drink the sake he makes so I forget how it tastes.”

“I made the sikhye too so it tastes great, duh.” Osomatsu replied as came to the other side of Choromatsu, one arm resting along the edge of the tub as he uncorked his sake to take another drink.

“Choro-chan, you sure you don’t want to try some?” Osomatsu grinned as he offered the gourd to the tengu who just shook his head and placed a hand out in turn to push it back towards him.

“I’m fine with this.” Choromatsu smiled as he finished up the cup he was drinking before pouring himself another. It was really refreshing after all of that.

Osomatsu groaned as he sighed, taking another sip of his delicious sake. “Your loss.”

Karamatsu blinked as he sampled the sikhye-- finding it to be a lot sweeter than he remembered paired with a strange fragrant taste.

“Is there... persimmon in here?” He looked over to Osomatsu in confusion as he had difficulty pinpointing the exact flavor profile.

“Yeah.” Osomatsu chuckled at that as he continued to drink. “There’s so many goddamn persimmons we gotta use them somehow. I figured since Choro-chan loves them so much he wouldn’t mind if I brewed sikhye with it.”

Choromatsu gave a sharp frown as he glowered towards Osomatsu at that, who looked back to him in confusion.

“...What?” Osomatsu blinked as he seemed irritated with him again.

“You know the reason why I grew so much is because you brought a persimmon seed home and said you wanted to try to make wine with it.” Choromatsu lowered his lashes as he just watched him with exasperation.

“Of course, persimmons take years to grow so by the time they came in and bore fruit you completely forgot.” Choromatsu grumbled as he was remembering just how seriously he took Osomatsu’s whims back then.

“And by then I was too embarrassed to tell you I grew them because of something you said offhandedly so I just let it be.” Something in him also hoped that Osomatsu would remember why one day… But to no avail. He didn’t feel bad about it anymore especially at their current level of intimacy but still it was so embarrassing.

Everything clicked together as Osomatsu and Karamatsu just listened silently while Choromatsu finally explained the reasoning. Osomatsu’s mouth gaped speechlessly as he felt just awful for ragging on him about how many there were all this time.

“...Aniki, that’s terrible.” Karamatsu looked over as he furrowed his brows in complete shock that he would forget something that important to Choromatsu.

Choromatsu just took a sip of his drink before he stared at it. It really did taste like persimmons. He preferred it to be made with just cane sugar…

“C-Choro-chan,” Osomatsu smiled as he knitted his brows, resting his sake onto the side of the bathtub. “I’m sorry. I completely forgot.”

“Yeah, I know.” Choromatsu watched back with a flattened expression as he sighed and shrugged. “It’s fine. Now, that you know we can get rid of them and then I won’t have to take care of them anymore.”

“There’s no way we can do that!” Karamatsu gasped as he gripped onto Choromatsu’s hand-- stunning him.

“...If you’re worried about Todomatsu-san one tree is plenty.” Choromatsu grimaced as he tried to retract his hand.

"No! Truly!" Karamatsu frowned at Choromatsu’s cold response to him as he gripped him harder. “After all those years you spent nurturing their growth we cannot simply uproot them and get rid of them!”

“Karamatsu’s right.” Osomatsu smiled as he placed an arm around Choromatsu’s shoulder. “Wow, never thought I’d say that.” He blinked as he shook his head before continuing on with his thought.

“I’m the dumbass who forgot so I’ll help you take care of the trees. And making new wine isn’t a bad idea, I could really cash in at the night market.” Osomatsu chuckled-- even though his sake always did amazingly there was no harm in having another brew on the side. He was on the top for alcohol supply for the youkai market anyway. He was sure people would be excited to have something different.

“That’s right! I would be more than happy to aid in the distribution of the wine and future care of the trees as well. They are a beautiful addition to our garden.” Karamatsu smiled as he took his hand away from Choromatsu as he held a determined fist up-- sparkling with motivation.

Choromatsu was in shock of how willing Osomatsu was to take responsibility and he was actually apologizing without being incredibly vulgar about anything. On top of that, Karamatsu was showing his overwhelming support and positivity towards everything as he always would. Their care towards him was causing his heart to nearly throb into his throat as he covered his mouth and sank into the water.

“C-Choro-chan?! You okay?” Osomatsu gasped as both he and Karamatsu tried to hold him up.

“I-I’m fine. I’m just thinking about how stupid my brothers and my boyfriend are…” Choromatsu murmured out as saying it made him even more mixed up but he was so incredibly happy to be considered by them.

“C-Choromatsu!!” Karamatsu exclaimed happily as he wrapped his arms around him and made a loud splash into the water as he lifted Choromatsu upwards.

“Hey! Let him go! You heard him! I’m his boyfriend too so I have extra rights!” Osomatsu insisted as he reached out but Karamatsu turned away from him as he held onto Choromatsu.

Choromatsu’s eyes widened as he was held and moved around-- but he couldn’t help but to laugh as he hugged around Karamatsu while reaching an arm out to Osomatsu who pouted as he came close so that he could place an arm around both of them.

Choromatsu really was regretful for all those years he spent trying to distance himself. In reality, he couldn’t fathom a life without them and for as long as he lived he wouldn’t have to.

Chapter Text

Morning dawned over the horizon-- reintroducing color to all of the maple leaves that scattered among the forest. Atsushi had begun to travel home the day before and Todomatsu couldn’t help but to worry. After all, while the area was relatively peaceful there could be bandits that would attack him or he could run off a tricky trail.

Todomatsu wondered if he was stronger he’d be able to escort him and come back. But he wasn’t. Despite being born a youkai he was so very weak. He wondered what the purpose of his existence was at all then. The tanuki laid on his futon, not wanting to start the day.

Ichimatsu rose up in the morning to go about the usual routine. He helped Jyushimatsu get cleaned and dressed before doing the same himself. After getting ready for the day, his gaze fell onto Todomatsu’s screen doors that were still closed. The kitsune knew that Todomatsu was so torn up about his friend going home and he could only watch on as Todomatsu uncharacteristically remained in his room.

Jyushimatsu was just as concerned as he walked over to Todomatsu’s room and carefully opened the screen door. He was met with his little brother’s back as Todomatsu refused to move. Jyushimatsu gently nudged him to get him to turn around-- which Todomatsu gave a small groan to do so.

The inugami greeted him with a goofy face, stretching out his face as wide as he could before smacking his cheeks with his paws and sticking his tongue out. Todomatsu blinked for a moment, pouting before he eventually giggled which encouraged Jyushimatsu to do more. The inugami’s tail wagged happily as he then licked over Todomatsu’s cheek before kissing him there.

“Stop, stop~” Todomatsu laughed as he wiped his face and pet his brother.

Ichimatsu smiled fondly at the sight-- Jyushimatsu really was always the best at comforting them. At times, Ichimatsu wished he had that kind of skill but it made him all the more grateful for the inugami at his side. But still, he had to make an effort somehow. He couldn’t just watch his brother be so upset if he could do something about it.

Though he really wasn’t good at offering emotional support-- he knew that he could at least get a treat for him. Todomatsu really did love confectioneries-- so Ichimatsu wondered if he had enough money to buy some of the more expensive ones.

The kitsune went to his room to check his reserves that he kept in a purple pouch and frowned as only a few coins were left. They got by on as little money as possible-- mainly eating fish and produce that grew naturally in the forest. But it was getting close to winter at this point-- and he’s been using more money than usual to support his family. He sighed, knowing what he had to do but if it was for his brothers anything was more than worth it.

“I’m going to town.” Ichimatsu spoke out as he prepared himself for the trip. Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu looked up as they both seemed to question why he was going when they had food at home.

“I’ll be back late.” The kitsune informed as he stood at the entrance of Todomatsu’s makeshift room.

“Nii-san, you’re working today?” Jyushimatsu inquired as he got off of Todomatsu, who sat up at last.

“Ichimatsu-niisan, if you need money I have some. Don’t worry about it.” Todomatsu said confidently as he could at least do that much for his family.

“I don’t want your money.” Ichimatsu blurted out but realized how mean that could sound. Todomatsu furrowed his brows in response.

“Uh… I mean. You worked hard to earn it, right?” Ichimatsu spoke out awkwardly as he already made his choice.

“Keep it for yourself. It’s fine.” After all, he didn’t want to use up the money that Todomatsu worked so hard on earning with Atsushi. In fact, Todomatsu working properly made him so proud he would want Todomatsu to use whatever he got for his own wants and needs.

“I wish I could go.” Jyushimatsu sighed as he laid his head back on Todomatsu’s lap.

“Totty! Teach me to transform!” He smiled as he watched up to Todomatsu with bright eyes.

Todomatsu looked down and gave a little smile back. “Only if you teach me how to create a flame with aura.”

Jyushimatsu gasped. “That’s easy!”

“So’s hiding ears and tails.” Todomatsu pouted as he clapped Jyushimatsu’s face between his hands. The inugami giggled happily in response.

“Heh.” Ichimatsu gave a lax smile as Todomatsu’s spirit seemed to lift a bit. It even put himself in a good mood.

“You two practice while I’m out. I’ll see you both tonight.” He spoke as he finally made his way to leave.

“Have a good trip, nii-san!” Jyushimatsu pepped up as he waved.

“Make lots of money.” Todomatsu gave a small smile as he finally got up to get started for the day.

Ichimatsu was really happy to have both of his brothers at home. With them in mind, he felt motivated as he made the trip to town.


Ichimatsu went a little further than the villages established within the immediate area. This one was more developed and had more merchants passing by. It was the perfect place to perform as he donned his disguise before getting close to the entrance.

The kitsune’s form was that of a beautiful, young woman. Long glossy hair that nearly touched the ground flowed down his back and his body was adorned with decorative layers upon layers of silk robes. Ichimatsu always found himself hating this disguise-- but humans would look at him with such adoration that he would make so much more money than he would as an average human male. In fact, it was hardly comparable. As a beautiful woman, he could make enough for two months in one hour if he was having a good day.

Ichimatsu turned heads wherever he went-- and he could hear the whispers of the humans he passed.

“Lady Ichiko is here again.”

“Do you think she will perform today?”

“Doesn’t she have a husband yet? I find it hard to believe that such a fair maiden have not been taken as a bride as of yet.”

“She is rather young…”

“But still: of marriageable age.”

“I heard her father is very protective of her. I could only imagine.”

“Who is her father anyway? I heard he is a lord or a general.”

“If that’s so, why does she come here to work?”

“Maybe she is waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet.”

“She is so beautiful and demure… I would imagine she would make a fantastic wife.”

“Dream on.”

Ichimatsu’s eyes shifted as he wondered how rumors about him spread. He was fairly quiet while he was in this costume so everything these humans crafted were drawn from their own imaginations. He pushed these thoughts to the side as he entered the store he frequented when he came to this village. Wind chimes alerted the shop-keep to the presence of a new customer as he rose his head up from his inventory.

“Ah! Why if it isn’t the fair Lady Ichiko!” He smiled as he immediately dropped what he was doing to give Ichimatsu his attention. But an item fell onto him from above as he didn't properly arrange it prior to Ichimatsu's arrival.

Ichimatsu furrowed his brows as the shopkeeper winced and rubbed his head as he picked up the item. “ Everytime I come here he always breaks something. It must be costly…”

“Ahhhh, ow ow~” The man gave an embarrassed smile as he continued to rub while approaching Ichimatsu. At least this time nothing broke.

“Have you come to rent the usual?” He asked as he gave a bow in the presence of the beauty.

Ichimatsu nodded, pointing simply towards the koto that he would borrow from this store. He got a discount for the rental just on his looks alone and it was far more convenient than bringing his own instrument along. The shopkeep hummed as he retrieved the koto for Ichimatsu, the kitsune pulling coin out in exchange.

“Ah, please.” The shopkeeper began as he placed his hand on Ichimatsu’s to close his palm.

“Today’s on me. After all, no one plays this as well as you do. I believe I can take some time today to hear you play.”

Ichimatsu hated feeling indebted to people so he couldn’t help but to furrow his brows at that as he still offered currency to him.

“My lady, I’ve already made up my mind.” The man smiled as he even began to help carry it out for him.

Don't drop it…” Ichimatsu thought to himself. After all he would hate to have to start bringing his own instrument all this way if the only koto in town was broken.

As the merchant carried the item his sleeves raised up ever so slightly, revealing bandages along the length of his forearms. Ichimatsu couldn't help to stare.

The shopkeeper caught his eye and looked to his arms before he smiled sheepishly in turn. “Ah. I'm honored by your concern but these are just mere burns from cooking.”

How careless... ” Ichimatsu just smiled politely on the outside. He wondered how clumsy one would have to be to burn themselves like that just from cooking.

“Come. I will set this up for you in the usual spot.”

Ichimatsu could only give a sigh as he followed. He felt bad because with how this merchant was acting it made him feel as if he was taking advantage of the man. Ichimatsu really despised shape-shifting in this way. Whatever. Today he was Ichiko. This had nothing to do with him.

The shop-keep dutifully set up a mat onto the floor as to not let Ichimatsu’s beautiful garments get dirtied by the road as he prepared the instrument. Ichimatsu placed the picks on the appropriate fingers while he waited.

People already began to gather around at the sight-- intrigued by the idea of a performance by a young woman who looked to be of noble blood. The kitsune placed a basket in front of the instrument for people to place money in.

“All is ready for you.” The shopkeeper bowed as he gestured to the spot for Ichimatsu to sit. The kitsune painted a smile onto his expression and bowed back in thanks as he settled in the spot.

The youkai checked the tuning with quick plucks-- the crowd growing more and more as he readied himself. Ichimatsu gave a soft exhale as he poised his hands over the instruments, blocking out all of the whispers and excitement before he began to play.

The kitsune’s fingers worked swift, elegant magic on the strings of the instrument as he captured the eyes of everyone around him. Besides the fact that his appearance was beautiful, it was clear that he was extremely skilled. Though he had the appearance of a girl in her teens, his fingers played avidly with the expertise of his true age.

After just a few performances, his basket was nearly filled to the brim. He had to empty it out so often that it was actually exciting him. Ichimatsu would be able to afford brand new garments for the upcoming winter and even a new futon. He wouldn’t even have to work until spring if he kept this up. More importantly, his brothers wouldn’t have to worry about a thing and he could even spoil them with luxuries. So he poured all of his passion out into his playing until the sky darkened.

Even when lanterns illuminated the town, more and more people gathered and stayed. There were even those who decided to bring and enjoy a meal as they watched. Local shopkeepers stood at their doorways during the lulling hours of their businesses and seemed to be so captivated with watching him play.

Ichimatsu signified his end with a polite bow as he heard the crowd before him cheer and the sound of coins piling up in his basket once more.

Ichimatsu was so pleased-- he was even offered a bag from the shopkeeper when he returned the koto in order to carry all of his money back. He continued on to buy a set of expensive wagashi fit for a noble as a gift for Todomatsu and a slab of marbled meat for dinner that he knew Jyushimatsu would just adore.

Today really was a great day… ” Ichimatsu thought as he left the village with his goods strapped carefully onto his back. He would come again to purchase things for the impending winter but he definitely was eager to present these luxury items to his brothers. They really were so good-- it was okay to treat them once in awhile.

Ichimatsu was careful not to undo his transformation until he made it far, far away-- and he was glad because he could feel someone follow him. The kitsune deviated from the normal route back home as he purposely went a more obscure path to confirm his suspicions. The presence became more and more obvious the further away he got to the village-- it was intentional and persistent like a shadow.

What a pain… ” Ichimatsu thought as he couldn’t detect any aura so he wondered if it was a human. Though somehow, it filled him with unease as the footsteps weren’t typical. Tiring of this, he turned around in order to confront his stalker-- only to see that there was no one there. He expected this so he glanced around before turning back in order to continue on his path.

“Lady Ichiko.”

The voice and immediate presence startled him as he instinctively jolted back a few yalms away at an unnatural speed.

Shit! ” Ichimatsu didn’t let his guard down so he wondered why he couldn’t detect the man. It was the shopkeeper from before. The man smiled, unfazed as he stood before the kitsune.

“Ah, my lady. Forgive me for the fright.”

There’s no way. He definitely saw that. Shit-- I have to go. ” Ichimatsu nerves crept up as he realized his reaction outed him as inhuman--but it creeped him out even more that the guy acted as if nothing happened. In fact, how was it that he followed him so well?

The shopkeeper extended out his hand, holding the set of sweets that Ichimatsu had purchased for Todomatsu. “I only meant to return this to you. You must have left it at the store.”

Ichimatsu knew he didn’t forget it-- in fact it was the first thing he packed. Without taking his eyes off of him, he reached a hand back to feel his bag for the box-- and it was indeed gone. Something was wrong. So very wrong.

Ichimatsu stood before the man for a mere moment before he made a run for it-- bounding into the forest at lightning speed. Even if he felt no aura, panic sank into him. This world was very strange-- and it was always wise to not gamble with chance.

The kitsune must’ve jolted about for miles as he finally landed in a clearing. He didn’t feel pursued anymore but he couldn’t let go of the eerie feeling that came off of the shop-keep. Ichimatsu sighed as he took a look into his bag once more-- it really was gone. He’d have to get Todomatsu’s treat another day but at the least he still had the money. There wasn’t anything he could do about it tonight-- so he placed the bag back onto himself.

As he was debating whether or not it was okay to finally head back towards the shrine he felt jerked back. Ichimatsu’s fears came rushing back as his eyes widened.

A nearly invisible thread was attached to the bag and he immediately took it off from his back in order to flee but it was too late. Strands upon strands of silk shot out from the forest-- wrapping around his arms and torso as his disguise unraveled to generate his aura in response.

A powerful burst of lightning exuded from him to fend off the attack as the kitsune stood his ground-- his pupils contracting as he was anticipating the next move. If there was something this dangerous in the forest-- he had to take care of it before it made it towards the shrine.

Just then, another rush of silk came from behind which he expertly dodged-- only to feel something cling at the nape of his neck before his aura forcefully canceled.

Lightning dispersed into static as Ichimatsu gasped, his eyes widening as he fell to the ground-- tumbling from the lack of momentum from his power being snatched away. Unable to guard himself properly from the fall, he winced as he opened his eyes--seeing a figure immediately before him.

“I knew you were a kitsune...”

The youkai looked up to see that shopkeeper once more. The man wore a twisted smile that extended past what was humanly possible, chilling Ichimatsu down to the bone. He knew he needed to flee in order to live-- but he couldn’t command any of his aura. In fact, he could see the essence leaving him and being sucked into the man’s mouth as if he was inhaling smoke.

Ichimatsu’s eyes widened with the expression of pure terror.

Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu had a pretty fun day together overall. Todomatsu played his shamisen while Jyushimatsu beat on the bottom of a pan to act as a drum. Todomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh-- usually the inugami would just be content with watching so it was a rare treat to have him perform alongside him. He wasn’t half bad either-- he had a half a mind to keep a lookout for an actual drum that he could play.

Then in the middle of a strum-- the prayer beads on Todomatsu’s wrists bursted and scattered amongst the floor below. At the same time, the bell on Jyushimatsu’s neck combusted and warped into scrap metal as the center fell and rolled on the floor.

Both of them ceased and stared.

An immediate weight of indescribable dread filled them both as they felt Ichimatsu’s aura completely dissipate from the imbued accessories.

Todomatsu stared unblinking as his hand uncontrollably trembled towards the remnants of the prayer beads on his wrist. There was no way-- there was absolutely no way. “I-I-Ichi… Ichi…”

Jyushimatsu didn’t breathe. His face fell into the most grief-stricken expression as he stared at the remnants in disbelief. Suffocated, he took in the most shallow breaths as they gradually increased to heavy insufferable pants. His claws dug deeply into the flooring below them as his pupils contracted into narrow slits.

There was no way he was going to accept this. The inugami’s aura burst into golden flames that surrounded his feet as he built up power in his hind legs that eroded the ground below. Despite being horribly shaken up, it definitely commanded Todomatsu’s attention as he reached out to grab onto the thick cord on his brother’s back that acted as a harness.

The tanuki twisted the cords around his wrists as he secured his knees on either side of Jyushimatsu’s waist--prepared to hold on for dear life. They both knew they had to see the truth with their own eyes-- so the inugami propelled himself forward as if hell was at his heels.

Ichimatsu found himself knelt on the ground with steel-strength silk at the mercy of this shop-keep; this monster.

An exorcist ?” Ichimatsu breathed out shallowly as he evaluated the situation to make his move. He never knew of any raw talent powerful enough to extract aura in such a way. Even imbued objects such as the prayer beads he bounded to the ao andon wouldn't be able to act in such a manner. The man must have utilized human methodologies meant to exterminate youkai.

“I’ve watched you for so long…” The man spoke as he gripped Ichimatsu harshly by the jaw, forcing his head from side to side to get a look at him.

“I've waited months upon months… And every time you are always by yourself.” But it was more than obvious that this man wasn't a human.

“You look absolutely delicious.” He laughed lowly, revealing horrifying needle-like fangs.

Ichimatsu’s eyes kept wide as he felt impending death. Despite his pessimistic outlook to life and how much he offhandedly commented on how living was a pain-- he realized how much he truly wanted to live.

“It’s been so while since I’ve captured a delicacy like you…” The monster hissed as he hovered near Ichimatsu, stroking at a glowing marker at the back of his neck with elongated fingers.

“I must admit my methods may have been overkill seeing as an amulet such as this one was enough to detach you from your aura.”

Even at this moment, all Ichimatsu could do was think of his brothers. He remembered the moment he found Jyushimatsu in that village of sick, morally degraded creatures that treated the inugami’s kind as a fetish. He remembered that despite all the suffering Jyushimatsu went through he always bore the happiest, beaming smile that the heavens could only wish to shine as bright as. He remembered when the young Todomatsu first called to him as his brother-- which led them to refer to each other as family from thereon out. Ichimatsu wanted to live up to the image of being a proper elder brother so badly.

“I could’ve simply just eaten you… But I thought kitsune were strong… What a shame to indulge in such unripe fruit.”

Ichimatsu’s life before his family was empty and miserable-- and maybe he really did want to die back then. But he had so much more to do for them-- he knew he had reason to live. So he just had to.

With all of his courage, Ichimatsu snapped forward and bit into the man’s neck as hard as he possibly could. Even without his aura, his teeth were incredibly sharp and formidable. He sunk them in deeper and deeper causing a horrible screech to erupt from his attacker.

The kitsune ripped out a disgusting piece of flesh that he spat to the side as the man clutched at his bleeding wound. Ichimatsu fell back from being shoved away but he swiftly scrambled up despite the silk around his torso. Adrenaline ran through him as he focused on escaping but he felt swords pierce the back of his thighs and calves in several places as he immediately yelled out from the pain.

Ichimatsu whipped his head back-- catching sight of a terrorizing display. What first appeared to be bandages around the shop keeper's arms were actually talismans. Ichimatsu witnessed as the seals ripped apart and dissolved away.

A demonic and paralyzing aura began to seep out without the seals in place.The man’s body cracked and warped into his true form: a terrible large spider youkai.

A tsuchigumo in this area?! ” Ichimatsu’s teeth clenched as he was finally able to comprehend what was going on but he felt like it was too late. It's been so long since he had to deal with a dangerous one of their kind. Usually he could detect any threats from miles away but this one slipped completely under his radar.

Six of the tsuchigumo’s claws were pierced through Ichimatsu’s legs, completely incapacitating the unguarded kitsune as he dragged Ichimatsu towards him. Ichimatsu gave a blood curdling scream as a result as he was being maneuvered by his skewered flesh.

“I shouldn’t have played with my food.” The tsuchigumo voice shredded through the air menacingly as his mouth opened to reveal poisonous saliva that dripped and burned acid into the floor below.

Ichimatsu’s breath hitched as he was trying to find any way out-- anything at all. A hundred plans per millisecond went through his mind as he got closer to the demon’s disgusting maw. He couldn’t move. Tranquilizing poison pulsed throughout his system leaving him completely paralyzed.

Right as the acid fell and dissolved through his hakama, a strike of lightning came down between them-- severing the legs of the monster off at the base as the tsuchigumo shrieked and bled.

“What an ugly fuck you are! This kitsune is wayyy out of your league!”

A familiar voice from above called out as the red figure landed onto the floor with such impact it caused the earth to tremble.

“Holy hell, I don’t believe it.” Ichimatsu gasped under his breath as he looked to his apparent savior.

“Bet you’re glad to see us early, huh?” Osomatsu gave a cocky grin as he swung his kanabo onto his shoulder and looked back. “Hm... Four ain’t such an unlucky number after all.”

“Ichimatsu-san!” Choromatsu gasped from above as he landed and saw this horrifying display of the spider’s detached legs writhing within the kitsune’s wounds.

“How terrible…” Karamatsu breathed out as he furrowed his brows at the sight. The ao andon waved a hand over Ichimatsu’s body, focusing blue fire onto the tsuchigumo’s aura as it burned away the silk and remnants of the monster’s legs.

“Agh!” Ichimatsu grimaced as he felt his own hot blood saturate his hakama due to the absence of the monster’s legs from his wounds. Though as much pain as he was he still had the mind to be shocked as hell to see these three and utterly relieved.

“T-There’s so much blood...” Choromatsu hovered his hands over his mouth as he observed Ichimatsu’s condition.

The tengu can feel that there was definitely something binding the kitsune down so he calmed enough to act as a detector. He came upon the amulet embedded within Ichimatsu’s neck and dispelled it with a purification incantation. Choromatsu’s relief was short lived as he realized that despite the spell being broken he was still was profusely bleeding. His aura was completely nonexistent.

“He can’t stop the bleeding by himself!” Choromatsu began to become frantic as he immediately took off his green robe and tore it in half in order to wrap around Ichimatsu’s legs. Karamatsu followed his example and quickly took to tending to the kitsune as he and Choromatsu began to apply pressure.

The spider screeched as aura pulsed throughout  his being-- his limbs regenerating back to having all eight. His body was filthy with power.

“I’ll devour you all!”

Silk shot from every direction possible towards the group as the ao andon swung his lantern to envelop them in flames. The silk dissolved back into the woods as the fire carried on and burned-- revealing the web they were within.

Osomatsu’s eyes gleamed in ferocious delight at the challenge. This youkai was ugly as sin but he was definitely very strong. He must’ve eaten countless others to absorb their potential. Little did he know, the shuten-douji didn’t plan on being quite an easy meal.

“Oh, you poor fucking sap.” An excited grin pervaded the shuten-douji’s face as lightning crackled in his hand and surrounded his kanabo to empower it.

Just as Osomatsu was about to dig in-- a flash of white crossed his path as the spider suddenly was sent flying towards the side of the nearest rocky cliff.

A large white dog had the monster’s neck in his maw-- acid and black blood dripped down his mouth as he gave a low, predatory growl. Cloud-like flames flared from the youkai’s paws as a powerful golden aura surrounded him. The most distinguishing feature was the red and white cord that remained around his torso.

The shuten-douji blinked his eyes as he raised his brows in amazement. “Oh, wow… Kiddo is that you?” Even Osomatsu felt tremors from his imposing presence.

Todomatsu had jumped down from his brother's back before he had lunged toward the monster. Catching his ground, the tanuki came running to his brother side as quickly as he could.

“Ichimatsu-niisan!” Todomatsu called out as tears welled up in his eyes from relief that he was alive. Both him and Jyushimatsu thought the worst when they left-- but the scent of his blood made the inugami travel at light-speed towards him.

Ichimatsu couldn’t believe this. He couldn’t believe how incredibly fortunate he was at this very moment. He furrowed his brows in absolute relief at seeing Todomatsu at his side while Karamatsu and Choromatsu kept trying to suppress the bleeding.

“It’s no good.” Choromatsu gasped as they can see red quickly overcoming the color of their garments. Even if Ichimatsu wasn't human the situation was quickly becoming more and more dire if he didn’t have his aura to stop the bleeding.

“We need to get him to Totoko-chan.” The daitengu hurried up and unsheathed his fan as he began to manipulate the winds beneath them.

Karamatsu nodded as he quickly scooped up the kitsune within his arms. He looked towards Todomatsu who was desperately worrying about his brother. “Our friend can help him through it. Please don’t worry.”

“Let’s go then!” Todomatsu gasped as he grabbed onto Choromatsu for support so they can fly off.

“Wait!” Ichimatsu called out through labored pants as he looked over towards Osomatsu.

“Don’t let him kill him!” The kitsune could see how Jyushimatsu was absolutely intent on avenging him as the tsuchigumo writhed and clawed in his hold.

“Hahhh?!” Osomatsu furrowed his brows in confusion as he whipped around.

“You mean you actually want this fucker to live?!” He asked incredulously as he pointed his kanabo over towards the scene.

“No! Fucking kill him!” Ichimatsu shouted before he grimaced in pain and felt his head throb and his sight blacken from the massive amount of blood loss. “But don’t let Jyushimatsu do it!”

“We gotta go.” Choromatsu quickly spoke out as he carried them through the air.

“Aniki! This is up to you until we return!” Karamatsu shouted downwards as the daitengu took them off as swiftly as he could manage.

Osomatsu observed as they went through the air like a shooting star. He couldn't help but to scoff at Karamatsu’s last comment.

“Isn’t it always? Jeez, so dramatic…” The shuten-douji sighed as he was left alone with the fearsome Jyushimatsu.

“Oi, puppy.” Osomatsu called out as he approached. Jyushimatsu held the other youkai in a death grip even if he was being speared in numerous places by the spider’s bladed claws. Acid dripped from his wounds as blood stained his fur. The inugami growled as his heavy front paws stomped on the spider and mangled his limbs.

“You in there?” The shuten-douji swung his energized kanabo back and forth to ready a fatal strike.

“You heard what your brother said, yeah? Let go of your toy.”

Jyushimatsu’s large eye shifted back towards Osomatsu as he snarled defensively the closer he got-- letting Osomatsu know exactly how he felt. The tsuchigumo began to gurgle within his maw as the inugami’s jaw clenched onto his victim unrelentingly.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it.” Osomatsu sighed as he was stuck with the role of a negotiator once again. But this time, it wasn’t solely for his own gains.

“But you don’t want to have to lie to your brother’s face when you see him later, right? Don’t you want to see how relieved he’ll be when he realizes you haven’t taken a life?”

The inugami began to huff heavily around his prey-- burdened with the thought of Ichimatsu inevitably blaming himself for this. He wanted to be the one to save Ichimatsu so badly-- he wanted to be there for his brother like he always was for him. But if it weren’t for Osomatsu arriving first he would’ve been mere moments too late. And all of that filled him with incredible dread and sorrow that he may never forget.

Even though Jyushimatsu never wanted to kill anyone so badly in his life-- his grip eased up as he released the spider. This was still something he could do to make up for not being able to be there for Ichimatsu.

Immediately as the tsuchigumo was released he retracted his claws and aimed them straight for the inugami’s throat as a drill-- but Osomatsu shoved his kanabo in between to block the assault.

“No, you don’t…” The shuten-douji spoke lowly as electricity crackled from his palm before he struck down.

Totoko hummed as she cruised down the hallway of Osomatsu’s residence towards the bathhouse-- her beautiful hanfu barely sweeping the floor as she carried on. Although water was as plentiful as air where she lived, there was just something about the hot spring water that energized her to the core. It was too bad she couldn’t trust Osomatsu and the other two idiots to keep their paws off of her things.

“Really~ Osomatsu-kun better pay me back and buy me a whole trove of things from the market.” They never used her stuff so excessively before-- but she knew better to not leave them in the bath next time. Still, they still owed her several ingredients for her expensive oil and she was going to stick around until they followed through.


Halting in her tracks, the ningyou heard Choromatsu’s voice from afar in such a distressed pitch. Her pupils contracted into slits as the intense smell of blood wafted through the air-- sending off all kinds of alarms in her mind.

“Choromatsu-kun?!” Totoko called out as she hurried as swiftly as her humanoid legs could carry her. It’s been so long that she’s used them she stumbled over but she immediately caught herself and used the leverage of the ground to push herself forward. She stopped herself by grasping onto the doorframe of the garden’s entrance as she gasped at the sight.

Before her were her friends utterly soaked in blood holding a kitsune who was mortally wounded. A tanuki was crying at Karamatsu’s side as Choromatsu was hurrying up to fetch water. She had no idea what was going on or who the two strange youkai were but by instinct they weren’t dangerous.

“No time to explain! Totoko-chan, can you stop the bleeding?” Karamatsu was short of breath as he requested her favor. His chest felt tight as he wasn’t certain if they made it on time because of how unresponsive Ichimatsu became. Neither of them had to deal with a scenario like this before.

“What on earth did you guys get mixed up in?!” Totoko hurried up at their side and immediately began to manipulate Ichimatsu’s blood with her aura.

Karamatsu knelt and settled Ichimatsu down with care. He watched on with trepidation as Totoko began her craft. She pressurized the fluids to stop the bleeding as Choromatsu hurried up with a basin of water at her side.

The ningyou conducted the water with her aura as the liquid began to swirl around Ichimatsu’s wounds in order to mend them. The water became murky with blood as it worked over him before it glimmered. The sparkling liquid entering his wounds and healing his superficial appearance as Totoko fell back onto her knees-- panting for breath.

Ichimatsu gasped as color fell back into his face-- but he was greeted with tremendous dizziness and a throbbing, powerful pain throughout his legs. A pain that quickly became excruciating without the tranquilizing effect of the poison . He gave a loud shout as he grimaced and gritted his teeth to try to ease some of the torment but to no avail-- he could hardly think past it.

“Ichimatsu-niisan!” Todomatsu cried out as he flattened his hands onto the ground, kneeling by his side as he wanted to touch him but he knew better. He waited anxiously as he glanced over his body. It was like his wounds were never there but he was so worried as he watched onto the kitsune’s pained expression and tense figure. His eyes widened in horror as he realized that Ichimatsu’s legs were bruising from internal bleeding.

“I filtered out the toxins and oxygenized his blood but he’ll still suffer from the side effects.” Totoko sighed, relieved that she was able to do it in the spur of the moment and on land nonetheless. “His aura can take care of the rest.”

“He doesn’t have any.” Choromatsu’s breath hitched as he witnessed Ichimatsu continuing to struggle from the pain.

“You’re kidding me.” Totoko spoke quietly as she watched down to the suffering youkai.

Ichimatsu's legs were becoming more and more bruised by the second as his body couldn't heal properly even with her emergency care.

She furrowed her brows as she was trying to decide what to do. “How much do you care about him?” Though it seemed like a question with an obvious answer Totoko still needed the extra assurance for courage.

“A lot!” Karamatsu immediately answered as he looked towards her with urgency.

“Totoko-chan please!” Choromatsu’s brows were knitted as he implored her as well.

Todomatsu looked upon them in shock as the two of them answering so swiftly. Why did they care so much? How could they care so much?

The ningyou looked back and forth between them-- fisting a hand as she swallowed her nerves. If she was going to do this she had to act fast.

“Dammit.” She made her decision as she hovered to the writing kitsune’s side and gestured to her friends.

“Hold him down.”

Choromatsu and Karamatsu followed up to do just as she said as they carefully but firmly pressed his limbs down to still him. Ichimatsu gave a loud muffled shout at that as his jaw was clenched down so hard from the pain that he even struggled to breathe.

Totoko's breath became shallow as she looked to Todomatsu and called attention to him. “Open his mouth.”

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed but he immediately did as she asked as placed his hands on his brother’s jaw to pry his mouth open. His arms trembled but his grip was firm as he forced his head still.

Not a second later, Totoko had uncovered her forearm from her sleeve as she shoved it into the kitsune’s mouth-- trembling a bit as his teeth began to clench down.

“Let go and then hold his head still.”

Todomatsu gasped as he was so confused and anxious of what she was trying to do but it was the only thing that could be done right now. So he listened and released his jaw.

Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to bite down harshly onto the appendage trapped between his jaw as Totoko contained a shriek as best she could.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened in fright as he followed up and hurriedly held his head still so he doesn’t thrash about and mangle her. The ningyou grimaced and cried in pain as her arm began to bleed-- her flesh torn into by the kitsune’s fangs as he huffed and groaned loudly against her.

“T-Totoko-chan!” Choromatsu felt dread well up inside of him at this bloody sight as she was enduring the consequences of her decision. Karamatsu could only watch on with unease as he continued to firmly hold Ichimatsu down.

“Y-You guys owe me a hundred times the amount of ingredients after this!” Her face was twisted in pain as her blood flowed down the kitsune’s throat and past the side of his lips.

Ichimatsu throat gurgled as he was forced to swallow-- but he immediately began to feel the pain dissipate away as he partook in the crimson fluid. The muscles in his body began to relax from their intense state as he released Totoko’s arm in order to turn and cough.

Choromatsu and Karamatsu finally eased up on him in order to allow him motion to clear his throat and recuperate.

Totoko gasped as she took her trembling arm back. It was a gruesome wound as she held it to herself and utilized her aura to stop the bleeding. The bite was so pressurized and deep on her unguarded flesh that this was definitely going to leave ugly scars.

“W-Why did you...?” Todomatsu’s hands were trembling as he was watching all of this. He knew that she was helping his brother but this all was beyond his comprehension.

Choromatsu went to Totoko’s side as his concern shifted towards his friend. “Totoko-chan has an incredibly unique talent… All you need to know is she did what she had to to help him.”

Ichimatsu panted as he couldn’t feel his legs but his mind was finally sober. Though Choromatsu didn't outright say what she was-- he’s heard of her kind but they were so rare he didn’t even know they existed anymore. It was to his knowledge that they were hunted to extinction by youkai and humans alike. “Y-You wasted your blood on someone like me…?”

“Ichimatsu-niisan…” Todomatsu whimpered through tears as he tentatively reached out to hold his hand-- the kitsune immediately responding by curling his fingers around him.

Totoko gave a disgusted look towards him at that being the first thing he says. “Way to show your gratitude. Fine one you guys picked up.” She spat as she was just in so much residual pain from her actions prior.

“We can talk about this later. Why didn’t you come back with Osomatsu-kun?” Totoko swallowed harshly as she looked towards her friends in question.

“He’s fighting a savage one of our kind right now.” Karamatsu replied as he looked towards Choromatsu, both of them riding on the same wavelength.

“Let’s go. He’s probably done already.” Choromatsu had the utmost confidence in Osomatsu’s strengths-- he had to if he were to function at all. But still, unease settled in him as he withdrew his fan to carry them off.

“Jyu… Jyushimatsu. Please make sure he’s safe.” Ichimatsu trembled as he held Todomatsu’s hand-- knowing that he couldn’t do anything but to rely on them. He couldn't believe how useless he was. And to top it all off, all of this happened because of him.

“Don’t worry. We shall return post-haste.” Karamatsu reassured with a calming voice as Choromatsu waved his fan to direct the currents beneath them.

Osomatsu huffed laboriously as only putrid blood and a mangled form remained from the tsuchigumo before him. Black blood coated his body as crimson red flowed from an opened wound at his side. The shuten-douji winced as he hovered a hand over his injury but retracted in order to not risk infection from the tsuchigumo's blood.

The inugami had reverted to his normal physique as he laid passed out on the side. There was definitely evidence of a struggle after the group left for the mountain and Jyushimatsu had since exerted himself. His wounds appeared dire, but thanks to his immunity to poison and being able to guard himself with his aura it was far less detrimental than it could've been.

The shuten-douji grunted as he sniffed himself, cringing at the thick scent of rotten demon blood.

“Ugh… God, I can’t wait for this shit to fade.” He frowned as he flicked his weapon out to rid of the blood as he went over to sit next to Jyushimatsu.

The oni fell back onto his rear with a loud, exhausted groan as he supported himself with his hands on the ground behind him.

“Man, I’m really getting old.” Osomatsu sighed heavily-- speaking more to himself than anyone else.

“Back in my war days, it would’ve been over before you even got the chance to paw your way in...” Osomatsu scoffed as he eyed to his side where a claw had pierced him. He was confident he would’ve came out unscathed so he couldn’t help but to be disappointed in himself when he was impaled. Spiders really had too many damn legs.

Osomatsu’s limbs trembled as the poison flowed through his system-- beginning to induce some of its paralyzing effects. He exhaled as he couldn’t help but to feel tired-- at least this wasn’t anything Totoko couldn’t take care of. Thank god she came to visit.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to have a new sense of respect for Jyushimatsu as he watched down to the blacked out inugami.

“You must be less than two-hundred years old and you’re already showing up youkai ten times your age.” The shuten-douji chuckled as he recalled that amazing form of his. And here he thought that Ichimatsu was strong for his age.

Just as Osomatsu felt as if he was going to nod off-- he grinned lazily as he looked up to his brothers’ arrival. “Right on time.” A sigh escaped him before falling back and laying there. He really deserved a vacation now.

“Osomatsu-niisan!” Choromatsu called out in panic as he saw him collapsing over below them.

“Aniki!!” Karamatsu gasped as he descended down premature to the landing to go over to him. Choromatsu in turn swooped himself forward with his wings and came rushing to his side.

“Oh my god! Oh my god, are you okay?!” Choromatsu fretted as tears began to well-up as he attempted to inspect the deep wound at his side. He hasn't seen Osomatsu get a serious injury in such a long time.

“Isn’t it obvious that I’m dead?” Osomatsu stared up blankly as his body was completely paralyzed at this point.

“Don’t joke like that!” The tengu frowned as he sniffled, trying to not cry as he collapsed to his knees at the shuten-douji’s side. Choromatsu would never be able to forgive himself if Osomatsu were to be fatally injured. Especially after all that time the tengu squandered between them in the past years.

“Have some faith will you?” Osomatsu chuckled as he looked towards Choromatsu, wishing he could physically comfort him but everything felt like it weighed a ton.

Karamatsu looked over to the spider’s corpse as the flesh and blood began to dissipate into nothingness-- not even leaving bones behind. The ao andon could only give a proud smile as he commended his brother for his perseverance.

“Amazing work--” He began only for his expression to fall and stare at the sight of Jyushimatsu limp and terribly unresponsive right next to him.

“Oh, don’t worry. He’s super okay. Poison doesn’t affect him.” Osomatsu lowered his lids as he glanced over-- knowing that these two were just looking for something to freak out about. “Well I mean he looks like a pincushion but it's nothing Totoko-chan can't pretty up.”

Karamatsu sighed relieved as he took his word. He took the azure robe from his back as he placed it over Jyushimatsu to as an act of comfort and modesty.

The ao andon glanced over to Osomatsu as he watched how his brother was still unmoving. “What of you? Are you poisoned?”

“No, I just thought this was a good place to take a nap.” Osomatsu lowered his brows at how stupid that question was as he couldn’t even lift his head. Karamatsu really was empty-headed. “Yes, I’m poisoned!”

Karamatsu lightly knitted his brows and smiled-- overjoyed to see that his older brother had so much energy in him. “We shall take care of you.” The ao andon spoke as he collected him and Jyushimatsu within his arms. He couldn’t lift both of them but he kept a secure hold as he nodded towards Choromatsu.

“Well, god. I’d sure hope so.” Osomatsu grunted as he felt like a rag doll. He sighed as Karamatsu supported his head onto his lap in order to try to provide him some comfort for the trip.

Choromatsu gave a wavering smile as he was just so happy that he was okay. He sniffled as he hastily wiped the tears from his face to focus on the task at hand.

The tengu began to create a gentle current that cradled them all in a feather-like shape-- definitely going to take care on the journey back since he had two incapacitated people to watch out for.

Once they left-- Totoko went to get some bandages for herself as she insisted they stayed put until they returned. Ichimatsu was slowly recovering thanks to her sacrifice as Todomatsu eased him and fed him some water while he laid down.

Totoko came back with emergency care supplies and more water as she was preparing for the worst when Osomatsu came back. They had no interest in conversing with each other at the moment besides Todomatsu offering her some words of deep gratitude.

All three were awaiting anxiously for their return. The ningyou looked longingly towards the sky-- focusing on detecting their presence to spring into action as soon as possible.

Todomatsu helped his brother to lay against a tree as he finally seemed well enough to sit up. The kitsune struggled as he was unable to feel much control in his muscles-- it was as if most of the connection between his mind and body was severed. He chalked it up to utter exhaustion from the incident-- at the least he was no longer in pain.

“Are you okay…?” Todomatsu spoke softly as he stroked some hair from his face.

“I will be.” Ichimatsu assured, frowning as he looked down. He moved his hand up onto Todomatsu’s that was near his cheek.

Ichimatsu was definitely wrung out from the whole ordeal but still, all of that couldn’t compare to what could’ve happened if Osomatsu and his brothers weren’t there. He was still in shock at their timing-- for whatever reason they were out there, he was so grateful. This whole thing was greater than a mere shatter to his pride. It was an incredible, horrifying strike of realization to what the true circumstances were. Did he really deserve to be saved?

“I’m sorry…” Ichimatsu muttered out as he suddenly felt gravity weigh down on his heart.

Todomatsu knitted his brows as he leaned in. “What could you be apologizing for?”

“If you two were with me and he attacked us…” Ichimatsu’s expression twisted into one embedded with regret as he furrowed his brows. “I-I wouldn’t have been able to protect you or Jyushimatsu...” The kitsune managed out as he felt like a complete fool for thinking things could’ve gone any other way.

It all happened so fast-- he wasn’t strong enough to defend himself from being attacked in such a way. He didn’t even have a fighting chance. In fact, Jyushimatsu had to put himself in harm’s way for him because of his incompetencies. He was so naive.

Todomatsu couldn't believe what he was hearing. His brother was actually feeling guilty for what had just happened to him? “Ichimatsu-niisan--”

“I don't deserve to be referred to as your older brother.” Ichimatsu couldn’t believe that he deceived himself into thinking he could be their protector. That they could just live the rest of their lives out in complete peace. That if he placed his aura into items that he could protect them even from afar. The whole thing was a charade he put out because he wanted to be a reliable older brother so badly.

“The ningyou shouldn’t have wasted her efforts on me.” He felt nauseous to the core-- he was so undeserving of that good fortune. What good was he like this? He would only be a burden on the ones he loved so dearly.

“I don’t even have my aura anymore to protect us. Though not like having it made a difference anyways...” He chuckled painfully as he stared at his hands.

Ichimatsu’s mind spun with absolute despair as he uttered his truth. “I’m completely worthless...”

Todomatsu’s breath hitched in reply as his brows lowered down in frustration. He reeled his hand back and slapped him across the face before placing both his hands on Ichimatsu’s shoulders to firmly demand him to look up. Ichimatsu raised his head in shock from the strike and watched him with widened eyes.

“Nii-san! Think about yourself for once, will you?!” Todomatsu gripped onto him as he just couldn’t believe that Ichimatsu was anything but angry after being crippled.

All his brother would do is give and give and still feel like he wasn’t enough. And Todomatsu blamed himself for a large part of it. Maybe if he didn’t try to gain independence or do things on his own then Ichimatsu would have more confidence in himself.

“You almost died! Y-You lost all of your aura!” Todomatsu’s voice cracked as his expression wavered with tears brimmed over his waterline. His older brother deserved so much more after all he did for them. Todomatsu wasn’t going to fail Ichimatsu this time.

"A-And you’re still thinking of us…!" Todomatsu’s grip began to tremble as he leaned forward and looked downwards-- tears dripping onto Ichimatsu’s tattered robes. "How could you still be blaming yourself?!”

“If you died do you really think Jyushimatsu-niisan and I would be better off...?” The tanuki sobbed as he wished that he could let go of his crybaby tendencies just this once but he needed Ichimatsu to know the truth.

Todomatsu clung to him as he looked up-- his words fighting through his tears. “With or without your aura we need you!”

“Because you’re our older brother!”

Ichimatsu watched down stunned at Todomatsu’s genuine words that reached towards his heart and pulled him up. The kitsune’s brows furrowed as tears brimmed the corners of his eyes. With renewed strength he reached out and pulled his brother closely to him-- holding him in such a firm embrace as a wordless promise.

Todomatsu immediately returned the gesture and held onto him as if he was keeping him grounded. “I’m sorry, Ichimatsu-niisan…! I’m so sorry this happened to you!” Todomatsu wailed as he was just so grateful that his brother wasn’t taken away from them. He never wanted to leave him again!

“Todomatsu… Todomatsu…” Ichimatsu quietly wept as he placed a hand behind the tanuki’s head-- acting as if he was the one to comfort him but really Todomatsu filled him with such assurance.

Even if Ichimatsu was weak-- even if he couldn’t do anything for them-- he’d make sure to give them his all. Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu deserved so much better than him but he was going to do his best to be the elder brother that they deserved.

Totoko glanced back at the heartfelt moment behind her. Seeing such raw emotions from their kind after so long was almost shocking. The ningyou eyed down to her bandaged arm that she was holding gingerly and stroked over it. She saw idealized humanity within them.

“I wonder if this is why they like them so much…” She murmured to herself in thought as they definitely did seem to be special.

Unable to be left in her thoughts for long-- she gasped as she felt their incoming presence. And thank goodness, everyone was accounted for plus an extra.

“Osomatsu-kun!” Totoko called out as she got on her feet and prepared for their wounds.

Ichimatsu and Todomatsu gasped as they parted-- looking up to see Choromatsu returning with their brother in hand. Winds dispersed as the tengu landed them before Totoko who immediately started to work her emergency care.

“Thank god… Thank god.” Todomatsu knitted his brows and breathed out in relief as Jyushimatsu was definitely still alive.

Ichimatsu got on his feet to stumble towards their landing zone. Todomatsu caught his brother and supported him as they went towards them.

Karamatsu looked over to them as he gave a reassuring smile as Ichimatsu sobbed and held his brother’s hand to his forehead in relief. Todomatsu could only gasp in terror as he looked upon the multitude of deep stab wounds that littered the inugami’s body.

“He’ll be fine.” Karamatsu spoke out as he gently stroked the inugami’s hair to the side-- revealing his peaceful, sleeping expression. “He’s quite the warrior.”

“You’re telling me.” Osomatsu smirked before he looked to Totoko who was directing her water towards him.

“I’m good.” The shuten-douji spoke out before her aura touched him-- the ningyou giving a sudden halt in response.

“Wasp's nest over there, on the other hand, is probably about a few minutes away from popping. Do him first.”

Jyushimatsu had used his aura to seal the bleeding after all-- he could only imagine how long that would last while the inugami was unconscious. Totoko nodded as she redirected the water towards Jyushimatsu instead-- the magic spinning and swirling in a heavenly way around his wounds.

Ichimatsu trembled as he looked onto his brother and the intense severity of his wounds. Even with Totoko already working on him he couldn’t help but to be filled with a rush anxiety. Choromatsu frowned at that and waved his hands in front of him.

“He’s kidding. He’s kidding.” The tengu reassured as he shot a glare towards Osomatsu for being so inconsiderate.

Osomatsu rolled his eyes at that. It wasn’t as if Totoko wasn’t right here and doing what she does best. “No, I wasn’t but okay.”

The water glimmered and swirled as the same magic that healed Ichimatsu managed to purify and clear Jyushimatsu’s complexion. To anyone it really was an amazing sight-- a truly rare and unexpendable talent.

Todomatsu and Ichimatsu watched on with apprehension as Totoko was finishing up her care. Mere moments after, Jyushimatsu’s expression gave a twitch before his eyes fluttered open.

“Nii-san…?” Jyushimatsu murmured, disoriented of what was going on and where he was but he was comforted as he caught sight of the tearful expressions of his brothers. Within their presence the inugami couldn’t help but to smile and give a tired wag of his tail.

“J-Jyushi…” Ichimatsu ears flattened down as waves of relief flowed over him. The kitsune immediately embraced him as he wept uncontrollably-- supporting the back of his head as he clung onto him.

Though Jyushimatsu still felt weakness and residual pain in his body, he was so elated to see Ichimatsu look well. He placed his paws onto Ichimatsu’s back and held him close-- rubbing one up and down comfortingly to soothe him.

“Ichimatsu-niisan, you never cry…” Jyushimatsu’s voice gave a soft broken laugh as he couldn’t believe that this was reality. Tears of his own welled up in his eyes as he gave a wavering but joyous smile. Jyushimatsu loved him so much he was so glad to be at his side. Even if this was the afterlife he would be so happy as long as his brother was there.

Todomatsu wiped his own eyes as his own tears kept insisting on flowing out. It really was a miracle that they could all be together right now. He knelt to their side as he wrapped his arms around the both of them-- unable to desire anything other than to be with his family from now on.

Totoko glanced back as she worked on Osomatsu-- she couldn’t believe how much they cared for each other. It really wasn't typical of their kind to form such relationships. “You owe me an explanation...”

“Aw, come on. I had a pretty long day… Rain check?” Osomatsu smiled as his beautiful friend worked that amazing aura on him. His body was beginning to feel light as he could feel the strength return into his muscles. Her aura shone onto that stab wound at his side and dissipated away to reveal mended skin.

“You owe me so many things. You’re really racking up your tab.” Totoko watched him incredulously as she sighed-- feeling utterly drained and exhausted. She never had to exert herself so much… She didn’t even want to argue with him.

“What can I say? I’m an extremist.” Osomatsu felt rejuvenated. He didn’t even realize how hard breathing was while he was paralyzed-- Totoko never ceased to amaze him.

Karamatsu and Choromatsu both sighed in relief as Osomatsu rose up and supported himself on his hands. Osomatsu stretched out his muscles as he looked to Totoko. He offered a gentle smile to her as he adjusted his position and got closer.

“Next time we go to the market, I’ll get you anything you want.” The shuten-douji spoke out as he placed a careful hand beneath her bandaged arm as he looked over her bloodied hanfu.

“Starting with a whole new wardrobe of clothes fit for our princess.”

Totoko frowned as she glanced down to her injury self-consciously. It had to be done after all but still the threat of anyone else outside of Osomatsu and his brother's knowing of her abilities flung her into complete unease. Though the three youthful youkai were hardly focused on her. Even though the kitsune knew exactly what she was-- they were only worried about each other.

The ningyou just sighed as she shoved the thoughts to the back of her mind for now. “That barely makes a dent but you have to start somewhere.” She gave a small smile as she took her arm away.

“But fine~ Tell me over a grand banquet at my favorite restaurant. I’m going to want everything off the menu and you know I won’t finish it.”

Osomatsu chuckled as he thought that her complete honest nature was just the cutest. “I’ll be sure to make the reservations soon.”

“Nii-san.” Choromatsu spoke out as he watched Ichimatsu approaching them-- definitely looking like he had something to say. Karamatsu stood by Choromatsu’s side as they gave Ichimatsu their attention.

Osomatsu blinked as he drew his attention away from his friend to look at the kitsune. “Sup?”

Ichimatsu glanced over towards the three before him as he breathed in and out softly. The kitsune slowly lowered himself on his knees and gave a deep and formal bow.

“Thank you for saving me and my brothers. Words or gestures cannot express my deep and utter gratitude.” Ichimatsu spoke out sincerely as he kept his head downwards.

The elder youkai all seemed shocked at this gesture and definitely didn’t expect this from the prideful kitsune. Even Osomatsu was extremely uncomfortable with this gap in attitude. Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu watched on wordlessly at the sight of their brother conveying so much respect towards them.

“I don’t know what you saw in me to be so deserving of being rescued. I couldn’t repay you even if I had an eternity.” Ichimatsu was finally understanding what his brother saw in them-- why he felt like he would be alright at their side.

Past mercy, their generosity was so overwhelming. Never would he thought he would ever see this sort of selfless attitude from these ancient youkai.

“So please, accept this meager offering of my gratitude. I owe my life to you.”

As opposed to feeling cocky and proud, Osomatsu just felt incredibly abashed and thrown off as he watched the bowed kitsune before them.

“Ichimatsu-san…” Choromatsu spoke out incredibly touched by this ultimate gesture of respect. He was offering them his pride.

Karamatsu was breathless as he witnessed Ichimatsu’s display of complete humility. He saw motion at his peripheral and redirected his gaze as Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu followed in suit of their brother’s gesture.

The two younger youkai seated themselves properly on their knees on either side of Ichimatsu and bowed towards them in the same way. The whole thing sent goosebumps up Osomatsu’s spine. This was just too weird for him.

“Ah! Enough! Enough!” Osomatsu exclaimed as he waved his hand over them-- Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu hesitantly eyeing up while Ichimatsu stayed in the same position.

Osomatsu eyed down to him as he tapped Ichimatsu’s shoulder. “Get up. This isn’t doing anything for me.”

Ichimatsu breathed out as he was disappointed in himself but he rose his upper body as he sat in front of Osomatsu while keeping his head lowered. “I’m sorry… I don’t have anything else to offer you…”

“I can’t even offer you a decent challenge without my aura.” He knew that Osomatsu was interested in fighting with him… though he could hardly consider doing such a thing now.

“Agh! Don’t act like it’s such a big deal.” Osomatsu frowned as the kitsune was acting way too humble for his tastes.

“We were in the area to get an ingredient for Totoko-chan’s oil anyway. It’s not like we were lounging about at home before rushing to your rescue.”

“But aniki, you were the one who acted swiftly once the prayer beads broke.” Karamatsu spoke out as he smiled at how bashful his brother was.

Choromatsu was so proud of how kind Osomatsu became. He could cry again but he definitely won’t. At least not right now. “When your aura canceled he was able to detect the remains before it completely faded.” He knew that it was a gut-decision for Osomatsu to come to Ichimatsu’s side. Neither him or Karamatsu knew what to do so they followed suit as always and it was a relief they did.

“Osomatsu-kun, such a hero. Just like in the novels~” Totoko giggled as she lowered her eyes towards him. What a complete softy he’s become.

Osomatsu’s face reddened at their commentaries as he wasn’t used to this weird formal atmosphere of genuine gratitude. He commanded respect from armies of demon and men for a millennium-- so why was this so weird when it was being given so freely to him?

“Oh, that’s right.” Totoko blinked as she broke Osomatsu out of his prison and changed the topic.

“You’re a kitsune, right? There’s no way you’re not.”

Ichimatsu looked to the ningyou who basically brought him back from the edge of death. He answered her promptly with a clear voice. “Yes, I am. I’m a kyuubi no kitsune.”

Totoko tapped her finger onto her chin as she wondered why he was feeling so sorry for himself then. “Huh… You’re really lucky. You know you can get your aura back, right?”

Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu jolted at that as they gave her their attention.

“W-What? He can?!” Todomatsu gasped as he felt his hopes raise up.

Ichimatsu grimaced for a mere moment before he flattened out his expression to keep respectful.

“Ohh… So you do know?” Totoko lowered her eyelids with a small smile as she definitely caught that change of expression. “Hmph, then you shouldn’t be acting so pitiful.”

Osomatsu listened in with confusion as he looked over to Ichimatsu who wasn’t saying a word in response. “There’s a way? So tell us. We’ll help you.”

“N-No… You’ve done enough for me…” Ichimatsu furrowed his brows as he clutched at his torn hakama.

“So what is a bit more?” Osomatsu grinned as he crouched down to Ichimatsu’s level. “And the sooner you get better the sooner you and I can have a little sparring session for you to repay me. It works out for the both of us, right?”

Ichimatsu glanced upwards to Osomatsu for a moment before lowering his eyes again out of respect-- causing the shuten-douji to frown.

Totoko sighed as she eyed up thoughtfully with a hand on her chin. “Well, since he’s running on empty it probably will only work if he took aura from one of you guys before. So maybe it is hopeless.”

Karamatsu perked as he heard that-- practically hearing his name called as he looked over to Ichimatsu. He knelt to his level he smiled and placed a hand onto his own chest. “Then I shall offer my assistance to you!” He knew that putting aura into that medicine was a good idea!!

Ichimatsu looked over towards Karamatsu as he stammered at his offer.

“Ichimatsu-niisan!” Todomatsu pouted as he grabbed onto Ichimatsu's upper arm and shook him a bit. “If there’s a way you can get your aura back you should let them help!” After all, they were already this deep in… What’s owing them a bit more?

“You don’t understand.” Ichimatsu frowned as he shifted his gaze over towards Todomatsu. His gaze quickly turned to shifting eyes as he felt increasingly uncomfortable. “There’s a reason why I never took aura before.”

“Please. Do not be concerned for my well-being.” Karamatsu closed his eyes and gave a confident expression. He was flattered by the kitsune’s worry but he must really underestimate his capacity. “Though I do not brandish my strength about like aniki I am just as powerful.”

The ao andon smiled as blue sparkles and butterflies fluttered from his energy. “It will merely be like bloodletting-- I’d be refreshed!”

“I think bloodletting was proven to be harmful.” Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he’d hate to burst his bubble but he couldn’t help himself from doing it anyway.

Osomatsu groaned as his brother was being so painful again. But more in an annoying way than funny. “Yeah. If Karamatsu can help you-- you should suck him dry.”

Totoko couldn’t help but to titter with the back of her hand at her mouth. “Oh, to be young again…”

Jyushimatsu smiled as he looked over to the ningyou who clearly knew the methods of how his brother could get his powers back. So it wouldn’t hurt to try to appeal to her.

“Onee-san! Do you think you can tell us so we can help, Ichimatsu-niisan?” The inugami inquired eagerly with the wag of his tail which only made Ichimatsu tense and sweat.

Totoko stopped laughing as she looked over towards Ichimatsu and gave a small smirk. “Oh, I don’t think he would want help from his family for this.”

Jyushimatsu furrowed his brows as he whined and gave a tilt of his head. 

Ichimatsu became increasingly uncomfortable as he gritted his teeth. He owed it to them to tell them but at the same time he wondered if there was any way around it.

Osomatsu frowned as he was beginning to become irritated. He hated being left out of the loop. “Just tell us how to give you aura. We can always say no. And isn’t any chance better than being a weak sack who can’t utilize aura at all?”

Todomatsu’s eye twitched at that as he kept a small exasperated smile onto his face. “What’s wrong with not being able to use aura, huh…?”

“Plenty.” Osomatsu smirked as he looked over to Todomatsu before ruffling his hair.

“But it suits you so well, Todo-chan~ Be weak and cute for me forever, okay?” Osomatsu cooed as he loved how much attitude the tanuki had with no real force to back it up. “Just the way I could snap you in half when we fuck is so exciting in itself!”

“You’re fine the way you are!” Karamatsu smiled. He couldn’t help but to blush as he gave a little nod at that in agreeance.

Choromatsu just narrowed his eyes at both of them with his mouth agape in disbelief of how perverse they were. And these are the guys he’s proud to call his brothers.

Totoko just gave a repulsed look towards Osomatsu. Her arm better not have been sacrificed just because Osomatsu liked having sex with them. In fact, when did he start having sex with men? What the fuck was going on? Did she reject him so much that she turned him off from women completely?

Todomatsu paled as he felt his brothers’ judgemental gaze on him. “T-This isn’t about me! This is about Ichimatsu-niisan!”

“No… Go on.” Ichimatsu watched Todomatsu as he was completely unamused. After all, Todomatsu was the one who always suggested that the relationship he had with Jyushimatsu squeaked him out.

“Totty! Is the sex the reason why you agreed to stay?” Jyushimatsu laughed in disbelief of his younger brother. He really was a wild card.

Osomatsu couldn't help but to laugh at that causing Todo to flush.

“No! Okay?! Seriously!” Todomatsu practically shrieked as he was trying to dissolve the attention away from him.

“Ichimatsu-niisan! You need to tell us how you can get your aura back!” Todomatsu frowned as he pushed further, causing the kitsune to glance away with his blank gaze as normal.

“No! Really! They’re offering to help so if there’s anyone who can help you get your aura back it’s them!” After all, Todomatsu wasn’t about to deny how crazy strong they were. And it was a good thing they were on their side!

“Todomatsu.” Ichimatsu eyed back to him with a stern expression to let him know that he was serious on having the topic dropped.

Todomatsu gave a little cat-like smirk in reply as he knitted his brows. “It must be realllly embarrassing if you’re not saying what it is.”

The tanuki's suggestion caused Osomatsu to gasp in realization as he looked at the kitsune expectantly. “Is it through sex?”

Ichimatsu immediately frizzed-- his mouth twitching as his eyes shifted. He was definitely admitting the truth without words as he wore an incredibly anxious expression.

“Really?! Holy shit!” Osomatsu gasped as he couldn't believe how completely awesome that was. This was really too good to be true. Who knew karma would reward him so well?

All but Totoko gawked at Ichimatsu’s reaction-- another exception being Osomatsu who wore an excitable grin on his face.

“Oho… I thought there was something weirdly sensual about you.” Osomatsu’s eyelids lowered as he gave a lecherous look towards the kitsune.

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to turn red as he was so eager to help without realizing what it truly meant. But he wasn’t going to deny that the kitsune wasn’t positively attractive… That just made him even more nervous. And he was Todomatsu’s older brother! It was definitely a strange situation!

“Well, I’ve got lots and lots of aura I could share with you… Damn. I really am generous.” Osomatsu smirked with confidence as he took Ichimatsu’s chin between his thumb and index finger as he observed his face.

Ichimatsu flinched from the touch but out of respect he relaxed himself and allowed Osomatsu to look at him. His eyes shifted uncomfortably before he looked to him with a nervous expression as he sweated.

Osomatsu smiled as he got a good look. The kitsune really did look like a doll-- a really grumpy doll with incredibly sharp teeth but the contrast made him even more prettier when his expression softened. Maybe him being more docile wouldn’t be such a bad change after all.

“Do you want it from behind or are you going to take it from me from on top?” Osomatsu was definitely more than happy to offer his assistance. Who would be foolish enough to deny an opportunity from taking aura from one of the strongest youkai in the region? Not even Ichimatsu would be so prideful.

Jyushimatsu’s mouth squared in shock before he wrapped his arms around Ichimatsu protectively-- not wanting anyone else to touch him.

“No! Isn’t there any other way?” The inugami whined as he looked to Ichimatsu. He frowned as he shot a look to Osomatsu who was pouting in turn.

“Ah... Probably.” Ichimatsu nodded remembering how Karamatsu forced his upon himself.

“Um… You.” He looked at Karamatsu but shifted his eyes as he reminded himself to add some respect. “K-Karamatsu...s-sama.” God, that was a hard pill to swallow. He definitely couldn’t look at him as he said it.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows and cringed inside as he felt second-hand embarrassment from that but he supposed they did deserve the respect...

Karamatsu’s eyes lit up as he was glad to see that Todomatsu’s brother knew some manners after all! He smiled as he answered him attentively. “Yes? What is it, Ichimatsu-kun?”

Ichimatsu’s mouth twitched a bit as he sighed and tried to look at him properly. “You gave me your aura before… So, how did you do it?”

Jyushimatsu placed a paw onto his mouth as he wagged his tail from side to side-- waiting eagerly for Karamatsu’s reply.

“Oh, that!” Karamatsu smiled as he practically glowed-- always eager to explain his methods. “I imbued the medicine with my aura so when you ingested it it simply encouraged yours to activate while you were resting.”

Ichimatsu listened carefully but he gave a small frown as he realized that this wasn’t going to be a valid solution.

Karamatsu continued on as he looked over towards his younger brother. “Choromatsu suggested that we could try such a method. After all, your body naturally absorbs life force.”

Choromatsu sweated nervously in reply-- glancing away as he didn’t want to have anything to do with this. “...I might’ve said something along the lines of how it could help you. Sorry about that.” How could he have known that a kitsune could be alive for over four-hundred years without taking energy at least once?

“Don’t be!” Osomatsu gleamed as he gave a hard pat on Karamatsu’s back for a job well-done. “That's my thoughtful Karamatsu!”

Karamatsu couldn't help but to smile with a small blush at his brother’s praise towards him.

Jyushimatsu furrowed his brows but he smiled as he held onto Ichimatsu. “So he can just give you medicine, right?” He kept his hopes up with his selective hearing as he tried to look for an alternative.

Choromatsu gave a small frown in turn. “It won’t work. After all, Karamatsu-niisan just used his to boost Ichimatsu-san’s preexisting aura. It's the same reason why Totoko-chan’s wasn't enough to heal him.”

All of this information was hard to digest, and still, Todomatsu couldn’t help but to be thrown off by one thing as Choromatsu spoke. “...Wait, when did you start referring to him as your brother?”

The tanuki tilted his head with knitted brows and a small teasing smile. “Are you copying us?”

Choromatsu frizzed up as he couldn’t believe the audacity from the little tanuki. And after all that he did to stand up for him too! “I’m at least six-hundred years your senior! I’ve called him nii-san way before you were even a twinkle in the gods’ eyes!”

Todomatsu gaped as he placed a gently fisted hand towards his own lips. “So old…”

Osomatsu grinned as he watched Choromatsu get his feathers all ruffled by just a few words from Todo. That defensive nature of his really was too adorable. It was one of the rare times where Choromatsu so outwardly scolded someone else rather than him or Karamatsu as well.

“Watch it.” Totoko sneered as she was at least twice the age Choro mentioned. She sighed while listening into this insanely drawn out conversation. They all complimented each others’ idiocies too well.

“Anyway, intercourse or not it probably wouldn’t work. The aura transference is a shot in the dark. I just assume that it would be your best chance since your body is familiar with his aura already.” She pouted a bit as she looked away feeling like she shouldn’t have even suggested it to get everyone’s hopes up.

Osomatsu groaned. “Why is everyone just soooo afraid of sex? Even if it didn’t work wouldn’t it be fun trying? I mean, do you really feel safe going on without any aura to your name?”

“If Ichimatsu-kun isn’t comfortable with it then I don’t believe we should press the matter forward.” Karamatsu frowned as Osomatsu began to apply pressure where it wasn’t needed.

Ichimatsu’s focus was on Jyushimatsu who looked so lost in thought. Ichimatsu gave a gentle kiss on his forehead as he reassured him that he would remain loyal to him. “It’s fine. We’ll figure out some other way… Thank you.”

Jyushimatsu furrowed his brows as he really was torn up all about this. But he needed to be the bigger man and allow Ichimatsu to do what was best for him. If the woman who saved them thought it was a good idea it couldn’t be a terrible one. Not only that, but those three really have earned his respect. Maybe it would be okay… Especially if it’s just one time.

“Nii-san… It’s okay. You should give it a try.”

“J-Jyushimatsu.” Ichimatsu sweated at his permission as he wasn’t even sure if he wanted it. He settled on trying to find a different way.

“Oooh! What a good boy!” Osomatsu cooed affectionately as he pet the inugami’s head. “Ichimatsu’s so lucky to have such a good little brother like you!”

Jyushimatsu’s pupils dilated as he pouted and clung to Ichimatsu, nuzzling into the kitsune despite Osomatsu petting him.

“I mean… It could be worse than Karamatsu.” Todomatsu shrugged. Though the choices really were between Osomatsu and Karamatsu-- the ao andon was clearly more accommodating and less pushy than his brother.

Karamatsu gave a small frown as he still had to remind Todomatsu even after his lesson at the river. “Honorifics…”

Todomatsu jolted before he looked down and furrowed his brows. “K-Karamatsu-sama…”

Karamatsu smiled satisfied with that as he gently pat his head.

I take that back. ” Todomatsu pouted as he eyed up towards him.

Osomatsu grinned as he watched the three. They were just so adorable like a bag of kittens he rescued from a river. “How about instead of those tacky honorifics you just call us ‘nii-san’ too?”

“What?” Choromatsu’s brows lowered as he looked towards Osomatsu at his shockingly forward suggestion. He couldn’t believe he’d extend their family so casually.

Ichimatsu had no idea Osomatsu could make a more outrageous suggestion than sex but he managed to. “Forgive me, but please don’t take that title so lightly.” Though he forced himself to be polite he really was so appalled.

“I’m not!” Osomatsu frowned as he was hardly taken seriously when he wasn’t exuding murder. “I mean I saved all of your asses from the fires of hell. I think I’m a pretty damn good big brother!”

“Shouldn’t we at least talk about this first before deciding on doing things on your own?” Choromatsu frowned as he glowered towards him. The tengu was completely against the idea of it as well. He was glad that Ichimatsu shared the same perspective.

“Choro-chan! Are you saying you wouldn’t want to have cute little brothers of your own?” Osomatsu knitted his brows as he pouted towards him before smiling.

“After all~ Mine is so cute it’s no fair for me to be the only one that has an adorable baby brother that I juuuust adore.” Osomatsu grinned as Choromatsu shifted his eyes away from him in a flush.

“Ah… Aniki, please you’re too kind.” Karamatsu smiled as he looked away abashed from his words.

Both Osomatsu and Choromatsu narrowed their eyes towards him with furrowed brows in disbelief.

Ichimatsu frowned as he really was grateful towards them but the thought of them being brothers was far too much for him to handle. “Sorry… Osomatsu-sama…” Somehow the honorific came out way more easily thanks to the comparison.

Osomatsu frowned at that as he gave Ichimatsu a lookover. “You probably never had anyone to look after you before, huh?” He raised a brow as he gave a small grin.

“Is it a power thing for you?”

“No…” Ichimatsu watched the oni with lightly furrowed brows as he answered honestly. “It’s just… family really means a lot to me. I can’t take it so lightly.”

“I’m not asking you to! You think it means nothing to us?” The shuten-douji sighed as he really was so impatient. Why was it so hard to get them to understand anything?

“I’m saying that we’ll take care of you. That’s what brotherhood is about, right?” Osomatsu frowned as he watched over the three who listened to him attentively.

“I want you guys to be able to rely on us. Especially if you’re going to insist on being a cripple for however long it’ll take you to figure out how to get your aura back without banging anyone.” Osomatsu flattened out his expression as he just knew how stubborn the kitsune was. He really was comparable to himself. It must be an older brother thing.

Choromatsu’s expression softened as he realized how this really was a big step for Osomatsu. He couldn’t help but to feel unease with the idea still-- but he knew that once Osomatsu had his mind set on something he wouldn’t be able to shake it off. He’d have to support him full-heartedly… He had to push his insecurities aside to do so.

“Of course… What are brothers for if not for complete and blind support in the things that are really important?” Choromatsu frowned as he did his best. He wanted nothing more than for Osomatsu to be happy… And the fact that the shuten-douji can actually care about anyone else besides his family and Totoko was probably the start of something good for him.

“Ah… The idea of expanding our family is not a bad one indeed.” Karamatsu had a warm smile as he watched towards his two brothers. It’s been just them for so long and as much as it was amazing with each passing day if opportunity presented itself in the form of fate who was he to misdirect it? Though it definitely seemed that Osomatsu was driving the path-- as a true leader should.

“After all, Choromatsu's addition ended up being one of the greatest fortunes to ever be bestowed upon us.” Karamatsu spoke sincerely, hardly with any of that exuberant tone he would use.

Choromatsu was breathless he looked over towards his older brother as he felt his heart tugged on. Choromatsu really did love his family so much...

Ichimatsu was in complete shock at this offering. All of this was so beyond his comprehension and he had no idea why Osomatsu was so fond of them.The kitsune looked towards his two brothers who were equally as quiet and anticipating as they were looking towards him to answer for them.

“W...Why do you care so much about us?” Ichimatsu finally managed out as he looked upon them trying to see what they could possibly gain from all of this. What kind of elaborate trick was this?

“Why?” Osomatsu smiled softly as he leveled with Ichimatsu. “I guess to put it simply, seeing how you are willing to do so much for your brothers reminded me of why I wanted to be one too.”

“Hell, the first time you saw the three of us you wanted to kill us just for having Todomatsu. And you knew how that would’ve ended.” It was of how Ichimatsu acted that reminded Osomatsu of why Choromatsu was so overwhelmingly precious to him and why he couldn’t just shake him off. It forced him to realize why it was so painful to just ignore everything and to not reach out to him.

Ichimatsu listened attentively to his every word trying to connect the dots. He stilled as Osomatsu leaned in a bit closer to him.

Osomatsu spoke softly as he knew that Ichimatsu’s large ears would pick this up. “And you and I both know, even when you were feeling like shit, you could’ve used your aura and knocked puppy out but you didn’t want to do anything to hurt him. You’d rather it’d be you to suffer in his place.”

Ichimatsu swallowed as he recalled that blurry series of events. He was so out of it it was really like a fever dream once the anger past. He really didn’t consider Osomatsu would think so much into it because he just seemed to be a shallow, perverted old man.

Osomatsu pulled away and placed a hand onto Ichimatsu’s shoulder. “To say the least, I’d love to be able to have a little brother like you.”

Ichimatsu looked over to that hand on his shoulder as he looked towards Osomatsu with knitted brows. He wondered how all of this could be extracted from the brief time they’ve interacted. Was all of that really that impactful to him? He couldn’t help but to think this was just a cruel lie. But he seemed to be so sincere at the same time… He wanted to trust him.

“I… I…” Ichimatsu found himself speechless. He didn’t know how to reply. He didn’t want to make this decision for his brothers as well. He couldn’t just let himself be swept away just by some kind words…

“Ichimatsu-niisan could count on you.” Jyushimatsu spoke up as he watched Osomatsu. Though he had conflicted feelings about the shuten-douji at first he has proven to have looked out for him again and again.

And even though Jyushimatsu did his best to protect Ichimatsu he knew that his efforts alone weren’t enough. Jyushimatsu wanted to ensure Ichimatsu’s safety and well-being no matter what it took. “We could count on you.”

Ichimatsu looked to him in shock as Jyushimatsu returned his sight with a smile. “If it weren’t for me he wouldn’t have gotten hurt so badly.” Jyushimatsu explained as he vouched for him.

“During the battle, my aura combusted after some time because I’ve never transformed before!” Jyushimatsu pepped up as he explained but really it was a pretty dire situation. He looked down towards the ground as his expression became uneasy despite the smile on his face.

“The spider aimed for my chest when my aura broke and he knocked me out of the way and got hit instead.” Jyushimatsu’s breath heaved a bit as he recalled such a frightful memory because he thought he was going to die right before he passed out. The last thing he remembered was Osomatsu being speared in his place.

“So… If Ichimatsu-niisan is okay with it I am too.” Jyushimatsu rose his head up and gave a comforting smile as Ichimatsu watched onto him wordlessly.

“Also…” Todomatsu quietly began as he wanted to help Ichimatsu further along. He wanted Ichimatsu to be able to rely on someone too… He carried so much burden on himself that he and Jyushimatsu couldn’t take away. He wanted him to be happy. “When Totoko-san asked how much Karamatsu and Choromatsu-san cared for you they immediately answered ‘a lot.’”

Todomatsu realized that Ichimatsu was in so much pain so even if he was awake there’s no way he could’ve known. “Even without Osomatsu’s lead they held the same regards for you too…”

Ichimatsu’s pupils dilated as he listened to all of this overwhelming information. He gasped softly as he looked down and gently held his brothers’ arms. Was this really okay? Was this really the right decision? He was so hesitant and uncertain of the future.

Even Osomatsu was shocked as he listened to all of the positive review. He never thought that Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu would try to convince him as well.

"I almost forgot." A warm smile fell onto his face as he slowly raised a hand up and flicked his index finger up. The collar bounding Todomatsu’s neck clicked as the lock broke and the entirety of the accessory loosened. The tanuki gasped softly as he looked down reaching up to his neck to realize that it was so easily removable. He stared at it within his palms in disbelief as Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu looked towards Osomatsu in complete surprise.

Karamatsu and Choromatsu froze as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing either. Did their brother actually grow a heart?

“Since Karamatsu’s broke then it’s only fair for Todo-chan too.” Osomatsu spoke out as he gave a sigh. “It's a shame though; that collar really does look great on him…” He and Karamatsu spent so much effort picking it out too.

Ichimatsu’s mind spun as everything was pointing him in the direction of just going through with it. He couldn’t believe how he completely understood what Todomatsu was saying about them making him happy. The kitsune and tanuki really were brothers through and through… Because he couldn’t help but to feel convinced that this was the correct path. Even though he already owed them his life they wanted to continue to give more and more. He couldn’t understand at all.

“I… We’ll be in your care then…?” Ichimatsu softly spoke as he wasn’t even sure what the words he was saying was. His heart throbbed into his throat as he felt whole variety of emotions-- but none of them were of despair.

As Osomatsu listened to those words he couldn’t believe how happy he felt to be accepted like this. More than anything, Osomatsu wanted to be able to be looked up to and to be relied on-- and not in the way the members of his troupe looked to him. He wanted their residence to fill with so much more fun instead of the tormenting misery that plagued them whenever they lost sight of what was important to them.

“I'll be sure to be an elder brother you can rely on.” Osomatsu smiled as he placed a gentle hand onto Ichimatsu's head to reassure him.

With six people there was no way Osomatsu or any of them could forget the meaning of family ever again.

Chapter Text

Ichimatsu was surprised of how anticlimactic the aftermath of the whole ordeal was. After Osomatsu pet him, they all just looked at each other in understanding and acceptance of the new situation. It still didn’t feel real and he wondered when it would. It probably didn’t feel really tangible to anyone else either. It didn’t take him long to notice that Totoko wasn’t present anymore.

“Well.” Osomatsu got up and stretched himself out with an arm above his head and the other bent behind it. “Now that everything’s said and done why don’t we take a bath? If you haven’t noticed my clothes still reek.”

Choromatsu looked over to himself as he was completely doused with blood even though he wasn’t the one who was injured. “Good idea for once.”

“Ain’t it?” Osomatsu yawned as he felt his muscles ache despite Totoko’s healing. “Bleh, I’m sore all over.” He sighed as he rubbed at his shoulder while he began to walk inside.

“Bath?” Jyushimatsu smiled as he looked around while they were still in the garden-- not seeing a tub in sight from where he was. “Haha! Wouldn’t it be too small for all of us to fit in?” The bath back at their home was barely enough for one person at a time.

“We have quite the lovely bathhouse.” Karamatsu smiled as he watched back-- making sure the three younger youkai were okay walking on their own. “It’s large enough for all of us.”

“It’s part of the mountain’s natural hot springs.” Choromatsu added as he looked back.

“Eh…? How does it get cleaned?” Ichimatsu asked back in his usual monotonous tone. He couldn’t help but to scan his eyes over the hallway and how long it extended. The interior was palace-like.

“We have a guy for that.” Osomatsu chuckled as he thought about how select youkai were really so unfortunate and strange that some are born just to lick scum off the bathroom floor.

“It’s best if you never meet ‘im.” Osomatsu spoke as he opened the door towards the changing room and helped himself inside.

“Just toss your ruined clothes on the floor. We’ll take care of it in the morning.”

Ichimatsu could feel the humidity immediately as they entered and couldn’t help but to look in awe through the opened doorway.

“I’ll wait out here.” Todomatsu eyed to the side as he didn’t want to bathe with all of them all at once. He couldn’t help but to catch sight of the ningyou’s bloodied garments folded up in a basket. The tanuki’s eyes traveled towards a second entrance with a pink noren that extended all the way down the door frame. His eyes gleamed with mischievousness.

“Don’t be gross. You have blood stains on you too.” Choromatsu frowned as he took off his geta while sitting on a bench.

“It’s fine… He can wait until after can’t he?” Ichimatsu said simply as he began to remove his clothes letting the bloody remnants of his hakama fall in a heap. That definitely had to be trashed.

Osomatsu chuckled as he was stripping himself of his filthy accessories and garments as well. “Sounds like you spoil him. No wonder he has so much attitude.”

Jyushimatsu couldn’t help but to be so excited at the sight of such a large bath. Luckily for him, his clothes were simply ripped when he transformed with the exception of his cord. He pawed off Karamatsu’s soiled robe and his harness as he ran in with a burst of energy. “Bonzai!”

“A-Ah! Jyushimatsu!” Ichimatsu sweated as he hurried up behind him to make sure he didn’t slip and hurt himself.

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to chuckle at the sight as he carried a basket of his own bathing supplies in. “They really do act quite young.”

“Well, that’s because they are.” Choromatsu sighed as he took his time and retrieved a few more towels than usual before heading in himself.

“Todo-chan are you sure you don’t want to-- ” Osomatsu looked over only to see Todomatsu had completely stripped and wrapped a towel around his chest.

The tanuki had a sly smile on his face as he was entering the doorway that was guarded with the pink noren.

“Eh?! Oi! Todomatsu!” Osomatsu’s face twisted into shock as he hurried over to catch him.

Totoko was humming a song as she swished her long aquatic tail back and forth in the water. She was so thankful that she always kept a supply of her special oil with her as she rubbed it all over her arm. Leave it to Osomatsu to use nearly the whole thing that she left here. Upon hearing the commotion in the changing room and the opposite side of the bathing partition she furrowed her brows.

Totoko sighed as she leaned back against the edge of the bath. “Hmph… Can’t I at least get some peace and quiet?” But then upon seeing someone at the noren she immediately covered her chest by crossing her arms and stared at the entry.

Todomatsu smiled as he walked in with confidence and acted surprised. “Oh! Onee-san~ I didn’t know you were here--” He yelped as he was immediately pulled from the back of his towel and yanked upwards off the ground by Osomatsu.

“What do you think you’re doing you little brat?!” Osomatsu sneered as he looked down to Todomatsu in his hand who just blinked in response.

Totoko frizzed at the sight of Osomatsu’s bare lower body. “Osomatsu-kun get out!!”

“Uh?? Excuse you! I’m trying to give you privacy!” Osomatsu looked over in disbelief as he was being scolded.

“Jeez… Don’t you know you shouldn’t be on the girl’s side?” Todomatsu spoke in a purposely higher voice as he furrowed his brows. The tanuki placed his hands up at his mouth--hiding a smirk behind as he tried to get as much of an eyeful of her as possible. If only Osomatsu didn’t come and ruin it.

“Hah?!” Osomatsu narrowed his eyes as he couldn’t believe that Todomatsu thought he could get away with this.

“I told you to get out!” Totoko shouted as she grabbed her basket and scooped her tail out of the water in order to act as a bat as she sent the item flying to Osomatsu’s head.

“Oh, so now you’re a gir--kh!” Osomatsu grimaced as he got struck hard by Totoko’s projectile and released Todomatsu in shock. “Ow!”

Todomatsu caught himself as he was dropped and was about to go ahead and dive in but he halted in his tracks as he got a good look at Totoko’s tail.

“F-Fish…” Todomatsu’s mouth pulled to the sides in shock as he saw the lower half of her was totally scaley. “What a turn off…

Totoko flared up as she heard those words from Todomatsu’s mouth and reached behind her to grab a stool and fling it towards him. “I said!! Get out!”

"Whoops!" Todomatsu gasped and immediately ducked to avoid it causing it to hit Osomatsu behind him in the chest.

“Oof!” The shuten-douji barely knew what hit him as he felt a harsh force knock him back into the changing room as the stool bounced off and clattered behind him.

Todomatsu definitely had enough as he ran off from the enraged ningyou. The tanuki looked at Osomatsu in the way who was groaning from the pain and took the opportunity to hop over him while he was distracted.

Osomatsu’s brows lowered as Todomatsu thought he could escape. He quickly twisted his upper body towards him as he harshly grabbed his tail to yank him back. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Agh!” Todomatsu yelped in pain as he fell to the floor.

He winced but he quickly recovered and looked back over with an innocent expression. “To the bath, of course~ Our brothers are waiting for us.”

Osomatsu gave a smirk as a vein popped on his temple as he sat up. He gripped that stupid fluffy tail of his firmly in irritation. “That side’s for men, little girl.”

“Aw, jeez. Can’t you take a joke?” Todomatsu gave a small smile as he placed a hand up towards his mouth with a wink. “After all I’m your adorable youngest brother, Osomatsu-niisan!”

Osomatsu could not believe he was still acting so confident. He wondered where it was coming from. “...You know I have nothing against fucking my brothers, right?”

Todomatsu frizzed at that as his face turned to shock and disgust. “Eh? Eh?! That’s scary! You really do have no boundaries!”

Osomatsu couldn’t believe that he was acting so cocky just from the title change! “Hah? Says the little pervert who tried to sneak a peek at Totoko-chan.”

“Pervert? Are you sure you’re not talking about you? I just wanted to repay her by washing her back.” Todomatsu pouted as he feigned innocence and watched him with those big sparkly eyes.

Osomatsu quieted as gave Todomatsu a blank stare. He yanked him towards him and wrapped an arm around his waist before getting up and walking towards the hallway.

“W-Wait, wait!” Todomatsu yelped as he struggled, looking back as they got further from the bath. “Aren’t you taking a bath?!”

“You should’ve just let me know you wanted one-on-one time with me.” Osomatsu smirked as he eyed down to the tanuki who clearly realized that Osomatsu will always call him out on his bluffs.

Dammit!! I thought he’d be too tired to do anything!” Todomatsu cussed mentally as he smiled and looked up with a sweat on his cheek. “Come on, Osomatsu. Let’s go back to the others.”

The tanuki frizzed as they were getting closer and closer to Osomatsu’s room. He did his best to be the cutest and to appeal to him. “I’ll wash your back~” Todomatsu begun but he couldn’t help but to be thrown off as they walked past the shuuten-douji’s room. “..Eh?” Where else could they be going?

“Oh, far be it from me to be a bad big brother and force you to bathe in front of everyone.” Osomatsu hummed as he opened the sliding door towards the outdoor bath that was closer towards the garden.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened at how insanely decked out this place was! He completely missed this part the first time he was around. “Just how filthy rich are they?!

“So let’s bathe here instead.” Osomatsu grinned as he shut the door loudly behind him finally letting Todomatsu down.

Todomatsu pouted as he furrowed his brows as he looked up to Osomatsu. “Okay, really. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Osomatsu snorted as he went over to the hot water and sank himself in. The oni dunked his head in and wiped down his face, giving a relieved sigh. He was so happy to get some of the grime from the battle off of him.

Todomatsu just stood in place as he glanced around. Water steamed from the different pools of water as he could feel the cold air pinch at the surface of his skin. There were rocks and fences lining the area as he could see some of the gardens’ trees peeking out from behind.

“Todo-chan, you said you were going to wash my back, right?” The oni turned to look at him and couldn’t help but to be amused of how the tanuki still kept his own towel wrapped around his torso like that.

The tanuki blinked as he seemed surprised by Osomatsu’s calm nature. “You’re not mad?”

“Do I look it? Now, grab a washcloth from behind you and get to work.” Osomatsu smirked as he gestured towards the covered shelves behind him.

“Huh…” Feeling comfortable, Todomatsu complied as he lifted the bamboo covering of the shelf and took a clean washcloth. He walked over and knelt onto the warm stone behind Osomatsu.

The shuten-douji hoisted himself up onto the edge of the bath as he waited for Todomatsu to get to work. Todomatsu couldn't help but to feel a bit weirded out by this atmosphere. This was totally unexpected of him-- but Osomatsu has been full of surprises all day.  He dipped the cloth into the water as he began to scrub his back.

The tanuki eyed over Osomatsu’s back just to get started and glanced over towards his face to read his expression. “So um… This is nice.”

“Yeah.” Osomatsu chuckled as he felt such light pressure on him as he glanced back. “Do it harder.”

“Oh. Sure.” Todomatsu complied as he tried to put as much pressure as he possibly could. “He really must be exhausted…

Osomatsu splashed some water up to wash his front as he spoke. “So how’s that human friend of yours?”

“He went back to his hometown yesterday.” Todomatsu was surprised that he actually cared to ask. He didn’t really want to talk about it so he frowned a bit as he just tried to make the topic pass quickly. “His mother’s sick so he had to leave. I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon.”

Osomatsu listened to him quietly as he paused for a bit before speaking. “Hm. He knows where you guys live right? Put a note on the shrine to tell him where you’re living now. I’ll find some way to make sure none of my guys lop his head off if he tries coming here.”

Todomatsu paused for a moment in complete shock as he looked to him in disbelief… He continued to scrub as he replied. “Um… So we’re living here?”

“...Do you not want to?”

Who is this guy? ” Todomatsu listened as Osomatsu’s tone was hesitant and tired. “Uh… I’m fine with it. Ichimatsu-niisan might want to go home though.”

Osomatsu scoffed softly at that. “Not in his condition. There’s no way he’d want to jeopardize your safety just because he feels uncomfortable.”

“What do you know?” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as Osomatsu answered with such certainty.

“Am I wrong?”

“...No.” Todomatsu quieted as he rewet the cloth to continue his work. “You seem… different. Did something happen?”

The shuten-douji thought about it for a bit as he exhaled. “Getting soft I guess. I definitely didn’t used to be like this.” Osomatsu looked back towards him-- causing Todomatsu to retract his hands and blink.

The red oni just smiled as he watched Todomatsu’s anticipating expression. “How is it? Does it suit me?”

The tanuki couldn’t help but to wonder what on earth happened in just a month. But he had a pretty good idea of where to start. Todomatsu could only give a warm smile as he nodded. “I like it. Choromatsu-san likes it too, right?”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to redden a bit at that as he was caught off-guard with how observant Todomatsu was. “How’d you…”

“It’s obvious, right?” Todomatsu lowered his eyes in a small confident smirk as he flattened his hand out and placed his fingers against his mouth. “I mean come on~ Before he acted like he could barely stand to be near you two and all of the sudden he’s all ‘nii-san’ this and ‘nii-san’ that?”

“Huh.” Osomatsu just turned back around as he didn’t know that it was that obvious. He really wondered how much he’s changed in that case. “Well, good deduction.”

Todomatsu’s lips curled up in a cat-like manner as he eyed him knowingly. “He’s the brother you’re fucking, huh?”

“You got me.” Osomatsu smirked as he looked back causing Todomatsu to chuckle in turn.

“Gross.” The tanuki simply stuck his tongue out in reply.

Todomatsu came next to Osomatsu as he was starting to get cold. “So did he start calling you ‘nii-san’ before or after you guys started banging?” He dipped his legs in as he was comfortable enough for their sides to touch.

The tanuki’s skin felt chilled so Osomatsu placed an arm around his back and rested his hand on his shoulder. “Before. Like right before. Then we totally banged.” Osomatsu snickered as he gave an ‘okay’ sign with his fingers.

“You shouldn’t be so proud of incest.” Todomatsu flattened out his expression as he looked up to him with disbelief.

Osomatsu scoffed as he smiled down to him as the hand on his shoulder lowered. “And miss out on all the fun?”

“What sense does that make?” His voice softened as he traced a finger along the edge of his tightly tucked towel.

Todomatsu lightly gasped as his touch sent chills up his spine. He leaned away but Osomatsu used his other hand to pull his towel down. He frantically tried to keep it up but Osomatsu took the edge of the towel and yanked it upwards from underneath him. Todomatsu found his hands on Osomatsu’s chest as the shuten-douji held him against himself. The tanuki couldn’t help but to redden horribly as he felt such direct skin-to-skin contact.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to chuckle as he stroked over the red markings on his cheek. “Why are you so shy about your body?”

Todomatsu knitted his brows as he glanced away, feeling completely embarrassed. “Probably for the same reasons why you like it.”

“Hm?” Osomatsu smiled as he collected Todomatsu up and sat him on his leg. The tanuki’s hands shielded his crotch and chest instinctively.

“You mean you don’t like being small? I thought you liked being called cute.” The shuten-douji murmured as he kissed the side of his head.

“It goes with my complex of being weak.” Todomatsu expression flattened. But he continued to be surprised as he felt the rather gentle treatment. Osomatsu really was different.

“I see… Well, don’t worry about it. I’ll protect you. So stay weak and cute for as long as you can.” Osomatsu smiled as he began to stroke over his thigh.

The tanuki couldn’t help but to be confused as he felt Osomatsu’s advancements towards him. “Aren’t you with Choromatsu-san?”

“I am.” Osomatsu replied as he pressed his fingers down onto the flesh of Todo’s thigh-- gauging the softness of it as he trailed closer towards his center.

Todomatsu moved his hand over to grab his wrist to still him-- the oni could only smile in reply as he looked over the tanuki’s shocked expression. “Why? You’re worried I’m cheating on him?”

“Well, aren’t you?” Todomatsu firmed up his expression as he gave a look to Osomatsu to stop. He really didn’t want to be a homewrecker after all they did for them.

“Todo-chan, you’re so cute.” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh at that. Todomatsu’s perspectives were still so black and white-- his age was really showing. “Sex doesn’t have to be about love, you know?”

“Though I’m sure I don’t have to tell you.” He smirked as he remembered how the tanuki acted at the riverbank with Karamatsu. “Despite how you look, you had your fair share of one night stands before, huh?”  

“What do you mean ‘despite how I look?’” Todomatsu frowned and met his gaze but was thrown off at Osomatsu’s weirdly calm expression.

He looks like Karamatsu… ” Todo felt his blood rush to his face as he shook off his thoughts and focused his eyes on the environment instead. “Uh. Anyway. I get it. As long as Choromatsu-san knows about it then I’m fine with it.”

“What a thoughtful little brother you are.” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to smirk at Todomatsu’s meek responses.

“Well, you’re being pretty willing.” Osomatsu took a hold of his hips as he brought Todomatsu to face him while maneuvering him more onto his lap. The shift in position caused the tanuki’s face to flourish completely with red as their centers pressed together. “Admit it. You just miss being fucked in the ass.”

Todomatsu fur frizzed as he grimaced towards the demon. “Kh-- You’re so vulgar.” The tanuki furrowed his brows in irritation at the steep size difference between them as he watched down to their excitable members. His breath became shallow as he felt heat well up in his body.

“Am I wrong? You can be honest with me.” Osomatsu supported Todomatsu’s back as he lowered his eyes with a smile, using his other hand to stroke around them.

Todomatsu’s chest rose and fell as he could feel his pulse increase. “Shut up… It’s not like that.” He couldn’t help but to softly moan as he moved his own hand to stroke at their tips. Small signals of pleasure brought him to his full erection as he gasped when Osomatsu squeezed around them.

“Then you’re completely okay if I don’t put it in?” Osomatsu breathed out as he continued to massage over them-- red painting his own cheeks as he was getting excited himself. His hand behind Todo stroked downwards until he reached the base of his tail-- pressing and massaging right above it which placed delicious tension into the tanuki’s muscles.

Todomatsu flushed and panted as he just felt so good under Osomatsu’s talented touch. It’s like he felt small currents of electricity everywhere his hands went. His reddened member dripped against Osomatsu’s as he fisted his other hand against his chest. “...Are you okay if you don’t put it in?”

Osomatsu scoffed at that as he grinned at how prideful Todomatsu was even though he was clearly so worked up. “I do like breaking you in… How you already seem to be at your limit when my dick is only halfway in.” The shuten-douji smirked at how Todomatsu flattened his ears out at his voice as the tanuki’s dick twitched and leaked at his words. The additional fluids slicked his hand and allowed him to stroke over them with more proficiency.

“So I have to force the rest in despite your body trying to push me back because I’m so much bigger than you…” Osomatsu slid his hand away from his back-- trailing over the skin of his waist and up his sides until he rested it under his arm. He thumbed over one of Todomatsu’s erect nipples, earning a small cry from the younger.

“But you like that don’t you? You love the feeling of being completely dominated…” Osomatsu purred out against his ears as he could feel Todomatsu tremble against him.

Osomatsu eyed down as he reached under from Todomatsu’s front and pressed his palm below his package. He began to firmly massage his twitching closed hole with his two middle fingers. Todomatsu gasped softly and panted desperately as his member was completely reddened and spilling pathetically at Osomatsu’s touch.

“So, I’ll ask you again: ‘are you okay if I don’t put it in'?”

Todomatsu’s mind blurred and spun as he wanted nothing more to feel that amazing, electrifying release that he had obsessed over for the past three weeks. He hated to admit it but touching himself just didn’t feel as good in comparison no matter what he did. He resented Osomatsu for making him this way but at the same time that taste of ecstasy was so close.

“G...Go ahead.” Todomatsu’s resolve weakened as he gasped softly, feeling Osomatsu’s thumb stroke and press down on his sensitive nipple. At the same time the demon’s fingers below him rubbed his entrance without entering him as his palm hotly pressed upwards against his purse.

“Go ahead and what?” Osomatsu wanted to hear him say it. After all of this the least the tanuki could do for him is be honest with him and his needs.

Todomatsu pouted as he stared down at Osomatsu’s swollen member at his hand. He stroked over it and placed pressure near the tip which elicited a low moan from the demon. “Put your stupid dick in so we can both feel good.”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to scoff and chuckle at his reply. “Not necessarily the shameless begging I was looking for but it’ll do.” The shuten-douji grinned as he rewarded Todomatsu with the press of a finger breaching past his eager entrance. Osomatsu watched down as he felt the tanuki’s heat wrap around him so well-- he couldn’t help but to add a second to feel his tightness even further.

Todomatsu let out a shuddering moan as he felt his hot digits stroke at his inner walls with such expertise. His breath picked up as those fingers of his stretched him out and pressed into him up to the knuckles. Heat radiated from his center as Osomatsu quickly found his prostate and began to massage it slowly and firmly. He mewled out as tears brimmed the sides of his eyes from pleasure.

“How is it? You’re not good at finding it yourself?” Osomatsu smirked as his own breath became uneven from Todomatsu’s lewd responses.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he continued to massage Osomatsu’s member. He moved his other hand away from the oni’s chest to work them both on his length. “My fingers cramp…”

The shuten-douji gave a snort at that as he grinned and looked upon that flushed expression of his. “So cute, Todo-chan… You really do make me want to take care of you.” He added a third one once Todomatsu seemed to be adjusted and continued to thrust into and massage his insides with the intention of preparation.

“H-Huah…” Todomatsu nearly drooled as he felt a sample of fullness once more-- his pulse throbbed as Osomatsu massaged him so gently and slowly. It felt dizzying mixed with the heat coming off from the bath.

Osomatsu knew that the tanuki could stand to be stretched out a bit more but he smirked as he could tell that Todomatsu wasn’t going to last much longer. As for himself, he definitely was impatient and found that he deserved a reward after all that he did today. Todo could stand to laze around for the next day. “What do you think…? Ready?”

Todomatsu nodded his head immediately as he firmed up his grip on Osomatsu’s member-- causing him to moan as Todomatsu had definitely effectively slicked him up. The tanuki was just as eager as Osomatsu was to go all the way.

Todomatsu wiped his hands on the washcloth near him before he tossed it to the side and wrapped his arms around Osomatsu in a needy kiss. The demon reciprocated promptly and stroked over his soft, small tongue with his own.

Osomatsu moaned into the kiss-- as expected the tanuki still tasted overly sweet. His scent and taste sending signals of pleasure down Osomatsu’s spine as he pulled his fingers from him and placed both of his hands onto his rear.

The oni parted the kiss as he raised Todomatsu over his erection-- his breath hitched as he looked at how the younger was so focused downwards in anticipation. Osomatsu was more than happy to give him what he wanted as he pulled him onto his cock and slowly sank into his small body. As expected he was just so tight. Almost painfully so as he felt those insides squeeze and contract around his dick the deeper he went.

Todomatsu gasped sharply and mind hazed from the raw, throbbing sensation of Osomatsu entering him. He wondered if it was because it’s been such a long period in between the last time they did it. Though he realized that it must’ve been because they always had something else as lubricant during each time. The feeling from it was splitting but he endured it as he gave a wavering whimper behind a curled hand. The other hand resting on the shuten-douji’s shoulder clutched onto him hard as Todomatsu’s expression pinched in pain.

Osomatsu eyed him in slight concern but made attempts to lighten the atmosphere as he kissed his collarbone. “It’s like you’re a virgin all over again… You alright?” He chuckled softly as he kept Todomatsu still to allow him to adjust.

Todomatsu’s body trembled as he placed his hand back onto Osomatsu’s shoulders-- his grip firming and releasing as he leaned in to kiss him. Osomatsu lowered his lashes, giving a small smile as Todomatsu wanted another.

The shuten-douji complied as he used it to distract him. He began exploring his mouth thoroughly with the skillful workings of his tongue as he gave a couple of testing, shallow thrusts into his heat. A high-pitched whimper erupted from Todomatsu into the kiss as he began to move-- but the younger encouraged it as he gripped onto him and paired the movements of his hips with his thrusts.

Todomatsu focused into the kiss as Osomatsu brought his hands up to hold him beneath his arms. Soft little moans were drawn from him as the older began to flick and massage the stiff buds on his chest with his thumbs. The pain from the initial entry was beginning to ebb away as his member twitched and drooled excitedly. Osomatsu continued shallowly at an even pace-- gradually plunging more of himself in with each proceeding thrust.

Todomatsu parted their lips as he became desperate for air. The tanuki’s little tongue stuck out from his lips as he panted. He felt pleasure quickly build up within him once the pain eroded away. Osomatsu watched down to that wanton expression breathlessly as the younger’s member stiffly bounced between them according to his motions. Todomatsu’s mind filled with cotton as he indulged in this overwhelming pleasure-- Osomatsu hit his spot over and over again to satisfaction as Todo couldn’t help but to cling for more.

Osomatsu found himself at his limit already as he began to thrust deeper-- earning loud unrestrained cries from the younger. Osomatsu pulled him down all the way and moaned as he felt that tight heat milk him thoroughly as he came.

Todomatsu gasped at the amazing sensation of cumming with Osomatsu at the same time. His member twitched between them and spurted a plentiful amount of his own fluids as he felt a hot rush fill him to the brim. He whimpered softly as fluids forced out from their connection as his body gave little jolts.

Osomatsu sighed out satisfied as he began to ride out the last bits of his orgasm. Todomatsu fell more onto Osomatsu’s chest as the shuten-douji held him close while Todomatsu’s insides continued to spasm around him.

The heat spaced the tanuki out as Osomatsu rocked into him-- forcing pathetic little whimpers out of him as hearts plastered his sight. “K-Kara…”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to jerk his head back at that and give Todomatsu an incredulous look with a brow raised in shock. “...Huh?! ‘Kara’?!”

Todomatsu jolted at that as he couldn’t believe what he heard. He immediately snapped back to consciousness as he tensed up. “I-- Are your ears broken?! I said ‘Oso’!”

Osomatsu scoffed. “How stupid do you think I am? Our names are completely different!”

Todomatsu began to stammer as Osomatsu could practically feel the heat coming from his face. The shuten-douji’s lips twisted into a teasing smirk as he held Todomatsu close against him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You wanted one-on-one time with Karamatsu.” The shuten-douji grinned as Todomatsu was trying to yank himself away from him.

“Jeez, Todo-chan. You should’ve just told him. He’d be more than happy to tend to his ‘little blossom’.” Osomatsu snickered as he thought of how incredibly painful that nickname was. But he supposed Karamatsu found an audience for it anyway.

Todomatsu flustered as Osomatsu just wouldn't let him or the topic go. “Y-You both look the same! You can’t blame me for getting confused in the heat of the moment!”

Osomatsu gave a teasing pout with knitted brows as he made a kissie face towards the tanuki. “Aw, which makes me such a good stand-in, right? I thought you liked girls~”

“I do!” Todomatsu shrieked as he was flushed that Osomatsu still had his dick in him at this point. “Get your dick out of me!”

Osomatsu just couldn’t help but to laugh as Todomatsu just cracked him up. “Oh my god, Todo-chan! Stop! You’re killing me!” But still he pulled out as Todomatsu was just struggling so much.

“I wish!” Todomatsu gritted his teeth as he persisted in trying to jerk away only for Osomatsu to lean forward and release his grip. The tanuki scrambled as he lost balance and toppled back--falling into the hot water.

“Gyah!! It’s so fucking hot!!” Todomatsu gasped as he surfaced for air and clung to the sides only to be greeted with the sight of Osomatsu folded over laughing his ass off.

Todomatsu’s face twisted in irritation as he hoisted himself out of the water. He quickly grabbed his towel that was casted onto the floor and held it to his front as he began to run out.

“No, no, no! Wait, don’t leave!” Osomatsu wheezed as he grabbed the corner of the towel to keep him from leaving.

“Let go!” Todomatsu barked as he tried to pull it back. But then upon remembering there were more towels at the entrance he just let Osomatsu have it and made a break towards the shelves to get a new one.

As he was making his way over, he saw a figure at the sliding door before it opened-- causing Todomatsu to jolt in place. Immediately, Todomatsu ducked behind one of the structures supporting the roof of the onsen.

“Ah, aniki. I thought I heard you out here. I brought some clothes for you.” Karamatsu smiled as he held two red and blue yukata in his hands since they didn’t keep them outside. The ao andon immediately looked over to where Todomatsu was ‘hiding’ and extended his offer. “Todomatsu-kun too.”

Todomatsu sweated at how fine-tuned his senses were. He didn’t even know why he bothered-- it was more out of instinct and modesty. “T-Thanks.” He muttered as he peeked out from behind the pole.

Osomatsu eyes beamed as the man of the hour appeared. “Karamatsu! Todomatsu was just talking about you!”

Todomatsu’s eyes ripped opened as he lowered his brows in frustrated anger towards Osomatsu-- the demon meeting his gaze with a smirk.

“That's quite alright. I'm aware of what you two were doing.” Karamatsu flushed as it was obvious what they were doing with how loud the tanuki’s cries got. It was a good thing he was the only one around to hear it.

“You would not believe how much of a user Todo-chan is. He took advantage of me~” Osomatsu crossed an arm over his chest and feigned hurt as he pretended to wipe a tear away from his eye. 

Todomatsu simply grimaced towards Osomatsu in disgust at his performance.

Karamatsu furrowed his brows with a sympathetic smile as he glanced over towards the tanuki who was glaring holes into Oso. “It was a long day for all of us. He probably just wants to sleep with his brothers.”

The ao andon took a towel from the shelves as he came up to where Todomatsu was and offered it to him so he could dry off. “Right?”

Todomatsu met his gaze before his eyes just darted down to the towel. His lips pursed as he took it and wrapped it around himself. “Right. I’m tired.”

Osomatsu grinned as he got up to get himself a towel, but not before stopping by Todomatsu’s side and ruffling his wet hair. “Oh, I’m sure Karamatsu would be more than happy to share his bed with you~”

Karamatsu blinked, not knowing why his brother was making fun of him so much. “ Maybe they really were talking about me? ” In that case he was curious.

He looked towards Todomatsu and chuckled. “Why were you two talking about me? After all that happened today I’m surprised that I made it into the conversation.”

Todomatsu looked up to him as he was confronted but just said the first thing on his mind related to that. “Um, yeah. I was talking about how calm you were when everything was happening...”

Karamatsu only smiled in turn from that thoughtful praise. “Is that so? Thank you, Todomatsu-kun.”

Todomatsu nodded as he looked away. Though it was a redirection, he really did admire how he kept calm under pressure. Not only that, he did his best to reassure everyone else as well that it would be okay. He really was a reliable guy...

“Nah, he called your name out when we fucked just now.” Osomatsu corrected with a smirk as he was drying off his hair while he took his yukata from Karamatsu’s grasp.

Karamatsu’s eyes widened as his face reddened in response and he didn’t even know how to respond to that. He just stared at Todomatsu in astonishment.

Todomatsu gaped in horror and complete humiliation at how Osomatsu fucking dared. He had to say something or he may as well dig his grave here. “Y-Yeah. Well. Geez, I’m so tired that I just can’t tell you two apart.”

The tanuki hastily grabbed the yukata from Karamatsu’s hand as he maneuvered his way past Osomatsu. He hurried to the entrance and looked back in irritation with half-lidded eyes.

“You two should really cut the twin thing out. It’s freakin’ creepy.” Todomatsu slammed the sliding door behind him before he quickly pattered down the hallway.

Karamatsu watched stunned as the tanuki left in a hurry. He looked down to his empty hands that were frozen as if they were still holding something.

Osomatsu snorted as he looked back towards his brother. “What a bad liar, huh?”

Karamatsu’s cheeks flushed with a wavering smile as he closed his eyes and clutched his hands. “So cute…”

Todomatsu’s heart pulsed into his throat as he cussed Osomatsu out under his breath on his way to the changing room of the main bathhouse. He undid his towel around him and used it to dry himself as best that he could while he looked for a new yukata.

Since everyone had left, all of the yukata and towels were depleted and Todomatsu frowned as he couldn’t find a single one. He looked back to the blue one he took from Karamatsu-- staring down into it before he put it on roughly in a flustered manner.

“Why did it have to be his?!”

After taking a little extra time in the bathroom to clean up the mess thanks to Osomatsu, Todomatsu groaned as he made his way down the hallway. He was using his sensitive hearing to try to find out where everyone else was-- but they were pretty quiet right now. He’d have to get a proper tour later because he could easily see himself getting lost…

Todomatsu eventually made his way to the common room. The room was excessively large to him without sliding doors dividing it off. This room alone was about the size of their shrine as he couldn’t believe that there are really people who live like this.

His eyes fell onto Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu as they were sleeping on the fluffiest looking futon. Choromatsu has lent Ichimatsu his yukata while Osomatsu’s was on Jyushimatsu. So it appeared that they only had two of each yukata at a time. Todomatsu blinked, surprised that Ichimatsu felt comfortable enough to sleep here but his brother must’ve been terribly exhausted after all day.

The tanuki couldn’t help but to smile as he minded his noise level-- quietly closing the door behind him. As he stepped onto the tatami mat he was surprised that the floor was heated. It felt so nice… That definitely could be a contributing factor to why they were sleeping so peacefully.

“Oh, Todomatsu-san.” Choromatsu looked up from his seat at a low table as he was reading a novel to himself. He furrowed his brows as he watched how Todomatsu was still sopping wet. “Really? Are you comfortable like that?”

“Huh? Like what?” Todomatsu blinked but he realized how his yukata was getting soaked by his tail.

The tengu sighed, just as tired as everyone else but he had to babysit. “Come here.” Choromatsu frowned as turned on the side of his seat he gestured Todomatsu to sit in front of him.

Todomatsu simply complied as he took a cushion and sat in front of him.

“I’m going to lift your yukata up to dry your tail off.” Choromatsu warned as he didn’t want to create any misunderstandings.

Once Todomatsu nodded, he slowly took the edge of the yukata and lifted it, keeping it gathered around the base of his tail as he began to fan him with his hand. He utilized just a bit of his aura in order to create a decent flow of air to help dry him off.

“Honestly, I don’t understand how you can stand to sleep in wet clothes.” Choromatsu muttered as Todomatsu’s fur slowly began to fluff. This was already the third time he had to do this. Animal youkai were really high maintenance.

“We usually take baths in the morning… And we don’t really submerge our whole bodies every time.” Todomatsu giggled a bit. “Well, except Jyushimatsu-niisan. He can shake the water off pretty well though.”

The tanuki sighed as he felt the nice warmth from the tatami beneath his seat as Choromatsu dried him. “It must be nice to be able to use aura even in daily life.”

Choromatsu glanced to him as he continued upwards to the base of his tail, making sure he’s just drier overall. “It’s convenient I suppose. I don’t really think about it though.” He never really had to think about not being able to use his aura. But he can only imagine how useless he would feel…

“Makes sense. You’re so used to having it.” Todomatsu replied as he took in the details of the room. It was relatively clean room with antique furniture on the sides and couches to lounge about on. There was a well-kept irori at the center-- though with the heated floor he supposed they only used it for boiling tea. Were they really going to live here from now on?

“...The whole thing with your brother scared me a lot actually. I can’t imagine how it must be to have your aura completely taken away like that.” Choromatsu frowned as he really did think that Ichimatsu handled it as well as he could.

“Oh… I really wanted to thank you for acting so fast.” Todomatsu looked back towards him as now was a good as time as any. “You decided on bringing him to Totoko-san on your own, right?” He smiled, knowing that Choromatsu did everything he could to help his brother. “Thank you.”

Choromatsu listened to Todo as he let his yukata down once his tail was sufficiently dried. He paused as he caught his gaze before he turned the tanuki’s head back forward as he began to dry his hair now. “Don’t mention it. You three already showed your respect.”

Todomatsu blinked as Choromatsu started to dry his hair and couldn’t help to smile.“You know, you’re a pretty good big brother.”

Choromatsu didn’t even know what to think about that-- but he didn’t feel completely put off by it. “...Are you really okay with us being your brothers?”

“Well… The idea is hard to get used to on the first day but I can see it.” Though Todomatsu definitely didn’t see Osomatsu as his brother just now… Or Karamatsu. The only one who really seemed like one had to be Choromatsu.

“What about you? Choromatsu-niisan.” He gave a small little smile as he watched him to gauge his response.

Choromatsu blinked at that as it definitely felt weird to hear. He was always used to being the youngest after all. “I don’t know.” He replied as he finished drying Todomatsu off well-enough to let him be.

“I’m mostly following Osomatsu-niisan’s lead so I’m admittedly not too excited about it.” He responded honestly as he really did try to not think too much into it for now. “But you three are good kids. I’m not against spending more time with you.”

Todomatsu smiled as he folded his arms on the table and leaned forward tiredly. “That’s pretty nice of you… But you’ve always been really nice.”

Choromatsu’s lips folded down in a small frown as he gently pat Todomatsu to get up. “Go to bed. It’s late.”

“But I want to talk to you more.”

Choromatsu paused as he watched down to the tanuki who was merely looking back for his answer. “We can talk at breakfast tomorrow.” He suggested as he got up to get Todomatsu to do the same.

Todomatsu groaned, not wanting to get up from his comfortable position on the cushion but he did as he was told. Choromatsu guided him to a spot next to Ichimatsu and carefully opened the futon as to not disturb the two. The tanuki crawled in obediently as Todomatsu suddenly felt like he could sleep for a week straight. Once his head met the pillow he curled up towards Ichimatsu’s back and was already on his way to sleep.

Choromatsu placed the blanket back over them as he watched how closely they slept together. He couldn’t help but to be a little bit jealous of how incredibly comfortable they were with each other. They also had youth on their side-- Choromatsu felt too awkward to ask for something as silly as a sleepover at his age. The closest he got was when his brothers were stupid drunk and would stay over his room.

The tengu finished up in the common room as he turned off all the lanterns except one and made his way to the hallway. As he opened the door he gripped his chest in a startle as Osomatsu was standing right there with a grin. Choromatsu lowered his brows as he stepped into the hall with him and shut the door behind.

“You scared me! Why would you bother purposely concealing yourself like that?” The tengu frowned sharply unamused as he lowered his lashes towards him. He couldn’t sense him at all, so it must’ve taken him even just a little effort.

Osomatsu gave a gentle chuckle as he leaned forward. “I wanted to see how you acted towards them while nii-san wasn’t watching.”

“What? You think I beat them up behind your back or something?” Choromatsu muttered as he started to walk down the hall towards his room-- Osomatsu followed in tow of course.

The oni couldn’t help but to snicker at that. “Nah. I know I’m special.” He teased before he smiled towards him. “They really like you.”

“What’s there not to like?” Choromatsu eyed him as they stopped by his own room and stood in front.

“Anyway, it’s late. We have a big day tomorrow so we should sleep.” He took Osomatsu’s jaw gently in his hands as he leaned forward to give him a small kiss.

“Good night…”

Osomatsu smiled happily as he received that pure kiss. Choromatsu feelings really were pretty innocent despite what a wildcard he was in bed. The shuten-douji grinned as he wrapped his arms around his upper back before lowering himself to hook below his legs.

Choromatsu frizzed as he was maneuvered into a bridal position-- holding around Osomatsu’s neck instinctively for support. “W-What are you doing? We have to go to the market tomorrow-- we can’t have sex.”

“Calm down, Choro-chan. Jeez, do you think sex is all I ever want?” Osomatsu pouted as he feigned hurt feelings as he was carrying him towards Karamatsu’s room.

Choromatsu blinked as Osomatsu used a foot to nudge the door open. He was surprised to see that Karamatsu had laid out extra blankets and pillows onto his silk futon. Karamatsu was sitting on the edge to make space for two more as he greeted them with a smile.

“Choro-chan, you used to want to sleep with us all the time, right?” Osomatsu smiled as he recalled how adorable the tengu was when he first arrived. Though he wanted to sleep with them due to trauma it was still pretty cute.

Can he read my mind? ” Choromatsu felt genuinely embarrassed that Osomatsu was so intuned with his thoughts and wants.

“Heh, the youngest shouldn’t have all the fun.” Karamatsu placed a hand onto his chin as he watched as Osomatsu let Choromatsu down. “I thought of it when we were setting their bed up.”

Choromatsu was stunned to hear that it was Karamatsu’s idea-- but it made sense since they were the ones setting up while Osomatsu and Todomatsu were off doing god knows what.

“It’s a little childish, isn’t it?” Choromatsu pouted as he came over to the spot next to Karamatsu. His face blushed with happiness.

“Nonsense!” Karamatsu just wrapped an arm over Choromatsu’s shoulder and reassured him with that confident smile of his. “Even sleeping together shows a sense of camaraderie. I believe our relationship can be even stronger with a simple step like this.”

“We’re not doing this every night, okay?” Osomatsu laughed as he came onto Choromatsu’s other side.

“I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep if Choro-chan’s always next to me.” Osomatsu grinned as he leaned over and slipped his hand teasingly underneath the slip of his yukata.

Choromatsu flushed and reddened as he grabbed Osomatsu’s wrist and pulled it out. “As much as I’d love to; you really need to go to bed.” He frowned as Osomatsu forced him to reject him.

“We have a lot of work at the market we’ve been neglecting and we can’t put it off anymore. Our clientele will become distraught.”

Osomatsu groaned as Choromatsu scolded him but he knew that he was right. He took his hand back and just wrapped his arms around him and guided them to lay back onto the pillows. “Fiiiiine. Then just be boring and sleep.”

“Choromatsu is responsible as always.” Karamatsu smiled as he extinguished a lantern in the room with the wave of his hand as he properly laid back and brought the covers up onto them.

“One of us has to be.” Choromatsu replied with a small triangular frown. He felt Osomatsu tiredly nuzzle up to his side as he couldn’t help but to smile at that.

Osomatsu spooned himself around him as Karamatsu turned towards Choro and placed an arm around him. Choromatsu flustered, really not used to this close contact while he slept but he didn’t dislike it at all. It might get a little stuffy in the middle of the night but he’ll deal with that later. The tengu shifted comfortably as he closed his eyes and sighed happily.

His brothers really were the best.

Chapter Text

The next morning, the three younger youkai sat at the breakfast table in complete and utter astonishment. The food presented to them included so much variety and a wasteful amount of dishes just to individually portion out the sides. Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu couldn’t help but to drool as sparkles filled their sight.

“Thanks for the meal!!” The inugami and tanuki praised in unison as Ichimatsu stared on in complete shock.

Seriously? Who are these people? Where did this stuff even come from? Do they have servants to wait on them hand and foot?” Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to look at it suspiciously. He felt like he was in a wild dream that wouldn’t stop. Even half of these dishes he’s only seen maybe once in his life.

The older three were already eating as normal. Karamatsu and Osomatsu both appeared to be sluggish since they weren’t early risers-- so they were uncharacteristically quiet. Choromatsu couldn’t help but to notice of how Ichimatsu wasn’t even trying to eat while Todomatsu began to help himself and Jyushimatsu.

“Is something wrong with the food?” Choromatsu asked towards Ichimatsu-- the kitsune jolted from his attention being called.

“No… I guess I don’t know where to start. Thanks for the meal.” Ichimatsu properly placed his hands together as he gave thanks. He sweated as he picked up the bowl of rice and his chopsticks.

“Nii-san! What’s this?” Jyushimatsu pepped up as he pointed to one of the dishes as he was chewing what Todomatsu gave him.

Ichimatsu eyed down as he looked to see large, uniform-sized prawns set before him. He only saw them at the fishmonger occasionally and they were always dastardly priced for such a small animal. “Um, shrimp…”

“Haha, they look like bugs! Can you really eat these?” Jyushimatsu looked on amazed. He picked one up by the whiskers with the tip of his paw pads and looked at it with curiosity.

Osomatsu raised a brow at that as he was definitely waking up from what he was hearing. “You’ve never seen a prawn before?”

“Huh?? Isn’t this a shrimp?” Jyushimatsu laughed as he took its tail in his other paw and stretched out it’s body.

“Not many people know the difference.” Choromatsu spoke idly as he poured himself some more tea.

“Jyushimatsu, don’t play with your food.” Ichimatsu frowned as he felt embarrassed from being incorrect. He sighed before finally deciding on trying some of the dishes that were close to him.

“How is it?” Choromatsu asked as he watched Ichimatsu begin to eat. He smiled a bit as the kitsune began to pick up pace from how hungry he was.

“It’s good. Thank you.” Ichimatsu spoke politely in between bites as he continued to eat. Even if he had no idea what these dishes were with how they were sliced, everything tasted delicious after not eating dinner the day before. Of course, it helped that the quality of the food was top-tier as well. The luxury really didn’t suit him...

Karamatsu smiled at how charming they were. Simple things that were here everyday for them were all new experiences to these three. He placed his chopsticks down and took one of the prawns to peel for Jyushimatsu. “I’ll teach you how to eat them if you’d li--”

Before Karamatsu could even finish Jyushimatsu had already put the whole thing in his mouth and crunched it; exoskeleton, head and all. The ao andon was shocked as he could only watch on.

“Huh? There’s a way?” The inugami licked his lips as he wagged his tail to watch Karamatsu and his method.

Karamatsu sweated as he gave a patient smile towards him. “It’s fine… I suppose there’s no harm in eating the whole thing. At least there’s no waste.”

“I’ll never waste food!” Jyushimatsu beamed as he continued to eat more of the prawn since it was something he could feed himself.

Todomatsu was mainly eating pickled side dishes and anything colorful that could be remotely sweet as he fed the sashimi on his side to Jyushimatsu.

Osomatsu watched at how the tanuki was being so particular and frowned. “All this good food in front of you and you’re sticking to radishes?”

Osomatsu picked up a piece of sashimi with his chopsticks and scooted closer to him.  “Why don’t you try this?”

Todomatsu knitted his brows as he looked at the slice of translucent white flesh. “I don’t like raw fish.”

“Huh?” Osomatsu looked back to him perplexed with a touch of irritation. “You didn’t even try it! I’m sure this is better than any raw fish you were able to get your paws on.”

“Aniki, don’t force him.” Karamatsu intervened gently as he offered his piece of cooked salmon over to the tanuki.

Todomatsu’s eyes sparkled as he extended an empty plate to happily receive it. “Thank you!” He hummed as he began to eat it with his rice. The marinade on it was just sweet enough to be more than passable and he was used to eating cooked fish.

Karamatsu fawned over how cute Todomatsu was when he was being amiable in his responses.

“Karamatsu! Don’t spoil him!” Osomatsu looked at him offended that he was undermining his authority. “I don’t like picky eaters.”

“Hm?” Karamatsu smiled contently as he looked over to his brother. “The sea bream is more expensive. If Todomatsu-kun is happy with the salmon isn’t that preferable?”

“Price isn’t the issue.” Osomatsu grumbled as he sat back properly on his seat and ate the delicious sashimi himself.

“It could be. We should start thinking of cutting back. We’re spending more than we usually do.” Choromatsu sighed as he was a little too aware of their expenses.

“Choro-chan, you always worry too much. We just haven’t been to the market in a few months.” Osomatsu reassured as he took a drink of tea.

“Eight months to be exact.” Choromatsu frowned as he didn’t know how Osomatsu managed to function before him.

“We were suppose to go last month but you two got distracted.” Choromatsu seared holes through his brothers as they both eyed away.

“Why couldn’t you guys have gone after going home?” Todomatsu blinked in confusion of what they were talking about. A trip to a market really wasn’t something all that special.

“Because it’s not a human market.” Choromatsu replied dully as he sighed out. “I’m going to assume you three haven’t heard of the Mononoke Market before.” Choromatsu began as Todomatsu and Jyushimatsu shook their heads. Ichimatsu just listened intently with the flick of his ear.

“It’s essentially a special market that acts as a networking system between youkai from Japan, China, and Korea. The entrance only opens to the public during twilight on the day of the new moon so we only have one chance per month.” As Choromatsu explained he realized that they didn’t even figure out what to do with these three when they were gone. Since it’s been so long they would probably have to stay over for a while...

“You three should come with us.” Karamatsu perked at the idea of inviting them. After all, if they haven’t seen a prawn before he could only imagine their response towards the market.

Ichimatsu was astonished that such a horrifying sounding place existed. “...It’s a place where all sort of youkai come to congregate? So how would it be safe for us to go?”

“There’s a kekkai in place to seal off the aura of all the guests.” Osomatsu grinned as he reclined back now that he was finished with his breakfast. “Once we cross the threshold we’ll all be just like Todo-chan~”

Todomatsu narrowed his eyes to Osomatsu at that jeer. “I have some aura, okay? How else can I cast illusions?”

Osomatsu snorted. “Okay, then we’ll all be like Ichimatsu.” Choromatsu couldn’t help but to gape at Osomatsu’s blunt words but Ichimatsu just shifted his gaze.

“The point is: it’s safe. Violence is strictly prohibited so everything is worked out through negotiation or a business transaction. It’s not really my thing.” Osomatsu shrugged before he proudly looked over towards the daitengu. “But Choromatsu is pretty business savvy. Since he came along we’ve expanded our distribution to the Chinese market and our profits shot up an insane amount.”

Choromatsu smiled a bit at that and scratched the back of his head sheepishly at that praise. He was really happy to be of use to his brothers outside of his aura.

“Ohh, is that why you were reading that novel?” Todomatsu perked curiously. Even though he was tired, he got a pretty good look of the scholarly amount of characters on one page alone. “I thought that was a lot of kanji-- I didn’t expect it to be Chinese.”

“I had to make sure I still recognized the less common characters.” Choromatsu looked over towards Todomatsu at that and confirmed his thoughts. “Most of our business now is with yaoguai from China and the official documents are all in Chinese.”

Ichimatsu was amazed of how organized and competent these three were outside of battle. It was no wonder they lived like this-- besides being powerful a lot of it was from hard work. He refused to be a freeloader and if he was going to live here he wanted to work too.

“...I don’t know if it helps but I know Korean.” Ichimatsu spoke up as he looked over the three to see if it was a valuable skill at all.

“How is that?” Karamatsu blinked but smiled as he was really curious to hear more.

“I used to live alongside kumiho while growing up. It’s been a long time so I’m rusty but it’s not a hard language to brush up on.” Ichimatsu explained as Todomatsu dropped his chopsticks in shock.

“Eh? Eh?! You used to live with kumiho?” Todomatsu couldn’t believe this was the first time hearing about this! “Wait and you know Korean? I never knew this!”

“You never asked.” Ichimatsu eyed over blankly, not really in the mood to talk about his past anyway.

“I asked!” Jyushimatsu just laughed and wagged his tail. “They were super crazy, right?”

“The worst.” Ichimatsu muttered as he wanted to just put the topic to bed. “Anyway, is there anything I can do?”

Choromatsu was impressed of this new development and actually found that he had a great use for Ichimatsu. “Hm… Well, we’ve been brewing a new wine. It’s actually better suited for the Korean market. And this way, we could probably sell the sikhye that Osomatsu-niisan makes too.”

“What kind of wine?” Jyushimatsu smiled curiously as he was excited to hear of other things besides sake.

“Persimmons!” Osomatsu perked up as he wrapped an arm around Choromatsu. “It’s all Choromatsu’s hard work and idea!”

“Actually it was your idea.” Choromatsu’s lashes lowered as he gave an exasperated smile. “But sure I will take the credit…”

“Eh? Is that why the garden was so clean?” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he knew he didn’t see any ripe persimmons laying around.

“No need to worry. There should be plenty more within the following week.” Karamatsu reassured as the trees were just waiting to drop. If he knew they were going to see them so soon he would’ve saved some ripe ones…

“Yep! It’s in the beginning stage of production.” Osomatsu grinned proudly. “The first batch should be good to go by next month. So we’re going to be ordering bottles and packaging on this trip. If Ichimatsu really can understand Korean then he can help us with the branding and distribution.”

Even though Korean is an easy language it’s been over two-hundred years…” Ichimatsu sweat as he felt an insane amount of pressure all of the sudden. This definitely was a challenge that deviated from his simple everyday life. “...I’ll work hard.”

“Ah, I will be sure teach you the rules of the market.” Karamatsu reassured as he looked over to his brothers.

“Are you sure?” Choromatsu furrowed his brows with concern as he was already prepared to assume the responsibility of teaching Ichimatsu.

“Of course. You work too hard as it is, my brother. Your room is already brimming with paperwork.” The ao andon smiled as he wanted to take some burden off of the tengu’s shoulders.

Karamatsu looked over towards Ichimatsu as he began to explain his position. “I’m responsible for the transactions on the Japanese side. So I am just as capable of mentoring as Choromatsu is.”

“Though the nuances of business is different from market to market-- we shall figure them out together.” Karamatsu was so excited to see that everything was coming so well together. They definitely could use the money they’ll earn from expanding to the Korean market to support the three additions to their family. “Is that agreeable to you?”

Ichimatsu’s mind was spinning from the thought of the complex dealings of doing transactions and negotiating with other youkai. He felt incredible anxiety well-up within him but he simply fisted the yukata on his lap and nodded. “Of course.”

“A month really isn’t a lot of time. We don’t expect you to be an expert from the start.” Choromatsu can sense the nerves from the kitsune’s side. He knew that Ichimatsu wasn’t used to any of this. “It took me half a year to get accustomed to doing business.”

Somehow hearing that from the competent Choromatsu made Ichimatsu even more nervous. He could only keep quiet as he swallowed dryly.

“You need to brush up on your Korean, right? We’ll buy you reading material and we can walk around the Korean district when we go to the market.” The tengu reassured as he suggested that they will do whatever they could to get the kitsune up to speed. “You can practice your speaking there.”

I’m so bad at socializing with people… How can I even think to do it on a professional level? Living in seclusion really suited me best. ” Ichimatsu grinded his teeth quietly as none of this was making him feel better but it was something that had to be done if he wanted to support his brothers. “Sounds great.”

Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he looked to his brother in concern. He knew that Ichimatsu was feeling an enormous sense of pressure and he was just forcing himself to go through with it. He placed a hand on his brother’s tense, clammy hands under the table and rubbed him soothingly.

“Jyushimatsu here!” The inugami eagerly raised his paw as he had stayed quiet through all of this.

“Is there anything Totty and I can do to help?” He couldn’t help Ichimatsu before because they lived amongst humans but if this was a youkai market then there wouldn’t be any of the usual obstacles.

“Yeah. If we can do anything to help we’ll do it.” Todomatsu nodded in agreeance as Ichimatsu looked upon both of them stunned.

“Hmmm. Honestly, I’m not sure where you two can fit. But we’ll figure something out after this trip, yeah? So take it easy this time around.” Osomatsu grinned at their eagerness. They really weren’t just useless pets after all. “That includes you, Ichimatsu.”

“...Right. Thanks.” Ichimatsu swallowed the lump in his throat as he felt a cold sweat run all over his body. He definitely wasn’t going to be taking it easy.

“We should be finishing up preparations.” Choromatsu nodded as he got up from his seat. “If we want to get there by twilight we should leave in a couple of hours.”

Osomatsu and Karamatsu nodded as they had a schedule to keep and began to follow Choromatsu’s lead.

“W-Wait! What about our clothes?” Todomatsu couldn’t help but to worry that all of their day clothes were absolutely trashed from yesterday. If they were going to such an important place they really needed to be presentable.

Osomatsu blinked as he stopped in his tracks and faced him. “There’ll be plenty of time to shop when we get there. We’re just checking into the hotel today.” Osomatsu grinned as he put Todomatsu’s concerns away.

Karamatsu chuckled. “It has been too long since we had a new set. I’ve already begun concepting a new grand ensemble.”

“I just want a nice haori. Everything else I could care less.” Osomatsu shrugged in reply. He definitely wasn’t as high maintenance as his brother when it came to fashion.

Ichimatsu gulped as he remembered that he lost all of the money he earned from the day prior. It completely slipped his mind since there was definitely more pressing matters at the time. “We don’t have any money.”

“Eh? Sure, we do! Don’t let Choro-chan scare you. We got plenty.” Osomatsu stuck his tongue out as he waved his hand.

“No, we don’t.” Choromatsu frowned as he waited a bit down the hallway for Osomatsu and Karamatsu to finish.

“That’s not what I mean…” Ichimatsu frowned as even just the roof over their head and the breakfast alone was way more than he could ever afford on his own. This lavish life was just adding tallies of debt in his mind.

Karamatsu smiled towards him. “Please do not worry. We’ll cover the expenses for this trip and onward until you can work.”

“That’s what an elder brother is for after all.” Karamatsu spoke with confidence with a hand underneath his own chin. It really wasn’t so bad to be able to look after these three.

Ichimatsu looked uncertain still as he just felt so uncomfortable with owing others. He looked to the side at that and just kept his negative thoughts to himself.

Choromatsu watched as Ichimatsu couldn’t reply. It’s been so long but somehow he felt like he was in a similar position in the beginning when he first arrived four-hundred years ago.

“You two, come on. We need to make sure the carriage is secure.” Choromatsu spoke as he gestured for them to follow, turning on his heel as he continued his way towards the garden.

“Of course.” Karamatsu nodded as he followed him up closely.

“Okay, okay.” Osomatsu groaned out, hating having to manage the inventory but it was his job after all. He looked over to the younger youkai as they were just sitting not entirely sure what to think of the whole thing.

“You three get ready. We’re leaving in an hour and a half. Enjoy your breakfast and leave whatever you don’t finish. Someone will come and clean it up later.” Osomatsu waved his hand as he went to follow his brothers down the hall.

“‘Don’t finish?’ How weird!” Jyushimatsu licked his lips as he went in on the food since everyone was apparently done. He picked up dish by dish and just slipped the contents down his gullet. “Yummy!”

Todomatsu watched on as the table became shockingly clean-- Jyushimatsu was finishing everything down to the garnishes. “Jyushimatsu-niisan, you’re amazing.”

Ichimatsu sighed as he still felt enormous pressure on him but it was a lot better than being useless. He just had to believe that it will work out and that was the hardest part. For now he distracted himself as he watched at how feverously Jyushimatsu consumed everything.

The inugami really had amazing self-control when Ichimatsu thought about it. No matter how hungry he was he would always mind his table manners until everyone was finished. Even that made him proud as his lips curled in a small smile.

Even if he didn’t suit luxury, his brothers did.

An hour passed and Choromatsu was insistent that they would leave even earlier than they had to just in case there were unexpected circumstances. If they could, Choromatsu would’ve preferred to leave even a couple of hours prior but with the whole new family extension scenario it was sufficient to leave properly in the morning. 

Ichimatsu was letting Jyushimatsu lay on his lap as they just relaxed in the meanwhile. He was petting the inugami as usual to calm himself but Jyushimatsu was more than happy to receive it. Meanwhile, Todomatsu was trying to read the novel that Choromatsu was reading but it was so beyond his comprehension. He could swear he only recognized one character every other line.

Totoko hummed as she went to retrieve the younger ones from the common room as she gently opened the door. “Hi~! Time to get going.” She smiled as she was in a rather good mood to be escorted to the market. After all, it was such a pain to go by herself.

Jyushimatsu immediately got up and placed his paws in between his legs as he wagged his tail. “Onee-san! You’re coming with us?”

“Of course I am~! Osomatsu-kun owes me a wholeeeee wardrobe after all!” Totoko pepped up as she raised her hand excitedly. Since her hanfu was bloodied, she was in the pink yukata that Todomatsu borrowed his first night here with a thick doupeng cloak on top.

Totoko couldn’t help but to look at the sparkling clean plates. They were still on the table so the demons that worked here must’ve not gotten to them yet. “Why are the plates so clean?”

“They’re usually not? It’s not good to waste food.” Jyushimatsu smiled as he placed a paw on his chin. “I ate everything! It was super yummy!”

Totoko looked on in shock as there was usually excessive leftovers. But there weren’t even any bones left! Even the sauce dishes were totally cleared.

Scary …” Totoko had to rethink her banquet. If the inugami was going to eat everything she didn’t want to be responsible for him bursting like a goldfish that didn’t know when to stop. She knew she would have to be the one to clean up the pieces. Maybe she’ll just order half the menu.

“Oh. Well. I’m sure that the staff will be happy that you’ve made their job easier.” Or not because she was pretty sure they looked forward to the leftovers. Not anymore.

Totoko couldn’t care less as she turned on her heel. “In any case, come on. You wouldn’t want us to leave without you~” She hummed happily as made her way back down the hallway.

The three looked at each other in understanding as they all got up and made their way out towards the garden.

When they arrived, they were greeted with the sight of a grand carriage that was large enough it must need at least two ox to pull under normal circumstances. The front was modified to have two rows of seats that was guarded on the sides to prevent anyone from slipping out.

Choromatsu was already seated on the front seat with his ha-uchiwa in hand. Totoko seemed stressed as she was trying to figure something out.

“What’s the matter?” Jyushimatsu smiled as he wagged his tail, making sure that Totoko was feeling okay.

Totoko looked back to him. “We’re trying to figure out the seating arrangement. These idiots only thought of it when I brought it up just now.”

Osomatsu scoffed. “You didn’t think about it either.”

The ningyou grimaced. “You only told me just now that they were coming.”

“Details, details…” Osomatsu waved her off causing her to glare.

Todomatsu blinked as he looked over the situation. There really wasn’t enough room. “Oh… What about the inside of the carriage?”

“It’s filled to the brim with inventory.” Choromatsu frowned as his brows furrowed. “Usually we have more room to spare but since we haven’t gone for so long we need to take as much as we can.”

Osomatsu groaned as he already thought of the solution and was surprised no one else did. “There’s no problem! Come on.” He took Totoko’s hand in a prince-like manner and hoisted her up to the front seat next to Choromatsu. “You can sit with Choro-chan up here. Lucky you~”

Totoko pouted a bit but appreciated that she didn’t have to be crammed in the back.

He looked towards the three younger and grinned with confidence. “We can all fit in the back!”

“....How?” Ichimatsu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the seating. It looked like it could fit three at max.

“We stack up!” Osomatsu pepped as he felt like such a genius as usual. “You and Todo-chan are the smallest so you can sit on us. Puppy can get a seat all to himself.”

Ichimatsu’s face paled in horror as he took a couple of steps back. It was way too much for him to handle.

“Ichimatsu-niisan can sit on me then!” Jyushimatsu immediately volunteered as he wagged his tail eagerly. Ichimatsu eased almost immediately and nodded as he looked over to him with relief.

Osomatsu pouted as the inugami found the hole in his plan. “Aw, but I wanted to hold him...”

Todomatsu giggled as Osomatsu was so disappointed. “You can hold me. So sorry I’m not as fluffy as nii-san~”

“Huh? Oh, I couldn’t do that to Karamatsu.” Osomatsu smirked as he looked over towards Todomatsu.

The tanuki just frizzed up in embarrassment. “What? No, you’re free. Why wouldn’t you want to hold me?”

Karamatsu was in the carriage ensuring that everything was tied down safely for the ride and came towards the front upon hearing his name. “Hm? You called, aniki?”

Osomatsu snickered as he looked at how flustered Todomatsu was. “Oh, Karamatsu! We were just figuring out the seating arrangements. Todo-chan wanted to know if it was alright if he can sit on you during the ride.”

“I didn’t say that!” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he shoved the shuten-douji.

“Was that suppose to hurt?” Osomatsu chuckled as he didn’t even budge.

Karamatsu blinked at that but he just hauled himself up to the seat from where he was. He offered a charming smile as he looked down from his position. “I’d be more than happy to offer myself as a seat to you my little prince.”

Todomatsu reddened incredibly as he stammered at his stupidly carefree reply.

“I don’t care how you guys do it but we need to get a move on.” Choromatsu frowned as he was purposely trying to leave early.

“You heard the man!” Osomatsu grinned as he picked Todomatsu up to hand him off to Kara. The tanuki gave a yelp as one of his geta fell off as he furrowed his brows-- feeling more and more awkward by the second. Karamatsu smiled at how easy it was to handle Todomatsu and pulled him in by under his arms.

Osomatsu went on to give Jyushimatsu a boost before following up with Ichimatsu who he could feel tense under his touch. He sputtered as he got a mouth full of fur from the kitsune’s tail as he was pulled up.

“...I could’ve gotten in myself.” Todomatsu muttered out. After all, he’s always quite agile when it came to heights and climbing. He couldn’t help but to feel his pulse race as he felt the warmth of Kara’s body behind him through the thin fabric of his yukata.

“Yeah, yeah.” Osomatsu snorted as he hauled himself up and handed Todomatsu his geta.

“Totty! You’re super red.” Jyushimatsu giggled as he hugged around Ichimatsu. The kitsune just gave a smirk at that which caused Todo to gape at how his brothers were so insensitive to his situation.

Karamatsu just chuckled as he leaned forward and rested his chin on the top of his head. He felt those round ears on the side flatten down as Todomatsu shrunk in his hold.

“H-How long is this ride?” Todomatsu tensed as the tip of his tail flicked on the side.

“Six hours.” Choromatsu answered as Osomatsu gave him the ‘okay’ to start moving. With wide sweeps of his fan he started to levitate the carriage and direct them higher in the air.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows and shifted as he tried to not think about it. “ Great …”

Osomatsu groaned as he regretted shoving himself in the back. “Totoko-chan, I change my mind. I want to sit next to Choro-chan. Do you want to trade?”

“No such luck.” Totoko stuck her tongue out as she giggled and enjoyed the spacious seat.

That’s what you get for being a pervert. ” Choromatsu side eyed with a small frown as he steadily rose them higher.

After a while the carriage stabilized and the change of altitude made the air around them incredibly cold.

Todomatsu frowned as he felt his face chill and shivered a bit. Karamatsu eyed down as he rubbed up and down Todomatsu’s arm to generate some warmth-- the tanuki glanced over at the gesture and flushed.

Ichimatsu wrapped his tails around himself as Jyushimatsu leaned his head onto the kitsune’s shoulder. Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to raise a hand and tickle beneath his chin which sent pleasurable chills up the inugami’s spine. His tail beat annoyingly hard onto Osomatsu’s lap as the shuten-douji groaned and gripped it.

“Do you two lovebirds mind?” Osomatsu frowned as he twisted his body and reached back to grab a blanket from inside the carriage.

“We’re not doing anything.” Ichimatsu dully replied as he glanced over.

“Osomatsu-niisan, are you jealous?” Jyushimatsu laughed as tried to curl his tail around himself.

Osomatsu was pleasantly surprised to hear the inugami refer to him with the honorific so easily but he took it in stride like it wasn’t a big deal. The shuten-douji smirked as he began to reach over to tease the nape of Choro’s neck. “Hardly. After all I have my cutie in front of me--”

“Touch me and we all die.” Choromatsu responded before Osomatsu could even touch him as he felt his obvious presence getting closer and closer to him.

Osomatsu frowned sharply at that and grumbled as he placed an elbow on the outer curve of the carriage.

“Aniki, could we get the blanket?” Karamatsu asked as Osomatsu was holding it onto his lap.

“Oh. Right. Sure.” He extended his arm out as the blanket reached across Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu as well.

“Thank you.” Karamatsu smiled as he took the other corner and made sure that it covered Todo. The tanuki tucked his arms beneath it as he brought it up to his face to warm himself up.

“So, Ichimatsu-san-- You mentioned you lived with kumiho growing up?” Choromatsu began as he was basically auto-piloting at this point.

“Yeah.” Ichimatsu gave a short reply because that’s how he wanted the conversation to be.

“What’s the difference between kitsune and kumiho?” Choromatsu persisted as he couldn’t help but to be curious since he was rather unfamiliar with fox youkai.

“One’s Japanese and one’s Korean.”

“Ah… I see.” Choromatsu sweated as he felt the intense awkwardness.

“Come on, Ichimatsu. The least you can do is tell us more.” Osomatsu frowned as he didn’t want Choromatsu to feel discouraged from trying to converse with them.

Todomatsu shifted a bit as he felt guilty for not knowing about it. “I’m curious too but we can talk about it later… Sorry, for never asking about it…”

Ichimatsu glanced over to Todomatsu and sighed as he gave a light furrow of his brows. “It’s not your fault. I really don’t like talking about it.”

“This is a safe place. We will not judge you on the events of your past.” Karamatsu reassured as they have all done worse for sure.

“Tch.” Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to give a click of his tongue in displeasure but he wouldn’t even have a life to talk about now if it weren’t for them. “Fine. But it’s not like it’s that exciting.”

“Ooh, story time.” Totoko hummed as she had placed the hood of her cloak onto her head.

Ichimatsu’s eyes shifted as he gently stroked over the fur of Jyushimatsu’s arms wrapped around his torso. “I grew up in a village of all women kumiho. One of them found me and adopted me while I was still a fox.”

Osomatsu already had so many questions just from those two sentences. Well, two to be precise. “Wait, so you had only women around you and what do you mean? Aren’t you still a fox?”

“Fox with four legs. I didn’t always look like this. And yes-- women only.”

“Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with animal youkai. How do you grow up?” Choromatsu knitted his brows as it was the first time he cared to hear about this.

Ichimatsu just paused in irritation as he couldn’t even advance in his story. “Do you want a biology or a history lesson?”

“If it was up to me: biology.” Osomatsu smirked but he knew he could probably pry it out of Todomatsu later if he really wanted to. “Keep going with your story though. I want to hear about the village of hot vixens.”

“They weren’t hot. They were freaking scary.” Ichimatsu grumbled as he was beginning to recall why he wanted to die. “They’re obsessed with eating humans and taking life force. They’re full of tricks and only care about themselves.”

“Weren’t you adopted though?” Todomatsu furrowed his brows at how Ichimatsu never disclosed his past with him. He only said he grew up in a village.

“Yeah. She was the only one who showed decency out of any of them. I’d even call her my mother.” Ichimatsu’s face twisted into a mournful expression as he gripped onto Jyushimatsu beneath the blanket. “Unlike the wenches who would pressure me to eat human meat or try to train me to take life force she was different.”

“She wanted to become human. So she abstained from killing or taking life force from humans.” He sighed out as he was becoming distressed, he placed a hand onto his forehead and brushed his hair back.

“Whatever. The short end of it all is that she never became human and the people who were suppose to be her sisters ate her when they found out what she was trying to do.”

Everyone went quiet as no one expected such a stark backstory from the kitsune. Ichimatsu was definitely quick about it as well, and everyone could feel a sense of darkness exuding from him.

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as he felt so sad for his brother… He placed a hand over his mouth in shock. How could he have never known? Jyushimatsu just stayed quiet as he nuzzled into Ichimatsu’s shoulder to comfort him.

“... I’m never asking for anyone’s history ever again. ” Choromatsu stared onward with furrowed brows as he conducted the winds. Maybe it would be best if he didn’t question why Osomatsu and Karamatsu looked so similar. After all, there was a reason why they never explained it to him.

“What about you?” Ichimatsu directed his voice and attention towards the tengu which caused him to tense.

“O-Oh, me? Nothing like that…” Choromatsu thought they were similar but he felt like he had it easy compared to the kitsune. “At least no one important to me died.”

“People sure died though…” Osomatsu muttered out with a smirk as he raised a brow.

Choromatsu gave a sympathetic smile at Osomatsu’s comment before he continued on. “I lived on a mountain for the first good half of my life in complete peace. It was only until there was a series of unfortunate natural catastrophes in the surrounding area that I was bothered. Earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis… You name it, I was blamed for it.”

“Yeah, because humans are fucking idiots.” Osomatsu sneered before he eyed over to Ichimatsu. “No offense.”

“None taken; I agree.” The kitsune replied dully as he really couldn’t forget how the majority were trash. Todomatsu’s friend was probably the only decent one he’s ran into since his mother.

Choromatsu’s eyes shift as he made a calculated turn with his fan. “Anyway… I saved a traveler but I must’ve scared him somehow. After he left, I was greeted with an army of angry villagers at my doorstep.” Choromatsu frowned as he could still see the flames that covered his terrain.

“They had a set of exorcists so they were able to break my aura. After that they mutilated my wings and just were… really trying to kill me.”

“Shit… Sorry.” Ichimatsu breathed out as he felt horrible. Why was it that good people always had to be punished just for being idle?

“Yeah, back then my philosophy was ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.” Osomatsu seethed as he still remembered the condition they found Choromatsu in.

“At the time, Karamatsu and I heard that there was a daitengu on the highest mountain top who had a powerful weapon that can control the winds and was an even stronger adversary. I wanted to fight him for it to add to my collection but low and behold; there was a huge mob of people parading up there beating us to the punch.”

“So we interrupted their little fuck-fest and killed them all because I wanted the weapon to myself.” He knew how traumatizing it was for Choromatsu so he wanted to protect him by just telling the rest of the story for him.

Karamatsu glanced over to the back of Choromatsu’s head as the tengu went quiet. “...But when we saw Choromatsu we were astonished that such a powerful one of our kind could be taken down by humans.”

“It wasn’t because he was weak either. It’s because he doesn’t fight back.” Osomatsu’s jaws clenched as his fingers turned white against the side of the carriage. He had to mind himself not to crack the wood as his hand began to tremble to resist doing so.

“I’ve done some messed up things-- but I never tortured those who refused to fight. They completely tore his wings up for some sick revenge over something he didn’t even do. And it was obvious that they weren’t trying to kill him fast. Or else they would've done it when they broke his aura.” The shuten-douji sighed as he was even more worked up than Choromatsu about it. He crossed his arms as he looked off to the scenery to try to calm himself.  

“After realizing what happened-- we couldn’t just leave him there. We took him home and patched him up but there was no way to reach Totoko-chan at the time so he had to recuperate naturally.”

Karamatsu furrowed his brows as he gave a faint smile. “Choromatsu’s aura is very strong. It wasn't taken away since humans had no means of devouring it-- so his wings eventually grew back. And to this day he has no physical scars thanks to Totoko-chan’s treatments.”

Totoko frowned as she looked at Choromatsu in concern. She was surprised to see that Choromatsu was wearing a smile.

“...In the end, it led me to all of you. Even if I had to suffer for it I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.” Choromatsu spoke clearly as he found peace with it after all of these years.

Karamatsu’s expression softened as he couldn’t help but to face away. Osomatsu watched Choromatsu with fondness as his own expression softened with a smile. Choromatsu really was an angel to him.

When the oni heard a sniffle he couldn’t help but to look over and grin. “Karamatsu, are you crying?”

“Yes.” The ao andon gave a broken chuckle as he was just so touched by Choromatsu’s words. He was so happy to have met such a gracious person.

“W-What kind of road-trip topic is this?” Todomatsu couldn’t help but to tear up as well as he did his best to keep his voice clear because it wasn’t even him that had to suffer. “What the hell…? Everyone has been through so much...”

“What’s your story?” Totoko turned around and met with Jyushimatsu’s eyes as Todomatsu cried out.

“No, please! Jyushimatsu-niisan’s is really bad...” Todomatsu couldn’t help but to just feel strangled thinking about it.

Osomatsu couldn’t believe it as he looked to see the inugami’s face. He was just smiling as he always did as he comforted Todomatsu by placing his paw on the tanuki's head. “...Really?”

Ichimatsu frowned as he looked towards the shuten-douji. “The humans of his village had a ritual for creating inugami. When he was just a normal dog he was cruelly starved and the humans baited him with food just out of his reach.”

Ichimatsu reached a hand back to pet at the side of Jyushimatsu’s head-- which the other replied with a happy nuzzle and a wag of his tail. “They believed when a dog reached a point of true anguish and desperation they could behead it and summon an inugami to act as a servant for their family.”

“Dear god.” Choromatsu’s eyes widened as his brows lowered in horror as he just tried to focus on driving.

“Yeah, that’s pretty fucked up.” Osomatsu blinked as he could only see that, even now, Jyushimatsu was just a happy simple youkai.

“Heh… Well, they weren’t wrong. Thanks to that fucked up ritual Jyushimatsu is immortal and has outlived every one of those disgusting creatures.” Ichimatsu hated what he had to go through to receive it but he was so grateful to meet him…

“Yeah! And Ichimatsu-niisan took me away from the village because when I was sent to hunt a kitsune I just didn’t want to so he freed me in return.” Jyushimatsu giggled as he held the kitsune’s body close to him and inhaled his comforting familiar scent.

“I could tell nii-san was nice… and my masters were super mean so it was an easy choice!”

“They’re super dead now.” Ichimatsu chuckled darkly as the short life-span was the one good thing about terrible humans.

“...Todo-chan, you don’t have a fucked up story like that right?” Osomatsu furrowed his brows with a crooked smile as the tanuki was crying from the retelling.

“Ughh…” Todomatsu sniffled as he wiped his face from his shame. “No… I was foraging for food and I happened come across the fish Jyushimatsu-niisan caught. So he brought me back to Ichimatsu-niisan and they took me in…”

The shuten-douji grinned as he was just so amused. “Oh my god! You’ve always been a little thief!” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to tease him after all the heavy shit that they had to hear.

“I didn’t think of it as stealing back then!” Todomatsu cried out as he stiffened defensively.

Karamatsu gave a warm chuckle from above. “Adorable… Were you an animal at that time?”

“He was.” Ichimatsu confirmed. “About… this big?” He brought his hands up above the blanket and suggested a length of about twenty inches.

“So cute.” Osomatsu pouted with his brows furrowed as he imagined Todomatsu really could’ve been a pet.

“Totty was super hungry! I brought him to Ichimatsu-niisan so we could feed him.” Jyushimatsu smiled as he really couldn’t be mad at Todomatsu for trying to feed himself.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to snicker as he relaxed his arm on the carriage armrest and rubbed the bottom of his nose with his index finger. “Well, it’s a good thing he tried stealing from me. Or else we wouldn’t be talking now.”

Ichimatsu recoiled as he realized that they never properly addressed it. He narrowed his eyes towards Todomatsu and spoke in a low tone. “That’s right. Why did you try to steal? I didn’t raise an idiot.”

Todomatsu stammered as his ears flattened when he was confronted. “U-Uh… I wanted to pay back Atsushi-kun for saving me so I thought if I got the sake we could be really rich…”

“Idiot.” Ichimatsu sighed.

Karamatsu gave a small laugh at that. “Who would you have sold it to? The villages in your area were not what I would consider to be flourishing in trade at all.”

“I didn’t think that far, okay?” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he brought the blanket back up towards his face.

“The problem is you never do.” Ichimatsu was just exasperated with how difficult it was to nurture his mischievous nature out of him.

“Totty! Don’t steal anymore! Next one, you’re due for another lashing.” Jyushimatsu smiled as he could see the pattern of fortunate and unfortunate results from his theft.

“I won’t! I’m sorry.” Todomatsu pouted as he just wanted to put it all behind him and forget.

“You know. It’d kinda be hot to role play if you ever feel the urge to steal again...” Osomatsu grinned lecherously as he recalled how fun the first night he met Todomatsu was. “Actually, it’d definitely be hot.”

“Ugh.” Choromatsu couldn’t hide his distaste as his lips pulled back in disgust.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to smirk as he wanted to tease Choromatsu so badly. Osomatsu began to lean forward to whisper into his ear but his forehead was met with the smack of Totoko’s hand. “Ow!”

“You heard him! Hands off until we get there!” Totoko scolded as she sneered towards him.

“Thank you, Totoko-chan.” Choromatsu frowned sharply as he focused on the path. It was just clouds, clouds, and more clouds… Osomatsu’s face twisted irritatingly as he pulled his cheek down and stuck his tongue out at Totoko who only replied with the same gesture.

“...So what’s up with you?” Ichimatsu side eyed him as he was genuinely interested in how the shuten-douji came to be.

“Huh? Me?” Osomatsu quirked a brow as he grinned. “Nothing much. I used to be a monk but clearly I’m not cut out to be one. I drank some cursed liqueur and now I’m the coolest guy around one-thousand years running.” The shuten-douji snickered-- rubbing the bottom of his nose with his finger as he just leaned his cheek onto his hand in a lax pose.

Ichimatsu was irritated of the half-assed story after spilling his entire dead-mom spiel out in front of everyone. He just gave a small click of his tongue as he focused his sight forward.

Todomatsu leaned forward and turned his body to look back to Karamatsu as he examined his features. Karamatsu watched him with a confused smile. Todomatsu couldn’t help but to reach up and grab his horns in curiosity. “So you're a shuten-douji too, right?”

Karamatsu leaned forward from his grasp but he could only chuckle as he closed his eyes. “My dear, I’m not an oni at all…”

“But you look the same as Osomatsu...” Todomatsu wore a curious expression as he was trying to find out why. “I just never heard of twins outside of animal youkai before--”

“Stop trying to make yourself feel better for calling his name out during sex. We don’t look that similar.” Osomatsu snapped as Todomatsu froze and released the ao andon in shock. Karamatsu couldn’t help himself as he leaned in to kiss the side of Todomatsu’s head-- only to have his face pushed back by the younger in turn.

Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu turned heads to look at him. Todomatsu could see the clear judgement in his brothers’ eyes. The tanuki just faced forward as he pulled the blanket up over his head to hide beneath it.

“Oh, so is that what you two were doing?” Choromatsu narrowed his eyes as he listened in.

“Don’t act so surprised.” Osomatsu scoffed, obviously in a bad mood, as he could see Choromatsu turn his head just to side-eye him.

“I'm not surprised at all.” Choromatsu frowned sharply as he lowered his eyelids in a leer.

“Aren’t you suppose to be watching the road?” Osomatsu sneered as Choromatsu only wanted to look back to him just to show his irritation.

“There is no road, you ass.”

Jyushimatsu’s darted back and forth between them while they conversed. He couldn’t help but to pep up. “Are you two together?”

“Yeah, couldn’t you tell by us making out just now?” Osomatsu spewed sarcastically as he kept his eyes locked on the back of Choromatsu’s head.

“What? Since when?” Totoko blinked in confusion as she had no idea of their advancement in relationship.

Jyushimatsu just smiled as he stared at Osomatsu. “Then why do you have sex with Totty?”

“Because he’s a whore.” Choromatsu scoffed.

“I am not!” Todomatsu came out of the blanket just to defend himself.

“I wasn’t talking about you.” The tengu couldn’t help but to roll his eyes with a sigh.

Osomatsu smirked at Todomatsu just digging himself deeper into his grave before the tanuki wisely clammed up.

The oni stretched himself out and laid his arms across the back of the seat as he looked over to Jyushimatsu. “I mean-- why not? Why limit yourself to having sex with just one person? I love sake but I drink water too sometimes. Life’s about variety.”

“Some people show love through monogamy…” Choromatsu muttered as feelings of insufficiency began to well up within him again.

“Oh, please Choromatsu. Don’t act as if you’re so much better than me.” Osomatsu waved his hand as Choromatsu always liked acting like he was so above everything. “After all you were totally into having Kara and I double team you.”

“What?!” Totoko’s mouth gaped in shock.

“A-Aniki!” Karamatsu eyes widened in astonishment before everyone yelped and screamed as the vehicle took a sharp dip.

Choromatsu reddened miserably as he was positively wrecked that Osomatsu would say something so personal and incredibly intimate in front of everyone. The carriage rocked unsteadily as the intense turbulence reflected his state of mind.

“C-Choromatsu-kun! It’s okay! No one’s judging you!” Totoko frantically tried to comfort him as the tengu was just completely speechless as a hand covered most of his face. Totoko’s words just made him even more ashamed as the carriage rattled.

“C-Choromatsu! Are you trying to kill us?!” Osomatsu gaped as he clung uselessly to the vehicle for dear life.

Jyushimatsu wore an uneasy grin as he trembled in fear from being out of his element. He gripped Ichimatsu firmly as he panted quietly.

Ichimatsu frowned as he pet Jyushimatsu’s arm beneath the blanket to comfort him. He darted his eyes towards the shuten-douji. “...Hey, maybe apologize?”

“For what? The truth?” Osomatsu scoffed causing the carriage to rock even further.

“For being an insensitive asshole!” Todomatsu shrieked as he definitely didn’t want to die. He clung onto Karamatsu for dear life as he felt adrenaline pump from the instability of their ride.

Karamatsu firmed his grip on Todomatsu but his sight was completely focused on Choromatsu as he furrowed his brows in concern.

Osomatsu sneered at everyone’s reactions before he looked towards the daitengu who was feverishly trying to keep his aura focused to hold their weight balanced. Even though Osomatsu wasn’t wrong he couldn’t help but to feel bad that Choromatsu was so worked up by what he said.

Osomatsu’s expression softened as he sighed out. He didn’t mean to upset him so much. “...Sorry, Choro-chan…”

Choromatsu stayed quiet as he was just completely humiliated. He couldn’t believe they had so much distance left to cover. The carriage finally was able to stabilize once more after a few more moments of silence.

Totoko sighed out in relief as she felt her heart pound from the fright. “Okay, nobody else talk. Let’s play the quiet game.” She warned as she soothingly stroked Choromatsu’s upper arm. Everyone was happy to follow the ningyou’s lead as not another word was said.

Osomatsu knitted his brows as Choromatsu just closed up. Resisting the urge to get the last word in, he leaned his chin on his palm as he looked out to the side and stared off at nothing.

The rest of the trip rode out quietly with the exception of things like Jyushimatsu pointing out a bird he’s never seen so close fly past them. Ichimatsu would nod and they would continue to share their sense of communication without any words. 

Todomatsu had dozed off on Karamatsu’s lap-- the ao andon being more than happy that Todomatsu felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on him like that. He couldn’t help but to sneak a kiss onto the top of his head as he held him securely.

When Osomatsu wasn’t staring off into the atmosphere his eyes focused on the back of the tengu’s head as he remained just as silent as everyone else. Choromatsu definitely could feel whenever the shuten-douji’s attention was on him but he chose to ignore it as he just concentrated at the task on hand. Totoko would read a novel in order to keep herself awake just in case Choromatsu needed someone to talk to during the ride.

It was nearing sunset as Choromatsu landed them within the usual waiting place: a small cove away from the public eye of other youkai. The tengu sighed as he stepped off from his seat in order to stretch. He just took this opportunity to walk around while they waited and took off towards his favorite place on the shore.

“Are we here?” Jyushimatsu asked as he observed the area-- this definitely wasn’t what he was expecting. Though, he didn’t know what to expect so maybe it was.

Karamatsu chuckled as he spoke quietly as to not wake Todomatsu up. “Not yet. We must await for twilight to grace us with its presence.”

“Well.” Osomatsu grunted as he hoisted himself up and hopped down from the carriage. “It’s gonna take an hour or so-- we got some time to burn.”

“An hour? That’s plenty of time to see if there are some crabs!” Jyushimatsu beamed excitedly as he picked Ichimatsu up and placed him gently to the side before hopping down. He was definitely starving after not eating anything for six hours.

“Stay within sight.” Ichimatsu relaxed into the seat and watched as Jyushimatsu hurriedly run off to see if there was anything edible.

“I will!” The inugami pepped up as he hurried outside of the cove to start digging for critters. The only thing the kitsune ever lost to was food and he was fine with that.

“It’s a good thing Choromatsu-kun is always early. Don’t you remember that one time we came all this way and we just barely missed the opening?” Totoko frowned as she couldn’t believe how much time they wasted. It was even worse going back with all the supplies.

Osomatsu groaned. “Let it go, Totoko-chan. It’s been over five-hundred years.”

“I will never let it go. After all, traveling took days before Choromatsu-kun came along.” Totoko narrowed her eyes. She sighed as she took this opportunity to stretch herself out. “That’s not even accounting for the time it took to fend off the annoying bandits while travelling on land.”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to silence at that. He looked over to Choromatsu extending his wings at the entrance of the cove in order to fly over the sand. Totoko was definitely right after all-- Choromatsu really did do a lot for them. And even if he would jokingly complain here and there he never really complained about it-- much less show his exhaustion. The shuten-douji’s expression softened as he followed him.

Todomatsu gave a light groan as he woke up and rubbed his eye. “Are we here?” He felt disoriented as he didn’t see Choromatsu in front of him nor the crampedness from a third person in the seat.

“Good morning.” Karamatsu spoke softly as he gently pet the tanuki’s head. “Not yet. We’re waiting for the entrance to open within the hour. Did you sleep well?”

Ichimatsu eyed Karamatsu as he was surprised with how patient he was the entire ride. After all, Todomatsu really wasn’t the type to sit still or otherwise for too long. The tanuki definitely had his fair share of shifting uncomfortably about when he was awake and Karamatsu definitely did his best to stay still as Todomatsu slept. It couldn’t have been easy.

Todomatsu was still drowsy as he yawned behind a hand. “I think I’ll wake up if I walk around a bit.” Todomatsu murmured as the blanket slipped off of him. He climbed off of Karamatsu’s lap to hop off onto the floor with precision.

“Are you coming?” The tanuki asked as he looked up.

Karamatsu smiled fondly as he was invited. “Of course. Allow me a minute.”

“Nn… Okay, I’m going to look around.” Todomatsu yawned once more as he began to make his way towards the shoreline.

Ichimatsu glanced over to Karamatsu who was looking over the moon from just a small gesture. “What are you waiting for?” He couldn’t help to wonder since the spirit was being overly doting thus far.

Karamatsu smiled with a small sweat towards the kitsune as he placed his hands firmly on his own thighs and massaged them. “My circulation leaves much to be desired at the moment is all.”

“...Heh.” Ichimatsu smirked as the ao andon stretched his shaky legs out.

Choromatsu flew along the shoreline before settling on a tall rock not too far from the cove as he allowed himself to be taken away with the sound of the waves. He usually came here to relax by himself in between waiting times and to recuperate his strength after such an extended flight-- but his mind was full of anxiety. Even meditation was out of the question-- some monk he was. 

“Choro-chan.” A distant voice called from below. Choromatsu furrowed his brows-- knowing exactly who it was.

“What do you want?” Choromatsu spoke with hesitance in his voice as he looked down to the shuten-douji.

Osomatsu held his hand over his eyes to shield himself from the rays of sun coming from the horizon as he looked up to where Choromatsu was perched. “Can’t I have a talk with my boyfriend?”

Choromatsu seemed taken aback at that as he looked to the side at his words. It took him only about a moment as he extended his wings and gently glided down onto a rock that was closer to ground-level.

Osomatsu fainted a smile as Choromatsu was still so much taller than him from his natural height, rock, and geta combined. “Do you think you can come down a little lower?”

The tengu knitted his brows as flew lower until he carefully landed on the sand and met Osomatsu’s eyes. “You don’t have to apologize again. It’s fine.”

Osomatsu was satisfied with being able to meet closer to eye level as he replied. “I’m not here to apologize.”

Choromatsu’s mouth kept a small frown as he wondered if he expected an apology from him instead. “... I shouldn’t have called you names. Sorry.”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to chuckle at that. “What? Are we children? That didn’t bother me.”

Choromatsu sighed, having a difficult time trying to understand Osomatsu with the addition of being drained from the long ride in general. “Then what did I do wrong...?”

For once, Osomatsu was completely shocked as Choromatsu showed remorse for whatever reason. He was the one who was so upset so why did he think he did something wrong? “You didn’t do anything wrong. I was moody from not being able to talk to you during the trip.”

Choromatsu wondered if that was all-- and if that was the case it was still his fault. “Ah… S-Sorry...”

“Why are you apologizing for everything?” Osomatsu frowned as he was beginning to be irritated but he sighed out as he wasn’t completely being honest with Choromatsu either. “No-- Ugh. I lied. I was more upset with what Todomatsu said.”

“What? About saying Karamatsu-niisan’s name instead?” Choromatsu furrowed his brows because it wasn’t like Osomatsu to be mad about that sort of thing. He would normally laugh it off, right? He couldn’t help but to wonder if it was because he actually liked Todomatsu.

“Pft, you kidding? That was hilarious.” But still Osomatsu kept his frown as he found it hard to say what he wanted. “...Well. I guess it bothered me a bit. But not for the reason you’re probably thinking.”

“I’m listening.” Choromatsu replied as he looked back to the ground before taking a seat on the cold sand. He looked up to Osomatsu who only took but a moment before he sat alongside him.

Osomatsu pursed his lips as he shifted them to the side as he thought about it for a bit. He wondered if he really wanted to bother Choromatsu with nonsense. “...Well. You know how Karamatsu and I look alike, right?”

Choromatsu just remained quiet as he listened to the prelude of the answer he’s been waiting for after so long.

Osomatsu looked downwards, shifting his focus to the sand. “You probably figured this out a long time ago-- but we’re not twins. Hell, in my opinion we're even more closer than twins can be considered."

The shuten-douji breathed out as he looked towards the water-- glistening and radiating blue just like his brother. "He’s a reflection of me.”

The tengu couldn’t help but to be terribly confused and hoped that Osomatsu wasn't just going to stop there. “I don’t understand.”

Osomatsu groaned a bit as even the exact details were so hard to remember because it became so irrelevant with time. At least he wanted it to be. “I used to be human. But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I was just the worst kind of guy.”  He looked up to Choromatsu as he tried his best to explain.

“That’s not important. I was eventually exiled to a mountain to fend for myself and I managed to find a cave for shelter. Deep inside, there was a large mirror covering an entire wall with a gourd of liquor in front of it just calling to me.

You’d think an artifact-looking object in front of a giant shiny mirror in the middle of the mountain would’ve set off red-flags to anyone sane-- but at that point, I haven’t had water for days. So when I drank it, I felt like molten lava was running through my veins and I could’ve sworn I died.

But clearly I didn’t. I woke up transformed, young again, and with all the power I could ever want. I felt amazing. But still-- like anyone else, I freaked out when my reflection started to move in the mirror.

Out came Karamatsu-- making his grand entrance with the entire room lighting up in blue flames. I thought I was going to die again but he was just so… Well, 'Karamatsu'.

Anyway, he followed me around like he was attached to my hip. It was freakin’ creepy because he looked exactly like me. But it’s not like he was bad company so I weirdly accepted it without trying to kill him or otherwise… Well, at least not after the second try.

It wasn’t until years later that I found out he was an ao andon. Which is weird right? Because ao andon are born from the manifestations of fear and Karamatsu was anything but scary. But it didn’t take me long to realize the only reason why he exists was literally because my greatest fear while I was human was something as stupid as being alone.

So the reason why he’s so excruciatingly nice-- why you can read the guy like a book-- it’s all because that’s what makes a person likable. Despite how corny and painful he is... there’s not one person who I’ve met that can honestly say from the bottom of their heart that they hate him."

Osomatsu frowned as his voice lowered along with his gaze. "And if they do, it's because he's closely associated with me.”

Choromatsu hardly even took a breath as Osomatsu was explaining all of this to him. He never imagined that the shuten-douji would ever open up to him like this. He listened with all his heart and wanted Osomatsu to know that this meant more than him than anything.

“It’s not stupid… No one wants to be alone.” Choromatsu reassured as his voice softened. 

Osomatsu could only respond with a soft scoff as he looked out towards the oncoming shoreline. “Yeah? Well, is it stupid if I tell you that I sometimes resent Karamatsu for being a more likable version of me?”

“I don’t see him as you though.” Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he placed a hand on Osomatsu’s to get him to look at him. "And doesn't it matter that the people who truly care about you like you?"

It worked-- the shuten-douji’s fingers flinched before he met the tengu’s sympathetic gaze. Osomatsu’s expression didn’t wear any of the usual guards of laughter or cheesy grins-- he just looked solemn. “...Even then, I still have no idea how you could choose me over Karamatsu.”

The daitengu blinked as he was caught off guard by that. Karamatsu wasn’t even an option to him because the only one who he ever saw in that way was Osomatsu. “What do you mean? It wasn’t a choice… I’ve always loved you.” Choromatsu spoke out honestly as he couldn’t help but to flush a bit as he gripped onto Osomatsu’s hand.

Osomatsu’s brows furrowed slightly-- turning his gaze towards his touch. “You and I both know what kind of person I am.” He spoke as he retracted his hand from him. Choromatsu gave a small gasp as his hand pressed down on sand while Osomatsu stood up before him.

Osomatsu wore a torn expression as he watched down to him. “I didn’t mean to make you so upset when I said what I did earlier-- but I did mean to hurt you because I was upset. And even when I called for you, I knew you’d come down right away if I referred to you as my boyfriend.”

He forced a chuckle-- light and broken as he looked down to those wavering emerald eyes. “And I knew exactly what to say to get you to have sex with me. I was just playing with you when I told you I loved you.”

Choromatsu’s expression twisted in stress and heartbreak as he knew what was coming. He couldn’t believe that after such a short period that Osomatsu was going to take back his feelings for him like it was nothing. After all that time he waited for a miracle he wasn’t going to let anyone come in between their happiness-- not even Osomatsu.

“You shouldn’t have been so--” Osomatsu continued before a strong gust of wind twisted the sands from right beneath him. Trying to steady on the shifting sediment was akin to trying to escape quicksand as he lost his footing and fell back. Before he could even make a move he was met with Choromatsu’s figure over him-- tears escaping the tengu’s eyes as he wore a frustrated expression.

“What is wrong with you?” Choromatsu choked as he pressed his hand down onto Osomatsu’s shoulders to pin him down. "Do you like seeing me cry? Is that it?"

The shuten-douji could only watch him with wide eyes in astonishment.

“You keep on saying what a bad liar I am… But you’re the worst. You really think that I’d just let you go just like that? Especially when you don’t even mean it!” The tengu wept as his brows furrowed tightly at even just the thought.

“I’ve looked to you ever since you extended your hand to me. Even though you knew you could’ve just consumed me if you wanted to use my uchiwa…

You had no idea who I was-- yet you chose to save me. And you’ve saved me countless times after that with every gesture of kindness you’ve shown me." Tears fell onto Osomatsu's cheeks and rolled down as Choromatsu's grip trembled.

"From every minute you spent with me in the garden, even if it was just to keep me company, to the comfort you provided me when I relapsed into the memories of that night.” Choromatsu choked on his words as he knew that Osomatsu must think he only loved him for rescuing him on the night his home was invaded. But it was so much more than that.

“I love you…” Choromatsu gave a shuddering breath as his chest and throat squeezed in misery. “I’ve loved you for four-hundred years... Even if you pretend that I mean nothing to you after this I’ll always love you and you don’t have a say in it.”

Osomatsu felt so foolish. He knew that Choromatsu loved him from the bottom of his heart and he continued to try to hurt him. Choromatsu deserved so much better than him but still the tengu was doing whatever he could in a desperate attempt to preserve what they had. Osomatsu felt wetness at the sides of his eyes as he moved a hand towards his own tears in disbelief.

As if Choromatsu would disappear if he didn’t act fast enough he moved his arms around to embrace him tightly. He felt so shitty and selfish-- even when he was trying to do something for Choromatsu’s own good it still ended up twisted.

“You have such bad tastes…” Osomatsu’s voice wavered as he was sat up with the trembling tengu in his arms. Osomatsu wanted to keep Choromatsu at his side forever-- even if he knew that Choromatsu would be damned just from being with him. He wanted nothing more than to be with him even if that meant dragging him down to hell with him. It was with his selfish heart that he clung onto him as if he was life itself.

Choromatsu just cried his heart out as he felt Osomatsu accepting him. Even though he was being a complete idiot about it he could feel every bit of love from his desperate embrace. “I know…” He sniffled as he tried to calm himself.

“I love you too.” Osomatsu wiped his own tears with the back of his hand-- embarrassed but just so completely taken with his love before him. To break the tension he let out a croaky laugh as he leaned back and kissed Choromatsu’s cheeks.

“Did you really think you could pin me down?” The shuten-douji smiled through tears as he lowered his hold onto him and rose up with him in his arms-- earning a small gasp from the tengu.

Despite Choromatsu being taller than him, he’d always been able to carry him around like it was nothing. “You’re the one who’s as light as a feather like you’ll just float away...”

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to let out a soft chuckle as he gave the last of his sniffles. He wrapped his arms around Osomatsu and pressed their lips together. His affections must’ve came through because Osomatsu kissed back as if their hearts melded together.

As they shared a moment between just themselves, the setting sun began to unite with the shroud of night.

Jyushimatsu’s voice could be heard from just a turn away as the shore began to glow. “Whoa! it’s sparkling!”

The shoreline had an otherworldly appearance to it as it glimmered with a dazzling blue. Little wisps of aura cycled through the air as if the world expanded.

“Wow…” Todomatsu’s breath was taken away as he stood on the shore in awe alongside his brothers.

Ichimatsu couldn’t believe his eyes either-- never in his four-hundred years has he witnessed such a captivating sight.

Choromatsu gasped as they completely lost track of time and he swooped them up with a wave of his fan.

“Choro--! Ack!” Osomatsu yelped as he fell back but was being carried swiftly by Choromatsu’s gale as a gust of wind blew past the spectators enjoying the shoreline. The shuten-douji was let down gently onto the ground as Choromatsu was collecting everyone.

“That’s the entrance! We have to go!” Choromatsu hurried them as he hated not being completely prepared for when it opens. He looked back and forth as he realized they were missing two people. “Where’s Karamatsu-niisan and Totoko-chan?!”

As if Choromatsu’s words were magic, Karamatsu and Totoko came running from the opposite side of the shore.

“What were you two doing?” Choromatsu’s brows furrowed as he began to herd the younger youkai towards Osomatsu to load them into the carriage.

“Ah… Crab hunting?” Karamatsu chuckled as they came back empty-handed though. It was amazing to see that Jyushimatsu would literally eat anything organic… He couldn’t help but to want to aid the inugami in his efforts to satiate his hunger.

“I just wanted to dip my tail in for a second.” Totoko pouted as she could tell that Choromatsu was super frantic. “Calm down, Choromatsu-kun. We have at least twenty minutes.”

“If we don’t make this trip our current stock in the market will run out.” Choromatsu fretted, even if they could last another month there was no way that their products lasted for all those months they were gone. They definitely had to deliver this time.

“You heard the man!” Osomatsu grinned as he couldn’t help but to be amused by how passionate Choromatsu was when he was in business mode. He hoisted Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu up properly as they stacked up in the middle like before. “Karamatsu, hurry up so I can hand Todo-chan to you.”

“Aniki, take care of Totoko-chan. I’m able to do so on my own.” Karamatsu smiled as he lowered himself to pick the tanuki up under his arms.

“Eh? I said I could hop on my o--” Todomatsu stiffened as Karamatsu began to float in a ghastly manner which really freaked him out. “...You can float?!”

Karamatsu chuckled as he made it to the top of their seat and sat him down on him. “Yes. I thought you had known?”

Karamatsu blinked as Todomatsu seemed completely stunned all of the sudden. Todomatsu was shaken as Karamatsu had never made it as obvious like he did just now.

Totoko expected to be hoisted up to the front seat but Osomatsu forced her into the back with the others. “Huh?! Osomatsu-kun, what are you doing?”

“You got to sit next to Choro-chan for six hours straight! I wanna sit up front.” Osomatsu smiled broadly as he hopped up and got onto his rightful place.

“It’s so cramped back here!” Totoko whined as she glared towards the shuten-douji who only shot a wink back.

“It’s true!” Jyushimatsu smiled as he wagged his tail a bit. He was just happy to be able to hold Ichimatsu during the ride.

Choromatsu was satisfied that everyone got into their seat-- he had no time to think about how precious Osomatsu was being as he flew behind the carriage to double-check that everything was secure.

“We’re not even leaving yet?” Totoko gave a small frown as she rested her cheek against the palm of her hand.

Osomatsu snickered. “You’re the one who praised Choromatsu for getting things done.”

Todomatsu couldn’t help but to pale in shock as he felt a chill run up his spine in Karamatsu’s hold. “G-Ghost…”

Karamatsu knitted his brows slightly in confusion as he couldn’t understand. “I suppose I do fall into the more phantasmic category but what’s the matter?”

Jyushimatsu giggled as he leaned his cheek against Ichimatsu’s back. “Totty is super scared of ghosts!”

Ichimatsu just eyed over blankly as Todomatsu shivered like a leaf. “Yeah. We had a makura-gaeshi haunting our old house so we had to move. Todomatsu was his favorite because he’d react so extremely…”

“Haha! He never bothered us because I thought he was fun and Ichimatsu-niisan scolded him.” Jyushimatsu remembered how their pillows would just fly and fly all about and how the ghost would run up the walls to leave footprints everywhere.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh at what he was hearing as he turned back. “Aw. Yeah, Karamatsu is a super scary ghost. He doesn’t have footsteps or anything.”

Todomatsu’s fearful expression was priceless as he could swear he saw the tanuki shiver with his fur standing up on its ends all the way up to his ears.

“I-I do!” Karamatsu spoke up as he was trying to defend his image in front of Todomatsu. Though admittedly, creating footsteps took a lot more effort than not doing so… “Todomatsu-kun, I assure you-- I am perfectly normal. I’m even blessed with a physical form!”

“He’s a body snatcher.” Osomatsu whispered to Todomatsu causing the tanuki’s soul to escape from fright.

“Eh?! Aniki! N-No, no, no! it’s not like that!” Karamatsu’s voice pitched up in distress as he was trying to clear things up but Todomatsu was just unresponsive.

“E-Eh? Todomatsu-kun? Todomatsu-kun!”

Osomatsu cackled as he couldn’t believe how scared Todomatsu was of Karamatsu of all people. He grinned as he turned around to take the tanuki from his arms.

“I’ll save you from the scary ghost~” The oni cooed as he sat him onto his lap. Karamatsu couldn’t help but to sulk as he allowed his brother to take him.

Choromatsu had to tighten down some loose cargo but he’d rather do it alone than to have people climb out to help and waste time. He came back to the front as he took his seat and gave large swooping motions with his fan. As the carriage rose he couldn’t help but to question why Todomatsu was on Osomatsu now. Though his concern definitely wasn’t out of jealousy this time.

“Why does he look like he’s seen a ghost?” Choromatsu frowned as the tanuki just ragdolled in Osomatsu’s arms.

Osomatsu snickered as he gestured back towards their brother who was just so helpless.

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to have his lips pull up in a smile in amusement. “Oh. I guess he is!” Even before Osomatsu told him all the details he knew that Karamatsu had more spiritual characteristics than youkai such as themselves.

Karamatsu sighed heavily-- he pressed his head against the seat in front of him as they headed towards the entrance to the market. Even his own brothers weren’t on his defense. But he swore he’d persevere… Starting with cutting back on the floating.

Chapter Text

The carriage passed through the entrance along the shoreline-- will o'wisp taking them away to an entirely new world. The passage knocked the breath out of the entire party as the carriage fell onto the water canal below and remained buoyant.

Karamatsu was still leaning forward so he knocked his head into the back of the front seat-- having forgotten of what they were doing for a second. “Ouch!”

“Kh!” Todomatsu snapped out of his prior state with a shock as he felt as if a hand squeezed his entire body out all at once. He felt a heavy sense of dizziness as even lifting his head up was difficult.

Ichimatsu felt nauseated as they landed, immediately folding forward and wheezing. Jyushimatsu whimpered as he felt his ears pop from the pressure change. He leaned his head onto Ichimatsu’s back as they both recuperated themselves.

“Ugh…” Osomatsu shook his head as he was at least braced for it. “Yeah. Forgot about that.”

Choromatsu had his eyes closed as he remained a proper posture before exhaling calmly. He opened his eyes to look around him.

Totoko had folded over prior to their entry so she took the time to slowly rise back up and sat properly. “It takes a few times to get used to.”

“The hell was that…” Ichimatsu coughed as he was catching his breath. His eyes widened as he was able to process the dazzling sight before him-- leaving him breathless for an entirely different reason.

Before them was a grand spectacle of shimmering gold and red buildings that extended for as far as the eye could see. They were within a canal in the center of it all as all types of youkai surrounded them-- materializing from the line of will o’ wisp behind them. The carriage, now out of Choromatsu’s control, flowed smoothly down a current as it formed a line behind boats and rafts.

Choromatsu finally found it in him to relax as he sighed and laid back in his seat. “Looks like we made it for the entry.” And he was happy that he took the time to do that final check-- because if any of their merchandise were to spill out the trip would’ve been worthless.

Osomatsu made sure Todomatsu was alright before he squished closer towards Choromatsu and allowed the tanuki in the space next to him. He gave an exaggerated sigh as he slung an arm around Choromatsu’s shoulders.

“You worry so much everytime-- but I’ll be happy to massage the knots out of you later.” The shuten-douji grinned as he leaned into the tengu causing the other to blush.

Ichimatsu tensed up as he looked around-- unable to feel relaxed as he saw so many youkai at once. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he even saw a dragon’s long serpentine body swimming through the current beneath them.

Osomatsu frowned as he glanced down. “Hey asshole! No cutting into traffic!” The shuten-douji shouted out only to have the carriage bumped by the end of the dragon’s tail.

Todomatsu yelped as the carriage rocked ever so slightly and shuddered as he was trying to process everything that was going on. He hardly ever seen other youkai and he couldn’t believe the variety of sizes and shapes he was able to see. “O-Osoma--”

The shuten-douji shushed him as he begun to say his name before he smiled to the confused tanuki. “First rule of the market: you never use your real name.”

Choromatsu realized there was so many basics they could’ve covered on their trip but the atmosphere was far too awkward at the time. “Everyone in the market uses aliases to conceal their identity on the other side. So please be careful.”

Jyushimatsu peeked out from behind his brother as he was listening to what Choromatsu was saying. “Do we need to hide our faces too?”

“There’s no need for that.” Karamatsu smiled as he sat back as they were queued up for entry. “Hm… It’s a bit difficult to describe but once we leave it may feel akin to a dream.”

“What happens in the market stays in the market.” Osomatsu grinned as he looked back. “The faces I meet here I can only remember when I’m here-- even our best customers. But I do remember names and other vivid details.”

“How could that be?” Ichimatsu furrowed his brows unable to comprehend because he couldn’t imagine how disorienting it must be in between visits.

Totoko placed a finger to her chin as she knitted her brows. “We’re so used to it by now but I suppose it’s jarring to anyone’s first time. It’ll make sense after this experience. When we go back you’ll remember everything but you’ll find it very difficult to recall the faces and voices of people that you’ve met here. It’s almost like there’s fog.”

“It’s to prevent conflict on the other side.” Choromatsu added in as he saw that they were approaching the ticketer.

There were komainu guarding the entry towards the market way as they quickly went about their procedure-- confiscating weapons as well as marking the guests with a press of their paw.

“We have three new guests.” Osomatsu spoke out as they approached the gatekeeper who only nodded in turn.

Three sheets of parchment materialized into Osomatsu’s hands as he held his hand out expectantly before a brush appeared just the same.

“Eh? What’s this?” Todomatsu looked as he tried to see-- but Osomatsu was rushing through it and handing each sheet back to the komainu as he finished.

“Passport, blah blah. It’s no big deal-- but I don’t want to hold up the line so I’m filling it for you.” He rubber-necked back towards Jyushimatsu as he was stumped on the last one. “Puppy, how old are you?”

“114!” Jyushimatsu smiled as he promptly replied.

“Jeez, you guys are fetuses.” Osomatsu muttered as he hurried up with the last form and handed it back to the gatekeeper.

Ichimatsu blinked slowly as he watched the parchment dematerialize. “Shouldn’t we have filled that out ourselves?”

Osomatsu scoffed at that as he held his hand out to be stamped by the komainu. “And be that one person to hold up the line because no one can decide on their alias? Fat chance.”

Karamatsu, Choromatsu, and Totoko followed up by extending their arms in the same way. Choromatsu held up his ha-uchiwa as it dematerialized before him into the gatekeeper’s possession.

Todomatsu was immediately taken aback at that. “Wait a minute-- you decided our names for us?!”

Ichimatsu’s expression fell as he looked towards the demon in shock. “What? What did you put down?” He really hoped that it wasn’t something horrendously stupid or offensive.

“Eh, you’ll see. Hurry up and hold your hands out.” Osomatsu glanced back as he gestured over towards the gatekeeper.

The komainu looked towards the three younger youkai expectantly until they held their arms like the rest. The youkai promptly stamped their hands with a glowing red marker of their names before the current continued on and carried them through.

Jyushimatsu smiled eagerly as he looked to see the characters form onto the back of his paw. “‘Kiiro’! Is that my name? That’s really simple!” Jyushimatsu was surprised that the kanji was easily recognizable to him seeing as he hadn’t studied written Japanese for a long time.

Ichimatsu anxiously looked as a single character made his way onto his skin and glowed. “‘Murasaki’... What. So we’re colors?” It really wasn’t all that original but he was relieved to see that it wasn’t something completely stupid. It was just juvenile.

Todomatsu eyed down unamused as the characters on his hand spelled out to ‘Momoiro.’ “I really don’t want to be called ‘Momo’...”

Osomatsu grinned as he folded his arms and took a pose of confidence. “It’s easy to remember though, right? I’m sure you can guess what I am.”

“‘Aka?’” Ichimatsu replied plainly as he sighed and just accepted his fate and relaxed back into Jyushimatsu.

“Bing-bong!” Osomatsu smiled, proud of himself from how easy the naming convention he made was. “It’s already a pain in the ass to have to remember a new name-- so I just went by colors when I first came here.”

Karamatsu chuckled as he gave a quirk of his brow. “Though I do wish we could have chosen something more poetic… Aniki’s naming methodology has proven to be very common theme around here.”

Totoko sighed as she rested her hand on her cheek. “There’s just something wicked about that gate that makes you write down whatever you think of first no matter how much effort you put into deciding your name beforehand.”

“What’s your name, onee-san?” Jyushimatsu eagerly asked with a wag of his tail.

“‘Maguro.’” She grimaced as she looked away. Osomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh every time he heard it.

“Maguro-chan~ It’s so cute! You’re the prettiest tuna in the entire ocean.” The oni teased with a grin as he looked back.

“Ugh.” The ningyou narrowed her eyes towards him. “Just call me ‘onee-san’ here.”

“Ah, that’s right.” Karamatsu beamed as he looked towards the three younger youkai. “Since we are all family-- please feel free to call us as your elder brothers! That way our identities are preserved and there’s no need to burden yourselves with the new names.”

Ichimatsu glanced over as he looked towards him with an empty gaze. “Eh? ‘Ao’ is really easy to remember though.” He still felt incredibly awkward with the idea of having these three as his older brothers.

Choromatsu gave a small smile as they were arriving at the docks. “For me, being called ‘Midori’ is almost as strange as ‘nii-san’ so either is fine here I suppose.”

“That’s the spirit, Ch-- Midori-chan!” Osomatsu grinned as he almost slipped up. He stood up from his seat as he pulled their carriage close to the dock so that there was no distance in between.

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to give a light chuckle. “See? Weird.” He turned around in order to help Totoko out from her seat to give the rest room to maneuver. Totoko wrapped her arms around his neck as the tengu lifted her up and gently flew down onto the docks.

Todomatsu’s brows knitted as he pouted-- trying to think over what they said. “I guess I don’t mind calling you three nii-san… It’s easier that way.” He concluded as he hopped down onto the docks on his own.

Ichimatsu thought that the tanuki’s suggestion was ridiculous-- after all colors were extremely simple to remember. “Really, To--” The kitsune began before he sweated at his own slip up. “Momoiro…” Ichimatsu frowned as he realized Todomatsu’s point almost immediately.

Karamatsu chuckled, he stepped down as well and extended his arms towards the two remaining on the boat. The kitsune only eyed down suspiciously.

“I got it.” Ichimatsu spoke as he held the rim of the seat to climb out.

“Nonsense. Walking still proves to be of difficulty for you, correct?” Karamatsu replied simply as he kept his arms out.

Ichimatsu paused-- just staring as his weakness was exposed. He made sure to not make it that obvious so he was wondering how the ao andon caught on.

“You only exited the carriage when your brother assisted you from below.” As if he was reading his mind, the ao andon addressed his reasoning for concern. After all, Ichimatsu had sat for an extended period of time when they had landed at the cove. Only when Jyushimatsu came back to bring him to the shoreline was he able to leave.

“I’m fine.” Ichimatsu reassured once more as he needed Karamatsu to get out of the way so he could exit.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he looked back to the kitsune. When he thought about it, Ichimatsu really was sitting down a lot more than usual. He thought he was just understandably exhausted.  “Nii-san, are you really okay?”

“He’s reading too much into things. I was just being lazy.” Ichimatsu replied unfazed as he hoisted himself up-- expecting Karamatsu to move once he actually started to come down.

He was stopped as he felt Jyushimatsu grab him from behind and embrace him. Ichimatsu looked back to see the inugami giving a gentle smile with a wag of his tail as he secured his hold onto him and guided his upper body towards Karamatsu who was offering to help.

Ichimatsu paused and gave a click of his tongue before he reddened from embarrassment as he accepted the assistance. Karamatsu supported the kitsune by his upper arms as Jyushimatsu carefully raised Ichimatsu’s feet over the edge of the carriage seat to make sure he wouldn’t get snagged on his descent. Jyushimatsu only climbed down once his brother was lowered to the ground.

“I thought I saw your legs shaking before we left.” Osomatsu raised a brow as he finally let go of the carriage now that everyone had gotten off. With the absence of people on it, the carriage turned and continued to flow down another path of the canal to be taken care of.

Ichimatsu couldn’t stand the idea of being a burden on people-- if he couldn’t even walk on his own then he’d be just completely worthless in his own eyes. “I’m fine. Let me go.”

Karamatsu gave a small frown in concern as he carefully lowered the kitsune to stand on his own. As he was pulling his support away, Ichimatsu had trouble balancing as proven by the side of his geta meeting the ground.

The ao andon hurried and continued his support by lifting him up more. “As I thought. You’ll hurt yourself if you were to attempt walking on your own.”

Todomatsu reflexively reached out to Ichimatsu but Karamatsu definitely had a good hold on him. He watched at how gently the ao andon treated him-- he really was kind overall.

Ichimatsu quieted as he instinctively grabbed Karamatsu’s upper arms when he stumbled. It really was more difficult than he thought. He stared at nothing as dread welled up within him.

“I knew it. There’s no way you could be fine with the sudden absence of your aura.” Choromatsu frowned as Ichimatsu seemed completely reluctant to accept any help despite his condition.

Totoko sighed softly as she crossed her arms and observed the kitsune. “Well, how could he be?”

Osomatsu placed a hand on his hip as he placed the other to rest on the back of his neck in thought. “We can take turns carrying you.”

“...No… I’m…” Ichimatsu’s mind spun as he felt so broken and exposed before them. He felt everyone’s eyes on him and he couldn’t help but to feel sick.

“Nii-san! I’ll carry you!” Jyushimatsu interrupted Ichimatsu’s thoughts as he smiled eagerly right next to him. He turned to face his back to the kitsune as he lowered himself for him with a wag of his tail.

“It’ll be like after we've hiked for too long! I really miss carrying nii-san-- so can I?”

Ichimatsu’s expression softened as Jyushimatsu’s eagerness and energy got to him. He gave a light exhale as he focused his sights on him. Karamatsu smiled as he guided the kitsune onto the inugami’s back.

Jyushimatsu immediately wrapped his arms around his legs as he felt his brother wrap his arms around his neck. “Hup! Thanks!” He hummed as he happily wagged his tail beneath Ichimatsu’s rear. Ichimatsu calmed as he closed his eyes and pressed his cheek against the back of his shoulder.

Todomatsu looked to his elder brother with concern still in his eyes but he caught sight of Jyushimatsu’s cheerful expression and couldn’t help but to give a small smile back. Even without words, he was reassured.

Jyushimatsu looked to the older youkai before glancing about this whole new world. “Where to?”

“Clothes shopping~!” Totoko hummed out as she extended her hands to the sky. “It’s been so long since I’ve been to Ribbon-san’s store!”

“‘Ribbon’… And they’re a seamstress?” Ichimatsu murmured out as he couldn’t believe that it really was that straight-forward. He wondered what he would’ve named himself given the opportunity. Probably something like ‘trash’ so maybe he was a little bit thankful to be ‘purple’ instead.

“Yep. She's the best in the market.” Osomatsu grinned as he began to lead the way, Totoko following close to his side.

“And expensive…” Choromatsu’s brows knitted as he was wondering if they had enough money to support their little shopping spree. “Everything she does is custom tailored.”

Osomatsu smirked. “Yeah, well. We went cheap last time and look where it got us.” The shuten-douji scoffed as he was wearing clothes similar to his usual wear but he knew this wasn’t going to last him long. “Isn’t it better to have clothes that’ll last through a little blood at least?”

“The blood wasn’t the problem.” Choromatsu sighed as his green robes were torn from his own doing in order to stop Ichimatsu’s bleeding. He didn’t think of how expensive it would be to replace at the time. Who would’ve?

“Either way, now that we are all a family-- our little ones should have garments fit for their status.” Karamatsu smiled as they continued until they reached the market streets. He watched as their eyes lit up in awe.

The bustling and livelihood of the marketplace filled their senses as the three younger youkai could hardly believe such a spectacle. Glimmering lights, the rich scent of food, and the different voices came together as one to amaze them.

“T-This is amazing!” Todomatsu couldn’t believe his eyes as his mouth gaped in excitement. He couldn’t help but to wag his tail energetically.

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to give a smile as he looked down to Todomatsu’s excitable reactions. They really were so used to the market at this point, he hardly thought twice about it outside of what he had to do for business. “I suppose it’s pretty nice.”

Jyushimatsu’s pupils dilated as he nearly drooled-- following the scent of the nearest food stand as he couldn’t help but to be distracted.

“Hey, hey.” Osomatsu yanked Jyushimatsu back by his harness immediately as he watched how the inugami began to stray. He could see why he wore this. “There’ll be time to eat later! We have to get our clothes first.”

“Well said!” Totoko giggled as she was so excited to see what the seamstress would have in store for her this time.

Karamatsu gave a small chuckle as Jyushimatsu’s ears flattened but he was such a good boy. He seemed to have listened well by staying near them so he couldn’t help but want to reward him.

As they were passing one of his favorite food stands, Karamatsu approached them for their goods. The vendor was a small octopus-like youkai who was sitting in a tank of water while they were rolling little balls of dough on their specialized grill.

Karamatsu actually had to take a moment to remember how large their party was as he smiled politely. “Seven, please.”

Osomatsu stretched as he continued down the street-- he was so happy not to be sitting around anymore. “I can’t wait to check into the hotel.”

“We got one large room this time. Do you think it’d be enough?” Choromatsu furrowed his brows a bit as he supposed the three additional youkai didn’t take up much space…

“Sure it is. Maguro-chan likes sleeping in the bathtub anyway.” Osomatsu snorted as he smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “You save us from needing an extra bed.”

Totoko rolled her eyes before she gave a smile back-- just too much in a good mood. “There’s two bathrooms so I expect the largest one all to myself as usual~”

“Can six people really use one bathroom though?” Choromatsu frowned a bit.

“Hey, where’s the blue one?” Osomatsu quirked a brow as he realized that they were missing a body.

The shuten-douji paused as he looked around-- everyone else following his lead. He soon was met with his little brother coming up to them with seven stacks of street food.

“Forgive my absence-- I simply couldn’t help myself.” The ao andon gleamed happily as he looked towards everyone with his large amount of snacks. He had forgotten how much the vendor would usually give so seven orders ended up being rather excessive…

Jyushimatsu gasped as his eyes widened with happiness-- immediately coming up to Karamatsu’s side and sniffing at the food. Though he couldn’t recognize it-- it smelled so savory that it made him salivate. “Smells so good! Please can I have one?”

Karamatsu chuckled as he watched how enthusiastic the inugami was. “Of course, please wait a moment more.” He knew that the inugami couldn’t feed himself and Karamatsu’s hands were far from free at the moment.

“There you are! Whaddya got there?” Osomatsu grinned as he helped himself to the first box.

“Wow. That's a lot.” Choromatsu came and took some burden off of Karamatsu’s hands and passed one to Totoko.

“Ooh! Takoyaki!” Osomatsu licked his lips as he poked one with a stick to open the ball up to let the steam out.

“Tako-wha?” Todomatsu tilted his head as he never heard or seen of such a snack before. As Choromatsu gave him his share he sniffed at it curiously. It really was unfamiliar but he knew it had octopus in it so he couldn’t help but to pout. “Ah, smelly…”

“Pft, ‘smelly’? You can’t get things like this at home-- humans really haven’t caught up with us yet. So you really should try it while you’re here.” Osomatsu frowned as Todomatsu was showing his picky tendencies again.

The opening only made Jyushimatsu more excited as he actually did drool now. He switched his attention to Osomatsu as his tail wagged feverishly. “Can I please have some?” Or even better: all of them.

Osomatsu blinked as he was about to feed himself but he couldn’t help but to grin at how eager Jyushimatsu was. “Sure, sure~ Say ‘ah’.”

The oni smiled as he was offering the octopus on the stick to him but his expression quickly fell as Jyushimatsu just slid his tongue beneath the rows of octopus balls from Oso’s container. “Hah?! Hey!”

“Jyu-- Ki-Kiiro…” Ichimatsu sweated at his behavior as the inugami devoured at least nine of the takoyaki all at once.

The inugami tilted his head back just a bit as he happily chewed them all before swallowing. “Yummy!! So yummy!!” Jyushimatsu laughed as his stomach was warm now. The heat of the food didn’t even burn him as he was temporarily satiated.

“You shouldn’t eat other people’s food like that.” Ichimatsu frowned in disappointment as Jyushimatsu probably picked it up because Ichimatsu himself couldn’t help but to feed him constantly.

Jyushimatsu jolted at Ichimatsu’s words from behind and kept his smile, though he looked down in shame. “Haha… Sorry, nii-san…”

Karamatsu smiled as he pet the inugami’s head now that he had a hand free. “No need to apologize. I purchased it with you in mind.” He reassured as he handed another container of the snack to Oso.

Osomatsu pouted as he ate the one he had on his stick himself and took the new container from Karamatsu. He just grinned as he couldn’t be in a bad mood after eating another delicious bite.

“Isn’t this from that cannibalistic koromodako?” Totoko gently blew one before enjoying a treat herself. “Kinda messed up how an octopus would sell octopus meat, right?”

“To be fair, he’s not the same type of creature…? I mean, I don’t really know how animal youkai work.” Choromatsu shrugged as he ate one of his-- jolting as he ate too fast and it was so hot so he fanned the inside of his mouth.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to laugh at the tengu. There was a reason why he liked poking his first.

“Hey, Momo-chan. Would you eat a raccoon?” Osomatsu had to ask. Now that they had these guys with them he could ask all of the animal questions he wanted to.

“What? Ew.” Todomatsu furrowed his brows at both the name and question-- never having it cross his mind. “No. I don’t like game meat and raccoons are cute...”

“Heh? You won’t eat something if it’s cute?” Osomatsu quirked a brow. “If anything, cute things are the tastiest.” The shuten-douji leaned forward towards Todomatsu with a lecherous look. The tanuki frizzed as he frowned and looked away.

The shuten-douji snickered as he eased up and looked towards the kitsune on Jyushimatsu’s back. “How about you? Ever thought of eating a fox?”

“What’s wrong with you?” Ichimatsu stared at him incredulously.

Osomatsu sighed as they really weren’t being that fun. “Well! I’m pretty sure puppy here would have no problems eating a dog.”

“It’s true!” Jyushimatsu laughed as he really would eat anything organic. He didn’t have it in him to discriminate.

“I like that-- an equal opportunist.” Osomatsu smirked as he was finally satisfied with one of their answers.

“Stop asking them weird questions.” Choromatsu lowered his lashes as he started poking all of his takoyaki as well before eating them.

The oni chuckled at how adorable Choromatsu was for following his lead before he looked back to the potentially-cannibalistic-Jyushimatsu. “You shouldn’t have ate your share so fast. Now, you’ll have to watch us all eat.” Osomatsu stuck his tongue out as he poked the steam out from another one.

“That’s true.” Jyushimatsu pepped, though not really bothered by it since he knew that his brothers would probably give him more. “Oh, well~” He smiled as he looked over to Todomatsu who didn’t seem to be into it at all. He licked his lips as he was definitely expecting the tanuki to give him his share.

Karamatsu blinked as he watched how Todomatsu wouldn’t even try it. “Is something wrong?”

Todomatsu looked up to Karamatsu as he heard his voice call his attention. “Um… I never tried octopus before.” He knew that it must’ve been similar to squid and it had a familiar fragrance of the sea.

Osomatsu groaned, really tiring of the tanuki’s pickiness. “At least try it. It’s one of his favorite snacks here, you know.”

Todomatsu stared down to the food in thought-- still not really thinking he would like it as he poked at it with the stick he was given.

“Aniki, it’s quite alright.” The ao andon smiled as he was going to relieve Todomatsu of his snack. “I’ll buy something else for you.”

Todomatsu knitted his brows a bit as Karamatsu began to take it away from him. He was being so stupidly nice again. First, he went through all of the effort to bring back one for each of them by himself-- and he was even going to go further to try to cater to his tastes. If it was the ao andon’s favorite, maybe it really wasn’t that bad despite smelling a bit like the ocean.

The tanuki pouted as he firmed his grip on it before Karamatsu could take it away. “It’s okay. I’m hungry, so I want to try it.” Todomatsu committed as he poked the snack-- the outermost one probably being cool enough to try at this point.

Karamatsu appeared to be pleasantly surprised at the tanuki’s resolve as he took his hands away and watched him expectantly.

Todomatsu took a small bite-- about half the ball as he was able to taste the sweetness of the glaze and the rich flavor of the takoyaki overall. It really wasn’t that bad. Even the octopus meat, which he expected to be pungent, had a pleasantly mild flavor as it just gave texture to the treat. Curious for another bite, Todomatsu popped the remains of it in his mouth soon after. It was even delicious.

“How is it?” Choromatsu asked as he was really enjoying his own now that they weren’t scalding the hell out of his tongue.

Todomatsu nodded as he swallowed that bite and poked a new ball for the next. “It’s tasty.”

“Aw, that’s too bad.” Jyushimatsu laughed as his plan B was canceled. “Totty is so picky with everything outside of fruit-- he doesn’t even eat stuff that he thinks smells funny.”

“Wait-- Is saying a nickname like that okay?” Ichimatsu became concerned as he wondered how safe that was.

“Should be fine.” Choromatsu shrugged, it was a weird name anyway that didn’t sound too close to Todomatsu’s name to him.

Ichimatsu sighed in relief, really wishing he had a cute nickname for Jyushimatsu too besides ‘good boy’.

The inugami’s disappointment in not being able to eat Todomatsu’s food was easily canceled by how proud he was that he was willing to try something new. “I’m glad that he found something else he likes!” Food really was a joy and he could never understand his brother’s particular tastes.

“Really?” Karamatsu’s tone was slightly raised in elation as he was pleased that Todomatsu liked what he purchased for them. Not only that, but he couldn’t help but to be touched by what Jyushimatsu said.

Todomatsu couldn't help but to redden at how the ao andon seemed to be so happy just because he was eating the food that he gave to him and everyone else. “It’s not a big deal-- like I said, I’m super hungry after not eating for six hours.” He pouted as he ate another.

He’s so adorable… ” Karamatsu just beamed as they continued to to walk down the market streets. Even if the tanuki had problems coming to terms with his feelings for whatever reason-- it was obvious to Karamatsu that he must’ve tried it because of his sake. His contrarian personality was a charm in itself too.

Osomatsu smiled as he offered one to Ichimatsu. He missed out on feeding Jyushimatsu because of how crazy he was but Ichimatsu was cuter to him anyway. “Here you go~ Say ‘ah’.”

“What.” Ichimatsu looked unamused as he stared down to the takoyaki.

Osomatsu frowned as the kitsune was being so difficult as usual. “Come on~ Let your onii-chan feed you.” He poked it against his lips, getting glaze on them as Ichimatsu refused to be fed.

Ichimatsu tsked as he was being pushy even with feeding. He opened his mouth and chewed the cooled down snack. “Happy?”

“Oh, jeez. Starve then.” Osomatsu scoffed as he completely changed his mind on Ichimatsu being cute. He just focused on feeding himself.

Ichimatsu’s expression was unchanging as he licked his lips from the leftover sauce. Todomatsu giggled as he offered one of his to the kitsune which he took casually.

“How many beds are there at the hotel?” Ichimatsu asked as he kept the takoyaki in his cheek to speak before continuing to chew. He had to know as he really didn’t like sleeping in an enclosed space with anyone else besides his brothers.

“Three.” Osomatsu grinned. “There’s plenty of room! It’s a really nice suite.” He wrapped his other arm around Choromatsu as he gave him a sly smile. “And now that we have our little brothers with us it looks like we have a great excuse to share the same bed.”

“W-We’re going to share the same bed?” Choromatsu jolted a bit as he couldn’t help but to blush as he gave a wavering smile. His heart fluttered at the thought that Osomatsu chose him as a first pick.

“Of course.” The shuten-douji purred smiling as Choromatsu seemed to be so excited.

“Then us three can share one of the beds.” Ichimatsu looked towards Todomatsu to confirm as he was relieved that the space sounded sufficient.

“Seems as if I’ll be getting the entire bed to myself.” Karamatsu smiled, he couldn’t help but to be disappointed but it really was endearing seeing how the three youkai bundled up together. His heart couldn’t take how adorable the fluffy sight was.

“Ughh.” The tanuki furrowed his brows.

“Last night, nii-san managed to kick me in my side even though I was behind Ich-- Murasaki-niisan.” Todomatsu frowned as he remembered how Jyushimatsu sprawled over them by morning. He couldn’t believe how much movement Ichimatsu was able to tolerate since he and Jyushimatsu slept in the same bed almost every night.

“Sorry!” Jyushimatsu laughed as he nuzzled Todomatsu apologetically causing his brother to pout.

Osomatsu smirked. “Ohhh… Geez, how convenient. Looks like there’s only one other option if you don’t want to sleep with your brothers.” He grinned as he teased the tanuki.

“I-I’m serious! I have a bruise!” Todomatsu squeaked immediately in reply.

"I would be happy to share the bed with you." Karamatsu was elated that Todomatsu would actually want to sleep with him-- even though he didn’t outright say it he was really leaning towards that direction.

“As a gentleman, I’ll be sure to mind the space between us.” The ao andon reassured with a smile as he didn’t want Todomatsu to worry.

Todomatsu couldn’t help but to feel a sense of disappointment somehow. But he definitely wasn’t going to let anyone else know. It’s not like he should want anything else either.

“Perfect!” The tanuki hummed out in contrast to his thoughts. “You’re so nice~ What a good big brother you are.”

Karamatsu blushed as he scratched behind his own ear at that.

“Wow. That’s super lame.” Osomatsu chuckled-- smiling as Choromatsu just seemed to focus on making sure they were going the right direction. Now that he wasn’t driving, he had no excuse to not tease him.

“And since I’m not a gentleman, I’ll be sure not to mind the space between us...” The oni spoke quietly against Choromatsu’s ear. causing the tengu to jolt and slam himself against the door-frame of a shop. Osomatsu blinked at his violent response but just grinned in turn as Choromatsu had a super red complexion.

“Are you okay?” Totoko sweated as she never saw Choromatsu so uncoordinated before. It was like he was drunk.

Everyone else just blinked and watched at how Choromatsu just threw himself into a structure for seemingly no reason.

“I’m fine!” Choromatsu stammered from embarrassment as he looked behind him-- recognizing the store. He pulled himself away from the door-frame to recompose himself and clear his throat.

“L-Looks like we’re here! Let’s go!” The tengu wobbled a bit from his self-inflicted impact but he just shook his feathers out as he led the way.

“God, I love him.” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to chuckle at how flustered he was just from a little tease. It was no wonder he didn’t want to be bothered while driving. Osomatsu just wore a broad smile on his face with a hand on his hip as he followed him up.

The interior of the clothing shop was bustling with business-- all sorts of youkai getting suited up with the prettiest silken garments. Even youkai with odd limbs or physiques got something tailored just for them as they stepped in and out of the dressing rooms.

“Oh, my~! If it isn’t Ao-san!” A young girl resembling a human with perfectly straight hair tied back with a large ribbon greeted their entry.

Her eyes glimmered as she was excited to see these beautiful men in her store. The more she rose from the counter, the more evident her extravagant silken garments were on her own figure. She was definitely dressed like a princess as she wore seemingly thousands of layers.

Karamatsu smiled as he entered-- definitely showing that he had a good relationship by taking her hand in a polite manner. “Charmed to see you again, Ribbon-san. It’s been far too long.”

“So long~ I’ve missed working on the more human-esque forms of yours and your brothers I must admit~” She hummed out as she placed her own hand on Karamatsu’s, rubbing his hand excitedly causing the ao andon to chuckle.

“Huh?” Todomatsu seemed confused as he judged her appearance. For some reason, she looked a little weird as far as humans were concerned but he was surprised to see that she was the owner. “That’s her? She’s a little girl though.” Todomatsu furrowed his brows before Totoko shushed him.

Ribbon attention focused towards Todomatsu’s direction as she felt inspired by the sight. She rose herself even further from above where she stood.

“Oh me~! A tanuki that’s actually a cutie!” She giggled excitedly as she easily climbed over the counter-- revealing eight legs that extended from her back like wings.

Ichimatsu’s breath hitched at the sight as Jyushimatsu tensed and snarled.

“Oh my…” The girl frowned as she skittered back up a wall, standing completely on her youkai legs.

“S-Spider!” Todomatsu gasped as he couldn’t help but to repel back but Osomatsu just stood behind them and blocked Todomatsu from budging further.

“Jeez. Racist, much?” Osomatsu frowned as he ruffled Jyushimatsu’s hair to calm him down.

“Brutish ones, no matter how cute, are not allowed in my store.” Ribbon warned as she really didn’t have to call guards since they were with such loyal customers.

Choromatsu sweated nervously as he didn’t want to be sent to jail. He clasped his hands together in an apologetic manner as he gave a little bow to her. “A tsuchigumo tried to eat us not too long ago-- so they’re a little sensitive regarding spiders. They’re not used to seeing others of our kind in general so they don’t quite understand how to behave.”

“It was quite the traumatic event. Please pardon our little brothers.” Karamatsu implored as he gave her a sympathetic smile.

“Yes! I’m sure they’re very sorry.” Totoko gave a glare back as they were definitely ruining the discount Karamatsu was undoubtedly was about to receive.

“Oh…” Ribbon tilted her head curiously as she observed them. The inugami seemed to have calmed a bit but he still look cautious as the tanuki watched her while clinging to Osomatsu.

She finally made the decision to climb down as she stood before them on her back legs while her human form hovered from the ground. “I’m a jorogumo. I’m completely different from a tsuchigumo~” She hummed as she smiled.

“And I would never think of eating such cute ones such as yourselves.” The jorogumo reassured as she licked her lips. “I only eat mean dastardly humans who are into little girls!”

Ichimatsu shuddered at the memory from just seeing her legs-- but they were thinner and were even decorated with ribbons, colored silk, and jewelry. As spiders were concerned, she really wasn’t all that much of a threat.

“I-I apologize for our behavior...” He took it upon himself as the eldest to apologize as he forced himself to distinguish her as different.

“Apologies accepted~ Brothers of Ao-san, hm?” She skittered around them to get a good look at their faces-- especially Ichimatsu’s. “The concept of family eludes me but that must mean you three will eventually be just as sweet as Aka-san and Midori-san~”

“Aw, shucks. You ain’t so bad either.” Osomatsu grinned as he rubbed the bottom of his nose with his index finger.

“You’re so pretty~ I’ve never met a male kitsune before.” Ribbon giggled as those fluffy tails definitely outed him as an untransformed kitsune. It was adorable how he clung to the inugami as well.

“Your green yukata doesn’t suit you at all… I assume all of you are here for a new set?”

Osomatsu grinned as he approached her side. “Yep. Seven sets for today. Do you think you can handle that?”

The jorogumo’s eyes glimmered as she was given such an opportunity. “Of course! I will give a ‘family special’ just for you Aka-san~ 200,000 coin each~” It was definitely a treat for her to work on bodies that were more humanoid in nature like herself.

Choromatsu literally felt his blood pressure go up at the price but it really was already cheap for the materials and her specialized work. He just prayed that their business was doing as well as it usually did.

“You're just the best.” Osomatsu smiled unfazed as he extended out his hand with the marker out to her.

“That's why you come to see me.” Ribbon placed her own marker over Oso’s until the characters glowed white.

The three younger couldn't help but to watch curiously at that. Karamatsu noticed and found it was good to explain market customs as they came by it. “That is how exchange work in this place.”

Karamatsu tapped his own marker as an example. “The komainu’s markers can keep track of transactions. If the transaction is null then the markers won't respond. We can check our funds at a bank later.”

“...How?” Ichimatsu frowned completely confused as usual. It was becoming quite an annoying trend.

“Through aura.” Karamatsu answered as if it was that simple. He never really questioned the workings of the market because it was so convenient.

“... That explains nothing.” The kitsune sighed, feeling like he had to know everything if he was going to be involved in business.

“Actually--” Choromatsu began to go into one of his detailed explanations but Osomatsu cut him off.

“Aura can really do a lot outside of the body. It's best to not think too hard on it.” Osomatsu waved his hand as he really didn't want to sit here and listen to technicalities all day. “If you want the full spiel then save it for the hotel.”

Ribbon had gone around to ensure that the dressing rooms were clear. When she came back she blinked still seeing takoyaki in their hands. “Oh, but you simply must rid of your food before we begin. I'll take Ao-san first.”

“I'm honored.” Karamatsu smiled as he handed the rest of his food to Totoko as he followed the jorogumo’s lead.

“I can't finish all of this.” Totoko frowned as she only managed to eat about half and now she was holding Karamatsu's.

Jyushimatsu looked around eagerly to see that there were a lot of snacks around. He could never understand how people could get full off of so little!

“I’ll get rid of them! Leave it to me!” He wagged excitedly as he approached Totoko first.

Ichimatsu sighed as Jyushimatsu really couldn't do anything while holding him so he pat him on the shoulder. “Hey, let me down so you can eat.”

“Huh?? But I don't see any chairs.” Jyushimatsu looked around as he wouldn't even consider putting his brother on the floor without at least a cushion.

“It's fine. I've rested long enough.” Ichimatsu reassured as he raised his upper body from Jyushimatsu's back.

“Are you certain?” Choromatsu frowned as Ichimatsu’s pride seemed to get in the way of his well-being.

“Nii-san, I can carry you.” Todomatsu offered as he came up to take him off of Jyushimatsu.

“You can't carry him. You're going to twist your ankle in your high heels.” Osomatsu scoffed as he moved Todomatsu to the side much to the tanuki's displeasure and grabbed the kitsune from under his arms.

“I said we'd take turns carrying you. Don't be so prideful.” Oso looked towards the inugami who hesitantly released Ichimatsu's legs.

Ichimatsu sweated quietly as Osomatsu carried him like a child by creating a seat under his rear with his arm as he was hoisted up.

“See? Now puppy can eat and you don't have to worry about straining little Totty.” He couldn't help but to grin at the nickname they had. “Ain't so bad having an older brother right?”

Ichimatsu felt embarrassed but he watched at how Jyushimatsu went about happily clearing everyone's snacks. He really didn't want to burden his freedom even if the inugami didn't mind.

“I suppose… Thanks.” The kitsune mumbled out as he looked down. He could hear the skittering of Ribbon’s legs as she approached them.

“He's all set up~ Ao-san is always the most particular.” Though it really was a pleasure working with his visions. With her methods, she could satisfy even the pickiest customers.

The jorogumo couldn't help but to giggle at the sight of Ichimatsu being held by Osomatsu now. “My, he is a clingy one. Do you need to go in together?”

Osomatsu grinned as he looked down towards the kitsune. After all, even though they had sex and he caught a glance at the bathhouse he still missed out getting a good look at Ichimatsu’s bare body. “I’d be happy to~”

“No. I want to match with er-- Kiiro. So we should go together.” Ichimatsu said as matter-of-factly-- Jyushimatsu perked in response as he had finished all of the remaining snacks cleanly.

Choromatsu couldn’t help but to think that it was a cute gesture… The fact that Ichimatsu was so prideful yet he had no problems saying what he wanted to do when it involved Jyushimatsu made him a bit envious.

Jyushimatsu wagged his tail as he went over to take Ichimatsu from Osomatsu now that he was finished. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Osomatsu just groaned as he let him go and pouted at being rejected.

Ribbon hummed as she led them towards a single dressing room. “Oh, you simply must let him down if we are to make any progress.” She extended her fingers revealing strings of silk aura as if she was doing cat’s cradle.

Both Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu tensed as they saw it. “I thought our auras were locked?” Ichimatsu breathed out shallowly as he felt paranoid from seeing silk again.

“I have a vendor’s license. So I can use some aura within the rules~” The jorogumo hummed as she looked at them. “You may check with your family if you’d like first?”

Ichimatsu swallowed dryly-- he really had to get over it. “No. It’s fine. Sorry.” He looked to Jyushimatsu and nodded as he took off his geta before coming down and standing properly though a bit shaky.

Jyushimatsu watched him with concern as he smiled towards the seamstress. “Onee-san-- could my brother sit down?”

The jorogumo blinked as she looked at how the kitsune’s legs trembled ever so slightly. “I’ll do your lower half first so you may sit.” Ribbon reassured as one of her legs extended from outside of the dressing room to drag in a chair. “Now, please undress to your underwear~”

“Er...” Ichimatsu sweated as he felt completely indecent for once. This was a high class boutique after all.

“We don’t wear any!” Jyushimatsu answered for them as he was easily honest.

The jorogumo blinked, unfazed as she just gave a cute smile. “Okay~ Then undress down to nothing then. I’m 6000 years old, I’ve seen it all.”

Ichimatsu swore his mind did several double takes at that-- their kind really was nuts. This lady was old as hell. “I see…” The kitsune muttered as he undid his yukata to make this as quick as possible. This is the least he could do after hearing how much the price tag was… Even if he had all the money from his town performances, he couldn’t imagine even covering half of the service.

Ribbon politely looked away as they undressed but she laid eyes on them anyway after in order to work.

“Is there anything special you want?” She quickly manipulated her silk with expertise to form some lower garments on Ichimatsu.

“Um… Bells would be nice.” Ichimatsu definitely wanted to keep the tradition up of him and Jyushimatsu sharing accessories.

Ichimatsu tensed as he felt this soft silk wrap around him until they resembled fine hakama with slits on the side. Just as he thought the side of his thighs were a bit overexposed, the spider followed up by having them come together with red ties.

“Oh. It looks like you like purple as your name suggests.” The orb weaver hummed as she saw how the first garment on Ichimatsu came out to be a light lavender.

“Wow! Nii-san, that looks great!” Jyushimatsu panted as he was admittedly a bit stimulated by the thought of being able to see more of Ichimatsu’s skin on a daily basis. It was really flattering!

“Okay~ I’ll add bells after.” The jorogumo hummed out as she pushed the chair beneath Ichimatsu to sit. “ My aura is very sensitive so don’t worry~ You’ll leave with garments that you’ll find perfectly suit your tastes and needs.” She spoke with confidence as she began to spin a web around them.

Ichimatsu couldn’t help but to stare at his pants made from the extremely strong, yet soft spider silk. They were definitely a departure from his shinto robes. He found that the design of the hakama alone was airy and comfortable even though he didn’t particularly care about fashion.

“I’ll get you two started and your family should finish at the same time.” The orb weaver’s legs took her backwards towards the exit-- but she stopped as she placed a finger on her chin in thought.

“Oh, but you two are scared of spiders, right?” She pouted as she thought of how difficult this was going to be.

“No… Not in particular. We’re sorry for earlier. It was just the tsuchigumo.” Ichimatsu reassured as he felt bad for embarrassing the older four like that.   

“Oh, my~ In that case, fantastic. Just try to stay still then.” The spider gave a kind smile as she exited the dressing room.

Ichmatsu and Jyushimatsu blinked quietly as they looked at each other until they saw a single tiny spider come down in between them and crawl on Jyushimatsu’s shoulder.

They looked up curiously to the web she created as they were just waiting for something to happen. Soon enough little bright spiders began to generate onto the web’s strings as they came down-- there were so many of them it looked like a waterfall spilling over.

Jyushimatsu shuddered at the sight as Ichimatsu gulped.

Osomatsu came out into the shop rather quickly as he looked to the mirror to admire the spider’s work. “Nice! Just what I wanted!” He was happy to have such a nice kimono jacket as well as pretty basic looking bottoms that were easy to wear.

“Oh…~ It suits you.” The jorogumo wasn’t that impressed with Osomatsu’s more simple tastes but she could care less since she was being paid the same. She did some finishing touches such as making sure the green sash around his waist was secured to her satisfaction.

The oni adorned a gold silk accessory around his neck as he must’ve had some insecurities of having his throat exposed after seeing the tsuchigumo trying to aim for Jyushi’s but he found that it was nice. “Nice touch on the gorget-- though is it really going to not break?”

“My silk is stronger than diamonds. If someone would like to behead you they would have to do so around it~” Ribbon hummed as she figured that was probably why her aura materialized it there.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Osomatsu grinned to her-- feeling awesome to have lightweight armor with youkai materials.

“Oh~ I nearly forgot. I must get some finishing accessories for the little ones as well as check on other customers.” She pouted as she skittered towards behind the front desk where she kept all her trimmings that were not silk.

“Oh, sure.” Osomatsu blinked as the spider went off but he just shrugged. He looked to see if anyone else was ready and soon enough Choromatsu was exiting his room. He couldn’t help but to be completely surprised at the sight.

Choromatsu felt a bit embarrassed wearing a lot less than he normally choose for himself even though it was just his upper torso and shoulders being exposed-- at the same time he didn’t dislike it. He wore a red obi around his waist to keep his garments secure as he did before.

Osomatsu whistled as he approached the tengu excitedly. “What the hell! You look great !” He was so taken and impressed that he just wanted to touch him right now. In fact, he went ahead and did so as he came closer and placed a hand onto his collarbone to brush over the gorgeous red marking adorning it.

Choromatsu flustered upon seeing Osomatsu and hearing his reactions as he just gave a happy smile in return. His cheeks throbbed at Osomatsu’s warm touch. “I really… wanted to try matching how you show your markings.” He swallowed as he felt so shy about saying it, placing a hand behind his neck to rub.

“Ah… Is that so?” The shuten-douji grinned at how cute his little bird was being. Even those long black gloves that reached all the way to his upper arms were so stimulating to him.

“Well, I wanted this so I could match you.” Osomatsu chuckled as he gestured to his green sash around his waist that he special requested.

Choromatsu’s heart fluttered like crazy at that as he definitely saw an unmistakable rich green stand out from all of Osomatsu’s otherwise red and gold theme. “T-That’s… You’re amazing.” He really wanted to say ‘I love you’ or something along those lines but he knew they had a business image to uphold. Just his affectionate sigh alone was enough to portray all of his feelings as he was reflecting over how thoughtful Osomatsu became.

"I know." The shuten-douji chuckled warmly as he was pleased that Choromatsu was so happy.

“Do I really look okay?” Choromatsu couldn’t help but to wonder as he felt like his own clothing didn’t suit him even though he wanted to try so badly.

“It’s the best! You look great” The shuten-douji reassured with a wide grin on his face. He even liked that useless little sash that Choromatsu wore over his arms now. It was so cute how the green design bled into red. Choromatsu smiled happily as he finally took Osomatsu’s word for it and just felt over the moon.

Osomatsu smirked as he leaned in to whisper at his ear. “In fact, you look so damn good I can’t wait to get my hands all over you when we get to the hotel.”

Choromatsu felt steam coming from his face as he stumbled over his words. Osomatsu could only grin as he parted and gave a pat on his cheek since he tried to mind not doing public displays of affections for Choromatsu’s sake. He really was so easy to work up.

Karamatsu came out soon after in his grand ensemble-- it was definitely complicated and full of elaborate patterns and designs everywhere. He even had black fur woven into his cape that must’ve been a special request.

“My brothers! I have emerged a new man.” Karamatsu smirked proudly as he looked towards one of the full-body mirrors in the store. “How is it? Grand? Spectacular? Please don’t hold back your praise!”

Choromatsu blinked as he looked over to Karamatsu and was hardly surprised with the extravagance in his robes. “You have some green in it?”

Karamatsu grinned at Choromatsu’s good eye-- only to see that the tengu’s pattern gradient was similar to his own. “Ah! Yes! I wasn’t even thinking about it yet the pattern wove itself into a green spectrum. I must say, I do adore it. We must’ve had similar feelings, my brother.”

“Oh.” Choromatsu looked down to his own pattern and couldn’t help but to smile at the sight. “You’re right! It is blue!” Though matching Karamatsu wasn’t his intention he couldn’t say that he was displeased about it. In fact it definitely made him happy.

“I am liking that red lining in your cape! You kept it?” Osomatsu grinned as he commended Karamatsu’s tastes for once.

“Really? Because I definitely had you in mind, aniki!” The spirit beamed as he was pleased of his praise. He cleared his throat as he flourished his cape before them. “How could I get rid of such a crucial part of my original design?”

“Yeah, it looks good.” Osomatsu grinned as he placed a hand beneath his chin and looked at the black silk choker on his brother’s neck. “Heyo, looks like we’re twinning here too.” The shuten douji chuckled as he tapped his own neck.

“Oh, I’ve always worn gorgets.” Karamatsu smiled as he did genuinely think it looked nice-- which is why he was so disappointed that Todomatsu hated his. “I must say-- yours looks quite flattering on you, aniki!”

”Ah, pft. Enough; you’re making me embarrassed.” Osomatsu waved his hand as he really was pleased of how everything came out.

Todomatsu left his dressing room with shivers up his spine and tears brimming the corner of his eyes. Though the garments really were beautiful he still felt the spiders crawling all over his skin.

Ribbon’s eyes glimmered at seeing the garments for the first time as she skittered around them excitedly before approaching Todomatsu. “Beautiful! Though, you’re quite modest aren’t you? Your body is entirely covered~” She giggled as she observed the work of her aura.

“I-I don’t get it-- b-but couldn’t you have warned me about the spiders?” The tanuki paled as he met the jorogumo outside of the dressing room. He didn’t understand how she seemed surprised by her own design but he was too busy feeling thousands of little legs crawling all over him at once.

The jorogumo simply sighed. “I told you to close your eyes…~” With that she made her way into the dressing room that the remaining two were in to present them with finishing touches.

“I didn’t have to have my eyes open to feel them!” Todomatsu shuddered as he felt his fur stand on ends.

“Totty!” Osomatsu grinned as he approached him-- he was excited to see the design but he ended up frowning as he couldn’t help but to be disappointed.

Todomatsu cringed a bit as that was a nickname that only Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu referred to him as. “You can call me ‘Momo’. It’s fine. Sort of.”

“Ehhh… You’re wearing even more than before. You’re so boring.” Osomatsu sighed as he ruffled the tanuki’s hair.

Todomatsu groaned as he reached a hand up to straighten out his hair. “Did you really expect me to be scantily clad? I think I look great!” He smiled-- once he was over the whole spider thing he really was admiring the construction and the pattern on his kimono.

“Did you get taller?” Choromatsu eyed down as he looked to see that Todomatsu’s new black geta resembled a maiko’s okobo at this point by raising his height even further.

“Hm~? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Todomatsu smiled innocently as he reached a height of nearly five inches taller than his natural short stature.

“You’re a mess.” Osomatsu chuckled in amusement, just imagining the tanuki tripping and breaking his ankle in the near future.

Karamatsu’s attention was immediately drawn to the length of his sleeves. “Your sleeves…”

Todomatsu perked at Karamatsu’s comment as he looked at his own long and pretty sleeves. “Oh, yeah! I asked for them to be longer. The cherry blossom pattern is so nice! Or are they peach blossoms?” He really could never tell the difference...

“F-Furisode… So cute...” The ao andon’s heart skipped a beat at what it represented. Since the tanuki grew up around human villages he wondered if he knew what it meant and their symbol of love and affection towards men.

“Eh?” Todomatsu just blinked as he tilted his head-- losing what Karamatsu was saying.

Karamatsu sighed and smiled a bit towards his confusion. Even if he didn’t know what it meant the ao andon could at least pretend he did. “It’s nothing. You look adorable.”

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to snort at his brother getting himself all worked up over a piece of fabric of all things.

Todomatsu’s ears perked at the familiar sounds of his brothers’ bells ringing about from the dressing room.

“Holy shit.” Ichimatsu groaned as Jyushimatsu carried him out on his back, the inugami wearing an overly amused expression as always.

“That felt super weird! I think I wanna do it again.” Jyushimatsu laughed as he couldn’t help but to just be tickled by the feeling of all of those spiders working on him.

“I think… I’m never going to look at spiders the same way.” Was all the kitsune could say as he could swear he still felt them all over him and under his skin.

Todomatsu’s eyes widened as he saw how flashy his brother was. “Wow! Your patterns are so bright! And your sleeves are even longer than mine!”

“Huh? I just wanted to match your brother...” Ichimatsu sighed as he looked at his outfit-- it was definitely as sunny as Jyushimatsu was. “The sleeves are kind of impractical… But I don’t dislike them.” They had red ribbons attached to the end of them with twinning bells and a ball of fur at each end. It was excessive to him but Jyushimatsu seemed to like it...

Karamatsu really couldn’t believe that they had no idea what the length of the sleeves meant…

“Wow. She really made money off of you-- huh, puppy?” Osomatsu couldn’t help but to tease. Jyushimatsu’s upper body was just completely bare with the exception of silk wrappings around his waist and fur over his shoulders that matched his natural tone.

“Haha! I like it! Nii-san has some fur now too.” Jyushimatsu was super happy with how their garments came out-- though he really didn’t care about clothes. He’d be naked if Ichimatsu allowed him to be.

Choromatsu eyed the contrast in complexity between their clothes. “Well… He does have more layers.” And quite a beautiful transparent sash to boot. “I think it about evens out.”

“I was kidding-- I could care less. I mean, look at me.” Osomatsu laughed as the nicest thing he had on him was the haori just how he wanted.

“Your bells are awfully charming. I adore how you two match.” Karamatsu admired how romantic the gesture of matching their garments were. Even Jyushimatsu, with the little clothes he wore, managed to match his obi to Ichimatsu by having it a purple tone. Ichimatsu had vibrant yellows and gold all over that definitely represented the inugami. He couldn’t help but to be a bit envious of Osomatsu and Choromatsu as well...

Ribbon hummed as she was super pleased of her work. Upon hearing the ao andon’s comment she smiled as she made her way up towards Karamatsu and fastened a bell to his waistband. Since Karamatsu was her favorite, she was sure to take him into extra consideration. “Here you go, Ao-san. You want to coordinate with your brothers, right~?”

Karamatsu was stunned as he felt flustered by the orb weaver’s gesture. “Ah-- I couldn’t.”

Ichimatsu looked towards the frantic ao andon for a moment. He recalled of how mindful he was of them this during the entire time-- from noticing his inability to walk to feeding Jyushimatsu when he really didn’t have to. The kitsune sighed. “It’s fine… Unless you think it would clash or something.”

Karamatsu gasped as he really didn’t want to create that sort of misunderstanding. “No! Not at all! I just know how important this must be to your family.”

“But… That’s what we are though.You’re our older brother now.” Todomatsu thought about what Ichimatsu was suggesting and how important it was to him… His brother really was trying hard to take new steps.

“Hm… Since you know how important it is then I guess it’s okay!” Jyushimatsu was easily persuaded as long as Ichimatsu was happy.

Karamatsu was breathless as they seemed to be growing more and more accepting of them as their brothers now. The gesture touched him more than they could ever known. “Thank you… I’ll cherish it.”

“Aw, lucky you.” Osomatsu pouted as he feigned being jealous but he really wasn’t upset as he slung an arm around Karamatsu.

“You’re just like a cat now! Even Totty will know when you’re coming so you don’t scare him anymore~” Osomatsu teased as he thought it was hilarious of how he kept on collecting accessories from the younger ones.

“Aniki, please.” Karamatsu chuckled as he felt so warm from being included… The little jingling of his bell would be a constant reminder of how much he was appreciated.

“That’s really nice of you…” Choromatsu smiled towards Ichimatsu as he was glad to see his older brother so genuinely happy.

Ichimatsu looked to the tengu and quieted as he already said what he needed to-- he was never good at verbally getting across his feelings.

Todomatsu looked about as he sensed something was off. He realized that Totoko was missing. “Where’s onee-san?”

“Dunno-- maybe all your crying scared her off?” Osomatsu chuckled before seeing the rustling of a far dressing room. “Oh, there she is.”

Totoko hummed as she wore a beautifully detailed flowing hanfu as she held something else wrapped in silk in her arms. “Oh~ I’m sorry, did you miss me?”

Osomatsu shrugged. “Not really-- but what took you so long?” He looked over to her outfit which was beautiful but not necessarily overly detailed that would justify the length of time.

“I was talking to Ribbon-san of how I wanted two more!” Totoko gleamed as she was definitely not going to let them go easily after all the emergency care she did. And Osomatsu did offer her a wardrobe of new clothes...

“H-Huh?! Two?” Osomatsu gaped in shock as he was concerned of how that would add up in the budget.

“Mmhmm…” Ribbon purred as she slithered up to Osomatsu’s hand and took his wrist into her small hands. “I’ve already talked it over with Maguro-san. You’ll pay the 600,000 coin fee, right? 300 for each additional garment~”

Choromatsu clutched his chest as if he had a heart attack. Maybe he did. “6-600?! I thought we had a family discount…?!”

The seamstress just giggled. “Oh, Maguro-san isn’t your family, though. Wouldn’t it be rude to charge her the same amount?”

“I made very sure to respect your precious, odd customs!” Though she didn’t understand the concept she definitely knew that Totoko was their friend.

The six youkai looked on in horror at the devious nature of the jorogumo. Unable to argue, Osomatsu held out a trembling arm in agreeance.

Spiders really were horrifying.

Chapter Text

After leaving the seamstress’s store, thankfully with enough funds to pay her, they made their way to one of the many hotels in the Chinese district.

Choromatsu was definitely flustered as he had made sure to stop by the nearest bank to check the remaining balance of their conjoined business account. They definitely had more than enough-- Osomatsu was just shocked more than anything of the sudden increase of price. Honestly, Choromatsu appreciated his slight awareness in spending.

As they walked into the hotel lobby, Choromatsu was still doing mental calculations of the funds in his head. What were they going to do about Totoko’s remaining ingredients? Will they make enough this time? They always do, but it’s been so long he can’t help but to worry. And what about the packaging for the new product he’s supposedly in charge of? He really needed to be able to write this stuff down.

“Midori.” Karamatsu called him from his thoughts.

The tengu looked at where they were-- he was just following their lead blindly. He was surprised to see they were at the front desk already.

“Ah. Sorry.” Choromatsu approached the yaoguai at the front desk and spoke fluently in Chinese.

Todomatsu was definitely impressed-- he was curious of how the tengu was able to pick up such a complicated language as even learning the characters was difficult in his eyes. “Do you understand any?” He asked Oso as the shuten-douji appeared to be paying attention.

“Huh?” Osomatsu gave a delayed response as he was, indeed, listening to what they were saying just in case. “Yeah, I can speak pretty well. But my reading comprehension isn’t very good.”

Karamatsu could only chuckle in turn. “I’m the opposite; I read well but my tones have much to be desired.”

Totoko smiled as she listened to Choromatsu negotiate through the problems of having three additional guests. “Midori-kun is the only one who is completely fluent. He doesn’t give himself enough credit but he knows more characters than most scholars.”

Todomatsu was amazed-- but they were old so it made sense that they were able to pick up language after all that time. He glanced back to his brother who seemed to be so tired as he rested on Jyushimatsu’s back. “How about Korean?”

“Never bothered.” Osomatsu admitted as he followed Choromatsu’s gesture to hold his hand out in order to check in. “Here, hold your hand out for the access to the room.” He spoke to Todo as he grabbed his wrist to hold up to the komainu next to the yaoguai.

The rest followed in tow as they made their way towards a manual lift operated by the aura of more komainu.

Ichimatsu was just so taken out of his element-- as the type of guy who hated change this was really a big overhaul for him.

“...I’ve been meaning to ask but are the stone lions people?” Though they seemed responsive he couldn’t help but to find them jarring somehow-- and they were everywhere.

“Huh? Oh. They’re like puppets.” Osomatsu explained as they were rising to their floor. “They’re programmed to follow certain commands and they run on the aura from the guests in the market.”

Choromatsu looked to the curious kitsune as he was more than happy to help answer any of his questions. And Osomatsu did say he could explain to him at the hotel… “Borrowing our aura is an entry fee here-- the market runs on it. So the market lights and any odd contraptions are able to operate through aura receptors.”

“That’s so confusing.” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he couldn’t even set a flame like his brothers-- how would he able to understand this?

“It’s a bit akin to… possession? We can use some market items on the other side if you know how to project your aura.” Karamatsu smiled as he tried to help the tanuki a bit more. “Aniki and I are able to do so. Your older brother as well.”

“Used to.” Ichimatsu mumbled off-hand but after saying that he immediately hoped that no one heard him. He really was tired of people pitying him because he did that enough himself.

“Anyway, I sort of understand… Thanks.” Ichimatsu replied, grateful for the explanation as he just sighed.

Jyushimatsu looked back, noticing how tired the kitsune has gotten. He was becoming worried but he was glad they were getting to a comfortable room for his brother to rest.

The lift stopped on the floor as the gate slid open before them. Choromatsu took the lead as he guided them to their room-- holding his marker out to the door to open it and to allow everyone in.

When they arrived to their room, it was quite expansive as promised with three large elevated beds in different sections divided by large, folding screen doors. The interior was rich with dark, warm colors and oriental inspired design.

“...What the hell, this is one room?” Ichimatsu gawked as he could not believe his eyes for the umpteenth time. When would this fever dream end?

“Better question is: why would this place only have two bathrooms?” Osomatsu snorted as he propped himself against the wall to take off his new shoes.

Choromatsu slipped his geta off-- coming down five inches and meeting closer to Osomatsu and Karamatsu’s height. Osomatsu always preferred him to be eye-level but the tengu already accommodated him by taking his obnoxiously tall geta teeth from a foot to five inches.

“Choro-chan, so cu--” Osomatsu began but Choromatsu just seemed to be so focused as he hurried up to write some things down. The shuten-douji couldn’t help but to pout.

“Don’t you mean ‘Midori’!” Jyushimatsu pepped as he was trying his hardest to not mess up-- and it really did take a lot of effort.

“We can speak freely in the hotel room. The security is very tight.” Karamatsu reassured.

Karamatsu had forgotten his sandals in the dressing room-- but it was of no problem because his steps never made contact with the ground in the first place. He simply just followed his brothers in.

“Thank goodness.” Todomatsu sighed in relief as he really couldn't stand minding the aliases.

The tanuki couldn’t help but to stare as he watched Karamatsu ‘walk’. Even though he went through the motions of putting one foot out in front of the other-- he really was always hovering. It sent shivers up his spine but even if he was a ghost he was nice… Todomatsu frowned at his thoughts as he took off his own shoes.

“Todomatsu, where’d you go?” Ichimatsu joked in a monotonous voice as Todomatsu stepped down from his platforms.

Todomatsu’s lip twitched up in an incredulous smile as he lowered his eyelids. “You’re not that tall either, nii-san.”

“Yeah, but I’m not covering it up. You’re fine the way you are.” Ichimatsu sighed, he even kept his own geta off as to not risk stumbling and adding even more problems. Jyushimatsu wagged his tail as he followed everyone in.

Todomatsu’s expression softened for a moment at what he said-- but he just knitted his brows and pouted as he followed them in.

Choromatsu was hovering over a desk as he finally had gotten his hands on some parchment and a bamboo pen provided by the hotel. He dipped the pen back and forth into the ink to scribble down the balance of their account. He noted the expenses that they need to be aware of and how much their goal should be for this trip. The page was quickly filled with numbers and notes before the tengu was finally satisfied.

Osomatsu kept a small distance knowing how easily the tengu was startled as he came to the side where he could see him. “You okay?”

Led by his voice, Choromatsu looked up and showed the page to Osomatsu. “This is the goal we should aim for by the end of this trip.” He pointed to an amount that’s circled. “If we can do this at minimum-- there will be no monetary problems for our future production.”

Osomatsu blinked as he skimmed over all of these notes that the tengu had written out just now. He took the piece from him and couldn’t help but to chuckle at a certain part. “How cute…”

“What.” Choromatsu lowered his brows because he was really worrying about this since even before they arrived. He really wanted Osomatsu to take this a little more seriously…

Osomatsu gave a smile as he turned it to Choromatsu and pointed to a category in ‘expenses.’ “You put three room renovations into consideration?”

Choromatsu blinked as he looked at his quick handwriting as he was basically regurgitating everything that had been on his mind. He felt a bit embarrassed that Osomatsu pointed it out but it was still a necessity. “Well, they’ll be living with us right? Have you spoken to Ichimatsu-san about what he wanted to do?”

Osomatsu chuckled. “No need. He’s definitely staying with us. But we can talk about it more when we get home.” He smiled at how well Choromatsu suited a big brother role-- even if the tengu didn’t think he did.

“Okay… Well, show the report to Karamatsu-niisan and tell him to burn it as usual when he’s done.” Choromatsu sighed, pulling the desk chair out and taking a seat. He felt a bit drained but a little comforted now that they were checked into the hotel and he knew what their goal was for this trip. He placed a hand onto his neck to massage a knot out.

“Will do.” Osomatsu smiled as he could practically feel the tension in the tengu’s body from here. He quickly did as a he told with a quick turn around and a ‘here, Kara’ as he hardly left the tengu’s side.

“The deed is done. In return, how about you check out the bathroom with me?” Osomatsu smirked as their gazes met.

“...Huh? Oh. Sure, let’s look.” Choromatsu nodded as he glanced over the hotel room-- never being in this particular suite before. For once, he was glad he couldn’t convince Osomatsu to cut back on the room seeing that they had three extra guests.

The tengu took a peek at the closest one to them but Totoko was in there already taking ownership of the room. Both boys smiled and gave a wave as the ningyou blinked and gave a tiny wave back before they let her be.

Choromatsu slid the door open to the second bathroom-- tapping a receptor with his hand to activate the lights.

“It’s nice.” The tengu placed his hand onto the marble counter as he looked to the large mirror that extended over the sink.

He couldn’t help but to smile. “Karamatsu-niisan will probably like this mirror.” The ao andon was really constantly drawn to his own reflection-- though at this point he figured it was less out of narcissism and more out of his natural youkai tendencies. His thoughts canceled as he heard a click from the door.

As Choromatsu turned towards Osomatsu-- he was immediately taken into an aggressive embrace and an even more passionate kiss. The tengu gasped at the suddenness of it all-- but his mouth parting only allowed for the shuten-douji to deepen the kiss.

Choromatsu could feel his legs going numb as he felt as if he was melting just from this possessive way of being taken. His entire body shuddered to the tips of his wings as he submitted to the strong hold of his lover before him. Every brush of Osomatsu’s tongue against his sent more pleasurable shivers down his spine as Choromatsu could only cling to him for support.

He felt Osomatsu pull a hand back from around him-- only to slide it onto the bare skin of his chest and to teasingly brush over a nipple. Choromatsu gasped as he trembled-- becoming insanely excited just from the rush.

The shuten-douji finally parted, panting and smirking out of confidence at seeing how flushed Choromatsu became. “Didn’t I tell you I couldn’t wait to get my hands on you…? Don’t tell me you actually thought I just wanted to look at the bathroom.” Osomatsu chuckled as he pushed the tengu back to lean against the counter-- pressing his leg between his in order to tease his erecting member.

“O...Oh…” Choromatsu’s heart was drumming as his cheeks pounded from the blood that rushed so quickly to his head. His mind spun as he listened to what Osomatsu was saying and felt those amazingly hot hands work themselves further on his torso.

The oni leaned forward and ran his tongue along the skin as he felt him up-- making sure to part his robes and to lick his now erect nipple. Choromatsu gave a high pitched moan as he could swear he felt his member twitch as a direct result.

“Your chest is pretty sensitive… And you’re going to go around like this giving everyone a peek? What a little slut you are. I bet you were turning heads all day.” Osomatsu breathed out hotly against his flesh as he gave a nip against his nipple to tug it-- earning a cry from the tengu above him.

“N-Nii-san…!” Choromatsu gasped as he was quickly filling with desire for the other-- even that degrading reference towards him sent simulations downwards.

The tengu swallowed dryly as he felt Osomatsu kissing his collarbone and firmly groping his rear. “W-We just got these clothes…” Choromatsu gave another small gasp as he felt Osomatsu’s fingers pushing up towards his entrance through his clothes.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to chuckle against him as he raised his head. “What? You think they can’t handle a little cum? If they’re not stain repellent I want compensation.”

As much as Choromatsu wanted to just be swept away with no worries-- he couldn’t help himself as he gave a small furrow of his brows paired with a frown.

Osomatsu gave a soft laugh as he kissed his nervous bird on those perfect red markings on the sides of his mouth. “Fine. Then strip for me.”

“H-Huh, strip?”

“Did I stutter?” Osomatsu smirked as he pulled away from the tengu to allow him some space. He looked downwards to see a telltale bulge of excitement pressing pathetically through his new silk garments.

Choromatsu had no idea what has gotten into Osomatsu but he loved it. Just the way his eyes were scanning over his body so lustfully made him feel… sexy? As if his naked body was definitely something worth waiting for. The tengu shivered as he felt turned on by that passionate gaze alone and couldn’t help but to listen to Osomatsu.

First, he undid his obi-- the beautiful silken red turning slack as he carefully placed it to the side along with the sash he wore on his arms in a clean bamboo basket probably meant for laundry. Choromatsu couldn’t help but to glance up and see how Osomatsu’s eyes were just so perfectly focused on how his robes were opening up from absence of his waistband.

“Go on.” Osomatsu spoke out in a low but clear voice.

That serious tone sending chills down Choromatsu’s spine that he couldn’t help but to obey. It was filled with such impatience that he felt rushed as his heart pounded. He casted off his robes next and placed them in the same place-- though more haphazardly he must admit. His new garments were gorgeous-- and plenty easier to undo as he undid the ties of his hakama pants.

The tengu panted as he looked down, unable to look Osomatsu in the eyes, no matter how much he wanted to see the shuten-douji’s expression as he exposed his painfully hard erection pressing up against his fundoshi.

“Shit.” Osomatsu husked out as he couldn’t watch any longer-- coming up to Choro and taking those flushed lips in another kiss as he was about to remove his gloves.

“Leave those.” Osomatsu had to admit that those skin tight silk gloves were so fucking hot. He wish that Choromatsu had some for those beautiful long legs of his too. He’d definitely have to look around for some when they go out again.

Choromatsu gave a small moan into the kiss as he became just as demanding as Osomatsu was-- wrapping his arms around the shuten-douji’s neck as he felt hasty motions between them. He heard the unraveling of silk followed by the thud of Osomatsu’s new beautiful haori landing on the floor. They parted as Osomatsu panted and began to pull down Choromatsu’s fundoshi to rid of the last barrier between him and the tengu's bare form.

“Y-You shouldn’t put it on the floor.” Choromatsu warned-- though not finding himself particularly caring too much about it. Just the fact that Osomatsu would risk trashing his expensive clothing just to get to him faster was boiling his insides unimaginably.

A predictable scoff came from Osomatsu as he then flipped Choromatsu over to place his front half over the counter. “You’re too distracted. Don’t look at the floor then.” He smirked as he made eye contact with Choromatsu through that large mirror he thought Karamatsu would love so much.

Choromatsu blinked as he was completely embarrassed by seeing his own face in the mirror-- did he really look like this? His cheeks were flushed to an imaginable degree and his hair was beginning to look unkempt-- it was like he was looking at a doppelganger.

“Taken with yourself? We already have one narcissist in the family but at least it would make sense for you…” Osomatsu purred against his ear as he slicked his fingers at Choromatsu’s entrance.

The tengu gasped-- not even knowing that Osomatsu had found his way to the free lotions and oils that the hotel provided. A hand spread his rear as a light herbal, citrus scent tickled his senses before he felt those amazingly hot fingers plunge into his insides.

Choromatsu whimpered as he gripped onto the counter-- arching his back a bit in order to get more of his lover’s touch. He felt that he was able to be so much more bolder when he was alone with Osomatsu...

“God… Choro-chan, you really love sex don’t you?” Osomatsu’s breath hitched as the tengu was just begging for him to do all sorts of things to him. That arch alone caused the shuten-douji to impatiently push a third finger into his soft insides-- feeling him wrap deliciously around like a tight embrace.

Choromatsu gasped as he let out a disgraceful moan-- feeling his hole being stretched and prepared to Osomatsu’s needs. “W-With you, yes…”

Osomatsu bit his lip at that, pressing his fingers in until the knuckles as he pushed down to reach that delightful spot inside of Choromatsu. As if he was pressing a button, Choromatsu gave out a light wail as he felt his entrance spasm around his fingers.

“Fuck. I can’t wait.” Osomatsu gasped as he withdrew his fingers and stretched him out with his thumbs. His twitching entrance looked so pliable and soft. He couldn’t believe that Choromatsu was suppose to be a monk when he had such an erotic body.

“I was going to go easy on you because I know we have to go out tomorrow but I don’t think I can.” Osomatsu easily parted his own garments to make way for his hardened member as he slid it upwards between Choromatsu’s rear with a groan. The tengu gave a soft cry as he could feel the hot flesh of Osomatsu’s center rub against the slightest bit of his insides since Osomatsu was holding him open.

“D-Don’t then...” Choromatsu looked to Osomatsu’s lustful gaze in the mirror-- feeling breathless as their eyes met.

Osomatsu gave a smirk as he eyed down to him-- sliding his hot length slowly back until he pressed the head against his outer ring. “Get a good look at yourself the moment I ram my cock into you…” He husked out against his ear as he cupped the side of Choromatsu’s jaw to make sure he was looking straight on.

Choromatsu shuddered at the command as he made eye contact with himself-- he could see his own emerald pupils dilate with excitement and anticipation as he felt Osomatsu’s heat so close to being inside of him.

And Osomatsu, being the all-or-nothing kind of person he was, promptly plunged himself all the way into the tengu’s tight heat. He made sure to leave no space between them as he grinded up against him, pushing him forward.

Choromatsu cried out loudly in pleasure-- but Osomatsu predicted that as he did Choromatsu a huge favor by covering that mouth of his with a hand. Only muffled little cries followed as the tengu’s lashes lowered halfway with his eyebrows slightly furrowed. Hearts painted his sight as he felt so amazingly stuffed by the other’s throbbing member.

As Osomatsu stilled within him, the tengu breathed heavily through his nose as Osomatsu was still blocking out all of his muffled little whimpers and gasps with his hand. The shuten-douji gave a shuddering groan as he felt Choromatsu tighten up deliciously. He had a hand around the base of the tengu’s member to prevent him from cumming-- but it looked like Choromatsu loved it.

When Choromatsu seemed like he recovered from the initial entry, Osomatsu withdrew his hand slowly away from his mouth as the tengu’s limbs trembled trying to keep himself propped up on the counter.

“H-Hhaaa…h…! S-So… good... I-I'm so full...” Choromatsu whimpered out as he somehow felt even better that he couldn’t cum. The fact Osomatsu knew him so well to stop him from unraveling just then and there-- and even to stop his moans. All of his consideration was sending pleasurable signals down to his lower body as he rocked his rear back despite him being so tightly pressed against him.

Osomatsu was so blown away with how wanton Choromatsu was. He remembered a time where Choromatsu couldn’t even talk about sex and how he would even blush at the topic of jerking off. He still blushed-- but for a whole different reason. It was because he couldn’t help himself from imagining being taken by Osomatsu.

Osomatsu couldn’t help but to think-- Did he do this to him? Did he corrupt him? Damn, even that thought was hot. The fact that he was able to taint such an innocent angel to want such earthly and sinful desires overhauled his mind.

“T-Thrust into me… I want you so badly…” Choromatsu panted as he caught a glance of his reddened and lust painted expression from the mirror. He looked like such a slut-- but it was just for Osomatsu’s eyes…

Osomatsu’s breath hitched at his words. Even he could barely think now-- he was so full of desire. That was all Osomatsu needed to firmly grab onto his hips with both hands to steady him as he slowly pulled out before pounding right back in.

Choromatsu gasped as he supported himself shakily on his elbows as he felt Osomatsu begin to ram into him just as he wanted. Those hits to his prostate were so amazing as he cried out happily-- he trembled as he was pressed down onto the counter. The cold sensation against his body felt amazing as his hard nipples brushed up against the smooth marble--sending even little waves of pleasure below.

His first undoing came quick-- his slender body jolting in Osomatsu’s hold as he arched his back and drooled. Sharp gasps were drawn out from him as the shuten-douji gave a low moan while still pumping inside of him-- hotly pressing up against him to savor his contractions.

“Even if I stopped you before… You still cum so fucking fast.” Osomatsu panted as he reached down to give a squeeze at Choromatsu’s member as “punishment” but it only caused him to wail and tighten even more. “Don’t tell me I made your dick useless? Is your hole your only sex organ?”

Choromatsu’s mind spun as it still wasn’t enough-- he didn’t care how fast he was. And oh god, those degrading words from Osomatsu made him feel amazing. He couldn’t believe how filthy he was and how much he liked being talked down to. Usually he would slap the shit out of the shuten-douji-- but in his condition he couldn’t help but to think he was right.

“Y-You’re right… You made it so I could only feel good from behind...” Choromatsu panted out the best he could as tears brimmed his waterline from the amazing feeling of Osomatsu’s pulsating member still deep inside of him. Hell, the fact that he didn’t even have to have an erection to be able to cum was such a blessing. He wanted to let Osomatsu keep going until he was satisfied.

“Holy shit.” Osomatsu groaned as he didn’t actually expect that Choromatsu would actually follow his lead. He had only wanted to tease him-- but now he was just so fucking hard. The tengu really was insanely sexy. He couldn’t help himself as he pressed Choromatsu firmly down and began to pound away with no restraints. His insides were so fucking soft and perfectly trying to milk him as if it was made for him. Fuck it if he couldn’t walk-- he’d carry him around all day if he had to.

Choromatsu yelped but he immediately covered his mouth to preserve his image as he trembled and spasmed tightly around Osomatsu. He felt the shuten-douji pounding mercilessly at his prostate as his legs buckled-- but Osomatsu’s hold wrapped around his waist to keep him supported. Choromatsu didn’t have to worry about anything but feeling good-- and making Osomatsu feel good.

The tengu panted as his body tensed and released once more-- his hole squeezing down deliciously around that hot member within him. Osomatsu didn’t stop this time. In fact he gave it to him even harder and Choromatsu could swear he was seeing stars. His ears were ringing as he came consecutively another time-- he felt his insides numb as his body quaked from pleasure. His softened member dripped pathetically onto the floor below. The fluids were getting thinner and thinner as his body couldn’t keep up with the overwhelming pleasure. And Osomatsu still wouldn’t let up. Choromatsu felt like he was going crazy and that he was crossing a dangerous line.

“Hh-HHaa… I-I’m… S-Stop…!” Choromatsu whimpered out weakly as he was becoming completely dazed out. But Osomatsu just placed a hand to his mouth and slammed into him to the hilt-- causing the tengu to spasm and release yet again with a high pitched and desperate moan. He wasn’t even sure if there was anything left to ejaculate...

“‘Stop’? Look at you… You fucking love it. You love being wrecked by me...” Osomatsu panted as those nonstop contractions Choromatsu gave him were just so fucking good. Even he lost count of how many times the tengu has came. Osomatsu didn’t even think this was possible for a man to cum so many times in a row. What a sick joke for the gods to give a monk such a slutty body so weak to pleasure. He loved it.

Hearts plastered his sight as Choromatsu became incoherent-- completely melting in Osomatsu’s possession. His body rocked forward from a few more harsh thrusts until his rear was pressed up against. Choromatsu let out another loud cry into Osomatsu’s hand as he felt his insides being flooded with his thick semen. He was embedded so deeply into him that nothing was allowed to spill-- he felt so amazingly filled.

The shuten-douji retracted his hand from his mouth and Choromatsu could feel his breath at his ear. “I love you…” Osomatsu softly murmured causing Choromatsu to shudder from complete happiness as he could feel his consciousness flickering back and forth from the insane heat.

Osomatsu took some time to recuperate himself from that mind blowing orgasm-- it was like every drop was being massaged out of him by Choromatsu’s body. He nuzzled into the back of Choromatsu’s neck and made sure that he had some energy back in his muscles before he rose up from him.

The tengu quietly panted in the aftermath of his pleasure as he was melted and useless on the counter. His muscles still gave tiny jolts as his insides spasmed weakly around Osomatsu’s hot member.

Osomatsu stood before Choromatsu’s bent-over body that was beautifully spent and exhausted as the tengu tried to support himself on arms but to no avail.

Osomatsu pulled out slowly and at first nothing followed-- but soon enough large amounts of his release came spilling out of his twitching and clenching entrance. He breathed out as he spread him apart once more with his thumb-- admiring his work as he could see how stretched out Choromatsu became… Seeing his work definitely had to be one of his favorite things about sex. Just how opened he was now and how the milky white fluids obscured his smooth pink flesh was such a sight.

“God… You’re so sexy. If only you can see your pussy right now.” Osomatsu smirked as he eyed down to see the incredible mess Choromatsu made against the counter and onto the floor.

Thankfully, whatever Osomatsu said just now completely went over his head as Choromatsu’s mind buzzed. “So tired…” Choromatsu panted as he was sobering up just a bit. He groaned softly as he looked back over his shoulder to see Osomatsu still staring at his rear, making him flush.

“Was it good…?”

“What?” Osomatsu blinked as his attention was called but then he was able to process what Choromatsu said given an extra second. “I can’t believe you’re asking me that-- it was amazing .”

Osomatsu grinned as he leaned forward and kissed the tengu on the top of his head. “You were great. We’re perfect for each other.”

Choromatsu’s heart did backflips as he felt such tenderness from the shuten-douji paired with his words. He couldn’t believe how stupidly happy he was. “I-I love you.”

“I love you too.” Osomatsu cooed out in reply as he gave a light ruffle of his hair by scrunching his fingers on his scalp before pulling back and getting towels to toss on the floor.

Choromatsu blinked as he heard the heavy thud of fabric hitting the floor. “W-- Oh, god.” The tengu furrowed his brows as he pulled up and just saw the mess below them.

“Everyone’s going to know what we did.” Choromatsu looked for a window to air out the scent-- and thank god there was one. He opened it in desperation to cover up their sins and even fanned out some of the bathroom air with his wings.

“Babe, you’re dripping everywhere.” Osomatsu smirked as cum ran down Choromatsu’s legs.

Choromatsu reddened immediately as he shuffled his way to the tub. He took off his gloves and took the shower head to begin rinsing-- but not before yelping at how cold the water was.

“I can never get how to work this thing.” Choromatsu flustered as he was adjusting the knobs-- the marketplace technology was really a pain in the ass.

“If you can’t figure it out then there’s no hope for the rest of us.” Osomatsu replied more or less serious as he washed his hands in the sink. He dried them off before he went to pick up his haori and obi that he threw carelessly on the floor earlier.

“Score-- Told you there’s nothing to worry about. All clean.” Osomatsu placed it in the same basket Choromatsu placed most of his clothes before he got to work on cleaning the floor.

Choromatsu somehow felt super embarrassed over cleaning Osomatsu’s cum out of him but it had to be done. The showerhead at least was very convenient when he got the temperature to be neither scalding or chilling and he just lowered himself to wash away his shame.

“It’s like you wet the floor.” Osomatsu snickered as he had to get another towel after dumping the first in a dirty hamper.

“Need help over there?” His expression twisted into a perverted grin as he looked over right when Choromatsu had his fingers inside of himself.

The tengu frizzed as he turned his back towards the wall away from Osomatsu’s eyes. “Don’t look! Keep cleaning! We’ve already spent too long in here.”

Osomatsu chuckled as he was amazed with how energetic Choromatsu was after all of that. The fact that Choromatsu was able to still be embarrassed was pretty impressive in its own way too. “It’s fine. They already know. I mean, what else could we be doing for this long?”

“We could’ve been having a private business discussion.” Choromatsu furrowed his brows as he tried to convince himself that they’d fall for it. Once he was cleaned to his satisfaction he closed the water source off and took a nearby towel to dry off.

“Oh, that’d definitely explain the loud moans.” Osomatsu grinned at how desperate Choromatsu was.

“Oh my god. I wasn’t that loud was I?” Choromatsu looked to him with genuine concern as he paused in horror.

“Uhhhh… You don’t want me to lie to you, right?”

“Ugh.” The tengu frowned as he reddened while shaking off a few drops of water from his wings before he stepped out and inspected the scene of the crime.

“...You missed a spot.” Choromatsu groaned as lowered himself and wiped it up properly with his wettened towel.

“It’s your mess anyway.” Osomatsu teased with a pout as he began to dress himself.

Choromatsu glared at him incredulously. “You can bottom next time if you hate cleaning so much. I’ll be more than happy to clean up after you if all I had to do was wipe my thing off and wash my hands.”

Osomatsu furrowed his brows. “Aw, but you love getting your butt pounded like mochi. What kind of boyfriend would I be to take that away from you?”

“Oh. My god. Okay, just stop talking.” Choromatsu flustered as he couldn’t believe this was the type of guy he fell in love with.

Osomatsu smirked before he lowered himself. He kissed the top of his head and took over the cleaning. “Go get dressed. I’ll try to be as detailed as you.”

Choromatsu reddened-- somehow finding it easy to listen to Osomatsu even though he didn’t completely trust him to get everything. But he had to get dressed and he had to figure out what he was going to say.


After a bit of maneuvering-- Choromatsu helped Osomatsu tie his obi back properly as it looked sloppy otherwise. Once the tengu was satisfied with the condition of the bathroom he unlocked the door and slid it open quietly.

It looked like Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu were sleeping together on one of the beds already while Karamatsu and Todomatsu were nowhere to be seen. Totoko must be out or in the other bathroom because she wasn't in his immediate range of sight-- which means Choromatsu can kiss the walk-of-shame good-bye.

Thank you, god… ” Choromatsu sighed out in relief.

“Looks like we’re safe.” He opened the door all the way and smiled to Osomatsu with all the reasons to be in a good mood.

“You mean you’re safe. I don’t really care.” Osomatsu just scoffed at that with a smile. “In fact, I’m proud of it.” He hummed as he leaned in and kissed Choromatsu’s cheek causing the tengu to softly laugh.

Osomatsu’s expression softened as he wrapped his arms around his waist with an affectionate smile still on his face. “If you’re not doing anything, say me-- How about we go walk around and get something to eat?”

Choromatsu blinked at that as he held onto Osomatsu’s arm and couldn’t help but to give a little wavering smile in response. “L-Like a date?”

“What do you mean ‘like a date’? I’m definitely asking you out on a date.” Osomatsu confirmed as he lingered near him as he waited for his answer.

Choromatsu was just so taken with him as he gave a confident smile and a quick nod before he took Osomatsu in a kiss.

Osomatsu kept his hold on Choromatsu as he smiled into the kiss. He parted as he took him by the wrist and led them towards the room entrance.

Choromatsu was so happy-- he felt like if he died right now it’d be okay. But then he’d miss his date.

Chapter Text

“Here, Kara.” Osomatsu spoke handing Karamatsu the report Choromatsu wrote up before he went back to his own conversation with the tengu.

Karamatsu blinked before he smiled as he looked over it. Even though Choromatsu wrote it hastily, his handwriting was quite legible and nice.

“What’s that?” Ichimatsu asked as he was sitting on a couch by himself; he managed to convince Jyushimatsu to go with Todomatsu for a while. They were checking out the different sections trying to claim a bed for the night.

The ao andon looked over to Ichimatsu-- wondering if he could share this with him but they were all family… so there was no harm. Not only that, but he was suppose to mentor him.

“This is the financial report Choromatsu produced.” Karamatsu spoke as he sat next to Ichimatsu and allowed him to look at all the numbers. “He highlighted our goals for this trip and made calculations for current and future expenses. Feel free to ask me any questions.”

Ichimatsu’s eyes darted back and forth as they went down the page. The numbers were large and insane-- it was clear that these guys were in an entirely different league. To think that he was to be part of such a place was a baffling thought in its own.

The kitsune paused as he noticed that Choromatsu had taken ‘three room renovations’ into consideration of the expenses. There was a large amount of money to be put into it as well… Far more than he deserved.

Save your money. Don’t waste any more effort on me. ” Ichimatsu held his tongue as these ungrateful thoughts pervaded him.

Ichimatsu thought of how his brothers could use the money-- but at the same time what would they do with so much? They were fine with barely any money before... And even though the elder youkai told him he could rely on them he still hated owing them. Yet, he will forever owe them for all they’ve done for him already.

Ichimatsu sighed out tiredly-- understanding what he could for the time being as he handed the parchment back to Karamatsu. “Thanks. I’ll do my best when I start working too.”

Karamatsu took it back from him and folded it in his lap as he gave the kitsune a sympathetic smile. “Please don’t worry yourself… If you need more than a month as well then merely say s--”

“I can do it in a month.” Ichimatsu reassured. That was what was expected of him-- so he would follow through.

Karamatsu quieted before he nodded at the kitsune’s steel resolve. Now that Ichimatsu finished looking at the report he snapped his fingers to create a blue flame and dissolved the parchment.

Ichimatsu blinked as if he saw something for the first time. But it as an all too familiar sight. “...You can use aura. Do you have a vendor’s license?”

“Hm?” Karamatsu looked over to see Ichimatsu reasonably confused. “Only a bit. I don't have a license since my talents aren't crucial to my job. Aniki simply exaggerated how much would be extracted from us. After all, if we were to have no aura at all we may not be able to function.”

“You’re telling me.” Ichimatsu gave a soft scoff at that as he felt incredibly shitty all day no matter how much rest he got. He thought his body was still just tired-- hell, he thought maybe he was tired just from sleeping too much. But he could tell that wasn’t the case. Still, even now… He was so damn tired.

Karamatsu looked towards the kitsune with concern in his eyes as he saw his ears were drooping. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Ichimatsu insisted despite how relentlessly exhausted he felt.

Karamatsu’s expression fell as he really was unfamiliar with this situation. He never heard of a youkai existing without aura before so this really was uncharted territory.

The ao andon got up and Ichimatsu just sighed as he laid on the couch feeling like such a mess.

Barely a minute passed when Ichimatsu was met with the sight of Karamatsu before him holding a porcelain cup of water. “I’ll show you how I gave you aura before.”

“Choromatsu-san already said it wouldn’t work.” Ichimatsu replied as he lazily looked up.

“There’s no harm in trying.” Karamatsu encouraged with a smile as a blue butterfly fluttered out from his palm. It danced on top of the water before it dissolved into the liquid seamlessly.

Ichimatsu straightened up as it was the least he could do for someone who was offering their life force like it was a sugar cube. He couldn’t help but to frown as he was handed the cup-- staring at the infused liquid offered to him.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled out as he began to drink it-- feeling his level of guilt rise as he did.

“Nothing to apologize for, little brother.” Karamatsu reassured as he was pleased that Ichimatsu was being agreeable. Still, he watched him anxiously as he wanted it to be the cure all for the kitsune.

Ichimatsu finished the water properly-- expecting a miracle as well. But he swore he felt the same. His thoughts were confirmed as a little butterfly came out of his mouth and flew straight back to its owner. Karamatsu’s expression fell as he appeared sorely disappointed in the results.

Ichimatsu couldn’t stand that look-- even though he knew it wasn’t towards him it made him angry. Like it was his fault his body was an empty vessel. Because it was.

The kitsune got up and wanted to escape the situation but as if his legs were made of paper he just crumpled forward to the floor. At least he would’ve if Karamatsu wasn’t there to catch him. This made him even more frustrated as he began to struggle and push the ao andon away from him.

“Stop pitying me! I brought this upon myself!” Ichimatsu finally had it. He was never doted on by others as a child and he didn’t need it now. He never deserved it and it was for good reason. Even if someone was extending their good will to him he couldn’t even receive it properly. Even now, he felt so damn pathetic yelling at someone who had been nothing but nice because he was nice.

“I’m not pitying you…” Karamatsu furrowed his brows as he held the kitsune-- even now still worrying that he would exert himself.

“Sit back-- I’ll get your brothers.” He reassured as he just wanted him to calm down.

Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu came running as soon as they heard their brother’s voice-- the unfamiliarity of his pitch worrying them both to the core.

“Ichimatsu-niisan, are you okay?” Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as he was trying to access the situation.

Jyushimatsu came to their side and placed his paws around the kitsune to take him from Karamatsu. Karamatsu immediately helped guide the kitsune towards the inugami, knowing that he could be comforted by him.

At his brothers’ presence, Ichimatsu stopped struggling-- his throat closed up as he felt tears brimming the sides of his eyes.

What the fuck was he doing? If he acted this way of course they were going to worry about him.


“I’m fine!” Ichimatsu choked out as he felt so goddamn pathetic. He was even yelling at Todomatsu now? When all he wanted to do was to make sure he was okay? Some big brother he was.

Todomatsu could only watch on in concern as he wanted to do anything for his brother. His crybaby tendencies were welling up again, but he swallowed the lump in his throat as he approached Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu. He reached out to comfort him but Ichimatsu just turned away.

Ichimatsu could tell he was hurting Todomatsu and scaring the hell out of Jyushimatsu. Jyushimatsu wasn't even putting on a show to try to cheer him up-- he was just so worried.

“I’m… fine. I’m just really tired… Can I take a nap?” Ichimatsu panted as he felt himself holding back tears. He didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t want to burden anyone anymore. He knew his brothers wouldn’t be better off if he died-- but somehow he found himself close to not caring. And that was the worst of it. He was the worst.

Jyushimatsu’s ears flattened as he held the kitsune close to him. Without words, he supported his rear and back with his arms as Ichimatsu clung to him from the front. The inugami went to one of the divided sections to allow his brother rest.

Karamatsu watched quietly as he felt just so horrible that he couldn’t do anything for him. In fact, his attempts had upset the kitsune even further. He watched as Jyushimatsu gently placed the exhausted Ichimatsu to bed and crawled in with him to keep him company. His attention was only drawn away when he heard a sniffle at his side.

Todomatsu hated this part about himself-- how he would always eventually cry even though he wanted to be a supportive figure for once. Even with Atsushi he ended up crying; he really was a brat despite his sixty years of life. Still, he did his best to contain his tears as he held his sleeves to himself. It wasn’t until he felt a warm embrace from the side that he looked towards Karamatsu in surprise.

“Your brother isn’t upset at you…” Karamatsu reassured as he had lowered himself to Todomatsu’s level.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows-- he didn’t need to be comforted like he was a child. But at the same time he really did. Tears dripped from his eyes as he felt so conflicted.

“I know…” He whimpered as it wasn’t the problem. Still even now, he can’t be there for him like Jyushimatsu was able to be.

Karamatsu gave a sympathetic smile as he gently stroked over the tanuki’s cheeks. “Let’s go out for a while. We’ll come right back.”

Todomatsu couldn’t believe how persistently kind Karamatsu was… Even if he was sure he hurt his feelings by being scared of his floating or when he pushed him away when he leaned in for affection-- he was still just as nice. In fact, he may have been even nicer because he didn’t want to frighten him.

Todomatsu pursed his lips before he placed a hand on Karamatsu’s cheek and leaned in to kiss him-- much to the surprise of the elder.

Just like every time before, he was warm. If he was a ghost he wasn’t like the cold, intangible ones that would haunt their house. And even if he didn’t have a physical body… Todomatsu was pretty sure that Karamatsu’s personality would still be warm.

It was obvious that Karamatsu was stunned-- unsure of where to put his hands or if he should reciprocate-- but Todomatsu withdrew himself before it became too extended.

“Let’s go.” Todomatsu spoke softly as he parted himself from the ao andon before making his way towards the entrance.

Karamatsu didn’t know what to say or what to think. He wondered if Todomatsu only did that because he was feeling vulnerable. Whatever the reason was, he was going to make sure that Todomatsu knew he could be relied on.

The two of them quietly made their way to the lift-- Todomatsu was a fast learner and hovered his hand up to the komainu near it in order to operate it.

As they descended down, Karamatsu smiled, trying to be the mood-maker as he wanted to take Todomatsu’s mind off things. “There are plenty of establishments that’ll suit your tastes. A variety of sweets that you could not even imagine paves the streets before you.”

“I want aburaage.” Todomatsu looked deep in thought as he faced forward before he turned his head towards the accommodating ao andon. “Do you think we can get some?”

Karamatsu paused as he took in Todomatsu’s suggestion. He remembered on Ichimatsu’s birthday when they got the fried tofu as a gift thanks to Choromatsu’s suggestion. It was obvious that Todomatsu’s mind was full of concern for his brother-- down to prioritizing his dinner choices around him. He gave a soft smile in reply. “Of course.”

The lift’s gates opened up-- allowing them entry to the lobby as they walked alongside each other.

Todomatsu’s ears twitched at the curious amount of Chinese-- he couldn’t understand a word of it and he wondered if he would ever be able to. If anything, he wanted to see if he could learn Korean in order to take some burden off of Ichimatsu.

“You really do consider your brother a lot.” Karamatsu commented-- shocking Todomatsu out of his thoughts. It startled him a bit because it was as if the ao andon could read his mind.

“You want to bring back aburaage for him, right?” Karamatsu replied to Todomatsu’s confused expression-- the tanuki eased in turn. “You’re very considerate.”

“I'm not.” Todomatsu sighed as his expression fell. “It’s why nii-san feels like he can’t rely on me… I’m not dependable.”

The ao andon listened to his worries; he placed a hand on his shoulder as they walked to reassure him. “I don’t know of your history-- but from an outside perspective, I can tell that you love your brother very much.”

At his words, Todomatsu's expression softened as he looked up to Karamatsu. The ao andon only looked back with that gentle-- comforting smile. He really was so calming… And so reliable.

“I wish…” Todomatsu slowed down and stopped in his tracks. “I wish I was more like you.”

Karamatsu was stunned at his confession and stopped as well to give him all of his attention. “You’re fine the way you are.”

Todomatsu furrowed his brows at that-- feeling lied to as he took a step back from Karamatsu. “What’s good about me?”

Karamatsu opened his mouth to speak but Todomatsu somehow didn’t want to hear it.

“No, seriously.” The tanuki interrupted-- and it was clear that Karamatsu was listening.

“All I do is cry and run away when things get tough. Even now, I should be back there with nii-san.”

Todomatsu felt tears well into his eyes once more, he was so frustrated of how easily they came. “Even you like me just because you think I’m cute and useless, right?”

Karamatsu furrowed his brows at the sight and at his words. He took the tanuki more to the side so that he could comfort him.

“No… No, you’re so much more than that.” Karamatsu spoke softly as he placed gentle hands on his shoulders. It was Todomatsu’s turn to listen as the tanuki was genuinely interested to hear Karamatsu’s perspective on him.

“I adore how passionate you are… How you put all of your efforts forward-- no matter how unfeasible the task may be.” He spoke quietly as to not command attention-- but clearly for Todomatsu to hear.

“The fact that you were able to make it to our home all on your own was an amazing feat in itself.” Karamatsu would even say that he was extremely impressed considering how many traps and layers of security were placed onto the mountain over time. Though the tanuki wasn’t physically formidable-- he had his wits about him that carried him all the way to the top of their home.

“You keep pushing further unapologetically and that is what I love about you.” Karamatsu felt a squeeze in his throat as he didn’t want the tanuki to become upset from his wording or otherwise.

“And you use that spirit to defend the ones you love.” Karamatsu recalled how important it was for Todomatsu to stand up for Atsushi even though the ao andon wasn’t aware of his mistake at the time. After talking with Choromatsu, he understood-- and Karamatsu was more than apologetic for his insensitivity. Even when he held Todomatsu to take him towards Ichimatsu's shrine-- he did his best to fight them on it and would rather climb down the mountain without escort than to potentially endanger his brothers.

“So… When I say that ‘you are fine the way you are’, I truly mean it.” Karamatsu watched down to those wavering pink irises as Todomatsu was listening to him so intently and patiently. Karamatsu hoped with all his heart that he was able to calm his concerns.

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as the ao andon’s voice was soaked with sincerity even though his views were so idealized. Every word he said... he meant it. And that meant more to Todomatsu than anything right now.

The tanuki looked towards the kumihimo braid on his wrist that he had given to Karamatsu before he left their shrine. He was in disbelief that he still kept it-- even though they had just gotten a new change of clothes. Karamatsu had forgotten his sandals of all things but he kept this stupid little bracelet as if it was precious.

“I...I think I love you.”

Karamatsu’s eyes widened at that as the tanuki’s hands made their way to place onto his wrists. He felt his heart leap but he must not be swayed-- after all, Todomatsu was in a vulnerable state and he must not be of clear mind.

“A-Ah… I was just saying what I saw in you as a person. Please don’t feel pressured by my words.” As much as he didn’t want to-- Karamatsu began to move his hands back from the tanuki-- but Todomatsu tightened his hold onto him and kept him still.

“I love you.” Todomatsu said with more assurance as he pulled Karamatsu’s hands back towards himself. He understood how Karamatsu could misinterpret his first confession since it wasn't said with much certainty.

“T-… Momo.” Karamatsu felt torn up that he couldn’t call him by name when it was so crucial now. He wanted to be able to reach him. “A-Are you sure…?”

“You love me, right?” Todomatsu asked as he refused to release him.

“Are you sure you’re not just feeling this way because of the situation regarding your brother?” Karamatsu was flustered-- he didn’t know what to do. Todomatsu could always take it back and decide at a later time-- there was no need for a rush so why now?

“Do you love me or do you not?” Todomatsu’s voice shook as his breath hitched-- he refused to back down.

Karamatsu’s expression fell as his brows furrowed, not wanting to see him cry. “Of course I do… I love you. I just don’t want you to regret it…”

“How could I?” Todomatsu reaffirmed as he leaned forward and gave a soft kiss to Karamatsu. “I’m tired of running away…”

Karamatsu’s heart definitely hopped up into his throat at that. He was breathless as that assertive little personality he loved so much came in full bloom. And still, at the same time he couldn’t help but to overhear the judgemental murmurings in Chinese from yaoguai around them that Todomatsu was completely oblivious to.

He grabbed the tanuki’s hand as he whisked him away to somewhere more private.

Todomatsu gasped as he was taken along by the ao andon. He didn't know where they were going but he felt so relieved all of the sudden. It was like Karamatsu had the ultimate power to make him feel like anything and everything was going to be alright no matter what.

The ao andon led them to a closed off massage room on the outskirts of the hotel spa not too far from the lobby. The hours were off-- and the area was covered with a heavy curtain-- it’s not like there was a lock. It was dim and since the spa wasn’t opened it lowered the risk of getting caught. He could probably just feign innocence if he truly had to.

Todomatsu was impressed of how much thought Karamatsu put into taking him away. The air was filled with the aroma of therapeutic incense and essential oils.

As Karamatsu was making sure that the curtain was as closed as could be, the tanuki couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“You’re quite the fast thinker.” Todomatsu purred as he came up to his side and placed a hand onto his arm. “Do you do this often?”

Karamatsu’s breath shallowed as he felt Todomatsu come onto him. “No.” He assured. “I frequent the spa here so I’m well-aware of the hours. There’s no reason for people to be here if it’s not opened.”

“Unless they’re like us, hm?” Todomatsu gave a sly smile as he took Karamatsu by the hand and led him towards the massage table.

“Pretty presumptuous of you to assume we’d be having sex right after my confession.”

Karamatsu flustered-- though that was a potential path he kept in mind he didn’t want it to seem like that was all that he was after. “Please don’t misunderstand-- I just wanted somewhere private for us to speak. People were talking about us in the lobby.”

“Oh? What were they saying?” Todomatsu kept his smile as he placed his hands on either side of Karamatsu on the edge of the table-- locking him in.

The fact the tanuki was capable of such bold actions still boggled his mind. He was definitely much smaller than him yet he was guarding him in as if he wasn’t.

Karamatsu had to think about it for a bit-- whether or not to be honest with him but it really wasn’t all that bad. “How pretty we looked together…”

Todomatsu reddened as he blinked-- he was definitely surprised by that. “Oh… That’s nice.” He wondered if Karamatsu was just sparing his feelings.

“... And how you were the first female tanuki they’ve seen.”

Todomatsu choked as his pride was smashed yet again. At the least it meant Karamatsu was being truthful with him. “Ugh…”

Karamatsu chuckled warmly as the mood was definitely lightened. “It just means that you are so lovely that their minds cannot even process that you could be male.”

He took Todomatsu by the waist before turning and easily lifting the tanuki to sit on the massage table. “But I have the privilege of knowing the truth.”

Todomatsu flustered as he was face to face with the ao andon who was smiling so charmingly down at him. Todomatsu pouted as he reached up and stroked over his cheek. “Mn... You like me looking like this, right?”

“Of course… I was completely taken with your appearance the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Karamatsu leaned in as he placed his hand on top of the one on his cheek.

The spirit lowered his gaze with a smile before he gave a soft kiss onto Todomatsu’s gloved palm. “It was later that I fell for your darling contrarian personality.”

Todomatsu’s heart race as the other just bled sincerity from every pore. Not many people would outwardly admit that they’re attracted to someone just from looks alone-- but Karamatsu did-- which made what he said following that all the more impactful. Todomatsu truly felt that Karamatsu really adored everything about him.

“...I can’t believe you thought that you could just bring me here to talk.” Todomatsu felt breathless as he stared at the other in disbelief. His cheeks flushed at his incredible charms and his tender touch.

Karamatsu chuckled as he leaned in and kissed the tanuki’s cheek. “Admittedly, I would love to have an affair with you but only if you so desire.” He followed up with another kiss onto his cheek and trailed downwards to his jaw-- then neck. Karamatsu couldn’t help but to kiss him again and again to make up for all those times he was pushed away.

Todomatsu exhaled softly as he felt those light little kisses. Karamatsu began to run his hands underneath his heavy-weighted flowy robes. Todomatsu felt the other’s light touch trace the rim of his hakama’s waistband as he couldn’t help but to gasp.

“Would you like to…?” Karamatsu had to make sure as he gave a soft kiss right below his jaw. It was a shame he wouldn’t be able to access his upper body with how wrapped up the tanuki was but in a way it made it more exciting.

“I’m not telling you to stop, am I?” Todomatsu was definitely flushed now as he could feel those smooth fingers teasing the bare skin of his waist. Todomatsu became more active as he traced his hands over the ao andon’s chest. It was amazing how elegant he was but his form was still physically fit and strong.

A light red wash came over Karamatsu’s face as he gave a warm chuckle in reply.

“Then… Until you say ‘stop’, I will have my way with you.” The ao andon spoke lowly against his round soft ear as he began to undo the ties of his hakama.

“Good.” Todomatsu breathed out as he directed Karamatsu into a soft, passionate kiss as he ran his hands along his collarbone and neck.

Karamatsu placed all of his affections into the kiss as he tilted his head in order to fit himself to Todomatsu more. He couldn’t help but to smile as he felt that little tongue lick between his lips to ask for entry. He opened his mouth and he felt that soft appendage enter and work against his.

Todomatsu tasted of forbidden fruit to him-- and he were to have the tanuki all to himself. He definitely saw problems sharing him with his older brother after this… Karamatsu wanted to be the only one to touch him from now on. He’d have to worry about that at a later date as he was just so distracted with Todomatsu’s skillful tongue-- the younger really was talented at kissing.

Karamatsu continued to undress him as he began to slide off Todomatsu’s hakama-- not hesitating to grab those soft, yet perfectly toned, upper thighs. The tanuki gave out a muffled moan into the kiss as he felt the ao andon’s fingers trail up towards his fundoshi. Karamatsu parted as a result to look down.

“What’s this? You’re wearing it in this style again?” Karamatsu couldn’t help but to be amused and incredibly stimulated at the sight of his white fundoshi tied with ribbons at the side.

“It’s comfortable…” Todomatsu muttered out flushing. He placed an arm over his mouth as he looked away. “...But maybe I also thought of you.”

That’s it. No matter how much Todomatsu insisted against it he would definitely have to buy him more in that style. Karamatsu could only imagine how patterned ones would flatter the tanuki even more than this plain one. In fact, nothing plain was worthy of his Todomatsu.

“Kara?” Todomatsu began to feel self-conscious as he the spirit didn’t reply-- he was just frozen and staring at him.

“Pardon. I was lost in my own thoughts of how entrancing you are.” Karamatsu’s attention was drawn back as he smiled up and continued to pull down his hakama.

“Is it okay if I say your name?” Todomatsu knitted his brows as he really wanted to obey the rules of the market but he wasn’t sure.

“It’s fine… It’s just you and me. But please mind your volume.” Karamatsu reassured with a chuckle as he glanced down once he had removed the tanuki’s bottoms completely. His eyes immediately focused on the thigh length of his gold-lined black silk leg guards.

Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he felt nervous and tried to draw Karamatsu’s attention to him by patting his arm. “You keep on pausing!”

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

“Eh?” Todomatsu retracted his hand as Karamatsu’s tone of voice lowered.

The ao andon leaned forward to pin the tanuki down by his shoulders as he could barely hold himself back. He simply removed one garment from Todomatsu and yet he was this worked up. He couldn’t believe how erotic he was.

Todomatsu’s breath hitched, watching the ao andon’s lustful expression as he shadowed above him. He couldn’t help but to feel pleasurable shivers down his spine.

“From your undergarments to your leg guards… and even to your sleeves. It’s like you are just calling men to you.” Karamatsu husked out as he eyed down to the tanuki’s adorably confused and widened eyes. The fact that he didn’t even know what he was doing was so dangerous in itself.

Maybe Todomatsu could understand what Karamatsu meant by his undergarments since the style was more common for kabuki actors to wear, but it’s not like anyone saw them beneath his layers.

“What does my sleeves have to do with anything?” Todomatsu inquired genuinely before he gasped as one of Karamatsu’s hands lowered to work his hot palm over his member through the fabric of his fundoshi.

“Just as I thought; there’s no way that I could share you with aniki after this…” The ao andon panted as he felt Todomatsu’s member stiffen against his touch-- the fabric even becoming a little wet from his pre. “I’d be overwrought with jealousy.”

Todomatsu swallowed as he eyed down and watched at how Karamatsu slid his hand beneath his fundoshi from his inner thigh. He gasped as he felt those smooth fingers press down on him firmly-- he couldn’t help but to get excited.

“W-Wait…” Todomatsu placed his hands on Karamatsu’s shoulders as the ao andon glanced up to look at him. “I don’t want to get our new clothes dirty.”

Karamatsu could only smile at that. “I was thinking the same thing.” He pulled his hand back from Todomatsu’s undergarments as he picked up the tanuki’s fallen hakama to place onto the table. He walked towards the nearby cabinets and began his search.

For a second Todomatsu felt like he ruined the moment but Karamatsu’s tone of voice reassured him that he wasn’t done yet. The tanuki sat up on the table with his legs to himself as he easily covered his exposed bottom half with his robes. His eyes followed Karamatsu as he retrieved a couple of towels and a small container of oil.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting in trouble?” Todomatsu couldn’t help but to smirk at Karamatsu being a rule breaker and just helping himself to whatever like he owned the place.

“Why would I get in trouble for giving a massage in a room meant for it?” Karamatsu smiled back with confidence as he quietly closed the cabinet.

“If that’s what you want to call it.” Todomatsu scoffed with a smile as he watched Karamatsu come to him with towels over his arm and that porcelain bottle.

Karamatsu smirked before leaning down to speak softly against his ear. “Come down and turn around.”

Todomatsu reddened as Karamatsu’s rich, breathy voice sent shivers down his spine. He really was deep in if even just him speaking got him excited… It was enough to persuade Todomatsu to slide down from the massage table and to face his back to Karamatsu.

The ao andon circled his hands around him in order to spread a towel out on the massage table before the tanuki as he kissed the side of his neck. Todomatsu lowered his lashes as he gave a small purr at the signs of affection as he watched what he was doing.

“Lean over and gather your robes…” Karamatsu instructed as he placed the items down on the table to the side.

Todomatsu flushed as he obeyed-- though it was embarrassing, it was just Karamatsu who was going to see… He carefully bundled up his expensive garments towards his front and held them to himself as he leaned his upper body over the massage table. “Like this?”

The tanuki was listening well much to Karamatsu’s satisfaction-- and the sight was amazing. Todomatsu really was modest as the tanuki’s tail instinctively came down to cover his rear.

That little window of skin peeking from above his leg guards and below his fundoshi was just a tease to the ao andon. He even found the sight of the tanuki’s height barely able to properly bend over the table to be exciting. Even with the help of his geta, the heels of his feet raised ever so slightly in order for him to lay properly.

“Just like that…” Karamatsu murmured as he took the porcelain bottle into his hands. He uncorked the opening and slicked his fingers with the contents.

Todomatsu looked back-- mesmerized by all of Karamatsu’s motions as the scent of jasmine stimulated his senses. He couldn’t believe they were going to do this in a public space-- though to be fair this was as private as they could get for a public space so long as they didn’t make too much noise.

While Karamatsu was carefully putting the oil to the side-- Todomatsu began to undo his own fundoshi while keeping his tail down. It’s not like he waited around expecting Karamatsu to do all the work.

Karamatsu only chuckled as he was watching every one of Todomatsu’s moves. “That excited, my little blossom?”

Todomatsu knitted his brows at that embarrassing pet name as he undid the last string and removed his undergarments to place on his hakama. “I don’t want to get oil on them.”

“I see.” Honestly, Karamatsu had every intention of leaving them on and getting them so messed up that Todomatsu had no choice but to just go on without them for the rest of the night. But the tanuki showing initiative was always welcomed.

“You must not want oil on your beautiful fur either, hm?” Karamatsu lowered his lashes as he smiled down to the tanuki expectantly. “So why don’t you raise your tail for me and present yourself...”

Red bloomed on the tanuki’s face as he felt so abashed at the thought of being so exposed. But it’s not as if Karamatsu hadn’t seen him in that way before… And they were going to definitely have sex so why was he so embarrassed?

Tossing those nagging thoughts of self-consciousness out of his mind, he slowly took his tail away from his bottom as he draped it over his back. His breath shallowed as he moved both his hands back to spread his rear in order to expose himself to Karamatsu. His arms shook ever so slightly from a mixture of shame and excitement.

Karamatsu really wasn’t used to Todomatsu listening to him so well. The slow raise of his tail acted as a tease as he observed how his beautiful white skin stood out in contrast against the rich color of his leg guards.

“You are just as breathtaking as the first day I met you…” Karamatsu honestly thought he was even more so now as his eyes slowly scanned over every inch of Todomatsu’s body.

As romantic as that was, Todomatsu couldn’t help but to be incredibly flustered because he was saying this while he was looking at his bare ass of all things. Like before, Karamatsu just took his time in staring .

Karamatsu chuckled as he could tell how self-conscious the other was by his body language. Everything about the tanuki was unbelievably cute to Karamatsu-- down to his small pink entrance to his round purse below. And needless to say his face was perfectly in his tastes. He wondered how Todomatsu could be so uncomfortable with his body when he was blessed with such appeal. Perhaps he will come to appreciate himself more with age. After all, as a youkai he was going to stay this adorable forever…

“H-Hurry up. You don’t know when someone might come by.” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he tried to calm himself. The time Karamatsu took gave him time to think of how embarrassing this position was and how he never thought to put himself in such a way-- in front of another man nonetheless.

Well, it wasn’t as if he couldn’t keep admiring while he prepared him. “I won’t keep you waiting any longer then.” Karamatsu placed a hand onto the tanuki’s rear to spread him open with his thumb as he traced his entrance with two oil-coated fingers.

Todomatsu was relieved that the ao andon was finally doing something as he pulled his hands back towards himself. He gave a soft moan as he felt Karamatsu push in with two fingers right at the start-- so he curled his hands towards his mouth and shivered at the simulation.

Karamatsu couldn’t help but to be thrown off by him feeling more pliable than he remembered-- but then he recalled how his brother took him to the side at the bathhouse the night before. Karamatsu found that Osomatsu really was so greedy-- and he knew that poor Choromatsu only tolerated his affairs with others. So wouldn’t it benefit everyone involved if he were to keep his hands off of Todomatsu? These thoughts of possessiveness filled the ao andon’s mind as he slid a third finger in and stroked him firmly.

Todomatsu quickly muffled a yelp beneath his hands as he furrowed his brows. For some reason he felt that Karamatsu was rushing-- could it be that he heard someone? And if he did wouldn’t he have just stopped? The ao andon’s body hovered over him and a kiss was placed on top of his head before those fingers inside sunk to the knuckles and twisted within him.

Todomatsu couldn’t help but to gasp at the rough treatment as he did his best to keep his voice down. “Ngh-- It hurts a bit...”

“Don’t you prefer it a little rough?” Karamatsu leaned over and whispered against his ear as he thrusted and massaged down knowingly onto Todomatsu’s favorite spot.

That voice sent shivers down his spine as his ears folded down-- despite wanting to hear it even more. The tanuki gave little gasps as his body jolted and tightened down onto Karamatsu’s fingers.

“M-Mn… Maybe… it feels... a little good.” Todomatsu panted as his hands curled at his mouth. His soreness was slowly fading as the other continued to intentionally press down onto his prostate.

“I could tell… Your legs are already trembling.” Karamatsu pulled back up, becoming painfully erect from Todomatsu’s reactions alone. He continued massaging his fingers against his little bundle of nerves-- though a bit distracted as he was maneuvering his own garments out of the way to expose his strained member.

Just as Karamatsu said, it was becoming difficult for him to stand as he tried to keep steady. Todomatsu couldn’t believe how good just his fingers felt-- he was melting from the amazing little jolts of pleasure that ran all the way through his body. Even if his member was untouched, the stimulation from behind directly synced to the front which caused him to drip pathetically on the towel he was laying on. He really was in disbelief from how much he liked it…

“Karamatsu…” Todomatsu gave out a small moan as he felt the heat in his loins build up more and more-- he could really cum just from this alone. But at the same time, he wanted Karamatsu to hurry up already and fill him to the brim.


“What.” Todomatsu was taken out of the moment and looked back in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidd--”

“Your mouth.” Karamatsu cut him off as they locked gazes. Todomatsu was met with a calm, predatory expression as the ao andon withdrew his fingers from him.

He spread Todomatsu open with a single hand as he teased his entrance with the head of his cock. “If you want it, you will say my name properly.”

Todomatsu felt breathless as the spirit eyed him down as if he was going to devour him. He was so used to Karamatsu being so over accommodating and nice-- he couldn’t help but to see this flip of personality to be so stimulating...

But still, at the same time he was being a total asshole and he needed to be put into his place.

The tanuki just gave a sly smile in turn. “Really? You're trying to pull this after how hard you were just from me sitting on you during the flight?”

Karamatsu just watched down to him, his expression unchanging as Todomatsu spoke.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice…” Todomatsu teased as he moved his tail up and stroked beneath Karamatsu’s chin. “I must’ve been on your mind all day… Maybe I’ll allow you the pleasure of fucking me if you refer to me as ‘master’.”

Karamatsu gave a smirk as the tanuki was willing to argue rather than to just obey. It was always the hard way with him. “My dear, I am far more patient than you are.” Though he couldn’t help but to feel a pleasurable chill as that soft tail of his brushed against the skin of his neck. He really was so tempting when pushed to be so...

Todomatsu rolled his eyes as the other was being stubborn. “You want me to call you ‘Karamatsu-niisan’ that badly during sex?” He joked but then he saw Karamatsu’s expression falter and redden at his words.

...Oh my god, he does. ” The tanuki knitted his brows as he gave a pout at how perverted he was. The concept of incest was so strange to Todomatsu since he never thought of his own brothers that way. But honestly, maybe it just ran in the family considering Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu were definitely doing each other on a daily basis. He had many sleepless nights to prove it. It could be he was just thinking too much into it… And it was a lot less painful than ‘sama.’

“Fine… Karamatsu- niisan .” Todomatsu purred out as he reached behind and spread himself open to push the ao andon over the edge. “Hurry up before I change my mind…”

Karamatsu’s breath became shallow at just the thought of Todomatsu being so trusting and reliant on him to refer to him as family. It spun his mind-- it was as if with that reference alone he swore to be by his side for the rest of their lives. He took one of the towels he retrieved earlier and placed it before Todomatsu-- causing the tanuki to blink in confusion.

“Bite down on this.”

The implication caused Todomatsu to shiver as he brought both of his hands up and held the towel close to his mouth. His body quivered with anticipation as he felt Karamatsu spread him open with his hands- the other’s hot member pressed so firmly against him. His heart raced as he was stretched by the first couple of inches of his cock. Slowly and steadily… Until it wasn’t as Karamatsu suddenly forced his hips forward.

Todomatsu muffled a loud cry into the fabric as his expectations were definitely met. His back arched as he panted and whimpered-- his dick twitching excitedly from the sensation of being taken. He couldn’t even process that Karamatsu wasn’t even in all the way yet as he already felt so full . His insides squeezed as the ao andon continued to press further into him until his pelvis met against his rear.

The elder’s size continued to surprise Todomatsu for some reason-- probably because Karamatsu’s personality was so doting. It was a huge contrast to how overpowering he physically felt inside of him. He was entirely overwhelmed as his entrance spasmed and clenched down in ironic attempts to escape this dizzying heat.

Karamatsu panted at the incredible pressure around himself as he was fully embedded in Todomatsu’s small body. Even if the tanuki had sex the night before he was insanely tight-- almost concerningly so that Karamatsu worried he was hurting him despite utilizing a generous amount of oil.

However, as usual, Todomatsu reassured that he was concerned about nothing as the tanuki lewdly began to move his hips to rub himself against the table and back onto him-- instinctively wanting more even if his body was already pushed to the limits.

Karamatsu just firmed his grip onto the younger’s hips to still him as he pulled out and thrusted straight back in--earning more of those adorable muffled cries and moans. He wanted to hear Todomatsu’s voice unrestrained and for him to call his name out in ecstasy… But there would be plenty of time for that later. He found his efforts to keep quiet was good in its own way too. Mostly because he was so poor at it...

Todomatsu whimpered loudly into the towel-- he wasn’t even worried about his volume anymore. His mind became so blurred that all he could focus on was how he was feeling- and he was feeling amazing .

It hurt so much-- it really did, but that made those inevitable thrusts against his prostate exhilarating and mind blowing in contrast. Karamatsu brushed against and hit that bundle of nerves so consistently it was driving him crazy. He was being thrusted into in such a way that his body was pushed forward and his feet were raising off the ground. Todomatsu trembled as hearts painted his sight from the remarkable sensations of being completely taken over and having his scent overwritten by Karamatsu.

Karamatsu was still in disbelief of how much the tanuki could take-- his body jolting in his hold as their hips met with that fluffy tail shaking and stiffening from the sensations. He kept looking for signs that he was being too forceful or otherwise-- but Todomatsu kept rewarding his roughness with high-pitched moans and whimpers.

Suddenly, Karamatsu felt the younger tense up as the tanuki quieted with those ears of his perked. Karamatsu paused since Todomatsu seemed so alerted-- and soon enough there was light streaming in from the other side of the massage room.

Both of them froze up and listened closely to the person on the other side rummaging. Hardly a minute passed before the light flickered off and the presence faded away to nothing.

Todomatsu let out a small sigh with his brows furrowed-- still in the mood but the thought of being found out somehow became more terrifying than thrilling in actuality. He heard a soft laugh from above as Karamatsu leaned down and kissed the back of his head.

“You could hear that well with your adorable little ears?” Karamatsu was a bit impressed since Todomatsu heard the person even before they entered the next room. He was amazed he managed to be aware this whole time.

Todomatsu huffed as he tried to glance over his shoulder. “What, you couldn't? I thought that's why you stopped.” As their gazes met, Todomatsu was stunned at the mesmerizing sight of Karamatsu's flushed expression-- even in this dim lighting he was practically glowing.

“I stopped because you tightened exquisitely.” Karamatsu just smiled down to him as he slowly pressed into him-- causing the tanuki to gasp and cling to the towel again.

“Just like this…” Karamatsu gasped softly as Todomatsu’s body responded to his so perfectly-- feeling that amazing heat wrap around him like a desperate embrace. He readjusted himself and reclaimed his original pace-- except this time the tanuki was keeping as silent as could be. Todomatsu’s best efforts tempted Karamatsu go harder-- and so he did as he wanted to see if he could force some sounds out of his beloved...

The renewed pace proved to be too much for Todomatsu. He bit down on the towel so hard he wouldn’t be surprised if it tore as he unraveled right then and there. Stars flicked before his eyes as Karamatsu plunged himself in all the way and stilled just how he liked it. His body jolted in quiet pleasure as his inner walls spasmed and contracted down involuntarily around Karamatsu's hot member within him. He found himself so lightheaded from holding his breath in order to remain silent-- but even that just added to the buzz of his peak. It was so embarrassing how he was able to orgasm so hard without even touching himself anymore but he couldn’t find it in himself to care as he felt all the heat in him release in an inexplicably satisfying high.

“Todomatsu… Todomatsu...” Karamatsu gasped out as he was just so entranced with the sight of Todomatsu in a state of absolute pleasure. He wondered how many others besides him and his brother saw him this way-- it couldn’t be that no one has laid their hands on him before.

Karamatsu bit his lip as he tossed those intrusive thoughts to to the side as he continued to rock into the younger’s milking heat. The way his insides squeezed around and begged him inwards mid-orgasm was just unparalleled to any other sensation to Karamatsu. It took every last bit of restraint to pull out at the last minute and to ejaculate into a towel instead.

A soft pathetic whimper erupted from Todomatsu as he felt the abrupt pull-- but the younger found himself predictably exhausted. Still, he couldn’t help but to think of how nice it would have been to be filled like every time before…

Karamatsu panted heavily as he spread Todomatsu opened for visual stimulation-- his glistening hole gaping and clenching lewdly from the sudden absence of his member. He could see how red he’s become as the result from the aggressive treatment. But the fact that the tanuki loved every moment of it and was still twitching and panting from the aftermath of his own climax sent shivers down Karamatsu’s spine as he massaged himself out with his hand…

The cloudiness in Todomatsu’s mind slowly began to disperse as the quiet room was filled with the sounds of their pants and the overwhelming scent of sex. He’s heard that others didn’t have as sensitive of a nose as him or his brothers-- but the remaining haze in his mind was definitely from the enclosed pheromones. Maybe another round or so wouldn’t be out of the question.

Understandably, Karamatsu began cleaning his hands of any evidence of fluids before he then tended towards his exhausted lover. He wiped him gently with care and consideration of how sore he must be-- which the younger undoubtedly appreciated. Karamatsu made sure to mind the tanuki’s lovely garments as he raised him and took the messy towel from beneath.

Logic won the battle this time as the risk was too high after seeing that someone really could come and catch them. Todomatsu gave out a groan as he was brought back onto his feet-- but he appreciated Karamatsu’s additional assistance as he supported himself by placing his hands on the table while he placed some strength into his legs.

“Can you stand…?” The ao andon continued to support him as he placed a gentle kiss on the side of his head. He felt guilty that they had to walk around after this. It was really too bad that the two times they had sex they couldn’t just relax afterwards.

“Yeah… Yeah, I’m okay.” Todomatsu reassured as he pat Karamatsu’s hands to let him go. When he moved he felt incredibly tender, but he just tolerated it as he began to dress himself. He could walk, but he could probably kiss sitting down with confidence good-bye for awhile.

Karamatsu smiled as he gave another kiss on top of his head before releasing him and hurrying to fix the place up as it was prior to their arrival. Thankfully, there were dirty towels in the hamper still so it wouldn’t be so obvious that someone came in. Little things like that enhanced his already good mood as he straightened out the environment.

After everything was put into place, they exited the room miraculously without being seen. The area was just as clear as Karamatsu predicted much to the relief of both of them. The ao andon just beamed, so happy as he guided them outside of the hotel through a side exit.

Todomatsu sighed as he felt the cold night air of the marketplace brush against his cheeks. He felt like they got away with a crime-- which they probably did, but the tanuki was never the best judge of what constituted as one or not. With the tension of being caught long gone, the tanuki smiled as he stretched his arms above his head.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to carry you, my prince?” Karamatsu smiled as he circled an arm around his waist.

“Nope!” Todomatsu pepped as he felt pretty energized after getting over the post-sex sleepiness. “After all, your hands are going to be full with aburaage~”

Karamatsu chuckled at how Ichimatsu was still on Todomatsu’s mind after all of that-- but it seems like he was in such a good mood now he felt so pleased. “Yes, yes. I’ll buy as many as you think we’ll need and more.”

Todomatsu gave a smile at that as he looked up to the ao andon. “You really are a good big brother figure… Even though you are a huge pervert that’s into incest.”

Karamatsu raised a brow at that as he couldn’t help but to be amused. “I don’t really think of it as such… Though, I can’t be surprised that you have a more human perspective on it.”

Todomatsu knitted his brows in confusion. “Hah? Does that mean you actually do it with Aka?” It would definitely make sense since him and Osomatsu did seem unhealthily close. But it was even weirder because they looked alike-- what a pair of narcissists if so.

Karamatsu was stunned at that as he felt uneasy just thinking about it and at Todomatsu’s misunderstanding. “No-- of course not. Aniki and I don’t have that sort of relationship.”

Todomatsu stared at Karamatsu incredulously as he couldn’t understand why Karamatsu seemed so taken aback. “But you two both have sex with Midori-san, right?”

Karamatsu began to sweat as he recalled how upset Choromatsu was when Osomatsu said it in front of everyone. “Ah… That was… something... more for Midori. And it wasn’t as if I was focusing on aniki...”

“But he’s your brother too. I don’t understand where you draw the line.” Todomatsu furrowed his brows as he just couldn’t wrap his brain around Karamatsu’s mindset.

Karamatsu just placed a hand on his chin as he thought of how to explain his point of view. “The way I see it, brotherhood is all about a promise of staying by one another no matter what. It’s a bond that’s built on complete trust and mutual respect towards each other.”

“...Sounds about right.” Todomatsu spoke softly in agreeance as he could definitely relate to that so far.

“That being said-- I don’t see what’s so wrong about falling in love or developing sexual relations with such a person. After all-- to my understanding, unrelated humans who wish to spend the rest of their lives together marry in order to become family. I don’t understand the difference.”

Holy shit, does he think of it as marriage? ” Todomatsu stared at Karamatsu in disbelief at the thought of brotherhood being equivalent to a marriage. It really was too much for him but somehow what Karamatsu was saying actually made sense. Though at the same time it was still confusing because marriage was done specifically with lovers… Siblings were completely different.

“You’re so weird.” Todomatsu sighed as he was too tired to think further on it-- but he was somehow comforted that Karamatsu and him didn’t share the same perspective in this case. So maybe calling him ‘nii-san’ wouldn’t hold the same meaning and he wouldn’t have to feel like such a pervert for doing so.

“I believe you are the odd one in this case.” Karamatsu chuckled as he held him closer. “After all, your brothers have quite the outstanding relationship-- do they not?”

“Yeah, well…” Todomatsu gave a pout as he glanced about the bustling environment-- idly looking around as they continued to make their way down the market streets. “They’ve known each other for around fifty years before I came along… They were already together.”

“Ah, I see.” Karamatsu smiled as he was so interested to hear more about Todomatsu’s life. “How did you come to call them as your brothers then?”

“I heard it when I lived around human villages when I was a kid-- I thought it suited him.” Todomatsu never really thought about it so much-- but it was a pretty good memory. “Nii-san was really embarrassed at first... but I kept calling him that and eventually Jy- Kiiro-niisan started too.”

Todomatsu couldn’t help but to smile. “No matter how embarrassed he got… He never told us to stop.”

Karamatsu watched down to that fond expression on Todomatsu’s face-- he really loved how much the tanuki cared for his brothers with all his heart.

“I missed them every day when I moved out.” Todomatsu admitted as he continued to search for a place that sold aburaage. “But I thought… Maybe if I could show that I could make it in the world... That they wouldn’t have to worry about me, that they could be proud… And I could eventually repay them for all the effort it took raising me.”

Todomatsu’s expression wavered a bit as he thought of how much burden Ichimatsu took upon himself everyday. He knew very well that Ichimatsu only snapped at him because he couldn’t stand to worry them. Even with Jyushimatsu at his side, he always worked so hard to be a reliable figure.

Karamatsu looked to Todomatsu in concern as he began to walk a bit slower. The tanuki gently clung to his garment as they walked alongside each other.

“Do you think nii-san will be okay?” Todomatsu asked-- wanting to be reassured by someone who had so much more life experience than him.

The ao andon felt his heart drop at that question. He had no idea-- but he really didn’t want to lie to Todomatsu either and get his hopes up. But he didn’t want to be the one to crush them either. The least he could do is be honest.

“I’m not certain…” As those words escaped his mouth, he could tell that Todomatsu’s grip on him trembled a bit.

Karamatsu furrowed his brows as he took Todomatsu’s hand in his own and gently stroked over it. “But I will make sure that we do all that we can to help him.” He smiled to calm him as he didn’t want Todomatsu to worry himself sick.

“I’ll be sure to ask around tomorrow for a solution. There are plenty of kitsune about; they may have some information.” Karamatsu, at the very least, believed they had very good chances while they were in the market. “As his older brother, you have my word.”

Todomatsu sighed as he managed to not cry. Maybe his tears were all wrung out, he really didn’t know, but he trusted Karamatsu and his brothers. Which was crazy to think but they really did act as family. “Thank you…”

“Of course, my love…” Karamatsu softly spoke as he brought Todomatsu’s hand up to place a soft kiss on it.

Todomatsu smiled so warmly that Karamatsu’s heart throbbed at the sight as he was just so enamored with him. Though his cheeky little smiles were cute… this one filled him with such warmth and tenderness. Karamatsu couldn’t help himself as he wrapped his arms around him and kissed him on his forehead-- he felt encouraged as the tanuki gave a soft giggle at his gesture.

“Whooaaaa, get a load of these exhibitionists.”

Karamatsu blinked as he looked towards the all too familiar voice that could only belong to his brother. He was met with the amused look of the shuten-douji with Choromatsu at his side giving a perplexed one.

“You two are looking lovey-dovey.” Osomatsu grinned as he leaned in and ruffled Karamatsu’s hair. “Don’t tell me you went ahead and fucked him behind my back again?”

“Aniki…” Karamatsu frowned as he immediately raised a hand to straighten out his hair the way he liked it...

Todomatsu could only furrow his brows with an unamused frown as Osomatsu’s timing was always just the worst. “I thought you were over the whole ‘pet’ thing.”

Osomatsu just snickered with a grin. “It’s a joke. Learn to lighten up, Totty.”

“Don’t call me that.” Todomatsu sighed as he had poor tastes in humor as always. He blinked as he saw that Osomatsu was holding a bag on his shoulder. He gave a couple of inspecting sniffs and could tell that it was something fried with the scent of soy.

“Is that aburaage?” Todomatsu was shocked as it was pretty unmistakable even if it was blended in with other scents.

Osomatsu blinked in surprise. “Hoooh, you really do have a good nose. Yep, sure is. Also got karaage for-- ugh, for Ao. You ruined my pun by running into us outside.”

Karamatsu could only chuckle in turn. “Apologies-- but please do retell it in the hotel room.”

“Nope. Joke’s dead. We move on and don't look back.” Osomatsu shrugged.

“We were bringing back dinner for everyone.” Choromatsu was holding a few smaller bags of his own as well and raised them for the tanuki to see.

“I bought you some… sweets. I don’t really know what they all are but they’re fruit based? I think.” The tengu knitted his brows as he looked into one of his bag in question. “Wait, this might actually be custard…”

Todomatsu was stunned that they were so thoughtful to get everyone something different-- he couldn’t help but to wag his tail a bit as he reached to help Choromatsu carry some. “It’s okay! I don't know what that is but if it's sweet I'll be more than happy to eat it!”

Choromatsu blinked for a moment before he purposely switched his bags around and handed Todomatsu the lighter one with the tanuki’s food in it. “We were just on our way back-- where were you two going?”

“Somewhere private ?” Osomatsu teased with a grin as he lowered his lashes towards Karamatsu.

Karamatsu just smiled… since they already had done so. “Not at all. We were on our way to purchase dinner before heading straight back. It appears we had the same idea.”

“Oh. Well, good. It’s getting sort of late-- we should all be in the room to rest up for tomorrow.” Choromatsu nodded as Todomatsu and Karamatsu turned to walk back towards the hotel. Osomatsu just quirked a brow since they obviously were up to something.

“Where did you two go?” Todomatsu asked as he looked into the bag to smell something deliciously hot and sweet. It looked like an assortment of pastries that had different fillings in them.

“To the Japanese and Korean district.” Choromatsu answered as he dug two book out of one of his shopping bags. “I picked up the market rules in both languages for Murasaki-san-- as well as a couple of recent news articles in Korean. I figured he would want to rest tomorrow and we’ll be out all day doing business so I thought he might want to read.”

Osomatsu scoffed. “Who wants to do homework when they’re tired? Jeez, you’re more relentless than I am.”

Choromatsu narrowed his eyes with a small triangular frown towards Osomatsu as he placed the books back into his