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Made to be Broken

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Keith shut the door, dropping his bookbag and sliding down until he was sitting against it. He brought his knees close to his chest, not looking up when he heard his brother calling to him from the kitchen.

“Keith?” Shiro sounded a little panicked after Keith didn’t respond to his greeting. Keith closed his eyes tightly when he saw feet in front of him. “Something wrong? D-Did you get in trouble again?”

Mumbling something, Keith felt his face get hot. He buried his face in his knees when Shiro squatted so they were on the same level.

“What was that?”

“H-He… he asked me out.” It was still quiet, but it was clear enough that Shiro was able to understand him this time.

“Who?” Shiro was grinning ear to ear and it only made Keith feel more embarrassed. “Come on, you can tell me.”

“Lance, Lance McClain asked me to go see a movie with him Saturday night.” Keith finally looked up at Shiro, looking completely shell shocked.

“Yeah? Isn’t he the guy you’ve been pining over for the past two years?” Shiro punched his little brother’s shoulder lightly. “You should be happy!”

“I-I… I told him no.”

“What? Come on, you can’t be serious! Call him and tell him that you were just nervous!” Shiro grabbed Keith’s hands and pulled him up off the floor in one swift motion.

“I can’t! He’s going to think that… and what if he doesn’t want to anymore and…” Keith groaned and he fell back against the door. “I’m so stupid.”

“If he really likes you, he’ll still want to take you to see a movie.” Shiro stared him down when he opened his mouth to protest. “Call him.”

Letting out a breath through his nose, Keith dug his phone out of his pocket. He scrolled through his contacts. It was ringing as he brought it up to his ear.

“Oh, hey Keith, what’s up?” Lance sounded tired when he answered and Keith winced, wondering if him turning him down made him sound like that.

“I uh… about earlier, about the movie, if you’re still… I mean if… I want to go…” Keith kept his gaze down, knowing that Shiro was watching him carefully.

“Really?” Lance all but yelled it through the phone. He started rambling about the movie and how bummed he was that Keith had initially turned him down.

Keith rolled his eyes as he looked up at Shiro, who was grinning again. It was obvious that his older brother could hear what Lance was saying through the phone. Lance was still babbling when Shiro walked back towards the kitchen, gripping his brother’s shoulder tightly.


He had his hands in his pockets and earbuds in his ears as he walked along the side of the road, heading towards town. It was getting dark, but Keith had walked on the road much later so it didn’t even phase him. A car passed him every once in a while.

Lance had offered to pick him up, have his mom pick him up, but Keith felt awkward about that. He didn’t need a ride and could get to town by himself. Besides, Lance lived on the opposite side of town, it was out of their way.

About halfway to town, a car stopped just a few feet a head of Keith. Its headlights were bright in his eyes as he pulled out one of his earbuds. As he got closer he could see it was a beat-up van. His heart rate picked up as he looked straight ahead, trying to ignore the idling vehicle. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it, it sounded fine. If they were lost they probably would have pulled off the road.

Keith’s eyes snapped to the van when he heard the sliding door open on the other side. His fingers itched to the knife he kept in his pocket. He had a bad feeling about what was about to happen.

“Hey there.” A voice came from the figure standing in the headlights of the van, the lights obscuring his face in odd shadows. Keith looked at him, his stance widening slightly as he pulled his knife out of his pocket. He wasn’t going to open the blade until he was sure he was in danger. “Maybe you could help us, we’re a little lost.”

He didn’t like that tone, it sounded too rehearsed, too overused. Taking a step back, he didn’t take his eyes off the man. “Sorry, I probably can’t help you.”

“That’s a shame.”

A surprised grunt came out of Keith’s mouth as he felt a strike to the back of his ankle, making him fall to his knees, hard. His pocket knife skidded out of his hand as he brought his arms forward to caught himself.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the man move out of the headlights to where the knife had stopped. Keith got up quickly, ignoring the burning and blood of his palms, he turned when he heard movement behind him. The person that had knocked him to the ground was bringing up a hand to strike him in the face. Keith brought up his arm to block his arm, continuing to move to punch a woman, larger than him, in the stomach.

“This is a nice knife you got here.” The man said, pulling out the blade and running his finger along the edge. “Where’d you get it kid?”

Distracted by the man’s words, he fell to the ground when he was kicked square in the ribs. He gasped at the force and then grunted when his head bounced off the road. Through blurry vision, he could see both of his attackers standing over him. The woman looked bored and the man looked amused.

“Where’d you get the blade?” The man asked again, the metal of the blade catching the slight light and glittering.

“None of your business.” Keith moved to get up again, despite the world spinning around him. A heavy foot on his chest held him down and impaired his breathing.

The man squatted next to him, taking the blade down his cheek. It was just enough of a touch to draw blood. “Come on, it’s just between friends. We won’t tell if you stole it.”

Panic filled Keith as he jerked away from the touch of his own blade. “I didn’t steal it.”

“Oh? Was it a gift maybe? Odd gift to give, don’t you think?” He looked up at his companion who just grunted in response.

Keith brought a hand up, trying to swipe his knife back from the man, but he moved his hands out of Keith’s reach quickly. He tsked and waged a finger. “Now, that’s just rude Keith. It is Keith, isn’t it?”

Keith’s panic was full blown now, all he could do was stare at the man with wide eyes. He was being targeted.

“Hmm, nothing to say to that?” The man put the blade to his neck this time. “This had been fun, but we’re on a schedule.”

As the man stood up, the woman moved her foot off of Keith’s chest. He jumped up once there was nothing holding him down. Sweeping a foot under the man, who fell to the ground with a high-pitched shriek, Keith glared at the woman.

She punched him in the face. He grimaced at the pain, blood dripping from his nose. It didn’t let that stop him from punching her once, twice, three times. Each time he gained ground on her. She looked pissed as he attempted to knock his hands away but not being quick enough.

He almost fell at sudden grip on his wrist. His eyes moved to the man, who had grapped his wrist and was pulled himself up. Keith started to shake him off, but the man’s other hand came up and wrapped his wrist with a handcuff.

The woman landed another blow to his face, this time cutting under his jaw. It was jarring and it caught him off balance. When he finally regained full awareness, he was on his knees with his hands restrained behind his back.

“Gag and bag him.” The woman finally spoke, her voice surprisingly feminine. The man let out an annoyed huff from behind Keith, who was opening his mouth to yell something. A piece of cloth entering his mouth made him stop. It was tied tightly, keeping him from doing much out than grunting. A bag was over his head and he was being pulled off his knees.

“The boss isn’t very patient.” The man complained. A strong hand, probably hers, was gripping his arm tightly and pulling Keith along. He tried to fight against the hold, but her grip was too strong.

He was all but thrown into the van and he heard the door slam shut. Another door shut and he heard the man telling someone to drive. Keith’s hands were in the perfect position to pull his phone out of his back pocket, but when he reached a little he found that it was missing. It must have fallen out during the fight.

Making a distressed sound was a mistake he felt a hard kick to his stomach as the woman told him to shut up.

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Keith was fucked.

His heart was racing as he listened to the van driving along, to the people talking. His mouth was dry from the cloth that was being used as a gag. Breathing was hard through the bag. He could get out of the cuffs, he had a paper clip in his pocket and he had done it before – much to Shiro’s dismay – but there wasn’t much point in trying to escape. He was out numbered, going at least 60 on a highway, and he heard them mention something about drugs to knock him out. Even if he waited until they came to a stop, he had no idea where they were going and there would probably be even more people wherever.

More than ever before in his life, Keith was terrified. All the fights he had been in, all his trips to the principal’s office or the police station, every beating from a foster parent. Nothing compared to what Keith was feeling as he laid completely helpless in the back of a van. Every terrible thing he heard could happen to people flashed through his mind as he struggled keep himself from passing out.

And then it got worse. The van came to a stop and Keith had no idea how long they had been driving. First, he heard the cab doors open, then the sliding door was opening. Hands were grabbing him and pulling him to his feet. It was hard to concentrate on standing while the rough hands were pulling at him. The people were talking, but Keith was so dizzy that he had no idea what they were saying.

As they walked, he could hear more people talking around them. There was an echo now, so they must’ve been inside some kind of building. The moment he had a chance, he was going to fight. He was going to lose, but he was going to fight.

They were stopping, and Keith tried to take a deep breath but ended up almost choking on the gag in his mouth. He tried to focus on the words being said around him.

“You sure this is him?” An unfamiliar voice.

Keith winced, remembering how the man had said his name.

“Keith Kogane, live and in the flesh. Mostly unharmed, just like the boss ordered.” The man said, too much pride in his voice. It made Keith pause. Kogane was the last name on his birth certificate, but Shiro helped him get it legally changed to their father’s last name the second he got custody. Even before that, most people called him Keith Shirogane.

The bag was being pulled off his head and he blinked. It was dimly lit inside the building and looked like what was probably once a factory or warehouse. The person standing in front of him, appraising him, was wearing a mask.

“Looks like he put up a fight.”

The woman grunted, her hand still holding onto him tightly. Keith just glared at the masked man.

“Good, just how we like them. Take him to the prep room, he’s going to be fighting in the arena. Zarkon and her ladyship want to see him in action.” Keith flinched away from the hand that reached out towards him, making the man chuckle. “He’ll be fun to break.”

Keith continued glaring at the man as the woman was dragging him along again. His eyes only moving away when they passed a pile of dead bodies, bloodied and broken.

They went down stairs and into a room with cages. Some filled with people sitting on the ground, looking completely lost as to what to do. Others were filled with people banging on the bars and screaming. Keith looked down at the floor as some yelled about ‘new meat’.

A hand with long fingers were grabbing his face when they stopped again. “So, this is the brat? What took so long? The boss has been waiting.”

The man sighed next to Keith. “Sorry Haggar, he put up quite a fight.”

“Little Spitfire, eh?” The woman holding his face grinned and Keith just shrugged out of the grip, trying make a sound of protest. “He’s up next, uncuff him.”

The second the cuffs were off, Keith started to strike out, but strong hands grabbed his wrists, gripping them hard. He grunted in pain, glaring at the woman in front of him, her hands pulled the gag out of his mouth. “Perfect. Get him in the arena.”

There were bright lights over the arena when he was pushed into it. Tall cement walls were around him, and he could see people a safe distance above the walls, watching. An opening across the arena opened and two large men came out, both holding large knives. Keith pushed his panic aside and moved into a defensive stance as someone’s distorted voice was counting down around them.

The two men were slow, and Keith measured their steps, their movement as they closed the space between them. He quickly moved to avoid and block their blows. It was obvious that the two men were getting angrier with every missed strike, they were also getting tired.

Keith managed to get one of the blades, slashing out and gaining ground on them. One collapsed to the ground when Keith went low to get behind them, taking out one of his ankles with the knife as he did.

Both men were swearing, but the one was down for the count since he could no longer stand. Keith took a few deep breaths as the other man glared at him. The teen could see fear on his face, and Keith hated that, but he wasn’t going to lose this fight.

The rest of the fight was a blur in Keith’s mind, and his ears were ringing as there was the voice on the loud speakers again. Keith’s focus was on the bloodied blade in his hand. Both men were on the ground, but one of them was dead. He was breathing heavily, trying to concentrate on the voice.

“Kill the other one, Spitfire.”

The voice kept saying it over and over. Keith’s hands were shaking and he dropped the blade as he took a step back.

“Prove yourself.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly, willing the world to go away. It wasn’t because the chanting of the people above and the voice were still in his ears. The other man was saying something to him, calling him a coward. He started shaking his head.

A gun shot rang through the building and everything else went silent. Keith felt sick as he opened his eyes. Both men were lying on the ground dead. Hands were grabbing him, and he was limp now, easy to manhandle to wherever they were taking him next.

“The boss wants to see him, take him up to the booth.”

Keith was so fucked.

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The room he was in next was dark and well furnished. There were men with guns by the door and a large armchair in the center. Keith was pushed down in front of the empty chair, despite struggling to stay standing. He looked up when the door opened, but was hit hard enough to have him fall face first into the ground.

When he pulled himself back up, a large, imposing man in a well-tailored suit with purple pin strips was settled in the chair. He was ugly, and probably Zarkon, ‘the boss’. A woman with a mask one and a hood up was standing next to the chair in a skin-tight suit. Keith’s eyes went to the large sword on her back and the guns on her hips.

His face was shoved down when Zarkon started speaking and he grunted in frustration.

“So, you’re Keith Kogane?”

“Don’t call me that.” Keith all but growled it, fighting against the hold on his head to glare at the man.

“Haggar said that you were a little Spitfire. It may be a more appropriate name.” Zarkon clasped his fingers together, tilting his head slightly when the woman moved closer to whisper to him. He hummed in response to whatever she had told him. “You fight like a Galra.”

Keith froze at the words. Galra. Of course, the gang had been having a greater and greater presence in his town for the last few years. Shiro had been assigned as a low man on the task force to get them out of town right out of the academy. After the initial shock of his situation dissipated, he felt rage flood through him. “I’m nothing like any of you!”

Zarkon grinned as he motioned for one of the guards to do something. “You’re more like us than you’d think.”

Opening his mouth to repeat himself, he paused when another person was brought into the room. She was restrained, her voice suppressed by a gag. And she was crying. Keith swallowed hard, not liking any of the possibilities that started swirling in his mind.

“You can fight, and you will kill. What you need to learn is how to follow orders.” Zarkon nodded to the man and woman that had brought Keith in, and they both left the room. The woman took a few steps towards him, taking the sword off her back. Keith flinched as it moved towards him, but it stopped short of his neck. His eyes opened and the woman was now holding the hilt out to him. “You will learn to not fear death. You will kill that girl.”

Keith looked away from the blade and back to Zarkon. “Why? What did she do?”

“It doesn’t matter to you why she must die, only that she must die.” Zarkon sounded bored as he spoke. “And that you must do it.”


The woman struck him, making him fall to the ground again. He managed to catch himself, glaring up at Zarkon. “Is this… are you trying to recruit me?”

A smile spread across Zarkon’s face as he stood up. “And you’re smart. Your parents must be so proud.”

“Is this how you get all of your lackeys?”

“No, you’re being recruited for something so much greater.” Zarkon moved next to the woman, who whispered in his ear again. He nodded, looking back at Keith seriously. “We will break you, no matter how long it takes. Take the blade.”

“No.” Keith moved his eyes back to the hilt of the sword that was still being held out to him. The sobs of the girl were clouding his mind. “I won’t kill her.”

The woman dropped the sword and Keith watched as they both turned to move back to the armchairs. Keith grabbed the sword and stood up. He raised the sword, aiming at Zarkon’s back. It landed with metal on metal sound. The woman hand moved between Keith and Zarkon quickly, stopping the sword with a smaller blade. Zarkon turned with a smirk on his face. “Just as I thought. Just like a Galra.”

Keith screamed as he pulled the sword back to lash out with it again. The woman deflected the blade with her own again, and then knocked the sword from his hand with a strike to his wrist. He tried to strike her with his hand but he let out a choking noise when she caught his throat. His eyes closed when the blade in her hand touched his neck.

“He won’t break today, and he can’t learn anything in the arena.” Zarkon sounded amused by the prospect of a different method of breaking him. “Mark him and take him to isolation. Let’s see how he feels about killing after a few days in the dark.”

Hands were grabbing at his and he was in handcuffs again. The woman let go of him, moving over to the girl who was still kneeling and crying. She put the dagger away and pulled a gun off one of her hips. The girl closed her eyes when the gun was cocked and pressed against her forehead. Keith screamed when the shot was fired, struggling against the hands that were pulling him from the room.

His entire body was shaking as he was pulled along, eventually being shoved into a chair. Haggar came into view, a tattoo gun in her hand. Keith tried to move, but his cuffed hands were caught on something, keeping him in place.

“Now, where do you want the mark, Spitfire?” She looked over him with a hum. Her free hand roamed over his body and he closed his eyes tightly when her hand stopped at his hip. Another set of hands were pulling down his pants and underwear. He was too exhausted to keep struggling. “There will do quite nicely.”

Keith refused to look down at his new tattoo when Haggar announced that she was finished. She roughly reclothed him while someone else was unhooking his hands. “Did you lose your fight, Spitfire.”

Without saying anything, he glared at her. She chuckled, grinning again. “Good.”

The next place Keith was being shoved in was little more than a closet. There was nothing inside and the lock on the outside of the door was serious. Keith didn’t see any evidence that it ever had a light. It was stuffy from a lack of ventilation.

When the door shut and Keith heard the half dozen locks be engaged, Keith sat down on the ground and rummaged through his back pocket for the paperclip to get off the hand cuffs they had left on him. The room was completely dark, he couldn’t see an inch in front of his face. Once his hands were free, he pulled knees up to his chest and put his face in his hands.

“Why me? Why now?” Keith groaned as he sat there. His voice echoed in the small space, mocking him.

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Keith hadn’t moved while he was in the small room. He tried to keep his mind blank as he sat there, his limbs going numb, but his mind was racing. Shiro was probably sick with worry, unless it was assumed he ran away again. Even if people were looking for him, there was no way they were going to find him.

It was probably his fault. Something he did probably got the attention of the gang. ‘You fight like a Galra’. Even if he never broke, even if got out, the words would haunt him. Everyone knew what kinds of things that Galra gang dealt in and Keith wanted nothing to do with any of it.

Four or five days, it was hard to tell how long he was in there exactly, he had to think. It wasn’t the first time he had been shoved into a room for days on end. It was the first time he wouldn’t have Shiro on the other side of the door to tell him that he didn’t do anything wrong, to feed him junk food they weren’t allowed to have.

When the door opened, he didn’t even look up. He just closed his eyes tightly, the sudden light hurting his eyes. One set of hands pulled him off the floor, not saying anything. Keith glanced over at the other person when they picked up the handcuffs he had picked.

“How did you…?” The woman gawked at him and Keith just lowered his gaze. “We’ll have to let the boss know about this useful skill of yours.”

They lead him back to the same room he had been in before with Zarkon and the masked woman. The two were already there, and someone with a bag over their head. Keith stared down Zarkon, who just smiled at him. “Did you change your mind?”

“There’s nothing you can to me that hasn’t been done before.” Keith huffed bringing one of his arms across his chest.

“Nothing? So, you’ve fought before. Been put in isolation.”

Keith looked down at the floor, not saying anything.

“Beaten? Raped?” Still no response from the teen. Zarkon stood up, listening to the woman whisper something to him. “You’ve had a rough time of it, Spitfire. I see it’ll take something special to break you.”

Swallowing hard, Keith looked up at them again. The woman’s stance was different, tense. It made him uneasy.

“Kill that man.” Zarkon said as the woman held the blade out to him again, her arm stiff.


Zarkon waved for one of the guards to grab him. “We’ll see if the Prince will find something to change your mind. The Lion’s Den.”

Keith struggled against the hands on him. The last glimpse into the room, he saw the woman start taking off her mask, but he didn’t get to see her face as the door shut behind him. Once the door was shut behind him, his hands were being pulled behind his back.

“Remember what happened last time you cuffed me?” Keith’s smirk fell when he felt something else wrap around his wrist. Zip ties. A blind fold was being wrapped around his eyes. Whatever the Lion’s Den was, it was probably worse than it sounded. Thinking about it sent a panicked shiver down his spine.


When the blindfold was finally pulled off, a man with a sick grin had his face very close to Keith’s. Keith glared at him and he just seemed to grin more.

“So, you’re my little Spitfire?” The man’s voice was the most annoying thing he had ever heard.

“I’m not your anything.” It was practically a growl and that made the man laugh.

“My father told me to do whatever it takes to break you, to do what he wants. I’m going to enjoy it.” He moved over to the desk, pulling a file folder off a pile of other papers. “Keith Kogane. Your mother ran off when you were just eight months old. Then your father died when you were five. Tragic.”

“Shut up.” Keith closed his eyes tightly.

“Seven foster homes in ten years, only four of those were you with your brother. Three arrests, forty-three detentions, seven suspensions, even an expulsion. Now you live with your half-brother, Officer Takashi Shirogane. Did I miss anything?”

“Shut up.” He wanted to know why they wanted him to kill so much. What did they want from him?

“Oh, Spitfire, I just want to know you better. Every little thing about you. Every fight, every fuck. Every little thing I can use against you.” He set the folder down and grabbed Keith’s face. “You may call me Prince Lotor.”

Scoffing, Keith shrugged out of his grip.

“You’re not a virgin, right?” Lotor chuckled, moving to walk to the other side of the room that Keith hadn’t even noticed. His eyes went wide when he saw the table and what was on it. “I usually take my turn with sluts like you first, but I think there’s a group of regulars that would enjoy how much of a fighter you are.”

Keith was shaking slightly as he watched Lotor pick up a few of the items. He didn’t say anything, but he could see Lotor smiling with satisfaction.

“When they’re finished with you, we’re going to play a little game. Something like truth or dare, but I ask all the questions and you get all the dares.”

“That’s not exactly a fair game.”

“Nothing is fair here, you’ll find that out quickly, Spitfire.” Lotor set the blade in his hand down. “But you have customers waiting. I wouldn’t want to disappoint if I were you.”

Chapter Text

The room he was pushed into was dark, there was just enough light for him to see six figures standing around. He took a step back, moving so he was flush with the door. As he stared at the figures, two moved towards him and he started shaking.

Despite the fear building up in him, he smacked the hand that reached towards him away. The laugh that echoed in the room only made the terror worse as both men reached for him at the same time. Strong hands were gripping his wrists, pulling him towards the other people in the room. There was always hands in his hair, pulling at him as he tried to fight against their grip.

Once he was in the center of the circle, hands were ripping, literally ripping, off his clothes. He was struggling against them, begging them to get off of him, but that only seemed to make them rougher, slapping his face hard enough that he was tasting blood.

He was standing there naked, his wrists being held again. They were touching him, and his body was reacting. Lips were ghosting over his neck and nipples and fingers were roaming over his ass and dick. Tears came to his eyes as he closed them tightly. The one hold his wrists pulled him close so they were chest to chest.
“Who wants to go first?” He laughed as he said. There was some mumbling, but Keith was distracted by the lips on his, kissing him roughly as his mouth was forced open.
A bruising grip on his hips made him try to break out of their hold on him. It was short lived when the man holding his hips pushed into him, fast and hard. Keith screamed as he pressed closer to the man in front of him.

There was wolf whistling and laughing, but Keith was sobbing as he buried his face into the chest of the man. “Listen to that scream, I almost came, just listening to that.”
“They’re recording this for us, so we can listen to over and over.”

Keith’s eyes went wide, letting out another scream, not as loud or pained as the first, as the man inside of him started moving.

“Wait to you feel his ass, this slut feels like a virgin.” A grip on his hair pulled his face away from the other man. “You might’ve ruined me for anyone else.”

Keith whimpered as hands were roaming his torso again. He tried to push away at them, but there were too many and the pain was too much to concentrate on much else.
“I can’t wait until you’re done, fuck this…” Hands were gripping his thighs and hoisting his legs up high.

“Fine, I bet he’ll scream again with two of us in him.”

He did, he did scream. The men all just moaned at the sound. It was too much, Keith did try to push both of them away, but he was lifted off the ground between them. There was nowhere to go, he had no leverage to fight back in his current position.

They kept pounding into him, telling him how good he felt, and sounded, how much the others were looking forward to playing with him. He tried to keep his voice quiet, so they wouldn’t have the pleasure of hearing it, but it didn’t really work. The men seemed to enjoy him clawing at them as he clung to them.

His legs waivered when they let him down and he was suddenly on the ground. He could feel their seed, and blood, running out of him. When he tried to get up, he was kicked back to the ground. The pain was nothing compared to his ass. They were talking around him, but he was too distracted by trying to calm himself down to listen to them.
One of them laid down next to him as hands were roughly moving him so he was on the man’s lap. He stopped struggling when he was pulled down, being kissed again. Kissing them was the worst, because to him kissing was about something so different than sex. His face was pulled away from the man’s, his hair gripped too tightly again, and a dick was being shoved in his face.

“If you bite it, you’ll be really sorry.” The man pushed his dick closer to his face and he tried to turn his head away, but the grip on his hair let the man have too much control over him. A hand gripped his jaw tightly from below, and he was forced to open his mouth. He fought against the grips of both men, but the dick ended up down his throat anyway.

As he was face fucked, he was manhandled into riding the man below him. The sensation made him groan around the dick in his mouth, making the man moan himself. A second cock was added to his ass, and the pace they were going at was brutal.

The man came down his throat without warning, and made a terrible choking noise. It tasted terrible, worse than any other dick he’d ever taken. He barely had enough time to cough a few times before another dick was in his mouth. It tasted like cum and blood. This one has already been in his ass.

One of the men emptied inside of him, and it was finally too much for Keith. He moaned around the dick in his mouth as he came. There was a tight grip on his dick, and it made him squeak in pain. The dick slipped out of his mouth, and a fist collided with his jaw. He closed his eyes tightly.

“You only cum when we say you cum, got it, slut?” One of them whispered in his ear.


It was pointless to try to fight, but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to control whether or not he came. “Yeah…”

“No, it’s ‘yes sir’.” Another punch to the face and the grip on his dick tightened painfully.

He spat blood out of his mouth. “Do you what you want with me, but I won’t call you ‘sir’.”

“Wrong answer.” The dicks were slipped out of him and he was suddenly laying on the ground, fists and feet pounding on him instead. His body had just healed from being kidnapped and being forced into the arena. He curled into a ball, bringing his hand up to protect his face.

Then the beating was over and he was being hauled to his feet. He could see the man was smiling. “Now, be a good boy, alright?”

He spit in the man’s face in response, earning himself three punches to the face.

Keith wasn’t sure how long it went on, the beatings and fuckings didn’t seem like they were ever going to stop. Every single part of him was in pain and he had run out of tears, and energy to fight back.

“Time’s up.” It was Lotor’s voice. The men groaned and Keith felt a few of them finish over him, where he was laying on the ground.

Once the men were gone, the lights were turned on and he was being pulled to his feet. Lotor was standing in front of him grinning. “You are so beautiful.”

Lotor tilted his chin to the side, and Keith saw that the wall he was now looking at was covered in mirrors. He felt sick looking at himself. Bloodied, bruised, covered in cum.
“But, I’d like you to be clean when I fuck you.”

Keith just kept looking at himself, his face expressionless.

“Yes, take a good look, this is going to be your life, unless you want to give in to my father’s wishes.” Lotor’s breath was hot on his ear. Keith took a deep breath and looked at Lotor, who grinned at him. The joke was on Lotor, because that was how he already saw himself.

“I won’t kill for him.”

“More fun for me that way.” Lotor then turned, twirling his hand. Hands were grabbing at Keith, and he just glared at Lotor. “Get him cleaned up and fed. Hell, give him some rest. He and I will have a lot to talk about.”

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The guards pushed him into room with a little over a dozen other people, mostly women. Keith looked around, everyone had their eyes on him. He could easily see that he was the youngest person there, all the others were at least in their twenties.

“Woody, come help the little newbie around.” One of the guards yelled. One of the males stood up from a bed and started walking towards them as the others went back to what they were doing. “Lotor wants him cleaned up, fed, and rested.”

The man nodded seriously at the guard before looking Keith, who swallowed hard and looked away. Keith heard the guards walk out of the room but still didn’t look up at the man.

“Hey, it’s okay, everyone here is in the same boat, we all take care of each other.” The man’s voice was soft and Keith closed his eyes tightly. His tone reminded him so much of Shiro. “Is it alright if I touch you?”

Letting out a panicked whimper, he took a step back as he shook his head violently. His breathing hitched as he brought his arms across himself.

“Okay, okay, calm down, please. No one in here is going to hurt you.”

Keith looked up at him and bit his lip. His voice was so small when he spoke. “Okay.”

The man was smiling at him softly, nodding at him. “Let’s start by getting you showered off, then we’ll check to see if you have any injuries we should be worried about.”

Nodding, Keith moved his hands over his stomach when it growled.

Laughing, the man turned and motioned for Keith to follow him. His gaze went to a group of older looking women as they passed them. “Can you grab him some food? Poor little thing looks like he’s starving.”

Keith looked around the bathroom and noted the complete lack of privacy. He walked towards one of the showers and immediately turned on the water. It was freezing at first, and then burning hot.

“Do you need any help, or…” The man was standing near the shower, his back to Keith.

“I-… I’m good… thank you.” Keith scrubbed at the dried cum and blood on his chin. “I-Is your name really ‘Woody’?”

“No. But we use the names they give us, just in case we ever get out, we might be able to distance ourselves from this place.” The man sighed, his shoulders tensing. “What name did they give you?”

“Spitfire.” Keith ran his hand down his chest, stopping at the new tattoo on his hip. He took a few deep breaths.

“I wish we were meeting under better circumstances, Spitfire.” The man shifted his weight on his feet. “You going to be okay if I go and grab you some clothes?”


Once Woody was gone, Keith rested his head against the shower wall and let the tears fall down his cheeks, mixing with the water. Everything was too much. He had already suffered so much, so much. Keith knew that he wasn’t perfect, that he had done some shitty things in his life, but what he already went through should have been enough. Letting out a sob, he considered that maybe he was never supposed to have a happy life, that he wasn’t supposed to have a loving home with his brother or chance at a relationship with Lance. He was supposed to suffer, and he was stupid to think he had another option. That wouldn’t stop him from wanting it, from wanting to go home.

By the time that Woody came back in, setting a pile of clothes on the counter, Keith had moved to the shower floor. He had curled up on himself, holding his knees tightly with shaking arms.

“Did you finish cleaning up? Everywhere?” Woody kneeled down next to the shower, looking at Keith with obvious concern on his face. Keith nodded, looking up at him.

“Some of the girls grabbed you some food.” He stood up to turn off the water. “When was the last time you ate?”

“I-I… I don’t know… they put me in isolation for a few days after…” Keith buried his face against his knees as he let out a sob.

“Okay, okay, they managed to get a lot, you’re just going to have to go slow or you’ll just make yourself sick.” Woody sighed as he held a hand out to Keith. “Let me help you up.”

Keith didn’t move for a while, but eventually put his hand in Woody’s. Once he was on his feet, he quickly pulled his hand back into himself. Woody handed him a towel and turned away again. The towel was rough against his skin and was barely doing anything to dry him off. His skin was still slightly damp as he put the clothes on. They smelled slightly and were too big on him, but he felt more comfortable now that he was covered.

Woody smiled at him sadly and nodded for him to follow him. “This will be your bed.”

Keith looked at the rickety cot right at the entrance of the bathroom. ‘Spitfire’ was written crudely on a sign above the bed. There was a plate of food on the bed and his stomach rumbled.

“Go ahead, eat up and get some sleep. You look like you could use both.” Woody started walking away. Keith followed his movements with his eyes, wanting to say something to the man, but he didn’t know what to say.

The food wasn’t the worst he had ever eaten, but he had no idea what it was that he was supposed to be eating. It was better than some of the lunches he had eaten at school or he’d been fed in foster care. He was too hungry to care that he was nauseous from what happened to him. All that mattered is that it was food and it was filling him up.

His head rested on the pillow and he closed his eyes. Keith tried so hard to clear his mind, but he couldn’t. He could still feel those men’s touch on his skin, the pain throbbing in every part of him. There was the taste of blood in his mouth as he bit his lip, trying to keep himself from moaning at the memory of his multiple orgasms.

The feeling had an old memory flaring up. “You like this don’t you? You like being used like this. Good, because it’s what you were made for.”

Shooting up out of bed, Keith ran into the bathroom and emptied his just filled stomach into one of the toilets.

Woody was kneeling next to him, holding out a damp rag, when Keith finished throwing up. Keith took it without looking at the man in the face.

“Couldn’t not think about it, huh?”

“How long have you been here?” Keith clutched the rag tightly, his hands shaking.

“Two months maybe. You lose track of time here.” Woody smiled at him softly. “But you’re young, your family isn’t going to stop looking for you.”

“It’s always just been me and my brother.” Keith stood up, turning away from him.

“I’m sure your brother is looking for you frantically.” Woody put a hand on his shoulder, it was light touch, one Keith could brush off easily. “And until he finds you, everyone here, we’re going to try to keep you out of as much harm as possible.”

“Why?” His eyebrows came together as he crossed his arms. “What’s so special about me?”

“How old are you?”


“How old are you?”


“The next youngest person here is twenty. The Galra don’t usually grab kids so young.” Woody’s grip on his shoulder tightened. “I can barely handle what happens to us here at my age, but at your age…”

“I can take more shit than you’d think.” Keith scoffed, finally shrugging out of the touch.

He moved back into the barracks and curled back up on his bed. There was murmuring around him, and he could tell that the others were talking about him, about his age. Groaning, Keith brought his hands up to his ears to try to drown out the sound.

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Keith laid in bed listening to the whispering around him as he woke up and remembered where he was. He could tell they were trying not to wake him up since they kept shushing each other. His entire body ached; his bruises had bruises. Sleep had only made him more tired and laying around wouldn’t help put off the inevitable. When his stomach growled, he finally sat up on the bed.

His eyes focused on the floor as pain surged through him at the movement.

It didn’t take long for Woody to approach him with a bowl. The man didn’t say anything as he held it out to him.

“Thank you.” Keith said quietly as he took it and looked at the contents. Something close to oatmeal. He hated oatmeal, but he was too hungry to be picky.

“How are you feeling today?”

He didn’t say anything as he picked up the spoon, he didn’t know what to say. Usually, he’d lie to Shiro or Lance and promise that he felt fine after a beating or a fight so he wouldn’t worry them, but there was no reason to lie to Woody. Woody knew that he wasn’t okay. How could he be?

“Spitfire.” Someone else, one of the gang members by how they were dressed, said as they stood at the edge of Keith’s bed. “Lotor is waiting for you.”

Keith tensed up, almost dropping the bowl. He had completely forgotten about the ‘game’ he was supposed to play with Lotor. Suddenly there wasn’t enough air in the room as he heaved for breath.

“Lotor can wait a little longer until he eats!” Woody snapped at the other man, reaching to catch the bowl and replace it in Keith’s hands. “I’ll deliver him to the prince myself.”

“He’s not a patient man.”

“And Spitfire’s just a kid, Lotor at least needs to let him eat.”

The gang member grumbled something before walking away.

“Eat up.” Woody said softly after the guard was gone. “The longer we make him wait, the worse it’s going to be.”

Keith took a few deep breaths before taking his first bite. It was the worst oatmeal he’d ever eaten. He didn’t say anything as he ate, his shoulders shaking slightly with nerves.

Once he was finished, gripping the empty bowl tightly, he glanced at Woody for the first time since he woke up. “H-Have you… you ever… with… w-with Lotor…?”

“No.” Woody let out a huff. “I’m apparently not his type, but I’ve… When it’s over, I’ll make sure that you get taken care of.”

Closing his eyes tightly, Keith held out the bowl for Woody to take back. “D-Does this ever get easier?”

“It hasn’t yet.”

They didn’t say anything else as Woody shadowed Keith to Lotor’s office. Keith had been so out of it previously, that he didn’t actually know where he was going. Woody stopped short and nodded for Keith to go into the room with open door.

Lotor was sitting at his desk, tapping his fingers on the wood as he stared at Keith boredly. “I don’t like to be kept waiting. Shut the door.”

Keith didn’t move as he stared at Lotor.

“Shut the fucking door.” Lotor repeated as he slammed his hand down on the desk with a loud bang that made Keith flinch. He moved quickly and shut the door, not turning back to Lotor once it was shut.

“Now, take off the clothes.”

He swallowed hard before he slipped off the minimal clothing quickly. Lotor hummed and Keith could feel the man’s eyes on him as he stood there completely naked.

“Come here Spitfire.”

Once he was standing in front of Lotor, his body shaking, he looked Lotor in the eyes, hoping he looked more deviant than he felt. Lotor just smirked and cupped his cheek gently.

“You’re so beautiful. The bruises look so good on your pale skin.”

“Don’t…” Keith closed his eyes and turned his head.

“Don’t what?” Lotor’s tone was mocking as he slowly ghosted his fingers down Keith chest. A gentle touch that kind of tickled.

Biting his lip, Keith shook his head. “Doesn’t matter… you’d do it anyway, wouldn’t you?”

“Absolutely.” Lotor moved his hand down to grip Keith’s hip. It was a light touch, but the bruises there were the worst, so the touch made Keith wince. “Your first truth: how’d you lose your virginity? Don’t leave out any details.”

“I-I… I’ve never told anyone that before…” Keith felt a tear fall down his face as the memories flooded his mind.

“And now you’re going to tell me. So, tell me first, how old were you?” Lotor moved his other hand up and started combing his fingers through Keith’s hair.

“Eleven.” Keith swallowed hard.

“Oh? Father said that you didn’t say anything when he asked if you’d been raped before… was that…?” Lotor sounded way too intrigued.

“Yes.” He opened his eyes and looked at Lotor. The hungry look in the man’s eyes was so familiar. “I-It… it was my foster father at the time, but…”

“Details, I want all the juicy details.”

“It started with my foster brothers… I shared a room with them, two older boys. They… they thought I’d be… they decided that I should blow them and once they decided I was good at it, they did almost every night for a month…”

Lotor hummed with interest as he kept his gaze locked with Keith’s. “Did you like it? Sucking their dicks?”

“I-I… not at first… not when they were just fucking my face… but eventually I started trying… and…” Keith licked his lip as he felt a few more tears dampen his face. “I already knew I was gay so…”

“So, you just thought it was normal?” Lotor almost sounded sympathetic, which was somehow worse than interested. “Where does your foster father come in?”

“He walked in on one of them face fucking me once… He was so angry… and I thought that maybe he was angry about what they were doing to me… make them stop…” Keith finally broke eye contact as he looked away and took a few deep breaths. “He was mad that they didn’t invite him… that they were too stupid to… to…”

“Use your ass?” When Keith nodded, Lotor chuckled. “How’d it feel?”

“It hurt so much… he stretched me out, but it still hurt. I tried screaming, but he covered my mouth, warning me not to wake up his wife…” Keith’s tears were coming full force now. He had avoiding talking about it for so long that all the emotions he had repressed were spilling out now. He hated that he couldn’t control his emotions, especially knowing that Lotor was only going to toy with them. “But… I-I… I still came from it…”

“Interesting. Did your brothers…?”

“Yeah… he told them to when he was done. It hurt less since I was already stretched… and I came again, from both of them…”

“Did his wife ever find out?”

“She started watching… fucking the other two boys…” Keith closed his eyes tightly. “It went on for almost a year before my caseworker finally figured out something wasn’t right. I never told her what happened, so all she could do was move me.”

“To where your bother was, you’re actual brother.” Lotor wiped away Keith’s tears. “Was there anything they used to say to you?”

Keith didn’t know why he was still telling Lotor things, but he thought it was because now that it started, there was no way to stop himself after holding it in for so long. He regretted never telling anyone else. Maybe if he had he’d feel different telling Lotor. “He used to tell me that I was made to be fucked… to be used…”

“You know, I think he might’ve been right, but I haven’t fucked you yet…” Lotor used his grip on Keith to pull him onto his lap. “But I will, and then I’ll be able to tell you if he was right.”

Putting his hands on Lotor’s shoulders, he tried pushing away from the man, but was too weak from everything they’d already put him through to fight against the tight hold on him. The rough fabric of Lotor’s pants was uncomfortable as he was forced to straddle the man. Lotor’s hard cock pressing up uncomfortably into his crotch. He grimaced against Lotor’s lips as he was kissed.

“Now, undress me.” Lotor smirked as he cupped Keith’s cheek.

“And if I don’t?” Keith sneered as he flinched away from the touch.

Lotor gripped his jaw tightly. “I was going to make our first time pleasant for you, but if you’d rather I start with beating you…”

His hands were shaking as he moved his hands from Lotor’s shoulders to the buttons of his shirt. “Can I ask you a question?”

Lotor pressed his lips to Keith’s neck and hummed.

Keith closed his eyes tightly, trying to ignore how good Lotor’s kisses felt. “Does it turn you on that I’m only fifteen?”

“Honestly, your age makes this difficult. You’re so young, almost too young.” Lotor gently bit on Keith’s earlobe and Keith couldn’t stop the moan that came out of his throat. “Almost.”

He finally had all the buttons undone and Lotor shrugged off the shirt as he kissed Keith again. It was deeper than the first, Keith letting it happen as he kept his eyes closed tightly. Lotor chuckled as he ran his hands down Keith’s chest and tugged on his dick. “You’re getting hard. You like this.”

“N-no…” Keith’s voice was shakey as he said it, biting his lip as Lotor continued stroking him. He hated it, hated it. But his body seemed to be enjoying it.

“I don’t believe you.” Lotor hummed before gently pushed Keith off his lap. Keith fell to the ground in front of the chair since he wasn’t expecting it.

He looked up at Lotor as the man got up and started walking towards the table of toys. Keith swallowed hard as he watched Lotor, his body shaking with fear. His eyes went to the thing in Lotor’s hand when he walked back over. A leather collar and chain.

When Lotor finished putting it on him, Keith pulled at it. It was too tight, making it difficult to breath. Lotor pulled on the chain and Keith fell forward, his face in Lotor’s crotch. Somehow, the man’s bulge had gotten bigger.

“Why don’t you release me and we’ll finally get around to seeing what you’re really made for.” Lotor petted his hair as he held the leash tightly to keep him from moving too far. “Let’s see what your mouth can do.”

Keith bit his lip before unbuttoning Lotor’s pants and then pulling the zipper with his teeth. Lotor groaned as Keith pushed down Lotor’s pants and underwear. His cock was so big and Keith couldn’t help but give it a few strokes.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself down there.” Lotor chuckled and Keith froze. “But I want your mouth.”

It took a few tugs of the leash before Keith moved again. He wrapped his lips around Lotor’s cock and swallowed as much as he could. Even with his almost nonexistent gag reflex, he could fit the man in his mouth very far, until Lotor grabbed a handful of his hair and thrusted into his throat so hard he started crying.

It wasn’t long that Lotor face fucked him. When he pulled Keith’s mouth away, he loosened his grip on the leash so Keith could double over and cough a few time.

“Not bad, but I’ve had better.” Lotor said when Keith finally stopped coughing. He had moved back into the chair. “Let’s see how the ass feels.”

Keith was got back on Lotor’s lap after a few hard tugs on the leash. Lotor’s cock was pressed hotly against his own and the intimate touch made both of them groan.

“You really are beautiful.” Lotor said before ducking his head and latching his mouth over Keith’s nipple.

Keith let out a loud moan as he grabbed ahold of Lotor as a reflex. Fingers were playing with his other nipple. He could feel his dick twitching. Then fingers were at his ass, which was still sore from the day before. The initial touch sent a jolt of pain through him as he bit into Lotor’s shoulder to keep himself from screaming.

Lotor moaned as he pressed his fingers inside of Keith. “This will probably be the only time I’ll do this before I fuck you.”

A shiver went down Keith’s spine at the words.

He wasn’t prepped much, but just enough that the pain had subsided for the most part. He was stretched and massaged. Keith was panting as Lotor was gripping his hips. “Now, ride me. You can go at whatever pace you want, just don’t stop.”

Keith came once he was fully seated on Lotor’s dick, sobbing as he pressed his face into Lotor’s neck. He made a choked sound as Lotor pulled him back by his collar. “Don’t stop.”

He came two more times before Lotor pumped his own semen inside of him. When it was over, Lotor pulled Keith off him and pushed him onto the ground.

“Catch your breath, then we’ll move onto your next truth.” Lotor said as he ran his fingers through the cum that Keith had spewed on his chest. He licked his fingers and smiled. “Your ass was definitely made to be fucked.”

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Keith closed his eyes tightly and took a few deep breaths as he focused on Lotor’s question. He’d been asking about beating after beating, hitting him when he hesitated to answer. There had been so many that Keith wasn’t really sure what the point of continuing to ask about them. If it hadn’t been for Shiro constantly trying to protect him, it probably wouldn’t even have phased him as he was growing up.

Blood was running from his nose into his mouth, but he couldn’t wipe it since his arms had been bound tightly to his back. His nose was probably broken, for the fifth time in his life. His brain was fuzzy with how many times Lotor had smacked him, so it was hard to think and give Lotor what he thought he wanted.

Before he could answer the latest question, Lotor slapped him again. When Keith let his head roll down, Lotor grabbed his face tightly and made him look at him. Keith couldn’t actually focus his gaze on the man.

“Now, Spitfire, I know you just want me to fuck you again, but I promise, I’m almost done with questions about this.” Lotor said it so sweetly that the sound of his voice made Keith feel sick. “Just tell me, other than fists and feet, what have you been beaten with before?”

 “Chairs, pans, brooms. I’ve all kinds of things thrown at me, plates, shoes, bottles…” Keith swallowed hard. “Why do you want to know so badly?”

“Does it hurt? Does it hurt to tell me all about your past? To tell me about all the terrible things that others have done to you, and then for me to follow through on a promise to do something so much worse?” Lotor leaned his face in close and grinned. His one hand petting Keith’s hair gently.

Keith whined in response, his tears stinging as they ached to cry, except he was all out of tears. “Why? Why are you doing this?”

“You’ve piqued my father’s interest, he wants you.” Lotor’s gaze turned cold as he gripped a handful of Keith’s hair, pulling hard. “But he has no use for things that don’t follow his orders, so you must be broken.”

Grunting in pain, Keith closed his eyes again. “What did I do?”

“You’re getting really bold, asking me the questions.” Lotor moved his hand down to Keith’s throat. He fiddled with the buckle of the collar, tightening it. “Did you forget that I’m asking you the questions?”

Making choking noises, Keith thrashed slightly, trying to pull out of Lotor’s grip, but it only made it worse. White spots were clouding his vision as he stared at Lotor. “St-Stop…”

“Tell me who is in charge here.” The collar was even tighter now.


“Who is in charge here? Is it you?”

“N-No…” Keith’s finally found some spare tears as he felt his consciousness slipping. “Y-You are…”

Lotor loosened Keith’s collar again. Keith fell forward, coughing and wheezing as he caught his breath again. He felt so sick, but it had been hours since he had last eaten. There was probably nothing left to empty out of his stomach.

“Now, I have one more question, on the subject of your past abuse from foster parents.” Lotor sat down cross-legged next to him on the ground. “Did any of them legitimately try to kill you?”

Keith still was catching his breath, but he managed to turn his head and look up at Lotor and give him a small nod.

“Take your time, we have all the time in the world.” Lotor hummed, bouncing impatiently. “But, I must know all the gritty details of that.”

When Keith could finally breath again and he was able to speak, he closed his eyes tightly. “One of my foster mothers, I don’t remember what set her off, but she just called me a monster… grabbed a kitchen knife.” He winced as he recalled the event. “She stabbed me in the side, twice. I was in shock, I don’t think I said anything as I fell to the ground. When Shiro found me… I was almost unconscious.”

Keith flinched when Lotor touched the two small scars on his side, just below his ribcage. “So, that’s what these scars are from?”


“How old were you?”

A sob escaped Keith’s lips as the fingers pressed into him harder. “E-Eight…”

He opened his eyes wide when lips were pressed to his. There was something about this kiss than the previous one, but Keith had no idea what this one meant.

“I was eight the first time my father put a weapon in my hand and told me to kill a man.” Lotor caress Keith’s cheek gently, looking into his eyes with something close to a soft look. “When I refused, he slashed his own sword at and told me if I didn’t, he’d kill me too. He didn’t have to tell me a third time.”

“Are you trying to soften me up by making a connection between us?” Keith glared at him, hating the sentimental tone of the man.

A dark laugh came from Lotor’s lips. “No. I just wanted to know how easy you’re getting it. My father is giving you infinite chances to follow him.”

“I’ll never take any of those chances.”

Lotor slapped him again. “We shall see.”

Before Keith had a chance to recover from the latest blow, Lotor was pushing his face into the carpet. Keith struggled until he felt his ass being lifted in the air, a hard grip leaving bruises on his him. Lotor’s head was pushing as his twitching hole.

Biting his lip hard enough to draw blood, Keith forced himself not to make any noise as Lotor pushed into him as he rested his body weight on Keith’s back. It was worse than the first time, not because it hurt more, but because it felt so good. He was loosened up and slick from Lotor’s previous load. A few thrusts hitting at the perfect spot had Keith crying out in pleasure.

“So, you like it? My cock inside of you?” Lotor huffed in his ear as slammed in, hitting the spot directly. He groaned with pleasure in mirror of the noise that came out of Keith’s throat. “Oh, that makes it so much worse doesn’t it? You’re such a fucking slut.”

Keith let out another moan as Lotor nibbled on his ear lobe, his thrusts getting faster and more brutual.

Fuck. Keeping making noise like that and I won’t last.”

Another hard slam, and Keith lost it. He screamed as he came, clamping his ass muscles down on Lotor’s cock. That did it, set Lotor over the edge too. But Lotor was still rock hard inside of Keith and didn’t do anything to change his pace.

“N-No… please…”

“That’s so hot.”

Keith sobbed when he came four more times before Lotor finally softened up and pulled out of him, two more loads later.

“I haven’t had a fuck like that in forever. I wish I could keep you.” Lotor ran his fingers through Keith’s hair as he pressed soft kisses on his neck.

Letting his eyes fall closed, Keith didn’t say anything. He had to focus on keeping himself together, on not passing out.

Chapter Text

Lotor had barely given him anytime to recover before the binding were changed from the restricting ones them kept his arms bound behind him to something with a chain that let Lotor hang him from the ceiling.

His toes barely touched the ground, but it wasn’t enough to take any weight off his arms. It felt like shoulders were going to pop out of their sockets. Keith couldn’t imagine how much more it would hurt if he was heavier and for the first time he was thankful he was petite from his childhood malnutrition.

“So, have you ever let someone fuck you, after all those times your foster-daddy raped you?” Lotor was ghosting his fingers and lips up and down Keith’s chest as he asked.

“Yes.” Keith closed his eyes tighter as he replied quietly.

“How old were you the first time you chose to have sex?” Lotor punctuated the question with a hard bite to Keith’s nipple.

“Thirteen.” Keith huffed, tears falling down his face as Lotor moved to gently suck on the other. “H-He was older than me, we fucked a few times when he was between girlfriends.”

“So, he wasn’t gay?”

“No, but he really didn’t care who a hole belonged to as long as they’d let him fuck it.” Keith tried to pull himself up, it was getting hard to catch his breath.

“Did it hurt? When he fucked you?”

“He didn’t care if I got off, but he never wanted to hurt me so he always made sure he prepped me good. Sometimes I’d prep myself before…”

“Did you have other lovers?” Lotor moved away from him, moving over to the table of toys.

“There were other people I had sex with, but I wouldn’t call them lovers.”

“Oh, you’ve never had a special someone?”

Keith stared at the back of Lotor’s head as he thought about all his missed opportunities and swallowed hard. “No.”

“I can’t really say I’m surprised, looking at your record.” Lotor chuckled, and Keith hated it because he didn’t really disagree. “But, I told you before, I want to hear about every fuck. So, how long do you think this discussion will take?”

“You might want to clear your calendar for the next week or so.”

“You really are a slut.” Lotor groaned as Keith heard things being moved around on the table. “Then, maybe just the ones you regret the most, the ones you liked the most. And I definitely need to hear about any times you gave.”

 “You’re sick, getting off on this, on my pain.”

“Oh?” Lotor came back over and Keith looked at the object in his hand. His eyes went wide when he saw the whip. Before he could say anything, Lotor moved his hand and flicked it across Keith’s chest. It was hard enough that it left a mark, but not enough to leave a welt. A moan left Keith’s lips as his toes curled. “And even if you don’t want to admit, it you’re enjoying your pain just as much as I am.”

“Please… please don’t…” Keith closed his eyes tightly as he felt tears threatening to spill again.

“You keep begging like that and you’ll get me hard again.” Lotor whispered into Keith’s ear.

“Maybe you should take care of it yourself.”

Keith was no way prepared for Lotor to swing the whip with purpose. He screamed as the whip broke skin. Then Lotor swung it again, and again. When Lotor was finished, there wasn’t an inch of his back that hadn’t been touched by the whip. Sobbing, Keith had given up on trying to pull himself up to breath. His head was spinning from blood loss and he was completely consumed by the stinging pain of his back. Even as Lotor started slamming into him, Keith barely registered anything else.

He wasn’t sure when he passed out, or when Lotor had left him alone, but Keith woke up in a puddle of his own blood and his and Lotor’s cum. His entire body was sore, on top of the burning pain of his ass and his back. There was something in his mouth, keeping him from making much more than a muffled sound of distress. As he felt sicker and sicker.

His arms and legs were bound in odd positions, keeping him completely spread open and ready where he laid with his chest on the ground. There was a twinge of pleasure underneath everything, just enough to drive him crazy. Something was in his ass, and it was vibrating.

Letting out a muffled sob, he tried to move, but he just felt the thing in his ass adjust to a position that only cause more pain. It almost felt like something was cutting into him.

It had been hours since he had woke up before Keith saw feet in front of his face. He had run out of tears and was sure his balls were going to explode if he didn’t get release soon. Pained noises escaped from the gag as his face was pulled up to look at the person hovering over him.

“Have you had enough of this? Do you want my dick back?” Lotor was smiling at him.

Keith didn’t know what to do, but he wanted it to end. Nodding, he wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to, but he hoped it was better than whatever.

“Good.” Lotor let go of Keith’s hair and Keith went face first into the floor. Keith grunted as Lotor nudged at him with his foot, roughly flipping him over. The odd angles of his arms and legs made it so he wasn’t laying completely flat, but his ass was on the floor, making what was inside of him go even deeper.

Lotor knelt down next to him and put his fingers around Keith’s aching cock. It didn’t take much before Keith sobbed as he came.

“I’m going to leave you like this for another few hours, just to be sure you really understand the situation you’re in.” Lotor moved so his face was hovering over Keith’s as the teen sobbed. A smile was on his face as he leaned down and pressed his lips to the gag. “And when I come back, I’ll let you rest a bit, then we’ll move somewhere more comfortable and take it slow.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly.

“Is this the first time you’ve had a toy inside of you?” Lotor rubbed Keith’s cheek gently. Keith shook his head, his eyes still closed. “I thought so. Can you feel them? The blades right at the base? It really adds something the real thing lacks, don’t you think?”


Chapter Text

It wasn’t Lotor that came into the room a few hours later. Keith was so weak that he just let the men roughly let him out of his restraints. His eyes followed the bladed plug when it bounced across the floor away from him. It was covered in his blood, fresh blood.

They pulled him to his feet but his knees buckled and he fell onto all fours as soon as they let go of him. He shook violently as he felt the pain coursing through him. Then one kicked him over onto his side.

“Get up!” The one yelled.

Keith tried to pull himself up, but he failed before he could even get to his feet. “I-I can’t.”


He was pulled to his feet by his hair, and he howled in pain as he reached back to get the hand off of him. Then he was released. Again, he fell forward onto all fours. He didn’t stay that way for long before his arms gave out and he was faceplanting on the floor.

Closing his eyes, he let out a shaking breath. “I can’t.”

“Pick him up. Prince Lotor wants him treated and cleaned up before he does anymore to him.” Haggar’s voice was coming from somewhere behind Keith.

The men were both swearing, arguing about who would get to carry him. Eventually Haggar barked out an order, growing impatient.

Keith squeaked as he was suddenly lifted up and put over one of the men’s shoulders. He hung there limply, too exhausted to try to fight back. The last time he had been picked up like that he was about eight and Shiro pulled him away from a fight.

He was dropped onto a hard metal table. The cold was soothing to the wounds on his back that he had almost forgotten about. But it didn’t change how surprising it was, or how much it hurt when his head slammed down.

“Now, let’s see who much Lotor ruined you.” Haggar’s voice was above him now. It was hard to focus on her face. He was officially dizzy again, from the blood loss and the new head injury, Keith knew he was on the verge of passing out again.

A small sound of shock escaped his lips as hot water started spraying his body. He closed his eyes and brought his hands over his chest to try to protect himself. Hands were on him, scrubbing at the dried blood and cum covering him. It was instinct to try to pat them away.

“If you don’t cooperate, I’ll have to tie you down, Spitfire.” Haggar’s clawed hands gripped his face tightly. “You don’t want to do this the hard way, do you?”

Keith took a few breaths and shook his head. “I-I…”


After she finished washing off his front, his entire front, she rolled him over. Her touch on his wounds on his back made him whimper in pain as he clenched his hands into fists above his head.

“He certainly worked you over good.” Haggar laughed when the water stopped. Her nails were still digging into one of the more agitated welts on his back. He was biting his lip to keep from giving the satisfaction of hearing him in pain. “Now, before I starting treating your wounds, I have to ask.”

Keith turned his head to the side to look at her. He swallowed hard as he tried guessing what she was about to ask.

Her face moved closer to his. “If I brought someone in here and gave you a weapon, told you to kill them, what would you do?”

“Tell you to go to hell.” Keith narrowed his eyes at her as he tried to push himself up. “Ask me as many times as you want, and you’ll keep getting the same answer.”

A smile spread across her face as her nails dug in deeper and Keith couldn’t keep himself from gasping in pain. “P-Please… stop…”

“You’ll learn, Spitfire, you’ll learn.”

He was alone for a while before Haggar returned, spreading different creams over his wounds. They all stung, making him let out little noises of discomfort.

“You’re still bleeding.” Her nails were cutting into him as she prodded at his abused asshole. Keith whimpered as he tried to keep from doing something to get her to stop, figuring that it would only make things worse.

Then she was gone. He heard the lock on the door and looked around the room. There wasn’t anything in there with him except whatever she put on his wounds. Keith tried sitting up, but his arms were too weak to support him. Taking a few deep breaths, he rolled himself onto his side and closed his eyes.

Keith woke up to voices talking. They were talking about him. Apparently, he was still bleeding. Apparently, he had been asleep for almost a whole day. He had never felt so weak in his life. Everything was sore from laying on the metal table. It was so cold, but he wasn’t sure if he was shivering because of that or anything else.

Then the talking stopped and he closed his eyes tighter.

“Keep treating him. Feed him.” Lotor said, sounding annoyed. “I want him back in fucking order by tomorrow.”

“Of course.” Haggar sounded just as annoyed.

He let out a surprised squeak when he felt lips on his, his eyes opening to see Lotor’s face in his.

“I’ll be waiting. We’ll take it nice and slow, on a bed.” Lotor ran his fingers through Keith’s hair. “I have so many more toys I want to share with you.”

Keith whimpered as he reached forward, weakly pushing Lotor away from him. “Pl-Please…”

“Don’t beg. You have the power to stop this.”


“Then just take it.” Lotor righted himself and walked out of the room.

Keith’s arms were strong enough to push himself up, but as soon as he put weight on his ass he let out a pained grunt. His ass was completely ruined.

“Let’s get more cream on those wounds, then I’ll grab you something from the kitchen.”

When he was finished eating, he was left alone again. He curled up on his side and looked around the room. His eyes went to a small red blinking light on the far wall. Swallowing hard, he started at it, noticing a small change in the wall texture just above it. They were watching him.

After another boredom induced sleep, Keith woke up to Lotor and Haggar arguing again. He had stopped bleeding, but if Lotor fucked him he’d rip back open. Which would keep him from service paying customers. It was agreed that when he could stand on his own again, Lotor would get him back.

Two full days later and he was walking down the halls, a guard following close to him. He was still shaky on his legs, but there was no use in faking that he couldn’t walk. It was going to happen eventually. The longer he made Lotor wait, the longer Lotor had to think of twisted things to do to him.

Lotor was laying on bed in a robe, twirling a knife in his hand. Keith walked towards him, standing next to the bed.

“I see you’re feeling better. Took you long enough.” Lotor stood up and slipped off the robe, his knife still in his hand.

“Maybe you were too rough.” Keith barely flinched when he was slapped. He knew it was coming, but it didn’t matter. Hitting him was the least the Lotor was going to do to him. “So, what are you going to do with the knife?”

“Oh, this?” Lotor looked at it like he had forgotten he was carrying it. “I’m going to tie you up, with silk ribbons, let my fucking-machine rape you, ask you questions. Every time you hesitate to answer, you’ll get a small cut.”

Nodding, Keith closed his eyes.

“You’re being so compliant, it’s almost boring.” Lotor whined as Keith felt the blade travel down the center of his chest, just enough of a touch to sting and draw blood.

“You like it when I fight back too much.” Keith clenched his hands at his sides. “I don’t want to give you the satifastion.”

“Wrong answer.” Lotor’s voice was sing song as he roughly pushed Keith onto the bed.

Keith’s eyes shot open just in time to grab Lotor’s hands as he moved to slash across his chest. Lotor grinned at him as he elbowed him in the ribs.

“Much better.” Lotor chuckled as he placed the knife out of Keith’s current reach before manhandling Keith so he was tied up. Keith struggled against his restraints, but stopped when he felt cold metal at his asshole. “I’m going to turn this on and then you’re going to start answering some questions.”

By the time Lotor grew bored of asking questions, Keith was completely exhausted from coming so many times. Lotor knew almost everything about Keith, things Keith had never told anyone else before. There were so many small cuts covering Keith’s chest, arms, and legs, almost none of them out stay.

But Lotor wasn’t satisfied. The next several hours, Lotor spent fucking Keith in varying positions.

Finally, Lotor was finished with him. He was given permission to head back to the barracks. And told that he’d start servicing customers just like the rest of the whores the next night.

Keith didn’t say anything as he limped to the barracks. He didn’t bother showering as he curled up in bed and started crying.

Chapter Text

He opened his eyes and swallowed hard when he saw where he was, as if he could still pretend everything was one big nightmare. Keith even tried closing his eyes tightly again, as if that would change what he saw when he opened them again, but it couldn’t stop the murmuring around him, about him.

When he sat up, looking down at the floor, Woody moved to stand at the end of his bed. “Hey, you alright?”

Keith couldn’t help but snort with amusement as he looked up at the man. “Is that supposed to be a fucking joke?”

The soft look Woody had been wearing faded as Keith looked at him with not a small amount of scorn. “S-Sorry. It’s just, you were gone for so long, everyone thought that Lotor killed you, or sold you.”

Keith looked back at the floor as he crossed an arm across himself. “If only I’d be so lucky.”

“You should go get cleaned up, I’ll grab you something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You should eat.”

“I’ll probably just throw it up.”

“Spitfire… Can I ask you a question?”

“No. I’m tired of answering questions.” Keith finally stood up and walked past him. “Just leave me alone.”

Woody stood there, seemingly stunned by Keith’s outburst. Keith just walked into the empty bathroom.

He turned on the water and flinched when it sprayed at him, ice cold. But he didn’t move out of the way as it didn’t change temperature. As the water hit him, the pressure almost painful, he just let the tears fall down his cheeks again.

He couldn’t help but wonder why he was such a jerk. Woody was just trying to help him, and he was being an asshole. Like usual. Keith couldn’t even blame the stress of his shitty situation, because he’d always been like that.

There was no way to tell how long he had stood under the water, just thinking himself in circles and crying, but it was too long. He was shivering from how cold it was and he wasn’t much cleaner than he was when he got in the shower.

Sighing, he wiped his eyes and turned off the water. It wouldn’t matter if he scrubbed, he could scrub himself for days and he’d still feel disgusting. Standing under the water any longer wouldn’t change anything about his situation. He didn’t even bother drying off before he went back into the barracks.

No one was looking at him, and it made him even more aware of his situation. He was just a kid, a kid walking around naked in a room full adults, all of which know exactly what happened to him the last few days. Not being looked at made him feel even more self-conscious than when they were staring at him. It was hard to ignore, even as he looked down at his feet while he walked.

With a huff, he knelt down in front the trunk next to his bed. There was a plate of food sitting on top of it and he just started sobbing as he stared at it. After being such an asshole to him, Woody still went out of his way to get Keith something to eat. And Keith thought he couldn’t feel anymore like shit.

When he caught his breath, Keith moved the plate to his bed so he could get into the chest, hoping there were clothes in there. Once he was dressed, in clothes that were stained and too big for him, he sat on his bed and picked at the plate. It was so terrible, but Keith was much hungrier than he thought he was.

As he was finishing what he could off the food, he looked around and didn’t see Woody. He wasn’t entirely sure if he had noticed him earlier either. Sighing, he stood up and walked over to a group of women he’d seen Woody with before.

“E-Excuse me.” Keith’s grip on the plate was tight as forced himself to look at them. They all stopped their conversation and looked at him, pity heavy in the small smiles they gave him. “H-Have you seen Woody?”

“Last I saw him, he was in the kitchen, finishing up his chore.” The youngest of the women said with a thick twang to her voice.

Keith felt his brows crease in confusion. “Chore?”

“Oh, honey, they didn’t tell you?” Another said with a frown on her face. He just stared at her. “On top of them selling our bodies every night, they make us take care of this building.”

“Woody and I took care of your chore long before you woke up.”

“My… my chore…?” Keith felt himself losing his cool, anger welling up inside of him.

The one who had done his chore with Woody pointed towards the door to the hallway. There was a chalk board on either side. One listed chores the other rest days. His new name was next to ‘laundry’. He wasn’t on the other board.

“Rest days?” Keith looked back at them and they all nodded at him.

“Every week we each get a day where we don’t have to do a chore, or fuck.” One shrugged. “Newbies don’t usually get one their first week.”

Swallowing hard, Keith nodded and turned away from them. “I’m going to go find him. Thank you…”

When Keith walked into the hallway, he noticed Lotor walking from his office down the hall. Keith felt his heart stop as he stared at the man, who looked surprised when he saw the teen.

“Oh, Spitfire.” Lotor kept walking towards him. “Where are you off to?”

“K-Kitchen.” Keith felt his grip tighten on the plate again as he started trembling.

“What a coincidence, that’s where I’m going too.” Lotor chuckled as he stopped in front of him. A hand reached up to touch Keith’s hair, but he flinched away from the touch. The look on Lotor’s face quickly changed as he slapped Keith across the face, hard enough that Keith tasted blood in his mouth.

“If you treat everyone like this, it’s no wonder raping teenage boys is the only action you can get.” Keith said, not moving his gaze from where it ended up after the slap.

Lotor didn’t say anything as he grabbed Keith by the hair and started pulling him down the hallway. Keith reached up with his free hand to get free as he gasped in pain, but he couldn’t pry Lotor off of himself.

They stopped just inside the kitchen, and Keith was distracted from the pain when he saw Woody.

The man was bent over, completely naked. One guard shoving into his mouth and the other into his ass. Keith felt sick as he tried to look away, the plate dropping from his hand and shattering on the ground. The men in front of him stopped moving and looked towards them with the sound.

Lotor kept his grip on Keith’s hair, not letting him look away from the scene. “Don’t stop on our account. I can wait to speak with Woody until you’re finished.”

The two guards grinned at each other before slamming into Woody even harder than before. Keith whimpered as Lotor let go of his hair, manhandling so he could grind his clothed erection against Keith’s ass.

When the guards were finished, the zipped up and Woody dropped to the floor, coughing.

“Before you leave, I must know what he was paying for.” Lotor said as the two guards headed towards the door.

“And extra plate of food, Prince Lotor.” The one guard bowed as he walked past him.

“Oh, Woody, it wasn’t for my little Spitfire, was it?” Lotor snuck his hands up under Keith’s shirt and held him against him tightly.

“I-I…” Woody took a few shuddering breaths before looking up at them. “I’m sorry you had to see that Spitfire.”

Keith just whimpered as he was finally able to look away.

“And you did his chore this morning.” Lotor’s voice was like velvet as he spoke, but Keith felt a sting from it.

“Prince Lotor… I-I... I thought that…”

“It isn’t your job to think Woody.” Lotor tsked as he moved one of his hands from under Keith’s shirt and into the loose shorts he was wearing. Keith let out a small moan when he felt a hand cup his dick. “And it certainly isn’t your job to take care of Spitfire. He needs to learn things for himself.”

“He’s just a kid, don’t… just let him go.” Woody moved to stand up, and Keith could see how the man had gotten his name.

“No.” Lotor moved his hands to push down Keith’s shorts, then let go of Keith. The teen closed his eyes tightly when he heard a zipper drop.

“Don’t… don’t punish him for my mistake, please…” Woody’s voice was so shaky.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll make you do this.” Lotor hissed as he pushed into Keith.

Keith let out a strangled cry as tears fell down his cheeks. No one said anything as Lotor slammed into Keith, and while Keith didn’t open his eyes once, he was pretty sure that Woody was watching him.

When Lotor finished, he zipped up and fixed Keith’s clothes, and then left without a word.

“I’m s-…” Woody started, but Keith put his hands up and cut him off.

“Don’t. Just… just don’t help me again.” Keith opened his eyes finally. His legs were shaky and it was taking everything he had to keep standing. “I don’t want you getting into trouble because of me. I’m not worth it.”

“Can I help you back to the barracks at least? You look…” Woody took a step towards him.

“I-If… If you can put some clothes on.” Keith swallowed hard as he started at Woody.

Once Woody was dressed, he put an arm around Keith’s waist and took most of his waist. “If I had known that Lotor was going to…”

“You didn’t. It’s not your fault.” Keith looked down at his feet, feeling cum dripping down his leg from his ass. “Thank you.”

Woody chuckled. “For what?”

“What you did, especially after I was an asshole. I know it… Just, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. However I can help, let me know, we’ll just have to be a little more discrete from now on.”

“I don’t want anyone getting into trouble because of me.”

“You’re worth it, we all want to protect you, trust me, you’re worth it.” Woody smiled down at him.

Keith looked away, not as sure.

Chapter Text

            He stood up from where he was sitting in the shower and reached for the bar of soap, finally starting to clean himself off. They hadn’t spilled much of his blood during his first night working, so it was just cum and sweat that he was washing off. Keith wished the lingering feelings of the hands on him could be washed off as easily. His ass and jaw were both so sore from the dicks that were shoved into him.

Lotor had paraded him onto a stage wearing nothing but a collar just after the opening act. He tried fighting against being pulled by the leash, but with his hands bound his back, it wasn’t much use. His focus had been on the crowd staring at him hungrily and not on the words Lotor used to try to convince them to rent him for a few hours. Mentioning his age and his sexual experience had some people more interested and others completely turned off. But hearing that he was fighter was really the big seller by the way a lot of people started muttering among themselves and begging to get a time slot with him.

The pleasure of being his first client of the night was auctioned off. It was a brutal competition from the clientele in the Den, a few actual fist fights broke out from it. Taking him first was worth almost three thousand dollars to a pair of older men sitting quietly in the front row.

Lotor put him into a room and pulled something from his pocket while humming. Keith tried to shy away as it was fastened in his mouth, keeping it open. He whined once it was secure.

“Now, remember, these people want a fighter, but you can get out of this anytime you want, so don’t fight too hard, Spitfire.” Lotor said in a firm tone as he cupped Keith’s cheek. Keith just glared at him, pulling back despite Lotor’s continued hold on the leash.

That first couple had been surprisingly gentle as the manhandled him into the positions they wanted him, just laughing every time he struggled against them. They had surprising stamina and were disappointed when their time with him was over, apparently they had a few loads left in them.

A few of his clients had roughed him up and he had a few bruises and scratch marks from them, but he’d had worse. The biggest group that he had was five people, and a few of them fucked each other while they were raping him. Mostly it was just one at a time during the night, two of them rode his dick. He was so nauseous from the amount of cum he swallowed, and he was too full to eat despite Woody insistence that he eat.

“Hey.” One of the women, Cherry Keith thought her name was, said in annoyed tone. Her words brought him out of his trying to make sense of the nights’ events. He looked at her and immediately way, she was standing there completely naked, cum visibly dripping down her legs. “I get that you’re new and this is terrible for you, but there are other people waiting for a shower.”

Keith nodded as he put the soap back on its pedestal, and stepped out of the water. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool, you’re new.” She put his hand on the small of his back as she pushed past him to get into the shower, with a yelp from how hot the water was. He flinched at her touch, barely looking back at her. “After a work night really isn’t the best time to mope in the shower, everyone wants to get the worst of it off.”

His eyes fell on the tattoo she had in the same place as his own. It was different than the tattoo they had put on him. Hers had the same background as his own, the symbol of the gang that was plastered on every surface in the Lion’s Den and worn proudly by the guards, but there was something noticeably different. Cherry had a rose just below the Galra mark, Keith looked down at the strange symbol on his hip then back at her.

“Like what you see?” She must’ve noticed him staring.

“I’m gay.” He more blurted than said as his face went red.

Cherry started laughing as she reached for the soap. “You’re a cutie.”

“I-I… I’m going just go get dressed now.” Keith turned away quickly and quickly put on some clothes, sitting on his bed and watching the other move in and out of the bathroom, talking in small groups. His eyes went to the tattoos that were visible on the others. They were all the same as Cherry’s, different than his.

“Hey, did you ever get something to eat?” Woody’s voice was soft as he approached Keith.

Keith just shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck. “If I eat I know I’ll throw up. Don’t let me sleep past breakfast tomorrow, I’ll promise I’ll eat something then.”

A smile spread across Woody’s face as he sat on the bed, carefully leaving space between Keith and himself. “Good, you need to take care of yourself, Spitfire.”

“Dying of starvation seems like a better option than staying here.” Keith brought one of his legs up to rest his head against. “What happened today, it’s what I can expect from now on, isn’t?”

Sighing, Woody leaned back and stared at the ceiling. “The prince usually has us put on a show at some point in the night, to get the clients interested, so eventually he’ll make you figure out a routine for that.”

“Awesome.” Closing his eyes, Keith shook his head.

“It looks like something is on your mind, do you want to talk about it?”

“I-I… no, just… I doubt no amount of lies you could tell me would make me feel about it.”

“Alright, get some sleep. You look exhausted.”

“Getting fucked twenty-six times in a row without a break will do that to a person.”

The next morning after he ate, Keith looked up at the chore board. His name was listed next to three different chores and he grimaced. A few of the others who didn’t have any chores to do offered to help him, but he looked over at Woody and remembered what had happened the day before as he declined.

He was in the middle of his second chore, cleaning the client bathrooms, when he was cornered by three guards. They laughed as they ripped off his clothes, despite him lashing out at them. When two of the them lifted him between them just to lower him onto both of their cocks, he lost all his fight as he screeched in agony. The third just stood there watching, rubbing his still clothed hard on. Keith came twice, sobbing as he did, before they finished in him and dropped him. He was lifted onto his knees by the third and a dick was shoved in his face. His face was slapped with the dick a few times before he obediently swallowed it down, gagging as he did. The guard finished on his face.

“Prince Lotor wants to see you in his office when you’re finished your chores, so finish up.” The guard said as he pushed Keith back and away from him. “He might get mad if you take too long.”

Keith panted as he sat on the floor, his eyes barely catching the movement of the two that had fucked him as they picked up his clothes and left with them. He sat there recovering for a while before he stood back up and went back to cleaning, wincing as he moved from the pain in his ass.

He was still naked, the cum dried now, when he walked into Lotor’s office. Lotor was on the phone but looked Keith up and down hungrily as he continued talking on the phone.

“Well hello.” Lotor said as he motioned for Keith to walk closer. He pulled Keith onto his lap. “I see the guards didn’t take any time using you as soon as I told them you were free game for them.”

Keith put his hands on Lotor’s shoulders, not looking at the man. “So, they’re allowed to do that to me whenever they want?”

Humming, Lotor wrapped his arms around Keith’s torso. “But, I have some news for you.”


“Tomorrow, instead of chores, we’ll be working on your routine for the show. I hope to debut it in a few days.” Lotor pulled Keith a little closer. “The day that my father will be coming to take you on a test drive, hopefully.”

“Y-Your…” Keith closed his eyes tightly as he pictured the large man that had sent him to the Lion’s Den. He gulped and started shivering.

“I am a saint compared to my father, so I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.” Lotor pressed his lips to Keith’s. “I know how much you love pain.”

“Shut up. I-I…”

“You can’t even say it, can you? Can’t lie to me like that?” Lotor chuckled. “Are you adjusting to your new life yet?”

“This isn’t my life…” Keith looked up at Lotor finally, glaring at him.

“Oh? Spitfire, my little Spitfire, unless you change your mind about killing, getting raped, working yourself to the bone? This is going to be everyday for the rest of your life.”


“And my father thinks he’ll make a Blade out of you, he just doesn’t know how much you belong here under my care.” Lotor moved his hands down Keith’s back, punctuating his statement by sticking a finger inside of the teen.

“T-The Blade?” Keith’s eyes fell close at the touch to his abused hole.

Lotor’s free hand moved around Keith’s body, laying flat against the tattoo on Keith’s hip. “Yes, my big sister’s little group of killers, she and my father want you to join them so badly.”

“W-Why?” Keith’s back arched as Lotor flexed his finger inside of him.

“Because to become a member of that little club, you had to have a close relative who was or is a high-ranking member of the gang, and they’re really hurting for membership.”


“Yes.” Lotor nibbled on Keith’s ear as he lifted him up roughly with one hand as he unzipped his pants with the other hand. “I’m sure your mother would disapprove of this method of breaking you, but I know she wanted you to join us one day.”

Keith couldn’t reply as he was too distracted by suddenly being impaled on Lotor’s dick. He wrapped his arms around Lotor’s shoulders as the man slammed up into him hard. Tears ran down his eyes not because of what was happening, but because of what Lotor had said.

Chapter Text

He was exhausted. It had been over a week and he’d barely gotten any sleep, only a few hours between all the terrible things. Lotor had him practicing his new routine on the pole in the center of the stage, every time he got a move wrong, Lotor made sure Keith knew it. His entire body hurt from the beatings Lotor gave him. Then there were the extra chores he was given. The clients and everything they did to him. Every moment he thought he could get some rest, the guards grabbed him and had their way with him.

The few moments he did have to shower or sleep, the other whores made a point to give him peace and something close to privacy. And he was glad for it.

“Hey.” Woody said it quietly and Keith didn’t even look up at him. “I know you’re not asleep yet kiddo.”

“What do you want?” Keith curled up tighter as he opened his eyes.

“You didn’t eat once yesterday.”

“I didn’t have time…” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, and wincing as pressure was put on the collection of bruises on his middle. “And my stomach hurts too much.”

“I haven’t been here long, but…”

“But what?”

“I’ve never seen them be so ruthless with anyone, it’s like they’re…” Woody rubbed his face and just shook his head. “No, I’m probably just…”

“You’re not imagining it.” Keith sat up and rubbed his shoulder. One of the guards had dislocated it when he fought back a little too much and Haggar had popped it back in. “Just… don’t get involved anymore… there…”

“Spitfire.” One of the guards yelled from the doorway. Keith turned to put his feet on the ground. “A few days in the hole.”

Keith’s brows creased with confusion. Woody stood up and glared at the guard. “What did he do to deserve to be thrown in the hole?”

“Prince Lotor wants to make sure that our little Spitfire is all nice and fresh, healed up, when Lord Zarkon comes to use him in a few days.”

Everyone else in the barracks froze, and it made Keith incredibly nervous as he stood up. He put a hand on Woody’s arm as he stared at the guard. “It’s alright. I could use the break.”

The guard just laughed. “Yeah, for what Zarkon is going to do to you, you’ll definitely need the break.”

Keith took a deep breath before walking towards the guard. The guard grabbed him by the back of the neck and lead him out of the barracks. He was shoved into a small room, the door locked behind him before he even got a chance to turn around.

It was so dark, cold, the silence echoed around him, just like the last time the Galra shoved him into isolation. He sat down against the wall and sighed. Thinking about time, he tried to count back and figure out how long it had been. It had to be almost a month since he was taken, since he was free.

He rested his head back against the wall, his eyes closing. He was so tired, but now he had opened up that thought line, he couldn’t stop.

“No, no…” Keith took a few shuddering breaths as he drew his knees to his chest. His chest hurt as he couldn’t stop the pictures and voices flooding his brain. Shiro telling him to be safe, with a wink, before he left for work that day. Lance’s voice on the phone, telling him how excited he was for their date. Lance. Shiro. Matt, Hunk, Pidge. He’d probably never see them again. And if he did… It was too painful to think about them, but he couldn’t stop.

There was no way of knowing how long he thought of the good things in his life, only really there the last few years, but he had run out of memories and he knew that it had been hours at least. Eventually he managed to fall asleep, still crying.

Time faded while he was in and out of sleep. Memories of his friends, of his abuse before the Galra. Ghosts of every touch he’s ever had, whether is was painful or pleasurable, whether he wanted it or not.

But his body was healing, he could feel it despite the hunger. He’d be all shiny and new for Zarkon. Just like they wanted him to be.

His eyes stunk he opened to them to the sound of the door finally opening after what had to of been several days. Two guards were standing on either side of Haggar.

“Little Spitfire. It’s time to get cleaned up and get your strength up for your private show for Lord Zarkon.” Haggar’s voice grated on his eardrums.

He stood up on shaky legs, his body week from hunger and disuse. “And then what?”

“You’ll be even worse off than before they threw you in your private room.”

“Then lets get this over with. Don’t want to keep the boss waiting, do we?” Keith look up at her, defiance in his eyes. A grin spread across her face as she nodded for the guards to grab him.

Chapter Text

Keith had his hands crossed against his bare chest. He felt even more exposed than if he was naked. Sheer fabric draped around his body, probably designed to show off his movements, left nothing to the imagination. Haggar and Lotor were both staring at him, their eyes roaming his body as he stood there.

“Remember, my father isn’t quite as forgiving as I am.” Lotor reached for him. “But he does seem to have a soft spot for you.”

He nodded as he took a step back to avoid Lotor’s touch.

“Be careful.” Lotor’s hand moved quick to grab Keith’s arm. “Spitfire, you’re going to be in for a real treat. Seeing you on that stage tonight, everyone in the club is going to want you, when my father finishes with you, there will be no shortage of customers.”

“Let’s not keep Lord Zarkon waiting.” Haggar moved away, motioning for the two of them to start moving.

Keith followed Lotor into the theater and onto the stage. His eyes went to Zarkon, sitting in the back, surrounded by armed guards and half naked people. The woman from the first night was there too, standing behind him rigidly.

“Oh, look Spitfire, my sister came to watch too.” Lotor turned to grin at him before looking back out at the crowd to introduce the act. Then Keith was left alone on the stage.

Music was playing and took it as his cue to start moving. His eyes were closed as he reached for the pole as leverage for his movements. The music wasn’t loud enough to drown out the cheering of the crowd, yelling all the obscene things they were going to pay to do to him. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if he stopped now and just stood there, or danced. They were going to hurt him.

Dancing was a lot like fighting, the way his body moved, the muscles that were working, they were the same. But it wasn’t a fight, not really. It was display, and the Galra wanted it to say one thing, but Keith hoped it said another. ‘You can do what you want to my body, but you can never have me.’ He also hoped that it would always be true.

But it ended. And that meant it was time for a private show, for Zarkon.

Two guards lead him off the stage and into a private room. They left him there and he just looked around the room. It was the first time he had been in this room. There was a chair at the edge of the bed, just so someone could watch. A shiver went through his spine as he put his hand on the back of the chair.

He jumped when he heard the door open. Zarkon, two of the partially clothed women, and the masked woman came into the room.

“So, Spitfire, we meet again.” Zarkon’s voice boomed in the room as Keith turned to look at him.

“What? No one with a bag over their head this time? Not going to hand me any blades.” Keith’s eyes narrowed as he stared at him.

Zarkon lifted up his arms and the two women started to undress him, folding his clothes neatly. “You haven’t changed. Good, but I was hoping that you’d be a little more…”

“Willing to take your orders?”

Keith stood still as Zarkon, who was now completely naked and rock hard, walked towards him and gently took his chin. “But now, we get to have some fun together. Lotor told me you enjoy pain.”

“Maybe, but not as much pain as he likes to inflict.” Keith kept his eyes on Zarkon’s face instead of the rest of his body.

A sickening smile spread on Zarkon’s face as he cupped Keith’s cheek. “You’re funny.” Zarkon turned to the masked woman. “He has his mother’s sense of humor, wouldn’t you agree?”

The woman just grunted and started turning away.

“Don’t look away, daughter.” Zarkon focused back on Keith. “You’re just as beautiful as your mother.”

“Enough. I don’t care what you thought about my mother, or what you think about me. I don’t care what you do to me. I won’t be one of you.”

“Yes you will, someday.” Zarkon moved his hand down Keith’s chest. “But tonight, you are mine and only mine.”

Swallowing hard, Keith closed his eyes and tried to ignore how Zarkon’s touch sent shivers down his spine. The man’s body was so close to his, he could feel the heat rolling off him. Then it was pressed against his, lips and teeth on neck. A moan escaped his lips as he was lifted off the ground. It was surprisingly soft, and his body was reacting.

Then he was thrown roughly onto the bed, and he grunted as he bounced on the mattress. His eyes opened when rough hands were turning him so he was face down, and he started clawing at the hands on him, trying to kick Zarkon away. His actions barely phased the much larger man as he manhandled Keith exactly where he wanted him, hold him down with a bruising grip.

He was breathing hard from trying to fight back, still trying to get out of Zarkon’s grip even as his hands were pinned behind him and Zarkon’s weight was on him.

“Don’t get too excited already, we’re just getting started, Spitfire.” Zarkon huffed in his ear as he rutted his massive cock against Keith’s ass. “I’ve waiting to do this for weeks. I’m going to break you, my dick might be bigger than you.”

Keith whimpered, feeling his own cock twitch from the stimulation. Then he felt his ass being spread open and the tip of Zarkon’s dick at his hole. Zarkon started pushing in, slowly at first.

“St-Stop…” Keith cried out. He knew it wouldn’t do any good, but the pain was so intense that he couldn’t think of that, only of begging for it to be over.

With a laugh, Zarkon continued, peppering the back of Keith’s neck with bite marks and hickeys. He didn’t change the pace, but Keith felt a change in the stretch and he started to struggle again, trying to pull his hips away from Zarkon.

“Oh, you feel that? My ampallang?” Zarkon nibbled on Keith’s ear as he stopped moving his own hips. “Most people hate it, but I figured someone like you would appreciate.”

Keith took a few panicked breaths as he closed his tearing eyes tightly. He could feel how large the two balls on either end of the barbell were as they were resting just at his hole. They were much larger than the standard dick piercing. “I-I… I can’t…”

Laughing again, Zarkon jerked his hips forward just enough to get the piercing in. Keith gasped, his body tensing so completely that it hurt. It didn’t hurt quiet as much as the tearing of his rim.

Zarkon lifted himself off Keith’s back, his dick barely moving. He let go of Keith’s hands as he poked at Keith’s ass. “Look at that. You were so tight and now I ripped you open.”

Keith whimpered as he moved his hands to claw at sheets as tears streamed down his cheeks. He spasmed as Zarkon pulled the piercing out and pushed it back in a few times.

“I can’t… I-I… please…” Keith sobbed.

He screamed as Zarkon slammed into him, pushing all the way into him. Zarkon put his body weight back onto Keith. “You can stop this any time you want.”

The pain was so intense that Keith couldn’t speak, he just sobbed as clawed at the sheets harder.

Zarkon started slamming into him, harder and harder with every thrust. The thrusts were easier as he Keith’s entire world was pain as the fucking continued from the blood. The pain was all consuming and Keith could barely feel the other touches.

Keith got a short break after the first round, but the pain or the exhaustion didn’t go away at all by the time Zarkon was ready for the next round. His fight was gone for the moment and Zarkon was able to move him around like a ragdoll as he slammed into him from a different angle, tearing him all over again. And again, and again.

By the time Zarkon was done with him, he couldn’t move and he was covered in blood. Keith didn’t even register that Zarkon was talking to him, or that he was leaving. It didn’t take long for him to pass out.

Chapter Text

Keith woke up and felt really groggy. He also felt numb. It took a minute for him to blink the sleep away to focus on where he was. The hospital. Again.

He couldn’t remember exactly what happened. He remember his foster father throwing at beer bottle at him, missing him. Then being thrown to the ground. Pain, a lot of pain, that he couldn’t pinpoint. And then blackness.

Looking around, he focused on the source of the dip in the hospital bed. Takashi was sitting in a chair next to the bed, his head resting against his leg.

“H-Hey…” He tried sitting up and whimpered as he felt a jolt of pain in his side.

“Keith…” Takashi jolted awake and stared at him.

Keith was pressing his fingers into the spot that hurt and tears came to his eyes as his ribs throbbed. He started to take quick, shallow breaths and it only made the pain worse.

“Hey, hey, calm down.” Takashi stood up and leaned over him. His fingers ran through the younger boy’s hair. “You’re okay, just focus on me and not…”

“What happened?” Keith leaned his head into his brother’s touch, trying to steady his breath as he was still crying.

“He started kicking you… you have…” Takashi took a deep breath. “You have four broken ribs and a pretty bad concussion. One of your broken ribs came pretty close to puncturing your lung.”

Keith bit his lip, letting his hand rest on his rib cage. “Which lung?”

“No the same one as when…” Takashi trailed off and pressed his face into Keith’s hair. “You’re okay now, and that’s all that matter.”

He might have been wrong, but Keith was sure that his big brother was crying. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“I was scared. The way the doctors were talking at first… I-I… I thought I was really going to…”

“I’m still here Takashi.” Keith brought his hand up and put it on his brother’s neck. “Kashi, I’m okay.”

Eventually Takashi sat back down and took his hand tightly. Keith smiled at him weakly. “Did you… were you the one that found me, again?”

“N-No… she pulled his gun on him…” Takashi rubbed the back of his neck. “When he tried to take it from her, still kicking you, she fired.”

Keith’s eyes went wide as he stared at his brother. “S-So… is he…?”

“Dead? Yeah.”

He couldn’t help but smile as he rolled his head to look at the window. “Is she okay?”

“Yeah, when I thanked her earlier, she made it clear that she didn’t want to see you though.”

“Of course not.” Keith closed his eyes.

“Hey, hey. The doctors said to keep you awake once you woke back up.”

“They also probably told you to call for them when I woke up.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to talk to my baby brother myself.” Takashi squeezed his hand. “You’re not any more annoying than usual, so I think you’ll be okay.”

Scoffing, Keith turned to glare at him. “You’re the worst.”

A nurse popped her head in and made a surprised sound when she saw that Keith was awake. She announced that she was going to get a doctor and disappeared again.

“She could have asked how my pain was.” Keith huffed as he covered his face with his hand.

“Is it that bad?”

“It’s… yeah.” Keith grimaced under his hand.

“She told me she gave you the maximum dose of morphine allowed for someone your age and weight earlier.”


The doctor came in a few minutes later, asking Keith questions and doing simple tests to see how he was doing. It was all pretty routine. Keith had plenty of concussions before. But then the doctor wanted to examine the area where the broken ribs were.

There was a relatively large bandage over what Keith assumed was a cut made to put his ribs back in place. Surrounding the bandaging was a large, dark bruise. When the doctor touched it very gently, but without warning, Keith flinched and cried out in pain.

“Sorry, sorry. You were pretty messed when you came in, but you seem to be doing good.”

“When I…” Keith looked at Takashi, who looked away. “H-How… How long was I unconscious?”

Sighing, Takashi closed his eyes. “Three days.”

“We’re going to keep you here for a few days, to make sure that your ribs are setting well. We’ll schedule some more x-rays tomorrow.” The doctor said as he marked some stuff on the chart. “You should be okay to get some rest, and I’ll have a nurse bring in a menu so you can get something to eat.”

When he left, Keith looked at his brother. “Have you been sitting here the whole time?”

“Yeah. We’re officially not living in that house anymore.” Takashi rubbed the back of his neck.

“Where are we…”

“I don’t know. Last time she was here, she was working on finding a place for us.”

It was another day before the caseworker came in, her face looking grim. Takashi and Keith were playing a card game, both dropping their cards when she came in and they saw her face.

“Hey Keith, I’m glad to see you awake.” She let a fake smile spread across her face.

The brothers shared a look before both their gazes focused on her briefcase. It probably had the location of their next foster home.

“How are you feeling?” She set the briefcase down as she walked over.

“I-I… I’d feel better knowing where we are going when I get out of here.” Keith said as he looked at Takashi.

She sighed and looked away. “About that…”

“You did… find us somewhere, right? I mean…” Takashi stood up, half shielding Keith with his body.

“Yes, of course… but it’s… I couldn’t find anywhere with… two openings.”

Keith reached for Takashi, holding onto the back of his shirt tightly.

“You… you can’t separate us again! Who is going to look out for him if something-…”

“I’m sorry Takashi, but with such short notice…”

“Short notice!? I called you, and called you to tell you what…”

“Kashi, stop, I’ll be okay…” Keith tugged on his brother’s shirt.

“I’m going to work to get you back to the same home as soon as possible, but right now, you both need a home.” The caseworker shook her head. “I hate separating you guys, you know that. As bad as this was, every time you two aren’t together it’s so much worse.”

“When?” Takashi was glaring at her.

“I’m supposed to take you tomorrow, Keith as soon as he gets released from the hospital.” She sighed. “I’m sorry boys.”

“Just go.” Takashi said as he turned to look down at Keith, who was still holding onto his shirt.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Once she was gone, Takashi sat on the edge of Keith’s bed and shook his head. “Promise me you’ll stay out of trouble.”

“You know me.” Keith smiled at him.

“That’s the problem.” He smiled back at his little brother and ruffled his hair.

Keith hugged him tightly. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’ll see you before you know it.” Takashi hugged him back and Keith whimpered. “Sorry.”


Keith stared out the window as they drove. His caseworker was talking to him, and he really wasn’t sure about what, because he hadn’t been listening at all. He assumed she was just filling the space, but she could have actually been trying to give him information.

She said his name a few times, and he sighed. “Yeah?”

“I know things have been rough for you, but this might be a really good chance to settle down. Takashi will be aging out in a year right? If you can stick it out at this home for a year, he should have a good chance of getting custody of you.”

He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to picture what his brother looked like. It had been over a year since he’d actually seen him. They’d talked on the phone a few times, but it wasn’t the same. How could he look at Takashi after what happened.

“I know he really likes the-…”

“He liked a lot of our other foster parents too, right up until they beat me.”

The car jerked slightly, and his eyes opened to see the look of complete anguish on her face. “Keith, I’m sorry.”


“I really am sorry, I never intend to send you somewhere that you’re going to get hurt. I really do care about you, and your brother.”

“Whatever.” Keith looked out the window again.

They sat in silence for a while. Then she opened her mouth again and he had to suppress an annoyed groan.

“I’m especially sorry about what happened at your last-…”

“Nothing happened!” He snapped at her, clenching his fists hard. The taste of his foster brothers’ cocks was still in his mouth from when they face fucked him right after he had brushed his teeth that morning. His underwear was damp with his foster father’s cum dripping out of his ass from the night before. Going away presents.

“I know they did something to you, but if you don’t tell me, this is all I can do.” Her grip tightened on the steering wheel. “If you tell me, I can have charges pressed, I can make sure they don’t hurt any other kids.”

“I don’t care.” Keith wiped his mouth and readjusted himself on the seat. He’d been sitting so long, he’d almost become numb to the pain, but thinking about it made it feel fresh.


“Drop it.”

She didn’t say anything until the care stopped at the bottom of a driveway. Keith looked up at the house. It was nice, a little out of disrepair. There was a minivan in the driveway and a few old chalk drawings. He got out of the car without prompting, slamming the door shut as he stared at the front door. It was painted blue. He’d never lived somewhere with a blue front door before.

He heard her come up next to him, his small duffel bag of clothes in her hand. As she started talking again, he just huffed and started walking towards the steps. Once he was standing in front of the door, he looked back at her and she smiled at him sweetly. She really did care about him, but she was so bad at her job it almost funny. Almost

Once she was on the porch with him, she knocked on the door and gave him a reassuring smile. He just crossed his arms and looked away from her.

The woman that answered the door was a little on the older side, with a big friendly smile on her face. Keith nodded at her when she greeted him and moved for him and caseworker to come into the house.

Once inside, the first thing Keith noticed was the collection of crosses on the walls. He had to force himself to not grimace at them as Mrs. Smith and his caseworker talked quietly.

“Keith, I’m going to go.” His caseworker said, holding out a card. “Remember, if you ever need anything, or you change your mind about what we talked about in the car, call me, okay?”

“Whatever.” He took the card and shoved it in his pocket. “Bye.”

“Now, I’m going to give you a tour of the house and let you settle into your room.” Mrs. Smith picked up the bag. “After Mr. Smith gets home from work, we’ll talk about ground rules and expectations for this household, okay?”

He just nodded and looked at her.

The house was even bigger than Keith thought it was. There were two separate dining rooms. It was an old house, but a lot of things had been renovated. In every room, including the three bathrooms she showed him, there was at least one cross and one bible verse. His skin crawled as he looked at them.

There were four other foster kids in the home, other than him and his brother. Three other boys, all a year older than him, who shared a room. One little girl who had her own room. Her adult daughter stayed in the finished basement on occasion. She made a point to tell him that they had rearranged the rooms so he and Takashi could share a room.

It had a bunk bed and two separate desks. A large closet and a wardrobe. It was the biggest room Keith had ever had, even having to share it with his brother.

“Shiro said you can have the closet and your pick of bunks.” Mrs. Smith leaned in the doorway of the room as Keith turned to look at her. It took a moment to realize who she meant when she said ‘Shiro.’

“Okay.” He let the bag of clothes drop to the ground as he looked around the room again.

“Do you need anything?”

Shaking his head, he sat on the bottom bunk.

“Alright, I’ll let you get settled. If you need anything, I’ll be down in the kitchen.”

“Okay.” It was barely a whisper.

She started walking away but walked back to the doorway. “Your brother should be home in about an hour. He wanted to stay home today, to see you, but education comes first.”

Once she disappeared, he laid back on the bed, looking up at the bed above him. What was he going to tell Takashi?

He was half asleep when he heard the front door open. Mrs. Smith greeted the group that had just entered the house, and then stopped one of them.

Keith stood up and waited, listening to the muffles sounds of a conversation. He was shaking as he listened to heavy steps on the stairs, other boys yelling. Then his brother was standing in the doorway, heaving for breath.

“Keith.” A huge smile spread across the older boy’s face as he leaned on the door frame. “Long time no see.”

Instinct took over and Keith ran towards his brother, pressing his face into his chest. Tears were streaming down his face as he sobbed. “Takashi.”

Takashi’s arms were around him almost instantly, holding him tightly. “It’s okay, it’s okay. We’re back together, and that’s all that matters.”

Keith repeated his brother’s name as he held onto him tightly.

It wasn’t long after Takashi got Keith calmed down before Mrs. Smith was calling them both down to the living room. Mr. Smith looked just as nice as his wife, and they were both very polite while explaining their rules, most of which were fine and easy, but some were so conservative, so close minded that Keith felt uncomfortable. They expected all of their kids to stay celibate and had a zero tolerance for ‘the homosexuals’. He felt sick, the acute awareness of his pain coming back all at once.

Dinner was quiet, after the blessing. They had asked Keith if he wanted to give the blessing, but luckily, Takashi saved him.

Keith couldn’t sleep. He’d finally gotten a shower and gotten himself clean, but he still felt so dirty. As he laid in the bunk under his brother, he couldn’t help but start crying as his mind raced. It didn’t take long for Takashi to crawl into bed with him, holding him tightly and telling him empty reassurances. It was enough to help Keith fall asleep without fear of the morning for the first time in a year.


Keith could hear Lance and Hunk talking about whether or not they should wake him up. Hunk’s family had invited him and Lance to join them at their beach house for the long weekend. He hadn’t initially turned them down, but after some prodding from Shiro, he went along.

“We can’t just leave him here?” Lance whispered to Hunk. “I want to go to the beach already. We’ve lost like two hours of beach time already.”

“No, we can’t just leave him here, alone.” Hunk huffed.

Lance groaned and then spoke loudly. “Keith. Keith, wake up.”

Keith rolled so he was facing Lance and opened his eyes, surprised to see the other boy’s face so close to his own. “What?”

“Get up.” Lance’s voice was so whiny as he pressed even close. “I need to feel the sun, smell the salt!”

Letting out a breath, Keith scooted back on the bed, so he could get up without smacking his face into Lance’s, even if he really wanted to. “Let me go get ready.”

Lance moved out of his space and signaled for Hunk to head into the living room.

Keith stared at where he had dumped his clothes out to get to his PJs the night before. The swim trunks that Shiro had bought him just for the trip were right on the top, but he pushed them aside to find jeans and a shirt.

Hunk and Lance both stared at him as he walked out into the living room. He looked away and crossed his arms against his chest. Keith knew exactly what the issue was, but he asked anyway. “What?”

“Uh, you know we’re going to the beach, right? It’s like a hundred degrees out there, man.” Lance eyes went down to his boots and then gloves on his hands. “You’re going to roast.”

“I’ll be fine. I thought you were in a big hurry to get to the beach.” Keith rolled his eyes as he felt his hands tighten into fists. They were gawking at him and he felt so uncomfortable.

“Yeah, but not at the expense of your life!” Lance threw his hands up, his towel sliding off of his shoulder and falling to the ground.

“Seriously, Keith, even if you’re not going to swim, you’re going to be too hot in all that.” Hunk look so concerned as he started rummaging through the bag he had on his shoulder. “We got some super sunscreen if you’re worried about burning since you’re so pale.”

“I’ll be fine, okay. Just, are we going or not?” Keith turned to glare at them. “Because this is what I’m wearing, and if you really think I can’t wear it, then I’m just going to stay here.”

After sharing a look, Hunk and Lance both put their hands forward in defeat. As they walked out of the small house, none of them said anything. The moment that Keith set foot outside of the AC, he already regretted everything. It was so hot. He’d even opted for a white t-shirt instead of his usual black. Being there all weekend was going to kill him.

When they got down to the beach, walking along the sand to find where Hunk’s family had already set themselves up, Keith looked out the water and crossed his arms tightly across his chest. He really wanted to wade out into the ocean and loose himself in swimming against the small waves. It the was the first time he’d ever been to the beach, but he’d heard other kids always talk about their beach vacations as a kid. So far, it wasn’t living up to his expectations.

The only person sitting at the spot Hunk’s family had picked was his mom, who looked like she had fallen asleep laying out in the sun with her book. Lance and Hunk both dumped their stuff and looked out towards the water. Hunk’s dad was sitting at the water’s edge with his feet just in the water. Hunk’s older brother was playing in the shallows with his two kids, the younger on his shoulders as the other tried to splash her.

Keith sat down on one the towels the were already spread out, and put his head between his knees. There was absolutely no shade on the beach. It already felt like he was going to die of heat stroke.

“You okay there, man?” Lance stood in front of him, bent awkwardly in half so he was in Keith’s face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Go enjoy the water.” Keith didn’t even look up at him. He was focusing on his breathing instead of the heat.

“Make sure you drink plenty of water dude, you already look dehydrated.” Hunk rummaged through the cooler next to his mom and tossed a water bottle next to Keith.

Keith just made a small affirmative noise, not moving.

Hunk and Lance shared a look again before walking towards the water. Once they were gone, Keith grabbed the cold water next to him and chugged it. It barely helped.

As he sat there, forcing himself to leave water for the others, Hunk’s family cycled in and out. They all asked him if he was okay, if he needed anything. He kept telling them he was fine, and it was such a lie.

Eventually, at the hottest point since they’d been at the beach, Lance walked back over, downing a bottle. “You really don’t look so good.”

“I’m fine,” Keith gritted out, resisting the urge to wipe the sweat off his face. He was almost as soaked as Lance was, and he hadn’t even been near the water.

“Come on, take your shoes off and dip your toes in the water at least.” Lance sat down next to Keith and sipped at the water. “There’s a better breeze closer to the water.”

Biting his lip, Keith looked away from Lance.

“Walk with me, Hunk needs some time with just his family anyway.” Lance nudged his shoulder and recoiled with a grimace. “You’re sticky from sweat, that’s disgusting.”

With a huff, Keith moved his feet out from under him, his jeans stiff from sweat, to take off the boots. Lance grinned triumphantly as he stood back up.

As Keith started to get off the towel, the entire beach started to sway around him. He hadn’t realized how light headed he was from the heat. While he started to fall forward, he heard Lance screech his name. The last thing he registered as he fell before he passed out completely, was arms trying to catch him.

He woke up with cold air blowing on his face and water being patted on his face. Groaning, Keith opened his eyes to see Lance and both of Hunk’s parents hovering over him. “What…?”

“You passed out from the heat, idiot.” Lance rolled his eyes.

“We’re going to go back to the house, so you can cool down.” Hunk’s mother said.

Keith closed his eyes tightly, he didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s time. “No, it’s okay, I can…”

“Nonsense, you need to get out of the heat.”

“I’ll take him back.” Lance said and Keith opened his eyes again. “I’ll make sure he gets cooled down.”

Keith didn’t really pay attention to the rest of the conversation until Lance was telling him that he was going to help him up. He was so exhausted that he couldn’t walk on his own, and if his face wasn’t already flushed from the heat, he’d be blushing furiously.

Once back inside of the air conditioning, Lance let Keith fall on the couch. He disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a glass of water. It was room temperature.

Keith took it with shaking hands. Lance had to pull it away from his face to make him stop chugging it.

“Woah, woah, slow down.” Lance said, his hand on Keith’s around the glass. “You’re going drown yourself at that rate.”

Eventually Lance let go of Keith’s hands and Keith forced himself to pace himself.

“Okay, feeling any better?”

“Yeah…” Keith let Lance take the glass from him. “I-I… I haven’t eaten anything yet today.”

Lance’s eyes went wide, remembering that fact. He disappeared again, coming back with a few pieces of fruit and a piece of bread. “Once you eat some of this, if you can stand, you should get a shower.”

Neither of them said anything as Keith ate slowly. Keith stared at the plate on his lap and he could feel Lance staring at him. It wasn’t hard to tell what Lance was thinking, but Keith didn’t want to deal with it. He just wanted to wash off the sweat and curl up on the bed.

“I-I… I’m going to go change.” Lance said, turning away from Keith. “You going to be okay?”

“Y-Yeah… I’m going to grab a shower.” Keith started standing up and stopped when his head started spinning. Lance was in front of him, his hands steadying him.


“I’m okay.” Keith took a few deep breaths, and gently pushed Lance’s hands off him. “I’ll…”

“Just yell if you change your mind about that.” Lance huffed before going into the bedroom.

Keith stumbled slightly but made it into the bathroom without falling over. He got out of clothes, which were stiff from the dried sweat and got into the shower. Almost falling onto his face, he had to take some time to calm himself down before actually starting the water.

He wasn’t sure how long he was in the lukewarm shower, but he figured it had been a while when he heard a knock on the door. It initially made him jump, but hearing Lance’s voice helped to slow his heartrate back down. Keith promised that he’d be out in a few minutes.

Once he got out of the shower, as he dried off, he realized he hadn’t grabbed a change of clothes. Swallowing hard, he looked at the pile of dirty clothes and considered putting them back on, then he picked up the shirt and smelled the stench rolling off it. Groaning, he wrapped the towel around his waist.

Looking in the mirror was a mistake, as usual. He hated what he saw. He hoped that Lance wouldn’t see him, or that he was outside, or anything.

Lance wasn’t in the living area, but he was in the bedroom. He was laying on the bed, staring at his phone. When the door closed, he looked up.

Keith felt himself stop breathing as Lance just stared at him, wide eyes traveling across his bare chest, from scar to scar.

When Lance looked away again, letting the phone drop, Keith wanted to just crawl in a hole and die.

“You know, I thought that maybe you just didn’t know how to swim.” Lance looked back at Keith again with a smile on his face.

Finally breathing again, Keith felt his face go red as he brought his hands up across his chest.

“I’ll let you get dressed… and then if you’re up to-…”

“I don’t want to talk about it Lance.” Keith snapped, gritting his teeth as he looked away from his friend.

“Okay.” Lance’s smile fell as he got off the bed. He didn’t look at Keith as he passed him to leave the room.

Keith sat on the bed once he was dressed, his head hanging down low. He hated how he had snapped at Lance. The other boy had just been trying to help him, or something.

Lance didn’t come back in, but Keith eventually heard Hunk’s voice. Hunk’s mom knocked on the door and asked if he was hungry. He really didn’t want to see Lance’s face, didn’t want to see the pity, but he was so hungry.

When he went out to eat, Hunk and his family kept asking him if he was okay. Lance didn’t even look at him.

Later, while Hunk was in the shower and the rest of the family had gone to bed, Lance and Keith were alone in the bedroom. The silence was killing Keith, especially since Lance usually filled it.

“I’m sorry, I-…” Keith started, glancing over at Lance.

“It’s okay.” Lance didn’t look at him as he readjusted himself. “You don’t have to tell me anything, and I get why you don’t like them.”


“But, I think they’re great.”

Keith stared at Lance, confusion obvious on his face. “What?”

“Whatever they’re from, it means you survived. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them.”


Lance turned to smile at him. “It’s okay if you are though.”

They stared at each other for a while before Hunk came him, yawning and announcing that it was bed time.

The next day, Keith stayed at the hut, along with Hunk’s sister-in-law who said she just wanted to spend all day cooking. Keith couldn’t stop thinking about what Lance had said. It was the same thing that Shiro had told him over and over again, but hearing it from Lance was different.

It was about noon that Keith finally changed into the swim trunks Shiro had gotten him and grabbed a towel, ready to head out to the beach.

The smile on Lance’s face was ear to ear when he saw Keith. Without saying anything, he just grabbed Keith’s arm and pulled him into the water. Keith laughed as Hunk splashed him.

No one said anything about the scars.


His phone buzzed on his night stand. Then it buzzed again. Groaning, he grabbed it and saw the time before he saw the two notifications, one from Hunk and another from Lance. Keith wasn’t sure how it had become so early, especially when he spent all night dreading the day. As he sat up, he opened up the two messages, both the same, not exactly the same, Lance’s message was in Spanish. He didn’t reply to either as he forced himself to get out of bed.

His eyes briefly caught the small package crudely wrapped in birthday wrapping paper, the only kind they had left at the dollar store when he went the night before, but he just gripped his phone tighter.

Keith didn’t have his hopes up that it would be special, they had a grand total of two decorations up. One he had snatched from the drugstore and another Mrs. Holt had given them. They didn’t even have a tree. Shiro had been so busy, Keith wasn’t even sure he knew how close they were to the holiday. It wouldn’t be the worst Christmas he ever had if they just didn’t have it, but it would be the first one he and Shiro had just the two of them. He was stupid to think it would be anything.

The phone buzzed again, probably a text from Pidge, but he didn’t look at it as he steeled himself to open up his door and walk into the living room.

His eyes went wide when he opened the door, not quite believing what he was seeing. Shiro was asleep in an awkward position between the coffee table and the couch. There was wrapping paper everywhere. Six odd shaped packages were badly wrapped, Keith’s name written in Shiro’s handwriting on each. A bundle of socks and underwear were sitting on the coffee table and a pair of video games with the price tags still on were on the couch behind Shiro, obviously meant to be wrapped. Hanging below the tv were a mismatch pair of socks, regular socks, with names written on them and stuffed to bursting. A small tree, the kind with permanently attached ornaments, was laying on its side next to Shiro’s foot.

The sound of Keith’s phone dropping to the ground startled Shiro awake. Keith starting to sob through his hands made him shoot up, approaching his brother cautiously. He stopped short, holding his hands out, but not touching his brother.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. What’s… what’s wrong?” Shiro’s voice was gentle as he crouched down a bit so he was on his brother’s level.

Keith shook his head as he moved his hands away from his face to look at his brother, smiling through his tears. “I thought you…forgot.”

Laughing slightly, Shiro pulled Keith into his arms, resting his face against the top of the younger’s head. “No, no. I just… I’ve been too busy to make everything just the way I wanted it, but… Merry Christmas Keith.”

Sobbing again, Keith grabbed his brother’s arms and held onto him tightly. They stayed like that for a while, until Keith finally stopped crying. He pulled away, wiping his eyes.

“So, uh, presents huh?”

“Yeah, it’s not a lot, but I-…”

“No, it… it doesn’t have to be… I just…” Keith looked back into his room. “Hang on…”

Shiro’s eyebrows creased as he watched Keith run back into his room, then he couldn’t help but smile as he saw him return with the small package.

“You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“I-I… I did. This past year… and my whole life… It’s not much, but…” Keith bit his lip as he looked down at the present in his hands. “Just open it.”

Shiro took it from him and pushed aside his mess on the couch so he could sit down. Keith bent down to fix the tree before sitting on the arm next to his brother.

“You didn’t steal this did you like…” Shiro stared down at the package as he motioned towards the Santa figurine next to the TV.

“No!” Keith crossed his arms. “I actually bought this, with the money I got from the old ladies down the street for shoveling their driveway.”

A smile spreading across his face again, Shiro started tearing at the paper. It was mug, with ‘World’s Okayest Brother’ printed in big letters on it. Rolling his eyes, Shiro moved it to sit it down but he heard something moving around inside the cup. After looking inside, he pulled out a pair of dog tags.

“Are these…?”

“Dad’s. You thought you lost them while we were at the Cunninghams, but they just ended up in my stuff, I only found them when I finished unpacking here.” Keith looked away as Shiro slipped the chain over his neck.

“Thanks Keith, for both of these, I love them.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

They spent the next several minutes with Keith opening his presents, mostly useful things, but it didn’t matter to Keith, because they were from Shiro.

“So, we have two options for dinner. We could go over to the Holts and have dinner with them, or I did buy a rotisserie chicken and some instant mashed potatoes.”

Laughing, Keith looked up from pile of clothes on his lap. “I think we’ll be better off if we just go eat with the Holts, besides, I know how much you want to see Matt.”

Shiro’s face went bright red, as he looked away. “Shut up. I just thought it might be nice to have some time just the two of us.”

“Yeah, it would be nice.”

Shiro was working on making food, or reheating food, and Keith was cleaning up Shiro’s mess from the night before. He found one last gift under all the paper that was thrown around. It was small, the neatest of the wrap jobs. It had his name on it.

He opened it and looked down at it in confusion. When he walked into the kitchen, he held it up to Shiro. “What’s this?”

“Oh.” Shiro turned away from the box he was reading the directions off of. “Uh, it’s… I… Dad told me to give it to you when you were older, and you’re… You’re old enough now.”

“D-Dad?” Keith looked down at the switchblade in his hand with the odd symbol on it. “Why would he want me to have a knife?”

“It was… it doesn’t matter. I just know he wanted you to have it.” Shiro looked back down at the box. “Just promise me you’re not going to stab someone at school with it.”

Nodding, Keith flicked his wrist to expose the iridescent purple blade. “Okay.”

Chapter Text

Everything hurt, which wasn’t new, it was just more than usual. His head pounding wasn’t normal, and when he opened his eyes, everything was a little blurry. There was a high pitched ringing in his ears.

Groaning, he tried to sit up, but the movement made him nauseous. The last thing he remembered was mouthing off to a client and getting his hair grabbed before his head was slammed against the wall.

Still laying down, he reached up and found a large lump on his head, his hair matted with what he assumed was blood.

“So, you’re finally awake.” Haggar’s voice cut through the ringing and he blinked at her, only seeing a fuzzy outline of a person.

Keith closed his eyes again, wanting to say something smart but didn’t trust his ability to form a coherent sentence.

“There were a couple of clients that enjoyed playing with you after you passed out, they said it was playing with a doll.”

It shouldn’t have been surprising that they kept whoring him out even after he was beaten into unconsciousness, but he still felt tears stinging at his eyes as he clenched his hands tightly against himself.

“You’ve been here a month, Spitfire, I’ve heard that Lord Zarkon and Prince Lotor are planning something special for you.” Her fingers prodded at his head wound and he instinctively flinched as he bit back the pained whimper. Then there was something cold being poured onto his head, something the burned in the wound. “How are you feeling?”

“Why do you care?” Keith was proud of how steady his voice was, especially since he felt his body shaking slightly.

“You’re no good to my lord if you can’t serve, if you get too hurt.” Her nails raked through his matted hair roughly, making his gasp as she tugged. “An injury like this could’ve caused permanent damage.”

“No use for damaged goods?” He opened his eyes again, his vision slightly better, but still terrible.

“Here? What do they care if a whore can see or think?” She hummed and he could see the blurry edges of a smile on her face. “But you, a killer needs a working brain.”

“I’m not…” He was cut off when she put a finger over his lips.

“Tell me, how is your vision?”

“Bl-Blurry.” He glared at her.

She hummed again, moving her hand over his eyes. “And your hearing?”


“Rest for now. I must discuss with the prince.”

He heard a door open and close again. There was no way he could get up, so he just closed his eyes again. It was so cold in the room and he became increasingly aware of everything that his body was crusted with as he laid there. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he curled into a ball.

It was probably a couple of hours later before he heard the door open again. He heard two men talking quietly, not being able to make out much for they both stopped. His eyes cracked open when he heard them moving closer. Guards.

One grabbed his legs, pulling him to get him flat on his stomach, he didn’t even try to fight as the other grabbed his face and pulled him to the edge of the table.

The guards had switched when the door opened again and Haggar shrieked. Both men immediately moved away from him. Keith just coughed a few times before letting his head rest down on the table. The jostling motions had made his head hurt worse, made his vision go really fuzzy again. His ears were ringing too much for him to really make out what Haggar or the guards were saying, but he managed to hear a door open. It was a different door this time and Keith felt a gust of warm air swirl around him before he passed out.

It was probably a few days that Keith was in and out of consciousness. Overall, he could feel himself getting better, but occasionally he had set backs. People passed through the room, in one door, out another. If his head hadn’t hurt so much, he might have wondered why there were two doors.

Finally, he was able to stand, on shaking legs and as long he was able to hold onto something. Finally, he got to shower off. The room had its own row of showers, and Keith was so glad to get the cum and blood off. Any longer, and he thought it may have become part of his skin permanently.

Haggar was testing him, seeing if he was ready to get back to work yet. She had told him a few days prior that the client that had hurt him like that had been taken care of.

His eyes followed a guard that came in from the club as Haggar said something about going back the next day, and more about the surprise Zarkon and Lotor had in store for him. As the second door opened, Keith caught sight of something he hadn’t seen in a long time. The outside.

He snapped his attention back to Haggar quickly once the door was closed, seeing that she still had her back towards him. His heart was racing as he watched her, waiting for her to leave, hoping that he could manage to stand.

It felt like forever before she left. Once the door was closed, he got off the table, his legs still a little unsteady. But it was his only chance.

“Fuck, this is so stupid.” He said as he looked around the room for something, anything. There was no way he could get away, not the way he felt. Maybe they’d decide he wasn’t worth the time and just put him out of his misery.

In the end he didn’t grab anything. His heart rate was ridicously high as he put his hand on the door handle. He wasn’t sure why, but he was surprised that it was locked. Groaning, he looked around the room again, his eyes locking on a set of items perfect for picking a lock.

The noise of the lock clicking open was deafening in the quiet room, and then he all but felt his heart stop as he slowly cracked the door open. It was still daylight, or it already daylight. He had such a skewed sense of time, he didn’t even know what day it was. There was one bored looking guard smoking a cigarette on the opposite side of the door of the road.

“Now or never.” Keith took a deep breath before opening the door and taking the first step. He’d never run so fast in his life, his lungs burning, his heart on the verge of giving out, his head pounding, his legs shaking. But he just ran, his eyes focused on the road, not caring which way lead home, either lead away from the Lion’s Den.

The gravel under his feet was hot and sharp, and he felt himself get more than one cut. There was shouting behind him, a gunshot, and more shouting. He just kept running. Maybe the next gunshot wouldn’t miss.

A car was moving in front, screeching to a stop. Keith found a little more speed and put his palm on the hood of the car and slid across. The metal was hot against his bare skin, and the friction made it even worse, but he just planted his feet on the ground and kept running.

His feet had just touched the paved surface of the road. He’d made it that far.

But he jolted back as a firm hand wrapped around his arm. He was pulled back against someone and Keith closed his eyes tightly. His little dream was freedom was over. It had lasted longer than he expected.

“I bet you’re real proud of yourself, Spitfire.” Lotor’s voice was a low growl in his ear and it sent a shiver down Keith’s spine. He was spun around and another hand was holding his chin. “Look at me.”

Keith opened his eyes, focusing more on the Lion’s Den behind Lotor than the man himself. His vision was going blurry again and he felt like he was about to throw up. As his body started yelling about the stress of the sprint, he realized that he couldn’t have made it.

“You know all you had to do was ask if you wanted to leave.” Lotor moved Keith’s focus to him and Keith couldn’t breathe. “But now you’re in trouble, so much trouble.”

Then he was being handed to a group of guards. He was too weak to fight back as he was dragged back into the Lion’s Den. His entire body was shaking once he was roughly pushed into the isolation chamber. He fell to his knees and finally threw up once the door was shut behind.

As he laid back against the wall, he closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain or the stench of his vomit. It was worth it. His little adventure. Whatever else they had in store for him, it was worth it.

Chapter Text

It had been weeks since Keith had gotten out of isolation, and now was the first time in that time he’d seen Lotor in more than passing. Apparently, that surprise he and Zarkon had planned for him had been postponed due to his escape attempt. Frankly, Keith didn’t care.

He was sitting in Lotor’s office, for the moment alone. His eyes were glaring unfocusedly at the desk, his shoulders shaking slightly as he slumped in the chair. Then he heard Lotor come back, his flouncy walk distinct, but he didn’t move. There was another sound, like a spoon in a mug.

Lotor set the mug on the desk just in Keith’s sight line. His gaze moved to it, watching the steam rise from it. He swallowed hard, as he stared at it.

“Go ahead, it’s for you.” Lotor motioned to it as he sat in his chair across the desk.

Keith’s hands were shaking as he reached for it, taking it tightly in both hands, ignoring the handle like he usually did. As he pulled it closer to him, the weight and heat of the ceramic a comforting force in his hands, he looked up at Lotor.

A sincere, fond grin spread on Lotor’s face as he stared at him. “It’s not drugged, or poisoned.”

Swallowing hard again, Keith looked down at the mug. He brought it closer to his face slowly. It honestly didn’t matter if it was, he was just confused by what was happening. Once it was close enough, he breathed in the steam, wondering what it was. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or just boiled water? There was definitely a smell, but it was light. Closing his eyes, he bought the mug to his lips, tilting it.

Green tea, a lot of honey, a little sugar, just the right temperature to drink. He fought back tea as he swallowed the first sip hard. It tasted like home, the home he had stupidly thought he could see again only a few weeks ago. A memory of Shiro bringing him a mug of tea after he bombed an import test after he and Lance had spent two nights studying like crazy people flared up and choked out a sob.


Keith didn’t pay him any attention as he slowly drank the tea, his entire body shaking as closed his eyes tightly, holding the flood of tears back. He could feel Lotor’s eyes on him, but he didn’t care.

It seemed like hours before Keith was finally done with the tea. He tried to savor it, but he knew it would have to end eventually. His eyes went to Lotor once he set the mug back down on the desk, his hands still firmly grasping it.

“So, we haven’t talked about your little escape attempt yet.” Lotor rested his head on his hands, tilting his head as he stared at Keith.

“Yeah? I’m still here and you’ve already punished me. What exactly is there to talk about?”

“Oh, Spitfire.” Lotor shook his head. “I understand that you’re still just a child-…”

“I’m not a child.” Keith’s voice was biting, glaring at Lotor. “I can’t remember the last time I felt like a child.”

It was a lie, he had plenty of memories since he met Lance, Hunk, and Pidge where he felt like a normal kid, but thinking of them hurt too much. Like everything else, even his happiest memories brought him pain.

“I figured that you’d be smart enough to know how to get out of this.” Lotor rolled his eyes, continuing to talk like he hadn’t been interrupted. “It can all end, just do what my father asks.”

Keith opened his mouth to talk again, but Lotor stopped him.

“Before you say ‘no’ again, just give him a chance to ask.” Lotor sat back in his chair, looking at his wrist, despite there not being a watch on it. “He should be here soon, with your third month anniversary present.”

His breath hitched, his hands shaking around the empty mug he was still holding onto. His eyes fell back to it.

Lotor got up from his chair and moved to be next to him. Keith flinched as Lotor moved to kneel next to him, one hand on his arm the other on the back of the chair. His eyes closed as the man spoke, his voice soft.

“Keith, if you say yes, if you take the weapon and take that life, you will get out of here.”

“No.” Keith wanted the word to be definite, but it came out too quiet.

“You don’t understand. It’s not just that all this pain will stop, that you won’t have to take more punishment. There’s so much more to being one of us.”

Keith turned and looked at him, swallowing hard. He didn’t say anything, but the curiosity must’ve been clear on his face.

“You’ll also get rewarded.” Lotor’s hand slipped down to wrap around Keith’s on the mug. “Tea, whenever you like. Private quarters with a soft bed. The choice to fuck, or not fuck, whoever and whenever you want. Earn enough of my father’s trust and you could even go to the movies or a restaurant, even see your brother again.”

His eyes went back to the mug as he imagined Shiro’s smiling face. Would Shiro still smile at him if he knew his brother was a murderer? He’d already killed one person, but that was different. Could Shiro forgive him if he killed someone in cold blood? Did Keith want him to?

“I’m surprised you have to think about that.” Lotor moved away from. “Endless pain, or a nice cup of tea? The answer seems obvious to me.”

Keith clamped his eyes shut. Of course, the answer was easy for Lotor.

“But then again, maybe you really do like the pain.”

Silence fell between them, and Keith still had his eyes closed. He could hear Lotor writing on the paperwork scattered on the desk or tapping on his phone. The noise was enough to keep his mind from racing on what ifs and memories.

Keith’s eyes shot open when he heard Zarkon’s voice coming from down the hall. He tensed up and looked at Lotor. The man was fully focused on the folder in his hands, but Keith could see the grin spreading across his face.

“I would suggest standing for him when he comes in. If know I fully intend to.”

He wasn’t entirely sure whether or not he was breathing as he stood up on shaking legs. His eyes looked on the door, his hand on the back of the chair to try to steady himself.

Zarkon came through the door first. Lotor moved around the desk and swept down into a bow infront of the man. “Father.”

Ignoring his son, Zarkon walked over to Keith. Keith’s heart was pounding as Zarkon grabbed his neck, roughly forcing him to look up at him. “Hello Spitfire.”

Keith whimpered in response as his eyelids fluttered. The grip on his neck was just so it hurt but didn’t cut off his hitching breath.

Zarkon pressed in closer, his body domineering over Keith’s. He moved his hand up to Keith’s face, his thumb rubbing his cheek bone gently.

“Lotor.” Zarkon’s voice was loud, forceful. “If Spitfire refuses again, schedule him to entertain me at my home next week.”

Keith flinched, his eyes moving up to Zarkon’s face. The man was staring at him hungrily.

“Of course father.”

Then Zarkon was moving out of Keith’s space, and Keith could see the other people that had come along. Two men in masks and another, gagged and bound. Marmora wasn’t with them this time.

“Now, then. It’s been three months, have you learned your lesson?” Zarkon asked as he walked to the mask man not holding the bound man.

“I was supposed to be learning a lesson?” Keith’s voice was defiant, and he glared at the Zarkon. If he looked at the man that was going to die whether he did it or not was too much at that moment.

Zarkon huffed as he took a large sword from the man, looking back at Keith. “Of course. To take orders.”

“I don’t think so.” Keith crossed his arm across his body. “Not to kill, at least.”

Holding out the blade, Zarkon stared at Keith sternly. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” It was more of a hiss as the word came out of his mouth.

Humming with disapproval, Zarkon smacked him across the face with the pommel. Keith heard something crack and was sure as pain surged through him that his check bone had just broken. He fell onto the chair, toppling it over and all the edges digging into him hard in the impact. Tears didn’t even come to his eyes as he followed the movement of the blade.

Zarkon handed it to Lotor and nodded to the gagged man who had been moved to his knees. The blade was swung and parted the man’s head from his body. The blood spatter reaching Keith, the head bouncing and landing so the eyes were fixed on him.

“I’ll see you next week, Spitfire.” Zarkon said as he walked out and shiver ran down his spine as his eyes focused on the disembodied head.

Once Zarkon and the masked men were gone, was pulled up by his hair. His clothes were being ripped off of him, but he just let his eyes close tightly. Wrists and ankles bound together, a too large toy shoved inside of him, his cock restrained, a ring gag in his mouth. Then Lotor left the room.

Keith looked up at him when he returned, two mugs in his hands this time. One he was sipping from as he walked over to his desk. “I prefer coffee, but tea can be quite refreshing.”

Sobbing, Keith looked away when Lotor set the mug he had been drinking from on the desk. The second mug had an immense amount of steam coming from it, hotter than the other.

“Now, until you give in, don’t get used to having tea, but one more cup seems fair.” Lotor hummed as he stood over Keith, his legs on either side of Keith’s raised hips. Keith felt his breath hitch as he watched Lotor tip the mug over him. As the tea hit his chest he let out a strangled scream through the gag. The burn was intense as the liquid poured over him, dripping down and leaving sticky trails.

He was sobbing, his skin already blistering, as Lotor set the now empty mug aside and took a few more sips from his own. Once he finished with an exaggerated noise of satisfaction, he unzipped his pants and moved back to Keith.

Lotor adjusted Keith slightly and then slammed his cock through the ring and into Keith’s throat. He groaned and Keith made a choking noise.

“Now, this is just the start of our fun for the day Spitfire.” Lotor but his hand over the worst of the burn as he thrusted in and out of Keith’s throat. “Fuck.”

Chapter Text

Keith sat, his eyes straining in the semi-dark of the barracks, staring at the bed next to his. The new girl had finally fallen asleep, tears still streaming down her face. She was only a year older than him, but was sheltered, innocent, or was until twenty-four hours before, right before her virginity was auctioned off to an ugly, older man that definitely had at least one STD. He felt stupid for getting attached to her so quickly, but he would protect her as much as he could. Even if it meant getting himself in trouble.

Someone else got out of their bed and his eyes followed her, hoping she was going for drugs. She wasn’t, she moved towards the light of the bathroom.

He closed his eyes when she disappeared into the other room, listening to the high-pitched scream. A few others jumped out of their beds, looking around. Most just grumbled and turned over. Hearing someone scream wasn’t uncommon, and at that time, it was just annoying.

“Dead! Woody!... H-He’s… He’s dead!” She yelled as she stood in the doorway. That got more people out of bed. There was talking, and everyone sounded wary.

It was so loud in the room it didn’t take long before the lights flicked on and a few guards entered the room.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” One of the guards barked out, causing a few people to break down into sobs. A few repeated that Woody was dead, in the bathroom in a pool of his own blood.

The guards pushed through the crowd of distraught whore, and then paused when they reached the bathroom. Keith heard one of them say that they needed to call the Prince.

While they waited for Lotor, the guards stayed posted outside the bathroom, and the whores were huddled into groups. The new girl was cuddled up against Keith on his bed, still crying. Neither of them said anything as he ran his fingers through her hair.

The room went completely silent when Lotor came in, an annoyed look on his face. Haggar was close on his heels, looking around at everyone in the room. He said nothing as he made his way to examine the scene. Keith’s eyes followed him, his breathing stopping as he waited for him to say anything.

Lotor came back out with something close to a smirk. “He’s certainly dead.”

All the guards and whores trained their eyes to him, waiting for him to say something else. The guards were all to genuinely shocked to have done it, and all of the whores liked Woody. Everyone wanted answers.

“I have a fair grasp of what happened, who did this and why, but I think I’d like to have some fun with this.” Lotor’s eyes swept across the room, avoiding one specific spot, the one Keith was in. The whole room took a deep breath at the same time. “A game for everyone. Now, the prize is different if a whore wins versus a guard winning, but the game is still the same. Whoever can tell me exactly what happened to Woody will get something from me. Guards get their pick of whore, to take home, forever. Whores, get to leave and never be bothered by the Galra ever again.”

Movement and sound moved around the room like a wave. Keith felt sick as the girl gripped him tighter.

“Of course, if anyone is wrong, there will be a punishment.” He flipped his hair and moved across the door. “The body will stay in there for the next twenty-four hours, so you all can examine it. Then you all have a week to play the game. You need to tell me who, when, how, and why.”

Once he was gone almost everyone fought to get into the bathroom. The noise was immense as there was fighting. Whatever punishment there was for being wrong, the reward far outweighed it.

“Spitfire.” The girl said his name quietly. He couldn’t remember her new nickname. She had made the mistake of telling everyone her real name, and Keith only remembered that.

“Yeah?” He looked down at her, resting a hand on the small of her back.

“H-He… he never said what he’s going to do to y-… to the person that killed Woody.” She had finally stopped crying.

Keith sighed and rested his head back against the wall. “No, he didn’t.”

Twenty-four hours was a long time for a corpse to sit in a hot, wet room. It only took a few hours before the stench was too much for any could stand going into the bathroom, and then it started wafting into the barracks. It wasn’t long before everyone was sitting in the hall, still gagging. Some of the guards and others that had been really adamant at finding clues had the smell stuck to them.

The new girl was staying close to Keith, even as they did their chores. He didn’t mind, he put himself between her and the guards as they eyed her up. His heart pounded as he waited for them to either move their intentions to him or to lose interest all together. So far, it was going okay. Most of the guards were focused on picking out the killer, even if it was one of their own.

It was just the two of them, and she was babbling. She had been talking for so long, that he wasn’t even sure what she was talking about, but he just let her talk. It seemed to be the only thing from keeping her from a panic attack. Curtain call was soon.

Then there was a pause and he looked over at her. She was staring at him, like she was a hard math question.


“You… you don’t seem concerned about…”

“He deserved it.” Keith looked away, hating how cold he sounded. “He wasn’t who everyone thought he was, who I thought he was.”

“Didn’t… you said that he tried to help you… he-…”

“After what he did to you, you’re really trying to get me to feel bad about it?” Keith closed his eyes tightly.

“I just hoped you felt something about it.” She had moved closer, her hand on his shoulder.

Letting a breath out through his nose, he looked at her again. “I don’t.”


“Nothing.” Keith couldn’t help but laugh. It was funny, how right the Galra were about him. “What do you feel about it?”

“I’m scared… scared of what they’ll do to me, to you.”

“They won’t hurt you, not for this, I won’t let them.” He pulled her into a tight hug. “Stop worrying about it.”

When they entered the dressing room, Haggar was waiting by the door. She grabbed the new girl’s arm tightly and stared at her. “Prince Lotor requires you in his office.”

Keith glared at Haggar, his hand grabbing the girl’s.

“Spitfire, it’s okay. I’ll see you later, okay?” She smiled at him, but it didn’t make him feel better.

“You better get ready Spitfire, you’re the opening act.” Haggar said as she pulled the girl from the room roughly.

He had to turn away, otherwise he’d follow after them.

Two days later and she still hadn’t come back. The barracks were barely bearable to be in, the smell from Woody’s corpse still hung in the air. Some had given up on winning Lotor’s games, others had started fighting among themselves for clues and answers. A guard and a whore had both went to Lotor, and both had been wrong. They were given to Haggar as guinea pigs, and probably wouldn’t be seen again.

Keith slammed Lotor’s office door open. He had one of the other whore bent over his desk, lazily rocking into her as he talked on the phone. Lotor put his finger up, to keep Keith from talking until he set he said goodbye and set the phone on the desk.

“What is it? Ready to finally say Uncle?” Lotor grinned at him as he continued fucking the woman.

“Where is she?” Keith could feel his nails digging into the palms of his hands. He’d probably start bleeding soon.

“Who?” His grin only grew, grabbing onto the woman’s hair and pulling her up against his chest.

“The new girl.”

“Sorry… I don’t…”

“Allison!” It was the first time he’d said the name out loud since she had introduced herself. He fought hard to push the memories back, it wasn’t the time to remember.

“Oh, yes…” He pulled out of the woman and pushed her to the ground. “Get out of here, this is a private conversation between Spitfire and I.”

The woman ran, and Lotor walked past Keith to shut and lock the door.

“Where is she?” His voice was dripping with venom as he asked himself.

“Home, safe and sound with her parents.” Lotor wrapped his arms around Keith’s shoulders and rested his cheek against his head. “They’re probably trying to get her to tell them, the police, what happened. She’s probably thinking about what I told her I’d do if she talked.”

“Where is she really?” Keith closed his eyes tightly as Lotor ran his fingers over his collarbone.

“I’m not lying to you. I sent her home.” Lotor hummed, pressing his naked body even closer. “But, if she talks, the videos of her, I’ll send those to her parents, friends. And I’ll send her a video of you every day.”

Keith wanted to say something, but just let out a moan when Lotor started nibbling on his ear.

“So, you’ll kill to protect a stranger, but not yourself?” Lotor chuckled, moving one of his hands under Keith’s shirt. “I don’t understand you.”


“How long until they figure it out? That Woody raped her, that you killed him?” Lotor slipped Keith’s shorts down and sandwiched his slick, hard cock between Keith’s cheeks. “What do you think they’ll do?”

“I don’t care.” Keith sounded out of breath, already wrecked from Lotor’s touches.

“You know, he tried to be a client, but he didn’t know anyone and he certainly didn’t have the money to afford anything we offer here. He said he liked his girls young.” Lotor chuckled, rocking into Keith, but not penetrating him yet. “He wanted to fuck so badly, so we let him. Just not who he wanted.”

Keith whined as Lotor prodded at his mouth with his fingers.

“He was on his way out soon anyway. You saved me the trouble of having to get rid of him, no one would want to buy him.” Lotor managed to pry his mouth open and groaned as he pressed his fingers inside. “But Allison, she was a big loss. I didn’t have the heart to make her stay. It’s one for me, my guards, or our clients to violate one of you, but for one of your own to hurt you like that… makes me sick.”

Tears spilled out of his eyes as Lotor pressed his fingers all the way back into his throat.

“I hope they figure it out soon, so I can make a public example out of you. So they all know what you really are.” Lotor laughed as he finally put his dick in Keith’s ass.

A week passed and no one did ever figure it out. Lotor didn’t announce who, what, how, or why, just that the contest was over. Keith spent the twenty-four hours after that tied up with the bladed vibrator inside him.

Chapter Text

Haggar was speaking, her tone low and dangerous, but Keith just looked down at his feet. His hands were bound tightly behind his back and one of the guards had a blindfold in his hand, just waiting for Haggar to finish.

“Lord Zarkon is already annoyed with you, for your sake, you should really be on your best behavior.” Then she finally walked away.

“You’re going to be a good boy on the ride, right Spitfire?” The guard whispered low in his ear as he tied the blindfold onto him. “I’d hate to have to rough you up before we hand you over to the boss.”

He didn’t say anything, just started moving when a hand pulled on him. Once they were outside, they paused. Another voice was speaking, but Keith just heard a gun cock.

“Don’t try running away again, the boys have orders to shoot, but not kill you if you slip away.”

“Maybe someone would miss, and then they’d get to explain to Lotor and Zarkon why they killed their favorite toy.” Keith spat the words out, tilting his head up towards the voice that had spoke to him. He received a slap. It wasn’t a hard slap, he barely flinched, barely felt anything. It took everything to keep from saying another scathing remark about the weakness of the blow.

“We should’ve gagged him too.”

The drive was quiet and so long. Keith let his head fall back against the seat as the two men was sandwiched between touched him, caressing his most sensitive parts. From the noises in the back of the car, he assumed they were both jerking themselves off. His own body ached from the gentle, sensual gestures and he couldn’t stop the small whimpers. He was painfully hard and silently begging for release when the car finally stopped and he was pulled out.

Stair, so many stairs, and then he was being handed off. The people who cut him out of the minimal clothing he was wearing didn’t say anything to him, but their hands were much softer than the guards’. They left his hands bound and the blindfold on. A ring gag was put in his mouth and his ankles with bound together and then linked together. His ass was stuffed with a plug that was too big to be comfortable, but wasn’t oddly shaped or textured. The collar they put around his neck was linked to something. When he tried to adjust himself to get even a little more comfortable, he hit his head on something above him. And then he was left alone like that for a long time. He struggled against his restraints, but just kept banging into the sides of his small confines.

Then he heard Zarkon’s voice, from what he could tell the man was on the phone. Keith held his breath as he waited. The man didn’t say anything to him, but Keith heard the creaking of chair and the drop of a zipper and the sound of wheels on the floor. He could suddenly feel warm, clothed legs on either side of himself. Then a rough hand was guiding his opened mouth onto the giant cock. Tears came to his eyes as he was forced to take all of it at once.

As it rested in his mouth, he could tell it wasn’t even hard, it was going to get worse. At least Zarkon was wearing a barbell with normal sized ends.

Zarkon slowly rocked into his throat, still talking on the phone, occasionally jotting down notes. Keith chocked and sobbed around the dick in his mouth as he realized he was bound under Zarkon’s desk. A people came in, spoke to Zarkon quickly, and then left.

When Zarkon finally came down Keith’s throat, he didn’t pull his softening dick out of his mouth. Keith struggled to choke down the disgusting liquid, still listening to Zarkon talk and talk.

By the time Zarkon finally hung up the phone, he was hard again and must’ve hit some kind of button to make the plug in Keith’s ass vibrate. Keith was crying as his hair was gripped tightly and Zarkon slammed into his throat with purpose.

Zarkon still hadn’t said anything to him when he finally pulled out of Keith’s mouth, but he was calling someone again.

“Take it to my room, tie it down for me.”

Keith heard footsteps move away from him and he whined through the gag, cum dripping down his chin. Zarkon had called him an ‘it’, but maybe he was right.

Still blindfolded, hands were touching him. Unhooking some of his bindings so they could force him to his feet and lead him through the house. His legs were shaky, the plug in his ass was still vibrating and the pain in his groin was almost too much. That apparently didn’t matter to the people dragging him along.

He was shoved onto a bed, face first. The shackles still around his ankles were hooked up first, then the chains were pulling at them, spreading his legs wide until he cried out in pain. They hooked his hands from each other, fastening them so they were above his head. Once the ring gag was removed from his mouth, he moved his jaw around, the muscles were so sore.

The bed sunk next to him, and the dip made him sure it was Zarkon and his breathing hitched. But nothing touched him, no hand, no toy or weapon. Just the sound of the man’s deep breathing and the occasional soft moan, like he was rubbing himself without any real purpose.

Keith couldn’t stand the ache of his own cock much longer, so his body reflectively started rutting into the mattress. He barely had any friction on the silk sheets, so it just made him start sobbing. “P-Please… please…”

Then he was being lifted off the mattress, the tight chains keeping him nice and spread for Zarkon pulling him up and causing even more pain. And then there was no friction at all. He sobbed more.

“Please, just touch me, hurt me, fuck me, just something, please…” Keith had no idea where the words were coming from. But the waiting was almost as painful as his hard on. “Please, just do something to me… I-I… I need… I need something.”

Zarkon said nothing, did nothing for what seemed like forever. But then Keith was falling back onto the bed. The plug was pulled from him roughly, and Zarkon’s entire body weight was on top of him. As the large dick was shoved into his plenty stretched hole, Keith was cumming so hard he was seeing stars behind the blind fold. Before Zarkon moved again, he was forcing Keith’s mouth open. The still vibrating plug was forced in his mouth, the taste of himself thick on it, then a piece of tape was put it over his mouth to keep it there.

“Shut the fuck up.” Zarkon growled in his ear before starting to pound into his ass.

Keith was dizzy.

When Zarkon finally came, he bit into the back of Keith’s neck. Keith choked on the plug as he tried screaming. Zarkon broke skin, biting deep enough that it would probably scar. The blindfold was wet with his tears.

Zarkon pulled out, his teeth releasing from Keith’s skin.

The blindfold was taken off and Keith stared at Zarkon with wide eyes. Blood was dripping down his chin like an animal. “You belong to me, don’t ever forget it.”

Keith tried looking away, but Zarkon gripped the hair at the base of his neck tightly. He whimpered around the plug, tears still falling from his eyes.

“If you continue to refuse to kill for me, I can just punish you, but killing on your own? How fucking dare you? You’re just an insolent brat.” Zarkon’s breath was so hot on his face. “You won’t make a mockery of me like that, understand? How much longer are you going to play this little game?”

Zarkon’s other hand slapped him hard, his teeth clacking painfully around the hard plastic in his mouth. Then the tape was taken off his mouth, the plug pulled out before Keith had a chance to spit it in Zarkon’s face.

“Answer me, Keith.”

“Until I die.” He glared at the man through his tears.

“You’re a fool.” He released Keith and walked away, motioning for two people standing by the door to do something to him. “But, I will enjoy fucking you over and over again, if you really would rather keep living like this.”

Chapter Text

It had been weeks, since he had killed Woody, since Zarkon fucked him. His routine had become monotonous, and that should’ve been worrying. It had been chores and clients, occasionally a guard would corner him in the hall, but it was just so much of the same. The clients he was servicing were either more of the vanilla crowd, or he was so used to extreme torture that rough sex seemed preferable.

Most people had stopped talking about what happened with Woody, to Allison. A few of his closer friends still whispered occasionally, gave Keith reassuring smiles like they thought he was upset by his death. That alone was almost funny.

He hadn’t seen Lotor or Haggar since he had gotten back from Zarkon’s, when he was surveyed for damage. The bite mark from Zarkon had healed terribly, Keith was pretty sure the scar would never fade, which is probably exactly what Zarkon had intended.

But the terrible sameness broke when he woke up and checked the chore board. His name wasn’t there. Keith looked below that, at the rest day list. At some point while they were sleeping, his name had been put there for two days in a row. He wanted to be relieved, excited even, he hadn’t gotten the same amount of rest days as everyone else, but two days in a row made him worried what was on the other side of those two days.

He pushed that out of his mind when he went to get breakfast. The plate he was handed by one of the guards was piled with food, real food: meat and vegetables. Swallowing hard, he looked at the guard who was just sneering at him, telling him harshly that he wasn’t allowed to share, Prince’s orders.

The looks the others were giving him were hard to ignore. They always looked at him strangely, with confused pity, but this was different. Keith knew they were jealous, and Keith didn’t know how to tell them not to be.

During the second meal, one of the whores knocked the loaded tray out of his hands. Keith just sighed and started walking away, but a guard yelling the other whore’s name made him pause and turn back.

The other whore was being shoved onto the ground, their face pushed into the food as the guard climbed on top of her. “You want it so bad? Fucking eat it, slut.”

Keith couldn’t pull his eyes away as the guard fucked her while she ate the food off the floor. He wanted to say something, tell the guard to stop, but his mouth was too dry, his throat too tight.

When it was over, the guards all barked out the offending whore wouldn’t be eating anything else for a while, other than their cocks. She glared at Keith before storming off to the barracks. Keith swallowed hard, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. Before he could find somewhere to hide, another plate of food was being shoved at him. He didn’t want it, but the guard didn’t look like he was moving until Keith took it.

While everyone else was working the second day, he wondered if this was like the tea, if they were just trying to show him what it could be better with them. Better food, free time, no pain. But it was wishful thinking.

The next morning he was woken up by being pulled out of bed roughly. Guards didn’t say anything as they pulled his hands around his back, binding them. Keith didn’t even try to fight back as they tied the blindfold around his eyes. He could hear the mutterings from the others as they pushed him forward, hard enough that he stumbled and fell.

“You’re not even a little curious to where you’re going?” Lotor’s voice greeted him after he was pushing into a car.

“No.” Keith gritted out as he pushed himself up against the door, away from Lotor. “Not at all.”

“You’re no fun. Maybe two days was too many, maybe you grew too comfortable.”

“That’s not it.” Keith swallowed hard. The truth was worse. He was bored. Bored of the sameness of before, bored with nothing to do but sit and think about what he left behind, what he could have. Time to think had become his worst nightmare, anything was better than that.

“Sure.” Lotor didn’t sound convinced. “But, you’ll be participating in a tournament with our very best gladiators.”

“Are you going to throw me in unarmed again?” Keith scoffed, thinking back to his first day of captivity. It had been so long ago. He had been so scared, and defiant. He wasn’t scared anymore, and he knew defiance was stupid, but it wasn’t going to stop him.

“You’ll be given the same opportunities as your opponents, though if you were to win, you’ve already been offered the prize.”

“What prize?”

“The chance to join the gang, free themselves from their chains.”

“And get different ones.”

“But the golden chains of the gang have much longer reach than the ones that you’re currently wearing.” Lotor chuckled. “More comfortable too.”

“Why are you making me do this?”

“We don’t want your fighting skills to get rusty. Killing Woody, it wasn’t any great show of skill.” Keith could feel Lotor’s hand on his cheek, his breath on his face. “You still remember how to fight, right?”

Keith scoffed, turning his face away from the touch.

“I didn’t put any money on you, but I know a few of the guards did. Some against you, some on you winning. Either way some of them are going to be very upset at you when you get back.” Lotor pressed in closer. “Either way, I’m going to give you something special: consolation or congratulations.”

“I don’t want anything from you.” Keith groaned when he felt Lotor’s mouth on his neck.

“Too bad. I want everything from you.”

They sat most of the rest of the drive without talking. Lotor groped him, huffing as Keith assumed he was touching himself. He just sat quietly, letting Lotor do as he wanted, not that there was much he could do about it.

He was pulled out of the car later without a word. Once inside a building, he could hear people shouting. It was a lot like the first day, and when the blindfold was removed, he could see it was the same building. The main difference was the lack of people looking terrified. Everyone was ready to fight this time.

A few rough looking women stripped him down and put on something a little more covering, something that he’d be able to fight in better. He rubbed his wrists when he was left alone with a few of the gladiators who weren’t confined to cages. They were all so much more muscle bound than him, scars covering their faces and arms. He had his own scars, but they were do different, he was so scrawny compared to them. By their faces, they could see that too.

He had some time before his first fight, but he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. It didn’t take long to go to the weapons rack and pick what he wanted. A small dagger, something close to what he was used to fighting with.

When he was finally thrown into the ring, he stared at the person in front of him. They were older, holding a large battle axe. Keith gripped his dagger tightly as he charged forward. If they wanted him to fight, he’d fight, but he didn’t want to kill.

The first fight was over quickly. He was relieved when he didn’t hear a chant for blood, when his opponent just stood up, holding their back as they walked towards the prep room.

He had another break before he had ten fights back to back. Most of them were easily won. His opponents seem shocked by his skill, taken by surprise when he beat their strength with agility. But then a misplaced strike lead to one of his opponent, the most difficult he had had so far, falling dead onto the arena floor. He looked up at the box sitting at the edge of the ring, knowing that Zarkon was watching carefully as tears fell down his cheek silently.

The next fight, he was losing, badly. There was bloodlust in his opponent’s eyes. They were going to kill him, they wanted to kill him. Keith knew he couldn’t win as he closed his eyes, waiting for the last blow of the sword in the man’s hands.

It didn’t come, instead there was a pistol shot and the woman slumped against him, the sword falling to the ground. Keith swallowed hard as he stood still, until the crew removed the dead body and lead him back to the prep room. Why couldn’t they just let him die.

Another short break, during which he spent on the floor shaking as he realized how close he was to dying, how quickly they had reacted to keep him from it. Dying might’ve been better than enduring more hell.

A few more wins and Keith couldn’t help but wonder how long the tournament was supposed to be, how many gladiators did the Galra have.

There were cheers, louder than during any of the other wins and it took him a moment to realize what he’d done to deserve it. Fresh blood on his hands and blade. His opponent dead, a clean, quick kill so soon in the fight.

He made it to the last fight. He was so exhausted. While his last opponent laughed, swinging his mace, Keith knew he wasn’t going to win. But he had tried to forfeit earlier, and everyone had just laughed at him. The fight wasn’t going to be over until he was beaten within an inch of his life.

When the fight was over, he was only half conscious and one of his legs was broken. He had to be carried off the field. Haggar was smiling down at him, congratulating him on the almost win before stripping him down and treating his multitude of wounds. After she set his leg, he passed out.

Chapter Text

When he woke up, his entire body was one giant bruise, a giant bruise with various cuts and scrapes. His one leg felt heavy with the cast. He was disoriented and figured he had been out way longer than the standard eight hours. Unsurprisingly, he was naked, a plug in his ass.

Keith sat up on the plush bed he was lying on and looked down at his wrists with a sigh. As he crossed his arms, the chains attached to the shackles jiggled. His consolation prize from Lotor was probably going to start as soon as someone found out he was awake.

He was alone for a while, taking stock of his injuries. When the door to the room opened, he looked up and saw an older man staring at him. The man nodded before retreating, shutting the door behind him. Several minutes later, the man returned with a tray of food, and Lotor and Zarkon on his heels. Silently, the man set the tray of food in front of him. Eggs, pancakes, bacon. Keith’s mouth watered as he looked at the tray, trying to ignore Lotor and Zarkon’s prescence in the room.

Lotor and Zarkon were both wearing silk robes, and Keith was willing to bet that was the only thing they were wearing.

“Here, let me help you.” Lotor sat himself next to Keith. He picked up a piece of bacon and held it close to Keith’s mouth. Keith swallowed hard before taking a bite. Grinning, Lotor ate the rest before picking up the fork and knife to start cutting the pancake for him.

Keith was very confused. Maybe he was still asleep.

Zarkon sat down on Keith’s other side and soothed his hand over Keith’s hair. “You did very well. You came so close to winning.”

Nodding, Keith’s face was turned to Lotor as a fork full was offered to him. It was so delicious.

“When you finish eating, we’ll give you your real treat.” Lotor huffed into Keith’s ear as one of his hands touched the small of Keith’s back.

“My personal slaves already prepped you.” Zarkon put a hand on Keith’s thigh. “We’ll go slow, use lube.”

Keith suddenly wasn’t hungry, but Lotor just shoved more food at his face.

As he was forced to eat, Lotor and Zarkon both spoke to him in husky tones, talking about his fights, praising his skills, and his kills. Keith whimpered as they touched his body, just enough to get him hard, to make him want release.

It wasn’t until the tray was mostly cleared and was being taken away that Keith realized the old man had been in the room the entire time. Keith watched as the man left, the door shutting quietly behind him.

His wrists were both grasped tightly and were being pulled. Keith could feel the heat of the two men’s erections through their robes. They both wanted him so bad, and despite the tingle of fear crawling up his spine, he let out a desperate whimper.

“Father, may I have him first?” Lotor groaned as he leaned down to press kisses to Keith’s chest.

“You have access to him anytime at the Den. I’m taking him first.” Zarkon moved Keith’s hand up to the ties of the robe. He got the hint and untied it. As soon as it was untied, Zarkon stood up and let it fall off.

Keith looked away as he felt Lotor moving next to him, off the bed. The pop of a bottle cap, and then Zarkon and Lotor both groaning. Sick curiousity got the best of him and Keith looked, seeing Lotor coating his father’s cock with lube. His stomach turned and his cock twitched at the sight.

Once Lotor finished rubbing his father’s dick, he grabbed Keith. He gently maneuvered Keith so he face down, his ass up slightly. Lotor was laying over him, his knees next to Keith’s head and his face at Keith’s ass. Keith moaned as Lotor very slowly pulled out the plug. Something wet swiped over his aching hole, and Keith felt his entire body go red. Lotor was licking his ass, and moaning as he did it.

“He’s ready for you father.” Lotor’s voice was low and his hand were holding Keith’s cheeks wide open.

It didn’t hurt much as Zarkon pushed into him, it felt so good that Keith was moaning without restraint.

Lotor’s tongue licked where Keith and Zarkon were joined a few times before moving again. Keith closed his eyes tightly as his fingers dug into the sheets. Everything about what was happening was so wrong.

His shoulders were pushed up and Lotor’s face was under his. The man kissed him tenderly before crawling so they both had a cock in their face.

Keith took the hint and took Lotor’s cock in his mouth. He groaned around it when he felt lips on his own. He wasn’t going to last from both ends. Lotor had a skilled mouth and Zarkon was going at a tolerable pace.

Lotor moved his face out of the way long before Keith actually came but kept stroking him. Keith was too blissed out to affectively suck him off, but Lotor barely seemed to mind. Zarkon kept going after Keith came the first time.

After Zarkon spilled into Keith, but before he pulled out, there was knock on the door before it open. Keith looked over to see the masked woman enter and lean against the door once it was closed again.

Keith grunted in pain as Zarkon pulled out roughly. The man stalked towards the woman. “Marmora, you’re late.”

She didn’t say anything.

“We’re just getting started. There is still plenty of show for my sister to enjoy.” Lotor said before moving onto his knees with his face in Keith’s ass again. He lapped at the cum dripping out of his hole, moaning the whole time. Keith came from Lotor eating his ass.

“Think you have the strength to ride me?” Lotor asked as he sandwiched himself between Keith’s cheeks with a groan.

“N-No…” Keith’s legs were shaking hard with the effort of keeping his ass in the air, no way he could fuck himself on Lotor.

Hands soothed down his sides as Lotor pulled away. “It’s okay. Get yourself comfortable on your back. I want to see your face when I make you cum from fucking you gently.”

Swallowing hard, Keith moved slowly, laying against the pillows. His chest hurt from how hard he was breathing. Lotor took his robe off completely and picked up the bottle of lube.

Zarkon stood behind his soon, pressing against him tightly as he took the bottle. He returned the favor his son had given him earlier, lubing up his dick so he could easily enter Keith to take his sloppy seconds.

Lotor kissed him deep and soft as he pressed into him, one of his hands playing with his nipple. “I love fucking you so much.”

Keith just whimpered as he gripped Lotor’s shoulders tightly. Lotor rocked into him slowly for a while, breathing heavily as his hair fell around them. It felt even better than Zarkon, who was too big to ever be truly pleasurable. Lotor fit inside him perfectly. It was a revelation he hated.

The cap of the lube bottle popped again and then Lotor slammed in unexpectedly. It wasn’t too hard so it just sent a jolt of extreme pleasure through Keith as Lotor moaned out. “F-Father…”

The sick feeling was back with a vengeance as he realized what Zarkon was doing, sitting on the bed next to them. He was fingering his own son.

With the added stimulation to Lotor, his pace was deeper, a little faster, and still so good. Keith had a toe curling orgasm around him.

“Father… please… d-don’t stop…” Lotor whined as he paused in his movements. Keith watched the two of them. Zarkon was moving.

“Don’t worry my son.” Zarkon kissed his son before positioning himself against his back again.

The force of Zarkon pushing into his son pushed Lotor into Keith painfully, and both of them cried out. Another hard thrust from Zarkon and Lotor came into Keith. Lotor didn’t do anymore work after that, letting his father’s thrusts push him into Keith.

Lotor was kissing him, and was kissing Zarkon, and Zarkon was kissing him. Keith was dizzy and so sick. He let his head roll to the side as he felt another orgasm approach. The masked woman looked like she was watching, but with the mask on he couldn’t tell. It only made him more disgusted that she was watching too.

Zarkon and Lotor both came again before either of them pulled out. Their laid on either side of him, kissing and caressing his body. Keith was so over stimulated he just let his eyes flutter close.

“One more time my son?” Zarkon asked as he paused in sucking Keith’s nipple.

“With both of us inside him father?” Lotor’s face was in his crotch again, his lips ghosting over his balls.


“Father, before that… you bit his neck to mark him… this spot on his inner thigh… may I?” Lotor traced the spot he was talking about. Keith tensed up.

“Yes.” Zarkon sat up to watch his son, running his fingers through the long hair as Lotor kissed the spot.

Keith’s back arched as he screamed out in pain from the bite. Tears fell down his cheeks as the teeth broke skin. The Galra really were monsters.

Lotor kissed his father with his blood stained mouth. Both men were grinning when the kiss broke. “Do we have to be gentle this time?”

“No, he likes the pain, so we should reward him with a little pain.”

The two of them in him together was pain enough without them fucking him roughly, but they did anyway. They both moved at a brutal pace, teeth and nails digging into his skin. He was crying and had already cum twice since they forced themselves inside again.

When they emptied into him, they set him on his front in the center of the bed. Keith couldn’t move with how exhausted, blissed out, and in pain he was. Zarkon’s hands moved the hair off his neck and Keith braced to be bitten again. He didn’t scream this time.

Then they both curled up next to him, holding him between them.

“You can go now Marmora.” Zarkon said as he kissed the top of Keith’s head. “We’re just going to join Spitfire for a little nap before he returns to the Lion’s Den.”

Lotor hummed as he nuzzled into Keith’s shoulder.

Keith sobbed as he laid between them. He cursed his mother, where ever she was, for putting him in the situation he was in.

Chapter Text

With his leg broken, he was limited on what he could do. His name hadn’t been on the chore board for a few days and the only time he got out of bed himself was to use the bathroom, which was difficult and painful as he limped, hugging the wall for support to lessen the weight he put on his bad leg. The guards brought him his food, and it was obvious they were annoyed when they just dropped it on his bed, making a mess. They carried him to the client rooms, where the fucks he had were quick, dirty, basic. No whips, no chains, just him on a bed being pounded into. Most of the other whores called that ‘light duty’, most would kill for a night of quickies.

Their pity had already turned to jealousy, but now it was worse. Keith could see the hatred in their eyes as they watched him be placed back onto his bed, barely a scratch on him, after another night of easy to please clients. Only one of his clients had actually emptied into his ass, the guards had already cleaned up the mess. The other whores whispered and barely hide the glares they directed towards him.

It started with them making him trip look like an accident. Not paying attention while they were walking, putting things against the wall after the lights went out. He just picked himself up. Each fall hurt, especially his broken leg which was already taking too long to heal, but he’d become well practiced at not letting it show.

Then there was an accident during a performance. Two of the others did performances together, they were so close. They’d never said so, but most assumed they knew each other before the Lion’s Den.

Keith could hear the others talking about it, and it sounded like the one was hurt really bad and the other was refusing to leave her side. The way the ones who had seen it described what happened made it seem like it was impossible, but it was more exaggeration than lying.

It was at least a few hours before either of them came into the barracks, and then it was only the one. The guards warned her to just shut up as they all but threw her into the room, but once they were gone, she picked herself up off the floor with an angry screech.

He looked up at her and saw that she was walking straight towards him. Swallowing hard, he looked away, hoping she’d stop. She didn’t, a few of the others were following behind her, asking her what she was doing, but she just brushed them off.

“What the fuck makes you so special?” She spat as she gripped the bottom of his bed, her eyes boring holes into him.

Not knowing what to say, he just pulled his good leg up to his chest and hid his face behind his hair.

“Jinx, stop, he’s still just a kid.” One of the others pulled on her shoulder and she pushed him so hard that he fell backwards.

“Shut up!” She screamed as she moved to stand next to Keith. Everyone else froze as her hand made contact with his jaw, the sound of the hit echoing in the room. “What makes you so fucking special?”

“I’m not.” He said it quietly as he closed his eyes. “I’m not special.”

His eyes opened when his hair was pulled roughly. Her face was so close to his and he wondered how old she was. He assumed about twenty-three.

“Then why do they treat you so different? Why did they let you live?”

When he didn’t respond, she released his hair and looked him over. Keith swallowed hard as he looked down again.

He yelped in surprise as she grabbed him by his cast and pulled him onto the ground. Before he could say anything, or anyone could stop her, she was slamming her foot down on the cast, shattering the plaster and setting the healing back by weeks. Apparently the scream he let out wasn’t enough to make the guards worried.

“Her arm! She sprained her arm and they killed her! Shot her point blank!” She slammed her foot down again, tears streaming down her face. “They didn’t want to waste resources while she was healing! But you! You little shit!”

The third scream was finally enough for two guards come into the room. At first, they seemed bored, completely unphased, but then they noticed who was being attacked. One restrained Jinx, with some difficulty. The other bent down and picked up Spitfire, who was too focused on the pain in his leg to even try to push him off.

While being carried to Haggar’s lab, Keith passed out.

When Keith was put back in the barracks a few days later, the rest of the whores were giving him the cold shoulder. He noticed that Jinx was missing, her and her partner’s names taken off all the lists and from above their beds. His fault that she was gone.

“You’re not going to say anything?” One asked after a few days, they weren’t looking at him, but he was standing too close to have been talking to anyone else.

“What am I supposed to say? I didn’t… It’s not like I want to be treated differently.”

“Everyone here would kill to have what you have, even if you think it’s worse…”

Keith knew that, but hearing it was different. “Don’t say that.”

“And Woody… he tried so hard to help you, and you don’t even-…”

“You don’t know anything about Woody.” Keith looked up at the older man, glaring at him. “I’m glad he’s dead.”

The man’s eyes went wide as he looked at Keith. “Spitfire… you… You killed Woody?”

It was said quietly, but almost everyone had heard it. Now everyone was staring at him. Keith swallowed hard, his mouth dry. He wanted to explain, but before he got the chance a fist was connecting with his face.

“Did you… was Allison your fault too? Whatever they did to her?”

Another blow to the face. Then he was dragged to the ground again. Feet and hands flying into him. He curled up into a ball. With his broken leg and the sheer number, he couldn’t fight back. Not that he wanted to.

Eventually, the whores were all beaten back by guards. Keith looked up when he felt arms picking him up. There was a guard holding each of the others back, some it took two.

“Oh, my poor misunderstood Spitfire.” Lotor nuzzled into Keith’s hair as he held him against his chest. “You’ll be okay. We’ll clean you up and then get you somewhere safe from these people until they’ve learned their lesson.”

Keith tried pushing Lotor away, feeling everyone still glaring at him. Lotor just pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Shh, it’s okay.”

As Haggar examined him, Keith stared at Lotor, who was looking at his nails. “They… what are you going to do to them?”

“Nothing that concerns you.” Lotor grinned, but didn’t turn to look at him.

“It does! It’s my fault that… you’re… don’t hurt them.”

“Oh? You care about them? After what they’ve done to you? What they think about you?” Lotor looked at him, his grin still on his face. “You care what they think about you too.”


“Don’t what? Don’t keep feeding them the idea that you’re special to me, to my father? Because they’re not wrong.” Lotor walked over and traced his jaw. “Imagine what they would do if they knew you had a way out, and you refused to take it.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Tell them? No, no. Not me.” Lotor huffed out a laugh and turned. “Haggar, have the guards put him in the hole when you’re finished with him.”

“For how long, my prince?”

“As long as it takes.” Then Lotor left the room.

Once the sound of the guards locking him in stopped echoing, Keith closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. He didn’t even know what he was waiting for before he was able to come out, just knew that it would probably be a really long time. The others would resent him for getting to rest. Again, his mind raced with ‘what-if’s and memories of his life before. It had been a while since he missed it, them.

Chapter Text

When they finally let him out almost two weeks later, or what Keith thought was two weeks, it was hard to monitor time when he had no frame of reference, they didn’t take him to the barracks. He was sitting in Haggar’s lab, his still broken leg being examined. She was saying something to him, but he wasn’t listening to her words. He was just relishing in not being stuck in silence anymore.

After she was finished a guard came in with food for him and he wolfed it down. He wished that Haggar and the guard would stay, just so he wouldn’t be alone, but he just lowered his gaze when they both left.

It was long time before he realized what Haggar had said while he was zoned out. He was supposed to sleep there, in the lab, for a while. Apparently, they hadn’t finished dealing with the rest of the whores’ attitudes, but they wanted to get him back out for business.

The next few days were like before. Light duty, the others glaring at him when he did see them, except he had the cold metal exam table to fall asleep on instead of a bed. Even if the cots in the barracks were uncomfortable, they were better than what he had for a while.

But as he was laid out on the bed in one of the more expensive suites, he knew that whoever was about to come through the door wasn’t going to be “light”. He propped himself up on his elbows to watch his costumers enter the room and felt his throat go dry.

“Mr-… Mr. Harris? I-Iverson?” Keith’s voice cracked as he looked at two of his former teachers. They were both staring at him with wide eyes, their faces pale as they took in who they were paying for.

Keith gripped the sheets hard as they two men shared a look. “P-Please…”

Mr. Harris walked over and sat on the bed next to Keith. He put a hand on Keith’s bare thigh. Keith could feel tears coming to his eyes as he stared at him, waiting for either of them to say anything.

“Kogane.” Iverson said his old last name with contempt as he walked over. It hadn’t been a secret that the man hated him, he’d given him plenty of detentions and had conspired to get him expelled at least twice.

“Iverson, stop…” Harris smiled at him as he moved his hand up his thigh. Keith could feel his shoulders shaking. Twice he fucked the man touching him. The first time was quick, hard, bent over a desk to make up for an assignment. The second time Keith went to him, riding him on the desk chair. “Can’t you see he’s terrified?”

“Please… I-I… I want to go home.” Keith felt the words spill out and he instantly regretted it when he saw the expressions on the men’s faces.

“Oh, Keith.” Harris moved the hand on his thigh between his legs and put his other hand on in his hair. “I’m sorry, but we can’t help you.”

“Fuck, Harris, just…”

Harris shushed him as he leaned in closer. “If we tell anyone where you are, we’d have to admit to how we know that, and we’d both lose everything. We can’t have that.”

The tears burned as they fell down his cheeks. “Please… don’t do this.”

“You enjoyed it those times in my classroom. You wouldn’t stop telling me how much you loved having my cock inside you.” Harris pressed in close, breathing into his ear. “You were always a slut, a place like this suits you.”

Keith sobbed as he felt fingers breach his hole without any lube or work up.

“Still so tight, after everything. Iverson, wait until you’re inside him. You might even change your mind about him.” Harris cooed as he pressed his lips to Keith’s neck.

“I’m taking him first, you’ve already fucked him.” Iverson huffed as he crossed his arms.

“But this is different. The other times, he was so pliant, so willing. He kept begging for more.” Harris pushed another finger in and Keith flinched as he grabbed onto the man’s arms to try to ground himself. “This time, he’ll be begging for us to stop.”

“You always go first. It’s time I give him some real punishment.” Iverson pushed at Harris. “Move, I can’t wait, not with him crying like that.”

Harris grumbled something as he moved so he was laying back against the headboard. He pulled Keith into his lap. Keith closed his eyes tightly, trying to think of something else, but Harris and Iverson were talking as both their hands were on him. His mind raced as he thought of school, nudging Pidge to wake up, passing notes with Hunk, Lance trying to talk to him from across the room. The tears fell harder as he felt Iverson’s still clothed body against him, the tip of his cock breaching his hole.

Instinctively, Keith swung his arm forward and caught Iverson’s eyes hard. The movement and the words stopped. Keith opened his eyes and saw Iverson glaring at him, his eye swollen shit, blood covering most of it. He swallowed hard, waiting for either man to do something.

With an angry growl, Iverson pushed in, hard. Keith whimpered as he let his head fall back against Harris’s shoulder. It hurt so much.

The pace was brutal, and eventually Harris made Iverson stop so the could position Keith so they could both fuck him at once.

They both said his name, degraded him as they slammed into him. He held onto them tight, not able to control his own thoughts as they called him worthless, told him that they knew he’d never amount to anything. A lot of his customers had said similar things, because making him feel like shit got them off, but these two knew things about him. They’d read his essays, graded his tests, watched him interact with his peers. Harris and Iverson knew him, and they were saying these things. Keith wanted to tell them that he’d never say what they did to him if they helped him get home. He just wanted to go home.

An image of Lance’s smiling face as he aced the last test they had taken in Iverson’s class filled his mind as he came again. He sobbed as he thrown onto the floor and both men moved to cover him with their own spunk.

“Can I beat him? I’ve always wanted to.” Iverson said gruffly.

“All they said was to be careful of his leg, and we have all the fun toys to try on him.” Harris hummed as Keith watched his feet move away.

They tied him to bed and wacked him various blunt objects, and Keith tried to grit his teeth through the pain, but hearing his teachers egging each other on made it difficult.

When they finally left, he was black and blue, filled to the brim with cum.

It was Lotor that came in what seemed like hours later to get him back to Haggar’s lab. He crawled on the bed between Keith’s legs, nuzzling into Keith’s hair.

“How those two can afford this on teacher salaries, I’ll never know. But they did leave you a miss, didn’t they?” Lotor ran a hand down Keith’s back. Keith flinched when he felt Lotor slip into him. “They promised they’d be back to visit their least favorite student. Aren’t you excited?”

Keith just let out a moan as Lotor swirled his hips. “You feel so good filled with cum. I can’t wait until your leg is finally healed and we can have some real fun with you again.”

Chapter Text


He had just gotten the cast off, Haggar was having him do laps up and down the hall with all the client rooms. His leg was a little awkward to walk on after having a cast on for so long, but it was healed enough that he could walk on it again. It meant things would go back to being terrible instead of just bad. Haggar was saying something about reintegrating with the other whores, but Keith wasn’t worried about that. He deserved whatever they gave him, he had a way out and they didn’t.

The time with his former teachers had been weighing heavily on his mind, however; he couldn’t stop thinking about it, about their very specific insults. He missed Shiro and his friends more than he had since he arrived. His heart ached even more than his body.

“Spitfire.” Lotor’s voice was soft, and Keith turned to look at him, putting a hand on the wall just incase his legs decided to give out on him. “It’s so good to see you on your feet again. Just in time too.”

Keith felt a shiver go down his spine as Lotor moved close enough to gently grab his chin and kiss him like Keith wanted him to. His gaze met Lotor’s when their lips were parted. “Just in time for what?”

“Do you know what tomorrow is, Keith?” Lotor whispered so only Keith could hear. Keith swallowed hard as he shook his head. He didn’t even know what month it was, much less a date. “Oh, well… I guess you wouldn’t. It’s your birthday, your sweet sixteen.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly. It hadn’t been that long after his fifteenth birthday that he was taken, which meant he’d been stuck there for almost a year.

“You’re not excited? Sixteen is a big year, especially to the Galra. If someone is a part of the gang for it… let’s just say, I think you’ll enjoy the festivities.” Lotor was petting Keith’s hair, still speaking to him quietly. “I know I enjoyed my sixteenth birthday, as did your mother.”

Whimpering, Keith pushed Lotor’s shoulders hard enough to get him away from him. Lotor looked a little shocked, and a little pleased as he stared at him. “I don’t like surprises.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it on our way to the gladiator ring tomorrow.” Lotor dusted off his shoulder as he turned to Haggar. “Make sure he’s well rested, I wouldn’t want him to be at a disadvantage on his special day.”

Haggar nodded as she walked towards Keith. “Of course, Prince Lotor.”

Keith didn’t get much sleep that night, thinking about what kind of sixteenth birthday surprise they could have ready for him at the gladiator ring. The last time he was there, he ended up badly injured and unsure of himself. He hated that place, what it brought out in him, the raw violence he couldn’t control when he started a fight. He knew he didn’t have a choice, but that didn’t stop him from making himself sick thinking about it.

Lotor came into the lab after the guards scrubbed Keith down, looking particularly flamboyant. He had a bundle of clothing draped over his arm. Keith looked away, his eyes lingering on the clothing, wondering if it was for him. He felt so exposed but being forced to wear clothing for show made him feel worse than being naked.

“Alright, this is for you. I’ve heard it’s very similar to what my father wore for his sixteenth birthday.” Lotor held it out to him and Keith just stared at him, moving to cross an arm across his naked chest. “I’ll help you put it on.”

Keith closed his eyes and let Lotor manhandle him until he was dressed. Like usual he felt even less comfortable than when he was completely exposed. A short white top, hugging his chest, a red mesh v exposing his nipples. Tight black pants, that felt like they were on backwards, but he knew the access panel at his ass was meant to be there.

“Perfect. My little Spitfire is growing up.” Lotor put a hand on Keith’s cheek as he looked down at him. “Happy Birthday.”

Biting his lip, Keith let his gaze move away from Lotor. He wondered if Shiro was celebrating his birthday. He imagined him sitting on the couch in their apartment, staring at a cupcake with a candle, holding the hippo plush that Lance had won him at the fair years ago and crying as he sang him happy birthday. As he clenched his fists, forcing himself not to cry, he could feel his nails digging into his skin hard enough to draw blood.

“We should really get going, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting.” Lotor slipped his hand down Keith’s arm until he was holding his hand. A guard walked up to them and slipped a blindfold over Keith’s eyes. Keith whimpered as Lotor pulled him into a hug before letting the guards cuff him and lead him outside to an idling car.

Once him and Lotor were both in the car, Keith felt it start moving. Lotor positioned them so he was laying against Keith’s chest, between his legs. Their lips were together, and Keith didn’t bother trying to fight back as he waited for Lotor to either take him or grow bored.

“So, I said I’d tell you exactly what your birthday celebrations will include.” Lotor huffed out between kisses to Keith’s neck. Keith felt himself tense as he tilted his head to the side. “It’ll start with a party, food and drinks – mingling with high ranking members of the gang and some of my father’s allies. You’ll meeting a lot of them for the first time today, so make sure that you are on your best behavior.”

Keith grunted as he felt Lotor’s hand moving under his shirt. “What incentive is there to play nice with a bunch of people I think are monsters?”

“You’ll get an advantage during the best part of the festivities.” Lotor chuckled as his fingers brushed Keith’s nipples. “A little game, with the best gladiators, who I’ve heard want revenge for your showing them up the last time you were in the ring.”

He couldn’t stop the little whine that escaped from his lips as Lotor pinched his nipple. “A game? You and your father certainly like games…”

“Oh, this one is an old tradition.” Lotor laughed again, against Keith’s throat. “It’s a little like capture the flag. There’s an object that every time you get it across the field, you get a point, and every time they empty a load inside you, they get a point. As the clock winds down, more and more of them are on the field at the time.”

His breath hitched as Lotor was kissing him again. He closed his eyes tightly behind the blindfold. He whined when Lotor pulled away. “And what does the winner get?”

“Well, you and the gladiators will both get a reward if you get over a certain number of points, but the real prize is a bit of a surprise. Since you’re still insisting you’d rather be a whore than a killer, I’m sure you’ll be getting a few days off your duties at the Den.”

“Did you win?” Keith let the question slip out before he could stop himself. He couldn’t see Lotor’s face but the sharp intake of breath and the hand gripping his throat tightly told him that the man was pissed by the question.

“No.” The answer was full of venom, and Keith couldn’t breathe. “I didn’t make it to the points I needed to get something. My father was so disappointed in me, especially my sister won so spectacularly. She came close to breaking his record.”

Keith struggled slightly, wishing he could pry Lotor’s hand off his neck. “Wh-what…”

“In the three hours of the game, he only had five loads dumped into him. Marmora ended up with seven. I on the other hand, came close to having the record of most loads in me, 64. The record was 66.” Lotor had his forehead resting against Keith’s as he spoke. “You think you’ll break a record? Maybe my father will see you’re a disappointment, and just give up, give you to me.”

Then Lotor wasn’t touching him anymore and Keith was heaving for breath. His neck hurt so much and as he took in air, his chest expanded painfully. He coughed a few times, tears dampening the blindfold.

“Or maybe you’ll surprise me yet again and show up my father. I wonder if he’d be mad if you were better than him.”

 Once he had his breathing on a steady pattern, Keith let his head hang forward, his hair hopefully hiding his face. Lotor didn’t say another word the rest of the drive except to announce that they had arrived.

Keith could hear muffled talking near them after he was taken inside. Rough hands were working to uncuff him and blinked against the light when he was able to open his eyes again. Lotor was standing in front of him, pouting slightly. Swallowing hard, Keith stared at the man, waiting for him to say or do something. Lotor made a few adjustments to Keith’s outfit and then nodded.

“Alright, it’s as good as it’s going to get. We better get inside, we’re almost late.” Lotor took Keith’s hand and placed it on his arm, like he was lady he was leading to fancy dance. Keith looked away and followed after Lotor, past the double doors a pair of guards opened for them.

“Ladies, gentlemen, the guest of honor.” Lotor said as he flourished his hand. The murmuring around the room stopped and every eye in the room was now on them. “The birthday boy, our little Spitfire.”

Keith closed his eyes, knowing that the whole room was looking at him appraising him. He found himself gripping onto Lotor’s arm harder. As much as he hated the man, he was familiar, a grounding force.

Heavy footsteps approaching them made Keith glance up. Zarkon was standing in front of them, reaching for him. Marmora and Haggar hanging behind him a few paces.

Swallow so hard it was painful, Keith held his free hand out to Zarkon. His entire body was shaking as Zarkon took it, pressing a gentle kiss on his fingers before pulling him closer to press an equally gentle kiss on his lips. “Happy birthday my boy. This party is for you, make sure to indulge yourself.”

Holding his breath, Keith followed Zarkon’s gesture around the room, first at the food, but then at the clean looking boys and girls, all about his age, maybe a little older, wearing nothing but metal rings around their wrists, neck, and ankles, baring the mark of a Galra whore.

“Those are also for the guests, but if you do well enough during the game, and you can get some of your own to play with in private.” Zarkon took his chin and made him look at him again. “They’ll pamper you, they’re not like the rough sort your used to at the Lion’s Den.”

He didn’t know what else to do, so he just nodded.

“Good.” Zarkon turned to Lotor then. “Lotor, unfortunately there is some business you, Marmora, and I need to attend to privately and immediately. We will be back in time to watch Keith play the game, but we will have to miss most of the party.”

A grimace spread across Lotor’s face, but he nodded. “Of course father.”

“Haggar, keep an eye on Spitfire while we’re gone.”

“Of course milord.” Haggar put a hand over her heart and bowed her head slightly. Zarkon and Lotor both walked towards the door after pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. Marmora moved to stand in front of him, she moved her arms from behind her back and held out a small box wrapped in red paper. She, as usual, said nothing to him.

He took it with shaking hands and then she moved to follow after her father and brother.

“Are you going to open it?” Haggar sounded bored. “There are people I need to introduce you to.”

Nodding again, Keith ripped at the paper, revealing a metal box with the word ‘promise’ etched on the lid. When he opened the box, there was nothing, it was completely empty. He felt his brows furrow as he reached inside, trying to find a sort of a hidden bottom. Haggar was laughing. He didn’t think it was funny at all.

He was about to just drop it when he felt something on one of the sides. Letters, raised slightly, just so you could see. F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

“Just like Marmora, she gave Lotor a similar gift for his sixteenth birthday.” Haggar held out her hands to hold it for him. “Except there were spikes at the bottom that he cut his hand on. They were always fighting when they were young.”

Keith put the lid on the box and held it closely, under one of his arms. He wasn’t sure what it meant. That Marmora was promising she’d help him get free? Or that freedom was an empty promise from the Galra? It meant something, or she was taunting him. Either way, he wanted to keep it close, at least for the moment.

Haggar grabbed at his arm, but Keith shrugged her off. “Who exactly do I need to meet?”

Frowning at him, she motioned for him to walk in front of her. “First, the man in charge of the gladiators, one of Lord Zarkon’s most trusted general.”

Keith squared up his shoulders, looking towards the man Haggar was talking about. He bit his lip. The man truly looked like a monster, completely inhuman. One of his eyes was missing, and replaced, along with an arm.

“General Sendak.” Haggar said once they were standing near him. He had two of the naked girls hanging off of him. “I’d like to introduce young Spitfire.”

“Spitfire.” Sendak spat it as he looked Keith up and down. “That’s a whore name. What name will he take when he finally joins the gang?”

“I won’t be joining the gang.” Keith glared at him, trying not show how terrified of the man he was. “So, Spitfire will have to do.”

“He reminds me of Marmora when she was his age.” Sendak’s expression didn’t waver as he took a sip of his drink. “But, look at her now, follows Zarkon around with her head bowed obediently, barely saying a word. It would be a shame for them to completely break you like they did her, that kind of fire would be good for the gang if it was pointed in the right direction.”

“I’ll try to keep that in mind.” Keith rolled his eyes and looked away.

Sendak moved so he was closer to Haggar, and Keith caught a few of the words they exchanged. Something about him pledging his loyalty to the gang, and Sendak being willing to follow him. He looked around again. There were do many people dressed in dark colors, mostly purples. It was easy to tell they were members of the gang. There were a few people dressed in brighter colors, all gathered together. They must’ve been Zarkon’s allies.

“I’ll let you get back to the party, we’ll speak again before the start of the game, and many times after that, I’m sure.” Sendak waved at them dismissively with his metal hand once he parted from Haggar.

Next stop was a group of girls a little older than him, who Haggar said were Lotor’s personal generals. They were all vastly different, on giggly, commenting how cute he was, another didn’t say a word to him, and the other mentioned something about breaking his spine. He was glad when Haggar moved him again rather quickly.

More of Zarkon’s generals. They all seemed rather unimpressed by him. The whore that their leader so desperately wanted to elevate to a higher status, who refused all the gifts offered to him. But he didn’t care, just sneered and gave them a smart remark. They all looked like they were itching to slap him, but it was his party.

“I’m Kolivan, Marmora’s second in command.” The man wasn’t smiling, but there was something soft in his eyes. Keith looked at him and nodded. “If you eventually choose to join us, I will be the one making sure your needs are taken care of, give you your assignments.”

Keith blinked at him. He was the first person who had said ‘if’ instead of ‘when’, and he appreciated that for some reason.

“The barracks for the Blade are much more comfortable than those at the Lion’s Den.”

“I’m sure they are, but the discomfort is better than knowing I’m helping Zarkon kill people.” Keith kept his eyes locked with Kolivan.

“Is it? Because from what I’ve heard, you’ve already bloodied your hands, so what’s the difference why you kill?”

“There’s a difference.”

“Everyone has something they’ll kill for, and Zarkon will find it eventually. It seems he will search forever until you’re standing by his side instead of on your knees in front of him.”

“And what do you kill for? It doesn’t sound like it’s for Zarkon.”

“If you join us, I will tell you then.” Kolivan gave him something close to a smile and turned away from him. “I’d wish you a happy birthday, but I’m sure you won’t actually enjoy it.”

Haggar took him over to the food and drinks, but he wasn’t very hungry. He hadn’t eaten anything yet though, so he took a few things off the table to nibble on. All the drinks reeked of alcohol, so he passed on those. Keeping a clear head would be best for what he’d be forced to do in a few hours. As he ate quietly, Haggar watching him carefully, he had to admit that it was delicious.

When he finished, Haggar led him over to the group of colorful people that she had been seemingly avoiding. They were all laughing, the only group in the room wearing honest smiles. Their eyes were friendly as they looked at him, and Keith looked down.

“So, you’re the one Zarkon won’t shut up about.” The ruggedly attractive male with a man and a woman hanging off either arm. Keith could tell they weren’t galra whores, the guy had brought them with him. “You are pretty cute.”

Keith swallowed hard, crossing his arm across himself, wishing he could hide.

The largest of the three men laughed, putting a large firm hand on Keith’s shoulder. “Blaytz, you’re embarrassing the poor boy. Look how red you’ve made him.”

The first male who had spoken just grinned a sipped on his drink.

“I’m not impressed. He is nothing the warrior that Zarkon described him. He’s even scrawnier than Lotor was at his age.” The woman said with a sneer.

“Guys, guys, calm down.” The best dressed of the three said as he pushed passed them to hold a hand out to Keith. “I’m Alfor, head of the Altean family, don’t mind my allies. This Blaytz of the Nalquod gang, Trigel the matriarch of the Dalterion, and Gygran of the Rygnirath clan. We’re all close allies of Zarkon and the Galra.”

Keith stared at the hand and then looked up at Alfor with a sneer. “So, you’re all just like him then?”

The other three looked angry at the insulation and Alfor just smiled softly as he retracted his hand. He looked at Haggar seriously. “Honerva, may I take young Spitfire to the side and speak to him.”

“Zarkon gave me strict orders not to let him leave my sight, Alfor.” Haggar crossed her arms across her chest.

Alfor pouted slightly. “No loyalty left for your brother?”

“My loyalty lies with my husband now, and I won’t have you filling Spitfire’s head with your fanciful ideas of how the world should be.”

Keith felt Haggar’s hand on his shoulder, pulling him back towards her slightly. He looked at Alfor was looking at him sadly. “Perhaps sometimes I can get you alone to speak, until then, happy birthday Spitfire.”

He couldn’t help but snort in amusement. “Right, thanks.”

Haggar led him away, but he looked back at them. The other three had returned to their conversation, but Alfor was still staring at him with that puppy dog expression. It reminded him of the look Lance gave him anytime he walked away to start a fight or get fucked. He moved the box Marmora had given him so he could hold it against his chest, wishing again that he knew what it meant.

Haggar set him in a corner for the rest of the party. People would come over, to either talk to her, or to talk to Keith. She cut most conversations short before they could ask Keith too many questions, about when he was going to join the gang, what he was going to do once he was part of it. Keith should’ve thanked her, because he didn’t think the answers he had would make the people asking very happy.

Eventually it was Sendak that walked over to them, bowing his head slightly. “Milady, Lord Zarkon has not returned yet, but it is time to start preparations for the game.”

“Take Spitfire and proceed as scheduled. I will see if I can get a hold of him and his children.” Haggar walked away, pulling a phone from her pocket. Keith half expected her to commit a blood sacrifice to cast a spirit projection of herself.

He looked up at Sendak and took a sharp breath through his nose. “Let’s get this over with.”

Sendak lead him the preparation area he’d been in the last two times he’d been at the ring. There weren’t any other gladiators around and he took a few deep breaths as one of the assistants pulled his hair back in a ponytail and another took the box from him.

“There will be no weapons, and while killing is not usually encouraged, there is only a rule about them killing you.” Sendak looked over him. “The flag is on currently on the opposite side of the arena and for you to score points, you must move it to this side without dropping it. If you drop it, you have to take it back to the side it started on and move back to this side.”

Keith nodded, glancing at the gate out to the arena.

“The gladiators only get points if they empty inside of you, getting inside of you or cumming on you doesn’t get them any points. The first few rounds it will be one on one, the gladiator being tagged out every three points scored. Eventually it will be two, one still being rotated for every three points. Then three on one. The last ten minutes there will be five against you, but none will be rotated out.”

“So, if I knock one out, he won’t get removed from the field until I score three points?” Keith looked up at Sendak, who grinned and nodded.

“You’ll do just fine, I’ve seen you fight. They certainly picked a suiting name for you.” Sendak pushed him towards the gate as an announcer explained some of the rules that Keith had already heard. “Happy birthday.”

He knew there was no way to get out of it, so he just ran into the arena as the gate opened and he heard a count down. His eyes went to the flag. It was small, low to the ground, red with the galra mark on it. There were lines painted on the ground to indicate where he had to move the flag between. It wasn’t a large area, but naked gladiator looked like he was ready to ruin Keith.

Then the game was starting. Keith ran straight towards the gladiator, who looked surprised but ran towards him too. With a smirk, he slid under him as the man jumped to try to knock him to the ground. He glanced back as he got up and continued running. Winning wasn’t what he cared about, but he certainly wanted to keep as many of them out of him as possible.

It started off easy. He had three points and the gladiator hadn’t even touched him. Of course, he was out of breath from running so much, but he had a moment to catch his breath as someone reset the position of the flag and forced the gladiator out of the arena. The knew gladiator he was standing across was also naked, but Keith recognized him from the last time he was in the ring. Keith had beaten him spectacularly. By how angry he looked, Keith figured the man remembered just how badly he had lost last time they saw each other. Swallowing hard, Keith got ready to move quickly as soon as the announcer said ‘go’.

He didn’t get very far this time, the gladiator grabbed him around the waist and slammed him into the ground. Keith grunted in pain, slightly disoriented as he was pushed onto his front. The gladiator crawled on top of him and kept him pinned. He stopped struggling for a just a moment as he felt a cock slid inside of him, but it didn’t take long to thrash his legs and try to get his hands free. They didn’t get the point until he was full of their seed.

Keith managed to get the gladiator off of him and get the flag. He had to kick and punch the gladiator a few times to get it to the other side of the ring. As him and the gladiator were quickly moved to new starting positions, the gladiator threatened that the next points would be his. And they were.

The flag was in his hand, twice, but he was wrestled to the ground. After he fought of the gladiator, he had to take it back to the starting point before moving it again. It was just as he taking it back from the spot that his legs were kicked out from under him, his ass up in the air. A foot was pushing his face into the ground as the cock was forced into him, over and over again. Keith screamed and struggled, but grip on him was too tight. Luckily, it was over quickly.

Not even getting a chance to move far from the starting spot, him and the gladiator were chest to chest. Keith elbowed the gladiator in the face and the chest a few times, but he didn’t stop. He came before the gladiator did, and that just made the man on top of him laugh.

Wet, his pants were wet and sticky now. It was so uncomfortable, disgusting. He knew he should’ve been focusing on the fight at hand, but it was so distracting that he almost ended up under the third gladiator. Somehow, he managed to kick the gladiator in the head, rendering him unconscious. Slowly, he got up and looked at the flag. With a relieved sigh, he moved towards it. The gladiator stayed unconscious even as he was taken off the field after the third time Keith got the flag across.

It seemed like forever before the first set of two walked onto the field. One of them was a repeat, the first gladiator ready to try again. The announcer said that there were still 70 minutes left on the clock, and Keith wondered how minutes he had started with. The point totals were also announced; for the moment Keith was winning by a land slide: twelve to six. But with two against one, Keith didn’t think he’d be winning for much longer.

The first round of two against one, he got two of the three points. Both were trying to pump him full, but when the one went, the round ended and the other one didn’t get the point for following soon after. His legs felt like jelly, and his head was spinning from a blow to the head, so he had to be helped back to his starting point.

He didn’t have much fight as the next two put him on his knees, one in his ass the other in his mouth. Two points gone so quickly. But he managed to get the flag across just as one of them slipped into him again.

Two against one was such an unfair thing for even the galra to do, especially in a fight like this. He was used to fighting for show, to show that he didn’t want it, because his clients wanted a fighter, but in the end there was nothing he could do to stop it. This was different, and he was too programed to stop fighting. Keith needed to keep telling himself to not stop fighting.

Through the rounds of two on one, he managed to use some of the same strategy of fighting like hell and knocking out his opponents before trying to get the flag, but it was so much harder when one of them was able to hold him down for the other.

Keith was still winning, but by a much smaller margin than at the end of the one on one.  15 to 12. There were still 30 minutes left in the game and things were about to get a lot more difficult.

It didn’t take long for them to catch him when the new rules started. One holding, two fucking him. He was so mad, but he wasn’t helpless. They couldn’t kill him, the galra wouldn’t allow it, but he could do whatever he wanted to them. The one in his ass had already spilt inside him, but the one in his mouth was still thrusting. Keith closed his eyes tightly as he bit down, hard. A piercing scream filled the arena, but the only thing Keith was focused on was the taste of blood as he let the dismembered member fall out of his mouth. It looked so much smaller unattached than it had felt in his throat.

The other two gladiators rushed to the third who was now holding his private area, howling in pain. Keith looked up at them, feeling blood dripping down his chin. They looked at him in horror, yelling for one of the medics. No one came onto the field.

Keith stood up, not bothering to wipe his chin as he looked towards the flag. As he took a step, he felt the cock he had just severed with his teeth underfoot and he dug his heal into it harder. He hoped he looked unconcerned about it before walking to the flag calmly and moving it across the arena twice before any one joined them.

Word must’ve spread about what he had done because no one else tried to go for his mouth, some of them seemed completely unwilling to touch him. He was getting more confident in his fighting – now he was fighting dirty. His elbows or feet went hard into groins, fingers gripping sacs almost to popping them. The gladiators barely scored any points during the three on one, because they were legitimately scared of him.

22 to 14, he was back to his landslide. But he still had ten more minutes to play and he wasn’t sure he had that much fight left in him, not against five people.

He only managed to make it across the field with the flag once in those ten minutes, but he somehow managed to fight them off at the last possible second most of the round. Cum was covering him head to toe when it was over, but that didn’t matter as much as that buzzer eventually sounded and the game was over.

Keith laid on his back, panting, trying to ignore everything else as he listened for the final score. 23 to 20. He won. He didn’t think he broke any records, but he won. His eyes closed and he let himself fall unconscious because whatever else they had in store for him, wouldn’t be as bad, as terrifying as what just happened, not for a while.

When he woke up, his entire body ached, and he still tasted blood in his mouth. His hair was damp, and he was surrounded by softness. Slowly, he opened his eyes and started sitting up. He was naked, the worst of his scraped were covered with bandages, but he was under dark purple satin sheets in a large bed. It was so comfortable.

“Young master.” A timid male voice said from his side and he turned to see two boys, older than him, kneeling next to the bed. They were both so attractive, before the Galra, they would have been the kind of boy Keith would’ve done anything to get a fuck out of. They were also both naked. “You’re finally awake.”

“Young… please don’t call me that… and please don’t bow to me like that… I’m… I’m not any different than you are.” Keith held his head. He felt so weak, his body completely exhausted.

“But sir, you are… you’re…” The other one spoke and Keith shook his head.

“Please, just call… call me Keith.” He looked at them softly. “What are your names?” The two looked at each other warily. “You’re real names.”

“W-We’ve only known the names we’ve been given by the galra.”

“You were…” Keith felt sick. “You were raised… groomed to be their…”

“Concubines. Our mother was a whore, in one of the brothels… We’ve been given a much…”

“Don’t say better… because you don’t know better. There’s nothing better if you’re still just their property, even if you’re treated better.” Keith bit his lip. “They put you in here, for me to fuck as a prize, for winning the game, right?”

“Yes, to please you however you require.” The one moved onto the bed, his head still bowed. His one hand on Keith’s bare chest, the other on his thigh. “Let us please you, they will be angry if we don’t…”

“I won’t be like them, I won’t hurt you like that, like they’ve hurt me. I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Keith pushed his hands away and glared at him.

“I-I… We understand, but if you change your mind, if you need anything from us, we are right here…” The other stood up and held the other around the shoulders. “Keith.”

Keith brought one of his knees up to rest his forehead against. “So, how long do I get to rest in this gilded prison?”

“Three days.”

Nodding, he looked around. There was a phone by the door that was undoubtly locked. The boys told him it was to call out for food, supplies… a change of company. Keith knew the boys would get punished when it was found out they didn’t please him the way they were expected to, he would let them share in his small reprieve. There was a bathroom with a large shower and a larger jacuzzi. He was definitely going to take advantage of those. A 24 hour clock was hanging above the bed that was more counting down than telling time, counting down how long had before he was returned to the Lion’s Den.

He let the boys be some what useful, giving him a few massages at their insistence. They must not have realized that they could give massages without giving head, but the first time he tried to stop them, they looked terrified that he was going to punish them for doing it wrong. Biting his lip to keep himself grounded to why he was in that mess, he let them finish him and made sure that blowjobs were all he wanted.

They told him they were brothers, fraternal twins, and that they were very close. The kind of close brothers shouldn’t have been, but they would have no way of knowing that so he didn’t say anything, just told them about his own brother. He missed Shiro so much.

On the last day, in the last few hours, they ordered bubble bath and put way more than recommended in the jacuzzi and the three of them made a huge mess splashing around. It was the first time in a long time Keith felt like a kid, and by the look on his two concubines’ faces, it was the first time.

Lotor and one of his personal generals came in as the clock chimed. Keith had just finished letting his new friends kiss him, softly. They appreciated the time he let them just be, even if it meant inevitable punishment. The general led the boys out and Lotor got up in Keith’s space.

“Did you enjoy your birthday? Your prize?” Lotor smiled down at him. Keith just looked down. “You know, this could be everyday, the delicious food, the beautiful boys ready to please you… the bed. All you have to do is to say yes to my father, kill someone for him.”

“And what would you and your father do? Would you still pin me down and use my body to get off?” Keith glared up at him.

“Oh, Keith, like you haven’t grown accustomed to it, like you wouldn’t come into the Den begging for my cock.” Lotor laughed as he spun Keith around and rubbed his clothed erection against Keith’s ass. Keith couldn’t help but let out a pitiful moan. “See. You’re hard already. I bet all it would take to get you to shoot would be me to get balls deep.”

Keith closed his eyes as he felt the words go straight to his dick. Lotor’s voice in his ear, saying things like that was almost enough to get him off.

“Come, my father wants to see you, to congratulate you on your victory.” Lotor released him and moved towards the door, extending an inviting hand towards him. “If you’re good I’ll fuck you gently when you get back to the Den.”

Chapter Text

He’d been in the room that Lotor had led him to before, but there was a couch placed where the single armchair had been. Trigel, Gyrgan, and Blatyz were all sitting close to each other on the couch, laughing and drinking. Zarkon was lounged on the bed smiling at them. The four of them were all only wearing robes, and they were open. Alfor was leaning on the post of the bed, still clothed in most of the formal wear he’d had on earlier.

All eyes were on Keith when he walked in, naked and with Lotor’s guiding hand on his neck. Keith lowered his eyes as four of the five licked their lips.

“He really is gorgeous Zarkon.” Blatyz said as he got up and walked over. He tilted Keith’s chin up. “You should just give up this idea of grandeur you have for him and just let me make him my bride. I’d treat him so well.”

Gyrgan and Trigel were standing on either side of him, each putting a hand on his chest. It was Trigel that spoke. “Oh, how can you say that after watching him fight? It’s like poetry in motion.”

“If he’d been trained properly from his youth, he’d probably be a better fighter than even Zarkon or Alfor.” Gyrgan ran his hand down Keith’s chest. “Those sleek muscles.”

“Lotor, you can go.” Zarkon said as he stood up to stand up next to Alfor, putting a hand on the other man’s waist.

Keith didn’t turn to watch Lotor leave, but he felt nails rake against the bite scar on the back of his neck before he heard the door slam. His focus was on the way Alfor was looking at him, completely disgusted by him.

“How can you say you don’t want to fuck him after watching him take cock after cock like a champ?” Blatyz was grinning at him, but Keith just closed his eyes.

“Oh, my friend,” Trigel giggled, a sound that was just creepy coming from a grown woman, “I know I want an up close view of his face while I’m pounding into him.”

“Zarkon said he has a rough time taking his cock, I can’t wait until I shove mine inside.” Gyrgan brushed his hand down to Keith’s, pushing his groin into it. “I’m even bigger than he is.”

“Leave him alone. He’s shaking.” Alfor’s voice was forceful, and Keith looked over at him again. He wasn’t disgusted with Keith, he was disgusted with what was about to happen to him.

“Come here Spitfire.” Zarkon said it surprisingly soft.

The other three released him, moving so he could move towards their leader. Keith swallowed hard before moving towards Zarkon’s outstretched hand. It cupped his cheek, and then moved down to his neck to pull him even closer. Lips were on his, kissing him deeply. “You did well. Fought well, and most importantly you won.”

Keith stared at him, not sure if he was breathing.

“But you also kept it quiet entertaining. I was told it was the best game to be witnessed in years.” Zarkon was breathing in his ear now, their bodies close together. “I couldn’t stop touching myself while I watched them take you.”

A shiver went down Keith’s spine as he glanced at Alfor, who was pointed looking away, but still standing close seemingly just as trapped as Keith was.

“Now, while you’re entertaining me and my friends, can I trust you to keep your teeth out of the equation?” Zarkon’s grip on his neck turned to a choke hold, and he definitely wasn’t breathing anymore.

“Y-Yes…” Keith managed to say, turning to glare at Zarkon.

“Good.” Zarkon released him and turned to Alfor. “Alfor, would you like to take him first?”

“You know I have no taste in this.” Alfor huffed as he turned to Zarkon.

“You’re no fun Alfor.” Blatyz said as Keith felt hands on his shoulders. “How can you say no to this sweet little thing?”

“Because he has no way of saying no.” Alfor looked at Keith, a sad smile on his face. “You do as you will, but I want no part of it.”

Zarkon turned to Alfor, cupping his cheek as he spoke in his ear. Alfor pushed him away, glaring at him. “Leave me be Zarkon. If you wait much longer before letting them start, Blatyz is going to start humping a pillow.”

Huffing, Zarkon glared at Keith, and then at Blatyz. “Go ahead and start. I’ll be back.”

Keith’s eyes followed Zarkon as he left, and once the man was gone, Blatyz lifted him up and threw him on the bed. He rolled so he was on his back and found Blatyz hovering over him. “You look so good on your back.”

Blatyz kissed him, exploring his body, slowly. Keith was a wreck by the time he finally made it to his dick. The lips on his dick and fingers in his ass made Keith arch off the bed as he panted. His fingers dug into Blatyz’s scalp. The man really knew what he was doing, making Keith cum before he pulled away and moved so his cock was lined up with his hole.

The push was slow, and with Keith oversensitive from already cumming, he was screaming with pleasure. He was only silenced by Blatyz kissing him, and he could taste himself in the man’s mouth.

“Is it good? Does it feel good?” Blatyz kept saying as he fucked into him. “I bet its been so long since you’ve been fucked like this.”

Keith was too blissed out to do anything but moan each time. Trigel and Gyrgan were both sitting next to them on the bed, touching him, awed by his facial expressions and the way his muscles flexed as his body shifted with each thrust. They both kept talking about how they couldn’t wait to get a turn.

Alfor was still leaning against the bed post, facing away from them. Every time Keith glanced at him, he could see how tense he was. If he was so concerned for Keith, he could’ve tried to stop his friends.

Blatyz had finished and was lying next to him, catching his breath as he tried to convince Alfor to take a turn. Gyrgan was helping Trigel get her strapless situated comfortably so she could take her turn with Keith. Keith just laid there with his eyes closed tightly, hating listening to them praising him after being fucked gently. His own cum was covering his stomach, and a sick part of him wished they’d be rougher so he could at least pretend he wasn’t enjoying it.

Zarkon came back in just as Trigel slipped into him. Gyrgan had forced him onto his hands and knees. His eyes caught Zarkon’s as the woman pulled on his hair roughly, the man was smiling at him with a sick affection that made Keith feel sick to his stomach.

“You really are beautiful Spitfire. Just like your mother.” Zarkon cupped Keith’s cheek as he set a bag next to Keith. “I brought us some toys, so we can really have fun with him.”

Keith fell onto his face when Trigel pulled out.

“You know him best Zarkon, go ahead and show us how he likes it.” Blatyz said in a sing-song voice.

Trigel, Blatyz, and Gyrgan were all laughing in delight as Zarkon used toys on him, hit him. Keith moaned around the ring gag in his mouth, his eyes on Alfor as he felt the sting of a whip on his back. It wasn’t cutting, so just a crop whip, but it still brought tears to his eyes.

“Zarkon, haven’t you done enough to the poor boy? He’s had two dry orgasms already.” Alfor glanced at the other man, his face looking a little on the green side.

“He’s enjoying himself, he’s hard again.” Zarkon stroked Keith with a tight grip that made him whimper. “But you’re right. Trigel was interrupted and Gyrgan hasn’t tried his ass yet.”

“That’s not what I meant Zarkon, and you know it.” Alfor crossed his arms, glancing at Keith. “Just let him go.”

Trigel crawled back onto the bed behind Keith, but before she lined herself up, she picked up a bullet vib. Keith sucked in a shaky breath when she pushed it into him, and then screamed as he came again as it was turned on. He didn’t get any chance to recover before she slammed into him.

“Listen to that scream. Makes me so wet.” Trigel laughed into Keith’s ear.

“I have a selection of recordings, you could have one and listen to it over and over again.” Zarkon said as he moved to stand near Alfor.

After Trigel finished with him, Gyrgan barely waited for her to move before shoving himself in. Zarkon shoved his cock into Keith’s mouth roughly with a warning about biting, but with the gag, he couldn’t have even if he wanted to.

As Zarkon and Gyrgan finished in him, Blatyz emptied onto his back. Once it was done, the three guests all went for their clothes neatly folded on the side table. Keith was shuddering, the vib still on inside him, buried deep from the poundings.

“Alfor, you really should try him. So tight, but pliant.” Blatyz said teasingly before he and the other two thanked Zarkon and left the room.

“They’re right Alfor. At least try his mouth, look at him. He’s so blissed out, all he wants to do is please.” Zarkon stroked up and down Keith’s back. “I’ll even take the gag out so you get the full experience of his skills.”

“No thank you.” Alfor looked away, moving away from the bed post. “And if he really wanted to please, he’d have killed for you already.”

Keith moved his jaw around when Zarkon took the gag off him. Zarkon was whispering in his ear, nails digging into the scar on the back of his neck. Whimpering, he looked at Alfor as he grabbed his suit jacket from the back of the couch. “P-Please… he… I want it.”

“Oh… Keith…” Alfor paused, his body going completely rigid. “He’s just making you say that.”

“I want it.” Keith repeated, staring at Alfor, swallowing hard. He didn’t want what Zarkon was promising if Alfor didn’t do it.

“This is low Zarkon.” Alfor put the jacket back on the chair as he walked over to the bed, untucking his shirt from his pants. “Whatever you’re threatening him with, you’re sick.”

“Come on, didn’t you hear him? He wants to taste you. Won’t you give him the chance.” Zarkon moved away from Keith and Keith sat up, his body shaking.

“I do this, and you don’t touch him.” Alfor was glaring at Zarkon. “Ever again.”

“It’s just a blow job Alfor, but I promise I’ll keep my hands off him for a quite a while.” Zarkon put his hands up. Keith didn’t believe him, but he hoped he was telling the truth.

Sighing, Alfor held a hand out to Keith. “Come here.”

Keith took his hand and moved onto the floor in front of the man. He was still shaking, but he quickly opened Alfor’s pants and pulled him out. Alfor grabbed onto his shoulders and hair, swearing as Keith blew him, using all the practice he had to give him the best head he could.

“I’m sorry.” Alfor whimpered before grunting, slamming his hips into Keith’s mouth and emptying. Keith almost choked.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself Zarkon.” Alfor said as he shoved himself back into his pants and walked out of the room, slamming the door.

Zarkon got onto the floor with Keith and gently made him look at him. “Let me see.”

Keith opened his mouth, which was still filled with most of Alfor’s cum.

“Good boy.” Zarkon kissed him then, licking most of the cum out of Keith’s mouth. Then he pushed Keith away and left.

It felt like hours before Lotor came into the room, removing all the toys that were still in or on him and dressed him. Lotor smiled as he said that he couldn’t wait to give him his treat for being a good boy.

Chapter Text

Keith had been counting the days since his birthday, counting up to the day he was taken, the day he became the Galra’s property. He may have been off by a few days, head injuries and the lack of windows in the Den made it a little hard to keep a good track. In the few weeks between his birthday and the anniversary, he’d seen an almost complete change in the people who were trapped with him. It was unclear exactly what happened to most of them, but it was a slow enough process that the old ones made sure the new ones knew not to trust him. But he didn’t mind. If they didn’t care about him, it made it easier to hide that he cared about them, which made it harder for Lotor and Zarkon to use them against him.

“Spitfire.” One of the guards yelled his name and he glanced over at him. “The prince wants to see you in his office. Now.”

Keith got up and walked past the guard but was held back when the guard grabbed his hand. “Hold on, have you ever been in the guards’ barracks?”

Turning to glare at the man, he took in a deep breath. “No.”

“Well, when you’re done talking to his highness, why don’t you come find me, and me and the boys will give a peak.” He whispered into his ear. “And we can have some fun.”

“That’s not really a request, is it?”

“Not really, no.” Letting go of his arm, the guard winked at him. “Better not keep him waiting. He seemed like he was in a good mood, hate for something to change his mind.”

“Oh, Spitfire.” Lotor glanced over at him from where he was standing in front of his table of toys. “Close the door.”

He did as he was told, but stayed close to the door. “What?”

Barking out a cutting laughing, Lotor slammed something down on the table. “‘What’? Who exactly do you think you’re talking to?”

He crossed his arms in front of him and looked down at the floor. “Sorry, sorry. What, sir?” His tone was scathing.

“You know why I asked to see you?”

“To rape and torture me?” That was said with a lot less bravado than Keith wanted it to be, but he just kept looking down and not at Lotor. “Isn’t it getting old?”

“Some of the other whores get stale after a while, but you? You’re always full of surprises.” Lotor finally turned to look at him. “But, that isn’t why I asked you in here today. I wanted to discuss an anniversary. It’s almost been a whole year since you showed up at my doorstep. Father wants to celebrate, and then he hopes you will finally give into what he really wants from you.”

“I won’t. There’s nothing you can do to change my mind.”

“Well, either way, we will both be visiting my father tomorrow. Maybe after we’re finished with you, you’ll finally change your mind.”

I won’t.” Keith looked up and glared at him. “You can’t offer me anything I want.”

“No? Shame. He’s going to be so mad.” Lotor hummed and stared at Keith, looking him up and down with his usual predatory stare. “Well, that’s all I wanted. Unless you’d like me to bend you over the desk?”

“I think I’ll pass. One of the guards invited me to their barracks, to play.” Keith dug his nails into his skin as he stared at Lotor.

“Oh? To their barracks? Usually, when a whore gets invited to their barracks, they don’t really make it back out alive.” Lotor took a few steps toward Keith. “I think you’ll have to cancel your playdate. If you died, Father would be very angry. Honestly, I’d have no idea what he’d do to them, or to me.”

“What would I care what he would do to you?”

“Oh, right, because you hate me so much.” Lotor huffed as he grabbed a handful of Keith’s hair and pulled him in for a deep kiss. His hand pressed against Keith’s crotch. “You’re half hard just from my kiss.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly, willing Lotor to finish with him quickly. Lotor kept kissing him, and stroking him through the small amount of ratty clothing he was wearing, until Keith was completely hard and in need of more stimulation. Then he forced Keith onto his knees. And that was it, as soon as he shot onto Keith’s face.

As he wiped off his face, Lotor walked away. When he stood up, Lotor’s hands were in his hair again, dragging him to the hook. Lotor smiled at him once he was hanging from his wrists.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go chastise my men, make sure they’re clear on what they can and can not do to you.” Lotor kissed Keith again before leaving, locking the door behind him on his way out.

Keith whined as he struggled against his restraints. He knew it was useless, like it had been every other time.

When Lotor came back in, he completely ignored Keith. Doing paperwork and making phone calls. It was harder and harder to breath as he hung there, and his cock ached. Eventually, he passed out.

“You’re late.”

Keith turned when he heard the voice, not exactly sure who it had come from. His eyes went wide when he saw a familiar boy in front of a movie theater. “Lance?”

“We’re going to miss all the good previews.” Lance was trying to glare at him, but there was a smile pulling at the corner of his lips. “What took so long?”

“S-Sorry.” Keith said as he took a few steps towards the other boy, whatever had been on his mind before disappearing. “Just, it’s a long walk.”

“We could’ve picked you up.”

“Yeah. But, unless you want to miss the movie, we should probably get into the theater.” Keith nodded towards the door.

“Fine, but, don’t think I’m not mad at you, Kogane.”

“Of course not.” Keith let out a snort and held the door open. “Come one, McClain.”


The screen in the theater was just a blur of colors and a buzz of unintelligible sounds. But that wasn’t important. There was hand in his on the arm rest between the two of him, and a head on his shoulder. Lance was whispering. It was probably was about the movie, but Keith didn’t understand it anymore than he understood the movie. He laughed and smiled at the other boy anyway.

After the movie, they were cuddled up in a booth at the diner. They were just laughing and smiling. Keith wasn’t sure he’d ever smile so much, and so honestly in his whole life.

“Hey, can I kiss you?” Lance’s voice was soft as he rested his forehead against Keith’s.

Keith stared at him for a while, his smile falling off his face. “What? Why are you…?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you want to kiss me, just do it.” Keith swallowed hard, his gaze flickering to Lance’s lips.

“No, I have to ask. Someone has to ask.” Lance smiled at him.


“Is that a yes?” There were hands on his face, gentle hands. They’d be so easy to brush off if Keith didn’t want them there.

“Yes.” He closed his eyes and waited to feel the lips on his.

“Oh Spitfire.” A new voice drew him away from Lance. “Time to wake up.”

He closed his eyes tighter. Of course. It was dream. He was struck in the face, and his eyes shot open. Haggar was standing above him, and he was in her lab, on the metal slab. They must have moved him while he was unconscious.

“You need to clean up for Zarkon.”

“Fine.” Keith sat up and held his head. He wished it hadn’t been a dream.

Haggar didn’t say anything until Keith was under the shower. “So, who is Lance?”

Keith turned and glared at her. “No one.”

“Didn’t so like no one.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“As long as my husband wants you, and you’re under my son’s control here in the Lion’s Den, everything about you is your business.”

He turned away from her again, refusing to say anything else. Luckily, she didn’t press the issue. Once he was finished scrubbing, she held out a small bundle of cloth and strings. Sighing, he took and set it down to look at the lingerie that she had given him to put on. He hated playing dress up.

After he was ‘dressed’, he glanced at Haggar, who seemed to be appraising him. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Tread carefully young man.” She pointed one of her long, bony fingers at him. “But speak.”

“If you love your husband… how can you be okay with him… with what he does? Doesn’t it bother you that he fucks your son too?”

“Sex is how my beloved husband shows his children that he loves them, and sometimes that he is angry with them.” She grabbed his face and smiled at him softly. “Someday, you may understand this family and our customs.”

He shook his head, breaking from her grasp. “I don’t want to understand.”

“He is only hard on you because he cares for you so, wants to make you stronger.” She turned away from his, heading towards the door. “You should just stop the act and give in. We both know how much you’re itching to spill blood.”

“Not the blood your beloved husband wants me too, I can assure you.”

“Blood is blood, and I’m sure the blood he offers would sate you, Spitfire.” She left then.

“She males it sound like this is a vampire cult, and not a fucking human trafficking ring.” He huffed as he rested back against the metal table, staring at the door, waiting for someone to take him outside. The sooner the anniversary celebrations were over, the better.

When Zarkon was going to celebrate his one month, he never got the festivities. He’d been thinking about escaping again a lot, but he didn’t think he’d get very far. Though, maybe they’d finally give up on him, maybe they’d finally put him out of his misery.

The door opened and a single guard came in. A zip tie in one hand and a silk blind fold in the other. Keith’s eyes however went to the knife hanging off his belt, right where Keith’s hands would be bound. If he was going to try to leave again, he wouldn’t get a better opportunity for a while.

As the guard walked closer, Keith struck his hand up. He could hear the nose breaking as the heal of his palm made contact. Before the guard had time to process what happened or recover from the blow, Keith grabbed him and slammed his head into the metal table, hard enough to likely knock him out – maybe he enough to kill him. There was some commotion in the hallway and Keith ran to the door and flicked the lock. Haggar and Lotor probably had a key, but they’d have to go get either of them to get in.

As soon as the knife, the blade exposed, was in his hand, he left through the door to the outside he had the last time he’d made a run for it. Keith looked up at the guard posted outside the door, who slowly turned to him and plunged the knife into his chest. He couldn’t ignore how good it felt, the knife in his hand and the blood on the blade when pulled it back out.

His eyes went to the parking lot. A car was close to the door, tinted windows. The car he and Lotor were supposed to take to Zarkon’s. The driver looked like he was asleep. Across the parking lot was a less nice car with the hood open and two guards facing away from him, seemingly arguing. Keith walked towards the expensive car, bending to slash the passenger side tires, and then crawled under the trunk. His eyes looked around the undercarriage until he readjusted the knife in his hand and plunged it up into the fuel line.

Now smelling like gas, he crawled back out from under the car and started sprinting towards the road. He made it to the pavement and managed to keep going. The direction he picked was a whim, but he kept running. There was a loud commotion and he could hear gunshots as he moved, his lung heaving, his feet hurting. Keith didn’t dare look back though. He was out.

Eventually the sounds faded, and he couldn’t tell where he was, but he kept running. There was no way he should’ve been able to run as long as he was, but he assumed it was the adrenaline.

It wasn’t until he came to an intersection that he stopped and he realized how close to home he’d been the entire time. The sign that told him that the town he and Shiro lived in was only five miles if he went straight. If he turned left, he’d be at the big mall that him and his friends would spend hours walking around. He could see the sign for the only McDonald’s in town to the right.

A car stopped, and he looked at it. It was older, a classic, but well taken care of. His legs were shaking, and his heart was pounding as he walked over to the driver’s side. Tears were falling down his cheeks as he realized that the knife was still in his hand. He was going to look crazy, armed and in lingerie, covered in blood and gas. Hopefully whoever was behind the wheel would see what he really was, a scared kid who needed their help.

It wasn’t. His grip on the knife tightened when he saw through the door window as it rolled down.

“Need a ride, Spitfire.” Sendak said with a grin as he looked at Keith through the now open window. “You’re a long way from where you belong.”

Keith should’ve fought, but he just stood there, until Sendak opened the door, slamming it into his body and knocking him onto his ass. The knife fell from his hand and skidded away on the ground. Then Sendak was looming over him and Keith just closed his eyes tightly.

“I wonder what Zarkon will do when he finds out how far you made it? I wonder how he’ll reward me when I return his favorite pet.” He said as Keith felt himself be picked up off the ground. The teen struggled, but only as a formality, as the man put him onto his shoulder. When Keith opened his eyes again, he knew he was in the trunk of the car. It was way too old of a car for there to be a way to get out.

When the engine shut off, it was a while before Keith was finally taken out of the trunk. Two large guards both grabbing him, and two more watching carefully to grab him if he happened to over power them. They were back at the Lion’s Den. He didn’t fight as they dragged him inside.

He was strapped down to a vaguely person shaped table, with gaps. Another room Keith had never been in before. Then Zarkon and Lotor came in, both holding something similar to baseball bats. Neither said anything as they walked to either side of him, raising the weapons. Keith screamed as he felt both of his humeruses snapped from the force of the blows. The pain was intense. He blacked out when they got to his femurs.


Chapter Text


Keith rested his head back as Haggar removed the soft casts on each of his limbs. The x-rays she was about to take were going to decide whether he would get some recovery time, and her version of physical therapy, or if he was going back on the table. He didn’t have a very good sense of time, but it had to have been almost two months that he spent only get a few momentary breaks to eat, be cleaned, or flexing his joints. They didn’t give him any rest otherwise and he learned to sleep through it. Everything was so numb from the constant pounding; his eyes and balls had been emptied a hundred times over. He had lost counts of how many times he begged for them to just kill him, release him from the pain.

Haggar started talking to him, but he was so inside his head, he barely registered what she was saying until he heard the door close. He opened his eyes and she was gone, to press the button. She didn’t have to worry, he was too exhausted to move. He’d be too exhausted for a while.

Apparently, she was worried though because the door opened again, and two guards manhandled him, so he was strapped to a table. So, he wouldn’t try to run again while they were waiting for the x-ray results. He’d never try getting out that way again, that was for sure.

Keith enjoyed the silence, being alone. It had been too long since he was alone, didn’t have someone touching him. He was going to bask in it while it lasted.

It wasn’t too long before Haggar came back in, and he rolled his head to look at her. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping the news to be.

“All healed Spitfire. Get some rest. We’ll assess what steps we’ll need to take to get you back in working order tomorrow.” Haggar pushed Keith’s bangs away from his face. “You’re in need of a haircut too.”

She wasn’t wrong. His hair had never been as long as it was, but he didn’t know how it looked. He hadn’t seen himself in a very long time. Keith didn’t say anything as he stared at her.

“Did you lose your fight?”

He closed his eyes and rolled his head, facing away from her. “For the moment.”

“Would you take my lord’s offer?” Her hands were gently caressing his face, her voice surprisingly soft.

“I can’t…” A shudder went through his body before he clarified. “I wouldn’t have the strength.”

“Then we’ll have to get your strength back up.” Haggar hummed, her fingers falling away from his face. It was a few moments before he heard the door close, telling him that she was gone. He was asleep quickly after that, completely exhausted.

When he woke up, he wasn’t strapped down to a metal table in Haggar’s lab. The bed he was laying on was slightly more comfortable than his cot in the barracks. Someone had clothed him, the fabric soft on his skin. Keith wanted to sit up but didn’t trust his body. It had been too long since he’d put weight on his arms or legs.

He wasn’t sure how long he was awake before he finally made an attempt to move. His muscles were so out of use that it took all his very limited strength to pull himself into a sitting position against the headboard. Once he was sitting, he looked around the room.

It was dimly lit, and small. He could barely see some other things in the space, all seemed to be exercise equipment. Keith didn’t think he could walk, much less use any of the equipment.

The door eventually opened and Keith looked up at Haggar and the guard accompanying her. She looked back at him before flicking on the light. There was a smile on her face and she said something to the guard, who quickly turned and left.

“Good morning Spitfire. How are you feeling?”

“W-Weak…” He looked down as she walked towards him. His stomach growled pitifully, and he swallowed hard. “Hungry.”

“Food is on it’s way.” She had made her way to stand next to him. “I see you managed to sit up on your own.”

“It… it was hard.”

“We will make sure you are back in top shape before you are presented to Zarkon again, and we will take as much time as needed until you are well.” Haggar sat down on the bed next to him.

He glanced up at her and nodded. It was hard to believe that they weren’t going to rush his recovery, but they also probably thought his punishment for his last escape had completely broken him. Maybe they were right, maybe he was broken, but he still wasn’t sure he could be one of them, do what they did. Taking all that abuse was one thing, but he didn’t think he could ever dish it out. He didn’t want to put someone else through everything he’d been through.

There wasn’t enough strength in his arms for him to feed himself, especially not after using it all to push himself up. Haggar silently helped him eat, with a smile one her face. Keith felt so uncomfortable about it, but he just ate every bite of the food she held out. It was better than what they had at the Den. He doubted he was there anymore.

It was weeks of constant training before he could walk on his own, feed himself, generally take care of himself. He was often so frustrated, but it was better than being thrown back in the Lion’s Den immediately.

Before being taken by the Galra, he was in peak physical condition. Swimming, fighting assholes, weighting training with Shiro kept him strong, fast. Being in the Lion’s Den had almost completely ruined all that. Occasional trips to the gladiator ring helped keep his fighting skills fresh, but he was so weak from the exhaustion. The things he could do at top form, he’d probably be unstoppable in the ring, breeze through whatever training the Blades had.

He’d take standing and changing on his own for the moment though.

Haggar kept the same regiment for a while, to make sure he wouldn’t have a muscle-atrophy relapse, before things got changed up. The exercises got more difficult, actual training. Muscle building, endurance. She barely talked to him, only explaining her expectations at the beginning and telling him when his breaks were allowed to start and end.

Another few weeks and the training became less frequent. Everyday to every-other day. They gave him another room now that he had more mobility, bigger with a more comfortable bed. Keith thought it might’ve been the same room as the one he was in after his Sweet Sixteen. The thought made him half sick, but it was a nice room, so he’d live with it.

He hadn’t seen Zarkon or Lotor, and he only saw guards when he was being fed or moving between his new room and the training room. It wouldn’t last, but he was okay, as okay as he could be. Good food, the best treatment he’d had since he’d been in the Galra’s hands. Freedom from their clutches, or even just his nightmares, would’ve been nice, but it was unrealistic.

Zarkon came into the room, his head held high. There were people trailing him, but Keith was too focused on the fact that he wasn’t breathing and that his shoulders were shaking as he stared at the man.

“Spitfire. Haggar tells me your recovery is going well. Hopefully we can put your skills to the test again soon and extend the offer again.” Zarkon walked towards him, and Keith closed his eyes tightly when he was reached for. “Would you accept the offer, to join the Blade, to be one of us? You could have this. You could never have to return to the Lion’s Den as merchandise.”

Keith whimpered as he felt his face being touched.

“Tell me. Will you be one of us?”

He nodded in response, not really thinking of the question. It was more a choice of making Zarkon happy in the moment, to keep from more punishment when he was being pampered. Keith wasn’t completely sure if he would join the Galra, but he was leaning towards a yes.

Lips were on his, and it was a surprisingly soft, gentle kiss. Keith wasn’t recovered enough to have even gentle sex, much less what Zarkon would put him through. “I look forward to it.”

Keith swallowed hard and opened his eyes slightly when he felt Zarkon move away from him.

“But, I’ve brought you something. You seemed to really enjoy them when you spent time with them after your birthday, so hopefully they will bring you the same entertainment again.” He stepped aside and motioned back towards the door.

The twins from before were standing, barely clothed, collars around their necks. Their heads were down, their hands linked between them. Guards were flanking them, staring at them hungrily.

Looking away from them, towards Zarkon, Keith felt his gut clentch. He couldn’t be one of them. He wouldn’t rape someone. “Thank you.”

“I will see you again. We will have dinner.” Zarkon smiled at him, a sincere look of affection. It made Keith feel worse than when the man looked at him like a fleshlight.

“Okay.” He squeaked out.

Zarkon kissed him again, a hand wandering his body, before he turned and left with the guards trailing him. Keith heard the doors lock from the other side, as he took in what happened.

“M-May we still call you ‘Keith’?” One of the twins asked, looking up at him expectantly.

Nodding, Keith mentally shook off his conversation to focus on the other boys in the room with him. He smiled at them; it was good to see them. They didn’t look much different. “Of course… they didn’t… after the last time…?”

“No, they… we actually got a few days break, to be with each other, afterwards… as a reward for serving you so well.” The other said as he took a side step closer to his twin.

“Good. I-I… I was so afraid that they’d…” Keith took a deep breath before holding his arms open. “Come here.”

They both quickly walked over and hugged him, nuzzling into him. He squeezed them tightly, basking in the affectionate embrace. Keith couldn’t help but wonder if he did give into Zarkon, if he could have the twins permanently, so no one else could hurt them.

“Are you going to have sex with us this time?” One pulled away and pouted at him.

“No. I won’t, I won’t…” Keith swallowed hard as he stared at him. “Y-You two can do whatever you want otherwise, but I won’t… I can’t do that to you.”

The other took his face in his hands and moved closer. “So if we wanted to kiss you…”

Closing his eyes tightly, he nodded. “If its what you want.”

Lips were on his, hesitant, but passionate. Keith was sure they were trying to get him to change his mind. He wouldn’t. Not then. Still, he kissed him back.

“And if we wanted to kiss each other?”

“Of course.” Keith croaked out. He’d seen a little of their fucked-up relationship the first time they were with him, but he didn’t really understand. Something stirred inside of him as he watched them lock lips in what might’ve been the deepest Keith had ever witnessed. He wasn’t sure what the something was, but he knew it was dark, something he’d buried so deep he didn’t realize it was there.

When they finished their kiss, they were hanging on him again. “You wouldn’t let us tell you our names last time. Please… we want you to call us by our names.”

“Okay.” Keith held them again, resting his head on their shoulders.

The older, the smaller one was named Echo while the younger, more assertive one was named Onyx. They were nice names, but so clearly names of sex-slaves.

Onyx and Echo blew him after they were fed, before they went to sleep. He tried protesting, but he knew it wouldn’t work. Just like it hadn’t the last time. Brainwashing did that.

They were in the middle of fucking when he came back from a session of physical therapy. The guard that was escorting him started to shout and they separated, shaking in fear as they stood on either side of the bed.

Keith cleared his throat, glaring at the guard. “They were just warming up for me. They weren’t doing anything wrong.”

The guard looked down at him, then up at the twins before grumbling and leaving.

“You guys okay?” Keith asked without looking back at them.

“Thank you.” They said in unison.

“You’re welcome. If you want, you can keep going…” Keith’s gut clenched at the thought. It wasn’t with disgust, but longing that he couldn’t place. Perhaps the want of sex with someone he truly loved.

“Are you… sure?”

“You can do whatever you want.” Keith turned and looked at each of them seriously. “Just… enjoy yourselves… each other.”

They both smiled at him before getting back on the bed and slowly working their way back to sex. Keith didn’t know why, but he couldn’t look away. Every time they called each other ‘brother’, something happened in his brain, he was going to bury whatever had come to the surface back down, even deeper than before.

Chapter Text

The touch on his skin was surprisingly gentle as Zarkon slipped the robe off him. It didn’t mean that Keith hated it any less, but he didn’t move away from him.

“You said…” He’d been told that he wouldn’t have to do this until Haggar officially released him from his treatment, but he shouldn’t have been surprised it had been a lie.

“I’m just going to admire you, hold you close while you sleep.” Zarkon pressed a gentle kiss to his collarbone. “You are so beautiful, and I love you so much.”

Keith felt sick with the words, and close his eyes tightly as the robe finally fell off him completely. Hands roamed his body, tracing over his scars and his most sensitive areas. Lips pressed to his skin. If it hadn’t been Zarkon, the words and touches would’ve been welcome, but not from the monster who had hurt him in ways he hadn’t even thought possible.

“Your scars, everyone is precious. Won’t you tell me how you got them all?” Zarkon’s breath was hot on his skin, and against the scars it felt like it could burn him.

“N-No…” Keith managed to squeak out, opening his eyes slowly to find Zarkon on his knees infront of him, tracing along where his hips met his pelvis, his cheek resting against his stomach. Keith’s own member was half hard from the unwelcome caresses.

“What if I tell you about my scars?” Zarkon’s tone was soft, and Keith hated it. The man took his hands and moved away slightly. Keith’s hands were forced to traced the scars over each of Zarkon’s eyes. “My beloved wife did this to me in a bout of jealousy, luckily she missed taking out my eyes.”

Keith swallowed hard as he stared at Zarkon, pulling his hands back to himself once they were released. His curiousty got the better of him. “Who was she jealous of?”

“Alfor. She can handle sharing my love with my children, and my lust with whores, but she can’t stand to watch me court her brother.”

“You… and what about me?” Keith looked away, but his face was forced back towards Zarkon. Eager lips greeted his, in a deep kiss.

“You Keith, you are my greatest love of all.” Zarkon held Keith’s face gently between his hands. “I will not let anyone take you from me again, and I will do whatever it takes for you to return my love.”

“I won’t… not ever.” Keith managed before Zarkon kissed him again to silence him.

Zarkon took off his own robe, forcing Keith to touch his scars as he told him how he had gotten them. Eventually Keith gave in and told Zarkon how he got some of his scars. The man was particularly interested in the cigarette burns on the inside of his thighs. Keith had been pretty drunk when he had gotten those, he barely remembered why the guy fucking him decided to use him as an ash tray, but he did remember that it only made him come harder.

They had moved to the bed, Zarkon had wrapped himself around Keith under the silk sheets, holding Keith’s back close to his chest. Keith had his eyes closed tightly as Zarkon breathed heavy in his ear as he jacked himself off, reminding Keith that it was his fault for getting him so worked up.

His own cock was rock hard against his stomach, and aching from the lack of attention, but touching himself would only be admitting that he liked what Zarkon had done. Until he was sure Zarkon was asleep and he couldn’t take it anymore, with it twitching every time Zarkon moved and shifted his flaccid cock against his ass.

Zarkon’s hand wrapped around his own, and Keith moaned at the unexpected touch. Apparently, the man wasn’t asleep. Keith cried when he came.

“See, I knew you liked it.”

When Keith woke up, tears dried to his face, Zarkon’s cum dried on his back, and his own on his chest, he was alone in the bed. He slowly forced himself out of the bed, and looked towards the door where one of the guards held out his robe to him. He took it quickly.

The twins didn’t even notice him come back into the room as they were fucking. Keith took a shower, but he could see and hear them still, and ended up masturbating to them making each other feel good.

They’d finished by the time he got out of the shower and dressed. Both seemed happy to see him, and like they were genuinely worried when he hadn’t returned the night before. He shrugged them off when they went to kiss, him, turned off from even gentle touches for the moment.

Another guard came and took him to his therapy with Haggar. It went by quickly, and he was glad to have his mind off Zarkon as he was forced to do difficult physical tasks. When it was over, he looked at Haggar, and by the look on her face he knew that it wouldn’t be long until he was ready to return the Lion’s Den, to being a fucktoy.

Instead of having his dinner delivered, and instead of a guard, it was Lotor who came into the room. He had a pile clothes draped on his arm, and looked surprisingly formal himself. Slacks and a jacket, though his shirt was completely unbuttoned.

“You are looking well, little Spitfire.” Lotor said it with a smile.

Echo and Onyx quickly moved towards each other and behind Keith. Keith squared himself up as he stared at Lotor. “What are you doing here?”

“I am to prepare you for dinner tonight. Take off what you wearing and let me dress you.” Lotor moved around the three of them and laid out three different piles on the bed. “Your pets as well, as they will be accompanying you.”

Keith could feel the twins shaking against his back before they moved away. His eyes caught them as they hurriedly removed their rather covering clothes and stood with their arms at their sides, facing Lotor with their heads down. He watched as Lotor draped them with sheer fabric, leaving nothing to the imagination, being sure to touch them in places that weren’t necessary to be touched. Their drapes were fastened with golden cuffed on their wrists, ankles, and neck, collared like animals, like property.

“If you make me undress you Spitfire, I can’t promise to be gentle.”

“I can dress myself.” Quickly, Keith throw off his clothes and waited for Lotor to hand over the clothes.

“But where’s the fun in that.” Lotor chuckled as he lowered a sheer top of Keith’s head and then helped get a pair of tight leather pants onto him. Once he was finished, he stood back and looked over him. “You really are beautiful.”

Before Keith could say anything dismissive, he was being kissed by Lotor, so hard he tasted blood from a split lip, and he wasn’t really sure whose.

“Now, we better not be late, lest my father punish us both.” Lotor held out his arm, and when Keith didn’t immediately take it, he forced him two.

Keith looked back as they walked, seeing Echo and Onyx walking behind them, their head bowed. He swallowed hard when he looked up at Lotor, hoping that the dinner wouldn’t be like the Galra parties he’d attended.

It was a dinning room, with a long table with the food spread across the table. A few fully dressed servants were standing around, waiting to refill drinks and food. There were servants that were obvious whores kneeling at the foot of every guest’s chair. Zarkon was at one end of the table, Haggar at the other. Marmora, wearing only a partial version of her usual mask was sitting to Zarkon’s left, the seat to his right vacant. Kolivan was sitting next to Marmora. Sendak was sitting next to the empty chair at Zarkon’s right. There was an empty chair at Haggar’s right, one of Lotor’s personal general sitting across from it.

Lotor lead Keith to the seat to Zarkon’s right, pulling out the chair for him without a word. Once Keith was sitting, the twins knelt on either side of him. Zarkon’s hand was on his knee as he smiled at him. Keith swallowed hard and looked down at the place settings.

He was barely aware of what was happening during the meal, picking at his food. Occasionally he noticed someone around him made a small noise of pleasure and he lost his appetite all over again when he realized that their accompanying whore’s head had disappeared from view.

After the main course, but before dessert, Zarkon stood up and cleared his throat. “Welcome. I’m so glad you could all come for this. As you all know, my darling young Spitfire tried to leaved us a few months ago and was punished severely for the act. He’s been recovering from his punishment quite nicely under the care of my beloved wife.”

Keith felt both of the twins reach for him as he brought his arms around himself, not looking up at the man speaking.

“While he is not ready to neither begin training as a Blade, nor return to the Lion’s Den, he is able to make a choice of where he will be going.” Zarkon clapped his hands and Keith heard someone struggling as they were brought in. He didn’t have to look up to know what was happening.

“Spitfire, please stand.” Zarkon said it forcefully and Keith took a few breaths before he did, finally looking at the man.

“I won’t do it. I won’t.” Keith stared at him, even as the person he was meant to kill was brought closer to him.

“I figured as much, but I had a thought.” Zarkon grabbed Onyx from the ground next to Keith and pulled him up. “Perhaps another choice.”

“No.” Keith looked at Onyx, who had pure terror in his eyes as he stood ridigly with Zarkon’s hands firmly on the boy’s shoulders. Echo’s grip on him tightened, his hand shaking as he stared at his brother.

“If you won’t take a life, then you will pick which life I will take.” Zarkon pulled Onyx even closer to him. “I know you’ve become quite attached to this one, and his brother who would not survive without him. They only sell as a pair to our higher-class clientele. I may have to send the other to the Den.”

“N-No…” Echo said quietly from his place on the floor and Keith glared at the man.

“Please, it’s…” Keith took a step towards Zarkon.

“But there’s something attached to each of them.” Zarkon set his chin on Onyx’s shoulder. “Which one you choose will determine what will happen to you.”

“What… No, that’s…” Keith clenched his hands at his sides, glancing at the person they’d brought in. It was a whore from the Lion’s Den, other than Keith himself, she’d been there the longest after their purge. Apparently, she had been transferred from one of the slightly nicer brothels, so she’d been a prisoner even longer than Keith knew her.

“If you let me kill this yummy little morsel, you and the girl can walk out of here, and never worry about this gang ever again, just like your little friend Allison.”

Keith looked back at Onyx and bit his lip. Echo whispered out a plea to him, to save his brother.

“If you have me kill her, who’s past her usefulness to me, I can’t sell her, you will return to the Lion’s Den without finishing your treatment, but only after facing the best of the Blade in a fight that you have no hope of winning.”

“And if I refuse to choose?” Keith glared at Zarkon, feeling him shake.

“Then I will kill both, slowly, painfully. You will go to Marmora and she will give you true torture without end until you either give in and join us, or die.” Zarkon was smiling at him. “What choice will you make, Spitfire?”

Keith looked between the two whose heads were on the chopping block, then looked down at Echo, who was silently crying. He took a few breaths before looking back at Zarkon. “Kill… kill her.”

“Very well. Mormora, my dearest daughter.” He held out hand towards her, and she handed over a gun. Once it was in his hands, he pushed Onyx towards Keith and Echo. Echo caught him and hugged him tightly.

Once the gun had fired, the bullet going clean through the woman’s skull, he walked over to Keith and pulled him close by his shirt. “Just because you didn’t pull the trigger, doesn’t mean you aren’t the one who killed her, even more so than with anyone else I have paraded in front of you. She couldn’t lived.”

“It doesn’t matter, I made my choice, and I have to live with that.” Keith glared at him.

“Lotor, take the twins to my chambers, and once they are finished pleasuring me, see to it that they only spend time together when they’re being paid for until I am no longer angry at Spitfire.”

“Of course father.” Lotor grabbed the twins by their arms, even as they clung to each other.

“That wasn’t part of…”

“But I never said I wasn’t going to do that. At least they’ll still both be alive, and cared for, unlike the pathetic lot in the Lion’s Den.” Zarkon kissed him and released him. “Marmora, see to it that he is prepared to face your Blades.”

Once Zarkon had walked out of his field of vision, Keith looked over at Marmora, who was frowning as she motioned for him towards one of the doors. He nodded and headed towards it, feeling her walking behind her. Kolivan opened it, smiling at him sadly.

Chapter Text

Keith didn’t look at Kolivan as he changed into the skin tight suit. It was an odd material, thick, metallic, but stretchy. He was pretty sure the man wasn’t watching him, like most of the Galra would’ve, but it he didn’t want to confirm either way.

“The members of the Blade you will be facing will stop short of killing you, but they won’t go easy on you.” Kolivan’s words made Keith finally look at him. The man was staring at the window that looked into a small empty room. “No one is expecting you to win.”

“No. Just to get beaten within an inch of my life.” Keith scoffed, reaching behind himself, trying to finish with the zipper.

“This is a punishment. Zarkon doesn’t like to be challenged.” Kolivan glanced at him and then walked over. His hands were gentle, even pausing before touching him, as he finished closing the suit. “But, he and Lady Marmora both hope this will be an eye opener. If you join us, we would train you to be unstoppable.”

“I don’t want to kill for him.” Keith closed his eyes as he felt hands in his hair, pulling it back into a ponytail.

“But you’ve come to terms with having to kill.”

“I won’t ever do it for Zarkon.”

“What would you kill for? Freedom? If you join us-…”

“I’d be able to earn freedom? To go out as long as I could be trusted to come back?” Keith scoffed, turning to face Kolivan but not looking at him. “I won’t ever be free of this, even if I get out, I’ll always be chained to the Galra.”

“It’s time. What is your weapon of choice?”

“Whatever. I just… I just want to get this over with.”

Kolivan moved away from him and then came back with a small dagger made of strange purple metal. “Good luck Spitfire.”

“Whatever.” Keith took the blade and looked at the window. There were three people dressed similarly and armed with larger swords. He took a few deep breaths as he walked through the open door between him and them. It shut behind him and he heard it lock.

“Think you can survive this, kid?” The largest of the three said, his very large sword resting on his shoulder.

“You aren’t allowed to kill me.”

“That mostly depends on how tough you are.” The smallest of them swung her dual swords in front of her. “We can’t help it if you just happen to bleed out.”

“Enough talking. Let’s get this over with.” The third said, and Keith agreed.

The fight was short, but Keith still got what Kolivan meant. Between the three of them, his opponents were skilled. They were fighting in such a presice and controlled manner that Keith was in awe a bit. And even as they were very polished fighters, they didn’t leave him much opening to predict their patterns. They could see through all of his though. Not that he was doing much offense. It was obvious they were holding back. Any one of them could’ve killed him with one blow if they wanted to; they were just toying with him.

The suit also helped prolong the fight. Their blades were sharp, but the suit kept most of the hits from cutting into him; a few of the hardest blows managed to hit his skin but mostly he was left bruised. More than anything, he was exhausted by the time Kolivan walked into the room.

The man put himself between Keith, who had fallen to his knees, tears of frustration in his eyes, and the three Blades. “I think Spitfire has had enough of a beating today.”

“Kid has real potential. It’s a shame.” The dual wielder said as put her swords away.

“I don’t know, that stamina, I might finally have a reason to visit the Lion’s Den after all these years.” The smaller male chuckled.

As they walked off, Keith them continue talking about him. His body hurt. He hadn’t been completely ready for a fight, not after his last punishment and the recovery period.

“It’s time to go back to the Lion’s Den. I’m sorry.” Kolivan onto one knee in front of Keith.

“I almost believe you.” Keith weezed out as he held his rib cage. Probably another cracked rib to add to his ever-growing list of injuries.


“That you’re sorry. I almost believe it.” Keith looked up at him, attempting a glare. To Kolivan he just looked sad, tired.

“I mean it.”

“You’re way too nice for an assassin, for a Galra.” Keith wanted to laugh, but he just coughed. It didn’t help the pain of his ribs.

“I’ll tell you a secret. Unlike most of the Blade, and Zarkon’s inner circle, I wasn’t raised among the Galra.” Kolivan put a hand on his shoulder. It was almost comforting. “I went through what you’re going through… not as severe, and I didn’t hold out as long, but I understand.”

“What made you finally give in?” Keith lowered his gaze. He was starting to get light headed.

“I just decided I didn’t want to live in pain anymore.” Kolivan grabbed his arm and firmly but gently pulled him to his feet. “I think what you’re doing is pointless, but I respect the choice your making.”

“Pain has been my entire life. Why should it be any different now?” Keith leaned into Kolivan as his legs shook with the effort to stand.

“There isn’t anything that would make you join us? Leave the pain of being a whore, of being tortured behind?”

“There isn’t anything Zarkon has offered me yet that would make me change my mind.” Keith closed his eyes as he felt Kolivan pick him up. “But I’m sure he’ll keep searching.”

“You may wear his patience thin.”

“And maybe when I finally do, he’ll just put me out of my misery.”

“Is that what you want, Spitfire? Death?”


Chapter Text

Keith stared out the window of the room he was sharing with Takashi, at the pool that the two older girls they lived with were splashing each other in. Their foster mother was laying in the sun while their foster father was doing laps in the pool. He wasn’t allowed near the pool after what happened not long after him and his brother had moved in. Not that it mattered, he was rarely allowed out of his room.

He heard the door open behind him and looked down at his hands, making sure his wrists were covered. Mr. Knorr had left bruises earlier when he dragged him back into his room when he found him looking for a snack after he came home from school. They’d been with the Knorrs for almost a year, and they were also pushing him out of the way or yelling at him, but it was the first time they’d hurt him, left a mark.

“Hey buddy, you okay?” Takashi’s voice was soft as Keith heard him walk towards him.

Turning towards him, he didn’t quite look at him as he shrugged. “Fine.”

“Did they get mad at you again?” He stood across from him, looking down at him with a concerned look. Keith’s answer was silence was answer enough. “What did they do?”

It was always what they did when Keith told him about it later. Keith was the one who did something wrong. Takashi should’ve been mad at him. “Nothing.”

“Keith.” He touched his hair gently, his expression soft. “You can tell me.”

“It’s fine.” Keith glanced up at him. “You should go. They’ll be mad if you’re not down there with them, missing ‘family time’.”

“You’re my family, not them.” Takashi sighed, letting his hand rest on top of his little brother’s. Keith always told him that he hated when he did that, but he secretly loved it. His brother’s touch was always kind, always comforting. They didn’t have a home in a while, so Takashi was a close substitute.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me. You should go swim… since I can’t.” Keith ducked a little to get his brother’s hand off his head and moved to sit on his bed. “I’ll be okay…”

Sighing again, Takashi grabbed his swim trunks. “I could teach you sometime, to swim. Then you can come down with us, they can’t make you sit up here if you can swim.”

Nodding, Keith didn’t look up at him. When they first moved in almost a year before, he’d fallen into the pool while he was out there with the girls and Takashi was inside doing homework. Both Mr. and Mrs. Knorr were drunk, so they didn’t do anything except be mad at a five-year-old Keith later. It took both girls to get him out of the pool. He would’ve died if one of them hadn’t learned CPR in one of their health classes. It was the start to his rocky relationship.

It was later that night that Takashi saw the bruises. He was angry, and at first Keith thought he was angry with him, but he’d never really been mad at him before.

“What happened? Which one did this?” The older boy was seething as he held Keith’s delicate wrist, motioning towards the marks.

“It’s fine, Takashi… he didn’t mean it. Just…” Keith tried pulling his hand away from his brother. If they were too loud, they wake up their foster parents, and then they’d really be mad.

“You have to tell our caseworker.” His brother was looking at him seriously. “She’ll be here at the end of the week to check on us.”

“No! She’ll move us! What if we got separated?” Keith pouted at him. He’d heard the girls talking about siblings sometimes getting separated in foster care. Since, it’d been his biggest fear.

“We won’t. I won’t let that happen.” Takashi sighed and softened the look he was giving Keith. He put his hands on either side of his brother’s face. “You’re my little brother, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you. I promised Dad.”

It had been a while since Keith had cried, he had a lot pent up. He was still reeling from their dad’s death. For a long time after moving in with the Knorrs, he couldn’t accept it, too young to really understand. Their dad wasn’t coming back, just like Takashi’s mom. They were gone. It was just him and Takashi.

When Keith started crying, Takashi sighed again and pulled him into his arms. He apologized as he rocked his brother slowly.

There was a lot of venom in Mrs. Knorr’s voice the next morning when she came into their room without knocking. “Aren’t you two a little old to still be sharing a bed?”

Neither of them answered her question as they got out of the bed and gathered up their stuff to get ready for school.

The bruises on Keith’s wrists had faded by the time that their caseworker came by. She was walking around the house, just looking at things. Eventually it was just her and the boys in their room.

“Everything okay?” She asked as he sat in the desk chair across from where they were sitting on the bed.

“No.” Takashi said as he crossed his arms. Keith grabbed from his arm, pouting at him, silently pleading for him not to say anything. “They hurt Keith.”

What?” She didn’t sound like she believed them. “Tell me what happened.”

When the older brother finished explaining, she sighed. “Unfortunately, without the proof, I can’t move the two of you immediately. I’ll work on moving you, I don’t want you living somewhere that you don’t feel safe.”

Nodding sternly, Takashi moved a hand around his brother’s shoulders.

“I’ll be back in two weeks, but here’s another one of my cards. Call me if anything happens again.” She stood up and held out the small laminated paper. “I hope that nothing else happens.”

Then she was gone. The two could hear their foster parents politely showing her out, hoping that she drove safe. It wasn’t long after the door was closed that the couple was storming into their room.

“What the fuck did you tell that woman?” Mr. Knorr was glaring specifically at Keith.

Keith bit his lip as he tightened his grip on his brother. Takashi stood up and put himself between his brother and the angry adult.

“I told her the truth! You hurt my brother!”

Hurt…?” Mrs. Knorr sounded even more angry than her husband. “How dare you? Just because he told you that? He’s a little liar.”

“I saw it. You left bruises.”

“Prove it.”

When Takashi just continued glaring, Mr. Knorr rolled his eyes. He looked around and found the card from their caseworker on the night stand, and he took it. “The two of you better stay in line. I’ve already had enough of the little one, but you’re really starting to get on my nerves too, big brother.”

“And if I hear you accusing my husband again, you better both start looking for a place to hide.” She pointed at both of them before walking out the door. He followed behind, slamming the door as he left. Keith winced at the sound.

“I told you not to.” Keith said it quietly as he held onto the back of his brother’s shirt. Takashi was shaking.

“I know. I’m sorry. I was just trying to help, but now I guess they hate us both.”

Both Mr. and Mrs. Knorr spent less time in the house in the two weeks before their caseworker came back. Neither Takashi or Keith minded, especially since it let Takashi keep his promise to teach Keith to swim.

Even if the Knorrs were gone more, they’d become stricter. Keith was only allowed out of their room to go to school and use the bathroom, not even for meals. Shiro was allowed out for meals and he was expected to do his homework with the girls, but otherwise he was supposed to be confined with his brother. The girls didn’t care about whatever rules the Knorrs imposed, they weren’t going to enforce them on the boys but they also weren’t going to have their back if they broke them.

The first few times, Keith could barely get in the water without freaking out. Takashi was patient with him, and Keith managed to get in the pool. He had been the one that had wanted to learn out to swim, and he trusted his brother not to let him drown.

After the initial setbacks, it didn’t take long for Keith to pick up on it. The movements that Takashi modeled for him, and then held him at the surface of the water so he could practice without fear, were easy. He wasn’t ready to dive under the water yet, but he was soon able to do laps back and forth in the pool. There wasn’t much strength or speed behind his sloppy, unpracticed movements, but he was doing it.

Keith loved when they snuck down to the pool after he learned to swim. Takashi wouldn’t get in with him after he taught his brother, instead on guard to watch for the Knorrs. He didn’t mind much though. While he was swimming, back and forth across the length of the pool, he felt free. Not free in the sense of physical freedom, the cage of the Knorr’s rules and the foster system were ever present, but the water offered him something better. It was physically confining, but in a comforting way, cool and soothing. His focus had to be on his movements, of making sure his head was out of the water when he breathed, otherwise the water would take him. It offered him an escape from the plague of negative thoughts swirling in his head. His father’s death, his mother’s abandonment, the Knorr’s abuse, the bullies at school, his burden on Takashi. All those things he was constantly stressing about, blaming himself for, washed away while he moved through the water.

Takashi was always waiting for him at the edge of the pool with a towel, when it was time for him to get out. He was always smiling, and Keith took the towel happily. Seeing his brother smile make him feel better than he had in a while. Keith hoped they could continue their secret swims until they were finally taken away from the Knorrs.

When their caseworker came back, they didn’t tell her anything, afraid of what the Knorrs would do if they did. She smiled at them sadly and said that she’d try to hurry with moving them, but there was only so much she could do.

It was on a night after that when they finally got caught. Keith had convinced his brother to join him in the water. They’d been having so much fun, splashing each other and swimming around with their eyes closed looking for the other. Neither of them noticed their foster parents until Mr. Knorr was pulling Keith roughly out of the pool.

When their caseworker came back several days later, a police officer with her because the school had called the cops about both boys being truant, Takashi still had the bruise around his neck and his eye and Keith had the brush burns on his face and back. She finally had the proof she needed to remove them immediately.

After they were taken away, their caseworker apologized about not being faster, and about the fact that they were going to be separated. Keith bawled as he held onto his brother tightly.


Keith sat on Matt’s bed with Pidge staring at him intently. He wasn’t really sure what she was looking for, as he sat with a pillow held to his chest, but her gaze made him uncomfortable, like she could see into the very heart of him. There were a lot of things he was hiding that for some reason he would terrified she’d be able to see if she just stared at him enough. For someone so young and with possibly even fewer social skills than him, she was incredibly preceptive.

“Mom and Dad are heading to bed.” Matt said quietly as he came in, shutting the door behind him. Both younger kids looked up at him.

“Does that mean we have to go to bed too?” Pidge pouted at her brother.

“No, just have to keep it down. You have to be in bed by midnight though young lady.” He pointed at her before getting onto the bed, making a triangle of them.

“Damn it, just because I’m younger…” She crossed her arms and stared at the bed spread. Keith chuckled as he ducked his head down so his face was hiding behind his bangs.

“That’s the first I’ve seen you smile since you’ve got here.” Matt was grinning at him. “You’ve barely said a word all day.”

“Oh!” Keith hugged the pillow tighter, the smile falling off his face quickly. “I-I’m sorry… I just…”

“Keith, Keith, buddy. You don’t need to apologize. I’m just glad to see you smile.” Matt put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s been a week since Shiro moved out of the Smiths’ right? How is it going?”

“Not really any different than before. They moved Larry into my room, and he hasn’t been bad or anything, but he’s not Shiro… I haven’t really been able to sleep with him in the room.” Keith swallowed hard, not looking at either of them.

“Have you seen him at all since he moved out? I know Matt’s been bitching about how busy he’s been lately.” Pidge said, giving her brother an annoyed look when she finished.

“No. I’ve talked to him on the phone a few times, but they weren’t very long conversations.” Keith shrugged, glancing up at Pidge. “I miss him already.”

“If you really want an older brother, you can have mine.” Pidge pointed at Matt as she looked back at Keith with a smile.

Keith smiled back. Matt looked at his sister with shock. “You’d just give me away? Just like that? Not even bargaining or anything?”

“You know what, you might be better off without.”

“You’re the worst.” Matt reached for her, pulling her towards him and messing up her hair. She yelped in response, trying to fight him off.

“Keith, Keith, help me!” Pidge reached for him.

Laughing, Keith shook his head. “Sorry Pidge, I think you got yourself into that one.”

When Matt finally released his sister, they changed the conversation. All three of them were laughing as they talked about the latest drama that was outside of their social circle. Eventually, Matt kicked Pidge out of his room, threatening to tickle her to death if he checked later and she was still awake. She waved at him dismissively.

“So, have you and Shiro talked about him getting custody of you at all?” Matt didn’t look at Keith as he got up to rummage through his closet.

“Not since he aged out, but before…” Keith glanced at Matt. He assumed that Shiro had mentioned something about it to Matt. There wasn’t much Shiro kept from his boyfriend. “We both agreed that he can’t, not right now.”

Matt came back out of the closet, with nothing, and sat back on the bed. “Yeah, he said that he couldn’t right away, but…”

“He can’t… he can’t support me right now Matt, even if the court would sign me over to him. The only reason he can afford the shitty apartment he’s in right now is because its owned by his boss at the coffee shop. Our dad didn’t leave us any money.” Keith tilted his head to look at Matt seriously. “I-I’ve been dreaming about it being just me and Shiro for years, but I know it can’t happen right now. The Smiths are the best foster parents I’ve ever had, I can hold out with them for a little longer.”

“Until he’s in a place where he can support both of you, you’re always welcome here, you know that right?” Matt reached out and brushed Keith’s bangs out of his eyes. “My parents see both you and Shiro as sons.”

“Shiro told me they got turned down when they tried to adopt us, well, the state would’ve let them adopt him.” Keith closed his eyes. “According to the system, they weren’t equipped to deal with me.”

“They never told me that, must’ve figured there was no reason to get my and Pidge’s hopes up until they got approved. I really wish that they would’ve.”

“Because you’d be sharing a room with your boyfriend?” Keith was grinning at him.

Looking away, Matt crossed his arms. His face was bright red. “I imagine my parents would have put both of you in the room downstairs.”

A yawn cut through Keith’s laugh, and he glanced back at Matt. “I’m pretty exhausted. C-Can we go to bed?”

“Yeah, yeah. I couldn’t find the blankets we usually use for your nest. Mom must either have them in the wash, or they’re in Pidge’s room from when Sarah stayed over the other week.” Matt moved on the bed. “You don’t mind sharing with me, do you?”

“Have these sheets been washed since the last time you and Shiro fucked?” Keith raised an eyebrow at the older boy.

Laughing, nervously, Matt didn’t quite look at him. Huffing, Keith moved so he was under the covers.

“You going to be able to sleep in here, with me? You said that…”

“You’re different than Larry. I-I… You’re like a brother, so you’re comfortable.”

“You’re like a brother to me too kiddo. Get some sleep.” Matt smiled at him as he reached to turn off his bedside lamp.


Keith’s heart was beating hard in his chest as he typed in the search bar. He glanced through small crack he’d left his door open, out to the front door. It was locked, and for the moment he was alone in his and Shiro’s apartment, but Shiro or Matt could barge in at any moment. The stress of what he was feeling was enough without having to face either of them -especially Shiro.

Once he was sure the door wasn’t going to open in the next few moments, he looked at his results with a deep frown. His throat felt dry. He’d been ignoring the possibility for a while but hearing the words in health class made it a plausible reality. And he had to face it.

He hovered the cursor over a few of the links but finally clicked on one advertising a symptom quiz.

“Okay, Keith, you can do this… it’s just a quiz.” Keith said quietly to himself as he skimmed over the information about the quiz, about how it was an adapted standard that had been in use for decades to help diagnose, diagnose sex addiction. “No big deal.”

As he clicked the button to actually start the quiz, he held his breath. His eyes skimmed the questions and he felt sick. The number of times he’d felt ashamed afterwards was ridiculous, he’d lost count. He’d had so many sexual partners and it had definitely kept him from having a meaningful, long term relationship.

One question made him pause, tears coming to his eyes as he read the question over and over again. He eventually shut the laptop, a little harder than was probably good for it, and tossed it off his lap. Breaking into sobs, barely able to breathe, he curled up into a ball, holding himself tightly. Keith was trying so hard to push down memories and the associated feelings, but he knew they were about to over flow.

‘Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent?’

The question had come to define him. Even if he refused to acknowledge it, or deal with what had happened it him, he knew it was all he had become. But he refused to listen to the small, hurt boy inside of him that was screaming out for closure and comfort.

His panic attack had crested, to the point where all he could hear was his own pained screams, and then nothing but ringing in his ears. The tingle of old touches lingered on his skin as he started panting for breaths and his tears dried up.

When he felt his phone buzzing against his leg, he jumped and stared at the screen for a while before making an impulse decision. He was holding his breathe again, his heart pounding accompanying the ringing in his ears.

“Hey, Keith, buddy, what are you up to?” Lance said it with a playful lilt to his voice.

Keith choked out something that was half sob, half the other boy’s name.

“Woah! Keith, you okay?” Lance switched very quickly into a mother hen. He could probably tell what was happening. Keith had panic attacks in front of him before – but never about this, about the worst of the abuse he’d faced as a kid.

His silence was enough of an answer for Lance.

“You know you can talk to me, you can tell me anything.” Lance pleaded and Keith sobbed again. He really wished he could tell him anything, but he couldn’t tell anyone about what it. “A-And if you don’t… want to, I can…”

“Can you come over?” Keith said it level, steady, but his entire body was shaking.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in a couple minutes. Can I hang up, or should I stay on the line?”

“I-I’ll be okay. The… the panic attack is pretty much over I just need…”

Keith heard Lance calling for his dad, and then saying something in Spanish hurriedly. “I’ll see you soon. Hang in there buddy.”

“Y-Yeah… I’ll try.” Keith said just before he dropped the phone and curled back up. His eyes went back to the front door. He’d need to get up to unlock it, so Lance could come in.

“Oh God…” His voice was shaky as he realized what he’d done. How could he talk to Lance about what his problem was – especially when Lance was part of the problem. If it wasn’t for Keith’s constant need for sex, he could’ve been dating Lance for years. They could’ve been disgustingly cute just like Matt and Shiro. By the time he thought about texting Lance to tell him that he’d changed his mind about him coming over, there was a knock on the door.

He almost fell over as he stood up, his body exhausted from how hard the panic attack had hit him. His stomach was turning. But as soon as he opened the door and found Lance standing there, playing with the hem of his shirt before looking up at him, he felt so much better, about everything. It wasn’t as if all his problems and fears were completely washed away, but they seemed so manageable as Lance gave him an encouraging smile.

“Hey man, you feeling any better?” Lance asked he walked past Keith into the apartment. Keith just hugged him tightly as he pressed his face into Lance’s shoulder, taking in his scent. Either Lance had skipped a shower or taken his shirt out of the dirty wash bin, because he didn’t smell as good as he usually did.

Keith felt himself relax as arms wrapped around him and he heard Lance shushing him quietly. He hadn’t made any noise, but Lance being so gentle with him made him close to crying again.

“Whatever it is, its over, and I’m here for you.”

When Keith pulled out of Lance’s arms, finally closing the door, he sat on the couch and rubbed his face. “Thank you, for coming over.”

“You know I’d do anything for you, well maybe not anything. I probably wouldn’t die for you or something stupid.” Lance sat next to him and put a gentle hand on his shoulder, laughing softly.

Keith turned his head and smiled at Lance. “I’d be so pissed if you ever tried to die for me.”

Lance looked away, down at the floor. “So, you going to tell me what happened?”

Keith swallowed hard. “I-I… I think I have a problem and while I was trying to figure it out… there was just a trigger and… I just…”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, slow down. What kind of problem?” Lance squeezed his shoulder.

He shook his head, not looking at the other boy. “I-I’m not ready to talk about it, especially not with you. I need to figure out if… if I really have it and how I’m going to fix it.”

“Especially… am I part of the problem?”

“No!” Keith stared at him with wide eyes, but then he looked away. “Not part of the problem… but it’s… you’re… it involves you yeah…”

“Okay, so…” Lance tucked Keith’s bangs back behind his ear. “Even if you won’t tell me what the problem is… when you figure it out, you promise you’ll tell me how I can help, right?”

“I don’t know if you can Lance.”

“Even if it’s just by being here, or… or if it’s keeping my distance or whatever you need… I just want you to be happy. Your smile does something to me, and I want to see it on your face all the time.”

“I’m sorry… sorry that I-I…”

“Don’t be sorry, okay? I just want to help.”

“I know. It means a lot to me.” Keith gave him the softest smile he could manage with everything he was feeling. “I’d do anything for you too.”

“Anything?” Lance raised his eyebrows.

“Well, maybe not kill someone.” Keith leaned in and rested his head against Lance’s shoulder. “Hey, could you maybe find something on TV, or talk to me about anything else? I just… I just want to take my mind off it for a little bit.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course.” Lance reached for the remote and clicked on the TV. “But, if you won’t talk to me about it, you need to talk to someone. Shiro, probably, right? I mean, he’s your brother and your guardian so…”


It was a few hours later that Shiro finally came home, and Keith had almost forgotten about the quiz, about the cause of the panic attack. Lance had a knack of always cheering him up, even when Keith saw that Lance could use some cheering up on his own. He was always trying to deal with his own shit and too socially inept to even talk to Lance, but he noticed, and he tried.

“Hey, Shiro, can… can we talk about something?” Keith said as Shiro was popping leftovers from the Holts’ in the microwave. He wasn’t really looking at his brother as he rubbed his arm. Lance was in the living room, because Keith had asked him to stay over.

“What’s up? You okay?” Shiro took the fork out of his mouth and looked at Keith. His brows were furrowed together.

“N-Not really. Could we talk in my room? I really… I’m not ready for Lance to know yet.”

“Okay, okay.” Shiro hit the pause button on the microwave and set the fork down. Keith nodded before turning and heading to his room. Once Shiro was inside, Keith shut the door, going as far to turn the lock. “Did… did something happen? Do you need me to…?”

“No, no!” Keith put his hands up. “I just… I think there’s something wrong with me.”

“Keith, you’re not…”

“No, I mean…” He closed his eyes tightly. His mind went to how he had sought out Mr. Harris for a second round. How he met up with a random guy he’d never met to get laid. How last time he had sex, he’d been barely prepped when he was begging for it and how much he’d bled from it. “I… I think I’m a sex addict.”


They stood in silence for a while before Keith looked at his brother. “Is… is that all you have to say?”

“I just… I… I guess I don’t know what goes on in your head when you… and I don’t know half of what you do, but… it makes a lot of sense.” Shiro shook his head as he messed with his hair. “How sure of it are you?”

“I-I… I started taking this symptom quiz thing… but some of the questions… I had a panic attack.” Keith swallowed hard. “I just… I think I know what’s it’s going to say.”

“Why don’t you finish? I’ll stay in here with you if you want, and I promise I won’t look at your answers if you don’t want me to.” Shiro smiled at him encouragingly.

Nodding, Keith sat up against his headboard and opened his laptop back up. The quiz was still up, it had kept all his previous answers. As Shiro sat down next to him, he stared at the question that had set him off. Taking a deep breath, he answered it, so he could move onto the next page, so he wouldn’t have to see it.

It didn’t take long to finish, and he just felt so dirty as he kept answering the questions. Then the result came up and he felt sick again.

“Keith?” Shiro put a hand on his knee, looking at him seriously.

“I-I… I finished…”


“Six is… is what the score they use to…” Keith took a few deep breaths, not looking at his brother. “I got a fourteen.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I-I don’t know…” Keith read over the page and then looked at his brother. He couldn’t imagine himself in therapy, but he knew it would be the only way to fix himself. “I-I… need time to…”

“Okay, whatever you want to do, you have my full support. I love you, little brother.” Shiro cupped his cheek and smiled at him softly. “This doesn’t make you a bad person, or undeserving of love.”

Keith reached up and held his arm with shaking hands. “I love you too Takashi.”

They sat quietly for a while before Shiro pulled Keith into a hug. “Why don’t we grab Lance and go get some ice cream, huh?”


Later, Keith was laying in Lance’s arms. It was late, and Keith had been so close to sleep when he heard Lance talking.

“You’re so strong, you’re going to get through this, whatever it is.”  His hands were rubbing his back gently and Keith kept his eyes closed. “Strong, beautiful, smart. God, you deserve so much, more than me.”

He was half tempted to tell Lance that he was all he wanted, but Lance was only saying this because he thought Keith was already asleep. Lance was wrong anyway, it was him who deserved more than Keith.

“I love you, I love you so much.”

Keith made a small surprised noise as he felt lips press to his forehead. It was pleasant, just unexpected. He scooted a little closer to Lance when he started pulling away, making a contented sigh when he felt the arms tighten around him.

Maybe some day they’d be able to say it to each other while they were both awake.


Keith had been standing in front of his closet for at least twenty minutes, biting his lip. Shiro had been standing in the doorway watching his brother with a fond smile for the last two of those minutes before he finally spoke up.

“Hey.” He said it softly, but it still made Keith jump and turn to him with wide eyes. Even after all the years somewhere safe, the year with Shiro, he was still jumpy. He hated it.

Shiro’s smile faltered. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

Groaning, Keith sat down on his bed and looked back at the closet. “It’s okay, I was just focused... What’s up?”

“So, tomorrow’s the big day? You and Lance. Finally, right?” Shiro moved into the room and stood by the bed.

As he covered his face, Keith sighed. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Shiro laughed and sat next to his brother. “You’ll be fine. It’s not any different than when you guys usually hang out. I mean, you guys have already shared a bed and I’ve seen you hold hands. Add in some kissing and dick touching, and you have a relationship.”

“Shiro!” Keith pushed on the man’s shoulder, but Shiro was firmly planted and Keith was the one that ended up moving away slightly. His face was bright red, he could feel it. He could also feel his shoulders shaking.

“Shit sorry, I’m just…” Shiro sighed and smacked himself in the face. “You know what I mean, and it’s not like you… fuck, I… just… I know how long you’ve wanted to be with him, and… uh, have sex with him.”

“It’s fine, really. I know you didn’t mean it like…” Keith swallowed and looked up at his brother. “And it’s different with Lance, I don’t want just… I want to…”

“What? With Lance you’d be making love?” The way Shiro’s voice changed at the end made Keith’s face go even redder as he ducked his head down to hide behind his bangs. He wasn’t even upset by the teasing, but it was embarrassing. So embarrassing. Like it should’ve been.

“Shut up.”

“Come on, you know I’m teasing.” Shiro huffed. “I’m really happy that you two are finally taking this step. It’s been a long time coming.”

“Why does it sound like there’s a ‘but’ there?”

“But, if you break his heart, I’m going to kill you.” Shiro put his hand on Keith’s shoulder. The younger looked up, confusion and shock clear on his face.

“Uh, shouldn’t… shouldn’t you be giving Lance this talk? About breaking my heart?”

“Lance McClain may play a big flirt game, but he’s smitten with you. That boy would die for you.” Shiro reached out and tucked a piece of his brother’s hair back. “You on the other hand…”

“I wouldn’t hurt him.” Keith looked away again, bringing a knee up to his chest.

“I know you wouldn’t, not on purpose. You’re so guarded that I’m afraid that you’ll end up pushing him away without meaning to.”

“I’m not-!”

“You still haven’t done anything about that thing we discussed a few weeks ago, and I know it’s part of what kept you from taking this step with him.” Shiro looked at him seriously.

“I haven’t… I haven’t had sex with anyone since then, and it… it’s… been rough couple of weeks.” Keith bit his lip, thinking back to all the times he had to physically grab onto something to stop himself from approaching one of his fuck buddies or how he would have to give Pidge or Hunk his phone when one of them texted him to keep himself from responding. He’d never masturbated so much in his life. “And… and next week… maybe we could start looking… looking for a… a therapist.”

“I’m proud of you for it, but… I know there are things that you still haven’t told me. Your brother. Your brother, who if you came home and told that you killed someone in cold blood, would help you get rid of the evidence.”

“Come on…” Keith looked back at him, to tell him to stop joking around but the look on Shiro’s face was completely serious. Of course, Shiro had joked about it before, but now it was clear it was never a joke.

“Just, don’t let yourself get in the way. This is a good thing.” Shiro smiled as he pushed Keith’s bangs out of his face.

“I know, I’m just so nervous.” Keith rested his head against his knee. “He deserves better than me.”

“We’ll deal with your low self-esteem later, right now, I’m just going to remind you that he wants you, he asked you out.”

He groaned as he let himself fall into Shiro. “Promise me that you really will kill me if I fuck this up.”

Shiro wrapped an arm around his brother, pulling him in closer. “You’ll be okay, I’m always here to talk to, about anything. And hopefully soon, you’ll have a therapist to talk to too.”

Keith was quiet for a while, but he eventually looked up at his older brother. “Can I ask you a question? About you and Matt?”

“Yeah?” Shiro’s brows creased in confusion.

“Do… Do you love him?” Keith looked away again, his hand grasping at Shiro’s shirt.

A fond smile fell on Shiro’s face as he squeezed Keith gently. “Yeah, I really do.”

“How… When did you know?”

Humming, Shiro thought for a moment. “I said it before I meant it, we’re high school sweethearts after all, but it was small stuff that made me fall. I think the day I really knew was the day before I got custody of you.”

Keith’s grip on Shiro’s shirt tightened. “What… what did he do?”

“I was so fucking nervous, I didn’t think that I was actually going to get you, that I had ruined it somehow, and he just talked me down, told me that it was all going to work out.” Shiro moved one of his hands to Keith’s head, entwining his fingers in his brother’s hair.

Keith closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath. “Shiro… I-I… I think I love him.”


Letting out a pitiful whine, Keith nodded his head against his brother’s shoulder.

“Then you really better not fuck this up.”

“I hate you.” Keith huffed.

“Love you too.”

Chapter Text

  When Keith returned to the barracks, every eye was on him. The others were watching him, whispering as he limped to his own bed. They knew, they knew he had been pampered for months; they knew he’d been given an out; they knew he could’ve save one of their own. They knew he chose to throw that all away, to be back at the Lion’s Den. He could only imagine how they were told, the words Lotor had used or what he had done to them.

A shiver went down his spine as he imagined the Lotor taking out his anger on the others. It was unlikely that he hadn’t gotten some of the blame for Keith escaping. The guards who missed him had probably been killed, or worse – not that he gave a shit about them.

He flinched when one of the others walked past him, but they just kept walking, glaring at him as they did. But another one approached him as he was about to drop onto his bed. One of the other guys, bigger than him, probably about Shiro’s age – attractive.

Keith looked up at him, readying himself for a verbal lashing, but he wasn’t prepared for the sucker punch. There was mumbling around the room.

“Rider, he’s still just a kid, whatever he’s done…” The oldest of them, a woman who had said she had three teenagers waiting for her at home, yelled at them.

“You came back, and where is Daisy?” Rider grabbed the collar of this shirt, pulling him closer. “She’s dead, you killed her.”

Closing his eyes, Keith didn’t say anything. He didn’t pull the trigger, but he had been the one to kill her. Saying his choices wouldn’t make him look better, Daisy was their friend while the twins meant nothing to them – some of them knew there were whores who lived in luxury and they were jealous of them. Staying silent was just admitting his guilt though – like all the girls in high school who ganged up on him after sleeping with their boyfriends.

“Lotor came by, took volunteers to help him try some new things – who ever could handle it would have the chance to go with Lord Zarkon, and have a chance of freedom.”

“She’s free now, really free.” Keith said it so quietly, he wasn’t sure if Rider had heard him, until a fist collided with his face, and he felt his nose break.

“Why don’t you just fucking join her, Spitfire?”

“You going to kill me?” Keith grabbed the man’s wrist and opened his eyes slightly. His voice made it sound like a plea, and not a challenge. “The Galra want me, bad. If you’re going to do it, finish the job before the guards can get to us.”

The glare aimed to him softened as the grip on his shirt loosened. “They really won’t let you die, will they?”


“And you really want to, don’t you?”

“It’s been over a year that I’ve been stuck here; I’ve gotten as far as anyone has ever gotten. I’m still here.” Keith stared at him, and he wanted to be harsh, angry, anything, but his words were empty.

“Then I guess it’d be a waste to put you out of your misery.” Rider pushed him roughly onto the bed.

Keith looked away from him as he held himself up at the awkward angle. There was something on the man’s face he didn’t like.

“Would they stop me if I raped you?” There was a hand holding his face roughly, forcing him to look at Rider.

“No.” He closed his eyes as he listened to the others call for Rider to stop, that he’d gone too far. “They would probably offer you a job, other than this.”


Keith was pushed all the way onto the bed, and let his head fall to the side as his bottoms were pulled off. He cried silently, his eyes wide as the man pushed into him. A few of the others tried pulling Rider off him, but none were successful. When they went to go get guards, they all just stood at the entrance, watching. He caught sight of Lotor coming into the room as he was getting close, and the man’s smile made him sick.

“Rough Rider. We certainly picked your name well.” Lotor only spoke after Rider started pulling away from Spitfire.

The man froze, and turned to look at Lotor slowly. “Prince Lotor, sir… I was just…”

“Do not worry. Spitfire should be for everyone’s use.” Lotor motioned him closer. “I’m surprised it’s taken this long for one of you to take advantage of him.”

He was so tired, and he let his eyes fluttered closed as he listened to the distant voices. Lotor and Rider’s both faded, but there were others, asking him if he was okay.

The next day, there was talk of Rider’s out, and how he did it. Most of the others were eyeing Spitfire. None of them worked up the courage to act on it. He wouldn’t fight them off. He was too tired to fight off people who he should’ve been able to trust – lean on.

It was a week before he was pulled into Lotor’s office. Keith wasn’t paying attention, but he knew he was talking about his choice at dinner, his defeat at the hands of the Blades, and Rider. He didn’t care.

“But Father is still very angry with you.” Lotor slapped Keith to get his attention. “He wants to see you.”

Keith’s eyes snapped to Lotor then, ignoring the sting of his cheek. He didn’t say anything, there was nothing to say.

“I can’t imagine he’ll be gentle with you, but he’s also made it clear that there won’t be recovery time for you either.” Lotor caressed the opposite cheek. “Shame, you keep going like this, we’ll break your body before we can break your will.”

He swallowed hard, trying not to let his emotions through on his face.

“But that won’t do, your suffering can’t end like that. Your suffering only ends when you are one of us. When you own up to the mark on your hip. When you live up to your mother’s legacy.”

“Shut. Up.” Keith glared at Lotor, swiping at his hand. He didn’t want a reminder the fact that he was a Galra was in his blood, that he could never wash that away. “I won’t be one of you.”

Lotor hummed. “Either way, your car is waiting.”

Keith looked to where Lotor was motioning, and the two guards. “You’re not going to…”

“You’ve seen where this place is, and even if you could take down a few guards, you wouldn’t escape again.” Lotor ran his fingers through Keith’s hair. “Even if you made it home, we’d find you, and who’s to say we won’t take whoever we find with you, or what we would do to them?”

His entire body was shaking as he looked at the space between the guards, his nails digging into his palms. No, he wouldn’t run away again.

“You need a haircut.” Lotor pushed him forward gently. “He’s already pissed, you might not want to keep him waiting.”

Keith couldn’t breath most of his time with Zarkon, true fear, true pain, coursing through him. He’d had a lot of burn on his body, but never there.

“P-Please… just pull the trigger…” Keith arched his back as he barrel of the pistol was pushed in deeper, still hot from the shot it had fired. “Just… make it stop…”

“No.” Zarkon twirled it inside him, and Keith let out a blood curdling scream. “You will not die, not as long as I have need of you.”

Somehow, Keith came like that, a pathetic stream of cum forced out by Zarkon’s hand. Zarkon didn’t waste anytime switching out the gun for his own cock, which after that barely hurt. Keith didn’t stop begging. All he wanted to do was to be allowed to die.

When he got back to the Den, one of the female whores worked up the courage, and while the two men she asked to hold him down didn’t have the courage yet to do it themselves, they still helped her. Keith really hated vaginas.

She didn’t get the reward that Rider got, a cushy job within the Galra, but she did several rest days and a promotion to one of the nicer whore houses.

And Keith still had to work, despite the internal burns, and lashing and cuts on his bodies.

Chapter Text

All the whores were being summoned into the dressing room. It was an odd time for, which only made everyone nervous. Lotor was leaning against one of the tables, a bowl next to him. He yawned as he looked at everyone.

“Okay, so we’re having some special guests tonight.” He craned his neck to the side. “Some new members of the gang are getting their rewards for passing all their tests, and the rewards are fucking some of you however they want. I don’t think any of you were here last time the Den got to do this.”

“I only need ten of you, the rest of you will be having the night off.” Lotor picked up the bowl, shaking it. Paper slips. “And then the ten of you only have the one client, how nice is that? It’s really very kind of us, it’s like you’re all getting a reward too.”

The room was silent, and Lotor groaned. “Anyway.”

He pulled two names, and then he said “Spitfire.” Keith crossed his arms, glancing at Lotor, who was staring at him for a while before going back into bowl.

“Oh! Right, I put your name in like five times because I really wanted you to experience this.” He grinned at Spitfire as he set the second slip down. “But, I guess I could just have you entertain two of the new members, I did pull your name twice.”

Keith looked away, and everyone was staring at him. He knew why Lotor wanted him to experience it, because he could be on the other side if he just said ‘yes’ to Zarkon. Technically, he had been rewarded with whores to fuck as he pleased, twice now – he just didn’t either time. No one knew either of those things though.

“Does that seem fair to everyone else?” Lotor mixed up the papers absently as he stared at the crowd in front of him. No one said anything. “I thought so too.

Before he was done drawing, Lotor picked Keith’s name a third time. Seven people had one client and done, Keith got three. Still, it would be a lighter load than most nights.

Before it was time to give the newbies their rewards, everyone snickered at him as they passed him. He absently wondered if Rough Rider would get his reward after his initiation was over, of if raping Keith would be it.

When the first of Keith’s entered the room, he couldn’t help but wonder what the man in front of him could offer the Galra. He was rather short, fat, and on the older side. He wheezed and coughed as he fucked into Keith – fast, unrhythmic thrusts with his thankfully tiny dick. The way he smelled made Keith want to throw up, like he hadn’t showered in days – or maybe ever. It was over quick though.

Before the man could leave, one of the guards was prodding at Keith’s ass. Keith stared at the guard with confusion as he inspected the cum on his fingers. The guard congratulated the man before wiping at the cum with a handkerchief, telling him to squeeze out as much as he could.

“You ready for your next one, Spitfire?”

Keith just swallowed and looked away.

The second one looked fraile, and pretty young – not as young as Keith by a long shot. He stared at Keith for a while before glancing at the door. “What… Why…”

“You’re supposed to fuck me.” Keith sighed as he stood up off the bed. “It’s your reward for passing all their tests.”

“I don’t… How old are you?” He put his hands up, between the two of them, adverting his eyes from Keith’s naked form.

Keith stopped walking towards him and squinted at him. “What?”

“You. How old are you?”

“Sixteen.” He was pretty sure he hadn’t had his seventeenth birthday yet, but it was probably soon.

“You’re just a fucking kid! I can’t… I can’t… are you here by choice?”

Keith looked away, wrapping his arms around himself.

“If this is a reward, they can keep it.” The guy moved quickly to the door yanking it open. The guard standing in front of it and turned.

“Over all ready?” The guard chuckled as he looked passed the man  Getting quick ones today Spitfire, huh? Must be disappointing for a slut like you.”

“I’m not going to rape some kid!” The guy glared at the guard. “What the fuck!”

“I thought you knew what kind of organization you were joining.” The guard looked back at the recruit, looking less amused.

“Yes, but I wasn’t planning on taking part in this…”

“Okay, let me show you to where the others are waiting to be taken to meet your new leaders.” The guard motioned for the guy to exit the room. “I’ll send the next on in for you Spitfire.”

He stared after them, the door staying open for a few moments until someone else was walking in. Another guard took post in front of the door, shutting it.

“Kogane?” The guy was barely older than him, and Keith knew him. They’d gotten into enough fights before. “So, this is where you’ve been? Should’ve known a fag slut like you would end up in a place like this.”

Narrowing his eyes, Keith took a step back. “Blaine. Doesn’t surprise me that you’d join up with these monsters.”

“Yeah? It hasn’t left me much time to fuck up your old pals, but I’ll make sure that I get back to it.” He started undoing his belt and walking towards Keith. “I should definitely tell that Mexican friend of yours what I’m about to do to you.”

“Shut your mouth. Stay away from him!” Keith brought his hands up, his blood boiling at the threat and the racist assumption that Lance was Mexican.

The belt loop around his hands and with surprising skill and quickness, he was bound. Keith still glared at him, even as he was pulled to the bed and the leather was tied to the headboard.

“You might look like a skeleton, but I bet you could still pack a good punch. We can’t have that.” Blaine held his face tightly, smiling at him the same way he would before wailing on him after a few of his goons had managed to restrain him. “Let’s have some fun.”

“For someone who made fun of me for being gay, you sure do seem to like having your dick in my ass.” Keith had his eyes closed as he let out alternating whimpers of pleasure and pain.

“A hole is a hole, that’s what those ‘straight’ guys you tried to turn would tell you, right?” Blaine chuckled as he slammed in a little harder.

When it was finally over, Blaine took his belt back. Again, the guard inspected Keith’s ass, but he didn’t clean him up this time. He congratulated Blaine.

“I’ll be back to see you, and we’ll take our time next time, old friend.” Blaine winked at him as he left the room.

“Now Spitfire, the Prince needs to see you in his office.” The guard helped him off the bed with a smile. “He didn’t sound happy.”

“He doesn’t usually sound happy.” Keith rolled his eyes as he moved on shaky legs.

Once he was in Lotor’s office, he could see one of the other whores bound and gagged on the floor. She was beaten bloody. The guy who wouldn’t fuck him and another man were also bound and gagged.

“Spitfire. We’ve been waiting for you.” Lotor grinned at him before immediately slamming him onto the ground.

Keith glanced at the two men. They both looked terrified.

“This is what it means to be a Galra. Even if you’re not planning on being a guard at a whore house, or collector, or anything else that directly rapes people, you have to be willing. Sex is our big business, and the fun of what we do.” Lotor kicked Keith in the side a few times before flipping him over with his foot. He stepped on his chest as he stared down at him. “The drugs, murder, whatever, they’re formalities. Real Galra are rapists, and that’s just a fact.”

Keith stared up at Lotor as he blew a breath through his nose. It wasn’t a reward. It was a test. One both of those men failed. One Keith was sure he’d fail if he ever took his first step towards being officially initiated into the gang.

Lotor looked at the two men now. “You want to see what a read Galra is like, again? Spitfire is my favorite, because no matter how much he denies it, he loves this.”

Keith stared up at Lotor when he finished with him, still deep inside him.

“It’d be a waste if I didn’t at least offer to let you do it.” Lotor ran a hand down Keith’s jaw.

“Do what?”

“Kill them. We can’t let them be part of the gang, but we can’t exactly let them be free to go about their lives.” Lotor grinned at him. “You think you’ll finally do it?”

“Go fuck yourself.” Keith glared at him. “I won’t do it.”

“I expected as much.” Lotor got off him, and then grabbed a gun off his desk. Three shots. The two men, and the other whore. Then he walked back over to Keith, pressing the gun to his forehead. “Count to three.”

Keith closed his eyes, calm washing over him. He was quiet as he counted. On three, there was a click, but no bang. He opened his eyes again, and Lotor grinned at him. “You really thought I’d do it.”

Chapter Text

Keith felt like a doll. Lotor had stripped him and was now putting him into lingerie. Fishnets, pleather, unnecessary everything – and a surprisingly small butt plug. But then a pair of jeans was slipped over the stockings. A button down over the corset. A real leather jacket – red like the fake leather jacket that Shiro had gotten him because it was on sale once. He was in front of a mirror as Lotor finished lacing up the boots. As he looked at himself, he couldn’t stop staring. It was almost like looking at himself, especially with his recent hair cut from Haggar.

Once Lotor was back to eye level, he looked at the man, crossing his arms. “What the fuck?”

“Oh, don’t get snippy with me.” Lotor rolled his eyes. “We’re going to see my father. He has some important business he wants me to sit on, and then he wants to play with you. You’ll be along for the meetings, but don’t you dare speak out of turn.”

“Or what?” Keith rolled his eyes right back at Lotor, leaning back slightly.

Lotor narrowed his eyes as he held Keith’s chin. “Or I will give your fellow whores even more of a reason to hate you.”

Keith shrugged out of the touch, but nodded as he glanced at himself in the mirror again. He didn’t remember when the last time he saw himself in the mirror. It had probably been a year, maybe even closer to two.

“You look fantastic in normal clothes, not as good as the outfit they’re hiding, but good.” Lotor said with a smile as he forced Keith to take his arm like they were going together to something fancy. “If you’d just say yes, you could dress like this more often.”

“Would the butt plug be included?”

“If you wanted it to be. I’d imagine it would be distracting during missions though.” Lotor threw his head back to laugh as he pulled Keith along, even opening the car door for him.

They didn’t talk on the way to Zarkon’s place, and Lotor only had a hand on Keith’s thigh. Keith stared out the window. The outside world, it was just one small choice away from him. His eyes stung as he stared at the sign he’d made it to when he tried to escape, the sign that told him how close he was to Shiro, Lance, his home. He’d never see it again.

But, at least sitting in on meetings was better than being at the Lion’s Den – even if he ended up getting used as entertainment, at least torturing him wouldn’t be the main focus.

When they got up to Zarkon’s office, it seemed like the meetings had already started without them. Haggar was leaning on Zarkon, who was sitting behind his desk. Trigel was leaning her hip against the desk, not quite looking at Zarkon and Haggar as she spoke.

Keith felt a shiver of fear go down his spin as he stared at the desk. The last time he was forced to sit in on meetings, he was chained under the desk. He hoped that wouldn’t be the case this time.

Zarkon gave him and Lotor a considerate gaze before motioning to an armchair not far from the desk. Lotor sat down and pulled Keith onto his lap, leaning against him. Keith turned his attention to Haggar who was now talking.

They were talking about drugs. Haggar didn’t mass produce the drugs, but she was the main researcher for new and improved drugs among the group. Trigel was responsible for getting her the necessary ingredients and her gang hadn’t been able to get them. It was a problem.

On top of that, there was apparently a big crack down by the cops on the street level that was making selling the drugs so much harder.

Listening to the conversation was better than focusing on the way Lotor’s hands were roaming his body, but he didn’t really give a shit.

The three older people were brainstorming solutions that would benefit both gangs – and their other allies. Lotor occasionally tried to give his two sense, but Zarkon would tell him to be quiet and only let him finish with Haggar’s insistence.

Keith wasn’t really sure how long they’d been talking in circles, but he had stopped paying attention when Haggar suggested the same thing for the third time. But he glanced over at Zarkon when he heard his name. Lotor’s grip on his thigh tightened in warning.

“What?” Keith huffed out, staring at Zarkon, ignoring the other people who had their eyes locked on him as well.

“What do you think?” Zarkon sounded… oddly patient. Keith blinked a few times before looking away.

“Think about…?”

“What we should do?”

It took a few moments for it to sink in, that Zarkon wanted to know if he had any ideas about what to do about the gangs’ drug problem. He looked at Zarkon again, and tried to look as serious as he could. Thinking about Lance, who would volunteer to answer questions with stupid answers to secure his place as class clown, almost made him break into a smile. But this was different, this was defiance.

“Maybe just… stop selling drugs.” Keith had his eyes locked with Zarkon’s. He watched as the man’s face twisted with anger as he looked slightly past him.


“Of course father.” Lotor said before his hand moved up into Keith’s crotch. The squeeze on his dick was painful enough for Keith to double over on himself – almost falling off Lotor’s lap. “You think you’re funny?”

Keith whimpered as he clawed at Lotor’s hand on him as the other pulled him back against Lotor’s chest by his hair.

“I warned you to behave.” It was a snarl in his ear before being thrown to the ground. Keith’s hands burned as he caught himself, then a scream was forced out of him as Lotor kicked him. The kick was aimed well enough and had enough force to push the flared part of the plug inside all the way.

He blinked away tears as he pushed himself up.

“Now, I suggest we go with my wife’s suggestion for the supply problem and work off Lotor’s suggestion for the police problem.” Zarkon sounded resigned. “Dismissed.”

Keith watched as the two women bowed and left, neither offering him even the smallest glance.

“Spitfire.” Zarkon’s voice was loud, and Keith swallowed hard as he focused on him. “Do you understand why you’re here? In this room, sitting in on these meetings?”

“So, you can play with me later?” He wasn’t sure if he was breathing, the way Zarkon was looking at him, was odd. It reminded him of Shiro of all people. The thought made him ill.

“No.” His gaze diverted to Lotor for just a moment, but he looked back down at Keith. “I have offered you a position in this gang, one you will one day accept, and once you do, you’ll need to know how things are done – you may very well be making these decisions someday.”

“What?” Keith said it quietly as he felt dizzy. Even if he did join the Galra someday, he would have no interest in working his way up the ranks to being one of Zarkon’s advisors or whatever.

Hands were in his hair again, pulling him roughly back onto Lotor’s lap.

“Just shut up and learn something, and no jokes, got it, Spitfire.” Lotor hissed in Keith’s ear as he put a hand under Keith’s shirt, his grip on his hair still tight.

Keith whimpered as he reached to brace himself on the arms of the chair.

“Spitfire, I’m waiting on an answer.” The grip on his hair tightened painfully as his nipple was pinched hard.

“Okay… yeah… I-I… I’ll behave.”

“Good.” Zarkon smiled at him before waving a hand at a guard inside the door. “Bring in my next appointment.”

“And boring.” Lotor huffed out a laugh, quiet enough that Zarkon wouldn’t be able to hear him.

Marmora came in next, walking stiffly behind an old white man in a suit. Keith recognized him from being forced to sit and watch the news with the Smiths when he was grounded. A local politician who was very against ‘the homosexual and the like’. He remembered a particular story about his daughter talking about how the conversion therapy he forced on her cured her of being transgender and being possessed by demons, and then a few months later reporting on her suicide.

“It’s rare for men like you to reach out to men like me, Senator.” Zarkon leaned across the desk, staring at the man. “And frankly, I don’t know what I can do for you.”

“I need-…”

“No, my beloved daughter has filled me in on your request, and we would be able to, that is no issue.”

“Then…” He glanced over at Keith and Lotor, his face twisted in disgust.

“I would rather cut you down where you stand then take your money.”

“What…” The senator looked like a caged animal suddenly as his attention whipped back to Zarkon. “Did you…”

“Your politics disgust me, which is why I didn’t vote for you in the last election.” Zarkon made a motion with his hand, and Marmora reacted. She pushed the man down into a chair with a little more force than necessary. “And what you did to your son, despicable.”

Keith blinked a few times. While he agreed with Zarkon, he knew it was fucked up that even someone like him thought this man was piece of shit.

“Perhaps, you can be persuaded to see things a little different.” Zarkon glanced over at him and Lotor. “Spitfire, if you would please, show our guest how wrong he is.”

Lotor’s hands slipped off him, and he stood up onto shaking legs. He kept his eyes on the senator, who was being held down by Marmora, as he walked closer. The plug inside him kept shifting uncomfortably.

“Isn’t he beautiful, Senator? He’s my favorite, among all of my possessions.” Zarkon’s voice sent a shiver down Keith’s spine. “Just be careful of your teeth Spitfire, I haven’t decided whether I want to dispose of him or not yet.”

Alarm bells were ringing in Keith’s ears as he put a hand on the Senator’s chest and leaned in to kiss him. It was a filthy kiss, and terrible. The man’s face was flushed when Keith pulled back, and slowly sank to his knees.

“His mouth is excellent, when he doesn’t bite down.” Zarkon sounded too amused.

“But it pales in comparison to the tight heat of his ass.” Lotor said, venom and hunger in his voice.

Keith didn’t take look to look at the dick he was about to put in his mouth, but it was definitely old, gross and small. It didn’t take long for the man to cum into his mouth, swearing and sending a quiet prayer to the heavens. It tasted gross, the worst tasting cum Keith had ever had in his mouth – and he’d tasted a lot of cum in his mouth. He swallowed it quickly just to get the taste off his tongue.

When he stood up, Marmora reached out and wiped at the cum drizzling down his chin with her thumb and then soothed his hair back. He was uncomfortable at such an affectionate gesture.

“Spitfire, come here.” Zarkon beckoned, smiling at him. “Are you will to consider my conditions Senator?”

“I-I… if there’s… more of… him in it… for me…” The Senator was completely out of breath.

“Excellent, though, Lotor, you will be keeping ahold of that, won’t you?” Zarkon pulled Keith onto his lap and held his waist with one arm. He handed Keith a glass of water, and he took it, swirling it around his mouth to get the taste out.

“Ahold… of what?”

“Just a video of you thoroughly enjoying a blowjob from an underage boy.” Lotor laughed as he settled into his chair more comfortably.

“What?” The man shot up from his chair, but Marmora forced him back into it.

“You won’t have to worry about it as long as you do to the letter of what I need you to.” Zarkon took the glass from Keith once he was finished.

“Thank you.” Keith whispered to Zarkon as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders to try to sit more comfortably on his lap.

“Oh, maybe I’ll teach you manners yet my boy.” Zarkon chuckled before kissing Keith gently.

“What…” The senator said it again.

Keith rested his head against Zarkon’s shoulder as he vaguely listened to them discuss what the Senator would have to do – most of it involved helping Zarkon’s various illegal business operations undetectable and unprosecutable, but there was few changes to his personal stance he had to make. Initial refusals were made, but Lotor kindly reminded him of the blackmail, and how easy it would be to see what else Spitfire had to offer.

“Excellent work, Spitfire.” Zarkon kissed Keith again once the Senator was shown out. “When you join us, you’ll be able to have others do those sorts of exchanges in your place, but I think your powers of seduction will be one of your greatest assets.”

Someone cleared their throat before Keith could give a scathing response, and Zarkon moved his attention back to Marmora.

“Yes, of course, that issue you sent me.”

Marmora stood there, staring.

“Right.” Zarkon held Keith a little closer. “Marmora’s Blades have been having some issues with independent hitmen.”

“What issues?” Keith looked towards Marmora, who seemed to be staring right at him.

“The primary issue is them stealing kills, and usually just before our Blades can get into position to start their operation, even if we have the contract.”

“A-Are they getting the full payment that was promised the Blades?”

Marmora shook her head.

“D-Do the Blades who… complete the contract get a portion of the money?”

Marmora nodded.

“Blades get a cut for every contract they complete, on top of a very healthy allowance and no charge for any gang services.” Zarkon ran his fingers through Keith’s hair.

“D-Do you ever recruit for the Blade… outside the members of the Galra and their kids?” Keith was still focused on Marmora, who nodded again.

“It is rare, but we do if they show enough promise.”

“Then… recruit them. If they don’t want to join…”

“They can join you in the Den?” Lotor snickered.

“Or kill them. If they’re able to get to your marks before the Blades, they’d be good additions, right? If they’re willing to work with you.”

Zarkon pulled Keith’s face back to look at him. He was smiling. “What an excellent solution.”


“You will make a fine Galra.” Zarkon kissed him again. “You look uncomfortable, is it the plug?”

“U-Uh… y-yeah…”

“Marmora, help Spitfire adjust his toy and then work on implementing his solution.”

Keith got off Zarkon’s lap when hands were off him, and he waited for Marmora to come closer. She motioned for him to bend over the desk. Her hands undid his pants and dipped her fingers into his ass. His stomach turned with every moment she was touching him intimately, beyond his disinterest of having intimate contact with women. It was hard to keep himself from gagging as her hands brushed his dick and balls when she rezipped his jeans.

“Better, Spitfire?”

Keith just glanced over at Zarkon as he listened to the footsteps of Marmora leaving the room.

“Go sit back with Lotor, I only have one more meeting scheduled for today.” Zarkon caressed his cheek before waving at him dismissively.

When he returned to Lotor, the man forced him onto his knees – facing away from him. He hooked one of his knees over Keith’s shoulder, seemingly to keep him in place.

Sendack barged in, huffing about his problems – gladiator and foot soldier shortages. Most were taken off the street like Keith had been but seen to be better for fighting than fucking. The suppliers had been mostly been picking up smaller, weaker people. And the ones that had been getting were flat out refusing to fight once they got into the ring.

“Spitfire, any ideas?” Zarkon looked towards him, and Keith looked up to see Sendack staring at him, confusion clear on his face.

“Don’t just take people off the street.”

Keith fell to the side as Lotor kicked him in the head. It was hard enough that he was seeing stars.

“What did…”

“I’m not done.” Keith tried to right himself, but Lotor moved to hold him down with his foot.

“I think we’ve heard enough!”

“Lotor, let him speak.” Zarkon sounded mad.

Lotor didn’t move his foot.

“Find vulnerable people, homeless or something… tell them it’s a gateway to a better life, even if you leave some stuff out, they’d be agreeing off the bat and you would know they would be willing to fight or whatever.” Keith spoke quickly since Lotor’s weight was making it a little difficult to breathe.

“Not a bad idea. Do you have the man power to do that kind of under handed recruiting, Sendack?”

“I should, but it may not be so simple. There would be things to consider to make it effective.”

“Then take time to consider before implementing.”

“Now, Lotor come here.” Zarkon’s tone left no room for

Keith rolled over and held his chest to catch his breath once Lotor moved away from him. He wasn’t paying much attention, focusing more on the ringing in his ears. He could hear Lotor protesting and Sendack laughing. When he heard a pained groan from Lotor, he craned his head and saw him bent over the desk with Sendack inside of him.

“Spitfire, come here.”

Keith got off the ground and moved back over to Zarkon, who held him so he was forced to watch Sendack fuck Lotor, who was begging, reaching out for Zarkon.

“Please, father… I-I… I don’t… please, I won’t…”

“He’s even whinier than you are Spitfire.” Zarkon breathed into Keith’s ear. “I wish I could’ve molded you from a young age, you’d easily surpass him if you’d been raised among us.”

Shivering, Keith watched as Lotor was pounded into. He almost felt bad for him, that he couldn’t take it as well as he gave it, but it was hard to feel sympathy for someone who had brutalized him. Then there was the thought of who he’d have been if he had been raised by the Galra. The thought was disgusting.

Lotor was sobbing by the time Sendack was finished with him. He slid off the desk and onto his knees.

“Spitfire, clean off Sendack.” Zarkon pushed on Keith’s shoulders.

Keith dutifully complied, taking Sendack’s soft, but huge dick into his mouth. Sendack forced him to keep sucking until he came down his throat. It was better than the load he’d taken earlier.

“Alright. Both of you, are dismissed. Spitfire, you will wait for in my quarters.” Zarkon kissed Keith as he stood, making sure to get a taste of what was left of Sendack in his mouth. “I have business to attend to with my wife.”

One of the guards grabbed onto Keith once Zarkon, Lotor, and Sendack all left the room. He was alone in the room for a while before Zarkon came back, naked and stinking of sex.

Chapter Text

Keith had been pulled into the center of the bed, forced onto his back. He was still clothed, Zarkon pressed down into him, kissing him hard.

“You did well today.” Zarkon huffed into his ear as started working the shirt open. “You’ll do well.”

Rolling his head away, so he didn’t have to look at the man, Keith did respond.

After working a few hickies on Keith’s neck Zarkon chuckled. “Its funny though, your solutions were all to offer people a place in the gang when you won’t join yourself.”

He closed his eyes tightly, biting his lip. When he was talking, he didn’t even realize it. But it was different for the people that Keith suggested they recruit than it was for him, or that’s what he was going to tell himself.

Zarkon continued praising him as he worked off the clothes, leaving him with just the lingerie that Lotor had hidden under them. Hands were touching him everywhere while Zarkon’s compliments were now about his looks. Keith felt uncomfortable enough in the outfit without Zarkon making it clear just how much he loved it.

Keith’s eyes shot open as he felt a mouth on him. He was whining as he leaned up onto his elbows. Zarkon was sucking on his dick, and doing it really well, and Keith wouldn’t believe it if he wasn’t seeing it.

Zarkon looked up at him, and once their eyes were locked, Keith couldn’t look away. The intense look the man was giving him was keeping him in place, even if he wanted to push him off. It felt so good, and Keith hated it.

He was just about to cum when the doors opened and Zarkon pulled his lips away. Keith glanced up at the door as Zarkon moved from between his legs, closing them tightly as soon as he could.

“Alfor. What a pleasant surprise.” Zarkon walked over to the man with his arms wide open. “I was just about to make love to my dearest Spitfire.”

Alfor glanced at Keith quickly, and then away. Keith let himself fall back against the bed. “That’s not what I’m here for.”

“Oh, then what do you need, my friend?”

Keith wasn’t really listening, but he picked up on some words. Seemed like Alfor had a serious and urgent problem that the easiest solution was assassination of the threat. Zarkon was making seem like that it would be pricey without saying a number, but Alfor was clearly ready to do anything to get it taken care of.

“Let me fuck you.”

There was a long period of silence, and then Keith felt his legs being lifted up, his ass being put on display as Zarkon fidgeted with he plug. “If not that, then fuck Spitfire, or no deal.”

Keith opened his eyes and looked at Zarkon, who was glaring at Alfor.

“It’s your daughter on the line, wouldn’t you do anything to protect Allura?” Zarkon pulled the plug out of Keith, making him whimper at the sudden loss.

“Why this?” Alfor leaned onto the bed on the other side of him.

“Because you’re the only one who won’t give in, and because you’re the person I want to do this with the most.” Zarkon ran his fingers across Keith’s hole. “I want you almost as much as I want my Keith, and I have him now.”

“Come on, he’ll take you so good. He wants it. Go on Keith, tell Alfor how much you need him to fill you up.”

Keith gasped when he felt a finger inside him, and then almost sobbed when it was pulled out. “Pl-please…”

“Hear that Alfor? The longer you take to decide, the longer it will take to fix your problem.” Zarkon leaned across Keith, and Keith just closed his eyes tightly.


Zarkon quickly moved himself and Keith. Keith’s back was against Zarkon’s chest, leaning back against the headboard. He was positioned with his legs spread and bent so his hole was accessible. “Clothes off Alfor.”

Once Alfor was stripped, he crawled between Keith’s legs and looked at him, his eyes flicking with conflict. Keith swallowed hard, staring up at him. He thought that Alfor really was different, there had been a few moments where he thought the man may have been able to help get him away from Zarkon and the Galra. But he was just like Zarkon.

“Call Marmora, get it done, now.” Alfor’s eyes left Keith’s, glaring at Zarkon. Zarkon was chuckling, Keith could feel it more that he could hear it from the ringing in his ears.

“I’m so sorry Keith.” Alfor ran his fingers through his hair gently as Zarkon’s voice was in the background, talking to Marmora.

“Please don’t do this.” Keith felt tears come to his eyes as he held onto Alfor’s shoulders tightly. “Please.”

The hurt look on Alfor’s face made it clear that he understood what Keith had meant. He pressed in closer, and Keith could feel something close to his hole. “I can’t, I’m sorry.”

It was a slow stretch as Alfor pushed in. Spitfire’s thighs pressed against Alfor’s hips and his nails dug into the man’s skin. He cried out in pleasure, barely hearing the small moans Alfor was making.

Sobbing as he came, Spitfire felt Zarkon’s arms wrap around his chest, felt his breath on his neck.

“Does it feel that good, Spitfire? He’s barely even started.”

Spitfire glanced at Alfor. When he first slipped in, he was barely hard, and was probably only getting it up because of the stimulation. Alfor wasn’t looking at him or Zarkon and looked like he was concentrating very hard on something – probably anything other than what he was doing.

He arched back into Zarkon, moaning uncontrollably as he felt one of Zarkon’s hands slide down his chest to feel where him and Alfor were connected. He was going to cum again, way to over sensitive for the way that Alfor was fucking him.

When Alfor finally finished and pulled out, Zarkon immediately replaced him with the plug again. Spitfire whimpered at the feeling, reaching back for Zarkon once Alfor was out of his reach.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself Zarkon.” Alfor got dressed quickly.

Humming, Zarkon held onto Spitfire tightly. “I’d have been happier if you’d taken my first option.”

Spitfire flinched when he heard the door slam closed, and then after a few moments, he was being moved again. Face down, his ass up. The plug was pulled out again, and he felt a tongue lapping at the cum that started pushing out.

He lost track of time as Zarkon ate out his hole, cumming from the stimulation. Eventually, Zarkon’s mouth was replaced by his dick. By the time he was finished with him, Spitfire was out of cum, and was orgasming dry, crying at the feelings.

Zarkon was petting his hair and humming what sounded like a familiar lullaby when they were finished, letting Spitfire sob into his chest until he fell asleep.

In the morning, Zarkon dragged him into a bath. He caressed him gently, and fucked him again before cleaning him thoroughly. Once he was redressed, Zarkon held the bite scar on the back of Spitfire’s neck with a smile.

“Thank you, I look forward to the next time, Keith.”

Spitfire didn’t look at him, just looked down at his feet.

“Spitfire.” He looked up at him at that, swallowing hard. Zarkon was looking at him far too softly. “If you agree to join me, you could have everything you want. And I know how much you enjoy having me inside you, no matter how many times you tell me otherwise.”

“I-I…” He couldn’t find the words, because there wasn’t a use in lying. Even if he hated it, hated Zarkon, his body told the truth. Spitfire enjoyed every minute, even if he didn’t want it.

“I love you.” Zarkon kissed him, the way that Spitfire had always wanted to be kissed. He wished it wasn’t by Zarkon.

“I hate you.” Spitfire glared at him. He’d never hated anyone more than he hated Zarkon.

“That’s fine.” Zarkon let go of him. “One day, I’ll make a Blade out of you, but you’ll still always be my little whore, won’t you?”

Spitfire turned when the door opened, and looked away quickly when he saw Lotor. The man looked especially sadistic.

“Take him back to the Lion’s Den, son. I’m done with him for the moment.” Zarkon waved a hand dismissively.

A hard grip was on his arm, and Spitfire closed his eyes tightly. He was in for a rough punishment as soon as Lotor got him back.

“With pleasure father.”

Chapter Text

Spitfire was done. Lotor had mentally and physically exhausted him; days and days of just hanging by his wrists, listening to Lotor monologue about how bitterly unfair it was that after all the ways she’d tried to betray the gang Marmora was still the favorite, and not being allowed to sleep. There wasn’t any sex, no beatings or anything like that.

He’d just laid down on his bed in the barracks, listening to the others around him but being way too tired to make out the words. His eyes had probably only been closed for a few minutes when Lotor was shaking him awake.

“Oh, Spitfire, I’m sorry to interrupt your rest.” Lotor started, smiling ear to ear, his face way too close to his.

“No, you’re not.” Spitfire mumbled back, weakly pushing away the hand on his shoulder.

Humming, Lotor brushed Keith’s bangs out of his eyes. “Either way, there’s a very important client that keeps asking for you: he simply won’t take any other than our darling Spitfire he’s heard such good things about.”

Spitfire huffed as he let his eyes close again. He just wanted to sleep.

“You better impress him, he’s very important.”

“Whatever.” He sat up, pulling his legs up to his chest as he stared back at Lotor. “But I’m too exhausted to walk.”

Lotor rolled his eyes but picked him up easily, holding him bridal style. It wasn’t one of the client rooms that Lotor took him too first. Spitfire almost feel asleep under the spray of the water as he was cleaned off and out. He barely even realized that Lotor himself was doing this.

“Now, you’re going to be good right?” Lotor was holding his face hard after Spitfire was sitting on the bed in the nicest room in the Den.

“Yeah, yeah.”

 “Hmm, so pliable.” Lotor nuzzled into his hair. “Try not too have too much fun.”

Spitfire had to use everything he had not to just fall back and fall asleep once Lotor’s grip on him was no longer holding him up. Lotor left the room, and with his addled brain, Spitfire couldn’t decide if it was a second later or hours that a man came in, accompanied by a boy and girl – both looked younger than Spitfire himself. He was going to be sick thinking about this one later, that was sure.

He had to look away while the other two undressed the man and stood by dutifully or he was going to throw up there and then.

“So, you’re the Spitfire I’ve heard so much about.” The man walked over and cupped his face with both hands. “You’re just as beautiful everyone describes.”

There was no way he was even going to fight back a little, not even for show. He didn’t have the energy. This guy should’ve been happy with that.

“Show me that fire that you’re named after. I want you to give me everything you’ve got.”

Spitfire closed his eyes as his hair was being grabbed roughly as his face was being pulled towards the man’s soft dick. He wondered if Lotor was setting up, or if the prince was really underestimating how at the end of his rope he was. Either way, this wasn’t going to end well.

It wasn’t long with Spitfire not doing anything, being complete putty in this guy’s hands, before this guy snapped.

“So, is this really what everyone’s talking about? All the fight you have is just talk, you’re just little bitch just like everyone else.”

“I’m not usually like this.” Spitfire didn’t look up at him from where he’d been thrown across the room, flopping like a rag doll. “If you wanted a fight, you came at the wrong time.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” The man stomped over, kicking him over onto his back and then picking him up by his neck.

Spitfire hung there with this head tilted lazily too the side, but his eyes meeting the man’s. “I’m too tired. I could probably pass out while you’re fucking me, or beating me, or whatever else you want to do to me.”

The man’s grip on his throat tightened, to where he could breathe, but he didn’t have the energy to panic about the lack of oxygen. “So, if I let you get some rest, you’d fight me just how I’d like?”

He barely managed to nod: the idea of sleep sounded great. The idea of the man’s fingers getting tighter and tighter around his wide pipe sounded even better.

This time he bounced when he was thrown, back onto the bed. He could barely register the feeling of being put into position, or when he was pushed into.

“You’re just as tight as they say, even with how used you are. It’s impressive.” The man was breathing heavily into his ear. He was pushing so hard that Spitfire kept moving farther up the bed. “It’ll be even better once I’ve been able to win it. But don’t think you’re not getting some kind of punishment-…”

Spitfire passed out before he finished his thought. He was so tired. So tired of everything.

When he woke up, he didn’t feel any less mentally exhausted, but he was definitely physically energized. He was sore, so fucking sore, all over, but especially his ass. He’d really fallen asleep while being raped, and stayed asleep through it. Spitfire couldn’t help but guess that he was used to it, used to being fucking raped.

Groaning, he opened his eyes and pushed himself up. He had no idea where he was. A bed room, on a very soft bed. Someone had dressed him – if a silk nightgown counted as being dressed. As he scanned the room, he saw the two kids from before he fell asleep.

“H-Hey… kid…” His voice was hoarse, either from disuse or from moaning in his sleep.

Both kids jumped and the boy ran out of the room.

“Master said to get him when you finally woke up.” The girl said it so quietly he almost didn’t hear her. As Spitfire looked closer, he could see she had a black eye.

He wondered how much trouble he’d get in if he killed this guy instead of just fighting him off a little to make him happy with his rental. He wondered if he cared about that.

“I’m sorry.” Spitfire looked away. It was probably his fault that she got hurt.

“It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

The man came back in then, sneering at Spitfire. “Leave us.”

Once the kids were gone, the man walked closer. “So, Spitfire, you think you’re strong enough to fight me off now?”

“You still want to win.” Spitfire glared at him, standing up from the bed.

“You really think you could beat me?”


“Then fucking try it. You’re nothing but a whore.”

Except Spitfire wasn’t. And he would’ve won, probably would’ve killed this guy who was apparently so important to Lotor, or maybe even Zarkon, if the guy hadn’t yelled for his guards. It took all four of them to restrain Spitfire.

“You wanted a fight.” Spitfire spat at him as the man righted himself, wiping the blood off his face. “No wonder you have to fuck little kids if you can’t even beat someone like me.”

“How dare you speak to me like that?” The man slapped him across the face, hard enough that he tasted blood.

“I don’t give a shit who you are.”

“Get him set up, I’ll be in too watch him once I clean myself up.” The man said to his guards.

Spitfire was tied up tight in what was definitely a sex dungeon. The guards took a few turns with him, he could tell they were all wearing condoms by how it felt. Their boss must not have liked sloppy seconds.

When they finished, he was positioned just so with a machine, a too big plastic cock inside him. The hum of an electric motor, the slight grinding of gears, and then thrusting, in and out. Spitfire had barely made a noise when the men had been raping him, but this machine bunched a series of pained groans out of him as he struggled to lessen the stimulation. He only managed to get himself opened up more, his ass closer, it managing to get deeper.

The man came in and watched for what had to have been hours. He lazily stroked his cock and then came over and forced himself down Spitfire’s throat. Then Spitfire was alone for hours, with no signs of being released from his predicament. His balls and tears had dried up a while before.

It was another set of days that he wasn’t allowed sleep. Occasionally the machine was stopped, but only for the man to add his own cock to his ass, or to change out the attachment – to something even bigger or with painful texture.

“Oh, Spitfire.” Lotor’s voice sent a shiver down his spine. “You do look good like that.”

Spitfire could only whine as Lotor tilted his chin up to look him in the yes.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Should I get one of those for the Den for you? Imagine the fun we could have.”

“P-Please…” He started to beg, planning on begging for it end, but he couldn’t finish.

“Oh, of course. Now, let’s get you home. Your fans have been missing you so.”

Chapter Text


Lotor had gotten him a fucking machine, just like he said he would. He even let a few clients come into his office to watch Spitfire on it. At least this time he got a few breaks from the prince.

But nothing changed how tired of his situation he was. At the end of every night, as Spitfire laid in his bed, he seriously considered the offer Zarkon had made him a dozen times. He had an out. He could make all the pain stop any time.

As he heard a guard negotiate sex for drugs though, he knew he couldn’t. He wasn’t a Galra, he couldn’t join. Killing wasn’t a big deal. There wasn’t a lot of blood on his hands, but it was enough to become numb to it. Spitfire could probably think of more than a few people he’d happily take the lives of, now that he’d gotten a taste of murder.

They wouldn’t let him die though. That’s not the result of breaking they wanted. He was broken, cracked so deep he didn’t think he’d ever be fixed. Spitfire was so close to shattering completely, but he couldn’t let that happen.

He needed something, some kind of release. There was no way he was making to year two without something. Anything.

It took a lot of desperation and a particularly terrible night, but he got out of bed and walked over to the guards peddling drugs as they were leaving the barracks. He was so oversensitive, so whatever they wanted was probably going to have him orgasming dry again and again.

They both turned and sharing a look of disbelief before grinning at him. “Spitfire, what can we do for you?”

“I just… I don’t want to feel, anything.” Spitfire crossed his arms, not quite looking up at them.

“Oh? Finally giving into the itch huh?” The one tilted his chin up, still grinning.

“Unfortunately, we’re all out. The other sluts were just so desperate today that they bought us out.” The other hummed. “We’d have to be convinced to go get more, and so specific too. The witch usually just gives us whatever, and no one usually complains.”

“I-I…” Spitfire swallowed hard and closed his eyes. “Whatever you want for it, whatever…”

“That’s not much coming from you, when we could take whatever we want from you anyway.” The one holding his face was really close now. “So, why should we help you?”

“However, you want it, I’ll… I won’t fight… please… I-I… can’t…” His voice broke as he turned out of the hold.

“Intriguing.” A thumb rubbed across Spitfire’s lips. “To go get the specific drugs from Haggar, and then again when we give them to you.”

“Okay.” Spitfire opened his eyes and stared at him. “Okay.”

Grinning again, the two lead him back to his bed. There was an unspoken rule that on the beds of the barracks, the whores were safe. Their beds were their safe spaces, not even Lotor would do anything while they were on their beds.

But when they guards got something from the whores, it was on the fly, against the wall or even just free standing. It was rarely they got to rape their prisoners in a bed.

The guards stripped completely, and so did Spitfire. He moaned as he sucked them off, their hands in his hair. Damn, he was such a slut.

The sex was surprisingly soft. The guards were going at an agonizing slow pace with him, taking their time as they fucked into him. Spitfire might’ve made it to a constant orgasmic state by the time they were done with him. He was so blissed out: he couldn’t move at all. His nerves were all lit up, everything was way too much.

Spitfire fell asleep before the guards came back, and they didn’t wake him up if they had come back at all. A few of the others were talking in hushed tones as he got dressed, still covered in cum. When he left the barracks to take care of his chore, the guards were talking in the same hushed tones, their eyes following him carefully. A few of his fellow whores were getting drugs, but he didn’t see the two he had made his deal with the night before.

Nothing could ever be easy, not for Spitfire.

A few of the guards fucked him, setting him back on his chore each time since they just messed up what he’d cleaned. It was almost curtain call when Haggar cornered him.

She tsked at him as she held his throat, not enough to completely stop the air flow and make him fear for his life. “Prince Lotor wants to talk to you.”

He nodded, staring at her. Usually ‘talk’ was a euphemism with the prince.

Her grip on her neck loosened, and once she was behind him to escort him, she was holding the back of his neck tightly, just missing the pressure points that would have him out.

Lotor’s hands were bloody. The guards that had promised Spitfire drugs were bound on the floor, covered in probably their own blood. Haggar shut the door behind them with her free hand.

“Ah, Spitfire. I heard you’re interested in drugs.” Lotor ran his ran through his hair, streaking it with red.

If not for the grip on his neck, he would’ve turned away. He didn’t say anything.

“To not feel, right? That’s what these two said you asked for.” Lotor walked over to him, holding his face with both hands. “Now, why wouldn’t you want to feel this? Unless it’s so unbearable that you can’t take it anymore.”

“It’s been almost two years…” Spitfire sighed as he met Lotor’s gaze.

He tasted blood when Lotor hit him in the face.

“Oh? But you have another out, you don’t get to numb this with drugs.” Lotor kicked him the stomach, and he wrenched out of Haggar’s grip as he doubled over. “Those other whores? They’re here to make our clients feel good, so if drugs is what it takes for them, then they can take as many as they want. They’re expendable, so if they want to fucking kill themselves, I don’t really care.”

Spitfire fell to the ground as Lotor kicked him.

“You on the other hand, you’re here because you won’t do what my father wants. You’re here until you can’t take it anymore and give in. You don’t get to not feel it. It’s terrible, it hurts, it’s too much. Good. Just do what we want, and the list of people who are allowed inside you will get so much shorter, and the way we fuck you will be so much gentler, if that’s what you want.”

He should’ve known it was too good to be true.

“I’ll give you another chance right now. These boys were still going to try to give you drugs even after Haggar warned them, so they have to go.” Lotor knelt in front of him. “So, will you kill them, or is it really not too much yet?”

“Fuck off.” Spitfire curled in on himself.

After Lotor finished with the guards, he hauled Spitfire up by his hair. “Haggar, please gather everyone, whores and guards, in the dressing room for me.”

“Of course my prince.”

“You ready for your punishment?” Lotor held him close.

Spitfire didn’t say anything, his eyes on the guards. The other guards weren’t going to happy that he was the reason a few of their own were killed.

It took a few minutes before Haggar came back in to say that everyone was waiting for him.

“Hello all. Now, first order of business.” Lotor’s grip on his hair tightened. “Little Spitfire isn’t allowed the reprieve of drugs, ever. Anyone, guard or slut, found to be giving him drugs will face the worst punishment they can imagine.”

Spitfire watched as everyone looked shocked, he could tell the guards and other whores had different ideas of what that punishment was.

“And secondly, no guards will allowed for the next two, maybe three, months, to charge for drugs, but they won’t be free. Raping Spitfire will get any whore a full three days’ supply of whatever they want. Anyone not willing to pay that price won’t be getting anything.”

He started shaking as everyone stared at him. Every single person in that room had already decided to brutally rape him, over and over again. The whores were more willing to hurt him than give up more than they already had too. The guards were pissed they weren’t going to get as much, since they couldn’t just rape the others whenever they wanted.

Lotor pushed him forward, towards the crowd. There were immediately fights over who got him first. His eyes caught Lotor’s cold eyes as he was passed around by the other whores. Silent tears fell down his cheeks as weakly tried to fight back, but he was outnumbered, and already exhausted.

The next few months were going to be hell, there wasn’t a break in sight. Haggar told him after everyone had their first round with him the day Lotor made his announcement, that he wouldn’t be getting a rest day until this drug special was over. It had already been three weeks since his last one.

He only wanted the drugs more.

Chapter Text

It had only been a week since Lotor ended the punishment for him and guards, and the guards and the others hadn’t really let up on fucking him hard. Spitfire needed to breathe.

The Den was hosting a private party for a gang member. Not all the whores were needed, and some whores from other sex clubs were being brought in – to diversify the entertainment. Lotor and Haggar were looking over their own stock to figure out which ones they wanted to include and who was getting a night off.

“Oh, Spitfire.” Lotor hummed as he circled him, looking him up and down. “I actually have something for you.”

Spitfire swallowed hard, not quite looking at him. It was never a good thing when someone has something for him.

Lotor rummaged through his pockets for a moment before holding out an envelope, lavender with rainbow stickers and silver glitter on it. ‘Spitfire’ was written in shaky cursive, like it was a child’s writing.

“Are you going to take it?” Lotor waved it near his face.

Glaring up at him, Spitfire ripped it from his hand. He pulled out a card from the envelope, it was even more sparkly, with a happy cartoon unicorn, telling him that he was ‘invited’.

“What the fuck is this?” Spitfire looked between the card and Lotor.

“Open it.” Lotor twirled a lock of Spitfire’s hair as he looked down at him.

Taking a sharp breath, he opened the card, finding information for the very special thirteenth birthday of a Tatiana. The party information looked like what was probably an adult’s handwriting, but there was an additional message, especially for him in what was probably Tatiana’s handwriting.

‘Spitfire! I’ve heard so much about you, how strong and brave you are, and how much fun you are! And we have the same birthday! I really hope you can make it to my birthday, I really want you to help me celebrate my 13th birthday!’

“Is this…?” Spitfire’s hands were shaking as he held the card.

“For the party we’re hosting tonight? Yes.” Lotor pressed a little closer. “You going to disappoint little Tatiana? She really wants to meet you.”

“What the fuck is this?” Spitfire lowered his gaze. His own experience with Galra birthdays had left a bad taste in his mouth.

“She’s the daughter of one of my father’s generals, so this is a very special day for her. Thirteen, a teenager now, not a child anymore.” Lotor hummed. “And you’ve been causing quite a stir among the higher ups, she’s a big fan.”

Scoffing, Spitfire closed his eyes tightly. “What about me is there to be a fan of?”

“Oh, Spitfire, you won’t disappoint this little girl on her birthday? You’ll be at her party?” Lotor was whispering in his ear now. “As an honored guest and not as entertainment for the other guests?”

Spitfire swallowed hard before he opened his eyes and looked around at the room at the others. It would only make them hate him more, but what else could they do to him? What more could anyone do to him.

“You want to go get ready? With me? Or with them?” Lotor backed away slightly, holding out his hand.

Spitfire looked back at the card and then shuddered, thoughts of his own Galra birthday going through his head. He couldn’t imagine the horrors he was about to witness, and he was going to witness it, whether he wanted to or not. He looked up at Lotor and took his hand.


Spitfire let Lotor dress him, completely zoned out. He could barely feel the touches, and only looked down at himself when Lotor spoke to him again, but he had no idea what he’d said. It was weird that being in real clothes made him feel out of place now.

“Oh, and Spitfire.” Lotor moved around behind him, pressing in close. “Happy birthday to you too, even if it’s not your party. I have a present for you later, well a few presents, but it depends on how today goes which one you get later.”

“So, it’s my birthday too today.” Spitfire sighed as he tried ignoring the hands on him now that he was being forced to focus.

“Seventeen today. Almost an adult.” Lotor kissed his neck. “Are you about ready? Most of the other guests should be here by now.”

“Is Zarkon going to be here?” He felt his gut clenching at the thought.

“He’ll probably make an appearance, give Tatiana her gifts, and then leave. My father is a very important man, he can’t waste all his time on parties.”

Nodding, Spitfire closed his eyes. “Okay, whatever.”

“I honestly think I hate it when you’re this pliable.” Lotor chuckled before adjusting so he would be escorting him.

Spitfire barely recognized the Den when they walked into the theater. The stage was still there, but with a bed on it. The seating was mostly gone. Some of his fellow whores and some from obviously nicer places were on pedestals, a few were already being used publicly by the other guests. He spotted the twins and felt sick, remembering how they parted last time he saw them. At least they were together, and both alive.

He ducked his head when a few of the ones from the Lion’s Den looked over at him. They were glaring daggers at him, and they were definitely go spread word about this.

Lotor paraded him around for a while, talking to the higher ups. He sampled from the cleaner whores, asking if Spitfire wanted to try. Spitfire stood by close the entire time, but refused to even watch much less dignify the questions with a response.

Then there were loud exclamations that the birthday girl was there. Lotor escorted Spitfire closer to the stage.

“Don’t look away Spitfire, it’s rude not to watch.”

“What?” He looked up at him, but Lotor gripped his chin and he turned his face towards the stage as a young girl was escorted onto the stage by a couple that were clearly her parents. She was in a frilly dress, and was all smiles.

“Are you ready to become a woman, Tatiana?” Her mother asked softly, but loud enough that the people closest to the stage could hear.

“Of course mama.” She smiled up at her. Her mother smiled back at her before she pressed in to kiss her.

Spitfire felt sick.

That frilly dress was stripped off Tatiana by her mother before she helped her onto the bed.

“Take care of our little girl.” The mother moved to kiss her husband before stripping him too.

“Of course.”

Spitfire closed his eyes so tightly that it hurt, but he couldn’t drown out the sounds. How could this just be what the Galra did? It was sick beyond his understanding. As soon as Lotor didn’t have a death grip on his arm, he was going to throw up.

If he didn’t just throw up there on the spot.

“Are you not enjoying the party Spitfire?” Lotor whispered very quietly. “You look tense.”

A few of the other higher ups had taken a turn with her after her father finished giving her a first taste.

“I-I… This is sick… you people are even more fucked up than…” Spitfire caught a slight glimpse of what was happening on stage as he turned to glare up at the prince.

“Oh? You were the same age as her when you chose to let someone inside you.” Lotor was grinning at him. “Even younger when someone force their way in.”

“That’s different.” He swallowed down another wave of bile. “She-…”

“As been waiting for this day for a while. Every child raised among the Galra knows this day comes, and is excited to this first step into being accepted as an adult.”

“Did you get raped by your father on a stage too?”

“Yes.” Lotor traced Spitfire’s jaw. “If your mother had brought you back, brought your whole family with her, it would’ve been the same for you. Though, Lord Zarkon may have insisted on taking you first. My father has made it clear that he is displeased with how many partners you’d had before he got to you.”

Spitfire stared at Lotor before looking back at the stage. No men were on the stage with her now, her mother was caressing her, cleaning her off and out.

“Excuse me, Prince Lotor.” Tatiana’s father was wearing his pants again. Now that he was closer, Spitfire recognized him. He’d been raped by the man before.

“Ah, General Raht, what can I do for the father of the birthday girl?” Lotor smiled at him, his grip on Spitfire’s arm tightening.

“My daughter has a request, of Spitfire.”

“Oh?” Lotor glanced down at him. “Well, then by all means, relay it to him.”

Nodding, Raht turned his attention to Spitfire. “Tatiana would like you to take her. She personally invited you and…”

Spitfire was going to throw up.

“Oh, this is awkward. While Spitfire would never think of disappointing the birthday girl, especially since I’ve been telling him how much she just adores hearing stories about him, he… he is only able to top men. He can only get it up with women when being penetrated.”

“Well, she hasn’t done that yet. Her mother was hoping to help her with that, but I’m sure she’d love to take Spitfire, the same way that I’ve talked about taking him.”

“No…” Spitfire felt his entire body shaking as he tried to take a few steps back, Lotor’s grip on him too tight for him to really get anywhere. “Don’t… don’t make her do this…”

“Spitfire, you’re being rude.” Lotor held his neck. “Tatiana wants to share something special with you, on both of your birthdays.”

“Please… please…

“Oh Spitfire. You chose to be here as a guest, but if you’re going to act like a whore, that can be arranged.”

“Father!” Tatiana was standing near them now, in a robe. “Is this… is this Spitfire?”

Spitfire looked down at her and felt tears coming to his eyes. He blinked them away.

“Yes darling, it is.” Rhat grinned at him. “He isn’t interested in taking you, but how would you like to take him, like I have?”

“Oh? Really? You’d be the first person I’d take? That’s the best birthday present.” Her eyes were sparkling.

“I have something for you that would make it special for you, to make you and Spitfire feel extra good.” Lotor caressed her cheek. “I already gave it to you mother.”

“Oh, really? Thank you Prince Lotor!”

“Why don’t you go have your mother help you with it and bring Spitfire up and get him ready for you?”

“I want to prep him!” She pouted slightly.

“Oh, then I’ll just get him undressed for you.”

She smiled and pulled both of her parents up onto the stage with her.

“You can’t be fucking serious.” Spitfire glared up at Lotor.

“If you don’t like it Spitfire, change it. But right now, this is what’s happening.” Lotor started dragging him towards the stage. “Don’t make me hold you down for this. As far as she knows, this is normal, this is what’s right. She’s happy.”

Spitfire wiped the tears from his eyes as he stopped fighting Lotor. He couldn’t stop this, not in the moment. Even if he didn’t let this happen, it was going to happen with someone else. Shattering this moment for her wouldn’t make things better, it wouldn’t stop what the rest of the men and women at the party were going to do to her, what they were going to make her do.

After it was over, she was pressing kisses all over his face, laying on top of him – obviously exhausted.

“Thank you Spitfire. You were amazing, just like Father and everyone says!” She nuzzled into his neck.

He turned away and stared unfocusedly into the distance.

“You must be as good of a fighter as they all say you are. You’re even cooler than I imagined!”

“Tatiana, darling. Lord Zarkon is here, and he has a special present for you, but he can’t stay long.” Her mother gently pulled her off her.

When Lotor finally took him back to his office after Tatiana and most of the guests had left, Spitfire knelt over the waste next to his desk. He threw up so much he was bleeding, until he didn’t even have the smallest amount of stomach acid to throw up.

“I supposed you earned the good present.” Lotor huffed, leaning on the desk.

“I don’t want anything from you.” Spitfire’s voice was barely a raspy whisper from how sore his throat was.

“Oh? Then I’ll just play with the twins, your friends – Echo and Onyx? - by myself then.”

“N-No…” Spitfire glanced up at him. “I-I…”

“I thought so.” Lotor smiled. “They’re waiting for you in the honeymoon suite. You have until we open tomorrow to spend with them, and then they’re going back to where they belong.”

Hopefully the twins would be content to just let him cry until he passed out and then hold him – chasing away the inevitable nightmares.

Chapter Text

“Oh Spitfire, welcome back.” Lotor twirled a lock of his hair in his fingers as he was escorted back into the Den by a host of guards. “Did you enjoy your time off?”

Spitfire stared at him blankly. He had. It had been a while since Tatiana’s birthday, but it was his scheduled rest day. He’d gotten to really rest, a full spa day. The entire time he’d longed for Lance, the boy would’ve been so jealous of the luxurious treatment he’d gotten. “Whatever.”

“So abrasive, even after being so pampered.” Lotor chuckled as he moved Spitfire’s face to examine him. “Even more beautiful after all that, I may not be able to keep my hands off you. Not to mention our clients.”

When Spitfire didn’t say anything again, Lotor shooed off the guards and started leading him. “Now, before you get back to work tomorrow, Marmora is here.”

Grimacing, Spitfire tried to pull away from Lotor’s grip. He knew what that meant.

“She missed your birthday, she was working herself. But she tells me she has an extra special present for you.” Lotor pulled him closer, an arm around his waist tightly. “She seems rather pleased with her find.”

“I won’t do it.”

“Oh, well, if Marmora is wrong about this, then I have a very special punishment in mind.”

Spitfire wanted to know, but knowing could scare him out of saying no. He couldn’t risk asking, and he hoped Lotor wouldn’t tell him anyway.

If it was really so bad that he couldn’t handle it, he could get out of it. He could get out of all of this any time he wanted, as long as he followed through.

Having an out wasn’t as much of a comforting thought as it should’ve been.

Lotor was talking to him as he opened the door to his office, but Spitfire couldn’t hear him as he looked at the man bound and kneeling at knife point in front of Marmora. Spitfire knew him, intimately. It had been five years since he’d seen him.

The man, barely a man, looked at him with wide eyes. It was clear that he recognized him too.

Spitfire was slipping into a panic as their eyes met.

“Keith? Oh shit, you-…” He started, but Marmora nudged him hard with her knee.

“Oh, it’s okay Spitfire, he can’t hurt you as he is.” Lotor petted his hair delicately. “I’m sure you want some pay back.”

“Pay back? Come on Keith, you liked it right? And we were just kids, we were messing around…” The man got a full kick this time, pushing him onto his face.

Pay back wouldn’t change what happened, what he’d done to him, what their foster father had done to them. But it might feel good, to hurt him like he’d been hurt.

Spitfire swallowed down his panic as he forced himself to look away, up at Lotor. “Why do the Galra want him dead?”

Lotor grinned, still running his hand’s through Spitfire’s hair. “Oh, well, I usually wouldn’t tell, but since he’s an old lover…”

A shiver ran through him as he clenched his jaw. Lover. He wanted to puke at the thought of calling him that.

“It started small, stealing and redistributing our intellectual property, then he started really cutting into our profits when he started taking from our hunting grounds.” Lotor moved a hand down his cheek. “He’s quite good, we would normally offer him your solution, but under these circumstances, we thought it would be best to offer his life to you first.”

Spitfire glanced at the man again. He had to ask, but he didn’t want to know, even if he had a pretty good idea. “And exactly what was it he was stealing from you, from your ‘hunting grounds’?”

“Oh, kids. Some were too young, so if you turn down the offer, we’d have to break him of that nasty habit before we let him out in the field for us, but considering how old you were when you turned him onto it, I’m not surprised he likes them so young.” Lotor’s voice was low, low enough that Marmora and the man couldn’t hear them. “So, what will it be? You can kill him however you want, take as long as you like. If you don’t, I have an offer for him.”

Spitfire bit his lip hard as he stared at the man, who was looking at him again now that he’d righted himself with no small effort.

“Is it true? You… you didn’t grow out of it? You’re still a…” Spitfire couldn’t bring himself to say what he was, what their experience together made him.

“Still fucking kids? What can I say Keithy, you were so good no one older could stack up.” The guy was smiling as he said it. His life was on the line and he was smiling at him.

But Spitfire wasn’t going to do it. Killing him wouldn’t be justice, not for everyone else he’d hurt, all those other kids and their families deserved to watch him burn too. Killing him would be selfish. If only he’d die anyway, rather than joining the Galra and hurting more people, more kids, the way he’d hurt Keith.

Nodding, he looked at Marmora. “I can’t. I won’t kill him.”

She flinched slightly at his words, her mask moving towards Lotor.

“Oh, Spitfire.”

“But, please, don’t offer him that, just… you just kill him. I-I…” He couldn’t live with himself knowing that if it wasn’t for him, he’d never have started hurting kids, and would continue doing it.

“Oh, I have to. Father made it policy, on your suggestion. If he turns me down, I’ll kill him myself.” Lotor was digging his nails into his shoulder now. “And you’ll accept your punishment with grace.”

Spitfire shook his head as he closed his head.

“I’ll give you one more chance to just kill him. Isn’t killing him better than letting him live? Isn’t that how your fucked up moral code would work.”

Spitfire didn’t even know if he had a moral code anymore. He didn’t know what was right or wrong, only that he couldn’t do this. And maybe he was just scared. One more step towards him and he’d be that scared little kid again, too weak to protect himself, too small to take it.

A few moments of silence passed and Lotor hummed in disappointment. “Very well. Warren, it is Warren, right? If you accept my initial conditions, you have a chance to join us, use your skills to our benefit, and keep your life.”

“I’m listening.”

“Firstly, because you cost us so much money, I’m going to fuck you, mercilessly, like you like to do it yourself.”

“I don’t take.”

If Spitfire wasn’t on the verge of a panic attack, he would’ve snorted before. He’d taken their foster father plenty of times, and he cried and screamed more than Keith did.

“Oh. Marmora, your gun pl-…”

“What’s the next condition?” Warren cut him off.

“My father, the leader of the gang is going to give you such a brutal fucking, not even Spitfire, Keith could take it. And if you ask why, it’s because you took Keith before he had a chance to. You ruined him, and way too young.”

“I’ve heard stories about Zarkon. I-I…”

“But if you make it through, you’ll be a part of our family. You’ll be able to have as many young men as you want, but anyone under thirteen is off the table. Even we have standards.” Lotor was behind Spitfire now, and Spitfire whimpered when he felt his pants being pushed down. “And Keith of course.”

“I can…”

“If you agree right now, I’ll let you fuck him again, right here, right now, before we get to your punishment. I didn’t experience him when he was fresh, but I can tell you that he is my favorite whore to fuck. I’ve had clients ask if he was a virgin when they fucked him.”

And that was an easy sell. Warren was practically begging to join.

“Marmora, if you could untie our newest recruit so he can skip a few steps in his initiation.” Lotor was completely stripping Spitfire now, and Spitfire was like putty in his hands. He’d already completely retreated into painful memories and Warren hadn’t even touched him yet.

“You could stay Marmora, enjoy the show. From Keith’s stories, it should be quite the fucking.” Lotor’s words barely registered as Warren was standing in front of them, moving a hand to Spitfire’s chest.

“Oh, you’re already hard, you must’ve missed him terribly, Keith.” Lotor bit his ear before moving away, to sit at his desk and watch them.

“On your knees pretty boy.” Warren said as he grabbed a chunk of Spitfire’s hair.

He listened like he used to as a kid, because there was nothing else to do.

Fuck.” Warren pulled on his hair as soon as Spitfire’s lips were on him. “I missed your mouth so much.”

Tears were streaming down Spitfire’s cheeks.

When Warren was finished with him, Spitfire couldn’t move, couldn’t think anything other than what had just happened, what had happened all those years ago. No one bothered moving him from the floor of Lotor’s office. Lotor didn’t waste any time making good his promise to fuck Warren. Warren’s whimpering and crying was familiar, and only made it harder to break himself from his catatonic panic.

And then this probably wasn’t the punishment Lotor had promised.

Chapter Text


It had been hours since Lotor had finished with Warren and left to take him to Zarkon, or at least it felt like hours to Spitfire. He was finally coming back to himself, remembering where he was, who he was now. His legs were numb and he almost fell over as he tried to stand. Arms caught him.

A masked face was looking down at him as he looked up. He hadn’t realized that Marmora had actually stayed to watch. It wasn’t ever clear to him what Marmora actually wanted from him, what she was doing. Her hold on him was gentle, in a way that no one’s had ever been. Even Shiro and Lance didn’t touch him so gently, like he was going to crumble at any second. Spitfire wanted to push her away, but he needed the help to stand, he was so close to crumbling.


He wished he could see her face as she gently stroked his face before picking him and carrying him. As she carried him through the halls, he caught the eyes of the other whores and the guards. They were all watching, even if they didn’t know who Marmora was, they could probably tell how ranking she was, and there was no mistaking that she didn’t intend to abuse him. She hadn’t done anything to him other than stand by and let the terrible happen.

She gently laid him out on the metal table in one of Haggar’s rooms. When he looked up at her, she had removed a layer, her arms and hands uncovered. Scars up and down. A tattoo to match the mark below the Galra mark on Keith’s hip on one of her wrists and different colored lines, tally marks, on the other.

Spitefire watched her as she fiddled with the spray nozzle, holding her hands under the water for a few moments before taking one of his and holding it under the water. Her masked face was staring at him, like she was waiting for something.

“Okay.” He said it quietly, just wanting to get this over with. Ever gentle touch was honestly worse, a reminder that he could have something different than the abuse he’d been facing at the Galra’s hands.

It felt so weird as her hands scrubbed at his skin under the spray at the water. There was a weird feeling, like it was disgustingly wrong and yet somehow oddly comforting, as she continued touching him, pausing at scars and avoiding his more intimate areas.

When she set the nozzle down, she grabbed a towel and held out a hand to him. He took it with his own shaky hand. Marmora helped him sit up, and then motioned for him to try to stand.

His legs were still shaky, but he managed to stand on his own. The towel was wrapped around his shoulders, and he looked back up at her.

“You really thought I’d kill him.”

She nodded.

“Why do you want me to join so much? It’s not just Zarkon’s orders.”

She turned her masked face away, bringing her hand up to her mask like she was going to take it off. He swallowed hard, waiting for the answer.

But then the door slammed open, and they both turned to look at Haggar.

“Marmora, you really should be getting back. Your schedule has been so busy lately, right?” Haggar glared at her. “Spitfire will be in good hands here with me, don’t worry dear.”

Marmora grabbed her coat and gloves and walked towards the door. Spitfire wondered if he should thank her, but no, he shouldn’t.

“Now, Spitfire, are you ready for your punishment for your latest refusal?” Haggar walked over and ran one of her long, sharp nail down his chest.

“Whatever.” He looked away from her.

“Good boy.”

Then she wrapped her hand around the back of neck to push him out of the room. Two guards followed them as they headed for the dressing room where seemingly all the whores were gathered. Lotor was standing on one of the makeup tables. Spitfire was forced up to stand next to Lotor, who held him close by his waist.

“Alright, so everyone, Spitfire has once again been so disobedient, and now you’re all going to pay for it.” Lotor was grinning, and Spitfire closed his eyes tightly. “No one will be getting a rest day for, oh, let’s say a whole month this time.”

There was yelling, crying, and Spitfire just felt cold. He’d be the center of attention from the others, and not in a good way.

The moment Lotor was gone, and Spitfire was left standing, naked and alone above them all, he was torn down. If the guards hadn’t intervened after the first few really forceful blows, they might’ve actually killed him.

It was two nights of waking up to beatings broken up by the guards before Lotor brought him into his small apartment above the Den that Spitfire didn’t even know existed, to sleep with him, but not after a hard fuck, except on the nights when Lotor went home, then Spitfire got the whole comfy bed to himself.

Getting to sleep in the prince’s bed every night for a month wasn’t doing him any thing in way of winning his fellows back over. Spitfire didn’t know how much longer he could last with even the people who should be on his side hated his guts. It was so much easier when they were on his side, when they pitied the kid thrown into the Den.

It had been weeks and Spitfire could barely keep himself conscious. He felt like he was a few more days of constant fuckings and beatings before he just died of exhaustion, even with sleep. The rest of the whores had been through a whole cycle of rest days and he hadn’t even dared to hope to get one soon.

Keith felt pressure on his chest, but not one that was keeping him from breathing. It was warm. He opened his eyes and he recognized the room. As he shifted, the form on his chest whined.

“Keith.” The voice shrill and familiar and perfect. “Go back to sleep.”

He gently put his hands around the face attempting to hide in his shoulder. Lance’s blue eyes met his as he was forced to look at him as he whined again.


“Yeah. If you’re not going to sleep, at least let me go back to sleep.” He huffed as he moved to hover over him.

“But if you’re asleep I can’t do this.” Keith smiled and pulled Lance’s face down towards him.

Lance smiled as he rolled his eyes, letting Keith guide his face down. “You’re so corny sometimes man.”

“Yeah? And you love it.” Keith stopped pulling Lance just fractions of an inch from his face. He traced the shape of Lance’s lips with his thumb.

Lance hummed, closing his eyes. “I love y-…”

Keith’s eyes burst open as he was sudden dunked in cold water. As he started panicking, just about to start breathing in the water, he was pulled back out. Haggar and Lotor were standing on either side of Zarkon in a chair much too small for him.

“Happy second anniversary Sptifire, were a bit late, but your punishment came first.” Zarkon’s gaze was roaming him. “You’ll be getting three days off of whoring, with some light training with the gladiators. Then, you’ll be participating a tournament to celebrate your second year home with us.”

Spitfire nodded. Two whole years. How much longer could he last?

Chapter Text

Spitfire like he was suddenly on the set of a Disney movie. The brightly colored furnishing, the smiles on people’s face, the bright lights. It was so different than the parts he’d seen of Zarkon’s grand, dark home. None of the people paid him any attention, even as he was obviously not one of them, in dirty, ill-fitting clothes. The guards escorting hadn’t touched him once, and patiently waited when he paused.

He had no idea who he was about to see, or what was going to happen to him. The childish part of him hoped that it would something akin to a fairy godmother and he’d finally wake up from this nightmare.

The guards stopped him outside a door, and motioned for him to go inside. He wasn’t breathing or looking up as he walked into the room. Because it was more likely it was a bedroom or a sex dungeon and someone was paying a lot to rough him up.

“Keith.” Alfor’s voice made him wince as he looked up at him. The man looked tired. “Sorry for the cloak and dagger, I just wanted to talk.”

“This is actually Trigel’s estate, I convinced her to ask Zarkon for you for the night, but she’s currently out of the country.” Alfor continued talking and pacing when Spitfire didn’t respond. “I know words won’t change anything, but I really am so sorry about what happened last time we saw each other.”

“I’m getting used to empty apologies.” He looked away from him, crossing him arms in an attempt to close himself off. “Couldn’t you just ask Zarkon for me?”

“If I really wanted to rape you again, probably, though he’d probably make himself part of the action, but that isn’t what I wanted. He’d know if I didn’t follow through, and I don’t know who he’d be more angry with.” Alfor paused and glanced at him. He motioned towards one of the delicate looking armchairs. “Why don’t you take a seat and we can have this conversation like civilized people.”

Spitfire continued standing by the door, staring at him. “What exactly could we have to talk about? You don’t seem the type to just tell people things.”


“Don’t call me that, that’s not… that’s not my name anymore.” He flinched at hearing it. Perhaps if Alfor hadn’t given in, or given himself instead the last time they saw each other, it wouldn’t hurt so much to hear him say it. “You know don’t you, all the things they aren’t telling me about myself, about why they want me so much.”

Alfor moved and leaned against the desk at the center of the room. He held the bridge of his nose. “I know much of it yes, but are you sure you really want to know?”

“You’re not going to tell me anyway.” Spitfire scoffed throwing his hands down. “Why am I here Alfor? What could you have to talk to me about?”

“Even if you don’t want to hear what I say, I’d imagine that you’d be relieved to have even a short break from the Den.” Alfor shook his head, still not looking at the boy.

“Spit it out already.”

“I may have imagined helping you to escape when I heard and then saw what Zarkon was doing to you. I have always known the Galra traditions, their laws, but what he’s doing to you goes so far beyond that.” Alfor took a shuddering breath and looked towards him. “But I’m realizing that I don’t have the power to do anything more than have this conversation.”

“The only way out I have now is death, I realize that, and they won’t even let me have that.”

“No, it isn’t.” Alfor stood up and walked towards him, keeping a few paces between them for good measure. “Beyond your own suffering, there is a lot at stake. You are the only one who can stop him, but not as you are. Not while you play whore.”

“I am a whore.”

“We both know you are so much more than that. I’ve seen you fight, I’ve seen you defy Zarkon. It is what he loves about you. It is what he loved about me once.”

“No. He doesn’t… that isn’t love. Even I know what he feels for me isn’t love.”

“It’s what he thinks love is, Keith. Once you join him, it will not take much for you to completely win his trust. You could stop all of this.” Alfor closed the gap and put a hand firmly on his shoulder. “You’re the only one that can stop him.”

“Just because you’re tired of him trying to bone you, suddenly you want him dead?”

“No, it’s… Once our gangs were enemies, wasting much of our time and resources on fighting each other, but when the five of us took the reigns, we were young and saw an opportunity of working together. Now we all do everything, but Zarkon has made the Galra the best at it all. We all have lowered our fighting forces, except him. It’s only a matter of time before he eliminates us completely.”

Spitfire glanced at the hand touching him, wondering if he should shrug it off. “Why do I care if a bunch of filthy gangs get wiped out.”

“Because then Zarkon will have more power, more reach, to hurt more people. Kids like you.” Alfor brushed the hair out of Spitfire’s face with his free hand. “Do not think this is a matter of self-interest. Even if you back and do as they ask, I will be dead before you are able to take him out.”

“I can’t. I can’t kill him. I-I…”

“You’re terrified of him, but you won’t have to be.” Alfor moved both his hands to cup his face, tilting it up so their eyes were locked. “If you do it right, he may even happily offer you the chance.”

Spitfire stared in his eyes. They were so blue, so soft. He looked almost familiar, especially those eyes. Alfor really was beautiful. And then remembered how it felt to be under him, and he could help the shiver that ran through him. “I-I… I just can’t…”

“Don’t you want revenge?”

“And if I kill him, someone else will take over, someone just as bad or worse. Lotor or Sendak. It won’t change anything. Even if I got good enough to take on Zarkon, I could never take down the whole gang.” He pushed the hands off his face and slammed himself back into the door.

“Things could be different. The Galra could be different.”

“I don’t care. I’ve made my choice. I won’t spill blood for them.” He shut his eyes tightly, his entire body shaking. “I’m just one kid, I can’t do this.”

“You’re so much more than you think you are. Keith, if you only knew…” Alfor was holding his face again, but Spitfire wouldn’t look at him. “You’re really just going to let yourself be held down for the rest of your life? It’s only going to get worse if you keep refusing them.”

“I can’t imagine how it could get worse. There’s nothing worse, there’s just them keep doing it.” Spitfire took a shaky breath. “So don’t pretend you can save me, or that I can save you. I’m just a whore. It’s all I’ve ever been.”

“Do you want me to treat you like a whore, Spitfire?” Alfor moved one of his hands to his throat, holding it tight enough to hurt, to make him short of breath, but not enough to make him scared of losing his breath. And it was definitely enough that he could feel his heart thrum in anticipation.

“If you’re really that kind of man. I thought you wanted to talk, to try to convince me of your crazy plan.”

“Your body is telling me that you want this. But do you want me to fuck you?” Alfor’s breath was on his face. “Because if it’s what you really want, I’ll do it, but I’ll let you take control.”

He looked up at Alfor and felt weak as he thought of someone else with blue eyes. He nodded shortly as he wrapped his arms around Alfor’s shoulders. “Don’t hold back.”

Alfor lifted his legs up around his waist as he leaned in for a kiss. Spitfire moaned into his mouth as he was pressed back harder against the door.

“You… I’m saying yes, knowing that you’re really giving me a choice right now. You aren’t about to rape me.” Spitfire stared at him as he felt Alfor’s hard dick against his own.

“Who are you trying to convince Keith?”

“Both of us.” Spitfire smiled at him before pulling him back in for another kiss.

Chapter Text

It had been months since he’d seen Alfor, and he’d barely had any interaction with Zarkon, or even Lotor. Things were routine. He had regular clients that came in almost like clockwork, including people from his old life. They were all too happy ruin him and laugh in his face. There weren’t any opportunities put in front of him, but occasionally he was taken out to fight either the gladiators or the Blade, just to keep his skill fresh. He could anticipate the guards or the others doing something to him by the way they were looking at him. Punishments came, for him and the whole Den, even if he didn’t do anything else.

And Spitfire was used to it. Truly used to it being his life. The constant pain, anguish.

The only thing that wasn’t quite routine was the large change in the people he was sharing the barracks with. Overdoses, escape attempts, sales, and outliving their appeal: so many of the people were gone. There was just enough overlap that the newcomers gave him the same aggressive treatment.

But there was one new whore that he noticed, that threatened his walls again, threatened his ability to block out what was happening, to pretend it was all a very long nightmare that he’d never escape from.

They called him Dazzle, and he couldn’t have been any older than Spitfire was, but he looked young. Blond, probably once well groomed. Well-toned probably from soccer or something, though his weeks at the Den at thinned him a little. He was so generically beautiful. Immediately he was a big hit with the female clients, but the men he caught the eye of were among the worst. No one had roughed him up too much yet though, just a few small bruises. Apparently, the man that bid on his anal virginity had been surprisingly gentle.

Spitfire was passing by one of the few spots that they could hide for a few moments after being forced on his knees by the guards, and he paused at the sound of a sob. Not an uncommon sound from that corner, but he knew it. Dazzle at been around just long enough that Spitfire could distinguish him from the others.

He squeezed himself into the small space, just barely lit enough that he could make out the bruise around the kid’s eye when he looked up in shock.

“Hey, it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.” Spitfire put his hands up, palms out, as he knelt in front of the boy. “You okay?”

“The others… they-… they say you’re trouble, that you get everyone in trouble.” Dazzle shrank back away from him.

“I-I… I’ve made choices, ones the Galra don’t like, that they want me to change, and they try hurting everyone here to make me do it.” Spitfire put his hands down. “I refuse to give them the one thing they can’t take from me, and I wish they wouldn’t take it out on anyone else.”

“What do they want you to do?”

Sighing, Spitfire glanced back at the opening to the little alcove. “They want me to kill for them.”


“It’s a long story, and I don’t know a lot of the details, but I won’t be one of them.”

“They also say you’ve been here a long time. Is that true?” Dazzle glanced back up at him.

“Yeah. Over two years now.” He felt a little smile tug at his lips. It was crazy. No one should’ve been able to survive this level abuse for so long, but here he was, about to try to tell a kid that everything would be okay.

“Holy shit… how old are you?”

“Seventeen… probably eighteen soon. Sometimes I feel like such a little kid, not being able to fight back in any way that matters.”

“Fuck, then you would’ve been like fifteen when you got here? That’s fucking sick.”

“How old are you?”


“Seriously? I would’ve said like sixteen at the most. You’re seriously that old?”

“Yeah, and it’s probably why they picked me up.” Dazzle seemed to relax a little. “But seriously. You’re only seventeen? And everyone else is blaming you, and… and I might’ve caught it wrong but was it… yesterday was-…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it, getting it all from all sides.” Spitfire shrugged, remembering the way one of the older whores pinned him down in the bathroom with the help of a few of the newer ones who hadn’t quite lost their physical strength yet.

“Used to it? Seriously? How could you get used to it?”

“It was either get used to it… or completely lose myself.” Spitfire moved to make himself more comfortable. “A lot of people they bring to this whore house, they’re already run down, homeless, addicts, enemies of the Galra. But some people aren’t like that. You’re not like that.”

“You’re not like that either.”

“No.” Spitfire couldn’t help but smile. “They were looking for me, specifically me.”

“Because they wanted you to kill people?”

“Yeah, something like that.” Spitfire shook his head. “What about you?”

“My dad… was being blackmailed, and then he tried to stop holding up his end of the bargain, they needed more convincing.” Dazzle put his head between his knees. “That son of a bitch, I wasn’t even talking to him after what he did to my brother, then I find out the he was getting serviced by an underage, male prostitute. If I ever get out of here, I think I’m just going to kill him.”

“Your dad wouldn’t happen to be a senator, would he?”

Dazzle looked up and stared at him, blinking at him, dumbfounded.

“Uh, sorry… about that, this. That prostitute, that was… that was me, the first time. He might’ve gotten more after that, but…” Spitfire grimaced. “His was the most disgusting dick that I’ve ever had in my mouth.”

Gagging at the thought, Dazzle hunched over further. “Trust me, after what I’ve experienced here, there’s no way I can blame you for this.

“Thanks I guess.” Spitfire heard footsteps in the hall and stood up with a sigh. “We should get back to it. The guards know this is here, and sometimes like to check. Hiding like this is against the rules, punishable by whatever the guards chose.”

Dazzle’s eyes widened. “I’ve heard that the guards can be pretty terrible.”

“Worse than most of our clients, but they’re not allowed to just rape most of you willy-nilly. You have to either ask them for a favor or break the rules.” Spitfire moved to the edge and looked around. He saw a few guards, seemingly waiting for someone to come out of the hole. “Actually. You stay here for a minutes. You’ll know when it’s safe to come out.”

“Wait… don’t do this… I-I…”

“Someone did this for me once, I try to pay it forward when I can.” Spitfire smiled at him before leaving the hole.

“Oh. Spitfire. Didn’t peg you to hide anymore.” One of the guards said as the group walked over to him.

He spat on the one that got to him first, and was slammed to the ground. Spitfire was able take a few deep breaths before they were on him, in him. Even with all his experience, he couldn’t hold back the screams and the moans. But when they stopped, it would almost be safe for Dazzle to come out.

The older boy didn’t have much time left before the same would eventually happen to him. It happened to everyone who walked through the doors of the Lion’s Den as property of the Galra.

Chapter Text

Spitfire had been watching Razzle as the days went on, and things were getting worse. He’d been given an unflattering facial scar, by a new client who apparently got a long talk about acceptable behavior. Most clients like a pretty face, so it was harder to sell him with the blemish. His injuries were getting beyond what the others could help soothe, but it was clear that Haggar wasn’t going to lift a finger to patch him up.

The other whores were starting to look to him, to see if he’d help. He wished he could. If he showed that he cared too much the gang would only use him to get under his skin, and he was going through enough without Spitfire getting involved. But it was also so hard to watch him suffer, especially since him being there was at least partially Spitfire’s fault.

He sighed as he walked over to where they were trying to patch up Razzle, pushing the others out of the way before wrapping the wounds as best he could.

“Spitfire.” One of the once younger girls tried to pull him away.

“Let me, okay? You might not believe it, but I don’t want any of you to get hurt.” Spitfire shook his head, staring at Razzle’s barely conscious form. “He’s been getting almost as I do lately.”

“If you don’t want us hurt, why don’t you just do what they say?”

“I-I… I don’t even know anymore.” He paused and looked up at her. It started on moral principle, but he had enough blood on his hands and given Zarkon enough counsel that he couldn’t say it was that anymore. For so long he had suffered, and he liked to think he was numb to it, but it wasn’t that. There wasn’t reason, not any good one, not one Spitfire could really justify.

Maybe it was time to just give in, to claim his bloody, disgusting birthright.

“Spitfire, oh. Patching up Dazzle, eh? Well, you finish, the Prince wants to see the both of you in his office.” Haggar’s voice cut off his musings, and his hands stuttered.

“You better not get him into trouble Spitfire.” Another of the others said, glaring at him.

Spitfire looked back at Razzle with a frown. “I’ll do what I can to protect him, but that might only make this worse for him.”

“Razzle, buddy, you with me? We need to go see Lotor.” He shook him slightly once the worst of his wounds were set. The older boy groaned slightly, blinking hazily.


“Yeah, hey, sorry. But we need to go, if we make him wait it’ll only be worse for us.” Spitfire tried to give him a smile, but it was probably more of a grimace.

“Oh, yeah, shit.” Razzle started sitting up, but let out of pained moan. He reached for one of his wounds. “Did you fix me up?”

“I did the best I could with what I had, yeah.”

“Thank you.” He tried sitting up again, slower this time.

“I wouldn’t thank me just yet.” Spitfire held a hand out to him to help him to his feet.

Spitfire took in the people in Lotor’s office. An older, well dressed but dirty older woman was sitting and crying on Lotor’s lap. Marmora was keeping a blubbering senator on his knees in front of her. Razzle’s eyes went wide as he took a shaky step away from Spitfire.


This wasn’t going to end well, Spitfire’s stomach dropped.

“Apparently your father didn’t get the message, so we’re going to settle this.” Lotor ran a knife down the woman’s face. “Don’t worry ma’am, you’re a little too old for me, I won’t be raping you, if it comes to that.”

“Don’t you fucking-…” Razzle started, but Spitfire moved to stand in front of him.

“Lotor. What exactly are you planning?”

“Oh, you and the Senator are going to have some choices. You, of course, get your choice first.” Lotor twirled the knife before pointing it at him.

“No, I’m not making choices for them.”

“Oh, well, let me tell you what the choice before you say that.” Lotor grinned at him. “We could remove the senator, it’d be more work to find a replacement, but it wouldn’t be as a big a fight as this is.”

“You mean have me kill him.” Spitfire glanced at him. He wouldn’t mind killing that man.

“But there’s more to it than that, while Dazzle and his mother aren’t really prime, they’d have their use. If you rape Dazzle for me, make his daddy watch before you kill him, then I’ll let son and mother go free, with a threat to never speak of this of course.”

Spitfire closed his eyes and shook his head. “No.”

“What was that?”

“I’m not a rapist, I-I… can’t, I won’t do that.”

“One more rape he’d have to endure and then it’d be done, you have that power Spitfire.”

“No.” He cringed as his own voice cracked. “I will never be a rapist. I might be able to accept being a killer, but I won’t ever be a rapist.”

“You might find yourself taking back those words some day.” Lotor hummed. “But if you’re sure.”

He pushed the woman off his lap and moved to crouch in front of the senator. “Now, you’ve been very bad at keeping up your end of the bargain. Any thing to say for yourself?”

After a few moments of stuttering, the senator set his eyes on Spitfire. “You promised me him.”

“Oh. You haven’t had him since that first blow job. The other boys we’ve sent not to your satisfaction?” Lotor poked his nose with the knife. “I suppose I understand. If I give you access to him anytime you, have him at your beck and call, you’d do what my father needs of you without question, or hestitation?”

There was a pause, and the senator licked his lips as he continued staring at Spitfire. “Yes.”

“You sick fuck.” Razzle said under his breath. Spitfire glanced over at him, wishing there was something he could do to make this better.

“But, I’d still like to keep your son and wife, for all the trouble your disobedience has caused us.”

“No, not… not Sharon.” The senator glanced over where his wife was probably hiding behind Lotor’s desk.

“Oh, but I can keep your son? Well, then perhaps…” Lotor glanced over at the two boys. “Yes. Rape him and you can take you wife.”

“No!” There was a shrill objection from behind the desk. “No, not our boy! You can’t! I-I…”

“I’m doing this for you, Sharon, you wouldn’t survive this place.”

Spitfire closed his eyes tightly and turned away, but Lotor was holding him, forcing him to face it. Blood was pounding his ears as he heard Razzle begging, and Lotor ask Marmora to hold the boy down for his father.

He couldn’t imagine how much worse it was when it was a family member, when it was someone that Razzle should’ve been able to trust. He felt sick, but it would be his turn with the senator next, since he’s what he thought he wanted.

When it was all over, Spitfire left the office, hearing Lotor calling for him. He hunched in on himself, not listening. He couldn’t be one of them.

It was a full week that he spent ignoring Razzle after that, and Razzle tried to talk to him, so it was difficult in the confined space.

They were both in one of the public rooms, Spitfire’s client had just left him, but his legs were too shaky to walk right away. Razzle’s client wasn’t fucking him, just beating him. The boy was probably unconscious at that point, a few more blows, and he might’ve been dead.

And strength was in Spitfire’s legs again. The guards were too late by the time the client’s pulse stopped.

Lotor was pacing in front of him and a barely conscious Razzle, both of them strapped to their chairs. He looked mad, but like he didn’t know where to start.

“Spitfire. You know what that client you killed paid for? That you interrupted?” Lotor finally paused his movement, but he didn’t look at the boy.

“No.” Spitfire rolled his eyes.

“He paid to beat a whore to death and fuck the corpse until it was cold. Razzle’s use was at it’s end, and that client had been begging for the opportunity for a while. As much as I hate the rest of your fellow whores, I can’t just let be killed willy-nilly, so it’s not too often I can offer them something like that.”

“No, that’s… why him?” Spitfire looked over at Razzle. “Razzle, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I-I…”

“This isn’t your fault, thank you, for what you’ve tried to do.” Razzle gave him a blood smile. “Better than being here, right?”

“No, Razzle, you…” Before Spitfire could finish, Lotor slashed at Razzle’s throat.

A few moments of blood spurting and Razzle gurgling, Spitfire knew the other boy was dead.

“You still have too much sentimentality to be what my father needs you to be. Go cool off in the box, and remember this.”

Spitfire all he could see while he was in isolation was Razzle’s bloodied form, and eventually he stopped crying for it.

Chapter Text

The melodic sounds of a laugh made Keith open his eyes. An easy smile fell onto his face as he stared into the blue eyes looking at him. He couldn’t help himself as he reached out and brushed the cheek of the other boy.

“Lance, are you sure it’s okay? Me sleeping in here, now that we’re…” Keith felt his smile waiver a little, but Lance just wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer.

“Dude, what’s the worst that we can do? We’re two boys, it’s not like they have to worry about you getting me pregnant.” Lance was laughing again. “Besides, it was our first date, and you’ve made it pretty clear that you want to wait.”

Keith couldn’t stop the furious blush spreading across his cheeks. “I-I…”

“It’s okay, Keith, seriously. I want to wait too, until we’re comfortable with this change in our relationship.” Lance pressed a slow kiss to Keith’s lips, but pulled back, his hands on Keith’s face. “Keith?”

He closed his eyes tightly, trying to stop the tears. “It’s okay, you’re just… Thank you for being so patient with me.”

“I will wait as long as you need, for whatever you need.” Lance kissed his forehead and pulled him in against his chest. “Thank you for finally giving me a chance.”

Lance.” Keith hummed just before there was jostling motion that had him opening his eyes again. It wasn’t Lance’s blue eyes that met his, instead it was Zarkon.

A finger gently tilted Spitfire’s face up as a thumb wiped at tears. “Who is Lance?”

Spitfire snapped away from Zarkon, staring at him with wide eyes. He didn’t make it far, in the back of a car with Zarkon’s arm around him.

“He must be someone special to you.” Zarkon smiled at him. “Honerva has mentioned you’ve called out for him in your sleep before.”

“No… just… someone I used to know, before.” Spitfire looked away.

Humming Zarkon ran his fingers through the boy’s hair. “No matter, we’ll arrive soon.”


“To visit Alfor and the Alteans.” Zarkon glanced out the window. “It shouldn’t be very long. Some of our people went a head of us.”

Dread settled in Spitfire’s stomach as he followed Zarkon’s gaze. Why would he send people a head to… but he already knew, Alfor had told him that the Galra would destroy their former competitors, even if they were allied now. Alfor was stupid to think that Spitfire could stop this. But thinking that maybe he could’ve tried, that all those deaths would be his fault almost made him sick with guilt. If he had failed, maybe Zarkon would’ve finally put him out of his misery.

It was too late now anyway. The Alteans were the only gang that stood half a chance, and with them gone, the other three gangs didn’t stand a chance.

Spitfire glanced at Zarkon. The man was probably finally going to take what he wanted from Alfor, and then end it. And they were going to make him watch. He barely felt anything at the realization.

When they car stopped in front of a very modern, almost futuristic mansion, Zarkon clipped a chain to the collar around Spitfire’s neck, and then connected it to a wristband on himself, making sure Spitfire would stay close to him.

Instinctively, Spitfire reached for it, but like the collar the clip seemed to have some kind of locking mechanism. He followed Zarkon out of the car so he wouldn’t get tugged on. It wasn’t until his feet touched the ground that he remembered that the collar was the only thing he was wearing and crossed his arms over his chest.

As he stayed a few steps behind Zarkon, they wondered the maze of the house. There were dead people everywhere, a few Galra, but mostly Alteans. Spitfire tried not to look at them.

Eventually they made it to what seemed like a throne room. Lotor, Marmora, Haggar, and Sendack were all there, accompanied by a few guards and other Blades.

Lotor was holding onto a young woman, about the same age as Lotor, his hands roaming her body as he whispered in her ear. Haggar stood next to them, petting the woman’s hair. The woman was struggling against his grip, sobbing, attempting to scream but her voice kept cracking.

Sendack was holding Alfor’s hands behind his back as Marmora held a blade to this throat. Alfor was kneeling with his head down, obediently.

“Finally, on your knees where you belong old friend.” Zarkon walked over to Alfor and nodded for Marmora to tilt his face up with the blade. Alfor glared at him, with such intensity that Spitfire thought for a moment that Alfor might even get out of his situation.

“Let Allura go, spare the rest of gang, and I’ll do whatever you want.” His words weren’t as harsh as his gaze, they were pitiful.



A smile spread across Zarkon’s face as he turned to his son and wife. “Honerva, take Allura out of here, make sure she is taken care of.”

Lotor pouted as he released the woman. “Sorry, sounds like we won’t be getting that quality time, cousin.”

Haggar grabbed onto the woman’s arm. “Come Allura, your purpose here is finished.”

Allura struggled, reaching out of the Alfor. “Father! Father no!”

But Haggar managed to drag her out of the room with the help of one of the guards.

“Marmora, give the order, not to kill any more of the Alteans we’re currently tracking.” Zarkon glanced at his daughter, who nodded and put the blade away. A few of the Blades followed behind her.

“Now, Alfor. You will be an obedient dog for me, right?” Zarkon put a hand on Alfor’s cheek. “You won’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

Alfor glanced at Spitfire, and then back at Zarkon. “Please don’t make him a part of this. Haven’t you don’t enough to him?”

“Until he realizes he’s one of us already and chooses to stand by my side without the force, it will never be enough.” Zarkon smiled before looking over at Spitfire.

Spitfire had been focused on a spot on the floor between Sendack and Zarkon, above Alfor’s head, but he could feel Zarkon’s gaze like a knife on his skin.

“Get my cock out so Alfor can taste it.” Zarkon tugged on the chain, and Spitfire came over and did as he was told with shaking hands.


“Come on Alfor, Allura will still be in my grasp for a little while longer, be a good boy.” Zarkon grabbed a handful of Alfor’s hair and pulled his face closer to his cock.

Spitfire tried to look away, but as he moaned, Zarkon grabbed Keith with his other hand and pulled him in for a kiss.

Alfor was gagging and choking, but Zarkon just kept fucking his face. Once he was finished, he pushed Alfor away.

“Spitfire, undress him, and then sit on him.” Zarkon’s focus was on Alfor’s gasping form.

Alfor kept trying to push Spitfire away, but Spitfire just kept pulling at his clothes.

“Spitfire, you don’t need to… this isn’t your fault.” Alfor said as he got ahold of both the boy’s wrists.

“Why would it be his fault, Alfor?” Zarkon was hovering over them, a hand wrapping around the collar on Spitfire’s neck. “Would it because he declined your offer to assassinate me? You really think that would stop what is happening now? Only you could’ve stopped this, by just falling in line.”

Spitfire’s breath hitched as he stared at Alfor, who was glaring at Zarkon again.

“But he was right, you’re the only person I’d let my guard down around.” Zarkon’s grip tightened. “You make me so weak Keith.”

Spitfire closed his eyes as he focused on taking in what air he could.

“Don’t stop.” Zarkon removed his hand, but stayed close.

Spitfire finally got Alfor undressed and was dropping himself down on Alfor. He let out a shaky moan. Could he have been anymore of a slut?

“You like how he feels Spitfire? Does he feel better than I do?” Zarkon was kneeling behind him, pressed against his back.

“N-No…” Spitfire braced himself on Alfor’s chest.


Spitfire felt something else at his eyes and stopped as Zarkon’s arms wrapped around his chest. “Please…”

“That’s it, beg for me Keith.” Zarkon pushed in next to Alfor.

Spitfire couldn’t breath as he felt himself ripping, silently crying as his arms lost all their strength.

“It feels so good to have my cock next to yours Alfor.” Zarkon groaned as he moved Spitfire on them both until they were both filling him up.

He must’ve blacked out, because he was laying next to Alfor on the floor and he could hear Alfor gasping out pained groans as the slick sounds of quick, hard thrusts reverberated around the room. Spitfire didn’t want to open his eyes but he forced himself to look. And then he couldn’t look away.

Zarkon took his time a second round, and then he was done. He righted himself and spit on Alfor.

“Sendack, take care of Alfor as we agreed.” Zarkon then looked down at Spitfire. “I’m not completely finished yet.”

“No… please… I-I can’t…” Spitfire curled in on himself as he shut his eyes tightly. He felt arms wrapping around him and knew he was being held delicately by Zarkon.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be taking most of it today.”

Spitfire must’ve fallen asleep in the car again and didn’t wake up until he heard muffled screaming. He opened his eyes, finding himself still in Zarkon’s arms. His gaze moved to the woman, to Allura, gagged and chained spread eagle and naked on Zarkon’s bed.

“You said…” Spitfire swallowed hard as he gazed up at Zarkon.

“Alfor had no room to bargain, I was going to take from him whether he gave or not.” Zarkon walked over to the bed and set Spitfire down next to Allura. “If you have terms for when you agree to join us, we will get it all down in writing, sign it in proverbial and literal blood.”

Spitfire looked away from him.

“Now, undress me.”

He did as he was told without looking at him.

With the chain, Spitfire couldn’t go far as Zarkon crawled on top of Allura.

“Hello, Princess, you look so much like your father.”

Spitfire kept himself facing away from it as best he could, but there were a few times that Zarkon pulled him in. For the most part, Zarkon was content to play with his new toy. It didn’t take look for Allura’s fight to die, for her to stop thrashing and pulling against her restraints, screaming.

Princess’s sobbing kept him up as Zarkon held him close, cock inside his ass. She was strung up across the room, toys inside. Zarkon seemed to sleep soundly, the sounds of the crying lulling him to sleep.

Chapter Text

This wasn’t exactly what Spitfire was expecting when he was taken to the Blades’ barracks. He was expecting to be entertaining them. But, they all seem amused by him.

“You’re getting rusty. It’s been a while since you’ve really fought, right?” Kolivan held out a towel to him.

“If I actually fight clients in the Den, it doesn’t go well for afterwards.” Spitfire took it and wiped off his face. Blood and sweat soaked it almost immediately.

“Even still, I am always impressed every time you step into a real fight.” Kolivan leaned back against the glass wall separating them from the sparring ring. “You need quite a bit of training, but you’re powerful.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“It is not often that the Blades find themselves in fights, usually we are covert, undetected even. Even so, we are also Zarkon’s elite fighting force, when the need calls for it.”

“Like with the Alteans?”

“Yes, regrettably.”

The two weren’t looking at each other as they didn’t say anything. Spitfire was glad for the few moments of silence that wasn’t part of a punishment.

“The training to be a Blade will be difficult, but you can handle it, I’m sure. And we start today.”

“Training? I won’t ever be one of you.” Spitfire scoffed as shook his head.

“I will not try to persuade you, but even still, as tiresome as this next few days will be for you, I can imagine it’s better than what would be waiting for you in the Lion’s Den.”

“Yeah, probably.” Spitfire stood up, dropping the towel to the floor. “What exactly am I going to be doing?”

Training with Kolivan was actually kind of fun. He made very dry jokes that even Spitfire couldn’t help but let out a huff of laughter at. He learned how to actually handle swords and blades. In the few days he was with Kolivan, he leaned more about fighting than in his years of school yard brawls.

And it didn’t take him long to pick up the skills. There was a small smile on Kolivan’s face every time he learned something. It would be a long while before he was going to be a master, but the others who would come in to help Kolivan or observe made it clear that he was advancing at nearly prodigious speeds.

Most of the Blades he encountered treated him like a real person. A few made jokes about him being the whole gang’s whore, or Zarkon’s favorite plaything, but many of them talked to him like he saw them talk to each other. Some even seemed to speak to him with the same respect they showed Kolivan.

He’d almost forgotten what it felt like, to just have a conversation with another person. He was so eager to learn more about fighting, about blending in with the shadows, and all the senior Blades all seemed to be happen to give him what he wanted.

And he hadn’t seen Marmora once while he was there.

“For someone who refuses to kill, you seem to really enjoy all of this.” Kolivan mused while they were eating dinner in the Blade’s common room, just the two of them.

Spitfire paused for a moment before setting his silverware down. “It’s not the killing. It’s doing it for Zarkon, for the Galra. How can I… After what they’ve done to me, what I’ve seen them do to others, I won’t be a part of that.”

“And it’s better now? For them to use you as an excuse to hurt other people?”

“Does it matter? Even if I join, it’s not like Zarkon’s just going to stop hurting me. Maybe it won’t be the clients at the Den, but he won’t just stop using me like a toy just because I’ve agreed to become a weapon.”

Sighing, Kolivan nodded. “I suppose. I’m sorry I brought it up, I promised not to try to convince you, only to train you during this time we’ve been allotted.”

“Whatever.” Spitfire stood up, glancing at his barely touched plate.

“You should finish eating. You’ll need the strength.”

“I’m not hungry anymore.”

The next day, training was harder, and he worked through it. He was bruised and sore, but he was proud of himself.

“Your time with us is drawing to a close.” Kolivan startled him when he spoke.

Spitfire had just gotten out of the shower and was planning on going to sleep. He quickly covered himself. “Could you wait… until I’m dressed?”

“Alright.” Kolivan turned around. “I figured since you’ve…”

“I care about my privacy on the rare chance I get it because of all that.” Spitfire quickly got dressed and sat on his bed. “What did you want?”

“Zarkon has requested that you shadow one of the Blades on a mission. One of our best, on an easier task.”


“There isn’t a choice in this. You will be going, and there will be dire consequences if you do not do exactly as you’re told.”


“I have no say in this, other than who you will be accompanying. Tomorrow, you will go with Antok.”

“Antok…” Spitfire frowned. Antok was one of the ones who very clearly did not like him.

“He is one of my best, and he will guide you well, I have no doubt.”

“I-I… I can’t…”

“You will not have kill anyone, and it will not difficult mission, but…” Kolivan moved to sit next to him on the bed. “I know that you wish to escape from all this, but I can not have you putting this mission or Antok’s live in jeopardy to do it. His first priority tomorrow is making sure you return and that you learn something from his actions, so don’t make this harder on him.”

“You’re telling me not to get myself killed on purpose.”

“At all.”

It probably would’ve been the best chance he’d get for a while to finally get away from the Galra. But how could he do any thing other than nod in agreement when Kolivan was looking at him with such genuine concern.

Antok was curt with him once they left the barracks and made their way to their location, but he wasn’t super rude. Short orders, and a ‘brat better still be here when I’m finished’ mumbled under his breath, but even still Spitfire was nervous.

He was outside, in the world. It had been a long time since he was somewhere that the Galra didn’t own. It almost made him uncomfortable, and recognizing that only made it worse.

From where he was perched, there was a clear line of sight to watch Antok approach his target, incapacitating those in his way. Some he simply knocked out, but most he killed. He didn’t bother to hide it either.

It didn’t take long for Antok to take care of the target, but Spitfire could see that there were people coming for him. Spitfire knew Antok was one of the most capable Blades, it took several other Blades to get him down for even a moment. But this looked like just too many for the man to handle on his own.

In a quick second decision, Spitfire moved from his perch and hurried towards Antok, taking a clear, alternate route that Antok wouldn’t have been able to take because of his size.

There was no time for Antok to say anything before they were in a fight. Spitfire bloodied his blade, but he was positive no one was going to die from the wounds he left them. Not that it mattered, because once they were finished, Antok made sure that they were all silenced.

“You didn’t listen.” Antok grumbled once they were back safe in the shadows, away from any prying eyes.


“You did good. You may very well make a fine Blade some day, if you ever get the guts to actually kill, and no longer lay on your back for anyone who will pay.”

“Thanks.” Spitfire snorted as he wiped off the blade in his hands. “But you don’t have to worry about it. I won’t be one of you.”

“Today, you were.” Antok slammed his hand down onto his head, in what was probably supposed to be some kind of gesture of endearment. “Let’s get back. I’m sure Kolivan wants to pack some more lessons into your last few days before you’re a whore again.”

Chapter Text

The sounds of a baby wailing woke Keith up from where he’d fallen asleep at the coffee table, his homework spread all across the living room. Groaning, he looked up to see his older foster sister moving her own homework off her lap.

“So…” She started as she glanced over at him.

It had been almost a whole year, and Keith still wasn’t sure what the girl’s name was, but he mostly just referred to her as ‘sis’ like their foster parents did. He was sure that she hated it when they did it, but she didn’t seem to mind as much when he did.

“Keith!” A woman’s voice screeched over the sound of the baby crying.

“Guess it’s Hunter.” Sis stretched her arms over her head. “You need any help Champ?”

‘Champ’ is what their foster parents started referring to him as, except when they were yelling at him, then it was actually his name.

Sighing, he pushed himself up. “No, I got it.”

It was surprising for his foster mother to be home, she usually left as soon as him and Sis got home from school, but not before complaining how them being at school all day meant she had to listen to the babies scream and scream.

As he walked up the stairs, he heard her call his name again. He had to bite his lip to keep himself from yelling back something nasty to her. There’s no way he wouldn’t get a slap to the face for that.

Hunter was crying in his crib, rocking back and forth in his bundle. Keith took a cleansing breath before picking up the baby, only a few months old. “Hey buddy. What’s wrong?”

The baby continued crying, and Keith could feel him struggling against the swaddling.

Keith laid him down on the changing table, opening up the swaddle to check the diaper. “Good there. You hungry?”

“For the love of God, shut it up!” Their foster mother screeched.

Mumbling under his breath, Keith bounced the baby gently as he very carefully walked down the stairs with him. Sis was in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge when Keith walked in, she looked up at him.

“Can you make a bottle for him? He’s calmed down some since I picked him up, but I’m pretty sure he’s hungry.” Keith adjusted the baby in his arms. Hunter was heavy, heavier than the first time his foster parents handed him the newborn and told him that taking care of him was his responsibility. Sis helped him a lot, but she had been put in charge of the twin babies so she had too much on her plate to just do it for him.

“Yeah, let me just…” She closed the fridge and started rummaging through the cupboard instead. Each of the babies needed a different kind of formula, so it was a little annoying. When she pulled down the right one, she shook it. “Almost out.”

“What? It was practically full this morning when I fed him before school?” Keith held Hunter closer. Of course Hunter’s was the most expensive of the three.

“It’s cool, I’ll call Mr. Bentz and hopefully he can grab some on his way home.” She then pulled down one of the bottles.

He kept trying to soothe Hunter as the bottle was made, but the baby wasn’t having any of it. The little guy was reaching for the bottle before Sis had even finished shaking it.

“Wow, you’d think she didn’t feed him at all earlier.” Sis watched with wide eyes as the baby latched instantly to the bottle as soon as Keith had it close enough to him.

“Hey, hey slow down. You’re going to make yourself sick.” Keith pulled the bottle away a little, his brows creased as he looked down at the baby.

“You’re like scarily good at this for a six-year-old.” Sis went back to the fridge.

“I’m seven now. My birthday was two weeks ago.” Keith said it quietly, no one had told him happy birthday. Shiro had tried to call, but Keith didn’t have phone privileges – unless it was his case worker. It was bullshit. Almost a whole year since he’d heard his brother’s voice.

“Oh, well, happy very belated birthday, for what it’s worth.” She grimaced at him as she popped open her soda. “I’m going to make that call and then check on the twins.”

When their foster father came home, he instantly demanded Sis to produce dinner for him, and when she didn’t have it ready, he slapped her and ordered her to order take out, and quick. Then he pushed the bag of formula into Keith’s chest.

“You wasteful little shit. That should’ve lasted for another week, at least.” The man glared down at him and Keith closed his eyes tightly. “What did you do, spill it?”

“I-I… I’m sorry.” Keith was shaking as he held onto the bag tightly. He barely flinched at the slap.

“Better fucking be.” Then he loosened his tie and yelled for Sis to hurry up with food – he was starving.

Hunter waking up in the middle of the night, crying, woke him up. Hearing his foster parents having very vocal sex kept him up. He sat in his bed, holding Hunter close to him – now that the baby had fallen asleep, and tried to think of something else. It didn’t stop that he could hear his foster mother constantly telling her husband to stop, and him calling her a bunch of dirty names in turn.

“God, I hope you get out of here soon.” Sis came into his room, holding something behind her back.

He wiped his eyes, looking away from her as she switched on his light.

“I got you something.” She knelt in front of the bed and held out a twinkie with a candle sticking out of it. Then she dug in her pocket and pulled out a lighter. Once the candle was lit, she smiled at him. “Make a wish.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly before gently blowing out the flame.

“I’m sure I can guess, but don’t tell me, it’s bad luck if you tell.” She pulled the candle out, licking it and hiding it.

“Thank you, really.” He took it and took a bite out of it.

“Yeah, don’t mention it. Try to get some sleep.”

A week later, when his social worker came in saying that he was finally getting moved – to a home with his brother again, his foster parents were less than pleased. But he hugged Sis tightly before he left. He’d miss her, and Hunter, and the twins. He definitely wouldn’t miss his foster parents though, that was for sure.

Keith tapped his pencil on the desk, staring down at his homework but not focusing on it. His mind was on the recent conversation he’d overheard the Smiths having. They’d been watching the news, but Keith didn’t really catch any of the details of the story they were talking about, but he figured it had something to do with gay teens. The couple were discussing how gay kids needed to be ‘fixed’ before they could act on their sinful thoughts, and some ways they could be fixed.

It wasn’t the first conversation of the type that Keith had overheard them having, and the Smiths weren’t the only ones he’d overheard have conversations like that. He’d heard a few older teachers bitching about how LGBT focused the anti-bullying policy was. There were kids, including one of his foster brothers, who were cruel to queer kids because they were easy targets.

He felt dirty enough without constantly hearing how he felt, what he was, was inherently unclean.

A strong hand gripping his shoulder pulled him out of his whirlwind of self-destructive thoughts and into sheer panic. As he let out a pathetic whimper, he flinched out of the touch so quickly that he fell out of chair.

“Woah, Keith, buddy, it’s just me… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…” Takashi’s voice helped clear away the panic from his mind, but his heart was still racing and his muscles were still tense. “You okay?”

Groaning, Keith managed to hold out one hand. “Help me up, asshole.”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry.” He huffed as he pulled Keith back into the chair. His eyes scanned Keith, without letting go of his hands, checking for even the hint of an injury.

“I’m okay, Shiro, calm down.” Keith rolled his eyes as he ducked away from his brother’s intense stare.

“You must’ve been thinking pretty hard for you not even to hear me walking up behind you.” Shiro sighed as he pulled his hands out Keith’s and pulled the other desk chair over so he could sit.

“It’s nothing.” He looked away. Lately, he’d been wondering how Shiro felt about gay people. Shiro hadn’t ever said anything when the Smiths talked about it, and Keith was scared that his brother would hate him.

“Uh-huh. Nothing. Makes sense.” Shiro hummed as he leaned down so his elbows were on his knees. “Definitely buying that one.”


“Come on, it’s been a while since you’ve been here, and ‘I’m still adjusting’ can work on the Smiths and teachers, but it’s not going to work on me. Keith, I’m your brother, you can talk to me.”

Blowing a breath out of his nose, Keith glanced at his brother without turning to look back at him. “Do I have to?”

“No, you don’t, but I can’t help you with whatever you’re having a problem with if you don’t talk to me.”

Neither of them said anything for a while, and Keith eventually turned his whole body away from Shiro, hiding his face in his hands and his bangs. Shiro sighed and stood up, very gently touching Keith’s shoulder.

“When you-…”

“Do you hate gay people?” Keith said it in a rush. He regretted it as soon as it would out of his mouth. If Shiro said ‘yes’, then it meant that everyone was right, that he was broken, and sinful.

“Keith…” Shiro started after a long pause, sitting tensely back down, not taking his hand off his brother’s back. “Of course not.”

Turning his head, Keith looked at his older brother through his bangs. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” Shiro sighed and looked down. “I should’ve told you this when you got here, and I’m sorry.”

Keith moved some of his bangs out of his face, straightening up a little. His mouth felt a little dry, waiting from his brother to keep talking.

“Matt’s… more than my friend, he’s my boyfriend.” Shiro moved his hand off Keith’s back and tucked Keith’s hair behind his ear. “I’m bi, meaning I like boys and girls.”


“Yeah, but we’re keeping it a secret because of the Smiths. His parents know though, and they’re cool with it, they kind of love me actually.” Shiro smiled as he looked back at Keith. “What the Smiths say, about gay people, it isn’t right. There’s nothing wrong with people like me, okay? We don’t need to be fixed.”

Nodding, Keith reached for Shiro with a shaking hand. “Thank you… I-I… there’s something I need to tell you then. I figured it out… before, but I was scared…”

Quickly, Shiro took his brother’s hand and gave him a reassuring smile. “It’s okay. You never have to be scared with me, never.”

“I know. I know.” Keith licked his dry lips and looked down at his lap. “Takashi, I like boys… just boys I think… I-I’m gay.”

“Okay, that’s okay, that’s… that’s great Keith.” Shiro squeezed his hand. “Thank you, for trusting me enough to tell me.”

“It’s the first time I’ve said it out loud.” Keith let out a nervous laugh as he looked up at his brother. “I thought… it was going to be…”

“I’m proud of you, and I wish you could be out and proud of who you are. When we’re out of here, when I age out and you move in with me, we can be loud about it. We’ll have a rainbow flag outside of our house.”

Keith laughed at the thought, it felt good to laugh with his brother. Lance and his other new friends had gotten him to laugh since he moved into town, but it was the first time he really laughed with Takashi.

“But until then… we have to keep it a secret, so the Smiths don’t find out. I don’t think they’d hurt us, but they wouldn’t treat us the same.”

“I know, and it’s okay. I’m not ready for the world to know, but I… I’m glad I could tell you.” Keith nodded at him. “I… If you hadn’t… been okay with it, I don’t think I could’ve…”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Shiro tugged on Keith’s hand. “I will always love you, always support you, okay? Nothing you are, nothing you do, could ever change that. Even if I’m mad, or disappointed, I’m going to be standing next to you and defending you to the last man.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” Keith took his hand out of Shiro’s but leaned forward to hug him tightly. “I love you too ‘Kashi.”

Shiro hugged him back, wrapping his arms around his brother’s small frame as tight as he dared.

Keith groaned as his head fell back against the wall, his legs were shaking slightly as the boy on his knees in front of him took him deeper into his mouth. Skipping third period for this was totally worth it. His eyes closed tightly as he bucked his hips slightly.

“Fuck, Austin, I’m… I’m…” He whimpered as he released into the other boy’s mouth. “S-Sorry…”

“It’s cool. I like how it tastes.” Austin chuckled as he wiped his mouth. He looked up at Keith with a grin.

Lips were on his and he could taste himself as he wrapped arms around broad shoulders. Austin was a few years older than him, and actually gay, unlike the two other guys Keith fooled around with regularly. He was Keith’s favorite, mostly because sometimes he let Keith fuck him, instead of the other way around. And reciprocated oral was always a bonus.

Breathing heavily, Keith pushed him away to look at him with a small smile. “You want me to return the favor?”

“We don’t really have time for what I had in mind.” Austin was grinning again as he gripped Keith’s ass with both hands. “Maybe you could come over after school and we’ll take it slow.”

Keith yelped, surprised by the sudden touch. His face went bright red as he buried his face in the taller boy’s shoulder. “You know I can’t.”

“Your foster parents don’t need to know what we’re doing.” Austin whispered into his ear. “Come on, don’t you want to do it in a bed or something?”

When Keith just mumbled a confused reply, Austin sighed and wrapped his arms around Keith’s shoulders tightly. “Fine, fine. Let’s meet back here then, we don’t have practice today, so we should have plenty of privacy.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“Zip back up, and lets get back to class before someone notices.” Austin kissed him again before pulling away.

As they walked across the gym, Austin tried taking Keith’s hand. Keith pulled it away quickly, crossing his arms over his chest. Students were rushing through the halls when they walked back into the school. Keith waved at Austin, not looking at him as he heard Pidge calling for him.

Lance tilted his head as he walked over to them. Keith swallowed hard and looked away, hoping that none of his cum had wiped onto his face when him and Austin had kissed.

“Where were you? You missed a quiz.” Hunk frowned at him and Keith looked towards him. He hadn’t expected him to be the one to ask.

Shrugging, Keith let his hands fall to his sides, not noticing how Lance interlocked their fingers as soon as his were available. Unconsciously, he squeezed his hand.

“Just, needed to take a skip.” Keith couldn’t look any of them in the eyes as he answered. He knew they knew he was sexually active. They were even okay with it, so he shouldn’t have felt ashamed to tell them. But he did. He felt so ashamed.

The rest of the day he spent zoning out, wondering what his friends would have said if he told them he had skipped class to get off, specifically what Lance would think.

As he moved books into his locker, he stopped when he heard Austin behind him, using one of his stupid pick up lines. They were better than Lance’s, but they were still stupid. His heart skipped a beat when he heard Lance reply with one of his own. He turned and saw Austin leaning against the lockers, talking to Lance, who was trying to open his own locker. Both of them looked like they were enjoying the conversation, and Keith hated it. He knew he had no right to be jealous: Lance was just his friend and he was the one that told Austin he didn’t want anything more than sex, but he was so jealous.

As he gripped his locker door, he caught Austin’s eyes. Austin gave Lance a last flirty grin before walking away. Keith waited a few seconds before he slammed his locker closed and put his bookbag on his shoulder. When he turned, Lance was standing right behind him.

“So, what are you doing?”


“Like, are you going straight home, or…?”

Keith swallowed hard. “No, I have to go meet with someone before I head home. I don’t know how long it’ll take.”

“Oh.” The smile Lance was wearing fell as he looked down at their feet.

“I-I…” Keith bit his lip as he looked at Lance. “I could call the Smiths when I’m done and see if I could come over. It’s Friday, maybe I could spend the night?”

“Hunk’s staying over too, is that cool?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll text you.”

Lance was grinning again before he walked away, yelling back a ‘bye’.

Keith smiled after him before remembering what it was he was doing.

Austin was waiting for him in the gym, already shirtless. He was sitting on the bleachers, lube and condoms next to him. Keith walked over, dropping his bookbag, and sat on his lap. It didn’t take long for them to get right to it. All of Keith’s clothes ended up on a pile. They didn’t waste much time with prep, but Keith didn’t really need it.

He let out a breathy moan when Austin pushed into him. His least favorite thing about Austin was his tiny dick, but he definitely knew how to use it. The straight guys who fucked him thought sex was just repeatedly putting their cock in something.

“Hey.” Austin huffed into his ear as he pressed against Keith’s back. It sounded way too conversational for what was happening between them.

“W-What…?” Keith managed to say as Austin rolled his hips just right, causing him to see white.

“Homecoming is coming up next weekend.”

“A-And?” He closed his eyes, knowing exactly what Austin was getting at.

“I was thinking we could go together. If it’s a problem with your foster parents, we could meet there.” Austin paused his movements as he spoke, one of his hand leaving Keith’s hip to find his clenched hand. Keith was too stressed by the question to keep Austin from taking his hand.

“I don’t date.” Keith said it firmly, but his body was shaking. He had been so close, and now Austin had stopped.

“Keith, please, make an exception. I really like you, and I want it to be more than…”


Austin pulled out and Keith whimpered at the feeling. He thought for a second that Austin was going to leave him there like that, his first load dripping out of him, but he was roughly flipped over, laid back on the bleachers uncomfortably. Keith stared up at Austin and didn’t like what he saw in the eyes. He came with a moan when Austin pushed back in, hard.

“Then how about we make… sort of a deal?” Austin’s voice was gritty in his ear as pounded him way more roughly than usual. “Or you could just say yes.”

Keith was too out of breath, too high on the pleasure to really respond. He just let out a whine.

“If anyone asks you to go with them, and you say no… well, lets just say the guys on the team keep asking what it’s like with you, and…”

He closed his eyes tightly, zoning out while Austin finished saying what he had to say. The whole basketball team, during homecoming, when the first slow dance starts.

“O-Or…?” Keith breathed out as he felt Austin’s hand on his dick and his teeth on his ear.

“Or I could ask your little friend Lance to be my date, take him home when it’s over. I’m sure he’d love to go with me.”

“I’ll do it.” Tears came to his eyes, he was so close again. “Don’t… go anywhere near him.”

“So, if you’re there alone, the team and I will be waiting for you in the locker room.” Austin pressed his lips to Keith’s again.

They came together and Keith clawed at his back.

Austin pulled out and zipped up his pants quickly, looking around for his shirt. “See you at homecoming, Keith.”

Keith laid there for a few minutes, registering what just happened, what he agreed to. It was so unlike Austin. Usually they sat for a while afterwards, talking, cleaning up a little. There was no way he was taking it back though, even though he knew it was pretty much guaranteed he’d be entertaining the whole basketball team at homecoming. Only one person in the whole school would probably ask him to go with them, and as much as he wanted to tell Lance ‘yes’, they both knew he’d turn him down.

He didn’t even bother cleaning himself up at all, calling the Smiths as he got dressed. Surprisingly, they were okay with him staying at Lance’s. When he hung up, he texted Lance. The response he got back was that he’d be just in time for dinner with way more emojis than were necessary.


Keith looked over at where Austin and a bunch of the guys from the basketball team were all standing, they all looked like a mess. They probably had snuck alcohol into the dance.

The dance had been going on for a while, and there still hadn’t been a slow song. Keith could feel his heart rate pick up every time a song stopped and the DJ started talking. Pidge and Hunk had both asked him several times if he was alright. Lance was a little preoccupied trying to find a dance partner.

Lance had of course asked him to be his date, but he had asked with enough of a joking tone that Keith easily said no without making Lance upset. He wasn’t sure if he regretted telling Lance no, but he was definitely having second thoughts about his agreement with Austin.

“Alright, I’m beat, lets go grab a spot on the bleachers and take a breather.” Lance said, walking over as he stretched out.

“You haven’t done anything?” Pidge stared at him and he glared back at her.

Keith was glad it was dark in the gym, so his friends couldn’t see his face go bright red as they picked a spot. Lance sat down on the exact spot Austin had fucked him a week before. It was the last time Keith had sex, and he was itching for it. Austin had been giving him the cold shoulder and the two straight guys he fooled around with had both just gotten new girlfriends.

“You alright dude?” Lance looked up at Keith. “You look like you’re going to be sick.”

“I’m fine. Just a lot of people in one place…”

Before Lance could respond, the current song ended and the moment Keith had been both dreading and looking forward to came. The first slow dance.

“I’m going to get some air.” Keith said as he turned to see Austin staring at him. The older boy grinned and Keith just nodded at him. Him and the whole basketball left the gym then.

“You want some company?” Lance asked, moving to get back up.

“No, no. I’ll be okay.” Keith didn’t look back at his friends as he walked away. He did look to make sure there weren’t any chaperones around to notice him go into the boys’ locker room.

Keith could hear the soft music as he rested back against the lockers, closing his eyes. It didn’t take long before he heard the other door open and the loud sounds of people talking. His heart was pounding in his ears. This was really happening. He wanted it so bad, or he thought he did.

One of them said his name and he opened his eyes. It wasn’t the whole basketball team, only nine of them including Austin. His foster brother wasn’t among them, thankfully. He wasn’t sure he could do that without a full-blown panic attack.

“So, you seriously want to do this? Just because you wouldn’t let someone be your date to the dance?” Austin walked closer to him, his voice soft.

Keith groaned as Austin cupped his dick. It was half hard from thinking about it all night. “Y-Yes… fuck…”

Austin took a few steps back and looked at his teammates. “You heard him guys.”

“Why are you still wearing clothes, Kogane?” The one that walked towards him, taking out his cock to stroke it, pronounced his last name wrong.

Keith corrected him as he undid the tie quickly and started stripping.

“Austin, you going to prep him?” Another asked once Keith was down to just his boxers.

“Yeah. Keith, turn around, bend over.” Austin walked over to him. Keith braced himself against the lockers.

There wasn’t lube, just spit. It hurt, but Keith just closed his eyes tightly, waiting for Austin to stop. He was well aware of when Keith was ready.

It was barely a moment between Austin’s fingers leaving him and a cock entering him without warning.  Keith let out a surprised yelp. The dick was so much bigger than Austin’s or the other guys he’d slept with. He was in real pain now, no real lube to help ease it.

“So tight… I’ll have to keep trying to let my girl fuck her ass.” The guy fucking him said with a breathy moan.

Luckily, the first one went quick, filling him with his cum. Keith pressed his face into the lockers as he waited for another. The next one was bigger than Austin, smaller than the first. He even gave Keith a reach around when he started moaning loudly.

By number five, Keith was a mess. Cum was all over his chest and back, dripping out his ass. He was so oversensitive. His face was shoved down into the bench as he was pushed into again. Tears came to his eyes. It was too good, his cock was too spent, but it twitched anyway.

“Pl-Please… w-wait… I-I… I need…” Keith said between pathetic moans.

“Shut up. You asked for this.” The voice of one of the guys that had already fucked him. Keith’s face was lifted up and a cock was in his face. Without any prompting, he took it into his mouth.

He was flipped over on the bench between six and seven, and he managed to catch sight of Austin. The other boy was standing against the lockers, arms crossed, obviously hard, but glaring at Keith intensely.

He was full out sobbing after everyone but Austin had taken a turn with him. His body was completely limp, his voice shot, so he just closed his eyes as one, five, and eight all took a second turn with him.

“Everyone satisfied?” Austin asked after a few moments of no one touching Keith.

The guys all talked over each other and then Keith heard them shuffle out. Keith knew there was still someone there, and he knew it was Austin.

“No, please… I can’t… not anymore…” Keith found enough strength to push at Austin’s shoulders when he felt the other boy get on top of him. “Please…”

“You wanted this.” Austin pushed in and Keith screamed. “You fucking slut. I don’t know why I ever thought we could’ve been more.”

“No, stop… please… I don’t… don’t…” Keith hit at Austin, opening his eyes to see Austin looking at him in a way that was familiar, like he wasn’t a person.

“Just shut up and take it.” Austin growled, slamming in hard. “It’s what you were made for, isn’t it?”

Keith went into full panic, and Austin didn’t seem to care. Keith had a panic attack the second time they fucked, and Austin immediately stopped and helped him through it, but this time, it seemed to make him fuck Keith harder.

Once Austin was done, Keith heard a click through the ringing in his ears and the words repeating in his mind. He opened his eyes to see Austin putting his phone away. Before he could find the strength to say or do anything, Austin was gone.

He moved to the floor and curled up. His tears were all used up, but he sobbed anyway as he rocked himself slightly. “I-I’m… I’m not just… I-I…”

“Keith? Keith?” Lance’s voice cut through his own sobs and Keith’s eyes closed shut, trying to quiet himself. He didn’t want Lance to see him like this, didn’t want Lance to see what he really was. “Hello? Keith, buddy, you there?”

Keith held his breath, hoping Lance would go away, but footsteps moved towards him. They stopped short of where Keith was in view.  Lance said his name more urgently.

“Please… please don’t come closer.” Keith curled up tighter, trying to hide the most of himself that he could.

“Because you’re naked?” The sound of rustling clothing, Lance coming closer, but not coming around the corner.

“Just… leave me alone…”

“Did someone… did someone hurt you?”

“N-No…” Keith didn’t even believe himself, but he just reminded himself that he’d asked for it.

“Keith, do you want me to go get a teacher? Call Shiro?”

“No! You can’t… you can’t tell anyone… please.” Keith felt his body shaking as he thought of Shiro, or his foster parents finding out about what he just did. He was so scared that it would be what put the Smiths over the edge to finally hit him and absolutely terrified of his brother’s judgement, his pity.

“Okay.” Lance said before Keith heard him messing with one of the lockers. Once a locker slammed, Keith heard footsteps coming towards him again.

“No… no… don’t look at me…” Keith said it quietly as he shook his head.

“I won’t.” Lance said it quietly and then something was dropped over him.

Keith moved enough so he could readjust whatever it was that was on top of him. He saw that it was Lance’s favorite jacket, and he moved it so he was covered. “You’re probably going to want to burn this later.”

“It’ll wash off.” Lance moved to sit next to him. “So, who have you been marathon-sexing for the past hour?”

Keith made a distressed noise and hid half his face under Lance’s jacket.

“You don’t have to tell me, but no judgement, promise, but if they hurt you or…”

“It was the basketball team.” Keith glanced over at Lance.

Lance stared at him for a while, like he was trying to decide whether he believed him or not. “The… the whole…”

“J-Just some of them…” Keith looked away again. “You…”

“Was… was it good? Did you enjoy it, at least?”

“Yeah… I mean, at first…then it was too much… and they didn’t…” Keith took a deep breath. “It got out of hand, and it was kind of… I kind of doubt they’re going to keep it to themselves.”

“Well, I’ll still be next to you, and I know Pidge and Hunk will be here too, if you want us to be.” Lance nudged his shoulder with his own.

“Shiro and my… I can’t…”

Shiro loves you man, he’s not going to give a shit. Frankly, he might kill our entire basketball team… which is a shame because they were going to state.” Lance grinned at him. His smile fell when he just stared at the floor with a blank expression. “And as far as your foster parents know, it’s just a rumor. They love me, I’ve convinced them several times that you slept over on nights I didn’t even hear from you. All they need to know is that you and I went out for some air…”

“Thanks Lance, but… Thanks.”

Lance’s phone started ringing after the two of them had sat in silence for a while. “It’s Pidge.”

“It’s okay, go answer it. I-I’ll… I’ll get dressed.” Keith looked at him. “I want to go, if that’s cool with…”

“I’ll have her track down Matt, if not, I’ll call my mom.”

“Thank you.” Keith looked away, towards where Lance had laid all of his clothes on a pile on a bench.

Pidge, Hunk, and Matt asked questions, but immediately dropped them when Keith shook his head, refused to meet their eyes. Matt quickly drove them all back to the Holts’. Keith was sandwiched between Pidge and the door, his ass hurt so much as he sat. Lance’s hand on his shoulder was the only thing keeping him from crying from the pain.

He got a shower quickly and curled up on the pullout in the basement. The others were all talking, about the dance, about Shiro coming over as soon as he got off work. Keith’s mind was racing too much to get any real sleep.

“Hey man.” Lance’s voice said quietly as light from upstairs flooded the basement. “You asleep?”

“No… c-can’t…” Keith rolled over so he was facing Lance in the darkness as the other boy descended the steps.

“You cool if I sleep in here with you?”


Lance moved a little quicker. He was laying next to Keith suddenly and pulling him against his chest. “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”

Keith clung to Lance, burying his face in his shirt. Monday, everyone would be talking about him, about what he did, about the picture Austin took. But that moment, Keith had Lance’s arms around him, and that was enough.

Chapter Text

He’d actually been allowed outside. There were about ten guards, all with guns at the ready, watching him closely as he kicked stones around in the parking lot. Haggar was also outside, her eyes to the road. Technically they were waiting on Lotor to get back with something from Zarkon. Spitfire couldn’t imagine it’d be a surprise he’ll enjoy, but he was content to wait and greet the Prince if it meant he go a few minutes of sunshine. Well, not sunshine. It was late afternoon and it was overcast, but still. He wasn’t stuck inside the Den for moment.

It was kind of chilly, so they even put him in something close to real clothes.

Haggar grabbed him arm and pulled him to her side when a car pulled into the parking lot. He stared at it with a deep set frown.

Lotor got out of the car and walked around to open the door for someone else. He reached in and pulled out Allura.

Spitfire’s eyes went wide as he looked at her. He’d seen her in passing a few times since the day Zarkon wiped the Alteans out of the underworld. Her eyes were both bruised and there was a dried blood from her nose and mouth. She limped as Lotor forced her to walk next to him. It had been a long time, he might’ve thought it was a whole year since that day.

“Princess.” Haggar reached out and stroked her hair. “Welcome to the Lion’s Den.”

She flinched slightly, her eyes catching sight of Spitfire. The look she was giving him, she was pleading with him for help.

“My father seems to have grown bored of your company cousin and left you in my care. I do hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us.”

“No, please… Aunt Honerva…”

“On, my dear, you’ll find your home here.” Haggar took Allura’s hand. “Let’s go get you cleaned up.”

Haggar drug her into the Den. Spitfire swallowed hard as he stared down at his feet.

“Now, Spitfire, let’s go inside. There are some things we need to discuss.”

Nodding, Spitfire let himself be led to Lotor’s office.

“Princess, my beautiful cousin, will be very desired, ones the wounds my father gave her as a going-away present heal. She’ll need help adjusting to this environment, it’s very different than being my father’s own mistress.” Lotor put his feet up on his desk.

“You’ve never had be a ‘mentor’ before.”

“No, but Allura is a bit of a special case, like yourself. There’s no one better than you to help her.” Lotor chuckled. “You know, she was the madam at her father’s most popular brothel, like myself. She’s never laid on her back for money herself, and beating an Altean whore was a death sentence though, so this is a whole different animal.”

“Have you ever laid on your back for money?” Spitfire snorted as he looked towards Lotor.

“Well, no. But for favor, sure. Sometimes flattering words just aren’t enough.” Lotor waved his hand dismissively. “I’m sure you’ll understand, when you join us. Your skills of fucking are much better than your skills at conversation.”

Shrugging, Spitfire crossed his arms. It was simply a fact, even if he resented it.

“Now, come over here while we wait. It shouldn’t be long.”

A few moments for silence, and Spitfire nodded before walking towards him. Lotor’s hands were on him, and lips were on his. He hated how he instantly reacted, but he was practically in Lotor’s lap, so close to cumming by the time the door opened and Haggar brought Allura inside.

Lotor pushed Spitfire away, wiping his lips. “We’ll finish that later, Spitfire. For now, Allura-sorry, Princess, please have a seat.”

Spitfire watched as Lotor explained chores, and rest days, and clients to Allura. She was shaking, hunched in on herself. Tears were streaming down her face.

Then Lotor was getting out of his chair, kneeling in front of Allura’s. “Now, cousin, strip for me.”

Her eyes went wide and she pushed on his shoulders. Spitfire could see by the way she pushed, she might’ve had the strength to do it once, but not after a year in Zarkon’s bed. “No! You’re… We…”

“Oh, like that matters to me?” Lotor tilted her chin, and they were both looking at Spitfire.

Spitfire felt something stir inside of him. He didn’t quite understand. Why were they looking at him?  Especially like that.

“Come on Princess, I know you don’t like dick, but you better get used to it.” He tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. “My father’s cock is a monster, but it’s just one cock. Here at the Den you’ll be getting it from all sides.”

Allura opened her eyes again and glanced back at Spitfire, and Spitfire turned away.

“No, Spitfire can’t keep it up with a woman, it’d be useless to make him help you get used to it.” Lotor chuckled before pressing a kiss to her quivering lips. “But, even if you’re not attracted to men, it’s much easier to force you into it. You open up whether you’re enjoying it or not.”

“No. Stop touching me.”

“You really are beautiful Princess.”

Spitfire closed his eyes. His hands clenched to fists at his sides. If only he could stop it. Even if Allura wasn’t wholly innocent like most of the whores in the Den were, she didn’t deserve what had happened to her, what was happening to her, what would happen to her. Maybe the Alteans were bad, but everything he knew told him they were at least better than the Galra.

“Thank you Princess, I look forward to spending more time with you.” Lotor said as he fixed his clothes once he was finished with her. “Spitfire. You know what to do. She’ll be starting tomorrow, but we’ll ease her into it, since she’s family.”

The way Lotor laughed, Spitfire was sure that he was planning on very much not ‘easing’ her into it. It would probably not be unlike his first night in the Lion’s Den.

Spitfire walked over to Princess, gently touching his arm. “Let’s get you to the barracks, okay?”

She glanced at him, and then immediately looked away. When he started helping her up, she didn’t fight him off, but once she was to her feet, she shrugged out of his touch.

“I can walk, thank you.”

“Okay.” He nodded, giving Lotor one last glance.

“Once you get her settled, come back and we can finish what we started.” Lotor winked at him.

“And if I don’t?”

“Oh, I’m sure you can use your imagination.” Lotor chuckled before waving them off.

Spitfire glanced at her once they were out of the office. “We’ll do a full tour later, for now, you probably just want to clean up—again, and lay down.”

“I-I… yes, thank you.”

He wasn’t looking at her, but he stayed with her while she stood under the shower spray. “I’m sorry… I-I…”

“I understand. I know what… My father-… Zarkon was constantly going on about you. He… he’s very…”

Spitfire sighed. He didn’t imagine that Alfor mentioned the two times they had sex, but he wondered if Zarkon mentioned the time he made her father rape him, to save her from something. “Zarkon is a monster.”

“Keith, I appreciate your kindness, but I… I don’t need help from someone like you.” She turned off the water. “I’ll manage on my own.”

He closed his eyes. So she knew his name. And he knew what she meant, that he was one of them. “Okay. I didn’t really want to help someone like you anyway.”

And the small intake of breath she took made it clear that she knew exactly what he meant too.

It was a few days later when she approached him while everyone else was out doing whatever small things they did in their short spans of free time to keep themselves from completely going insane.

“So, everyone here… they suffer because of you, and they don’t even know why.” She stood at the foot of his bed, glaring at him.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t be as friendly if they all knew what you used to do.” He rolled his eyes. “Are you going to tell them?”

She paused, and huffed in annoyance. “The Galra destroyed everything I’ve ever known, and you’re just sitting there, mocking me. You-…”

“And you don’t think that this is what I wanted? That being here didn’t destroy what I had?” He glanced up at her. “Princess, don’t think that just because I’m not like the rest of the whores who just had bad luck, that I’ve even for a minute considered myself anything other than the same as them.”

“You’re not.”

“And neither are you. Zarkon may have gotten bored of you, but from what I know of him, it won’t be the last you’ll see of him. You’ll always be ‘his girl’, even if he has you out for sharing now.”

“Shut up.”

“You’re the one who came over to accuse me.” Spitfire growled at her as he got off his bed.

“Why don’t you tell the others?”

“And you think that would make them have sympathy for me? They’d just be jealous, that I can get out of this anytime I want, all I have to do is…”

“Kill for them.”

He scoffed and left the barracks, only to be stopped by a guard. Lotor was looking for him, apparently there were guests for him. When he got to Lotor’s office, Kolivan and Antok were both standing there dutifully behind the live they were offering up to him. As he looked at Lotor defiantly, he wondered what his punishment would be.

A few weeks passed, not unlike other weeks, but know there was Allura glaring at him and occasionally yelling at him, vague enough that the others didn’t really understand what she meant, but enough to fuel their hatred even more.

Then they were both in Lotor’s office.

“My father has been missing you both something fierce. He’ll be here tonight, and he’ll be keeping you both all night.”

Spitfire glanced at her, and she looked back at him. She looked horrified, and the terror in her eyes only seemed to grow as she stared at him. What ever she saw in him, it was probably how resigned he was.

Haggar was also there, in a sheer robe, when they were escorted to the room Zarkon was waiting for them in.

“Honerva, my love, please.” Zarkon motioned towards the two of them.

“Of course my lord.” Haggar took off the lingerie that Lotor has just finished putting them in, slowly. She made a show of it and caressed them as she did.

“Now, there’s been something I’ve been thinking about, and today, I’m going to see my dream realized.” Zarkon sat up from where he was lounging on the bed. “Allura, come here.”

Allura didn’t budge, so Haggar grabbed her hands and pulled her over to him. Zarkon growled as he pulled her onto his lap and bit her shoulder.

“You’re going to look so beautiful.” Zarkon sighed into her ear.

Haggar then got to work as Zarkon held Allura close, chest to chest. Rings of metal hooking into Allura’s back, making her flinch and scream and whimper and cry with each new piercing.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be temporary. Honerva will remove them in a few days, but your clients will enjoy them too.” Zarkon shushed her as he soothed through her hair.

Once she was finished, Haggar wiped away the worst of the blood before taking a pink ribbon and started weaving it through the rings. Spitfire swallowed as he looked away. Corset piercings. He’d thought about getting some someday, if he ever found someone who made him comfortable enough with his body to show it off like that.

Zarkon pushed Allura off his lap and turned her around. He took in a breath and ran his hands down the ribbon crossing her back, making her gasp in pain as it tugged a little. “Truly beautiful.”

Haggar help her onto the bed, laying face down. She looked too weak to anything else, and the night hadn’t even really started yet.

Spitfire nodded when Zarkon then looked over at him. He obediently got onto the man’s lap. It wasn’t down his back that Haggar put the hooks into his skin, but down his sides, both sides. His grip on Zarkon tightened, but it wasn’t just pain that his body was quivering with as she piercing him. Zarkon was stroking both of their cocks in his hand as he kissed his shoulders and face.

“I knew you would like this Keith. You’re going to look so ravishing.” Zarkon smiled at him, and Spitfire was surprised by how earnest the man looked. “Perhaps, when you join us, we’ll make them permanent.”

Spitfire just whimpered as there was a tug on the hooks on his right side. Haggar has started lacing him.

“Does it really feel that good?”

“Hurts.” Spitfire gasped as he looked down. Red ribbon on one side, and black on the other.

“And you like that.”

He just whimpered as he came, Haggar’s tugging threatening to pull on of the hooks from his skin.

Zarkon completely ripped Allura’s piercing from her back, he’d been using them as leverage too pull him back onto him while he was fucking her. She had passed out from the pain, and he was still going with her.

Spitfire’s piercings lasted the night, and even though Zarkon fucked him rough, he was much gentler with the piercings and lacing on him.

Once they were both carried back to the barracks, Spitfire ran his hands up and down his sides. They were covered by his shirt now, but he knew his clients would really like them. He hated that he did too.

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Princess had some of the others huddled to her now that she’d regained some small semblance of not being a broken doll and was a little more like the fierce Brothel Madam she’d once been. She was glaring at him, more fiercely than usual. It wasn’t like she had anything better to do, when she wasn’t high, but it seemed like she knew something he didn’t. She did just get back from Lotor’s upstairs apartment, and there were rumors that Zarkon was in the building. A shiver went down his spine as he just rolled his eyes at her and turned away from her harsh gaze.

He felt more at ease than he probably should’ve though. The night before, one of his clients reminded him of an old friend. The client was even gentle by Lion’s Den standards; if Spitfire hadn’t been completely ripped apart by the gang bang right before, he might’ve actually enjoyed it even. His head had been pounding from what was probably another concussion, but he thinks he might’ve even moaned out the old friend’s name.

And he dreamed about him while he was finally allowed to pass out under Haggar’s terrifying but watchful care. It wasn’t quite like other dreams about him, just as tender, making his heart ache for what could’ve been when he woke up, haunting him for days after. Spitfire knew that Lance would’ve taken care of him, taken him apart so gently if they ever made it that far into their relationship.

He’d never had a wet dream that he didn’t wake up screaming from before, so it was a nice change of pace, even if it was a moot point.

“Maybe someday I’ll see you again, but you… you won’t to see me like this.” Spitfire sighed as he let his head fall back against the wall. He hoped Lance didn’t miss him too much.

“Who? Who do you want to see again, Spitfire?”

Spitfire felt the tension in the room as he cautiously looked over at who had spoken to him.


Zarkon was in the barracks of the Lion’s Den.

“Oh, you were missing me that much? It has been quite some time.” Zarkon caressed his cheek. “For a moment I thought you might’ve meant that Lance you are always cooing about.”

Spitfire just stared up at him, trying not to give his emotions away. He was probably failing.

“But, why don’t you come upstairs with me.”

“I know why you’re here. I won’t do it.”

Zarkon sat down on the bed next to him, then moved close into Spitfire’s space. “Do you know how long we’ve been playing this game? I ask you a simple question, offer you a life many others could only dream of, and you spit in my face.”

He closed his eyes, but he could feel Zarkon’s breath on his face. It had been a long time. Too long. Keith wasn’t a kid anymore, he knew that.

“It’s been four years. Four long years of you subjecting yourself to this.” Zarkon’s voice was low enough that no one else could hear him, but Spitfire knew everyone was staring at them, and probably quivering in fear.

Most of the others had never actually experienced Zarkon, they were beneath him, but from hearing about it from Princess, they were probably terrified. And even if it wasn’t for themselves, as much as they hated him, they probably didn’t want to witness Spitfire being fucked by him.

“And I’ll keep doing it.” Spitfire opened his eyes and glared at Zarkon.

“And then there will be another punishment for you. And everyone here. And then some.” Zarkon pressed a surprisingly soft kiss to his lips before getting up and holding out his arm.

Spitfire stared at him. And when Zarkon spoke again, he made sure everyone else could hear him. “Now, come along, if I have to drag you, it will only be worse for them.”

Nodding, Spitfire glanced around the room, everyone but Princess looked away as he passed over them. He got off the bed quickly and took Zarkon’s arm.

“You’re so fickle, about what you will and not do when told.” Zarkon put his hand over Spitfire’s on his arm.

They walked in silence. The other whores cowered in fear as they passed, and the guards all bowed and immediately jumped out of the way.

Lotor was lounging naked on the bed when Zarkon brought Spitfire into the room. Kolivan was holding a bound and gagged man in place, looking entirely bored. Marmora was facing away from them, wiping off one of her larger blades. There was a large box near her, and there was a bit of noise

“Marmora. Spitfire says he’ll refuse to join us again.” Zarkon stared at his daughter, who paused in her movements. “I thought maybe you could encourage him.”

Marmora turned towards them, and Spitfire wished she didn’t always wear her mask, so he could see what she was thinking. She was total mystery, and that terrified him.

He stumbled as she struck him with the pommel of the sword, the sound of something in his face cracking ringing in his ears. Before he could regain his palace or reach for his cheek, she then kicked him to the ground. When he looked up at her, the blade was being held out to him. It was all too familiar. Eventually they had to get as tired of this as he was.


She growled, turning away from him and slicing off the head of the man Kolivan was keeping under control. Then she stomped over to the box, it seemed heavy and it took her quite a bit of effort, but she managed to kick it over and spill the contents. Echo and Onyx, naked and bound. Their bodies still nearly flawless.

Something told Spitfire that would change very soon.

He flinched at the sound of the door slamming as Marmora and Kolivan left.

“Oh, Spitfire. One of these days…” Lotor clicked his tounge as he got off the bed, leaning over the twins.

He wanted to beg, for them not to hurt his friends because of him, but he knew it wouldn’t work. Maybe the twins would finally hate him.

Zarkon picked him up off the floor as Lotor pulled the twins onto the bed, latching their bindings to the posts. Spitfire’s focus was on the twins as Zarkon undressed him and pushed him into an armchair, tying him to it.

“Unfortunately, it won’t be me or Lotor who are going to be inside of you today.” Zarkon chuckled as he placed several kissed on Spitfire’s dick and balls as he secured his feet, in an awkward uncomfortable angle. When Zarkon’s lips also pressed against his asshole, Spitfire understood that he was put in that position so his hole would be accessible.

Lotor came over to join them once he had the twins how he wanted them. “Oh, Spitfire, you are going to enjoy this, I’m sure. But don’t forget this is a punishment.”

Spitfire turned his gaze away from the twins just to stare at Lotor. Lotor’s hands were on him, on his dick. First, a familiar pinch of a cock ring, a little tighter than the usual. Then something slipping inside of him, where nothing should’ve ever went in. He looked down as he tried to squirm. A moan escaped his lips as he watched Lotor slowly press the rod down inside of his dick.

“Does it feel that good?” Lotor chuckled once it was as far as it could, attaching something to the tip that also attached to the ring, keeping it in place deep inside of him as he felt his cock getting harder.

He closed his eyes tightly. Why did it feel so good.

Then there was something else, the sound of something rolling, something at his ass, the sounds of machinery starting up. Not the machine again. It was too much already.

Lotor and Zarkon both kissed him hungrily as the machine knocked moans out of him. Then they were both moving towards the bed, kissing each other and getting Zarkon naked as they walked.

Spitfire couldn’t watch what they were doing to the twins, but they had been ungagged, so he could hear their screaming and crying. They’d probably never been fucked like that before. It was his fault.

Once Lotor and Zarkon seemed finished with the twins, Spitfire noticed they were being unbound. He swallowed hard. He was in so much pain, his body wanted release, and he couldn’t quite get it. It was so much that there was a little come that did manage to escape around the rod, but he felt like the base of his dick was just going to explode.

Zarkon come to him first. First he got the rod out of him, and Spitfire immediately came, feeling like he was going to pass out as he orgasmed. Zarkon slapped his face once it was mostly over, then kissed him.

Spitfire looked at where Lotor was holding the twins on display for him once Zarkon was out of his space. They were bloody, bruised, everywhere. Both of them were shaking, but they seemed like they weren’t so brutalized that they couldn’t stand on their own. But as they were, they wouldn’t be quite the same, it wouldn’t be the same group of people who wanted them from then on.

“Now, you’ll both be riding him, and I don’t care which.” Lotor let them both go and motioned towards Spitfire.

“No, please… don’t make them…” Spitfire wasn’t sure if he actually managed any words, of if it was totally slurred. Maybe he didn’t even talk.

But then Echo’s mouth was on his cock, trying to get it hard again. Spitfire gasped at the feeling, he was too oversensitive. The ring was still around him. It took a bit of effort, but his dick was ready to go again, and Echo didn’t waste anytime sitting on it. Spitfire couldn’t help but notice the blood and come dripping from his hole before it sunk around him.

Echo kissed him, and was apologizing as he rode him. Spitfire just felt his head roll as he tried to focus on just breathing as the intense pleasure spread through him.

Onyx did the same, and he seemed even worse off than his brother as he clung to Spitfire.

Once Onyx climbed off him, stumbling to his brother’s arms, Lotor turned off the machine finally and wheeled it away. “Oh, boys, you’re not done yet. You think you have it in you yet to give?”

They both whimpered, and kissed each other before crawling over to where Spitfire was.

Lotor cupped both their cheeks. “You’ve both been so good, I’ll let him up for a moment so you can both do it at the same time.”

They nodded slowly, and Spitfire was like jelly as Lotor unlatched the locks holding him down and handed him off the twins. They had felt so good around him, he knew they’d feel good inside of him too. He had just never let it happen before, because they didn’t have a choice. Even if he had a choice now, he wouldn’t have the strength to do anything.

Spitfire reached for the twins after, tears in his eyes, as one of the guards were dragging them off. His throat was too raw, so he couldn’t even call out for them.

Lotor was dragging him back onto the chair, getting him set up the same way when they started. Spitfire shook his head as Lotor was talking to him. He didn’t even know what the man was saying.

Lotor and Zarkon must’ve left, it was probably about time for curtain call. Spitfire opened his eyes and found a TV with a shitty camera feed for one of the rooms. His stomach sank as he watched as a guard threw the twins inside. One of his regulars followed shortly after.

At the end of the night, when the twins were sent back to where ever they usually were and Lotor was taking care of Spitfire, milking out every drop of cum he couldn’t release earlier, he was back in the barracks. As he collapsed onto his bed, he glanced at the rest day board. It was empty. Everyone was glaring at him.

He didn’t have anymore tears as he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Another standard day, his hands were sore from his chore that morning and his throat burned from the night before. Lotor was looking at him intently as he rehearsed his routine for the show. He had heard a rumor of a new whore, but he’d watched dozens of whores come and go while he was at the Lion’s Den. There was the faint murmur of Princess talking to the new one.

Slowly, he moved around the pole and glanced at the newcomer. There wasn’t enough air in the room suddenly as his eyes met familiar blue orbs. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears as they continued to stare at each other. No, no, no, no… repeated in his head until Lotor shouted.

“Spitfire! You can’t be exhausted already. Just because you’re the star doesn’t mean you don’t have to work just as hard as everyone else.” Lotor banged his favorite noise maker against the edge of the stage and Spitfire turned his attention back to the man.

He bit his lip and moved off the stage. Panic was surging through him as he tried to think of something to say. “Sorry. I got distracted.”

His eyes followed Lotor’s movements apprehensively as he moved closer to Lance. Spitfire felt rage surge inside of him as the man touched Lance and he couldn’t help but grab Lotor’s arm.

“Am I supposed to keep practicing, or are you too busy now?” He tried to sound annoyed, to hide the anger. Spitfire wasn’t sure whether or not he had succeeded as Lotor threw him to the ground. Once he was on the ground, his eyes went to Lance. The other boy looked so terrified and Spitfire wanted to do anything to fix it. They shared a glance as Lance followed Princess out of the room.

He barely registered hands on his throat as he stared after Lance, only looking at Lotor once as the grip tightened and he struggled to breathe. The defiant look he gave the man was accompanied by clawing at the hands holding his neck.

“How dare you?” Lotor growled at him, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “Have you learned nothing, Spitfire?”

Spitfire made a few wheezing noises as he continued to glare at him, but he didn’t try to say anything. Lotor dropped him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach, hard. Grunting in pain, he curled up as he caught his breath.

“Unless you’re sweet on him? He’s a cute little thing, isn’t he?” Lotor circled around him, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “You want him.”

No…” Spitfire whipped his head around, but Lotor just caught his cheek and laughed at him.

“You just don’t want him to suffer, like you did?” His tone was mocking, and it made Spitfire’s skin crawl. “What would you do, to make it a little less terrible for him?”

Pulling out of Lotor’s grip, Spitfire closed his eyes tightly. He took a few centering breaths before looking at an expectant Lotor. “Anything.”

“I’d be careful what you wish for. But you’ll spend all of your free time with me the next few days, and I’ll let you be the first to take him. It’ll have to be on stage, but…”

“What’s the catch?” Spitfire narrowed his eyes. It didn’t matter, not really. There was no way he was going to pass up the chance to make it even a little better for Lance.

“Oh, the catch is a surprise.” Lotor pushed on his neck, hard until he was face down on the floor with his ass up in the air. “For now, I’m going to remind you not to interrupt me before I go give my little Baby Blue his orientation.”

Spitfire closed his eyes tightly as he Lotor ripped off the shorts he was wearing. It was a familiar feeling, but it didn’t stop Spitfire from gasping when Lotor pushed inside of him. He felt tearing and only pressed his eyes closed tighter.

“You won’t be able to prep him, when you fuck him.” Lotor huffed into his ear in between punishing thrusts. Spitfire wanted to say something, anything, to try to get him to change his mind, but he just screamed as Lotor gave a particularly hard, deep thrust.

His breathing was erratic, and he was so close, despite the pain. Lotor gave a few more sporadic thrusts before he emptied inside of Spitfire’s bloodied hole. He whimpered when Lotor pulled out, letting himself fall to the ground in an attempt to settle himself down. He didn’t get the chance to get any relief as Lotor’s hand pulled at his hair and forced him to get up on shaky legs.

Even as he let Lotor lead him down the hallway to his office, he fought against his grip. There was no point, and he knew that, but he always felt a little better when he fought back, even if he knew that it only made Lotor more excited.

His gaze went up to Lance when Lotor said his new name. “Baby Blue.” Spitfire stopped fighting as he looked at Lance, who looked like a trapped animal. He swallowed hard before he looked up at Lotor. “Give me a hand with this, will you? Then we can talk.”

“Wait! Don’t! You can’t!” Spitfire started struggling again, stopping when Lotor’s grip on his hair tightened. He didn’t want Lance to have to do anything like this. It made him feel sick as Lotor was talking again. His attention wasn’t on him though, but on Lance.

“It’s okay.” He whispered as he held out his hands to Lance when he came back with the hand cuffs. It wasn’t okay, but Spitfire just wanted Lance to feel better. Even as Lotor forced the gag in his mouth, he tried to give Lance the most reassuring look he could.

Then he was being led away from Lance, the cuffs being looped around the hook. It was one of Spitfire’s most hated ways that Lotor tortured him. He was just too short to touch the ground and he had been left there to pass out from not being able to effectively breath too many times. But Lotor was talking to Lance, and he wanted to try to do something, but he just focused on breathing.

His gaze was on Lance again when Lotor slipped the robe off of him. Spitfire tried to look away, but he’d imagined Lance naked too many times as a teenager to give up the chance. He felt terrible, looking at him like that, especially with how the new tattoo on his shoulder looked against his tan skin. Lance was so gorgeous, even more than Spitfire had imagined.

Lotor pushed Lance to his knees and Spitfire tried to shout, but the gag made it impossible to say anything as he jerked in his restraints. He looked away as Lance made a choking noise. Watching this must’ve been part of the deal to get Lance. Spitfire just had to keep telling himself that giving Lance something better than what he had would be worth it in the end.

“…second opinion.” Lotor’s tone made Spitfire look back at them. He glared at the man, guessing at who that second opinion would be. It wouldn’t be as simple as just getting a blow job from his high school crush.

Spitfire watched Lance crawl over to him, not breathing at all until Lance’s lips were around his dick. He let out something between a sob and a moan around the ball gag as he forced himself to breath. It had been so long since he’d gotten blown that it was almost overwhelming as the heat of Lance’s mouth surrounded him. Then there was the added sensation of it being Lance. He had already been so close from Lotor’s pounding. It wouldn’t be long before he came down his former friend’s throat.

He couldn’t stop himself from looking down at Lance, who was looking up at him through his eyelashes. It was an image that Spitfire had jerked off to countless times before, but it was so wrong, so twisted from anything he had ever wanted.

Tears welled in his eyes as Lance pulled his mouth off him at Lotor’s orders. As much as Spitfire hated the situation that he was in, he needed to come. It was getting painful.

Six more people came in to try out Lance’s mouth and after each one, Spitfire had to keep himself from struggling and screaming. There was no use in his current situation, the only thing he could do was watch in horror as Lance wiped his mouth between each round until Lotor finally let him stop.

It was so hard to breath.

Lotor’s hands were on him and Lance was yelling. “No! Wait, you… don’t…” He was looking at Spitfire with panic in his eyes, but Spitfire just shook his head, begging him to stop his objections.

Spitfire winced when Lotor entered him again. It was a little easier than earlier, but it still hurt like a bitch. Lotor was saying sickening words about his ass in ear as he thrusted into him, a little softer than the first time. Lance was watching, nausea obvious on his face.

When Lotor pulled out, Spitfire knew it wasn’t over, but he was too light headed to really listen to what Lotor was saying. He could barely focus as he watched Lance take something from the man. Lance’s hands were on him and Spitfire thought he was going to die when he felt the familiar squeeze of a cock ring. His eyes locked with Lance’s as Lotor pushed back inside of him. Their eyes stayed locked, despite how hard it was for Spitfire to focus, but Lance wouldn’t look away so he wasn’t going to either. He only broke eye contact when he cried out when he felt Lotor finish inside of him again, a sickeningly satisfied groan coming from the man.

He barely registered the smack to the ass before he was suddenly on the ground. Pain surged through his body as his legs fell out from under at him and his hip and then shoulder and finally his head collided with the floor. Lance hovered over him for a second but then he was gone. Spitfire had a few moments to catch his breath, but he knew it wouldn’t be as long as he needed.

He closed his eyes tightly as he let out a few sobs. Lance.

Chapter Text

“So, tell me how you know my new favorite?” Lotor leaned down and ran his fingers through Spitfire’s hair.

“I don’t…” Spitfire grunted when a large chunk of his hair was pulled hard.

“The way you two were ogling each other, there’s no way you’re strangers.” He was using that tone, the sing song voice that Spitfire hated, the Spitfire knew was just trying to get a rise out of him. “An old lover perhaps?”

“No.” Spitfire closed his eyes when Lotor started petting his head again.

“Oh, are you going to make me guess? I suppose you two had a little too much feeling behind those looks, and you didn’t give a damn about any of your old conquests.”

“He was a friend, a really good friend.” He didn’t want to play games with Lotor and he didn’t want him to know exactly how much Lance meant to him.

“That would explain why you want to protect him.” Lotor gripped his hair again, hoisting his head up to grin at him. “I’m excited to get to know him better.”

Spitfire just stared at him, not knowing what he could say that wouldn’t betray his feelings or make it worse for Lance.

“You’re so… boring with him on the chopping block.” Lotor scoffed and dropped his head as he stood back up. “Cum for me and then we’ll play some more.”

Taking a few deep breaths, Spitfire moved so he was on his back. His hands were still bound as he reached for his achingly hard cock. It wouldn’t take long to finish himself, especially not with the memory of Lance’s mouth on him.

He sobbed when he came, covering himself with the sticky fluid. His body was shaking as Lotor grabbed the chain of the hand cuffs and put him back on the hook.

“What were you thinking about while you finished?” Lotor ran his hands up his heaving chest as he looked at Spitfire’s face. When Spitfire didn’t reply, Lotor chuckled and moved to breath in his ear. “Was it Baby Blue, how his mouth felt on your dick?”

The moan that came out of Spitfire’s mouth was answer enough. Lotor moved so he was behind Spitfire again, his hands still roaming Spitfire’s chest. Spitfire whimpered at the touches, at the feel of Lotor’s dick pressing against him again.

Lotor kept Spitfire all to himself until curtain call. Every so many rounds Lotor would go take care of something, leaving Spitfire with toys to keep him in distress. When Spitfire finally touched the ground again and his hands were unbound, he collapsed to the ground. He was pushed into a chair, and Lotor scowled at him as he realized that he’d have to give him a short break before he performed.

It was probably several performances in before Spitfire was able to stand on his own. His legs were shaky as he got cleaned off and then climbed onto the stage. He didn’t have the strength to do his normal routine. Every muscle in his body ached, screaming at him to lie down.

As he was performing, he was trying to keep his gaze off the crowd cheering and clamoring towards the stage to touch him. One look up though had his eyes locking with blue orbs behind the bar. His breathing hitched and he paused for a moment, waiting to see if Lance would look away. He didn’t, so Spitfire didn’t either. Their eyes stayed locked until the music trailed off and Spitfire got off the stage. Even with how he felt, pretending he was performing just for Lance somehow made it easier.

Swallowing hard, he headed towards the client rooms. He was too exhausted from spending all day with Lotor to fight back, to do more than just take whatever his clients were going to give him.

He was on the verge of passing out by the time the night was over. A few of the clients had been particularly violent and he was sure that he had at least one cracked rib and there was blood coming from a head wound. The world was spinning as guards were hauling him to his feet. One of the guards mentioned that he was going back to Lotor. A nervous shiver went up his spine.

Luckily, Lotor wasn’t actually in his office when Spitfire was dropped on the floor below the hook. He closed his eyes as he curled up on the floor.

He jerked awake when he felt something push into him. It wasn’t Lotor, and it wasn’t flesh. Spitfire tried to move his hands, but they were bound tightly against his back. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried kicking out, but his legs were bound too. The short rest had been just long for him to get some of his fight back.

“I was hoping you’d wake up, it’s absolutely no fun to do you while you’re sleeping.” Lotor’s voice was low and it made Spitfire whine. “How are you feeling?”

Spitfire’s instincts were telling him to beg, to beg Lotor to stop, but he just bit his lip and jerked his body when he felt something push at him again. He had asked for this, to make things just a little less terrible for Lance. “It hurts.”

“Good.” Lotor huffed, roughly moving Spitfire. Spitfire panted as he his face was pushing into Lotor’s lap, the hard dick pressed against his face. The prince didn’t even need to say anything before Spitfire took him into his mouth, working him skillfully.

Spitfire was hanging again, and had been for a while when Lotor told him that he was getting a break until it was time to perform. He closed his eyes tightly as Lotor let him down and put him in the arms of guard who was supposed to clean him up.

“And Spitfire, not a word to him until after it’s all over.” Lotor said as Spitfire was being carried out of the room.

“Anything else I should know, about tonight?” Spitfire felt sick thinking about what he was going to do to Lance, especially since he wouldn’t be able to talk to him, tell him that it wasn’t… it wasn’t.

“He’ll be bound to the pole. And blindfolded. Oh, and he won’t be able to hear, so even if you would slip up and talk to him…” Lotor sounded so amused as he trailed off.

“He won’t know it’s me?”

“Does that make it better or worse?”

Before he could answer, the guard carrying him left the room. Spitfire let his head fall back as he thought of the answer. It made it worse, definitely. Lance would be so scared not knowing, waiting for it and not being able to tell what was coming next. But maybe it was better that Lance wouldn’t know, wouldn’t know that it was Spitfire… doing it to him.

Spitfire was still unsure of the answer after he had finished cleaning up and was putting on what he’d only be wearing for a very short amount of time before he… he and Lance.

Before he walked into the dressing room, he took a deep breath. He was about to rape Lance. The surge of anticipation that surged through him made him feel sick. He’d been in the Lion’s Den too long, his perception of everything was so fucked.

Chapter Text

Spitfire was trying to keep himself calm as he stood in the corner of the dressing room. He wanted to scream, and cry. His entire body was thrumming with nervousness. If only he could talk to Lance, but it was against the agreement that Lotor had made with him. Quickly, he was regretting his decision, but as he watched Lance being lead out of the room by Lotor, he also knew that it was too late to take it back. The only thing he could do was be as gentle as possible and hope that Lance wouldn’t hate him after it was over.

It had been a while since Lance had left, and Spitfire walked towards the door. He could feel eyes on him as he moved. Princess’s eyes were especially fierce as he glanced at the guard that told him they were ready for him.

He focused on Lance as he walked through the crowd. All eyes were on him as he climbed on the stage and unceremoniously stepped out of his shorts, launching them into a screaming crowd. Lance was shaking, just enough that Spitfire could see. Silently, he wished that this was all a fever dream as he approached Lance. He was already half hard and he hated himself for it.

Spitfire ducked down so he was standing between Lance’s bound arms. He gently cupped the other boy’s neck and pressed their lips together. Lance was tense, his body stopped shaking at shock of suddenly being touched. With a sickening realization that he was about to rape Lance, he pressed closer and tried to keep the kiss soft. There was no going back, as much Spitfire hated what he was about to do.

Spitfire ducked his head down, so he wouldn’t have to look Lance in the face. His lips sucked at his exposed collarbone as he worked off the pants and boxers. His lips explored Lance as he rocked into him. Lance was making small muted sounds of pleasure. At least he felt good, even if neither of them wanted it this way.

He froze when he heard words out of Lance’s mouth. “Please. Please.” It made him ache as he looked back up at Lance’s face. Spitfire wished he could give Lance what he needed, what he wanted, but he just kissed him again. This time was short, chaste. A promise and an apology.

With a few deep breaths, he moved behind Lance, keeping a hand on him so the other boy would know where he was. Gently, he pushed him forwards a little more, so he would have the pole for support when he started fucking him. He really didn’t want to do this, not like this.

His grip on Lance’s hips was tighter than what was necessary, but he couldn’t help it as he lined himself up. If only he could prep him, but he wasn’t sure what Lotor would do if he disobeyed him. Lance was babbling and it brought tears to Spitfire’s eyes. It was nonsensical mixture of English, Spanish, and absolute gibberish that he let out when he was nervous or excited. Spitfire had always thought it was adorable, but this time it was because of true panic, because of something Spitfire was about to do to him.

Lance’s voice went silent when Spitfire pushed in. There was so much resistance as Spitfire entered slowly. He could feel Lance tearing around him, there was blood seeping out around his dick. He closed his eyes tightly after he had gotten in to the hilt. Once he was in, he could hear Lance crying, the sobs wrecking his body. Spitfire kissed the back of his neck, trying to comfort him some. If only he could say something to him, but small gestures were all he could offer.

It took time, but eventually there was enough of Spitfire’s precum and Lance’s blood lining Lance’s hole that Spitfire was able to thrust with purpose. He wanted to get this over with so he could get on with his night, so he could talk to Lance.

Lance wouldn’t shut up. Spitfire was thankful of that, it meant that Lance was still Lance. That he hadn’t broken his will as much as he’d broken his ass.

Then the very pleasured moans started spilling from his mouth, and Spitfire groaned. He wanted to kiss him, to look at him even if he couldn’t look him in the eyes. Spitfire pulled out and manhandled Lance until he was spread out on the ground. Before Lance could catch his breath, Spitfire pushed back in while kissing him. He searched for the spot that made Lance moan so beautifully again.

His fingers wrapped around Lance’s dick as he nipped at his neck. He wanted Lance to cum, even if it was only to make himself feel better about what he was doing. The sound Lance made when he came was music to Spitfire’s ears and it wasn’t long before he emptied into Lance.

Spitfire was going to pull out quickly, but a hand was on his back, pressing him down into Lance. He turned his head as Lotor leaned down to pluck the blindfold off Lance.

“No…” Lance’s voice was wrecked, but Spitfire could hear how betrayed he felt in that one word.

He glanced down at him and whispered. The look on Lance’s face completely shattered his heart. The simple apology would never be enough, nothing would ever be enough. “I’m sorry.”

Then without warning, Lotor’s hand was off his back and he was pulled up roughly. He struggled against Lotor’s grip as he was being pushed off the stage into the arms of a group of men. They grabbed at him, laughing. His eyes were on Lance the entire time as he pulled out of the theatre.

“Now, who wants our little Spitfire’s sloppy seconds?” Lotor’s voice repeated in his head over and over all night as he absently took dick after dick. Lance was in hell, and Spitfire had given him the first taste of real punishment.

Chapter Text

He could feel everyone else’s eyes on him as he walked into the barracks. They were the same judgmental eyes as always, but it was somehow worse. For once, Spitfire had asked for the terrible thing. It was actually his fault that he was officially just as bad as their clients, as the Galra. As he showered, Spitfire wouldn’t stop scrubbing his skin: he felt so dirty and he could never get clean.

Nothing would ever make what he did better, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was making sure Lance was okay. Everyone else was already in bed by the time he got dressed, moving back into the bathroom to splash himself with cold water. Lance wasn’t back yet, but he did hear Princess tell someone that she was going to go look for him.

“What the hell am I going to say to him?” Spitfire looked up at the wall above the sink, glad there wasn’t a mirror there. Seeing his own face would probably just make him feel sick.

Princess was back, he could hear her and Lance’s voices. He took a few centering breaths before he walked into the barracks and stood in front of Lance. He leaned down, so he was eye level with his childhood friend. “Lance.”

It felt like forever before Lance replied, looking away and shaking. “Don’t.”

“H-Have you cleaned up yet?” Spitfire reached for him. The touch to the shoulder initially gentle, barely there. When Lance didn’t react, he gripped his shoulder firmly. It was all too real now, now that they were face to face, finally able to talk. “Please, I-I…”

“Help me up.”

Spitfire nodded, as he helped him up. His chest was tight as he stared at Lance. Lance wasn’t looking at him, and Spitfire couldn’t blame him, not after what he did.

“I’m sorry.” He said, turned away from Lance once he was under the water. He was still close, but he felt like Lance needed something close to privacy. “I didn’t… I didn’t ask…”

“You didn’t ask to rape me?”

Flinching at the words, Spitfire tried to speak as if they didn’t hurt more than any physical wound he’d ever had. Stringing together sentences, especially about his feelings, had never been his specialty so it came out broken anyway. “When I saw you… I… I just didn’t want you to… and everything got twisted.”

“What did you ask the prince?”

Spitfire clawed at his arms, he could barely feel it. Tears were spilling onto his cheeks. It had been a long time since he had last cried, really cried. “I just didn’t want your first time here to be as bad as mine.” His body was shaking as he was trying to hold back the sobs. The last thing he needed was Lance worrying about him. “When he offered to let me… but he left out some of the details when I agreed. I didn’t want it to be like that.”

“I’m glad it was you.”

The words hurt even worse as his head whipped up to look at Lance. It took a moment for him to process that Lance had meant the words. Finally, he nodded, his eyes on Lance’s face. His entire world was crumbling. Every defense he had built up was down and he didn’t know if he could rebuild them with Lance back in his life.

Lance went back to washing himself, groaning when he went to wash out his ass. Getting load after load of cum from an ass was a pain. Hesitantly, he offered to help.

A shiver when through him as he pressed his fingers inside of Lance. He wiggled them, coaxed the liquid out of Lance’s ass, and drawing out erotic noises from the other boy. Spitfire did everything in his power to ignore the noises, it was difficult. He could feel how much damage Spitfire and Lance’s clients had done to him, it made it a little easier to ignore the other feelings in favor for nausea. Most of the cum had worked itself out when Spitfire finally pulled out his fingers.

“I’m sorry.” Spitfire grimaced, not quite looking at Lance. He was going to keep apologizing, probably for the rest of his life. “I wish it hadn’t been like that. I should’ve known that Lotor would twist it.”

“It’s okay.” Spitfire watched him turn off the water. The words just as hollow then as they were the day before when Spitfire had said them to him. “It wasn’t how I envisioned losing my virginity, but… like I said…”

Spitfire thought his heart was going to explode as he roughly turned Lance around so he could look him in the face. It was impossible, too crazy to believe. “You… that was your first time, ever?” His voice cracked a little at that last word.

Lance blushed, and it was too innocent of a look for where they were, what they had done. “Yeah. It was hard keeping someone interested when I… when I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Four years. In four years, having no idea what had happened to him, where he was… Lance had never given up hope. He still wanted him, thought of him. Spitfire might have been blushing too as he took a step back. “What? Lance, you never…”

“Hey! You left me high and dry! And, I guess, it made it impossible to move on. I guess it’s not something you wanted to hear when…”

Spitfire wasn’t sure what he was doing until their lips were pressed together in a sloppy kiss that was over before either had a chance to process what was happening. Lance had the smallest smile on his face when they parted, but Spitfire just wanted to crawl in the deepest hole and die.

“You should have moved on. Lance, you… I regret every time I wished I’d see you again. Fuck, Lance.” He pressed his forehead against Lance’s as tears threatened to spill down his face again. He leaned into the touch when Lance cupped his cheek.

“Keith. This isn’t ideal, but at least… at least you’re not alone here anymore.”

When Spitfire moved away, he turned so he wasn’t looking at Lance. Everything was too much. He’d rather be alone than know that Lance was there with him. “We should get you dressed, and get to bed. And… and we can’t use those names… we have to be…”

“We have to be Spitfire and Baby Blue.”

Spitfire hated the way that sounded from Lance’s mouth, but he just kept moving. He sat on his bed, not looking at Lance as Princess walked over to him. His heart was beating a mile a minute as he tried to process all the emotions surging through him. It was too much and too quickly.

After the lights were out, Spitfire let himself have a fleeting touch of Lance’s hand. It hurt, wanting to hold him close and apologize until he ran out of breath. He just rolled over as soon as he ended the touch. If he wished hard enough, when he rolled over in the morning, the bed would be empty and Lance would never had been there.

His heart sank when he glanced in the bed next to his in the morning, just before the wakeup call. Lance was still there.

Chapter Text

There was something different about the sounds coming from Lotor’s office. Spitfire was doing his best to ignore them as he scrubbed the floor. Hundreds of times he had overheard Lotor with the others, raping them or making them give him private shows, but it was the voice that made it different. Lance’s voice had grated on his nerves over the course of their friendship, and helped to bring him out of a fugue state so many times. Now it was coming from Lotor’s office, making obscene sounds.

It was so distracting, upsetting, and arousing. Spitfire gripped the brush tighter as he kept his head down. If he looked up, he might have been able to see something through the open door. He knew he couldn’t handle seeing Lance like that, not without snapping in some way. What Spitfire didn’t know was how long he could go on, knowing what was happening to Lance and not do something about it.

He tensed when he heard the strangled cry, the same one Lance had made the night before, just as he came. Spitfire felt sick when Lotor started clapping and he could hear him talking, quietly enough that he couldn’t actually make out the words. Looking up, he saw Lotor in the doorway. They made eye contact and Spitfire couldn’t breathe as he scrambled to get off the floor. The door was shut and he heard the lock click as he slipped and fell on his face.

As he forced himself to keep cleaning the floor, he couldn’t help but look up at the closed door. He couldn’t hear anything through it, but he knew what was happening. Spitfire was going to be right here for Lance as soon as Lotor let him leave, whatever Lance needed.

The door had been closed for so long, and the doors from the theatre opened. He didn’t turn to look back, probably guards on patrol or one of the other whores that had been tasked with cleaning the client rooms.

“Seems like Prince Lotor is busy.” One of the guards said, and Spitfire dropped the brush into the bucket, making a splash on the floor. “But Spitfire is right there, if you didn’t want to wait.”

“No. My lady wants to speak to the prince beforehand.” A voice Spitfire didn’t recognize, but he knew what was meant when a member of the gang said ‘my lady’. He didn’t dare turn around to look up at them. “Fetch us when he’s ready for us.”

He lowered his gaze when feet came into his view, but his chin was tilted up forcefully. When he opened his eyes, he stared at the masked face and scoffed. “Is it time already? Aren’t you all getting tired of playing this game?”

Her finger moved to his lips, effectively shushing him. He closed his eyes when her hand cupped his cheek. It was gentle, almost affectionate. Spitfire hated it. The hand was off of him and she was leaving. He let out a shaky breath as he heard the theatre door open and then slam shut. Then it opened and shut again. The guard was gone.

His eyes snapped towards the door to Lotor’s office when he heard it open. Lance was standing, and almost falling over, in the doorway. He took a few steps towards Spitfire. Spitfire was standing, taking a quick look around to make sure they were alone.

Once he was standing in front of Lance, he moved quickly to support his weight. He did his best to keep his voice steady. The encounter with The Lady had almost made him forget what had been happening to Lance, and how he felt about it. It was honestly a blessing. “It’s okay. I got you.”

His heart sank when Lance let Spitfire carry almost all his weight and started crying. Spitfire tightened his grip on Lance, leading him into and through the barracks. He couldn’t focus on the looks they were getting, he just had to focus on Lance and making him better. There were people in the bathroom, and Spitfire wanted Lance to have some privacy and to be alone with him for at least a short while. It didn’t take much to get the few people to vacate, just a harsh glare and a little time.

He let Lance fall back against the shower wall, his eyes going over him. The other boy looked painfully hard and Spitfire made a decision. “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay.”

Spitfire sunk to knees in front of Lance but paused and looked up at him when there were hands at his shoulders. Lance looked panicked, and Spitfire tried to look sure of himself, but he wasn’t sure how well he managed. “Wait! What are you doing? Don’t. You don’t have to…”

“I want to, it’ll… but if you don’t want…” Spitfire watched as Lance relaxed slightly. He really did want to, because Lance needed some kind of relief and he’d do anything for him.


“I know it’s hard for you, but try to stay quiet, okay?” It had been a long time Spitfire had told him that, and he had thought he’d never get the chance to again. When Lance let out a small laugh, and it almost made Spitfire forget where they were.

He gently gripped the base of Lance’s cock, slowly swallowing him down. Lance let out a muffled noise as Spitfire took him into his mouth. It was like Spitfire was dreaming as swirled his tongue around the head. The other boy’s cock tasted so good, and the weight of it in his mouth felt so right. It was almost like it was supposed to be like that, the two of them making each other feel good. And the little noises that Lance was trying to muffle made it so much more.

Then Lance started babbling, in Spanish. The throbbing of Lance’s dick changed and Spitfire prepared himself, Lance was about to come. He swallowed down what Lance gave him, hungrily. Lance was breathing heavily when Spitfire started standing back up, wiping what he hadn’t managed to swallow off his face.


There was an odd look on Lance’s face, but he wasn’t quite looking at him. “Yeah, much… thank you?”

Spitfire smiled slightly, but he wasn’t sure why. “You’re welcome.”

“And, uh, sorry, about not giving you… warning…”

“I-I’ve sucked enough dicks that I can tell… so, it’s okay.” Spitfire knew it was the wrong thing to say, his gaze turning away from the other boy. He didn’t want whoever was coming to get him to catch them like that, but he didn’t want to leave Lance. “I should get back to my chore, you going to be okay to clean yourself up?”

When Lance confirmed that he would be, Spitfire let Lance know that Princess had taken care of his chore and went back into the hallway. Lotor was standing in the doorway of his office and he cleared his throat.

“Where’d you go? The floor still looks rather dirty.” Lotor grinned at him. Spitfire felt his throat go dry. “Come here…”

Spitfire managed to force himself to walk towards the man. Once he was standing in front of him, Lotor licked the corner of Spitfire’s mouth. “Did he enjoy the blowjob? As much as you enjoyed the one he gave you the other day?”

“It wasn’t…”

“What? It wasn’t ordered by me, or anyone else in the gang.” Lotor slapped him and he just took a deep breath. “It won’t be happening again.”

“No.” Spitfire huffed out, looking up into Lotor’s eyes. He wasn’t worried about himself, but he felt the unspoken threat was more on Lance than it was on him. “I understand, Prince Lotor.”

“Good. But, Lady Marmora is here, and she’s tired of waiting for you.” Lotor moved out of the way. Spitfire looked into the room and saw the masked woman sitting at Lotor’s desk. A masked man was standing behind a man who was bound, gagged, and blindfolded. With a grimace, Spitfire walked past Lotor.

“Hello Spitfire.” The man said, holding out a gun to him. “You’ve gone through this enough times that you know what to do.”

“And I’ve been refusing enough times that you’d think you people would stop giving me weapons.” Spitfire took the gun, cocking it and pointing it at the masked man. The woman motioned for Lotor to come over. She whispered in his ear and he just grinned.

“Go ahead, shoot him. It won’t change anything, there’s only one bullet in the gun.”

Spitfire gripped the gun tighter, his finger twitching at the trigger. His aim changed to the bound man. He had been thinking about finally giving in, of getting out of the hell hole that was the Lion’s Den, but he couldn’t leave Lance.

“I won’t do it.” He flipped the safety back on and dropped the gun. It didn’t matter if he pulled the trigger, the man was going to die. The back of his legs were hit by something, hard. He grunted as he fell to the floor, to his knees. His legs were throbbing, just a little bit of a harder hit and his legs probably would’ve broken.

“This will be a little different than the last few times, Spitfire.” Lotor gripped his hair tightly, forcing him to face the bound man. The masked woman got up and took whatever Lotor had used to knock him to the ground.

The man screamed around the gag when she landed the first blow with what looked like a nightstick. Spitfire tried looking away, but Lotor’s grip tightened. A second blow and the man fell to his knees. As the blows continued, blood splattered all over him.

Spitfire looked up at the stick that was being held out to him. The man was barely breathing and was twitching ever so slightly.

“Take the final blow, and you can go with them. You’ll never have to suffer at my hands, at a client’s hands ever again.” Lotor’s words were low in his ear.

“I’d rather stay here and suffer than be a killer.”

“You already are, you just need to embrace it.”

Spitfire’s eyes didn’t leave the nightstick as the woman took the final blow to the man’s head. He didn’t even blink as the last splattering of blood covered him.

“Until next time, sister.” Lotor said as the woman walked past them without even looking towards them. “I’ll make sure to take care of him for you.”

She paused, walking towards them. Her hands gripped his throat and the barrel of her gun was touching his forehead. Spitfire fell forwards without Lotor’s hands holding him, but he craned his neck to watch, hoping that she’d pull the trigger.

“Oh, did I say the wrong thing? My apologies, big sis.” Lotor chuckled as she cocked the gun. “I promise that next time you see him, he’ll be leaving with you.”

“He better.” She released him and walked out of the room. It was the first time in four years that he had heard her voice, and it was uncomfortably familiar.

“Prince Lotor.” The masked man nodded at him and rushed after her. Lotor rubbed his neck and refocused on Spitfire.

“My sister, she’s so uptight.” Lotor pressed Spitfire’s face into the floor with one hand and pulled his pants down with the other. “Father depends on her, but I don’t think he trusts her very much. He’s been waiting for you to join us, but he isn’t exactly known for his patience.”

Spitfire opened his mouth to protest, but he grunted as Lotor pushed inside of him. Once Lotor finished, he got up and moved out of the room quickly. Lotor was laughing behind him, but he didn’t yell at him or chase after him, so Spitfire just kept moving. It hurt to walk, from the beating his legs took to the pounding his ass had just gotten.

Lance immediately moved towards him when he walked into the barracks. He put his hand out to him. What he needed was a shower, not to listen to Lance try to get answers, to make him feel better. When Lance didn’t stop talking, he pushed past him.

It was clear that Lance was what Lotor was going to use against him if he didn’t stop making it so obvious how much he cared for Lance, and how much Lance cared for him. He’d have to try to protect Lance at whatever risk to himself.

Unless that just made it worse for both of them.

Chapter Text

He couldn’t quite bring himself to look at Lance, even if he really wanted to. Wrapping his arms around Lance, laying down together, and just bawling his eyes out was so tempting, but it couldn’t happen. Not when he had to keep up the façade that he was still strong, untouchable. It was hard when his carefully constructed walls were crumbling. Lance had only been there for a few days and Spitfire couldn’t help but think of stupid self-destructive shit. He thought he’d resigned himself to the fact that he was going to die at the Lion’s Den, but overhearing Lance’s voice as he talked to Princess, he wondered briefly if there was another way.

But as everyone glared at him in the dressing room, the hand on his arm brought him out of his spiral of thoughts. He didn’t dare look back at Lance, but he stopped and took comfort in the touch. As the hand moved to grasp at his, Spitfire felt something close to a sting while Haggar started speaking, telling everyone what punishment he’d earned them. How long would it take before Lance realized that Spitfire only caused others pain?

No rest days. Spitfire let out a little huff. It wasn’t the first time they’d used that one, but it had been a while. It was the first time anyone standing in the room had to experience a whole cycle without their scheduled rest day. Haggar hadn’t even stopped talking yet and he already felt like he’d been punched in the face. Lance’s hand was still in his and he hadn’t made any attempts to remove it, even as Spitfire was crushing it as he forced himself to stay calm in face of the tense atmosphere around them.

He wasn’t sure why, but he was surprised when he heard Lance’s voice defending him. His eyes just closed as he was held by the other whore. If he wanted to, he could have easily defended himself, but he didn’t want to. Spitfire deserved the scorn from his fellow prisoners. He had a way out and he refused to take it.

But there was Lance, telling off anyone that wanted to hurt him. Just like always. It should’ve made Spitfire happy, it should’ve made his heart swell with annoyed affection like it used to. Now it just made him worried. The only thing Lance was doing was putting a target on his own back. The others would push him away, treat him like an outsider. The gang would just use it as more leverage against Spitfire.

But there he was, chasing away bullies with his words. Following it with reassuring words that Spitfire was more than what he’d been told, than what he believed he was. Spitfire wished he was better with his words, so he could tell Lance the same. Tell him that he loved him.

There wasn’t time for that anyway. They both had to get ready for the show, so Spitfire forced himself to pull away. He could feel Lance stare at him for a few moments before turning to his own area.

For the most part, the night was standard. He danced and he got fucked hard. Panic set in twice though. The first was as he was getting off the stage and he thought for a moment he’d have to fuck Lance again or get fucked by Lance. If it was the latter, he was absolutely sure he’d cry like a bitch on the stage. Spitfire had always known that if Lance ever made love to him, he’d probably cry, knowing that Lance would be gentle and give him loving reassurances – something he’d never had before. But that fear was swept away quickly, and he was able to share something with Lance for a moment before he moved on with his night.

At some point in the night, he and Princess were alone long enough for her to decide to start a conversation. He had just wanted to take a moment to catch his breath, but hearing her voice, it made it hard to concentrate on breathing.


He sighed as he looked up from where he was still sitting on the ground despite the pain. Lance must’ve said his name in front of her. “Allura.”

She glared down at him but continued as if he hadn’t said anything. “You better not get yourself killed.”

“I didn’t think you cared.”

“About you? I don’t.” Allura said it so matter of fact-ly, and Spitfire couldn’t even be mad. They both knew what the other was almost immediately upon her arrival at the Den. Neither had said anything to the other about it. “But Blue, he doesn’t deserve to get punished for your mistakes. And he needs you.”

Spitfire looked away and bit his lip. He wasn’t as sure that Lance needed him, but if Allura said it, it was probably true. “Why haven’t you told anyone what I am?”

“You mean one of them?”

He winced at hearing it.

“Sorry, but its truer than ever. Even if you had noble reasons, you still raped him.”

“I know, but thanks for reminding me.” Spitfire couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He knew it was the wrong thing to do, but it didn’t stop him. “But you weren’t much different from Lotor a year ago.”

“I’m nothing like that monster.” She snapped at him and he just looked up at her, unimpressed. “My father’s operations may have been illegal, even immoral, but we were nothing like the Galra.”

“And look where that got you.” Spitfire stood up and she took a step back, away from him. “You still profited from what the Galra do here, since you traded with them.”

“If my father had known Zarkon…”

“He did, he did know.” Spitfire shook his head. “White hair, pointed beard, cocky grin? He usually shrugged off Zarkon when he offered him one of us, usually.”

“Shut up. Don’t say a word about my father.”

“Sorry. I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

“You really are one of them.”

“Not yet, I’m not one of them yet. Not ever.”

“I don’t know. I think they may have found something to finally get you to give in.” She said it just as a guard was coming in, accompanied by a client for each of them.

Spitfire knew she was right, but before he could tell her, he was being pushed to his knees and his mouth was being stuffed. She was a little too busy getting bent over to continue the conversation anyway.

It was after the night was over that he had his second bit of panic. He and Lance were just about to have a movie moment and stare at each other, but the guards interrupted with their crude comments. People had called them boyfriends in mocking before, and Spitfire had always wanted it to be true, but hearing from their filthy mouths made him freeze. It was a threat, and Spitfire couldn’t process what to do. His old response was to get into a fist fight, but this wasn’t the school yard. This was life and death. There was more at stake than just a broken nose and lecture from Shiro. So, he just froze as panic built up.

But he didn’t have time to panic. The guard pushed him along and he tore his gaze away from Lance. He had to keep moving. He’d see Lance again. Lance would need him to be a rock when they saw each other again.

Chapter Text

Spitfire had known what Lotor had really meant when he said that he’d be entertaining the gladiators. Maybe he’d be forced to have sex with a few of them if he did poorly, but the main reason he was there was to fight, like usual. It had been a while since he’d been forced into the ring.

He adjusted the armbands on the armor they’d forced him to wear, it was more for show than actual protection, which is why they were so uncomfortable. But he was also doing it because fussing with them helped keep him distracted from what his imagination was producing, about what Lotor could be doing to Lance.

A shiver went down his spine as an image came to the forefront of his mind. He knew how depraved Lotor could be, and Lotor had made it pretty clear he had interest in Lance beyond just hurting Spitfire more.

“You’re up, Spitfire.” The guard handing out weapons smacked his shoulder.

His eyes followed the gurney with two lifeless bodies being carried in, thrown onto the pile. That wouldn’t be him, but he could be the cause of that if he wasn’t careful.

“Boss wants you to give these a try. Don’t lose them, or you’re fighting the rest of the day with nothing.” The guard huffed, and Spitfire looked over to see him holding a pair of daggers. Spitfire recognized them as specially made for the Blade.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been thrown in the ring with no weapons.” Spitfire scoffed as he took the blades, swinging and twirling them in his hands a few times. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“You’re awfully eager today.”

“Shut up.” Spitfire was. He wanted to get back to Lance, to comfort him after whatever atrocities Lotor was committing.

The fights went as usual, getting roughed up pretty good, but winning most of his bouts. There was blood on one of the blades, from slashing out and missing his mark – instead slicing the throat of his opponent. He didn’t feel anything as he stared at the red, not remorse or disgust. 

It had been a while since he’d gotten an adrenaline rush from a fight, his heart stayed steady and his focus sharp on the objective. But the objective was different. The objective was Lance. He had to just get back to him in one piece. If he got too injured, he might not be recovering back at the Den with him.

“Good work there Spitfire, you’re really getting better.”

Spitfire turned towards the voice. “Sendak.”

“Perhaps Zarkon will make a Blade out of you yet.” Sendak was grinning at him. “That kill was clean.”

“I didn’t mean to kill her.” He glanced away, back at the blood on the blade. Sendak’s blood would be pretty satisfying to spill, but there were too many people around for him to make it out unscathed afterwards.

“Did you hear that I have a new Champion?” Sendak leaned against a wall, folding his arms. His eyes were still locked on Spitfire.

“Yeah, heard he raised up to the title really quickly, brought him in when Zarkon took out the Alteans.” Spitfire huffed, he really didn’t want to have the conversation, but the more he talked, hopefully it would be less that he’d have to hear from Sendak.

“If you play your cards right, you might be facing him today.” Sendak hummed after he said it. “You might even have a chance of knocking him off his pedestal, heard Zarkon had something special set up for you if you do.”

“I don’t give a shit about taking anyone else’s title.” Spitfire turned away from him completely, taking a deep breath.

“You can’t be content with the title ‘whore’.” Sendak scoffed, but Spitfire didn’t look back at him. “Which if you can’t beat him, or even get to face him, is what you’ll be acting as for the all the gladiators that survive today’s tournament.”

Snorting, Spitfire twirled the blades in his hands again. “Any other surprises for me today?”

“You? No, but if Champion keeps his title today, the boss told me to offer him a position in the gang.”

Closing his eyes as the guard at the gate asked him rhetorically if he was ready, Spitfire hoped the Champion took him up on the offer. Just because he was content to continue to suffer at the Galra’s hands for his own skewed morality, didn’t mean other people should be.

“It’s been awful talking to you, Commander, but I have a fight to win.” Spitfire waved one of the blades towards Sendak before stepping back out into the ring.

The next fight was harder. He got his ass handed to him, bruises on his chest and cuts on his arms. One of his knives was gone, the one that didn’t have the blood dried onto it. Barely, he managed to win.

“How many people between me and Champion?” He glanced at the guard who had a clipboard, he assumed he was keeping track of the brackets.


Groaning, he leaned against the grate keeping him apart from the gladiator that was up next. He was exhausted. There was no way he could get through six fights without collapsing, not since his fight-or-flight had pretty much been trained out of him.

He got through three more fights before he lost the other blade. Spitfire was really beat up, cut up, but he wouldn’t need recovery time, not yet. He could go back to Lance right away.

The next fight, he managed to win, by getting their blunt weapon and knocking them to the ground. But he collapsed, completely unable to move, during the one after. His opponent was going to kill him, except for the bullet that put him down before landing the blow. It was still a loss.

It’d been since his ‘sweet’ sixteen that he’d entertained the gladiators. The memory made him puke as guards were pulling him out of the arena. At least he would make it back to Lance. Another image of what Lotor could be doing to him made Spitfire puke again.

Spitfire was put into a room that looked a lot like the Den’s barracks, stripped of his clothing, and very quickly wiped of his sick, but not the dirt or blood. Most of the gladiators would probably be covered in it too.

There were maybe a dozen people who came into the room later, all bloodied and bruised, just like Spitfire. One of the guards with them told them about why Spitfire was there. He’d beaten most of them earlier, and as he glanced at them, he could see that they were itching for revenge.

Apparently, what he’d done with his teeth a few years ago was still something that was talked about among the gladiators, because no one forced themselves into his mouth. He spent most of the time with his eyes closed, trying to not focus on the touches – especially the feel of the few female gladiators riding him. Even with being pounded in the ass, right at the prostate, he couldn’t keep it up knowing there was a woman around him. He was so gay, vaginas were gross.

It was a while before a guard beat the gladiators off and ordered them all – including Spitfire to hit the showers.

Once he was clean, and roughed up a little more in the bathroom, he was handed a robe and escorted back to the Den. He hoped Lance would be there, so he would know Lotor hadn’t spent too long torturing him.

Chapter Text

Spitfire could feel his eyes on him as he walked to his bed. He just wanted to get dressed for he did anything. Even if the clothes didn’t do anything to protect him, it made him feel better.

Once he was dressed, he looked around the room, and everyone looked away, everyone except Princess. She glared at him and he held his hands at his side, clenched tightly as he walked over.

“He’s still not back yet?”

“No.” She sneered as she looked away. “We were all sure you’d be gone longer than him. What Lotor is probably-…”

“Don’t. I’ve imagined it enough without you fueling it.”

“And I bet it got you all excited.”

“Shut up. I feel sick about it.”

“Because someone else is touching him?”

“I don’t need to defend myself to you.” He shook his head. “And I get that you want to hurt me, but why do you have to bring him into it? He hasn’t done anything except be my friend, and he doesn’t know any better.”

“You’re right, he is like the rest of us, unlike you. I’m sorry.” She rolled her eyes. “But someone needs to tell him, what you really are.”

“I’ve already tried to tell him, and if he won’t listen to me, he won’t listen to you.” He turned away. “If he really wants this, let him pretend I’m worth trying to save. I can’t protect him, but I won’t let everyone here hurt him.”

“You could protect him Spitfire.”

“Leaving won’t help him.” He walked back over to his bed and sat down, sparing her one last glance before he laid down. She left the room with a huff as he closed his eyes.

It had been a long while, and Spitfire was close to drifting off to sleep when he heard Lance’s voice. “Scoot over.”

When he opened his eyes, they met with Lance’s blue ones. He missed those eyes so much. Every night that wasn’t filled with nightmares were filled with those eyes and that smile. But he had to look away. “What did he…”

Once Lance was laying with him, he tried to protest, to tell him without telling him that he shouldn’t bother with him. Of course Lance didn’t listen. Lance never listened him, only smiled at him softly. Keith didn’t deserve Lance, so Spitfire shouldn’t have even had a chance, and yet here he was, in his arms, telling him kind words as always.

He hated himself for how much he wanted Lance, how easily he gave into Lance, his protests dying. But he loved having Lance there with him, their heartbeats together.

Spitfire wasn’t sure when he fell asleep but was a little startled when Lance moved out of the bed. He blinked sleepily as he saw Lance smile at him. Even in the few moments he had, it was the best sleep he’d had in years. If only.

Their hands connected and Keith didn’t want to let go, but he had to. Lance was better off without him.

That was hard to remember the next morning as he was ripped from his bed. It was too familiar, taking a weak beating from the other whores. They didn’t have the strength and were never given the time to really do any damage, but it was still a reminder how much of an outsider he was, even in the Den, where they were all prisoners and playthings.

And Lance was pushing them off. It was usually the guards, who took the payment for their effort out of his ass. It should’ve been a nice change of pace, but Lance wasn’t doing himself any favors.

Keith was surprised how quickly his trying to get Lance to not care about him turned into banter. His heart was swelling. It felt right. He missed it so much, that normal conversation between friends.

Until Lance said their names, the names of their friends.

“H-How… how are they? Pidge. And Hunk. A-And Shiro?” He only continued looking at Lance because of the soft hand on his face. He hated the way his voice cracked. It had been so long since he really thought of the others. And he’d been making a point of ignoring his brother’s existence.

When Lance finished explaining, Keith could only hear ringing in his ears. Shiro had disappeared too, while looking for him. The Galra had probably destroyed him for daring to try and take him away. And Matt too… Pidge had lost her brother because of him. Them being dead was the best case scenario, anything else would be… He felt sick.

“I’m sorry. I wish… I just didn’t think lying to you would be…” Lance’s hands were shaking as he reached towards him. Keith barely heard him but made out enough to swallow down his guilt spiral for a moment.

“N-No…. thank you. Thank you for telling me.”

“When we get out of here, we’ll find Shiro.”

Keith couldn’t help the flinch at the thought, of what it would mean if he got out, of how it would feel to see Shiro again. But he wasn’t getting out.

Instead, he reached and pulled Lance in for a kiss, so quick it probably barely counted as a kiss. They had chores to do before they could try to really spend some time together.

Despite the lack of rest days, having Lance there made the next few days the best he’d had in years. Spending time with him was something to look forward to, and it had been a long time since he gave a shit about anything. Spitfire wasn’t really sure how he had survived the last few years on his own without someone to lean on.

But it would be a long time before Spitfire got a break again. And there was no way his and Lance’s were going to line up.

“Do the drugs really help?”

Spitfire looked over at him, feeling himself tense. “I wouldn’t know. I’m not allowed to have them.”

A few beats of silence, and Keith shifted slightly. He couldn’t blame Lance. He had tried to once, but he wouldn’t again. If Lance couldn’t take the price but he decided he really needed them, he’d bare that for him. He couldn’t take the drugs, but Lotor never said he couldn’t get drugs for others.

“Are you thinking about using? It’s your choice, Baby Blue.” He hated not using his name, his real name.

Spitfire regretted blaming Lance’s parents as he said the words, but Lance seemed to take it well. He wasn’t wrong, but Lance probably didn’t need a reminder at the betrayal.

He hadn’t meant to make this about him, but that’s how it came out. Spitfire really meant to be hopeful about the fact that the police would know something about what happened to Lance, that it might actually be a chance to get him out. But he had been missing so long that it was hard to have any hope.

“Then how are you still fighting?”

Spitfire stared at him, trying to hide how much that question hurt. How it was only to prove to himself that he wasn’t a monster, a Galra, but he’d already done the worst thing the Galra do.

And he was reminded of his conversation with Haggar the day before as she stitched up a particularly deep cut from a client. He’d never been so scared of her before. Her words were usually echoes of threats from Lotor or Zarkon. Spitfire was sure there was no other will than hers behind the threat to Lance’s life. He didn’t understand why they didn’t want the others to know what Keith was; he was sure that if they knew that Galra was in his blood they’d only hate him more like they wanted him to.

He didn’t know Princess had been eavesdropping until she spoke. She was really getting under his skin. He didn’t need her reminding him that he was a monster. But she needed reminded that she wasn’t so innocent before becoming Zarkon’s personal pet, and then getting thrown into the Lion’s Den when he got bored of her.

Lance pushed them apart, and Keith tensed at his words.

Once a guard came over, suddenly him and Allura were on the same side, trying to keep Lance out of a punishment. But even with both their efforts, Lance was taken away from him.

Keith sat on the ground helplessly as he watched Lance being knocked out and carried away.

“Lance…. I’m sorry…”

Chapter Text

Spitfire was sitting up in Lotor’s quarters, a large television in front of him as Lotor held him tightly against his chest on the bed.

“You ready for you treat? I even got us some popcorn. A nice movie day, before you get to work tonight.” Lotor hummed in his ear as his one hand caressed his thigh and the other played with his chest.

Somehow, Spitfire didn’t think they had the same taste in movies.

Hands left him for only a moment as Lotor started the video. Spitfire immediately knew what he was seeing: what Lotor had done with Lance the day he’d spent with the gladiators.

Every time he tried to look away, Lotor turned his face back towards the screen. But even when he closed his eyes, he could hear Lance’s whimpers and screams, and moans. Even as he tasted bile, he was so turned on. His cock was painfully hard as Lotor touched around it, and his body was on fire with desire.

Lotor added commentary, whispering in his ear. Telling him about the little noises the camera didn’t pick up and how it felt to have Lance squeezing around him. Spitfire found himself reaching back arching away from Lotor as he came, his dick completely untouched.

The guilt was all consuming as he realized what he just did.

“Oh my.” Lotor chuckled as he paused the screen as he ran through the mess Spitfire had made on his chest. “I knew you’d enjoy this.”

Spitfire just closed his eyes tightly, pulling away.

“Now, it’s almost time for the show, but don’t worry, there is plenty to see before your little friend returns from his punishment.” Lotor grabbed onto his hand and pulled him towards him. He kissed him. “But before you go, watching you react, rewatching him, I need a little help.”

Spitfire whimpered against Lotor’s mouth as his hand was guided to Lotor’s throbbing dick.

“I need your mouth.”

When Spitfire got onto the stage, his chest was still covered in his own cum, and his face was coated with Lotor’s. It seemed it only made the crowd more eager to try him out.

The next day, Lotor summoned him immediately after they were woken up, this time to his office. They didn’t get very far into the video before Lotor slipped inside of him. Spitfire’s head was over the desk, and when he opened his eyes he got a view down the hallway. Guards and whores all were stopping to stare at him. He was screaming, and it barely even hurt.

“Maybe tomorrow, we’ll reenact a little bit of the video. Would you like that? A little bit of electricity going through you?” Lotor was staring down at him as he righted his clothes.

Spitfire was twitching on the ground under the hook. Lotor was finished with him for the moment. His muscles weren’t working quite right from the electric current that had been passed through him. It was more than what Lotor had used on Lance, because he knew Spitfire could handle it.

“You know.” Lotor was crouched next to him, running a hand down his spine. “While he’s beautiful, I wouldn’t be so brutal with him if it weren’t for you. He makes you happy, and while you refuse to acknowledge what you are, refuse to fall in line, we just can’t have that.”

He swallowed hard, staring into the distance. He already knew that, but hearing it, being told that it was true, only made it worse. The guilt made him feel sick. It was too late to distance himself from Lance now, but it wouldn’t mean he couldn’t try.

It was a brief thought, that maybe they’d leave Lance alone, maybe even let him go home if Spitfire just followed orders, did as he was told were it really mattered. Not just Zarkon’s cock sleeve, but also his Blade.

“Oh, Keith. There’s still more to see. We’re almost threw though.” Lotor brushed his hair from his face and was smiling at him softly. “But don’t worry, once we’re done, we can watch it again as many times as you would like.”

He’d just gotten used to none of the others looking at him the last few days, not even the occasional glare for getting them into trouble or being such a slut. But then one of them grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, his nerves overloaded to the point where he didn’t really feel it as he was slammed into the doorway.

“You’re such a fucking little shit.”

Spitfire stared at the large man, his muscles all show though, especially with the treatment in the Den. He’d been a problem when they first brought him, but the guards and Lotor broke him pretty quickly. Spitfire didn’t remember was they called him.

“You’ve been cozying up to him, kissing him! Telling him sweet nothings and then this!” The man growled at him.

He turned his head away. He didn’t have the energy to fight back. It had been since Lance was put into isolation that he’d eaten a meal he didn’t immediately throw up from his guilt.

“Letting him rot in isolation! Moaning for Lotor like a fucking slut!” He pulled Spitfire away from the wall to slam him back again. “You might like what they do to you, and even if you hate us, you obviously care about him, in some kind of sick way…”

“Fucking look at me!” He slammed him back again. “Why don’t you just join the Galra already? You’d probably thrive as one of them! Since you obviously love causing other people pain!”

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“Trigger.” Princess was standing close. “Let Spitfire go.”


“Just let him go.”

“But he’s…”

“I know. And if the Galra haven’t completely taken his humanity away, he’s probably beating himself up about it enough. And if they have, nothing you say will change anything.”

Spitfire opened his eyes and saw her standing with his hand on Trigger’s shoulder. She was looking at him sternly. It was probably the look she used to used to keep the whores under her care in line.

Trigger slammed him back against the wall one more time before releasing him and taking a step back.

“He’s no good to Baby Blue if we rough him up too. As long as Baby Blue wants to go to Spitfire for comfort, he should at least be able to stand on his own.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Trigger glared at him. “Just don’t fuck it up.”

Spitfire almost collapsed without the support being held against the wall gave him, but he managed to stay up on shaky legs. He glanced at Princess.

She nodded at him, looking just as anger with him as Trigger had been.

This particular issue was at least her fault though, if she hadn’t confronted him, then there wouldn’t have been a reason for Lance to get between them. But they were hurting him because of Spitfire. They didn’t need a reason. Not really.

They’d finished going through the videos, and Spitfire didn’t want to see Lance. Well, he wanted nothing more than to see him, but he didn’t want Lance to see him. Even if Lance didn’t know that he was the cause of the worst of his pain in the Den, Lance still should’ve hated him. Just like the rest of them.

“Spitfire. Blue is back.” Princess got to him when he’d barely gotten into the barracks. He stared at her for a few moments before looking around, panic rising.

“He’s cleaning himself up.”

He nodded and turned to walk away, but she grabbed onto his hand. “Where are you going?”

When he didn’t respond, she forced him to look at her. “Go see him.”

“I… I can’t.” Spitfire’s voice cracked as he stared at her.

“He wants to see you.” It was almost jarring how soft her voice was as she spoke to him.

“I can’t… I can’t look him in the eye, not after…”


“You didn’t see the video! What he did to him! Because of me… I can’t…” He felt like he was just going to fall apart under her concerned gaze. He couldn’t cause Lance more pain.

“You approached him after…”

“It was different! This is different!” Maybe it wasn’t, but he was too far gone to care. “They know about us now! And they’re trying to…”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Lance’s voice almost made him fall to the floor. And seeing him only made it so much worse.

Spitfire almost felt better in Lance’s arms when he heard Lotor’s voice. Of course it was too good to be true that he’d get to have a moment with Lance.

He was shaking when Lotor left. Earlier he’d said that they’d finished the video, but who could tell when he was lying.

As he looked back at Lance, his emotions were scattered. Lance had always been his knight in shining armor, but this was different than high school. It was hard to remember that he shouldn’t want any of this when Lance’s lips were on his though.

Chapter Text

Lance was ragged. There was nothing Spitfire could do, nothing that would matter, nothing would actually stop it. He could hold him, soft reassurances, but that the extent, without making it worse.

It was hard to watch though, especially when Lance smiled at him or asked him if he was okay. Spitfire was used to not being okay, so what did it really matter.

But seeing what they were doing to Lance, it reminded him of his first few months in the Lion’s Den, of when they were trying to quickly break him.

Spitfire watched as Lance talked to Princess across the way. He vaguely wondered if he could bargain for Lance’s freedom, or even just his safety. He honestly didn’t know how much longer he could watch this, but he also couldn’t leave if it meant Lance would be stuck in the Den, or somewhere else still under the Galra but without him.

He was pulled from his dangerous spiral when Lance literally fell into his lap. Lance gave him a half-smile as he got himself comfortable. “Hey man.”

“Hey.” Spitfire’s voice broke as he absently ran his hands over Lance’s hair.

“I-I… I don’t think I could get through this without you, I mean…” Lance closed his eyes and sighed. “I probably seem pathetic, breaking down after a few weeks here, when you’ve been here for… well, but still… I’m… not glad, but glad you’re here for me.”

Spitfire rested his head back against the wall. “I won’t go anywhere without you, promise. As long as we’re here, we’re here together.”

“I feel like I’m being a selfish dick, but…”

“Shut up, I think you deserve to be a little selfish.”

They probably wouldn’t stop hurting Lance anyway. There was no point in thinking that maybe there was something he could do. He was the selfish one, for not wanting to let Lance go, even if it could mean he was giving up a chance to keep him from pain.

 Spitfire was the selfish one, but that wasn’t anything new.

Humming, Lance nuzzled into his stomach. “If I remember correctly, you heard that from someone infinitely wise.”

Snorting, Spitfire gently pushed his face away. “Yeah, Shiro.”

Spitfire knew Lance meant himself, but it was too good not to push his buttons. Not when it meant Lance bolted up to glare at him, pointing a finger. He just grinned in response, weaving his fingers into Lance’s hair again.

“Oh you stupid…” Lance huffed before leaning in to kiss his lips.

“Yeah? Stupid what?” Spitfire huffed against Lance’s lips.

“Just keep kissing me.”

That, Lance didn’t have to tell him twice. Though, when the guards came to take Lance away from him again, Lance did have to tell him twice to let him go.

It was a few more days before he was being shaken awake. His first instinct that Princess was going to tell hm that they’d done something truly terrible to Lance, but he heard Lance say his name quietly a few times when he didn’t immediately respond.

“What’s up?” Spitfire rolled over slowly and blinked up at him. Lance looked happy. He was glad for it, but confused.

“I’m getting a rest day tomorrow.”

Spitfire leaned into the gentle touch that Lance offered. His eyes fluttered closed. He was exhausted, too exhausted to be as excited he should’ve been, as Lance clearly wanted him to be.

“You need one too.”

One day wouldn’t be enough. Spitfire wasn’t sure a lifetime would be enough to get rest from his life in the Den. But still, he felt more rested than he had with Lance’s fingers combing through his hair.

He lied to him, about being okay, but it didn’t matter. It’s what Lance needed to hear.

The next day, he wanted to spend his time with Lance, to really talk to him. Not just the few moments they’d stolen. He really wanted to know how he’d been, without him, about Hunk and Pidge, and everyone. He wanted to lie to him more, about how being tortured by the Galra was fine. But instead, he couldn’t keep himself awake. Lance seemed content to just hold him as he slept.

It almost felt like a dream, being held by Lance again. He really was selfish. And maybe he was okay with that, if it meant Keith got to keep Lance.

Chapter Text

Everyone had noticed that Lotor hadn’t been seen in days, Spitfire heard whispers from the guards. Lotor hadn’t fucked in weeks. Whatever the reason, it couldn’t be good. He’d be even more ruthless when he finally laid his hands on someone again.

Spitfire had a sneaking suspicion that it would be him, or worse… Lance. A shiver ran down his spine at the thought. He didn’t try to trace whether it was nerves or excitement that caused the shiver; he couldn’t take examining himself at the moment. He liked it better pretending they hadn’t fucked him up so much he looked forward to pain.

For once, him and Lance were on the same chore duty, and he looked over at him. He could feel a lump in his throat. When Lance glanced back at him, he gave him a soft smile. Keith couldn’t help but smile back at him.

They were just finishing up there chore, walking back into the barracks when one of the guards grabbed onto Spitfire’s arm. He glared up at him, but hoped he’d take him somewhere not in front of Lance to use him. But it wasn’t the guard that wanted him.

“Prince Lotor requested a meeting in his office.” The guard looked down at him, unimpressed.

Lance seemed to realize what that probably meant as he reached for Keith’s arm, holding on tight with both hands. “No.”

Closing his eyes, Keith put a hand on Lance’s. “I’ll be okay.”

“But you’ll…”

“It’s okay. I’ll be back before curtain call, I’m sure.” Keith looked at him, trying for a smile. It probably was more of a grimace.

“Spitfire!” Lance yelled as Keith walked out of the barracks, after he shakily released him.

Lotor looked dreadful when Spitfire walked into the office. His hair was back in a messy ponytail, and he was wearing an ill-fitting t-shirt and sweatpants. The grimace on his face as he stared at Spitfire made it clear that he was not happy with his recent sexless few weeks.

“Close and lock the door.” Lotor crossed his arms across himself.

Nodding, Spitfire did as he was told, and then stood motionless by the door, waiting. Lotor didn’t seem like he was in the mood for Spitfire to be his usual defiant self, not if Keith wanted to get back to Lance like he’d promised.

“I’m sure everyone’s talking about how I haven’t fucked in a while.”

Not looking at him, Keith nodded.

“Aren’t you curious as to why?”

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t.

“Come over here Spitfire.”

Nodding once again, Spitfire moved until he was only a foot away from Lotor. Lotor pushed his pants down and Spitfire found his gaze following the movement. Spitfire bit his lip when he saw it, the silver barbell piercing Lotor’s dick. Different than Zarkon’s, a Prince Albert instead. It looked like it was still healing.

“I’ve apparently finally become an adult in my father’s eyes, a full, loyal member of the head family of the Galra, so it was time for me to get my own.” Lotor pulled his pants back up to cover himself. “I still have about another week or so before I can use my cock again.”

Then what was Spitfire doing there?

A hand was wrapped around his throat and he looked up at Lotor’s face. “But, I’m so pissed off, I need to take it out on something. Take your clothes off.”

Once the hand was off his neck, Spitfire did as instructed. His hands were shaking slightly.

“Go stand against the wall.” Lotor gestured vaguely at where he’d meant.

He leaned his back against the wall and closed his eyes tightly. He heard footsteps towards him, then the crack of a whip. A second crack and he was crying out in pain as it landed across his chest.

“The other way, brace yourself.” Lotor sounded particularly annoyed.

As soon as he was facing the wall, his hands still shaking as he pressed them against the wall, there was another lash across his skin. He flinched at the pain, even as he felt his cock twitch with interest between his legs.

But it didn’t stop, and Lotor didn’t say a single word as he continued whipping at Keith’s back. Keith’s dick managed to reach full attention after a few lashes, but then as the pain continued to build, it went flaccid again. But Keith could only focus on the pain. He could hear something dripping in the few moments between strikes. There was a thick metallic scent in the room. His mind was going fuzzy and he could barely feel his arms or legs.

He was just about to pass out when Spitfire realized there was a pause in the lashes. Then he felt hands on his back, fingers catching in the open wounds. It might’ve been a tongue licking up, but Spitfire couldn’t be sure, his focus was on standing and breathing.

“Get out of here.” Lotor was suddenly away from him.

Keith used the wall for support as he walked back to the barracks. He didn’t want Lance to see him like that, but he also needed to lay down. There was probably quite the blood trail behind him. Whoever had floors tomorrow would probably kill him.

When he finally made it back to the barracks, he was mostly out of it. He knew it was Lance’s arms he found himself in, but beyond that he wasn’t sure what was happening. Lance might’ve been talking to him, and he might’ve been responding, but Keith was just surprised he was still conscious.

Keith felt wet, but not covered in blood like earlier. There was a constant stream of something, and then something holding him. He had no long how long he’d been out. His ass hurt and his back was on fire. A sound, maybe a lullaby, he didn’t understand, but it sounded familiar. A Spanish lullaby he’d heard Lance sing to his baby sister.

“Lance.” Keith muttered as he moved his head slightly to look at him. And that was a mistake, because just that simple movement made the whole bathroom spin. “I’m okay.”

Lance didn’t seem to buy that and immediately called him out on his bullshit. Then Lance was asking if someone else could help him, and Keith grabbed onto him. No one else but Lance. It couldn’t be anyone but Lance. Not in that moment when he wasn’t operating on all cylinders.

It was all hazy again, and Keith needed sleep, and food, and probably a transfusion. He got sleep at least. Not in his own bed. He found he was too tired to protest as much as he wanted about all the things Lance was giving up for him.

Even the next morning, he didn’t have the strength to stop him from leaving.

He managed to sit up before Lance came back, but it probably was a mistake with the way his head was pounding.

“It’s not that bad.” Lance was smiling at him.

Bullshit. Everything about the Galra was bad.

Trying out Lotor’s piercing first, testing drugs, not too terrible. Keith didn’t like it, in fact, he hated that Lance was putting himself more pain on purpose for him, but if Lance had already made the deal and wanted to do it, Lance was an adult and could make his own choices.

But Zarkon. Keith couldn’t let that happen. He’d do anything to keep Lance out of Zarkon’s hands. Lance was staring in his eyes, and the blue reminded of someone. Zarkon probably saw it, Lance looking enough like Alfor that it was too good to be true. It was a sentiment that Keith couldn’t really be mad about, not when he’d given himself to Alfor because those eyes reminded him of Lance.

That didn’t mean that Spitfire wasn’t already planning on stopping it. And he had to warn Lance, prepare him, if he couldn’t stop him from getting used by Zarkon.

Keith found himself in Haggar’s lab while the others were out entertaining the clients. She was cleaning his wounds, taking care of him with her skillful hands. It wasn’t a transfusion, but she did hook him up to an IV drip while she worked, just to add some fluids and antibiotics to fight against the inevitable infections.

“Your little boyfriend is taking well to my new drugs.” She said idly as she worked.

Spitfire gripped the edge of the exam table tighter but didn’t respond.

“I have another drug I’ve been working on, to make stronger Galra. I’ve been testing it on a few of the gladiators. The most success I’ve found has been with Sendack’s favored Champion. And it seems to be helping him fast track his way through his tests to truly join the gang.”

So, the Champion had won and taken the Galra up on their proposition.

“Sendack insisted on trying it, it’s had some adverse effects, but it certainly it making him stronger.” Haggar paused in her work as he felt her breathing on his ear. “But, it was with you in mind that Lord Zarkon asked me to develop it. Once you join us, we’ll start your treatment. It’ll be slow, we can’t risk it doing irreparable damage to any of your systems.”

“You’re still so sure I’ll join your stupid gang.” He snorted, shaking his head.

Her touch was a little harsher as she cleaned the next few lashes. “And you’re still so sure that my darling husband and son won’t yet find something to convince you.”

They already had, but they didn’t really realize it yet.

“Zarkon. He asked for Baby Blue.” Keith turned his head back slightly, even though he couldn’t quite see her.

“Yes, he did. We both know why.”

“I’d do anything to keep him out of Zarkon’s hands.”

“Anything?” She moved around the table to stare at her. He nodded at her in reply, and sly smile spread across her face.

Haggar pulled out her phone, putting it on speaker, and Zarkon answered after only two rings. Spitfire could hear someone sobbing in the background as he and Haggar greeted each other with sickening pet names.

“My Lord, I’m here cleaning Spitfire’s wounds, and he had a most curious offer.”

“Oh, I must hear this.” Zarkon’s voice made his shiver. “Spitfire, what is it you want?”

“Baby Blue. I-I… Don’t fuck him, I-I… I’d do anything to keep you from touching him.” Spitfire closed his eyes tightly.

Zarkon chuckled. “Anything?”

“Yes. I’ll do what you want, just don’t… don’t you dare touch him.” He was shaking as he hoped Zarkon would accept. Zarkon wanted him to join enough, he had to.

“Oh, I see. But, Keith, I must know what you find so alluring about him, I must have him at least once.”

“Please, you can have anyone but him. I’ll kill whoever you want, how ever many you want, just don’t…” Spitfire felt the sting of tears in his eyes. “Don’t rape him.”

“Keith, my greatest love, I will have him, but only once. And then you will join us, stand by my side as you always should have.” Zarkon’s voice was gentle. “I must know why you love your Lance so much.”

“No.” Keith sobbed as he hunched over.

“Oh, Keith.”

“No, you don’t touch him and I’ll…”

“It seems we cannot come to an agreement today.”

Haggar took the call off speaker and walked a few paces away from him as she continued to speak to Zarkon. Keith felt like he was going to throw up. Apparently Zarkon wasn’t as desperate for him as he thought.

How could he face Lance when he couldn’t protect him from the worst thing the Galra could subject him to, Zarkon’s depravity.

But he put on a smile for Lance when he saw him anyway, making sure the traces of his tears were gone. If he couldn’t stop Lance from getting hurt by Zarkon, he had to at least put on a brave face for him.

Chapter Text

Keith’s heart felt like it was going to explode, both figuratively and literally. Lance was so close, and he looked so good in the lingerie they’d been forced to wear. He’d wanted to be with Lance like this for so long, and even if they didn’t have a choice in whether or not they were doing this, how was completely up to them for the moment. It was a little hard to forget that they had an audience, but it was easier when Lance was kissing him, really kissing him. Hard, deep, but also so soft, so real.

This was going to be nothing like what Spitfire had done to Lance on stage, and he was glad for, but he also felt the twist of guilt as he thought about how he felt that day.

Lance’s fingers hurt at first, but it wasn’t Lance’s fault. The other boy was doing everything he could to be gentle, to make him feel good without some much needed lube. And he was already so hurt inside, that even if they had it, it would still probably hurt.

He held onto Lance like his life depended on it, hiding his face so Lance wouldn’t see how much he was falling apart at the touch. The pain only enhancing the pleasure as Lance worked him open.

“It’s okay, I’m ready.” He whispered when he couldn’t take it anymore. “Wanna ride you.”

Lance was laying next to him now, and Keith moved on top of him, his face between his legs. He kissed up and down his thigh before pulling off the panties. Lance did really look hot like this. A small part of him wished someday he could see him like this when they both had the choice and when it could be just the two of them.

Taking Lance into his mouth was mostly for his own comfort. The saliva on his dick out only do so much for so long to make this less painful for him, but the way Lance moaned out, it made Keith stay there sucking on him longer than planned.

He was quick to start sinking down on Lance when he moved to straddle his hips. As Keith closed his eyes and lost himself at the feeling of Lance sliding inside of him, Lance’s hands tight on his hips was keeping him centered.

Once Keith was fully seated, he couldn’t help bask in the feeling. Lance was filling him perfectly. Even with the pain of it being practically dry and the old injuries, he’d never felt this good on any other cock. Maybe it was just how he felt about Lance that made it like this, but he wanted nothing more to only ever feel Lance again.

“It doesn’t hurt, does it?” Lance was holding his face, searching it for answers to questions he was probably to afraid to ask.

“A little.” Keith didn’t want to lie to him, but he didn’t want to worry him. “But it also feels good, you feel so good.”

After Lance came, Spitfire heard the murmurs move across the room and he’d almost forgotten that they were being watched, that it wasn’t just them. He tried to ignore them as he kissed Lance lazily through the afterglow.

Eventually they had to do it again, get this over with. Keith wasn’t sure he could, with the way he’d hurt Lance the first time he was inside him. But it felt so good, so much better with Lance looking at him like he hung the sun, even if it was clear that Keith was still hurting him.

Keith couldn’t stop the tears in his eyes as he felt himself get close to release. He didn’t want this to stop, he didn’t want anyone to touch Lance. But there was nothing he could do for the moment.

Once the Galra finished with them, Keith and Lance held each other, but didn’t say anything. They didn’t speak on the ride back to the Den as they pressed against each other, trying to ignore Lotor’s hungry gaze. The shower they shared, and their usual hand touch, and that was the last they touched or looked at each other for the next few days.

Without talking to Lance, Spitfire was on edge, but Lance needed space. They had tried, but Lance freaked out at his touch, and Spitfire couldn’t live with the guilt of that.

But he needed Lance so much.

So when Lance finally spoke to him, asking if he was okay, his heart swelled a little, but he needed space for the moment. This was so stupid.

Then Lance reached out of him that night, like he’d been waiting for for days.

“I guess this means any chance of us having a normal sex life are gone.” Keith tried to joke, hoping Lance wouldn’t take it the wrong way. When Lance laughed, he let out a small sigh of relief.

Things were going back to normal, or at least their normal. Spitfire had built up a normal in his time at the Lion’s Den, and then Lance shattered it. But now they were building a normal together. He hated that Lance was a part of this hell, but he also didn’t want to lose him, not again.

So after the guards ruined a heartfelt moment, and hurt them, he couldn’t just not do something. It seemed like Lance felt the same as they held onto each other, trying to calm down.

It was pitiful how much Keith needed Lance. But the way Lance was looking at him, Lance needed him to.

He needed to get Lance out.

Chapter Text

Keith was seeing red as he felt two sets of arms restraining him. He was screaming, trying to break free of the grasp on him. The boy he’d hit was laying on the ground, a teacher hovering over him, checking him over. There were words being spoken, but he couldn’t understand, not over the sound of his pulse pounding in his ears.

The grip on him hurt: the teachers holding him back were grabbing him right where his foster mother had already left bruises.

He could feel the tears of anger and pain streaming down his face, hot against his skin.

Takashi was always telling him not to fight back when their foster parents hit him, that it would only make them angrier. But this kid had asked him to hit him when he stepped into the fight.

The fit of rage made him forget exactly what he’d stopped, other than the kid he’d hit deserved it. That Keith was defending someone else, the way Takashi defended him at home.

Finally, he broke free of the restraints, still set on hurting the kid who was now getting of the ground, blood running down his face from his nose. The scream the kid let out was like a shriek, but Keith swung. The teacher tending to the other kid got in the way, and Keith smacked off her glasses, them leaving a gash on her face.

The arms were around him again, the grip harder now. Keith might’ve been screaming, but he wasn’t sure. He wanted to hurt something, and he was scared of himself.

He knew what it was like to be hurt, and he wanted to give it to someone else.

“Keith!” Takashi’s voice. He sounded panicked like he did when he found Keith after a beating.

He looked over as the red receded slightly. His brother was being pulled along by the younger kid Keith had originally been defending. “K-Kashi…”

As Takashi moved to kneel next to him, Keith felt sick as he stared at his brother. He felt so ashamed now that the only person he cared about the opinion of was staring at him in horror.

“Oh, Keith. It’s okay, Keith, it’s okay.” Takashi pushed his hair out of his face, and Keith didn’t believe the smile on his face. “You don’t need to fight anymore, it’s over, okay buddy?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I just need you to calm down.” Takashi looked at the teachers holding him, nodding.

The grip on him loosened, but it was quickly replaced by Takashi’s strong arms around him. But it was different, it wasn’t to protect someone from him. It was the usual comforting embrace that made Keith feel safe from the world.

He sobbed as his brother held him.

“I’m so sorry… I just wanted him to stop.”

“I know, I know, but you can’t do that.” Takashi rocked him.

“Keith, Takashi, your foster mom is here.” One of the teachers said, and Keith tensed.

“N-No… she’s…” Keith clung onto his brother.

Takashi adjusted his grip on the younger boy to pick him up and carry him. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”


Keith glanced out the car window and at the store. He’d only been alone in the car for a few minutes, but it was long enough for him to be second guessing himself. His leg was bouncing, and it was probably shaking the whole car.

Groaning, he put his hands behind his head and put his head on the dashboard. “Get it together Kogane.”

The driver’s side door opened, and Keith tensed a little.

“You alright?”

Keith turned when he heard the rustling of a plastic bag. Jesse ducked down to look at him, his lips pressed into a tight line. Swallowing down the lump in his throat, Keith looked away again. “N-Nervous.”

“Understandable, it’s your first time, don’t worry, I’ll treat you right. No one deserves a shitty first time.”

Keith took the bag as the older boy got in the car, holding it close to his chest just for something to occupy his hands. He didn’t correct him about it being his first time. Testing his reaction wasn’t really something Keith was looking to do. Best case scenario, Keith didn’t get laid and ended up being forced to tell cops about his actual first time. Worst case, he was forced to reenact it with this guy. He didn’t want to even think about either.

“Hey, Keith, you know you don’t have to do this, right? It’s not too late to back out.” He put a hand on Keith’s knee, it was a gentle, light touch, but it sent a tingly feeling up and down Keith’s body. “I can take you home instead.”

“No, no. I want to do this. I want this so much… just, super nervous… about it hurting or…” Keith had been thinking about sex a lot, especially since puberty had hit him full force. He wanted to know what it was supposed to feel like, so maybe he could stop thinking about how it used to make him feel.

“If I hurt you, you tell me, okay? This is about both of us feeling good, okay?” He started the car, turning off the radio. “That’s what sex is, two people making each other feel good. Sometimes there’s love and stuff too, but… It shouldn’t hurt, unless you’re into that… but this is your first time, so if you want to cross that bridge, we should do it later…”

“You’re rambling.”

“Yeah, you’re making me nervous.” Jesse looked over at him, tapping against the steering wheel. “And you’re sure you don’t want to go to my house, or a motel? There’s not really that much room in my backseat.”

“I’m sure.” Keith bit his lip as stared straight ahead.

Jesse nodded and finally pulled out of the parking lot. He asked Keith about what kind of stuff he’d tried on his own. Keith had tried pretty much everything he could think of with himself, but didn’t get far enough with most things to know if he actually liked it. Most of the time he ended up having a panic attack from memories bubbling up against the images he was trying to use – like celebrities or hot guys in classes, like Lance.

And now he was thinking about Lance.

Nervously, he asked Jesse about his first time, which was with a woman, but Jesse told him about his first time with a guy. It was one of his friends, they were both drunk and curious. Between the alcohol and the inexperience, it went awfully and ruined the friendship. Jesse still identified as a straight, as in he’d only date and settle down with women, but a fuck was a fuck, so he was down with being with other guys.

“But, I know what I’m doing, so we’re going to do it right. And because we’re talking about all this stuff like adults, hopefully it won’t be awkward afterwards and we can still be friends.”

“Hopefully.” Keith snorted as he glanced over at Jesse. They were friends, not as close as he was with Lance, or Hunk and Pidge, but he understood different parts of him that he didn’t let out with them. And he was attractive.

“And just because this is your first time, doesn’t mean we can’t have more sex afterwards. I’m down to go with you anytime.”

“Shouldn’t wait until you know whether you like having sex with me or not before saying that?”

Laughing, Jesse turned into their destination. A secluded, out of business junkyard that a friend of Jesse’s family owned. They wouldn’t be disturbed.

Once the car was turned off, Jesse turned his body to look at Keith. “Now, you can tell me to stop at anytime once we start, but this is the last time I’m going to ask. Are you sure you’re ready to do this?”

“Yes.” Keith nodded at him, looking him straight in the eyes. He was such a good liar.

“Okay.” He got out of the car, walking around the car and opening the passenger door. Keith got out, and his shoulders were shaking slightly.

Once the door was shut, Jesse backed him up against the car, leaning down to press their lips together. Keith whimpered at the kiss, closing his eyes tightly.

“Hey, it’s okay. First kiss too?” Jesse gently rubbed Keith’s cheeks with his thumbs.


“Just follow your lips with mine, okay?”

Keith felt like he was going to pass out when the lips were on his again. He moved his lips against Jesse’s, and felt his whole body lighting up. Kissing was awkward, but Keith thought he liked it. It actually was Keith’s first kiss, the quick peck that he and Lance shared at Pidge’s insistence during a truth or dare game didn’t count.

His breath was heavy when Jesse removed his mouth from Keith’s with a final lick of his lips. Then they were on his jaw, his neck.

“A-Ah… not… can’t be visible.” Keith pushed at Jesse’s shoulders as he switched from kisses to sucking. He was so much bigger than Keith, if he had to fight him off, he’d definitely lose.

“Right sorry.” Jesse pulled back, smiling at him as he slipped his hands under Keith’s shirt. “Can I take this off you?”

Jesse had seen the scars before – they were on the swim team together. Nodding, Keith lifted his arms. The window was cracked, so Jesse stuffed the shirt through, then took off his own shirt.

They kissed again, and Jesse was pressing against Keith, his hands looking for sensitive spots on Keith’s chest. Keith had his eyes closed tight, his palms pressed into the car.

“You can touch me, you know? Actually, I want you to touch me.” Jesse moved one of his hands to comb through Keith’s hair.

Whimpering, Keith opened his eyes. “I-I…”

Jesse took his hands, the grip loose enough that Keith could pull away if he wanted to. He put one on the back of his neck and the other on his chest. “You don’t have to be good at this, but it’ll be a lot more fun for both of us if you’re actively participating.”

Keith spread his hand out on Jesse’s chest and then dug his fingertips in. Jesse’s lip quivered. He used his other hand to pull him back down for another kiss.

“L-Like this?” Keith didn’t move his mouth far from Jesse’s.

“Yeah, it’s good.”

It was a while before Keith worked up the courage to move one of his hands between their crotches, cupping Jesse through his jeans. Groaning, Jesse dropped his head to Keith’s shoulder.

“So, you ready for something more than kissing?”

Keith whined as he took Jesse’s hand, pressing it to his own rock-hard cock. “Please.”

Chuckling, Jesse took a step back. “Let’s get back in the car then.” He opened the door to the backseat and motioned for Keith to go ahead.

Keith sat, staring at Jesse. He was nervous again. “Get comfortable, alright?”

He laid back, staring at the roof of the car, focusing on his breathing. Jesse was grabbing the plastic bag again. When Jesse joined him in the back seat, he started by taking off Keith’s shoes, throwing them up front, then he unbuttoned Keith’s jeans.

“It’s okay, take them off. I want it.” Keith covered his eyes as he spoke, replying to Jesse’s pause.

Then his pants and underwear were gone. It should’ve been cold, but Keith was burning up.

When he felt a hand on his dick, he cried out, his back arching up. No one else had ever touched him there before.

“That good huh?” Jesse chuckled. Before Keith got a chance to reply, there was something wet around him.

He wasn’t breathing as he looked down to see Jesse swallowing his dick. “Fuck.” Keith covered his eyes again, with only one arm this time. His other hand tried to find purchase in Jesse’s short hair.

Jesse wasn’t sucking him long when he readjusted Keith’s legs, and Keith heard the pop of a cap. Then he felt something at his ass. Instinctively he flinched, biting his lip so hard he tasted blood.

“Hey, hey, sorry. Guess I should’ve…” Jesse pulled his mouth off Keith, using his free hand to stroke Keith. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

Keith took a few deep breaths before looking at Jesse. He was so close, it was almost painful. “Okay, go ahead.”

He forced his eyes to stay glued to Jesse as the lubed finger twirled around his entrance before finally plunging in. His breath hitched at the feeling as he reached for Jesse with both hands.

Jesse moved so he was hovering over him, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Doesn’t hurt, right?”

“F-Feels… good.” Keith wrapped his arms around the broad shoulders.

He came after Jesse had gotten three fingers inside, sobbing as he shook through the orgasm. Jesse kissed him sweetly, running his fingers through his hair, massaging inside of him as he came.

“You still good? Or do you want to stop?” Jesse hummed as he pulled his fingers out of Keith.

“G-Give me a minute and then we can…” Keith managed to say, his voice a little higher than usual. He was still shaking, and he had a vice grip on Jesse’s arms.

“No rush.” Jesse kissed his eyelids. “This is about you. If you want to stop, I can jerk it real quick and then take you home.”

“I want it, I want to go all the way. Just need time.” Keith opened his eyes and looked up at Jesse.

As Keith tried to calm down, Jesse kept touching him, in all the places he’d quickly learned got the best reaction out of Keith. It was so much easier now that Keith was oversensitive from his orgasm. Keith didn’t want him to stop, but it was also too much to handle so quickly.

His dick was mostly back to attention, twitching from overstimulation, by the time he told Jesse he was ready.

He watched as Jesse backed out to drop his own pants, exposing his dick. Keith had seen it, flaccid in the locker room. It was big, really big. Keith was a more than a little scared. As Jesse stroked it a few times, it only seemed to get bigger.

“Holy shit…” Keith was biting his lip again.

“Like what you see? I promise, I prepped you enough to handle it.” Jesse smiled at him encouragingly as he slipped a condom onto it, and then rubbed on some more lube.

Keith was shaking again when Jesse moved on top of him, moving his legs over his shoulders. He could feel the tip of Jesse’s dick against his taint.

“This okay? Not too uncomfortable?” Jesse had one hand braced behind Keith’s head and the other holding his dick, lining it up with Keith’s hole.

“I-It’s good…” Keith closed his eyes tightly, turning his face away from Jesse. “Do it… put it in…”

The sound Keith made as Jesse pushed in was a lot like a dying cat. It hurt, a bit, but it quickly subsided as Keith focused on his breathing. Jesse was so deep, stretching him so much. It felt so good.

Jesse didn’t move for a while, and Keith knew he was just staring at him. The stretch was something he thought he’d still be used to, and he was honestly glad that he wasn’t.

“Move, please…” Keith whispered as he cracked open his eyes. Jesse nodded before kissing him as he pulled out slightly.

The pace was slow, and the thrusts were shallow. It wasn’t what Keith had known sex to be. It good, really good, but not enough.

“M-More…” Keith huffed out as he dug his nails around Jesse’s shoulder blades.

Keith came again, screaming this time as he did. Jesse huffed into his chest, still shoving inside of him.

“Fuck you’re so tight… I’m gonna…” Jesse slammed into him hard, and Keith could feel him filling the condom. “Shit!”

Jesse pulled out right away and tossed the condom onto the ground behind him before collapsing on top of Keith. “Fuck, that was good. Any time you want to fuck, you hit me up.”

Keith heaved for breath as he tried to move his hands away from Jesse. His muscles had completely locked up on him, he couldn’t move.

“Was that a good first time?”

“A-Ask me again when I can move.” Keith huffed as he closed his eyes. Then he yelped as he was manhandled. His legs were so stiff it hurt when Jesse stretched them out.

He blinked at Jesse, now that he was laying on top of the older boy. Jesse winked at him.

“That more comfortable?”

Hummed, Keith nuzzled into his chest. “Yeah, thanks.”

“I should probably get you home soon. Before your foster parents figure out something is wrong.” Jesse was twirling a lock of Keith’s hair around his finger.

“Oh my… I’m supposed to spend the night at Shiro’s tonight… He’s totally going to…” Keith felt a flood of panic. He was sure his brother would be super supportive, and triple check that he was okay – and that they used protection. And then once Keith was asleep, Shiro was going to rip off Jesse’s dick and kill him. “There’s no way he’s not going to know what’s up.”

“I mean, everyone knows how much Shiro cares about you, what are you worried for?”

“Exactly! He’s like crazy over protective of me! Like, when he finds out… You’re going to die! He’s going to kill you.”

“Well, it was a nice life, shorter than I was expecting.” Jesse grinned at him. Keith glared back at him. “It’s going to be okay, don’t worry so much. Your brother doesn’t… actually he terrifies me, but he’s a reasonable guy. As long as you want to do this, and I don’t hurt you, I don’t see why he should have a problem with it.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Keith smiled at him before pressing a kiss to his lips. “Thank you.”

“No problem. We should get you cleaned up a little. There’s wet wipes in the bag.”

“You really do think of everything.” Keith smiled at him before crawling back out of the car and grabbed the bag. Jesse sat up, watching him as he wiped himself down.

“Need some help?”

“N-No… I think I got it.”

They made out again before they got dressed and back in the car.

“Jesse, you… you’re not going to tell anyone about this, right? I’m not… I can’t be out yet, so…”

“This is just between you and me, so I’ll keep it a secret, it’s not a problem.” Jesse leaned over and kissed him again before starting the car.


Shiro was late. Keith was used to it, but if Lance and Hunk didn’t stop acting like they were dying, he might actually kill them. He was hungry too, but he was used to going hungry, so he hadn’t really thought to complain. They were being so over dramatic. The school actually had something good for lunch for once even.

Though Keith was anxious to see his brother. It had been a few days since he’d seen him for more than a few minutes, and once he got home he’d have two full days off for Keith to see him. Well one day, Matt had declared he was getting one of those days.

“You okay there mullet?” Lance nudged his thigh with his foot, leaning up from where he was laying with his head in Hunk’s lap.

Keith jumped slightly, looking at Lance, feeling panic rush through him. Lance would never hurt him or scream at him, but it was what his brain was expecting since he’d been so distracted.

Lance sat up completely in a flash, putting a hand tightly on his shoulder. “Woah, seriously, you okay?”

Initially, Keith moved away from Lance as he got closer, but the touch on his shoulder was center, and he leaned into it, calm almost instantly washing over him. “Just… miss Shiro.”

Chuckling, Lance gave him a wider smile. “You want us to go when he gets here, so you can spend more time with him.”

Keith shook his head. “You guys want to see him too, and I’ll have all day tomorrow with him.”

“You sure Keith?” Hunk’s stomach grumbled and he put his arms around himself. “Well, maybe we’ll at least stay for dinner now.”

Keith and Lance both laughed at him, Lance turning to hit him lightly.

“No, I want you guys to stay.” Keith smiled at them both once they were all finished with their bout of laughing.

It was a couple more minutes of their usual chattering-or Lance’s usual chattering, before the sounds of the locks clicking the door opening had Keith standing up. He was rushing towards the door, opening it before Shiro actually had a chance to. Lance and Hunk were laughing as Keith sprung on a bewildered Shiro, who was trying to wrangle his bags and his keys and still trying to open the door.

“Woah, Keith, buddy.” Shiro took a few awkward steps back as he tried to keep all his bags and not let him and Keith fall on the floor. “I missed you too, but could you let a man get through the door?”

Keith held on for a few moments before he took a few steps back, rubbing his neck. “Sorry.”

“Come help me get all this down on the table, and I’ll actually be able to hug you back.” Shiro chuckled as he kicked the door closed behind him.

“Uh, Shiro, your keys were still in the door.” Lance pointed at the door as it closed.

“I got it Shiro, I’ll be right behind you.” Keith chuckled as he opened the door back up, wiggling the keys to get them out of the lock.

Hunk and Lance made it to the kitchen before Keith did, helping Shiro to get the bags down, and immediately rummaging through them.

Keith smiled at Shiro as he walked over to him. Shiro immediately pulled him into a tight hug even picking him up. Keith let out a squeak as he clung to his brother.

“Alright, did you guys figure out what we’re going to watch tonight while you were waiting on me?” Shiro asked once he put Keith down, keeping a light, lingering touch on his waist.

“Uh… no?” Lance and Hunk glanced at each other.

“They were too busy complaining they were hungry, and they kept shooting down my suggestions.” Keith rolled his eyes.

“That’s because your taste in movies suck.” Lance stuck his tongue out at Keith, and Keith stuck his back out at him.

“You guys had one job, and hours do to do it.” Shiro huffed, holding the bridge of nose. “I guess we’re just watching Dirty Dancing again.”

“Aw, c’mon Shiro, you can’t be serious.” The three younger teens all whined in unison.

Shiro did in fact make them watch Dity Dancing, again, but he didn’t even get to enjoy it because the younger boys kept making fun of it the whole time. But they were all having a great time, they even started a second movie. A cheesy superhero movie that Lance picked out, and was the only one who seemed to be enjoying it.

Keith was falling asleep against his brother’s shoulder. He’d been having trouble sleeping the last couple nights since he was alone in the house when he went to bed.

“Okay, I know tomorrow is Saturday, and we all have off, but I think it’s bedtime.” Shiro chuckled after Lance startled Keith awake from yelling at the TV for having a shitty ending.

Hunk and Lance were both yawning as they got ready for bed. Keith glanced out his bathroom doorway to Shiro’s closed door across the apartment as he brushed his teeth.

Lance was snuggled up against him, and Keith could tell he had fallen asleep probably an hour ago. Hunk was snoring on his floor, since there wasn’t quite room for the three of them to sleep comfortably in Keith’s bed.

Keith had been so tired earlier, but now he just couldn’t sleep. And he’d slept in the same room with Hunk enough that he knew that was not the issue.

He finally gave into the urge after what was probably another hour. As he pulled away, Lance’s grip on him tightened.

“Where ya goin’?” Lance slurred as he pressed his face into Keith’s neck.

“Just… going to sleep with Shiro.”

Humming, Lance loosened his grip. “Gunna miss you. Love you.”

Keith let out a huff of laughter as he got off the bed, careful not to step on Hunk. Lance was so cute when he was half asleep.

Before he left, Lance threw a pillow down at Hunk, effectively waking him up. “Get up here and cuddle me big guy.”

“What? Keith…?”

“He’s going to sleep with Shiro. Come here.”

Smiling to himself, Keith shut the door quietly. He looked over at Shiro’s door and felt a little more sure of himself when he saw a light under his brother’s door.

He knocked quietly as he opened the door, just incase there was anything Shiro needed to put away.

“Keith?” Shiro rolled over and looked away from his phone to see him. “Couldn’t sleep either?”

Keith shook his head. “Missed you.”

“Come here.” Shiro smiled at him, setting his phone down.

He ran over and threw himself onto the bed and into his brother’s arms. “Kashi.”

Shiro shushed him as he reached to turn off the light. “I’m here, it’s okay.”

“I love you. I missed you so much.” Keith clung to him as Shiro held him close.

“I love you too, and I’ve missed this too.” Shiro kissed the top of his head. Keith couldn’t stop himself from crying. Everything suddenly too much as he laid in bed with his brother, all the feelings from everything he hadn’t had a chance to just casually talk to his brother like he wanted to just hitting him at once. “Woah, woah, Keith?”

“Just… I’ve missed you since you’ve aged out, and I thought… I thought when I moved in here, I’d… we’d… get…”

“Oh, Keith. I’m sorry, I know, I don’t like this either, but it’s what we need to deal with if I want to keep you. I won’t let them take you away from me, not again.”

“I’m okay, I know… just…” Keith sobbed, pressing his face into his brother’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere.”

Keith cried himself to sleep while Shiro gently rocked him and soothed his hands up and down his walls. There was something about it that was different than when they were younger, it felt more like when Lance comforted him. But Keith was too content to read into what that could mean.


It was one of the ‘straight’ ones, who complained that their girlfriends’ cunt was too loose and they wouldn’t let them in their ass. Keith tried not to fuck them while they were dating someone, but they were constantly lying about that for a piece of ass.

Keith was supposed to be in third period Spanish, but instead he was under the least used stairs in the school. The guy had barely been there for a minute before his pants were around his ankles and hands were groping his ass. He rested his forehead against the wall, waiting for more.

“I’ve been thinking about this ass all day.” Rick said as he pressed in close to Keith. Rick’s dick was already out, sliding against Keith’s crack. “I didn’t think I was going to make it till third period.”

Letting out a little moan at the feeling, Keith looked back at him. “We have to be done before the bell rings.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, but I’d like to draw it out.” Rick chuckled, still thrusting against Keith’s ass.

Keith groaned as he braced himself against the wall. All the girls that Rick had fucked always complained about his lack of stamina or how he’d sometimes go flaccid in the middle. If only Keith could be so lucky, when he was with Keith he was always rock hard and lasted an obscenely long time.

“Stuff’s-…” A hand wrapped around his mouth to stop him. Keith could hear something over both of their heavy breathing. The door upstairs creaking open.

Rick shushed him, pressing his face into Keith’s neck. “Someone’s coming.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly as he listened to feet on the stairs, waiting for them to pass.

The feet got to the landing above them when the sensation at his ass changed. The head of Rick’s dick was pressing against his hole.

He tried to elbow back into Rick, but his arm was caught.

As it kept pressing, Keith felt the pain. He was tight, it had been a few days since he’d last been fucked, and Rick was going in completely dry. Even with the hand on his mouth, his whimper of pain echoed in the stairwell.

The feet on the stairs paused.

Tears were coming to Keith’s eyes as Rick kept pushing. He tried to say something, beg Rick to stop, but the grip on his face tightened. The few other times him and Rick fucked, Rick had been pretty good about lube and condoms. Keith sobbed, remembering that Rick wasn’t wearing a condom. It was his biggest rule he’d made – always use a condom – because at least he could tell his friends and brother that he was being safe.

Rick grunted as he bottomed out. He wasn’t long, but fuck, he was thick. The stretch hurt more than Keith was comfortable with.

“Hello? I-Is someone there?” A shaky voice called out, but Keith recognized it immediately.

He was split between being mortified about Lance seeing him like this, spread out and taken advantage of – it was bad enough he’d seen the aftermath a few times already, and feeling relieved knowing that Lance would help him get out of the situation.

Keith tried to hit Rick again, but Rick caught both of his wrists and slammed them against wall. His grip was so tight that it was going to bruise, but at least Keith’s mouth was open. He openly cried out in pain as Rick pulled out, the friction feeling like it was causing tears inside of him.

There was thud near them, and Keith craned his neck to look back, barely seeing Lance standing behind them beyond Rick’s head. He must’ve vaulted over the railing instead of running the last few steps.

“Hey, get off her!” Lance was loud, and his tone was very clearly angry. Keith could be mad about being confused for a girl later.

“Go away, it’s none of your business.” Rick grunted as he slammed back into Keith.

Keith screamed, and the only reason other people didn’t run in was because the wing they were in was practically abandoned; only the guidance office was in it, and they were always blaring calming music. He dropped his head down as he tried to take deep breaths. “R-Rick… Stop… Hurts…”

Rick’s weight was suddenly pulled away from him. Keith felt his knees give in without weight pressing against him, propping him up. He heaved for breath as he was hyper aware of the sound behind him.

“What the fuck McClain? He’s not your property.” Rick was pissed. It was almost funny, because treated the girls he was fucking like his property.

“He told you to stop, Rick, and it didn’t look like you were going to stop.” Lance sounded just as, if not more mad.

“Your buddy Keith invited me, he wanted this.”

“Keith, that true?”

He wasn’t expecting to be brought into the fight, especially not by Lance. Taking a few last deep breaths, he turned his body to look at the two boys. Lance was holding Rick’s collar, and their glares were locked. Rick’s dick was still out, and rock hard.

“I-I invited him, but…” Keith’s whole body was still shaking. If he wasn’t already on the ground, seeing Lance defending him against someone twice his size would’ve made him weak in the knees. “Not like… condoms… and prep were supposed…”

Lance’s eyes went down and held at Rick’s dick for an extended time.

“Eyes to yourself, fag.” Rick tried to pull off the grip Lance had on him.

Lance dropped his hand from Rick’s shirt and took half a step back as he looked back at his face. “Stay away from Keith.”

“I’ll fuck him if I want to. When and how I-…” Rick was interrupted by a well-aimed punch to the face. Lance’s form was beautiful, and if it was any harder, something might’ve gotten dislocated – or broken.

There hadn’t been any foreplay to get Keith hard before, but seeing Lance give an asshole a sucker punch for him, he was half-hard, and flushed.

“Stay away from him.” Lance rubbed his knuckles, his glare still on Rick’s face. The way he said it, if it had been aimed at Keith, he probably would’ve been seriously scared of him. “Or else this won’t be our little secret. I’m sure Shiro would do something way more than just punch your annoying face if he knew what you did to his little brother.”

Rick took a step back and gave Keith a glance. Keith looked away, grimacing at the way he was looked at.

“Your threats don’t scare me.”


Keith heard feet, and the door slamming. He flinched at the sound, and the touch on his shoulder.

“Hey, Keith, you okay?” Lance’s voice was soft now, it made Keith melt. All of his fears dripping away.

“I will be… thanks…” Keith huffed, turning to glance up at him. “Could you turn around for a second so I can put my pants back on?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, of course.” Lance’s hand was gone from his shoulder.

Keith stood up and reached back, wincing as he touched his ass – it was slightly gaped. He looked at his fingers and let out a sigh of relief when he saw he wasn’t bleeding. Once he was redressed he pressed his shoulder against Lance’s, looking at him with a hesitant smile. “That was a really good punch, where’d you learn that?”

“Watching you fight.” Lance turned towards him, his face not matching the light tone of his response. “We could still tell a teacher. Keith, he r-…”

“No, he didn’t. It’s fine.” Keith grimaced as he looked away. “Just got a little rougher than I wanted, and… It’s the last time I’m having sex with him.”


“No Lance. It’s not that big a deal, okay?” He pushed the hand that reached for him away. “You probably have somewhere to be right?”

“Not if you need me, come on, Keith, please.”

“I-I… I’ll see you later, I just…”

“No, no way. I’m not leaving you alone after what I just saw.” Lance moved into Keith’s line of sight. “If you refuse to talk about it, and won’t let me report it, at least let me distract you, alright?”

Keith glared at him, but eventually caved to the intensely worried look on Lance’s face. “Fine, whatever.”

He grabbed his bag and pushed open the emergency exit door. The lock was busted, and the alarm wasn’t connected, and none of the admins noticed because no teachers ever used the stairwell. “Come on, we’re both already missing third period.”

Lance followed after him. “We’re going to make it back for fourth though right? I have a history test.”

“Yeah, we’ll try.”

Chapter Text

The guards had released Lance from his restraints before they left, but Lance was still holding his hands in front of himself like he was bound. Keith lifted the blindfold off his eyes. They’d been instructed to undress before the prince came for them, and they helped each other with their clothes without exchanging a word. Once they were both naked, Keith reached to squeeze Lance’s hand, reminding the other boy they were together.

Keith had never been to Lotor’s home, but he’d seen this room before. He felt something course through him as he remembered the hours of video Lotor made him watch from the last time Lance had been inside, disgust and lust.

Lance squeezed his hand back and gave himself something close to a smile, visibly shaking. Saying that it would be okay would just be a lie, so neither of them said anything. He attention moved from Lance when Lotor came into the robe, looking them over. Keith wanted this over with, didn’t want to subject Lance to this any longer than he had.

“You’re so pliant today, Keith.” Lotor’s arm wormed its away around his waist as he pulled him closer, touching him. Spitfire glared at him, only Lance was allowed to call him that, say his name. “I think I’ll be able to keep that promise to my sister, what do you think?”

The way Lotor’s gaze moved to Lance didn’t escape his notice, but Spitfire just continued glaring at the man. He’d given Zarkon a gaze to have him as more than just a cocksleeve, but Zarkon had laughed him off.

He really wanted to kill something. Someone. “You don’t really want to know what I think, Lotor.”

“Oh, I really do.” Lotor was smirking at him as his hand ghosted over Keith’s already hard dick. Keith couldn’t help it, thinking of Lance’s last trip and what Lotor had done to him while they watched the recordings had gotten his body excited.

“Someday, I will kill you.” Even if Zarkon punished for taking away his heir, Spitfire was going to make good on his words.

“But not today.”

But not today. No, Spitfire had to guard Lance from the consequences of that, it had to be after he managed to negotiate the other boy’s safety.

Even as he protested, he couldn’t tear his eyes away as the sounding rod was pushed inside of Lance. Lance’s reactions only made the pressure building in his groin worse. He personally didn’t like the feeling of being sounded, but Lance seemed to be enjoying it despite the rod being made for someone far from a beginner.

Lotor was chuckling have them orders. His gaze moving between Lance’s cock and Keith’s face. He grinned at Keith, and Keith swallowed hard. It must’ve been obvious how worked up watching that, being forced to be a part it had gotten him.

Keith and Lance were both suppressing a moan as their dicks touched, both of them pressing into the feeling. As Lotor moved Lance’s ankles over his shoulders, Keith had to readjust so he would fall completely into the other man. He tried to keep his eyes off Lotor’s now exposed dick, and the new jewelry.

Humming, Lotor took Keith’s chin, tilting his face down so he could see the Prince Albert, could watch as he pushed it into Lance. Keith squeezed Lance’s hands when they found his, unable to look away now that he could see it.

“Like what you see?” Lotor huffed into his ear once he was all the way into Lance. It was low enough that Lance probably couldn’t hear. “Stroke him and kiss me Spitfire.”

Spitfire was going crazy with feeling Lance’s cock in his hand, the noises both Lance and Lotor were making. When someone finally really did something to him, it wouldn’t take long. His gaze went down to where Lance and Lotor were connected when Lotor’s pace became even more punishing as he got closer. Watching Lotor pound him, Keith might even come untouched.

Keith pressed into Lance, it was so easy with Lotor’s load and stretching. He really wasn’t going to last long, especially not when it was Lance staring up at him, completely over stimulated as he held onto him tightly.

As Lance orgasmed, Keith pulled out and kissed the tear tracks on Lance’s face. Hopefully the rod wouldn’t be going inside either of them again. Keith didn’t think either of them could handle being kept from release like that again.

Lotor leaned over them, pressing against Keith’s back as Lance was still shaking from coming. “Now, Spitfire, you ready to feel my new jewelry? You were the first one to see it. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll get one of your own. Lance seemed to like mine.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly, feeling his cock twitch as he imagined his own pierced cock pushing into Lance, the ends of the barbells catching on the rim. He groaned and then he felt Lotor’s cock at his hole.

 Lotor’s cock usually made him hurt just right, but the little piece of metal added a whole other level of full body pleasure. Spitfire couldn’t think of anything other than the brutal fucking, not even the gentle touched Lance was trying to use to comfort him. The tight grip on his hair as he was pulled back only made him more blissed out. He was oversensitive from coming inside Lance, so it just that little bit of added pain that made him start tearing up, too overcome with feelings.

“How’s it feel?”

“It feels good.”

He came as Lotor emptied into him, both of them screaming with pleasure. Lance was holding him closely, but his focus was suddenly on Lotor’s words.

“He’ll never fuck you like this, so brutally, like we both know you need it. A gentle touch probably wouldn’t even get you hard anymore.”

Spitfire glanced at Lance as Lotor moved off him, telling them to take a short break. Lotor was probably right, but that didn’t mean he wanted Lance any less, wanted the gentle touch any less.

Keith felt lost as Lance snapped the whip, again and again. He was too oversensitive, but he could still feel his cock trying to stir with each new sensation of pain. Then the worst hurt yet, and he felt something inside him. The familiar cock, and the new piercing. He moaned, glancing over at Lance. Lance looked like he was going to be sick, his whole body shaking as tears were streaming down his face.

Lotor was gone for the moment, so Lance quickly took the chance to hold him. Keith rested against him. His body was a wreck, and his mind was worse. He didn’t know what he was feeling and his thoughts were a spiral. He wanted to tell Lance that he didn’t deserve what Lance was giving him, the gentle touches, but he couldn’t even manage to say real words.

Keith whined as him and Lance were pulled apart. But he had a sense that this was almost over.

Lotor’s question about nipple piercings caught him off guard. If four years ago Lance told him he’d gotten nipple piercings, running up to the hallway or showing him in the locker room before gym, he probably would’ve fainted with how turned on he’d be, but with it being forced on Lance, he felt sick.

“You know, body piercings are kind of a family thing, so you’ll be like a member of the family.”

Keith closed his eyes tightly. This would make Lance like family. But what Lotor had said about the piercing that could be instore for him, meant that Spitfire was probably more. That he was family. He never wanted to know how close, he wanted to imagine that even being high ranking, his mother was on the outside of all this, if only to make himself feel better about his own situation.

Spitfire had been given a lot to think about himself, but he was focused on Lance. Especially with him entertaining Zarkon growing closer. Why couldn’t that fucking asshole just take Keith’s offer, and not touch Lance ever. If he could, Keith would make sure no one else ever touched Lance again, but he didn’t have the power, not yet.

Chapter Text

Keith sat there staring into space for a long time after the guards took Lance and Allura away. His mind was racing with all the things Zarkon was doing to Lance, and he felt increasingly sick.

“Spitfire, what’s got you so worked up? Getting excited about tonight?” One of the others’ voice drew him from his thoughts. He saw them pointing to his crotch.

He swallowed hard, not even looking at what they were pointing at. Sick wasn’t the only thing that his imagination was making him feel.

“You’re so gross, no wonder they keep you around.”

Spitfire got up and pushed passed him, and out of the room. He didn’t need reminded by anyone what he was.

“Spitfire!” Lotor’s voice was singsong as it came from behind him. “I was expecting you to be sulking that you couldn’t be there to watch my father treat your Baby Blue.”

As he turned to glare at Lotor, Keith closed his eyes when Lotor’s gaze went immediately to his crotch. “Shut up.”

“I wonder how he would feel seeing you at Zarkon’s mercy. I know I love watching you quiver and beg him. You don’t beg for anyone but him.” Lotor twirled a lock of Keith’s hair. “Do you think Lance would think less of you knowing how much you lose you yourself, your tough act when he touches you? Even if you don’t love my father the way he loves you, you’ve accepted his love, right?”

Spitfire thought to pull away, but instead he leaned into the touch. “Shut up.”

“Why don’t you make me Keith?” Lotor took Keith’s face in his hands. “You want a distraction from what Lance is doing, don’t you?”

Growling, Keith grabbed Lotor’s collar and pushed him up against the walls. A few of the guards reacted, but Lotor made sure they didn’t move.

“What are you going to do Spitfire? Take me, make me do what you want?” Lotor rubbed his thumbs along Keith’s cheeks.

He was glaring at him now, but it was what Keith wanted to do. Keith pressed in closer the grip on Lotor tightening.

“How very Galra of you.”

They stayed like that for a moment before Haggar interrupted them. “My prince, Spitfire. I finally managed to get the stream from Lord Zarkon.”

“Oh. You want watch Spitfire?”

“No. I’d rather not see him like that.”

Humming, Lotor watched as Keith’s face changed. “Alright, I’ll indulge you this once, as long as you make good on your promise to do what you will with me.”

“I suppose I will watch on my own then.” Haggar waved her hand dismissively.

Lotor took Keith’s hands off him, then pulled him to his office. He leaned on his desk. “So, make me Keith.”

Keith swallowed hard, his hands sweating as he thought of Lotor on his knees for him, but knowing that if he did, made him, he’d be crossing a line. But he’d already made the choice to cross it, he just needed the chance. He glanced over at Lotor’s wall of toys.

“Go ahead, take your pick.” Lotor motioned to the wall with a smirk.

He grabbed the collar and leash. “Beg.”

“Oh. Father will be pleased.”

Spitfire forced Lotor onto his knees when he was satisfied with Lotor’s begging, he forced him onto his knees. Lotor made little noises of pleasure as fingers tugged at his hair.

Once Keith came into Lotor’s mouth, he took a shaky step back, staring down at Lotor.

“That wasn’t as rough as I was expecting, with the way I’ve always treated you.”

Keith felt tears at her eyes when he turned and ran out of the room.

Even if Lotor had technically asked for it, how could he touch Lance when he’d just done that.

His tune changed a few hours later when a few guards brought Lance and Allura back. Allura was barely conscious, wobbly on her feet. Lance was completely out, and was unceremoniously dropped on the ground.

Spitfire immediately ran for him, picking him up and checking him over. The bleeding had all seemed to stopped, and he was still breathing. The others steady Allura thankfully, so Keith wouldn’t have to worry about her.

Once Keith got him into the shower, he was reassuring himself mostly that Lance would be okay. Lance woke up, probably because of the water, but he seemed very out of it.

He stayed by his side, watching everyone else move around them, an eye on Allura as she came back high.

The guilt felt like fire burning away at him, but he had tried, tried the one thing he thought he had to bargain with. This wouldn’t happen again, not to Lance.

It was a few days before Lance talked to him after Haggar stitched him up, gave Lance real medicine on top the drugs the guards peddled. Keith didn’t want to hear about what happened to Lance, didn’t want to say what Zarkon had done to him in the past.

When he started sobbing while talking about it, it wasn’t the memory of the pain, it was the memory of how he’d arched into it, how he’d gotten off on it. How being with Zarkon made him feel.

He didn’t want Lance to get to that point, where the Galra had put him, enjoying his pain, the pain of others.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, from any of this.” Keith whispered, sure that Lance was so high he wouldn’t remember any of this conversation. “From the rape, the torture, the drugs. Zarkon. I’m going to figure out how to save you, even if it means being a monster. Even if it means being a…”

“Galra?” Allura had apparently been standing close, listening in. She looked so rough, like she might’ve been high to remember this either.

“If it meant never having to see him like this again, to never have anyone he didn’t want touching him again… it’d be worth it.” Keith pressed a kiss to the top of Lance’s head.

“You’ve been around them long enough to know what that really means. You’ve been fighting it for years. And you’re going to throw that all away?”

“As soon as the opportunity arises and I really have the upper hand… he’s… my everything Allura.”

“Make sure you make that bastard agree to the very letter of your agreement to keep Lance safe.” She nodded at him and walked over to her bed, almost immediately collapsing.

Keith rocked Lance lightly when he made a distressed noise. “I will do whatever I can to make all this up to you, I promise.”

Chapter Text

Of course he’d watched Lotor kill people before, and he’d been in isolation plenty of time. He had the record of the Den for days spent in isolation, which wasn’t hard, since he had the record of living in the Den.

It was different, knowing that on the other end of the Den, in the other isolation cell was Lance. Sitting in the dark, alone. For the first few days, he sat against one of the walls, his hand pressed against it, imagining that Lance was doing the same, like he could actually feel him.

He was getting to his limit for water, but they’d been torturing him enough to know that. He also knew it wouldn’t probably be water that finally slid in through the bottom slit of the door.

The smell gave it away instantly, and it came with something to eat. In the moment of light, he was sure it was moldy bread. But he was also hungry.

Even with how much time he’d spent in isolation, it wasn’t something a person got used to. People went crazy like this, and when they finally opened the door, saying something that might’ve been about him getting out, he was pretty sure he was teetering on a fine edge of crazy.

As Lance touched him, the initial contact stung, but he looked at him, and remembered how much he loved Lance’s touch. Lance seemed relieved to be hugged so tightly. He knew how much he missed him, but having him in his arms again was amazing, unreal even.

Keith hated watching how easy it was for Lance to take a dose from one of the guards, not even flinching as the needle pierced his skin. He hated more how Lance almost immediately burst into tears once the guard was gone. This wasn’t going to get better. Trying to stop Lance, when he’d started in a place like this, was never going to work.

Once he got Lance free, he could stop this, help Lance off the drugs. For the moment though, he could just hold him through it.

When his wrists were bound to Lance’s, he knew this wouldn’t be like the other time. He wouldn’t get to have Lance like he did when they pleasured some of the higher ups, it had almost been worth it that time for them to get to do that together, even if neither of them had wanted it in the moment.

They seemed to only want sex out of them, which Lance seemed to be dealing with well. Keith did better with torture, it was easier to pretend he didn’t like it. Fuck, he loved watching Lance orgasm, even if there were tears running down his face. He wished the way they were bound didn’t make it so hard to wipe those tears away while they were pushed close together. They wouldn’t be able to hold each other until the ropes were taken off.

“You’ll always have me. No matter what, you’ll always have me.” Lance said to him hours later.

Keith had to hold back a laugh, because he knew there would be time he wouldn’t have Lance. Even if he got Zarkon to agree next time, to let Lance out of prostitution, he’d have to prove himself. He’d spent too much time being defiant for this to be easy. Instead, he just squeezed Lance’s hand before getting up and moving to his own. Lance gave him a surprisingly bright smile before settling into bed himself.

Chapter Text

Keith pressed himself against the wall, his eyes trained on the door as he waited for one of the new gang members to walk into the room. The waiting was torture itself and worrying about Lance was killing him. He just wanted to get it over with.

When the door did open, he was sure his heart stopped.

“Keith?” Shiro’s voice echoed in the room after the door was shut again.

Tears started streaming down his face as he instinctively ran towards his older brother. Keith jumped at him wrapping his arms around his shoulders, holding on tightly as he stood on his toes. A sob escaped his lips when strong arms wrapped around his fragile frame.

“Kashi...” Keith pressed his face into Shiro’s shoulder. A nickname he only used for his older brother when he was really vulnerable, wanted to be comforted like he was still a kid.

“I'm so sorry it took so long.”

“What the fuck are you doing here..?” Keith moved his hands so they were gripping at Shiro’s arms. There was something different about his right arm. It was hard under his fingers, harder than the muscle he was used to feeling there.

Shiro moved one of his hands so his fingers were combing through Keith’s hair. “I was undercover… and things got… out of control…”

“You can't… you shouldn't be here.” He looked up at his brother, swallowing hard as he took in the scar across his face and change in his hair color. The Galra had probably done that to him. There wasn’t time to talk about it.

“It’s okay… now that I know where you are, I can get you…” Shiro stopped when Keith pulled out of his arms, shaking his head frantically.

“You don't… we have to-” Keith voice broke as he brought his arms across his torso. His entire body was shaking, suddenly wishing he could cover himself. It wasn’t the first time Shiro had seen him naked, but it was so much different than any time before. “If you don't fuck me, they're going to kill you.”

“What?” Shiro’s voice was shaky as he stared at Keith in disbelief. “I can't. Keith, I can't.

“You have to.” Keith looked down, unable to look at his brother. Only a few moments before he was so glad he finally got to see his brother after all these years but now… He had been so sure the world couldn’t have been crueler, but it had finally thrown his worst nightmare at him. Having to face his feelings about his brother, to accept that he was just as disgusting as the monsters who kept him trapped; he couldn’t imagine anything worse. “I can't watch you die... You… You need to get everyone out of here…”

Shiro took a few steps towards Keith, grabbing his brother’s shoulders. Keith could feel the difference in that grip too. “Don’t ask me to do this… I-I… I won’t be able to live with myself.”

“Shiro… I don’t want this either… but our other choices…” Keith closed his eyes tightly, he couldn’t look at Shiro, not when he just lied to his face like that. His heart was beating so fast and his tears were still falling down his face, he wanted it, wanted his brother. He made himself sick. “They’ll come and check on you if you don’t hurry… I wish we didn’t have to do this.”

Shiro pressed a kiss to Keith’s temple. “You…” He took a deep breath and cupped Keith face. The gentle caresses, that should’ve been innocent and familiar, made Keith burn with desire for something else. “How do you want to do this?”

Keith’s hand was shaking as he grabbed the collar of Shiro’s shirt. He pressed his lips against Shiro’s, giving into the desire to test the waters. It felt so wrong, but it also felt like the only thing that was real in the world. If he didn’t stop, he’d give himself away. He pulled away quickly, and Shiro did the same. Neither of them looked directly at each other.  “Not that…”

Nodding, Shiro carded his fingers through Keith’s hair. “Do you want me to take off my clothes or…”

“Yeah… I…” Keith took a step away from Shiro. His eyes went down and saw that he was already half hard, and Shiro was still dressed. He should not have been having that reaction, and he really hoped his brother didn’t notice, couldn’t see how gross he was. “I-I…”

Shiro pulled off the shirt he was wearing and Keith saw where the metal of Shiro’s new arm met his scarred skin. Keith reached for it and looked at his brother, the injuries a momentary distraction from what was about to happen between them. “This looks like Haggar’s handiwork… were… were you a gladiator?”

With a sigh, Shiro put his hand over his brother’s. “Yeah. My fighting skills is what got Zarkon so interested in me, made him offer to let me join the gang.”

“He doesn’t know… who you really are, because of…”

“No, at least not that he’s let on.”

Keith nodded as he bit his lip, looking at Shiro’s arm. He didn’t know if him and Shiro being forced to do this being an accident made it better or worse. If Lotor and Zarkon ever found out, they’d probably enjoy it. They’d enjoy killing the cop in their ranks too. The thought sent a nervous shiver down Keith’s spine, and it let him remind himself why he was forcing Shiro to do this. He was saving his brother’s life.

“Hey, when we get you out of here, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about what we both went through.” Shiro tried to smile at his brother, but it was more of a grimace.

After taking a deep breath, Keith moved his hands to Shiro’s fly. He reached his hand under Shiro’s underwear and shuddered when Shiro let out a groan from his touch. Shiro was completely flaccid, which wasn’t surprising, but it would make things inconvenient. It also made Keith’s gut clench with guilt, Shiro wasn’t even slightly turned on and Keith’s body was ready to go.

“K-Keith… I don’t… I don’t know if I can get it up…” Shiro groaned as he looked down to watch his brother take off his pants.

“W-Would… would…” Keith swallowed hard and sunk to his knees. His mouth was watering. “Would blowing you help?”

“I-I… It’s worth a shot I guess…” Shiro looked away, closing his eyes tightly.

The noise that came out of Shiro’s mouth when Keith ran his tongue down his length made Keith want to puke, but he grabbed the base of his brother’s dick and swallowed it down almost effortlessly. Shiro was huge: it was going to hurt.

Shiro probably wasn’t completely hard when Keith pulled his mouth off his cock. He wiped his mouth and stood up, the taste of his brother still on his tongue. “How do you want to do this?”

“You’re the one… it’s up to you how we do this…” Shiro reached for Keith, but dropped his hand. “I don’t know if I can do this if I have to look at your face the entire time.”

“Me either.” Keith looked away, towards the bed. He didn’t want Shiro to see his face contort in pleasure when he shouldn’t take any pleasure in what they were going to do. “It’ll be more comfortable from behind anyway.”

“Get comfortable, however…” Shiro looked away, watching Keith get onto the bed from his peripheral vision.

Keith moved onto the bed. He took a few breaths before moving so he was on his stomach, his ass up in the air. His gaze moved to Shiro, looking him up and down. His older brother really was beautiful, and if he wasn’t his brother he would’ve already tried for him, but Shiro’s dick had already deflated some since Keith took his mouth off him. “O-Okay… let’s get this over with…”

He closed his eyes tightly when Shiro started walking towards him. Keith’s heart was beating erratically and his breathing hitched when he felt hands on his ass. The fingers moved towards his hole and he let out a whimper.

“It’s okay… just relax.” Another hand soothed his side as the finger pushed into his ass slowly. “Fuck, you’re so tight… how can…”

“Scar tissue.” Keith huffed as he clawed at the sheets, he was trying so hard to relax but it was difficult under the circumstances. Between the pain, and the competing thoughts between it being disgusting and it being right, he was having a hard time forcing his muscles to relax. “We don’t have the time to prep me enough…”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

Keith opened his eyes and watched his tears start falling onto the sheets. He just wanted it over with. Maybe pain would be enough to convince himself that he didn’t want it. “I’m already hurt. Just do it.”

He whimpered again when the finger was removed from him. Looking back at Shiro was a mistake, but he couldn’t look away once he locked his eyes with his brother. When Shiro lined himself up, Keith flinched at the initial contact, but strong hands gripped his hips.

“Sorry about this…” Shiro huffed as he leaned forward to nuzzle into the side of his brother’s face before pushing into him.

Pain surged through him, making him clench every muscle in his body even if that would only make it worse. A strangled cry filled the room and it took Keith a moment to realize that it was him making that noise. He sounded like a dying animal.

“I’m so sorry…” Shiro moved one of his hands to wrap around Keith’s torso, pulling them close together. “You okay?”

Keith wanted to reassure Shiro, to tell him to just keep going, but what came out of him were a series of sobs that shook his body. “T-Takashi…”

“I’m right here.” Shiro breathed in his ear, sending shivers down Keith’s spine. “I promise this’ll be over soon.”

His hand was shaking as he moved it to take the hand Shiro had wrapped around his chest. Their fingers entwined tightly as Keith looked back at Shiro again, his eyes red from his tears. “Keep going.”

With each thrust, Keith felt an explosion of pain, and pleasure. He hated that it felt good at all, his voice alternating between sobs and moans as Shiro moved in and out of him at a brutal pace. Shiro was getting harder as he pushed into him, little spurts of precum making it easier with every stroke. Keith wished he had control over his body’s reactions, but he couldn’t do anything more than hope that Shiro was close and that it would all be over soon, and he could bury the feelings again, deeper this time.

It was more than just pleasure making him call out his brother’s name without thought. If he got out, he couldn’t have this, the same way he could have Lance, even if he wanted it more than anything. The moment Shiro knew what he felt, he’d be disgusted. Keith was disgusted with himself.

Shiro’s hips lost their steady pace and Keith tensed at the sudden change of sensation. “Fuck… I’m close… I-I…”

“Cum in me… you have to…” Keith closed his eyes tightly. He felt Shiro’s hand reach around him and tug at his barely hard cock, his denial and disgust had helped keep from fully inflating. “D-Don’t… I-I… I don’t want to…”

“Okay… Okay…” Shiro pressed his face into the back of Keith’s neck as he moved both of his hands to hold Keith’s.

When Shiro came, he was a mess of curses. Keith whimpered at how hard Shiro pushed into him. It hurt so good that it almost had Keith cumming anyway.

Keith collapsed onto the bed when Shiro pulled out with a sickening pop and a painful tug. He didn’t think he’d be able to move even if he wanted to. His gaze focused on Shiro who had knelt down next to the bed and was running his fingers through his hair.

“You okay?”

Swallowing hard, Keith looked away. His voice broke as he spoke. “I-I… I can’t… can’t rem-remember the… the last time I was okay.”

 Shiro shushed him. “I’m going to get you of here, okay? You’ve been fighting for so long, tiger.” Keith sobbed at hearing the nickname, reaching out and grasping at Shiro’s shoulder. “Just keeping fighting for a little while longer.”

Shaking his head, Keith let out a few more sobs. “I-I… I don’t think I can… not after…”

“You have to, Keith, you have to.” Shiro pressed a kiss to his brother’s forehead before he pulled away. Keith closed his eyes but listened to the sounds of clothes ruffling. “I promise, I’ll be back.”


He felt something snap inside himself when he heard the door open and the chuckle from one of the gang members.

“Congratulations, you’re officially a Galra.” The same voice as the chuckle. “You certainly got lucky, Spitfire is quite the prize.”

Shiro didn’t say anything and Keith looked up, watching Shiro’s back disappear out the door.

“Spitfire?” Lance’s voice was accompanied by a gentle touch to his back. The look on the other boy’s face was so distraught. Keith wondered if he looked as upset or if he just looked empty as he didn’t meet his gaze. “Keith?”

There weren’t any words he could say, or anything that Lance could do that would make it go away. Not the fact that his brother was forced to fuck him, or that he wanted it.

“I get it, but we both need to get cleaned up.” Lance swept Keith’s hair out of his face. “You have to work with me a little bit here.”

Keith reached for him as he rolled himself slightly to make it easier for Lance to pick him up. Once he was in Lance’s arms, he started sobbing again, without restraint and Lance kept telling him empty reassurances. He knew as he clung to Lance that he couldn’t take anymore, that one more blow and he’d shatter completely. The Galra had finally broken him, made him realize what they knew all along: he was one of them. A sick, incestuous, murdering, rapist: a Galra.

He couldn’t wait for Shiro, not if it meant protecting Lance, saving Lance. It would be the last good thing he’d do before letting Zarkon know that he’d finally succeeded.



Chapter Text

It had been days, and Keith had never felt so numb. He didn’t know how to process what happened. He didn’t know what to say to Lance. He didn’t know how to fight anymore. He didn’t even know how he’d manage to give in, to bargain when the opportunity arose next.

But Lance was trying so hard just to be there, make sure Keith know he was there. Even though Keith watched him sink deeper into his drug addiction. He wished he could help Lance, but he was too deep in his own mind.

The day Haggar brought someone in, looking over the merchandise, he wasn’t up to anything. He didn’t even think he could get off his bed on his own.

Until the man started showing a particular in Lance. He sat up straight, watching has his pulse raced. They couldn’t take Lance away from him. Lance had to stay where Keith could access him, save him.

He didn’t even really register what he was doing, it was instinct. The moment the man said he was taking Lance, meaning it’d be permanent, it was clear he had to stop this. And when the man laughed him off, it was an immediate response, so easy.

The man was dead.

Lance had seen him kill, knew what he was. And Lance was still reaching for him.

Keith’s glare at Lotor was half-hearted because he still couldn’t feel enough, but as Lance was trying to get a deal, his life for Keith’s freedom. He almost wanted to cry, because he was going to save Lance, and neither of them should have to die for it.

But Lotor pointed the gun towards him instead, and Keith didn’t have time to react until the pain of the bullets piercing his stomach. His scream echoed through the room and the others all were reacting. Lance looked back at him in horror as he realized the shots weren’t for him.

He was hazy until after Haggar had patched his wound back up and he had sat in isolation, the place where the IV was attached itch.

It was a few days when guards pulled him out, Haggar checking his wound without saying a word to him. When she was finished, they escorted him to Lotor’s office. Zarkon was sitting behind the desk, Lotor standing next to him. The guards left, closing the door behind them.

“Sit, eat. You look shaky from your wound Keith.” Zarkon motioned to the food on desk.

He was did as he was told, eating slowly. Zarkon was watching him, but he didn’t care. What he wanted was to see Lance.

“So, you don’t want Baby Blue to go? You’ll kill to keep him with you.” Zarkon refilled the glass of water after Keith had made a dent in the food. “I suppose you were serious the day you said you would join us if it meant protecting him.”

Keith stopped and looked up at him. His face was probably softer than he was going for, but Zarkon’s own smile was soft.

“You still need some rest from your wound, but… I wrote this up. I’ll let you read through it.” Zarkon moved a piece of paper towards him. Zarkon had already signed it, a brown ink. No, old blood. “Galra sign contracts in blood.”

His eyes drifted to the paper. The words drifted together the first time he read over it. But when he read it again, it was what he wanted, except he’d have to prove himself more than the first kill before he got Lance, but Lance would get better treatment until then. He’d expected it, but he didn’t like it.

“Since I won’t promise that they wouldn’t get borrowed for myself, or for other special members, I didn’t include them in paper, but you will be also getting your friends Echo and Onyx as soon as you make that first kill for us.” Zarkon held out a fountain pen, what that was almost obvious that it was meant to write with blood.

Keith took the pen, looking between it and then the paper.

“This might be the last time this gets offered. Keith, it’s been almost five years. I’m getting tired of this game.” Zarkon reached across the desk, tucking a lock of his hair. “Things will still be different after you recover, but it will not be better for you.”

“I’d already made up my mind, but…” Keith closed his eyes as he stabbed his arm with the pen. “After how long I’ve been fighting this, it’s hard to do this.”

“You’ll see how much better it is to be a member of the Galra, than to be property of the Galra.”

He signed his name.

“Oh.” Zarkon watched as he signed. “That is your name then, who you really are?”

Setting the pen down, he nodded. “Spitfire. Even if my position will be different, I’ll always be property, right? I’ll always be your little whore?”

Zarkon’s grin was sickening. “Once you’re healed we’ll start. I’ll make sure Marmora picks a good one.”

Lotor walked over to him. “You’ll be staying upstairs while you’re recovering, I’ll help you up.”

Spitfire stood, his eyes locked onto Zarkon.

“Don’t worry, we’ll try to not take too long to get this started. I’m sure your eager to start your new live with him.”

While he was recovering, he only saw Lotor when he was fed and Haggar checked on his wounds. It was boring, and it was too much time by himself. And he was still numb about what happened with Shiro.

Murdering, what happened to Lance, they were one thing, somehow so different than what happened to Shiro, how he felt about it was different. He could never go back from that, not really. He couldn’t be a real person, he belonged with the Galra.

He barely registered that he was killing someone. Kolivan was telling him why this person had to die. He didn’t care. He didn’t care why the Galra wanted people wanted them dead, only that it was what he needed to do to keep moving.

“I want to see him. I know I can’t… have him… until… but I want to see him, make sure he knows why I have to…” He stood staring at the door after Kolivan told him they were leaving.

Lotor volunteered to go get him, while Kolivan nodded and headed outside to wait for them.

Lance immediately hugged him when he came into the room, knocking him back a little. But Keith didn’t care, he just hugged him back, taking in how he felt in his arms.

Lance checked him, apologized, but Keith couldn’t help but feel his heart swell. He had to say it, say the words. Words he’d been holding in his heart much longer than he’d been suffering with the Galra.

“Lance.” He said the other boy’s name like a pair as he held his face gently. “I love you. I always have.”

The soft kiss was interrupted by Lotor telling him their time was up.

Before he left, he turned back to Lance, apologizing to him before Marmora wrapped an arm around his shoulder to lead him out. The touch was comforting even, and he couldn’t help but lean into it in the moment.

When he left the Lion’s Den, he hoped it would be the last time he’d be there, and he hoped soon that Lance would soon leave forever.