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“You have to come with me to bravos if you want to learn the secret of being a faceless man” he said with his mysterious smile, aria thought about what he said he offered her a life time experience but she wasn’t sure that she was ready for it not yet i need to find my mother and brother and save sansa she wondered if she was still alive or not. Arya looked up once again to the man standing in front of her ‘ I want to learn and I will come with you ‘ he will train me to be like him and i should be able to fulfill my revenge, he smiled ‘well we have a long journey so we need to go now'.
arya remembered gendry and hot pie, her friends she knew that they won’t agree on her decision “wait I want to say goodbye to my friends “ she turned and walked to the two boys waiting for her ‘let go arya ‘ said gendry “I can’ t come with you guys i will go to bravos with jaqen ‘ hot pie looked at her as if she had just punched him “what? are you mad you barely know him and he is dangerous you’ve seen what he’d done to the gardes at harrendal” the girl took a deep calming breath but said nothing it true that she barely knew him but he helped them escape “hot pie is right arya! You shouldn’t trust that man ‘gendry said calmly “look i appreciate your concern about me but it my choice and you can’t change it i have to go with him ‘she looked at both of her friends pleadingly then she hugged hot pie “take care of yourself arya” “You too hot pie “the little girl turned to gendry and hugged him too i’m going to miss him my first true friend “i’m going to miss you my lady “he teased her but she knew that he was sincere.
she turned and walked to jaqen again she felt tears running through her cheeks, she quickly brushed them with her hands jaqen was looking at her curiously “let go “she said.

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       Walking for several hours in the forests can be very tiring.the little stark felt exhausted but her companion didn’t seem to to tire at all And obviously he was a very quit person too arya noted.

as they neared a little river the assassin stopped and turned down to look at his companion. "a lovely girl seems tired"so he finally noticed she just stuck her chin defiantly at him earning a smirk from him.

 'you need to rest and eat lovely girl' she glared at him but didn’t disagree.they settled down near a big tree arya wanted to know how were they going to do to go to this land called braavos. she didn’t know a lot about it since it didn’t belong to westeros. but she felt too tired to even think tomorrow morning a will ask him she mused.

Arya was already dozing off her eyes closing when she heard him whisper "eat lovely girl'her eyes snapped open she looked at the red head man or blond man. she didn’t decide on that as he oddly has both hair colours at the same time

he was smiling softly at her. he held in his hand at some bread and cheese.she recognized it as the one that they used to serve at harrendal at tywin lannister table .

she wondered how the hell did he take it but she kept her question to herself.

this man seems capable to do a lot of things and she didn’t t even know all the extent of his power.

He nudged her with his other free hand as she started dozing off again "thanks ' arya whispered. he handed her the food and flask of water.

she wolfed down her meal, she was hungry the last time she had a proper dinner seemed to be in another life time. 

She remembered the feasts and the full tables of winterfell.

everybody seemed happy then, her eyes started to water at the sweet yet now bitter souvenirs. 

Arya blinked the tears i have to be strong for my family to avenge my father she looked at the sky and sighed. 

Jaqen was sitting beside the girl watching her ... reading her expression

She burdens herself too much he thought

He wanted to help her.she was still too young and yet she had saw the cruelty of human beings and now

experiencing the pain and the damage that it causes.

 The assassin got up again mainly intending to take off his armour for the night. it was too warm and uncomfortable especially that he wasn’t used to wear it at braavos.

 he looked again at the girl lying on the green grass. she was already asleep curled on herself holding her sword she called needle close to her. he smiled softly.

 she looked like a wolf cub.

one day she would be a true she wolf.

 After taking his armour he settled taking slow sips from a flask of wine, he took from one of the guards he killed at harrendal. he was already planning their trip to braavos it was a long trip crossing both lands and seas to reach it.

 The first thing they needed to do was to find horses. the trip would be much easier if they were riding.

jaqen knew a little town not far from where they were where they could get horses. so he made up his mind that it would their first destination for the time being.

But now he needed to rest.




   Arya woke up at the sound of some bird’s chipuring it was already morning

She stood up and looked around her jaqen wasn’t there but his armour was on the grass.

she glared at the piece of armour confused.

"good morning lovely girl" he whispered obviously startling her.

is it going to be always like this sneaking up on me and scarring the hell out of me.

Arya turned around and scrawled at him that seemed to please him a lot the smug git she thought.

 Jaqen offered her an apple she took it quickly and turned again heading to the small river.

She sat down on a rock and dipped her bare feet in the cool water.

The chilled water reminded her of the cold winds of the north. the thick blanket of snow that covered the grounds her home...

It reminded her of another life that seemed far away.

She was so lost in her own memories that she didn’t notice the man sitting next to her.

"We need to go" 

"Where?" arya heard herself say.

"It a long way to braavos we can’t go on foot" he paused a moment

"A man thinks it would be wise to find horses as soon as possible"

This intrigued arya "but where are we going to find this horses?"

"There is a small village not far away from here"

he stood up again offering her his hand as expected she ignored him and stood by herself.

She looked at him fully for the first time that morning.

arya noticed that he wore a white shirt and black leather breeches the white shirt had some blood stains on it

 From the guards at harrendal.

 jaqen wore his armour again and they started their journey.

Half an hour later and the fool didn’t say any word. her head was full of questions. she wanted to ask but he seemed oblivion to her struggle. and worse he kept smirking at her miserable attempts to start a conversation.

He adjusted his sword belt as they kept walking. arya tried to remember the maps that maester luwin used to show them so they while teaching them.

she couldn’t remember a lot but she knew that there are different ports at the coasts of vale where they could sail to braavos .

she remembered a small city called maiden pool. situated along the southern shore of the bay of crabs. ruled by house mutton the one i stupidly forgot it sigel when i needed it.

she doubted that they would find a ship that would cross the narrow sea there. but they could cross the crabs bay and go north of it to gulltown. it known as one of the biggest city in the vale ruled by house Grafton who pledged allegiance to house arryn

the city has a big harbour where merchants from different places trade their goods. it would be the only place where they could find a ship.

 "if we find horses today than it might take us three days to reach maiden pool, sail to gulltown where we could find a ship"

jaqen turned to look at her surprised “that right lovely girl “

arya smirked at his baffled expression.

then she continued walking as if nothing happened.

 she heard him minutes later ask “how did a lovely girl like you come to this conclusion ?”

arya snorted “even if i didn’t like it i m a high born lady and we received education in different aerias from our maester at winterfell”

 jaqen smirked “forgive a man’s ignorance”.

 he stopped and held her gaze for a moment before continuing

 “but a man thought that ladies usually learn sewing poetry and good manners”.

 he grinned while she huffed and continued walking mumbling to herself while he laughed softly and followed her.




  after hours of walking, arya and jaqen arrived at a small village called Doyle.

arya inspected the place around her.

Houses, taverns little and shops pilled around muddy roads.

 the girl walked lost in thoughts. Jaqen’s hand landed on her shoulder. Slowing her strides and making her turn to her companion looking at him expectantly

"Come lovely girl" he smiled and turned his head to his left

Arya followed his gaze and noticed for the first time that they were standing in front of an old tavern.

Once inside she inspected her surrounding it wasn’t a fancy inn

There were few old men sitting on table at the corner discussing some topic heatedly

 Another old man emerged from what seemed as kitchen an greeted them warmly

"Welcome sir my lady" they greeted him back

  the man was shorter than jaqen and had a round bulging stomach he eyed them with kind brown eyes

"what can i do for you sir" the old man addressed jaqen

 he looked around him before answering the man "can you bring us some food and a drink?"

 "of course sir i will be back in a moment " the man headed once more to the kitchen.

 arya stared in disbelief at his nonchalant manner as if he totally forgot why that they came to this town .

they settled in a table at the other corner of the room

 arya could not remain silent anymore "jaqen when are we going to find horses?" she tried to make her tone indifferent

"patience child " he said still at his ease

 she only glared at him before he resumed talking

"right now a girl needs to eat and relax leave the rest to me "

  the old man came back before she could comment on his sudden change of speaking manner. a tray full of food settled on a the table. he requested a nice room where they could stay and payed the man

 she ate her hot meal grateful and jaqen sipped on his wine.

 arya thought about what he said not denying the surprise she felt when he switched his usual third speech manner

 but didn't figure why

 the lorathie rose to his full height

a girl should rest " he stated arya nodded and took the room key

she pondered whether she should ask him to have hot water for a bath  

she looked at him again he seemed amused his arms crossed over his chest

"a girl can have a bath if she wants"

 arya stunned looked at him walking away from the table did he read my mind?

  he turned once again a serious expression on his face

"a man will ask the owner to deliver you hot water after that lock the door and don't open to anybody"

she was a bit taken a back by his serious tone and piercing gaze

 she nodded and he relaxed a bit

 a man will soon return"

 she saw him speaking quickly to the owner before leaving the inn

she sighed and went to the ranted room 

 head full of questions about her odd companion he was quite different from all the man she knew even her father and brother

what a strange man thought arya grinning  to herself.


















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The bath was soothing. She missed the feeling of hot water and clean clothes.The old man was kind enough and brought a simple midnight blue dress for her, but she suspected that the lorathi may have suggested it.

Arya examined her surrounding there wasn’t much. A double bed with fresh bed sheets placed in the middle the room. The bath tub was at the left corner of the room. a small table with two chairs pouched against the opposite wall with an open window. Arya sat down on the bed. She put needle beside her. She felt sleepy and jaqen didn’t return yet

she wondered what kind of training will she get at braavos .the girl looked at needle again a precious gift from her half brother Jon i wonder how is he doing ... i miss him...

She couldn't deny the feeling of excitement that surged through her at the moment. This was her chance to train and learn what she always liked. What she always wanted to be ...a warrior.

She took her sword again and repeated the routines her master Syrio taught her. the water dance master was so talented and clever. He didn’t deserve to go like that. The first sword of Braavos defeated by a vicious heartless king’s guard Meryn Trant.

He deserved a high spot on her list.

That list was the only sane thing that kept her holding to life at harrendal.

She remembered the days she spent as a servant a mouse, nothing more for those selfish men. She despised them. They had no honour, torturing the poor folks for information’s they didn't detain. She was hopeless and broken...then jaqen emerged like a saviour. His weird proposal of taking three lives of her wish brought back her ardour and faith in good triumphing over the wicked. It was a hard decision thou. There were so many names that she wished dead

Her enemies most of all...

arya made her mind then to leave her enemies for herself. and use her 3 death wished to bring at least a little bit of justice their at harrendal. cercei ,joeffry, Meryn Trant and the rest. she could have offered those names and they would be dead by now. but she didn't the distinct voice of her father haunted her. eddard stark was a wise and brave man and she aspired to be like him one day.

After all the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword she remembered bitterly

It didn’t go to as she planned.


A few minutes later she heard a soft nock at the door. she opened the door to find the lorathi standing casually on the hallway. wearing fresh new clothes and hair damp

The air around her smelled of ginger and cloves ...his distinct scent

The man entered the room in his usual graceful walk . he bolted the door behind him. arya felt a bit uneasy about this but just for some second. before she scolded herself he is not like other men she saw at least he never seemed to be

The man sat down on a chair at gazed at her not saying a word of course he is waiting for me to say something.

arya put down her sword on the bed again "did you find horses". jaqen didn't answer immediately instead he seemed interested in needle "yes lovely girl". arya let out a breath of relief "good"

It was dark in the outside and she started feeling drowsy.

Jaqen noted the change ‘a girl should sleep. ‘he would rather had another room for himself. he didn’t want to startle the little girl and she was too easy to read right now.But they were in a strange inn and he should keep an eye on her. men are unpredictable and most certainly lacking honour to his licking.He watched her settle down and closes her eyes murmuring a soft good night

Jaqen must have slept sometime in the late night. He woke in very Uncomfortable position. leaning on the table his back aching he looked at the lovely girl sleeping peacefully he didn’t want to wake her yet.

He grinned and vanished quietly making sure to secure the door from the outside

arya never felt better in her life. she didn’t realise how much she missed the comfort of a nice bed. after blinking the sleepiness of her a couple of minutes later. she was welcomed with a strange smell of breakfast.

she sat and saw the lorathi smiling still sitting in his carefree manner on the same chair like last night. arya noted the tray of food on the table next to him “good morning lovely girl”. she looked at him again now standing and heading to the door. “a man is going to tend to some matters before we head on our way “he stopped and shot her a serious look .

“A lovely girl should eat and change a man won t take long “. before she could even utter a word the assassin vanished leaving his scent lingering in the air.

After eating arya dared a look at the suspicious pile of clothes sitting on the other unused chair in the room.

He brought her a simple yet elegant shirt and breeches more practical anyway unlike the dresses that were clingy in her opinion. she wore the outfit quickly satisfied that it was perfect for her .

Minute later arya found herself standing next to two beautiful stallions. one was tall and charcoal black and the other was a little bit smaller in size. the horse was white she looked at them mesmerised by the contrast of colour

‘A man deem it wise that the girl ride on the white one ‘arya smiled and stroked the stallion

‘Does a girl know how to ride a horse” jaqen said smirking lightly

“Yes of course “arya answered in a confident way. but i actually don’t it not like she never rode on a horse but she wasn’t very experienced. one dare say not good at all.

“Alright a man will leave a lovely girl to her horse then” he grinned his eyes twinkling with glee .

The lorathi settled on the horse back in a graceful manner. while arya in the other hand struggled to calm the beast please calm and don’t give me away.

She didn’t want to look at her companion. arya could already feel his gaze on her back and imagine the impish grin plastered on his face.

After finally calming the horse. arya let out a small huff and tried to actually figure out how to ride it. after one failed attempt at hosting herself on the horse back she felt two strong hands grasping her by her waist. the assassin lifted her from the ground and deposed her on the stallion’s saddle.

Jaqen smiled at her and she was grateful when he didn’t utter any teasing line

By the end of the day they arrived at maidenpool. the journey was faster than they estimated taking the kings road was definitely better than crossing the forest. even they risked exposure to someone like the lannister’s army

The two horses were strong and didn’t protest from holding them for too long.

The city had breathtaking views over the see . the sunset orange rays were very appeasing and she enjoyed looking at it. Different ships were standing tall and beautiful on the harbour. she wondered which one they would take to go gulltown

Jaqen on the other hand was looking at the small buildings. searching an inn that where the captain’s were with no doubt drinking. he could convince a captain to sail this night to gulltown he smirked. the offers he can make are more valuable than gold.

They stopped at what looked like the biggest inn in the city. jaqen helped arya from descending her horse she didn’t say anything.The girl was silent for the whole day and that was somewhat a relief she was too curious sometimes...

They approached what seemed like big tavern. men were coming out and entering it some of them were drunk and singing pirate songs the assassin approached it aware that it could be a dangerous place for a little girl...

Once inside jaqen spotted a table where some ship men sat drinking and speaking loudly they weren’t hard to miss with tanned skin and rotten teeth...

Arya was inspecting the place she didn’t like it. she could hear some men swearing. others were fighting and the air stank of fish and bear. not to mention the women that were trying to seduce some men at the corner.

She looked at her companion. He seemed quite repulsed himself by the place.

Jaqen looked at her “stay by the door for a minute a man won’t be long ‘arya nodded and retreated to the exit.

Arya wondered what exactly jaqen was planning on doing inside They were no ships sailing at night she guessed. maybe he needed a drink arya thought sarcastically.

It was already dark outside. The cold wind made her shiver she hugged herself to warm herself a bit “Are you feeling cold?” arya heard a strange voice coming from behind her. she turned to look at a fat sweaty man holding a bottle of rum in his left hand he is drunk she thought.

“Perhaps need someone to warm you up” he approached her with an unsteady move. arya backed away but she couldn’t go any far as he got hold of her wrist by his other free hand. Arya could smell his stinky breath and felt like she was going be sick. the man got too close and he was almost fully pressed to her.

The girl tried to get hold of her sword but she was stuck “let go of me “

“Oh is that wh...” arya saw the man’s eyes go wide before he fell to the ground almost dragging her with him.

Jaqen was standing there looking worried. his blade drenched with the man’s blood.

“Is a lovely girl okay” he eyed her from head to toe as if looking for some injuries.

“I’m fine thanks” arya answered. the whole thing was weird she was grateful that jaqen saved her from the man. but also angry at herself i should have stabbed him first .

“A girl is too young and untrained “he said softy “a lovely girl shouldn’t be upset because of this”. now arya seriously wondered if this man could read minds.

Jaqen found a ship captain ready to sail he was quite easy to convince after all. he came out to find arya and tell her that they were sailing in a hour. The moment he stepped outside and found the man looming over her his blood turned cold in his veins. the lorathi stepped in hazy moment to move that filthy man away. relief washed over him when he realized that no harm was done to her. i promised myself to protect this girl no matter what.

An hour later much to arya’s surprise they were on the back of a ship heading to their next destination.

She was curious and wanted to know how he made this captain agree to sail at night .Of course he knew about what was on her mind and grinned waiting for her question .“Tell me how you convinced him”. arya said frowning and expecting him to stop smiling and actually talk the fool.

“a man promised him a gift “was his answer.

Arya contemplated it and decided to ask again “and what was this great gift you promised?” she uttered a bit sarcastically

Jaqen gazed at her intently the closed the distance between them and whispered in her ear “death “

He retreated back to his spot and turned his face to look at the see in front of them.

Arya was startled and amazed by the man standing next to her. his smell still lingered in the air around her ginger and cloves..

It was very dark now the moon was barely visible. Hidden by the clouds.

She looked at jaqen. his face was illuminated by the little light reflected by the moon that was partly visible. his hair swept away by the air he looks nice like this arya thought.

Despite everything this man was still a puzzle that confused her and amazed her at the same time.

Arya smiled and directed her gaze to the see again.

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They arrived at the harbor early in the morning. most of the people there were sales men traders of good settling in for the day .
aria felt amazement by the verity of things. her eyes saw the most striking objects.
for her as a nordien the exotic coulure were new. the most popular couleurs in the north were the bleu gray and white. besides to that there was the green her mothers favorite color. she didn't want to walk down the memory line today. the girl focused on the stuff in front of her trying to figure out there use.

Jaqen observed the little girl. he knew that the training to come would be hard and tiring even lethal he hoped for the best she is a surviver after all

They didn't stay long in the harbor. instead jaqen booked them in another ship heading to bravos. they were sailing for a day and night so he booked a cabin for aria in case she needed to rest. although she would never admit it to him he thought smirking

It wasn't a pleasant time for aria on the sea. she had sea sickness and couldn't believe it. she spent the day in the cabin throwing up and trying to hydrate herself as mush as she could. jaqen forced her anyway. the git he was acting all sweat and caring. but he couldn't stop smirking every time she cursed herself for being so week

The night came and aria wasn't feeling any better her stomach was aching and her head hurt. she couldn't eat jaqen felt pity for her by the night he decided that he would be by her side. he might cheer her up after all he thought smirking

"well the little wolf look already better" he said entering the cabin the look on her face was priceless and he was only beginning aria didn't respond he is been a git a always

the girl was lying down jaqen sat next to her on the bed. it was a surprising thing for her for. as far as she remembered the last time he was this close was at harrendall that fateful night. where he gave her those three death wishes. "a girl can sleep" he stated she turned to her side to face him " a girl can't sleep". the man felt the honest desperation of his companion.

she saw a soft smile forming on his face the flickering candle light reflecting on thats handsome face. aria took sometime to look at him. she spent the day lamenting on her state and didn't notice how much the man looked tired he had dark circles under his eyes a soft beard his hair looked messy but still clean at least

"from where i come from the best remedy for your case is a nice song " jaqen stated after a while. aria snorted "a girl doesn't sing" he shook his head laughing to himself silly girl " of course a man doesn't expect from a girl to sing"

"a man would " aria raised her eyebrows intrigued "oh really " "if that would please a lovely girl " aria smiled the first genuine smile of the day " she would love to hear a man " aria settled down again on her back gazing at the cabine's ceiling he chose an old song from lorath and started singing. aria liked his voice deep and smooth and the accent added to it charm.

she didn't interrupt him even though she wanted to know what he was saying instead she let herself relax. as the song came to an end the girl has already drifted away ...

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jaqen's perspective

He wasn't sure of what his intentions were when he proposed to the girl on his side to cross the sea and come with him. The man went from bravos to westeros for a specific mission.

Which indeed was a success ...  jaqen thought to himself

But on his way back he met aria quite an intriguing girl he must say

He knew the minute he saw her who she was .after all he mastered the art of disguise and he saw right through hers

In any other day he would have gone to the temple took another mission and worked on it .His work, his believes were all there is. He was a faceless man he served his god and that was it.

And for some reason he was out of character and took an apprentice .as she liked to call herself now jaqen smirked to himself.

He wasn't sure why he did it though

Of course the girl was in distress and needed help. But he encountered thousands of folks in need and in much worse positions. And quite a lot of others seeking revenge. In fact everybody seemed to seek some kind of revenge in that world. And he did nothing because it wasn't his duty nor his mission.

So why now jaqen?

The question was on his mind for a while now with no clear answer. Of course it wasn’t for her position or being a stark. He couldn’t care less about all the crazy nonsense people fought over at westeros.

He sighed tired of his reflections, now thinking about more pressing matters

The elder man

 Will he take her on the house of black and white he should try and convince him? Or find any other accommodation for her. He sighed again now waking the girl. Two blue eyes peered at him quite tired she shifted her body facing him

“Good morning lovely girl” he said smiling 

“Good morning” she replied before yawning

Jaqen stood and went out to fetch her some food she must be starving. Aria didn't do well on boats as most people but she didn’t like to admit it jaqen smiled

The ship arrived at their destination quite a few hours ago but he didn't want to disturb her

Also to think an plan for the future

Thirty minutes later the pair left the ship heading to the temple .Jaqen watched aria and the girl looked quite impressed by the city she liked it he thought .When they arrived aria stopped contemplating the massive building ahead of her.

Built with grey stone surrounded by the salted water of the sea the only entrance spotted was an odd looking door painted with black and white

Jaqen stepped ahead and opened the door turning around 'welcome lovely girl'


Once inside jaqen left the girl by herself wondering and looking at the different god's statues

One of his brothers were there too looking after her

While he went straight looking for the elder man

Finding him at one of the rooms where some acolytes used to stay before.. Well before the boy succumbed to his training jaqen remembered

As far as jaqen knew he was one of the best at the art of stealth but the elder man always knew when he was coming

“Here you are brother” the old man spoke

Jaqen only nodded even if the other was not facing him

“How was your mission?”

“Successful” jaqen replied he didn't dwell on details he was sure the elder man knew everything of it already

Powerful man

Now the man turned to face jaqen he was wearing the face that jaqen knew him by the first time he met him

It was strange because he seemed to drop that one it belonged to an old era.. jaqen frowned a bit

“I know about the girl you brought and I’m not going to question you why nor tell you to throw her out .but remember faceless men serve only one god brother”

Jaqen wasn't convinced this was odd but he didn't dare ask anything more of his master

And that was it the man turned again looking at an old parchment and jaqen left him to it

He went to see his other brothers and inform them of their new acolyte.

The choice surprised them and for faceless men most of their faces had a very explicit expression

Indignation, confusion, shock...

Since the elder man accepted there wasn't anything they could do

Jaqen went back to aria “Where have you been?” Aria asked frowning

But he didn't answer he only smiled .Not seeming to notice Aria started rambling and asking different question about the statues he answered her questions briefly Before sitting on a the edge of the pool gesturing to the girl to do the same.

He gazed at her blue eyes and spoke slowly 'aria the training of skilled assassins can be very hard and sometimes deadly most acolytes don't succeed .Are you sure this is what you want? '

This was another strange thing to jaqen

 Anyone who would want to train already knew the possible consequences he won't ask them personally if they were sure

But for this lovely girl he had to know. ”Yes” answered aria holding his gaze as if daring him to say that she wasn't

"Alright then lovely girl"

"When do I start?" aria asked

"Right now" jaqen answered with a suspicious smirk on his face

The man stood up aria followed him they went into a dark corridor where jaqen fetched something she couldn't quite see

When he returned to her the puzzled look on her face made him almost laugh but he didn't

He kept a passive expression while handling her a broom for cleaning

“What am I going to do with it?” She asked almost angry and flustered

“valar dohaeris lovely girl”

All men must serve

He left aria fuming while he walked away to his own business.




Chapter Text

And so three days went where the lorathi didn’t see aria.

The girl was angry beyond measure. He left her with a broom stick to clean the halls like a maid.

Eddard stark daughter a maid aria thought to herself what an indignation.

In reality she didn’t mind the work but the way jaqen gave her that task while smirking .at that precise moment she wished she could slap that smirk out of his face.

Where the hell was he anyway?

Another faceless assassin gave her a room that first day and explained to her most of the house rules.

He didn’t introduce himself to her so she started calling him the handsome man. Of course she never said those exact words to him but she couldn’t deny with his light blue eyes and blond hair he was very handsome even prince materiel. The type of guys her sister sansa would swoon over …

The other person aria met was a small women looking ill and tired she had a gaunt bony face, hollow cheeks, and very large dark eyes. She didn’t seem to like her aria thought she never answered her questions she gave her instructions and verified he work.

At night aria would sleep in a small room made of the same grey stone having a bed sculpted to the wall somehow. One table with some candles could be spotted in the room and that was all

She had her meals in a dining room where she discovered variant faces that changed daily

Aria suspected that one of them could be jaqen but deep down she knew he wasn’t there

Something lacked in the men beside her that was undeniably jaqen.

And so for the rest of the week the girl wouldn’t see him.


The temple was quite. Aria headed to her room after taking care of the lit candles in the hall of gods

Suddenly she felt something like a breeze near her she stopped and turned around but there was nothing

The girl shrugged and continued walking

Then she smelt it. Ginger and cloves jaqen’s signature fragrance..

 she felt his breath falling heavily on her ear ‘good evening lovely girl’ then he retracted to the depth of the corridor aria turned quickly but she couldn’t see him it was too dark

‘Where have you been?’ the first shock of him being there faded and her frustrations appeared

Still invisible the man whispered “a man had duties”

Aria huffed and turned again walking quickly to her room. Once inside she closed her door and sighed she knew the man could infuriate her sometimes but she was tired and didn’t want to fight.

Something was odd in her room. The smell his smell was present. the candles on her table lit at once and with a quite horrific expression she saw him sitting on her bed and smiling smugly at her.

Her mouth still gaping at him she tried to speak “but how … you were behind me


He dismissed her questions “how is a girl’s training going? “

“Do you call cleaning a training?” Aria shot back.

“Valar dohaeris” jaqen said a hint of seriousness in his voice. aria calmed down a bit “boring I guess” “Good” jaqen now smiled “a girl needs to learn the virtue of patience for great things needs great patience to happen” aria huffed at his words he was right but she won’t tell him that the git..

Aria was still at the door “come lovely girl” she neared where he was and stood to face him.

Aria studied him briefly. Seeing that he was wearing a strange new outfit a baggy grey robe tied on his waist with a belt. Weird choice aria thought.

“So why are you here jaqen? in the middle of the night “

He looked at her sternly “a man is here to inform a girl about her training”

“Really “aria was exited her mood changing

“Yes but a girl needs to learn how to speak to her master “he said

“I’m sorry mater” aria said before giggling this was hilarious.

The man sighed exasperated by her. He should find another way to teach her some discipline.

“Tomorrow a girl will start her training with her master of poison”

Then continued “and later you will train with a man to gain some strength”

A girl is weak

Aria didn’t like that qualification. But he wasn’t wrong either the git. She needed to strengthen her body.

He stood towering over her and went out “a girl need to rest”

Before she could say anything the man already disappeared. the candles extinguishing out.

How did he do that? She thought amazed but very frustrated.


The next day aria discovered that her master of potions was none the less the tiny women.

She wasn’t thrilled at that the women was too stern.

The first training with her went well. It wasn’t much she showed her some important ingredients and basic techniques. Aria found the art of poison making an interesting subject and a very helpful one too. She looked forward the most at her lesson with jaqen in the meanwhile she continued cleaning and doing shores at the temple.

Jaqen’s perspective

The man left the temple the night he arrived. He went to see the masters of the iron bank after all his mission concerned them essentially. They needed to hear the details from him.

They were satisfied with his work and looked forward for what was coming next. Jaqen nodded and went back to the temple.

As much as he wanted to see the lovely girl. He knew it would be best if he stayed away a bit from her. Let her settle at the house

He needed to think of her training. Speak to the other brothers of his idea. He would ensure her weapon training personally but he had to train her first. The girl needs to gain some muscle. And some discipline too jaqen dreaded that the most.

Jaqen saw her a free little wolf untameable but for the sake of their training she had too.

Oh she won’t like it he thought snickering.

The week passed jaqen rested a bit the kindly man didn’t give him any mission yet.

He saw his brother every night and got news from him of the girl. “She is wild brother” the other man complained.

 Jaqen nodded almost laughing at his brother “I suggested to her to clean the main stairs. The girl almost attacked me with her broom” he didn’t seem happy with that. Typical aria jaqen thought not doing well with orders…

“She will learn our ways brother” jaqen replied.

I will make sure of it…

Chapter Text

Aria and jaqen met in the evening as agreed to begin her training. The girl was eager to start even if she wasn’t sure what to expect from her master… she empathised the word in her mind yep still weird to call him that...

‘A girl needs to stretch her muscles first’ jaqen spoke from behind her. she never heard him come and suspected will never hear him too. Too stealthy

He continued “you can start” it surprised aria. He did not give her a specific thing to do but she won’t ask him either.

Aria started by doing some jogging then tried to mimic what syrio used to do when he stretched. Once in while she would glance at jaqen to jog his reaction he seemed satisfied with her work.

A thought occurred to her. aria smiled mischievously “aren’t you going to train too? Surely your muscles needs the exercise”

“A man has no need for that” he answered gruffly. Aria laughed at his expression and carried on.

Jaqen left her to it and went to the weaponry. He chose a long slender sword for the girl. Perfectly balanced it was one of his favourites when he was a young acolyte he remembered. He picked a larger one and heavier one for himself.

Once he returned aria looked at the swords studying them. They weren’t as fancy as the sword her father once had ice but they would do for now.

“This one is for a girl” jaqen handed her the sword, he saw her frown a bit before saying “why not the other one?”

“A man chose it for a girl and as her mentor she should obey him”

Aria snorted which only made him look more sternly at her “alright let dance”.

She could see the amusement of the lorathie at her words “shall a man expect a lovely girl to be acquainted with the art of sword playing already?”

Aria didn’t responded she looked at him a determined smile playing on her features. No a man doesn’t need to expect anything he will soon see…


The dance started slow both of them were on the edge. Looking at each other studying every move counting every step…

Aria studied the man he looked handsome with his dark red hair cascading on the white shirt he wore. He rolled his sleeves up. she could see how strong his forearms were.

Aria shook her head reciting syrio’s words in her mind like a mantra. She didn’t dare to attack the assassin yet. He was stronger and therefore won’t tire easily not like her so she chose to use her energy wisely and not waste it.

Jaqen knew that of course she was too easy to read “is a girl lacking the courage to make the first move or is the man in front of her too handsome that the girl fears she would injure him” jaqen chuckled when he saw aria scrawl and launch at him with her sword. He blocked her attack effortlessly which fuelled her more and attacked a second time jaqen dodged the attack gracefully.

He moved dangerously close to her his eyes gleaming. with one swift move he disarmed her. Aria gaped at him red faced not sure if it was from anger, embarrassment or exertion.

“Pick up your sword lovely girl” she did as was told and they started again. This time she didn’t wait instead she launched strike after strike trying but failing to hit the man. Jaqen disarmed his apprentice four times before telling her to take a break she was sweating and breathing heavily hardly caching her breath. The girl stood up and went to sit on a bench disappointed with herself he didn’t even have to make an effort to beat her aria thought bitterly.

Jaqen sat down next to her “a girl needs more practice” he meant that in a soothing way. She wouldn’t be able to beat him from the first time of course she was too hard on herself. He didn’t like the grim look on her face so he decided to tease her a bit.

“Get up lazy girl we still have work to do” at that aria stood up taking her weapon vowing to herself that one day she will be strong enough to beat him up

Several hours later aria was on the floor panting her muscles ached she couldn’t move. Jaqen stood near her caching his breath a bit. The girl had potential he remarked that her small form and slender movement could be to her advantage.

“A girl must take a bath and have a good night sleep” jaqen said. Aria looked at him standing up to her feet swaying a little. “Or else tomorrow she would be too sore to train a man won’t tolerate any excuse” he looked at her directly while uttering those words empathizing each one with that endearing accent he had. The girl went from the room without a reply too tired to bicker with him and too disappointed with her performance.

Jaqen had a meeting of the council to attend the kindly man needed to discuss an important matter with his fellow brothers. He suspected that it was a new important mission.

After the meeting jaqen went to bath chambers needing to relax his mind and body there was too much to do… The man shoved the uncomfortable ideas of his head taking off his clothes and sinking in the hot soothing water enjoying the feeling of it against his tanned skin.

He remembered the baths at harrendal. He was surprised the too see the little girl that pretended to be a boy inside. The place was full of men most of them criminals enough to rise concern for the girl inside of him. He thought that was the first time he showed some concern for her. Soon enough he realised that nobody considered her. The disguise was really convincing he smirked. The girl sat down next to where he bathed. he didn’t acknowledge her so she got closer to him her breath fell on his right ear interesting she didn’t fear him even after his revelation of death… she whispered the name of the man that he should kill and swiftly rose up to her feet disappearing again amidst the foggy steam in the air…

More courage than sense the man murmured closing his eyes… smiling.

Chapter Text

Aria’s training continued at the house of the black and white for nearly a year. She gained power and learned so much from her masters, it wasn’t a smooth journey for her, the poison teacher gave her a hard time and the training left her mostly sore and bruised, unable to continue. However, she kept going every day and worked hard she was one of the best acolytes at the house.

She also visited occasionally the city, the girl wanted to learn the bravossi to communicate easily with others, and the lorathie because that language has an intriguing side to it was like music to her ears. Aria secretly admired it or was the real intrigue coming from the man speaking it himself, jaqen.

He was kind and gentle with aria from the beginning.  However, the young wolf could not deny that when it came to teaching he was nothing like that. She got upset at him occasionally when he scolded her to learn some manners or to behave with other teachers. Nevertheless, aria could never stay upset from him for a long time.

Jaqen on the other side decided to take a break from missions to focus on the girl’s training and most importantly wellbeing. The interest was not lost on his other brothers and the elder man but he pretended that his last mission was too hard and complicated that he needed some break.

Therefore, the young girl and the assassin trained for the whole year…


Aria woke up the morning acknowledging yet the new dark bruises on her body. Sighing,  the night before she started learning a new combat technique form the south of essos  and  her master the handsome man was not easy on her. He was one of her first acquaintance at the house but a week later, he went away on a mission only returning 2 days before.  He was still wearing the same beautiful face aria recognised it for it.

Aria headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Her morning was reserved for cleaning that day. She saw the waif on her way, that teacher seemed to hate the girl for unknown reason.  Always pushing her hard and almost poisoning her once... Jaqen was not happy about it that day aria remembered, in fact it was the first time she saw him angry at something. Aria continued walking dismissing that dreadful memory from her mind.

She found him sitting at the dining table discussing some matter with her elder man it seemed serious enough as it left jaqen frowning for the whole meal. When aria went to get up, he followed her. ‘Come with me ‘jaqen said quietly.

‘I’m supposed to be cleaning the dishes...”   Once they were out of the dining room jaqen whispered in the girls ear “it an urgent matter lovely girl “

Aria was surprised at his proximity and at his words at once, he has not called her lovely girl for months now...

Aria followed him silently as he guided them to the weaponry room. He sat down on a bench and gestured to aria to do the same

“What this about jaqen? “

“A man is leaving for a mission “

Aria face was stunned, at first she was worried jaqen would go away and leave alone but as the days passed she got used to his presence at the temple and her fear ebbed away.

“When? “Aria tried to behave as normal the first chock passing her.

“Next week lovely girl “jaqen answered his gaze locking hers never leaving It.

“How long are you going to stay away” jaqen shifted looking at the ground pensive

“A year maybe more a man can’t be sure”

Aria now was completely stunned she could not say a thing jaqen continued, “It a complicated task only a man can accomplish, a man has no choice “

He shifted again getting closer to aria and grasping her chin gently to drag her gaze to his “a girl should promise her master to stay at the temple and continue her training with his brother “

Aria noticed the worry in his eyes; it was surprising as his eyes always lit up with amusement and occasionally boredom and almost rarely anger, now he seemed to worry and about her.

“A girl promises to do her best and train as always “jaqen seemed relieved. he was anxious about it for days now he feared that the girl would tire and  leave the  temple he know that  the assassins would never  leave her walk alive, not now that she knows  too much  about them.

Jaqen smiled and dropped his hand form her face, “alright but for this last week a girl will continue to train with her lorathie master “aria nodded and smiled “jaqen?” “Yes lovely girl?”

“Who is going to replace the sword training when you’re gone?”

“A girl should train with a man’s brother the master of foreign combats techniques”.

Aria nodded and without thinking said “ah the handsome man “. Jaqen was taken aback “when did a girl start to call her master handsome? ‘He seemed amused as aria grew two shades redder under his gaze “It nothing he was one of the first people I met when I arrived and I noticed it”.

“Tell me lovely girl how many masters do you call handsome? “Aria blushed even more as jaqen smile widened. If he knew that he was the only man beside his brother she grew to see handsome, she would never hear the end of it…

Jaqen stood up and so did aria “a girl should go to her duty, a man will see her later “and with that aria turned and went away, cheeks red and a mind full of worries…

Aria sat down on the same bench that afternoon panting exhausted. Jaqen went to the weapon section to turn back their swords; he turned and kept his gaze on the girl trying to control her breath. Her hair was longer now, her features sharper her cheekbones a little bit fuller. A year passed and the girl seemed to change, to grow, she almost lost that look of a young mousy boy in favour of more a more woman like figure, a high lady jaqen mused, a princess …

How can he not  see this lovely girl for a year , it  was hard for him as he grew over time accustomed of her presence , the faceless side of him warned him to stop this nonsense , he is no one  and she will be no one too … with that  thought in mind he went  to sit next to the girl ..

“A girl made great progress” he acknowledged her effort she was stronger and faster than before,

Aria pouted “but  I still didn’t beat you, not even once” jaqen laughed at that , aria watched him, his features were so handsome when he laughed , it a rare sight to see him completely relaxed  to drop the constant  I have no emotions façade to genuine responses , and she liked it a lot …

“A girl needs more training then” he looked at her smiling softly “a man can assure you that his handsome brother will make sure of it” jaqen smirked as the girl beside him bristled to his last words.

“I hope he is as good as you master” aria said with a low breathy voice catching jaqen off guard he turned his stunned features  to the girl only  to find her giggling at his reaction.

“that a dangerous game a little girl is playing , teasing her master” jaqen delivered his sentence while looking intently  to the girl, aria squirmed under his powerful gaze, the assassin was dangerously close to her blocking the way in front of her

Aria was blushing not knowing how to respond to this sudden proximity, his scent tickled her nostrils, she saw a hint of smile on the corner of the assassin’s mouth and then she felt it, his hands, the girl burst out laughing as jaqen tickled her. She tried to run away but it was a lost cause, the man was too strong, “please jaqen stop” aria pleaded not able to take a breath.

“A man can’t hear what a girl was saying, maybe she should try one more time” jaqen smirked,

“Please master” jaqen finally let the girl go stepping aside, a hint of mischief apparent on his face.

Aria stood up trying to collect herself, jaqen watched the beautiful girl beside him…

“I have to go now, or else I will be late to the waif lesson” jaqen nodded beside her.

“a man should go to , see you later lovely girl” with that he turned and went out leaving aria confused and mesmerised of the man, how is she going to survive not seeing him for a year …