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Good For You

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“Walt, the baby came.” Carter said into his phone.

“She did?” His husband said.

“Yes, gods I'm so happy. Mr. Green called me a few minutes ago and told me. I'm heading to the hospital right now. Phillis Tut Kane is here.” Carter cheered.

“I'm hanging up, I'll be at the hospital as soon as I can. I’m with your father right now but I'm sure he'll let me leave as soon as I tell him.”

“Alright. I love you.” Carter hung up and shoved his phone into his pocket.


Carter looked at the little baby sleeping. His daughter, Phillis. Her birth mother was a magician who had given up the lifestyle while her birth father was a mortal who left her after convincing her to keep the bab. Her friend, Mr. Green was what Carter knew him by, was the one who helped her out and set up the adoption. Carter never meet the birth mother and Mr. Green made it clear that he wouldn't be since it was a closed adoption. But Carter didn't care and neither did Walt. And well Anubis didn't care either through Carter didn't care much for his opinion. It's not like he didn't like Anubis, it was just that he loved Walt and would prefer to be without Anubis.

'Same here.’ the voice of Horus said in Carter's head.

'Stay out of my thoughts.’

'Don’t worry, I try to stay out of them… Congrats boy. You have a screaming ankle bitter now. And to think she could be a princess if you were to be the pharaoh.’

Carter rolled his eyes. 'Go away, Horus. Gods I missed the days you were away.’


Walt smiled into the nursery. Phillis was almost one year old.

Next week they were going to throw her first birthday party. Princess decorations were stuffed in the hall closet until then. Sadie and her girlfriends had bought most of them before him and Carter could even think about starting to plan the party. Phillis was growing up to be a smart and sweet little girl.

Almost a whole year of having a tiny daughter. Walt couldn't be happier.


Walt watched as some of the new trainees tried to get a basketball down from the hoop. He could easily help them but young teens throwing literally fire, rocks, cheese, water, and wands at a basketball was kinda funny.

Phillis was in his arms. She seemed to also enjoy the trainees being ridiculous.

“Do you think I should help them?” He asked her. She just bubbled something out.

“Yeah, I didn't think so.” Walt kissed her forehead.


Carter set a cupcake down in front of Phillis.

“She’s so cute and chubby.” Sadie said from behind him.

“Well you, Hazel, and Lacy give her a bunch of treats every time you guys see her so you're to blame.” Carter laughed. Sadie and her girlfriends like to spoil Phillis even more than Carter and Walt.

“Pillie is just fucking cute so she gets treats.” Sadie poked Phillis’s nose which had frosting on it. Phillis laughed.

“Don't curse in front of her.” Carter scrowled. He hated it when Sadie cursed. He wouldn't dare let Phillis's first word be 'fuck’.

'I say let it be fuck.’ Horus said.

'Hell no.’

“Bitch. Fuck. Bonking. Bloody damn. Bleeding hell. Shit. Arse-” Sadie started to name all the curse words she knew.

“Sadie! Stop!” Carter put his hand over her mouth. And then she licked it.

“Ew! Gods, you're gross.” Carter glared at her as he wiped his hand on his pants.

“Gross is my middle name.” Sadie smiled.

“It might as well be.”

“And nutter is ya middle name.”


Walt sat down next to Carter on their bed. His beautiful husband smiled at him. “Where's Phillis?”

“Asleep in her crib. Which means we have some free time.” Walt kissed Carter's neck.

“Walt…” Carter pulled himself onto Walt's lap.

“It's been awhile since we've done this.” Walt’s hands slipped underneath Carter's shirt.

A faint cry interrupted their moment.

“I'll go take care of Phillis.” Carter jumped up. Walt nodded. He sighed as Carter left.

'I love Phillis but the little monster doesn't sleep very much.’ Anubis said.

'Nope. But she is only one so we can't blame her.’

'I don't blame her at all.’

'Neither do I.’


Ruby looked down at the toddler at Walt's feet.

“Hello, Pillie. It's been awhile since I've seen ya.” Ruby smiled at her granddaughter.

“Nana!” The little girl shrieked. She tried to hug Ruby but sadly failed.

“You almost got me.” Ruby laughed.

“Do you mind watching her for a little bit? Osiris needs me to do a quick little job. Carter is working and Sadie said Hazel and her will be here in about ten minutes to pick her up.” Walt asked.

“Anything for my favorite son in law.”

“I'm your only son in law.” Walt said before walking away.

Phillis grabbed at Ruby again.

“Oh hun.” Ruby smiled.

“Nana!” Phillis reached for her again and this time Ruby felt her.

Ruby eyes widened. “My gods. Aren't ya powerful. Thanatos is your birth father, isn't he? My, my. Well aren't you a special little one. I see a huge wonderful future for ya. Just I won't tell your dads, they would freak out.” Ruby patted the girl's head.

“Da!” Phillis exclaimed happily.

“You're a really happy kid. That's good. Nephthys will get along with you famously.” She said. Phillis looked up at her and smiled. Only one and a half years old and already so full of thoughts and light.

Ruby sat silently as Phillis played with Ammit until she saw Sadie and Hazel appear. Shadowtravel was an amazing gift of the children of Pluto or Hades.

“Hullo girls.” Ruby said.

“Hullo, Mom.” “Hi Ruby!”

“Lacy had class today?”

“No, her sister needed her help moving into a new place.” Hazel answered.

“Well tell her I said hi. Also you three need to come down and visit more often, I love seeing my daughter and daughters in law.” Ruby smiled.

“Yes, mom. Phillie, are you ready to spend time with your favorite aunts?”

“Yup! Bye bye Nana.” Phillis ran and grabbed Hazel's hand. Ruby waved as they disappeared into the shadows. Ruby frowned when they were gone. Little Phillis was a demigod and a magician. And that was very dangerous. There had never been someone like her before. Not known about by the gods at least.

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Phillis looked around the city. She didn't know where she was but she did know she was dreaming, since she had the body of a jackle ike usual in her dreams. She sighed, and then changed her body into her human one. The city was empty minus another person standing a few blocks down. She could see flames curling around the other person.

She ran towards them. Maybe it was her ‘Aunt’ Zia. Or another fire magician. As she got closer, she realized she didn't know this person and they were not a magician. Phillis looked at their face. They had very dark eyes that seemed to be made of pure darkness.

“Hello?” Phillis called out to them. They continued to stare at her.

“Well aren't you talkative. Sorry, that was rude. It's nice to meet you, I guess. I'm Phillis.” She held out her hand.

“Ronnie.” The person said and disappeared.


Phillis was still in shock after meeting Ronnie. They had been in her dreams. Phillis never thought an Egyptian magician could meet a conscious demigod in their dreams.

She sighed and started to send a message to her grandmother. The black liquid in the bowl swirled until Ruby Kane’s ghostly face appeared.

“Grandma. Can you help me? I talked to a demigod or well a legacy in a dream. No one has ever experienced this before and it worries me. Could it be because of the worlds are coming together?” Phillis asked.

Ruby frowned. “In a way, dear Philly, you are correct. The worlds coming together is the reason you were able to actually communicate. Just ask your fathers about your birth mother. She will lead you to the answers I am not allowed to tell you.” Ruby said.


“Dad. Dad.” Phillis knocked on her dad's office. Carter opened it and looked at his daughter curiosity.

“Yes, sweetie?” He asked.

“Uh… I want to know…. the name of my birth mother or something.” She said.

He frowned, “Should have known this was coming. Honey, the thing is we never knew her name. We only talked to her friend named Mr. Green and most we knew was she was a magician. I could probably find the contact information. Me and your father will try to find out something. Okay?” Carter said.

Phillis nodded, “Okay. Also you know you two will always be my parents. I just want to know about my biological history. Like illnesses or even race.” She said. And because her grandmother told her to find out.


Phillis held a number in her hand. Three days ago she asked for her grandmother's help and now she could get answer from Mr. Green. Well maybe.

She dialed the number and waited.

“Hello?” A woman answered.

“Hi. I'm looking for Mr. Green. I have some questions for him.” Phillis said.

“Mr. Green? Who…? Oh hey babe. Some kid is asking for a Mr. Green. Oh o-” the woman's voice was cut off.

“This is Mr. Green. Phillis Kane, I assume?” He said.

Phillis froze. How did he know her name. There wasn't anyway for him to know her name, right?

“I guess you're confused. But I guess it was time. My real name is Thanatos. Greek god of death. And your biological father.” He said.

Phillis dropped her phone.


Phillis pushed her spaghetti around on her plate. She didn't feel hungry. A Greek god had claimed to be her birth father.

“So sugar plum, did you find out anything?” Her dad, Walt, asked.

“Sort of.” She grumbled.

“Is everything okay?” Her other dad, Carter, asked.

“That Mr. Green is really Thanatos and my biological father. So no everything is not really okay.”

Her dads remained silent.

“You're a demigod…. but your birth mother was a magician. She was involved with an Egyptian magician adoption agency.” Carter said.

“You could be both… wow.” Walt stared at her. But then she realized it wasn't Walt. It was Anubis.


Phillis stepped across the boundary of Camp Half-Blood. Holy shit. Most magicians couldn't do that. Actually literally none could do it without the company of a demigod.

But she was a demigod.

She walked towards where she knew her Aunt Lacy would be. The campers all stared at her as she went by and some she recognized. She even saw Ronnie.

Phillis knocked on the door of the counselor cabin. Drew Tanaka opened it. As soon as she did she looked above Phillis.

“Lacy, come here. Now!” Drew yelled. Phillis looked at her. What was going on?

Her Aunt Lacy popped out from behind Drew and gasped. “Thanatos… Philly, you're a demigod.”

“I know.” Phillis said. And now she was claimed.


Phillis threw a golden Greek coin into the rainbow. “Thanatos, The Underworld?” She said.

Soon a man with black wings appeared in a shimmering image. A woman wearing a crown of small skulls stood near him.

“Hello Phillis.” Thanatos said.

“Hi there. And hello to you too, ma'am.” Phillis said.

“Macaria. Goddess of blessed death.” The woman winked at her.

“Thanatos… can you tell me what happened to my birth mother. I still want to know something about her.” Phillis said.

Thanatos frowned, “She's dead. Her name was Dana Smith. A lovely woman and so kind. But she died in labor. I thought the hospital had told your dads. But I guess they didn't. She found out she had cancer when she was seven months pregnant. She didn't know how long she had so she decided to give you up for adoption. She lied a little about why she was giving you up but that's not important. Anyway, I have to go. Lots of people die.” Thanatos said before the image disappeared.

Phillis sat down on her bed. That answer wasn't the one she hoped for even if she didn't have a specific one in mind.

She didn't care for those things. She wanted to know hobbies or quirks. Or something ridiculous about her mother. Though the cancer thing was a nice warning.