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walking on the moon

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Jimin’s missed the pack, missed being with them and hanging out with them, but it doesn’t come close to how much he’s missed Yoongi. With everything going on, exams, homework, he’s had almost next to no time to hang out with him, to cuddle with him, let alone speak with him and just, exist together.

It’s strange, ever since Yoongi proposed to him, he’s felt their distance almost painfully so. It’s dramatic and silly, he knows, but he feels every moment that they’re apart more acutely than usual.

“Jimin! You made it!” Taehyung exclaims as he makes it out of the truck and is nearly immediately attacked with a warm hug. He’s happy to see them all, to see his best friend, to be with all of his friends.

“It’s pack bonding, Taehyung, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” he reassures him quickly, patting Taehyung on the back with a smile.

He lets his eyes wander, looking at all of his friends before letting himself stare at his mate. No matter how many times he sees Yoongi, no matter how many times they make eye contact, his tummy still flips, his heart still skips a beat, and he seriously hopes that it never changes. It’s like the first time, all over again.

He never wants to take what he has for granted.

Taehyung lets him go after a moment, taking in a deep breath before doing so, and Jimin forgot how much they scent each other, and how much he enjoyed being scented— being pack .

He missed them all more than words could say.

Making sure to greet the whole pack equally, he hugs them all, letting them scent him and stealing as much warmth as he can off them as they hug. It’s almost winter time, and they’re still in shorts and t-shirts while Jimin is in his large sweater, comfortable yet still a bit cold. The beach, however, seems to disagree with his human disposition.

“Hey,” he greets Yoongi, finally making his way over.

Yoongi greets him with a smile, eyes watching him, making him feel a way that only Yoongi can; a mix of loved, and wanted, and just overall good .

He wastes no time in embracing his mate, wrapping his small arms around his lean form and burying his face in his neck. The familiar woodsy scent settles the tension in his muscles and Jimin practically melts into Yoongi’s warm embrace.

“I missed you,” he whispers softly, pressing the words into the skin of Yoongi’s neck, never wanting to leave the safety of his arms.

He almost misses the quiet rumble, “You too,” that Yoongi replies with before drawing Jimin into a soft, chaste kiss.

It’s not enough, Jimin craves their closeness, craves the heat of their bodies pressed together, and if he’s perfectly honest, craves the feeling of Yoongi taking him apart piece by piece.

Nonetheless, he hums into the kiss happily, letting it comfort him and appease the need simmering just beneath his skin. It doesn’t last as much as he’d like, but in a way that’s good. They’re surrounded by five werewolves who can hear and smell everything that’s going on, one way or another. He’s not that desperate.

At least not yet.

“Yah, Guk, did you unload the firewood?” He hears Namjoon calling out for Jeongguk, getting the bonfire started.

He forces himself to step back from the kiss, step back and sit on the sand just like everyone else. Yoongi smiles at him, fond and small before turning to the group and sighing.

“Alright then, move so I can get the fire started,” the teasing twinge in his voice makes a small giggle escape his lips, too fond and amused by Yoongi’s teasing antics. It’s not often, but when they do come out, it never fails to put a smile on Jimin’s face. Even if Namjoon does pout and complain.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take them long to get the bonfire going. Past Taehyung’s useless comments, Namjoon's clumsy assistance, and Jeongguk’s judgy eyes, they figure out a large fire that warms Jimin easily.

It's nice, sitting and relaxing with his friends. Yoongi sits behind him quietly while Jimin enjoys the loud conversation.

“How’s university treating you? Thinking about quitting already?” Jin asks, looking at Jimin with a smile.

Jimin can’t stop the hearty laugh, leaning into Yoongi and shaking his head, “I think about quitting daily, but that’s normal. The classes are pretty cool. We’re learning about child development right now, how it varies and stuff, so it’s hard but interesting.”

Jin nods with a smile before Namjoon cuts him off, “Are you going to do an internship or something?”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t happen until later. I’m really excited about it! It’s going to be so rewarding,” he exclaims happily, already having plans as to how the internship will go. He won’t have access to them just yet, but he can’t wait to be in a classroom with kids, working with them.

The conversation deviates from there. Unlike he had expected, Jeongguk and Taehyung bicker, just like they did before they got together, but it takes a strangely flirty edge that kind of throws him off while comforting him at the same time. He lets their conversation wash over him, quietly sitting and observing. As much as he missed them, as much as he loves sitting and being around them, he craves something else— he craves something more, with Yoongi.

Jimin knows it may be superficial and needy, but he wants Yoongi's attention, wants it all on him.

Knowing that it's risky, knowing that he probably shouldn't let his desire run him the way it is, he starts thinking of a way to get Yoongi closer, to bridge the gap between them and maybe ease the hum of arousal simmering in his belly. He doesn't want Yoongi to expect a thing, he wants to give Yoongi a happy surprise, an orgasmic surprise hopefully, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious to the group.

Looking around, he notes happily, that they're all invested in each other. The light dancing across their faces isn't as strong as before, the firewood clearly running its course rather than staying fresh, but it doesn't bother him. The cloak of night, the cover of darkness, makes him feel a bit more bold.

Shifting around, he notes Yoongi looking at him from the corner of his eye. Carefully, he rubs his arms and shivers, hoping to seem cold.

It doesn't take longer than a moment for Yoongi to open his arms and pull Jimin in closer. He climbs up on Yoongi’s lap, throwing his legs over the side and lets Yoongi’s arm curl around his waist as well as around his thighs. They fit together almost perfectly, like two puzzle pieces coming together, comfortably snuggled into the body warmth that only a shifter can provide.

“You should have told me you're cold,” Yoongi grumbles a bit before draping his oversized jacket over them both. He uses it as a blanket, looping his arms through the holes so that the body layers over Jimin, effectively caging him in Yoongi's arms.

Jimin shrugs a bit before wiggling closer, pressing himself completely nuzzling his face in Yoongi’s neck before letting it rest there, “It's not a big deal.”

The close contact helps calm him down, but it also riles him up more. Their skin touches in a few places, teasing Jimin to what they could have, the comfort and intimacy that they want to have, and the brief contact that they get seems to wind up the coil deep in his body.

He wiggles back, trying to get as close to Yoongi as possible while bringing up his knees to hide what he’s doing. As Jimin moves around, Yoongi hides his face in Jimin’s neck, moaning softly as Jimin teases and lets his hand brush over Yoongi’s crotch. Sure, they both probably know that they shouldn't be doing this, but Yoongi isn't saying no. He’s moaning and clutching Jimin tighter.

Deciding to push his luck further, he reaches over, letting his hand trace up the side of Yoongi's thigh with more purpose, up his tummy before going right back down to where he plans on staying. He can feel Yoongi, pulsing hot and wanting just beneath the denim of his jeans. He’s not fully hard, at least not yet, but Jimin can feel him. It's a heady feeling, knowing that he affects Yoongi the way he does.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi breathes into Jimin's neck. Jimin can barely make out the words, but when he can, he leans his head back and kisses the closest patch of skin he can reach.

He ignores Yoongi’s question, looking at the fire as he sneaks his hand under his jeans. It’s harder than he thought, unbuttoning skinny jeans with one hand without looking, but he manages it.

Yoongi’s grip on his hip tightens, snaking a hand around his thigh and pulling it up as he inhales sharply. For a moment, Jimin thinks it’s the only reaction he’s going to get, but as soon as he gets his hand on Yoongi’s cock, he groans openly, hands clenching around his hip before he buries his face in Jimin’s hair.

In the hopes to hide the groan, Jimin clears his throat loudly, shuffling around and making noise. Thankfully no one seems to notice, glancing over quickly without even breaking their conversations.

It’s been too long since he’s had Yoongi in his hand, since he’s been able to be close to him, and as much as it probably should deter him, the fact that there are people around, fuels his desire. There’s something about being watched, about people seeing how much Yoongi wants him, how much he wants Yoongi, that gets his blood boiling in the best way possible.

Carefully, he strokes Yoongi, trying to get the right angle with his wrist so that it doesn’t cramp, while at the same time stroking Yoongi the way he knows he likes.

“Fuck,” Yoongi whispers, face still deep in Jimin’s hair, and he figures he’s doing a good job.

He hardens in Jimin’s hands within a few strokes, making him feel proud of himself, but it’s not until he feels precome pooling at his tip that he starts feeling giddy about it, almost as if he can’t sit still.

Leaning further into Yoongi, he presses his thumb over the weeping head, making sure to caress the sensitive underside and smiles as he feels Yoongi’s whole body twitch. He can barely stop the grin from blooming on his face as he works Yoongi up, further and further until he’s panting into Jimin’s neck and clutching onto him hard. With a grin, he thinks of the bruises that he’ll have, a pair around his hip and another on his thighs, clearly marking him as taken.

“Jesus, keep going baby, please, keep going,” Yoongi mumbles.

Jimin does his best to keep a look out, trying to make sure that no one really knows what he’s doing, but he honestly can’t say that he’s paying the best attention. Not with Yoongi’s cock in his hand, hot and so hard he’s practically leaking. Not with Yoongi panting into his neck and begging for more.

He ups the pace, stroking Yoongi with renewed vigor and determination. He wants to feel him come apart, he wants to feel him come into his hand, and when he’s done, Jimin wants to take that hand and lick himself clean. God his mouth is nearly salivating with the need to get his mouth on Yoongi, to taste him, to have him deep inside him where he belongs.

Yoongi’s breath changes, his grip bruising Jimin’s hips and he knows that Yoongi’s getting close. Carefully, he gets his other hand ready, ready to be covered in come and keep it off his clothes. Twisting his wrist just the way he knows Yoongi enjoys, he feels the telltale prickle at his hips, marking the presence of Yoongi’s claws and he knows that if he were to be making eye contact with his mate, his eyes would glow golden.

Just the knowledge that he’s pushed Yoongi to this point, that he’s made him feel so good, makes him twitch in his pants. He can ignore his arousal well enough, but he can’t deny that it’s there, that he’s not pulsing in his jeans, probably tenting them up and wetting his underwear with precome. Just knowing that all of this is happening while surrounded by people, well, it just makes him feel a little crazy, a little like he’s the one falling to pieces in Yoongi’s hand, not the other way around.

It doesn’t take long for Yoongi to come, not with Jimin palming him, teasing him, stroking him just right. Thankfully his hand was already in place to catch Yoongi’s come, because as soon as his body tightens, his mouth clamps around Jimin’s shoulder, sucking at the skin hard enough to guarantee him a hickey around the teeth marks.

The low heat of Jimin’s arousal spikes with Yoongi, curling hot in his tummy. He loses track of time, track of what’s going on around him. Yoongi doesn’t seem to stop, coming all over his hand while keeping his mouth tight around his shoulder, pulling Jimin further and further into the heat of their moment.

In the end, he doesn’t know if it’s Yoongi biting him, if it’s the fact that he managed to take his mate apart with just one hand, or if it’s the fact that it happened with the whole pack around, but he thrusts his hips up just enough to give him the slightest bit of pressure, of sweet friction, and he’s coming in his own pants. Vision whitening out, he can feel his body twitching, his thighs spasming as he spends himself into his underwear.

Jimin doesn’t know how long it takes him to breathe properly again, for his heart to stop feeling like it’s about to beat right out of his chest, but at some point it does. He feels Yoongi fidgeting, repositioning himself and tucking himself back in before nuzzling his neck and kissing the irritated skin.

“Are you two okay?” Namjoon asks, pulling Jimin out of his head and reminding him that his friends are still there .

He blinks, trying to clear his head of the foggy pleasure that’s taking over his head and does his best to nod, “Oh uh, yeah, sorry.”

Yoongi clears his throat, “Just tired.”

“I can tell,” Namjoon looks at them both, eyes flickering between them before sniffing and rolling his eyes. A hot flush burns his face, trailing over his ears and down his neck as he realizes that they probably didn’t fool anyone. He remembers Taehyung talking about the smell of come, how it lasts, permeates everything, and Jimin feels embarrassment coursing through his body

Yoongi’s hands caress Jimin’s hips in what Jimin assumes should be calming, but really isn’t. The embarrassment makes him want to cringe, to hide away, but it makes something dark twist in his gut, leading straight to his spent dick and making it twitch back to life.

He knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s hard all over again, ready to go and needy for Yoongi, but something tells him that a simple handjob isn’t going to cut it, and anything more is going to be nearly impossible to achieve with their audience of friends.

The beach is empty, the cover of night helping his eyes, but he knows that Yoongi can probably see as well if not better than the way he does during the day. Scratching that off as a possibility, he looks over to the forest. Sure, there are bugs and probably wild animals there, but he knows nothing will come close to them, at least not to Yoongi. Plus, with the dense foliage, it’ll at the very least block their view if not more.

“I need to uh, go pee,” he announces loudly, scrambling to his feet and walking stiffly to the forest.

He doesn’t look back, hoping that Yoongi gets the hint, that he should be following, and continues straight into the forest. He can hear some sort of response from the pack, what they say is beyond him, but as he makes it further into the forest, he also hears the sound of someone following.

Hands still sticky, he turns around and llicks a fat stripe from his wrist up to his palm. The taste is tangy, just like every other time he’s hand the chance to do this, but it makes him hum happily. Sure, he’s not in love with the flavor, but he is in love with the person, knowing what it does to Yoongi, and in a way, he wants to swallow and taste his come. He wants to have it warming his belly, carrying it with him.

He probably doesn’t make it far, he knows that, but he doesn’t want to wait. He wants to feel Yoongi pressed against him, feel his hot skin on his own and kiss him, just be in his arms with whatever privacy they can muster.

It’s not long before he feels large hands on his hips, a tree trunk at his back, and a hot mouth biting it’s way into his own, “ Yoongi .”

His moans are swallowed by the kiss, he can practically taste the impatience, the need, and it only spurs him on. Jimin hadn’t hoped for too much, hadn’t hoped for what he wants, but he packed for it anyway. He grabs the small packet of lube out of his back pocket and presses it into Yoongi’s palm.

“Please,” is all he can say before he’s being kissed again, Yoongi’s hands all over his body. His own go straight to Yoongi’s pants, quick to unbutton them and pull them down. He doesn’t want flowery foreplay, he wants the main event. He wants to feel Yoongi hot and hard inside him, fucking into him and reminding him what it’s like to be together. As he pulls down Yoongi’s pants, he’s surprised to find Yoongi hard all over again but it makes a small part of himself proud. This is how much Yoongi wants him.

“Fuck, baby you taste—” Yoongi groans into Jimin’s mouth, letting his hands run up and down Jimin’s back before he’s unbuttoning his pants and stroking his cock, “So messy for me.”

The sound he makes is strange, a groan and a moan while at the same time almost a sob. He needs Yoongi, needs to feel him inside, and if he knew that Yoongi would, he’d ask to be fucked without prep.

He wants it to hurt, wants the ache deep in his core, reminding him who he belongs to, who he loves more than anything, and who can pull him apart piece by piece before putting him back together.

“C’mon Yoongi, please, hurry up,” he whines, voice nearly begging before he turns around and grinds on Yoongi’s cock. He can feel it, the way Yoongi twitches between the soft skin of his ass and the answering growl that Yoongi emits is positively inhuman.

Thankfully, Yoongi doesn’t waste time. Next thing he knows, he feels a wet finger at his entrance, caressing the rim before pressing in. On a normal occasion, he’d appreciate the care and attention, but his mind feels overwhelmed, clouded with arousal and pure need for him so instead of letting him set the pace, he thrusts his hips back and fucks himself on Yoongi’s finger.

“Another,” he pants hands grasping the bark of the tree harder than he probably should while at the same time doing his best to keep his footing on the soft ground.

“Careful, you’re going to hurt yourself, Jimin,” Yoongi responds, but thankfully presses a second finger in anyway.

A loud groan escapes his lips as he closes his eyes carefully and throws his head back in pleasure. He knows it’s too much too fast. He doesn’t stop, fucking himself impatiently, ignoring the twinge in his back, the way his hands burn from how hard he’s holding onto the tree, and the burn from the stretch as he asks for another.

“Jesus baby, what’s with you today?” Yoongi asks, pressing his ring finger in and the feeling of the metal band, of his engagement ring, pressing into Jimin’s rim pushes him even further.

Heart hammering in his chest, he forces himself to breathe before he answers, “I missed you. I missed you so much I just— I need you, Yoongi. Please, just— I’m ready just please .”

He knows he’s not going to last, not with the loud whimpers Yoongi’s releasing, probably just as overwhelmed as he feels, and the way his thighs burn with effort. It doesn’t take Yoongi long to press the head in, carefully but firmly. Jimin nearly cries with how good it feels, how much the ache and burn of the stretch make him feel alive .

“Oh shit , fuck baby,” Jimin can’t possibly string a single thought together, too preoccupied with the burning pleasure coursing through his veins, the arousal pushing closer and closer to completion. He reaches a hand back to Yoongi’s hips and pulls him forward, seating him all the way in until he can feel Yoongi’s thighs against his ass and wrenching a gasp deep from within Jimin’s chest.

Yoongi’s hips stutter, a groan escaping his lips, before he’s fucking into Jimin properly, thighs smacking into his ass loudly and snarling as Jimin cries out, feeling the ache throughout the body and feeling beyond satisfied. He holds on to the tree for dear life, letting Yoongi do whatever he wants, setting the pace and driving him further down the well of insanity.

The glide is nearly perfect, not too wet but not too dry, easing the way in and soothing the burn of separation. There’s a sting, every thrust is met a grunt, pleasure and pain mixing into a perfect sensation deep inside.

He reaches back with one hand, letting it tangle with Yoongi’s soft black locks and tugs, keeping them close, chest to back.

“Oh my, Yoongi it’s— fuck,” he moans, just as Yoongi’s arms loop around his front, holding him up just as he feels like his legs are about to give in.

Yoongi’s arms wrap around his waist and up his torso, hot hands rubbing all over his skin, playing with his nipples before caressing his tummy. He lets his head roll back as Yoongi’s hips snap forward, fucking into him quickly. He can’t string a thought together, but the noises that are leaving his mouth make what he’s feeling loud and clear.

Blinding pleasure.

“I’m— Yoongi I—”

There’s a flurry of movement which ends with his back pressed against the tree, his thighs wrapped around Yoongi’s hips, and their lips meeting in a messy kiss. Jimin clutches onto Yoongi for dear life, body feeling weak with pleasure, spasming uncontrollably as Yoongi’s hips ram into his, driving him closer to completion with each thrust.

“Just like that, come on baby,” Yoongi pants, pulling away from their kiss and holding his hips steady as he quickens the pace.

The gold in Yoongi’s eyes makes Jimin smile briefly before Yoongi hits his prostate and he screams, hands clamping down on Yoongi’s hair as he’s left with nothing more to do but take it.

“Fuck, Jimin, baby, come for me .”

Jimin doesn’t know what it is, if it’s the way Yoongi practically commanded him to come, if it’s the way he hits Jimin’s prostate with each thrust, or just the fact that they’re together again, but a few thrusts later Jimin feels as though all of his strings are cut and his vision fades to black.

He’s sure he moaned something, probably sobbed Yoongi’s name, but his ears ring as his body shakes with the strength of his orgasm. It’s almost as if he can’t breathe, as if his heart stopped as time did, right there in the forest. He can’t feel his legs and if Yoongi were to put him down, he’s nearly positive he’d fall straight to the ground.

Jimin ,” the growl brings him back, back into the forest rather than his head, back just in time for him to see Yoongi’s face scrunch in pleasure as he comes all over Jimin’s clothes. His hole clenches sadly, painfully empty all of a sudden. Logic tells him that Yoongi needed to pull out, to keep them from being knotted together in the forest, but he stares at the come sadly.

Without thinking about it, he scoops as much as he can onto his hands and licks it up, hoping to get as much as he can before his clothes absorb it.

Their eyes meet, chest heaving and their lips meet not too much later. The kiss is hot, tongues and teeth clashing but it doesn’t take them long for it to slow down, for the passion to simmer down and be replaced with warm content.  

“I missed you too,” Yoongi says between kisses, pulling Jimin as close as he can before cupping his cheek and kissing him with such tender affection it nearly takes Jimin’s breath away.

He knows it, he knows that Yoongi feels their distance as much as he does, if not more, but hearing the words is soothing, like a balm on a burn that he didn’t even know he had. He doesn’t want Yoongi to be sad, but knowing that he was missed as much as he missed his mate, reminds him that they’re in this together.

Jimin doesn’t know how how long they stay in the forest, kissing and hugging but eventually Jimin shivers, cold nipping at his skin and reminding him that it is not in fact, summer, and the ocean breeze is never too kind to him.

“Let’s go home,” he whispers, caressing Yoongi’s hair before pressing a soft kiss to his nose.

Yoongi nods, huffing in complaint for a moment before he lets Jimin down. His legs feel like jello, disconnected from his body and barely strong enough to hold his weight up. Thankfully, Yoongi’s hands remain at his hips, ready to catch him if it looks like he’s about to fall.

His body burns, sore and used but a smile radiates from his face, his cheeks hurt with the strength of it, and the pure happiness that he feels— he’d never replace that with anything else.

When Yoongi deems him strong enough to sustain himself, he takes several steps away from Jimin and strips quickly. Jimin can count on his fingers how many times Yoongi has phased in front of him.

Just the once.

He watches as best he can as Yoongi’s body contorts into the familiar shape of a wolf. It happens faster than he thought possible, almost at a blink of an eye his mate is gone and replaced with a giant black wolf, but it makes him smile nonetheless.

Jimin knows the drill, he slips onto Yoongi’s back and they’re off. The familiar rolling motion of Yoongi’s stride lulls Jimin into a sleepy state, too drowsy and happy to notice where they are until Yoongi is laying himself on the ground.

“Oh,” he grunts as he gets off and stands on his own. Yoongi’s almost instantly at his side, nosing into his hands and whining softly, too worried for the small twinge in his back.

Sure, he’s sore and it hurts, but it’s not a bad thing. He wanted it. He loves walking and remembering what they did, having proof of their intimacy.

“I’m okay, seriously, it’s fine,” he does his best to reassure Yoongi, but it’s not until he’s sitting on Yoongi’s bed that he finally stops whining and phases back.

“You’re sure I wasn’t too rough? I can go get you something to make you feel better?”

He just shakes his head and smile, “Let’s just shower and cuddle.”

Instead of a shower, Yoongi runs them a bath, dropping in a bath bomb to get the water nice and soapy before they both get in. Yoongi pulls Jimin into his chest, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s chest and nuzzling into his neck.

They’re silent as they enjoy each other’s presence. Yoongi laps at his skin, licking all over his shoulder and neck, nipping softly at the tattoo resting just behind his shoulder and around to the other side. Jimin knows it’s a comfort thing, that they all do it, but it warms his heart to have Yoongi do it for him.

He knows Yoongi well, knows that he’s not much into being publicly affectionate, that he’s not loud and clear with his feelings in the most traditional sense, that he still doesn’t understand or really care to follow most social norms. But he also knows that Yoongi loves him differently, but completely. Little silly things like tongue baths make Jimin preen, happy and cared for in an untraditional sense, but completely content.

“I love you,” he whispers, resting his weight on Yoongi and letting the warmth of the water relax his muscles.

Yoongi smiles, pressing a soft kiss to Jimin’s cheek, “I love you too, Jimin.”

A moment passes before Yoongi clears his throat, “How is school? You’re remembering to sleep?”

The gentle caress of Yoongi’s hands running up his sides ease Jimin into a peaceful state, mouth loose and eager to tell Yoongi whatever he wants to hear, “Exhausting. I never thought that classes could be this hard. I have a few morning classes and they’re by far the worst, which I don’t understand because I could do it before, but now anything before eleven and I feel like I’m dying a little on the inside.”

He takes a moment to think about it, his course load, his schedule, but honestly it’s not terrible, at least not compared to what other people are doing, “But the classes themselves aren’t impossible. The professors are great and I’ve been talking to one who’s been mentoring me, a little. She says that I can probably start the path to a kindergarten internship soon, which is early as a first year, but she likes me and thinks I can do it.”

He can feel Yoongi’s smile against his neck, the way he pulls Jimin into a hug makes him smile, but the pleased purr like sound he sometimes makes makes Jimin’s chest inflate with pride.

“I’m so proud of you,” he whispers, kissing Jimin’s neck, “ so fucking proud.”

There’s a small silence, a small tension in the air before Yoongi exhales, “I hate being away for you for so long.”

Jimin doesn’t need the silence to know that an admission like that is hard, that Yoongi would never ask him not to go, that Yoongi would never want Jimin to feel bad. But he’s happy that Yoongi admits to feeling that way, feeling the same way that he feels.

“I hate it too, Yoongi,” he replies, turning his body the best he can and kissing his cheek softly, “But it’s not forever. Once I get the internship it’ll be in town. We can get lunch together once a week or something.”

They share a smile before Jimin’s leaning in and nuzzling their noses together, giving Yoongi an eskimo kiss before kissing his lips.

Yoongi pulls back from the kiss with a smile, pecking his lips once more before speaking, “But being separated makes you bold, definitely wasn’t expecting that.”

Jimin’s hand smacks Yoongi’s shoulder loudly, splashing water everywhere. Embarrassment returns with renewed vigor, “God, I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe we did that. Jesus Taehyung is never going to let me live that down.”

Yoongi’s rumbling laugh makes his face burn more, painting it a bright red, “I thought it was hot.”

“Damn it, Yoongi, that’s not the point,” Jimin complains, voice whinier than he’d like even if he can’t fight down the smile on his face. He really can’t bring himself to regret it, even if he won’t be able to look at his friends in the eye for a little while.

“Seriously, Jimin,” Yoongi says, rubbing his sides before hooking a finger under Jimin’s chin and pulling his face up, “Don’t worry about it. They get it. I don’t think Joonie has been away from Jin for longer than a day without losing his mind. Trust me, they get it.”

Their eyes lock and Jimin can see something in Yoongi’s eyes, a yearning and adoration that he’s sure is reflected in his own eyes.

“Okay,” he whispers, leaning in and kissing Yoongi softly. Their lips linger, pressing in over and over until the water in the rub is closed and Jimin is pulling them up to rinse.

Once rinsed and dry, Jimin makes his way over to Yoongi’s closet. Grabbing the biggest shirt in the closet, he tugs it on before grabbing a pair of boxers and crawling into bed. He watches Yoongi do the same, hair fluffy and sticking up everywhere as he grumbles, trying to pat it down before giving up, turning off the light, and crawling in besides Jimin.

They don’t say anything, sated, warm, and comfortable as they shift around. Yoongi pulls Jimin back, spooning him and enveloping Jimin in a warmth not at all related to temperature. This is probably what he missed most in his dorm, being able to fall asleep in his mates arms, their fingers intertwined and rings clinking softly, reminding them both of their commitment, of what they have.

“Goodnight, Jimin,” Yoongi whispers, kissing Jimin’s neck before burrowing in and relaxing.

Smiling, Jimin tangles their legs before bringing their joint hands up and kissing them, “Goodnight, Yoongi.”

These are the moments he’ll remember when he goes back, that he’ll look back on when he can’t sleep at night. This is what the rest of his life looks like.

He can’t wait.