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Pulling Me Under

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“And it’s hard enough, keeping my head above the ground because your touch, your touch, your touch is pulling me under.” - Kevin Garrett (Pulling Me Under)

Darcy held her breath as she looked through the scope. She was positioned on top of an office building almost five blocks away from HYDRA’s current hideout in Connecticut. There were two other members of the sniper teams on other buildings a few blocks north. She had a great view of the loading dock of the unused warehouse. She also had a great view of a jerk who was aiming a gun at her boyfriend's head.

She exhaled and pulled the trigger. It took a fraction of a second for the bullet to reach its target. The man crumpled to the ground. She looked through the scope to make sure she'd hit her mark. HYDRA thug with a gun was out of commission. The radio he’d been holding to alert HYDRA was lying in a puddle by his hand.

Her earpiece crackled to life. “Sweetheart, was that you?”

Darcy smiled at the sound of Bucky's voice. “Of course. I'm not letting some asshole try to shoot my man.”

Bucky laughed softly. “I owe you one when we get home.”

“Oh yeah? What do you owe me, Barnes? Do I get to pick my reward?”

“I was thinkin’ I'd do that thing with my tongue you like. You know, the one where I use that purple toy you keep in the nightstand.”

“This is an open channel,” Steve said. “Can you two tone it down? Or better yet, knock it off?”

“Hey, I kinda wanna hear about the purple thing with the tongue,” Clint said over the radio. “Always looking for ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.”

“Wait, is the purple thing that vibrator with the ridges we saw in the back room of that record shop?” Natalia asked. “I was thinking of getting one. Does it work?”

“Does it ever,” Darcy replied, only slightly embarrassed.

“We are not discussing sex toys while a mission is in progress. Focus, please,” Steve told everyone.

“My tongue ain't a sex toy,” Bucky replied.

Darcy laughed. “Well, it kinda feels that way sometimes.”

“Lewis!” Steve snapped in his Captain America voice. “No more talk of tongues.”

“Steve needs some pointers,” Clint said. “He's feeling left out.”

“I know how to use my tongue,” Steve said.

“But do you use the purple thing?” Nat asked him.

“I don't need the purple thing.”

“Wooo, Cap, so feisty tonight,” Darcy chimed in, making Bucky laugh.




They wrapped up the mission and landed the quinjet on the rooftop pad right before sunrise. Fury was waiting for them to debrief in the conference room before they could go their separate ways. While Darcy was talking to Nat, Bucky disappeared, returning a couple minutes into the debriefing. He normally took these meetings seriously, so she wasn't sure why he had run off and walked in late.

She glanced over at him in the seat next to her, a questioning look on her face. He just grinned and turned his eyes back to the front of the room. “What are you smiling about,” she murmured under her breath as she leaned into his personal space.

Bucky leaned back in his chair and threw his left arm over the back of hers so he could rub her neck. He didn’t answer her question, though. It made anticipation and desire curl up low in her abdomen. He was definitely up to something, and that almost always meant that she could expect an orgasm before they managed to get back to her place.

Her place was actually more like their place at this point. They’d been seeing each other for almost a year, and he’d pretty much moved into her apartment. She couldn’t even remember the last time he’d slept at Steve’s place. Sharing a place didn’t preclude them from pulling each other into empty offices or bathroom stalls when the mood struck. There had been one particularly memorable evening early on in their relationship when Bucky had caught her working late and fucked her on the desk outside Fury’s office with the door to the hallway open. They’d gone from furtive and secretive about their little trysts to being very willing to show their affection. That didn’t mean that she wanted to get caught banging on a desk by Fury or anyone else, though.

The meeting wrapped up, and Bucky turned her chair around to face him. “Did I thank you for taking out that HYDRA agent for me?” he asked softly. She swept her gaze over his beard–which he’d grown out recently–to the tactical vest that was unzipped to reveal a skin-tight Under Armour shirt beneath. Sometimes when she looked at him, she couldn’t believe that he wanted her. She’d stopped questioning it, though. Bucky was always very willing to show her in great detail why he wanted her.

“I don’t believe you actually thanked me. You just told everyone you were going to make me come.”

His eyes looked almost predatory when he licked his lips and said, “That ain’t news. I always make you come.”

She laughed softly. “You do.”

The room was almost empty, and Darcy had an idea of where this was going. He was delaying, trying to keep her from leaving. To toy with him, she stood up. Bucky’s curled his cybernetic arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home, so you can make me come,” she told him, shifting on his lap to make herself more comfortable. His cock was already hard and pressed down the leg of his cargo pants. She could feel it against the back of her thigh.

“Hey! I don’t want either of your naked asses on my conference table!” Fury yelled over his shoulder. He was the last person out the door, leaving Bucky and Darcy alone.

“Yes, sir,” Bucky replied.

“Gotcha, boss!” Darcy added.

Once they were alone, Bucky tilted his chin up and pulled her into a kiss with his hand on the back of her head. She slipped her tongue along his, tasting the wintergreen gum he sometimes chewed while he was out on missions. As the kiss devolved into a messy battle of lips and tongues, he let his hands roam restlessly over the curves and dips of her body.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” she whispered into his open mouth when he tried to nip at her lip.

“Oh, I’ll finish it,” he said, working a hand between her thighs.

Darcy shifted on his lap, but she wasn’t sure if she was trying to make it easier or harder for him to gain access to her sex. Really, she was probably just so worked up that she couldn’t sit still. “Fury said no naked asses on his conference table.”

“I ain’t even gonna take your pants off, sweetheart,” he whispered in her ear.

Darcy shifted again and shoved her hand into one of his pants pockets. Nothing. She twisted at her waist and checked the other. Nothing there either. “What did you go get?”

Bucky looked up at her with not-so-innocent eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She rolled her eyes and checked the larger pocket that went down the outside of his thigh. Nothing. “Ugh, you have too many pockets in these pants.”

His lips twitched up into a grin. “You gonna strip search me?”

“If I have to. What are you up to?”

She twisted again and tried to work her hand into the second pocket on his left leg. Bucky grabbed her wrist and stood up, taking her with him in the process. He rarely demonstrated his strength, usually going out of the way to avoid using it to his advantage. When he did use it on her, she always lost her breath, because it was just so unbelievable that he had all that power hiding under his skin. This time was no exception. He manhandled her right to her feet, turning her until she faced the table.

He pushed up behind her and pressed her palms flat against the dark wood of the conference table. “Keep your hands here,” Bucky whispered in her ear.

Darcy pushed her ass back into his crotch and said, “Or what? You gonna spank me, Barnes?”

He released her right hand and moved his hand back to grab her ass. “Maybe I will. Don’t tempt me.” The way his hot breath curled around her ear in the chilly conference room made Darcy feel like she was in heat. “You gonna be a good girl and keep your hands on the table?” he asked.

She smiled to herself and said, “Maybe. Depends on what you’ve got in mind.”

“Why do I put up with your attitude?” he murmured, letting go of her other hand, trusting that she’d keep both of them where they were. He’d put her hands just far enough out that she was slightly bent over the table. The edge of it hit her across the thighs, just a few inches below the apex.

“Thought my attitude turned you on,” she teased.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, reaching around her and flipping open the button on her cargo pants. “That’s why I put up with you.”

“And you love me,” she teased.

“I do,” he agreed, kissing her earlobe before taking it between his lips. “I do love you.” His voice was soft. It was something he’d just recently started saying, and he wasn't completely comfortable with it yet. She’d told him how she felt months ago, but Bucky couldn’t seem to get his tongue to form those words then. Instead, he’d showed her in other ways how he felt. Last month she’d walked through the door just like every other day. He’d been sitting on the couch, looking like he had terrible news. The terrible news was that he loved her. She’d laughed at him until he’d laughed at himself and how much he’d built those words up to be intimidating and scary. They were just words, and she’d known how he felt all along.

“I love you, too, you sneaky bastard. What’s in your pocket?” she said, looking over her shoulder. He took the opportunity to kiss her lips while he unzipped her pants. When he pulled back, catching her lower lip between his teeth, she wiggled her ass back into him. He pulled away. “I know you pushed me off your lap because I was about to find you out,” she accused.

Bucky chuckled and fished something out of that pocket she had been about to explore, but he wouldn’t let her see it. Instead, he slipped his hand inside her undone pants and underneath her panties. Her breath hitched when the rough pads of his right hand brushed over her clit and spread her lips.

“Oh, fuck. Bucky…” she muttered when she felt him press something inside her. She knew immediately it wasn’t his finger. It was just a little too wide in the middle. “What is that?”

“Apparently, it’s unnecessary,” he said with his lips against the shell of her ear. “You’re already soaking wet for me. You know how much I love when you’re ready for me like that, don't you, sweetheart?”

“Uh huh,” she said, dropping her head and closing her eyes.

“I got half a mind to just pull your pants down and fuck you right here.”

“Yes,” she agreed, lost in the feeling of his index finger, teasing her.

“Yes, you wanna get fucked?”

“Yes, Bucky. Yes.”

“Maybe, if you keep your hands right there.”

She opened her mouth to respond, only realizing that she’d completely forgotten about that little thing he’d slipped up into her a few moments ago. Well, she’d forgotten about it until he flipped some switch and the damn thing lit her up as it started vibrating. Her locked elbows gave in and so did her knees as she tried to squeeze her thighs together and turn away from his hand. His touch was suddenly overwhelming.

His left hand reached around and moved her hands back to where he’d put them a few moments ago. He used his hips to pin her against the edge of the table. She couldn't stop a strangled cry as he pushed the pad of his index finger down on her clit and kicked the vibration up a notch.

“How's that feel, sweetheart?” Bucky murmured in her ear. “Think I can make you come with your pants still on?”

“Uh huh,” she agreed, squeezing her eyes shut.

“You're so fuckin’ wet. When we get home, I'm gonna eat you so good.”

“Oh god,” she muttered, overwhelmed at the sensations--his voice low in her ear, his fingers working her clit, that little vibrator setting her on fire.

“Say my name, sweetheart.”

“Bucky. Bucky…” When he got her worked up like this he could ask her for anything and she'd acquiesce without fail. He knew his power, but he never asked for much beyond his name or for her to tell him what she wanted, what she needed. That was usually the same thing: him.

He used the remote for the toy to increase the speed again. It was almost too much, almost painful, especially when he rolled her clit between his thumb and forefinger like he would one of her nipples.

“Bucky! Oh, fuck…”

He gentled his touch, gathering her juices and using them to slick up her nub. He rubbed up one side of it and down the other. Her focus narrowed to the throbbing, aching spot right between her legs. Two more passes of his finger over her clit sent her careening over that cliff. She tried and failed to choke back her breathy cry of pleasure.

He gave her less than five seconds to recover before he jerked the vibrator out and pulled her pants down just enough to slide his cock up inside her from behind. It was a difficult angle for him. With the height difference, he had to bend his knees to enter her. She didn't have much time to consider that because he was going hard and fast.

“Keep your hands on the table while I fuck you,” he growled in her ear. His left hand came up to wrap around her neck, his thumb under one side of her jaw and his index finger under the other. The metal was cool to the touch. She wondered if she was a little sick to enjoy when he got a little aggressive like this, when he held her down with that cybernetic hand. None of it, not even the loose grip he had on her neck, scared her because she knew he'd never hurt her.

She needed to keep her hands on the table if she wanted to stay on her feet. It was the only thing besides his hand on her neck giving her stability.

“I love the way you feel, sweetheart. You take my cock so good,” he whispered as he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the tender skin behind her ear. She gasped when he moved his right hand off her hip and slipped it back down to her pussy. “You gonna come again for me, Darcy?”

His dirty mouth always went a long ways toward getting her off. She moaned as he rocked into her, pushing the front of her thighs up against the edge of the conference table. His rhythm was faltering because he was close. So was she, and so soon after the first. He definitely had amazing instincts for what flooded her panties. Darcy nodded, unable to speak.

Bucky’s metal hand moved up to grip her chin so he could slide the index finger between her lips. She sucked on the metallic digit, twirling her tongue around it. He was working her clit, going up and down the sides like he knew she loved. His cock filled her up each time he thrust into her.

“You gonna come all over me, sweetheart? Get my cock all wet? Come on, Darcy. Give it to me. I'm so fuckin’ close. Gonna fill you up, sweetheart. Is that what you want? You want me to come inside--”

His torrent of dirty talk threw her head first into a violent orgasm that ripped a feral cry from her throat. His thrusts became shallow as her pussy clamped down on him, trying to pull him deeper.

“Ah, fuck. Darcy,” he grunted before he came so hard she could feel his cock jump inside her.

She tried to slow her breathing as she leaned more fully on the tabletop, resting her forearms on the surface. “Holy, fuck,” she muttered.

Bucky had draped himself over her but wasn't giving her much of his weight. “I know I said I'd do the thing with my to tongue and the purple toy, but I hope plan B was good.”

“Plan B was better than plan A. Plan B was top notch.”

He slipped himself out of her and tucked his cock back in his pants. By the time Darcy pushed herself up to a standing position, he was recovered enough to use his hands on her hips to turn her to face him. She looked down and watched him tenderly pull her pants back up and fasten them.

“Let me see the toy,” she said.

Bucky grinned and pulled the little egg-shaped vibrator out of his pocket. It had a silicon cord attached to one end so you could pull it out easily. Before she could take it from his hand, he slipped it into his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. “Mmm, tastes like you,” he said when he pulled it out.

“You’re so bad,” she said, laughing.

He dropped the toy into her open palm and produced the remote that went along with it. A press of the button turned the vibrator on, and Darcy watched it move across her hand.

“This is dangerous,” Darcy told him.

“I know,” Bucky agreed, bending down to kiss her neck. “What do you say we see if I can make you come during a meeting?”

Darcy’s eyes widened. “No way. You and your super soldier buddy have excellent hearing, and I do not need Captain America to know you've got a vibe in my panties.”

Bucky turned the toy off and pocketed it again. “Point taken. I'll just have to take you out to dinner and try it. Maybe get you all hot for me so I can have you for dessert.”

“You know, it's really cute that you still think you gotta try to get me all wet for you.” Darcy laid the pad of her index finger on his chest and dragged it down to his stomach. “Wet is my default setting when you walk in the room.”

Bucky laughed and placed a hand on hers, pressing her palm against his chest. “I hope you know how much I love you, sweetheart.”

“I might have some idea,” she told him. “Wanna take me home and make up for all the sex we missed out on for the past week while on that mission?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Bucky agreed. “Lead the way.”