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“She put up quite the fight, Mr. Hamatoshi. We should take precautions with her.”


“Noted. You are dismissed.”


Yachi heard the door slam shut, and only opened her eyes when she heard footsteps walk away from the door. The room was dark and silent. It gave off an eerie feeling. The chill of the room settled into her bone, and Yachi started shivering. She was sitting in a chair, and her hands were handcuffed behind her. Her feet were also tied to the chair’s legs.


Man, this is such a stereotypical kidnapping scene. Yachi thought, and then proceeded to start crying hysterically.


“I’m still a virgin!” Yachi cried, “I’m too young to die! Someone help me, please!” She continued to cry, until she heard a cough from her right. Yachi screamed, jerking her head to the side in an attempt to see who was beside her. About three feet away from her, Yachi made out the shape of a boy. He was probably a little older than Yachi. He had spiky hair that stuck up straight on his head, and a tall, lanky frame that made him slouch a bit in his chair. It was too dark to make out exactly what he looked like.


“Hey! Guess we’re kidnapped buddies, yeah?” The man exclaimed, and Yachi shrunk away from his as much as she could. He seemed kinda creepy.


“Who. . . who are you?” Yachi asked, squinting to try and see him clearer. It didn't work.


“Oh, I’m Tendou Satori.”  He replied. “And you are?”


“. . . Um. Yachi Hitoka.” She replied.


“Nice to meet you Yachi. It’s regrettable that it’s under these circumstances. OH and also! Since you said you’re a virgin, I could probably help with that when we escape, if you’re game?”


“No thanks.” Yachi replied. “I’ve got a girlfriend.”


“Oh, that’s unfortunate.” The man mumbled. “I mean, not like that, I totally support you.”

“Oookay? Anyway, what is this place?” Yachi asked, trying to stray from the topic.


“No idea. I just woke up here a few days ago, same as you. However, I picked up some information that may or may not be useful in aiding our escape. Would you like to hear it?”


Yachi nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, please!”


She heard Tendou chuckle a bit, and mutter a so polite under his breath. “Okay, so what I found out is that we are not completely isolated, since I sometimes hear cars passing by. They are far enough to not hear me though, so it’s probably some kind of road. It’s not used that often, since I only hear like. . . 5 cars passing by per day. Also, yesterday some guy came in and fed me. It was humiliating, since he basically forced it into me. Another guy came in this morning and tried to ask me for information, but I didn’t give him anything so he got frustrated and left. They are probably gonna try torture next.”


“Woah.” Yachi said, in open mouthed awe. “If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of information were they asking you?”


“Well, I can’t tell you, since I’m pretty sure they have cameras and microphones in here. I can tell you things they already know, though, like general stuff.”

“Please do, I’m curious.”

“Alright so, I work for this organization called Shiratorizawa. Basically we’re a vigilante group. These people are trying to bring us down by getting info from me, and then trying to recruit me, which will NEVER HAPPEN.” Tendou directed those 2 words to a corner of the room, where there was probably a camera. “so they’ll kill me cause I’m one of Shiratorizawa’s strongest fighters.”


“Wow.” Yachi said, once again unable to form words. “That’s . . . intense.”


Tendou took a deep breath in, and then let it out. “I know. Sorry for the overload.”


“It’s okay. Guess I should return the favour, huh?” Yachi asked, and Tendou agreed.


“There’s not much to tell, since even I don’t know why I was kidnapped at the moment, but I can tell you that I work for The Crows. They are also a vigilante group, and I was probably also kidnapped for information. I’ll just have to find out.”


“Oh I see. What exactly do you do for The Crows? I’ve heard of the group.” Tendou states. Yachi hears him shuffling his chair closer to her, and this time she doesn’t move away. Tendou might be a bit creepy, but he didn't seem like a bad guy.


“I’m a doctor,” She states, and tried to tug her hands out of the handcuffs. It didn’t work, as expected, so she tried to loosen the ropes that tied her feet instead. “I’m actually The Crow’s personal doctor.”


“Oh. And you don’t know why they kidnapped you?” Tendou verified.


“Nope.” Yachi confirmed, absorbed in her task of trying to free herself. She was surprised Tendou didn’t try and talk her out of it.


“They did it to put The Crows at a disadvantage.” He says casually, and Yachi stopped in her tracks, snapping her head up to look at Tendou in surprise. It was useless, since she couldn’t see him in the dark anyway. “They were also hoping to get you on their side. Probably.”


“How did you know that?” Yachi asks in an incredulous whisper.


“I just guessed. It’s the most probable answer. I’m surprised you didn’t already figure it out.”


Excuse me for not figuring out the reason I was kidnapped while freaking out and being tied to a chair. Yachi thought sarcastically. Though she decided to keep her thoughts to herself. She’d be better off with Tendou as an ally.


“Anything else you’ve figured out?” Yachi asks him with a hint of sarcasm, though Tendou doesn’t seem to pick up on it. If he did, he decided to ignore it.


“Yes actually. I’ve figured out how to get out of here, if you’re willing to listen.”

Yachi smiled wickedly, and looked in Tendou direction.


“I’d be honoured.”


* * *


Kageyama scrambled to Hinata’s side when he saw his eyes flutter open. Wasting no time, he smoothed Hinata’s hair back from his forehead and sat at the edge of the bed.


“Tobio. . . “ Hinata mumbled, eyes only half open. “What happened?”


“You were shot. Yachi saved your life.” Kageyama answered. He held a glass of water to Hinata’s mouth, and watched as he swallowed it all down. Kageyama wiped Hinata’s mouth with his sleeve, and gently pushed him back down when he tried to get up. “You’re still recovering.” He explained. “You should rest.”


“I’ve had enough of resting.” Hinata replied, a little more energy back in his voice. “I’ve been resting for. . . how long have I been resting?”


“Two days.”


“I’ve been resting for two days! I need exercise.”


Kageyama sighed, knowing he wouldn’t win this argument. “Fine, but take it easy.”


Hinata grinned, chapped lips cracking painfully. He winced. “Maybe I need some lip balm first.”


“Maybe you do.” Kageyama agreed, and stood to go get Hinata some. When he returned, Hinata was sitting up, his feet placed flat on the floor. He saw Kageyama and held his arms out like a baby. Kageyama gave a reluctant smile, and crossed the room to apply the chapstick to Hinata’s lips. The he held Hinata’s arms as he tried to stand on shaky legs. Kageyama supported Hinata as they made their way to the kitchen. It was painstakingly slow, but Kageyama didn’t mind. He had missed Hinata, and the silly little jokes he made. A few times, Hinata’s unreliable legs almost gave out, but they thankfully held him up until they reached the kitchen where everyone was gathered. Once they caught sight of Hinata, the mood in the kitchen immediately brightened.


“Shouyou!” Nishinoya screamed, and jumped on him. Kageyama grabbed both of them before they fell, and Nishinoya thankfully realized that Hinata was close to falling over and got off of him. Kageyama placed Hinata in a chair, and everyone took turns welcoming him. Kageyama looked around the room, and sensed something off. Something was wrong. He sat down beside Daichi and looked at him curiously.


“What’s going on?” Kageyama asked Dachi, who just sighed in defeat, picking up the cup of coffee he was drinking. He took a large gulp before answering.


“I’ll tell you in a bit, in private though, not many people know. First let everyone welcome Hinata.” Daichi replied, with a grim look on his face. Kageyama nodded in understanding, and leaned back in his chair to watch Hinata’s expressions. They were actually quite interesting to observe. They changed quickly, like bursts of lightning. First he was happy, then grateful, then excited, and then back to grateful. Kageyama had never met anyone whose expression changed as fluidly and genuinely as Hinata’s.


After everyone had settled down, Hinata was looking a bit worse for wear. Yamaguchi got him some food from the kitchen, and he inhaled it in seconds flat, which was not unlike him. It was actually so true to his character, that Kageyama felt his heart constricting with the familiarity of it all. How many times had the members of The Crows sat around this same table, eating and talking like how they were doing now? How many times had Hinata ate his food like a speedboat on this same table? Kageyama had lost count, though he was never keeping count in the first place.


Maybe he should start.


When the rest of the group was distracted, Daichi made eye contact with Kageyama. Kageyama nodded silently.


“Hinata.” Kageyama burst out suddenly, interrupting Hinata’s animated one-sided conversation with Yamaguchi. “Do you want to take a bath?”


Hinata nodded enthusiastically, and Kageyama stood up from his chair, going over to where Hinata was sitting to help him up. Kageyama slung Hinata’s arm around his shoulder and supported him until he was standing, starting to walk towards the bathroom. However, when Kageyama and Hinata had only walked a few steps, Kageyama mumbled to Hinata under his breath.


“Play along.” He muttered to Hinata, then pretended to stumble a bit, making it look like Hinata’s legs couldn’t hold him up.


“Hinata, you okay?” Kageyama asked him in a fairly loud voice. Hinata caught on fairly quick, thankfully, though he did send a brief questioning glance at Kageyama.


“I’m just a bit tired.” Hinata said, keeping up appearances. He was probably actually tired, though not enough to stumble as hard as Kageyama made it appear.


“I’ll help take him to the room,” Yamaguchi said hesitantly, looking concerned.

“That’s okay, Yamaguchi, I’ll help them. I have to discuss a few things with Hinata about the attack.” Daichi intercepted, and stood up to support Hinata on the other side. They all walked like that to the bathroom, and sat Hinata down on the toilet seat, closing the door.


“What’s this about?” Hinata asked, dropping all pretenses.


“I’ll get right down to it.” Daichi told them. “Yachi’s been kidnapped.”


Kageyama’s eyes widened, and Hinata’s jaw fell open.


“Yacchan?” Hinata whispered in muted horror. “What happened?”


“Her car was intercepted while she was driving to meet Kiyoko for dinner.” Daichi explained.


“Do you have any idea who did it?” Kageyama asked. Daichi nodded grimly.


“We think it’s the same people who shot Hinata.” Daichi interpreted. “That’s why we’re bringing you two into it. Maybe you can help us find Yachi’s kidnappers. We nearly have it figured out, thanks to Yachi’s quick thinking, but need a few more clues to put it all together. Think you’re up to the job?”


Both Kageyama and Hinata donned expressions of determination.


“We’ll do whatever it takes to find her.”  Hinata said what was on both of their minds.


Daichi nodded, satisfied. “Then let’s get started.”


* * *


Kenma finished typing up his coding for his computer studies class, sighing as he closed his laptop.


“Kitten, you finished yet?” Kuroo asked from his place on Kenma’s bed. Kenma looked over at him from his place on his desk and nodded.


“Can we watch a movie now?” Kuroo whined, and Kenma smiled and nodded again, standing up from his desk and bringing his laptop over to the bed. He snuggled up next to Kuroo and played the movie that was already set up on his laptop.


Kuroo and Kenma watched the movie in silence for a while, until Kuroo spoke up, his voice soft and comforting.


“Kitten?” He asked, getting Kenma’s attention. Kenma hummed in response. “Is something wrong?”


Kenma froze, then replied after gathering his thoughts. “Why would you think something’s wrong?” He muttered to Kuroo. Kuroo sighed and pulled Kenma closer to him, until their legs were intertwining so much you couldn't tell who's leg belonged to whom.


“It's just, you've seen a bit off lately. I just wanted to tell you that you can talk to me, whatever it is. I won't be mad, if that's the reason you're not telling me.”


A rock began forming in Kenma’s heart, and he hardened his resolve. He couldn't bring Kuroo into this, no matter what.


He didn't deserve it.


So Kenma smiled like he wasn't falling apart on the inside, and replied to Kuroo.


“I'm fine.” He said. “Don't worry about it.”


Kuroo didn't look convinced, but he let it go and turned back to watching the movie with Kenma. Little did he know, that as soon as he turned back to the screen, a single tear leaked out of Kenma’s eye, staining Kuroo’s shirt with its secret’s.