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Space Oddity

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Chapter 2


Wolf and her men didn't come back until well into the night. Almost everyone was asleep, happy and joyful after having listening to Martha for hours. They were eager to know everything about her and the Doctor. However, the opposite applied to Martha, as the excitement and the joy of telling her story made her more wired than anything.

"Still not asleep I see," Wolf offered as she joined Martha by the fire. "What’s keeping you awake?"

"Just the adrenaline.” Martha gave a tiny shrug. “I normally don’t sleep right away when I'm talking about why I'm here. Your mission was successful?"

Wolf sighed and sadly shook her head. "We lost two men..."

"I'm sorry." Martha turned her full attention towards Wolf, ready to be a sympathetic ear if needed.

After a moment of silence the blond woman turned her head toward Apollo, who was sleeping close to Martha. "Did he take good care of you?"

"Oh yes," Martha said with a smile. "He was very nice, and a very good listener." She looked at the kids and older one scattered all around the fire. "They all were."

"You know you give them hope. It's a good thing to have."

They stayed in silence during a long moment, staring at the fire. After a few minutes Martha considered asking more questions to know this Wolf person a little better, when the other woman began to talk again.

"Can I ask you a question?" she said, almost shyly.

"Yes. Of course." Martha nodded.

"How he is? I mean the Doctor...How he is when he is with you?"

"What do you mean?" Martha asked, giving Wolf a curious look. And for the first time, the woman seemed lost.

"Is he happy? I mean before the Master, he was happy?" Wolf diverted her gaze towards one of the groups of slumbering children. Martha recognized Wolf’s intent almost immediately; trying to subtly gather information on a particular subject.

Martha tooks a few seconds to consider her response. Is the Doctor happy? Outside of current circumstances… Yes, he appeared happy most of the time. But, there times where she could see just how deeply sad and wounded he was deep down. She knew what a person in mourning looked like, and it was obvious that it was for his planet and probably of Rose as well.

But right now people needed a hero. Someone who was still capable to make you want to fight. Especially after having lost people, like the colonel did today. And like she said earlier that evening: hope was a good thing. "Yes, I think he was. Before everything happened with the Master, He smiled a lot and he couldn’t seem to stay still." A smile was on Martha’s face now as she recalled her adventures. "He hates it when I sleep, said it's a waste of time. If I was crazy enough to take his advice, I will only sleep every four days. Sometimes he reminds me of a giant baby." She chuckled. "You know what the funniest thing about him is? He’ll talk to his ship a lot! Like all the time! Sometimes I'm almost waiting for his ship to respond."

Wolf was smiling with what Martha could swear was longing. She was also moving her head, like she was pondering something. "Great! That's great. I'm happy he’s not alone. Having someone is the most important thing in the world. Especially someone like him."

"What do you mean?" Martha was intrigued by her choice of words.

She waved her hand in dismissal. "I work for UNIT, I know his story. It's been years since we even heard of any Time Lord beside him or the Master. Saving the world, traveling in the entire Universe and being a hero. It can be hard on you, and you need to have someone to keep you in check and hold your hand. If you don't, you start to forget why you are doing this."

"You seem to know a lot about saving the world and all..."

"I have my fair share of adventures. The perk of being employed by UNIT for years. So yes I saved the world once or twice." Wolf stated proudly, looking directly into Martha eyes. The stare of the soldier was full of sorrow and pain, reminding Martha too much of the Doctor. Maybe that's why she looked so sad. Losing everything could do that to a person.

"For what you've lost I'm sorry," Martha offered, surprising herself by taking Wolf’s hand in hers. This year had been very hard on everyone. But those who were still trying to resist, who were still fighting, were generally those with nothing to lose. And she had a feeling that the colonel was one of those people.

Wolf was clearly startled by the gesture. "Oh! Well, uhm, thank you." She frowned, not looking at her and slightly uncomfortable at the contact. "I have to check on the perimeter. Good night, Martha." In a flash she was gone, walking with long strides towards the other end of the warehouse.

Martha sighed while rubbing at her eyes, feeling exhausted all of a sudden. She hoped that she hadn’t inadvertently set back progress between her and Wolf. She liked her and still wanted to talk to her more. It had been a long time since she had any sort of connection like that with someone, regardless of how big or small the interaction was. With a last look, she stood up and took one of the blankets. A good night of sleep, that's what she needed.

Tomorrow was another day.