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CAUTION!! Vampire's in training

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A dark shadow walked through the halls of stone, not even acknowledging the wraiths that floated through the halls as well. It walked down a set of stone steps heading into the heart of this hell, it made its way passed empty cells and rusted bars. Soon coming to a stop in front of the only cell occupied with in the depths.

Inside the cell was a petite and feminine looking young man. His midnight black hair now reached the floor and was straight, where once it was short and unmanageable. His body was unmarred, no sign of the scars that once littered it, and his pale skin almost glowed in the dark. But what was most stunning, were his glowing green eyes that were the same color as the killing curse, though they no longer held the spark for life they once did.

It stepped through the bars and walked over to the small body, pulling him into its arms. The man wrapped his arms around its waist and held on for dear life.

“Have you finally come to release me from this world?” Asked a soft bell like voice.
“No Master, but I have come to give you a second chance at life with them and hopefully more.”

The man stayed quiet for some time before looking up at the face of Death. “Do you mean that? Do you promise that it won’t end the same?”

Death nodded his head before picking up his Master and walking the halls once more, ignoring the screams of fear from the other prisoners. He walked down the steps and towards the edge of the water not once looking back at Azkaban.

Death looked down at the sleeping face of his Master, he loved that his Master trusted him so much. He bent his head and kissed his Masters forehead, smiling when he cuddled closer.

“I promise Master that this time will be different, I will kill anyone that tries to take this second chance away.”
And just like that, they were gone from the wizarding world.



Two beings stocked their prey through the trees and made sure to stay up wind, as they didn’t want to be sniffed out. They had watched their prey for a few hours in hopes that they would lead them to their hide out. But after almost five hours they were nowhere close to finding it.

Their prey suddenly moved fast and the chase was on. They ran through the trees and passed buildings when their prey took a sharp right turn and vanished.

Felix let out a string of curses, Demetri had a subtle pout on his face. They had been charged with following the twins when they came back to Volterra smelling of, per their Masters, the sweetest and most delicious blood they had ever smelt.

Unfortunately, when asked, read demanded, where they had been they both said that they could not say as they had made a binding promise, Marcus confirmed it.

So Aro assigned them to, what they call, twin watch and it’s very difficult. In the beginning, the twins would wander around before vanishing but as the weeks passed they became very creative. Overall, this became a game of cat and mouse for the four vampires.

As both vampires were walking back to, once again, tell Aro that they lost the twins they caught a mouthwatering scent. Both vampires followed it through the buildings and towards the market. They weaved through the crowd and spotted the source of the smell.

Standing in front of a fruit vendor was a petite male. His short platinum blonde hair was neatly styled and he wore a white turtleneck with skin tight black jeans. He looked up at them with stunning silver eyes and glared before paying for his fruit and walking away.

They followed him through town and towards the forest. He made his way down a dirt path and towards a steel gate. They were going to follow but where stopped when they suddenly found themselves upside down.

“Why the bloody hell are you two following me?!” A voice shouted with a heavy British accent.

Both vampires looked up and saw that it was the blonde they had been following. His hands were on his hips and a dark look was on his face. Both vampires tried to get loose but failed. They opened their mouths to reply but stopped when they heard giggling from above them.

Looking up, they saw a little boy with pale skin and dark red eyes.

An Immortal Child.

They noticed the rope in the child’s hand and followed it down to their legs and back up, just in time to see the kid let go. They hit the ground with a loud thud but were on their feet in an instant.

They looked up but the child was gone and so was the blonde, but not his scent. They followed it passed the gate and down a little stone path. The sudden light of the sun temporarily blinded them when they left the forest. Once they could see again, they found themselves in a beautiful garden with an old looking manor in the center.

They listened for any sound of life before moving forward. They were about half way to the manor when an ear-splitting scream stopped them.

“Teddy, what have I told you about leaving the manor without telling me?! You’re lucky that Draco was with you or your ass would be mine!” A bell like voice shouted, British accent making it sound musical.

“I’m sorry mummy. I just wanted to meet Uncle Drake at the gate but he had weird people following him and I needed to do something! Uncle Fred and Uncle George said that the best way to get someone to stop following you is to catch them!” A little voice quickly said, they could only assume it was the child.

“Mum, he does have a point.” A familiar male voice chimed in.

“Alec, stay out of this! Mum is right, Teddy could have been badly injured or killed if he was found by some vampire!” They were surprised by the concern in Jane’ voice.

They moved forward and carefully looked over the hedge. On the other side was Alec and Jane sitting at a glass lawn table glaring at each other. They looked away and saw the blonde they were following being glared at by a short and petite raven haired male. Said male would glare at the blonde and then glared at the small child.

“Teddy, I have these rules for a reason, I don’t want you to be taken from me and you’re grounded for wearing the cloaking pendent your Uncle’s have been working on. And Jane, don’t yell at your brother.” The raven then hugged the child before looking at the blonde. “Now, what is this I’m hearing about you being followed?”

The blonde scuffed and sat down next to Alec. “They were just two vampires that were being nosy and followed me.”

“Draco.” Was all the raven said.

The blonde bit his lip and tried to avoid eye contact but it didn’t work. “Fine, I thought they smelt pretty good but that means nothing!” The raven just snorted. “It means everything to you, you just don’t want to admit it.

They shook they heads, they needed to focus. The twins were found but now they needed to capture the child and bring him back. They moved quickly and grabbed the child and took off.

Felix held the child as they ran back to Volterra. The boy screamed and thrashed as they entered.

Their masters looked at them before looking at the small child. “Who is this?” Aro was the first to ask.

“An Immortal child.” Was Demetri’ response.


Aro stepped forward and reached out for the child only to grasp air. He looked up and found Jane and Alec holding the child as he cried into Alec’ chest. He was confused, the child had no heart beat and yet he cried. Before Aro could ponder this thought anymore, a fist met his face, sending him flying.

He looked up and saw a beautiful, willowy angel. Then the smell hit him and he gasped as did his brothers.

This was their mate.

Aro tried to stand but a force was keeping him down on the ground. He looked at the Guards but they too were unmoving. “Give me a reason I shouldn’t kill you.” Asked a soft bell like voice.

Aro could feel the anger coming from their little mate and it upset him. “We do not understand, what has upset you little one?” He was then slammed into the floor.

“You kidnapped my son!”

If Aro could pale further, he would.


Hadrian was in shock and then he was pissed. His baby was taken and they would pay for it. He followed Jane and Alec towards Volterra and watched as they blew up the doors. He entered just in time to see Alec scoop up Teddy and move over to Jane.

He didn’t even remember punching the Vampire that was about to touch his son until the idiot was on the floor.

“Give me a reason I shouldn’t kill you.” He hissed; almost slipping into parseltongue.

The Vampires looked shocked and then confused, before the one on the floor spoke. “We do not understand, what has upset you little one?”

This just pissed Hadrian off more. “You kidnapped my son!”

He saw the Vampires eyes widen but before he could say anything, the blonde Vampire spoke up with a sneer on his face. “We have kidnapped no child, only an abomination.” Then he pointed at Teddy. “That thing shouldn’t even exist. It is a crime to make an Immortal child. Mate or not, you will be punished for the crime!”

The air was suddenly very cold and the shadows grew. Hadrian could feel his blood boiling and the need to kill this bastard growing. His fingers twitched and the Vampire was suddenly in front of him.

“My son is not an abomination nor is he an Immortal child. He is wearing a pendent that hides his heart beat and thanks to his mother, he can change what he looks like. As for being your mate, I would rather be tortured again before I let a bastard like you came anywhere near me and my family.”

Hadrian then threw the Vampire at the one still on the floor before moving over to his children. He checked Teddy over and kissed his forehead when he found nothing wrong.

He then turned back to the Vampires on the floor, taking note that the tall black-haired Vampire looked ashamed of the other twos actions, and glare at them.

“Stay the hell away from my family or I will kill you.” He hissed before turning to leave. He didn’t make it far before a splitting pain ran through his head and he collapsed on the floor, screaming in pain.


Aro’ eyes widened when their little mate turned to leave. He couldn’t let that happen! He quickly looked to Chelsea and nodded. He watched her focus her gaze on the retreating males back and give a satisfied smirk. If he were human, he would have let out a relieved sigh. Sure, this wasn’t fair to control their mate like this but Aro was a selfish man and he would be damned if he was going to lose his mate.

The smug look on his face vanished when their little mate doubled over in pain and screamed bloody murder. Not long after, three men suddenly appeared next to the screaming male.

The first had long blonde hair and his pale face was full of concern. The second had shoulder length black hair but his back was to them. And the third had short dark brown hair and his face showed both anger and concern.

“Jane, what happened?” The blonde asked. She didn’t answer, she just charged Chelsea and threw her through the wall. “Stay the fuck out of his head you bitch!”

The male stopped screaming as soon as Chelsea had been thrown from the room and her focus lost. Aro watched the black-haired male pull out some glass bottles from his pockets and had the younger male swallow them.

“We need to get him home.”

The other two males agreed before the brown-haired male picked up the younger. He then turned towards them and sneered.

“You came near my little brother again and I will personally kill you.”

Before they could leave though, a tall black figure appeared in the middle of the room and a cold voice filled the silence.
“I will not stand by as you idiots slowly ruin my Masters second chance. I now understand why my sister hates watching over your worlds and why she willingly let me have this one. You Volturi morons think that you have all the power but you don’t, I do!” The shadows covered the walls and the torch flames grew high.

The dark being moved closer to them and a scythe touched Aro’ neck. “You three were made his mates so that he could finally be protected and loved. Not belittled and controlled. The only one that hasn’t pissed me off is Marcus and he will be the only one allowed to be with Hadrian unsupervised. This will be your only warning, abuse my Master and I will throw you in a never-ending hell. OH, remember that nothing can escape death, not even Vampires. You just prolong the inevitable.”

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Hadrian slowly came back to consciousness with a pounding headache and three heavy weights on him. He cracked his eyes open just barely and looked down. Jane was on his right, Alec was on his left, and Teddy was sleeping on his chest.

As much as he loved this cuddle time, he needed to pee and take a pain potion. He knew the twins were wake and would move if asked, but Teddy was the problem. Hadrian didn’t want to risk waking him because the little monster had been having trouble sleeping lately and he normally didn’t take naps.

His dilemma was solved when his papa walked in.


Lucius smiled at the picture before him. It wasn’t every day that you got to see the Vampiric twins, more Jane then Alec, all cuddly. He saw Hadrian peeking at him through cracked lids and realized what the problem was.

He walked over and gently picked up Teddy and laid him on the couch. He closed the curtains fully when he saw Hadrian wince in pain.

“How do you feel, Dove?” He whispered.

“I feel like I was crushed under a rock slide.”

Lucius hummed and handed the young man a pain potion. He quietly chuckled at the face Hadrian made before helping him to the bathroom. Once the door was shut, Lucius turned to the Vampiric twins.

“What happened?”

He listened as they told him of Teddy’ abduction and Hadrian’ reaction. He became confused when they brought up this Chelsea woman.

“Who is she?”

Jane was the one that answered. “She is Aro’ favorite Guard. She has the power of suggestion and he has had her use it many times in the past.”

Lucius nodded. “That would explain Hadrian’ severe reaction. Severus once told me that Hadrian’ mind is like a void. All you heard were voices and soft singing. I asked Hadrian about it once and he told me that they were the voices of the dead, he never explained the singing though.”

He turned when the bathroom door opened and a tired looking Hadrian came out.


Severus looked up from his paper when Alec and Jane sped into the room. Alec was pulling out a chair and Jane was making a plate of food with a glass of orange juice. He looked back over at the door way and smiled as Lucius led a tired looking Hadrian in.

“How do you feel, Raven?” Severus asked over his mug of coffee.

“I feel a lot better than I did before. Now I just want some food.”

Severus nodded and chuckled at the Vampiric twin’s actions. Alec was watching Hadrian eat as well as watching for a threat and Jane was watching Hadrian for any signs of pain.

He sipped his coffee before looking back at his paper. They may not be in the British Wizarding World anymore, but they still got the paper. He smirked at the stupid article he was reading, Skeeter need to get a life.


After breakfast, Hadrian, Jane, Alec, and Severus went outside to the gardens. The sky was clear and the weather was just warm enough for them to be comfortable.


Hadrian sat at one of the glass lawn tables and sipped some tea that Kreacher had brought him. He smiled as Jane and Alec argued over which of his cookie recipes was better. The chocolate blood cookie, which was Jane’ favorite, or the sugar blood cookie, which was Alec’ favorite.

He hummed as the warm lemon flavor touched his tongue and soothed his throat. When was the last time he had just enjoyed some tea and the Vampiric twins company?

He was brought from his musings when the Vampiric twins stopped arguing and looked at something over his shoulder. He set his cup down and turned to look behind him.

Standing in the floral arch way, was the tall black-haired Vampire. He looked a little unsure of himself, which turned sheepish when he saw them watching him. Hadrian didn’t feel that he was a threat or that he was going to be a snob like the blonde. It also helped that Jane was softly smiling and Alec was munching on a sugar blood cookie.

“Would you care to join us?”

Hadrian chuckled when the Vampires eyes widened just a little and nodded before taking a seat next to Jane.

“Well, as our last meeting was rather……crude, allow me to introduce myself. I am Hadrian James Malfoy-Snape, Lord of far too many Titles, adopted youngest son of the Malfoy-Snape family, adopted youngest brother of the five eldest Weasley children and Tom Riddle, Godfather and adopted parent to Edward ‘Teddy’ Remus Lupin, and more recently, adopted mother to Jane and Alec. Oh, please call me Hadrian!”

Hadrian smiled at the shocked, if you looked hard enough, face of the Vampire and the amused looks the Vampiric twins were giving him. Though he shivered and fought back a blush when the Vampire spoke.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Hadrian, though my introduction is rather unimpressive. I am Marcus, Co-Leader of the Volturi and I would like to formally apologies for my brothers actions. Aro has always gotten what he wants, no matter the consequence and Caius has never known when to keep his opinions to himself and his holier than thou attitude in check.”

It took everything Hadrian had, NOT to moan at the Vampires rough and sinful voice. Though, when the words caught up to him, he frowned and shook his head.

“You owe me no apology, only your brothers. I could see that their actions made you uncomfortable and ashamed. Both Jane and Alec always speak highly of you and your morals and I must agree.” He finished with a smile.


The next two hours, all four talked about anything and everything. Both Jane and Alec silently agreed that the older Vampire had never been so animated and ‘alive’ in all the years they had been part of the Guard.

The younger three laughed when Marcus tried one of the cookies, after Hadrian all but shoved it in his mouth, and moaned at the taste. He asked how Hadrian did it and the talk moved on to different recipes and experiments to try.

Soon the Vampiric twins excused themselves saying that they had promised Draco that they would help him organize the potion ingredients and take note of what was needed. So that left Marcus and Hadrian alone in the garden.


Marcus looked at the petite male a crossed from him. He could feel the power rolling off him and he could see all the bonds he had. There were so many colors and then there were some that were broken. Had he been human, he would have jumped when Hadrian suddenly spoke.

“Would you like to take a walk?”

He nodded and followed Hadrian back through the floral arch. They walked passed flower beds with an array of different flowers. Then passed a pond full of water lilies and lotus blossoms, before sitting under a willow tree.

“Would you tell me about yourself? I’ll tell you about myself if it makes you more comfortable.”

Marcus smiled down at Hadrian before looking off into the distance. He spoke of his human life and of the family he had dreamed of having, then he was turned. He told Hadrian of how lost he felt in the beginning and how unsure he was. Than he spoke of how he met his brothers and they formed the Volturi. He hesitated when he got to Didyme, but Hadrian’ hand grabbed his and gave a reassuring squeeze.

“I felt a bond with her and I never dreamed that I would find my mate, nor did she. So, we married with the silent agreement that should we every find our mates we would go to them and we would remain friends. We were happy but longed to find our other half, so we decided to leave for a while and search. But then she was murdered before we could go.”

If he could, Marcus would be crying.

“Aro thinks I don’t know that it was him, but he would be wrong. I have long forgiven him and have come to realize that had he not done it, she would have never let me go, even if she did find her mate. She had the power to make one happy and now I know there is no doubt that she would have used it on me to keep me with her.”

After a few minutes of silence, Marcus moved on. He spoke of his dear friend, Carlisle Cullen, and how odd he was when he first joined them. He was uncomfortable with human blood and tolerated it most of the time. He told Hadrian how sad he was when the other Vampire left for the, back then, New World. And then he summed up the last few decades.

“You’ve had a very fascinating life, I wish I could say the same for mine.”

And so, Marcus listened to his little mate tell him of the life of Harry Potter.

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It was a little over a week before Marcus left for Volterra with Jane and Alec at his side. He had had a wonderful time with his little mate and his little mate’s family. Surprisingly, Teddy had warmed up to him rather quickly and had even changed into a mini Marcus for a day and a half.

He had a smile on his face as he walked through the newly repaired doors. Many of the Guards stopped and stared at him but he was in just too good of a mood to care.

Aro looked intrigued and Caius looked like he had swallowed a lemon.

Marcus walked up to his throne, sat down, and then pulled out the bag Hadrian had given him before he left. He had said that Teddy had worked really hard on these cookies and was very proud of how they came out.

The cookies were double chocolate blood chip and they were addictive when made with willingly given Unicorn blood.
He was happily munching on one of the cookies, they were slightly burnet, when Aro spoke up.

“Brother, it is a pleasure to finally see you again. Tell me, how is our little mate?”

Marcus chuckled when Jane huffed. “He refuses to acknowledge you as his mate’s until you act like it. Teddy had several nightmares do to your actions.” This was stated with a pointed look at Caius before continuing. “He has extended an invitation to Felix and Demetri, as his older brother Draco is rather….. Jane, how did he put it?”

Jane smirked. “He is moaning and groaning like a love-sick moron and it is getting sad and pathetic. So, if it is possible I would like the two young men to join you the next time you come over.”

Marcus nodded and tossed her a cookie along with Alec so he wouldn’t pout.

“Why wasn’t an invitation made to us!?” Caius demanded.

“Because you called his child an abomination and you set your play thing on him!” Marcus hissed at both Vampires, before setting his hate filled eyes on Chelsea.

“I don’t care if Aro threatens to kill you; you ever use your power on Hadrian or his family again, I’ll hand deliver you to Death myself!”

Marcus then stood from his throne and left for his chambers, the Vampiric twins following.


Aro looked after his brother and frowned. This wasn’t how it should be; there little mate was supposed to be with them and it appeared that he wanted nothing to do with he or Caius.

He would need to fix this, but how? The twins seemed to be part of their little mate’s family and Marcus was excepted. HELL, Demetri and Felix had been invited over!

Maybe he should try a letter?


Caius was fuming! How dare their Submissive mate deny them! He would show their mate his place.


Scarlett watched from the shadows with Sara, both women chuckling and eating popcorn. Aro wouldn’t have that much trouble gaining Hadrian’ notice and eventually love.

Caius……..well he needed to pull his head out of his ass, before he did damage not easily repaired.


Hadrian was rather nervous about meeting Marcus’ brothers, he refused to refer to them as his mate’s until they proved it.

Aro had written him a letter, stating that he was sorry for the fright given to Teddy and wished to apologize in person, though if that was refused he understood. Hadrian had been surprised by this and had talked to Tom for a good hour. He said that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite the Vampire over but thought that Teddy should be asked first.

When asked, the little boy was unsure. Until Jane chimed in and said that she would be there the whole time.

So, a week later, they were coming over.

Hadrian still didn’t like Caius as the Vampire had sent ONE letter and it was burned before he even got half way through. That thing thought that it was a god made to be worshipped! It thought that Hadrian’ only purpose in life was to serve it and be its bed slave!

The only reason that Caius could come, was so that Hadrian could punch him in the face and then throw him to his older brothers!
Hadrian was taken from his homicidal musings when Teddy cheered and ran from the manor.


Teddy was bouncing on the balls of his feet as he watched the path from the living room window. Marcus hadn’t been back in over a week and he missed the older man.

Mummy had said that he would be back soon and would be bringing others with him. So, the little boy watched from his window.
He was getting bored and was about to go find the twins, when he heard the gates open.

Teddy bolted from the room and out the door before anyone could stop him. He ran down the path and jumped onto a smiling Marcus.

“Marcus, I’ve missed you!”

He smiled when he felt Marcus’ chest move in laughter. “I’ve missed you too, little one. Where is your mother?”

Before Teddy could respond an unamused voice spoke first.

“My little brother is inside making tea and other treats.”


Tom glared at the four new Vampires. The one that fit the description of Felix, was wearing a cocky smirk but he was slightly twitchy. The one fitting the description of Demetri, was stone faced but his eyes would flick up to the manor and then back.

They were trying to be respectful while fighting the urge to find Draco. Tom found this acceptable and knew that they would be good for the younger man. Demetri looked like he would be stern and care, while Felix looked like he would be doting but would not outright spoil Drake.

“Draco is in the kitchen with Hadrian; knock before entering. They both do not like being snuck up on.”

Tom was surprised when they calmly walked to the manor instead of running in. They just earned my brownie points with him.

He turned back to the other two Vampire’s and sneered at the blonde. “I have read the letter you sent Hadrian and I find it appalling that you can write such things to your own Submissive mate. The letter was burned before Hadrian even got half way through and I am rather thankful for that. While here, you will be respectful to my little brother or I and his older brothers will make you wish for death.”

He then turned to Aro. “While I still do not like you, I find some redemption in the letters of apology and respect for my brother. You haven’t truly down anything truly dishonorable to my family, other than kidnapping Teddy but that is for him to forgive, not me.”

Aro seemed like an unusual type of being. He was calculating but not manipulative like Marcus had said he was in the past. He seemed to honestly want to know Hadrian and not use him. Yes, he was selfish and wrong in his going about it, but aren’t most living things?

Caius………he would need to learn his place quickly or Hadrian would be hurt.

“Follow me please.” Let the fun begin.


Draco was helping Hadrian bake a cake when someone knocked on the kitchen door. Hadrian had his hands in cookie dough, so that left him to answer it.

He wasn’t expecting to find two hot as sin Vampire’s. Draco squeaked and slammed the door on them. “Draco, who is it?”

He looked at Hadrian and squeaked. “It’s them!”

Hadrian looked confused and then amused. “I’m done with you, YOU TWO CAN HAVE HIM!”

Draco squeaked when he was moved from the door and then pulled out by two big arms.


Hadrian chuckled and measured out the dough before putting it in the oven. It was as he was cleaning that a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. He smiled and leaned into Marcus. “I’ve missed you.”

Hadrian shivered at that sinful voice. “I’ve missed you too. Has Tom frightened your brothers yet?”

He felt Marcus’ chest move as the Vampire chuckled. “I think he intrigues Aro and Caius looked like he swallowed a lemon. He has looked like that for the last few days, I fear his face is stuck.”

Hadrian laughed and pulled the cookies from the oven when the timer went off. These were an experimental batch of snickerdoodles using Opaleye blood instead of falcon.

Jane had complained that they didn’t have a bite, now he’s worried they have too much…….oh well!


The living room was surrounded in a tense silence. No one dared to break it for fear of setting off the sour faced blonde Vampire and attacking him. Though the tension bled from the room when Teddy came running in.


Hadrian smiled at the little boy as he ran into the living room, completely oblivious of the tension.

With the help of Marcus, the tea, blood, normal treats, and Vampire treats, where safely brought into the room.
“Would anyone like a drink?” He asked the four new Vampires and his few assembled family members.

It was Aro that spoke first. “Yes, I believe I would like a cup. My I ask what blood it is?” He asked with pure curiosity shining in his eyes.

Hadrian smiled and poured him a cup. “It is willingly given Phoenix blood. It has calming property’s that I thought would be helpful in keeping this meeting civil.”

He saw Aro nod and sip the warm blood, giving an all most inappropriate moan. “This is wonderful! I can now see why Marcus and the twins have become so fussy, you’ve spoiled them!” Hadrian joined in on his infectious laughter while Marcus glared halfheartedly.

Hadrian poured three more cups and went to pour a four but Caius refused.


They descended into almost friendly small talk with Aro, Demetri, and Felix asking questions and Caius becoming even more sour.
It was an hour in when Hadrian finally had enough.


Hadrian looked at the blonde Vampire and sighed.

“Jane, Alec, would you mind taking Teddy outside for a bit?”

Both looked confused at first and then realized what had been silently asked before nodding. “Teddy, why don’t you show me and Jane your special flower.”

Hadrian watched the little boy drag the two off with a soft smile before putting on a blank face and looking at Caius.

“You have wanted to say something ever since you arrived; this is your chance.”


Aro watched in concern as Hadrian went from happy smiles to nothing. He knew that Caius had been rather sour over their little mate, but it wasn’t anything harmful, right?



Everyone watched as Caius stood and glared down at Hadrian. They knew that this delusion the blonde was living in needed to be destroyed, but they soon wished they had stopped the blonde once he started to speak.


Caius looked down at their submissive and smirked, now it was time he learned his place.

“You don’t act like a proper Submissive. A proper Submissive is to be seen not heard, they are to do as their Dom commands and never talk back. They are to keep their Dom happy and not embarrass them by acting like a servant.”

He was interrupted before he could continue.

“So, what you’re saying is that you want a pretty fuck toy? If that is the case then I will give you the money to buy a blowup doll so I won’t have to be one. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to hang the laundry.”


Marcus was furious at Caius’ behavior, had he known that this was what Caius thought of their Submissive, then he never would have been allowed to come.


Aro was deeply confused by Caius’ behavior. After having a VERY long talk with the younger Vampire about his inappropriate letter, he thought the younger understood. He was even going to apologize about his behavior towards little Teddy and his letter; what had happened?


Caius was a war with himself. One part was yelling that the Submissive should be punished, while another part was screaming that something was wrong with his head.

The second part was slowly wining and he could feel a painful burning sensation all over his body. Something was very wrong but it was like his body was locked and he couldn’t reach it.

He felt something strike his chest and send him flying a crossed the room. When he hit the wall, he felt his body unlock and the long-forgotten urge to be sick take over. The voices in his head were getting to the point of painful and he felt like his body was trying to kill him.


Tom was beyond pissed and didn’t even think before shooting a spell at the still standing Vampire. He marched over, ready to do more damage when he saw the Vampire shaking and being sick.

His eyes widened when the Vampires veins started to turn black and blood force its way out.

“All Vampires are to leave the room! Severus, quarantine this room and take a sample of his blood and then a sample of the others!”


Three hours passed and the other Vampires turned up clean for anything that might cause this type of reaction. Severus, the twins, Draco, and Percy were researching anything that might cause a Vampire to bleed black.


Hadrian was sitting in the library watching Percy and Draco look through old tome after old tome. It was as he was putting away the rejected books that his eye caught one of Draco’ medical books.

He put the tomes away and flipped through the book, using the table of contents to look up blood. There were blood diseases that couldn’t possibly effect a Vampire but he did find something that might.


Severus and the twins were working in the lab and running theories passed each other when Hadrian came in with a medical book in his hands.

“What about blood poisoning?”


Sure enough, that was exactly what it was.

They theorized that he was sick before becoming a Vampire or that he drank from someone who was sick, after becoming a Vampire. The poisoning was slow since Vampires are dead and don’t have blood flow, so it settled in his veins in one big clump and moved around when he fed.

The only thing they could do was try bleeding and feeding him over a period and hope that it was all out of his system.


Hadrian sat on the overstuffed chair next to Caius’ bed and read the chapter on blood poisoning. He couldn’t really stay upset at the blonde when he had poison in his brain affecting him.

They were feeding him willingly given unicorn blood in hopes that it would rid his body of any traces of poisoning. Hadrian was humming to himself when a dizzy Caius started chuckling and singing.

“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row, big one’s small ones and some as big as your head! I heard a human singing that but I don’t know where it’s from! I didn’t want to ask because humans are such weird creatures, though I am jealous of them! I want to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell Aro.”

Hadrian looked at the spaced-out Vampire with a bemused look on his face. “I promise that anything you tell me, Aro AND Marcus will never know.”

The blonde nodded his head and tried to look serious. “After hearing that song, I filled Aro’ chambers with coconuts and made it look like it had been two of the new Guards that did it. I didn’t like them, so I didn’t feel bad about them being punished!”

Hadrian watched the blonde fall into a fit of laughter that would have had him passing out from lack of oxygen if he were human. If this was the real Caius, then Hadrian would very much like to know him.


Meanwhile in the living room, a sudden thought struck Draco. “Why didn’t we just give him Phoenix blood? It would have rid him of the poison.”

Since he wasn’t in the room when Caius made his little speech, the innocent faces the others put on were rather suspicious.

Chapter Text

It took three days, but eventually Caius made a full recovery. He was embarrassed and horrified by his actions towards Hadrian and spent a good few days trying to make up for it by taking his punishment like a man. This basically meant that he was pranked to hell and back by Hadrian’ brothers and even Jane joined in, though no one could prove it.

Eventually, Hadrian took pity on the now purple skinned, rabbit eared, opera singing, hotdog wearing, Pixie winged, and catnip smelling Vampire. He called off the attacks and helped the poor Vampire turn back to normal.

All three Vampires spent a lot of time getting to know their little mate. Marcus would normally take him out to the garden or to one of the forests, mainly for some peaceful reading and cuddling. Aro would take him to one of the many museums in Italy and make little comments on how accurate the history displayed was, while telling Hadrian little bits and pieces of his past, as he didn’t feel entirely comfortable with Hadrian learning about how manipulative he once was and he knew his little mate understood.

Tonight was actually the first time Caius was going to spend time with Hadrian alone, because in the past he was either being pranked until Hadrian called the ceasefire or fixing the damage he had caused at Volterra while he was sick.


Caius was rather nervous about tonight as he wasn’t sure what to expect. Hadrian had told him that tonight was more about getting used to each other than getting to know each other. Somehow, he understood Hadrian’ odd sense of logic and was rather relived that he wouldn’t really have to talk about his past if he didn’t want to.

He suddenly felt a little stupid for thinking that Hadrian might force him to talk if he didn’t want to, Hadrian understood that he and Aro needed time and to be honest, their little one understood their silent fear of rejection for their dark pasts.

He was brought from his dark thoughts by a slim hand touching his cheek. Had he been human, he most likely would have screamed bloody murder and jumped a foot in the air, however, he was not human and thus knew unconsciously that Hadrian had been walking towards him.

Caius shook his head and softly smiled at the concern he saw it those stunning emerald eyes. “Sorry, I was lost in thought.”

Hadrian tilted his head slightly and it took all his control not to jump his adorable little mate. He gently wrapped his arm around the smaller male’s waist and started walking to the mansion. “You never told me what you had planned for us tonight; do I have to guess or are you going to tell me?”

He almost tripped over himself when Hadrian smiled and softly giggled, GOD that much cuteness should be illegal! “It’s a surprise, so you’ll just have to wait and see.” Caius started to grumble but couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

Hadrian led him to the entertainment room and told him to sit down and close his eyes. He did both, but was dramatic while doing it. He grinned at the sound of Hadrian’ sweet laughter and automatically wrapped his arms around the smaller when he plopped his little butt down onto the Vampire’s lap.

Caius watched the different movie previews while asking Hadrian what they were watching, but the smaller male just giggled and shook his head. He was slightly confused when the movie menu came up and looked at the laughing man in his arms. “My I ask why you chose this movie?”

“Because you wanted to know where a certain song was from and the man who made this movie also wrote the song you heard, now shush!”


For the next few hours, Caius and Hadrian watched ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ while making little comments.

“Do you think Aro would like his own ‘horse’ for Yule?” *Caius snorts* “Probably, though I’d feel sorry for the poor idiot that got to be the ‘horse’.”

“For some reason, I feel like Felix would do the same thing.” “Do what?” “Say it’s just a flesh wound even though he’s dismembered.” Caius stated dryly.

“I wonder if I can get Fleur to say that to the twins.” “Who’s Fleur?” “OH, that’s right you haven’t met her yet! She’s Bill’ Wife and a French Witch. She acts like a well-mannered Lady but the twins bring out her dark side. They’ve had many prank wars in the past, but Fleur likes to use creative insults.” *Caius hums*

“There are some magical plants that migrate.” *Caius stares at Hadrian in bemusement*

“Jane is never to watch this movie.” “Why?” “Because then she’ll want the ‘rabbit’.” “OH, she already knows about it and I promised
to look into getting her one!” *Caius looks at Hadrian in horror while the younger just smiled*


As the credits started to roll, Hadrian cuddled closer to the Vampire and fell asleep. Caius didn’t have the heart to move the little one, so he turned off the tv and picked up a book sitting on the nearby table.

He couldn’t help but smile at how cute Hadrian was. He looked like a little kitten all curled up. He couldn’t remember a time when he felt this peaceful and it was amazing!


Over the next three months, things progressed well for the three Vampires. Marcus was still the favorite, but Aro and Caius weren’t far behind. Hadrian’ family slowly excepted the other two Vampire’s and they started coming over to hang out with the family members they got along with the most.

Unfortunately, Teddy still favored Marcus and was wary around both Aro and Caius. So, Hadrian thought up a devious plan involving the two Vampires, said Vampires were completely unaware of the hell about to be unleashed on them.


Aro was sitting in his throne, glaring at the idiot Vampire that was trying and failing to give a proper report. Never had he heard a Vampire stutter and had someone told him a week ago that it was possible he would have questioned their sanity.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed Marcus starring out into space and Caius’ fingers twitching. He may not like the stuttering idiot but he was a good spy, it would be a shame to let Caius kill him, though it was a lovely thought.

“Just leave your report with Felix and go.” He said while rubbing the bridge of his nose. He could swear that he felt a headache building, maybe he should ask Severus if it was possible.


It came as a shock to everyone, but Hadrian and Draco, that the sometimes overly cheery Vampire got along with the beloved Dungeon Bat. At first it confused the Wizards and Vampires, but then Hadrian explained that their friendship was built on a love for knowledge.

Aro loved learning about potions and was even able to brew some, while Severus loved the knowledge that the Vampire could give him. It was even better when Aro could tell Severus about hidden places he had found that had rare are nearly extinct ingredients.

The old Volterra dungeons had been turned into grow houses for some of the fickler plants. If Severus couldn’t see to them, then it was normally Aro that would.


Aro shook his head and sighed, this was just the first report of the day, if they continued like this then he was going to scream!

He jumped when the doors were thrown open and his glare quickly changed into a fawned smile when he saw that it was Hadrian and Teddy. “Hadrian, to what do we owe your lovely presence here?”

“I’m going to do some Yule shopping and I need to kidnap Marcus for a bit. Unfortunately, everyone at home is busy and I need you two to watch Teddy until we get back.”

Aro suddenly felt like ice was rushing through his veins. He was one of the most feared Vampires in the world, but the thought of babysitting a small human being terrified him.

He swallowed heavily and was positive that he was sweating. “Hadrian, love, are you sure that you want myself and Caius to watch young Teddy?” His voice squeaking slightly at the end.

“I’m sure you two will be fine!” Was the youngers chipper reply before setting the little boy on the floor and dragging Marcus from the room.

Aro starred at the little boy for a moment before looking over at Caius and back again. He shakily smiled at the child and fidgeted with his fingers. “Hello again Teddy.” The child replied with a soft hello. “Is there something you would like to do?” The child shrugged and Aro sighed.


Caius watched the two and felt the sudden urge to bang his head on the nearest wall. In all his immortal life, not once had he ever thought he would spend time babysitting a HUMAN CHILD. He liked Teddy but something about the child scared him and when no one else was in the room, the child looked at him like he was an insect that needed to be squashed.

“Why don’t we show him around and then maybe take a walk-through town? Rebeca tells me that the weather is rather nice and there is a fair going on in the next town over.” He gave himself a mental pat on the back when both Vampire and child lit up at the mention of the fair.


The tour went by fast, mainly because Aro was just running from room to room with VERY brief explanations of what the rooms were. So, a normally two-hour tour was cut down to a half hour and the two Vampires and child were on their way to the fair.

The fair wasn’t very crowded but it was still early and most people won’t come until later in the day. There were a few rides but Teddy was too short to ride most of them but he was more interested in the games.


Aro was surprised at how good the prizes looked. The last fair he had briefly strolled through had prizes that looked incredibly cheap. He helped Teddy win a few games and taught him how to hold the pop guns properly. He chuckled when he heard Caius promise to teach him how to use and hold real guns when he was older and if Hadrian agreed.


They wandered through the stalls and found some venders selling hand crafted pottery and other such things. The Vampires talked and both agreed that they showed look around and see if they could find some gifts.

Teddy told them that they would most likely find stuff that the Weasleys would like, but they would need to go to the Wizard Alley back in Volterra to find anything that Lucius, Severus, Draco, and Tom would like.

They found a few amusing things that the twins would like, along with two poetry books that Teddy said Percy would love. They found a few small things for the others but nothing special.

After wandering around for a bit longer they headed back to Volterra. The two Vampires hide their gifts away and set Teddy up in the main hall so they could listen to more reports.


Caius was starring off into space when a sudden chill ran up his spine. He looked over to check on Teddy and found that the little monster was gone!

“Aro, where has Teddy gone?” His voice cracked and he wanted to shriek when he heard Teddy’ creepy giggling echo all around.


The Guards would have found their Leader’s fear fun if they weren’t so terrified themselves.


Aro and Caius, mainly Caius, demanded that the Guards find Teddy, as they were frightened of the kid. They watched the Guards split up to find Teddy, but it wasn’t long before they were clinging together as they heard the Guards shrieking and screaming in pain.

Eventually, they realized that they had no more Guards to send and that meant that they had to look for the monster themselves.

They clung together as they moved through the halls. After all the chaos they heard earlier, they figured that it was safer to walk then run.

Aro screamed first when an old suit of arm all but jumped out at them. Caius screamed next when the floor swallowed him up to his stomach. Had Aro not reacted quick enough, Caius would most likely have ended up in the dungeons alone.

They were getting really jumpy as they oved farther into the depths of their home. God, they hoped Hadrian came back soon!


Hadrian was happily humming to himself as he led the way back through Volterra. He couldn’t help but think that he may have been a little cruel just leaving Teddy with Aro and Caius without giving them any warning. Hopefully Teddy hasn’t killed them.

He smiled when Marcus opened the door for him, but he stopped and stared at the scene before him. He couldn’t help but laugh when he finally registered what had happened.

Every single Volturi Guard look traumatized as hell, especially that Chelsea bitch. Hadrian looked questioningly at Marcus when the Vampire stood behind him. He quickly found out why when a black and blonde blur grabbed him around the waist.

He had to blink a couple of times to make such he was really seeing this. Aro and Caius were shaking and he was sure that if they could, they’d both be sobbing.

“Please take him back!!” Both Vampires begged.

Hadrian shook his head, he told Teddy to behave and not go overboard. “Edward Remus Lupin, get your misbehaving butt out here right now!”

He didn’t have to wait look before Teddy was standing in the middle of the room. Hadrian took great pleasure in the fact that almost all the Guards screamed are trembled in fear.

Teddy at least had the decency to look sheepish, though Hadrian could tell he really didn’t feel bad about what he did. “Teddy, I told you to behave and not go overboard, though I am impressed that you took out the entire Guard. But I do remember telling you to behave for Aro and Caius, so you owe them an apology.”

He saw Teddy open his mouth to argue, but one stern look had him snapping it shut. The little boy glared at the floor and walked over to the still clinging Vampires. He scuffed his shoe on the floor and quietly apologized. “Teddy, you know that is not how we apologize; try again.”

Teddy huffed, but did as he was told. He looked up at the two Vampires and properly apologized. Hadrian then smiled at his son and chuckled at the shocked Vampires still around his waist. “In all honesty, I think he’s starting to like you two more. He doesn’t just leave anybody slightly traumatized, I mean look your Guards.”

They both turned to look and he found their face’s amusing. He chuckled and kissed them both on the cheek before turning and doing the same to Marcus. He scooped up Teddy once he was released from his mate’s and summoned the prizes Teddy won at the fair.


Marcus was highly amused as he watched Hadrian and Teddy leave. Had someone told him years ago that the Volturi would be brought to their knees by a seven-year-old human, he would have asked them what drug they were on.

But in all honesty, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

November was quickly coming to a close and December was bringing all sorts of trouble. Teddy had a long wish list, as did both sets of twins. Charlie was having trouble getting time off at the Reserve and Percy kept bringing more and more of his work from the Italian Minister home. Apparently, he kept ‘forgetting’ that some of them were due before the holidays. Hadrian knew this was a lie, but let him get away with it for now.

The twins kept getting swamped with orders and were never home on time, sometimes not coming home at all. Severus and Lucius were left to buy most of the gifts, while Tom was left juggling between helping around the manor and his teaching job at Beauxbatons.

Draco helped Hadrian get the list of food they would need and when everything should be made, while also helping Hadrian buy gifts too.

Overall, they really wished for the New Years.


Hadrian was baking some chocolate blood cookies when an arm wrapped around his waist. He squeaked and flung whoever it was to the other side of the kitchen. He turned around and found Aro rubbing his head, while Marcus and Caius stood in the doorway.

“I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen.” Marcus said with a sigh.

Hadrian walked over to the now pouting Aro and kissed his nose. “I’m sorry, but I really don’t like being snuck up on. Forgive me?” He focused all the power he could into his puppy dog look. He could see the Vampire twitching and he soon broke. Aro pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his head. “Yes, I forgive you. It was really my fault after all.”

Hadrian nodded before moving back to his baking.


The three brothers were staying at the manor for the rest of the week to enjoy some bonding time before Yule, as they would be rather busy during New Years and the first few weeks of January.

The days up to Yule were filled with chasing the children, including Aro, away from the presents and stopping the Vampiric twins, plus Marcus from stuffing themselves with cookies.

Oddly enough, on the night before Yule, it was Hadrian that was having the hardest time falling asleep.


Hadrian tossed and turned in his bed; for some reason he just couldn’t get comfortable. He huffed and got out of bed, before walking over to the window. He softly smiled at the beautiful scene before him.

Snow was softly falling to the ground and the full moon was illuminating the frozen lake. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled on his thick blue winter dress and grabbed his skates.

He walked to the lake and glided a crossed the surface. He did some simple turns and a few small jumps, but as he got lost in the feeling of peace, he started to do more complicated moves.

Hadrian could feel his mind wandering and it felt wonderful. When was the last time he just let his mind go and skated? In all honesty, he had stopped doing a lot of the things he once enjoyed before he was thrown into prison.

He stopped dancing, skating, singing, and painting. The only things he still did, were garden, cooking, and on the rare occasion, play music.

Hadrian felt his body loosen up and the air blowing through his hair. He was unaware of the three Vampires watching him.


The three brothers were frozen in place as the watched their little mate dance a crossed the ice. The way he moved was utterly graceful and the moonlight shining down on that lithe body made him look some enchanting celestial being.

They noticed their little mate slowing down and realized that he was getting tired. Marcus carefully made his way to their mate, while Caius and Aro went to get the room ready for their, no doubt, cold mate.


Hadrian felt a set of arms wrap around his waist and pick him up. He softly smiled at Marcus and sighed when the Vampire kissed his forehead. He was so tired that he didn’t even realize that they were in his room until he felt Marcus pass him off to Aro.

He sighed and fell asleep as his mates watched him.


The next morning, everyone woke to the sound of a piano. They all made their way to the music room where the Vampires starred in awe and the humans froze in shock.

There, sitting at the piano, was Hadrian.

They watched as the tune turned soft and some of the humans started to cry when Hadrian began singing.


“How does a moment last forever?
How can a story never die?
It is love we most hold onto
Never easy, but we try
Sometimes our happiness is captured
Somehow, our time and place stand still
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will
Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone
Thus, when all else has been forgotten
Still our song lives on.”

“Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect
Maybe some memories not so sweet
But, we have to know some bad times
Or our lives are incomplete
Then when the shadows overtake us
Just when we feel our hope is gone
We’ll hear our song and know once more
Our love lives on.”

They listened in a daze, as Hadrian continued to sing and play.

“How does a moment last forever?
How does our happiness endure?
Through the darkest of our troubles
Love is beauty, love is pure
Love pays no mind to desolation
It flows like a river through the soul
Protects, perceives, and perseveres
It makes us whole
Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone
Thus, when all else has been forgotten
Still our song lives on.”

“How does a moment last forever?
When our song lives on…..”

As Hadrian trailed off, he jumped when his dad pulled him into a tight hug. “I can’t remember the last time I heard you sing or play.” He was shocked when he felt his shoulder get wet.

He hadn’t seen his dad cry in a very long time. Hadrian squeaked when his papa pulled him into another hug and then his brothers. He couldn’t help but laugh as he was passed from person to person. Though, he finally got away when Teddy cheered for presents.


Teddy was the first to get to the gifts, shortly followed by both sets of twins. They tore into their gifts and cheered in happiness. Though, everyone, mainly the three brothers, groaned when Jane opened her gift from Hadrian and found a killer bunny inside.

Everyone laughed when Percy passed out after unwrapping the two books Aro and Caius gave him. The book from Aro was a mint condition, first addition of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘Zostrozzi: A Romance’. The book from Caius was a mint condition, first addition of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘Eureka: A Prose Poem’.

The gifts were opened and soon everyone went ice skating. Alec and Teddy were naturals, Jane not so much. Hadrian had to hold her up and teach her how to stop first and then go.

She picked it up pretty fast and was soon skating circles around her brothers.

Soon they moved back inside and Hadrian decided to teach his kids to dance. Teddy just stood on his toes, Jane was a natural, and Alec had two left feet. They danced for a while, before Draco came to get Hadrian to help make dinner.


Hadrian watched his family talk and eat. He never thought that he would have three wonderful children, three wonderful mates, seven wonderful brothers, and two loving parents.

He never thought he would ever live this long to begin with. He laughed when Jane threw a biscuit at Tom and this started a huge food fight. In all the chaos, He snuck away and went to his study.

He sat down at his desk and smiled when Hedwig landed on her little perch and watched him. “Hedwig, do you think you can deliver a letter to Uncle? I stopped writing him when the war got bad and I’m sure he’s worried. I don’t want him to think he lost me too; it was hard enough on him when he lost Father.”

Hedwig puffed up and looked down at the blank paper then at him, as if to say “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”.

He smiled and got to writing. Today showed him how blessed he was and he couldn’t be happier.

Chapter Text

It was the second week of February when the brothers made their way back to the manor. They had wanted to get back earlier, but checking up on the Covens all around the world had taken a lot longer than they had hoped.

They calmly walked in and were soon attacked by a ruby haired Teddy. “I MISSED YOU GUYS!! Mummy said that you needed to do some work and then you’d be back, but so much time passed and then bubby and sissy left and I didn’t know why, so I asked mummy if you guys were ever coming back” Caius interrupted the little boy, before he could continue.

“Teddy, we just had a lot of work to do and make sure that the surprise for your mummy was done.” The brothers sighed when the little ball of energy stayed quiet, but it was short lived by the little boy asking what the surprise was.

This didn’t last long, as Severus had known they were coming and proceeded to rescue them. “Hadrian is upstairs doing some paper work; knock before entering please.”

The brothers nodded, before making their way up.


Caius felt something off as they moved closer to Hadrian’ study. This was a familiar feeling and he felt a shiver go down his spin.
He noticed that his brothers felt it too and that was rather concerning.

He watched Aro knock on the door and expected to hear Hadrian’ sweet voice. This didn’t happen; instead they heard this.



Scarlett wasn’t in the best of moods, so she decided to stalk Dean. The Death of the Magical Worlds, was a rather boring person when he was doing things that didn’t revolve around his obsession.

One Harry Potter.

It didn’t matter what Magical World it was or what the boy’s name was, the idiot loved his Master no matter what. She actually found it rather cute and that’s what lead her to watching both men do paper work. Dean’ need for his Master was one of the many reasons he did his paper work on time or she would ban him from seeing the little Wizard.

She was currently reading some of Sara’ reports, when she felt the three Vampiric brothers enter the manor. “Your mates are here.” She smirked when both raven haired males looked up. Hadrian’ big green eyes full of excitement and Dean’ deep yellow eyes narrowed in annoyance.

Scarlett thought that it was absolutely hysterical how protective Dean was of his little Master, even though the Wizard was surrounded by his overprotective family.

She heard one of them knock on the door and before Hadrian could respond, she shouted at them. “IT’S OPEN, DICKWADS!”

A smirk formed on her face as the door slowly opened, but no one came in. She could hear them arguing, so she slipped off the couch and stalked towards the door.

Grabbed the handle.

And yanked it all the way open.

She took great pleasure in the fact that both Aro and Caius screamed like little girls, though Marcus slightly flinched but nothing more. If the two Vampires could, she was sure they would have wet themselves. After all, the last time she had seen them, it hadn’t ended very well.

“Marcus, darling!” Scarlett totally bypassed the two stunned and terrified Vampires and hugged the smiling man. She then dragged him into the room and pulled him onto the couch.

“Scarlett, how do you know my mates?” Hadrian asked her shortly followed by Dean asking her what she did to the still frozen Vampires. She smirked and saw the two Vampires trying to hide behind one another, but it was slowly turning into a shoving match. Though, apparently Hadrian saw this as well and separated them, before looking over at her again.

She smirked and leaned on Marcus’ shoulder. “I officially met them……… five hundred years ago? Their little group had existed for about two centuries’ or so and Sara was getting annoyed that they were causing her so much paperwork, so she asked me to get involved. Needless to say, they didn’t take me seriously and tried to kill me. So, I beat both of them up, tore them apart, and scattered them. If it wasn’t for Marcus, they probably would still be that way……. though, it was fucking hysterical when the box I had put Aro’ left arm in, was destroyed and the arm was eaten.”

Silence passed for a moment, before Hadrian spoke up. “What ate his arm?”

Scarlett couldn’t help herself and started laughing, she vaguely heard Marcus’ response of Great White Shark.


It was an hour later, that Scarlett and Dean left, though Scarlett had to drag the man away.


Hadrian smiled at the three Vampires and kissed all three on the forehead, before pulling them over to the couch. “So, how long do I get to enjoy your company?” He asked while snuggling up to Caius.

Aro smiled at him, before pulling a file out of nowhere and handing it to him. Hadrian took the file, slightly confused, and read it. His eyes widened and a huge smiled broke out on his face. He looked back up at the three Vampires and asked if this was true.

All three nodded at him, before Aro explained. “We know that the fact that we drink human blood doesn’t bother you, but the way we drink it does. We sent a letter to the Italian Ministry of Magic and they sent a representative to speak with us. We told them about are plan and asked if they would be willing to help. They said that it sounded reasonable and that some of the people in the Department of Magical Creatures had had similar ideas in the past, but were uncertain if we would agree. Last week, we met with the Italian Minister of Magic and she said that she whole heartedly agreed, even to the point of contacting other Ministries and asking if they would join.” Aro started giggling, so Caius took over.

“As of yesterday, over a hundred Ministries have agreed and are building Blood Banks in their major cities and setting up Owl Delivery’s for Vampires unable to reach the Blood Banks for some reason. We have sent out letters to all Covens about this development and by tomorrow, we should hear from them. We’ve sent some of the Guard to inform those that are always on the move and should anyone have a problem with our decision they shall be dealt with. Obviously, there will be slips, as old habits die hard, but we will only excuse so much. The Ministries can deal with them to a point, but should a Vampire out right refuse to get blood from one of the banks and continue to attack humans, we shall deal with them personally.”

Hadrian was thrilled and gave all three of them a good snog. He giggled happily, before pausing and tilted his head in confusion.
“How will you tell if a Vampire has continued to attack humans or has received blood from the banks?”

Marcus smiled at him before answering. “Some years ago, Unspeakables had figured out that if you add one drop of willingly give Unicorn Blood to a pint of normal blood, it will stay in a Vampire’s system for up to a year. They theorized that the Magic in the blood could easily tell when the Vampire forcibly took blood from a human and would leave their system. We tested this theory on some of the Volturi Guard and yes, they were aware of what we were doing. They were put into three groups, with each group having three Vampires. The first group was the control group, the second group was give Unicorn Blood before starting the test, and the third group was given blood with the Unicorn Blood in it for the test. In the control group, one Vampire drank willingly given blood, the second Vampire drank forcible taken blood without knowing, and the third Vampire drank forcible taken blood knowingly. All three felt fine and showed no change. The second group went through the same thing; the first Vampire was fine, the second Vampire felt off, and the third Vampire felt like he was on fire. Tests showed that the Unicorn Blood in the second Vampire, was purifying the forcibly taken blood, while the Unicorn Blood in the third Vampire, was burning its self and the forcibly take blood out of his system. The first and second Vampires of group three, were fine; the third Vampire was not. She was in severe pain and was burning from the inside out. Tests showed that the Magic in the Unicorn Blood was punishing her for trying to trick it. The Vampire was like this for two days and described it as being more painful than when she was turned.”

Hadrian stared at them, before squealing and asking for more details about the tests.


A few weeks passed and everyone was starting to notice that Hadrian was beginning to act odd.

At first, no one noticed the subtle touches or the heated looks. These slowly turned into lingering touches and flirtatious smiles.

The first to notice, were both twins and oddly Teddy. They wore secretive smiles or in Teddy’ case giggled, whenever Hadrian was in the room. After that, everyone slowly caught on, except for Hadrian’ intended targets.

This changed quickly when Hadrian took each Vampire on a date.


Aro was oddly nervous about his upcoming date with Hadrian. He was shocked at first, when his little mate waltzed up to him and declared that they were going on a date to Norway, before kissing him and walking away.

Hadrian had told him to wear something casual, so he chose a pair of black dress pants, a white dress shirt, and his favorite leather shoes. He tied his hair in a low ponytail and grabbed his black fur lined coat. Sure, he didn’t feel the cold but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t need it, plus he loved how soft the fur was.

He swiftly moved through the halls and couldn’t help but waltz passed his brothers with a smug look on his face. Both Vampires looked a mixture of amused and jealous.

Aro made his way through town and once he was passed the tree line, he ran to the manor.

Before he could even knock on the door, it was pulled open and he came face to face with Lucius. The blonde man had a pleasant look on his face, but his eyes were anything but. “Aro, right on time! Hadrian is just finishing up and will be down in a moment, why don’t you join Severus and I in the living room.”

The Vampire nodded and followed the other man. He gulped when he noticed that not only was Severus in the room, but so were Bill, Charlie, and Draco.

Never before had he felt such fear as when Severus SMILED at him. “Aro, please sit. I do believe you remember Bill and Charlie from their short visit during Yule.”

He steeled his nerves and pleasantly smiled at the two men. “Yes, I believe that I don’t get the pleasure of talking with Charlie much, as I was rather fascinated with Bill’ job in Egypt.”

Aro slightly relaxed when both men smiled at him, but it was short lived when Draco started to speak. “What are your intentions toward my brother?” The smaller blonde questioned him with a glare that sent shivers up and down his spin.

He suddenly wondered if this was how mice felt when they were surrounded by lions. “I will not lie and say that I will never hurt him, as I know that we will argue and even disagree with each other to the put that we may say something that we don’t mean in a fit of anger. I will not lie and say that I will always be able to protect him, as I will not deny him his freedom or make him have guards as I know he can protect himself. The only thing I can promise is that my brothers and I will always love and cherish him.”

The Vampire twitched when Bill and Charlie moved towards him with vicious smiles on their faces. “Hadrian is our baby brother and has been through hell and back. If you break him, hurt him, or betray him, well……. let’s just say that you’ll never be found.”

Aro shivered and went wide eyed when he saw Draco innocently playing with a lighter. He was positive that if he had been human, he would have cried in relief when he heard Hadrian’ voice from the doorway.

He turned around and felt his mouth go dry.

Hadrian’ long black hair was pulled into an elegant bun with a few lose strands framing his face. He was wearing a gorgeous dark green velvet dress with long sleeves and the skirt stopped just above his knees. He had on black pantyhose with black boots.

The younger man looked slightly confused, before glaring at the other people in the room and pulling Aro off the couch. “I love all of you, but I do not appreciate you all terrifying one of my mates and Draco, put that lighter away, we’ve talked about this.”

The Vampire was dragged from the room and he couldn’t have been happier, though he was curious. “Hadrian, what do you mean about having talked to Draco?”

The green-eyed male blushed faintly and refused to look at the Vampire while he pulled on his coat. “Draco is a bit of a pyromaniac. He tends to set things on fire when stressed, agitated, or just in general; so, he’s not allowed to have matches or lighters while inside.”

Aro paled at this revelation and as they walked down that path, he couldn’t stop himself from briefly looking back at the manor.

He almost screamed when he saw Draco standing at one of the windows looking at him with a sweet smile and a lighter in his hand.


They took a Portkey, which Aro really didn’t like, to one of the Wizarding villages just outside of Tromso. They walked around before heading to a restraint tailored to Magical beings.

Aro ordered Chimera Blood, while Hadrian order the House Specialty which was their moose steak with grilled potatoes and carrots. They talked for a while, before Hadrian asked Aro about something that had been bothering him.


Aro was sipping some of his blood when Hadrian asked him a question that almost had him spitting it out. “How did a shark eat your arm?”

If Aro could, he’d be blushing. He fiddled with his fingers before looking anywhere but at Hadrian. “Scarlett had placed my arm in a box that she then put in the ocean. It took us awhile to locate it and when we finally did, the box had been destroyed somehow. So, it took three months to track the right shark down and then almost a year for us to get my arm back.” He could swear that his face was stained red from a blush as Hadrian started laughing.


The rest of their meal passed in a pleasant silence that was soon interrupted by Aro pulling Hadrian up for a dance. Both men were a laughing and giggling mess by the time they left.

As they were walking back to their Portkey, Aro noticed a mischievous glint in Hadrian’ eyes. He didn’t get much time to proper before the shorter male pined him to the wall.


Aro gasped as Hadrian stuck his tongue into his mouth and snogged the ‘life’ out of him. The Vampire quickly grasped the situation and flipped them so that he was pinning Hadrian.

The younger man wrapped his legs around Aro’ waist and pulled him close, before whispering in his ear. “Do you wish to drain me, Aro? Or do you wish to have me screaming under you in pleasure? Me moaning out your name as you fuck me into the mattress with that monster in your pants. I can feel it straining to get out, begging you to fuck me against the wall.”

Aro moaned and dropped his head onto Hadrian’ shoulder, but jumped when the raven suddenly kneeled on the ground. It took every ounce of will power he had not to cum right then.

He watched as Hadrian teasingly undid the belt buckle and sighed when his cock was released. Aro gasped as Hadrian started licking the head of his cock, before he swallowed it whole. He moaned and dragged his nails down the wall as the raven started bobbing his head and swallowing around him.

Aro tried to focus on their surroundings, as they were just outside the Wizarding Village they had arrived in, but Hadrian was dangerously good at what he was doing at the moment.

He bit his hand to keep from shouting as his orgasm hit hard. His blood red eyes met Hadrian emerald green and he groaned as the raven drank every drop! Hadrian milked him a little, before tucking him away and standing back up.

Aro didn’t waste any time, he plunged is tongue down the youngers throat.

When he arrived back at his chambers after dropping Hadrian off at the manor, he was cornered by his brothers. He knew that they could smell Hadrian on him and the ‘monster in is pants’ as Hadrian calls it. He gave them a smug look and waltzed out of the main chamber.


It was a few weeks later that Caius got a date and thankfully he didn’t have to pick Hadrian up, so he dodged the ‘Shovel Talk’.


Caius had been surprised when Hadrian had suddenly blindfolded him from behind and used a Portkey to take them somewhere. He wasn’t too concerned, as Hadrian had told him that he was going to be ‘kidnapping’ him and that he just had to wear something formal. So, he chose one of is less formal Volturi ‘uniforms’.

Once they landed, the blindfold was taken off and Caius realized that they weren’t only in Moscow, but they were in front of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Caius had only been to this theatre once and that was around the time it had officially opened. It had been an amazing experience and he had enjoyed himself, but for some reason he never went back. He turned to look at Hadrian and his mouth went dry.

The green-eyed male looked like an ethereal creature from another world. Some of his raven locks were pulled into a neat bun while the rest fell down his back in soft curls. On his long pale neck sat a stunning diamond necklace that matched his earrings and the bracelet on his left wrist.

What had his mouth going dry was the dress.

Hadrian was wearing a strapless black evening gown that hugged his figure and had a slight train. The raven readjusted his sheer black shawl before walking towards him, which revealed that the dress also had a slit on the right that stopped mid-thigh. It also revealed that Hadrian was wearing black heels, black stockings, and Caius swore he caught a brief glimpse of a garter belt strap.

“Aro told me that you once liked going to the Ballet and Opera but for some reason you stopped. So, I decided that you were going to escort me to my first Ballet, I believe they are preforming the Nutcracker.” Hadrian said with a smile before taking the Vampire’s hand.

Caius smiled before putting Hadrian’ hand in the crock of his arm and escorting him inside. He wasn’t surprised that they had one of the best seats in the Theatre, as Hadrian knew the current Theatre Director, one Ana Krum, older sister to one Viktor Krum.

The Vampire found himself watching Hadrian more then the Ballet. The little raven was so absorbed with watching the performers that he didn’t notice. Caius loved watching the look of pure awe on Hadrian’ face, he looked gorgeous. He chuckled when Hadrian finally caught him, and the raven tried to glare at him, but the blush ruined it.

Once the Ballet was over, Caius moved lead Hadrian out when the raven stopped him. “I talked to Ana and she said that we could stay afterwards.” The Vampire caught a brief glimpse of something in Hadrian’ eyes, but it was go before he could tell what it was, so he just nodded.


After everyone had gone, they walked around, and Caius told Hadrian about what the Theatre was like when it first opened. They eventually found themselves on the stage and that’s when Caius’ fate was sealed.


Caius was looking around when he heard soft music. He turned and found Hadrian softly smiling at him but there was a glint in his emerald eyes. “Fleur’s little sister Gabrielle is an amazing Ballerina and even taught me a bit, did you want to see?”

The wide-eyed Vampire mutely nodded. Hadrian smiled at him, before pushing magic into his dress and heels, changing them. Caius watched as the raven’s dress changed into a black strapless Giselle Ballet dress and the heels into black Ballet slippers.

Caius didn’t stand a chance when Hadrian started moving. He somehow made it seem so much naughtier than when others danced. He bit his lip and groaned when Hadrian spun, and the skirt went up, confirming that Hadrian was wearing a garter belt along with black lace panties.

He froze when the raven started dancing around him and touching him. He could feel his cock straining for release and when Hadrian’ hand briefly passed over his groin, he snapped.

Caius grabbed the raven around the waist and snogged the life out of him. Tongues dueled for dominance, but the Vampire quickly won and started mapping out Hadrian’ mouth. He picked his little mate up and sat him on one of the storage boxes back stage.

They both moaned in need and Caius growled in pleasure when Hadrian’ slim hand found its way into his pants. He continued to map out Hadrian’ mouth until the little raven needed air. Emerald green eyes were clouded with lust and his raven locks were a mess. Caius looked him over with lust filled eyes before smirking. “You look like such a little slut right now. All disheveled and needy for my touch.”

He took great pleasure in the fact that Hadrian couldn’t verbally reply, only mewing and rocking his hips to find friction. Caius nibbled and sucked the raven’s neck before tongue fucking his mouth again.

He moved his hand up Hadrian’ thigh until he found the lace panties and quickly got them off, before gently grabbing Hadrian’ cock. The raven threw his head back and moaned, before focusing back on the Vampire’s cock in his hand.

Caius moved his other hand towards Hadrian’ waist and crushed their groins together, making their cocks touch. The Vampire watched as Hadrian fell apart and mewed with pleasure.


The two carried on like this for a few minutes more, before Hadrian came with a heady shout, pulling Caius along with him. They both panted, more Hadrian then Caius, before moving to kiss again. This time it was soft and gentle, instead of heated and needy.

So, when Caius finally made it back to his chambers that night, it was no wonder that Aro got pissed that the blonde had gotten farther than him and proceeded to try had rip off Caius arm and beat him with it. Neither noticed how Marcus’ eyes lit up with excitement, nor the forming tent in his pants.

Chapter Text

Marcus blinked slowly as his senses came back to him. One minute he was in his office and the next he was in a Magical Alley he believed was some where in India. Looking down at his hand, he found one of his favorite fountain pens. After a moment of thought, he realized that Hadrian must have had Bill turn it into a Portkey.

He put the pen in his pocket and looked around the Alley. It was well kept and had different colored sheer clothes hanging from the buildings making an enchanting canopy that filtered the sunlight.

Marcus was about to go looking for Hadrian when slim arms wrapped around his chest. “I hope I didn’t shock you to much with that Portkey.” The raven said softly.

While Marcus heard the innocence in his tone, it was the fact that the Vampire could feel the little brat smiling, that betrayed his amusement.

He turned around and his eyes darkened when he saw what Hadrian was wearing.

The raven had his hair braided and twisted into a bun with lose strands framing his face. He was wearing a stunning dark green Saree with silver accents, that showed off his lithe frame, and matching jewelry.

Marcus thought he looked gorgeous and said as much, loving how Hadrian’ face turned red before the raven shook it off and dragged him through the Alley.

The raven pointed out different shops and other such places as they moved through the small crowds. Marcus was surprised at all the different Creatures he was seeing and even bumped into Amun and his coven.

Marcus would be lying if he said that he was surprised that the Egyptian Vampire would hide such a Gifted Vampire such as Benjamin, but he wasn’t. What did surprise him, was how well Hadrian was handling the Vampire. It was amusing watching his little mate shock the poor Egyptian Vampire as he all but claimed the man’s Childe as his Nephew since the little raven had met Amun’ mate, Kebi, a long time ago and she basically became Hadrian’ adopted older sister.

After promises of catching up, Marcus was once again dragged through the crowds.

Hadrian eventually stopped in front of a fancy, but cozy, looking restaurant and gave him a sweet smile, that Marcus was sure spelt his doom. The feeling only grew when they were seated near the back, slightly shielded from the rest of the restaurant.

They were almost done with there dinner, when Hadrian disappeared under the table. Marcus tensed up when the raven undid his pants and he dug his nails into the table when wet heat surrounded his cock.

He had to stop himself multiple times from growling and just fucking his mates teasing mouth.

Marcus had mixed feelings about what was happening. One part of his mind said that they shouldn’t be doing this, but the second part was beating the hell out of the first and screaming THIS IS THE BEST THING WE’VE EVER DONE!

He could feel himself getting close to the edge, so he grabbed a hand full of Hadrian’ hair and jammed his cock down the raven’s throat, softly grunting as his little mate swallowed around him.

A few minutes later, Hadrian reappeared looking like nothing had just happened. This annoyed Marcus, so he quickly payed their bill and dragged the raven out of the restaurant and reactivated the Portkey.

As soon as they touched down in his office, he gently pushed Hadrian onto his desk. He roughly grabbed the youngers waist and crushed their groins together, but before they went further, Hadrian spelled the room shut.

Marcus lightly bit Hadrian’ neck and left a nice dark mark, before capturing the raven’s lips.

He quickly undressed Hadrian and pulled back to look at his prize. Marcus’ eyes turned black as he looked at his very ravished mate. The raven was flushed and panting, while his pupils were blown wide and full of lust. Marcus got a wicked idea and kneeled right in front of Hadrian’ quivering entrance.

His tongue gave a teasing lick and Hadrian arched off the desk, mewing with pleasure. Marcus continued his teasing licks, enjoying how his little mate mewed and moaned in need. He eventually took pity on the raven and attacked his entrance.

Hadrian shouted in surprise before Marcus felt slim hands in his hair. He continued his attack until the little raven was almost to the edge before pulling away. The Vampire chuckled when Hadrian whined and smirked when he saw the frustrated tears in those big emerald eyes.

“I’m sorry, love.” Marcus purred as he tweaked one of the raven’s rock-hard nipples. “Did you enjoy me tongue fucking your hole?” He smirked when Hadrian nodded furiously and wiggled his hips. “Would you like me to continue or would you rather I just fuck you with my fingers?”

Hadrian started nodded furiously again while mewing and bucking his hips. Marcus nipped at the other nipple before sucking it hard. “You’ll have to tell me what you want, love.” By this point, the frustrated tears were rolling down Hadrian’ flushed face as he whimpered.

Marcus bit the nipple in his mouth, making Hadrian whimper more, before soothing it with his tongue. He faintly heard his brothers out side his door and smirked, before finally taking pity on his frustrated mate.

He slowly pushed his index finger through the tight ring of muscle, before slowly gaining speed.

Hadrian mewed and moaned as the Vampire fucked him. Marcus soon added a second finger and brought their cocks together.


They both moaned, and Hadrian clung to Marcus for dear life as pleasure flooded their systems. It wasn’t long before both men were cuming and Hadrian passed out not long after.


Marcus softly smiled at his little mate and gently cleaned him off, before picking him up and placing him on the plush couch by the fire place. He could still hear his brothers, but he didn’t really care that they heard them.

He placed Hadrian’ head on his lap and felt incredible smug about what just happened, though he knew they were getting close to fully Bonding.


And Marcus was right, because not even a month later, Hadrian had kidnapped all three Vampires and taken them to Japan for a pre-Bonding date.


Hadrian was super excited to Bond with his mates! Sure, he had to wait until tonight, but it was going to be SO worth it!

He had planned on walking through one of the popular Magical Alleys in Tokyo with his mates, just wanting to pass the time until tonight. However, he was currently watching Aro and Caius argue about something stupid, while Marcus shook his head. The two had originally been talking about some of the Japanese folk lore they had heard about and somehow that turned into an argument about his health. He thinks the turning point was when Aro made the comment that if the raven could take down a Basilisk, then their little mate could protect himself against anything.

Hadrian was sure it was meant as a joke, but the blonde didn’t take it that way and they started shouting at each other. He was now kind of regretting telling them about his school years.

He looked around and noticed that the two arguing Vampires were gathering a crowd, so he stepped in with big watery eyes. “Are you two always going to fight when we go on dates?” He asked; his voice full of sorrow, but inside he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Both Vampires quickly stopped shouting and started cooing at him. Promising that they wouldn’t argue any more. Neither noticed that Marcus was trying not to laugh at how well they were just played. Either way, Hadrian was happy and dragged them through the Alley.


Unfortunately for the Vampires, their little mate squealed as they were passing a Magical pet shop and they would later realize that that squeal would quickly become a bad omen for them.


Hadrian couldn’t help but stare at the adorable little Creature in the heavily Warded clear box. Emerald green stared into electric blue and something clicked.

He quickly looked around for a clerk and when he spotted one, he was immediately in front of them. “I would like to purchase that lovely little Creature in the box.” He said politely.

The clerk looked confused and then a look of recognition and then disgust crossed his face. “I’m sorry, sir, but that…… thing is not for sale. It’s just here until the Aurors show up and take it away.”

Hadrian stared at the older looking man and gave him a tight eyed smile. “I would like to talk to the Owner, please.”

“I am the Owner.”

At the man’s response, Hadrian’ smile turned predatory and his eyes cold as he slowly looked around the shop, before back at the Owner. “I’m going to give you one chance to give me that adorable little Creature, before I ruin you with one phone call.” His voice was so cold that it would make glaciers jealous.

The man looked him up and down, before leering at him. “I’ll consider it, if you make it worth my while.” The idiot said, not even realizing that there were three pissed off Vampires ready to tear him apart. The only thing stopping them was Hadrian’ magic keeping them in place.

He let some of his Creature side slip through and gave the moron a full fang smile. His smile only grew wider when the ‘Owner’ paled. “I gave you a chance…..”

Hadrian then pulled out his phone and called his favorite Grumpy.


What happened next was nothing short of amazing.

One minute, Hadrian was on the phone and as soon as he hung up, a Goblin appeared out of nowhere. The Goblin sneered at the man, before looking at Hadrian and speaking to him in Gobbledegook, which the raven returned in kind.

The Goblin snarled at the confused and frightened Owner a short time later and then snapped his fingers.

If you blinked, you would have missed the sudden change.

The Owner and Hadrian both glowed for a moment, before it was gone and then the Aurors arrived. The Goblin, Griphook, informed them of the previous Owners actions against a Lord with MANY Titles, which had the former Owner paling, and how proper action had been taken, which had the former Owner paling further.

The gathered crowd gasped upon hearing this. It was well known that if you insult a Lord or Lady and they have just cause, they could ruin you; and to suggest sexual favor as a trade, especially if that Lord or Lady was with their intended, was one of the most insulting things you could do.

So, Hadrian now owned whatever property’s the moron had along with his other possessions, which included his Vault/s. Plus, the man was to be arrested for Sexual Harassment of a Lord.

So, Hadrian was true to his word of it only taking one phone call and it was all because the idiot would give Hadrian the Nundu cub, which he got in the end along with the cute little shop!

After a few hours of nonstop cuteness from the little raven cuddling the happy go luck Nundu cub, now named Cinnamon, it was finally sent back to the manor and Hadrian led the three Vampires to a secluded forest.


He looked up at the full moon and smiled, it was almost time to start.

Hadrian ignored the Vampires and changed his Kimono into something more appropriate for the occasion, along with letting his Creature side show.


The three Vampires drooled as their little mate’s green, black, and silver Kimono changed to a style similar to that of a Geishas. It showed off his pale skin and slim shoulders, along with his slim and shapely bare legs.

The raven’s hair slowly curled and stopped growing a few inches from the ground. Then they noticed the two long and slim, yet still full, tails that had subtle blue lightning running over them. Looking up, they saw to pointed cat like ears on the raven’s head, that also had lightning running over them and sending it down his hair.

They gasped when he looked that them, as his pupils now slit like a cat’s and the once emerald color was now an electric green with a ring of electric blue on the outside.


Hadrian smiled and turned to them fully, knowing very well that they must be shocked. “I came into my Creature Inheritance on my fifteenth birthday. My Mother wasn’t a Mundane-Born like others thought; she was from a long line of Squibs. I never told anyone, other then my family, that I didn’t just Inherit from my Mother, but my Father as well. I’m a Hybrid of two Demons.”

He paused for a moment to let the three absorb it all, before continuing. “From my Mother, I Inherited the blood of a Nekomata; a Cat Demon that can shapeshift and other such things. From my Father, I Inherited the blood of a Raiju; a Demon composed of lightning that can take on the form of a dog or cat, but I’ve learned that it tends to favor the canine forms. It took a week for the two Creature sides to settle into an agreement and you see the result.” Hadrian trailed off with a purr.

It didn’t surprise him that Caius was the first to recover and ask questions. “What does this mean for us?”

Hadrian got a thoughtful look on his face. It was a rather good question and one he knew needed to be answered as the moon was almost at its peak. “My Nekomata demands that I have a Guardian and a Protector, while my Raiju demands that I, as a Submissive, must have an Alpha. So, it’s a good thing I have you three, otherwise……” He trailed off and the three growls confirmed that they understood.

“We understand the part about the Alpha, but what do you mean by ‘Guardian and Protector’?” Aro asked, as both Marcus and Caius looked lost in thought, but quickly tuned back in for the answer.

“The Guardian would be, for all intensive purposes, my Mother Hen. Making sure that I’m taken care of and will protect me against anything, even my Protector and Alpha, which I highly doubt will every happen. My Guardian will also test my would-be Protector to see if they’re worthy of the Title. This means all three of you are going to fight at some point to night.” They didn’t look that bothered, so he continued. “The Protector protects me from everything like my Guardian does, only that won’t feel the need to Mother Hen me and will help my Guardian test my would-be Alpha. But first, you have to catch me!” He then took off into the trees.

Hadrian was so excited when a moment later, he heard the three Vampire roar.

Chapter Text

Blood pumped through his veins and the need to mate had him running on instinct. His Guardian would find him first, but that didn’t mean he was going to make himself easy to find.

He left his scent everywhere and made sure to be careful where he stepped. It wouldn’t do to be found so soon.

By now, he had already shed his clothes and could feel slick running down his legs. The urge to find a good den was growing, but he needed to be caught by his Guardian first or it wouldn’t be safe.

A sudden wave of lust and heat hit him so hard, that he was unprepared for the sudden body that gently pinned him to the ground. He fought viciously to get away, but no matter what he did, the other body wouldn’t let go.

The other had a firm but gentle hold on his wrists and started cooing comfortingly into his ear. After a few minutes, he stopped fighting to get away and started purring happily. A tongue licked at his neck and bit down, but not hard enough to break the skin.

He purred louder and bit the others neck to the point of drawing blood. The other didn’t mind and even started purring in return, showing that he was happy to be accepted as the Submissive’s Guardian.

A sudden wave of heat had him mewing in discomfort; so, his Guardian picked him up and carried him away.

The scent of earth filled his senses and he purred happily. Looking around, his Guardian had taken him to a well-built den, underneath an old and large tree. The den looked large enough that it would hold him and his mates comfortable and they would still be able to mate!

Purring, he licked and nuzzled his Guardian in praise and thanks. His Guardian purred and nuzzled back, before nipping and sucking on his neck. He purred and started to wiggle, the need to be filled growing stronger with each nip and suck.

His Guardian gently set him down amongst the soft leaves and grass, before attacking his lips in a heated kiss.

Lust fueled their movements and his breath hitched when his Guardian attacked his hole. That skillful tongue moving in and out of him. His back arched and a high-pitched whine left his lips. HE NEEDED TO BE FILLED!

It seemed like his Guardian understood, as not a moment later, a thick cock was filling him. He mewed in pleasure and cried for more, but his Guardian treated him like he was the most precious thing in the world. The slow pass was torturous, but the feeling of being loved outweighed it.

Eventually, his Guardian started moving at a brutal pace and he loved it! The need to cum was slowly approaching and he knew his Guardian was almost at the edge too. Soon, his Guardian’s thrusts became erratic and he lunged forward and bit deep into his neck. The pleasure of drinking his blood, set his Guardian over the edge and he mewed in delight as he was filled with warm seed.

The Submissive whined in displeasure as he was still hard and would be unable to cum until he had mated with his other two mates. His Guardian seemed to be upset over his lack of completion, but he just purred and nuzzled the others neck.

They stayed curled up for a while, until his Guardian heard something and left to check it out. He stayed where his Guardian left him, until he heard the sounds of fighting and growling. Slowly moving towards the small entrance of the den, he peeked out. His Guardian was fighting another male and seemed to be having trouble. He watched the other male and admired the others strength; he would make a good Protector.

When his Guardian was tossed towards the entrance, the Submissive carefully stood up and allowed the other male to see him. The other male froze when he saw him and the others eyes were full of lust and need. He coyly moved towards the frozen male and sniffed at him.

The other males scent was intoxicating and he purred in pleasure. Wrapping his arms around the others neck, the Submissive nuzzled his cheek and purred when his affection was returned.

He could hear his Guardian growling from behind him and sent the other a ‘come hither’ look; his Guardian was there a split second later, wrapping his arms around the Sumissive’s waist.

The pleasure of having two of his mates already was thrilling, so he bit down on the other male’s neck, claiming him as his Protector.

His Protector growled in satisfaction and didn’t even wait for them to be back in the den before shoving his cock up the Submissive’s slick and cum covered hole.

He threw his head back and shrieked in pleasure at the brutal entrance. His Protector was bouncing him on his cock hard and fast, while he gripped his hips to the point of bruising. His Guardian was growling at his Protector in annoyance but made no move to stop the other male.

The pleasure was building and he mewed as his neck was bitten and he was once again filled with his mate’s warm seed. His Protector took great pleasure in sucking his blood and purred the entire time. Though his Guardian eventually had to smack his Protector to get him to stop.

The Submissive’s pleasure filled mind didn’t register that his mates had taken him back into the den until he was placed on a little nest in the back. It was an amazing feeling, having two strong and loving mates and his Nekomata was thrilled! All he needed now, was for his Alpha to find and claim him!

But first, naptime!

To the Submissive’s displeasure, his naptime lasted for only two hours but in all honesty, he didn’t have the time for anything longer as the night was almost at its end.

Shaking his head, the Submissive focused back on what had disturbed him. His Mates were gone and it sounded like they were outside fighting. Moving forward, he peeked out once more and found his Mates attacking another male.

He could feel the power rolling off the new male and the show of Dominance and the Submissive going weak in the knees. This new male would make a wonderful Alpha, but only if he could prove it.

When his Mates were thrown far enough away, he lunged at the new male and attacked him viciously. His Raiju demanded that the new male prove his worthiness of being the Submissive’s Alpha, if the other failed then he was dead.

The other male answered the challenge in kind and fought with just as much viciousness.

Blood painted the ground and trees as both males sliced each other up. The new male was proving to be a stubborn bastard and was wearing the Submissive out. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer against the other male, but his Raiju refused to submit

The Submissive made one last attack, before he was pinned to the ground on his back. He fought to get away, but a soft yet
warning growl had him frozen. The other male started licking his many wounds and growled warningly when the Submissive tried to move.

His Raiju was confused at the display, wasn’t the other male going to claim him? As if sensing the confusion, the other male looked into his eyes and softly growled, his eyes kind but serious. The Submissive’s breath hitched and his Raiju growled in pleasure as the other male treated him like an equal while still showing that the other male was still an Alpha.

He bared his neck to the other in acceptance and cooed when the other male bit down gently. Once the other male backed off, the Submissive bit his neck in return purring as he felt all three of his Mates in the back of his mind.

When he let go of his Alpha neck, the other male picked him up and carried him back to the den. His other two Mates watched them and his Guardian’s fingers twitched like he wanted to check the Submissive but didn’t want to set his Alpha off.

He cooed reassuringly at his Mates, before nuzzling into his Alpha’s neck. His Alpha growled in pleasure before laying him on the soft ground. The Submissive purred and cooed as his Alpha lavished him with affection. Eventually, he had enough and started whining for his Alpha to do something.

His Alpha growled teasingly and nipped at his skin, before slowly slipping into the Submissive’s needy hole.

He threw his head back and mewed at the teasing pleasure; his Alpha was pure evil! Whining, he tried to get his Alpha to go faster but the other just continued to tease.

Eventually, he had enough! With the strength he had left, he pinned his Alpha to the ground and fucked himself on his Alpha’s cock.

The pleasure was over whelming and he bounced faster and harder, chasing his own release that had eluded him all night. He could feel himself getting closer and he sped up. His Alpha growled and switched their positions around, before pounding into him.

The Submissive screeched as his Alpha’s cock reached deeper then it had before and he couldn’t help but whine and mew.

Suddenly, his Alpha lunged forward and bit down hard just as they both finally came.

He felt the Bonds he shared with his Mates fully lock into place as he passed out, a blissful smile on his face.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Hadrian woke up pleasantly sore and surrounded by his Mates. All three of them were curled around him, fast asleep. Hadrian figured that it was one of the many perks that his Mates received after they finished mating last night.

Having nothing better to do, he looked at his Mates to see if anything had changed physically.

They all looked a little healthier, still pale but not paper white as they once were, and their skin seemed a bit softer. He couldn’t help but hope that they no longer sparkled or at the very least, didn’t look like walking disco balls.

He touched their skin and inwardly squealed when he felt that they were no longer walking ice cubes, but instead, their skin felt lukewarm. Gently pressing his ear to Aro’ chest, he was slightly disappointed when he didn’t hear a heartbeat but shrugged it off.

Hadrian didn’t notice anything else and was about to go find the chest he had hidden, hopefully, not far from here when he saw

Caius’ hair move, revealing his neck.

Looking closely, Hadrian blinked a few times just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things…… nope, still there.

On the left side of Caius’ neck, was a tattoo of a black Nekomata curled up asleep in a den. Curiously, he checked the other two as well and sure enough they had tattoo’s too.

Aro’ was on the right side of his neck and it was a black Nekomate with glowing green eyes sitting amongst thorns.

Marcus’ was just under his left ear and it showed a black Raiju covered in blue lightning with glowing blue eyes, sitting with its head slightly tilted with a full moon behind it.

These must be his claiming marks, wonder if he had any?

Leaving the den, Hadrian stood up and let his Magic branch out and look for the chest. Thankfully, it wasn’t to far away, so he just summoned it to him. A few minutes later, the chest flew towards him and gently settled on the ground in front of him.

He flipped the latch and opened the lid, before pulling out one of the large T-shirts and slipping it on. Next, he pulled out some fruit and blood packets. While he knew it was highly possible that his Mates would just drink from him, that didn’t mean that they would drink the packets too.

Humming to himself, Hadrian pulled out some more clothes before shutting the lid and redoing the latch. Seeing as he didn’t want to go back into the den yet, he decided to enjoy the early morning weather.

While he was munching on an apple, he heard his Mates starting to stir and expected that they would join him soon. He, however, did not expect them to roar in anger.

Hadrian dropped his apple and dashed over to the den, but before he could find out what was wrong he was tackled by a blonde blur.

“Where were you?! We expected to wake up with you in our arms, not gone! We were so worried! Are you hurt?!” Caius screeched at him.

Blinking slowly, Hadrian noticed that Caius’ eyes were tearing up. Well, to be more precise, he was crying tears of blood. He wasn’t sure if that was a cool perk or a creepy one.

Shaking the thought off, he gently smiled at the panicked Vampire. “I’m fine, Caius, I promise. I didn’t mean to worry you three, but since you’re all up would you like breakfast?” He finished with a cute head tilt.

This action earned him a cuddle and two snorts. Looking over Caius’ left shoulder, he saw Aro and Marcus looking at him with slight concern still. “I really am fine. I woke up before you three, so I decided to find the chest I had hidden out here a few days ago. Oh, wipe those looks of our faces, I summoned it to me.”

Once he got away from Caius he moved back over to the fruit and blood packets. He held them out for the three Vampires but wasn’t shocked when Marcus ignored them and pulled him onto his lap.

Marcus tilted Hadrian’ neck to the side but before he could bite down, he noticed the marks. “Hadrian, where did these come from?”

It took the raven a minute to understand what the other was talking about. “OH! Their your claiming marks. When you three bit me last night the claiming marks were placed, but they only showed up once the Bonding was complete. I gave you all one too. What do mine look like?”

“The one on the left, is of a tree with a den. The one on the right, has a cat-like silhouette surrounded by thorns. The last one in just under your left ear and shows a wolf-like silhouette before a full moon.”

Hadrian hummed and nodded before moaning as Marcus bit him just under his left ear, right on the mating mark. He started panting and fidgeting on the taller Vampire’s lap.

An arm wrapped around his waist and pushed him down so his ass was fully rubbing Marcus’ erection. Hadrian mewed as he felt slick slowing getting his hole wet in anticipation, but before he could beg Marcus to fill him, he was handed over to an excited Caius.

Said Vampire bit down on his own claiming mark and pulled Hadrian just as close. Moaning, Hadrian could feel himself getting harder as Caius drank from him. At this rate, they wouldn’t need to fuck him for him to cum!

He was so lost in pleasure that he didn’t notice Aro closing in, until he felt him bite down.

Hadrian screamed in ecstasy and couldn’t stop himself from cuming. It was highly possible that he had a biting kink. “If any of you make fun of my new-found biting kink, all exile you to the couch.” He slurred as black spots filled his vision and sleep claimed him.


For the next month, the three Vampires learned about their ‘new perks’ as Hadrian had take to calling it. They could now sleep but still didn’t need to, but it was nice.

They could also eat normal food in small portions, which pissed Jane off to no end and Caius took great pleasure in tormenting her; though he quickly stopped when he realized that Hadrian was likely to tear him apart if he teased the female Vampire too much. One of Hadrian’ favorite perks, was the fact that the three Vampires no longer sparked like disco balls. They still sparked, but it was a ‘I was attacked by children with glitter’ kind of sparkle.

The only other noticeable perk, was that the three Vampires had their human eye color back. Caius’ eyes were a warm light brown, Aro’ eyes were a dark stormy blue, and Marcus’ eyes were a calming forest green.

All three Vampires were ridiculously happy with having finally claimed their Mate, so when Hadrian came to them four months after that lovely night of claiming and pleasure to inform them that he was leaving to visit family, they weren’t too happy.


It was surprisingly Marcus, that had the biggest problem with it.


Hadrian sighed and adjusted his hold on a giggling Teddy. “I’ll be leaving tomorrow to visit my Uncle. He’s been having a hard time with his daughter and he needs support. I’ll be taking the twins, Teddy, and oddly enough Tom. I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone, but I promise to call each day. Either way, I’m leaving tomorrow, as I’m really worried about him, but if it will make you feel better, I’ll be taking Cinnamon too.”

Said Nudu cub mewed in agreement, before puffing out his chest; though no one was sure why.

The three Vampires looked at each other and sighed in defeat. “Alright, we admit defeat but you must call every day; if you don’t, then we’ll come find you personally.” Caius said with as much sternness as possible, but it was laced with more concern then anything.

Hadrian smiled and kissed all three of them deeply. “It will be fine.”

All three nodded solemnly.


The next day, everyone saw them off.


Hadrian was appositely thrilled at the thought of finally seeing his Uncle after so many years! But first, they were heading to the Potter Manor. It wasn’t a manor in the sense that it was huge, it was just old. It had three levels, four if you counted the basement, and a huge yard.

It was surrounded by a beautiful forest and Hadrian couldn’t be happier.

After an hour, Hadrian managed to talk Tom into letting him leave and after a promise to call when he got to his destination, Hadrian walked off to town.


He was happily humming to himself and waved at the people he passed. Hadrian knew by tomorrow the whole town would be talking about him and his family. But he really didn’t care, more focused on meeting his Uncle.

After a few minutes of scanning addresses, he found the right one and knocked on the door. When he didn’t receive any answer, he knocked again, but still nothing. So, he banged on the door.

Hearing a crash and cursing, he considered his work done.

Hadrian smiled widely when the door was unlocked and yanked open. The other man didn’t even have time to ask him what he wanted before Hadrian pounced. “UNCLE CHARLIE, I’M SO HAPPY TO FINALLY MEET YOU!”

Chapter Text

As a child, Charlie Swan was very happy. He lived close to his cousin, James Potter, and played with him every day. When his dad told him that they would be moving to America in the fall, the six-year-old ran all the way to his cousin’s house and hid there.

After a few days, his dad finally came to get him, but promised that he would still be able to see James every summer. And so, the little family of three moved away.

As promised, they visited every summer and Charlie was beyond thrilled. But the summer of his eleventh birthday, he never received his letter like James did in March. He was a Squib like his mother.

James tried to make him feel better and, in a way, he succeeded. His Aunt and Uncle made sure to make him feel loved and James even made him go to Diagon with them.

Years passed, and James told him everything about Hogwarts. From the lessons, to what pranks he and his friends pulled. Though, Charlie wasn’t impressed when his cousin all but admitted to bullying some poor boy at the school all because he was in a different house.

Charlie refused to talk to James for almost a year until the other apologized to Severus Snape. So, that Christmas Charlie was surprised to hear that James not only apologized but did it in front of everyone in the school and even invited the other over for Yule. And, shockingly, the other hesitantly accepted.

That was how Charlie Swan became friends with one Severus Snape.

Two more years passed, and they were now sixteen. That summer, James introduced Charlie to his girlfriend, Lilly Evans. When
Charlie asked how the other managed to convince Severus to let him date the redhead, who he saw as a little sister, James blushed and coughed uncomfortable into his hand, muttering something about guinea pigs.

The rest of the summer, Charlie told Lilly every embarrassing story about James he could think of. And while he was happy for his cousin, Charlie couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of him for having a gorgeous girlfriend.

Before the little family of three went home, James promised that next summer, he would visit them in Forks. Charlie smiled at the other and said that he better keep his promise.

The next few months were rather boring and as summer drew closer, Charlie grew more excited. It was a month before James was scheduled to arrive that Charlie met Renee Higginbotham.

Unfortunately, she left but promised to see him again when they came back through. So, when James arrived, Charlie bemoaned his failed love life which his cousin gladly made fun of.

They goofed off and Charlie introduced his cousin to his friends and pushed all thoughts of Renee to the back of his mind. That was until she showed back up two weeks before James was to leave.

When James met Renee, he acted polite, but Charlie could tell that his cousin didn’t like her. When Charlie asked James about it, the other stated that he felt she was flighty and didn’t know what she was feeling. James told Charlie that if he still wished to pursue a relationship with her, he would support him, but that he should prepare himself for when she runs.

While Charlie didn’t like what his cousin had to say, he still took it to heart and asked if he would be there if she ever did. James grinned at him before calling him an idiot and hugging him.

Some time passed, and Charlie was invited to Lilly and James’ wedding.

After that, it felt like everything went wrong.

Severus became a spy.

His Aunt and Uncle died.

His mother slowly entering the early stages of Alzheimer’s, while his father was losing his mobility to severe arthritis.

The brief light in his life was when he asked Renee to marry him, then it was snuffed out again.

That year in October, Lilly and James were killed.

He tried to gain custody of their son Hadrian but was denied multiple times.

The next year passed by quietly and it got brighter when Renee announced that Christmas that she was pregnant.

On September thirteenth, Isabella Swan was born, and he couldn’t have been happier.

And then Renee left him and took their daughter with her, but at least he got to see her during the summer.

But four years later, his parents died.

After that, all he had to look forward to once more was summer and then the letters started.

He was shocked to wake up one morning and find a stunning snowy owl tapping at his window. His hand shook as he took the
letter and he couldn’t stop the tears that turned into sobs as he read the letter from Hadrian.

Charlie would never forget how happy he felt after that day. He no longer looked forward to just summer, but to the letters from his ‘nephew’. When Hadrian told him about his home life, Charlie was appalled and once more tried to gain custody only to fail.

When he received Hadrian’ next letter, he could feel the sadness coming off it and it hurt to know that he was failing James’ son.

As the years passed, the letters slowly stopped, and he grew worried. When he hurried one of the News stations on T.V. talking about terrorist attacks going on in England, he swore that his heart stopped.

And once more, he only had the summer to look forward to.

When Bella said that she wanted to move in with him, he was over joyed and was more then happy to have her. But then she started drifting away and spending all her time with the Cullens.

And then he had nothing to look forward too.

He focused on his work for a while and was content……. Until one morning when a white blur dive bombed him.

It then became a ritual of sorts. Hedwig would show up after Bella left and dive bombed him before stealing all his bacon and waiting for his reply. And for a while, this ritual continued, until someone knocked loudly on his door early in the morning.

He grumbled and almost fell down the stairs before opening the door, only to be tackled and deafened.



Charlie blinked slowly at the raven hugging him. Later he would embarrassing admit that it took him far too long to realize that it was Hadrian hugging him to death.

His eyes teared up and he quickly returned the hug. “God Hadrian, it’s nice to finally see you in person. Help an old man up and let me look at you.” He received a giggle before the younger man helped him up.

Charlie couldn’t help but stare at his ‘nephew’ in shock. The last picture he had ever received before the letters stopped, was when Hadrian had been fifteen. Severus had secretly sent him the picture of Hadrian, Lucius, and Draco wearing silly hats and throwing tinsel at each other. They were spending Yule together in Severus’ rooms at Hogwarts as they weren’t able to leave that year.

Where before Hadrian looked adorable, now he was absolutely gorgeous. Charlie could see a lot of Lilly in him but also a lot of James. He had a feminine build but he didn’t look fragile, instead he looked a little intimidating. Like a beautiful rose with very sharp thorn’s.

“Hadrian, you look amazing. How old are you now?” Charlie asked the other.

Hadrian laughed with a blush slowly staining his face. “I turned twenty-one last year and papa threw me a lovely party. Though, Teddy will be turning eight next month and we’d be delighted if you joined us.”

Charlie chuckled at the mention of the little boy. Hadrian had sent him a picture of the kid a few weeks before Yule. Teddy was smiling and waving at the camera while he sat on Alec’ lap, who was smirking at the camera, with Jane glaring at the one taking the picture.

He honestly wasn’t surprised when Hadrian had explained that he had not only adopted his Godson, but a set of Vampiric twins. Though, Charlie couldn’t blame him, those three were cute.

“I’d love that but since you’re here do you want to sit down? I don’t think I have any tea, but I honestly don’t think you’d want me to make it. James always said I made it too weak.” He chuckled as he led Hadrian to the kitchen.

The younger shook his had and laughed. “That’s fine, just show me where everything is and I’ll do it.”


For the next couple of minutes, the two men talked about random things until the tea was done. Then, Hadrian got to the hard stuff.


“So, where is my cousin?”

Charlie looked down at his tea and sighed. “I wish I knew. She up and disappeared on me and I have no clue where she went.”

He felt Hadrian grab his hand and squeeze it gently. “If you want, I can look for her. I wouldn’t be hard to do, I’d just…” He was cut off by his phone ringing.

I’m a barbie girl, in the barbie world.
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.
Imagination, life is your creation!

Hadrian nervously laughed, a blush staining his face. “Alec got a hold of my phone and changed Jane’ ringtone and I can’t change it back. I don’t think she knows that he changed it to ‘Barbie Girl’ as he’s still in one piece.” He explained quickly before answering it.

“Jane sweetie, why are you calling?”

There was a moment of silence before Hadrian blew up. “WHAT!?”

Charlie looked at his nephew in concern as the other started to become agitated. “Tell those three idiots to expect a VERY angry phone call from me and call me the moment those other idiots board their damn plane.” He paused for a moment before smiling softly. “I love you too, sweetie and tell your brother I love him too, bye.”

Hadrian sighed and dug his nails into the table. Charlie grabbed the hand and held it tight. “What happened?”

Sighing Hadrian stood up and headed straight for the liquor. “Your daughter, in her infinite wisdom, went all the way to the Volturi to stop Edward Cullen from exposing himself as a Vampire and getting himself killed for breaking the law. Now my Mate’s in their infinite wisdom have demanded that the Cullen’s turn Isabella. Don’t give me that look, it’s not happening and had I been there, I would have kicked their asses.”

Charlie was frozen for a moment before blinking slowly. “The Cullen’s are Vampires?”

Hadrian gave him a funny look before smacking his head on the table.

For the next hour, both men talked about Isabella and the Cullen’s before agreeing that Hadrian would handle it when they showed back up.

After a quick stop at Hadrian’ home, where Charlie was introduced to the twins, Tom, and Teddy, the two men plus a hyper seven-year-old left for La Push to meet one of Charlie’ friends.


Hadrian couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful scenery while Teddy bounced in his seat. “Teddy sweetie, calm down please. You can run around when we stop.” He chuckled at the pout he received, but the little boy stopped.

“Hadrian, you are definitely like your mother.” Charlie stated with a chuckle before stopping the car. “We’re here. Now Teddy, I want you to be careful please. My friend is in a wheel chair and I don’t want you causing trouble, ok?”

The little boy nodded, already out of his seat and trying to get out.

Hadrian laughed and help Teddy out and as soon as the little boy touched the ground he was off. Shaking his head, he quickly caught up with his Uncle, who was already knocking on the door.

The door was just opening when Hadrian made it onto the porch and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing when he saw who was on the other side.


Charlie and Billy looked at the laughing raven in confusion. “Hadrian, are you ok?”

The raven just continued to laugh his little ass off. Though, eventually, he did stop. “Potters and Blacks are friends no matter what!” And then he started laughing again, while the two men grew more confused.

After a few minutes of Hadrian twitching and softly giggling, he finally explained. “Uncle Charlie, meet Siri’ distant cousin William Black Jr. Uncle Billy, meet Charlie Swan cousin to my Father James Potter, who you met through Siri.”

The two men went wide eyed and looked at each other, before back at the smirking raven.


They spent the next half hour talking about everything and the two friends became closer with out all the secrets. The talking would have gone on longer if it weren’t for them hearing Teddy screaming in fear.


Hadrian bolted from the house and ran straight for Teddy, who was surrounded by some of the La Push boys. He could smell the Wolf in them and knew that they could smell the Wolf in Teddy. The Alpha of the Pack my have seen the seven-year-old as a possible threat, but that gave them no right to terrify him.

“Back the fuck away from my Cub before I wipe the floor with you.” Hadrian threated as he got closer. He let his Raiju Inheritance come forward a little to put some power behind his threat.

Some of the boys backed off but one of them, Hadrian assumed he was the Alpha, just snarled at him. “He’s in my territory and I won’t be challenged!”

Hadrian sneered right back. “He is seven-years-old! What the fuck makes you think he’ll challenge you, you fucking half-wit! I’ll only tell you one more time, back the fuck off!”

The Alpha sneered before running at him and shifting. Hadrian easily side stepped him. “Alright puppy, if you don’t want to use common sense, I’ll just beat it into you.” He stated coldly before letting his Raiju Inheritance came forward fully.


Everyone watched in stunned silence as the raven slowly changed. He looked like a wolf but his tail was slightly longer and his fur was a solid black with blue lightning running over it. He was the same size as Sam, but sleek instead of bulky.

The most striking thing were his eyes. They were now a bright electric blue.


Hadrian snarled at the puppy and waited for the other to attack and he wasn’t kept waiting long. The puppy lunged for his neck but Hadrian lazily dodged him. He really wasn’t trying to hard as he knew he could easily take the other, but humiliating the puppy was fun!

After toying with him for a few minutes, Hadrian had enough. He waited for the other to lunge at him before dodging once more. But instead of moving away, Hadrian bit down on the puppy’s neck as he lunged passed.

With a firm grip, Hadrian pinned the other easily and wasn’t fazed when the other thrashed and growled. Waiting a few minutes for the other to calm down, Hadrian released the puppy as he shifted back do to exhaustion.

Shifting back, Hadrian looked calmly down at the panting puppy. “You would do well to learn from this, puppy. You are not a proper Alpha, only a puppy playing follow the leader. This is your only warning; attack me or my Pack and I will kill you. I didn’t realize how pitiful this Pack was; attacking a seven-year-old, losing your temper and attacking me, who you don’t even know. You could have easily killed my had I been a normal human. This Pack is under my control and has no Alpha until I say otherwise. The only two that have the right to challenge me for the position of Alpha are Jacob Black and Sam Uley. And no, I don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t want to be Alpha or if you’ve been Alpha for years. If you don’t challenge me by the end of the month, I’ll come looking for you; end of story.”

The boys stared at him and he ignored them while he swiftly picked up Teddy. He moved towards the shell shocked older men and briefly kissed Billy’ cheek. “It was lovely finally meeting you, Uncle Billy. I’ll stop by tomorrow and we can talk some more.”

The older man nodded, still in shock, while Hadrian dragged Charlie back to the car.


The ride back to Charlie’ house was silent, but as soon as they entered the house and Teddy was placed on the couch for a nap, Charlie finally spoke. “Now I know, you’re like your mother. You inherited her temper.”

Hadrian just laughed.

The next day, Hadrian spent some time with Billy and officially met Jacob. Though the younger was rather jumpy around him.
“Jacob, I’m not going to attack you, calm down and sit down. Siri used to tell me about his ‘super cool younger cousin’ and ‘how he was just the cools kid, even if I haven’t met him yet’.”

Jacob blushed and looked a little uncomfortable but sat down.


After that, things went smoothly and soon Hadrian was leaving to go see Charlie. When he arrived, the door was unlocked and the older man was passed out on the couch.

Smirking, Hadrian went to the kitchen and filled a cup full of ice water. He stood over his Uncle and in one motion, poured the water on the man.

Charlie gasped and sputtered, before glaring at the raven. “Not funny.”

“Yes, it is.” Was the raven’s reply.

Charlie rolled his eyes and pulled off his now soaked shirt, leaving him in his wife-beater. Hadrian watched the older man moved to the kitchen and waited as the other took a sip of water before voicing a random *cough* planned *cough* statement. “I think you should get a dog.”

Cue spit take.

Hadrian was cackling on the inside, but on the outside, he portrayed pure innocence. Though, his Uncle didn’t seem to be buying it. “What brought this up?”

“Well, I was thinking that you’re getting old and I’m sure you’ll soon be sitting on your lawn waving your cane at the ‘young people’ and telling them to get off your lawn. I think you need a grumpy old dog to finish the picture!” Hadrian stated cheerfully. Though he did squeak when arms suddenly wrapped around his waist.

“I’ll show you old, you brat!” Hadrian wasn’t prepared for the other to suddenly tickle his sides.


The one-sided tickle fight lasted for about twenty minutes and the only thing that saved Hadrian was his phone going off. The raven quickly answered and got a wicked look on his face before hanging up. “They’re on their way back.”

Charlie sighed, but nodded. “Now, what’s the real reason you think I should get a dog?”

For the next half-hour, Hadrian tried and succeeded in convincing his Uncle to get a dog. So, after picking up an excited Teddy, they when to the animal shelter.


Charlie wasn’t too sure about this, but he couldn’t argue with his Nephews logic that ‘every grumpy old man needs a grumpy old dog to be grumpy and old with’.

Ok, he could argue with that logic pretty easily, but the thought of having something to come home to, even if it is furry and has four legs, sounded nice. But there’s no way in hell, that he is getting a hell beast like Cinnamon.

He only met the beast earlier today and he already dislikes the little monster.

Though, he was torn on whether he found Hadrian cuddling it cute or horrifying.

Charlie was brought from his thoughts by Teddy tugging on his pants. “Mummy says that we need the grumpy old man to find the perfect grumpy old dog.” He snorted at the innocent statement and picked the child up. “Then I guess we better go find one.”


Hadrian chuckled when he saw Teddy fawning over a rather hyper puppy, with Charlie cringing behind him. While the puppy was cute, there was no way his Uncle would be able to handle a puppy like that. The man needed an older dog but not too old that it was on deaths door step.

Walking passed the hyper barking dogs, Hadrian came upon a few of the back cages that housed some of the older dogs. Looking around, he didn’t see anything that would fit his Uncle. Hadrian was about to walk back up front when something caught his eye.

Walking over to the cage, he looked at the mass of black fur. As if knowing it was being watched, the dog uncurled itself and stretched. Hadrian stared wide eyed at the VERY familiar dog and the dog’s eyes widened when they landed on him.

Hadrian could only stare before fainting in shock.

Chapter Text

When Hadrian regained consciousness, he realized that he was in his room. Cinnamon was sound asleep on his chest and Teddy was sleeping at his feet. Carefully getting up, Hadrian made his way down stairs and made himself some tea.

He had had the craziest dream last night and he hoped that the tea would help calm his nerves.

One calming blend later and Hadrian was feeling a thousand times better. Hearing the sound of nails on the wood floor alerted him to Cinnamon coming down for breakfast.

Moving over to the cupboard, he pulled out Cinnamon’ dry food and moved to fill his bowl. However, when he turned around it wasn’t the Nundu standing in the doorway.

It was Padfoot.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” He screamed before fainting again.

The next time he woke up, it was to Cinnamon licking his face and Fred holding a bottle of ink. “You have five seconds to tell me why I shouldn’t kill you.”

Instead of answering, Fred did the smart thing and ran for it. Hadrian rubbed his head and sat up on the couch. Looking around, he found Tom sitting in the arm chair to his left. “Tom, I had the craziest dream! I kept seeing Padfoot!”

“You weren’t dreaming.”

Hadrian froze. “What?”

Tom looked up from his book and looked Hadrian in the eye. “You weren’t dreaming. Somehow, Black is amongst the living once more. I’ve already sent a letter to Scarlett in hopes that she could clear this up.”

Hadrian stared at his older brother for a few minutes. “Where are they?”


Smiling pleasantly, Hadrian kissed Tom’ forehead. “Thank you.”


Sirius Black was very confused at the moment. He knew that he should be dead, hell, he was dead! But then he woke up in an animal shelter and he couldn’t turn human!

He knew that a lot of time had passed, but it didn’t feel that way to him. The worst part was, that he missed out on so much of Hadrian’ life all because he made a stupid mistake.

Giving a doggie sigh, Sirius placed his head down on his paws and tried to fall asleep. However, a sudden chill ran up his spine and he slowly turned around. Standing behind him, was Hadrian.

Smiling innocently.

Holding a VERY big mallet.

And moving towards him.

Logic dictates that he should run…… like right now!

Sirius hauled ass and ran around the yard with Hadrian screaming at him. “SIRIUS BLACK, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!”


Everyone else was watching the display of righteous fury and were torn between helping the dog or aiding the pissed off raven.

Cinnamon seemed to be the only one that knew which to choose and ran alongside Hadrian, determined to catch the poor dog.

This went on for an hour until Sirius managed to wedge himself under the gardening shed, while still keeping a hissing Cinnamon out.


Hadrian was beyond pissed and wanted nothing more then to kill his Godfather. “STOP HIDING AND FACE ME!”


By now, Hadrian had stopped his rampage and collapsed to his knees. His face was red and tears were staining his eyes red as they rolled down his cheeks. Why didn’t Sirius just listen for once instead of being stubborn and going anyway?

Why couldn’t he just let the others get the damn Prophecy? They knew what to do! They knew about the ambush but Sirius didn’t!

Fuck Bellatrix!

Fuck the Ministry!

Fuck the Veil!


Hadrian was sobbing so hard that he never noticed Sirius crawling out from under the shed and moving towards him. He jumped when a warm tongue started licking his cheek and he didn’t hesitate to pull the dog close.


And that was how they stayed for the next several hours. It was nearing nine o’clock when Hedwig showed up looking rather proud of herself. Hadrian looked at her and smiled wickedly.


The Cullen’s had just gotten back and were about to discuss their problem with the Volturi when a car pulled into the drive way. A few minutes passed before someone knocked on the door. Esme, being the closest, answered it and found Chief Swan. Before she could ask what he needed, a little boy ran passed her quickly followed by a young man with raven hair.

Everyone in the living room froze when a giggling little boy hide behind Rosalie. The little boy had dark black hair and dark red eyes.

The Vampires in the room didn’t hear a heartbeat either.

They stared in horror at the ‘Immortal’ child and were only pulled from their shock by someone yelling.



Hadrian was not in a good mood at the moment. Tom was called back to the school do to an emergency and the twins were off getting rare ingredients that were nocturnal, which meant that he had to take Teddy with him and Charlie to see the Cullens.

Teddy refused to go to sleep, even though it was passed his bed time, and someone gave him candy! Now the normally hyper seven-year-old was on a super sugar high, which meant that he was going to be grumpy as hell tomorrow.

And now, he has the joy of not only catching the child but grounding him from here to kingdom come for stealing the twins damn Cloaking Pendent again. Though he is at fault too as he didn’t check the little monster when he caught him trying to sneak out of the basement; he just assumed that Teddy was trying to sneak in.

But back to the problem at hand. The little monster was currently hiding behind a female Vampire that could pass for a female Draco and trying to use her as a shield.

“Edward Remus Lupin-Potter, you have five seconded to come here and take that Pendent off or you will be getting a spanking.”

He ignored the shocked looks he was getting and only focused on the little monster. Teddy seemed to be torn between running for it or obeying. Hadrian knew which one the little boy would pick and prepared to intercept him.

When the female Vampire that had answered the door came in with Charlie, Teddy made a break for the door and Hadrian caught him. Teddy tried to get away and managed to kick Hadrian in the stomach.

Having enough, Hadrian smacked Teddy on the butt. “Teddy, enough!”

The little boy froze in his arms and with a short nod at his Uncle, Hadrian took Teddy outside.


It was rather awkward for the next few minutes until Hadrian came back in with a softly sobbing Teddy, who appeared to be fighting a losing battle against sleep.


Hadrian didn’t like spanking Teddy, but sometimes it needed to be done. He knew that most of this had to do with the child being up passed his bed time and the sugar high wearing off but that didn’t give him the right to act like that.

Walking back into the room, Hadrian looked at everyone before moving to the female Draco. “Would you mind holding him for me? He needs his sleep and there’s no way I’m leaving him in the car. Plus, he’s rather heavy for a four-year-old and he can kick rather hard. But where are my manners, I’m Hadrian and this little monster is Teddy, may I have your name?”

She stared wide eyed for a minute before answering. “Rosalie, my names Rosalie. Why are you asking me to hold him?”

Hadrian could see that she really wanted to but was hesitant. So, he listed off his reasons once Teddy was in her arms. “Reason one; Uncle Charlie tenses up when he holds Teddy. Reason two; I wasn’t lying when I said he kicks hard and I’m sure I’ll have a bruise in the morning. And reason three; you use the same shampoo scent as my brother and it will most likely relax him enough so that he’ll finally fall asleep. Though, speaking of my brother, are you related to the Malfoys? Because you could easily pass for my brother’s twin.”

Rosalie stared at him and he stared back, though he snorted when he saw that Teddy had a fist full of her hair and was holding it to his nose in his sleep. Hadrian knew that if she could blush, Rosalie would be doing a pretty good interpretation of a tomato. “I don’t think I’ve heard the name before.”

Hadrian nodded. “It should be easily to figure out. Just tell me your birthday and I can check the Malfoy Family Tree. I know that Papa was an only child and so was Draco. I don’t know about Papa’ father though, I’d have to ask him I think his Portrait is still in Papa’s study. I imagine that you were born in the early nineteenth century yes?”

She stared at him, her mouth slightly open in shock. When what he said finally caught up to her, she started sputtering denials along with the rest of the Vampires. Hadrian looked at them oddly before hearing an actual question amongst the denials. “Did you say ‘Uncle Charlie’?”

Looking for the questioner; Hadrian turned to find a rather large Vampire that must have been a Half-Giant or have some Giant blood in him. “Yes. Uncle Charlie was my Father Cousin. They were very close and most of the time people thought that they were brothers; hence, Uncle Charlie. Though, I am distantly related to Billy and Jacob Black through my Grandmother on my Father’s side.”

Everyone there looked surprised, except Charlie, before Isabella stood up. “Charlie, what are you doing here?”

Hadrian saw the brief hurt in his Uncle’ eyes and stood in front of him. “WE are here to bring you home. Where you will be grounded for the next month for not alerting Uncle Charlie to the fact that you were leave the country. We are well aware of your little trip to Italy and your brief meeting with the Volturi. Their stupid threat to kill you if you’re not turned is stupid and I’ve already informed them of that fact. As you are related to me, you fall under my protection and they’re not stupid enough to try and fight me. Being not only a Wizard but a Lord with too many Titles has its perks.”

Isabella looked unbelieving while the Vampires looked torn between shock and fear. Hadrian was rather proud of this fact until something or rather someone, tried to get into his head. Now pissed; Hadrian stormed over to the Cedric clone and Bitch Slapped him. The Vampire wasn’t expecting it and yelped when he went flying acrossed the room. “Are you fucking brain dead?! I tell you that I’m a Wizard and you try to get into my head!? Be thankful that I’m not killing you for trying to Mind-Rape me!” He then turned on Carlisle. “Keep your children under control or I’ll do it for you!” He hissed at the shocked Vampire.

Storming over to Rosalie, he gently took Teddy. “Thank you, sweetie. If I ever need a babysitter would you be willing to volunteer?”

Rosalie smiled widely and nodded. Hadrian nodded in return before grabbing Isabella by the arm and dragging her from the house.

She seemed to fight him as they neared the car, but a simple stunner solved that rather quickly. Hadrian got Teddy seated before moving up front and sighing. He knew that he would have one hell of a day tomorrow, but all he wanted to do was drowned himself in sweet delicious chocolate.

Chocolate made everything better; it was a fact!

Chapter Text

The Cullens weren’t sure what to expect from this ‘Hadrian’. Alice couldn’t see anything and that bothered them a little bit. So, when a snowy owl landed on Emmett’ head with a letter, they were shocked. The owl, however, looked unimpressed and simple landed in front of Rosalie.

The owl dropped the letter in front of her before nodding and gently nipping her finger. Rosalie stared at the owl before opening the letter and reading it. After a moment, she snorted and gently petted the owl’s chest.

“Hadrian wants us to come over in the morning to talk. This gorgeous creature is Hedwig, Hadrian’ companion. He asks that she stay here tonight as there hasn’t been much peace for her at home. Something about a kitten trying to us her as a chew toy.” Rosalie said in amusement before walking over to the fridge.

Everyone stared at the owl, Hedwig, in confusion. Animals don’t like them, but this owl was sitting on the counter calmly staring at them. Emmett was the first to move and gently petted Hedwig while cooing at her.

“Well, aren’t you the most gorgeous owl I’ve ever seen! Those eyes are so sharp and stunning, just like Rosalie’! In fact, I think if you were human, you could be her sister! Your both so beautiful that you out shine the stars and moon!” Emmett gushed as Hedwig preened under his attention.

Rosalie smiled at them while she cooked up some bacon. “Careful Emmett. Hadrian asked that we not spoil her too much. He doesn’t want her to get a big head, but we’re allowed to stuff her with bacon to her hearts content. Apparently, the kitten kept stealing it from her, so she’s been without for a good month.”


So, that was how the night passed. Rosalie and Emmett, who were later joined by Jasper when Hedwig refused to leave his shoulder, cooing and stuffing her with bacon and the other Vampires looking confused and a little disturbed.

When morning came around the Cullens made their way to the Swan residence. Hedwig stayed on Jasper’ shoulder and preened his hair, which he found soothing.

When they pulled up to the house they couldn’t hear much, which unnerved them. As they got to the door, however, they could hear Hadrian yelling.

“Cinnamon bad kitty! Put Uncle Charlie’ shoe down! NO! DON’T BITE UNCLE CHARLIE! CINNAMON!”

Emmett and Rosalie found the chaos funny while everyone else, besides the blissed-out Jasper, found it horrifying. Rosalie knocked gently, but firmly, on the door and they heard silence for a moment before Hadrian started speaking.

“Uncle Charlie, keep him there and don’t let him get to the door. The Cullens are here and I don’t want him attacking them. If you have to, tell him that Isabella is trying to come down the stairs. It’ll keep him busy for a few minutes.”

“Sure, but if he bites me again I’ll follow through with my threat of taking you fishing!”

They heard Hadrian groan and Charlie chuckle before the door was opened a crack. Hadrian peeked through and gave them a serious look. “All of you in here quickly. Cinnamon has already gotten out once and nearly killed a poor bear, I don’t want him getting out ago. Now get in here.”

At that, the raven opened the door and the Vampire quickly came in. They were slightly confused on how a kitten could possible kill a bear of all things, but they didn’t get time to question it as Alice suddenly had the ‘kitten’ attached to her face.

She shrieked in fright and pulled the Creature from her face and threw it a crossed the room. It hit the wall hard and landed with a thud on the floor. The Creature looked like a Snow Leopard cub, but it had what looked like quills on its body and four little horns on its face. It glared at them before mewing pitifully at Hadrian.

Said raven rushed over and started babying the Creature. It purred and cuddled into the ravens held, sending Alice nasty looks. Hadrian turned to them and glared at Alice too. “You could have killed him! All he was doing was trying to play with you and you threw him at a wall! I have half a mind to curse you to kingdom come, but I have better manners. YOU’RE GROUND ISABELLA SWAN! SHUT THE DOOR AND STAY THERE OR I’M SENDING CINNAMON UP THERE!”

The Cullens heard a growl from upstairs before a door slammed shut. “Hadrian, Chief Swan, perhaps it would be best for Isabella to join this conversation. It does involve her.” Carlisle asked calmly, trying to play peace keeper.

Hadrian glared at him and frowned. “I don’t know how you handle your children, but Isabella is grounded do to her own stupidity. She shall remain grounded until she learns her lesson, though I don’t see that happening. She will not be joining us, nor will she be seeing any of you or anyone else for that matter. You are a guest in this home and have no right to speak about what we should or shouldn’t do. Isabella will stay in her room and should she try to get out or if someone tries to see her, I will know. Now, are any of you hungry or thirst?” He asked before heading into the kitchen.

Charlie instructed the Cullens to have a seat before he left to help Hadrian. The Vampires were sitting on the couch, or in Emmett and Rosalie’ case a chair, rather awkwardly. Jasper, who was seated on the floor next to the chair Emmett and Rosalie were sitting in, was the first to notice Cinnamon slowly rising over the couch behind Edward.

The curly haired Vampire nudged Emmett’ leg and when both Vampire’s looked at him, he subtly pointed at the couch. They looked over and choked as they tried not to laugh.

Cinnamon was slowly peeking over the couch, eyes blown wide, ears folded back, and mouth hung open. He looked like he was high as a kite, and Jasper could swear he saw drool hanging from the cat’s chin.

Cinnamon noticed them watching and ducked down before appearing behind Carlisle’ head. This time they could only see his eyes, but they were sure his mouth was still open. After he watched them for a few minutes, the cat disappeared.

They looked around for him and Jasper jumped slightly when something pulled his shoe lace. Looking down, he found Cinnamon looking at him with a shoe lace in his mouth. The cat looked like he had been caught in the cookie jar and slowly let go of the shoe lace. He then backed away until he was underneath the coffee table.

Jasper leaned over slightly to see if he could spot the feline, but the cat was gone. All three Vampires were slightly disappointed, but it didn’t last long when Cinnamon suddenly landed on Jasper’ head.

The blonde grunted at the sudden weight but didn’t move the high as a kite cat. Rosalie happily cooed at the feline, who started purring. Hadrian and Charlie soon came back in and the raven plucked the cat from Jasper’ head. “Sorry about him. The twins gave him catnip before we left, and he’s been wound up ever since. OH! Rosalie would you mind babysitting Teddy this weekend? My brothers are going to be busy and I’m going to the Res with Uncle Charlie to speak with Uncle Billy and I don’t want Teddy near that hot head Sam.”

Rosalie was shocked for a moment before beaming at him. “I’d love to! But aren’t you worried I’d hurt him?” She asked reluctantly. Hadrian snorted and handed her a ‘cookie’. “I have two adopted Vampire children that babysit him often. Plus, I’m Mated to three Vampires, while my brother Draco is Mated to two. None of them have hurt him and I highly doubt you will. Now, eat your cookie, it’s a new recipe using Basilisk Blood. My sweet’s loving son says that it’s the best blood to use for ‘sugar’ cookies.”


Rosalie was slightly nervous about taking a bite, but she liked Hadrian and she wanted to trust him. So, she took a small bite and she moaned at the taste. It had been so long since she had anything that didn’t taste like blood.


Hadrian smiled at her and gave her and Emmett a plate full of Sugar Blood Cookies. He placed the rest of the blood treats on the coffee table, before handed Jasper a mug of blood. “It has come to my attention that you’ve had a very hard time switching your diet, yes?” Jasper nodded calmly, but excepted Cinnamon from Hadrian when the raven offered the cat up for comfort.

“The Volturi have recently gotten in contact with some of the Wizarding Ministries and they’ve established Blood Banks for Vampires’ in Wizarding Alleys. This is a mug of Willingly Donated Human Blood, laced with Unicorn Blood. If you would like to have it, it’s your choice not theirs.” Hadrian stated with a sharp look at the four seated Cullens. Alice looked like she was about to blow a gasket, but Hadrian’ glare had her frozen. “The Unicorn Blood helps with the Blood Lust and helps with keeping control around Human Blood in general. A lot of Vampires’ are starting to notice a change in their appearance as well. Some are now able to sleep, have their human eye color back, no longer sparkle like disco balls, have slightly raised body tempter…….. and one female Vampire was able to conceive, but miscarried. We think it was because she hadn’t been drinking the Donated Blood long enough for her to fully carry. Rosalie, there is no guaranty that if you drink the blood that you’ll get pregnant, but if you truly want a child we can talk about it at my home this weekend after I get back from the Res, ok?”

The female Vampire nodded shakily and had a tight grip on Emmett’ hand.


Jasper hesitantly took the mug and felt his hunger build as he smelt the rich blood in front of him. Cinnamon’ purring was one of the things keeping him grounded, along with Hadrian’ soft voice.

He touched the mug to his lips and for the briefest moment paused before looking at Carlisle. The older Vampire met his gaze and he softly smiled. “Hadrian’ right Jasper. If you wish to do this, it’s your choice not ours. I know it has been incredibly hard for you to drink Animal Blood and it’s not fair for us to judge you and it’s not fair to force you to suffer.”

Apparently, that’s all Jasper needed to hear before taking a little sip. He hummed at the taste before taking more. With in seconds, the blood was gone, and Jasper felt better then he had in years. Then he realized that he was in a room with two humans and he felt nothing. No Blood Lust and no insane need to feed.

A cookie was popped into his open mouth and he blinked up at Hadrian, who smiled warmly.


Hadrian smiled at the shocked Vampire before sitting down on the loveseat with his Uncle. He glared at the four Cullens in front of him before sipping his tea; god he loved Kreacher. “I must say that I’m not very impressed with the way you handle your children, Mr. Cullen. Firstly, you neglect to teach them about the difference between Mates and Singers. Secondly, you allow your first child to……. become involved with his Singer to an alarming degree instead of talking to him and explaining. Thirdly, you allow your first child to force you to leave town after Isabella is accidentally injured. Fourthly, you allow your first and fifth children to spy on Isabella which led to your first child gone to the Volturi to try and kill himself. And finally, your fifth child and Isabella had to go and stop him, causing my Uncle to worry and, in the end, you wound up back here anyway. I can’t help but think that this all could have been avoided had you acted like the Coven Leader you are and put your foot down.”

He looked at them and snorted at their faces. Edward and Alice looked angry, Esme looked lost, and Carlisle looked ashamed. “You’re right.”

Hadrian almost choked on his tea when he heard that. He didn’t expect Carlisle to agree so easily, but from what his Mates have said about the Vampire, he was a gentle and kind man. And while that’s not a bad thing normally, it was in this case.

Staring at the Vampire, Hadrian could see how ashamed his was and he felt a little guilty. “Carlisle you are a good and kind man, but you must put your foot down. You have allowed your two children to use you as a doormat. You try to care for them, but this isn’t the way to do that.”

Hadrian had been keeping a close eye on the two trouble makers, so he wasn’t surprised when they finally snapped. “Carlisle you can’t be serious! You don’t believe him, do you?! Alice saw Bella as a Vampire!” Edward shouted before Alice chimed in. “It’s true Carlisle, I saw her!”

The two continued shouting until Hadrian had had enough. “SILENCE!”

They fell silent but didn’t sit down. That was fine with him, he learned the Death Glare from his dad and his ‘You Will Listen’ voice from his papa. “You two are testing my patience and that is a VERY hard thing to do. Isabella will not be turned and if you say another word I’ll have you over my lap before you can even blink. Just because you see something doesn’t make it so. My sister Luna could see the future, but she never told anyone what she saw unless it was important. One day, she told me and one of our……. ‘friends’ about something she saw. Not long after, that ‘friend’ betrayed her. The British Wizarding Ministry came and took her away and used her like some glorified fortune teller. My sister’s Soul died the day she was taken away and I set her body free the day I gained my freedom again. You rely on your gift too much and you speak of everything you see. One day, it will lead to nothing good and someone will suffer.”

Alice looked offended but said nothing and sat down. Edward looked like he was about to blow up, but a sharp look from the raven had him silently sitting down. Hadrian poured himself another cup of tea and remained silent for a few minutes, simply enjoying the silence.

Placing his tea down on the table, Hadrian calmly looked at Carlisle. “According to my Uncle, there have been quite a few disappearances in Seattle. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

Every single Cullen looked away. Hadrian knew what was going on, Jane had called to let him know that she, Alec, Demetri, and Felix had been sent out to look at the situation and deal with it if no civil outcome could be found. Hell! He had taken a look at the situation and knew that nothing could be done! The female Vampire, Victoria, was hell bent on killing Isabella and Hadrian wouldn’t allow that, even if the girl was a pain in the ass.

Hearing someone clear their throat, Hadrian looked up to see his Uncle looking pointedly at the stairs. Rolling his eyes, the raven sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Isabella. Since you seem to think that you don’t need to listen to what you are told, I’m adding another punishment to your grounding. But since you’re down here, come and join us.”

Isabella came out from behind the corner, her face tomato red, and moved to sit by Edward. Hadrian was having none of this and summoned one of the dining room chairs to sit by his Uncle. Before she could blink, Hadrian stuck her to the chair. She tried getting up and only succeeded in almost falling over. Hadrian ignored her and Edward to focus on an angry Rosalie. The blonde didn’t seem to notice that she was crushing Emmett’ hand nor the fact that Hedwig was preening her hair to try and calm her. “Rosalie.”

Emerald met pitch black, but he didn’t flinch. Jane had had episodes like this around the time he had first adopted her. She was a little girl that was forced to be a woman and never had anyone to feel truly safe around other than her brother. There had been a lot of screaming, breaking of things, and as close to crying as Jane could get, before she finally let him in. She was now a mummy’s girl, but she would kill anyone who dared to say it.

Hadrian got up, never breaking eye contact, and kneeled in front of her. He gently took her hand from Emmett’ and rubbed his thumb soothingly over the back of her hand. “Rosalie, I need you to close your eyes and take deep soothing breaths. Emmett will do it with you, just focus on his breathing.”

Rosalie did as he said, and after a few minutes Hadrian noticed the tension leave her. “Rosalie, what had you so upset?”

She calmly looked at him before glaring over his shoulder. He didn’t need to turn around to know she was glaring at both Isabella and Edward. “None of this would have happened had they just listen to me. I told them that we shouldn’t get involved with her, but Edward refused to listen!” She stopped and took a deep breath before continuing. “When the nomads came through, James, their Leader, took interest in her and almost killed her, but we killed him first. Now Victoria, James’ Mate, wants revenge and she’s causing all kinds of trouble! Now the Volturi are watching us, Victoria’ doing god knows what in Seattle, and it’s all because those two.” Rosalie hissed through her teeth.

Hadrian nodded, knowing that she had most likely tried multiple times to make that idiot see sense and that all of this was stressing her out. He now honestly believed that her babysitting Teddy would not only help her emotionally but mentally as well.
Standing up, he gently let go of her hand before softly kissing her on the head. Turning around, he saw that neither Isabella or Edward looked ashamed. He glared at them before smiling; time to pop their bubble. “I received an interesting call from my daughter this morning. She told me that the Volturi were sending out four of their Guards to take a look at the situation. While I was in Seattle, I looked at Victoria’ little army and I must say, the Volturi have good reason to send their Guards. I’m sure that Victoria has heard this by now, and she knows that she and her army don’t stand a chance. I imagine that she’s already thinking up a plan of attack, and so have I. But I don’t want to step on any toes, so why don’t you tell me what you have planned since you’re all so calm about this.” He finished with a sickly-sweet smile.

Their silence as he sat back down was beautiful, and the looks of horror on their faces was picture worthy. But, he simply sipped his tea in silence. Jane said that they wouldn’t be here for at least three days and they planned on observing the Newborn Army for a day or so. Hadrian knew that Victoria must be a smart girl to think all this out, but she was too focused on revenge and that’s where she would fall.

She may know that the Volturi were on the way, but she must likely didn’t care or was just to focused on her revenge to think about it. He imagined that she wouldn’t attack for at least a week or two while she planned out her attack on Isabella. She wasn’t thinking about everything that could possible happen or if the Cullens called on others for help. Her mind was only focused on one thing.

Killing Isabella Swan.

Her need for revenge has poisoned her mind to the point that Hadrian saw killing her as an act of mercy. She had so many options she could have chosen from, but she chose poorly and was now drowning in her own madness.

Hadrian couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, but he didn’t pity her. She brought about her own madness when she took revenge into her own hands instead of going to the Volturi.

No, he didn’t pity her, but she didn’t deserve to suffer like this. He was going to end her Immortal Life with his own hands, and finally free her from her own madness.

Chapter Text

Rosalie had been so excited for the weekend, but now that it was here, she was a nervous wreck. Her hands shook as she drove to Hadrian’ home and her stomach was in knots.

Pulling up to the house, she swore that she could feel sweat building up on her forehead. Taking a few deep breaths, she got out of the car and walked to the door. Rosalie took one last deep breath before knocking on the door. She fiddled with the hem of her tank-top and tucked some loose hair behind her ear.

Knowing that she was going to be babysitting, she didn’t want to get all dressed up. So, she put on a simple white tank-top that had ruffles on the chest, a pair of light blue denim capris, and a pair of white and blue tennis shoes.

She jumped when the door was thrown open and two red heads appeared. They looked at her and then nodded.

“My my George, our little Hadrian wasn’t lying. If I didn’t know any better, I’d thing Draco took our Gender Swapping Potion again.” The twin on the left stated wide eyed.

The twin on the right nodded in shock. “My my Fred, I wonder what would happen if we put them in the same room? Do you think the world would end?” The twin on the right asked the twin on the left.

The two started talking quickly and Rosalie honestly couldn’t keep up. She was thankfully saved by the appearance of another man who didn’t look very amused. “I would suggest that you two let the young lady in before Hadrian sees you harassing her. Plus, you two are supposed to be in Egypt with William right now and I imagine that he isn’t impressed at your tardiness.”

The twins paled before running back into the house. The other man looked at her coolly, but it didn’t piss her off like it did when others looked at her like that. She felt that it was just how he was around those that weren’t family. “You must be Rosalie; Hadrian’ been expecting you. I’m Tom, Hadrian’ older brother and those two were Fred and George, also his older brothers. Please come in.” Tom said as he moved to the side.

Rosalie smiled at him a little and calmly walked in. Tom shut the door behind her and guided her towards the living room where Hadrian and Teddy were playing a card game before taking his leave up the stairs.

When Rosalie entered the room, Teddy forgot about the game and tackled her. “ROSE, ROSE, ROSE! Mummy says that you’re going to play with me while everyone else is gone! Is that true!?”

Rosalie smiled at him and kneeled to his level. “Yes, it’s true. Your mummy asked me the other day and I could think of nothing better then to spend time with such a handsome young man. But don’t tell Emmett, he might get jealous.” She added with a wink.

Teddy giggled madly but nodded. She heard soft laughter above her and looking up she found Hadrian smiling warmly at her. “He’s been so excited to have you that it was almost impossible to get him to sleep at night, so a nap might be needed. Tom will be in his office up stairs if you need anything, but he has a lot of work so unless it’s important try not to bother him. I should be back a little after lunch, but I’ll call if I’m going to be longer. No one should come around, though if a woman shows up pitching a fit and is looking for me, just get Tom and he’ll handle her. Her name is Scarlett and we’ve been waiting for her to show up, so it’s not like she’s a stranger or something. OH! Before I forget. Kreacher, Dobby, and Winky come here please!”

Rosalie was confused at first, but it didn’t last long when three strange little Creatures showed up. One was wearing a cute, light purple female servants dress from the Victorian age and the other two were wearing butler uniforms from then as well. Hadrian seemed to find it funny and even laughed a little as he fixed the younger looking Creature’s tie. “Victorian this week is it? Well, if you want different colors let me know, ok? Rosalie, these three are House-Elves. The little lady is Winky, the younger male with the mismatch socks is Dobby, and the oldest of the three is Kreacher. Winky runs the kitchen and will have lunch ready for you around noon or so. Dobby takes care of the gardens and other such things. And Kreacher runs everything else. If you need anything, just call them and they’ll help you the best they can. Now I need to get out of here, I’m sure Uncle Charlie is already waiting outside for me. Be a good boy Teddy and listen to Rosalie!”

Said Vampire watched Hadrian run off and once the door shut, it was just her and Teddy. She blinked in surprise when Teddy tugged on her finger to get her attention. When she looked at him, he smiled widely at her. “You want to play hide and seek!?”


For the next two hours, Rosalie wander around the house looking for the little boy plus Cinnamon and Hedwig. The feline was rather easy to find, as he always forgot to hide his tail with him. Teddy was a little harder to find as he used a Masking Charm, that the twins gave him, to hide his scent and heartbeat. When Rosalie caught on to what the child was doing, she made him promise not to leave the house with it on unless he was told otherwise.

It was Hedwig that she found impossible to find and the Vampire secretly thought the owl was cheating but she couldn’t prove it. And every time she gave up looking for the owl, Rosalie would find her in the living room sitting on her perch by the window smugly preening herself.

Eventually, they stopped playing hide and seek and Teddy offered to teach Rosalie how to play Wizards Chess. This was how Kreacher found the two when he came to tell them that lunch was ready.


Kreacher thought himself a good Elf and when Master Hadrian told him he was, he felt pride fill his chest and he walked around with his head held high. So, when Master Hadrian told them that a Vampire was coming to watch Young Master Teddy, he felt that it was his duty to make sure Young Master Teddy remained safe.

He started watching the moment Master Hadrian left. Kreacher kept careful watch and was happy to note that the Vampire treated the Young Master very well and he even laughed when Lady Hedwig came out of hiding looking very smug.

When Winky came to tell him that lunch was ready, he when to inform Master Tom before leaving to inform the Young Master and Miss Rosalie. He found them playing Wizards Chess and smiled at how happy the Young Master was and felt a little bad for interrupting. “Young Master, Miss Rosalie lunch is ready in the dining room. Miss Rosalie, you can just follow the Young Master there. If you will excuse me.” And with a bow, he was gone.


Rosalie was quite surprised by her lunch. It looked like a nice bowl of beef stew and it made her want to drool. She didn’t hesitate to take a bite, not after the cookie and the other treats Hadrian had made the other day. Rosalie loved the taste and asked for more when Winky showed up to ask how everything was. “Master Hady said to make the special stew for you and said to give you as much as you’d like! So, Winky made a BIG pot! Miss Rosy is to take what she doesn’t eat home, Master Hady said so! So, no arguing!” Then she left, and Rosalie could only chuckle.


After lunch, Rosalie and Teddy went back to their game where Teddy won four more times. After an hour, Rosalie’ phone went off and she saw that it was Hadrian. “Hey Hadrian, what’s up?”

“Hey Rosalie, I’m going to be a little late, but it will be SO worth it, I promise! How’s Teddy been?”

Rosalie smiled warmly at the little boy staring at the chess board. “He’s been an angel. He’s currently trying to teach me Wizards Chess, but I’m not very good at it.”

She heard Hadrian chuckle and laughed a little herself. “I’m not very good at the game either, but it’s fun to just play with him. I should be much longer; maybe half an hour.”

“Ok, we’ll see you then, bye.” She heard him say bye before hanging up and putting her phone away. Teddy looked at her in question and she told him what Hadrian said.


They played one last round before putting the board away and sitting on the couch to read. It wasn’t long after that that the door was slammed open and a woman’s voice was heard.


They heard her stomping up the stairs before a door slammed open and shut again. Rosalie looked at Teddy, who shrugged and went back to reading.

They spent the rest of the time simply reading until Hadrian finally got back.


Rosalie looked up when Hadrian came in caring a black bag in his left hand with his right open for a hug. Teddy darted off the couch and slammed into the raven before telling him all about his day.

“Rose played hide and seek with me, then I taught her how to play Wizards Chess but she not very good, then we had lunch, and played more chess! Then Scarlett showed up and yelled for Uncle Tom; she’s not going to kill him, is she?”

Hadrian seemed to find Teddy’ excitement as funny as she did and laughed a little. “No, she not going to kill him.”

Eventually, Hadrian managed to get Teddy out of the house, so they could talk. “Had to stop by Uncle Charlie’ house so I could grab the cake I left there. Now, I believe that we were going to talk about you have a child of your own, yes?”

Rosalie nodded shakily and took the chocolate cake Hadrian handed her.


Hadrian smiled softly at Rosalie and gently touched her shoulder. She looked up at him and he saw the guarded hope within her eyes. “There is a Wizarding Orphanage not far outside of Portland, Oregon in a little place called Mt Hood Village. Their a special Orphanage that takes in children with Vampiric Creature Inheritances. If you’d like, I can take you and Emmett there once this mess with Victoria is taken care of.”

Rosalie seemed to be in shock before shaking her head. “I’m a Vampire, what makes you think they’ll let us adopt?”

Hadrian chuckled and took a bite of his cake. “Rosalie, they’ll be thrilled to have you adopt. Those children with Vampiric Inheritances age slowly, and they encourage Vampires’ to adopt. With the new laws that the Volturi have in place, they no longer fear for the children. When a child reaches the age of Inheritance, their like Newborns’, and that’s a major reason they ask for Vampires’ to adopt.”

Rosalie looked at him with pure hope in his eyes and he hugged her. She clung to him and dry sobbed in pure happiness.

Chapter Text

Scarlett had been living off of nothing but coffee, which she hates, granola, which doesn’t mix well with straight black coffee, and no sleep for a little over five months. Her paperwork just kept multiplying every time she even blinked, so she stopped doing that to. So, to say she was tired, hunger, thirsty, and in desperate need of a relaxing bath was an understatement. But it seemed that it wasn’t meant to be.

Just as she was about to get out of her office for the first time in months, a letter appeared on her desk. She blankly picked it up and numbly opened it.

Instant regret was the only way to describe how she felt.

Scarlett didn’t change, shower, eat, drink, or even brush her hair before making her way to Tom Fucking Riddle.


Tom Riddle was many things and had seen many things. But never before had he felt such fear as when he heard Scarlett storming up the stairs and heading for his office. As soon as Scarlett threw his door open and he got a good look at her, it took every ounce of control he had not to scream like a little girl.

He honestly thought that Bellatrix had come back from the dead to haunt him. Scarlett’ black and white hair looked like a rats nest from her running her hands through it in frustration. She had HUGE bags under her eyes and looked like death warmed over. Her white tank-top had stains on it and her plaid pajama bottoms weren’t much better.

He cleared his throat and smiled at her. “Scarlett, you’re looking…… well.” She just sneered at him. “Shut up. I’m tired, hungry, thirsty for something other then coffee, and want a god damn bath. What the fuck do you mean Black’ not dead?!” She hissed at him as she moved closer.

Tom forced himself not to show any fear as he knew she’d pounce if he did and calmly looked at her. “Hadrian found Black at an Animal Shelter not long ago stuck in his Animagus Form. Black doesn’t even know how he got there and we’ve tried looking at his memories, but there’s nothing there.”

Scarlett sneered again. “Where?” Tom didn’t even need to ask what she meant. He simply, but slowly, stood up from his chair and led her outside.


Sirius was laying on his back, watching the clouds. It was a rather nice evening and the sky was beautiful. Over the past couple of days, he had been thinking about what had happened to him. He remembered entering the Veil and then nothing. When that train of thought gave him a headache, he’d then think about his life right now. Would he remain in his Animagus Form? Would he ever be human again? If he was stuck as a dog, would he live with Hadrian or Charlie?

So many question, but no answers.

He gave a doggy sigh and rolled over. Sirius glared at a tree that bordered the yard before pouting in boredom. There was nothing else to do at the moment, so he might as well take a nap.

However, before he could, a shadow fell over him. Sirius looked up, expecting to see Tom, Hadrian, or even Teddy, not Bellatrix. He did the only thing he could do…. Faint.


Scarlett and Tom stared at the now unconscious dog, not really sure what to do. Tom hoped the Scarlett hadn’t given the mutt a heart attack. While Scarlett hoped that this didn’t cause her more paperwork. Both didn’t notice the arrival of another person until Scarlett felt something poke her butt. Looking behind her, she found Allen holding an empty needle.


When Allen walked into Scarlett’ office and found the woman missing and an open letter on her desk, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. Seeing as he was supposed to go over to the manor anyway, Allen figured he’d take the file Tom would need with him.

Arriving at the manor, he made his way to the backyard. Scarlett looked just as nuts as when he had left her in her office two days ago, though she smelled a thousand times worse. Knowing that she would most likely but up a fit in her…… lack of sanity. Allen decided that sedating her was the best option.

So, one needle to the butt was all it took before she was passed out in his arms.

He turned to a shocked Tom and handed him the file. “Mr. Black was supposed to die that day, but Magic didn’t want that. So she and Death made a deal, which is all in that file. Whether Mr. Black stays a dog or not, I’m unsure of. I would suggest that you read the file, as I’m sure it will answer all of you’re questions. If this is not the case, I have placed my number in the file. Please call me directly as Scarlett is not mentally stable at the moment. Have a nice day.” He finished with a nod and walked away.


Tom wasn’t sure what just happened as he watched the long haired brunette male walk away with Scarlett. At the moment, however, he just wanted a god damn drink before he even thought about the file in his hand.


Many miles away in the heart of Mexico. Lady Magic and Dean were drinking themselves stupid. “Do you think Scarlett’ mad at us?!” Lady Magic asked with a drunk giggle. Dean snorted and drunkenly grinned at her. “*hic* No *hic* she’ll never know about Black. *hic* The last I saw *hic* she was buried under paperwork! And *hic* even if she did find out now *hic* she can’t change anything! We did all the *hic* paperwork and went through the right channels! *hic* that deal is sound *hic* proof!” Dean trialed off with an insanely drunken giggle.

Both drunken Beings started laughing hysterically, so didn’t notice when someone stopped in front of their table. “Do you two find something funny?”

Both Beings stopped laughing instantly and shared looks of horror as they saw Allen standing in front of them. He wore a cheery smile, but his eyes were ice.

Lady Magic and Dean suddenly regretted making that deal or at the very least not thinking it through. Out of all the scenarios they went through, they forgot to factor in Scarlett’ Best friend and Right Hand man.

Allen and his overprotective nature of Scarlett when she gets stressed out to the point that she goes……. Well nuts to put it nicely.
Both Beings swallowed and didn’t even try to run when Allen motioned for them to follow. While they regretted not factoring in Allen, they didn’t regret their deal about Black.

After all, they both adored Hadrian and didn’t want him to loss another loved one. Even if it brought down Allen’ wrath on them.

Chapter Text

After Tom got himself drunker then what one would consider ‘normal’, he texted the entire family. This brought them ALL to the manor.

And not one of them wanted to open the file.


Hadrian stared at the file like everyone else. A part of him wanted to read everything that the file held, but another part of him didn’t want to. That file was HIS file and held his entire life’s story. All the pain, misery, and betrayal that he had suffered in the Wizarding World was in one innocent looking file….. and that scared him.

“Let’s quickly look over the deal about Sirius and worry about everything else later. I really don’t feel like reliving my past without my Mates here.” He said tightly before picking up the file. No one said anything and he was thankful for that.
As it was a magical file, he simply had to think about the deal. He skimmed the top, which basically stated how Sirius had dead and what not, before reading the actual deal.

“Lady Magic asked Dean not to take Sirius. The deal states that Sirius is not able to die unless it is Natural, Accidental, or from Old Age. To help with this, he has been changed into a Magical Shifter. Oh Merlin! He’s going to be a pain when he hears about that! Oh, it says that his Magical Shifting is limited to ten Creatures or Animals not counting his Human Form. No dad, you can not trick him into becoming something small and crushable. Apparently he’ll be stuck in another Form for about a week when he changes into something new.” Hadrian trailed off softly.

“So is one of his Forms his Animagus Form?” Draco asked with slight confusion. Hadrian shook his head. “No. Apparently that’s just a base Form so his magic could settle and get used to its new purpose. Though I don’t imagen that Sirius will want to give up Padfoot.”


They talked for a while more before Hadrian had to leave for the Res again. With the trouble Victoria was going to bring, he wanted the Packs help if only to keep the Newborns from getting to close to town. Which meant that either Sam or Jacob were going to have to become Alpha because he can’t lead the Wolves AND take care of Victoria at the same time. Sure he led a War but Newborns were a pain in the ass and he didn’t need the headache of playing follow the leader with the Pack.

Which was why Hadrian was now seated outside with his Uncles at a table he had summoned. While the Pack was staring at them.
“Uncle Charlie, would you like more tea?” Hadrian asked sweetly while pointedly ignoring the two ‘Alphas’. “No I’m good. Though I wonder how you got me out of work.” Charlie asked with a knowing smirk.

Hadrian smiled innocently at him. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I checked your work schedule and I saw that you were off today. Simple as that.” Both older men just snorted at the clear lie, but said nothing.

After a few minutes, Jacob finally made noise. “Hadrian, why are you here? I thought we had until the end of the month to challenge you?” The raven nodded and looked rather agitated. “It would seem that Isabella has caused quite a bit of trouble and I need to move this up. Newborn Vampires will be here with in a week or two and I’ll need this Pack to guard the town should the Newborns try and head for it. So I’ll be testing you two at the same time in three different ways. Dobby!”

The little Elf appeared and shocked everyone but the men at the table. “Dobby, take those two to the first test please.” Dobby nodded quickly and with a snap of his fingers, all three were gone.

Hadrian silenced the rest of the Pack and enlarged the Looking Glass so that they could all watch the two.



Sam and Jacob were placed in two different fields, but both had the same sign. “This is a test of patience. You must solve the puzzles to leave this field and move on to the next test. The rule are simple; should you lose your temper, you fail. The first to solve the puzzles wins and the loser will be moved onto the next test.”

Both men understood and proceeded to solve the puzzles.

They started out rather easy, just simple jigsaw puzzles, but as the two went on it got harder. Both were having trouble, but everyone watching could see that Sam was slowly getting angry while Jacob seemed a bit annoyed.

Both men were on the final puzzle when Sam final lost his temper and destroyed his puzzle. Which gave him an automatic loss and if Jacob lost his temper as well, they both move on with no win.

Hadrian didn’t want them to have the patience of a Saint, but to be an Alpha you can’t lose your temper and lash out. So he wasn’t surprised when Jacob won, even if the younger male was highly annoyed with the puzzle.



This time, the two men weren’t alone nor were they in a field.

They were in a massive and tall maze with a Pack Mate each.

Hadrian asked Dobby to take two of the Pack Wolves to the maze to meet both ‘Alphas’. This test wasn’t straight forward like the last one. The two ‘Alphas’ had to find their way out of the maze, while also listening to their Pack Mate who already knew the way out.

Quil, who was with Sam, and Leah, who was with Jacob, were both told not to say anything about knowing the way out unless asked. If they were asked, they were only allowed to say so much.

This was a test and they both knew that. That’s why they both volunteered for the task. Quil knew that his happy go lucky attitude annoyed Sam and Leah knew that her stubborn and head strong attitude would annoy Jacob to the point where he might snap at her.

In the beginning, both Sam and Jacob were annoyed with their partners. Sam was annoyed by Quil’ happy go lucky attitude, while Jacob was just annoyed that he was stuck with a hormonal woman.

He got enough of that from his sisters.

As the two teams walked through the maze, both ‘Alphas’ were getting angry. Sam because he kept going in circles and Jacob because Leah kept snorting at him. Eventually, Jacob sighed in annoyance and finally asked Leah which way she thought they should go.

“We need to turn left at the next fork and then right and then we’re out.” She stated with a rather bored look on her face. Jacob looked at her in mild annoyance before sighing and allowing her to take the lead.

Sam on the other hand just got more annoyed and since Quil was getting bored he decided to just tell Sam how to get out as he was sure Jacob had already left by now. “Sam, we should go right.” The other male just snarled at him. “I didn’t ask you.”

Quil huffed and flicked Sam’ ear before running. He didn’t need to look to see if Sam was chasing him as he could hear him. Quil ran through the maze, laughing his head off, while Sam chased him. So it wasn’t long before they were out of the maze.

Once more, Sam lost to his temper and Jacob won.



Both Sam and Jacob found themselves in the same room with Hadrian on the other side. “This is a test of your character. Now, let’s begin.”

The raven waved his hand and two glass boxes appeared in front of them. The boxes were about the same size as a large wooden crate and were filled with a thick silver mist that was slowly taking on a solid form.

In Sam’ box was Emily and in Jacob’ box was his dad. “These two people seem to be very important to you both. But……… What if they were turned!” Suddenly the smoke shifted and both figures looked Vampiric.

Both men jumped at the sudden change before reacting. Sam snarled and tried to break the box. Jacob looked sad and a little wistful as his dad’s figure was standing instead of sitting in its wheel chair.

Hadrian snorted. “Sam’ rather obvious in his opinion on the matter, but what of you Jacob?”

“My dads as been in a wheel chair for years. It’d break my heart to see him as a Vampire, but if this ever happened and he wished to stay this way….. I don’t think I would be able to take that from him.” Jacob said with a sad smile. Sam sneered and tried to lung at Jacob but Hadrian stopped him. “He wouldn’t be your dad anymore! He’d just be another leech! They need to be destroyed!”
Hadrian glared at Sam before snapping his fingers and the younger male was bound and gagged. “I’m disgusted with your behavior! You will be sent to live with a Werewolf by the name of Fenrir Grayback where you will learn some respect! I’ve already informed him that you might be showing up. Dobby would you please take Sam to Fenrir.”

The little House-Elf nodded and with a crack, they were both gone. Hadrian honestly hoped that Sam changed. The raven knew that the younger just needed some guidance and anger management. He would never be suited to leading a Pack but he’d make a good Beta or even third in command. But as of right now, Hadrian had to help Jacob in his new role as Alpha.

Oh joy.

Chapter Text

Jasper had been feeling incredible stressed with smelling Human Blood at school every day, Isabella and Edward’ drama, and Alice never leaving him alone for one moment.

He had been on the verge of snapping.

Then Hadrian showed up and everything seemed to get easier. He didn’t fear killing humans at school or around town in Bloodlust as Hadrian had given him Human Blood that was WILLINGLY DONATED. While there was still drama between Isabella and Edward, it was finally being taken care of properly. And Hadrian had given him his address and now he had a place to go that Alice couldn’t follow him to.

And she had tried.

But at the moment, he wasn’t feeling very sure of himself. Victoria was making an Army of Newborns and this brought him back to when he had been ‘born’. The thought of killing Newborns again sent chills down his spine and made his stomach flip.

He had tried to find ways to calm himself down, but nothing worked; his mind just wouldn’t turn off.

Yelling in frustration, Jasper punched a hole through a tree. He had been trying to meditate like he used to do before he had joined the Cullen’, but it just wasn’t working. He was startled from his anger by a sword landing beside him.

Turning around, Jasper found Hadrian staring blankly at him. “I know your history, so I know that you know how to use it.” Then he moved his feet and got into a fighting stance. “Don’t hold back, because I definitely won’t be.” Then he lunged forward.

Jasper had only a moment to defend himself from Hadrian.

Both fought hard and fast, fueled by stress and frustration. Then as time went by, they started to slow down. And after a while Jasper started to laugh.

“That was the most fun I have had in a long time.” Jasper said wistfully. “I could feel your stress from the manor, not to mention that Rosalie and Emmett have been worried about you. I would have just gotten you stone cold drunk but I’ve already dealt with one drunken Vampire and I’m not eager to do it again. So, would you like to talk.” Hadrian asked with a warm smile.

Jasper bit his lip and looked at his feet. “I won’t judge you Jasper, I’d be a hypocrite if I did. I can guarantee that my hands are far more stained then yours.” So, after a few minutes of silence Jasper poured his heart out.

Every wound was opened, every painful memory revisited, and every dark thought brought to light. But after the wounds were opened Hadrian helped them heal, after the painful memory was revisited so were the happy ones, and after every dark thought was brought to light their were soothed away by Hadrian’ soft voice.

They both stayed their for most of the day. Hadrian running his fingers through Jasper’ and the Vampire cuddling up to the raven simply enjoying the peace that was being given.


Rosalie was in the kitchens with Winky stuffing her face with cookies. If anyone had told her that she was one day going to be stress eating cookies made with blood while worrying over her ex-soldier Vampire brother, she would have called them insane. But her she was, stuffing her face with cookies and worrying over Jasper.

Emmett had abandoned her to her worry after she had nearly, and literally, bit his head off. So he did the smart thing and went to play with Teddy.

When Rosalie heard the door open she ran from the kitchen and nearly tackled the to men that came in.

Jasper and Hadrian looked rather shocked at her sudden appearance, but they dismissed it when they saw that she had been stress eat. Evidence being the crumbs that covered her face and clothing.

“Jasper you look better.” She said hesitantly. Jasper smiled warmly at her and pulled her into a tight hug. “I’m getting there Rosie.” The blonde gasped softly at the nickname that she hadn’t heard in a very long time.

Hadrian smiled at the two and left them alone. He went looking for Teddy and Emmett. Both of them were in the kitchen trying to steal cookies, much to the raven’s amusement and Winky’ annoyance.


Hadrian was startled awake by his phone playing ‘Barbie Girl’. “Yes Jane, what’s wrong?” He asked tiredly. “Sorry mummy, I didn’t want to wake you but I thought you might want to know that she’s moving her plans up. If I’m correct she and her Army will be at Forks with in the next few days.”




Chapter Text

Jacob was having a rather pleasant dream that would have left him with a mess in his pants had Hadrian not come out of nowhere and land on his stomach. His eyes flew open and he shrieked when he found Hadrian’ face an inch away from his own.

With all the strength he had, Jacob pulled himself out of the bed and scrambled away from the raven. His attempt did no good as Hadrian just sat on his back. “I just got a call last night from my daughter and she has informed me that Victoria will be here with in a few days. So, I need to get you and your minions ready.”

Jacob, who was half listening, was still trying to get out from under the older male when his dad burst through the door. “What in the world is going on in here?!”

“Dad, help!!” Jacob pleaded, using his puppy eyes at full force.

His dad took in the situation, looked at him then at Hadrian………. And left!

“DAD!?” Jacob shouted in despair.

Hadrian rolled his eyes. “Jacob don’t shout, you’ll wake everyone in La Push. Now as I was saying, you and your minions will meet up at the manor and all of you will be polite. I’ve asked the Cullen’ to help and they’ve agreed.”

Jacob sighed in defeat and banged his head on the floor. “Fine, just get off of me!” Hadrian nodded happily and sat on the bed. Groaning, Jacob pulled himself off the floor and made the mistake of looking at his clock.

It read two AM.

“Hadrian……. Was there a reason why you chose to tell me this at two AM?”



When Jacob turned around, he didn’t see Hadrian sitting on his bed anymore. Instead there was a giant stuffed Axoloti.


At about noon, the La Push pack showed up at the manor and went to the backyard after reading the note on the door. All of them could smell the Cullen’, but knew to keep their comments to themselves or they’d suffer Hadrian’ wrath.

In the backyard were all of the Cullen’, Chief Swan, Isabella, and Hadrian. Said raven was sparing off with Rosalie and the two of them looked like they were having fun. “Oh yeah! I spoke with my Papa the other day and he talked to Grampa and guess what!”

Rosalie snorted and dodged the foot the came at her face. “What?”

Hadrian’ smile turned into a wild grin. “My Grandpa remembers having an older cousin that was supposed to marry into an influential Pureblood Family, but she went missing. According to him, Draco could have passed for her twin if not son. And guess who’s photo I showed him……”

Rosalie froze and looked Hadrian straight in the eyes. “Hadrian……”

The raven walked over to the stunned Vampire and pulled her into a hug. “Welcome back to the Malfoy family Rosalie. Papa wants to meet you and so does Draco. They’re both coming over later today.”

The two hugged each other for a few minutes more before turning to the Wolves. “YAY! JAKEY’ HERE!” Jacob was then tackled by the raven and almost smothered. “GET OFF!”

Hadrian bounced out of the Wolf’s reach and wandered over to Jasper. “Since everyone’s here; ISABELLA YOU MOVE BACK TO THE WALL!” Isabella, caught trying to get to Edward, growled and stomped back to the wall. “Now, where was I? OH YES! Since we’re all here you guys are going to be trained in how to handle Newborns. Newborns are far more vicious then any other Creature out there. They’re fast, strong, and don’t give a shit about who their target is. They attack without much thought and that’s where we have the advantage. Jasper would you like to take over?” Said Vampire nodded and switched over to Soldier Mode.

He grinned at the Wolves and the other Vampires, making all of them nervous. “Let’s get started, shall we?”


For five hours Jasper and Hadrian tortured the hell out of all of them. Rosalie, Emmett, Leah, Seth, and Quil. Hadrian was beating, I mean, training the hell out of Edward and if he got it worse for looking over at Isabella, no one commented.

Jasper was letting loose on the Wolves and taunted them when he went out of reach. By the time Hadrian and Jasper agreed that they had had enough everyone wanted to curl up somewhere and die.

“Alright you guys have suffered enough now it’s dinner!” Hadrian cheered happily as he herded everyone inside.

Winky was over joyed to cook for some many people and pulled out all the stops. Everyone settled down and dinner went off with out a hitch and Hadrian even got the La Push boys to stay the night. To say Winky was excited to make breakfast the next morning was an understatement.

Chapter Text

Draco Malfoy was not one to become nervous easily. He had gone through quite a lot in his life and wasn’t ashamed to admit that he had done some things he wasn’t proud of. But the moment that it was confirmed that he had another ‘living’ relative that wasn’t his father, he wanted to curl up in bed and hide.

Logically, he knew that he was being stupid; Hadrian had nothing but good things to say about Rosalie. His younger brother had even gone as far as to say she was the female version of him. Unfortunately, this didn’t help the blonde and only made it worse.
Draco would have gladly stayed hidden in his room until the end of time if it hadn’t been for Tom Hexing him pink and blue.


His skin was a horrid hot pink while his once gorgeous blonde hair was an awful cotton-candy blue. It took five hours of begging to get Tom to change him back, and even then the older man only did it once the blonde had promised to visit Hadrian. And in turn, Rosalie.

So, now he was standing in front of the fireplace feeling like the world was about to end. “Oh Draco, do stop pouting and get on with it. I’m not above taking you through the Floo like a child.” Draco twitched at his papa’s threat and quickly threw the Floo Powder and called out the manor’s name.

Secretly, he hoped that he pronounced it wrong.

Unfortunately, he didn’t because as soon as he came out of the fireplace, he was met with Hadrian’ happy-go-lucky smile. “Draco! I was starting to think you weren’t coming! Papa said that you weren’t feeling well last night and that’s way you two didn’t come over. Do you feel better now?” Hadrian asked even as he started Casting a Diagnostic Spell.

Draco tried to stop himself from blushing at the blatant lie their papa had told the raven, but at least his little brother seemed to believe it, so it wasn’t as humiliating.

Clearing his throat awkwardly, Draco looked around. “So, where is….. Rosalie, right?” Yes, lets try and act like we don’t care which will piss Hadrian off, perfect! Yup, right on que, the ‘you’re-being-a-bastard’ look.

“Draco…” Hadrian purred sweetly, making the blonde swallow. “You seem to be under some misconception that you’re allowed to be the Ice Prince in this home, so let me fix that. One cold, hurtful, malicious, or degrading word from you, veiled or not, will earn you a one way ticket to the Twins lab. Do I make myself clear?” The raven asked with a sweet smile and Draco wasn’t stupid enough to disagree. “Good! Hi papa!” Hadrian squealed and hugged the older blonde once he was out of the fireplace. “I’ll go get Rosalie and Emmett. Just one sec, she’s still really nervous about this.”




Hadrian smiled softly at the two Vampires and tried not to laugh. When he had gotten the note from his papa last night that they wouldn’t be able to come until the following day, he had quickly told both Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett just smiled and said it was cool, while Rosalie looked like Christmas and come early.

Seeing as both blondes wouldn’t be arriving until lunch, Hadrian decided to just help both Vampires pick their clothes after breakfast. Emmett wasn’t that hard to figure out and he looked quite dashing in his Formal Robes, easily pulling off the Pure-Blood look.

It was Rosalie that was being difficult over the whole thing, which lead to their current problem. “EMMETT!!”

“Sorry babe, but you knew this was going to happen. Hadrian even told you last night that you’d need to dress up. I thought you were happy about meeting them?!” Emmett cried out as one of Rosalie’ heels got him in the thigh.

Hadrian sighed and hit her with a Stupefy. Seeing as she couldn’t be knocked out, the Spell simply stunned her muscles leaving her unable to move. “Emmett sit her in the chair please.” He nodded and carefully set her down. She was glaring at both of them and Hadrian didn’t blame her. “Rosalie, I know you’re scared but you don’t need to be. Papa was thrilled to hear about you and I’m sure Draco is just as nervous as you are. The Malfoy Family was just down to them before I confirmed your states as a Malfoy. Papa always wanted more kids and Draco always wanted siblings, but that bit- I mean woman, wasn’t having any of it. Once Draco meets you and you two get to know each other, I’m sure you’ll be as inseparable as the twins. And papa always wanted a daughter to spoil and treat like a princess….. though I think you’re more of a Queen than a princess.” Hadrian trailed off softly before shaking his head. “Anyway! There’s no need for you to panic like this and it’s not like I’m going to throw you three in a room and lock the door. So lets turn you into a proper Daughter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy!” Hadrian cheered and released Rosalie.


For the next hour and a half, Hadrian helped Rosalie pick out her dress plus jewelry and shoes. It was agreed that her hair should be left down with the exception of some of it being pulled back so it wasn’t in her face.

Hadrian toyed with the thought of dressing her in Formal Robes, but nothing he had on hand seemed appropriate. Most of the robes were high collared and just plain old-fashioned. So, after a bit of searching, Hadrian found the perfect thing.

It was an outer robe, a coat basically, that would match Rosalie’ dress beautifully.


Rosalie stared at herself in the mirror; she looked amazing!

Hadrian had been right about leaving her hair down. He had pulled some of the hair around her face back and tied it under her hair before straightening it. The raven had then curled the ends and she was quite thrilled with the outcome. Hadrian had then decorated the pulled back portion of her hair with a silver hair clip that had roses on it with blue diamonds at their centers. Hadrian said that it had been a bridal tiara that had been worn by a Malfoy that had married into the Potter Family generations ago.

Rosalie touched the piece delicately and smiled. Hadrian had said it was only right that she wear it. Plus Hadrian had insisted that she wear the rest of the Bridle Set as it matched her dress very well.

Speaking of the dress, she let her eyes trail down. It was a silver, floor length dress that hugged her in all the right places but didn’t make her look slutty. The skirt trailed the ground and flowed like water when she moved. The dress was strapless and unlike other strapless dresses, hers didn’t have a heart shaped top but a straight one that covered her cleavage. Which she didn’t mind as this was a family dinner not a date night with her husband.

Where Hadrian found the dress, she wasn’t sure, but she didn’t much care either at the moment. Rosalie then looked at the outer robe that Hadrian had found. It was made of a type of Silk that Hadrian said was rare to come by, which was also what her dress was made of. The robe was a deep blue that matched the blue diamonds she was wearing. To any other person, the robe looked plain; just a blue robe with a button shaped like a Family Crest.

But that was the type of woman Rowena Ravenclaw was.

Rosalie had been shocked that Hadrian was letting her wear something so priceless and had at first refused. They had then argued over it until Hadrian had finally won.

She ran her fingers over the soft silk and giggled; something she hadn’t done in years. “I think this is the first time in years that I’ve heard you giggle instead of huff. Honestly, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen you this happy.” Rosalie smiled as Emmett wrapped his arms around her waist. “I think Hadrian entering are lives was the best thing to ever happen. Jasper is more relaxed and open; I’ve even heard him laughing. You’ve been smiling more and I don’t think I’ve seen you sneer once Hadrian asked you to babysit. And I feel so welcome here, like I truly belong….. I never got that with the Cullens.”

Rosalie nodded and smiled tightly. She had been lectured after saving Emmett and she never even got to defend herself. They always treated him differently even if they tried to hide it. Jasper had been walked more then Emmett was; not that she blamed him.

Turning around, she gently kissed him. “Well, then it’s a good thing we live here now. Hadrian says we all but live here anyway, so we just need to move are stuff in. I think Jasper’ moving in too.” Emmett nodded happily before stepping back and offering his arm. “So Mrs. McCarty, shall we greet your family?”

Rosalie smiled and chuckled at him, but took his arm none the less. “Yes, Mr. McCarty, I think that is a wonderful idea. Plus, I hear Hadrian coming.”



Hadrian happily bounced in and smiled at them. “They’re both here and are eager to meet you! I know how nervous everyone is, so it’s just going to be us five in the dining room.” Both Vampire’s nodded but Emmett grimaced a little. “Are you sure we’re dressed appropriately for lunch? This feels more like we’re going to a posh dinner party.”

The raven giggled while shaking his head. “No, you two are fine. As time passes, you’ll come to realize that Malfoy’s don’t do anything by halves. They go all out, even if it’s simply lunch with family. Though I have caught Draco wearing nothing but a large T-shirt and P.J. pants with bed head.” Hadrian chuckled with a fond smile.

Both Vampires chuckled softly but as they reached the stairs Rosalie froze. “Rose?” Emmett asked quietly. She smiled shakily and tightened her hold on his arm. “Just nervous is all.”

Emmett nodded and kissed Rosalie on the cheek. “You two ok?” Hadrian asked from his place by the stairs. Emmett nodded with a big smile while Rosalie nodded stiffly.

Taking a deep breath, even though she didn’t need air, Rosalie put on her calm and dignified mask. She was a Malfoy and she was not going to let her nerves control her.

“Let’s meet the family I didn’t know I had.” Rosalie stated confidently with the trade mark Malfoy smile. Hadrian returned it and had to stop himself from snickering at how much Rosalie and Draco looked alike. “Well, lets not keep them waiting then.” He said cheerfully before leading the way.

Chapter Text

Lucius was beyond excited to meet Rosalie especially when he found pictures of when she was a child. It was like looking at a female Draco! Though he point blank refused to state it aloud for fear of Draco finding out.

The sound of Hadrian giggling had him looking up. His breath caught in his throat. The man caught his eye first, mainly do to his size and the happy-go-lucky smile on his face. It wasn’t had to guess that he was Emmett, Rosalie’ Mate and Husband.

Then his eyes met topaz. Rosalie was the picture of defined grace and elegance; a beautiful example of a Daughter of the Malfoy House. He had to stop himself from laughing as he saw her hide her nervousness behind the Malfoy Family Smile. She really did look like she could be Draco’ twin.

Looking at said male from the corner of his eye, he could see that Draco was having a hard time wrapping his head around it.

Lucius smiled warmly at them and chuckled when Hadrian bounced up to him. “Papa, this is Emmett McCarty and Rosalie McCarty. Emmett, Rosalie, this is Lucius Malfoy and Draco Malfoy. Now lets had to the dining room and eat!” Hadrian cried cheerfully before running off.

Shaking his head fondly Lucius smiled at the two Vampires. “Mr. McCarty, would you allow me the honor of escorting your wife?” The Vampire threw his head back and gave a hearty laugh. “Emmett is perfectly, you’re family after all! And I have no problem with it, what about you Rose?” He questioned warmly.

She smiled charmingly but Lucius could see that she was tense. “I have no problem with it.” Smiling softly at her, he offered his arm which she took hesitantly.

Patting her hand gently, he turned to a still shocked Draco. “Son, if you don’t stop staring I will inform Hadrian that you were the one that killed Mr. Jam.” It worked instantly and Draco looked at him in horror and betrayal before scurrying away.

Hearing both Vampires chuckling, he elaborated. “Mr. Jam was a giant stuffed jam jar with a face that Hadrian had won from a fair. He adored that thing and was devastated to find it destroyed one day. Severus and I are the only ones that know what happened to the poor thing and Draco is very aware of this fact.”

“If I may ask, what did he do?” Rosalie asked softly as they neared the dining room. Lucius chuckled quietly. “Hadrian has told you two about Animagus’s yes?” Both nodded and he continued. “Well Draco is Wolf-Husky Hybrid and turn Mr. Jam into a chew toy. Hadrian had know idea that all the stuffed toys Draco had given him were to sooth his guilt.”

Emmett chuckled. “Why didn’t Draco just tell him?” Lucius snorted. “There are two things you never do when Hadrian is involved. Don’t mess with his chocolate or his stuffies. Doing either will result in you forfeiting your sanity and regretting the day you were born.”


Hadrian smiled widely as both Vampires and Lucius entered the dining room laughing. “Winky had everything done, so let’s tuck in!”

The food was wonderful and talk was easy, though Draco didn’t say much and picked at his food. Unfortunately from him, he didn’t see the gleam in Hadrian’ eye. “Draco, once you done eating I’d like to talk to you in the study.”

The blonde nodded absently and left the room. Once gone, Hadrian looked at Rosalie. “Draco can some times be emotionally constipated, so I hope you don’t mind me locking you in a room with him.” Rosalie raised a brow but looked rather amused.
So twenty minutes later, Rosalie found herself locked in the study with a rather nervous looking Draco.

Along the South study wall hung a None-Magical painting the was Charmed to act like a two way mirror. On the other side of the painting, Hadrian, Lucius, and Emmett sat watching the two blondes. Hadrian and Lucius were munching on popcorn while Emmett was munching on Blood Cookies. “You’re positive that they don’t know we’re watching?” Emmett asked after swallowing his mouth full.

Hadrian nodded and then shushed him as Rosalie started talking.


“You know, had you been anybody else I would have assumed you had a problem with me. But Hadrian explained that you were… emotionally constipated.”

Draco shrieked and turned to her with a furious scowl. “I am not emotionally constipated!” He then blushes heavily and sits back down. Stopped little brother tricking him like this! Now he was trapped in a room with his identical cousin!

He twitched when he heard Rosalie walking towards him but was left speechless when she flopped on to the chair acrossed from him. “Don’t look so shocked. I may be a Vampire but I’m still a teenager. I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of flopping.” Draco blushed and refused to answer. “My favor gem stone is Sapphire, they remind my of Emmett’ eyes before I turned him.”

“What?” Rosalie snorted at him. “I’m trying to get to know you, so I offered up a subject. Now, do you have a favorite?” Nodding slowly he answered. “Opal and Emerald.” Rosalie waved her had from him to elaborate. “Opaleye Dragons are my favorite breed as they run deep within the Malfoy History and Emeralds because I can’t help but think of Hadrian which has me smiling every time.”

She nodded. “So, what’s your favorite food?” Draco thought about it before answering. “Hadrian’ beef curry. I never eat curry unless it’s made by him; can’t stand eating others curry, even if they’re professional Chefs.” He stated with a look of disgust.

“When I was alive, I loved my mother’s pork chops. They were always so tender and juicy; they’ll always have a special place in my heart. But I must say that so far, Hadrian’ chicken potpie is my favorite. Maybe I could get him to teach my how to make it.” Draco smirked. “Before careful with that. I made that mistake and, while worth it, it was a painful experience.”


Behind the picture, Hadrian, Lucius, and Emmett were in awe. Both blondes were talking and laughing with each other. It was fascinating but it quickly turned horrifying when they started talking about fashion. All three of them quickly fled, but not before Hadrian unlocked the door, and ended up in the dining room eating desert.

Half an hour later, both blondes entered the room smiling widely. “Rosalie and I have made plans for the weekend.” Translated: we’re going shopping but the where has yet to be decided. “So Emmett, I hope you don’t mind me stealing her.” Translated: I’m taking her with me regardless of what you say. “OH! Hadrian, you’ll be joining us of course!” Translated: This is your punishment for tricking me and locking me in a room. SUFFER!

Hadrian looked like he was about to cry and quickly started stuffing himself with chocolate cake. Emmett found the whole thing amusing and remained silent. Lucius smiled warmly at the two. “Well have fun and don’t worry about money, I’ll make sure you two have cards that connect to the Malfoy Vault.”

Draco smiled happily, but Rosalie looked troubled. “You don’t need to do that for me, I have enough money stashed away.” Lucius shook his head. “You are all but my daughter and as my only daughter I am entitled to spoil you. So again, have fun and don’t worry about money.”

Rosalie stared at him and everyone was sure she would be crying if she could. Lucius got up and hugged both blondes but everyone jumped when Hadrian slammed his hands on the table and had a huge smile on his face. “THAT MEANS I HAVE A SISTER!”

Everyone stared at him, before Emmett started laughing.

Chapter Text

Seeing as Victoria was going to arrive at any time. It was decided that the La Push Pack would just stay at the manor. It had the space for them all and after a bit of arguing, the boys decided to just room together while Leah asked for her own room.

In hind sight, the boys should have done the same.

The La Push Pack were all sound asleep in a giant puppy pile on the floor. They originally were asleep in the bunkbeds, but now only Seth and Embry were. Which made them safe from the incoming chaos.

The puppy piles first mistake was sleeping in a puppy pile. Their second mistake was not locking and barricading the door. Their third mistake was staying up too late, which led to them not smelling the coffee. And their final mistake was forgetting that Hadrian could turn into a walking electrical charge.

The oak door squeaked open softly and a little chihuahua walked in.

Said chihuahua was about the size of a small cat, and had pitch black fur. It smirked, as only a chihuahua could, at the puppy pile. As the chihuahua shuffled further into the room, its fur started to take on a blue charge.

The chihuahua was just inches away from the puppy pile, and with a wicked grin he touched its nose against the closest piece of flesh.

The reaction was immediate.

Everyone in the puppy pile screamed in shock as they got shocked. Blue charges rolled over their skin and turned their hair into a wild mess. They were all lightly singed and those that hadn’t passed out, were looking around in confusion.

Seth and Embry, having been woken by the screaming, were confused until they saw the smug looking chihuahua. It took their half-asleep minds a few minutes to connect the dotes before they groaned. Any other time, they would have found it hilarious. But if that Demon was here, then that meant they were in for Hell.

They dragged themselves out of bed and all but ran to the kitchen. They needed coffee if they were going to deal with any of this.


Hadrian was happily humming to himself while he watched Jasper ‘train’ the La Push boys plus the Cullens. He really wasn’t worried about Victoria and her little band of rogues, but he’d rather be safe then sorry. So, he was reading through some reports that his children had sent him.

Victoria’ little army wasn’t that large but since it was nothing but Newborns, it didn’t need to be. He was surprised that his Mates didn’t try and look through them to see if any of them had an useful gifts. Don’t get him wrong, he was very proud of them for this. Hadrian knew that he had had a big influence on all three of them. Marcus was more lively and normally had, at the very least, a small smile on his face. Caius was more tolerant of Werewolves and other creatures, not to mention that he wasn’t as aggressive as he once was. Aro was the one to change the most, mainly out of fear for Hadrian’ temper. He, to put it bluntly, wasn’t as much of a manipulative dick as he once was. Sure he was still an annoying bastard, but that was just his nature.

As those three changed, so did everyone else. The Volturi Guard didn’t fear for their lives anymore, and after a VERY long argument, Chelsea’ hold over them was broken. At first the Guard didn’t know how to react, and some even left; much to Aro’ horror and Hadrian’ amusement.

It was a rough two months, but eventually, everything calmed down. Most of those that had left, came back and happily became Guards again. The image of the ‘ruthless and bloodthirsty Volturi’ was quickly changing for the better. And when the new Blood Laws, as most had come to call the new rules about feeding at the Magical Blood Banks, were placed, their image only got better.
They were now proper Rulers and not DICK-tators that had everyone running in fear. Covens were willingly seeking out their help and even their advice. It was quite the shock to the three Leaders, when a BORN Vampire walked into their chambers with his Aunt, who he had turned.

Hadrian had found the man fascinating and had talk to him for hours about the difference between being born a Vampire and Inheriting the Bloodline. Nahuel, his Aunt, Huilen, and his three half-sisters, were offered a place with in Volterra if they wished. Nahuel and Huilen both declined the offer, but said that they would tell Nahuel’ sisters of the offer and would send word of their decision.

That was a few months ago, and they still hadn’t heard anything. Hadrian wasn’t surprised by this. From what Nahuel had told him, all five of them had just had each other for the longest time. So it was understandable that the sisters might take awhile to think the offer through.

Hadrian was brought from his thoughts by his phone going off. “Hello sweetie!”

“Hello mum. I called to let you know that Victoria’ on the move and will most likely be there with in a few hours.”

The raven hummed and looked at the ‘training’ field. “You already know where to find us. Come by when you’re ready and don’t pick on your brother.” He added sternly, which earned him a snort. “No promises, mum. We’ll see you soon, bye.”

“Bye.” He returned before hanging up.

Hadrian got up from his chair and moved towards the railing. With a wicked smile on his face, he jumped off said railing, which was on the second floor.

He landed with the grace of a cat and smiled smugly at the shocked faces in front of him. “Training time his over!” Everyone sighed and looked like they wanted to collapse, tough luck. “I just got word that Victoria’ on her way, so we need to move out!” They all groaned in misery and Hadrian just cackled along with Jasper.

Chapter Text

The decided ‘battleground’ was a clearing quite a ways into the forest. It was the same clearing that Hadrian and Jasper used. The Wolves were to hide in the tree line, as to have the element of surprise.

Charlie and Billy were waiting at the manor with Tom and the twins, ready with bandages and Potions should they be needed. Teddy was sent back to Italy for the time being because Hadrian didn’t want him seeing anything by chance.

It took three hours of arguing, but eventually it was decided that Isabella was to came with them, but was to be placed in a HEAVILY Warded area far behind the battleground. Hadrian had every intention of placing Wards that let the Newborns in, but not out. Hadrian didn’t want them making a break for the town.

Originally, Hadrian just wanted to use Isabella’ scent to draw them in. But the little bint all but stated that she’d try and get to the clearing if left unsupervised. Hadrian wasn’t going to let her kill herself or put everyone else in danger by trying to play damsel in destress.

Hence the Warded area.

Hadrian didn’t have anything against Edward, he really didn’t. In his opinion, the poor boy was completely mixed up and Isabella wasn’t helping that. Once Victoria was taken care of, he was going to personally check the young Vampire over, because something just seemed off.


Shaking his head, the raven looked at the Vampires in front of him and then to the Wolves near the trees. He held back a smirk when he caught sight of Isabella glaring at him from her ‘time out’ spot. “Alright, you know what’s to come. Each of you remember who your partners are, yes?” Everyone nodded, but didn’t look pleased.

The partner idea, had been Jasper’. He had mentioned that since the number of Newborns was likely to be small, it would be safer for everyone if it were two people for every one Newborn. Hadrian had agreed whole heartedly and took some time to pair everyone.

Jasper was with him. Rosalie was with Emmett. Alice was with Edward. Carlisle was with Esme. The Wolves were paired up by Jake, though since there was a larger number of the Wolves, some of them paired up with the Cullens too.

“Good. Once Victoria shows, Jasper and I’ll take care of her, you’re to focus on the Newborns. Remember the main cardinal rule: never let a Newborn get behind you. If this does however happen, the Portkeys I gave you all, will activate and take you to the manor where you’ll receive immediate care. If this occurs, don’t lose focus on the fight, you’ll just get yourself hurt instead.”

Everyone nodded grimly and Hadrian was a tad annoyed that Isabella seemed to not take this whole thing seriously. He could see the stars in her eyes from here; stupid girl!

Hadrian saw the Wolves twitching and it didn’t take a genius to know that they could hear the Newborns coming. “Alright everyone, are playmates are abought to join us. Lets show them a good time, yes?” He stated with a fanged grin.

Fourteen Newborns broke the tree line with Victoria leading them. Hadrian stood tall, but noticed the slight shock that passed through her eyes. “You must be the infamies Victoria I’ve heard so much about. You’re quite powerful for your age, I must say, but you’ve gone about this wrong.”

Victoria tilted her head, mock confusion on her face, but Hadrian knew that it wasn’t fake. “Oh? How would you know? This isn’t your fight, yet you’re here? Do you even know what they’ve done?!” She hissed, anger starting to show in her voice.

Hadrian nodded sadly, but didn’t look away. “Yes, it has been spoken of and you have every right to seek revenge, but now you’re going to pay the price for it. You should have gone to the Volturi when they killed your Mate, but you didn’t. Instead you built an army that you will now die for. The Volturi can’t let this go and neither can I.”

Victoria snorted and sneered at him. “The Volturi is a joke and you’re human! Don’t make me laugh! You stop me?! Fat chance of that, I’ll make you death quick and painful!” Then they charged.


The Newborns were taken on with ease, since there was an actual plan and no one was left unguarded; especially when the Wolves charged out of hiding.

Jasper and Hadrian were taken Victoria on with out any trouble, and it was angering her greatly. She hadn’t expected this! They weren’t supposed to be this well-organized! Victoria lunged at Hadrian, only to be knocked back by an invisible wall. “Victoria, let this end. You can feel it, yes? Your mind slipping into madness? The overwhelming need for blood and destruction? You didn’t notice at first, but as time went by, it started to scare you.” She screeched and lunged at him again.


Hadrian dodged her with ease, before going behind her and locking her in place. Jasper came up beside him and waited for his signal. Walking around to face her, Hadrian couldn’t help but sigh. He could see rage, fear, confusion, but also a tiny spark of hope. “I’m sorry for your torment. That’s the sad thing about being a Vampire. You’re forced to watch your loved ones grow old and die, while you stay the same. Your Mate makes it better, but once their gone, you loss yourself too. Jasper, if you would please.”

The other nodded, and with one swift twist, Victoria’ head left her shoulders. Hadrian couldn’t help but notice the look of peace that she had, and he honestly believed that she deserved it. “The bodies are to be given a proper burning and I’ll deal with their families. They shouldn’t be left in torment.” Jasper nodded sharply, but Hadrian could see that he was happy about the decision.

While Jasper gathered Victoria’ body, Hadrian went to check on the others.

The only one to get severely hurt, was Jake. A Newborn had managed to get passed unnoticed and had gotten behind the wolf. Thankfully Rosalie was not far and got the Newborn off before it could cause to much damage.

As Hadrian got closer, he noticed two Newborns hiding behind Carlisle. The girl didn’t look much older then fifteen or sixteen and the boy looked to be about seventeen. The connection between them was thin but strong, so he could only assume they were Mates.

He smiled at the two and waved. “May I ask who these two are?” Carlisle looked like he didn’t want to answer, so Rosalie did it for him. “The girl is Bree Tanner and the other is Diego; wont give us a last name. I found them at the edge of the Wards. They didn’t want to fight so I figured they could join us until they settle.”

Hadrian nodded and looked back at the two. “If you wish to say Vampires, then the Cullens would be the best place for you until you fully settle, but if you don’t want to remain Vampires I’ll need to purge you both with in the next few hours.”

Everyone looked at him in shock, but the Newborns quickly nodded. “Yes, please!” Hadrian smiled and pulled out his Portkey. “This will take you to my home. When you get there, talk to the man with the glare and tell him that you need to be purged. He’ll know what it means. I have to warn you though, that this will be a painful and long process. I’d imagen that it’ll take at least a week before you’ll feel even remotely better.”

Bree looked a little hesitant, but with Diego at her side, they both took the Portkey. Hadrian activated it a moment later, and they were gone. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, Hadrian came face to face with Rosalie. She looked like she was about to say something, but growling cut her off.

Turning in the direction the Wolves were facing, Hadrian saw three figures walking towards them and grinned like a loon. Ignoring the calls for him to stop, Hadrian rushed the three and scooped up a delighted Jane.

“OH! Jane, my little viper, I’ve missed you!” Hadrian then put her down and hugged an equally happy Alec. “Alec, muffin, mummy missed you too!”

Behind him, Vampire and wolf alike, were frozen in shock. While Isabella fainted in shock.

Chapter Text

Jane had been more then hesitant at first to openly seek affection from her mum, while Alec had no such feelings. He cuddled with their mum every chance he got and she couldn’t blame him. They had a shit childhood and was more then willing to admit that now.

Her mum had understood her hesitance and never pushed. He cuddled her in private, but never when others were around. Jane always told herself that she couldn’t look weak in front of others, that she had to be the strong twin.

Alec wasn’t weak by any stretch of the imagination, but Jane grow up protecting him and that was the only consistent thing in her life. But then she gained a mum that loved her, never pushed, demanded, or even tried to use her. So, she slowly started shifting her world view until she didn’t mind being cuddled and fussed over. Until she didn’t feel like she had to be the strong twin or fear looking weak.

Her mum let her act and feel like a child. So, she had no qualms about cuddling up to her mum’s side, happily basking in the other’s warmth and Magic, while glaring daggers at the idiots acrossed the field.


Hadrian smiled softly at his little girls head before looking up at the other’s shocked faces; troll time! “What’s wrong?” He tilted his head a little to look more ‘innocent’. Edward was glaring at him and Rosalie looked torn between laughing and glaring as well.

Though, oddly enough, it was Carlisle that spoke up. “Hadrian, why didn’t you say that your….. adopted children were part of the Volturi?” The other seemed to be forcing himself to sound calm, and Hadrian could tell. “Well I thought that you did! Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett knew!” This was a bold faced lie. Emmett hadn’t wanted to pry, but Hadrian knew for a fact that Jasper and Rosalie had had a vague idea about who his children were.

Thankfully, all three Vampires played along with the lie and smiled innocently at the others. “Hadrian has pictures of them all over the manor. I’m surprised you never noticed.” Rosalie stated with an annoyed huff.

This was true. Hadrian had quite the collection of pictures scattered throughout the manor. Some were of just the kids, while others were of the whole family. His phone ringing broke him from his thoughts and he only had a split second to stop Jane from attacking her brother.

She accidently called his phone and knew that Alec was the reason her ring tone was ‘Barbie Girl’. “Jane! Now is not the time to attack your brother! Once this is settled, I’ll let you barrow the paintball guns!” She immediately stopped and started giggling.


On the other side of the field, the Vampires and Wolves watched the crazy Wizard cuddle the rather terrifying Volturi Guard. What the hell had they gotten themselves into?


It took Felix half an hour to get Hadrian to let go of Jane and lead them to the manor. One of the Wolves were carrying Isabella and Jasper was under strict orders to keep Edward away from her. He didn’t look happy about it but wasn’t fighting it either. That was new.

Upon arriving at the manor, Hadrian was attacked by Tom who didn’t look very impressed. “WHAT THE HELL!? YOU COULD HAVE WARNED US THAT YOU WERE GOING TO SEND TWO VAMPIRES FOR PURGING!” Hadrian didn’t get a chance to explain as Tom wouldn’t let up.

Charlie eventually rescued his nephew from the pissed off Wizard. “Tom, enough! You know it wasn’t planned.” The other froze but still glared hard at the raven hiding behind the older man.

Huffing, Tom stalked off towards his office.

Shaking his head, Charlie led everyone to the living room where Billy, Jacob, and the twins were waiting. Fred and George latched onto Jane and Alec the moment they entered the room. “#Little niece and nephew! How has your trip been with Mr. Grumpy?” Jane sneered at ‘Mr. Grumpy’ while Alec chuckled. “Felix has been a Drama Queen with a capital D and Q. It took me forever to get him to stop trying to provoking Jane into a fight; not that she couldn’t kick his ass.” He stated with a sagely nod.

Felix had been less then pleased to leave Draco alone with Demetri, though the blonde gave him one hell of a blowjob before they had left. The only reason they knew about that, was because it was one of the things that Felix had tried to use to get Jane to attack him. Alec had tried so hard to puke when the idiot had actually gone into detail.

Fred and George didn’t even want to know why Alec suddenly turned gray.

Once everyone was seated, Rosalie pounced. “You said that those two Newborns could be purged, what did you mean?” Her voice was steady but her eyes showed confusion, hope, hurt, and anger. Hadrian sighed and set down the tea cup that Fred had given him. “Purging is normal used to remove potions and spells from someone’s system but it can also be used to remove other harmful things, like Vampire venom. It’s a very dangerous process and most of the time leads to death. I didn’t mention it to any of you because trying to purge someone that has been a Vampire for over more than a year, always leads to death. Those two have only been Vampires for a few months. So, while it would be beyond painful, the chances of them dying are very low. I was, however, going to bring it up to Carlisle once everything had been taken care of, because I think something is wrong with Edward.”

Said Vampire looked confused and oddly enough didn’t argue. “This….. purge thing; you want to use it on me?” Hadrian nodded while his suspicion grew. “I will tailor the ritual so that it won’t try and purge the venom in your system. It would only purge what I suspect is slowly leaving your system.”

Brow furled, Edward tried to figure out what he meant. Hadrian took pity on him and simply explained. “You all know by now that my uncle is a squib yes? Well, I have a feeling that Isabella might, at the very least, have enough magic in her system that she can do certain things. I know that she hasn’t been feeding you potions, as I haven’t found any evidence that she even knows how to make them. I do, however, think that she has been using a spell on you. Whether she knows that she’s doing it or not, I’m still unsure of.”

Everyone was silently looking at a highly upset Edward. Sensing that the Vampire may need to let off some steam, Jasper took him to the training room. Once the two were gone, Carlisle looked at Hadrian grimly. “When would you be able to test your suspicion?”
Humming, he looked towards the twins who looked rather thoughtful. “*Tom was rather tired after purging the two young ones you sent over.”

“~The ritual circle needs to be repaired.”

“*The ingredients need to be gathered.”

“#It will be about a week.”

Hadrian nodded and sipped his tea. “Until that’s done, Isabella will be kept away from him. Whether she’s unconsciously using her magic on him or not, I don’t want her to have the chance to do it again. This is the calmest I’ve seen Edward since we met and the longer those two are separated, I imagen he will only get better. If she is using magic on him, I will then test her to see if she’s doing it intentionally. Uncle Charlie, I hope for your sake that she’s not; I won’t be able to do anything if she is.”

Charlie nodded solemnly. If she was intentionally using magic on Edward, Hadrian would have no choice but to report her to the American Ministry of Magic.

Emmett, wanting to break the tension, smiled at Hadrian while pulling Rosalie onto his lap. “So Hadrian, when are we going to see the kids?!” Instantly, Rosalie perked up and shot the raven such a hopeful look.

“Oh, I can call them tomorrow to let them know we’re coming over the following day. Does that work for you?” Rosalie nodded quickly and couldn’t stop smiling.

She was going to be a mom!

Chapter Text

If she could, Rosalie would be getting sick at the moment from all of her anxiety. The days had passed by in a blur until it was finally The Day. She was standing outside of the orphanage, a two story colonial brick house, squeezing Emmett’ hand to the point where she was most likely breaking bones and torn between going in and running. “Rosalie, are you ready or do you need another minute?”

Blinking slowly, she looked over at Hadrian who had Teddy on his hip. At first she hadn’t been to sure about bringing him, but Hadrian had made a pretty good argument. Teddy would help the children feel comfortable and more open to getting to know the adults.


Taking an unneeded breath, she smiled nervously and nodded. Hadrian smiled warmly at her before opening the door and leading the way. Rosalie looked around calmly, smile at the drawings and pictures that covered the walls. She caught glimpses of children running around and could even hear them, but so far they remained out of sight.

“Hadrian! It’s wonderful to see you again! These must be the lovely couple you told me about! Hello hello, my name is Lisa and I’m the matron here. The children as you can see are a bit shy but that should change in a few minutes as I’ve made cookies!” The elderly woman stated cheerfully before wandering down a hall that most likely led to the kitchen.

Rosalie was slightly stunned by the cheerful woman and looked over at Hadrian. “She’s……. bubbly for her age, no?” The raven snickered and nodded. “Would you believe me if I said that she was in her late ninety’s and one hundred percent human?” Amber eyes widened and she looked down the hall. “Seriously!?” Rosalie whispered in awe.


Hadrian nodded happily and set Teddy down. “Why don’t you go play with the others? Will come find you in a little bit.” The little boy nodded happily before running outside. The raven watched him disappear before wandering off to the kitchen with Rosalie and Emmett following.

Lisa was happily placing cookies onto a plate and smiled up at them. “Not to sound crass or anything, but do you two know what you’re looking for? Age, gender, that kind of thing.”

Emmett smiled and wrapped his arm around Rosalie. “We’re not really sure. We had talked about it, but could never agree.” Lisa nodded with a smile and picked up the tray of cookies. “Well, most of the children are outside with some of the nannies and the little ones are in the play room. I’ve told the girls that you’d be here, so feel free to walk around and meet them.” She stated cheerfully before heading out the side door.


Rosalie smiled warmly and felt content. Children were running around the yard and playing happily, a few had even come up to her. Even with all of these kids around, she didn’t feel a connection to any of them. Emmett seemed to be having the time of his ‘life’ wrestling with the children.

A gentle tug on her pants had her looking down, only to find Teddy staring at her. “Come on! I want you to meet my friend! I think you’ll like them!” The little boys hair was going wild as he pulled her back inside and up a stairs case just passed the kitchen.

Lisa said that all the little babies were upstairs asleep, so Rosalie didn’t know who Teddy was trying to show her. He hadn’t been playing with the babies had he? No, Teddy was a good boy and knew better then that, so there was most likely one of the older children up here watching the babies.

Teddy led her down the hall, passing by three doors before stopping at a fourth. This one had a sign with four names on it, Lisa had mentioned how the children had to share rooms and they made their own little name signs. She recognized the second name down but not the other three.

Teddy quietly knocked on the door before someone whispered that they could come in. The door was slowly pushed open and once inside, curious amber eyes locked onto the most beautiful sight they had ever seen and Rosalie just knew that this was what she had been looking for.

Chapter Text

Edward was incredibly nervous at the moment. Today was the day he was getting purged and he wasn’t sure what to do with himself or even how to feel. On the one hand, he wanted to know if he loved Bella of his own free will. On the other hand, he was afraid to find out if everything he had felt was a lie.

A small part of him didn’t want to find out; to simply take Bella and hide away. A larger part wanted to be free of her! She had changed from when he had first met her. In the beginning, he hadn’t felt much for her or even really noticed her; she was the new girl to him and that was it.

Then as a few days passed, he started to watch her because he couldn’t read her mind and this peeked his curiosity. He wasn’t sure when it changed from him simply watching her to talking, hanging out, and then dating. It wasn’t until Hadrian had started pointing everything out, that he even realized that he wasn’t spending as much time with his family.

Edward jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder; had he really been that lost in his own head? Looking up, he found Hadrian smiling at him. “It’s time to do the purge. Are you ready, we could wait a little longer if you want?”

He shook his head. “No, I want to know the truth.”


Hadrian smiled gently at the nervous Vampire as he led him down to the basement. The twins had everything ready and Tom was waiting to perform the ritual. “This shouldn’t hurt too much as we’re just trying to purge you of any magical residue. If you do start to feel pain, say something immediately and Tom will stop.” Edward nodded slowly, but still looked incredibly nervous.

Walking into the ritual room, Hadrian handed Edward a robe and asked him to go get changed before walking over to Tom. “He’s rather nervous at the moment, so you might want to walk him through what you’re doing.” The older man nodded absentmindedly but that seemed to satisfy the raven.

When Edward was done changing, Hadrian gave him a reassuring smile and left the room to go back up stairs. As he was heading for the kitchen, he came acrossed a rather odd sight.

Jane was standing by the door, dressed in a white ruffled blouse with black lace on the front, a pair of black slacks, and black flats, instead of her Volturi robes. Standing next to her, was an excited Rosalie. The two of them were talking about furniture and paint colors, while Alec and Emmett were jumping around the room like Yule had come early.

That wasn’t the odd part though.

The odd part was the fact that Draco was freaking out with them.

Hadrian had blinked at the rather bazar sight, not sure what to make of it. When his mind finally registered what he was seeing, he deeply wished he had his camera. “Ladies, would you care to explain?”

Both ladies looked at the three men before back at him. Jane shrugged while Rosalie’ smile only grew. “We received a call this morning say that our ‘Request for Adoption’ papers have been approved! They said that it will be another three to four days before everything is finalized and that we should take the time to get everything together! We were just about to leave for town when Jane mentioned that there were a few magical community’s in the area if we wanted to check out some possible houses we could move into.”

Hadrian nodded sagely before looking rather thoughtful. “I don’t want to push you or anything, but if you want to move I would suggest looking at the magical schools first. I know that America has a few, along with Canada. South America has about ten, but they all teach different branches of magic, just like Africa does; I believe it all depends on the country you’re in plus preference. Europe has five, not counting Hogwarts and Asia has the most at fifteen with a few smaller schools dotted around. My point though, is that each of them have their own rules and restrictions. With you being Vampires, you’ll need to find a school that can work with that. I’ve been to some of the schools in America and most of them won’t take high risk students. It’s really nothing against you, it’s just that they don’t have the staff, knowledge, and/or skill to handle certain creature types. Some of the school will only take so many high risk students a year, so that their not overwhelmed. One of the schools I visited will only take six or seven werewolves at a time because they don’t have the room or the staff for more. Another school I visited had strict rule against allowing vampires to attend, do to the Blood Magic they teach and they don’t want to take the risk. That school has nothing against vampires, it’s just that they mainly teach Blood Magic and adding vampires to the mix would just be asking for trouble, plus most vampires can’t do Blood Magic. So again, look at the school first, then the community. It will save you a ton of time and headaches.”

Rosalie actually looked a little overwhelmed, so Hadrian took pity on her. “We can talk about it later today or tomorrow if you’d like? I didn’t mean to overwhelm you with all of that, I just wanted you to know before you set your heart on moving some where only to find out that it might not be the right place for your growing family. Anyway, don’t let me ruin your day, go have fun and Jane, take the camera please.” The blonde smirked knowingly and took said camera before dragging her brother and Draco out the door. Rosalie seemed a bit more relaxed now and smiled happily as she too dragged Emmett out the door.

Hadrian waited a moment, listening as a car left the gravel driveway, before continuing to the kitchen.

As he entered, he noticed that all three House-elves were there. Today they were wearing yukatas in varying colors and designs. Dobby and Kreacher were both wearing blue yukatas, but Dobby’ had orange fish while Kreacher’ had a white wave. Winky was in an adorable purple yukata that had butterflies on it. All three House-elves looked up when he entered but didn’t do more then pull out a chair and give him tea.

Hadrian happily sipped his tea and enjoyed the quiet peace for the next hour.


Tom Marvolo Riddle had seen many things over the years and didn’t think that anything, other than Hadrian, could surprise him. He was proven wrong by the simple sheet of parchment in his hand. They knew what to expect and had even been ready for it, but this……. This was much worse and proved much more than they wanted.

Sighing, Tom levitated Edward out of the room and onto the bed just outside. While he wasn’t asleep, he defiantly wasn’t aware of anything. He’d most likely be that way for the next hour or two. Tom left a bottle of blood for the vampire before going upstairs.

Hadrian wasn’t going to be happy about what he had found and quite frankly, Tom was scared shitless of the out come even though he wasn’t the one that had done it. The little raven’s temper was nothing to joke about and once it was lit, there was no stopping him.

So, Tom walked as slowly as he could to the kitchen while trying to think of a way to keep Hadrian from blowing up while he was in the room. After a few minutes of thought, he simply said screw it and grabbed as many calming draughts as he could.

Taking a deep breath, Tom walked in and before Hadrian could say anything, Tom forced three vials into the raven’s hand. “You are to take them first or you learn nothing.”

Hadrian blinked at him in confusion, but did as asked anyway. Tom waited for them to kick in before giving Hadrian the parchment. The raven stared at it for the longest time, simply not understanding what he was seeing. The moment Hadrian realized what was being show, Tom picked Kreacher up and used him as a shield. Hadrian loved the grumpy little thing after all and Tom knew that he wouldn’t be attacked while in possession of said House-elf.


Rage, pure blind rage, was all that Hadrian could feel as he read the sheet over and over again. The little bitch would pay for this, there was no ifs, ands, or buts, she was done for.

On the outside he was calm, but inside the rage was building. The sheet in his hand caught fire and slowly turned to ash. The only thing that was left of the sheet was one name.

Albus Dumbledore

Chapter Text

After they had left the manor, Rosalie had taken Hadrian’ suggestion to heart and agreed that they should focus on easy stuff to move and worry about everything else once they found the perfect place to move. So, they picked up some toys and games along with some necessities.

They all agreed that it would be pointless to go clothes shopping without the person they were shopping for. So, like a few other things, it was put on hold for the moment.

It was a rather pleasant day all together, even with the boys acting like children when they were walking through the magical district. It had been quite an eye opener for Rosalie and it had her thinking long and hard about certain things.

“Jane, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you come to be Hadrian’ family?” Rosalie asked softly, staring at the cup in her hands. They had taken a break before heading back to the manor and were currently at a café that catered to creatures of all kinds.

The smaller blonde hummed as she set her cup down and looked towards Alec. “I didn’t want to be apart of it at first. Alec and I were sent out to a boarder town to take care of a vampire that was creating feral newborns. We had only been expecting there to be four or five, but the man had been rather busy. He had ten at his beck and call and it blind sided us. At first, we didn’t have much trouble but then I got careless. Two got behind me and Alec couldn’t get passed the four he was fighting. I was sure that I’d die that day after their first attack left me injured and disoriented but then this chill swept through the air and the newborns were just gone.” She paused to take a sip of her blood before continuing.

“When I finally got my bearings again, I was in a room laying in an amazingly soft bed. Alec was in a chair next to me and didn’t seem at all concerned about what was going on. I would have asked him where we were, but my neck had been hit hard and hadn’t healed up yet. Alec had found it incredibly funny and had teased me until the door behind him opened and in came Hadrian. I knew instantly that he was ‘human’ and I knew I should have killed him, but he simply smiled at me and I froze.” A fawned looked crossed her face as her eyes took on a distant look. “He took care of both of use for the next week while my neck healed fully. The entire time, I kept telling myself that we would have to kill him before leaving as he had seen and knew too much….”

“But you didn’t.”

Jane shook her head. “I almost did….. My hand was inches from his neck and all he did was smile softly at me…… and I broke. He held me as I dry sobbed into his shoulder and he didn’t say a thing. After that, I never really wanted to leave and neither did Alec; especial after he met the twins and Teddy. It was nice finally getting to act like the children we were at heart and it just felt natural to call Hadrian mum after a while.” She finished with a soft and loving smile.

Rosalie nodded slowly before getting lost in her thoughts again.

They simply sat in silence for the next few minutes, enjoying their blood before heading back to the manor…… which seemed to have changed into something from a horror movie the moment they walked through the door.

Nothing looked different, all neat and tidy, but the air was suffocating and there was an icy chill to it. Just as they were about to enter, a black blur sped passed them followed by an explosion of trees and flames.

All five starred in shocked horror as Hadrian destroyed tree after tree in what only could be described as blind fury. “A least he’s not destroying the manor and hopefully his mates will be able to calm him down fully once they arrive in the next…….. twenty minutes, though your family will be here sooner.” Tom stated as he entered the doorway, tucking a watch back in his pocket.

“Tom, what has him so pissed?” Draco asked hesitantly, not once taking his eyes of the very large lightening covered dog. “It would seem that Isabella has been very naughty and has been messing with powers she has no right to. She’s been using Blood Magic on Edward Cullen. She’s also stolen magical blood to do so and one of bloods used was Dumbledore’.”

Draco grimaced and shot Hadrian another concerned look. “Who was Dumbledore and why is Hadrian so upset about his blood being used?” Emmett asked softly as to not catch Hadrian’ attention.

Tom sighed heavily and pulled a picture out of nowhere. It wasn’t a very old picture but it definitely wasn’t recent either. In the photo was a smiling elderly man laying in a hospital bed with a younger Hadrian laying next to him asleep.

“That is Albus Dumbledore a few months before his death. Hadrian loved him like family and Dumbledore felt the same way. It was a year or two after Hadrian turned nineteen that Dumbledore was diagnosed with end-stage Lung Cancer. It hit Hadrian hard and he wasn’t ready for it, especial after everyone he lost to the Ministry’s rain of terror and fear-mongering. Dumbledore died in his sleep and not a month or so later, Hadrian was tossed in prison by his ex-family and forgotten about.”

Rosalie looked at the picture and then back at Hadrian. She understood his rage and she was just as pissed now. How had that cow gotten a dead man’s blood and how did she know how to use it?

She wasn’t the only one with those questions, it just that the others and newer arrivals, were stuck starring at the three Volturi Leaders that seemed to be trying to kissing the life out of the raven.

“That’s oddly hot…”

Chapter Text

Everyone looked at Rosalie with varying emotions. Emmett looked like he was torn between arousal and laughing. The three newly arrived Cullens looked sick as did Jane and Alec, but for a different reason. Tom and Draco were ignoring it all and silently talking.

They all went inside though when things started to get heated between the four mates.


Everything was a red haze and he couldn’t think straight. That bitch used his blood, HIS BLOOD! How the hell did she get her hands on it?! When did she get her hands on it?!

He could feel his blood boiling and everything was just TOO MUCH! When arms suddenly wrapped around his body, he was about to fight them off but the scent of his mates had him stopping. Everything seemed less maddening and more lustful. Lips attached to his and then two more bit into his neck.

Pure ecstasy filled his veins and nothing else mattered. “More….. I need…… MORE! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” He cried out as two different hands started kneading his ass. A third hand moved to the front of his panties and started rubbing his hardening cock.

“What do you need, love? You need to tell us with that pretty mouth of yours.” He mewed as Marcus started nibbling on his ear. It was hard to think lot alone speak coherently but he tried. “Need you in me….. been too long….. feels so hot! Please, Marcus! Don’t care who!!!” He moaned as two fingers started stretching him. He know that the fingers belonged to Aro and Caius. They felt wonderful and slightly eased the heat burning in his veins. So he was rightfully upset when all the hands and mouths left his body.

Tears burned in his eyes and he was about to break down when he was suddenly scooped up bridal style. “Easy, love. We’re going to continue this inside and on a bed so that you’re comfortable and can just fall asleep after words.” Caius whispered soothingly in his ear as Marcus tightened his hold and Aro rubbed his back.

Sighing softly, he leaned into Marcus and began to purr when the raven kissed him deeply before rushing him up to the bedroom.


The next hour was tense mainly do to the three Cullens trying to get information that they had no right to. Everyone ignored them mainly do to the fact that Tom and Draco had fire called Lucius and Severus to inform them of what happened. So the other five vampires were watching them in interest.

“Do you think we should come over? I know you said that his mates were there but I’m still worried.” Tom shook his head. “I don’t know, Lucius. I can’t say anything for Hadrian seeing as he is a bit……. preoccupied at the moment. I don’t think he’d mind having you and Severus here, in fact, it might help him stay calm when we finally deal with her.”

Lucius nodded before leaving Severus alone in the call. “Have you called the AMOM yet?” Tom sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “No. Once Hadrian saw the test results I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. He was too upset and agitated; he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from attacking her when they came to interrogate and/or arrest her. Plus Hadrian promised to call his uncle to let him know before anything was even done. On another note, have you heard anything?”

Severus nodded slightly. “Nothing’s been touched but they have been trying desperately to gain control. Miss. Lovegood has been more then happy to fill us in on what has been happening over there and none of it’s good, especially for creatures. I know that we’re keeping this secret from Hadrian, but we might have no choice but to tell him soon. You know how found he is of the goblins.”

Tom grimaced and looked like he desperately wanted a drink, which Jasper happily handed him. Thank god that they were friends (basically family) with an empath that knew where the good whisky was. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. There’s no point in stressing about it right now; we have bigger fish to fry. I can hear his mates coming down the stairs so I’ll call you back if something happens before you two get here.”

Severus nodded sharply before ending the call just as the three vampires reached the living room.

Aro was smiling rather mockingly at the three uncomfortable Cullens. Caius seemed to be ignoring them all together as he simply started talking with Jane and Alec. Marcus however, was the one that seemed to be most on edge and looked like he was just waiting for a reason to kill the three.

“Gentlemen, I assume that Hadrian won’t be joining us at the moment.” This was a statement, not a question but Aro still answered with a shit eating grin. “You would be correct, dear Tom. He was rather exhausted after our……. Activate. Though he seemed a bit off. Would it be possible to have him checked over? We’d rather be safe then sorry.” Aro added thoughtfully with the other two nodding in agreement.

“I can go check on him and just have Tom fill me in on what we’re doing later.” Draco said as he made his way up the stairs before stopping and looking back at the three leaders. “He is properly dressed or at least covered up, yes?” Caius nodded. “As if I’d allow them to leaving him any other way. I don’t want him getting sick or risk anyone else seeing him like that.”

Draco nodded, completely ignoring the possessive undertone and continued upstairs. Which left Tom to explain to the three what had been going on for the past couple of weeks.

The Cullens tried to argue and interrupt multiple times but Aro quickly put a stop to it. As Tom was finishing up his retelling of what had set Hadrian off, a frowning Draco came back down stairs.

“Um…. I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first?”

Marcus took the led and spoke up. “What’s the good news?”

Draco sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Hadrian’ not sick and is perfectly fine.”

“Then what’s the bad news?”

The platinum blonde frowned, walked over to Tom, and stole his drink; finishing it in one go. “Hadrian’ earlier agitation sent him into heat and seeing as how you three have done a……. very thorough job of calming my brother down…… there is a high possibility that he may become pregnant…….. and I have no fucking clue as to how that will even work with you three being vampires and him having two different creature sides!” Draco was close to hysterical and Lucius and Severus coming through at the tail end of Draco’ rant didn’t help matters.

The two blondes were hysterical and Severus looked like he was about to throw up. Out of all the people there, it was Teddy (who had just come down stairs) that broke the silence. “Mummy is having a baby?”

Chapter Text

There were many things Hadrian was expecting to wake-up too. Finding his papa and brothers hovering over him, was not one of them. When they realized that he was wake, they all started talking at once and it made Hadrian’ head pound in intense pain. After a few minutes of fruitlessly trying to get them to shut the fuck up, his body finally had enough and he threw-up all over the bed.

A lot of things happened at once then. Everyone was tossed out by his dad, who then helped him get cleaned up while Kreacher took care of the bed sheets. His dad was thoughtful enough to darken the room and only had a few candles lit so he could see the potions he needed. “I can’t give you anything stronger then this as we believe that you may be pregnant. Until you are checked over, I don’t want to risk your health like that.”

Hadrian froze, staring wide eyed at his dad. “Pregnant? You think I might be pregnant?” His dad eyed him warily and slowly nodded. “Draco checked you over and confirmed that your agitation earlier sent you into heat. From what Draco has told me, your mates did a through job of taking care of you and that means there is a high possibility that you are pregnant. Are you going to be ok?”

Taking a deep breath, Hadrian nodded slowly while fighting the urge to be sick. “What if I’m not ready? What do my mates think about all of this? What do my kids think or do they not know? What if something happens because of the problems going on now?!” As panic over took him, he could feel himself falling into a panic attack. He tried to calm down but too many things were rushing through his head and making his panic worse.

He distantly heard the doors slam open before he was pulled into a tight embrace. “Breath, love. You need to calm down and breath or you’re going to hurt yourself. Count numbers out of order remember? Your brother Percy taught you that trick, right? Just repeat after me, one, two, three, nine, five, eight, six, eleven.”

Hadrian repeated after Caius and he could feel himself calming down. Blinking away the tears in his eyes, he found that Marcus was rubbing his back and Aro was combing fingers through his hair. “I’m ok now, I promise. I didn’t mean to freak out like that, I guess I just wasn’t expecting something like this so soon with all that has been going on and what has been found out.”

The three nodded in understanding while his dad continued checking him over. “At the moment it’s too early to see if you’re pregnant, so I’d have to check you again within a week or two.” Just then Cinnamon came into the room and landed on Hadrian’ lap where he then stared at the raven’s stomach. After a minute or so of staring, the little Nundu started purring and rubbing his head against Hadrian’ stomach.

The raven stared at the creature in wonder and then looked at his mates. “I think that answers our question about if I’m pregnant or not. Would you mind bringing the kids in? I want to talk to Teddy about all of this and the twins need to know too.” His dad nodded and looked at the three vampires, who also nodded. “Do you want me to tell the others?” Hadrian shook his head. “No, I want to do it, please.” The older man nodded, gave him a kiss on the head, and then left the room.

Not three minutes later, all three children came dashing into the room and Marcus had to catch Teddy when the little boy made to dive onto the raven’s lap. Teddy blinked in confusion as he was suddenly plucked from the air and seated on the vampire’s lap. Jane and Alec seated themselves calmly at the foot of the bed, looking at their mummy expectantly.

Hadrian smiled nervously at the children and started petting Cinnamon to calm himself down. “Thanks to Cinnamon, we know for sure that I’m pregnant. It might sound strange but since Cinnamon is a Nundu and also my familiar, it means that he has a deeper connection to my magic and by extension, my body. Know that this changes nothing between all of us. I still love all three of you just like I will love this new life growing inside of me. Do you three have any questions or……” He trailed off nervously as Jane and Alec were still watching him with blank stares.

Teddy, the adorably oblivious child that he was, spoke up first. “Mummy, how did the baby get in your tummy and how will it get out?” Hadrian’ face flamed up and he started sputtering. Surprisingly, it was Caius that came to the rescue. “Teddy, you know that normally men can’t get pregnant, yes?” The little boy nodded slowly. “Well your mummy is very special and because of that, he can get pregnant but only when he loves that person very much. Your mummy’s magic mixed with one of ours,” he paused to point between himself and the other two vampires before continuing. “And because we love your mummy very much, we were able to create a baby inside his tummy. Since we’re vampires, we can’t carry the baby and help it grow, so your mummy has to do it. His magic will help the baby grow up and within a few months, they’ll be able to come out and join are family. As for how the baby will come out, we’re not sure yet but don’t worry about it as we wouldn’t let anything bad happen to the baby or your mummy. Does that answer your questions?”

Teddy nodded slowly before shacking his head. “Does that mean that if I love somebody a lot, that I could get pregnant?” Once again, Caius answered calmly. “That’s something we won’t know until you’re older, much, much, much older. So not until you’re forty or maybe not even never.” Caius finished with a firm nod that had Marcus and Aro silently agreeing.

Hadrian rolled his eyes at the three and looked at the still confused child. “Honey, if you want to know then we can have you tested on your sixteenth birthday if you find that you like boys instead of girls. It would probably be a good idea to do it anyway just to be safe. I’m not sure how it would affect your wolf and I’d rather be safe then sorry.” Teddy seemed happy with that answer and thankfully let the subject drop, only for him to pick up another one.

“Can you have a boy? I’d like to have a little brother to play with! Girls are weird!” Teddy added with a pout that Hadrian found too cute. “It doesn’t work that way, but would you be unhappy to have a little sister? You like Jane and Rosalie and they’re both girls.” Teddy scrunched up his nose as he gave Jane a long hard look before sighing. “Ok, I guess having a little sister wouldn’t be so bad…… But she’s not allowed to be like those weird girls at school! They always want me to be a prince and save them, but when I tell them to save themselves they get mad at me and say that’s what the prince is supposed to do! Jane doesn’t act like that and neither does Rosalie! I’ve seen both of them beating up Emmett after he made a joke about them being damsels in distress!” Teddy was waving his hands in the air to emphasize his point as he continued his rant, much to everyone amusement.

“Teddy, sweetie, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that happening seeing as she would have Jane to look up to, right?” Hadrian asked hesitantly as the blonde still hadn’t said anything yet.

Jane still had the blank look on her face and it started to worry Hadrian, but after Teddy poked her cheek, she seemed to snap out of it and a smile graced her face. “Yes Teddy, she’ll have me to teach her everything she would need to know. There’s no way that I’d let any little sister of mine become some weak pathetic princess. After all, it’s the queen that has all the power in the end, not the king.” Jane added as she flicked some loose hair out of her face with an elegance that only royalty could possess.

“So, you two are ok with this? Me being pregnant and everything?” Hadrian questioned softly while grabbing Alec’ hand. “Yes mum, we’re fine with this. I’m actually rather excited and I know Jane is too!” The blonde nodded in agreement and walked around to the right side of the bed to hug Hadrian. “I’m really happy for you and happy for us too. Plus I want to see what a hormonal you does to those three.” Jane added with a pointed look towards the older vampires.

Hadrian started laughing and just couldn’t stop, at least for the moment he could forget his problems.