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His Trust, His Hat

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Yugo struggled to free his hands from the iron grip of his dragon brother as the rest of the Brotherhood of the Tofu watched helplessly from behind their cage; their powers useless.
“Adamai!” the young eliatrope shouted, “If being brothers ever meant anything to you, you will release us!”
Adamai growled at his much smaller brother, “If you really believed that, you would have chosen me instead of them!”
Yugo slumped in shame before continuing struggling, “They needed me, more than you did! And you were listening to the words of an absolute stranger!”
“At least she was reasonable and didn't attack me on false accusations! She trusts me!” the dragon shouted, “More than you ever did, apparently,” he muttered painfully.
“I do trust you!” cried the eliatrope.
“Do you? Do you really?” Adamai snarled, “Do you even trust them?”
“Of course I do!”
The dragon smirked cruelly at his brother, “Have you trusted them with what's under your hat?”
Stilling suddenly, everything and everyone was silent; a soul crushing silence.
“I'll take your silence, brother, as a no.”
Again Yugo was silent.
“How about you trust them right now?”
Suddenly as if released from a spell, the eliatrope struggled with an even greater fury, “NO! ADAMAI! I'm begging you,” he almost sobbed.
Grasping the hat between his teeth as he kept his brother's hands hostage, Adamai ripped the hat from Yugo’s head, revealing two bright blue, glowing wings sprouting from his, shaggy blonde hair.