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Just Another Cliche

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Galinda was cold and frightened. She had curled herself up in a small ball under her pink covers, and she was unable to control the shivers running through her body. It was the middle of the night and a storm was raging outside. Lightning struck, the thunder roared, the wind howled, and the rain pounded against the windows. Galinda was afraid of the thunder, and she now very much regretted insisting that she had to have the bed by the window. She peaked at Elphaba hoping that she was awake, but no luck. Her roommate was fast asleep, undisturbed by the noise of the storm.

Galinda was thinking of going and waking Elphaba when lightning flashed outside and thunder sounded. Galinda gave a small shriek and, in one fluid motion, pulled the covers off her bed, jumped onto the floor, slid underneath the bed, and pulled the blankets tight around her once again. Her shriek broke through Elphaba's slumber and caused her to wake. She sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes and squinting over at Galinda's previously occupied bed searching for the source of the noise that had disturbed her sleep. It was then that Elphaba really noticed the absence of her roommate. Great, thought Elphaba, where could she have gotten to this time? It's the middle of the night and it is storming outside.

"Galinda? Galinda, where are you?" Elphaba waited for a response, but one never came. "For goodness sakes Galinda, it's the middle of the night. Where are you?"

A clap of thunder echoed through the room and Elphaba heard a faint whimpering coming from under Galinda's bed. She slid off her own bed and knelt beside Galinda's. Leaning down and peeking under the bed Elphaba saw a small, trembling form hidden under the bed. What could that be? Elphaba thought before chiding herself for being so stupid. It's Galinda, but why is she under the bed?

"Galinda what's wrong?" Galinda's head poked out from underneath her blankets to stare at Elphaba. "Is it the storm?" asked Elphaba. Galinda nodded then hid her head again when she heard the thunder. Elphaba stared for a moment at the bundle of blankets that was her roommate and felt a feeling of protectiveness spread through her. Elphaba then found herself switching into a comforting mode, one she only ever used with Nessa.

"Galinda it's okay. It's just thunder, just a noise, it can't hurt you. Come out from under there it must be dreadfully cold. We wouldn't want you to get sick," said Elphaba softly reaching out a hand to help Galinda.

"But Elphie," whimpered Galinda, "It's scary out there."

"It's okay, I'm here. Nothing is going to get you. It's just a bit of thunder."

Galinda hesitantly took Elphaba's hand and crawled out from under the bed. They stood up and Elphaba pulled Galinda down to sit beside her on Elphaba’s bed.

"So, you're afraid of the thunder," commented Elphaba gently, not trying to make the other girl feel worse. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Galinda just shrugged not trusting her voice. More thunder sounded and, without thinking, Galinda hurled herself into Elphaba's arms. Elphaba, not used to so much physical contact, sat frozen for a moment before bringing her arms up and carefully placing them around Galinda. In that moment, she resolved to stay up and watch over Galinda until she was okay again. Elphaba repositioned them on the bed so that there were learning against Elphaba's headboard. Rather Elphaba was leaning against the headboard and Galinda was leaning against Elphaba. Elphaba reached down the bed and pulled her discarded blanket up over their legs. Once settled, Elphaba leaned her head against the top of Galinda's and hummed softly.

Galinda, still curled up beside Elphaba, burrowed deeper into the green girl’s arms. Now that Elphaba was holding her Galinda finally felt warm, safe. Galinda realized that she might even be able to fall asleep if Elphaba kept holding her like this.

"Elphie?" Galinda whispered into Elphaba's side.


"Can I stay here tonight? It's too scary and cold over there all by myself." Galinda looked up hopefully and Elphaba smiled softly. There was no way she could resist those shimmering blue eyes.

"Of course, my sweet," answered Elphaba kissing the top of Galinda's head gently.

"Thanks Elphie," muttered Galinda sleepily, "You're the best." Elphaba resumed her quiet humming. The sound of Elphaba's heart beating and her humming drowned out the thunder and lulled Galinda to sleep. Elphaba keep watch over them, listening to the storm, until soon enough even she could not keep her eyes open and followed her roommate into the land of dreams.

The storm passed in the night and the sun rose over Shiz University the next morning. The sun streamed into to the room and bathed the room in a gentle glow. Galinda's blanket was still half under her bed, the bed still sitting empty. In Elphaba's bed, both girls were cuddle close, sleeping soundly. At this moment, looking at the two unlikely friends, it could not be denied, that pink went well with green.