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“Idiot, stop moving, you’re shaking the table.” Kageyama grumbled to Hinata, with a scowl on his face.


“Sorry Bakeyama.” Hinata replied, and tried to stop distracting Kageyama. Kageyama’s part in the mission was really important, so he needed to concentrate. Hinata tried to stay still, he really did, but he just couldn’t help it. Today was his first mission. He’s been training for a few months now, and Suga had finally deemed him ready for a mission. He would do his best to not let everyone down!


“Hinata.” Kageyama ground out through clenched teeth. “ Stop moving or get out .”


“Oh sorry! I didn’t even notice this time. I’ll leave.” Hinata hastily got up and shuffled dejectedly out of the room, aimlessly wandering the halls of the house that their group shared. What kind of group you ask? It wasn’t any kind of group you’ve ever heard of.


The group that Hinata and Kageyama take part in is a group of murderers.


Not a bad group, mind you. The Crows were actually a group of vigilante assassins, who take requests from people to take other people down. However, The Crows don’t kill just anyone. They have a few researchers who thoroughly investigate the identities of both the client and the victim, making sure that the victim has truly done something deserving of their death.


The leader of this operation is Sawamura Daichi, and his right hand man (and husband) is Sugawara Koushi. Oikawa Tooru took care of all their client requests mostly, while Iwaizumi Hajime was in charge of their ammunition and equipment. Shimizu Kiyoko was in charge of the stealth part of the operation, along with Ennoshita Chikara. Nishinoya Yuu and Tanaka Ryuu were mostly just good at combat, and they sometimes helped Asahi with demonstrations. Azumane Asahi trained all the newbies who wanted to join but didn’t know how to fight, and Tsukishima helped him with that. Mostly everyone were good at fieldwork, though everyone was required to know at least the basics of combat. That meant that even those who didn’t do any fieldwork at all still knew how to fight. This included Kozume Kenma, Yamaguchi Tadashi, and Yachi Hitoka. Kenma was mostly in charge of the technical aspects of our group. He handled the background research, and most of the other technical aspects of The Crows. Yamaguchi was a medical apprentice, so he was currently doing medical training under Yachi, who was an accomplished medical expert.


And then there was Hinata and Kageyama. Hinata had just finished training with Asahi, so he was ready for his first mission now. Kageyama worked backstage at headquarters, giving instructions to others through a microphone while he saw what was going on through a camera attached to the microphone on everyone's ears. He gave perspective to the mission, and was the mastermind and hero behind many missions. Today's mission was dealing with a kidnapper, so not much different from other missions. Or so they thought.


The person who asked for the vigilante to take care of it was a mere witness who would risk too much delivering herself to the police, so an unpopular group whose function was to take out the bad guys seemed just fine for her. That’s how she found herself later in front of an old warehouse, which seemed more like a regular house than anything. She knocked three times on the door and stepped back. A tall man, with curly, brown messy hair opened the door and smiled brightly.


“Hello! What can I do for you this fine day?”

The girl was caught off guard for a moment; she didn’t expect someone so. . . flirty. He was pretty too, but not really the girl’s type.


“Hello, um I have a request for you.” She beckoned for the man to bend down, and started to whisper in his ear.


“Are you The Crows, the group who takes . . . certain requests from people?” The man straightened up before replying.


“Sure we are! Come on in, we’ll listen to your request over a hot coffee.” He opened the door wider, before smiling down at her and winking. “The name’s Oikawa Tooru, by the way.” The girl smiled and nodded, shyly letting herself in the house to find a bunch of teenagers hanging around the living room. She had expected anything other than this. When you hear about The Crows you expect them to be a bunch of buff thugs with tatoos, piercing and an overall menacing attitude, not a couple of attractive teenagers who sit on a couch watching TV and bantering with each other. It kinda warmed her heart though, she had always been scared of people giving off a threatening aura. These people were not like that at all. Some of them turned their heads to look at the girl and Oikawa walking through the door, but Oikawa ignored them so the girl decided to follow his lead.


Oikawa guided her to the kitchen where she found someone already eating chicken nuggets, he had a cropped blonde hairstyle with black stripe and golden eyes that bore in her own. She shivered and shifted her gaze.


“Kyouken, no need to intimidate our client please.” He smiled brightly, and Kyouken rolled his eyes, resuming his previous actions.


Kyouken? That means mad dog, no? Is he dangerous? Oh there had to be at least one of them who’s dangerous, thought the girl while she was guided by oikawa to sit on one of the kitchen chairs. Who am I kidding, all of them are probably dangerous!

A man with grey hair and a kind look in his eyes walked into the kitchen, and immediately stopped upon seeing the girl, Oikawa, and “Kyouken”.


“Oh hi Suga!” Oikawa chirped.


“What’s this?” The man asked with a kind smile directed at the girl. “We have a client?”


Oikawa clicked his tongue, leaning against the counter. “Not sure yet, I was going to get Daichi before hearing her request.”


“Daichi? I think I just heard him say he’s going out to solve some sort of problem.” Suga said raising his eyes as if trying to find something else to say. “Since he might take some time, why don’t we listen to this young lady’s request first?”


“Yeah, sounds like a plan.” Oikawa replies, and then turns to address the girl. “What’s your name?”


“O-Oh, It’s Mei.”


“Nice to meet you Mei.” Suga greeted, shaking her hand before sitting in the seat across from her, Oikawa sitting to her left. “So, what’s this about?”


“Um, well, there’s this guy. I saw him threatening a mother and her daughter. I got a little suspicious, so I followed him a bit, and saw him kidnap a girl. I wanted to report it to the police, but . . . I’m involved in some pretty shady business at the moment, and I can’t afford to get arrested since I have to take care of my little sister.”


“Hold on,” Oikawa put up his hand as a signal for Mei to stop. “What kind of shady business are we talking about?”


“It’s nothing bad!” Mei said quickly. “It’s just, I have to take care of my sister, and I was in a tough position. If I couldn’t take care of her, then she would go into foster care. I needed money, and I needed it fast, so I started working at a bar.”


“Well, that’s not so bad. . .” Oikawa started.


“As a stripper.” Mei finished, wincing.


“I take it back.” Oikawa declared, leaning forward to examine Mei up close, while she looked away, face bright red. “How old are you again?”


“Um. . . I’m eighteen.”


“Good God.” Suga breathed out, a shocked look on his face. “That’s horrible. You shouldn’t feel the need to do that. How old is your sister?”


“She’s nine.” Mei replied


“I see.” Suga crossed his legs and folded his hands on top of the table. “I have a preposition.”


“Ooo, Suga how posh-”


“Shut it, Oikawa.” Suga cut him off playfully, and turned back to Mei with a serious look on his face. “We will need some time to gather background information about the job, but regardless of if we take it or not, I’m going to offer you a job as a secretary for the crows. I don’t feel comfortable with you worker at a strip club, and I know in terms of being legal our group isn’t much better, but here I can promise that no one will ever hurt you or touch you without your permission. If you choose to work here, you will be under the protection of The Crows.”


Mei smiled, with tears in her eyes. “Thank you. I think I’ll take you up on that job offer. I have a problem though. I don’t have nearly enough money to pay you for this. I knew that from the beginning, but I wanted to let you know anyway, just in case. I understand if you don’t want the job because I can’t pay you. Actually, I expect that from you.”


“Oh Mei-chan, don’t worry about paying us.” Oikawa said, with a warm twinkle in his eye. If we take the job, then you working here would be the payment. Whatever money you earn from our job, a certain percent of it will go to paying for the job, and the rest is yours to keep.”


Mei let out a small gasp, standing up so quickly that her chair clattered to the ground being her, bowing low to the two boys.


“Thank you so much! I won’t let you down!”

Suga gave Mei a fond smile. “I don’t doubt it.”




Hinata strapped on his gear, and hopped into Kiyoko’s car, practically vibrating with excitement. Today’s victim was a man who’s been in a dirty business of selling woman and got an innocent daughter involved in it, the mother couldn’t inform the police because she had been threatened into silence. Hinata couldn’t wait, he knew missions were dangerous but he was sure he could handle it.


After an hour of ride to the small, abandoned city, the black car stopped at a warehouse.


“This is our stop, get ready Hinata-kun, the enemy is close by.” said Kiyoko calmly while closing the car’s door, then she turned around and looked through the window glass at Yachi, The Crow’s doctor who is there to attend to their injuries.


“Yachi-san, i hope it doesn’t bother you to wait here, if anything we’ll call you, okay?” Kiyoko smiled at her.


“Sure! Be careful, you all!” Replied the healer, returning her smile, and with that they were on their way.


Hinata was walking cautiously in the raven haired girl’s path, in front of the warehouse he found five people in a circle chatting.


“Hello, is everyone ready?” Daichi said passing his gaze on each of the present people


“You got the plan, right? Tsukishima and Hinata will distract the henchmen, Suga and me will track him then bring him down! He might have some allies so i’d like for Kiyoko, Tanaka and Noya to take care of the remaining men” the leader of The Crows finished his explanation with a clap of hands signaling that it was time to get going. Suga took Hinata aside for a moment.


“Since it’s your first mission, don’t go around doing reckless things, respect the plan and make sure to do nothing more, if you find yourself in a dangerous position, just signal it to Kageyama and we’ll immediately come to your help, please, be careful!” Suga smiled softly while giving Hinata a firm shoulder pat as a parting.

Hinata turned around and followed Tsukishima, the mood was tense, since these two didn’t got along very well they had nothing to say...until Hinata broke the silence with a loud complaint.


“Maan, I really don’t wanna disappoint Daichi or Sugawara but distracting is soo boring, I expected something more thrilling for my first mission” said Hinata scratching his neck


“Since it’s your first mission they picked something not too risky for you because you have no experience so just sit in your corner and do what you’re asked to do” grumbled Tsukishima while muttering an “Idiot” under his breath. Hinata sighed and continued walking in search of the target, but he was so caught in his thought that when he came back to reality he didn’t find Tsukishima by his side and realized he got himself lost in a narrow alley. He kept calling Tsukishima’s name over and over, then he remembered that he had Kageyama on the other side of the mic, he turned it on and after testing it, asked Kageyama for Tsukishima’s location.


The latter was guiding him back toward Tsukishima with Hinata going exactly where he was telling him to, until a big figure passing in an alley he just crossed caught Hinata’s attention and he backtracked in his step, staring after the man who had silently slipped away from the main fight. What is he doing? Hinata thought, and thought about following the stranger. That way, he could see what he was up to. Hinata made up his mind, and started to go in the direction he saw the strange man go in.


“Hey!! Where are you going? This isn’t the right way.” Kageyama asked in his mic but Shoyou was too focused on his task, when he got closer to the enemy and could recognize who he was, he took bigger stride toward him while still keeping a careful distance between them.


So this is the guy. . . Hinata thought, narrowing his eyes at the culprit. What a disgusting human. How could someone even do that to innocent girls? No matter, He won’t be on this planet for much longer. Hinata gripped his handgun tight and flicked the safety off, running in the direction of the victim.

“Hinata, dumbass!” Kageyama screamed into his earpiece, and Hinata winced at the volume. “What are you doing? Leave that guy to one of the more experienced assassins, you’re not ready yet! Your job is to distract, not kill!”


“Yeah yeah Tobio, tell me about it later, I gotta kill this jerk first.”


“Hinata you can’t do that! You’re gonna get killed! RETREAT NOW!” Kageyama screamed into the mic in Hinata’s ear.


“Aw Kags don’t be such a bummer, I’ll be fine as long as you’re guiding me.” Hinata puffed out while continuing to run after the man, twisting and turning between alleys. Kageyama spluttered for a moment before replying with a muttered “dumbass”. It was quiet on Kageyama’s end for once, and in that moment, all you could hear was Hinata’s footfalls and his panting. That moment was disrupted quickly enough.


“Hinata, to your left, duck!” Hinata heard Kageyama say. He complied immediately, putting his full trust into Kageyama. Hinata ducked and rolled, hearing a gunshot go off above his head, and quickly landed back on his feet, continuing to run.

He continued running through the narrow alleys when the gunshots were getting closer.


“How does he know that I’m after him?” Hinata screamed with surprise over the mic.


“He doesn’t, I guess he just prepared himself when he felt your presence” Kageyama replied, himself not liking this turn of events.


“Hehe then even better, he’ll get a taste of my training”  Hinata did a U-turn suddenly and faced the enemy who was an old bearded man with a bulletproof jacket and a huge artillery of gun in his back , for a second Hinata thought How the hell am i supposed to fight him when he have all of this and i have a small gun that can run out of load at any moment? Oh well gotta improvise for this one


Hinata just headed toward the enemy while hearing at the same time Kageyama shouting “Are you blind? You saw all that heavy artillery on him and yet you still wanna confront him? Hinata, come back RIGHT NOW! You have zero chance of defeating him and you’ll end up -” The orange haired boy rolled his eyes and cut the mic quickly “So noisy, let me focus a bit”

Hinata crouched, gun in hand, aiming for the enemy’s head, the shot fired off but it didn’t even grazed the opponent as the latter smirked.


“Isn’t it past your bedtime? You’re quite a naughty child, I’ll put you out myself if i have to.” He said, followed by a loud, boisterous laughter that only irked Hinata more


“Don’t get on your high horse just because you’re heavily armed, old man, if someone has to be put out, it’s you” Hinata charged at him, putting his gun in his side pocket, leapt with the intention of landing a nice punch in his face, he missed him by a small margin, the man took advantage of their closeness to grab Hinata’s neck and slam him against the wall harshly.


“Me, put out by a child like you? Hah, you’re a hundred years old too early for challenging me, try again after some years, if you’re still alive that is” And with that said, he swiftly kicked him in the stomach with a hard blow, watching with a satisfactory smile as Hinata crumbled before him.


After some time, when the enemy was walking away, sure to have won this fight and that there’s no time to waste on this small fry, Hinata got back up, wiped the blood off of his mouth quickly and with a strong focus, he aimed straight for the back of the guy’s head. The latter fell with blood circling him, this sight made Hinata glare at him coldly


“Stay put, you filthy piece of trash” he said in a low angry voice, and then proceeded to move on the next guy but while running he remembered that he didn’t know the path follow so he had to turn back the mic on and oh no, Kageyama is so gonna bite my head off for this. He inhaled deeply here goes He activated the mic, as soon as he did so, his partner’s voice blasted through very loudly.




Hinata drew a long sigh before rubbing at his temple “Would you, like, tone down your voice, my head is threatening to explode”


“How dare you.” Kageyama repeated, a bit softer and more

hurt. Hinata immediately felt bad for blowing him off, knowing that Kageyama only wanted him safe.


“Sorry, Bakeyama. I won’t do it again if you don’t yell so much. Deal?”


“. . . deal.” Kageyama grumbled reluctantly.


“Great!” Hinata exclaimed.Just then, someone zipped around an alleyway corner and crashed into Hinata.


“Watch out, Hinata!!” shouted Kageyama the loudest he could.  Despite hearing the remark, Hinata’s body felt numb. He couldn’t move in time, and both the man and Hinata fell to the ground, grappling for their designated guns. Hinata got his first, and backflipped onto his feet, pointing his gun to the man. The man raised his hands in surrender, his gun on the ground beside him.  


“Giving up so easily?” Kageyama muttered into the mic. “He’s up to something. The others are too far away to help you. Don’t let your guard down, Hinata.”


“I won’t” Hinata replied, keeping his gun pointed at the man as he slowly backed away. The man didn’t say anything, which only unnerved Hinata even more. Shouldn’t he be taunted Hinata about his height or something? There was something about this man that was extremely threatening, but Hinata couldn’t place what it was. He just wanted this fight done and over with so he could chase after the culprit.


The man suddenly reached for the gun at his feet, and Hinata was snapped out of his thoughts, firing a rapid shot at the guy’s leg. The man dodged, and shot at Hinata with his gun.


“Move your right leg to the right!” Kageyama yelled right before the shot went off, and Hinata complyed, the bullet barely missing Hinata’s right leg. That was close , Hinata thought, letting out a sigh of relief. The relief was short-lived though, as in the next moment, the man let out a flurry of gunshots that Hinata deftly dodged with Kageyama’s help.


“Hinata run!” Kageyama commanded, and this time Hinata listened, knowing that this guy was way over his level. He had barely dodged his shots, and that was with Kageyama’s help. However, Hinata had only gotten to the end of the alley when he felt a shot in his foot. He let out a cry, falling to the ground and scooting backwards on his bum, gun trained on the guy who had just shot him.


“Shouyou!” Kageyama yelled into the mic, and Hinata heard the sound of a chair clattering to the ground.


“Don’t worry Bakeyama, I’m fine, just stuck. Can’t run now.”

His foot had been shot right through the middle, so walking was almost impossible, much less running. All Hinata could do at this moment was defend himself, and try to get a shot in on this guy.


The man walked towards Hinata at a leisurely pace while Hinata scampered away as fast as he could, his gun starting to shake in his hands.


“T-tobio, what should I do?” Hinata stuttered, the man less than 6 feet away from him now. He could hear Kageyama take a deep, shuddering breath on the other side of the line, where he was one entire hour drive away from Hinata. Too far away to help him if he got into any trouble.


“Just hold him off for now, I’ll alert the other members, and whoever is closest to you will come to get you.” If it’s not too late , Hinata thought silently, but kept his mouth shut, his lip quivering ever so slightly.


“Scared?” The man rasped, the first thing he’s spoken until now. The most peculiar thing about it was that he didn’t sound taunting at all, he actually sounded like he felt bad for Hinata. It must be some sort of trick, Hinata thought, trying to keep the hand that was holding his gun from shaking.


“N-no.” Hinata denied, but his stuttering and shaking was a dead giveaway to his plainly obvious fear.


“Don’t worry, I’ll make your death quick.” The man murmured, lifting his gun to Hinata’s head. Hinata stared into the hollow barrel of the man’s gun, and then squeezed his eyes shut, a single tear leaking out of his eye. They didn’t stay shut for very long though, as he heard rapid footsteps running in his direction, the man turning his head curiously in the direction of the footsteps. The steps got closer, and a head of black hair with a blonde streak popped into view.


“Nishinoya senpai!” Hinata yelled, relief flooding his veins. Noya knocked the man’s hand from his position on Hinata’s head, and he staggered back, Noya standing protectively over Hinata. He smiled down at him, and gave Hinata a thumbs up. Then he turned back to the man, and shot him successfully in the upper arm. The man grunted and held his arm, dropping his gun and holding his arm with his now free hand.


Wow, Hinata thought, so this is how a pro assassin fights. My senpai is amazing!


Noya turned back to Hinata, putting his arm around his shoulder. Noya helped Hinata hobble to the end of the alley, then lowered him to sit against the wall outside the alleyway, so he wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire.


“Wait here.” Noya told him, an intense look in his eyes. “I’ll be back after I finish him off.” Hinata nodded his assent, and Noya sped off down the alley, probably going to chase the man before he got too far. Hinata sighed, and leaned his head against the wall.


“Kageyama? Are you still there?” Hinata spoke into his mic. There was no sound for a moment, before a loud sigh sounded through the mic, making Hinata jump a little.


“I’m glad. I’m so happy that you’re okay.” Kageyama said. Hinata smiled, laughing a bit.


“Yeah me too.” He responded, and settled down to wait for Nishinoya’s return. He had only been waiting for five minutes or so, when he heard footsteps heading toward his direction.

It’s probably Noya Senpai , Hinata thought, and then thought that he should ask, just to be sure.


“Nishiya Senpai?” Hinata called out. “Is that you?” Hinata waited for a bit, but when there was no response, he started to get worried.


“Tobio.” Hinata whispered. He heard a grunt from the other end.


“Get your gun ready.” Kageyama directed, his voice gruff. Hinata did as he was told, and pointed his gun in the direction of the footsteps. Finally, the man from before came around the corner, and before he knew it, the man’s gun had been fired. Hinata gasped as he felt pain blossom in his stomach, and looked down to see a red patch slowly blossoming on his right side. Hinata’s gun clattered to the ground, and he started getting dizzy.


“Shouyou! Shou. . . you . . . essure. . . put pressure. . .” Hinata dimly registered, the only thing he could focus on right now was Kageyama’s voice, and even that sounded like it was coming through a tunnel. Hinata thought he could hear Suga yelling somewhere, but he couldn’t tell where it was coming from. He lifted his right hand with great difficulty, like he was moving underwater. Hinata placed his hand on his wound, and put pressure on it like Kageyama had told him to.


“Good. . . oming. . . hold on, Shou. . .” He heard Kageyama say, as he felt someone’s strong arms wrap around his back and legs, lifting him up. Hinata’s head lolled against a muscled chest, and he looked up into a familiar face, dimly realizing that he was being carried by Daichi. As Hinata’s eyes slipped shut, Kageyama’s voice sounded through the mic one last time.


“I love you Shou, just hold on, you’ll be alright. Hold on, please. . .”