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The Marks We Leave

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Chapter 6: Running Home To You




Maggie moves swiftly, darting between people on the crowded street. She can't say she missed pickpocketing so much as she missed the thrill of it. It is even better now that she knows a bit about her powers, when she focuses she can be nearly impossible to detect, she has never had as lucrative a day as today. As she picks up her pace, knowing she only has about 10 more minutes before she has to meet Alex, she grins. For once she can buy their snacks at the movie, Alex always insists on buying the tickets and the snacks because Maggie doesn't have much money, and they don’t like it when she pickpockets. Not because it’s wrong, but because they worry she will get hurt.


She plans to change that soon though, her 16th birthday is next weekend, the day after states, and she can start the new job she got. Renee helped her get a spot in the police department archives. It’s not the most glamorous job but it pays, unlike Renee’s internship, and will allow her to start saving up for college. She will even be able to stop pickpocketing for good after today, she thinks smiling to herself as she rushes to the theater. Maybe if she gets there first she can buy Alex’s ticket too.


She picks up the pace for the last couple blocks before skidding to a stop outside the theater. She looks down at the ground, was she really going that fast? Weird, though she guesses in her excitement to see Alex she got a little overzealous.


Not that she hasn't seen them plenty lately, but hanging out at the hospital and at school is not the same as getting to spend time with them in public. She smiles stopping outside the theater and looking around for Alex. Not seeing them she hurries inside, rushing to the line to buy the tickets before they arrive. Smirking as she thinks of Alex’s face when she tells them that she is buying tickets to “Beauty and the Beast.”


“Excuse me!” she smiles hearing Alex’s voice as they dart around people trying to make it to her.


Pretending not to see them she rushes to the box office cashier, “two tickets to Beauty and the Beast please,” she says quickly, smirking when she hears Alex sigh, having arrived a second to late. Handing over the money she turns to her soulmate, trying not to grin as she accepts the tickets and takes their hand.


“So are you going to acknowledge me or?” she tilts her head, bringing out the dimples, Alex can’t resist the dimples.


“Depends are you actually going to make me watch that movie?” they mutter pulling her in for a kiss.


“Yes, yes I am, and I am buying the snacks!” she calls tugging them over to the snack line as they groan. She is being cheeky, she knows how much Alex dislikes watching Disney movies, Kara kind of wore them out, after about 100 plays of each Disney Classic in the last few months, but Maggie is really excited for this movie. She knows if Alex really didn’t want to see it they would tell her so she isn’t worried. Besides she just got out of the hospital, Alex should humor her.


“You bought the tickets babe, let me get the snacks.” they whisper pouting slightly at her offended look.


“No, you always buy both so today I am buying both!” she exclaims rushing to the shortest line before looking back and shooting a cheeky grin at her soulmate.


“You're so lucky you're cute,” they growl slipping their hand back into Maggie's. Resting her head on Alex’s shoulder she sighs, happy they are going to let her pay.


After loading up on snacks, Maggie even has enough money leftover for dinner she thinks,  they head into the viewing room. She scans the theater, debating on where to sit, the front would be virtually empty, but making out in the back row is a stereotype she really wants to engage in. As she considers her options Alex pulls her in for a deep kiss, making her swoon. Swallowing a moan she tugs them to the back row, happy that Alex has no interest in watching this movie.


The two of them walk out after the credits roll, after the lights come on startling them. Maggie is all giggles and soft sighs as she looks over to the light on Alex’s face. They walk out of the cinema holding hands, peppering each other with light kisses as Maggie thinks of how little of the movie they watched. Sighing she looks into Alex’s eyes, her smile widening into a grin.


“Why are you flashing me your dimples?” Alex giggles as they walk down the road, unsure where they are headed but just enjoying being together. It's still early, only around 5pm and Alex’s curfew isn't until 9 so they have time to wander before dinner.


“Because you’re amazing,” she mutters looking anywhere but their bright, twinkling, eyes to hide her blush.


Alex pulls her closer, tilting her face up by her chin, “yeah?”


“Yeah,” she grins again tugging Alex in for another kiss, breaking it when she hears a sound of disgust.


Looking around for the source she meets eyes with a tall girl with bright red hair. Grasping Alex’s hand tighter she glares at the girl, waiting for her to speak. Maggie usually prefers a crowded street in cases of confrontation but for once she is glad that not many people are walking around in February.


“So the rumors are true,” she sneers, looking Maggie up and down. “You are gross Alex, I can't believe I let you sleep in my bed for years.” She turns her nose up at Maggie before continuing, “and of all the people to lez it up with you pick a scrawny litt-”


“Shut up Vicky,” Alex growls into her face having grabbed their ex-best friend by her jacket and pressed her against the nearest brick wall. Maggie barely even saw them move but she tries not to laugh at the fear on Vicky Donahue’s face. They press their right arm into her airway, holding her jacket with just their left, before adding, their voice a dark, steely whisper, “If you ever come near me, or disrespect my soulmate again, you will regret it, do you understand me?”


They wait for her to nod before letting her drop to the ground. Looking back at her with disgust Alex takes Maggie's hand again, pulling her further down the road quickly. Looking back at Vicky, confused as to why Alex, normally very in control, snapped so quickly. Shaking her head and deciding to discuss it over dinner she focus on holding her soulmates trembling hand.


They walk hand in hand for the next few blocks, the bond awash with a icy coldness that Maggie has never felt before. She has felt happy Alex, angry Alex, and sad Alex but she has never experienced this emotion from Alex. Knowing that they aren't ready to talk she instead sends waves of love through the bond, hoping to cut through some of the coldness.


They ignore her for the entire 3 blocks to shake shack. They are trembling, and still radiating that coldness, they are closed off from her and she doesn't know why. “Alex?” she whispers as they get into the line. She sighs when they tug her close, gasping when she feels them shuddering, tears on her collarbone.


She rubs their back as she walks with them, glad they are at least moving with her. She orders quickly, happy that there's not many people around. Alex is still crying into her shoulder when the food is ready, still trembling as Maggie walks them over to collect the tray. She smiles at the woman who hands her the tray, her eyes narrowing at the look she gives Alex.


It's a balancing act for her to hold the tray of food, the milkshake, and her still shaking soulmate but Maggie Sawyer is a badass.  They slide into a booth, Alex finally letting her go, though they lay their head on her shoulder as soon as the are settled. Maggie trembles a bit as she starts to eat, hoping that Alex will start eating too.


She makes it halfway through the fries before they sit up. Dropping the fry she was about to eat back to the tray she meets their eyes. Noting that the coolness in the bond is starting to thaw she plants a chaste kiss to their lips. “You ready to tell me what that was about?” She looks into their eyes, hoping to see anything other than the coldness they have been projecting, frowning when they avoid meeting her gaze.


She watches as they sigh, “She was my best friend, and she hates me now.” they whisper, Maggie gasp as a tear falls from her soulmate's eyes.


She had seen flashes of Vicky during their soul merge, and the two of them were thick as thieves. She watched as Alex spent nights sleeping over at her house, in her bed, she can’t reconcile the nice girl from those memories with the sneering teen she met today. Shuddering slightly she whispers, “what happened?”




With that single word Maggie gets it, of course she gets it. Alex has been dedicating their life to Kara for the last few months. Everything they do Kara has to be involved in or who will look out for her. It’s easier at school now that Kara has the superfriends, has Winn and Barry especially, to look out for her, but Maggie knows that Alex sacrificed a lot of friendships to take care of, and protect their new little sister. “Vicky didn’t like how much time you spent with her.” she doesn’t phrase it as a question, she already knows the answer. What’s confusing is why she didn’t see this in the merge, Kara has been on earth for months, if Vicky and Alex had a big blowout then she should have seen a flash of it, unless.


“When I was in the hospital, unconscious, she called you didn’t she.” again it isn’t a question, especially not when the answer is written all across Alex’s face, the guilt flooding the bond, then they nod. “Oh Al,” she gasps wrapping her arms around them as they sob lightly onto her shoulder.


They pull back a fraction and whisper into her clavicle, “she called while you were still sleeping, she asked if I was coming to the movies with her.” They swallow hard, grasping Maggie's hand before continuing, “when I told her I was at the hospital, with you, that I would be there until you awoke she got mad. Said ever since Kara came I've been ignoring her, that now that I have my soulmate we will never see each other.” A tear falls from their eyes, Maggie leans in and kisses it away. “She told me I could leave you, go spend time with her right then or we could end our friendship.”


Maggie pulls them closer, allows them to hide in her shoulder as they cry harder. “She was my best friend in the world Maggie. I shared her bed, we have been friends since my first martial arts class. The class I took when I was three years old!” They sob harder, their entire body trembling against her. “She is my best friend and I wanted to punch her Maggie, and then I wanted to punch that wall. I wanted to punch that wall so hard my hands bruise. And then I glanced back at you and I saw the look on your face and I couldn't couldn't breathe Maggie. I just feel so much anger and I don't know what to do?” They stop crying, their shaking intensifying as they look her in the eyes. “You must think I'm a monster,” they whisper, looking anywhere but Maggie's face.


She freezes, unsure she heard them properly, because there is no way Alex thinks they are a monster. There is no way Alex thinks that Maggie, Maggie who loves them more than life itself, could think they are a monster. She gasps, tears falling from her eyes as she thinks of how much pain Alex must be in. How could she not know how hurt, how sad, how broken they are. She feels it now, the pain in the bond is overwhelming, she doesn't understand how she possibly could have missed it.


“Oh Al, baby, no. You aren't a monster. You are to kind, to sweet, to good to ever be,” they open their mouth to interrupt her but she shakes her head. “No! Alex Danvers you are the best person I have ever met. Alex you aren't a monster and I need you to believe that baby, I need you to trust if not in yourself than in me, because I see how good you are, how amazing, and I will help you see it too.”


She is choking back sobs as they hold each other, and she thinks how ridiculous they look, cuddling in a Shake Shack crying over a carton of cold fries. Though if she is being honest she couldn’t care, right now she just needs her soulmate to be okay.


After they finally stop shaking she pulls back from their hug, “ready to go Al?” her voice is soft and her eyes large as she checks to be sure they are okay. She smiles tightly as they nod, grasping their hand and sliding out of the booth, being sure to gather the trash to dump on their way out.


They wander the streets in silence for a while, just holding hands, each wrapped up in their own thoughts. Maggie glances over to Alex every few minutes, just making sure they are still present, still with her, at least physically, the bond having gone cold and distant again.


They make it to the beach glad no one is there at night on a cold day in February. Maggie is shocked when Alex drops her hand and falls to the sand, sitting, legs crossed, facing the ocean. She slides down to sit next to them, sighing deeply before reaching for their hand. For a moment she is sure they will pull away but instead they intertwine her fingers with theirs, sighing as Maggie watches their shoulders relax.


They sit in silence, watching the waves. As the moonlight makes weird patterns in the sea Alex turns to her, the sudden movement startling. “Maggie, when we said this before I wasn’t sure you’d ever wake up, so I want a do over.” she stares at them confused, waiting for them to continue, “Maggie, I love you, so much, you are the other half of my soul and I am so happy I found you.”


She smiles wide, staring into shining hazel eyes she replies, “Alex, I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on on you, you are the best part of me Danvers, I love you, so much.” She leans her head on their shoulder, smiling when they wrap their arm around her waist. The date may not have gone exactly how she wanted but it was still perfect, because her soulmate, is perfect.


~5 days later~


“Kara come on! You’re going to make us late, Caitlin will kill us if we are late!” Maggie smiles as Alex yells for their sister.


The two of them had a rough week. After their date they went back to Alex’s and Kara was sleeping in her bed so the two of them slid into Alex’s bed instead. They kept the door open, of course they did, but that didn’t stop Jeremiah from yelling when he went to wake Alex up the next morning. He was expecting Kara to be there and when Maggie was in Alex’s bed instead, he was angry, Alex was livid, because maggie was shaking. She was afraid, terrified of Jeremiah, sweet  “Mr. Danvers,” who makes her smiley face pancakes when she stay’s for breakfast and laughs at her lame jokes, scared her.


Alex was out of bed in seconds, standing before their dad and glaring, whispering sharply, “you’re scaring her dad, stop, please,” they peeked back at her as she shook.


Jeremiah saw her shaking and froze, his eyes wide. Whispering, his eyes full of concern, “sorry Maggie, I was surprised. I am going to go okay?” He stayed only long enough for her to nod before exiting Alex’s bedroom, even shutting the door behind him.


She shakes violently at the memory, taking a deep breath as she tries to remember that Jeremiah isn’t her dad. Jeremiah was very worried for her reaction and if not for Alex helping her dodge his questioning, he probably would have got her to tell him everything about her dad. After the hospital stay the Danvers parents have been a bit worried for her so she want’s to avoid giving them a reason to probe further.


She is pulled from her thoughts by sound of Kara running down the stairs, Alex on her heels. “Come on Maggie! We’re going to be late!” she calls running out of the door with barely a look back.


Shaking her head at the excitable girl she grabs her bag and runs to catch them, being sure to lock the door on her way out as she runs to the Danvers siblings.


Slowing once she reaches Kara she gasps, “wow kid, I was waiting for you two for nearly 20 minutes and once you're ready you leave without me?” she grins when Kara looks sad for a moment before she picks up on Maggie’s teasing.


“You locked the door right Sawyer?” Alex asks taking her hand once she slows to walk beside them, allowing Kara to take the lead.


She nods absently her mind still full of the past week. She hasn’t seen Jamie in days and when she spoke to Diego yesterday he seemed worried, though he wouldn’t say why. She has been sleeping at her aunt’s more recently as well, for fear that her dad will come looking for her. She wants to keep him as far away from Alex as possible, especially after the brief conversation she had with him before he left the hospital. He wanted to be sure she wouldn’t mention how they got their injuries. She glared at him, reminding him that she hasn’t said anything in nearly 11 years, why start now?


Alex’s light squeezing of her fingers pulls her back to the present. She realizes that they have made it to school.


“This is going to be so fun!” Kara yells jumping so high Alex has to tug her down. Maggie gets it though, she's excited too. They have be preparing for weeks and finally, it's time to bring home the gold.


“Lily!” Maggie smiles as Kara takes off running toward her friends. The 9th graders are all clustered together, bouncing with excitement.


Taking Alex’s hand and shaking her head at Kara she whispers, “let's go hangout with Diana and Caitlin.”


Waving at her friends as they head over she smiles at how excited Diana is. She really likes Diana, the younger girl is excitable and boisterous and fun without being overwhelming, and she's kind to Kate Kane which not many people are.


Letting go of Alex’s hand when they reach their friends, she slings her arm around Diana’s shoulder. “So Prince, I hear you're trying to steal my best friend? I'll fight you for her.” She mock glares, waiting for Diana’s reaction.


“Can we not share her?” Maggie suppresses a smile at Diana’s confused expression, smirking when she meets Alex’s disapproving eyes. Though she is shocked when Diana moves, almost unnaturally quickly, spinning and holding her arms behind her back, just tight enough as to make it hard to escape but not painful. Chuckling Diana continues, “though if you truly wish to spar I can obl-"


Maggie smirks as she looks up at Diana. Havings spun out of her grip and holding her wrists between their bodies. Diana looks shocked before she grins mischievously, but before they can continue their playing, Caitlin stops mid sentence in her conversation with Alex, “okay stop, you two are both badasses but if one of you get’s hurt before this Olympiad you both better hope you  die because otherwise Felicity will kill you.”


Smiling at Diana and giggling at her smile she let’s go of her wrists. “You're pretty good Prince, I would be honored to share best friends with you.”


Diana nods solemnly, “so that makes us best friends right?” she tilts her head looking at Maggie worriedly.


Glancing at Alex and seeing their grin she smiles, “yes Diana we are best friends.” she chuckles at the formality, pulling her in for a hug as Caitlin and Alex laugh quietly before returning to their conberstation.


“Okay people, gather round!” Maggie let's go of Diana as Felicity calls everyone over to the bus. Taking Alex’s hand again the four of them head over to their team captain and coaches.  


Caitlin takes her spot to the right of Felicity as the team stands before them. “Okay team, we have been preparing for weeks. You know the information, you have the skills, let's bring gold home for Midvale High!”


The team cheers as Dr. Wells gestures for them to get on the bus. Alex drops her hand, looking for Kara as Maggie looks for a seat.


Deciding on a seat in the middle, one big enough for three she smile, glad she gets the window seat. “mind if I sit here?” she smirks at Alex’s cheeky grin.


“oh” she feigns sadness, “I was saving this seat for the love of my life.” She grins chuckling as she reaches for Alex's hand. “come Danvers, sit with me.”


They slide into the seat, “Kara is sitting with Lily Stein so we have this three seater to ourselves.” they grin kissing her softly.


“Hey Alex do you mind if I s-" she looks up chuckling at the blush on Lena’s face.


Alex looks at her, her eyes hard, “I'd love to say no but,” Maggie squeezes their fingers feeling their slight trembling. She knows how upset Alex has been due to the Lena and Kara situation but the poor girl has few friends, and Barry is sitting with cisco and Jesse is napping on Wally and she only has Alex left. “but, yeah,” they scoot closer to Maggie, “you can sit Lena.”


Maggie smiles as Lena slides into the seat, “I'm sorry,” she mumbles avoiding Alex’s eyes, a tear rolling down her face.


“Don't apologize to me Lena, I'm not the one who-” they take a deep breath. “Look, don't apologize to me, apologize to Kara. Apologize to my little sister because all she wants is to be your friend.”


Lena stares at them open mouthed as Alex leans on Maggie's shoulder. Maggie smiles at the younger girl, lightly squeezing Alex’s hand. She knows how much Lena looks up to Alex and having your hero glare at you is a huge blow to one's ego. She hears a whispered, “thanks” as the bus pulls out of the school parking lot.


Arriving at the olympiad is a rush. Maggie was never one to participate in school based competition, not that she isn’t competitive, she just never got into clubs at school so she never got to showcase her competitive side. Participating meant getting close to people, and getting close to people always resulted in questions she didn’t want to answer.


It takes a bit of wrangling but between their three coaches and two captains the teams was able to get organized. Everyone knew where they had to be when and the first day and a half of the olympiad went off without a hitch.


Maggie spent Friday night at the Danvers’ so they could travel together again and Lena even spoke to Kara without running away immediately. It was a good couple of days all around, that is until Maggie got to her  last event.


The last event she had for the day, for the entire olympiad, was Forensics with Barry. Things were going very well, she was actually pretty confident in her first olympiad run, and this event was going to be a cinch. She was going to be a detective, so of course Forensics will be easy. But about halfway through the event her phone vibrates, and she doesn’t look at it. She can’t look at it because if she does she could be disqualified and if she is disqualified Felicity would have a fit. Felicity who is usually super calm and nice except when it comes to the olympiad, would kill her and dispose of the body if she gets disqualified, so she ignores it.


She continues to ignore it as it goes off every few minutes for the remainder of the event. As soon as she can she runs to the bathroom, so fast even Barry would be surprised at her speed.


Locking herself in a stall, her body tense though she isn’t sure why, she pulls out her phone. She gasps as she see’s the texts, the 10 missed calls, 8 of which are from Jamie, 1 is from Diego and the last, the last is the most unusual because she never calls, she never acknowledges Maggie at all. Her mother never calls her, but she did, and she left a voicemail, and Maggie is afraid to listen. Afraid because the texts she has are all from Jamie and she knows, knows something happened. So she sinks to the floor, shaking hard as she stares at her phone.


It feels like days later, but  it is more like minutes when she hears a soft voice, “Maggie?”


“Go away Diana” she yells wiping away tears she didn’t realize she was shedding.


She sobs harder when she hears footsteps, sure that Diana is leaving her alone, why would she stay? When suddenly she is being held tightly by strong arms. “Not leaving you like this Maggie, Alex’s event will be over soon and I am sure they will come running to you but until then I am here, we are best friends, it’s my job.”


She sobs harder turning into her friends embrace and shaking with sobs. Crying harder when Diana starts muttering to her in another language, on she doesn’t recognize, rubbing her back lightly as she sobs.


It’s another 20 minutes before Alex enters the bathroom, Maggie can feel her worry and her closeness in the bond. “Maggie, let me in, please.”


She trembles as Diana whispers, “I am going to let you go, and I am going to let Alex in. Is that okay?” she waits for Maggie's nod before letting go and opening the door to the stall. She is only without contact for a moment before Alex is pulling her into their arms.


“What happened Mags?” they whisper running their fingers through her hair.


“It’s Jamie,” she whispers trembling harder at Alex’s sharp intake of breath.


“What happened?” they whisper holding her tightly.


“I am not sure, I haven’t read the messages, I’ve been to afraid. He called and texted me  so many times Alex, and I ignored him for a dumb competition.” she sobs hiding her face in their shoulder.


“Why don’t we look at them together,” they mutter rubbing her back.


Nodding slightly she pulls out her phone, pulling up the texts first, afraid to listen to her mom's voicemail. Reading quickly she shakes at the progression of texts. The first couple are happy, apparently Jamie has a power too, he can change his appearance. But the last few are worrying, apparently their dad saw him making himself taller and freaked out.


Alex looks at her, their face full of concern as they ask, “should we listen to your mom's voicemail?”


She nods slightly gesturing for Alex to press play. Her mom sounds scared, that’s the first thing she notices and it makes her blood run cold. They play the message through twice, Maggie hiding her face on Alex’s chest as she shakes.


“I should go to the hospital, now, tell the team I will see them later.” she mutters her voice cold, quiet. She is sure the bond is as cold as it was when Alex shut down last week.


“Maggie I can go wi-”


“No! Alex you can’t help, you can’t fix this, I need to go.” she turns away from them, running out of the building, ignoring the waves of love and pain in the bond. She knows if she looks back, if she let’s Alex help, to hold her she will never leave their arms, she will just cry, and that won’t solve any of her problems.


Tears running down her face as she heads to the nearest bus stop she whispers, “I love you Alex, but you can’t save me, not from this.” And their bond has never transmitted words before, it’s still to new, but somehow she knows Alex heard her.