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Three's the number

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Stiles walks up the stairs to get to his room taking out his card to unlock the door. He opens it and slams it once he’s inside reeling from the satisfaction of the hinges groaning in protest he almost misses a flash of blond in his peripheral vision.


He sighs. “How did you get in here?” He turns to face a worried Sarah.


“I stole your other key card, how else?” She teases coming closer to grab his arm to pull him into a hug. “Why is it that whenever you meet one of your mates you come back looking down.”


“Speaking of mates, do you have any idea how they knew where I was?” He eyes her as she flinches away from his gaze.


“I may have taken the bus to the station to tell Will where you were going. I had a weird feeling and I didn’t know what to do.” She explains still not looking him in the eye. “I know you guys had that huge argument but I was hoping he could watch after you and maybe even see if not being in a work setting would help your situation.”


“Well thanks.” He tells her. “They actually saved me from that asshole Alex,” he sneers out his name in disgust.


“They?” Sarah shrieks grabbing his arms and checking him over. “What did that douche do? I knew I didn’t trust him for a minute that low scumba-”


“Hey! I’m fine. Hannibal and Will saved me.”


“Hannibal?” Sarah questions still upset.


“Yeah, he’s my other mate I met at the grocery store. I think Will must have called him when you told him where I was. It turns out that they’re together and don’t want another mate.” He says.


“Oh honey, you don’t know that. When I went into Will’s office he seemed to genuinely regret what happened. And when I told him to go make it up to you he jumped at the chance.” She tells him moving to the television and flipping to another channel. “He actually left work right then and he bumped into Agent Crawford on the way out, he didn’t seem to approve of Will leaving early.”


“Look, I know you’re trying to make things better but it won’t work. Even if Will felt that way, there’s still Hannibal and he clearly has concerns about my age and doubt that I would make a suitable submissive.” He feels his wing curve inward comforting himself.


Sarah looks at him remote still in hand. “I don’t believe it.”


He looks up at her startled by the conviction in her voice.


“What’s there not to believe?”


“You three are mates and it’s impossible that he doesn’t feel the pull too. Hannibal is the one you said was wearing a fancy suit in the grocery store right?” Stiles nods his head. “Well maybe he’s just too stuck up for his own good. You all belong together no matter what anyone says and maybe he needs a stern talking to but I thin you all should just sit down and talk everything out.”


“You know there are pairs that don’t want to be together simply because biology said so right?”


She cocks her head to the side and picks up the remote to continue flipping through more channels.


“But in those cases, they didn’t appear to have a strong enough connection in the first place. I think,” her fingers still over the device as she looks him in the eye. “I think with you it’s different. I think the pull is stronger than normal, based on what I’ve seen.”


It goes quiet for a while and Stiles comes to sit by her arching his wing over her shoulder in silence.


“Why are you pushing this?” He asks her.


She goes to get up but he catches her arm giving a slight tug for her to sit back down. She plops back down next to him and he’s shocked to feel something wet drip onto his wing that’s draping over her shoulder.


“Sarah, look at me.” He waits patiently as she slowly starts to turn her head revealing two watery eyes.


“I didn’t always use to be like this.” She admits leaning back into his wing with more force than necessary.


He stills catching onto the meaning of her words as she shifts and he feels the faintest lump.


“You...” She nods and he wordlessly pulls her into a hug curling both his wings around her as though he can protect her from the world. She silently cries into his shoulder clinging onto him like a child would a parent.


“I know you may not want to try but I know they care for you Stiles. I don’t know the full story of how the conversation went with you two but there has to be more to it. Please try.


You know you won’t be able to go on without them. Studies show that the submissive always take it the hardest and I don’t want to see you like that.” She sniffles into his shoulder.


He nuzzles the top of her head thinking about how maybe just maybe she was right and it was worth a shot. He takes a deep breathe in.


“Is this why you haven’t taken a chance with Nicolas?” She nods and he looks up to the ceiling. “How about this, I’ll try one last time with my bond mates, and you try with yours.”


“You don’t understand. I can’t do that.” Sarah shakes her head.


“Well why not?” Now that Stiles knows he can see the signs were there all along for them.


“No one would want to pair themselves with such a broken submissive. I can barely even feel my basic instincts react when he’s around!” She shouts the last part using her sleeve to wipe her tears from her face.


He chuckles and her eyes snaps to him betrayed.


“I wasn’t mocking you,” he starts with, “I was just thinking that was an easy fix. I think you’ve been repressing your true self back for so long it’s hard for you to accept it now that you want to.” He makes a note to himself to look for spells on wing repair.


“You really think he would accept me?”


He snorts. “He would be a fool not to.”


She takes in his words. “I’ll try. But you have to talk to your mates first because you’re the mom of the pack.” He pulls back looking at her but she shrugs blushing. “Believe it or not, the role suits you. Look at you mothering me. There’s no need to wipe my tears for me.” She slaps his hand away from her puffy cheeks.


“I can’t help that you just seem so young and naïve that you need my guidance.” He pouts retracting his wings before a small whimper stops him.


Stiles looks at Sarah who mumbles an embarrassed “sorry.”


He smiles and brings his wings tighter around her.


“You know what I noticed?”


She covers her mouth to yawn. “what?”


“We always have emotional outbursts in my room. Do you think we could start moving this to your room? I think I’m gonna have whiplash by how fast emotions come and go in here.”


Sarah scrunches up her nose, “I think I can make that happen. But first you have to tell me how you ended up in that shirt.” She nods down to the large fabric hanging loose. “I mean, did you guys,” She doesn’t continue talking leaving the rest of the sentence hanging in the air.


He can feel a flush creep across his face and spread to the tip of his ears but as he opens his mouth there’s a loud ringing sounding in the room.


They both startle and look to his laptop that is resting on the dresser by his bed. Stiles leans back reaching his arm to grab the bottom of the laptop to lift it bringing it closer to him in his lap.


Scott’s Skype picture peers back at him.


“Oh man I totally forgot tonight I was supposed to video call with Scott from back home.” He groans.


Sarah laughs but shifts from under his wing and stands up, “I guess that’s my cue to leave then.” She glances to his laptop. “Is he a good friend?”


Stiles knows the answer should be easy but he stills in thought. The ringing continues and just before it goes off he glances in Sarah’s direction.


“I wouldn’t say a good one but life moves on and so have we even though we keep in touch. He…” Stiles covers his eyes with the back of his hand exhaling. “He found himself a new family along the way. But that’s okay because so have I.”


She slaps the back of his head and he jerks up rubbing the spot.


“Get to your phone call. Idiot.” Stiles spots a smile playing on her lips and he mock salutes her.


“Yes ma’am. I’ll see you later okay?” She nods before rubbing her red eyes leaving the room.