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The Takeover

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The broadcast of the hostages being held was running on a 24 hour feed for the whole of Starling City to see, broadcasted on its own unique channel and across every open screen across Starling. It was almost 23 hours ago when Queen Consolidated was stormed by a group calling themselves the Green Brigade – whom killed a number of guards, locked down the entire QC building and took every QC employee hostage. It was 23 hours ago when Oliver Queen’s life became even crazier than he could have ever imagined. It was 23 hours ago when he watched as two of the most important women in his life were shown tied up with guns pointed at their heads with the warning that if he did not pay up he would watch his mother and assistant be executed live on a live feed. He watched as Felicity Smoak, his girl Wednesday, tried to comfort his mother. Even while tied up and being held hostage, Felicity always put others in front of herself. It was 23 hours ago when Oliver Queen lost control over everything that mattered in his life. Oliver Queen had 1 hour to save not only his family’s company, all the hostages, and his mother. He had only 1 hour to save the love of his life.

- 23 Hours Previously -

Oliver has spent nearly an hour at lunch with his sister as she badgered him about finally asking Felicity out for a date. Oliver never thought that his sister would ever pick up on his feelings towards Felicity, but one too many times Thea had witnessed the interaction and connection between QC CEO and his executive assistant.

“Come on, Oliver! Just ask Felicity out on a date! You know you want to,” said Thea forcefully.

“Like I’ve said before, Speedy, there is nothing between Felicity and I. Nothing,” answered Oliver as he speared his salad a little too forcefully.

Oliver had become more and more annoyed by his younger sister’s antics in trying to push him towards Felicity. Yes, he knew he had feelings for Felicity. Hell, he was able to admit to himself that those feelings were a lot deeper than he was even able to admit to himself. In the span of a year, Oliver realized more and more how much Felicity mattered to him. Not just as his assistant or Team Arrows IT extraordinaire, or a partner, but as a true friend. Felicity had been able to make him smile when no one else could since his return to Starling. She was this shining bright light in his very dark world, a light too bright that he never wished to diminish. She was his calm in the storm. She was his anchor in his crazy life. And he wasn’t willing to risk any of that, even though his inner battle of denying his true feelings was beginning to put a strain on him.

He watched as Felicity began a relationship with Barry Allen, but thankfully fizzled out before he had to make the kid disappear, permanently. In the beginning he couldn’t figure why it irked him when Felicity and Barry began to spend time together. But slowly, and with a little help from Diggle, he realized he was jealous. He was jealous of Barry. He was jealous of this kid who got to go out with the woman that made his darkness dissipate. Oliver was just plain jealous of Barry, and took every fibre of his being from breaking the two up.

He was also unable to dismiss all the times that Thea had tried, and failed, to get him to ask Felicity out. Thea had tried near everything to force him into asking Felicity out. Even to the point of blackmailing him with some very embarrassing videos from his childhood when he and Tommy had tried to start a boy band together. Unfortunately for Thea, it took a lot more than an embarrassing video to break him.

“Earth to Ollie? You’re thinking about Felicity aren’t you? I knew it? I mean come on, Ollie. Why can’t you just admit that you like Felicity and ask her out on a date? You know you like her! I can see it every time you look at her,” inquired Thea less forcefully than before.

“Thea just stop, okay. I know you think that there is something between Felicity and I, but I can assure you there is nothing there. She’s just my friend alright?”

“One day you’re going to regret saying that, Ollie.”

Oliver’s phone went off in the middle of the conversation between Dig and himself on the way back from lunch with Thea. Oliver knew he was late for a meeting with a bunch of accounting executives and answered the phone believing it was Felicity on the other end.

“Look I know I’m late, Felicity. Just fend them off with your charm until I get there. Dig and I are headed back to QC right now. ETA 10 minutes max.”

“It’s not Felicity, Oliver,” answered Detective Lance.

“Detective, may I ask why you are calling me,” questioned a confused Oliver.

“There is a situation at QC HQ. We’ve blocked off the street. You won’t be able to get into a building. A group launched an incursion into QC about 20 minutes ago. And it looks like they’ve killed a number of guards and have barricaded themselves in the building. None of the employees in the building were able to escape. They’ve all been taken hostage.”

Oliver head began to spin as he heard the words spill out of the detective’s mouth. How could QC be hit? Why would anyone hit QC? The HQ was just offices; most of their experimental and valuable products were located in numerous off sites around the world. There was nothing valuable that warranted an incursion like the one being described to him.

“Oliver? The group in question is calling themselves the Green Brigade. They’ve cut off all communications into the building except one phone. It looks like corralled all the staff into the cafeteria. They’ve set up a live feed, Oliver. It’s broadcasting all over the city. You can see it on the screen outside the building. We don’t know how much manpower these guys have but it must be a large amount to takeover Queen Consolidated in the time they’ve had. These guys are damn efficient though.”

“Ollie, what’s wrong,” asked Thea as she saw her brother’s demeanour change dramatically.

“Oliver, what’s wrong,” asked Dig as he had yet to answer Thea’s question and saw his face in the rear view mirror.

“Oliver,” spoke Lance, “the hostages include your mother and Felicity.”